After We Leave (2019) Movie Script

[beeping stops]
[sad music plays]
You sterile?
Sick maybe?
Come on, a guy like you,
still around?
Something's wrong.
Nothing's wrong with me.
Hey, you heading to the city?
[man] Not that far south, man.
How far? Hey, hey, hey!
Open the front pocket.
Open it.
Reach in.
You can have it.
The bag stays here.
You're not taking the bag.
[bag drops]
[man runs away]
[mysterious music plays]
[man on radio]
Why are we even debating this?
Of course the senate
should re-authorize the OEE.
Look at the economy, 72 quarters
in a row of recession.
Look at the climate.
You know, one third
of the land of this country
is now scientifically
categorized as desert.
Or crime, gun homicides
are up almost what,
forty percent
in the last ten years?
There's not enough jobs,
there's not enough land
and not enough clean water.
And all that will be worse
if that 15% of the population
was still down here.
[woman on radio]
Even if we take Larry's view,
that would only be
if it was unbiased.
You know, a random selection
of people getting to leave.
If that 15% was a few
of everyone, fine, but it's not.
It's the majority of the people
with the most education,
the most skilled,
the most money.
And to say that what's left
down here is better off
is not just untrue,
it is disgusting.
[electronic music playing]
Why you heading to I., man?
[clears his throat]
What's that?
Why you heading to I., man?
going home.
[driver] What?
Coming home.
- [music volume goes down]
- [driver] Sorry, sir. What?
[woman laughs]
I'm just, uh, just...
Just on my way.
[soft music plays]
Is Vanessa here?
[bell rings]
[man] What... what are
you doing here?
Just looking for Vanessa.
[TV on in the background]
[man] I don't know where she is,
and I wouldn't
fucking help you if I could.
[door slams shut]
[woman] Now serving F-0-0-1
at window number 18.
Now serving B-0-3-2
at window number two.
Now serving B-0-2-4
at window number 12.
Now serving G-0-1-9
at window number eight.
Now serving G-0-1-4...
We take that info
from your original application.
I think maybe my wife
submitted a change for us,
and I just wanted to make sure.
Information changes
are window 21-A.
No, I don't need to change it.
I just wanted to know
if we did change it.
- And what are you waiting on?
- Papers and stuff.
[woman] You received
your letter of notification?
- Yes.
- Then you have a visa.
But can you look up
if we changed our address
after the notification letter
was mailed?
Whatever address the letter was
forwarded to is the one we have.
There are no other mailings
after that.
Your information is locked.
Just show up at departure.
Okay, we need an extension
on our launch date.
[woman] On the counter
to your left, the blue form.
You need a signature
from your Congressman
or, if you live in a district
under Federal supervision,
a consent decree manager.
Get new DNA
and blood verification
from an approved vendor and turn
it all into window number six
at least two weeks before
your original launch date.
I don't have time for that.
My launch is on Friday.
This Friday, in four days?
Is there any way we can swap
with another couple that needs...
That wants to leave early?
[woman] No,
unless you and your wife show up
before cut-off on Friday,
that's it.
You lose the visa.
[male] Can you just look up my...
Where is your wife?
- She went for a walk.
- [woman] Outside?
Cause she can't get back
in without that letter.
No, she just went
to the bathroom.
If she's pregnant, you're
not gonna get past departure.
Just get rid of it
and do it again up there.
That's the whole reason
you have to be married
before going
to the colonies anyway.
She's not pregnant. I just...
Look, there's gotta be some way
to get a little more time.
Why were you asking me
about your address?
What was your last name?
Can I see the letter
of notification?
I'm sure I can look up
the information
you wanted from that.
Forget it.
[door closes]
[man] We wanna buy your visa.
We were out there, um...
I saw that you're not
with your wife.
Um, is she sick?
Or are you guys
splitting up or something?
We've got cash, a car,
whatever else you want.
We know a guy, a med student.
He does it on the side
at a school.
It's totally safe.
The finger, DNA, all of it.
We're good people.
We're very good people.
It wouldn't be wasted on us.
Your departure's soon, right?
You could give it to us.
It would really, really help us.
The visa's not for sale.
- But...
- Whatever you want.
We have stuff, you know.
We have...
We've done everything right
and we're never...
At least call your wife
and just ask her.
Please, please don't waste it.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I could do
something for you.
We could go somewhere.
[door squeaks]
Hey, hey, no.
You can't be back here, man.
I'm looking for Eric.
- About what?
- I'm a friend of his.
[Eric] I'm a friend
of everybody,
but I'm not walking...
- Eric!
- Don't start fucking yelling.
- I just said get out of here.
- I said I know him. Eric!
[door opens]
You're in trouble now.
It's good to see you.
[Eric] He come alone?
[man] I think so, I mean...
[Eric] What did I just
talk to you about?
He said he was your friend.
Go see if anybody else is there.
Fucking do your job.
- Hey, Rondo!
- [Rondo] Yeah!
Check out back.
[man] No, there's nobody.
Lock the gate.
[door squeaks]
[door closes]
Hey, Jack.
What's up?
- Came to ask...
- [Eric] Shut the fuck up.
What do you wanna say to me?
[Jack] Came to ask a favor.
- Hmm.
- I'm looking for Vanessa.
[man] Who's Vanessa?
His wife.
What happened to your wife?
What happened
to your wife, Jack?
Can you help me find her?
What do you want with her?
Come on, Eric.
- Eric!
- You think I owe you something?
You think
I fucking owe you something?
Don't come back here.
[Jack] Eric.
[door squeaks]
[door closes]
[woman] You're back.
Hey, Lexi.
You wanna grab a drink?
I'm looking for my wife.
Nobody has seen Vanessa.
Have you seen Morgan?
[Lexi] I think they were
at Faith's mom's old place
by the Pasadena sign.
They might have
gotten evicted by now.
I don't know.
You can crash with me.
The train's not running.
- I got a place to stay.
- Mine's better.
I'll see you, Lexi.
[somber music plays]
[paper bag rustles]
[Jack] Hey.
Good to see you, Morgan.
[Morgan] So Emilio.
He and his wife
rent out our back room.
[Emilio] Hello.
Bottled water is
not really in our budget.
I've got beer, soda.
Soda? Please.
- [Morgan] How'd you...
- [sighs]
How'd you know we were here?
Do you know where Vanessa is?
[steps approaching]
- [Morgan] Hey, baby.
- [Jack] Hi, Faith.
He just showed up.
What are you doing here?
Look, I really need
to find Vanessa.
Our visa came through.
It's an A-3,
anywhere except Luna,
guaranteed the homestead.
Problem is
we only have three days.
It's a little tough to hear,
don't you think?
Yours could still come through.
[Morgan] What?
We applied
two years before you did.
All right? They're not
giving them to couples like us.
They say it's an open lottery.
Yeah, that's fucking stupid.
Look, I'm just saying,
don't give up.
We're having a baby.
We waited eight years.
And if we weren't careful,
we were gonna wait
another eight.
- Yeah, but...
- What's wrong with you, Jack?
Do you think
we wanna raise a kid here?
Look, look out, man.
There's three buildings
on this block alone
are abandoned.
You can't even drink the water
out of the pipes
'cause the city's in bankruptcy.
Faith and I,
we had to be honest.
It wasn't gonna happen.
Okay? We need to make it here
and we've been building
our life right here.
And then you
fucking show up with a visa!
You, Jack!
We're happy to see you,
we really are.
Would you cut us
some fucking slack?
Are you still
working construction?
[Morgan] Nah.
Nobody's building
in I. County anymore.
I'm working
recycling and salvage.
- You want an apple?
- [Jack] Thanks.
Where've you been Jack?
I've been up in Yukon,
mining mostly.
rhodium, a bunch of rare earths.
So, you just left.
I just left.
[somber music plays]
[Morgan] I stood up for you
for two whole years, man.
Defending you.
That was a stupid thing to do.
Yeah, like it probably was.
I kept saying,
"Jack would never
have just walked off like that.
Surely he must be dead."
Well, I'm back.
You really don't know
where she is?
You think Eric would know?
- Do not go see him.
- Would he know?
You left them on the hook
for the Alvarado crew.
It went bad.
They held him for a week.
He killed four of their guys...
[Morgan laughs]
With an axe handle to get out.
You wanna go see him for me?
I gotta find her.
[Morgan] You just stay here
for a couple of days, man.
You can...
You can crash on the couch.
That's a little bit creepy,
Feels very strange
to be back here.
I want you out of my house.
You've hurt too many people
and you have
this gem of a new life.
And you crushed her.
And you wanna find her again.
It doesn't matter.
You know,
we did everything right.
Morgan stayed.
He stopped working with Eric.
And we have to be here
and you... you get to...
I'm sorry.
All I know
is you guys deserve it.
Faith, I'll tell you
what I've learned.
This whole place
is a stinking hell.
And I wasn't coming back
until I could get out of here
with Vanessa.
And now I can.
And I'm gonna try
to make it right.
This is all I've got.
[Jack] Starbrite?
[Faith] She lived there
for a little while
after she lost the house.
[Jack] I used to go there
with somebody else.
You so don't deserve it.
[door opens]
[doorbell chimes]
[Jack] Hey. Is there
a Vanessa Elton staying here?
-[man] What?
[Jack] Vanessa Elton.
Does she have a room here?
[man] Yeah, you gotta bring
your own girl in.
There's no hookers here.
[Jack laughs]
No, she's blonde,
about this tall.
[man] They aren't any chicks
staying here, man.
Can you just check your records?
Maybe, I don't know,
figure it out?
[man] Check what?
I don't write down names.
[Jack] All right. All right.
Just give me a room.
[man] You want a single
or a double?
[Jack] You got 207?
[man] Uh, yeah.
[shower running]
You coming in?
[somber music plays]
You should have told me
you were going to be here.
You're so stubborn sometimes.
[Lexi exhales]
[door opens and closes]
How old are these?
[man] Guaranteed to work
or your money back.
- How much?
- [man] Earth plus up there?
I only need here.
[man] For only a little bit
more, you get all 17.
Don't know anyone up there.
That's the best deal
I ever made.
Jack Chaney?
Do I know you?
Come on, you know you miss it.
Everybody misses it.
I can't think of one person
who does... who hasn't told me.
Like, if you ask them,
in their home or something,
they'll tell you they miss it.
Top three things
that everyone misses.
Number three, credit cards.
Two, the internet.
They miss pornography!
And number one, I scream,
you scream, we all scream...
[Eric] Please stop talking.
Go lock up.
[tense music plays]
Rocky Road was my favorite.
What the fuck is Rocky Road?
It had nuts and marshmallows.
[man] Well, screw that.
[door closes]
[Jack breathes heavily]
You think I wouldn't find out?
About what?
You went to Pasadena.
You got Morgan on your side.
Who else?
I'm not making a move on you,
I'm looking for my wife.
Tell me why.
She's my wife.
[Eric] Oh.
[fire poker drops]
[Eric clears his throat]
[chains chink]
[Jack exhales]
Leave the city now, or pay up.
I'm not here to dig up the past.
I lost a lot because of you.
You leave or you pay up.
I don't work for you.
[Eric] She cut her hair.
[Jack] You know where she is?
- [Eric] Yeah.
- Tell me.
I have a big job to do.
Impossible for us,
but you could change that.
You do the job,
I'll take you to her.
- I'll find her without you.
- No, you won't.
Ask me about the job.
[somber music plays]
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Please move along.
There is no public access.
Tell Carrington,
Jack Chaney is here to see him.
Step back from the gate.
Tell him Jack Chaney.
[sad music plays]
[woman] Do you mind if I ask
how you know the administrator?
[Jack] Carrington?
He and my sister
knew each other.
[woman] Not that many people
get in here.
[distorted voice]
[distorted voice]
[distorted voice]
[distorted voice]
Jonathan Chaney.
Back in the big city.
And you're still
the company man.
The company man.
Well, they can't trust
just anybody
to look after things down here.
[Jack chuckles]
They trust you.
- [Carrington] They do.
- [chuckles]
- [Carrington] Imagine that.
- Imagine that.
[both chuckle]
How's it going?
[Carrington] Raw materials flat,
expansion is almost done,
energy is booming.
Calisto 3 has a pH problem
in their culture pool.
Almost had to do
rolling blackouts
and they're paying
through their teeth
for an extra shipment
from down here.
Yeah, I get it.
You're doing great.
[Carrington] Yeah.
Why are you here?
- I got a visa.
- [Carrington] You got a visa.
- [Jack] Yeah.
- You got a visa.
What are you gonna do
with that visa?
- Use it.
- Easier than ever to sell.
Just the DNA match at launch,
everything's offline.
They're not even using pictures
You can hold a lot of cash
with four and a half fingers.
- Yeah, I could.
- [Carrington] Yeah.
I'm using the visa.
When do you leave?
[Carrington] Out of Chellis?
[Carrington] That's one of ours.
OEE has been leasing space on
top of our shipments for months.
Not too many things
get by us anymore.
[chuckling] I don't give a shit
about your business bullshit.
I, uh...
I got two days
and I can't find Vanessa.
I don't know where she is.
[Jack] I wouldn't expect you
to know where she is.
But... But you can help me.
I need you
to help me find her.
How many times
are you gonna do this to me?
Just once more
and then I'm gone.
I think about your sister
every day.
And I can't undo it.
Which is why...
you're going to help me do this.
[tapping keys]
We're like everybody else.
No external network.
I got guys running Infostix
across town four times a day.
If she was involved
in our business,
down here in any way,
if she worked
at one of our facilities,
I'd know.
But outside of that,
they don't care about it.
So, I don't care about it
and I have no way
of knowing about it.
You have no way
of knowing about it?
No one you could call?
Then I need some money.
You know what?
I don't wanna stop you
because I know
where you're going with this.
I can't...
There's no cash for grab.
Not a single cent
of hard currency.
Well, how much is a bloom worth?
that they can't go missing.
So you're not going to help me?
- My hands are tied.
- Ah. Jesus.
"My hands are tied"?
I wish I could help you.
So that I could tell you
that I'm not gonna help you.
[tapping keys]
I'm almost done flagging you
as an MC Security threat.
It's our rocket.
So, OEE follows our lead
on the no-launch list.
Immediately arrested
if you set foot
- near any launch site.
- [Jack] Just stop.
All I have to do
is push this button.
Stop! I get it.
I shouldn't have come at you
like this.
I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.
Then say the words.
It wasn't your fault?
Is that what you want me to say?
Last chance.
It wasn't your fault.
Nicky loved you.
You loved her.
I forgive you.
It wasn't your fault.
She loved you.
You loved her.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Why did you ask me for money?
I owe someone.
He's the only one
who knows where Vanessa is.
You never had any problem
finding a scheme for cash
Why now?
I don't wanna be
that guy anymore.
[dial tone]
[Eric] How did it go?
It's in place. When do we start?
[Eric] Felt good, right?
Back in the saddle.
When do we start?
[Eric] Tomorrow morning.
Have a good night, Jack.
[disconnected tone]
[dial tone]
- [woman] Hello?
- Is Lexi there?
[somber music plays]
This is one night when I...
I couldn't get to sleep
because anything
that was touching me
felt like,
you know,
one of those lead blankets.
And I got up
and I went outside and...
I don't know,
the whole night felt that way.
I could tell you
a million stories like that.
But I couldn't tell you
why I left.
It's like there's no chance
That we don't have the same
and there's nothing
out there.
I didn't find anything
out there.
That's what I want.
I want a chance
to have something.
Remember those old stories
about the guys that'd go west?
They'd just be able
to have that land.
Jack, stop.
[Jack] I wanna be better
than who I was.
[somber music plays]
[inadubible dialogue]
[knocking on the door]
[knocking on the door]
[knocking on the door]
[police siren
wailing in the distance]
Hey. Wakey, wakey.
So, we're on for tomorrow.
We gotta pick up some stuff.
[door squeaks]
[dishes clinking]
You worried about Jack?
Well, you should be.
He has a debt to pay.
This job
is not safe.
I am me.
[Lexi] But Jack is Jack.
He should be fine, then.
Unless you think
he's lost a step.
Whatever he owes you,
I got it covered.
[Eric chuckles]
Might cost more than you think.
I'm not gonna fuck you.
Just name your price.
[dishes fall to the floor]
You think this is business?
You're not gonna fuck me?
What if I fuck you?
He owes me!
How much?
How much?
What's in the bag?
[Eric] Huh.
You've been saving for a while.
It's almost a hundred gallons.
What's it for?
I don't want you
to ever bother us again.
What were you saving it for?
Does it really fucking matter?
Then it's not enough.
I was going to open up
my own bar.
[Eric chuckles]
Thought we almost had it.
You tell Jack
his debt is settled.
What are you doing here?
[Lexi] Why would you work
for that guy?
It's just one job.
Don't worry about it.
- I owe him.
- I took care of that.
- What?
- [Lexi] We settled it.
You're free and clear.
Why would you do that?
I didn't ask you to do that.
[Lexi chuckles]
I have to do the job.
He knows where Vanessa is.
I was here Jack.
You remember that.
[Eric] Okay.
[man] Oh, wow.
Bring him back alive.
He's annoying, but useful.
No one's gonna get hurt.
Whatever Lexi paid you,
give it back.
She made a deal.
[Jack] I'm doing the job.
It pays my debt.
I don't want her involved.
Too late.
You're lucky I know Carrington.
You got anybody else
that could pull this off?
[Eric] Do you know anybody
who knows where Vanessa is?
[man whistles]
Okay, so, I got us
a couple of cutie-beauties.
Check that shit out.
Check it out.
[imitates gunshots]
- Here.
- No.
Uh, yes.
Okay, let me just
jump through this here.
No, yes. No, yes.
No, yes. No, yes.
Hmm... Buzz, time's up. Yes.
You never had a problem before.
I'm not killing people.
Just shooting them.
No, come on...
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Go help Rondo with the van.
I'm gonna do this my way.
Things always work out
the way you want?
[both grunting]
Why is this fucking bag
so heavy?
[both grunting]
[man] God!
[both grunting]
[Jack] Keep going.
[both grunting]
[man] We should have quit
when the cart broke.
[alarm goes off]
Just keep going.
Let's go.
Keep going. Keep going.
[both grunting]
Fuck. No. Fuck this.
- Hey.
- Fuck.
I will make sure Eric knows
you blew this for him.
He will feed you to his dogs.
Now, get back here.
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck your mother!
Let's fucking go!
You push.
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[door squeaks]
[Eric] You did it.
[door closes]
[Eric] So now you tell me
that you got the Helix.
And you remind me
the whole bloom
degrades in three to four days.
I won't have any more leverage.
[Eric] Probably get ugly.
Let's just skip all that.
Take me to her.
As soon as I see her...
I'll tell you
where the Helix is.
Word is bond?
Word is bond.
All right.
[door squeaks]
[radio on in the background]
Hey, you know, I used to have
a parakeet named Vanessa.
I mean, a lorikeet.
What the fuck?
- [moans]
- [Eric laughs]
[man] What the fuck
is wrong with you,
you fucking psychotic?
I fucking hate you.
I think I hurt his feelings.
Ah, ah, that's a lot of blood.
That's all my blood.
You're lucky
he didn't head-butt you.
[Jack chuckles]
What was that guy's name?
That was the bike mechanic.
Man, you can tell me.
Is she married?
I didn't talk to her.
Tsk. Just tell me.
I checked to see if she was
where I thought she was,
that's it.
[Jack exhales]
What did you see?
I told you, I'd take you to her,
nothing else.
She's married.
Does she have any kids?
Does she have any kids?
[somber music plays]
[tense music plays]
[Rondo] Don't shoot him!
[dial tone]
[phone rings]
It's Jack, get Morgan.
- Why?
- [Jack] Faith, I'm in trouble.
Just get him.
I'm not gonna do that.
Just tell him
I'm in Casitas Norte.
Eric has a squat house
somewhere near there.
I'm to the east of it.
When you get it straight,
we are here for you.
Till then, don't call us again.
I... I... I need you.
[disconnected tone]
[man] Rondo!
[Rondo] Hey! Hey!
Come on!
Come on!
That motherfucker can fight.
Get him in the house.
[Jack groaning]
[Jack groaning]
[Jack moans]
Get his hand free.
We need blood flow.
[Eric exhales]
[Eric exhales]
[Eric] Came close, Jack.
She changed her name.
Has a nice house,
like, ten minutes from here...
Over on Ilex by the powerlines.
She's gonna be surprised
to see me.
[both laugh]
Can he, like, feel shit?
The patch only impedes movement.
[man chuckles]
I like my nose.
It's my best fucking feature.
[man grunts]
[man laughs]
[man laughs]
All right, I'm ready.
But I wanna see the stuff first.
It's the only thing
he takes as payment.
[Jack groans]
What? You wanna say something?
- [Jack groans]
I have... the Helix.
Dude, you are old and slow.
I swapped it out before we even
left the fucking fridge.
[zipper closes]
[Jack] Wait.
My wife and I...
Do you not remember me?
Fuck you, Jack Chaney.
Why would I help you?
[Eric] Let me do it.
[Eric sighs]
It's come to this.
You probably
don't wanna watch this.
This is for everything, buddy,
and it's still not enough.
[somber music plays]
Stays self-contained and alive
for about 70 to 80 hours.
And after that, your buyer's
blood and DNA takes over
and it's no good.
Is that clear?
[man] Uh, who gets to chop
off the wife's finger?
[man laughs]
[gun cocks]
I'll tell her you said hi.
[Rondo] How many out there?
I don't know. I don't know.
Where's my fucking gun?
Did he take my gun?
Why the fuck did he take my gun?
- Where's this forger?
- [man] He went to meet Eric.
[man 2] Boys, hey!
[man 2]
Leave Jack. Get the hell out.
[Morgan pants]
[Morgan groans]
[Morgan groans]
[Jack exhales]
- I'm sorry, Morgan.
- It's done.
Did you get Eric?
[Morgan] No.
He wasn't here.
I gotta stop him.
[tense music plays]
Yeah, it's all going fine.
Well, I got that.
The forger already has yours.
And I'm gonna have
one for your wife any minute.
I'm just about to meet
with the woman, all right?
No, no, no. No. No.
We're on schedule.
We are on schedule, all right?
[Eric runs away]
[mysterious music plays]
[tense music plays]
[Jack grunts]
It's over. It's over, Eric.
[Jack screams]
[high pitched tone]
[muffled sounds]
[high pitched tone]
[gun clicks empty]
[Eric gurgles]
[Jack grunts]
[Eric gurgles]
[Jack grunts]
[Eric gurgles]
[Jack exhales]
[door squeaks]
[sad music plays]
[somber music plays]