Aftermath (2017) Movie Script

Hey, Jack, those racks
don't go up there.
- What do you mean?
- They go in the parking lot.
The ones with blue plastic
go up there.
Ah, okay,
hey, sorry, I didn't realize.
Don't worry, you're fired.
By the way,
we're gonna miss you tonight.
Don't get sentimental on me now.
But it won't be the same.
Shut up.
- We did it.
- Roman, have they finished
the frame on the 6th floor yet?
Yes, and the framing
on the 7th floor
should be done
within the next three hours.
The problem with the
spokes in the basement?
Well, we solved
that problem, too.
And if you start the
enclosures tomorrow morning,
we should be one day
ahead of schedule.
So go home.
Well, your family's
arriving today, right?
Yeah, but they're not flying
in until later in the night.
So go on, go home.
Get everything ready
for them, it's a big day.
I have everything
ready for them.
I mean, I have the
whole house decked out.
Matt, you wouldn't believe it.
Welcome signs, everything.
Well, you're better off leaving
early in case there's traffic.
- Well, maybe you're right.
- Of course, I'm right!
Now go on, get out of here
and take tomorrow off.
Spend some time
with your daughter.
Christ, you're gonna
be a grandfather.
Go on.
Do not come tomorrow,
i know you.
This is
wsny and wsny hd Columbus.
Merry Christmas from 795!
Passenger Jones, please see the
ticketing agents at the gate.
Please do not
leave your luggage unattended,
luggage left unattended
may be removed...
Thank you very much.
Hey, man!
Excuse me, excuse me, sir.
You're a good dancer.
- Hi.
- Hello, sir.
Yeah, I'm waiting for a flight
and it says it's delayed,
but there's no eta.
- It's ax 1-12.
- Ax 1-12?
Yeah taking off from Kiev, with a
lay over in Frankfurt and New York.
- Okay?
- Ax 1-12?
That's right, yeah, I'm sure
i didn't write it down wrong.
Please come with me.
- Thank you.
- Take care, sir.
- Can you tell me your name?
- Roman, Roman melnyk.
- Can I see your ID, Mr. melnyk?
- Sure.
My wife and daughter
are arriving.
I know all their papers
are in order.
We have a lawyer so there
shouldn't be any problems.
I'm sure there wasn't.
Around here.
Could you just have
a seat in here, please?
Okay, thanks.
Can I get you any water,
anything to drink?
No, no, thank you. Thank you.
Did the plane arrive early?
I mean, are they here already?
I don't have all the information
so I don't want to
tell you anything
that might not be true.
Somebody will be right
in to speak with you.
What do you mean?
Where are they?
I need to see them!
Roman melnyk.
Where's my family?
Um... my name is Eve Sanders and
I'm one of the contact people
assigned by the
airport management office.
I need you to listen very
carefully to what I have to say.
The airplane that your wife
and daughter were traveling in
has had a very
unfortunate accident.
There's still no
official confirmation,
but we need to keep in mind
that with this type of accident
it's unlikely that
we'll find any survivors.
It is the worst news
that anyone will ever receive.
She was pregnant.
Olena went to pick her up,
to bring her back.
Are this address and
contact number correct?
And are there any other family
members we should inform?
No - nobody?
Not here or in your
country of origin?
The family support center has
been set up at a hotel nearby.
You'll have access to
medical and psychological
treatments and social services.
That's also where you'll be updated
on any news that comes in.
If you'd rather be alone,
you can do that there, too.
I would recommend that you go to the
family support center tomorrow,
when you're feeling stronger.
You also have my email,
cell phone
and my department's
phone number.
Please don't hesitate
to call me.
- Yes.
- Very well.
Wait, wait, wait...
- Did you talk to the plumber?
- Shut up!
You didn't?
There's a toilet in the
basement still jammed.
Shh, we're gonna wake up Samuel.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- He's out.
- You know, when I was a kid,
I had this little stuffed bear,
his name was ishmael.
- Ishmael?
- Yeah.
That's a weird name for a bear.
And when we took trips
i always had to take him with me
or I wouldn't be able to sleep.
This went on 'til
much, much later.
How much later?
'Til you were 24?
'Til you met me?
I don't know.
You always say that you
can't sleep without me.
Yeah, that's true. I just
don't know what to think.
- What?
- Is that all I am to you?
Some lousy substitute
for ishmael?
Hey, being ishmael's
substitute is a big honor.
I'd do anything for ishmael.
Did you have sex with ishmael?
I'm late for work.
L-r, 5-7-4,
turn right on bravo 2-6.
- Hey, hey!
- Evening.
Two sips of that and you'll
be running for the bathroom.
Yeah? I'll remember you
while I'm in the bathroom,
if that's what you want.
No, no, thanks, I'm not gonna
get that out of my head.
No, just remember
who warned you.
- What do we got?
- Well, we got to get a snack.
- You want anything?
- No, I'm good. Thanks, brother.
I landed the last one
and there's nothing on deck.
Canada 8-2-6. Permission
to climb and maintain 3-3-0-0.
Canada 8-2-6,
climb and maintain level 3-3-0.
Thank you, Columbus,
and good night.
Na 1-9-7-9 descend
to flight level 3-0.
Na 1-9-7-9, descending...
Hey, what are you doing?
Doing some maintenance
on the telephone lines.
Gonna put it on security mode
so it should work fine.
Sometimes the signal's a little
weak. Just five or six minutes.
Tower c, good evening.
This is ax 1-12 down for cmh,
requesting permission
to descend to 10,000 feet.
Roger ax 1-1-2, wait for
confirmation on that descend.
Copy that.
Hey, Jacob, Thomas stepped out?
What's up?
We got an unexpected flight,
ef 1-3-5.
Had to change its route
because of the bad weather.
- Headed for Pittsburgh.
- Alright, thanks.
Go ahead and give
that tower the heads up.
Connect me with
Pittsburgh airport, please.
Ax 1-1-2 permission to descend
to flight level 1-0. Thank you.
Copy that. Thank you,
descending to 10,000 feet.
Cmh, this is dh 6-1-6,
do you copy?
Airbus ef 1-3-5,
this is tower c.
Ef 1-3-5, good evening.
I'm having a problem with the
phone lines here and I can't
get in touch with Pittsburgh.
Cmh, this is dh 6-1-6.
We're getting a warning from
our tcas telling us to descend.
I repeat, the tcas is telling
us to descend, do you copy?
Tower, this is dh 6-1-6,
do you copy?
Airbus ef 1-3-5,
contact airport directly.
I repeat, contact
Pittsburgh airport directly.
Not a problem cmh, we'll contact
Pittsburgh directly, over.
Tower, this is
dh 6-1-6, do you copy?
Ax 1-1-2, descend and
maintain flight level 6-0.
Descend to 6,000 feet,
do you copy?
Ax 1-12,
descending to 6,000 feet.
Tower, we've not
heard confirmation from you,
but we're gonna go ahead
and descend to 6,000 feet.
This goddamned phone!
Ef 1-3-5,
we talked to the airport.
Everything's in order.
Runway confirmed.
Ef 1-3-5, this is tower c,
copy that.
Ax 1-1-2, ax 1-1-2!
Ax 1-1-2! Do you copy?
Ax 1-1-2, do you copy?
Ax 1-1-2!
Hey, Jake, have a seat.
Two planes collided
in the air at high altitude.
Apparently, there's
wreckage from both planes
in a valley several
miles west of the 18.
It's unlikely anybody survived.
How many dead?
We don't know.
How many people
were on those planes?
We don't know, Jake.
Oh, my god,
how many people are dead?
Jake, listen to me.
Jake, Jake listen to me.
We don't know what happened.
No one's accusing
you of anything.
- I didn't do anything!
- We understand, Jake.
No one is saying
you did anything.
We're trying to find
out what happened.
We need you to keep it together
because we gotta figure this out.
Do you hear me, Jake?
No one's accusing
you of anything.
We're just doing
an investigation...
- Listen to me, Jake.
- We need your help.
It's very important you
keep it together, alright?
Thank you.
Let's go over it all again.
Step by step, all right?
You arrived at the
control room at 22:05.
You sat at your station.
At approximately 22:20
you stepped out
for a cup of coffee.
You came back
five minutes later.
At 22:25 Thomas told you
he was gonna take a break
and he left his station.
At 22:30 flight ax-112
requested permission
to descend to 10,000 feet.
At 22:33, two technicians
entered the control room
to do some maintenance work
on the phone lines.
You went to Thomas' station
to process the other planes.
You called Pittsburgh, but
the phone line wasn't working.
Meanwhile, flight ax-112
confirms its new altitude.
I'm gonna be a little late picking
up Samuel. Can you call me?
My sister just called and she
heard something on the radio.
Can you call me, please?
Jake, can you call?
Jake, call me back, please!
At 22:45 you contact the airbus
and tell it to communicate
directly with the airport.
Without your headphones
you never heard flight dh-616
alerting you
it was about to descend.
Jake. Jake.
Don't speak to anyone, okay?
Don't answer your phone, don't leave
the house, don't go anywhere.
We'll speak again tomorrow.
Is that clear?
Be strong, buddy.
The two
planes collided in the air
at more than 8,000 feet for reasons
that have not yet been determined.
Family members are
coming to the scene,
trying to get any
information that they can.
Passengers were on board,
including the crew.
175 American citizens, 38
German, 37 Russian, 18 French,
two Ukrainian and one Spanish.
The two airlines involved
have released a joint statement
regretting the accident and
assuring that they are already
fully cooperating
with investigators
in order to clarify
what happened.
Six on your side reporting,
yolanda Harris joining us now,
live from the scene
of the crash. Yolanda?
We're live on the
scene of the tragic accident.
Mr. melnyk, it's Eve Sanders.
We spoke yesterday.
How are you feeling today?
Were you able to sleep?
- Have you rested at all?
- Yes.
Good. Like I said, I think
it might help if you come
to the family support center.
Trying to find any evidence...
In the area Hazmat crews, fire
and police are on the scene.
The Hazmat crews and the... there
are going through the debris...
- Hi, are you here to help with the search?
- Yes.
Are you a relative or
friend of any of the victims?
Alright, can I see
some ID please?
Yeah, sure.
Alright Mr. fox, have you ever
been in a similar situation?
Ever helped out with other accidents
or worked with victims before?
- Yes.
- Alright, good, do me a favor,
read that thoroughly
and fill it out.
Go wait by the truck,
I'll be over in a minute.
Thank you.
Yeah, hi, are you with him?
- Yeah.
- Can I see some ID please?
Okay, good, do me a favor,
join your buddy.
Read that and fill it out.
Go over by the truck,
I'll bring over your
equipment in a minute.
Olena... nadiya.
You know you're not allowed
to be out here all alone.
- Where's your dad?
- I don't know,
I haven't seen him
since this morning.
Come on, is he inside?
Hey, man, get up!
Come on, man, don't make me
call the cops again, let's go.
I'm sorry, man,
but every time you spend
the night out here,
i get in trouble.
So let's go, let's go.
It will probably be frustrating
to look for one person to blame,
because what happened was much
more complicated than that.
What are you doing there?
Just watching TV, I can't sleep.
Can you not sleep either?
I'm not sleepy. I'm hungry.
Let's make breakfast.
You know... I'm hungry, too.
Come on.
Who were the people
directly involved in the events
we have just described?
Let's start
with the control room.
Jake bonanos and Thomas fichman.
After analyzing all the
information from the black boxes,
testimonies from
the people involved,
evidence found on the sites
and all the other data
made available to the press,
we can arrive
at some conclusions...
Mm... green chilies,
vinegar, garlic, thyme.
I love thyme.
First, there was
only one air traffic controller
in the control room
managing the airspace.
I thought we agreed, no news.
- Good morning, mommy.
- Good morning, Christina.
- So early, huh?
- Are you hungry?
Alright, dig in.
- It's raw.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- It's raw!
- Christina, what are you doing?
- Jake, let go.
- Christina!
- Jake, let go.
- What are you doing?
- Let... Jake, let go!
- Goddammit!
It's okay we just
spilled it, it's okay.
This stops now.
You can do this
however you have to,
but you don't get to
do it to him, okay?
Do what? We're making breakfast.
Come on, back to bed.
- Come on.
- Stop...
You stop!
Christina, get back over here!
Oh, I don't like
you recording me!
What is this?
Mama, I love it.
Thank you, I love you.
Mr. melnyk?
Mr. melnyk?
My name is Tessa corbett,
I'm a journalist.
I know you're in there.
I don't want to bother you,
i just came 'cause I wanted to
share some of my
articles with you.
I'm writing a book
about the accident
and I'd like to ask
you a few questions.
You'll see from my articles that I'm trying
to be faithful and respectful to the facts.
Take a look if you get a chance.
I'll come back
and see what you think.
Roman. You haven't answered
my calls for days,
I thought I'd stop by.
Oh, I'm sorry, but my house
isn't presentable right now.
You haven't seen mine.
Hey, my wife made meatballs and she
insisted that I bring you some.
She makes them with mushrooms,
they're awesome.
- So, how is work?
- Same old.
Everything goes a little more
slowly without you there.
Hey, I don't mean
anything by that.
You come back
whenever you're ready.
So, how are you?
Are you feeling any better?
Yes, better.
Better, it's just...
I need to get
organized around here.
You know, I need to
tie up loose ends.
And I need to get back to work.
I just need a little time
to settle back in.
Well, there's no hurry, Roman.
Maybe I should spend
less time at the cemetery.
The only thing is that
nadiya and olena are there.
They can't leave.
So I go there and visit them,
They can't go anywhere.
They can't.
I mean, on the other hand I need to
take care of things around here.
I need to clean up.
I mean, I should be
doing things right now.
So, I got, I'm sorry,
i got to get going.
Of course, I'll leave you to it.
You take care, Roman.
Of course I love you, Jake.
I think this is best
for Samuel and for us,
and I really hope
it's best for you, too.
- Where is Samuel right now?
- He's at my sister's, remember?
What, I can't even
say goodbye to him?
Honey, you don't
have to say goodbye.
You can see him
whenever you want.
You don't have to say goodbye.
What did you say to him?
What did you tell him?
I just told him
we were gonna spend
- a few nights at his aunt's house.
- Christina.
You know, he loves having
the dog and the cats around.
He's not gonna understand that.
He will, not right now,
but he will eventually.
We'll just make
it normal for him.
Jake, I think you just need
some time to focus on you.
Because if we keep living like
this I think we'll just keep
hurting each other and,
you know,
we'll get to a point where
i don't know if we can fix it.
So we're gonna
do this for Samuel.
And for us.
Yeah, for Samuel.
That's the Springfield armory.
Eleven plus one rounds, $674.
Three, two-inch berettas,
ten plus one rounds,
will run you about $570.
Now, the two Smith & Wesson
models we have, the black m&p,
eight plus one rounds,
will run you about $560
and the airweight 38 special,
it's got more of a classic air
and a stainless steel finish,
so that's gonna run you
about $436.
Our cheapest model
is the hi point
9 millimeter, $199.
Comes with a free pocket knife.
Mr. bonanos, can we speak with
you for a moment?!
How you doing, Jake?
I'm fine, thanks.
If it's okay with you guys, I'd
like to get straight to the point,
I don't wanna keep you
waiting any longer.
Yeah, sure.
So we still don't have
a trial date.
That will take a while but you
know management will provide
all the legal coverage
you need, so.
We're thinking of you, Jake.
This is the second time
I've offered,
but we all agree you could use
some psychological support.
I know Christina
agrees with us on that one.
Yeah, right.
And as far as work goes,
there are several options.
You could stay here
doing administrative work.
Um, I don't know.
Or we could also offer
you another possibility.
Only if you're interested,
of course,
but the severance package
that we could offer you
could be very advantageous.
Management, they always recommend
what's best for the worker
but in your particular case, in
order to guarantee your safety,
it may be in your best interest if you
were to consider making a change.
A radical change, Jake.
The safest isn't just another
job, it's another city.
Another home.
Another name.
Another life.
That's okay, that's okay.
But my... my wife's here.
My... my family.
I can't just...
We can't just up and move,
you know?
This may potentially be the safest
thing to do for you and your family.
You really have to consider what
we're presenting to you right now.
Think about their best interest
and their well being.
Let me know when he gets
back to you, alright.
He was supposed
to get back to me already.
- James.
- Mr. melnyk.
I don't think you know the lawyers
representing the airlines,
John and James gullick.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
The meetings
with the victims' families
have been carrying over
these days.
That's okay.
Allow me to say that most
have been very fruitful.
Agreements are being reached.
Which is why we're here today.
To reach an agreement.
Mr. melnyk, you are the only
family member who has chosen
to sue the company by himself,
without a lawyer and without
signing up with any of
the victims' associations.
I'd like you to know that
you have our complete respect
and that to us it
makes no difference.
Our proposal will
be exactly the same.
Mr. melnyk, this is the
framework agreement
we're proposing to the families.
I would like to just...
It's a friendly agreement
between you and the airline
in which you agree
to withdraw all claims
and lawsuits from the company.
Now, in exchange, the company
will take care of your family's
funeral expenses and any medical
or psychological treatment
that may have been
deemed necessary to date.
The company also agrees to
pay you damages in the amount of
$75,000 for your daughter's death
and $85,000 for your wife's.
- $160,000 in total.
- I would like to just...
There are also some
minor clauses in the contract.
For example, you will automatically
receive premium client status
from the airline
within our group.
You'll be able to benefit from
those and other advantages.
These are details
that you should read carefully
because they are clearly
explained in the contract.
I would like for someone to say that
they're sorry for killing my family.
I want the company to apologize.
Mr. melnyk, let me explain this
to you a little more simply.
If you don't sign this contract,
you're probably not gonna
get a penny for all of this.
Now $160,000 is a lot of money.
Someone in your position shouldn't
turn down such an offer.
Look at this photo.
Because you didn't before.
Look at it.
Look at it!
Where's your mind right now?
Still feel like you're unable
to engage with your family?
Still feeling pensive?
Well, today let's try to focus
on the positive feelings
you've had this week.
Come... I was really hoping I could
just get a refill on my prescription.
On those moments
when you feel at ease...
Maybe doing something
you find satisfying.
It may seem silly,
but makes you feel good.
Think about your daily routine.
At home, places you go, people
you see on a weekly basis.
I really just
want the prescription.
A stroll, a TV program,
talking to a friend.
Look, I don't feel good
strolling or eating,
or seeing anyone,
or talking to anyone.
So just give me
the fucking pills, please.
Or I'll go down the street
and rob the goddamned pharmacy.
"And these will go away
into eternal punishment,
but the righteous
into eternal life."
That eternal life
which Matthew spoke of,
that feeling that tells us our loved ones
are somewhere else, somewhere better,
is the feeling that must prevail
on a day like today.
One year ago we were
struck by a tragic event.
Many lives were lost unjustly,
and unexpectedly.
But today the spirits
of the people we lost
are somewhere else, watching us.
And they can see that on a day like today
we remember them and pay tribute to them.
And to keep this memory alive,
to keep it ingrained
inside of us,
and in this place, today we
inaugurate this monument,
this memorial to the victims.
Roman melnyk?
I'm Andrew berg.
I lost my wife and my
in-laws in the accident.
I'm very sorry.
I read the story in the papers
about your daughter's necklace.
I thought it was nice
that they used it as
inspiration for the monument.
Do you like it?
What do you...
I... I don't know what to do.
I get up in the morning
and I don't know what to do.
Maybe it's not that I don't
know what to do the whole day,
it's that I don't know
what to do in the next hour
or the next minute.
I'm sorry, I'm being so honest.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
Sometimes I try to
think of things to distract me,
you know, just try and think
about something else,
then I immediately forget
and I don't do them.
I just sit at home,
not knowing what to do.
It won't be easy,
but sooner or later
you will find something
that'll help you get out of bed.
- You think so?
- I know so.
Be patient.
That's what I need, dammit.
Have you gotten through it?
- Ever been to Cancun?
- No.
It's a wonderful place and in the
northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula.
Um, is that something you guys
seem like you're interested in?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, there's a cruise ship
leaving out of Florida
and it heads just
straight down there.
Let me get some
of your information
I'll get you guys started.
How's it going?
Well, come on, time for a break.
No, I'd like to
finish this side today.
I already opened them, so.
Oh... this week's pay.
Not until I'm finished.
- You're doing a great job.
- Thanks.
If I liked the fence that my
wife picked out it'd be amazing.
Bye, guys.
- Mr. melnyk.
- I need to ask you a favor.
I want you to help me find him.
- Pat, it's Tessa.
- I know it's been a long time.
I'm coming to town, is there
somewhere we could meet?
The book is finished. I have to
send it in next week for lay-out,
but if you really wanted to say
anything it would be an honor.
That's why I don't wanna
ask you anything specific.
I'm not talking about
an interview or photographs.
I just wanna give you
a chance to say something.
Add a comment, a thought?
Or to not say anything at all,
if that's what you want.
You know, sometimes I...
Sometimes I put
myself in their shoes.
You know, the families'.
And then I think about
my son and my wife,
and it scares me to death,
it's terrifying.
I mean, what can I say?
You know, I...
I just want this pain
inside of me to go away.
So, tell them...
Look, I'm not a bad person.
- Alright, I'll see you guys.
- See you Monday.
- Have a good weekend, pat.
- You too.
- Yes?
- - I found him.
He put his house up for sale
and moved to another state.
He works at a travel agency four
blocks away from his new apartment.
And what's his address?
I don't know if I should
give you that.
What's wrong?
I'd like you to use this
information in the correct way.
There is no correct way
or incorrect way.
It's not that simple.
I told you, I just want
to look him in the eye.
Show him a photograph
of my family.
I want him to apologize.
No one has said they're sorry.
No one.
Pat dealbert.
Pat dealbert?
His name is pat dealbert now.
Where are you going?
Is pat dealbert home?
He sure is, that's me.
We're here to stay the weekend.
I know buddy, I know.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm glad you're here.
Okay, let me get your stuff.
We were rehearsing his
lines the whole way here.
Yeah, well, he did a good job.
Hey, you guys are a lot
earlier than I thought.
Yeah, we made great time.
We had a speed demon
in the passenger seat.
I'm just finishing up dinner, you
guys make yourselves at home.
So who did you
tell him pat dealbert was?
I told him it was
like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne.
A name you told people
so they wouldn't know
the truth that
you're a superhero.
So I'm... I'm super Jake.
Yeah, at first,
he said it was stupid,
but, then he thought
it was kind of funny.
And, um,
how have you been feeling?
This whole kind of place
feels unnatural.
You know,
i have days that I wake up
and I feel like things
are getting better
and the next day I wake up
it just kind of feels like
things are getting worse.
Well, I'm...
I'm sure it'll take time.
Move here.
Quit your job and move here,
you and Samuel.
Yeah, this'd be a great place
for all of us
to get a fresh start.
And we could all
be super heroes.
I think we just need to...
To take it slow.
You know, I think it's better.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I made the bed for you guys
so I'm gonna sleep
on the sofa tonight.
I just thought
that was the plan.
I guess, um, my plan was
we could all
fit in one bed, the three of us.
Okay, well, then my plan
is no longer my plan.
I love it.
I love it.
I think it all depends on
this card. Oh, wait, no, no.
I win.
- He got us.
- Good job, buddy.
- Alright.
- Let's play again.
- Again?
- Honey, it's late.
Alright, it'll be a
really quick game, okay?
- Yes.
- I'm gonna fill these up.
You know what? While your
dad's doing that, pajamas.
- Okay.
- Okay, brush some teeth.
Can I help you?
Look at this photo.
This is my family!
Listen to me. You can't be showing
up here like this you hear me?
- Look at it!
- I see it, but my family's here, okay?
You killed them!
I'm gonna call the
police if you don't leave.
- My son is in here!
- No one had apologized!
- You killed them!
- It was an accident, okay?!
You hear me?!
What's the matter with you?!
You can't be showing up like this.
What have you lost your mind?
I'm gonna call the police
right now, you need to leave!
You understand me?
You need to leave!
It was an accident.
I didn't kill anybody!
What's gotten into you?
You need to leave now!
Have you lost your mind?
You need to leave now
or I'm gonna call the police.
You hear me? You hear me?
Stay here.
Olena, stay back.
Stay back.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, nadiya.
He did not know
that the new life
would not be
given to him for nothing,
that he would have to
pay dearly for it,
that it would cost him great
strife and great suffering.
But that, that is the
beginning of a new story.
The story of
the renewal of a man,
the story of his
gradual regeneration,
of his passing from
one world into another.
Roman, let's go.
So they agreed
to review the sentence
and apply the extenuating
circumstances we presented.
And to be honest, Roman, ah,
I didn't expect them to reduce
the sentence so drastically.
It's been ten years and you
could get parole in four months.
You'll have to visit a
psychiatrist three times a week,
who will write up monthly
reports on your progress.
If you go to every session
and those reports are positive,
you might not have to
go back to prison, Roman.
Can I help you?
Oh, sorry. I'm, I'm looking
for the exit, I think I'm lost.
It's right over there.
You need to make
a couple of turns.
- Come, I'll take you.
- You sure?
Yeah, I'm heading
that way anyway, come.
Thank you.
I've never been here before.
Oh, last time I was here
was 11 years ago.
Long time.
Everything is exactly the same.
Nothing has changed since
the first time I came.
The same trees,
the same smell of thyme.
- Same everything.
- No, that isn't thyme.
- It's savory.
- Oh, yeah?
Smells like thyme to me.
But it isn't.
You have family members here?
My father isn't buried here.
You know,
when I was following you,
I didn't know exactly
when to approach you,
where'd be the best place.
But when I saw you
get on that bus this morning
and I realized you were
coming here I thought,
the perfect place
for this to end.
Turn around.
Turn around!
Go ahead.
Do what you have to do.
I understand.
But I want you to know that,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I could do it.
But I'm not going to.
It's not what I was taught.
Will you just go, please?