Aftershock (2012) Movie Script

The vineyards currently
take up over thirty thousand acres,
where we grow five
different varieties of wine,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz,
Chivas, and Sauvignon Blanc.
Now please follow me
and watch your step.
Centuries ago huge festivals were
held at the end of the grape harvest.
And the virgins of the different
towns would stomp the grapes
to make the wine. As you have
seen today now it's a much more
sophisticated process.
Do you have any questions?
OK, feel free to look around
and take pictures.
Actually I have a question,
can you take a photo of me
and my friends?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Just push right there.
- Halfway to focus.
- OK.
Gentlemen? Come on.
- I can't move, por favor.
- Yeah, I'm good here.
Ariel, one photo
for the mishbuka.
Come on.
Say wine!
Everybody please,
before you taste the wine,
take a moment and try to find the
different aromas in this Cabernet.
Yeah, it's OK.
- Le.
- Le.
Viva Chile!
Hey, stop it.
You unfollowed her
for a reason.
I just want to know if she
tweeted that guy again.
Dude, you don't have x-ray
vision to see her DM's.
No, but I know her well enough
to know what she's not saying.
Last time I was single
you met a girl and got her email.
Now I feel like every girl I meet
I have to download some new app.
Whatever happened to meeting a
girl in the park and saying hey... about a cup of coffee?
Don't worry Gringo, we're
taking you to a nice park
where you can ask
a girl for coffee.
Trust me.
Here's your coffee.
Gracias, Seor.
Oh, it's my daughter.
Hang on baby, I'm at a party,
it's very loud, just a second.
I have to go.
Please... I just gotta
talk to her.
I have to talk to her.
She's in California.
Un minuto.
Dos minuto.
I'm coming sweetie!
It's just really loud
right here.
Just a second baby!
Hey, honey!
Hi Daddy!
When are you coming home?
I'll be home in two days.
Sooner than you think.
Hey, what about
your sister?
The further away the better.
- Bye Daddy, Tom's here.
- Who?
Mommy's new boyfriend!
No, we're having
so much fun.
I'll call you when I get back.
OK. Love you.
You're American?
- Yes.
- That's really...
Obviously me too.
I'm from... Where you from?
- Los Angeles.
- I'm from San Diego.
That was a crazy
flight here, right?
That was like 12 hours, did you
come here for the concert?
Oh, I didn't either. I came
to this with some friends.
They kinda took me here. But this
is crazy, right? It's really cool.
I don't have...
I don't have any...
I don't have any cards but, umm,
if you're ever in San Diego.
If I'm ever in San Diego, what?
If you're ever in San Diego,
umm, there's a awesome zoo.
I have a boyfriend.
Oh, that's really cool.
You guys... is he here?
You guys been together
for a long...
We're done, thanks.
Cool... Nice meeting you.
Don't you ever leave
my side again.
OK, I thought you
were behind us.
Oh, we're on the list.
A guy put us on there.
It was a foreign name,
'cause we're not from here.
It was something like,
you know... Pedro...
Full name?
Full name.
OK. I'm Kylie,
this is Irina.
- Hello.
- What's your name?
Full name.
- Next.
- Next.
Isn't that the
girl from last night?
Yeah, yeah let me check.
Yeah, it's the same.
I mean, why should I stay.
All the clubs here are the same
as everywhere else.
Same people, same DJ's...
Same hipster music.
I thought South America was
going to be like third-world.
But like, cool third-world.
You know, like Bali.
Well, it is if you know
where to go.
The best parties are hidden.
There's one party tomorrow night
in Valparaiso.
That's the real Chile.
People think Chile is like
City of God or something.
Or like Juarez, like there's
bodies hanging in the streets.
This place is awesome!
It's like the indie station
of Latin America.
It's like really cool,
the food here is so fresh.
There's no preservatives
in anything.
I'm sorry.
We actually could stay.
The only problem is my sister.
That girl is your sister?
Technically yes, same dad.
It's not like I know her, she
was off with her mom in Hungary.
She's a real pain in the ass.
So, I forgave her. But then
she fucked this other guy.
I don't understand why
she keeps texting me.
Look what she just sent to me.
I know it's in Spanish,
but you get the point, right?
- Right.
- Excuse me.
I can translate it for you.
- You're kidding me?
- It's champagne.
I don't make the rules.
No, you enforce them
which is worse.
Too bad.
Hey, don't worry.
When you're 21 you can drink
without anyone's permission.
I am 21. I don't need
anybody's permission.
Good girl.
Your boyfriend.
No. My son.
- I have a daughter.
- I'm not surprised.
Really, why is that?
Because, you're dressed
like a dad.
Fuck you.
Check this out, I looked
like this when we met.
That's you?
True story.
- When did you lose it?
- A year ago.
That's when she
started liking me.
She's so superficial.
Monica! Monica! Pollo just
invited us to Valparaiso.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the
coolest thing in Chile.
There's a huge party.
We're leaving tomorrow.
Valparaiso is a really
nice place.
It's made of human skin.
- What?
- Scale, Ariel. Human scale.
Yeah, yeah that's right.
Human scale.
You don't need a car,
you can walk everywhere.
It's great.
Come on, Monica. Pollo
changed our tickets.
He upgraded us to
business class.
It's done.
You can't just change plans.
You have to consult me.
What's your fucking problem?
It's just one night
and we're out of coach.
It's so close,
let's go see it.
No, no. You're coming
back with me tomorrow.
No. I can do whatever I want.
No, you can't.
As you've repeatedly proven.
OK, let's see what Daddy
has to say about it.
Listen... Sofia... Monica.
You have nothing to worry about.
Pollo's dad owns a boutique
hotel in Valparaiso.
It's a really nice
place... and it's very safe.
Housing is the least
of my concerns.
It doesn't matter anyway.
There's no way our
dad would let her go.
Daddy would like a word.
OK guys!
Welcome to Valparaiso city.
I'm Ariel.
Or Ariel for you.
First of all,
we're going to eat.
There's a great restaurant round
the corner. Great shellfish.
I know it's not Kosher.
- We have chicken for you.
- OK good, thank you.
Who wants ice cream!
- Kylie. Kylie.
- Hold. on.
Hey! Don Pollo!
I used to play this
song with my band.
Muscle Rock.
It just came to me...
in a dream.
# Monica
You're so white #
# Better keep
away from the sun #
# You come from Hungary
But aren't you hungry? #
# Eat your goulash
# and you'll be fine
# Play with your Rubik Cube
# Budapest is your home
Let's go.
Isn't there another
way like steps?
It's a quick ride
and it's beautiful. Come on.
Hey Monica, it's only a
hundred years old, look.
- Why is that?
- It's because we're Jews.
Dude it's like thirty seconds.
We'll take the Jew car.
Yeah we didn't want to ride
with you guys anyway.
Yeah, fuck you guys.
No, waiting is for poor people.
Let's go.
Muchas gracias.
What did he say?
Have a nice trip.
Check it out.
This is just stunning.
I can't believe you guys
almost missed this.
- This is the Chile I wanted to
experience. - Yeah, right.
Wow! These are
really cool favelas.
I want one for my backyard.
I'll buy you a favela.
Poor people included.
- Like the view?
- Yeah.
What the fuck, Pollo.
What's going on.
Is this part of it?
I don't know.
We're not going to
fall down, it's OK.
Come on. Right?
I wasn't scared.
That was exciting,
well done Pollo.
That's awesome.
Jews are not meant for tragedy.
We don't handle it well.
- Say dead bodies!
- Dead bodies!
Another message from Sofia.
You want to know what it says?
- Stay back.
- My hero!
Hey, what does that say?
It says...
"Beware, dead babies."
That's not funny.
Pollo, no baby jokes.
It says, don't be afraid,
I am with you.
They created this monument for
all the orphans who died.
People come here all the time
to make wishes.
I don't get it, why are
there so many orphans.
You see that church?
They say that the priests
and the nuns
would meet to have sex
in secret tunnels.
And when they got
They buried
the babies under here.
Do those tunnels still exist?
I don't know but there's a short
cut to the church down that way.
Let's go.
I'm not going into the tunnels.
Hey Gringo, if you want
to fuck this girl,
You need a little bit
more than hair gel.
This is what I look
like when I go out.
Hey, I'm team Gringo, OK?
I'm helping you.
Look, if there's one thing I
learned from my asshole dad,
is that lying works.
I don't know, tell her
you can hook her up
with your contacts in
L.A. or something like that.
That girl's
pretty experienced.
She's not going to fall
for that bullshit.
Come on, Gringo.
They're all the same.
They just want to be
upgraded to business class.
- Hey!
- What?
That's the girl from
the vineyard!
The guide.
The Wu-Tang girl.
Yeah. Who do you think
put her on the list.
Second lesson,
always have a plan B.
I'm learning, Pollo.
- Carmen!
- Pollo!
Where's the bathroom, please?
The bao?
Don't let her drink, please.
It's not a joke.
Thanks mom! We have it.
Love you.
Really fast. Really fast.
Wait a second, OK?
It's OK.
- I was thinking about the energy
of the universe. - What?
The energy and how it brings people
together, and there's really no such thing
as a coincidence.
And my corporation, my law firm, we
just oversaw a corporate merger...
What? Sorry?
The merger, it's like a company
that we did the deal for,
they bought a modeling agency
in Los Angeles.
So now, randomly I have all
these contacts,
with these modeling agents.
Pollo, told you to say that?
No... It's coincidence.
The business is full of idiots that think
just because I'm Russian I'm starving.
Last year, I made a hundred and fifty grand.
How about you?
You think it's too late
for me to become a model?
Well, maybe you lose ten pounds
and don't put so much
gel in your hair.
Maybe you have a chance.
You think maybe I have a chance?
Pollo! Pollo! Pollo!
You left me all alone!
Oh, poor little thing.
Let's go dance.
- Phone...
- Bye!
Russell! Russell!
- Who's this dude?
- I don't know!
I think they're saying Russell!
Russell Dazzle!
Pollo, amigo!
Amigos. International friends.
This is the Russian princess,
Hey, where is Kylie?
Dancing. Dancing...
Irina is very pretty.
Ahh yeah, I mean it's new,
we haven't quite...
...but it's pretty much on.
- Gringo is very loca.
- That's hilarious...
Here, here, here...
- Bye-bye.
- Russell Dazzle.
- He's amazing.
- Pollo, what the fuck?
How's that helping Team Gringo?
It's not my fault you're too
slow for this country.
- Oh fuck you.
- Fuck me?
Come on Gringo, there's a
million girls over there.
Hey look, look, look. The cleaning
lady isn't dancing with anyone.
Oh maybe I'll tell her my father owns
half the country, that seems to work.
OK Gringo, if you wanna get
fucked, then call your Ex.
Nobody likes you here.
Unlike you who
everybody likes,
clearly it has nothing to do
with your Father's money.
Look Gringo,
I am not your buddy, OK?
That's Ariel. So we don't need
to pretend we like each other.
- I'm not pretending.
- Me neither.
- Good.
- Good.
What was that?
Oh look at that,
Russell Dazzle really
knows how to move.
It's Red Bull!
Just checking.
Shit, Pollo!
OK. We're outta here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on, Monica, relax.
It's just a little pot,
she's not drinking.
You stay outta this.
He's right, he's right.
You said no drinking.
Monica, you should
take her home.
She's really out of control.
Kylie you're completely wasted.
I'm taking you home. Now.
I'm not standing here all night.
I'm finally having fun for
the first time in months.
And you want to ruin it for me.
You want me to be as
miserable as you.
That's not going to happen.
I'm sorry if you're incapable of
having fun without drugs.
- That's not my problem.
- So, what is your problem?
Because you never gave a shit about
me until Daddy started paying you to.
So go back to India,
go back to your tent.
Go find yourself.
You need to listen to me,
you're outta control.
So, we're leaving now.
No. I'm in control,
and you will listen to me.
I can do whatever I want!
I'll do all the coke in Chile!
I'll fuck any guy I want!
Stop it!
I already fucked Pollo while you
were in the bathroom,
and I sucked Gringo's cock!
And you know what?
I'm going to fuck
everybody in this club!
Who here wants to
fuck, cause I'm ready!
- Are you through?
- Hardly.
You want to know what Daddy said when
she went off to India to find herself?
I hope she never comes back.
I only came to Valparaiso
because I worry about you.
But you don't give a fuck
about anyone else.
You're a selfish,
spoiled, little shit!
I'm selfish?
That's actually funny,
last I checked,
you were the one who had an abortion
and got Daddy to pay for it!
What the fuck!
Help me!
Everyone all right?
- Are you OK?
- Where's Irina?
Where's Ariel!
Carmen! Carmen!
Help me!
- Ariel!
- Pollo!
- Pollo told us not to move!
- It's over, come on!
- Ariel!
- Ariel!
Please find it!
Please! Please!
Help! Help! Help!
We can't find his hand!
We gotta stop the bleeding!
- We have to go!
- No! No!
Ariel! Ariel!
I see it! I see it!
She's got it! She's got it!
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
We're going to help you up.
On three...
One, two, three!
Come on, you can do it.
Fuck! Go! Go!
Pollo, where's the car?
Over there, over there.
- What the fuck do we do!
- Let's calm down, OK.
My dad!
My dad has a helicopter!
He can take us out in
ten minutes, OK.
Check your phones!
Check your phones for signal!
Where's the hospital?
It's on top of the hill, but I
don't know how to get there.
We got to stop someone!
Here comes someone!
Stay with him!
We gotta find someone!
He's going to lose consciousness.
He's losing too much blood.
Hold it!
How do you feel?
It only hurts when I laugh.
There's a guy over there
who can help him!
- Kylie!
- Seor. Seor A hospital?
A hospital?
A hospital?
The roads are
completely blocked.
There's no cars anywhere.
No! No! No!
What the fuck is that!
Tsunami! Tsunami!
Let's go, let's go!
A fucking tsunami's
coming. Let's go!
Wait here! Wait here! OK!
Ariel! Get up!
Come on, get up!
Come on! Walk!
Come on!
He's dying!
He went unconscious.
He passed out. We're losing him!
He's going to die.
Jesus, please!
Por favor! Por favor!
He's dying.
He's dying! He's dying!
Hey, two minutes
you'll be there.
Here they come!
Here they come!
What the fuck
is going on!
- Calm down!
- He's there.
Let it go.
Pollo, don't do it.
Don't do this! Pollo.
Pollo, come on.
Come on. Come on.
Pollo, we have to keep moving.
Pollo, the tsunami's coming.
We have to keep moving.
I don't speak Spanish,
Pollo, none of us do.
Nobody speaks Spanish.
We don't know where we are.
We have to keep moving.
The tsunami's coming.
It's not your fault, Pollo.
There's nothing we can do.
Pollo, he was my friend too.
You only knew him one summer.
- I knew him my entire life.
- I know.
It's all my fault.
I killed him.
No, it's nobody's
fault. It's nobody's fault.
We don't all have to die.
Pollo, without you...
...we're going to die.
I don't know where
the fuck I am.
We don't speak Spanish.
Please, the tsunami's coming.
Pollo stop it!
We have to go!
Fucking tsunamis coming!
Let's go! Move!
Now! Let's go!
- What the fuck is going on!
- It's a fucking mad house.
Monica. Hold my hand,
hold my hand.
Hold my hand, OK?
Look into my eyes!
Look into my eyes.
Look into my eyes.
Breathe, OK,
breathe. Breathe...
Breathe. Breathe.
Breathe with me, OK?
- Thank you.
- OK. OK.
It's the Police!
It's the Police, we're safe!
We're safe, OK.
Ariel said there's a
shortcut through the cemetery?
That way! Go! Go! Go!
Fuck! Run! Run!
Come on!
It's too heavy!
We need a jack,
let's find a car!
No! No! No! Don't leave me!
My daughter! Don't leave me!
I'll stay with him!
Go find it! I'll stay here!
- No, we stay together!
- No, I can't leave her! Just go with Pollo!
Hey, we'll be right back, OK.
Let's go! Let's go!
- Oh my God!
- The other house!
What are we going to do?
It's OK. It's OK.
Everything is going
to be all right.
We'll be home with our kids
soon. You will see.
Look. Look...
My beautiful boy.
He's not afraid of anything.
Barely three years old.
He's my hero.
he's like his mother.
Guys, shh! Listen.
It's them.
You have to hide.
You have to...
We can't leave you here.
No... they'll take my money.
They'll take my money. Go...
You... have to hide.
- Let's go.
- Go... Go...
Look for
a jack or something!
There's nothing!
Wait, someone's coming!
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!
They have to stop!
It's not stopping!
Girls? Where?
They're getting a doctor...
for me.
A doctor...
Oh, my God...
Last chance, Gringo.
Where are the girls?
They went for a doctor.
They're getting me a doctor.
They're getting me a doctor.
They're not here.
They're getting me a doctor.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Please don't! Don't!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
I have a daughter!
I have a daughter, please!
I have a daughter!
Your friends. Where?
Not here!
No! No! No!
No! Stop!
What is he saying?
Prison... collapse.
Prisoners are everywhere.
They tried to steal the...
- Fire truck?
- Yes.
Oh God, Kylie!
You got to help us!
No! No! No!
How's Gringo?
They burned him alive!
Irina! Irina, they have her!
We have to save her!
We have to go!
Oh my God.
We got to do something.
No, it's too dangerous.
She's right.
It's very dangerous. Let's go.
I'm sick of this shit.
- Irina!
- Let's go! Let's go!
Follow me!
Follow me!
We have to go faster!
Hurry up!
We can't go any faster!
- They're gonna catch us!
- Yes, yes.
Yes, she is right.
We're too slow.
Wait here.
OK, come. Come.
Come. Move! Move!
We hide him and find help.
We'll be back when it's safe.
Please don't leave me.
No! Kylie!
Pollo we're coming back
for you, I promise!
Go! Go!
Do you think
they're dead?
What is he saying?
The... the tunnel...
The exit.
No, no. Can't we just
wait here?
I'm not going to wait
for another aftershock!
- Is this going to hold us?
- Wait.
I go first.
It's OK!
Come on!
I'm gonna
check the tunnel.
No, no, no. Go.
My leg! My leg!
- My leg! My leg!
- Kylie!
- Kylie!
- My leg!
Something stuck!
Fucking something
sticking out of me!
- He's dead.
- Help!
We need to take it out.
I need to see OK. I need to see.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
I can't walk!
Look at me,
I will count to three.
Shh... One.
I took it out!
She's OK!
You need to come down here, OK!
Yeah, yeah. I'm coming down.
I'm taking you out of there, OK.
Please don't go, I need you!
I need you too!
I'm coming down.
Lay down, lay down.
Wait, wait, wait...
Lay down here.
Take it. Take it.
I won't say anything,
I promise.
Please... I won't say anything,
I really won't...
I promise she didn't suffer.