Again (2015) Movie Script

Play ball!
Based on a Novel by
Kiyoshi Shigematsu
Written & Directed by
Sumio Omori
Hey, Dad...
What does 'One Ball, One Ghost' mean?
It says 'One Ball, One Spirit'!
Your handwriting's terrible!
While I remembered that phrase"
I had no idea my dad
had ever played baseball.
here I am at Koshien Stadium,
where you so much wanted to be.
With a man?
An older university student.
Sanami hardly ever comes home.
She's always at his apartment.
You mean they're living together?
This is the address.
She's in university, so to some extent
she's free to do what she wants...
What do you want me
to do about it?
I don't know.
I just thought it was something
you should know, too.
She wouldn't see me
as her father now.
I've been out of her life
since primary school.
So you don't consider her
your daughter any more?
What do you mean?
Perhaps this isn't for me to say...
it's like she didn't have a father.
You're right about one thing:
that isn't for you to say.
What do you mean?
Believe me, I've worried about her.
She may have wanted to see you...
and said nothing,
out of consideration for me.
Sanami can be like that.
Then pay more attention!
Does he mean Big Sister?
Yep, that's right.
Mr. Sakamachi?
Yes. Can I help you?
Haruhiko Sakamachi?
Are you a friend of Sanami's?
Who would that be?
Who would you be?
Tozawa, from Kobe University.
A student?
Yes. I'm from
the Masters Koshien office.
You played high school baseball
at Kawagoe Academy?
Yes, I did.
would you be interested
in trying for Koshien again?
I'm son-y?
The Masters Koshien...
was begun by a professor
at our university.
I took a course with him,
and volunteered to help.
I'd really like Kawagoe
to field a team.
Go ask the school, then.
You're not interested?
It starts with regionals...
I'm fine, thanks.
Let me tell you...
I've got a pot on the stove.
There's no one home?
You were just out, right?
I'm sorry.
You're in university now.
Don't be so familiar.
I wasn't trying to.
Anyway, there's nothing to discuss.
Just a minute!
Just look at these, please.
They're New Year's cards.
From Norio Matsukawa.
I'm his daughter.
He's dead.
In the tsunami last year.
What did he do?
He was a fishennan. He was in
the Volunteer Fire Department.
They were evacuating people,
and the truck couldn't get away.
The house was fine.
My parents divorced
when I was 10.
I never lived with him after that.
He was living alone.
When I was small, I remember him
writing those New Year's cards.
But he never mailed them.
One Ball, One Spirit
Cards for 27 years.
From when he dropped out of
Kawagoe Academy until last year.
Who are they to?
People from our year
on our baseball team.
I knew it!
But why didn't he mail them?
People had new addresses?
But he knew yours.
For some time I didn't live here.
This was my parents' house.
I moved back after my mom died
and my dad got sick.
So you live with him now?
He died a long time ago.
Now it's just me.
Is 'Sanami' your daughter?
She's not with you now?
I'm divorced, too.
You, too?!
Don't look so happy.
I'm not.
We were talking about why
my father knew your address.
Nori was here a lot
before he quit school.
He boarded at the school.
We'd all invite players
from out of town over for dinner.
That's probably why
he knew this address.
Then it's natural
he'd send a New Year's card.
But why keep on writing them
year after year?
I wouldn't know.
Do you know why
my father quit high school?
All right. Thanks.
Where are you going?
Like you said, to the school.
Sony to bother you.
Just a minute...
I'll come and introduce you.
Last one!
This is the woman
from the Masters Koshien.
Tm Gide.
Mia Tozawa.
He's a coach now.
And he runs the alumni group.
I'm the guy who takes
all the phone calls.
Mr. Sakamachi told me about this.
Great idea.
Let's do it.
Wait a minute!
I was already interested
in Masters Koshien.
You didn't say that on the phone.
You said you were coming.
Just hear her out, that's all.
Why are you trying to stop him?
I'm just making sure
if he's really serious.
You're not playing?
Not me! Are you crazy?
Mr. Sakamachi!
Do you know who won
in this region last year?
They have a team?
Yes! How does that make you feel?
They had a class reunion
at the stadium in Osaka!
They were your biggest rivals!
You're supposed to be neutral.
That's just between us.
Oide, how do you know all this?
From the Masters website.
Thank you! We do that site.
I've never set foot on
the soil of Koshien.
I've always wanted to.
You must feel that even more.
Forget that now.
My father was on his team.
Let's talk about that later.
I can't be part of it,
but you go ahead.
OK, we'll get the captains
from the different years...
to contact their players.
How's that?
Will you do that much?
I can't be part of it, I said.
But you were the captain.
You were?
Hello! How have you been?
I'll get back.
Sony to interrupt.
Thank you!
No problem.
Where's the meeting?
In the classroom.
After everyone gets changed
Captain! What's going on?
I don't know yet.
The coach is over at the school.
Maybe the alumni are giving us
a barbecue before the final!
We're going to kill Tokorozawa
Damn right!
We've waited three years for this.
Let's stop standing around
and swing some bats!
I want you all to stay calm
and listen.
Something': happened.
A 3rd-year team member has been
al1'ested in a personal-injury case.
The school has had to contact
the High School Baseball Association.
This is not your fault.
As head coach, I am responsible.
As for tomol1'ow's final...
we have withdrawn.
I am truly sony.
Who was it?!
It was my father?
He kept you out of the nationals
at Koshien Stadium?
It was a long time ago. We still
hadn't won the Prefectural final.
Why did my father do it?
I don't know.
I'll bet all of you hated him.
I'd like to help you...
but you see how it is.
I can't apologize for it, but...
That's right.
You can't.
This may sound harsh,
but it doesn't concern you.
I kept quiet so you wouldn't get
worked up over it.
That makes me want to see you
at Koshien all the more.
I'll be back.
Forget it.
I can't forget it now.
Nice hit.
I'm glad we came to Grandpa's.
Here I can practice with you
every day.
I can't do it everyday.
It's too far from work.
Here goes.
Get ready...
Captain, have you seen Nori?
He's not going to leave
without saying a thing, is he?
Like what, Takahashi?
I've got things to say!
He can't just run out on us.
He's from up north, isn't he?
Find out his address.
Forget it.
You want to play pro.
Concentrate on baseball.
Didn't you hear about Yuko?
What about her?
When it happened...
she was there.
He did it...
to Yuko.
Nori wrote those every year
and put them away unsent.
Every year for 27 years without fail.
I'm not asking you to forgive
what my father did.
I just wanted to deliver them.
Here, Natsuko.
You know the story, don't you?
This is more like encouragement
than an apology.
That's what Nori was like.
He was a fun guy.
He set the mood for the team.
A clown, in a word.
He wasn't a clown!
That's all right.
It's a relief to hear that.
You all knew him
better than I did.
I'm getting all choked up.
Mr. Takahashi, would you like
to try for Koshien again?
Do you know the Masters Koshien?
She volunteers for the organizers.
'Masters Koshien'?
A national tournament
for fonner high-school players.
The regional winners
play at Koshien Stadium.
That's wonderful!
Your dream could come true.
Don't be silly!
You don't want to?
Are you going to play?
Me? No way for that.
Me neither.
Not interested.
That's all we need to hear.
She just wanted to ask you in person.
They only play on Sundays or holidays.
It won't interfere with work.
That's enough.
It's only one game at Koshien,
but at least you get to play there.
We want you to have that chance.
It's not that simple!
It's not an old story.
I can just laugh about now.
It still bothers me.
I'm not saying forgive my father...
And I wouldn't!
I might have made the pros.
My life would be different!
I don't want to go to Koshien
just for fun.
That's not the attitude we had
when we were trying to get there.
There's no getting that back!
I know.
I'm sorry about Nori.
I don't hate him any more.
Go away.
I'm sorry.
That was an epic fail.
I told you.
I guess I just wouldn't understand.
I've never been really into a sport.
From the outside,
it probably looks crazy.
What my father did,
and why he didn't send those cards...
I just wouldn't understand,
would I.
Mr. Sakamachi...
I'm sorry.
I was headed for...
You'd never have made pro!
The bath.
No company team wanted you.
You'd never have made pro baseball!
You had no reason
to talk to his daughter that way!
If you're still so hot on Koshien,
then go!
Masters or whatever. Do it!
Get lost.
Hey! Get out there and play!
You get out there and play!
It's easy for you.
You dumped your family.
What did you say?!
Your family's all you've got.
Get out and play!
Even if you weren't any good.
Look who's talking!
Don't 'captain' me!
I'm not! I grew up,
and so should you.
Big talk!
It's not big talk.
Think for a change!
It just gets worse and worse.
That's not true.
At least I met you.
And I found how quickly
ballplayers get into fights.
I shouldn't joke about that.
Don't tum your jokes serious.
The last time I saw my father...
was the spring I finished
elementary school.
when you lose,
lose with all you've got.
Lose, then move on!
I didn't really understand
what he meant...
but it made me feel sad,
and I started crying in the train.
'Accept the divorce.
'Accept that I won't be there
and move on.'
That's how I took it.
I started to feel that seeing me
was a nuisance for him.
I felt he'd abandoned me completely.
I stopped going to see him.
Take care.
It's been a long time.
Since Mom's funeral, right?
I guess so.
Thank you for coming.
Have you been well?
Yes. You seem well, too.
What is?
How awkward this is.
Is your roommate a student?
Yes. He wants to be a comedian.
A comedian?
He's taking Art, but he wants
to be a perfonner.
Like in a duo?
Solo stand-up.
When did you get into comedy?
When life stopped being funny.
That line was funny!
I'm not laughing.
You wouldn't, would you.
I'm fine. I'm used to living
with strangers.
Is he here?
Sony! I had to flush or it would
stink up the place.
And I couldn't hear anyone.
Is he hiding in there?
Just a minute! He's leaving.
You don't need to meet him.
Just go.
Has he gone?
It's Oide.
Got a minute?
If it's quick.
Just a second.
Mr. Yanagida of the Alumni Club
is interested.
He's sure he can get players.
How about your year?
That's not going to be so easy.
If we're going to do this,
I'd like some of you guys as well.
I'd like you to keep your mouth shut
in front of that girl.
Is there a problem?
Not so much a 'problem'.
It's delicate.
All right.
I'll call when I hear something.
Yeah... yeah...
All right. Goodbye.
Get to Koshien!
Get a comment today.
I'm back.
What's that for?
Mind your own business!
Why did you put that glove there?
If you want a divorce, I'll move out.
What glove?
Do you want a divorce?
Why would you say that?
When I was a kid you'd get mad
if I kicked my glove.
Remember what you said?
Anyone who kicks their glove
is a loser!
Not for losing a game, but for
running away from losing.
I didn't understand that then,
but now I finally do.
Come and play catch with me.
What's with her?
Isn't that enough?
We can't see the ball.
Are you ashamed?
Of what?
Being unemployed and playing catch.
I never said that.
You don't want the neighbors
taking pity on you, right?
What are you talking about?
You wony about the neighbors.
But not about Mom?
That's why you won't play baseball!
Hi. What's up?
1'll plav-
In the Masters Koshien.
It's only on holidays, right?
So they say.
The Unemployment Office
is closed those days, too.
I'm unemployed.
That's not good.
No, it isn't!
I hate my family seeing me like this.
I see...
Baseball won't help much.
But for my own sake,
I need to do something.
There's one condition.
You play, too.
We missed out on going to Koshien.
Remember how that felt.
Don't say that to Mie.
I know.
5 YOU play, too.
I don't see the connection.
Get Sanami to see us play.
She doesn't matter.
And nor does my daughter!
Is it Nori's daughter
you should be concerned with?
Get your own daughter back.
She's in university.
She doesn't care about me.
Are you sure?
So at her wedding a stranger
will stand as father of the bride.
He'll get teary-eyed at her speech.
More power to him.
I guess so.
AW, man!
'One Ball, One Spirit'...
That's a surprise. I thought
he'd have wanted to forget baseball.
He always loved the game
more an anyone.
He was desperate to be a starter.
Remember him going into 3rd year?
Even in a scrimmage...
he'd ground to the infield
and slide into first...
even Hmugh he was nut
by a mile.
Like it was Koshien
and he was the last hitter.
Anyway, let's forgive the clown
and take him to Koshien with us.
He can sit in the stands.
He never made the starting line-up.
We'll let him sit on the bench.
Hey, wait a minute!
Don't count me in this.
Look at this!
You were always fat.
It's a different kind of fat now.
We need you to catch hr Nae.
It's plaque-stopping that concerns me,
not back-stopping.
Your jokes have sure gotten old.
That was bad!
No, it wasn't.
It was!
Here's your grilled-chicken platter.
Here we go!
Thanks, 'lama.
Not at all!
Their chicken': great!
You're not really that concerned
with cholesterol, are you.
This restaurant
is one of my clients.
do you want someone else
catching for me?
Hugging me on the mound?
You're still full of yourself.
The bank keeps me busy.
You're got days off, right?
I don't have a job.
On days off...
I manage a Little League team.
You're still in baseball?
Who's more important,
us or some kids?
As it happens,
my son's on the team.
Is he living your dream?
He's lousy at baseball.
I haven't started him once.
Uvhy don't you?
If I don't use the players right,
the other parents complain.
I don't want them talking about
'the manager's son'.
He understands that.
Give up managing, then
Yeah, but...
he loves baseball,
and he really tries hard.
He's in Grade 6 this year...
so I want to see it through
till the end.
So he learns that even fat people
can succeed if they try.
So he's fat, is he?
Right field!
Yeah, I know.
That must be him.
For sure.
Thank you..
Take a break!
What do you want?
To see the fond dad.
And make fun of me?
This is Nori's daughter.
I'm sorry about my father.
No, don't do that!
You happy now? Come and play.
Don't make me the bad guy here!
You know better than anyone
how stubborn he is.
With less ego, he'd be great at sales.
Yep... he?!
You're not roping me into this.
Everybody! Gather round!
Hurry up!
- What's he doing?
- Don't look at me.
I was the guy who wore number 1
on your manager's high-school team.
A big hand!
You were the pitcher?
You got it.
And he was the catcher.
He was fat then, too.
They figured he'd be best
at stopping wild pitches.
We called him 'Yama-pooh'.
Here's one more!
he had great timing.
He batted clean-up for us.
You want to see him hit?
Who wants to?
Captain! Catch for me.
Lend me your glove.
Don't embarrass me
in front of these kids!
Then hit the damn ball.
I haven't hit in years!
That's a strike!
Oh, come on!
Time out.
Keep your elbow down.
What are you crying about?!
He still hits to the same field.
And you still have your control.
That's really something.
Mr. Sakamachi...
what's driving you now,
ambition or nostalgia?
I'm focused...
on an objective.
Play ball!
Saitama Regionals, Game 1
Run, ya bum!
Come on, Gide!
Listen up!
The Masters rules say that
only 35s and over can play...
from the 4th inning on.
What's with you young people today?!
Why is a public school for brainiacs
beating us in baseball?!
Show some pride, Kawagoe!
Play ball!
The tournament rules say...
that from the 4th inning on,
players must be at least 35.
All pitchers must be at least 30,
and are limited tn two innings.
Hit it, Mr. Sakamachi!
Nice bunt.
Games are called after 90 minutes.
Teams are in principle allowed
between 29 and 50 players...
and to fulfill everyone': dream...
all players must appear
in every game.
The Masters Koshien
is baseball for everyone.
Well done!
Today we've moved
one step closer to Koshien.
To be Prefectural champions
we need three more wins.
From the Masters Koshien office,
I'd like to introduce a young lady...
What's that for?
Ms. Mia Tozawa.
Don't say too much.
I'm Mie Tozawa, from Kobe University.
Congratulations on your first win.
I have one announcement to make.
After the competition
at Koshien Stadium...
we play catch on the field.
You can play catch at Koshien
with your nearest and dearest.
This also applies to teams
who don't reach the finals.
We're going to make it!
Sakamachi, you must want it bad,
considering why you guys didn't go.
OK! Mr. Yanagida!
A toast!
To our next victory.
We're going to Koshien!
Here's more beer.
Shochu and ice, right?
So who hustled the most?
That'd be me.
'Best error' , you mean!
What?! That was just a bad bounce!
Stop that and sit down.
On the rocks.
Didn't you say your dad
was on the baseball team?
What was your last name?
How long ago?
28 years.
28 years? So that would be 1984?
With Mr. Sakamachi.
My father was Norio Matsukawa.
Norio Matsukawa?!
I should have said earlier.
I know what happened.
What's Matsukawa': daughter
doing here?
He died in the tsunami last year.
That's why she came to see me.
Hold on...
So we're all here...
because of Norio Matsukawa?
Why didn't you say?!
I'm sorry.
It's not his fault.
Say what you like to me.
I wouldn't be here if I'd known!
Mr. Yanagida!
I'm sorry if something tragic
has happened...
but this is different!
He got our head coach fired!
What about that, huh?!
he got the team manager
pregnant with this girl?
What are you talking about?!
She had an abortion.
Yeah, you're right.
And he leaned on that prep-school guy
for the money to pay for it.
You're drunk.
He raped our team manager!
- That was a lie!
- No, it wasn't!
Did he belong at a school
with a championship team?
After three years he wasn't a starter.
He was desperate.
Then he went out and
got into a fight!
Smarten up.
Don't talk to her.
Kill yourself and talk to him.
What's wrong
with just telling the truth?!
That thing about rape was a lie.
He was with her
when he got into that fight.
I think there was
a good reason behind it.
It's all right.
Now I know everything
you didn't tell me.
It's all right!
I'm sorry.
I didn't know anything
about what he did.
I thought it'd be all right.
I feel stupid. All this time
you've all been thinking...
'she's that jerk': daughter.'
We're not thinking that.
I don't know what to think.
He was never around...
so I don't know how to interact
with people his age.
I always wanted to think
the best of him.
you didn't tell me
the most important thing.
I'm sure you meant well...
but was that fair?
I apologize for keeping quiet
about that.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Just go out and play baseball.
Forget about me and my father.
Are you going home?
I don't know.
It's too late to get back to Kobe.
I've got roon1 at my place.
So you can rape Nori's daughter?
Watch your mouth,
you stupid kid!
I just don't want you going home
thinking that way...
about your father.
Come on.
Is Yuko your girlfriend?
No one had any idea.
Of course not.
The manager's off limits to players.
I'm sorry.
Hit me if you want.
I'm not that stupid.
Why did you hit that guy?
you had your eye on Yuko too,
didn't you.
Go after her.
Yuko's a really nice girl.
Really nice.
Yeah, I'll bet!
It's all over between us.
Then you quit...
Go see her.
Hear what she has to say.
About what?
I'm sorry.
I'm really SOITY!
Just don't hate Yuko over this.
Please, Captain!
No one hates Yuko.
It's you we hate!
So you should.
Did you know...
she'd quit school?
She did?
If you're going to run away,
at least run away with her.
Don't be such a coward!
Remember this till you die.
And never play baseball
ever again.
Here's some coffee.
And sugar.
You never played catch
with your dad?
There was no baseball gear
at our house.
I see.
The only thing to do with baseball
was those cards.
Hey, Dad...
What does 'One Ball, One Ghost' mean?
It says 'One Ball, One Spirit'!
Your handwriting's terrible!
It means to put all you've got
into every play, and never slack off.
Why would you read that as 'ghost'?
I read a lot of hol1'or comics then.
But that was the only time...
I ever saw my father
really, really laugh.
When he and my mother broke up,
he put on a fake smile for me.
My daughter thinks I used her mother
as nothing but a caregiver.
She may have a point.
My wife had to care for my father
when he went senile.
As a reporter, I was never home.
I'd always wanted a job
that would connect me with baseball.
And after university,
I finally got one.
She was worn out.
I was too caught up in work
to notice that.
When I found out
she'd had an affair...
...I couldn't accept it.
I said some nasty things to her,
in front of our daughter.
But the actual divorce...
...only came after my dad died.
I'd decided to quit reporting.
I switched to work with regular hours,
but he died right after that.
It was too late.
My wife asked for the divorce,
but my daughter doesn't know that.
She thinks I abandoned her mother
when she wasn't needed any more.
And your daughter went
with her mother?
She was in elementary school.
I failed her.
I disqualified myself
as her father.
Did you talk to her then?
Of course I did. I apologized
for what I'd done to her mother.
But Sanami didn't choose me.
You made her choose?
You can't do that!
If you didn't make a choice,
she wouldn't understand.
She wouldn't have any idea
how you felt.
She's the one who'd feel abandoned.
That wasn't fair.
You're not going to the game tomonow?
There's no point going to every game.
It might be better if I didn't.
No special reason.
Mie, phone.
Who is it?
A woman calling about
Kawagoe Academy.
Hello? Mie Tozawa speaking.
My name is Yuko Tachihara.
I was the baseball team manager...
at Kawagoe Academy.
Can you come to the game tomorrow?
I'm Yuko Tachihara.
That was my maiden name.
Tm Mia Tozawa.
That's my name now.
My call must have been a surprise.
A letter came to my parents' house.
It said that if I'd really been
involved with your father...
I should talk to you.
From Mr. Sakamachi?
They're playing now, aren't they.
Let's wait outside till it ends.
I still can't bear to watch
high school baseball.
I've been avoiding all that
ever since it happened.
How was the game? Did you win?
Oh, yes...
Is that Yuko?
Congratulations on your second win.
Thank you.
I was team manager from 1982
until midway through 1984.
My name is Yuko Tachihara.
Now I'm a typical housewife
with two children.
I'm here because you ought to know
what really happened that summer.
Yuko, you don't have to explain here.
This is the only way you'll all know.
Yeah, but...
All of you...
probably know...
I had an abortion that summer.
The day before your play-off.
I couldn't afford to wait any longer.
Matsukawa wasn't the father.
It was the boy Matsukawa injured,
a student at another school.
He'd been avoiding me
after I got pregnant.
If I hadn't run into him
coming home from the hospital...
nothing would have happened.
I was with Matsukawa, and the boy
said he didn't know...
...whose baby it was.
Then he said some awful things
about the Kawagoe baseball team.
After the fight...
Matsukawa said
he could never face you.
I was going to tell you
what had happened...
but he stopped me.
He'll get more than hurt.
Who knows what the guys'll do!
It's bad enough already.
So let's just let them think...
it was me.
I think he felt that if you all knew
why he got into the fight...
that would make me responsible.
You'd have lost respect for me,
and said it was all my fault.
I think he wanted to make sure
I wasn't hurt any more.
And so...
for my sake...
he took the whole team's anger
on himself.
Nori was...
Norio Matsukawa was
that kind of person.
I ran away from it, too.
I was afraid to see you.
In the end...
I ran away from Nori, too.
That's the whole truth.
It was all my fault.
I even ended up hurting you.
I'm really sorry about this.
I'm really...
very son?-
So Nori...
didn't trust us.
He thought...
we'd lose respect for Yuko.
He just decided that.
What an idiot!
He always was a clown.
And so were you!
We were your friends!
I know I should have said something.
I'm sorry.
Nori might have been right.
If we'd known,
we'd have killed that guy.
Right, Captain?
that clown': back on the team.
I'm glad you told us.
Thank you.
No one on a team will stand by
and watch the manager get hurt.
I said some harsh things to you.
I'm very SOITY-
Thank you!
Saitama Prefecture! Final
We're running out of time.
The last inning?
Four runs...
Last inning.
This is the last inning!
I'll go see what he wants.
They went to Koshien last year,
so they'll give you the game.
They all know...
who you are
and what happened to you.
I'll talk to them.
Don't make a big thing of it.
The Masters Koshien
is for everyone to have fun.
I'm disappointed in
you Tokorozawa guys.
Does the Tokorozawa team
deliberately lose baseball games?
At our school we'd die
before we did that.
Win or lose...
at Kawagoe we give our all
in every game.
That year we weren't given
the chance to lose.
We were never eliminated.
For us...
that summer isn't over.
We want to end it right,
and lose if we have to.
But don't wony. We didn't come here
to lose to Tokorozawa.
Just like that summer,
we intend to win.
I hear you.
In that case,
lose to your hearts' content.
We intend to.
We're going to win this!
Give it all you got!
You said it!
Play ball!
Run! Run! Run!
Take three!
OK! Leave this to me!
Captain! Go for it!
Yam ashita!
Swing away!
Go for it! You can do it!
It's going!
Thank you.
What are you crying about?!
Way to go, Dad!
Be there!
Time, please.
Time out!
This happened that year
in the semi-final, right?
'One Ball, One Spirit', right?
That's what we need.
One Ball, One Spirit!
Let's do it!
We're there! Let 'em hit!
Nice play!
Game over!
Thank you!
Nice game.
I'd forgotten how it feels to lose.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Mie! Come down here.
Come on!
Come on!
Come down!
Come on! Quick!
Guys! The victory toss!
Get a picture!
Matsukawa Family
Kawagoe Academy Baseball The last thing my father
said to me...
I finally understand.
When you were running for first
on that bunt...
you knew you were out,
but you ran as hard as you could.
Maybe that's what it means
to lose with all you've got.
I think maybe that's how he lived,
right to the end.
Running out a sacrifice bunt.
Just like that day
when he saw me off...
and I didn't know what to say.
Excuse me...
Were you acquainted with
aria Matsukawa?
Yes. I'm family.
I was a friend.
My name is Fujita. I was in
the Fire Department with him.
I wiped it a bit,
but I thought you might want it...
the way it was found.
My father had this?
He always kept it in his locker.
What's the matter?
You can still use it.
You use it.
He wrote on it.
I think he meant it.
One ball, one ghost
Mr. Sakamachi...
will you play catch with me
at Koshien?
I'd be glad to.
I'm not very good, though.
I'm not Nori, though.
Do you have a minute?
Can we talk here?
Oh, right.
What are they?
Tickets to Osaka.
I'm playing at Koshien Stadium.
Will you come?
I'd like you to.
I wish I could have asked
your mother, too.
Sanami, I'm...
Do you know why I quit
playing softball?
It reminded me of you.
You took away
everything I treasured.
And now you want me to come
and see you play?
Are you stupid?
Let's shut 'em down!
Hang tough!
Bring 'em on!
Take your base!
It didn't hit me!
Yes, it did.
Batting third, Sakamachi,
third base.
Thanks for forgiving everything.
Who's forgiven anything?
I'll make you happy.
What do you mean?
I've never been so happy.
Consider yourself lucky!
Where'd she go?
I still have a promise to keep.
I'm all right by myself.
Now, is that fair,
Mie Tozawa?
You're not going back to reporting?
It's not that easy to go back.
Mr. Sakamachi...
when you lose,
lose with all you've got.
Lose, then move on.
All right, I will.
Haruhiko Sakamachi
Kiichi Nakai
Mie Tolawa
Yuko Tachihara
Naoyuki Takahashi
Toshiro Yanagiba
Based on a Novel by
Kiyoshi Shigematsu
Written & Directed by
Sumio Omori