Against the Clock (2019) Movie Script

[wind blowing]
[electronic buzz]
[dramatic music]
[woman on PA]
We all know why we're here.
Or do we?
[electronic noise]
[Goldstucker] If the CIA were
a financial institution,
our most valuable currency
would be intelligence.
Like any other currency, it has the
power to enrich or to destroy lives.
[siren wailing]
The correct intelligence
can prevent such conflict.
Comprehending intelligence
can save thousands of lives.
Ignoring intelligence...
...well, let's not
even go there.
[Goldstucker] With the rapid
advancements of technology
it has become
well neigh impossible
to secure critical intelligence
from falling into the wrong hands.
What is the optimal way
to gather, transport, and secure
high-risk intelligence.
And what we discovered is
that our greatest security,
the safest of safes,
is right here
in the palms of my hands.
[street noises]
Intelligence secured. Over.
[Goldstucker] Our operation
isn't about inserting
a microchip into
your existing brain.
That would be simply silly.
This is about harnessing the
power your brain was born with.
From that traumatic first day,
your brain has been
harvesting raw data.
Your sensories have been
recording every sight, sound,
smell, taste, touch.
There's not a more powerful
processor on this planet.
Your brain processes an enormous
amount of information.
And it does so with ease.
No computer hard drive could
remotely replicate
the memory, the storage,
or the encryption
of the human brain.
[ominous music]
Zero. Three. Zero.
Z. Eight.
- [Peter] Alright, Kelley.
- 22.
[Peter] Perfect.
- Plane.
- [woman on PA] Preparing to unlock vault.
Download that right there.
Whoa... I didn't
need to see that.
[Peter] Looks like he went to that bar.
I recognize it.
Come on, Kelley.
I know you got it.
Flip that.
That's what I'm talking about.
Huh. Here we go...
- [Peter] Hey, Kelley.
- [Kelley] Yeah?
[Peter] It's been a good day
for the good guys.
- Alert DHS.
- Roger that. Any specifics?
No. Just that it looks like
the Golden Gate almost became
Heaven's Gate
for a whole bunch of Beatniks.
I'm Ava Obada with
our breaking news this hour.
Uni... [electronic jamming]
of defense are confirming
moments ago that they
intercepted vital intelligence
linking an apparent terrorist plot to
detonate explosives throughout the Golden...
[electronic jamming]
Explosives were located...
[electronic jamming] and here...
[woman's voice on radio]
- [Kelley] Let's play this guessing game.
- [Tess] Okay.
- I'm going to kiss you and you're going to guess.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- No, no, no.
- That's not I?
- No, I has like three beats.
- Ready?
- Is it L?
Yeah. L.
- Ready?
- Uh-huh.
That's what?
- A V?
- A V.
You ready for this? No?
That's definitely an E.
- Y? It's an O.
- Okay.
U. Oh.
- What?
- You love me.
- I love you.
- You love me the most.
Love you the most.
- That's long.
- That's long. That's long Morse code.
[Hotchkiss] Come over here
and sit down with me.
Our operatives mined
some intelligence
out of a sub network yesterday.
It's a 23 month long
between a dozen high-ranking
terrorists from Ah Puch.
These green dots here,
they indicate every time
they are alluded to activities
that contain weapons
or explosives or any kind of
materials that are related to both.
They're planning
one hell of a party.
And we're gonna crash it.
We're gonna shut them down.
Unfortunately, our intelligence
didn't include a "save the date" card.
Exactly when and where we do not
know, but what we do know is
that there's
information out there
that will give us the
intelligence needed to stop them.
And I'm gonna send you
- to go and get it.
- Yes, sir.
How the hell do you think you're going to get
out of this alive with the intelligence intact?
We do not have an embassy
for a thousand miles here.
We have no military
support in the area.
Sounds awfully dangerous,
doesn't it, Scotty?
Oh, yeah.
Everything you do makes me wet.
Like... the bed and...
Scotty, would you mind, uh,
starting on due diligence?
- Prepare a list of operatives, safe houses.
- Yes, sir.
- I know you don't need me to say this...
- Then don't.
Well, I have to.
This is a one-way ticket.
These are my orders, Peter.
[sighs] Kelley, as you know,
my job is to not only assess
the risk of the operation,
but also the risk to our agents.
[Peter] This is a suicide
mission. You are not this good.
This is a zero-sum game.
[high pitched noise]
Please, don't start to worry.
Do me a favor.
Do me a favor: Lie to me.
Tell me that you're going
to Fiji and I'll be okay.
I'm going to Fiji.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
What happened
when I went to Vietnam?
You came home.
- Okay. And what happened when I went to Darfur?
- You came home.
- And what happened when I went to...
- Alright, I get it.
I know. I really do.
I just hate it when you go.
I always come home.
Can you be back
by your birthday?
- I promise.
- Okay.
You know?
You're going to be okay.
- I'll be fine.
- You're going to be okay.
I love you.
I love you more.
- How's Tess?
- She's fine, thanks.
Installing anti-viral vaccine.
[Kelley] Argh!
Just let the vaccine take hold.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
You're good to go.
Hey. [whistles]
[Peter] Once you pass Al-Fashir
[cross talk] you're in no-man's-land.
- You listening?
- Yeah.
Oh, Scotty,
you better hope I don't die.
- Chuck?
- I'm sorry, we're fresh out of biblical names.
- Don't be afraid to use it.
- That's funny.
[Peter] Will you point that
away from me, please.
Here, take this.
Put that in there.
Er... Alright.
Let's get this death march
on the road.
[Kelley] Listen, Khalid. We've
known each other how many years?
I come all the way up here.
All I'm asking
is just for the intelligence.
Nothing more.
[Kelley] But I am gonna
tell you right now,
this is intelligence.
It's not about me.
This isn't intelligence. It's about you.
This is about these people here.
Millions upon
millions of people.
[Kelley] I come up here
to save these people.
Not just my people. Your people.
This is about everybody.
Come on.
Thank you.
Twelve countries...
[traffic sounds]
[high pitched noise]
[high pitched noise]
[electronic noise]
[man] Sensing the slightest compromise,
the vault will automatically lock...
[dialing tone]
[phone rings]
Connect me with the Central
Intelligence Agency.
[busy tone]
I'm so happy you're home.
- So happy you're home.
- [knocking on the door]
Ah. I can't sleep at all, while
you're away. I've been trying to.
- [knocking on door]
- Tess?
- [knocking on door]
- Tess?
No, no.
No, [inaudible]
[man] Are you the wife
of Kelley Chandler?
You're aware that he suffered
a major head injury?
We were able to relieve the pressure
on his brain and stop the bleeding,
although Kelley is in a coma.
[hospital call on PA]
[surgeon] We'll move him
out of recovery
into intensive care.
You can visit him there.
I need to caution you, though:
Kelley is not responsive.
So, uh, if you talk to him
or hold his hand,
any reaction on his part,
will be involuntary.
[crying] Kelley.
- Tess.
- Oh, Tess.
Amelia, why don't you go
grab your sister some water.
I won't know much until a neurologist
examines him tomorrow morning.
[exhales] What?
The neurologist isn't
gonna tell us anything.
Tess, you know we're
doing everything
in our power to find out
what happened, right?
You know what happened.
[man] Welcome.
Please state your name.
[Tess] Tess Chandler.
[man] The following
evaluation will determine
your level
of emotional intelligence.
[traffic noises]
[muezzin calling to prayer]
[birds flapping]
[eerie music]
[high pitched noise]
[waves crashing]
[electronic noise]
[traffic noises]
Unfortunately, you don't need
to be a neurologist
to see that the swelling and
internal bleeding is quite severe.
Do you think
that he is brain-dead?
Our neurology group is currently
conducting a series of cranial nerve tests
to see if his unresponsive
state is permanent.
So, at this moment I...
I can't provide you
a definitive diagnosis.
Doctor, in,
in your professional opinion,
do you think that he's...
Do you think he is brain-dead?
Based on
what we've seen thus far
- most likely, yes.
- [sobs]
I'm sorry, Tess.
[Tess sobs]
Agent Hobbs, sir.
[electronic humming]
Sir, unfortunately,
we've been informed...
The likelihood of Agent Chandler
making a full recovery is slim.
All signs point to
the loss of brain function, sir.
[smacks lips]
[whirring noise]
We'll have to issue, uh
an executive order to
confiscate his intelligence.
Sir, this is not confirmed.
It's not 100%.
We're still dealing with
a living human being.
No, we're dealing with millions
of human lives, Peter.
- Millions of human lives.
- Right.
Millions that are protected by the
talents the likes of Agent Chandler...
No. Let me
explain something, Peter.
His talent is no longer
any use to us.
Is it always what's useful,
or what's right and wrong?
Let me explain something
to you, young Peter!
The world is made up
of two things: Black and white.
And there ain't
nothing in between.
- With all due respect...
- No! You have your order!
Do as you're told!
Yes, sir.
[distorted voices]
[whirring noise]
[high pitched buzzing]
[Scotty] Boss, we're pulling surveillance
from all around the surrounding areas.
And we're pulling his medical
records, internal.
- His expense reports, travel logs. Is there anything else?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna need you to issue
the executive order to Tess.
What? Why me?
Oh, will you grow a pair?
Just throw his pocket litter
on top and you'll be fine.
[automated voice] Hello. You have
reached the Central Intelligence Agency.
If you know the extension
of your party, please enter now.
Please leave a detailed
message after the tone.
[high pitched noise]
The vault, it's fractured.
Every move...
it's somewhere different.
Every time...
[Kelley] Sometimes Marrakesh.
Sometimes Hong Kong.
I don't know where I'm at.
Sometimes Vietnam...
[high pitched noise]
[gasping and coughing]
- Here.
- [exhales]
Thank you.
[crickets chirping outside]
Another nightmare?
[Tess sighs and gulps]
A nightmare
that this was all a nightmare.
[inhales deeply and exhales]
Scotty is here.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I wanted you to have Kelley's personal
effects before they got lost in evidence.
Thank you.
There's also some, uh, documents
you should take a look at.
Tess, uh, no one
could've stopped him.
- What was his mission?
- Uh, it... it's classified.
- Scotty, what was his mission?
- Tess, I, I can't...
[echoed voice] even begin to start talking
about that. We're off the deep end here, OK?
It's more than losing my job,
it's... it's way bigger
than anything I've any
comprehension of right now.
I'm sorry.
[sighs] If there's anything you
need at all, just let me know.
I know that Kelley would do
anything for me, so...
- Thanks, Scotty. Appreciate it.
- Yeah.
[tense music]
[Douglas] They're actually just detailing rights
that they have that they would like to exercise
before Kelley's
condition deteriorates.
Rights to Kelley?
They don't own Kelley.
Uh, that's correct. They don't.
But, apparently, they do own
the intelligence in his head.
And they would like that
in their possession.
For which they're
willing to compensate you.
Bottom line is they're trying to
buy Kelley?
- In ten thousand words, yes.
- That's not gonna happen.
I can delay with an injunction.
But you have to understand something:
No court of law can stop them,
when it comes to national
security, national security.
So, with that in mind, I thought it
might be prudent for me to go off
and have a very quiet conversation
with them about compensation.
Let me be clear:
There is no amount of hush money
that is going to encourage me
to sign over my husband.
I've one piece
of advice for you:
- Take the payoff. Forget the payback.
- No.
[cacophony of sounds]
[high pitched noise]
[man speaking Spanish]
- Where is this?
- [man speaking Spanish]
[man speaking Spanish]
- [man speaking Spanish]
- Where is this?
You're not in the vault,
the vault is in you.
[cacophony of sounds]
[Kelley groans]
[alarms wail]
I don't where the fuck they are.
Clearly I'm gonna wait here.
[Ah Puch] This is a very serious question
I want you to really think about.
[dramatic music]
[soldier] Get out of the car! Get
out of the car! Identify yourself.
- I'm the wife of Kelley Chandler.
- Stand down, soldier.
Get back in the car.
We're good here. Thank you.
Please. After you.
What the fuck!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
You're a gnat's ass away from having
this conversation behind bars.
Do you realize that?
Jesus Christ, Tess!
- What the hell are you trying to accomplish here?
- What is this trying
- to accomplish, Peter.
- I'm following procedure!
Procedure? Don't give me those
company bullshit lines, huh?
I know how they're gonna get that intelligence
and it's gonna involve killing him. So please.
We need the intelligence.
Kelley is the one that has it.
We've a common interest.
Don't get in our way!
Don't talk to me like I'm a civilian.
I know this operation, Peter.
I know what goes on
beneath the dirt, okay?
I hate to break it to you, Tess,
but you are a civilian.
And you forget that I know why they don't let
you in the elevator past the ground floor.
Fuck you, Peter! I need answers!
And if you're not gonna give them
to me, I know somebody who will.
[car speeds away]
[woman on PA]
I'm getting you out of here.
[phone rings]
Who's this?
[high pitched noise]
[automated voice] At the French coast
the time will be 8:20. Good night.
[door handle clicking]
[roaring sounds]
[door bangs shut]
[explosive sound]
[whirring sounds]
Good god! There's intelligence
scattered fucking everywhere.
[Goldstucker] If you lose something of value,
you feel afraid, worried, surprised, sad?
Do you need me to do anything?
Help with arrangements?
Make phone calls?
[Amelia] Anything?
Is everything okay.
Yeah. I just haven't gotten
any sleep, so I'm exhausted.
What were you doing?
Helping Kelley recover.
- I thought the doctors...
- The doctors don't know shit.
I'm gonna get him out of this.
Yeah. Okay.
[bell tolls]
[tense music]
[helicopter propeller sound]
[bell tolls]
[electronic noise]
Pick up the fucking phone!
This is Agent Chandler...
The first target city
[panting] is Venice.
- [man on phone speaking Italian]
- Fuck!
We're currently waiting for clearance.
Uh, I need the executive order.
[clears throat] We've hit a bit of a
snag, but we will work through it, sir.
Is the intelligence retrievable?
I asked you a question.
- It's not that simple, sir.
- Well, make it simpler.
Can we... extract...
the intelligence?
That depends
if we're talking about, uh,
full extraction
or an incremental extraction.
We should also determine whether a
pseudo source is created, so we can...
A pseudo source should be created?
What kind of bullshit is that, Peter?
A full offline extraction
will kill Agent Chandler, sir.
I know what it'll do
to Agent Chandler.
Do you think Ah Puch is gonna
sit around and take a holiday
while we acknowledge
one of our fallen?
Of course not, sir.
We celebrate different holidays.
[ominous music]
- [Peter shouts out in pain]
- Shush!
- [groaning]
- I got another question for you, you got any balls there, son?
- Because the future of your country is at stake.
- [gasps]
Yeah? I'm not gonna
ask you again.
- I'll get the answer.
- Ah, damn right you will.
[helicopter propeller sound]
- Are you okay?
- Fine.
He didn't, uh, touch you
inappropriately or anything, did he?
What? Really, Scotty?
He's practically blind.
He survived
a bomb attack, they say.
Scares the shit out of me. So...
Yeah, uh, don't worry.
[roaring noises]
[high pitched noise]
[intolerable high pitched noise]
[woman on PA]
[Dr. Nelson] I know this is
a really bad time to be here.
How's Kelley doing?
He's... not good.
How are you doing?
[suspenseful music]
I need to access him...
[whimsical music]
To bring him back.
Please tell me you're
taking your medication?
Tess, I'm... I'm worried
about your mental health.
Given your prior history
with this operation.
[Kelley] She's experiencing side-effects.
She's disoriented for the most part.
Physical symptoms are
nausea and loss of appetite.
Any indication
on what may have occurred?
No. It's under investigation.
Look, Kelley,
they will stop at nothing
to cripple you
and corrupt the intelligence.
You're aware of that?
You think the intelligence
was corrupted?
Welcome to Nano-terrorism...
[Dr. A]
Installing anti-viral vaccine.
Can we retrieve
the intelligence?
That's an intriguing question.
I don't think...
that it's possible to do
without examining the current
condition of the hardware.
Well, at this point,
I don't think that's possible.
The agent isn't
in our possession.
If he's in a hospital,
it's very possible.
[woman on PA]
These invitations are beautiful.
[Amelia] For a... birthday.
- Something wrong?
- I'm just...
wondering who you're
gonna invite.
Kelley's friends.
Our family.
[Tess] The C.I.A.
[Au Puch] Jerry.
Oh, ho-ho, Jerry.
Place the card.
[whimsical music]
[Goldstucker] It will be impossible
to gain access to the vault,
without a code.
[roaring sounds]
[Goldstucker] We have engineered
an automatic locking system
that will allow
optimum protection.
A key-code created by you,
and only known by you,
will allow access.
Even with the use
of brute force,
one would only compromise it.
[?] Volunteer the intelligence.
One could never gain access.
So, the key-code will be
stored outside the vault.
And where would that be,
- Hum. Close your eyes.
- [slap] - [shouts out]
- [mix of ethnic music fragments]
- [groans]
[mix of ethnic music fragments]
[blasts and roars]
[engine revving]
[woman over radio]
[bell tolling]
[Kelley] Tess. Listen to me...
This is a secret
you cannot hide.
I saw what happened.
Whatever you got going on in
there, it's not fucking worth it.
Dump it, and get out.
Dump it. I don't care about you.
[Goldstucker] It upsets you
to see an animal in pain?
The wife? The wife is attempting
to get the intelligence?
Tess is looking for answers.
Oh, tough shit.
Her emotions are getting
the best of her... again.
You better not let her emotions
get the best of you, Peter.
I'll handle it.
[sighs] The wife.
That's all I need,
is another wife...
[dramatic music]
[dramatic sound effects]
[cars honking]
[spooky sounds]
[high pitched noise]
Good god... these black spots
appear to be an abnormality.
I think it's shifts of power.
They appear
to be slowly evolving.
- [man] Is there a specific location or area?
- Fuck.
In and around the areas where...
intelligence can be located.
- They're fucking feeding off of it.
- [man] Fascinating.
[Kelley] Target cities
seem to be mounting.
It's unclear how they're
gonna execute the plan.
So I don't know
if it's meaningless
or if it's gonna
save millions of lives.
But someone's gonna die.
Me... or millions of people.
[voices chanting]
[knocking on the door]
[knocking on the door]
[machines beeping]
[calm music]
[Tess] Can you be back
by your birthday?
[city noises]
[Chinese speech]
[dramatic music]
- [thud]
- [grunts]
[sirens wailing]
[tires squealing]
What? Are you trying to get
yourself killed? Come on!
Get down!
Call me Tits.
My real name is Robert,
but everyone calls me Tits.
You know, Robert,
Bob, Bobby, Boobs...
Boobs... Then they started
calling me Tits.
Now everyone calls me Tits.
You can call me Tits.
Tell me where we're going.
- This is a place where...
- Does anyone really know where we're going?
That's a question I always ask.
It's your birthday. Yeah,
we'll get you there, pal.
This is crazy.
Happy birthday, sweetie.
I think you got a lot going on up there.
Anything you wanna talk about?
Listen, I know I'm just the getaway
driver, I'm not supposed to get involved
but you look like you're swimming
in a sea of some serious shit, man.
[Speaking in a foreign language]
Air it out. What do you say?
I got some aspirin
in the glove compartment.
How the hell do you get
Dick out of Richard?
You come up...
You, Richard. Bob. Dick.
- Call me Tits.
- Oh, don't take this the wrong way,
just get me
to the fucking party.
[tense music]
[voices behind door]
[high pitched noise]
[muffled voices]
[roaring sound]
[singing behind doors]
...birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Kelley
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Kelley.
Tess, could I have
a moment, please? Hi.
- What are you doing?
- Throwing Kelley a birthday party.
- You're fucking with the process.
- Yeah?
What exactly is
the fucking process, huh?
- You know I can't tell you that.
- Real talk. It's me.
- Times have changed.
- I think I above everybody else deserve to know.
You, above everybody else, know
that this is classified information.
Go home. Take a shower.
Have a hot meal.
- Have some faith in me.
- Then give me a reason to!
[distant laughter]
[tense music]
[high pitched noise]
[Tess] Do you think
they will be able to...
Keep it together.
OK? Keep it together.
They can't.
They don't have
the technology for that.
It's you. It's me.
It's us... Gone.
[woman on PA]
Hey, kiddo.
Tess, I'm gonna tell you this
because I care.
I overheard the guests talking.
They thought
that this party was...
slightly demented.
And, maybe...
you're starting
to lose it again.
[loud purring sound]
I'd rather them think that
I'm losing it than lose him.
[Tess] It's not gonna happen.
- [giggles]
- Baby, I wanna ask you something.
Cheeseburger and fries.
- Tess. Wait, wait, wait.
- [beep, beep, beep]
Think about what we do.
[bells tolling]
If one of us goes down,
- which is likely to happen...
- You want to marry me?
The other one stays
and helps the other one out.
It's not gonna happen.
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[dial tone]
Come on. Anything.
[high pitched noise]
[alarm beeping]
Come on...
[dial tone]
[alarm beeping]
Oh, fuck!
You better hope to God.
[voice over PA]
Patient temperature increasing.
[phone beeping]
[Goldstucker] They will stop at nothing to
cripple you and corrupt the intelligence.
[alarm beeping]
Listen up:
[Morse code] Venice. New York.
Turkey. Mexico City.
Code your name.
[alarm beeping]
[tapping sounds]
- [door opens]
- I'm sorry. These were at the front desk.
Thank you.
[door closes]
Come back. I'm still here.
[dramatic sound effects]
[tense music]
[Goldstucker] You tend to have very
strong opinions about morality.
[calm music]
[woman on PA]
Preparing patient for removal.
[automated door humming]
[clock strikes]
Would you like
something to drink?
- Whisky?
- Like I said, no thank you.
[Lauren] No.
[Lauren] I think you do.
I'd rather you just
tell it to me straight.
Did you have
any children together?
We wanted children.
I wanted eight.
You plus who wanted eight?
[suspenseful music]
Take it. It's the only thing that's
gonna quiet the war happening
between your head
and your heart.
[voices on radio]
- [paramedic] Prepare an MRI.
- [operator] Alright 21...
As you're aware, the assignments
can be strenuous.
[Lauren] We often find ourselves in remote
locations for extended periods of time.
Kelley and I were
to exchange intelligence.
we exchanged much more.
Too much.
I'm sorry.
- He told me you suffered from side effects.
- Yes.
[tense music]
- I'm looking for Kelley Chandler.
- He was transferred
- at 7:00 a.m. this morning.
- Transferred? What are you talking about,
Transferred to where?
- Location... Saint Johns.
- Come on, come on.
- Saint Johns?
- It's a long-term care facility.
[truck honking]
[truck honking]
[ominous music]
Do you know
the history of this agent?
Additional images will allow us
to see in greater detail
what may be causing
this abnormality.
May I suggest further testing?
Thank you. We're finished.
Six, seven, eight, nine,
ten target cities.
Uh, you missed two.
- Your calls, guy.
- Twelve cities. Twelve bombs.
- Jesus Christ.
- 12-12 is the file name we keep coming across.
Then, uh, we have some clearer
images that we could analyze,
but for the most part, the
intelligence is completely corrupted
and continues to deteriorate.
- What you're watching here is the brain slowly dying.
- What I always wanted to watch.
Is the intelligence
fully retrievable?
I would highly recommend
not removing any intelligence.
- And why is that?
- The ratio of success is very low.
[Dr. A] It's no different than,
uh, if your hard drive crashed.
It's extremely difficult
to remove the data.
We could try,
but we would destroy our agent
in the process.
Oh, well, your
recommendation is duly noted.
- [Hotchkiss] Let's get on with it.
- [Peter] Sir, he said
the chances are low.
We have an obligation
- to do whatever it takes to save our agent...
- Let me explain something
to you, Peter. If agent Kelley
was alive here today,
he would be the first one to
order it's retrieval, at any cost!
'Cause that was the risk
he was prepared to take
when he accepted
this assignment.
- Ain't that right, Scotty?
- Yeah.
And that's why he was chosen!
He took on this assignment under
the protection of this agency.
- And now you're failing to protect him!
- We're at war, son!
And there are casualties!
Now, keep your fucking eye
on the ball!
Scotty, keep an eye on him.
I'll take a leak.
[background chatter]
I'm looking for Kelley Chandler.
- Room 305. Third floor.
- Thank you.
[respirator hissing]
I swear I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch.
What did they do to you?
[phone rings]
- What are you guys doing to him?
- You think I have a choice?
- I am stuck in the crossfire here, Tess.
- Then take a side, Peter,
because he's gonna die
in a place like this.
Well, frankly, at this point
I think that's the idea.
- You fucking asshole!
- Hey! Listen to me!
This is about
what is in his head.
The intelligence is there
and it is retrievable.
The problem is we do not have the time.
Hotchkiss wants it yesterday.
I wanna speak to Goldstucker.
Are you fucking crazy?
Goldstucker lives off the grid.
You're not listening to me. You have to
accept the reality of the situation here.
What does 12-12 mean to you?
- Where did you hear that?
- Like I said: I want to speak to Goldstucker.
[woman on PA]
[Goldstucker] I want you
to imagine the desert.
The sand. The Sun. The heat.
The wind that gets in your face.
Open your eyes.
While I was speaking,
you did see an image.
- Correct.
- Where is that image?
The image of that desert is
in your imagination.
Call it consciousness.
Trans-personal consciousness.
For hundreds of years poets,
philosophers, scientists
artists, you name it,
have been searching for it,
without ever locating it.
That is
where we store your key-code.
In your consciousness.
Here you go. Goldfinger's
contact as requested.
- It's Goldstucker.
- Yeah, whatever. Goldpecker.
This dude was a bitch to find.
Be careful paying him a visit.
I don't think
he wants to be found.
Don't thank me now.
But I'm not even going to ask
how you obtained classified information
that only Kelley could have.
But if anyone even wonders if
you're tampering with evidence,
I cannot help you.
Do you understand me?
I can't say he'll exactly
be thrilled to talk to you.
He wasn't too happy that our
people were looking for him.
So, you guys are gonna kill him?
I never said that.
- [dialing tone]
- [operator in Spanish]
[high pitched noise]
[busy tone]
- Watch him?
- Look, you can text, talk, do whatever you like.
- Just don't leave that room, OK?
- This is the part
where I try to talk
some sense into you.
I'm not gonna lie,
this is frickin' strange.
I moved to this god-forsaken shit pit,
'cause Mom and Dad wanted me to help you.
We just went beyond that.
I understand watching your cat
when you go on vacay, but...
- I don't trust anybody, OK?
- No, no, no...
Don't you leave that room.
Not even for five minutes.
- That's why they have nurses.
- There's protection under the bed.
- Protection?
- Fourteen rounds in the clip, one in the chamber.
[monitor beeping]
[GPS giving directions]
[radio playing music]
[loud blast]
[dramatic music]
Can I, uh, help you here, ma'am?
Boy, these cars, they don't do
good in the heat, do they.
- [thud]
- [groaning]
- Argh! Jesus! Fuck me!
- Tell them they're getting sloppy.
Who? I'm sorry, ma'am.
I want no business with you.
The God honest truth. Argh!
[gasping & coughing]
[panting] Keep it together.
- [man] What's going on?
- [Amelia] I'm really worried about Tess.
- She's acting crazy.
- [man] Oh, great.
OK, I can't do this on my own
anymore. I need your help.
[man] I'm gonna call
Mom and Dad.
- [man] Was she detained?
- Okay.
- She got away.
- How the fuck did that happen?
Because she's good!
She's real good. Shit.
Let's begin.
Six characters and numbers.
Imagine a name.
Contessa Ford.
An action or emotion.
A specific place.
Tulum, Mexico.
That will be your key-code. Those
images will unlock the vault.
[crow cawing]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[gun being cocked]
[high pitched noise]
[Kelley] They're targeting
stadiums. Shopping centers.
Parks. Fairgrounds.
Mass Transit. Trains.
Rental cars.
I know it's not
my business, but...
I'm here to talk about Kelley.
He's in a coma.
And I need your help.
It's not the reaction
I was hoping for.
I'm sorry.
But you're telling me
our safety measures worked.
Under stress...
the safe was supposed
to lock automatically.
It did!
And you could unlock it?
Just how incapacitated is he?
He's receiving some codes.
- Do you have access to his key code?
- Key code?
- The key code was your only chance.
- And how hard is it to hack it?
I would say it's impossible...
if you weren't his wife.
The code is based on M.R.S.
Memory Retrieval Stimulation.
A positive memory...
stimulates the release of
the neurotransmitter dopamine.
The key code is a simple sequence
of six characters or phrase
that acts as
just such a release.
Allowing the safe
to unlock.
[in foreign language]
So, what exactly
am I'm looking for?
Music. Books.
Love letters.
Sounds simple.
It isn't.
And it is.
[dramatic music]
[high pitched noise]
[Tits] What the hell, man?
Hey. Anyway,
I got you something.
It's chock full
of hollow points.
Don't be afraid to use it, OK?
Hey, hey! Oh, Jesus! Whoa! Whoa!
No, no! Get away from me!
- I have hotel surveillance.
- I look forward to reading your report.
You're not going to watch it?
I know the ending.
He dies in a coma.
- But there could be something...
- I don't know about you, Scotty,
but I don't get off watching my
friends get their ass handed to them.
For the record, neither do I.
[voice on PA] Agent Noah, please
report to intelligence retrieval.
I love you.
[Dr. Nelson] Good morning, Tess.
You are probably wondering what
we're all doing in your living room.
Well, it looks
like an intervention.
Are you behind this?
Amelia was involved in this
because she's worried about you.
They're all here
because they love you.
So, please...
They just want you
to hear them out.
The donuts are a nice touch.
Hey! Whoa! No, no, no, no!
Let me go. They're not dead!
I forgot [indistinct]
It's me, Tits, Tits.
Tits! Get off of me.
- Are you real?
- Real? Real what? I'm real fucking scared!
It's Tits. That's right.
It's tits.
You wanna touch Tits? Go ahead.
- Who, who am I?
- Yeah.
Are you kidding? Come on.
See. I'm real.
[gunshot and glass shattering]
- [people shouting]
- [sirens wailing]
[tires squealing]
it's time to let him go.
We'll help you through it any way we
possibly can. You have to know that.
What's life's support if...
if there's no life to support?
You know I love you. I'm no
expert on death but I think...
Tommy... I love you.
If you're about to give me
the Circle of Life speech,
I will gut you with a pencil.
- Tess...
- [Douglas] Look,
I think it's fair
that you know, that the CIA
is thinking about filing
federal tampering charges.
It's a scare tactic.
I don't think so. OK?
I think you have mightily
pissed these people off.
They're sick
and fucking tired of you.
And you are directly
in their crosshairs.
They're gonna have to kill me,
if they want to kill him.
Well, I'll be sure
to let them know that.
Why are they paying us
to talk to you?
Say that again?
Why are they
paying us to talk to you?
[Kelley] Wait, wait...
I want to ask you something.
Wait, wait.
Come here. I care about you.
What did they offer you?
You all claim to be his friends,
his family. Huh?
So, how much was it?
One million dollars?
Five? Ten?
Nothing? You guys have nothing?
I just wanna let you know, that I'm
not gonna let any of you cash him in.
[loud electronic noises]
He's gone ape shit.
- [gunshot]
- Ow!
No, you're not supposed
to shoot me.
- [gunshot]
- [cars honking]
[dramatic music]
[violent sound effects]
- [woman on PA]
- [machine beeping]
Today could be the day, right?
Come on, sweetie.
[violent sound effects]
Because there's not much time.
[violent sound effects]
[cars honking]
Come on, sweetie.
[siren wailing]
[seagull squawking]
Come on.
[dramatic music]
[electronic buzz]
I'm following concerning the
health and well-being of Tess.
Thank you.
[tense music]
[beeping Morse code]
Kelley, listen to me!
Come on!
- [phone ringing]
- [officer] You're under arrest
for tampering with
federal evidence.
[Tess grunts]
Get out! Get off me!
If he even had the slightest chance
I wouldn't have let this happen.
You left us
no other choice, Tess.
Choices. There were choices.
You have to trust me.
I'm protecting you.
No. You're trying
to protect yourself.
What's gonna happen now?
She'll undergo
psychiatric evaluation.
Depending on the outcome
the hospital can legally hold her for
the next 48 hours. So, she's safe.
- Thank you.
- God bless you.
[waves breaking]
This completes the evaluation.
Her past.
Your present. The future.
It has no place.
She doesn't know where she's at.
She must remove
the intelligence immediately.
There must have been a breach.
A breach in her logic.
She's not going in.
She's paranoid.
She wakes up every day thinking
the world is going to end.
Until she removes the intelligence,
she may never recover.
You believe that you were
communicating with your husband
through the use of Morse code.
You wanna tell me
about that conversation?
Kelley is currently holding
intelligence detailing 12 nuclear bombs
destined for
12 different countries.
But, unfortunately,
he's been infected by a virus.
Wow. Okay. Uhm...
Is this the same virus we were
talking about 18 months ago?
The one that gave me
nightmares, yes.
Do you think I'm insane?
I didn't say that.
Doctor Nelson is recommending that
you stay here indefinitely, Tess.
You know, next time, you may
want to leave out the bullshit
about the 12 bombs
and the virus.
Bring on the medication.
The only medicine you need
right now, is the fucking truth.
And the sooner you swallow it,
the sooner you'll realize
this whole little fucking
seance of yours is over.
- It's not over.
- Oh, really?
Do you see yourself getting out of here
anytime soon? Do you? 'Cause I don't.
You were lucky
that you got out the last time.
Kelley got me out last time.
OK. [clears throat]
Guess what.
Kelley is not
getting you out of here.
This is getting you out of here.
Kelley can't save you.
So, wake the fuck up.
[man] It was meant to be.
It'll be just
what you want it to be.
Look for the light.
Do your rights
in the name of the Lord.
As it is said, for ever
and ever. And never, ever.
Boy, you are
a sight for sore eyes.
Why are you so upset with me?
I didn't put you in here,
you did.
Why don't you just
leave Kelley alone?
I'm not sure if, uh,
those are the kind of questions
I'd be asking if I were you.
I'd be asking myself, uh, why am I
still alive. Why I haven't been killed.
Why I haven't pulled the plug
on Kelley when he arrived.
Those are the kind of questions I'd be
asking if I were you, and I'll tell you why.
Because me and you,
we have the same goal.
- No, we don't.
- Oh, yes we do, young lady!
We just have maybe
a different approach to it.
Begging by his bedside just isn't
my style, if you know what I mean.
Although I have heard now that you've had some
positive results and I want to hear about them.
So, while I'm far from begging,
I am prepared
to sit by your bedside.
[Hotchkiss grunts]
- Don't touch me!
- Oh, sorry.
I put my hand on your toes?
You know I can't see very well.
- What can you tell me?
- Nothing.
You have intelligence that'll save
millions of lives, young lady.
You better tell me something.
I only care about one.
Careful, I might have lost most of my
sight but I've not lost my sense of smell.
You're beginning to rot.
It was truly lovely
to see you again, Spider.
Really lovely.
You can't keep hiding.
Dump it. Get your life back.
We'll get our life back.
I wish I could.
But you know where I'd go.
I'd go back to the beach.
Remember when we went to Mexico?
Back to the water.
When no one knew what we were.
It was perfect.
Nobody knew us.
It was just you and me.
Just you and me together.
Do you really think that
they'll be able to sort through
what's rightfully mine
and what's theirs?
[Tess] They can't.
They don't have
the technology for that.
That's you. That's me.
That's us. Gone.
I agreed that they could
have my head.
I never agreed
that they could have my heart.
I'm so sorry, Tess.
I was just worried about you.
I brought you your mail.
[door closes]
Even on your payroll.
How about that, huh?
Oh my god.
- [grunts]
- [thud]
I'm who you're dealing with!
Well played.
Well played.
At cuckoo's nest with big sis.
I forgive you.
[tires squealing]
Stay in the car.
No problem.
I'm not gonna argue with that.
Take a look at this.
You're asking me to bet
my whole life on a postcard.
What other choice do we have?
[sighs] Aiding and abetting...
that's 20 years.
Ten years on good behavior.
Fuck it.
- Hey! You guys been getting my calls?
- No, sir.
Let's go! Emergency.
East gate. Now!
- Twenty minutes. That's it.
- Okay.
- Let's begin.
- So great.
[beeping Morse code]
Come on, Kelley.
Come on.
Come on, Kelley.
Come on, Kelley. Come back here.
- Six characters, a number.
- Twenty-two...
- An action. A motion.
- Running.
- A color.
- Black.
Come on, Kelley. Come on.
- Imagine a name.
- Ford.
[Morse code]
Stay with me.
[glass shattering]
Put the gun down, Tess,
and let him die.
You fucking cunt!
- You're too late.
- Come on!
- Come on, Kelley!
- Sometimes to save lives,
- you have to take lives.
- One step closer and I'll put a fucking bullet in your head.
You can't stop 12-12.
- [cocks gun]
- Drop it!
- Drop the gun!
- Peter. What are you doing?
Killing a virus.
Finally, a specific place.
The beach.
- We're all virus...
- Tulum.
- [gun goes off]
- [glass shatters]
[Tess] Come on, Kelley. Get up.
[Tess] Please, get up.
What are you doing? Get up!
[Tess] Come on.
[Tess sighs]
[calm music]
[beeping Morse code]
I love you, Tess.
[bells tolling]
I'm gonna get you out.