Against the Night (2017) Movie Script

[voice on radio] I'm not
sure what I'm looking at here.
There's blood all
over sub-block seven.
I've got a
corpse in cell-block four.
Make that two.
You definitely
need to call Homicide.
We have to sweep everything.
Isn't good.
I don't know what that smell is.
I have no idea what
could have done this so--
conversation in background]
Doesn't matter
what I think, Rachel.
I just want to help sort
all of this out.
I just want to
be able to help you.
I'm really sorry
about your friends.
the best thing
that you can do now
is to tell me
exactly what happened.
background conversation]
They're still out there.
Unfortunately, Rachel
there's nothing out there.
I wish there was.
Let's start with your friends.
How did you end up here?
Who is Sean?
[fast-paced music]
[fast-paced music in background]
Here you are.
[music continues]
It's a really nice night out.
Yeah, it is.
This, this place is
great, by the way, really.
Oh. Thanks.
Only problem is, you're
gonna have to host, like
everything now,
I mean it's too good.
It's an adult house and
you're an adult.
[music continues]
I'm sorry.
No, it's OK. It
happens to the best of us.
You're an adult now, too.
No, no, umm...
I'm sorry about...
us, and it's my fault, you know?
-I wanted to...
It's all in the past and...
don't sweat it.
Come, let's do what adults do.
-All right.
-Are we playing on the grounds?
[speaking at once]
[whooping and shouting]
Did you get that in?
[speaking at once]
[speaking at once]
Hey, hey, hey,
we're wasting hours.
Simmer down.
This is a very
important moment in our lives.
Ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the first
annual Flip-Cup Championship
at Rachel's new place.
[shouting at once]
The second annual
Flip-Cup Championship shall be
And the third
annual Flip-Cup Championship
shall be
[drowned out by others]
Do you guys even
care about showmanship?
You don't care
about showmanship.
We don't.
[speaking at once]
-OK. After three.
One. Two.
[indistinct shouting]
Focus, Sean!
Don't help him.
[shouting at once]
Go, go.
[shouting and cheering at once]
[loud cheering]
[all chatting at once]
I'm not kidding, bro.
You could go professional.
[speaking at once]
All right, all right.
There are no
winners in flip-cup.
-We were definitely-
-No, no, no.
There are only losers.
[loud groans]
Suck my dick.
[shouting at once]
Oh. Oh, no, no.
-There's a ride.
-There's one winner.
-That's Nick.
-Who's that?
[indistinct speaking]
Hey. Do not.
[speaking at once]
He's gonna film them having sex.
Where are they
having sex, though?
What the fuck, Hank?
What are you doing?
Hey, bro. What the fuck?
[whispering] I'm sorry.
Super immature, bro.
Just like the good old days.
Hey, hey, hey!
Be careful with that.
Please be a little
gentler with my merchandise.
Hey, bro!
-OK. Sorry, sorry.
You sound great. Do
you hear the acoustics?
-Shut the fuck up.
-It sounds good.
-It's good audio.
Baby, baby. Look.
-It's all gone.
Hold on. If it helps,
I think it was romantic.
-It's totally natural.
-Completely natural.
-And hot.
What's that butt stuff?
-Oh my god.
Yeah, my butt.
[they laugh]
This could be your
best work yet, Hank.
-No, no.
-I mean, it's good.
-Oh my god.
But you haven't seen
anything. Let me
show you. Hold on one second.
-I think we've actually--
-We've seen so much.
Too much, in fact.
Let me show you this.
This is my masterpiece.
This is my piece de resistance.
-my David, my Mona Lisa.
Come on, what is it?
[speaking at once]
Just put it in. That's the first
time I've heard that went well.
[others groan]
Are you ready? All right.
So what is this?
Check. This. Out.
[electronic whooshing]
[mysterious music]
Dude, this looks
like a real TV show.
Thank you, Sean.
You're welcome,
Hank. You're welcome.
Sometimes I hear
things in this closet.
[music continues]
Why don't you shoot movies?
Oh, oh, I do
want to shoot movies.
But sadly, in the industry
there are only
two kinds of things
-that sell.
Ghost hunting
-Oh, stop!
You too?
[indistinct shouting]
-Yes! Yes!
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Dan, keep pumping,
you're gonna lose your teeth.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I lost,
I lost it there. I lost control.
Isn't it a little exploitative?
-You mean, exploitated?
-I'm sorry.
It's not a word.
Not a word.
Aren't you exploiting people?
I'm, I'm sorry, does
anyone here feel exploited?
I don't feel exploited.
Well, you wouldn't.
-The kids.
-When you have a camera-
The kids? Are you kidding me?
They get paid better
than I do to do these things.
-They're actors.
-Whoa, none of that's real?
Ghosts are real, Sean.
So what, what's your budget?
-What do you get for this?
-You have to pay actors.
-Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
And to buy all
of the crap I need.
Like the laser thermometer.
-What's that thing?
The EMF meters,
the infrared cameras.
Does that stuff actually work?
Does it find ghosts?
No. No, of course not.
But it lights up, and it beeps
and it buzzes as
much as I need it to
so it gets the job done.
So you don't actually
believe in any of this stuff?
the paranormal?
-Of course I do.
But unfortunately they
don't apply the same sense
of urgency that I do
when it comes to my productions.
Fake it 'till you make it.
Fake it 'till you make it.
It's better than shooting porn.
Wait a minute, wait
a minute, wait a minute.
I've got an idea
here. It's kinda crazy.
-Come on, bro.
-You guys are...
Wanna help me make one?
I just did.
[all laugh]
Carrie, I
I want us, I wanna
be clear, I would never
sell anything
I have standards.
Well, maybe a limited release.
Dan might get
one, just one copy.
Hey. What would we have to do?
to make it better, we
shoot something on location.
Holmesburg Prison.
Holy shit!
Wait. You want
to film one of these
-in a prison.
-No, no, no.
An abandoned prison.
[speaking at once]
No, no.
I'm not doing it.
Do you guys understand the
production value there would be
-just going there?
I mean, and I promise
you, the place is haunted.
Oh, that place is
haunted, for sure. For sure.
What do you know
about this place?
-It is really close.
-Guys, we're doing this.
Guys, I'm scared of the dark.
-Fair point.
-No way, I am not doing this.
Oh, come on, baby.
-It'll be kinda hot.
-So hot.
Dude, Dan, fuck off.
Guys, it's gonna be fun.
I mean, it's gonna be, totally
fun. Let's go
take our friendship
to the next level.
How are we supposed
to trust you, Hank?
What do you mean
how you're gonna trust Hank?
-It's friendly Hank.
-Well, he
he did just film
these guys having sex.
And, do you guys remember
the time in high school when, uh
you know, Hank would
steal the answer keys for us?
Or the time he drove his
car into my dad's boat trailer
and then had me take the blame.
Your dad was so mad at you.
I will admit, not one
of my finest moments.
Not one of my finest
moments, but outside of that...
-I'll pay you.
-How much?
One hundred...
-Oh my god.
Oh, look out for this
guy, one hundred bucks.
-Oh yeah.
-Two hundred bucks.
-Well, that's more reasonable.
Yes, Michelle.
I will happily pay you
all two hundred dollars each.
But as long
as we do it
-You know, Hank?
I was going to do it
to help your career.
Thank you so much.
-Look at the modest Rachel.
-Yeah, so...
I was gonna do it for the money.
I want my two hundred Dollars.
[speaking at once]
All right, we're going.
Hey, hey.
-Don't crush this party.
So we're going
to Holmesburg Prison.
My friends are idiots.
It's gonna be fun,
it's gonna be fun.
It's gonna be slightly
murder-y, but pretty fun.
I'm scared as shit right now.
We don't have to go
inside, we're just gonna
stick to the outside,
take a few readings
and then I'll
interview you all later.
Just pretend it's super-creepy.
-Yeah, yeah.
So, what was with that
weird tension between
you and Sean back there?
[laughs nervously]
What do you mean?
I mean, are you sure it's over?
Not, trying to be
gossipy or anything.
I mean, I don't think I
could trust him anymore.
That's all that
matters in the end, right?
You still have
feelings for him, though?
I think I always liked
him more than he liked me.
So, is it gonna be
dark, like the entire time?
Umm, I think that's
generally how the night works.
Tell me you're gonna
bang Rachel later, huh?
Is that a yes?
We're doing it!
Hey guys, we're gonna be, like
we're gonna be famous out there.
-But, because of this?
-You're gonna be pretty happy.
I will try to avoid
any more cleavage shots.
-Stop it.
-Why are you avoiding it?
Well, at least of Carrie's.
Care she does.
No, I'm not
getting any cleavage.
No cleavage.
Don't buy the angle.
-We're here.
-Oh yeah.
Holy shit.
-Can you believe this?
It's actually
kind of, beautiful.
Cool. Uh, first impressions.
First impressions.
Let's go. What you got?
This is awesome.
That's right. It is.
Uh, Carrie.
-Give me, come on.
-I hate you.
All right, very
informative. Thank you, Carrie.
I got this.
We're here at Holmesburg Prison
an abandoned structure
right in the
middle of Philadelphia
-a relic of the 19th century.
Nobody knows how many inmates
have died inside these walls.
But we do know that their
souls are forever tormented.
That was awesome.
That was awesome. OK!
-OK, now that's how it's done.
-That's lesson learned.
-Oh yeah.
Everybody grab some stuff.
-Wait, wait, wait.
-Now what do we do?
-Everybody grab some gear.
Make it look like you're
all geared up and ready.
-To hunt...
-Hell, yeah.
-It's a fuck-up.
You think this is big enough?
Yeah, there's a
lot more in there.
Everybody, I need you
all to have something.
Suzy, uh, you can't
just use your cellphone.
-What do we do with this?
Point it at stuff
and wait for it to beep.
Basically, yep,
that's, that's about it.
So, guys...
Dan's a natural. Dan,
you know what that is?
That is a flur. That is
the best tool in the business
for finding a ghostie
a spook, anything you
need, you can catch it
on that bad boy.
Look at that thing right there.
Hey, hey Brooke.
No, you're gonna love that.
Fun fact, they actually
first thing they
ever used to find Casper.
Anyone that has
ever found a ghost
has found a ghost with a
flur, a fluralizer,
as they say in the business.
I'm so drunk.
Hey, Brooke.
You're even
beautiful in infra-red.
[others whoop]
-What, what, I don't lie.
How are we gonna
fake sneaking into the...
How we're gonna
fake sneaking in?
We're gonna fucking get in there
that's what we're gonna do.
-What are you doing?
Wait, I don't see a lock.
It's a federal prison, we're
gonna break in? Come on, bro.
No, I don't...
[others laugh]
-What are you doing?
-I'm not doing anything.
-I'm not doing anything.
What's the worst
thing that could happen?
We get kicked out, big deal.
Guys, they're
practically inviting us in.
Come on, whatever happens, I'm
just gonna walk
-around the outside.
-Yeah, seriously.
Keep up, Michelle. Just keep up.
It's very tight. Dan
boy knows what it's like.
If the big guy can get
through, so can you. Come on.
I'm not gonna puss out.
-All right.
Come on, Carrie.
Come on, baby. It'll be fun.
The stupid things I do for you.
Oh, the stupid
things I do for you.
So we're really doing this?
-This is happening.
-I guess we are.
-Uh, I think we're doing it.
-Atta girl.
Nick, let's go.
We're not the first
kids to sneak in here.
That's right.
-You're not sneaking in.
-What happened to adults?
You're bad, Rachel. You're
bad, you're breaking the rules.
-We're doing this.
-Oh my god.
-All right.
[speaking at once]
Let's go!
Here we go.
OK, we're just gonna
go a little bit closer.
How much closer?
How much closer?
Just to the front door.
Yeah, and we were just
gonna walk around the outside.
Just think about it this
way, that's another step.
-That's another step.
-What if we just stopped
-taking steps?
-That's another step.
I'm sorry, show of hands.
Does anyone want to
stop and turn around?
I didn't see any hands!
I did not. Too late now.
Hold on, hold on.
I wanna get some
butt shots, come on.
-Going butt shots.
I'm talking about you, Nick.
Why don't you try
to make like a real TV
like a TV show that looks real?
-Yeah, that's what I'm--
-Showing people's butts.
Normally I get
attractive actors, you're right.
This has really been a struggle.
We're gonna go round.
-We're gonna try the door.
-We'll go back.
-No, I mean...
It hasn't been opened in
twenty years, I think I heard.
I don't think anyone goes
in here. It's not gonna open.
There's no way
that when I push
this door, that it's going...
I'll give it a
little nudge and...
-A little nudge?
-and then we'll just push.
Wait a minute. Hold up.
-Now what?
-Let's just go.
-Use those muscles, bro.
-All right, guys.
-If it doesn't...
-It's not gonna open.
[speaking at once]
-It's locked.
-It's obviously locked.
Dude, Hank,
it's obviously locked.
-Let's just go, OK? Come on.
Maybe you should let it be.
Sean's right,
it's, it's not opening.
All right, I'm gonna
help you. Let's do this.
-Here you go.
-Guys, guys, guys.
[door creaks]
Oh my god.
[speaking at once]
Don't go in.
Please stop.
[door creaks]
Don't go. My god.
Hey, this is like super illegal.
I, I don't even
know what happened.
[ominous music]
Oh my god.
[music continues]
We should go.
We should go.
You're right, we should go
-Stop it.
[ominous music]
Look at these...
Look at these fucking cages.
[metallic clang]
It's super creepy.
[laughs softly]
You wanna hear
something really creepy?
See this office right here?
Forty years ago,
the warden of this place
he was stabbed, to death...
-Shut up.
-Right there.
And that's not even
the most fucked-up thing
that's happened in this place.
Haunted, got it.
Yeah, fucking haunted.
What else happened?
Biochemical weapons
research on the inmates.
And the doctor that
did the experiments, Cliegman?
First thing he said
when he got here was
all I see before me
are forty acres of skin.
-That's disgusting.
It was like a farmer seeing his
fertile field
for the first time.
[speaking at once]
Jesus, Cliegman.
That's sick.
So let's spread out.
-What? No.
-Spread out?
Dude, that's rule number
one, you don't spread out.
All right, because
I need you all to set up
these infra-red cameras up high
[electronic beep]
so that I can catch everything
that you do and look at.
Oh, and
remember, try to look scared.
Hey, can you
remind me to look scared?
Yeah, sweetie.
Oh, and, umm,
cell phones in the bag.
[shouting at once]
-Come on.
-No, we're not doing that.
-Hey, hey.
-Cell phones, cell phones.
-Come on.
-Why? Why?
Why are we doing that?
There's no service here anyway.
OK, I see that.
Good old stone.
So then what's the
point in leaving them?
Because I don't
want you guys using them
for flashlights
or Instagramming.
I don't want you snapping, Dan.
What about my snaps?
-No more snaps, no snaps.
-No snaps, Dan.
But really, though, guys.
if there's one
thing I've learned
in making ghost-hunting videos
there's nothing
scary about cell phones.
What about that
movie One Missed Call?
I rest my case.
You know what? Fine.
There it is, there it is.
Thank you. Relax,
they're not going anywhere.
-Thank you very much.
-OK, but why do we have to
-spread out again?
-You know what?
I don't want to
be here all night.
Yes, Brooke.
-Come with me?
Uh, uh, uh, c, c, cool.
-I got your back.
-You coming?
Yeah, we'll, uh,
we'll take the north
-OK. Right, come on.
[nervous laugh]
See you guys on the other side.
What just happened?
[girls laugh nervously]
[girls laugh and whisper]
-I'm coming.
OK, so there's ten cell blocks.
Right? It's like a giant wheel.
There's a center
and then there's ten quadrants
that spoke out from it.
I'm gonna put up all the cameras
in the rotunda, OK?
Follow me.
Let's go, ladies, come on.
Move the heels,
pick up the legs.
-I mean, I'm not staying here.
It can't be ten quadrants.
"Quad" means four.
We're following an idiot.
[ominous music]
Oh, oh yes.
Oh yes.
This place looks like
it was built by aliens.
No, like a
spaceship or something.
Right, this is
actually the, uh...
the guard booth, where they'd
watch everybody that lived here.
[ominous music continues]
We're gonna go this way.
Umm, not such a good idea.
You have fun, you two.
[music continues]
Are you, uh, are you guys good
to go up to that
cell block or that one?
-It's groups of two.
-You'll be fine.
All right.
We'll go this way.
Yeah. OK.
Uh, just remember to
put the cameras up high.
Yeah, yeah, cameras up
high. Got you, bro. Thanks.
And that the
red light is blinking.
Uhuh, red light.
I'm just gonna be here.
All alone, with an axe.
Waiting to kill, all of you.
And no one is listening.
[ominous sound]
[electronic beep]
-What are you doing?
-I have something here.
What? The camera
loves you. Look at this.
Smile. Come on.
You know you're having fun.
You know you're
having fun with Dan.
Stop. Turn the light back on.
So, we're supposed to go
-down the hallways?
-Yeah, I'm...
if, if, if you want to
go. I'd, I'd go, because
we're in a prison, and
I'd like to go, but if it's...
Do you, do you want to go, or...
I don't know if like,
"want" is the right word.
Should we, I feel
like, we've arrived here
-at this junction...
-Yeah, I mean like
-Hank, you know he's...
-in our relationship.
I mean, I... do you
want to go down the hallway?
This is for you,
just so you know.
-No problem.
I got, I got you, girl.
It's so...
Ah, fuck, this is creepy.
This is sick.
I can't imagine what it was like
living here.
I wouldn't even fit
in one of these cells.
[electronic beep]
I have no idea
how this thing works.
No, let's just put it where
Hank wants it and get back.
Do you think it's
working, though?
If it's working, Hank's getting
a pretty good show right now.
Oh, hey, Hank.
You like what you see?
What did you say sells again?
Ghost-hunting and, porn?
Nix doggy-style, I think.
Uh. I have
something better than that.
Bet you can sell that, Hank.
Not before he
jerks off to it first.
Do you wanna give him
something to jerk off to?
[kissing sounds]
Suzy, what are you doing?
Hank's going to watch this.
That's what makes it so hot.
[heavy breathing]
[both laugh]
Oh my god!
-You're insane!
-You loved it.
-Hank's gonna love it, too.
Oh my god.
-What's it now?
Oh shit.
That's fucking crazy.
[short laugh]
Which part?
The tree.
-The tree?
-Yeah, the tree.
There's a tree
growing in the prison.
-Oh is there? I didn't see that.
How do you think that happened?
Someone planted a seed.
And then there was a tree.
Hm, there's a book, too.
Uh, it's Shawshank Redemption.
-Yeah, yes.
-You know for sure?
-For a fact?
-For a fact.
And then when
they got to the part
where they're
supposed to dig a hole...
-They buried a tree.
[ominous music]
Oh my god.
-No, no.
-This is fucking gross.
It's OK. We'll
just put the camera
where we need to and get back.
We'll get this over with.
-Holy shit.
-It's so fucking dark in here.
-I hate this, Michelle.
-You have a flashlight, Suzy.
And you and me.
I'm fine, we've got this.
-Let's make it better, though.
-We've got this.
Oh my god. Eww,
what the fuck is that?
Can you imagine having to
be stuck in that cell
your whole fucking life?
Oh my god, no.
Like, where are the windows?
How do you see outside?
It's a prison, Suz.
I'm just saying.
If there were
windows in this place
it probably
wouldn't be so dark, right?
[electronic beep]
This is gonna be so hot.
Hank's gonna be so
surprised when he sees this.
Well, he did say
nothing sold better
than, uh, ghost-hunting and
[slamming noise]
What was that?
I don't know.
-What is it?
-I don't know.
The gate is closed.
-Did you close the gate?
Come in.
I don't think so.
I don't bite.
Oh, oh, look at that booty.
Oh, that booty is...
I like to see
you walk away, girl.
You sure do know how to
how to make a girl feel special.
What? I'm
appreciating the booty I love.
-An aficionado of
[door slams]
[ominous music]
Did you just lock us in here?
Did you just lock us in here?
Oh, that wouldn't be too bad
now, would it?
Yes, Dan, it would!
Did you...
What are you,
what are you doing?
It's like Orange
is the New Black.
But with, like, a dude.
[ominous laugh]
-Cut it out, Dan!
-The fuck?
-I'm just kidding.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, you
look so hot on camera.
-Do you think I'm crazy?
That I'd lock us in here?
This place is creepy as shit.
Jesus Christ.
It's amazing
if this thing works.
It's just so dark.
Hey. Check this out.
Holy shit.
They had to mark out
like each day or something.
It's crazy.
These are, maps.
So, how does
this thing even work?
That's like,
it's like heat-sensitive
so, like, picks up on heat.
Oh, like, you're so hot, though.
Like, look how hot you are.
You're the
hottest. No, you are.
-I'm, I'm not lying.
-It just says it on the screen.
How'd you get that hot?
-When, what?
-You rock, you're really...
-What does it say?
-It says that you're
-55.5 Celsius.
What is that even? Obo?
But Celsius,
you're boiling hot.
What? What am I?
Oh, that's not a good
face. What's that face?
-You're twenty.
-You're twenty two.
It's probably not working.
-Yeah, it's broke.
-It's fine, it's...
-It's broken.
-Yeah, it's...
-It doesn't work.
-Ok so you try it,
-I'm gonna turn the light off.
[scary noise]
[moaning in fear]
What, what was that?
It was probably just
a cat right?
That's a big fucking cat,
turn the light on!
-See, it's nothing...
-Get the fuck out of here.
-Oh fuck!
-What... is that?
-Look at this?
-Who designed this place?
What does that look
like to you?
I don't know.
Doesn't it look like
a crop circle?
Yeah, kind of.
[suspenseful music]
Look at all the other designs.
Is this one?
-[scared sigh] What's that?
The radio plan maintains
the central hub, from which
those in charge, can observe
the inmates,
and the patients, however,
rather than a single room,
multiple corridors branched
from the center,
like spokes on a wheel.
This allows for central
observation, and access
to all wings.
This is so sick.
Hey, is this the same place?
What is this place?
-I have no idea.
-Look at this map.
Look at the,
this isn't Holmesburg,
this is a...
It's blueprints.
-It's in a different language.
-Yeah, yeah, so.
You think there's places like
this left all over the world?
[man] Sean!
Rachel, come on.
We, we heard a slamming noise,
and we saw that this gate
was shut, and when we got
down here, we found Hank,
-like this.
-[Rachel] How did this happen?
Where's Susie and Michelle?
Susie, Michelle!
-What is happening?
-How did these gates get locked?
Guys, guys, guys!
It's not safe here,
We just got to get outside,
can you reach his bag?
-Damn, damn!
-Shit, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, huh?
-You have your phone?
-Thank god.
-Oh, fuck.
I have no bars, we have
to get outside.
-What is happening?
-Look, we have to go back down
the cell blocks.
I mean there has to be
an open door, somewhere.
OK, OK, so then we just meet
back here, just so we know
where to go.
I don't understand
what's going on.
Right back here, Carrie, OK?
-Let's go!
Susie? Michelle?
I still don't understand
what's going on.
Hey, it's going
to be OK, alright?
We just need to keep our cool.
Find the girls.
[light shatters]
What happened to Hank?
It's gonna be, it's gonna be OK.
Hank is dead!
It's going to have to be OK.
We just have to find us,
we have to find our way out.
OK, look at me, look at me.
We'll find a way out.
Oh, shit.
Look, look.
It's going to be OK.
No, no, no I'm not
going up there!
-OK, I'll be right back.
-No, you can't leave me.
-They could be up there!
-You can't leave me.
I have to go, I have to go.
OK, but just hurry.
So no kiss right now?
-Just go!
-OK, I'm going.
I'm OK.
What the fuck?
Get off me!
Help, help, oh geez-
Come here.
Is anyone in here?
Did you hear that?
What was that?
Wait here.
Hello, is anybody in here?
Are you OK?
What are you doing in here?
I dropped my flashlight.
Stick with me.
-[Michelle] Don't leave me.
-I won't.
There it is.
Carrie get in here.
[Carrie] Michelle?
Are you OK?
Where's Suzy?
Michelle, where is Suzy?
we were together,
we were walking back,
-something grabbed her.
-Something grabbed her?
What are you talking about?
I, this guys, and,
its face.
-I don't know, I don't know.
-What are you talking about?
What is, going on?
We have to get back.
OK, OK, let's go.
Where's Hank?
Where's Dan?
-Rac, where's Dan?
-I don't know.
What do you mean
you don't know?
I don't know!
You shit, you scared the shit
out of me.
Hey, we just found
the way around, OK?
Fuck what happened?
Hank is gone.
Suzie is missing, and so is Dan!
-What do you mean?
-Something got them.
-Something got them?
I'm sorry, what do you,
something got them?
-I don't know, Sean.
-What do you mean,
-you don't know?
-Sean, the camera.
-Can we rewind it?
-Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Pull it.
-Here, let me try, let me try.
-No, I got it, I got it.
-Sean, let me try.
-Can you get it?
-Come on.
Brooke, just.
Come on.
Come on, just,
just turn it this way.
-Oh, fuck.
-Can you get it through?
No, no, no, just.
Just, here we go, here we go.
Yeah, yeah, OK.
We got it.
[video playback]
What is it?
What's happening?
He faked it.
-Faked it?
-What do you mean he faked it?
-I mean he faked it.
-What are you doing?
It's fake.
What, I don't understand.
Where is he now?
Keep, keep watching it.
This is gonna be
one fucked up night.
What do you see?
Nothing, he just smiled.
He smiled?
What is this some
kind of a joke?
Well he just wants to shoot
his ghost hunting video, right?
So the more we're running around
here scared,
the happier he'll be.
They're probably all in on it.
No, if Suzy were in on it,
I would know.
Michelle said something
got Suzy.
It sounded like they
was attacked.
Well, did you see it?
Did you see it,
with your own eyes?
Did you?
How do we know that you're
not part of this, Nick?
-No, no, no.
-Wow, I'm going to prove to you,
that I had nothing,
to do with this.
I'm going to find
that little shit, and I'm going
to beat the piss out of him.
Nick, don't do that.
Carrie, Michelle, just stay
there, I'm going to find
another way around, I'm going
to come get you, and I'm going
to get us all out of here, OK?
-Hey, hey, I've got to do this.
OK, this is the right
thing to do.
No, keep it, keep it.
You might need it.
Alright just stay right there,
I'll be right back.
[glass shatters]
It wasn't Hank.
Sweetie, it had to be Hank.
I'm sure Suzy is fine,
and I'm sure everyone is fine.
What did you see?
It was like, it was like,
I don't know.
didn't look human.
-Hank is not the best
in social situations, Michelle.
I'm sure he doesn't realize what
he's doing is so upsetting.
Yeah, I'm sure we're going
to look back on this video,
and laugh.
I just.
Just never thought Hank
filming me naked,
would seem so trivial.
Second best movie you made
today, huh?
Well, I don't know about that.
Oh my god...
The little piece of shit.
This is bullshit.
This isn't funny, motherfucker!
Hank, you little piece of shit.
You piece of shit.
[dark music]
No, no, no, no!
[blood spatters]
[heavy breathing]
Let's go!
Go, go, go, go!
What's wrong?
What's wrong, what was that?
Can you see what's happening?
[body drags]
-It's OK.
-Where's Michelle?
-I don't know.
-We have to go.
We have to go.
We have to go, we have to go.
We have to go.
[metal clanks]
Holy fuck.
Hey, Suzy?
Are you OK?
What happened?
I was just setting up the camera
and then,
nothing after that.
[Rachel] Sean?
-[Rachel] What are you
guys doing?
Help, he hit me.
Hey, hey, hey, I asked
you guys to stay back there.
-Are you OK?
-Carrie is dead, Sean.
Wait, what?
I think, she's dead.
What happened?
She was attacked.
What is going on?
Do you remember anything?
No, I don't-
Did you find Nick?
What about Michelle and Dan,
where are they?
We don't know.
We just, we're going to get
out of here.
OK, we're going to find help,
we'll come back,
we'll find everyone else,
we'll get them out of here.
Shit, turn off the light,
turn off the light.
OK, come on.
Stay with me, OK?
Stay with me.
You guys here?
Stay behind me, stay behind me,
come on.
This is the gate here,
I'm just going to.
I'm going to stay back, and I'm
going to go through
-last, alright?
-I'm not going first.
First or last, Brooke?
Last, just go.
Oh my god, OK.
Oh shit guys, is that
poison ivy?
Are you serious right now?
OK, alright, come on guys.
Oh god, seriously?
Be careful.
I'm going to go through,
just come right after me.
Alright, I'm going to go through
Brooke, just come right after
me, alright?
-Come on, I got you.
-Eww, guys.
Slide through.
You're OK, you're OK, come on.
Oh my god, I'm stuck.
Something is coming.
Something's coming,
something's coming.
-Brooke, Brooke.
-Hey, hey, hey.
There's still somebody
out there, OK?
There has to be a way out.
Where are you going?
Alright, come on, come on.
You're OK.
[increasing suspense]
Whoa, it's just me.
You motherfucker!
OK, OK, I deserved that.
-What is wrong with you?
-What, I thought it'd be funny.
Carrie's dead, Hank.
-She's dead.
And we don't know where
Nick, Michelle, or Dan are,
they could be dead too.
-They fucking could be.
We were hoping
you could tell us.
Fuck, wait, you think
I did this?
-Well who else, Hank?
-We saw the tape, man.
Dude, dude, for sure, I wanted
to freak you out, I wanted
to see what you'd do,
I wanted to fucking scare you.
-But that's it.
-How do we know that?
-Somebody did it, Hank.
-Come on.
-Then who did it, Hank?
Someone is out there.
Somebody did it.
-We have to find everybody.
-We have to get out of here.
I can help.
I, can unlock all the gates.
[keys jingling]
How did you lock
all the gates, Hank?
I came here a week earlier,
I pad locked the gates,
-and put up all my cameras.
-Wait, there are more cameras?
It's called coverage, Brooke.
It's what we in the industry,
call coverage, I wanted to make
sure I got you all freaking out.
OK, so we can look at
the cameras, and figure out
-what happened.
-No, the police.
-Maybe we can let the police,
figure out what happened.
Yeah, that's what I meant.
-I don't trust him.
-I heard that.
No, why don't we just go around?
Fuck this, I'm not
going in there.
-There's no other way around.
-Hank, Hank,
if there is something out here
killing people, we need to get
through here quickly,
and quietly.
What are you guys
not telling me?
The only thing we know for sure,
is that we are all in danger.
And we have to get out of here,
as soon as possible.
We saw something.
-Something that-
-Like a ghost?
No, I don't believe in ghosts.
What about aliens?
I knew it, I knew it.
Knew what, Hank?
So this place,
it's like a hotspot.
Like the Welsh Triangle,
or the M Triangle in Russia.
-What's a hotspot?
-If there was life on another
planet, this is where
they would be.
-What is that?
It's this place.
Exactly, exactly, so this is
where we are now, right?
And this is why we can't
go around.
But more importantly.
-What does it look like?
-A crop circle.
Exactly, and what,
do crop circles do?
They're patterns, like helipads.
But, there's this theory,
you know, like there wasn't
a way to come here to make one,
or there was no reason to,
because they're already here.
I mean it's exactly where
they'd want to be, in cities,
with all of us, because,
where else would they
want to go, right?
They're already here.
Why would you want to come
here to build a crop circle,
if we've already
built it for them?
So you're saying an alien
killed Carrie?
I don't know.
I think you're trying
to shift the blame.
Why me, then?
Maybe you killed Carrie.
No, seriously, Sean.
Where you there,
when Carrie died?
Huh, was he?
-Was he there when Carrie died?
-What, he wasn't there.
Well you said it yourself, that
you can't trust him anymore.
-Wait, what?
No, no, it's OK.
No, it's OK,
yeah I wasn't there.
But I also didn't come here
before everybody else,
set up padlocks
on the fucking gates,
and set up cameras, like we're
fucking rats in some
kind of maze.
-Maybe you did.
-What the fuck?
Stop, stop it, stop it.
Alright, you stay ahead of us,
and you get us out of here.
And let the cops figure out
the rest.
Come on, come on.
Oh my god.
It's just down here.
I'm sorry.
-Oh, perfect.
-What is that?
It's my camera.
I'm grabbing my camera.
Can you see what
that recorded?
No, it goes straight
to my laptop.
-So where's that?
-In the office.
You've been planning
this a while.
-Well I hope it was worth it.
Well in case you haven't
noticed, it worked.
Well you know what I mean,
we found an alien.
-People died, Hank.
-We don't know that.
No, somebody definitely died.
-Shut up Hank.
-This is so fucked up.
Oh, shit.
I'll check it out.
It's Nick and Carrie.
What about Dan and Michelle?
-Where's Dan?
-I saw Dan.
You didn't actually see Dan?
I thought I heard it.
That's great, Brooke.
That's so great.
-You heard it!
-Relax, Hank.
Oh no, I'm sorry, I'm the only
one around here with
a plausible excuse, and everyone
else is just pointing the finger
-at me.
-Hey where are you going?
I'm trying to get the hell
out of here.
[dark music]
[gate opens]
What are you doing, Hank?
Well, if there is something
behind us.
It's fine.
-That's not mine.
-What is it?
-I didn't put this here.
-Stop fucking around, Hank.
-What do you mean, Hank?
-I mean that this is not mine.
Give me the keys, give me
the keys, come on.
I'm not lying to you guys,
I promise you, I didn't
put that there, I didn't
buy that lock.
Which one of you put that there?
What are you doing, Hank?
[cocks gun]
What are you doing?
I didn't put that lock
on that gate.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Hank, Hank.
-What are you doing?
It's just a stun gun.
Yeah, it's just a stun gun,
Brooke, it's just a stun gun.
You want to know
how it feels, Brooke?
Relax, Hank.
I didn't put that lock
on that gate.
Stop coming closer, stop it.
Relax, I'm here.
This isn't funny.
I need your help, Hank.
OK we didn't do this.
We're your friends, OK?
Alright you know this place
better than we do, right?
Then we need your help
to get out of here, you want
to get out of here, right?
OK, is this the only way out?
Alright, so just put
the gun down.
[blood spatters]
I can't see, I can't.
Come on, just stay with me.
Just stay with me, OK?
[heavy breathing]
What is that?
[suspenseful music]
Sean, the keys, just give
it to me.
Go, go, go.
Rachel, Rachel.
Come on, OK.
You didn't trust Hank.
What do you mean?
You thought he might have
killed Nick and Carrie.
-But he didn't.
-Rachel, I need you
to stay with me, OK?
What did you see, Sean?
I don't know.
Rachel, look, OK, I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
You have no idea
how much regret, I've felt,
how I've hated myself.
And you have every right
to hate me.
To never trust me again,
despise me, doubt
my loyalty, whatever.
But he.
You have to know,
that I love you.
Trust that.
You have to believe, that I
would never do anything
to hurt you.
Or anyone else.
And I might not have been
strong enough to protect them.
But I will protect you.
I promise you that.
Sean, look.
OK, OK, come on.
Alright, come on.
-What is that?
-OK, come on.
Come on, come on.
It's Hank's computer.
Do you want to try to just
make a run for it?
What the fuck was that?
That's what killed them.
Maybe Hank was right.
All I know is, whatever that is,
it doesn't want us here,
and it definitely doesn't want
us to see what it's doing.
How do we know it's not coming
here right now?
We don't.
Oh my god, is that Dan?
We have to go get him.
Maybe Michelle's OK, too.
Rachel we don't even know
if he's still alive.
But he might be.
And Michelle could be out there.
We have to go get him.
So, what?
We just sit here?
Wait to die?
Sean, you have to trust me.
-He moved, he's alive!
-We have to go.
-He's alive.
-Come on, we have to go.
We have to go.
You have to give me a second.
Hold this.
[axe rattles]
Come on.
Do you see anything?
[heavy breathing]
[axe impales]
What happened?
I don't understand.
It's a gas mask.
-What, but.
-It's just, a gas mask.
-Why was she tied up?
-She was trying to get
our attention.
Oh my god.
[dark music]
What is that?
[muffled moaning]
Stay back, stay back.
[muffled speaking]
-Fuck, dude.
-Why were you wearing
-a gas mask?
-I don't know, I was fucking
hit over the head.
I don't remember shit.
-Can you please untie me?
-Where is your cell phone?
I don't, I don't fucking know.
-I went looking for Suzy,
and Michelle, I was tied up,
and a gas mask was put on me.
-Did you see the other person?
-No, apparently it's a fucking
-thing around here.
-Sean, stop.
-What are you thinking?
Can we trust him?
The only thing we know,
is that somebody in a gas mask,
is killing everybody,
and he is the only one left.
What do you mean
I'm the only one left?
Look, OK, OK,
OK, OK, listen slowly.
The guy in the gas mask, right?
I saw him leave
through this exit.
I saw him coming down that
building, a few times.
I believe him.
I'll fucking kill you,
if you are lying.
-Stand up.
-No, I want to stay.
Oh my god.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
[dark music]
We have to get in there.
Fuck that, let's get
out of here.
-There's no way out.
-Then let's hide,
or call for help, but I am not
going into that building.
-Your phone might be in there.
-Fuck me.
OK, what do we do?
Stick together.
That's not a fucking answer.
-What do you see?
-What is it is someone in there?
No, I don't think so,
I don't see anybody.
But somebody's definitely
been through here.
Oh shit.
-That's Meth.
This, is a fucking Meth lab.
How do you know?
Are you serious?
All you need is an old dude,
in his underwear, and a few
Emmy's, and this is the set
of Breaking Bad.
We have to get in there.
This totally makes sense.
Abandoned kitchen, this place
wreaks of crack dens,
-and crack heads.
-Crack heads.
-Is that your phone?
-Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
Oh, shit.
-Do you see it?
-It's gone.
Who cares, there's Meth!
Papa loves some Crystal.
Through the gate, run!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
No, Sean!
Come on, Sean, you have
to get back.
You have to get the axe now!
-Go, now!
-Go, now!
[heavy breathing]
-Where'd he go?
-We could just wait here,
because we know where he is,
and he can't get inside.
But then what?
-Then we wait for help.
How long do you think this
Meth lab has been here, Rachel?
Nobody's coming.
Nobody's been here
for a really long time.
Well somebody has to notice
we're missing.
Why would they look here?
We got to draw him out.
He's got Dan's cellphone
on him, right?
-So we draw him in here-
-Then what, we kill him?
Let's go find this motherfucker.
[everyone] Help!
-We need help!
-A crackhead is trying
-to kill us!
-Help please!
An evil crackhead, hello!
[heavy breathing]
[axe impales]
Dan, Dan the phone.
Oh shit.
Oh fuck.
[phone dialing]
Hi, hello, I'm at the Holmesburg
Prison, with two people,
and a dead crackhead.
And a whole bunch of other
dead people.
Just give me the phone,
give me the phone.
Oh my god, thank you, thank you.
-What the fuck was that?
-I'm sorry this night has been
-very traumatic for me.
-Yes, and thank you for making
it just a little more traumatic.
[heavy breathing]
Move, move!
I can't see anything.
Come on, come on, come on.
Sean, I can't see anything.
What the fuck?
We have to go.
All clear!
Team, move!
Get her out of here.
Man down, area secured.
[muffled talking]
you said that there were
one, maybe two men
in gas masks.
Killers, or, meth heads,
-as you put it.
-Someone is out there.
-And they killed everyone right?
But, you admitted that, your
friend, Sean,
killed someone.
And then he attacked
-a police officer.
-But what about everyone else?
Let's see, uh.
Hank, Dan, Brooke, Suzy,
Nick, and uh.
-Cassie, is that right?
Yes, sorry, Carrie.
-We found them.
-And the bodies in the Meth lab.
I'm having a hard time, putting
together a time line here.
Especially since everyone
in your story, is wearing
-a gas mask.
-It's not my story.
Can I offer something up here?
You spent a lot of time
in the kitchen?
Right, where the chemicals were.
-Not a lot of time.
-I will not deny there was
some kind of operation
being run here.
We suspected that
for a little while.
You definitely, confirmed
our suspicions .
But, Methadone, is,
a hallucinogen.
What do you mean?
It means, you hallucinate
when you're on it.
I know what hallucinogen means.
You spent a pretty good
amount of time around
this, hallucinogen.
And I don't mean just
in the kitchen.
I mean, all over
this place, really.
-I could smell it in here.
maybe you were imagining things.
Imagining things?
Does it look like I was
imagining things out there?
-My friends, are dead.
-I know.
I know.
But, uh.
What about the part,
you told me before?
About, the aliens?
Hank, Hank thought he saw
an alien or something.
Right, and you said that um...
When Sean looked at Hank's
camera footage,
he had a hard time identifying
something on there.
It was just someone
in a gas mask.
We're looking at that footage.
We're going to get
to the bottom of this.
You also said that, there was
a lot of,
finger pointing going on, right?
Everybody thought that Hank
was involved, and Hank
was blaming Sean.
-You didn't trust Dan.
-We didn't know someone else
was here.
There wasn't anyone else here.
I am certain, someone was
trying to kill us.
Just like your friend,
Sean, right?
He was certain someone
was trying to kill him, too.
Go ahead.
[radio] We got the footage,
you might want to take a look
-at it.
-Looks like we found our answer.
It's not what we thought.
What just happened?
Stay right there.
[heavy breathing]
Stay where you are.
Don't move.
Stay right there.
[blood spatters]
[deep breathing]
[suspense sounds]
[upbeat ending music]