Against the Wild (2014) Movie Script

are you there? Come in, boss.
That was a good one,
huh, Sheila?
Yeah, it blowed up real good,
shook my whole office.
There's a call for you
on line one.
Take a message.
I'm watching explosions.
It's Mr. Ackerman.
I just talked to him an
hour ago. What does he want?
I don't know,
but he's waiting.
He probably figured out a way
he could save a couple bucks.
Well, I am not
laying anybody else off.
Why is it the rich guys
are always so cheap?
How do you think they
got rich in the first place?
Hey, Karl.
How you doing?
For heaven's sakes, I just
talked to you an hour ago.
- Oh, yeah, right.
- Listen, Robert,
I told you about my daughter's
wedding this Saturday, right?
I think you mentioned it.
It's going to set you back
a bundle, huh?
Not anymore.
It's been called off.
Oh, well, I'm sorry, Karl.
I'm not. It had disaster
written all over it,
it was going to cost me
a small fortune,
and I still have to pay
all the deposits.
Well, what happened?
My daughter says she's
had a change of heart,
but I think her fianc
finally came to his senses.
Well, I guess
the important thing is...
The important thing is
my weekend has opened up.
I'm coming up to the site
for a couple of days.
We can go over
those cutbacks we discussed.
Well, that sounds like
a great idea, Karl.
Your kids.
But, you know,
my kids are coming up
- this afternoon at...?
- 2:00.
...2:00, and they're staying
through till Tuesday, so...
Yes, that doesn't work, Robert.
What about your wife?
I hope she's coming along.
No, Karl, no. My wife's
not making this trip.
Hmm. Well, I guess we
all have our priorities.
I'll see you
in a couple of days.
What a jerk.
I don't think
I know a bigger jerk.
- Do you know a bigger jerk?
- You're still on speaker.
I want you to get
something to eat
before the plane comes, okay?
Hannah! Zach!
Almost done, Mom.
No, you're not, Zach.
You just started.
I'm a fast packer.
That's because
you're a slob.
Maybe, but I'm a fast slob.
Mom, done.
Chinook, you're it.
You're it, boy.
Chinook, what are you doing?
Zach, get out of my room.
- We're playing tag.
- Zach, get him out of my room.
He's messing up everything.
What in heaven's name
is going on in here?
Me and Chinook
are playing tag.
Zach and Chinook
came in my room
and messed up
my whole suitcase.
It's a good thing
he's going with you.
Come on, Chinook. Come on.
Chinook, come on.
Let's go.
All right, guys,
we're really running late now,
so we got to hurry up, okay?
Well, you always
say I eat too fast.
I'm just trying to improve
my table manners.
He's messing with you, Mom.
Thank you, Hannah.
I'm aware of that.
And he's feeding the dog
under the table.
Stop feeding the dog
at the table.
Mom, why can't you
come visit Dad with us?
Sweetie, I told you I've got
too much to do
at work right now.
She doesn't want to see Dad.
Why not?
Because they're going
through a divorce. Duh.
You aren't getting a divorce
from Dad, are you?
Sweetie, we're just...
taking a little holiday
from each other. That's all.
That's called separation,
and you know
what comes after that.
- Shut up, Zach!
- Hannah, stop.
Zach, not another word.
You know what?
I'm the only one
that ever tells the truth
around here.
I'm calling Dad.
Robert, I have
your son on line two.
Can you tell him I'm busy
right now, please?
Maybe you should
tell him that yourself.
I guess you're right.
Of course I'm right.
Hey, pal.
You all packed up
and ready to go?
Yeah, almost ready to go.
I'm looking forward to
seeing you and your sister.
Don't forget Chinook.
How could I forget
that crazy dog?
He is crazy.
Anyway, look, buddy,
I got to get back to work, so...
Wait. I want to tell you about
my baseball game yesterday.
We were down three runs,
and all the bases were loaded.
It was the ninth inning.
I went up to bat, and then I...
Hey, Zach, look,
why don't you tell me
all this stuff when you
arrive in person, okay?
I'll see you in a couple hours.
Okay? Bye-bye, son.
I hit a home run.
Dad's busy, huh?
He's always busy.
Well, then,
it'll be up to you guys
to take his mind off work
for a little while.
I think the plane's here.
Okay, come on, you two!
Let's go.
- Don't forget Chinook.
- Let's go.
Oh, don't worry.
He's going.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Mrs. Wade, so nice to see you.
Oh! Thank you.
This is my daughter Hannah
and my son Zach.
- Hi, Charlie.
- It is a pleasure to meet you two.
- Hey, Charlie.
- Hello.
And who is this beauty?
That's Chinook.
- Oh!
Sorry. He gets a little
rambunctious sometimes.
He's crazy.
There you go.
Wow. How did you do that?
Oh, I know
a little bit about dogs,
especially these ones.
It's a working breed, you know.
If they don't have a job
to help them burn off
the excess energy,
they can be a little bit,
well, rambunctious.
All right, let's get your
luggage aboard, shall we?
- Come on, boy.
- That one's mine.
- I figured as much.
- Come on, Chinook.
All right, you guys.
Do whatever Charlie says,
okay, and be good.
Okay, Mom. Got to go.
- All right, honey. All right.
- Love you, Mom.
I love you too.
Oh, I love you, sweetie.
I'm wearing the medallion
you gave me.
Oh, good, sweetie.
Have fun, okay?
This is their first time
on a small plane,
so they might be
a little bit scared.
- I'm not scared.
- Yeah, me neither.
Well, don't worry, Mrs. Wade.
I'll make sure
I take good care of them.
Have fun, guys.
Aw, Chinook,
why are you making noise?
It's okay.
It's all right, boy.
It's all right.
So what do you guys think?
You like it up here?
Guess that makes it
You guys aren't bored
back there, are you?
- No way, Charlie.
- This is really cool, Charlie.
I think flying is, like,
the only way to fly.
I'll have to remember
that one.
That was kind of stupid, Hannah.
Shut up.
All right, guys, down there,
that's Lake Wipissing.
Your dad's mine's on the north
end, so we're not too far now.
- Charlie, are you married?
- Nope.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- No.
You seem like
a really nice guy
and relatively handsome.
I don't know why you
don't have a girlfriend.
Well, I guess not too many girls
want to come
all this way to visit.
Maybe that's why Mom
didn't want to come.
- That's not why.
- Shut up, Zach.
What's happening?
Uh... just a little
engine trouble, guys.
Just stay calm, and...
just make sure your
seat belts are on tight.
Mayday, Mayday. Cessna
Engine failure.
Three souls aboard.
Zach, I'm scared.
Mayday, Mayday.
Declaring an emergency.
Are we going to die, Zach?
Charlie, there's smoke coming
Guys, we're going
to have to make
an emergency landing, okay?
I need for you to put
your head between
your knees now, please.
Don't worry, guys.
This plane was built
to land on water,
and the lake's just ahead of us.
Guys, prepare for impact!
Zach, are you okay?
Are you okay?
I think so.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. Charlie!
- Charlie!
We have to get out of here.
Can you undo your seat belt?
I can't get the door open.
It won't move.
Try kicking it
with both feet.
Get down on our backs,
okay? Ready?
On three.
One, two, three.
- We did it.
- Okay, let's go.
- Come on, Chinook.
- Come on, boy.
try your phone.
It's busted.
The radio. Try the radio.
Good idea.
Hello. 10-4.
Come in, good buddy.
It's a plane, Zach,
not a truck.
Well, I don't know
what to say.
Mayday, Mayday.
Is anybody out there?
We need help.
Our plane's crashed.
is Charlie...
is he dead?
No. He's breathing.
Charlie, wake up.
Charlie, we need your help.
Charlie, please!
Come on.
Come on, boy.
What's that?
It's the emergency bag
Charlie showed us.
Oh, yeah.
It's got enough food and water
to last us a few days.
So we'll be okay, and they'll
come looking for us, right?
I guess so.
Daddy will come
looking for us.
He'll find us.
But what about Charlie?
He'll wake up soon.
He'll be okay.
No. No, you don't know that.
He needs to go
to the hospital.
Okay, but what can we do?
Well, Charlie said there was
a lake near here, right?
Yeah, Lake Wipissing,
where Daddy's mine is.
Maybe if we find the lake,
we can find Dad's mine.
We can find Dad.
And if we find Dad, we can
tell him about Charlie...
before it's too late.
But shouldn't we stay here?
I don't know.
No, we should help Charlie.
We should leave
the rest of the stuff
in the emergency bag
for Charlie.
Yeah. I'll do it.
No. I'll do it.
Bye, Charlie.
Which way do we go?
Well, Charlie was trying
to get to the lake,
and he flew in that way,
So we follow the line,
and we should
get to the lake.
Ackerman Mines.
Robert Wade's office.
Search and Rescue
just called.
They received a distress call
from Charlie's plane.
Then it fell off the radar.
Okay. I've updated
the third-quarter results
for the Markdale Steel account.
Oh, hang on a second, Dave.
I've got another call
coming in.
- Hello.
- Hey, Susan. It's me.
Kids get there okay?
Susan, there's a...
there's a problem.
Search and Rescue received
a distress call
from the plane, and then
they lost contact with it.
What do you mean they lost
contact? What does that mean?
We don't know
what happened yet.
Search and Rescue's
on their way right now.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I should have
been with them.
I mean, Hannah wanted me
to come with them.
Can you get yourself
to Goose Bay?
Will you be able to drive?
Yeah, yeah. I'm coming.
I'm on my way.
I'm going to have a plane
waiting for you, okay?
Come on, boy.
- Need a hand?
- Yeah.
Zach, slow down.
I'm so tired.
All right, let's take
a little break.
Lie down.
Okay, down, boy.
Hey, hey, hey, lie down.
Lie down.
Zach, don't drink so much.
We don't know how long
the water has to last.
Hannah, relax. We're going
to a lake, remember?
We'll have
all the water we need.
We're not there yet. We have to
be careful we don't run out.
Are you sure we're still heading
in the right direction?
Yeah, pretty sure.
I was following the sun,
but it's kind of hard
to see it right now.
What do you mean?
Are we lost?
No, we're not lost.
We're just not exactly sure
where we're going.
Maybe this isn't
such a good idea.
I think we should go back to
the plane and wait with Charlie.
There is no way
we can get back there.
So we don't know
where we're going,
and we don't know
where we came from.
That sure sounds
like we're lost to me.
We're not lost.
All I need to do is
just find a clearing,
and I'll know
where I'm going.
Where did you learn
to do that?
Cub Scouts.
That doesn't fill me
with confidence.
"That doesn't
fill me with confidence. "
Zach, what are you doing?
He's thirsty.
He's spilling it
all over the place.
He's a dog.
Come on, boy.
- Zach.
- We'll find the lake.
We'd better.
They're here, Robert.
Hi. I'm Robert Wade.
Captain Walker,
Mountain Search and Rescue.
This is Sergeant McCoy.
- Hey.
- Hi.
This is Bill Peters,
my aviation manager.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hi, Bill.
So what can you tell us?
Well, our best guess
is that the plane
went down
about 50 miles from here,
to the south, obviously.
Our problem is
that we can't tell
how far off course the pilot
might have strayed.
So, "best guess," does that mean
that you can't pinpoint
exactly where the plane
went down?
We could,
depending on the ELT.
That's the emergency
locator transmitter.
It sends out an automatic
distress signal.
It's g-force-activated on
The newer ELTs are digital.
They carry detailed information
about the aircraft and the owner,
and they give
precise GPS coordinates.
The exact location
can sometimes be pinpointed
in as little as five minutes.
Well, Charlie had one of those
on his plane, didn't he?
No, Robert, we're still using
the analog ELTs.
That technology is outdated.
The signal is no longer
detectable by satellite,
only ground-based receivers,
and that's if they're near one.
Why didn't you upgrade
the planes, Bill?
I've been fighting with Ackerman
on this for years.
The analog ELTs are still legal.
You know the old man.
He's never going to cough up
for new ones
until he's forced to.
Well, you should have
come to me.
It wouldn't
have been any use.
Gentlemen, please.
I'm sorry, Bill.
I know it's not your fault.
Charlie and the kids...
what are their chances?
Well, our best-case scenario
is that they had
a successful water landing.
We know they've got
enough supplies in the plane
to last them
until we find them.
But if they went down
in the forest...
well, sometimes
there are survivors.
We're establishing a base camp
about a mile from here,
we're gathering a team
to coordinate the search effort,
and a helicopter is being
brought in from Goose Bay.
Okay, how long
is that going to take?
Three to four hours.
My kids are out there.
- I understand, Mr. Wade...
- No, you don't.
Now, I have a chopper here.
It'll be dark soon,
and our helicopter
has thermal-imaging
We can see people on the ground
right through the trees.
Well, I'm sure it's going
to come in very handy
when it finally gets here,
but for now,
we're going to go looking
for my kids.
Yeah. Okay.
I don't see any clearing.
Do you?
- We'll find one.
- What's wrong with Chinook?
He's thirsty, just like me.
Well, you're not getting
any of my water,
'cause you wasted all yours.
I know, Chinook. She's mean.
Wait a minute.
Chinook, boy, you thirsty?
You want a drink?
Huh? You want a drink?
- You don't need to tease him.
- I'm not. I saw this dog on TV
that could find water
by scent, by smelling it,
so I thought Chinook could find
the lake by sniffing it out.
- Pretty good.
- Mm-hmm. Go get water.
- Let's follow him.
- Let's follow him.
We're approaching
the south end of the lake.
According to the timetable,
Charlie should have
made it this far.
I don't see anything.
Well, there's no debris.
That could be a good sign.
I'm going to fly over the bush
while we still have some light.
It's going to be really tough
to spot anything down there.
I don't know, Hannah. I don't
think this is going to work.
and I don't want
to lose Chinook.
Well, you better call him.
Why do I have to call him?
'Cause I can barely breathe.
Well, it was your idea.
You shouldn't believe
everything you see on TV.
Well, you thought
it was a good idea.
Well, I was just
being supportive.
Good job, boy!
You did it, Chinook!
You found the lake!
- Whoa!
- You found it.
Good job, boy.
You know what?
Water's a really good drink.
It's so beautiful.
Should be enough for now.
Oh, no. Chinook's running
off again. Come on, let's go.
Get back here, Chinook!
Come on, boy!
Where are you going?
It's a cave.
Did you make sure
there's no bear in there?
He's home,
but he's very friendly.
Come on.
You'll like it.
Wow. It's huge.
Need a hand?
Pretty nice, huh?
Yeah. It's a lot bigger
from the inside.
Exactly, we're out of the wind,
and if it rains, we're covered.
But it's cold.
It's all right.
I'll make a fire,
and Chinook
can keep us warm.
Are you sure
there's no bear in here?
I already told you
he's friendly.
I'm just kidding.
There's no bear.
We're ready to head out, sir.
You know I can't force you
to go out there all night.
It's going to be dangerous.
Yeah, well, I had no trouble
finding any volunteers,
and when there's
kids out there,
we're going to search
as long as we have to.
I have kids of my own.
Okay, just keep
in touch constantly.
- Yes.
- And don't take any chances.
- We'll be fine.
- All right.
Sergeant McCoy,
you're with me.
This is a good fire, Zach.
Good thing we had those matches
in the emergency bag.
I could have started it
without the matches.
And let me guess.
You learned how to do that
at Cub Scouts.
One sandwich each
for dinner.
What about Chinook?
I guess he gets some too.
Only fair.
You really liked
Cub Scouts, didn't you?
I guess it was okay.
So why did you quit?
I didn't quit. Dad did.
What do you mean?
Well, he's the one
who signed me up.
We were going to do
all this cool stuff,
like camping
and contests and stuff,
but he was always too busy,
and all the other dads went,
and I felt
like a stupid orphan.
Well, his work
is just so far away, Zach.
Well, remember how he was
coming on the weekends?
Still never did.
It's just because he's so busy.
Yeah, well, he's always busy.
No luck, I assume.
No, nothing.
What do you think
their chances are?
We got plane wrecks
up there from the '60s
that we still haven't found.
Might as well be the Amazon.
This forest is just as dense.
That's provided they survived
impact, of course.
Oh, those poor kids,
they're so young.
Yeah, and we got
another concern.
What's that?
Mating season
for the grizzlies.
Males will be on the prowl,
very grumpy,
looking for a fight.
Well, let's just hope
we find them first.
Are they really
getting divorced, Zach?
I think so.
But why?
I know Mom
was always complaining
about Dad
being away so much,
but maybe now she wants him
to stay away.
Or Dad just doesn't
want to be around Mom...
or us.
Is it our fault?
Did we do something wrong?
No, no, of course not. No.
Well, we fight a lot.
Hannah, they're not going to get
divorced 'cause we fight a lot.
How do you know?
What is it, boy?
Hannah, there's something
in the cave.
Is it a bear?
How should I know?
You said there
wasn't a bear in here.
Well, I didn't go
all the way back.
That wasn't very thorough.
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
It was birds, just birds.
Just birds, no bear.
How do you know that?
What if the bear
scared the birds?
I better go get Chinook.
Wait. Wait.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
- Hear what?
- A helicopter!
- Zach, there's a helicopter!
- Come on!
Where is it?
- It's up there!
- Hey! We're down here!
- We're down here!
- We're down here!
- We're down here!
- Hello! We're down here!
- Over here!
- We're down here!
- Down here! Come on!
- Down here!
- Come on down!
- We're down here!
- We're down here! We're here!
- Here!
- We're here!
We're down here!
- We're down here!
- We're down here!
We're down here! Whoops!
We're down here! Hello!
Look over here!
- We're down here!
- Down here!
- We're down here!
- Come here!
At least we know
they're looking for us.
- No luck, Mr. Wade?
- No, nothing.
Hmm. Well, as you know,
our main chopper
started a search
a couple hours ago.
Did they spot anything
with the infrared?
No, just wildlife.
We're going to have them
stay out tonight
as long as their fuel lasts,
and in the morning...
we'll be sending in
additional teams on foot.
- Okay.
- Okay?
My children have to spend
the night out there?
Susan. Captain Walker,
this is my wife Susan.
Mrs. Wade.
At this point, yes,
it looks like the kids
will be out all night.
Well, how cold will it get?
Just a few degrees colder
than here.
Looks like it's going
to stay above freezing,
so as long as they
stay in the plane
or find some form of shelter,
they will be
at minimal risk of exposure.
Minimal risk?
Yes, ma'am.
What about the emergency
locator transmitter?
Has that been
any help at all?
No, we lost the signal.
It died.
Well, how'd that happen?
It must have been damaged
or a short circuit.
Anyway, the battery died.
It sometimes happens with
these older analog ELTs.
But if that plane
had modern equipment,
we would have
found our kids by now.
Isn't that right,
Captain Walker?
How do you know
about all this?
Sheila told me.
Quite possibly, yes.
So what are we going to do?
Well, at this point, the
important thing is to stay calm.
Would you be calm if it were
your children out there?
No, I would not,
but rest assured, Mrs. Wade,
we are doing everything
we can to find your children.
What, Robert?
Where are you going?
They set me up in a trailer.
I'm going to go back there
and not sleep.
Well, there's a canteen here.
Do you want to go get
a hot meal or cup of coffee?
No. I'm just going to go
back to the trailer.
I'll see you in the morning.
We're going to get
our kids back. I promise.
No more promises.
Was it worth it?
Was what worth it?
All of this...
your job, the money,
all this time
away from your family?
It's already
ruined our marriage.
Now maybe we're going
to lose our kids too.
Is it worth it?
I don't think
we'll ever find Daddy's mine.
Maybe it's too far away.
Yeah, maybe.
I don't think
we should stay here either.
They've already looked here.
Hey, do you see that
flat thing up there?
That big flat
area-looking thing?
You mean like a plateau?
Yes, brainiac, like a plateau.
Maybe if we get up there,
they'll be able to see us,
they can find us.
- Yeah, let's go.
- All right.
Now, we believe
the plane went down
somewhere in this area,
so we've divided
the map into six.
There will be six teams,
each assigned
your particular section
of the grid.
Now, you've all
got your maps?
- Yes, sir.
- Good. Gear checked out?
- You bet.
- Good. Any questions?
So let's go
get this done, people.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Morning, Mrs. Wade.
Captain Walker,
we want to join
one of the search teams.
I'm afraid
I can't let you do that,
even if I wanted to.
Look, every one
of these rangers
is certified and highly trained.
Well, come on.
We can walk through the woods
as well as any
of those guys.
And get lost
or hurt or worse,
and then
I'd have to find you.
Would you want me diverting resources
from the search for your children?
Of course not, but we're not
going to sit here doing nothing.
Look, folks,
I know how difficult it is.
No, I don't think you do.
I've got to go.
I know you
want me to do my job.
Come on. We're going up
in the company chopper.
Let's go.
I was just looking
for you, Robert.
Bill, can we get
the chopper up?
It's back at the hangar.
The mechanics found
a pretty severe oil leak
this morning.
Well, how long is it
going to take to fix?
May be some engine damage.
Could be a couple of days.
Well, if the chopper's
in such bad shape,
how well did you take care
of Charlie's plane?
Ackerman's cut us down to a
skeleton crew. You know that.
I also know Charlie Foster,
and that plane
did not go down
because of pilot error.
You're right.
We're doing the best we can,
but maybe it's not enough.
Oh, my God.
What are we going to do now?
I don't know.
Maybe Walker's right.
Maybe we ought to just stay put
and let the professionals
do their job.
Those are my children
out there, Robert.
Well, they're my kids
too, Susan.
You think I'm not scared
to death right now?
I'm sorry.
It's just that those two
can barely be left alone
at home.
They're not equipped to deal with
trying to survive out there in the woods.
Well, you know, Charlie's with 'em.
He's going to take care of them,
and they have Chinook, who's going
to give them all kinds of protection.
You got to be kidding me.
That dog hid under Zach's
bed for an hour last week
after I scolded him
for chewing up a newspaper.
Look, I get your point,
but we got to stay
positive about this.
We have got to believe
that Charlie, Hannah,
and Zach are going
to come back okay.
I hope you're right.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
This way.
Wow, huh?
Yeah, how are we going
to get across this?
I don't know. There must be
another way downstream.
Let's go.
We can cross here.
Be careful, Zach.
Come on, boy.
Come on, go.
Come on, boy!
Come on.
- Go, bud.
- Come on, boy.
Good boy.
Right there.
All right,
toss me your pack.
You scared?
Come on.
Okay, I don't have all day.
Shut up, Zach!
Help me!
Help me!
Help! Help me!
Help me!
Hannah! Hannah!
Are you okay?
I think I hurt my ankle.
- You seem really cold.
- I'm freezing.
All right, we need to make
a fire, and fast.
Chinook saved my life.
I really made a mess
of things, didn't I?
You really want to get
into this right now?
I love them so much.
Me too.
I love you too.
Oh, Robert, please.
I want to be a family again.
I'll quit my job up here.
I'll get something close
to home. I don't care.
I just want to try again.
I can't talk about this
right now.
All I can think about
is getting Zach and Hannah
home safely.
How's your ankle feeling?
It's really sore.
I think I might
have sprained it.
I'm so stupid.
I shouldn't have made you
cross the river.
You didn't make me.
I have a mind of my own,
you know.
Yeah, well, I could
have gotten you killed.
I'm supposed
to look after you.
Well, you're looking after me,
I'm looking after you,
and guess what.
Chinook is looking after
both of us.
You can say that again.
Chinook is looking after
both of us.
Okay, I didn't mean it
Chinook is looking after
both of us.
Okay, I think
three times is enough.
- Chinook is looking after...
- All right.
I'm going to grab
some more firewood.
- Take Chinook with you.
- No, you need him.
I'll be fine, Zach.
Okay. Come on, boy.
Let's go.
Get away from me!
Go away!
- Get away from me!
- Hannah?
Get away from me!
Get out!
Are you okay?
What did you
throw at that wolf?
A baseball.
There was a baseball
in the emergency pack?
No, it's my baseball,
the one that I hit
the home run with.
The super slam?
Grand slam.
Oh. Well, good thing
you brought it.
I thought it'd come in handy
if I had to throw it at a wolf.
Good thinking.
Here, boy. Come here.
How are you?
All right,
we need to get out of here.
Let's go, bud. Let's go.
Base to chopper.
Any signs of the wreckage?
Negative, base.
to sector 3G. Over.
Roger that.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come on, bud.
Come on. Come on, help me.
Base camp,
this is red team leader.
There is no sign of the targets
here in sector 5B.
We're going to head
southeast to Pine Ridge.
Roger that, team leader.
to Pine Ridge. Over.
Copy that, base camp. Over.
Ow! Ouch! Ouch!
Are you okay?
No. My ankle really hurts.
I don't think I can walk.
Go on. Leave me here.
Are you kidding me?
Yes! If you left me here,
I'd kill you!
I have an idea.
Hold on to Chinook.
Boy, good boy.
Come here, boy.
Come here.
I need you.
Zach, what's that?
It's called a travois.
It's kind of like a sled.
So Chinook's
going to pull me?
Well, remember how Charlie
said Chinook was a working dog.
Well, this will be
his first real job.
Grab on to my arm.
Can you get on?
So you learned to make this
in Cub Scouts?
You definitely
shouldn't have quit.
You could have become
a Beagle Scout.
It's Eagle, not Beagle.
All right, you ready, boy?
You ready?
- I'm not sure I'm ready.
- Let's go!
Ow. Ow.
Ow, ow, ow.
- Does your ankle hurt?
- No, my bum.
Ow. Ow. Ow.
Ow. Ow.
At what point do we
call in the military?
Mr. Wade, this is not
a military operation.
The local police
are already assisting us
with two of their choppers.
Two choppers? Two?
Captain Walker,
Robert's right.
I mean, surely
in a situation like this,
we need
every available aircraft.
I agree with my wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
we have more resources
on this search
than any other
Search and Rescue operation
in my career.
We have volunteer teams
out at night
because there are
children involved.
We have systematically
searched the entire area
where we think the plane
could have gone down,
and we will
keep on searching
until we find your children
and the pilot.
Look, I'm sorry, Captain.
We're not suggesting
that your people
aren't doing their jobs.
Of course we appreciate
everything that
the volunteers are doing,
but our children may be
running out of time here.
What can we do that we're
not already doing?
If there was something
additional we could be doing,
we would be doing it.
Trust me.
In situations like this,
it's often about persistence
and patience.
This is no time to panic.
But we haven't had
one inkling of hope,
not one indication that our
children are still alive.
It's a big wilderness
out there, Mr. Wade,
but this is a big operation.
We will find your kids.
Guys, it's here!
Come on!
Charlie. Charlie.
Take some.
The kids aren't here.
Base camp,
this is red team leader.
We have found the plane.
Repeat... we have found the plane.
Roger that, team leader.
Go get the Wades.
Are there any survivors?
I thought
you'd never get here.
Do you copy, team leader?
Drink some more.
Do you copy, team leader?
Are there any survivors?
Drink some water.
So aside from being not dead,
how are you, buddy?
I think my legs are broken.
Base camp,
pilot is alive and conscious,
appears to have
nonlife-threatening injuries.
Request immediate
medical evac. Over.
Roger that, team leader.
- You found the plane!
- What about our kids?
The pilot has survived.
We're still waiting
for status on the children.
Team leader, what's the status
on the minors,
Hannah and Zach Wade?
Base camp, stand by.
Charlie, where are the kids?
Give me the...
give me the radio.
- What?
- Give me the radio.
This is Charlie.
I want to talk to Robert. Over.
Charlie, it's Robert.
Thank God you're okay.
Where's Zach?
Where's Hannah?
- Over.
- Over.
I think they're all right,
Robert, but they're not here.
They left the site. Over.
Charlie, what do you mean
they left? Where did they go?
- Over.
- Over.
When I came to,
dog and the kids,
they were gone.
Okay, they... they took
some emergency supplies,
and Hannah, she...
she left me a note.
They went to get help...
for me. Over.
Oh, my God.
Wow, look at this.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
This is a good place
to stay tonight.
What is it, boy?
Hannah, there's fish here!
What kind?
I don't know. The big kind.
They're salmon, Zach.
Catch one.
Okay. Give me
my fishing rod.
I'm serious, Zach.
They come upriver at this
time of the year to spawn.
To what?
To lay their eggs.
After that, they're really tired
and so slow that you can catch
'em with your bare hands.
I learned it on TV.
Come on, Zach.
I'm starving.
Okay. I'll try.
Get 'em.
Get it.
- What? No! Don't let it go!
- Crap!
Get him.
Squeeze. Come on.
Squeeze him tight.
Get him! Get him!
No, you don't. Crap.
Nuh-uh. No, you...
Ah. Oh.
I got one!
Ah, the fishy!
Oh, fishy! Fishy!
I can get him.
It's upside down.
- I got him.
- Let's eat.
- Whoo!
Charlie. Charlie!
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Charlie.
I don't know what happened.
I'm so sorry.
Charlie, you landed
that airplane.
As far as I'm concerned,
you saved our kids' lives.
No word yet?
No. No, not yet.
They're smart kids,
and they...
they got
the perfect dog with them.
- Chinook?
- You think so?
I know so.
Ms. Wade.
You've got to start
calling me Susan.
What is it?
"Hi, Charlie.
Zach and Chinook and I
are all okay...
but you're hurt, and we have
to go find a doctor.
We'll be back soon. Hannah. "
Take care, Charlie.
Thank you.
This is really good, Zach.
And I think Chinook
likes it too.
Don't you, boy? Don't you?
I didn't know you had to clean
a fish before you cooked it,
and I didn't know
it'd be so gross.
They didn't teach you how to
clean a fish in brainiac school?
No, and I don't want to hear
any more about Cub Scouts.
That's not where I learned it.
Remember two years ago,
the fishing trip Dad took me on?
- Oh, yeah.
- He taught me.
And that was the last time I actually
spent a whole weekend with him.
They must be
really worried about us.
- Mom and Dad?
- Yeah.
Mom might.
They both are, Zach.
If you say so.
What do you mean you're removing
resources from the search?
I've got three hikers
lost on the east ridge.
I've got a family of four
capsized their canoe in Gull Lake.
We are so close.
They found the plane.
But your children
left the crash site,
and, frankly,
because of that,
our chances for success
are greatly diminished.
They could have
gone anywhere.
That's where you're wrong.
My son was a Cub Scout
for almost three years.
He learned survival skills.
He knows orientation.
He can find his way
in the woods.
Mrs. Wade, with all due respect,
a Cub Scout?
Listen to me.
Look, if they were
looking for a doctor,
they would go
where there are people.
We need to be looking between
the crash site and the camp.
That's a good theory. I will
take that into consideration.
Now, please,
I've got work to do.
What you said
makes perfect sense.
Then find us a vehicle.
I want to go back to the mining
camp and start our search from there.
Okay. Bill Peters
is coming up soon.
We'll take his jeep
or whatever else he brings.
I'll be in my trailer.
Zach quit Cub Scouts?
He did.
I thought he liked it.
He did,
but you should know that,
shouldn't you?
I should, yeah.
He also loved baseball.
He actually hit his first
home run last week.
He was so excited
to tell you all about it,
but you didn't have time.
Zach quit Cub Scouts
because he was embarrassed
that his father
was never around.
All right,
let's take a break here.
Yeah. I like it here.
It's pretty.
Come here, boy.
I'm kind of sick
of granola bars.
Yeah, me too.
Hey. Zach, look.
Hey, get out of here!
Get out!
Get out!
He ate my last granola bar.
Aw, it's so cute.
I wish I had one as a pet.
Yeah. It'd eat us
out of house and home.
No, Chinook.
You'll scare the poor thing.
Good boy.
Oh, Zach, don't be so mean.
You practically rang
the dinner bell for it.
All right,
let's get a move on.
Bye, little friend.
Come on, bud.
We can see
for miles up here.
Zach, what's that?
Hannah, we've got a serious
problem on our hands.
Let's get out of here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Great news.
Just heard from the hospital,
and Charlie's going to be okay.
He's going to be laid up for a
while while his legs heal, but...
That's great news.
Poor Charlie.
I can't imagine
what it was like
for him out there
in pain all that time.
Well, the important thing
is that he survived, and...
now we know that Zach
and Hannah survived.
For me,
it's a major miracle.
Where are they, Robert?
Where are they?
They could be anywhere.
I mean, they could have
wandered off anywhere.
They thought about going
to get help for Charlie,
and, to me, that says
that we raised them right.
we are going to find them.
I promise you.
- What are you doing, Chinook?
- What is it, boy? What is it?
- Why won't he go forward?
- Come on, go. Go.
Chinook. Chinook.
Where is it?
Go, go, go!
Get in. Come on.
No! Help!
Look out!
Go away, bear!
Is it gone?
I don't know.
Where's Chinook?
Chinook, boy, come here!
Chinook, boy,
where are you?
- Chinook!
- Chinook.
- Come here, boy.
- There you are, boy.
Chinook. Chinook.
- Chinook.
- Bring him over.
Hey, buddy.
Missed you.
Where did you go?
Wait. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I'm sorry, Mr. Wade.
The search is over.
- I have to pull my teams out.
- Why?
A forest fire
is engulfing the valley.
I have no choice.
I've got to go. I'm sorry.
If we go higher,
the air will be better.
Yeah, this is it.
The plateau?
Yeah. They'll be sure
to find us from up here.
- We did it.
- We did it.
- We did it.
- Yes.
I can't believe we did it.
We're actually here.
We're here, boy.
We're here.
- We're here, boy.
- We're here.
Boy. Here, boy. Here.
We're here, buddy.
We're here.
Yeah, we're here.
We're here, buddy.
We did it, boy. Yay, we did it.
We did it, boy.
Come here.
- Would you two calm down?
- We did it. No, we did it.
We did it. Yay!
We're here, buddy.
- We're here!
- Would you two calm down?
Zach, are you okay?
I'm okay, but there's no room.
I can't move.
You have to find help.
Zach, I won't
leave you here.
It's all up to you now, boy.
You have to help us.
Now go.
Go, buddy! Go!
Go, Chinook! Go!
Go! Go!
- Zach.
- Yeah?
Don't look down.
Okay, thanks.
- Zach.
- Yeah?
Let's talk about something.
What do you want
to talk about?
Anything you want.
Let's talk about
RC helicopters.
I can't talk
about RC helicopters.
Okay. Then what do you
want to talk about?
Let's talk about ballet.
Oh, boy.
Look, we're going
to find a way, okay?
Robert, Chinook!
Come here, Chinook.
Come on.
- Chin...
- Let's follow him.
Come on, let's follow him.
- Zach.
- Yeah?
Do you know who likes you?
Jennifer. She told me.
Oh. Okay.
Do you like her?
I guess she's okay.
She really,
really likes you.
- I'd rather talk about ballet.
- Okay.
Zach, it's Chinook!
And he brought help, Zach!
Hi, boy.
Mommy! Daddy!
- Mommy! Daddy!
- Hannah!
Thank God, baby.
- Where's Zach?
- You okay?
- I'm okay.
- Where's Zach?
- Where's your brother?
- Down there.
He's not okay.
It's okay.
- Zach?
- Dad, is that you?
I'm here.
Are you hurt?
No, but if I move, I...
Don't move. Don't move.
I'm going to come down
and get you.
- Hey.
- Susan. Susan.
- What?
- I'm going to go down there.
I'm going to get Zach back,
but I need your help.
- What do you want me to do?
- Drive.
Okay, Hannah,
you come with me.
Okay, don't get too close
to the edge.
I'm going to tell you
what I want your mom to do,
and you're going to tell her,
- okay?
- Okay.
- Okay. Tighten it up!
- All right.
Oh. How's that?
Just stay right there.
Okay, forward.
Keep coming.
That's it, son.
Keep coming.
- Okay.
- Get that.
Okay. You okay?
- Yeah.
- You're okay, pal. It's okay.
You're okay.
I'm going to get your legs
in this, all right?
Step in there.
That's it.
Now step in the other side.
Hold on to me.
Okay, look, you're going
to turn around,
put your feet
into the cliff,
and then lean back on me,
and then we're
going to go up, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay?
Hey, I'm not going
to let you fall.
All right.
Hannah, pull back slowly.
Keep going.
All right.
Okay, you ready?
How's that?
Now just go. Walk.
Walk. That's it.
Is that okay?
How's that?
Backwards. Backwards.
Keep going.
You're good. That's it.
Just sit back, and walk.
Sit back, and walk.
Sit back, and walk,
all your weight back at me.
Let it pull you up.
That's it. You're doing good.
Keep going. You can do it.
That's it.
That's it.
Lean back in.
Attaboy. That's it.
Okay, watch out. Okay, stop!
- Stop!
- Okay.
- Oh, baby.
- Mom!
Baby, come here!
Oh, God.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Oh, my God.
Oh, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
- We're here, okay?
- Yeah.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Got to get out of here.
- Hop in, guys. Hop in.
- Come here, boy.
- Chinook. Up. Up.
- Seat belts.
Come on, boy.
Come on, up.
Good boy. I got you.
I got you, boy.
You ready to go home?
You mean all of us?
all of us.
Let's go.