Agak Laen (2024) Movie Script

Just continue.
Your place looks so crowded.
Right. Thank God for that.
Is that the newbie?
Right. It's his second day.
But I'm glad that
so many people want to play throw.
Maybe it's the aura?
Throwing things at him
feels like throwing the jumrah.
So, he's basically the devil, right?
Eat that!
You guys want more?
We do! We won't miss a chance
to see a shivering wet Barbie!
Buff Barbie caught a cold!
He's dripping wet!
It's like chewy tendon meatballs.
-Anybody want meatballs?
-I do!
-You want some?
-Please separate them.
-The soup?
-The meatballs and the tendons!
-You want more? Of course you do!
-We want more!
Please stop.
You have done it five times.
I can do whatever I want with my money.
But they're all bullseye.
I'm not feeling well today.
Okay, I understand.
Thank you.
More throwing
more falling!
Baldy boy!
Ouch! It hurts!
-It hurts! Please stop.
-Help me!
What is going on?
Can you manage your crew?
I can
If you can't teach him how to behave,
close your place!
-Please don't! I understand.
-People line up to get a place here!
-I'll manage my crew well.
-Are you okay?
What was that?
You said you needed a job
and I gave you one. Look at what you did!
Just go home and don't come back!
Do you think there's anyone other than me
who would give a second chance
to an ex-con like you?
Just fire me.
You don't need to bring up my past.
You think you're the only one
who owns a show?
Let me tell you something.
I can find another job.
-No, you can't.
-No, you can't.
Please help me.
We are friends.
Yes, we are,
but we can't expand the crew.
We don't have many visitors every day.
We haven't paid the rent for two months.
we are having a hard time too.
We all need money.
Money for what?
A lot of things.
In military recruitment,
I need to share the profit
with my superintendent.
To make it easier, you know?
In short,
just pay ten million and you're in.
You just need to pass
the physical selection.
So I still need to pass the selection?
It's just a formality.
It's not that hard.
Shooting at some cans,
doing splits,
and sometimes
spitting battles to see who wins.
Let's try.
Just spit.
That one would get you a corporal rank.
You're a natural.
One more time.
That one will make you a lieutenant.
You just need two more meters
to be a general.
Trust me.
It's not a myth
that military people have different lips.
Let me see.
I told him to be careful
with military impostors.
Why would you force
something you couldn't do?
That's rich coming from you, Bene.
Save your words for yourself.
What about your future father-in-law?
Didn't he ask you
to do something beyond your capacity
and yet you still said yes?
What did he ask you?
If you're serious about marrying Naomi,
I will give you my permission.
But can you organize the wedding in a hall
with at least 1,000 guests?
Wouldn't that be too much?
Don't tell me what to do.
If I say 1,000 guests, then that's it.
If that's too hard for you, I understand.
I have another gentleman
proposing to my daughter.
Can you do that?
-Yes, I can.
-That's a real man.
That's insane.
That's what love does to you.
That something Boris wouldn't understand.
Look at you!
I didn't know you were released.
That's why I'm here.
Where were you?
You look tired.
-I was at the mosque.
-All praise be to God.
I didn't expect that.
You were a gambling addict.
You have repented.
It's true that he was at the mosque.
But not for praying.
Gel, what did you do?
That's why you weren't
at the rented house.
You're hiding here.
I was praying, not hiding.
Praying? You did so many rakat.
I counted to almost 17.
-It's actually 18.
-18 rakat.
I was doing Dzuhur prayer.
Dzuhur prayer?
I know I'm a thug, not a saint,
but everyone knows Dzuhur prayer
has three rakat.
-It's actually four.
-It's four!
Don't lie to me.
Sorry, I got carried away.
Today, I strangled you with a prayer rug.
If you don't pay up next week,
I will strangle you with a carpet.
The red one.
You got it?
-So silly.
-Keep mocking my misery.
give me a chance.
If not you,
who will give me a job?
I need money for my mom's medicine.
-Hey. We have visitors.
-You still work here?
I heard that you were beheaded.
Are you out of your mind?
What did I do to get beheaded?
Who told you?
Come on, guys. Let's go out.
Where's my pocong costume?
-My pocong costume?
-Excuse me.
I think something is missing.
Let's go in.
Close the door
so the mosquitos won't get in.
-What are you?
Can you say it properly?
I'm kunti.
I see, you're a kuntilanak.
You should be giggling creepily.
If you just pose,
people will think you're Batistuta.
-You know Batistuta?
-Of course I do.
He played for Persija.
You need a bath, so you'll look fresh.
I know you're a pocong. Right?
Yes, I am.
You look like an unhealthy old guy.
Why would a pocong wear sandals?
Where are you going?
You want to hike?
You're late.
Why are you dragging your legs?
You have crooked legs?
You need to see a bone expert.
If this ghost chases us,
spread broken glass shards.
They'll hurt their thighs.
Look at them. They're about to cry.
The haunted house is so empty.
This is not a haunted house.
It's a penniless house.
I can see why this place
doesn't get many visitors.
The vibe is not even scary.
-We've done this for years.
-That's the point.
You do the same thing for years,
people will get bored.
So, what do we do now?
At least improve your makeup.
Maybe use some fake blood.
You are acting as ghosts,
you need to be scary.
Being ugly is not enough.
Most importantly,
you need to renovate this haunted house.
You need to make it scary.
People will love it.
Where will we get the money?
I'll go out.
Bring me her medicine.
We don't have it anymore.
Last week I bought a new batch.
I know.
It only lasted a week.
It's enough.
It's okay.
If you don't have money,
you don't need to buy me medicine.
I have money.
I'll buy it this afternoon.
Rather use your money
to buy a grave for me.
I just want to be buried
next to your father.
Stop it.
Stop saying such things.
You'll get better.
I'll bring her a change of clothes.
I've been very kind to you.
Of all the tenants,
you got two months to pay the rent.
Now what?
You didn't show any effort
to even pay in installments.
Thank you for understanding, but--
Cut it out.
I don't care anymore.
Enough with your excuses.
Just so you know,
I have someone who's willing
to replace you as a tenant.
They want to build a devil's barrel.
If you still owe me after a month,
wreck this place
and get out!
Got it?
Isn't it better if--
Got it? No?
We got it.
Very clear.
What are you doing here?
I need to make sure
this haunted house will survive.
Okay then.
One month. Keep that in mind.
What are you trying to do?
It's okay. Calm down.
Can you get power of attorney?
We'll use the certificate as a pawn.
But I want a fair share between us.
What do you think?
Why do you need power of attorney?
Because this belongs to my mother.
You're out of your mind.
Your mother is sick.
How could you steal her certificate?
How could you do that?
Don't you feel bad for her?
Is this how you repay her
after she raised you?
If you say no--
Who said no?
-You did?
-You did?
-I didn't say anything.
You just jumped to a conclusion.
-Write the letter now!
-Roger that!
-Our leader, Oki
-You're the boss now!
-Have a seat. Have you had lunch?
-Make yourself comfortable.
Of course.
Have some food, Mom.
Is that good?
Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you.
Let me do that.
Go take a bath.
I had one.
Do it again.
You need to bath again.
Stop talking nonsense.
I took a bath.
buy some crackers for Mom.
Is she allowed to eat them?
Yes, she is.
Look at her meal. It's so plain.
Just go.
What kind of crackers?
Any kind.
As long as it's far away.
Can you sign here, Mom?
What is this?
This is a letter to redeem the medicine.
Why do you need my signature?
We can get 80% discount then.
Do we have such a system?
We do.
We really do.
It's a new program from Mr. Luhut.
Why is Mr. Luhut taking care
of medicinal distribution?
You know,
not only medicine,
he also takes care of the president.
Just like they say,
Batak people can do everything.
Find my glasses.
I need to read this first.
Where is the glasses?
I can't find it.
I think it fell somewhere.
We'll find it tomorrow.
Now, please sign it.
We'll get less discount if we waste time.
This is the plan.
If we enter from the front door
-Hold still
-Okay, I'm gonna lean.
One, two, three.
Try to scare us.
-Thank you, sir.
One, two, three.
-One more time.
-One, two, three.
One, two, three.
-Be careful.
-Got it.
Looks good.
Never doubt my work.
This is the invoice.
Can't you give me discount?
I can,
but I'll take some of the letters.
What about haunted ho?
It'll ruin the name.
Then stop asking for discount.
This is a fixed price.
Got it. Okay.
Give me the account number.
What for?
-Do you have the MyBCA app?
-Yes, I do.
Then just scan the QR code.
-So slow
-This is excellent.
Not only is it easy to pay,
the MyBCA app can access more
than one account.
Can it?
Of course it can. Enough babbling.
I understand. I have paid the bill.
-I'll excuse myself.
-Take care.
Stay scary.
-Thanks for the help.
-You're welcome.
Intan, my darling.
What took you so long?
I've been waiting for you.
I had to find some excuses to go out.
What if my family finds out?
-But you have to reply to my texts.
-I know, I'm sorry.
-I couldn't wait to meet you.
-You and your sweet talk.
I left my phone because I was in a rush.
-What if your wife reads our texts?
-She won't.
I saved your contact with a male name.
What are you worrying about now?
I'm here now.
We're going to enjoy
some happy times tonight.
What a flirt.
Can I get some cotton candy?
Never mind cotton candy,
I could buy the stall for you. Let's go.
Ouch! What now?
-I saw your wife.
-Where is she?
Don't look! She'll see you!
So, what do we do now?
Let's find somewhere to hide.
Wear this.
-Why is she here?
-I don't know.
She was home when I left.
Someone must have told her.
-Where are we going?
-Just walk.
Come on.
-Let's split up.
-What do you mean?
Go to the haunted house.
When the coast is clear,
let's meet up here.
Please, not the haunted house.
What about my heart condition?
It's the only safe place.
I think it's not scary.
They don't have many visitors.
Go see some Suster Ngesot, guys.
Visit our haunted house.
Just check it out.
Just go in before your wife see you.
Ouch! Watch your step.
-Can't you see?
Answer me.
Are you mute?
You are.
Babe! Hurry up.
Come in. How many tickets?
-Just one. How much?
-Twenty-five thousand rupiah.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Don't disturb us.
Sir, wake up.
Sir, wake up.
Check his heartbeat.
Wait. Is it the right or left side?
It's either side.
Normally, people check the pulse
in the neck.
What do you mean "neck"?
This is not neck pain.
Your life depends on your heart.
But in the movies, they check the arms.
What kind of movies?
In Rambo, they checked the neck.
It's the heart. Trust me.
I bet one million--
Stop it now!
You guys are too noisy.
I can't hear anything.
You check the neck, you check the heart,
and you check the hand. Easy, right?
Close this place. Now!
Go see some scary pocong!
Go to the haunted house!
You can visit us here.
It's me, Jegel.
I am Jegel.
Gosh! Jegel.
-I'm so sorry.
-It's alright.
Let me help you.
I'm sorry. Are you alright?
Why are you outside?
I need to tell you we have to close now.
It's long before closing. Why?
Something died.
I mean, the speaker, it's not working.
It's impossible to continue,
so you can go home.
-Can't we fix it?
-No, we can't.
Someone needs to solder it.
I see. I can try.
-No, don't!
It's serious damage.
I think
it's the freon.
-I think that's serious.
-It's serious, right?
You should go home.
-Is that okay?
-Yes, it's okay.
Okay then.
-I'll go home.
-Take care.
It's a bit difficult.
-I forgot. Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Take off your costume first.
What do we do now?
-Should we report this to the police?
I was released not long ago.
If the police gets involved,
they will put me in prison again.
But we didn't kill him.
So, who did?
We scared him to death.
The police will blame us.
Boris, tell him what we need to do.
I agree with Oki.
Don't do anything stupid.
Don't you want to join the military?
That's exactly the point!
I can't have a criminal record.
Just one record could kill my chances.
It will destroy my future.
So, what do we do with the body?
Huh? Should we bury him here?
Come on.
-What do you mean?
-You guys should go down there.
Why me?
You can do it better.
You are an ex-con.
Watch your words.
I was in jail for hitting a goat
with my vehicle.
Didn't you use drugs?
I was high. That's why I hit the goat.
I see, but you did kill something.
After all, whose idea is this?
Who told you to bury him here?
-It was your idea!
-It was your idea!
We just agreed.
-It was really your idea.
-Just go down there.
We won't fit because we're too big.
-Hurry up!
-Hurry up!
Just go there.
Wait. Grab something to cover him.
I don't want to be haunted by his face.
Cover his body.
-This one! Hurry!
Excuse me.
What are you doing here?
Don't you see the closed sign?
Sorry, I'm looking for my friend.
He came here earlier.
He's a middle-aged guy
with a white shirt and yellow hat.
We haven't seen him. We are renovating.
With these costumes?
We practiced
before we started renovations.
But I saw him entering this place.
He bought a ticket because I told him to.
I think he dropped his medicine outside.
-What's the medicine for?
-For his heart condition.
Are you insane?
You knew he had a heart disease
and you told him to enter a haunted house?
What if he came here and died?
Who would take the responsibility?
Luckily he didn't.
-Right, he didn't.
-Right, he didn't.
Just go home. We're renovating now.
Okay, if you didn't see him.
Excuse me.
How has work been the first week?
Are you enjoying it?
I think you do.
I'm glad you enjoy it.
Honestly, I don't care
about your disability.
Just take the job seriously
and keep on learning.
This is what I do.
I give everyone equal opportunities.
Perhaps I should see what you do.
Do you start working
from the front or back?
You didn't say hallelujah, right?
You're a Muslim, right?
What about this?
Write down your answer.
I'm sorry.
I forgot that you are illiterate.
Gosh. What should I do?
What about this?
Do you clean the place
from the front or from the back?
Why is it so long?
What was your short answer earlier?
No fixed route?
No fixed route! I knew it!
From today, you can start cleaning
from the front to the back.
So you don't need to go back and forth
to clean the trash, okay?
That's enough for today.
Let's take it slowly.
Bro, are you busy?
I was busy, now I'm not.
Go back to work. All good.
I see. I keep it under the bed
where you usually sleep.
What's wrong?
Why are you here?
About the haunted house
Are they really moving?
I can pay in advance.
My friend can then start to build
the devil's barrel.
He's getting really impatient.
I need more time.
Oki said they're going to continue
and pay all the debt
by the end of this month.
Oki said that?
-What is he doing there?
-He joined the haunted house crew.
I don't trust him.
You know what he did last time.
He's violent. He hit someone yesterday.
Tomorrow, he might kill
and mutilate someone
or even use black magic?
There's no such things as black magic.
It's just a myth.
It's real!
I saw the news about a beautiful actress
who married a guy
that looks like you.
How do you know it's black magic?
Because the guy
The guy looks like you.
You're saying I'm ugly?
That's not what I mean.
I just said that he looks like you.
Oh, come on!
But the actress is happy, right?
Babe, why aren't you screaming?
So scary.
What's wrong? You've been so quiet.
I'm not feeling too great.
Should we go home?
No, it's alright.
Here, Ben.
I was looking at wedding venues.
These are the expenses.
If we want to book a date,
we need to pay a deposit.
If somehow
I can't get enough money
to pay for the venue,
then what?
What do you mean?
You're going to accept the guy
your father chose for you?
Why do you ask me that?
Because that's what I've been thinking.
You're wasting your energy.
Instead of using your energy
to find a way for us,
you're wasting it by thinking about
stuff that doesn't matter.
But it matters.
I don't think it matters.
What matters for me
is focusing on finding a way
so we can be together.
I trust you.
As long as you have the will,
you do an honest job,
and you are hardworking,
Jesus will show us a way.
Unless you kill people for a living
and you dump the body somewhere,
then we won't find a way.
You don't kill people, right?
How long will the haunted house
be closed?
What if we harm other people?
No way! That guy was stupid.
He entered a haunted house
knowing he had a heart disease.
What do you think?
My mom is calling.
Watch out!
Keep going.
What are you guys doing? Hey!
Hi, Mom.
How are you?
-I'm good.
-Thank God.
When are you going to visit me?
It's been two years since your last visit.
I see. I've been planning to visit you,
but I haven't had time.
I can't leave the quarters now
since I'm on duty.
-Hey, what are you guys doing?
-I've been missing you so much.
Our relatives can't wait to see you
since you joined the military.
They want to take pictures.
I've sent you so many photos.
They want to take pictures with you
wearing your uniform.
It will help them
during the road inspection.
Tell them they can't do that.
By the way,
the people marching behind you,
do they have higher ranks than you?
I have a higher rank.
They're actually my subordinates.
My son is so great!
Can you give them commands?
Sure, I can.
-You two, come here!
-Yes, Sir!
I command you two to slap each other!
-Yes, Sir!
-Yes, Sir!
You see this, Mom?
You're so manly.
Can you ask them to do it harder?
Slap harder now!
Praise the Lord!
-I'm so proud of you.
-Be gentle.
I didn't think you'd be
a successful military commander.
It's all thanks to your prayers.
Okay, let me know
when you are coming home.
Okay, I'll let you know.
Bye, Mom.
I'm gonna beat you!
Are you stupid?
-Stop it!
-I'm sorry.
I can't say no to my mom.
You could've commanded us to sing a song.
-What song?
These are my eyes, the left one is mine
The right one is mine, my eyes
-I can sing "Terpesona"!
-Stop it!
Stop it! Why are you fighting?
-It hurts.
-Then stop it.
We haven't resolved our problem.
What about our haunted house?
Fine, let's open tomorrow.
That's too late.
Let's open tonight.
I need to pay for the wedding venue.
And we need to pay Jongki
by the end of this month.
Let's open tonight.
That's the wind, right?
The wind
Are you sure it's the wind?
The chair moved.
I'm sure.
Don't think weird thoughts.
It can't be the wind.
What wind can open a folded chair?
It's probably a sitting wind.
Could it be the ghost of that dead guy?
What are you guys doing?
We're just
cheering each other up.
-It's so messy here.
-I'm gonna put this away.
-We have visitors.
What do we do now?
What should we do?
Hi, guys.
We wanted to ride Kora-kora,
but the queue is too long.
Just like wedding guests
from the in-law's side.
Did you see something move over there?
-I did.
-Why is it so creepy here?
It wasn't like this
the last time I came here.
What is happening?
See? The curtain moved!
We didn't feel the wind blowing at all!
What are you doing? Let's get out of here.
-Let's go!
-We don't have a fan, right?
Where does the wind come from?
-We're so dead.
-Let's follow them.
-God, forgive me.
-God, forgive me.
What is that?
-What is that?
-It's burning! I swear!
It doesn't make sense.
Hey, help me! Oki! Ben!
Boris! Help me!
You pig!
He answered a phone call that night.
He said that his campaign team
wanted to discuss something.
You know, the local election
is coming up.
I think
It makes sense to have urgent meetings.
But they never had a meeting.
I apologize if it's a bit dusty here.
We're moving to a new station.
It's alright.
So, how did you find out
he went to the night market?
From this text message.
He left his phone that night.
Then he got that message from a woman,
saying they're meeting
at the night market.
-But it is a male name, Haji Mansur.
-It must be a fake name.
How can a man be with a man
and call each other "babe"?
Beb, close the door.
The dust is coming in.
Roger that.
-Thanks, Beb.
-You're welcome, Sir.
His name is Beben Tamatoa.
He's married.
You have two kids, right? Beb?
I mean, Ben?
Yes, Sir. That's right.
Okay, I'll submit the report
and someone from my team
will track the owner of the phone number.
Here you go.
Don't worry.
It might be a technical problem.
How is that technical?
I saw the puppet fly and burn.
I'm sure
his ghost is taking revenge on us.
We will all be hunted to death
like in the horror movies.
So, what do we do now?
We can't report this to the police.
I think
We need a supernatural expert's help.
I know a priest who handles these things.
Let's ask an ustad.
-Let's ask a priest.
-I agree with him.
Wait. Are you insulting Islam?
Who's insulting Islam?
That's actually insulting.
You refused our religious figures.
We didn't mean it that way.
We want to find a supernatural expert,
so we naturally thought of a priest.
So you mean an ustad is not an expert?
Don't twist my words, you crazy punk.
From your gestures and expressions,
I can tell that you don't like Islam.
When did I say that?
He was never a fan of Islam.
Fine. Let's go find a shaman then.
-Okay, let's go!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Where are you guys going?
Huh? Where are you going?
You need to take responsibility.
Follow me.
I think he found out. We're done now.
What do we do now?
Let's just beat him up.
Beat him up?
Let's do it. Let's just finish everything.
Take a big rock.
I'll smack his head with this one.
When are you going to open?
We open after Maghrib time.
The ghosts are not here yet.
Why do they need to wait until Maghrib?
Are they fasting?
I didn't mean that.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Let's watch a dangdut show.
We need to wait that long?
Why are you dumbfounded?
You are the tenant. Take accountability.
Look at the long line
and you want to leave?
This is the line
to enter our haunted house?
No, to enter the military.
Of course, to enter your haunted house.
Come on!
Why do you have rocks?
To hold our pooping urge.
Forget that. You have visitors.
Change into costume.
-We're helping him.
-What are you doing?
-When are you going to open?
-Okay, wait.
Please wait a moment, ladies.
Look at this, bro.
Our haunted house went viral.
Did you say "viral"?
That's when a video
gets many views and engagement.
I know what viral means.
We also have TikTok.
I'm asking why it went viral.
One of our visitors posted a video
when he visited our haunted house,
and it went viral.
He said it's was super scary.
Now people are curious.
We need your patience, everyone.
Why are you wasting time
watching some videos?
The people are furious!
Change into costume.
Come on!
Let's get changed!
What if people riot?
Where is his ghost? He's not here yet.
Just wait.
Let's start.
People are lining up outside.
We can't do that.
If tonight is less scary than yesterday,
people will be disappointed
and we'll lose the hype.
So, what do we do now?
Should we call him?
-Call him.
-Why me? You do it.
You want to be a soldier.
This shouldn't scare you.
I'm not scared.
If you hesitate, it means you're scared.
A big guy with small guts.
Hurry up.
Are you busy?
You're being too polite to a ghost.
We need to talk politely,
so he doesn't get angry.
Actually, we need him to be angry.
What if we piss on his grave?
Are you crazy? That is insane!
If we piss on you, will you be angry?
I'd be.
Then do it!
You do it. Execute your idea.
Yes, you do that.
-Do it!
Just go!
Don't piss on his legs.
It will warm him up.
He'll get too comfortable.
Do it on his head.
-Yes, there.
-Hurry up.
-Don't rush me!
-Gel, he's here!
-Come on!
Come on!
-Gel, stop! Don't overdo it!
-I can't just stop my pee.
-He's too angry now.
-You told me to piss on his head.
I know, but you could've chosen
another part of his head.
I should've pissed on your head instead.
Praise be to God!
We have a lot of money now.
So, we only need to book
the wedding music now?
What about Viky Sianipar?
We can't afford him.
What if we use mini-compo?
Are you crazy?
The wedding is not a zumba class.
Zumba is for Vicky Burki.
I want Viky Sianipar.
Can you do that?
I can.
Stop. You'll pee too much.
-He's here!
-Come on!
A money toast!
I'll pay the rest next week.
-We have a lot of visitors. Hurry up.
He's here!
Here you go.
Thank you, Boris.
During the training,
they will wake you up every morning.
They will pour water on your face.
It's good for creating habits.
Do you want them to wake you up nicely?
Can they do that?
Sure, they can.
That will cost 2 million.
I know it's only water,
but it hurts when you inhale water.
What do you think?
Okay then.
Can I pay next week?
Good. Shall we seal the deal?
Don't you have anything to drink?
I'll order a drink for you.
It will take too long.
It won't take long.
We can get instant delivery with Alfagift.
The delivery is free,
and they have everything you need.
That's nice. I'll get soy milk.
-The cold one.
-Cold soy milk
I think wafers will be good.
And biscuits,
Wait a moment.
Hi, darling.
What do we need at home?
-Can you add shampoo?
One for dry hair, one for oily hair.
Is that okay?
It's okay.
He wanted a drink
and we end up buying groceries.
This is the receipt.
All praise be to God.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
You must be relieved.
You have secured a place for your Mom.
No need to worry anymore.
You can visit both graves.
Your father and mother
can be next to each other.
Just like a connecting room in a hotel.
Is that a part of the grave development?
It's not ours.
I see.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Take care.
I got it back.
Finally! Stealing it from my mom
actually paid off.
But Ben, if everything goes well,
not only a wedding hall,
you could get married
in the Presidential Palace.
The wedding car, a tank.
Thinking about this,
earning money is not that hard.
I just need to pee.
You need to drink more.
We'll be broke again if you're dehydrated.
Our fates are in Jegel's dick.
-It can be a TV drama title.
"Your Dick is My Fortune".
Can you turn the TV on?
Our dick wants to watch a show.
-Roger that, Our Dick Leader!
-Roger that, Our Dick Leader!
A missing person announcement
came from Bogor.
A legislative candidate
from Bergerigi Party,
Basuki Munandar, was declared
missing since a week ago.
His wife, Retno Wulandari, stated that
her husband left home
to visit Rawa Senggol Night Market
to meet up with a woman
who is still unknown.
Basuki left his house, saying that he
had a meeting with his campaign team.
Our night market is on TV.
The police say his wife
gave clues to his disappearance
Don't knock on the TV! You'll break it!
What do you mean "clay"? You'll break it!
You know him?
If you don't know him, don't act up.
Continue cleaning.
We'll have visitors later.
We will open soon.
What are you yapping about?
The police is now cooperating
with all parties involved
to track the identity
of the owner of the number
who contacted Basuki
before he went missing
I swear, that thing
That thing flew and caught fire!
What if the police find that woman?
That's good.
Then they can arrest her.
She's a homewrecker.
That's not good.
If she says she asked him
to enter this haunted house,
we'll get blamed.
But the woman didn't see him go in.
But the police might interrogate us.
If the police find out we buried the body,
we're done for!
Take a look!
The police are outside.
We're dead.
Calm down.
It'll look suspicious if we panic.
-Let's just get ready.
Where are you going?
Piss on the grave first.
Hurry up.
Gel, hurry up.
I can't
I can't pee when I'm panicking.
-Are you kidding me?
-I swear. It's all dry.
-Help me.
-Help how?
Blow on it.
If the air is cold, I can pee.
Just do it.
It needs to be colder.
Help him.
Why is it up now?
It's too cold.
Stupid dick.
We don't have time to waste.
Let's just start.
What are you doing?
You are slacking off
because this place went viral.
We're wasting our money, right?
-Right, Sir!
-Right, Sir!
I thought it would be scary.
But you're only screaming,
just like our wives at home.
Right, guys?
So, it's only my wife?
I apologize for disappointing you.
We're not in our best condition today.
-Should we do it again?
-No, no need to.
I've lost interest.
Please don't post this on social media.
Well, I'm here to give my input in person,
so this haunted house
can improve the quality.
Why does a haunted house smell like pee?
It's too bad.
I know, I feel the same.
I mean, just like you said,
it's too bad because people will make
it go viral as they are upset.
They always want to "spill the tea".
It will be on the For You Page.
Once again, thank you.
What if someday I come back here?
Sure, this is a night market.
Everyone can come here.
As long as they buy a ticket.
Okay then, I'll get going now.
Fine, Tohar.
See you.
He gave us the 50,000 bills.
It's nice to count money at night, huh?
Why are you here? We're closed now.
I want the four of you
to take responsibility.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I also don't understand.
How could you sleep peacefully at night
after killing someone?
Watch your words.
We told you already that Mr. Basuki
never came here! Got it?
I didn't tell you his name.
This hat
He wore this hat that night.
What's your excuse now?
Listen, if the police find out about me,
I will tell them his body is here.
Calm down.
-Calm down. Don't scream.
-How could you kill him?
I swear we didn't kill him.
He came here and we scared him,
then he died.
So weak!
He had a heart condition!
It's your stupidity!
You told him to come here,
knowing that he's sick.
Then why did you scare him?
Homewreckers really have no brains.
You're supposed to get scared
in a haunted house.
You expect us to sing
"Happy Birthday" instead?
I just want to get out of this town
as soon as possible.
But I don't have the money.
I need to pay for the wedding music.
It's no use if you go to jail.
This is all we have.
Just go far away.
Don't ever
mention this haunted house again.
Take the medicine, Mom.
Yes, Mom?
When are you going to take care
of my grave?
Stop it.
Can you stop asking about that?
It's still far in the future.
Don't you want to get better?
I want to watch TV.
The police are still investigating
the missing legislative candidate
from Bergerigi Party, Basuki Munandar.
Various speculations have come to surface,
from an affair
to political rivalry.
This is an interview
with the police chief of Rawa Senggol,
Police Commissioner Adjutant
Tohar Wahyudi.
We need to wait
because we're still investigating
and we're tracking
the owner of the phone number.
Is it possible
that this is about political rivalry,
since we're now near the election?
We still need to wait and see
I received a lot of complaints
from other tenants.
Your visitors eat while waiting in line,
then they litter around the other areas.
The trash
is the cleaning staff's job.
I think Obet is too slow. He should
speed up during peak hours.
He actually does a really good job.
He cleans every two hours.
What about this?
We can pay extra for the cleaning,
but we need Obet to clean more often.
What do you think?
That could be a solution.
Perfect timing. Obet.
Come here.
I'll ask him.
Bet, we have a lot of trash lately.
Can you add more cleaning sessions?
They will pay you extra for that.
What do you think?
What's wrong?
You will get paid more.
Why do you look scared?
Okay then. You can talk
to the other tenants.
We'll go back to our haunted house.
Okay, I'll talk to them later.
-See you.
-See you.
Excuse us.
We always have new problems.
What is it now?
The police haven't come to conclusions
in the disappearance of Basuki Munandar.
Rawa Senggol Police Chief is opening
a call center for anyone who
You want to call the police?
You have evidence about Mr. Basuki?
Okay, let's call the police!
Do you like the chicken?
I like it.
I actually wanted to take you
to my favorite bakso stall.
But it's closed.
There's this bakso stall near the market.
A lot of people go there.
They have rich soup and big meatballs.
-It's delicious.
-You often eat there?
I've never eaten there,
but it's gone viral on TikTok.
Excuse me.
When was this?
You need to go back to the office?
No, someone from the office
just gave me an update.
You know about the missing person?
-You mean Wiji Thukul?
The latest case.
Harun Masiku?
Not that either.
Mr. Basuki, the legislative candidate.
Right, he's also missing. What happened?
I heard that someone at the night market
where you work
has information about Mr. Basuki,
but he's mute.
Anyone there like that?
-You mean Obet?
-Right, Obet!
-You know him?
-I do.
He cleans the market at night.
Has he ever talked about Mr. Basuki?
He never talks.
Excuse me.
Where are you?
We're opening soon.
I'm eating right now.
I'll be there in a minute.
-Hurry up.
I'm so sorry.
I need to go. They're waiting for me.
I'll give you a ride.
No, you don't need to.
It's alright.
But don't use the "wiu-wiu", okay?
-You know
It's really bad.
If Obet really calls the police,
we'll get into trouble.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I was eating and lost track of time.
Why did you eat outside?
You usually eat here.
She was eating with me.
I apologize for making her late.
It's okay. All good.
-I'm going now. Excuse me.
-Take care.
-Excuse me.
Are you dating him?
We're just in the talking stage.
He's leading the missing
legislative candidate case, right?
Mr. Basuki?
Tohar said that Obet has something to say
about Mr. Basuki.
To help Obet communicate,
the police wants to get
a sign language expert.
They're the people who translate
our words to sign language.
I know, you're not the only one
who went to school.
We're just surprised.
Okay, I'll get ready then.
Tonight, when the market is closed,
we need to find Obet.
RAWA SENGGOL NIGHT MARKEWe need to be calm and explain everything.
Let's just give him money,
so everything is fixed.
No! It'll make us look guilty.
We need to be careful with him.
I agree. Don't just jump into the topic,
we need to make him comfortable.
Comfortable how?
We can have small talk
or help him clean the place?
Right. We can take the cleaning equipment
and then we find him.
-Come on!
-Come on!
Come on!
Why is he running?
-Wait, Bet!
-What do we do now?
Let's chase him.
Wait! Just a moment!
Only one piece left!
-What is wrong with him?
-He's a bit nuts.
-Let's go over there.
Come here, Obet!
Why is he running?
Bet, just talk to us.
Where are you going?
-What are you doing? Come here!
He won't listen to us! Obet!
We just want to talk!
Bet, come here!
I've lost all my energy chasing him.
Just come here.
Oh, no!
He fell!
Jongki is here! Let's go!
Why was he looking for me then?
How's Obet now? Has he woken up?
The hospital said he has woken up,
but his mouth hit something,
so he can't talk.
He can't talk anyway.
I forgot.
One more thing.
Did we get the sign language expert?
Yes, he's in the room next door.
-Let's bring him to the hospital.
-Yes, Sir!
I think it's okay if he can't talk.
He doesn't need to anyway.
He uses sign language.
Yes, Sir!
If this is the case, it's a bit hard.
No sign at all.
What's there to interpret?
That's right.
What if we use his breathing?
-What do you mean?
-For example
That's for A.
That's for B.
That's for C. Or
-It's too hard?
-Yes, that's hard.
It's only an idea.
-Please continue.
Mr. Jongki,
did you see anyone else at the scene?
No, I didn't.
I wonder who would want to hurt Obet.
He's a good person.
Excuse me, Sir.
Our team managed to track the identity
and address of the phone number owner.
Okay, let's go.
What did I say?
If we just gave him the money,
everything would've been fixed.
How do you know?
He ran away before we approached him.
That's because of your stupid idea.
You told us to bring cleaning equipment,
and he misunderstood our intention!
Then why do you blame me
for his misunderstanding?
Bene said we need to have small talk,
that's why I proposed to help him clean.
You two are the same.
You can mention everything we have done!
Just blame us for everything!
Well, it's all your fault!
Ki, please stop.
It happened.
We didn't expect that Obet would panic.
That's why I said from the start--
"From the start", you said?
This chaos wouldn't have happened
if you didn't insist on burying his body!
You told me not to bring up
what we have done.
Now you're bringing it up?
What do you want?
You're trying to find someone to blame!
You can blame yourself!
You refused to report this to the police!
Now that we're doomed,
you blame me for everything!
You think this is my fault?
-Then who else?
Just so you know,
if it wasn't for my decision,
you wouldn't be able to pay
for your wedding venue.
So you think without the three of us
accepting you,
you could buy medicine for your mom?
You should've stayed in jail!
Why do you think your mom fell sick?
Because she has a son like you.
I thought we were friends.
You were too much, Ben.
You shouldn't have said that.
What is wrong with you?
Are you ashamed of having me as your son?
Why do you say that?
I keep disappointing you.
I've never made you happy, not even once.
So, you think you know my feelings
better than I do?
I'm an ex-con.
I'm a criminal, Mom.
You were in jail
because you're stupid,
not because you're evil.
I failed you.
Forgive me, son.
How can you say that?
You think it's easy to move a body?
I didn't say it is easy,
but this is the only way
if we want to resolve this.
There's no other way.
But where do we move it to?
I have an idea. It's a bit nuts,
but I'm sure this will work.
Promise me
you'll consider this before you say no.
-What if
we borrow Oki's mom grave?
No, we can't!
-You're out of your mind!
-That's messed up!
Calm down. You promised to consider this.
It's impossible.
It's his mom's grave.
I know,
but his mom is still alive.
So it's vacant, right?
Or do you wish that his mom died?
That's not what I meant!
Then, all good, right?
Think about it.
The police won't search for a missing
person in a public graveyard.
This is the best solution.
Gel, it's no use.
Oki will refuse to do that.
Forget your messed up idea!
Leave Oki to me.
We can't just confront him,
we need to talk him down,
approach him,
and try to get into his heart.
When we reach it,
everything is possible.
Why do I smell cat poo?
Did you step on it?
No, it might be Boris.
Not me! I swear!
Ki, thank you for making time for us.
We invited you here
because Bene
wants to apologize
for what he did this afternoon.
Ki, I apologize.
Do it correctly!
Ki, I beg for your forgiveness
for what I said this afternoon.
One more thing.
Bene wants to ask for your permission
to kneel and kiss your feet.
Can he do that?
Thank God.
Hurry up and do it.
You asked him.
-Come on. Hurry up!
-Come on.
Just do it!
He's shaking.
He must have really regretted it.
Stop it, Ben.
Stop it now.
Stop it.
I also apologize
for being too emotional.
I was also emotional
this afternoon. Now I feel better.
I found a solution for us
to avoid the police investigation.
But before I tell you,
I need your permission,
because honestly,
only you can save us.
What do I need to do?
I'll help if I can.
What permission?
we want to move Mr. Basuki's body
before the police finds out.
I have an idea.
What if
we borrow your mom's grave?
You'll kill him!
-Ki, calm down!
-I'm going to die.
I don't care if he dies.
How could you think
of using my mom's grave?
We don't have a choice.
You don't want to go back to jail, right?
-Please stop, for your mom's sake.
Listen to me!
-Come on.
-Why is it dark here?
What time is it?
You know why my mom needs to be buried
next to my dad?
Because she always wants to be
with the person she loved.
If we use the grave to bury Mr. Basuki,
where will my mom be buried then?
I'm sorry, Ki,
but I have a genuine question.
What about burying your mom
on top of Mr. Basuki's body?
Is that allowed in your religion?
Of course it's not allowed.
They are not mahram.
I'll still refuse to do that, regardless.
Imagine how my dad would feel.
Every day he would see my mom
on top of a random dude.
It would give him more suffering
than Hell's fire.
What about burying her on top of your dad?
We're allowed to do that.
That's so rich coming from you.
How could you say that so easily?
Burying more than one body in a grave
is only allowed in emergencies.
You know that there are different types
of emergencies.
Being chased by the police
is also an emergency.
Let's think about your mom's grave later.
I'm sure your mom will get better.
We'll pray for your mother's health.
But this time, we really need your help.
I beg you.
Can you do that?
Miss Intan.
Come with us to the police station.
Let's go.
This is impossible.
What do you mean "impossible"?
Look at the body!
It's too big to move!
It also reeks.
We can cover the body with coffee powder
to reduce the stench.
I prepared it.
It's a no-go!
What do you mean "no-go"?
Don't give up now. We have come this far.
Don't you see? It's a dead body!
I know it's a dead body,
but still, we need to move it!
We have a good plan.
We just need to execute it.
I have a solution.
I know how to move his body secretly.
What if
we chop his body into small parts?
Your head needs chopping down!
-Why not?
-We're not murderers.
How can you think of mutilating a body?
It doesn't count as murder.
He's already dead.
It's not that hard anyway.
How do you know?
I did some tests.
You heartless animal!
That's someone's finger!
-Put it back!
-Where's your morality?
-Put it back now!
-Just look--
-Get away!
-Put it back!
-Put it back now!
Put it back!
Why is it locked?
What's this smell?
It smells like a carcass.
Yes, right. It's a carcass.
We found a dead rat inside.
-I see. Let me put that away.
-No! Don't!
-I will help.
-No! I've told you no!
We'll bury it.
Why would you bury a dead rat?
I think it died
because someone stepped on it.
I actually stepped on it,
so I feel a bit guilty.
Well, you have visitors waiting for you.
People are lining up,
so you need to get ready.
This is bad.
So many people.
We don't have time.
People are lining up.
What do we do now?
Let's just put it outside.
Tie it to something.
People will think it's a decoration.
I'll put coffee powder on it
to reduce the smell.
When the people leave tonight,
-we'll move him.
-What about this grave?
Let's cover it with a tarp.
Okay, come on. Take it.
Help me, Ki.
They're here!
They fell into the pit!
Let's help them!
What is this?
Come on. Grab our hands!
-I'm gonna pee in my pants!
-I actually did.
Come on. It's okay!
The ghosts are Batak!
What do we do now?
What do these Javanese boys want?
Come here.
Are you sure you don't know him?
Then why is the number
registered under your name?
How many times do I have to tell you
that I lost my phone!
Someone might have used my number.
Okay then.
Then tell me.
Why did we find Mr. Basuki's
medicine bottle in your room?
Sir, I don't know--
What now?
We found this bottle in your room.
If you don't know him, why do you have it?
Listen to me, all the evidence we found
only led to one person.
Only one person!
It's you!
-All clear?
-Let's go.
-Wait. We need to wait for Jegel!
He's getting all our makeup and things!
We can't go out just with this dead body!
If somebody sees us,
we'll look suspicious.
Where's Jegel?
That's him.
-Hurry up. This is heavy.
-Open the door!
You walk first.
Come on. Hurry up.
The skeleton is making so much noise.
Hurry up!
It's heavy!
Where are you going this late?
We're repairing our things.
What is wrong with it?
We need one more rib for the skeleton,
so we're going to fix it,
since we still have the warranty.
I see.
It looks so heavy.
-Let me help.
-No need to.
We've known each other for long.
-Let me help.
-No, you don't need to.
-All good. It's actually pretty light.
Right, it's actually light.
Only one person could easily carry it.
Right, Ki?
Right. It only looks heavy,
but it's actually
really light!
Now excuse us.
Do you smell coffee?
It comes from the pocong.
This pocong came from a coffee farm.
He died from
acid reflux.
-You mean GERD?
But GERD is actually dangerous.
It can cause death.
I used to have GERD, but now I don't.
It's all thanks to the ginger drink
I consume every day.
Do you boil it?
No, you just need to chop the ginger,
add some hot water and a bit of honey,
and then you drink it.
No! You need to boil it!
Without the boiling process,
you can't get all the extract.
I got all the extract.
You only need to chop the ginger.
-But it's better--
-It's better if you shut up!
Because Jongki has experience.
He used to have GERD.
He had GERD!
Okay then, please excuse us.
We don't have much time.
See you.
Why didn't you tell us
there's a police station
across the graveyard?
I swear
I didn't know about this.
Why is there a police station?
It wasn't here before?
Last time I came here,
I saw some construction workers
in the area.
I didn't know
that they were building a police station.
You should have asked.
Why should I?
So, what do we do now?
-I have an idea.
-Shut up!
Every idea is welcome, except yours, Gel!
Gel, did you bring our equipment?
I did. Why?
Repeatedly, Dimas's area
is under pressure.
Here's Dimas displaying quite
a tactical performance.
Mamat Oto relentlessly
seeks opportunities.
Pushing the ball forward, he heads it.
This could be his chance.
Oh, Oto heads it back!
There's another move from Ofeli.
The ball is returned to Oto. A very
tight defense is being demonstrated.
"Allah, there is no god except Him,
the Living One, the All-sustainer.
Neither drowsiness
Neither drowsiness"
"Neither drowsiness befalls Him nor sleep.
To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens
and whatever is on the earth."
You didn't know about this all along?
Not at all.
I didn't know about anything.
No wonder they asked me
to go home right away.
Any idea where they went?
They said they were going
to repair the props.
No, they must've been moving
the dead body.
I think I know where they went.
-Everyone, follow me!
-Yes, Sir!
Don't waste your time taking a break.
Just a little more and we're done.
The police will come soon. Come on!
I can't wait to join the military.
Then I can go back to my hometown
to see my mom.
I am so tired of living like this.
I want to live peacefully.
I want to get married to Naomi
and have some kids.
You guys need to come to my wedding!
-You have to!
-We will come for sure.
I want to be free.
Free from this dead body!
Also from my gambling debt.
What about you, Ki?
My mom passed away.
I have no plans for my future.
Forgive me, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
I have failed you, Mom.
I have failed you.
You didn't fail her.
You tried your best.
"My best ",you said?
If I tried my best,
my mom wouldn't have died.
You understand?
She only asked
to be buried next to my dad.
I can't even fulfill that one wish.
So, which part of this is my best?
Whatever happens,
my mom has to be buried here.
I don't care if they put me in jail.
But Ki
You can go.
I will take all the blame.
Just go.
If you stay,
I'm not leaving.
I'm not leaving too.
Just go, Ben.
You'll get married soon.
Think about Naomi.
Right, I will get married soon.
But if you won't come to my wedding,
who am I going to celebrate it with?
Don't move!
Show me your hands!
The law has decided
that all the defendants are guilty
of committing criminal conducts
of negligence resulting in death
and burying a body to cover a death,
and this was done together,
as stated in the first and second charges.
The defendants are sentenced
to two years and four months imprisonment.
Should we continue
working in a haunted house?
-Hell no!
-Hell no!
What about a diner?
-I miss you.
-Thank God. I'm so glad to see you.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
You look chubbier.
-I ate too many instant noodles.
-You gained weight.
Forgive me, Mom.
The past is in the past.
You have redeemed all your wrongdoings.
Let's go home.
But I'm ashamed.
-I have failed the military recruitment.
-You can stop now.
I have let it go.
It's okay
that you couldn't join the military.
You can be a Satpol PP member instead.
Look! I brought you the recruitment form.
Why Satpol PP?
Listen, it's okay.
It's also good.
Dorma's son is a Satpol PP member.
He kicked out a lontong Medan vendor
for selling in a prohibited place.
He was so manly doing that!
Who are you looking for?
No one.
Just remember that we're free now.
Show me your smile! That's my boy!
I need to go somewhere.
I need to see my mom.
-I'll go with you.
-Me too.
Okay then, I'll go with you guys.
I have enough space in my car.
I'll give you a ride.
You drive, Aunty?
Your mom is super cool!
-Can we have lunch together too?
You have money, right?
Let it go.
Your mom is at peace now.
God has taken all her pain, okay?
We can pray for her.
How are you?
I'm good.
What about you?
Are you good?
How is your dad?
I need to talk to you.
It's about our wedding.
I think it's done now.
It's done.
I understand.
It's all my fault.
I understand
if you married someone else.
What's your kid's name?
-I don't have kid--
-Just be patient.
If one day God blesses you with a kid,
I'm sure you will be--
I'm not married yet!
Are you crazy?
Are you serious?
I am!
Then why didn't you pick me up earlier?
I had to do my laundry!
You're not the only one I care about!
So, we're getting married?
But we have one problem.
What problem?
My dad said
we need to invite 3,000 guests.
Jesus Christ!
-Let me help you!
Relax your body!
Look at you! Gosh!
Ben! You're so stiff
even when you're passed out!
So silly.
-There's a text!
-There's a text. Guys.
Leave Oki to me.
We can't just confront him.
Excuse me.
Come here!
Do you guys know?
affected by black magic!
You don't kill people, right?
-We have a lot of visitors. Hurry up!
His dick broke.
Goodbye then.
What is Jegel doing? Where is he going?
Oh my God!
I have an idea. It's a bit nuts,
but I'm sure this will work.
I seek refuge in Allah
-from the outcast Shaitan.
-From the outcast Shaitan.
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious,
the Most Merciful.
I come here, you come here. Fool!
It doesn't count as murder.
He's already dead.
What is wrong with you?
Let's just bury him here.
Please stop it!