Age of Dinosaurs (2013) Movie Script

Ready to begin Mr. Donovin.
Relax Dr. Carson.
We're just changing the world.
Did you prep Larry?
Prepped. Yeah. But the -
Levels aren't established.
We need another couple ours to
make that Larry
Larry has been sedated to all
Your standards in fact.
Unless you don't trust your own
No I - I trust it-
Then we're fine.
Bring in Larry.
Rodger. Commence sequencing on
my mark.
Rosario, Lock the doors. We have to
follow protocol for every experiment.
Lock down.
I'm asking you one last time.
Don't do this.
Artery seizures. Monitor 3 Dr.
Christen. 12 CC.
Increase to 12 CC.
Doug. The
komodo is dying. We've got to stop.
We're fine Dr. Carson.
Go to zero degrees on the
Zero degree labrascope.
The komodo is going into shock.
Heart rate is 134.
Carnotaurus brain is stable.
Blood lose is at 2,000 CC.
Dammit! Stop this or I will.
Sedative. Now!
- Blood lose is at 2,000 CC.
- Heart rate is 134.
B21 ready.
Administering compound B21.
B21. Increase 10, 15, 20.
Full synaptic transfer complete.
Stay away from the doors. They are
locked to contain the experiment.
We have to follow procedure.
Open those doors! They're
Do not open those doors.
Doug. Get those doors open. Or I
will make it my mission
to shut this program down. To
shut Geneti-Sharp down, and
to make you personally
Don't shoot. It's not attacking.
It smells the blood.
Everybody freeze.
No sudden movements.
It's sensing the blood.
Not you.
Rosario. Hold of on the gas for
You have to get them out of
The 2 of you behind the Komodo.
Rosario. Get me an armed unit on
standby to open those doors. Slowly.
Gas it! Rosario Gas it!
It's not working. Its skin is
too thick.
Stop! Stop. Stop.
Yes Sir.
B Team is ready for clean up.
We weren't ready.
We have to start over.
And let these men and woman die
for nothing?
What? This isn't safe-
- We have a schedule
We have a budget,
Justin Juarisco and Geneti-Sharp
will get their Dinosaurs.
Look Craig.
We will learn from this.
I'm not gonna let anything go
That's a promise.
Just wake up?
Night shift.
I said I was on a night shift.
Thought you were staying at
I got 100 dollars for you.
What. I saw you talking.
Did you tell me you were staying
at grandmas this weekend?
Well I'm not, so lucky you.
Don't worry. I'm going to
Adrian's house today.
I thought you said that Adrian
was an asshole?
Oh he is.
But that's all I know.
No no no, that's great.
See you in 3 hours.
I got good news for ya.
You don't have to spend the
afternoon with Adrian.
You're going to get to spend it
with me.
So have you looked at any
Grandpa says college creates
liberals and that it is for snobs.
College creates education. And I
thought that you wanted to go to college?
I'll talk to grandpa.
You know your mother would have
wanted you to go.
Mom's dead and you didn't go.
Yeah, my point exactly. Look at me. 1st one
to get furloughed from the fire Department.
You know mom always gave you crap
about driving with a quarter tank.
Yeah she did.
So where we going anyway?
Some place very special. You're going
to love it. Just for the two of us.
Great. I don't want to go
bowling again.
- No going bowling.
- And I don't want to go to the petting zoo.
- Nope
- You always take me to the petting zoo.
You love the petting zoo. We're
not going to the petting zoo.
And you mean it?
It's special. Ok I'll give
I have no idea what you are
talking about.
Don't take me to that stupid
vegan restaurant either.
Here we go.
Well you just have to go with me
and go with it.
Oh. How nice of you both to
attend this exciting event.
You like Dinosaur's sweetie?
Oh actually she loves them.
Don't you sweetie?
Great. I'm totally under
No No. You look great. He
listen. Look what I found.
Remember when I got you this?
Museum of natural History.
I mean this is gonna be great.
You always loved that.
Seriously dad? I was like 6.
Looky there. They let you in
here after all.
Only cause you got us the
tickets Leo.
No No. I gave her the tickets.
A hug?
You know actually she doesn't
give hugs.
Oh look. Gotta
go. 10 minutes till show time.
Walk around. Take a look. A lot
of cool stuff.
You know Gabe, I could get you on
the crew tonight. It's not too late.
um you know, Thanks. I'm good. I
appreciate it.
Got your back brother. You take
care of that old man sunshine.
Best fire fighter in all L.A.
Smart guy.
Alright guys. Let's double the
exposure on camera 4.
Let's dim the lights to spot. I'd
like security increased at every exit.
Yes. Live rounds.
And I want traunqs.
I understand that. I'll deal
with it later.
- Mr. Donovan.
- Yes.
Mr. Juarisco would
like to see you.
I don't care if you have to go
to the corner liquor store,
We are not gonna run out of
Are you certain that delivery will
be ready for our museum revealing?
Absolutely Mr. Groober.
Olive stuchcard will be amazed
about this.
Ms. Grech, the whole world will
be amazed.
Mr. Juarisco.
Ah! Dougie.
Sir Juarisco.
Sir Juarisco.
I'm still getting use to it.
Look at this.
Amazing at what we can do.
um excuse me, Hans? Liana?
So Dougie? Talk to me.
Show is ready to start. When
ever you want it to start.
Of course it will.
You got it done. Despite some
trouble in Chichi-jima, I hear?
Troubles? No. A couple of
set backs. But we are ready.
We won't want these fellas running
around the city. Now won't we?
My spoiled grandkids live out
Of course not.
We've increased security by 50%.
Titanium bracelet around the cage.
And that's 10 inches of polymer
compound used on the space shuttle.
Let the show begin.
We almost done?
Oh. Funny. That's very funny.
Listen, You're going to enjoy yourself
and you're going to learn something.
You see that right there?
That's a pteranodon.
Now, they usually make their
nest on the highest pikes.
And when capture their
prey; sometimes...
...they'll bring their
prey back up to their nests
where it's impossible for the
prey to escape.
That means that the pteranodon can
come back and feed at its leisure.
I know the feeling.
Seriously though, how much
Listen, You're going to
be sorry that you are...
...not enjoying this quality
time with your old man.
Who you texting now?
Who do you think?
Hi. I'm Kim Abas. Most of you
know me as a model and actress.
And it's all thanks to Geneti -
When I was 10 years old, a house
fire took the life of my family.
And left me with 3rd degree
burns all over 85% of my body.
But thanks to Geneti-Sharp's
miracle technology... I'm a healty confident woman.
Able to live the dream of
beauty, unscarred.
And here's the man I owe it all to.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm
pleased to introduce you to
to the savior of Geneti-Sharp,
and the man who saved my beauty.
CEO Sir Justin Juarisco.
Thank you Kim.
Now there's a woman that has
curves in places where most
women don't even have
And thank you everybody for
being here today.
This has been an exciting year
for Geneti-Sharp.
Rising from the ashes of near
extinction to become the
8th next business of a new era in
Biotechnology and Medical Therapies.
But, the time has come for
us to expand our horizons.
Explore new world of
science and excitement. looking back for the next
step forward.
Of course, Geneti-Sharp is proud of our
patented flesh regeneration technology.
We Geneti-Sharp have been able to help
over of a quarter of a million burn victims
recover and go on to live
healthy normal lives.
So, What does all this have to
do with today?
And what can it possible have to
do with dinosaurs?
The museum is gonna make a
Activate the sonic guide
Let's see if this Marvel of modern sound
technology works with a crowd around.
Let's send out curly.
Meet the dinosaurs.
Fierce. Ferocious and back from
the dead for real.
Here for you to see. First.
Our techniques have become so
sophisticated that we can now
regenerate living flesh from
a single sample of DNA.
Keep the high frequency beacons
on auto.
Our patent silent guide
technology allows us
to control the uncontrollable.
To bend their sense of direction
To our every care.
It's better then a closed movie,
Theme Park. We are finally able
to have dinosaurs. Real
At any event venue that we
choose. From sporting events,
to parades. Children's Birthday
If somebody asked me, Just why
meat eaters?
Well yeah, we're starting with
the small stuff like a
Butterfly or a lizard. But as
I'm sure you'll agree, Why wait?
Let's go with the cool stuff.
Beyond the money to be made on
displays and shows. I wanted
to make a point about humanities
Cause if we can make something
from 100 million years ago
finally able to walk again, then
we can make anything walk again.
And the Oscar goes to...
Thank you Kim.
Who am I fooling? At
the end of the day, it's not about
Stocks. or investments
or even old men who can walk
It's about cool, Kick ass cool.
Justin skip some pages. Drop Moe
and Larry. We are going
Straight to the ceratosaurus.
These are just 1st of many
biotron of wonders.
That will lead Geneti-Sharp into
the future.
The people are sharp. The future
is sharp. Geneti-Sharp.
Oh wait a second. There's one
more thing.
Right now. In our warehouse.
Right next door.
There are over 100 of these
wonderful creations being
prepared for worldwide
Museums. Parades. Sporting
events. Even your own front yard.
Ok, bring it back to the script.
Sir. The Dinosaur is not
responding to the sonic waves.
The sonic pulses are
irritating the other Dinosaurs.
While these are aggressive creatures. We
have built an even more aggressive cage.
These cages can withstand
240,000psi. Which is used to hold
rocket ships together in
space. Nothing is going
He's just a
little spooked. A little cranky.
You would be too if you just woke up
from a 78 million year nap.
Crap. Spray it.
Heavy dose.
There is no cause for alarm.
Trust me.
Wha la.
Sir we have elevated levels in
holding cell 4.
What's in 4?
It's ok. It's ok.
Rosario. Craig. Get out of here.
To the warehouse. Let's go!
Go. Go. Go.
I heard her too.
Let's go.
Which way?
We're going to split up.
You need a weapon too.
I think I'm covered.
Ok. What's going one here.
It's a possible hostage
So far a lot of chatter about
crazy stuff Sir.
I don't care how crazy it
sounds. I need to know.
People are calling about
dinosaurs running around loose.
Was that...
It was alive?
It was gonna kill me.
Listen we need to focus right
We're going to get through this.
It can't get to you in there.
You're safe for the time being.
There's more of them?
We have to get out of here.
Listen the police know. The
firefighters know. Everybody knows.
The minute we walk out of this building,
there will be 500 uniforms out there.
But they can to us right now and
we can't get out to them.
This is the safest place for us.
No. You're a fire fighter find
us a way out. You have to.
I'm not gonna leave you.
If we stay here, they're just gonna
come back. You have to find and exit.
You said it would be safe in
here, right?
Ok. You leave your phone on. I'm
going to text you every 10 minutes.
And you're going to answer me
back, alright?
The door appear to be electronically
bolted from the inside. The windows too.
Why the hell would they need to
do that?
Panic room?
For an entire building?
Sir. We had to lock down the
You've trapped everyone.
Not everyone.
I can't.
We have to figure out a way to
recapture the Dinosaurs with -
The roof.
Try to get everyone up to the
Can Dinosaurs climb? Maybe.
Perhaps. Hopefully.
Hopefully they - they can't
climb. And we'll get everyone to
the roof and we'll evacuate from
Dr. Carson. You're a vet. Do Dinosaurs
Climb? We don't know if they can climb.
Are you crazy?
Do you know how many of these
reptiles just escaped?
Maybe 2? 3?
Is it 2 or is it 3?
I don't know. Doug? 4?
It was 16!
Craig, you back off. I'm taking
care of this.
This is Japan all over again.
Wait! Doug you told me-
You told me Japan was under
Guys! We have to focus on what's
going on right now.
I'm not talking about Japan. We
gotta get out of here.
It isn't safe here and you know
it. We gotta get you to the copter.
No no no no. Doug is going to
tell me about Japan.
Come on come on.
Come on. Baby answer the phone.
Sir. Another guy called. he says
he's inside the building.
Let me guess. Another
Dinosaur story?
This is different Sir. This is
one is Fire Department, Latter 42.
He knew this number.
Chief Dawson.
Who is this?
Gabe Jacobs. LAFD. I'm trapped
What's going on inside.
You're not gonna believe this, but
Dinosaurs have taken over the building.
Listen, People are dying in here. I need
everything you've got coming in here.
I'm talking about heavy fire
power. Everything!
Son. I am in no mood for Jokes.
Jacobs! Jacobs!
Mike. How long till we can get
SWAT through there?
About 10 minutes Sir.
Make it 5.
I'm on it.
This is so
- Kelly I'm not sure. We're not sure...
...what's going on here
at the Geneti-Sharp event.
But the police have set up a perimeter.
And whatever is happening is big.
What do you think happened in
Japan? Shit happened.
Did people die?
Yes! People Died!
You knew about this and you let
THIS happen.
It was - It was containable.
No! Obviously not!
I didn't ask to bring this
FREAKSHOW to life!
I just made it happen.
You're fired.
Now get the hell outta here.
I'm not going out there alone.
He goes out there alone, he'll
And you? Why didn't you stop
Listen to me. Justin.
You need me. Because...
...I have the key that will
shut down the warehouse.
Now with it, now without me.
This entire city is screwed.
Cut it out. We haven't go time.
My daughter is trapped in the
basement. In some kind of
display cage with an
electronic lock.
How do I open it?
Who are you?
I am Gabe Jacobs. LAFD.
I know where that key is.
Help us get out of here safe.
I can do that.
It's in an office. One floor
below us.
We got to hurry.
We've got to get to the room
What is this place?
It's a panic room. The family is
safe in there.
Well we as sure as hell aren't
in it.
One there door is shut, it's locked until
the key code is punched in or outside panel.
You miserable bastard. You knew
this was a panic room and you were
going to leave us
out here to die.
Only if you didn't make it in.
Looks like they get the last laugh.
How do we get in there?
Hey we can't get out of here.
Get help.
The outside panel is in the
It's too late for him. Come on.
It's ok. We're survivors. LAFD!
It's ok.
Chief Dawson?
Yes. Listen my daughter is
trapped in the basement.
Calm down. Are there anymore
Yes but I don't know how many.
Excuse me. This is my boss Justin Juarisco.
We have to get out of this building right now.
Never chief. There is a family in
the safe room at the end of the hall.
You've got to get passed the
Sir, we have to get to my
Sir, Juarisco is in immediate danger
and we need to get him to safety first.
My daughter is in danger!
Your daughter is probably
already dead.
Knock it off!
Gabe listen. Let's take care of
this family situation first.
Justin! Stay down!
Look out chief!
Chief! What about the family?
Forget the family.
Clint! Watch out!
Mike you heard that?
Concision grenades. SWAT issue.
They may be in trouble.
Chief. Chief Dawson?
Alright. That's it. Cut the power!
Get team 2 in there right now. Go!
Uncle Leo?
Uncle Leo! I'm trapped.
Thank god.
Uh, Where's your papa?
He's not with you?
No sweetheart but he'll be glad
to see you.
come on.
Sorry it's the power. It's out.
It's keeping it looked.
Emergency power should kick in
any minute.
Hang in there.
There it is.
Now it should work.
Thank god. It's ok sunshine.
Let's go find your father.
What the?
Oh god
Get out! Now!
Chief Johnson do you copy sir?
What the hell was that?
Big. Dinosaurs.
and as you can see the military
is in control of the situation.
Seemingly they are shooting anything on
site that is big, moving, and reptilian.
Bullets are not getting through
the skin.
Mr. Juarisco. You have to leave.
I have a helicopter.
It's not safe. We are locking
down this whole area.
Of course.
And I'd get myself a good lawyer
if I were you.
You need help getting out?
I know this building.
Mr. Mayor. Chief Dawson here.
You have to lock down the city.
Yes Sir.
Oh my god.
Don't look sweetheart.
Where's dad?
Oh honey, you're ok.
Hey. Have you go your license?
I'll follow on my bike.
They didn't teach me this in
driving school.
This is driving school.
Easy on the break.
Ok. Ok.
We're following this giant
Dinosaur, which seems to chasing
after a car and the
police motorcycle.
And it seems like they are
headed towards downtown
towards Landers Hills Mall.
Where is Uncle Leo going?
I don't know.
Would you try to swerve so much.
No! There's people everywhere.
Why is the car beeping?
I know. I should have filled it.
Take that exit right there. I
No no no no no no no!
No no no no!
Great. Great!
- Dad! I told you! - I was
going to fill it with gas-
Get to safety. I'll distract him
as long as I can.
- Uncle Leo!
- No.
- No. Dad!
- We got to move. We gotta go NOW!
- Oh my god!
- Run Run RUN!
Get Chief Dawson out to the warehouse.
We have Dinosaurs everywhere.
I repeat, we have Dinosaurs.
Listen, we are going to have to
break away from this story.
To get a better birds eye view. We
will be back with you folks soon.
Things aren't going to well are
The power is shut off and gage automatic
system and I can't get them off line.
There's a shut off to the
- System are down.
- No effect.
Look, You guys are the smart
ones. Come up with a solution!
Alright, Alright.
How long do we have?
About 1 hours.
Then what happens?
The machines power down.
And then they just die?
It depends.
Depends on what?
Their innate sense of survival.
Hold on. No no No, where are you
My daughter is in there.
Sir you can't be here.
Shit! Well then help us!
Jesus Crist.
In Downtown Los Angeles is on
lock down per order of the Mayor.
And the public is cautioned to
remain in doors for their own safety.
It seems like most people are
listening to the Mayor's request
which means by all appearances
Los Angeles is a ghost town.
This unbelievable situation
downtown is just a mess.
The police are trying to contain this. We're
going to see to try to get a little bit closer
because you folks won't believe
this is real.
Amick, get us in closer.
Come on. Closer.
Joe you've got a good find.
Amick, see if you can get us
in closer.
Holy crap!
Great. Which way?
Awe man, my biotech stocks just
went down 30%.
You've got to be kidding me.
Over here.
Listen we got to find some place
Go Go!
Dad come.
Yeah. Let's go.
Up the stairs.
This has
been an exciting year for Geneti-Sharp.
Raising from the ashes from near
extinction to become the 8th
next business of the new era in
biotechnology and Medical Therapies.
Meet the Dinosaurs.
Fierce. Ferocious and back from
the dead for real.
I want to make a point about
humanities future.
because if we can make something
from 100 million years ago
finally able to walk again, then
we can make anything walk again.
Talk to me Lieutenant.
I think we have it contained
Spotters confirm reports no
Dinosaurs alive in the city
except for what we have
gathered right here.
Alright. Thank you Lieutenant.
It's a good thing that got those
National Guard Fly boys involved.
It's a hell of a mess Sir.
Damn shame.
The Vessels for almost all the
Dinosaurs are open.
Locks on doors 3, 7, and 10
are compromised.
Sir Justin Juarisco is on the
phone. He says it's important.
Yeah? Well everything that's
happening today is important.
This is all his mess.
Unless he has something to kill these
thing right now, I'm not interested.
Copy that Sir.
We can't say here forever.
Why not? It's safe.
For now. But I got to think of a
better place-
What? Find a better place for
Jade, not now.
I'm not 5.
You know you're kinda starting
to stress me out right now.
Oh stop treating me like I'm a
helpless child.
I am trying to keep you safe.
Then stay with me.
You always have some place to
be. The fire. The emergency.
Any place but with your family.
Is that what you think?
It's true.
Could we have this conversation when we are
not surrounded by flesh eating Dinosaurs?
Uh, It's been forever. I bet
their gone now.
Hey, Jade! Jade!
Jade, Jade.
We got to get to the back of the
store. Come on.
There's gotta be something in
here we can use as weapons.
Maybe we should go. The fire is
going to catch up with us.
It's too late. The creature will
catch up with us.
Unless we have something to
fight with.
What about this?
Hockey Stick?
Yeah. I always wanted to play.
I thought that was a boys game?
Ok. I'm learning. Let's go.
I hate them dad. I hate them.
Get up on the roof.
Do it!
Is there anyone
coming to help us?
No response Sir.
We're on our own.
Sir, everything is having a
complete melt down.
How much time do we have?
20 Minutes.
Mr. Juarisco we need to get you out now.
There is a helicopter waiting outside.
We can save this one.
No we can't.
You know I'm right.
Get to the chopper now.
Rosario, We're Screwed!
We can win this one.
Alright Rosario. Let's see what else
we can do to save this gigantic mess.
Oh Shit!
Sir they seem to be traveling in
a straight line.
They're following the sent of
the first escape group.
See that building over there
surrounded by the policemen?
They're heading in a straight
line for there.
There's a lot of scent there.
I can't find a safe place to
This is a damn war zone.
Did you get in touch with the
They're not listening. There's
too much chatter.
Well they've got to know what's
Get me down there.
Hey! Hey!
Wait. Wait a minute! The girl on
the roof.
Hey! Down here!
Land there.
I got it. I got it.
I'm going to thread the needle
through the pipe. 5 by 5.
My dad's downstairs. We have to
help him.
We have to save you.
My dad is downstairs fighting
Dinosaurs. I'm not leaving without him.
Are you gonna help us or not?
You're going to have to guide
me. Come on.
Come on!
Wait here.
Phone call for you sir. Gabe
Jacobs LAFD again.
Chief Dawson.
I don't have a lot of time. I'm in the
building in the corner of 5th and Main.
Yeah we're out here. We're right
outside. Look there's a helicopter.
It just landed on the roof.
- Chief!
Chief! Chief!
Oh hell no!
Chief? Chief?
Hold on.
Chief. The Dinosaurs are going
into the building.
Chief Dawson, LAPD to National
There is still civilians and
LAFD inside the building.
We cannot fire inside that building
until all the civilians are out.
Copy that, but I can only give
you 10 minutes.
Orders are to eliminate the threat. We'll hold
as long as we can. But orders are orders Sir.
Copy that.
Young lady look.
My name is Jade.
Jade, Look. We may have to face
the fact that your is-
No! No! He's a fire fighter. He doesn't
leave people behind and neither do I.
We don't have much time.
I have to find my father!
We're going to have Dinosaur
company mighty soon.
My helicopter is on the roof.
I'm never letting you go again.
Look another 5 minutes. That's
all I'm asking. 5 minutes.
I know there is at least 1 other
person inside that building.
5 minutes!
Copy that.
Thank you. Thank you. That's all
I need is 5 minutes.
Come on Gabe.
Throw me a bone here.
You ok?
My leg's not doing so good.
Come on. We'll help you.
No no no.
You two go ahead. We're never
gonna make it this way.
We're gonna make it.
You know I'm right.
Dammit. We got to do something
about that. Walkie!
We need heavy fire power in the lobby. I
want that big son of a bitch taken down.
Sir the civilians are still in
Do you copy that?
Casey. I don't want you to think
that I'm some cold hearted bastard.
I've worked long and hard to
keep them safe there too.
There's no way they are going
to make it to the roof with
that creature inside
up the infrastructure.
We just have to hope and pray that...
...the building is strong
enough to handle these bullets.
This building is not going to last
long enough for us to get to the roof.
Jade, listen to me. You are going
to take Mr. Juarisco up to the roof.
I'm going to make sure they
don't get past us.
No but dad-
The building is coming down.
- Dad, I don't want to loose you again.
- Don't argue with me.
Sooner or later we all have to
pay the real bill of our deeds.
And my Dinosaur mistake is-
It's too big for anyone's
checkbook to cash.
Take care of your daughter.
and no me. You have no choice.
- Let him go. Let him go. come on.
- No.
And his final words were...
Final words. Final words.
Of course.
Rock and Roll.
Almost there.
The helicopter should be
Oh! You've got to be kidding me!
Everybody get back.
She's gonna fall. Come on! Move
it, NOW!
Hey listen. I love you very
It's just nice to hear.
I know I haven't been
there for you but...
...if we ever get out of this,
I'll do better. I promise.
Thanks for telling me now dad.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Hang on!
The horse is dead. Follow that
pteranodon. Step on it.
It's headed for the Hollywood
Hold on.
Hey, you're really not gonna
- Yes you are... whoa!
Your good.
I know.
There there. Down there.
There she is.
Alright. I got it.
Get ready. We only got one shot
at this.
Lower! Lower!
Come on! Hover Hover!
I'm hovering.
This is not hovering. Hover!
It's all I got boss.
Come on.
Dad, Hold on!
Jade! Look out!
Over here!
Come on! Come and get it.
Come on. Come on! Come get me!
Come on!
Hey! Come on Come here. Hey.
Come on. Come on. Come here.
Bye Bye Birdie.
You know, uh.
I thought you might want this
Even though you hate Dinosaurs
No I don't hate them. I just don't
want to play with them anymore.