Age of Heroes (2011) Movie Script

France. May, 1940.
Come on.
Come on.
We're ok, we're ok. Get down, get down.
Where the hell is he?
Shut up!.
Get down.
Come on.
Ok, watch out your rocks.
Fucking oh fucking, We are fucking finished.
Together. We're ok.
Come on, Reines.
Come on, Reines.
Is he?
Sssh. Quiet. Quiet.
What we do, Smithy?
Watch the rocks.
Come on, get up.
I'm coming!
Cover me.
oh God, Christ!
You're all right mate.
Here they come.
Cover us.
- We gotta go mate.
- Shut up, allright. Shut your mouth!
Watch, I'm on it.
- Here they come.
- Send him in.
At 11:00 o'clock.
Grenade! get down!
Come on, now. Come on. Just goooo...!!
Come on, get moving.
Come on in silence.
We lost. We fucking lost mate.
We're fuckin dead mate.
Shut up.
Get your rifle up. Get your rifle up!
Alright... Listen, we have
back 10 miles to get to the coast.
We'll got a boat that can ship us back.
Gotta keep our head boys,
don't lose it now
We've come too far.
Stay alert.
We stay sharp.
We're gonna get through this.
- Alright?
- Alright.
i'll gonna take point now, we just have
to do what we know.
Look at me. Look at me!
We'll be in the pub tomorrow
night having a bloody beer, right?
What the people of yours?
If they had better come with me.
Let's go.
Advance man and be recognized!
- Easy... easy, boy.
- Don't shoot.
- We're British. - Oh bloody hell,
we're glad to see you long.
- Anybody got smoke?
- Identify yourself.
Corporal Reines.
Don't get old slack with me.
2 Platoon. B Company,
West Kent, sir.
Where is your platoon commander?
Dead, sir.
- Platoon sergeant?
- Dead.
Now you got any food?
my men have not eat for some days.
No, but I have other job for you, right?
Report to the company Sergeant-Major.
We're digging in.
Maybe ambush these bastards.
Do you know what's coming?
Don't you dare to question me, Corporal.
- Is this the way off Dunkirk?
- No, you're digging in.
I have orders to hold line,
and we will hold the bloody line.
Orders are orders sir.
And I was given orders.
And I'm giving you an order.
What sort of soldier are you?
I wish you luck and all dare.
But we're going to Dunkirk.
Those were the last orders
given us by our sergeant.
Or you stay right here and you will
fight or I have you arrested.
We're done fighting for the time being, sir.
Let's go, boys.
- Sgt.
- Corporal!
- Calm down.
- What are you doing?
- Put it down.
- We are on the same side.
Easy boy
Come on.
Live to fight another day.
You ain't gonna stop these bastards now.
- You stay here and we're gonna make it,
believe me. - You're deserters, don't you?
Bloody cowards... I should
have you shot.
Arrest these men.
- Thank you.
- Come on, Sophie.
The Major: what he's like?
Typical royal marine.
Rough, tough and quite handsome, actually.
A quite the unconventional
officer, actually.
Some say he is
Lucky to be still Major.
But I was investigating and
father has a great story.
He fought all over the
world, including the Poland.
It has been part of special ops
since 1939.
Good morning, ladies.
Many stories to tell.
Sounds familiar?
- Sophie.
- Yes?
- Have you ever loved?
- What it does that mean?
Come in.
Ah, Splendid, Jack. What's up to you?
Thank you Lindsey.
- I guess both you been introduced.
- No.
- Quit that manner.
- Sorry.
Mayor Jones, this is
Lieutenant Mortensen.
And of course, we both know
Holbrook. Please take a sit.
Thank you.
Yanks! I thought you had
lost interest in this war.
In fact, I'm not. I moved to
Boston when I was 14 years old.
It is hard you can't
stay out of this fight.
Mortensen, kindly agreed to help out.
- Unofficially, of course.
- Call it an investment interest.
If you want to see some action.
Jack, I'm afraid your instructor
position will be remain on hold.
I'm on operation?
Operation Grendel.
- What do you know RDF?
- RDF?
- It relates to the defence or something.
- It stay for range and direction finding.
It is part of the line of defence
we've adopted along our coastline.
- Radar, is it?
- Quite right.
This technology is that can
save us the war.
The problem is:
Jerry has it too.
The Luftwaffe being guided by radio means
While our boys are still navigating
by compass in the bloody stars.
The disaster in RAF raid in December
39, was due to our aircraft
were detected at 75 miles from
the German coast by RDF.
They're building these things from
Norway to southern France.
The German RDF
known as Freya
and this is the Freya research center,
here, in the mountains.
We believe, if they have the new
technology, it will be there.
The admiral allowed me to
set up a commando unit.
Smaller, more versatile ready party.
What I need from you is to infiltrate
one of these Freya stations
cause as much chaos as you can and get
the intelligence back intact.
We have one window, an opportunity.
Officially, even the unit
doesn't exist.
I need to know that you
are with us for that.
How many men do I have?
One eight men team
of specialists.
This operation will be officially sanctioned,
I'm afraid... but we only have six weeks.
Any longer than that will risk
loose any chance of nightcover
I need all maps, any photographs and
all the intelligence you can.
- Mortensen, you know this area?
- I know the terrain. It is very harsh.
I used to camp in the
mountains when I was a kid.
Good. You can help
to instruct the team.
I need these men.
Corporal Brightling is in Dashwood prison,
but we need him.
I see. I'll make a call.
They are together, you know.
A couple.
I do not think that should stop him.
How is Grace?
Due at any time.
My mother should have
joined you a lot.
It's for the best.
- I do not want you in London.
- Yes, it is the best.
It's always for the bloody best.
Is it right or to the
left, I always forget?
It's left.
What happened to the instructor's post?
- Grace, I never said I was going to stop...
- You said you'd be an instructor.
Grace, please. Don't make this
harder than it already is.
Jack, please.
How many fatherless children there
will be when this war is done?
I want yours to know you.
You are here because you are scam.
You have let everyone down.
You units, your king and your country.
I'm here to put that right,
to put you back on track.
You will not go without understanding what
it means to be a decent human being.
Not a coward, deserter
thief or rapist.
Eyes forward.
What if I say not?
Who's this one?
Private Reines, sir.
Private Reines. Striking an officer,
disobeyed orders, cowardice. Shall I go on?
You are a bloody disgrace.
It was a mistake. I should
be gone back to the West Kent.
Save for your court-martial.
Why did you join the army, son?
- You wanted to see the world?
- It was either that or go to prison, dad.
Join me on the parade.
You will increase the charges.
Damn stop giving orders, sir.
Are you okay?
Speaking of brave,
and see who jumps.
Sergeant, the hill, one
hour. Double amount, go.
Go go go.
You are stupid. You
are nothing. Move your asses.
Get up.
I have a heart attack.
Follow the group.
- Rot alone, damn worm.
- I cannot breathe.
You do not need help. He is
special. Aren't you, Brightling?
He is a commando, isn't it?
Yes. Come on.
Is it not true, you fucking bastard?
Let go, I'll show you.
I cannot move the damn legs.
Come on. I'm not disappointed.
You two, take the pole.
So you were commando.
No, I wasn't.
How is it like?
I heard about you boys.
I never knew you existed.
I thought it was bit propaganda,
you know that?
If we can get out of here.
I have got something, cooking.
We can get out of here.
Change the names.
Become commando and
kill those fucking Nazis.
Trust me.
I know what I mean.
I'm a commando, man.
- Major Jones.
- Colonel.
I got a call from the guards.
- Something big for today.
- Strictly routine.
- I came to pick up one of my men.
- That's right, Brightling.
I believes he's with sergeant
major, doing some exercise.
What do you think they do,
damn lazy? Follow the step.
Corporal. Brightling needs
an encouragement.
What the hell is it?
- Segeant Major!
- Leave him alone.
What the bloody hell have
you done to him?
Are you okay?
- Get off me.
- Take off.
He was helping him, idiots. Let him go.
What's your name?
- Bob Reines, West Camp, sir.
- Pick up this kit and follow me.
- Do you take him away?
- Yes.
Room for one more?
What are you doing here?
- A misunderstanding, sir.
- I didn't ask for excuses.
Striking an officer and cowardice.
But I am no coward
the officer, he had it come.
- Get me out, please.
- I'm afraid not.
Alright, Syd, here we go.
Head down, head down.
Major... terribly sorry about your man.
Good luck.
Get back in row, Reines.
- Please Major, I want to be a
commando, sir. - Sorry, not this time son.
Reines, get back in line.
- I hope you do well.
- I'm wasted here.
Sergeant, can you get your man under control?
The entire day has been a total embarrassment.
Yes, sir.
Commando is a special breed, you
always have a chance.
As you go out, you'll find us.
Hold on to that man.
He tries to escape.
Get back.
- Don't be stupid, son.
- Don't be stupid... I'm not.
The Major is taking me out
of here, right now.
- He will not.
- I think I might, Sergeant Major.
Now why don't we all calm down?
And I'll drive you out.
Don't try anything silly.
Get in the car.
Get into the car Major.
Get back in line you faggots.
See you, boys.
I'll shoot you!
Right, I'm out, I found ya,
I want to be a commando.
Just like that?
- You said that.
- I know what I said.
- You gave me the note.
- I didn't.
But I prompted.
Syd, said he had something cooking.
He said he had something cooking?
So you thought it was
a signal to do this.
What? I'm a fool.
You bloody stupid!
I should have you send back just for that.
If you take me back I'm a dead man.
- You've seen any action?
- France, just before Dunkirk.
- What you think to?
- A bloody carnage.
- And you climb?
- Like a monkey.
Look after Syd, he's dehydrated.
Sips of water, little and often.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
- You're not a commando, yet.
- No.
If you fail any part of this test,you go
straight back to the prison, do you understand?
Yes, sir.
- How do we square with the police?
- I don't know
If you ever pull a weapon over me again
You will be a dead man.
You have cold blood, you know that, boy?
Stop what you
are doing and follow me.
Reprtense, move.
Move here quickly.
Stand to attention.
Good morning, gentlemen.
It's good to see you here.
Go ahead, Sargeant.
All right lads. To my right here is
the Sergeant Grey. I'm Sgt McKensy.
You can call me, Mac
Most of you already know me.
Those that don't are in great for
a fucking surprise.
- Do you eyeball me, Gable?
- No, sarge.
- That's one hell of moustache, laddie.
- Thanks, Sarge.
I hear that some lads here had have
a little time with the red caps.
Well gentlemen, after I'm finished with you,
you wish you have a little time with the red caps.
Do not underestimate me.
And never fuck with me.
- Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, sargeant.
- I can't fucking hear you!
- Yes, sargeant.
It is vital that we move quickly
and covertly as a team.
- Look at the man beside you.
- Look at him.
Get to know him.
You will eat with him, you will shave
with him and you will piss with him.
You'll trust him with your life.
Let's try for our
first heart attack shall we?
Squadron underway.
Come on, get moving.
Come on Reines.
- Hit him.
- Dale hard
Okay, Gable. The
moustache is perfect.
Move, get moving.
Reines, you're last.
You lost. You lost the game.
Move your asses. Move!
In a line, in a line.
Get in line.
Stand down.
Get back in line.
The FS commando knife.
This was designed especially for
what you have in mind.
Close quarter combat.
But only if we have to.
Get used to this.
Keep it on all the time.
Sergeant Mac
Come on.
Thompson. To the range.
Come on, today please.
Riley, to the range.
Mortensen, to the range.
Gable, to the range.
Brightling, to the range.
Come on son I haven't got all day.
Come on Reines.
This what you are up againts.
You need to learn how to use this.
Aye... let's start with the pistol.
Look at it: 9 mm, automatic.
Favoured by officers and you can see why.
Two shots to the main body mass, one to
head to finish the job.
Any questions? No? Good.
Mr. Mortensen, be my guest.
Good. Riley.
Good shooting, son. If you weren't
so fucking ugly I'd kiss you.
Who taught you to shoot so well, son?
- You did, Sargeant.
- Me? Never.
- "You did, Sargeant".
- What are you talking about?
Mr. Reines.
If you hit a fucking barn door
back, I'll give you a call.
Sorry, Sarge.
It is my weaker side.
Where did you learn to shoot so well?
- Cowboy movies.
- Oh, really?
Got ourselves Jessie James
here, have we?
Well Mr. Reines, for being so hot fucking shot,
I think you deserve a little run, don't you?
Don't you, Sargeant Grey?
Put it over your head, sir. Above.
Follow me sir, come on.
Shut up!
Lift the arms Reines.
Yes Sargeant.
Is it painful son?
Yes, sarge.
Pain, Reines, it's just
weakness leaving the body, son.
Step forward. Stand up!
What do you think you have been taught?
- Something you still have an adversion to.
- Sir, I...
Shut up. I'm talking!
I mean, what is your problem? well?
- Nothing, I'm so sorry.
- Sorry?
So you seem to say.
What's wrong?
Your mother don't love you enough?
Is that it?
Were you disappointed?
- You became a bully?
- No.
- Won't happen again, sir.
- Damn right you won't
I'll send you back.
- Give me one good fuckin reason
why shouldn't. - Because of...
Because of what?
Because I've done more and achieved
more here than in my entire life.
Reines, you haven't achieved
a damn thing here.
One more chance. Please.
How you equip yourself over the next few days
will determine how you judge for the rest of your life.
- Depends on you.
- Thanks.
- Sargeant Grey.
- Thanks sir.
Thank you, sir.
Top with your head, Reines.
Well, looks official.
Come on lads, we've been
called to the conference.
Come on.
Okay, let's do it.
Mr. Reines, exit please.
- What's up, Sargeant?
- Just wait here laddie.
- Come on, Sargeant.
- Hello.
After you
At ease, soldier.
So... you are my escaped convict, are you?
- Can't you speak?
- Yes, sir.
I am. I did, sir
I want he back. It's a bloody mess.
- Some people told me they want your head.
- Sorry, sir.
If these were ordinary times,
major Jones would be court-martialed
And you would be shot.
But these are extraordinary times.
And major Jones is
an exceptional leader.
You're in luck.
I persuaded them to let you
stay in this operation.
- Thank you, sir.
- Don't thank me.
- I won't let you down.
- No you won't.
I'd rather you not to take notes.
Gentlemen, we are the masters
of our own fate.
Or at least it should be.
For this reason, I like many others,
have been exploring innovative ideas
to destroy the enemy.
I need men like you
men with courage and honour.
Indeed we live in a age of honour.
With the honour comes
duty. And sacrifice.
We're not naive to death.
But you
You are the first of a new breed.
A special force. An elite smashing grab
unit working behind the enemy lines.
This trade and its success
will define all future operations.
Operation Grendel, Norway.
That's where we head to.
Now, this tower and many like them
are protecting our shores
are known as RDF.
Jerry also has the RDF,
the name is Freya.
Instruments that spotting out our
ships and aircraft miles away.
And giving Luftwaffe an advantage.
Our mission:
infiltrate the occupied Norway.
Assaulting a communication station
in the mountain range in north of Bergen.
I say assault because Jerry spoke for
demolition job but this is a secondary aim,
the primary purpose of this mission is to get out
of their hands latest generation of RDF technology.
Sergeant Ballright, if you not mind.
Good morning.
The basic operating principle of
RDF is very simple.
The volume of sky to be kept under surveillance
is literally flood lit with our RF pulse energy.
The backscattered pulses or... echoes of all
aircraft within the vicinity receives
a group of posts in the ground stations
that are received by a set of cross...
In English, please.
The kit that the Major was referring to, is the latest,
most advanced technology we've seen in the world to date.
Where I work we're developing an equipment
that can jam the signal to their radio towers.
we believe they have developed
an anti-jamming device.
So rendering our work completely redundant.
If they have it, I need to see it the real
thing. Analyze it and steal its technology.
Thank you.
Allright, flight Sargeant Ballright, will
accompany you on your excursion.
Treat him with kindness.
Down to details.
I've been informed we have a lot of
contact with an agent.
We've beeen given detail about our rendezvous
but we will keep contact to absolutely minimum.
Insertion by plane. It will be
a tactical airlanding.
The aircraft will make so many changes.
A parachute drop, maybe considered
if the weather it takes.
- Extraction by sea.
- So...
- Any questions?
- Our position.
General details, a fifth alpine
division is in the region.
We'll have to ask Beowulf the exact
numbers of the objectives.
But it's unlikely to be more
than a platoon.
- Are they any good sir?
- Yes, very.
So are we.
- They're not expecting us.
- Exactly.
I have to go back to London. I leave
Ballright here to get aquainted.
I wish you Godspeed.
And good luck.
Okay lads, we have much
to do, outside.
You too, Mr. Ballright. Looks like
we're gonna have to teach you how to shoot.
I know how to shoot.
Get out of your fancy dress
and you can show us how is done.
Down your head.
You were right with him, though.
He is a clever man.
Seems to know much about
our RDF setup.
The Magnetron.
We must be careful with Jerry.
Very good.
May I help you?
I just wanted to give this
to commander Fleming.
Of course.
I wondered if you could give this to...
I will make sure that she receives it.
These are the men wills
in the event of...
I want last thing, Jack.
Beowulf's gone dark
Make sure theres
nothing to worry about.
Tell me, Boss.
I want you to look out him.
No problem.
Please, don't snatch.
Three short bursts. Again.
I've some researched on your records.
You brought all your men
back. Why don't you tell me this?
I did my best.
Yes. you were up for a medal.
You never get it, of course.
Don't be afraid, Mr. Ballright.
Keep him close at all
times once we're on the ground.
Three short bursts.
He is the nephew of someone important.
If this operation fails
We know what will.
- Yes, I get a pitch on that.
- Really?
Yes, a babysitting job: simple.
If it looks like he's going to be captured.
Or if he is... you shoot him.
By the way...
you would have this.
Keep well.
Major Jones
You don't have to worry about me.
I won't slow you down.
I've already had some training.
Actually, I applied to join
a commando unit once...
But they didn't have me.
It seems that my talents lies elsewhere.
- I just wanted to do my bet.
- You're certainly doing your bet.
Good to have you on board.
This is Bob Reines. He will watch your
back on the ground.
- Delighted.
- A pleasure.
Short burst... more control, great accuracy.
Let's go through it again.
We meet with agent Beowulf
on the ground at...
3267678. We landed in
a disused warehouse.
- Enemy forces:
- 5th alpine. That's easy, sir.
Cover the storming of the enemy
communication center to 277,890.
Protect air infiltration and extraction.
Go to the control room, lay
diversion charges along the way.
Secure the equipment inside the base Freya.
Gable will then set the timed charges.
Secure the intelligence
inside the Freya heart.
And if you ladies manage to do this without
awaken the commandant...
then we should be moving to RV
grid 277995... to watch the fireworks.
We get back to the RV, then the
submarine will brought us home.
Aye... Grab the kits and get some rest.
We leave tomorrow night.
15 minutes.
Go! Go!
Come on.
How many more are there?
What is your mission?
- Are you okay?
- I thought I was going to be shot.
So do I.
What is this?
Broken neck.
- Have you had contact?
- No, all clear.
Our problem is this.
We should be on the other
side of this bloody lake.
Now, we lost most of our kits and,
I'm afraid, the radio is out of service.
Allright gentlemen, we still have an RV.
Let's move in double time.
Next stop.
Mortensen, Reines.
- Riley - Yes?
- Keep an eye
We'll be allright.
I'll take good care of him.
Beowulf is beyond that spare
Remember, codeword: Grendel.
- Response?
- Viking.
Any sign of trouble straight back here.
We will see when it's clear.
What is it?
It could be a patrol.
Let's give him a minute.
Say it.
Say it!
- You are late.
- It's a little girl.
I already knew.
Put the gun down.
Enough, Steiner.
Do not ever point a gun at me again.
Not once.
Where are you from?
How am I supposed to call you?
Call me, Jensen.
ok Jensen, I'm Steiner, and he is Bob.
- And where's the rest of you?
- They are on route.
- Jones, combined operations.
- Jensen, welcome to Norway.
- Shall we discuss about orders or you need
to...? - First I need you to contact London.
- We've lost a lot of kit... the radio,
you do have radio? - Yes. Of course.
- Have you update the objective?
- Yes the Germans are busy.
They're travelling in the mountains shooting
anyone that they believe is the resistance.
What's this? That's hat.. SS
They've been here for a month.
I told them.
- What shall I tell them?
- Tell this...
Dispatch here arrived, sir.
Not good news I'm afraid.
Send the RV.
We not make it.
I need your response.
- I need you to confirm numbers.
- 20 to 30 troops at the centre daily.
Plus some naval radio operators.
As you know, the approach road is
covered by heavy machinegun post here.
They also set up a lookout tower,
just east of this.
Right, Mac, get on to that.
Inside the huts they said you
had intelligence on this.
Michael was killed trying
to get that information.
- How long from here?
- 6 hours and 12 min, at pass.
This property is half
km south of the target.
- It's in the valley...
- I know.
But can we still rely on this?
We need ammo, explosive.
- I have some hidden there, yes.
- Good.
I'm extracting with you
tomorrow night.
- Why?
- Orders.
- She is not Beowoulf.
- You might be right.
She may be
leading us to a patrol.
- This is insane.
- He managed to contact London.
She's not Beowoulf.
I do not care who he is.
She's helping us.
She compromised us
I'll put a bullet through her myself.
Stay alert.
Come on.
So the SS patrols
are out hunting here.
What do you mean by SS?
She's compromised.
- Where is the rest of your team?
- Hiding or dead.
Why do not you tell us
you were compromised?
What difference would it make?
This is supplies, no?
- Who are you?
- Steiner, what are you doing?
This girl will kill us.
You're not Beowoulf, are you?
Are You?
Are you?
Now tell me,
He promised me that he would
take me to England.
- What his story?
- She's been out with Mr. Beowoulf.
Rather they were dating.
Anyway, they get into trouble, they
sent the SS and he goes on his own.
And she keeps trying to transmit
like Beowoulf, no?
- Why do that?
- It's an important mission, right?
That's right.
That stupid cow thought we have a ball
and knew the situation
So we just leave it like that.
Allright, ladies, shut the fuck up.
Jensen, a word.
Regardless of who you really are
- You've fullfilled your order.
- Thank you, sir.
The mission continues. I need you
to head off now to the first RV.
Tell to London now where we are.
And we are in place.
Confirm the extraction coordinates.
And you wait for as long as you can.
I want you to get in the
submarine with or without us.
You're Beowoulf until
London, you understand?
What do I tell them in London?
You tell them the truth.
Right lads, gathering.
The new teams. Brithling
Mortensen with me.
The job is the same.
Mac and his team will move to the Freya.
Set charges and move to us.
My team will move to the communication room.
Mac, we need a lot of noise
to distract these bastards.
Riley, stay up as long as possible.
Ballright, quick as you can: in and out
Right... heads down and
see you in the RV.
Charges. I'll go
make some noise.
It ends now.
The bloody tower
should be blown up.
- Let's go to the Major.
- I'll stay, see you in the RV.
More noise.
Are you done yet?
This place is a treasure
house of enemy secrets.
We're talking precision RDF.
Your knife, Major.
That's incredible.
Technical manuals, operation logs,
recordings of freya operations.
That's great Ballright,
but we shall get moving.
Reines leave here.
Steiner, go, go!
Well, come on. Take your weapon.
No bullets. No fire.
- We are going to split.
- Allright, we are in the RV.
Please contact the hills.
- What happened to Brightling? and Riley?
- Didn't make it.
Right, come on. Let's move, move!
Sir, it is Beowoulf.
Grendel destroyed.
Casualties. RV not possible.
Standby 12 hours
in the designated place.
Naval strategic command, please.
- Strategic Command.
- SOS special ops.
Pick up required. Urgent.
- What proceed?
- Grendel.
Please hold.
Thank you.
- Is Steiner alive?
- I don't know.
- Special ops.
- Yes, need priority pick up.
Tonight, at 20.00 hours,
Alpha from North, operation Grendel.
It's not possible, I'm afraid.
Listen to me.
This is a top priority extraction.
Send a bloody sub.
Sir, we already sent a pick up.
If there is a window,
the slightest window of opportunity.
We'll see.
Tell Viking.
Naval pick up not possible.
Make your way to Sweden.
Should we let the Major
Jones knows the news?
Yes, of course.
Born the daughter of
Sara. Both doing well.
What's the latest?
The Major's got a baby girl.
Good job.
Pick up cancelled. We
are leave to ourselves.
- Allright, where to?
- Sweden.
- It will be rough.
- But we got here.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Major.
We are on foot to Sweden.
They are 2 or 3 days walk.
- We need supplies.
- The farm?
- We promised we would notcome back.
- Is there another farm?
We will need more than fucking food.
Why we do what we came for?
- It's a very good idea.
- Allright, let's move.
Come on, all is well.
You've done good there.
I've never killed anyone before.
I thought it would be harder.
- It all happened so quickly.
- Listen to me.
Better them than you.
Well done.
Do not think about that or you'll go insane.
People die, it happens. Now come on,
pick up that gun and be proud.
Mac takes this.
Steiner and Reines: with me.
- Did you see the blood out there?
- Yes.
Oh fuck.
Reines, crouch.
What do you see?
Reines, what do you see?
It's Brightling.
We need to help him.
Steiner and Mac could cover it.
No, crouch. Get down.
Damn bastards.
Fucking animals.
Germans bastards.
They're fucking animals.
Would be wise to show yourselves.
Friendly farmers no longer
available for trading.
I have your friend.
I think he'll be very happy to see you.
Won't shoot if you come out now.
Your friend will continue
to suffer until you do.
They have to Syd.
Mac, what do we do? Mac?
Take it easy.
Allright, more chances if we split up.
They will be watching for us. Stay low.
Miss, take that.
Are you going just sit and
watch your friend suffer?
Now would be a very good time to come.
We have to go.
- We can not, we can not leave.
- She's right.
Very good. Enough.
Assume firing position.
Fucking animals.
Single shots.
Conserve your ammo.
Cover me down the stretch.
When you're done, either
they are dead or not,
you're gonna fuck off to Sweden.
Excuse me the language miss.
- Mac, I can stay.
- I have no time for this, son.
- Make sure you take it.
- Of course.
Okay, do it.
You should be in Sweden, Mckensy.
With all due respect, sir.
But fuck off.
Do they expect?
- Ballright is safe.
- No way out.
You have no chance to escape.
Go, go.
Are you enjoying this?
- Go.
- Shut up.
What do you want me to do with this, sir?
- Go.
- You'll be prisoners of war.
Stop your friend suffering.
Fuck, that is unbearable.
Obviously he has orders
to take us alive.
And torture the truth out of us.
But we will fight yet.
Save him from his suffering.
Put it in order to
suffering of his friend.
Or I will.
Right, time to leave Reines.
- Steiner. Take Reines to the Sweden.
- What?
I need grenades.
And in 30 seconds. all hell will loose.
When you throw the bloody grenades
Me and Mac will move north. You
move east. Meet in Stockholm.
If we stick together
We have more chances.
Split up will bear
more chances.
Make sure you arrive safely.
You are a bloody good commando, sir.
It was a privilege.
God forgive me.
- Reines, throw the bloody grenade.
- Throw the grenade.
Go, go. Move.
Are you dead, sir?
- Ammo?
- Low.
What do you want to do, Major?
- You go, I'll cover you.
- You fuckin go.
Come on.
Look at me.
Come with me. Come on, get up, soldier!
Fucking lazy, fucking Steiner.
Don't stand there.
It's ok.
Do not die.
Stay there.
Wait, I'll come back for you.
Drop the knife.
Reines, come on.
Your orders were to carry me
home or to shoot me if you couldn't.
If you stay here you're gonna die.
I'm not going to shoot myself.
If you are strong, bastard.
let's go.
That's Sweden.
Bloody good.