Age of Ice (2014) Movie Script

Mother. This is
Raider 3-niner-5.
I have the Jordanian vessels in sight.
Raider. 3-9-5.
The Jordanians have
dropped their moorings and
are headed to the
designated exercise area.
Understood Raider 3-9-5. You
are cleared from surveillance.
Return to Mother.
Copy Mother.
Heading home.
Raider 3-9-5. Use ILS
approach 07, call the ball.
Will call, Mother.
I have the ball.
I am on ILS glideslope.
I love this job.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Jesus Christ!
Raider 395. You are off
the glideslope and too slow!
Increase your speed and go around.
I repeat. Go around!
Son of a bitch!
Come on baby! Work with me!
Raider 3-9-5.
Eject! Eject!
Punching out!
Sea Hawk is in bound to
retrieve 395. We're on our way.
Water rescue alpha, we have his
position. Sending it to you now.
Copy, ETA on scene in
less than one minute.
I see him in the water! Got
him over here! Turn him over.
He didn't make it.
What do you think?
We're picking up extreme temperature
spikes all around us. -Sir.
Island navigation is reporting
multiple seismic anomalies.
Is this a live feed?
Yes, sir.
It's not localized.
It's the entire Arabian plate!
Tell the Regan to lock
down the flight decks.
Get everything they can in the air.
Notify the Jordanian fleet.
Get me NAVCENT Bahrain on the line, Now!
I'm pleased to be your tour
guide first thing this morning!
I know it's a desert but I did not expect
it to be this hot at 8 in the morning.
They are used to the
warm temperatures here.
No! Too hot...
The Pyramids were built
over 4,500 years ago
from 2.5 million stones.
Now these tombs are more
then just burial sites.
They are described through art,
inscription and text on the walls.
And they tell us how these
people lived their daily lives.
I'm learning so much more
actually being here than
just studying it in school.
Your mother was once a
buyer for Naufal & Sons,
we spent so much time in
this part of the world.
So, why couldn't mom come with us?
She's still out looking for regional
artwork for the new boutique.
Sorry! Excuse me.
I'm so clumsy sometimes.
I see that you're reading
about the pyramid constructions?
Yeah! This says it only
took 20 years to build, but,
I mean, that doesn't
technically make sense?
I mean, 2.5 million
stones being brought in...
- What?
- No! It's just that...
I use to try figuring
out myself, you know?
And all I did was
confuse myself even more.
I want to see what's back here!
Who was that?
That was uh,
someone paying their
respects to an old friend.
Skilled workers stayed in
the temporary city near by...
the Ancient Egyptians created a piece of
architecture made to last an eternity.
And even today their struggle
to survive makes anything we
complain about just pale in comparison.
We don't struggle now?
Not like they did!
Besides, we have modern conveniences,
technology, toys...
You mean like those new
conveniences and toys
you put in the buildings
that you design?
Speaking of toys, why don't
you put that thing away, Dylan.
And join us.
This is cool, Dad, but I'm stuck
in this one part of my game.
Son of a bitch!
Dylan! Language!
What are you doing anyway?
The bat is escaping these
monsters in this huge building.
I have to use sound waves to guide
them to the next floor of the building.
If you don't put that thing away,
you're going to escape this
ancient building only to wind up
in a modern bedroom
with a month of no games!
Fine! Jeez.
So 2.5 million stones were
used in the construction
of the pyramids. And
it took skilled workers
closed to 20 years
to finish the project.
Yeah, I saw an episode on the
Discovery Channel about that.
Come on, we're missing the tour!
Amber, don't drive the tour guide crazy!
So we still have to make time for the
camel ride around the Sphinx at sunset!
Um, maybe your mom can
go with you for that.
- I'm up for whatever.
- Ok.
Great tour Akram! I'm
really surprised that you
didn't know that part about
the Valley Temple, though.
Thank you for using Anubis Tours!
Hi honey.
I was able to get the pottery
supplier to meet my terms
and found some amazing fertility
sculptures the clients are just gonna love.
Well, the tour guide didn't even
mention that the Great Pyramid
was once the tallest man-made
structure in the world,
or that it's the oldest...
Ok Amber! We don't care.
The Pyramids were really something,
Weren't they, Dylan?
It's too hot here, next
year we're going to Tahoe!
Well, I'm starving.
How about an early lunch?
I'm not eating mushed beans again!
You mean hummus Dylan?
Maybe Amber can move here and
be a know-it-all tour guide!
Oh, go play with your bats!
No, no, no, no, no!
Dad! Look! It's that kid from the tour!
Over there! Over there! Go! Now! Now!
- I cannot thank you enough!
- Are you all right?
I'm a bit shaky but I'll be fine.
- Tariq.
- Jack.
- Oh my god! Jack! Are you ok?
- Yeah yeah!
I'm gonna go and get help, ok?
What is going on?
- I cannot let you back in.
- What are we suppose to do?
Where are we supposed to go?
We're trying to help
the injured here, sir.
Please wait with the
others where it's safe.
We'll make sure to let you
know when we can assist you.
- Well? - The hotel said we should
just stay here and somebody
- Will come get us, ok?
- Ok.
It's fine. It's fine.
No, nothing!
Have you seen anything on the TV?
Yes, the newscaster said it was
the Arabian Peninsula that shifted.
The entire Arabian
Peninsula that shifted.
There are earthquakes
from here to Dubai.
Anything else?
Uh, the edge of the Arabian
tectonic plate that runs
down the middle of the Red Sea parted,
Exposing salt water directly
to magma for over 1,000 miles.
The TV then went to static.
Jack, I was able to
get a hold of my father,
and he thinks this is much
bigger than it seems. Bigger?
What did he just say?
He says that you should go to the
US Embassy and you'll be safe there.
- That sounds like...
- They're lying, Jack.
- Why would they do that?
- Because that is the US Embassy.
To keep people safe...
and calm.
What else did your
father tell you, Tariq?
Jesus. What are these circles?
Vaporized salt water is
seeding through the clouds.
Creating a massive unstable
low-pressure system.
He said that people in those
circles, need to evacuate
immediately as temperature
will drop below zero
making the whole area
inhabitable by sundown.
Are we in this circle right here?
Ok, so there's lava and a cold
front and shifting plates...
We need to go somewhere else?
That's what it sounds like.
It's salty!
Ok, I'm thinking we need to get
to the airport and get back home.
Babe, a plane isn't gonna
be able to fly in this!
The US Embassy is in the
heart of the city over there.
Um, yeah, that's not going to happen.
Can't we just find
shelter and stay here?
No outside help is going to be able
to get in here if things get worse.
We have to get out, Now!
Let's see.
Ok. Their airport is right
here, and it's outside
of the city and it's away
from the tall buildings.
Architecturally it's a very modern
building; it's probably the safest.
Yeah, architecture will save us.
I can't get in touch with my father.
I need to get in contact with him again.
You should definitely
contact your father.
The temperature is
already dropping, Dad.
Let's contact your father,
after we get to the airport.
Look, we have to get out
of here before sundown.
That's what? 7 o'clock?
Yes, about that.
Let's get a taxi.
A taxi? No taxi is
gonna come through here.
Nothing is gonna come to the hotel!
We'll take out chances.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me,
but I need to get in
contact with my father again.
I understand all that, but
you have to come with us.
Please, at least come
with us to the airport.
I don't want to impose.
We're in this together now.
All right. Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!
Dylan, give me your bag.
We can use these to dry off.
Thank you.
So, Tariq, where are you from?
I am from Jordan. That's...
I know where that is.
Of course you do. I left after
my father and I had an argument.
What kind of argument?
Dad! It's snowing!
How's it snowing so fast?
Wow, look at the airport!
It's completely covered. Dad,
they'll never let us fly out of there.
Ok, we can use these to keep warm.
Just wrap your heads.
Hello? Mariam?
Dad, can we get on the plane?
Yeah buddy, it's just like
LAX on a Monday morning, right?
Sir, can you keep it down?
You're scaring the children.
We haven't moved an inch in 15 minutes.
It's ok. It's ok. The safest place
for us right now is in this cab.
Until we are inside the airport gates.
I don't wanna go out there!
Then you don't have to.
- Ok, I've had enough of that!
- Let me try.
Where is he going? Um...
- Oh my god!
- Did you see that?
How are the planes gonna
be able to take off?
It's fine, they just uh...
the de-ice the plane on the runway.
Dad, this is the desert.
Do they do that here?
Do they?
It's ok.
You know what?
We've gone about as far as we
can by car anyway. Why don't we...
Are you sure about this?
Yeah, I'm sure.
All right, Amber, stay with mom. Dylan,
hold my hand and Tariq, try and keep up.
You ready?
Whoa. Keep up Dylan, OK?
I'm trying! I'm trying!
It's an ice age plane!
My god.
Come on.
Wow! There's no one here.
When is the next train?
Dad, the landlines are down too.
The train comes through every hour.
There should be one leaving now. Come on.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I don't just
speak Arabic, Jack. I can read it too.
Right! Of course you can.
Come on.
I wish the snow would let up.
Stick with me.
Stick together.
There's not gonna be another train.
Come on buddy. I gotcha.
- Grab my hand!
- Mom!
Come up! I got ya!
- Wow!
- Dylan!
Dylan! Dylan!
Amber! No! Amber!
Come on honey!
You can make it!
Come on!
They're not gonna make it.
On 3?
Ok, 1.
Honey, are you ok?
Just give me a minute to think.
Guys, don't fight. Not now! Whoa! Jack!
Calm down! If only we've gotten
there just a minute sooner.
How in the world... How the hell
are we gonna find transportation now?
I don't know. We'll figure
something out. Excuse me?
Maybe we can go back to
the city and find a taxicab.
It's gonna take us hours
to get back to the city and
find a cab. We don't have time!
- Excuse me!
- What?!
I was able to get a hold of my father.
And he's sending a pickup for us.
We need to get down
to the highway quickly!
Are the phones working now?
Mine's still dead.
Nothing on mine.
Mine too.
We have to move if you're
going to catch our ride.
Right. You're right.
I'm sorry.
We need to be at mile marker at 17.
There it is!
Any minute now.
They could drive right past
us and not even see us here.
Quick, turn on the flashlights
on your phone and give them to me!
Come on!
Here they are! Everyone! Back!
Why? It's just a pickup.
Come on guys!
Come on guys! Let's go!
Got your phones.
- Who is this guy?
- You got me.
Well if nobody else
is gonna say anything...
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
My father is a very
important person in Jordan.
- How important? - Obviously very important
considering the ride we've got.
- When you said pickup, I thought
you meant a truck. - No Crap!
It really isn't important.
I think it's important.
My father is the Minister of Defense.
All the large highways here were built
as secondary runways in case of emergency.
Your bodyguards make sense now.
I'm surprised you were in public even
with them after the uh, incident in Amman.
So that's what you meant
when you said and argument.
Oh my god!
Everyone, hold on tight.
Stay here.
Suez Center, this is RJA
5150, come in Suez Center.
I'm putting us on a heading
of 270 and dropping to
5000 feet AGL to get below this.
Can you fly into that?
We don't have a choice,
it's all around us.
I can't contact anyone anymore.
The weather blocking
off all communication.
I can't even get text
on the satellite link.
That means my phone won't
work here anymore either.
We can't fly into this!
The engines are freezing up!
GPS is down! I need a chart!
We need the blue binder.
Behind my seat!
We aren't near any airports or Highways.
We need to set down! Now!
We can come back around and put
down here. It's the safest place.
A water landing? You crazy?
Not exactly.
Go back to your seats!
This is getting rough!
Come on Jack. Their guys
know what they're doing.
- Are we gonna make it?
- We're gonna make it.
Heading 340, we're lined up perfectly.
Here we go.
Gear is on green light.
10 feet off the deck.
Hold us up as long as you can.
We don't know how thick the ice is.
Come on!
Hold it!
Hold it!
Come on! Hold on!
Hold it!
We did it.
Everyone get out as fast as you can.
- Come on kids. -
- The ice beneath us is
breaking from the weight of the plane!
Watch out!
Come on.
Ashton! Look! Look over there!
Mom! Help!
Jack! Jack! He still
can't swim very well.
Are you ok?
My boy. Are you hurting?
I'm not a very good swimmer yet.
What are you doing out here?
We're trying to make it to
the banks of the Red Sea.
Are you crazy?
The last tweets I was able to
read before the signal went down,
were saying they was an
ongoing evacuation center.
That's why we have to go there.
It was something about the weather.
A warm zone next to the eruption.
What is he saying?
I'm not quite sure,
it doesn't make sense.
Excuse my husband. He
doesn't speak English.
What he is trying to say is that
we believe that god will protect us.
Just like he protected Moses and
the Israelites by the Red Sea.
I know. I don't believe in god, sir.
You're going into the storm?
Why aren't you running from it?
We would die of exposure before we got a
quarter of the way to
the nearest safe zone.
The Red Sea is 1,000 miles long!
Do you know the exact
point of the evacuation?
I'm not buying this. It
doesn't make any sense.
Actually, this all does make sense.
What does? Going into the storm?
I flew a rescue mission into
a tropical depression once.
Low on fuel, we were
having a hard time landing.
Then all of a sudden, as
if a switch had been turned
the wind died down and
the skies opened up.
Ok, so it's calm in the eye of the
storm, but where is the eye of this storm?
- I still don't understand.
Ok, one moment.
The magma is boiling the water
into the atmosphere. Here.
And causing...
an extreme cold front to circulate here.
And creating a narrow temperate zone
along the shores of the Red Sea here.
And I know where the logical
evacuation point would be.
Right here.
Simon is right, and we
are only 20 miles from it.
I knew I was right. I knew we
were going the right direction.
It is all God's will.
Well whoever's will
it is, we have a plan.
What do you think?
I think our 6 should go with their 4.
I think you're right.
God, I love you.
We don't have a lot of time
to get them out of here.
If we don't get out of here by
sundown, the storm will cut us off...
and by my calculations, we really
will freeze to death out here.
Ok. Let's go.
I shouldn't get my hopes up.
I think this is what the call a
temporary reprieve. It won't last.
What's this?
It's a camel farm.
I think you're gonna get that
camel ride at sunset after all.
Ok, let's get these camels
settled up... and ready to ride.
This is really happening, isn't it?
It looks like our luck my
have ran out with the weather.
Look, blankets.
I think we'll have to double up.
I'm riding with you.
Of course!
- Have you ever ridden a horse before?
- Yes I have!
It's nothing like that.
On a horse your legs dangle on
the side with stirrups for support.
Ok, show me.
See this saddle post?
Your legs wrap around the
front and when the camel moves,
You move rhythmically
with the camel for balance.
You go that, Amber?
Yeah, I think so.
Just follow me and you'll be fine.
He right, time is getting away from us!
Let's go.
Hey Dad!
You know how when you're in
the desert you can see a mirage?
Of course, son.
When you're in the desert can you
see a mirage when it's snowing?
What are you seeing, Dylan?
Something shinny.
It's glittering up ahead.
It looks like a mini pyramid!
Maybe it's a marker for something!
- Dylan! Dylan, please be careful!
- Whoa!
Slow down, Dylan!
- Dylan!
- Dylan!
- Are you hurt?
- I think so.
You can't run off like that.
You could have got yourself killed!
Are you both ok?
Come on, we need help! We
need to keep heading east!
Great idea, but are we
going to get the camels down?
Well, I'm not sure we can do that!
We could cut them open for warmth
like the Empire Strikes back?
We'll shoot them off and they'll
find their way back home.
Are you sure you're both ok?
- We're ok! It's the side
of a pyramid, slide down. Ok!
Cap? Is that a piece of your plane?
Sure is. This must be
where we circled back.
This sucks!
Please tell me we're not screwed.
Yeah, we kinda are.
Actually we need to keep heading east.
- Any luck, Tariq? - No, but I have
to get in touch with my father.
There's no way, Tariq. There's no safety,
there's no higher ground, this is it!
Jack, less then 9 miles.
Less than 3 hours, Jack.
And look at that!
We need to keep moving...
A detour now will double
how far we have to go.
Tariq, I would love to
have your father's help!
But this is all we have
now and we have a chance.
We have to keep going.
We have to do this together.
There is still hope, right?
Dad, I think Tariq's father can help us.
He has the means... How? How
are we gonna do that Amber? How?
- Dad! I believe him!
- How?!
Dad, do you think we're
gonna survive out here?
No! We're gonna die! When all
we have is this first aid kit?
Amber. Amber. It's ok.
Guys, listen to me!
I know Tariq's got great ideas,
and you've been a huge help to us.
But we're beyond outside help.
We have to go on as we are, as best
we know how, on our own. On foot.
He's-He's right.
Trying to find high ground where
I might get a call is pointless.
I'll try on the way.
This is our only chance.
Do you hear something?
Over there!
Over here!
Dylan! No! Wait!
Dylan! That was our only
flare! Come on, Come on Simon,
Let's cut them off!
Somebody up there heard us!
You're getting religious on me now too?
If people have the will, they
can control their destiny.
He saw our plane go down.
He saw pieces flying
and then he followed.
Please, you have to
help us get out of here.
He said that the storm is ending and
that they are looking for supplies.
End? No, things are
about to get a lot worse.
Please! You can't just leave us!
Come on!
Heat! Heat!
That's the first heat we've
felt in a... long time.
Enjoy while it last, buddy.
Where are we?
It's an oil refinery.
They have been gathering supplies.
These locals made this their base camp
after the employees were evacuated.
Can we get some food? We're famished.
Is he serious?
Just um, let him talk.
What's that about?
The village where they got most
of the supplies, many of the
people were killed by the earthquake.
Finding what they needed was much easier
and more plentiful than they expected.
What did you say... Uh Amber! Um...
Just go eat some food.
It's ok.
What did you offer?
You don't wanna know.
I gotta thank you for
everything you've done for us.
I have one more favor to ask you.
How many of those work
trucks can you spare?
You are leaving now?
We heard that there's an evacuation
center in the banks of the Red Sea.
This storm isn't temporary.
It's getting colder and
colder by the minute.
I just want to get my family
to safety before sundown...
when things get really bad.
How do you know there's an
evacuation point waiting?
That's what we heard.
So you're going on faith?
Yeah I guess we are.
- Move!
- Get outta the way!
- Go!
- Get outta the way!
Do your really not see how
dangerous it is to stay here?
Come on.
Come over here.
Tell them what I'm saying.
We've heard...
There is an evacuation center.
On the banks of the Red Sea.
We are leaving...
in those trucks.
If you stay here, you
will freeze to death.
We have heat and supplies.
That will last us for days.
Weeks even.
If you want to leave...
based on rumors and whispers...
then you will be on your own.
Do you have some snacks for the road?
I got some cheesy crackers. I'm good.
Thank you for everything you've done.
You saved our lives
and I won't forget that.
I want you two to ride in the
cab of the truck. Not the back.
You go with your mother.
Dylan, you come with me.
I wanna go with the Captain!
Dylan you heard your father!
He is a Captain.
All right, Dylan. But if Captain Kawar
tells you to do something, you do it.
Ok mom, cool!
Come on boy, you ride
in the cab with me.
Ok well if Dylan is riding
in the cab with Captain Kawar
then I wanna ride with...
- I don't think so.
I hope they know what they're doing.
Is that hail?
It's huge!
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Bloody hell.
They should have left.
Dylan, are you ok?
Are you all right?
I don't know.
Amber! Amber! No wait!
- Amber!
- Tariq!
Tariq. Ouch! Ouch!
Get in the truck! You're
going to get killed!
Amber, Honey! How are you feeling?
I'll be ok, Dad. Don't worry about me.
Can you move your arm?
Here. I'll put it in a sling.
Amber, baby you're bleeding.
- Dad, I'm fine.
- There you go.
It's ok.
It's a Tariq-niquet...
There she is. I told you,
she was going to be fine.
Amber, where were you hit?
It's probably broken, actually.
We gotta keep the fracture
isolated or it becomes compounded.
Dylan, are you ok?
I'm fine, mom.
It's just a little blood.
Good God! Eww! That disgusting, Dylan!
I'm glad you're riding with us.
I wanna ride with the Captain!
Dylan that's not a question!
You're riding with us.
Sit with me.
Hour and a half till sunset.
Ok, this is it.
We're almost there.
Captain, do you know how
much longer do we have left?
We-we're almost to
the top of this hill.
And across the narrow valley, up the
valley wall, and we will be there.
So not very far.
Don't worry.
Is everything ok, Captain?
I'm not sure.
Everyone, stay here.
What are you looking at?
I swear, I can see something
through the storm out there.
Through some swirls of the
storm, I thought I saw...
Is that the evac point?
It could be but, I thought we
had one more ridge to cross.
Dad! Stop!
Don't move!
Why? I told you stay in the truck!
You ok, buddy?
That was close.
That could be a temporary
runway, but I don't
see what could be
flying in this weather?
Please the me the cell phones work now.
No, still no signal, but I catched the maps
for the whole area before we left London.
You see that point?
That's that point there.
And this one?
Is that point there.
And that means that must be the evacuation!
- It's amazing, Ashton.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Slow down
their cowboy. Let me see that.
Think quick.
You were looking at it backwards.
That point is the
opposite of what you said.
We still need to cross the valley,
but that's not what worries me.
- That's not what worries me?
- No.
What worries me is that
according to that map,
there should be a road right there.
It must have been
washed away in the storm.
- That's what I'm thinking.
- We still need to go that way.
Those lights could
still be the evac center!
It could be but I don't know
how we're going to do it.
About how far down does the cliff go?
About 80 feet.
Why, Dylan?
We could use that.
Why that would be how
we are going to do it.
And I told my dad I
didn't want and office job.
What was that, Tariq?
Take it back up!
You ok there, buddy?
Yes, I'm fine. I'm
worried about Amber though.
I am too Tariq. I am too.
- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
- Hey hey!
Take it easy there!
Yeah! Sorry about that!
Ok Amber, you're next.
You'll will be ok, honey. Look how
thick and strong that steel cable is.
And it's attached to a 2-ton truck.
That's not going anywhere.
Let's get this over with.
I've got you, Amber.
Just lean back and I
will lower you down.
Ok, lean your weight on the cable.
And I will set you down like a feather.
Oh no no no no!
Amber! Don't look down!
Just look at the rocks in front of you.
It's ok, I've got it.
Ash! Lock that truck down, now!
Quick! Lock it down!
I'm doing the best I can!
It is sliding on the ice!
We need to hurry this up now!
We need to get everyone down!
Get some rocks behind those
tires to block them! Please!
Are you ok?
I'm not sure...
I'm ok.
Here we go.
You're doing great!
Are you ok?
Are you all right?
Hold on!
Diane! Hang on, ok?!
Hang on!
Hang on!
Dad! Look out!
Tell everyone to wait here
while we check out those lights.
Ok, Dad!
Dad, come quick.
Come on. Come on, Amber. You
don't need to see that. Let's go.
Come on.
How in the world they get down here?
I found a maze of switchbacks
on the map on Ashton's phone.
I helped too.
Good job.
Good job, son!
I'm freezing Dad. Does
the heater even work?
It's on as high as it can get.
What is that?
Oh my god.
Jack! This is the
evacuation point, right here!
Simon! Calm down!
Stop the truck now!
Son of a bitch!
Everybody out. We're on foot from here.
Everybody out!
Simon, what's going on?
Guys, this is the evac point!
Look at the security
fences and guard booths!
It's here!
It's a dam!
Now that...
is impressive.
That is the Safaga dam.
The Red Sea and the Evac
point on the other side.
They must have shuttling people across,
and abandoned it when the storm got bad.
The valley wall is only
50 meters over there.
It is just through the... Aah!
Let-let's get the truck out.
That's not an aftershock, it's the DAM!
Can you believe that?
Did you hear that?
What are you whining about?
Everybody up the valley wall!
Move move move, Now!
We're in an abandoned phosphate mine.
Are you ok?
Yeah mom, I'm ok.
There's no way we're
getting out that way, are we?
I don't think so, we're gonna have
to find another way out of here.
Ok, don't let go of my hand.
You don't let go of my hand!
All right.
This isn't doing very much, ay.
I don't know which way to go.
Mom, mom, give me the phone!
- Why?
- Just give it me for a second.
Honey, what are you doing?
Mom, it's just like my game!
We can use our breath to guide us out.
Now we are the bats and
our breath is the sound!
Of course, cause the airflow
must lead to an opening!
That's brilliant!
It's going this way.
Be careful.
Diane! Dylan!
Jack! We're over here!
Oh my god. Oh my god.
You ok?
Yeah! Your son is brilliant!
- Aah!
- Amber! Hey! Whoa whoa whoa!
Can you stand?
I think-I think so.
Whoa whoa whoa! Take it easy. Take it
easy. Don't put pressure on your shoulder.
Amber's getting worse.
You think you can walk?
Yeah, I think so.
Come on. Come on. Easy. Easy.
Yes, yes, I can walk.
We need to move fast.
There isn't much light left.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Oh you gotta be kidding me.
It is from the bowels of hell.
- We can't go through that!
- I know. I know.
It's just wind! It can't stop us now!
No no no! Stop!
No no no! Stop! Stop!
I can make it through!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
I have an idea! The
crevasse we came out of.
There's other passages.
Let's go! Fast!
We came out right here.
Amber, what is it?
Can you feel it?
The air.
It's warm! Come on!
Amber wait! You're
gonna get lost in there!
I am not going in there!
Then you are going to die out here!
Can you hear it?
Hear what?
Ssh! Listen!
Rushing water! It's not frozen!
Amber. Stop. Stop.
Dad, remember this whole
thing started from volcanic activity!
And we're going to warm area!
The water is warm!
Of course it is!
You can feel it in the air.
- Amber, stop! Stop! Stop!
- Amber!
Ok. Jack!
Oh, Amber!
We need to get her!
Boost me up, Ok?
Come on.
Jack! She needs medical attention.
Dylan! Dylan!
Dad, go help mom find Dylan!
- Dylan!
- Dylan!
- He's not here, Jack!
Jack! I'm serious! She needs help!
Stay there! Hold on!
See that rushing water? Maybe
he shot out into the ocean?
Jack! Amber, Now!
Come on!
Come on!
Dylan! Dylan!
Dylan! Dylan!
Dylan! Dylan!
I can't.
I can't see him anywhere.
- Jack! Jack!
- Dad!
Please help! -Daddy! It's going
to be ok! - Jack! Can you hear me?
Help! Please! I don't
know what happened?
Jack, can you hear me?
Sir! Can you hear me, sir?
Can you hear me, sir?
What's wrong? What's going on?
He's in shock. Get me the
backboard and blankets.
Give him some space.
So, I'm going to place you on this
backboard and carry to the triage area.
- You're gonna be ok. Just hang on.
- Lift his head.
Dad! Dad! Dad! Wake up!
Dad! Dad! Wake up!
What happened?
Tariq's boat picked me up!
Well, it's not my boat.
My father and had half
the Navy in the Red
Sea when this happened
and it looks like they took the
lead in the rescue operation.
It was so cool!
I shot out of the cave and into the air,
Then into the ocean, and then
I was pulled up on the boat...
and we were jumping
waves! it was so much fun!
Whoa whoa! Of course you did!
Of course you did, buddy.
Of course you did.
It's all so surreal.
Just glad our family made it.
So many others didn't.