Age of Kill (2015) Movie Script

So it's you.
Check wind direction.
Find it in the crosshairs.
And when you're ready ...
Slip mig far.
Danish texts: Sublime
London, United Kingdom.
- I'm late. - Yes, sorry.
- You should have called. - I have apologized.
- Have you hygget you? - Yes. It was great.
Hopefully not a weekend with video games and junk food.
We've just been around.
Are you trying to reassure me it does not.
Stop nu.
He's not so bad ...
Not today.
- Goodbye dad. I love you. - Love you too.
Be good to your mother.
- She is quick high. - They do.
How ... what's his name?
- His name is Neil. He is ok. - Is he serious?
- It will not really you know? - Trying just to get a conversation started.
A pity you did not try it when we were married.
Goodbye, Sam.
Alicante, Spain 24 hours later.
Okay, folks. Let's get started.
Say when you have contact with the target. I want you to shadow him.
The call can come at any moment. And when it does, we have to be ready.
The goal in sight. Turn east.
Move out.
He took the phone out. Maria. Start tracking it.
I want to know what he says and who he talks to.
Say something!
- The number is not known. - So find it quickly.
We do not get a clear signal. Follow him close to the microphone.
Men hold afstand.
Tell what he says.
Give me something!
- I think he said a plan ... - You think?
- Tell him to closer. - Are we closer we get ...
The goal fleeing.
Damn! Charlie 3 Say you have an eye on him.
Confirmed. He is on the way north through the market.
- What? - I repeat. Charlie three, shoot.
For God's sake, is there any?
Tell me if I got the bastard.
Vauxhall Cross MI6. 48 timer senere.
What a mess.
The information came from one reliable source in Spain.
- We have no reason to ... - Young man -
- Fernando Lopez. He was only 23 years.
He and his girlfriend -
- Planned their wedding.
They had time in the church.
- They had chosen the equipment. - It was -
- Unhappily. - Miserable!
Our Lord preserved. The media has got wind of it.
I can not just sweep it under the carpet.
I would expect that either.
- What do you expect? - How about a little thing called loyalty.
It sounds like an old-fashioned concept, but once meant something here.
There was a time I could trust, someone covered my back.
Now he has to hurry, to cover themselves.
- Remember who you're talking to. - Come on, Monty, not all that shit.
- Hvabehar? - Of.
Hiding behind thick walls while we are out there, defending the gates.
I know this time we made a mistake.
But what about all the times we do it well?
What about them?
- Even the Spaniards want your head. - And you are eager to deliver it -
- On a silver platter with it all. - You gave the order.
- You were behind the shot. - It had to be that way.
I know it would be that way.
Attack source you said.
Prevents the dominoes from falling over, and here we stand now.
I'm sorry, Bill.
There will be a full investigation. You and your team are suspended.
- With immediate effect. - Let me tell you something.
Now listen.
I could use a game of polishing.
You're pretty good at polishing your halo.
6 months later.
How about I make one of my famous Spanish omelets?
Sam. Vil du have en omelet?
No, I am fine.
Hello, sovetryne.
- How are you here tomorrow? - I'm fine.
Only cold me racist, just cold me fremmedhadsk -
- Because you have the right to do so.
But I represent the honest people of all races and religion -
- In this country who are ashamed of the 7/7.
Did you have last night?
- Did you? - Yes. That was nice.
- They refuse full time to participate ... - Are you okay?
I'm fine. Why? You seem different.
I hate? I want ...
- Sam! - I watch the news.
We will integrate people and wants them get a better life ...
- Let's have lunch. I invite. - A 700 years old book -
- There has been misinterpreted and messing people into an incomprehensible power struggle.
We are a multicultural nation.
- Every religion ... - What is it?
- Which we take for us ... Is not yours?
I'm so stupid.
You can call me an extremist. I am extremely against extremism.
I represent people who want to be safe and not threatened by -
- Minority groups that are hiding behind the word racism.
The government must secure the border better.
But they can not because the majority of those who protect our borders -
- Recruited from those populations, we want a diskussion with.
Many of our hardworking border guards -
- Infiltrated by the people we are trying to keep out.
You know what Americans call our capital city, London?
What the US security services call London?
Londonistan. We are direct embarrassing that country.
Because the government has ignored every word we say.
It must be stopped. It is a problem to be solved.
Not by force but through debate ...
Sam Blake?
Sam Joseph Blake?
- Yes. - I already feel that I know you.
Who is it?
Kald mig Jericho.
Whatever you want, I'm not interested.
- I think that you will be. - No thanks.
I would ...
Do I have your attention now?
What the hell is this?
You are an articulate man, you need not spend so ugly language.
- Oh please. - No, you listen to me.
I will tell you about the nature of terror.
It is a primitive instinct. When it strikes, it's serious.
It will be an independent entity. It is palpable.
It is all-consuming.
One can feel the terror, smell it and taste it.
It is greedy and waxes. It involves uncertainty.
Can anyone not help?
Stop now. Whatever it is that you want to emphasize -
- I have made it. - No, not now, but later.
People out there living in the delusion -
- at de en dag rammer
den store jackpot i lotto -
- Or bring in et famous reality show -
- Or that the government will rescue them no matter what they do.
You and I, Sam, we are of a different nature.
We have seen what is behind the curtain.
We have looked into the abyss. We know that the nodule is malignant.
What I said about foul language, Sam? Do not challenge me.
No more shooting?
So I would ask for consideration.
I hear you. I know that, Sam.
I know what you are.
If for a moment forget that you are employed by the government -
- You look like me.
Listen up.
You hold all the trumps -
- You're in full control.
No matter what I do I will do it.
The kom det.
I wondered when the training would take over.
Build relationships. Ignoring differences. Achieve confidence.
Okay, we'll play it.
But this is not a negotiation. You can not manipulate me.
You are not smarter than me. Remember it.
And what do you want?
You must kill me.
Six people.
At the time.
Hver time.
Seks timer, seks mord.
There is a car for you outside.
You can find the key in the blue trash can at the main entrance.
The clock is ticking, Sam. It's time to go.
Take the watch on. All times are London time.
If you miss a deadline, people will die.
If you call the police, people will die.
Any deviation and delay, people will die.
Do you understand?
I asked you a question, Sam?
- Yes I understand. - I hope so.
I hope it really.
No no no!
Hell! She is a wildcat.
She fought really.
Today's children.
Six goals, six hours. Understood?
I've made it.
Ml nummer 1,
Malden Road, E96EP.
It's good, Lexi.
Really good.
Right there.
You're completely filled with rheumatism.
It has been a few stressful months.
Og and timer intense.
You're really good, you know?
You are now not so naughty.
For an old man, to be?
So old are you better not.
It is not how old you are -
- That's how young you feel.
Why do not you come and soaps to me?
Russell, du er uforbederlig.
- Complaints are you? - Me? Never.
Come on.
What did you say?
I said, get your sexy ass out here.
What are you doing?
Yoga? I give you as not you money.
You are srme a flexible young girl.
- Hey, Lexi. - I've got it. All.
Good girl. I also trust you.
You let him go now then?
All things in due time, Lexi.
First, you must send the files. They are encrypted. Do not open them.
Be sweet and let me talk to him.
The files, Lexi.
Send files to me.
- What now? - On the road stands a silver colored car.
- Ser du den?
- Ja, jeg ser den.
Take a deep breath and get a grip on yourself. You must take a walk.
When you reach the car, fold up and tighten your shoelaces.
- If the car is it? - Do not worry about it.
- Tell me why you do it here. - Again, think nothing of it.
Put the device fixed under the vehicle.
Go to a safe distance. In the backpack you will find the trigger.
Good boy.
Eight victims with a single shot to the head.
Surely a hunting rifle.
With the precision, it must be a professional.
I want the whole area sealed off. No one in, no one out.
I want the testimony of all. From all.
What is it?
There has been an explosion. Maybe a car bomb?
Part of the realm.
It was our catch colonial past.
- Something different now, right? - Yes.
If you want to "down under", you could a subject -
- You must have money and something to offer.
And there is nothing wrong with.
Australians, they have thought of their economy.
They have thought of the future. Australians are smart.
Yes, and while smoking this country down the toilet.
Filled with parasites, criminals and terrorists.
Hell of scum, everybody.
This is exactly the position we do not want people know.
I'm not saying that I do not agree.
I hold with eyelets.
But this is all about, we need to show the British public that we are not
A bunch of ignorant racists.
We know how it feels to walk down the street -
- Where we are in the minority.
Surrounded by a culture that we do not understand.
And that will not be integrated.
We know how it is, not daring to take the bus. Imagine if you blew up.
We are not the enemy.
We stand in front of something big.
But we need every patriotic men in this country -
- That stand bag this.
The first thing we have to deal with -
- Is the perception.
- Yes? - I am very pleased, Lexi.
- You're letting him go? - There is just one more thing to do.
I've done everything you asked for. Everything.
You have spent a night with a billionaire and sent an email.
- Not exactly hard, right? - Please.
Just do as you're told, then it is fine. Trust me.
Offeret hed Andrew Harris.
38 years old, lives in the apartment right over there.
We did not get anything out of his girlfriend. She was too upset.
There are no surveillance cameras.
Check whether there are others who watch.
First shootings and now this. I wonder what is going on?
I do not know.
But I think there will be more.
Explosive devices have always been the most powerful weapon in terror.
Even the simplest devices can have the greatest efficiency.
I am very aware of your expertise in this area -
- And it would be foolish not to take advantage of this.
Down on the ground! Both! Lie down! Do not look at me!
Get your head down!
Stay down!
So what?
- He is dead. - Excellent, Sam.
- Two down, two to go. - No, that's enough.
- It is over. I'm done. - Why do you say such a thing?
There were witnesses.
They were just there when I pulled the trigger.
The so gun, so the car.
- They saw me. - And you let them live?
Yes, I let them live.
I can see how it can do it all confusing. I must find a way out.
It is enough. It is final.
Let Joss go and we lost both of them, okay?
He you seen the effect of a nitrogen bomb or a chemical explosion?
You know what happens if you miss the deadline.
I cut it out of cardboard.
Can you live with that on their conscience?
I have sent details of the next target, get it done now -
- Then you are already halfway there.
Can you describe the car?
En sort SUV.
Registration VI63-ZPZ.
Give me a full ballistic analysis.
The parking garage needs to be cleared.
If anyone would complain, please send them to me.
I leave you to cop Hayes.
- Thank you. - We will soon be finished.
Hvorfor her?
Why at this time, which is filled with people?
He must know that he would be seen.
- It's obvious, right? - What?
The man is a lunatic, psychopath soft in the bulb or what to say ?.
It is an all too quick assessment.
We must look at the connection between the victims, perhaps we can predict the next move.
We have a description of the man and his license plate -
- He is quickly caught. - When were you promoted, Hicks?
18 months ago, why?
It is not always that easy.
- I want to talk to her. - Do not worry.
Young Joss is doing well.
I swear, if you hurt her ...
Drop now superfluous and focus on the task.
- Where are you? - Is there in two minutes.
Tik tak, Sam.
Damn it! Where are you?
Where are you?
Kom not kom not!
It was 13 minutes late, Sam. Unacceptable.
This is a nice little coffee shop. Do not you think?
Konsekvenser, Sam.
- Extremely ... - He also sounded delicious.
- Alone mold. - Who is this guy?
Hey, what happens?
Of the road.
- Did you hear something? - No, I heard nothing.
In do not want it here.
The sums for the ears. I must have them cleaned.
Did you hear nothing at all? Yes, I heard something.
These are from last night.
The girl is one of the first to be shot.
The guy she's with, have keys. This means that he lived there.
It brings it down to three possible people.
We have him. His name is Blake. Apartment 16A.
- Make a full background check. - Are made.
- He is secretly piston. - What?
The military intelligence service. The man is a secret agent.
Hej, Lexi.
- I do not do more before I see him. - Or what?
Did not you hear the sirens a few blocks away?
It, Lexi, is the sound of the impact.
The worst of all sound.
Another like you failed -
- With a simple task and could not deliver.
You should not disappoint me in the same way. Are you with?
Do as I say and be reunited with your loved ones.
But failure will be punished. Have you understood it?
No more requirements, Lexi. No more threats.
I have only one thing of you: -
- "Your unconditional obedience."
Have you understood?
There is a bag next to you at the wall.
Pick it up. Do not open it. Do not tamper with what is in the bag.
Put it in your trunk. Sit in the car and head south.
About five minutes you will receive further instructions.
Come away.
Er du okay?
Sorry, I was a little uncomfortable.
Hicks, look at me. You need to focus now.
Are you ready for it?
In the other cases, the shots fired with surgical precision.
As there has been an object even though it is extremely.
This is more random. Clumsy.
So it is perhaps another killer?
I do not know. Maybe.
Surveillance cameras will show something, but in the meantime I have ...
Who is responsible here?
- Who is responsible? - It is me.
- And you are? - I'll take it here.
- Sorry? - Hopefully it will go faster.
Show me some ID?
Siddiq, ikke?
I expect full cooperation with you and your team -
- You should not expect.
I'll take full responsibility.
Phil, you said that you would be here early.
- I really need ... - Roy.
Call me soon as you hear it here.
- Gaz, old friend, how are you? - Fine my friend.
Look at yourself in your best clothes. It has cost the box, right?
- I gotta fit in? - Yes.
Come with me, I need to talk to you.
- Where is Jacko and Big P? - Big P is out on an errand.
He would contact me as soon as possible.
Jacko your damn risk.
I have not heard from him.
I hope you let me down.
I will not take nicely.
- What about you? - I have a few buses on the road.
- And someone coming by train. - Know the rules?
- Yes. - I mean it, no weapons.
No knives, no chains, not even a bloody knuckles.
- If someone has something, it must be away. - It is sorted.
Listen, I have a little surprise for you.
I have been in touch with some old boys from the other side of the river.
You probably know who they are.
I have said that they should interfere with the other.
Mingle with the crowd.
- Maybe nod nastily or two. - Who said you could do it?
- I'm doing you a favor. - I will not see them.
I do not want them around, is that clear?
I must think about it.
- You give them the initiative. - Then let them?
We start nothing.
This is not to initiate anything.
At least not yet.
See? I said that it was him!
Stop ham!
Back! All retires! Back!
Be there!
Listen all together.
Can I have everyone's attention?
Before I continue, there is one I will present.
This is Bill Weybridge.
Earlier, the head of MI6.
Blake was on his team, so he is here in an advisory role.
We will focus on the following scenarios:
A. Blake has been radicalized and recruited for terror?
Or two. He's just a simple killer who turns on headshots.
You are wrong.
Sorry, Commissioner, you have something to tell?
I will only observe that, in my opinion, you are mistaken.
Are you sweet to elaborate?
Weybridge, until Blake's expulsion, there was not a stain on him, right?
Correct. Sam Blake is a highly decorated war hero.
Do you think that in the last six months, he has become a terrorist -
- Or built up a hatred for society?
There are other options, but on the whole, yes.
These are the most likely scenarios.
In my experience, are "most likely", it most often is wrong.
Thank you, Commissioner.
- Your observations are noted. - I have not finished.
The key to catch this man is to study his victims.
On the surface they seem unconnected, but we have to look again.
And if we do not find anything, we must look again and again.
There must be something that links two, three or four of them together.
Maybe someone who is trying to hide the relationship.
When we found it, we can begin to determine the killer's motives.
Set in the time I want results.
Come brothers!
Hurry up! Forward!
We have an important mission. And today is a beautiful day.
It was time, what took so long?
God, is it?
God! Where is my phone? Wait a minute.
Give me the police.
Suspect approaching from the north.
Received, proceed with caution. The suspect may be armed.
Stay where you are!
Call gain!
We are approaching the greenhouse.
The suspect described as armed and extremely dangerous.
Be careful, air support is expected in six minutes.
Good afternoon officers.
Alt okay?
Have you seen this man?
I think not.
Either you have seen him, or have not you?
What is it?
I've never seen him before in my life.
Get out of there right away, slowly.
We need immediate reinforcement in the greenhouse now.
Last chance!
Down on the floor, hands behind your head!
Keep your hands up!
Do it! Take it easy!
Reports to the control center.
The suspect escaped.
- Ja?
- Lexi?
Onkel Tony, Gud, er du okay?
- Has he done anything to you? - I'm fine, honey ..
You should know that I do everything he asks me -
- And I'll get you free. I promise.
- I'll get you home. - Lexi, you're a good girl.
Me and Aunt Sue, we love you.
- Yes I know. - Look, Lexi.
No matter what the shit planned, it happens no matter what you are doing.
- But I'm ready. - How can you not say.
Do not do more for him.
Do you understand me, Lexi? He can go to hell ...
Leave him alone!
Very noble, but in the real world you are running out of family.
And I know where Aunt Sue lives.
I have a job for you, Lexi.
Be ready!
We approach os goal.
He shoots at us!
- They are at my heels! - Take the south exit now!
Jump in!
- Yes. - Yes?
Thank you? I do not need thanks. I do not know who you are.
I do not care what you've done. I do not know.
And do not look at me! Stop it!
I will not see your face.
- What? - Let me introduce you to Lexi.
She is, to put it bluntly, a whore,
She prefers enough "escort", it sounds a little more respectable.
Come on, Sam! Himself hello.
Be it so!
You and Lexi have much in common.
Like you, she has proven to be a valuable resource.
Tell her that she is doing incredibly well.
He says you do it incredibly well.
Tell her that I am very happy with her.
- He said ... - I heard it.
She is quarrelsome, right?
I like her.
Roy? Det er Pete. Hej.
Take it easy! Take care of your heart. What's wrong?
I also am just come home from a job in London.
Just quietly, I come.
Have I ever let you down?
Precisely, look here.
I get about 20 minutes. No more than half an hour.
I order.
It's hot and it's black. In addition, I can not promise anything.
Why today?
When there is twice as much police in the streets?
Why not yesterday?
Eller i morgen?
Why make the effort to increase the risk?
Do you think there is a connection between the shootings?
It can not be a coincidence.
Roy Dixon! What do you know about him?
Han er en tidligere terrorist.
Has degree in sociology and political science.
When he was released from prison, he became politically active.
Formed the Patriotic Alliance.
He has been very busy the past 18 months.
He is intelligent and charismatic, -
- og han har en vision.
He is dangerous.
You should not underestimate her.
She is very sharp.
You should not shut her out.
She can be a win.
Listen Mr. Wade, we are very grateful for your valuable time -
- But I have done something like this before.
Do you have it?
Frankly, you should go home.
- You look tired. - I'm fine.
Men tak for din omsorg.
So let me put it a different way.
I do not need you.
- Get lost! - Listen, you little arrogant bastard.
- Cares not to knock on? - When it's my own office? No!
Something new?
Some of the victims have connections to the Patriotic Alliance -
- And at least two connections to hooligans.
That you knew already, right?
Close the door.
What you hear now, being in this office.
Roy Dixon was interesting since it Political Alliance began to grow.
Six months ago, they were a credible threat.
So we sent agents into among them.
And it occurred to you not come to warn them?
The Protocol provides that they should contact us.
We contact under any circumstances them.
- Inspector, you must understand! - Really?
Are the sharpest in the British secret service?
- No more of your kind. - Stop!
My kind?
- What I thought ... - Let me hear.
What did you mean?
I can promise you, Mr. Dalton, you can not call me anything -
- That I have not already heard a thousand times.
Do not make this into something it is not.
Do not be so childish.
You have no idea what's happening out there, right?
Maybe she should have a sign and participate in the parade?
From nar!
Hicks! Come with me.
Where are we going?
Is Cobra been informed?
Not yet, Prime Minister.
Not that?
In this situation it may be appropriate to consider -
- Alternative options.
It seems that Mr. Blake -
- Know Krudttnden.
How can he know?
In the last few hours, a few things have changed.
The shootings, the cafe, what was it?
Smokescreen shooting training, who knows.
On any other day, we would not talk about it here -
- But with tension simmering there.
But if they ignite Krudttnden -
- Do the gods alone know what happens next.
- It's your choice, but ... - You need to hear me say that?
I know the procedure.
Obviously, Prime Minister.
You know why I wanted to be prime minister?
In order to make a difference.
It may seem a bit naive, but it's true.
I want to sit in that position.
In order to make this country better.
But not here.
Never her.
I gathers staff within an hour.
We have a killer on the loose.
He must be shot -
- On-site.
Found it.
Put it in the back seat of the car.
- Made. - The finish line is within reach.
What do the police? When will this nightmare end?
These are the questions people ask about the street.
There are concerns everywhere ...
Hey buddy. Have you seen the news?
Someone has lost pacifier.
They find equal everywhere now.
I do not know what the city is going through.
Relax completely.
I do not want ballad.
If it's money, so I download them straight.
I do not want your money.
Was it you?
Yes, it was me.
Listen, I'm just a taxi driver.
I drive my car from A to B. I am nothing.
Who are you?
I'm not lying.
What the hell are you?
Listen -
- I'm not who you think I am.
You do not need to do this.
Yes, I do.
- He is dead. - You killed him quickly, really nice.
Who is next?
Try to hear yourself, a killer, a one man army. Unstoppable.
- I just want my daughter. - Of course.
I understand, do not worry, you will soon receive new instructions.
- Friend t, wait, no panic. - How many people have you killed?
I dag?
- Five. - Do you want to kill me?
- Of course not. - What if you need to?
- So what? - He does not want you dead.
How do you know? You have no idea what he has planned.
You are not a strategic goal -
- But the others are connected in some way.
What is it? What is it?
- I do not know. - What?
- He gave it to me. - Have you seen him?
- Not really. - What do you mean, right?
I do not know, it was dark, I only got a glimpse.
How did he look? Was he big, small?
- He was plain, with black ski mask. - Where was it?
- Yes? - How are you Sam?
- You will not know. - Relax, this is what you do best.
Kill the few to protect the many, You've done well until now.
One like you, loner, degraded person, I can not imagine going to be -
- glad for de
psykologiske vurderinger.
But if you want to open up and talk about what happened in Spain -
- s er jeg her for dig, Sam.
Come to the point.
- Just a killing anymore, so it's over. - Who?
I say who is next?
God, no!
In the bag in the back seat -
- er der en vest, -
- i vesten er der en bombe, -
- You must take the vest and participate in a procession -
- Anti-Islamist group, the Patriotic Alliance, will go past an hour.
If you try to disable it -
- I will kill your daughter. - I'll blow myself up?
I want you to help with the pain.
And kill as many people as possible how?
- Six you said six people. - Racists, Sam, New Nazis -
- It's ridiculous that we call them people.
- I would not do it. - Yes, Sam, will you.
You will do it for Joss, and for the parents and children in mosques -
- Listen to our highly respected Muslim who teaches them about the amazing Quran -
- Without knowing about the explosives, which is a few meters from them.
I'll call again.
- Where was he? - In a prison a few kilometers away.
- It was left ... - Okay, let's run.
- You drive me over there. - Why do you think he is?
- It's the only clue we have. - No no!
- Absolutely not, he's my uncle. - He has my daughter.
Okay, so do not gamble with her life.
Do you trust suddenly on him?
- You think he deliver them? - Do we have any options?
We have a choice.
Can I trust that everything is in order?
If the payment is satisfactory?
Not that being rude -
- But time is short.
Har du en pen?
Have you heard of a pen?
Sam Blake.
The only thing that has struck me in a competition.
For 25 years he was the most talented recruits in training.
He was even eight hours in a camouflage suit
hidden in a Somali scrub, -
- And when the enemy showed his face -
- Had Sam, a window of 30 seconds to shoot.
One killings -
- Prevented a massacre.
I hope that your respect for him, does not influence your judgment.
It stopped being a problem after he went berserk.
You can keep the pen.
Do not let me, Major.
Jeg vil have Sam Blake, -
- udslet ham.
- Are you sure it's here? - Yes, it is here.
Stay with me.
Who is it?
You disappoint me, Lexi.
I thought he meant more than a fat bank account -
- But I was wrong. - No!
Stop! Nej! Nej!
- Dit svin!
- Stop.
What have I said about your language?
You did not have to kill him.
You tried to trick me, I warned you against.
Would you prefer that it was your daughter, with a bag over your head?
I think not.
I have known your exact position, from the moment you took the watch on.
GPS tracking is a modern marvel, do not you think?
You have a little more than 52 minutes -
- Use them wisely.
It was my fault.
- Come on. - It should have been me.
- It should have been me. - Let's get out.
What should we do, Sam? What's your big plan?
We have nothing.
Brethren, please welcome. Mr. Roy Dixon!
Friends, -
- Patriots to see you shoulder to shoulder -
- Stand together against the British citizens claiming to be soldiers of Islam -
- Warms my heart.
I know you've put your rivalry aside -
- Will have to stand together on this one purpose.
Right now, becomes a holy war -
- Of terror and cruelty -
- Planned behind closed doors.
Of the hidden Islamic community in this country.
These people hide behind their religion, build walls, -
- Suppressing and mutilate women -
- And educate their children to become soldiers and to kill us.
But we say to them.
Not anymore! Not anymore!
We say to them, become integrated or traveling!
Become integrated or traveling! And if they refuse to integrate.
So we say to them.
Send dem hjem!
- Put me off. - No, no, you can not do it -
- I can not let you do it, you can not kill them, no matter who they are -
- You just can not do it. - I have no choice.
Put me off and leave London.
- Get on with your life. - No.
Okay, I have an idea, I have an idea, trust me.
He is at home around 8:00.
Yes, how are the children it?
Do they behave properly?
The last thing I need is to come home to noisy children.
Talk later.
- What are you doing here? - I missed you.
- It is a long time lately. - It is very sweet, honey.
But I'm afraid I have a meeting.
Kom nu, Russell.
You can probably spend ten minutes on me?
I mean, think about what I can do to you in ten minutes.
You do not expect that I pay for it, right?
No, see it as a frynsegode.
- What did you have in mind? - One thing at a time, Russell.
What the heck?
Okay, Sam, det er min ven,
Russell Kincaid, -
- His company won the contract to upgrade the headquarters -
- So he's pretty good at communication.
Not true, Russell?
I need to know who finally called me?
- I suggest you shut me out. - Answer her questions.
I do not know. Why are not you asking?
Let's just say that it is not an option.
So I do not know what to say.
Okay. Here's what we do.
Either you help me, or I'll tell your wife -
- Everything, down to the last detail.
You do not.
- This is very illegal. - Just do it!
Become integrated or traveling!
He Han.
Call amplification, now!
Roy Dixon!
Stop this march, for your people, that they turn ...
- It is a lawful demonstration. - The ends here.
- You're not sorry. - If you do not stop, someone will die.
If you do not release me, you will be sued for assault.
You can not control them, it is out of control.
People will die, you will have it on their conscience?
You miss five people, not?
Soldiers loyal to the case.
You are being fooled, Roy. Someone's using you.
Like fireworks? Of course you can.
This is spectacular.
Look at those eyes. You really are your father's daughter, right?
Five people, no explanation -
- It makes any sense to you?
- Where are they? - Murdered.
Salted, shot, beaten to death.
Maybe you will be the next, or him, or him, or him over there.
There is something wrong, we know both.
Roy, you have to stop it.
- Go home! Back! It is over! - Back! This way!
- Back! It is over. - What are you doing?
- You are a skiderik? - Not today!
There will be another day.
There will be another day.
- Satan. - What's wrong?
A technical error?
Take it off.
What did you do, Sam?
Months of planning and preparation, and you destroy it.
Shut up!
I am here now, baby.
I got you.
Hurry, get out.
- No father, I am not leaving you. - Listen to what I say.
Everything will be okay.
You should not lie to the girl, Sam.
To say everything will be okay, it's not okay, nothing is okay!
Maybe she lives one more day -
- A week or more years.
What is the difference?
All she has in store, is suffering, failure and death.
What is this all about?
- Spain? - Spain.
Throw a dart at a world map, Sam -
- And the chance is that you hit something we're all about, but you know nothing.
That killing innocent people -
- What you gain by it? - How many people have you killed?
Have you given up counting?
You sleep guaranteed good night?
Even when you have thrown bombs, you find a way -
- To prove it to yourself.
- You have no idea what has happened to me. - What a pity for you!
All the women, poor you.
When it goes beyond people like you, Sam -
- Your own kind. So it must be very sure to understand? Is not it?
I told you not? How rude of me.
The people you killed today, with such accuracy -
- var MI5.
- Secret agents ready to attack. - You are lying!
Now you will begin to understand the true nature of terror.
Do it.
Do it now.
Even now, after all you've been through, you can not get yourself to it.
Down on the ground, hands on his head. Hurry up! Do it!
So you will be the hero who surrender?
Banquet, humiliated?
Even the old Scottish motherfucker, will laugh his ass off!
Shut the hell up!
Come tax.
I said, everything would be okay, right?
- Er du okay?
- Ja. Og du?
Dear God!
All free units to the public car park -
- We received a call that suspects are on site.
He has a pulse, but it is weak.
It looks like you need to have your bonus.
- Why do you sound surprised, Monty? - Nonsense.
I have never doubted for a second you.
You've got a serious sur operated by you.
Let me worry about it.
No, leave it be.
Welcome back to the living.
Mit navn er Sir Alistair Montcrief.
Monty, if you will.
It is pleasure finally meeting them, Mr Blake.
You made us a little worried there.
But fortunately, the right skillful here.
- Where is here? - Do not worry about it.
- The men I killed ... Were they ... - I'm afraid.
But believe me. We look after their families. We look after our own.
I murdered them.
And thus you have saved many thousands of people.
They sacrificed themselves for the queen and the fatherland.
- Would you like a cup of tea? - No fucking tea. I want out of here!
The fact is that you are dead -
- Officially, that is.
Held memorial for you last week.
I pulled a few strands, so you were acquitted and received a medal of honor.
With great gratitude in every way.
Wind, wind ...
Hold on ...
Am I dead?
- I staged my death? - Exactly.
We got decrypted Bill Weybridges phone -
- From the one we got intelligence -
- And it helped us a lot.
- I want to see my daughter. - Unfortunately, it is excluded.
Once you get better, peep at it here.
You are in no hurry.
I will contact you.
Secrecy: Code Name Rogue.
Berlin, Tyskland.
We live in a time where it's kill or be killed.
Our enemies are developing and we have to adapt.
We need someone who can work outside of normal procedure.
One that will not be kept on a leash system.
In short, Mr. Blake, we need you.
Danish texts: Sublime