Age Out (2018) Movie Script

Richard John Wincott.
Case number Delta 6920.
It's Richie.
Where'd you go last night?
Just out.
I just saw some friends.
Just some other friends.
You're eighteen now.
You said no to staying with us
here at the children's home.
You know what that means?
You need to seek a job
as soon as you can.
Come on Jakob.
Catch the ball!
Let's talk school.
Why not get the GED?
I don't want
to go to school.
I want to be on my
own... start working,
and I think the GED's just
going to slow things down.
Where you want to go?
Would you rather go
to the library or to a party?
Uh, probably a party.
Parties are more fun, huh?
And do you like to read?
I don't know. Sometimes.
I don't remember much of it, but I do
remember we were staying in a hotel room.
And there was a woman in a car
who had taken me and my brother,
and I remember us leaving.
And it was dark outside.
I don't know how late it was.
I remember crying, and my mom just kept saying,
"It's okay. It's only for a little while."
And that was the last
time I lived with them.
Fifteen years of not speaking to your adopted
dad, and the first word that you say is "Hey."
And he says, "What's up
son? How you been?"
And that's when CPS came to the
apartment that we were staying in.
And that day... that same day,
my mom had a miscarriage.
I, uh, I washed my
clothes in the creek.
Um, it was right beside
a railroad track.
Um, cooked my own
food out there.
I was sitting right
behind her, too.
She was leaning out the car.
And I thought she was actually... I was actually
about to see my mom go all over the highway.
She was on a lot of drugs,
and that she drank regularly.
And I remember them drinking all the time;
they always had a drink in their hands.
I didn't know about the drugs until I
was older and someone else told me.
And I didn't... it makes
more sense now.
But I don't think there was really a lot
of reasons for the stuff that happened.
God is good.
All the time.
- All the time.
- God is good.
I'm glad
y'all say that with me.
Now look. Everybody in this room
has a goal, a success story.
I grew up through CPS.
Eleven years.
Throughout that time I've been through foster
home to foster home, group home to group home.
What I want to tell you all today is,
and I'm going to make it all real short
and sweet and simple.
And I'm going to beat
it out like Tarzan.
What I'm doing though is
I'm trying to inspire y'all
to become the greatest
that y'all can be.
To not become a statistic.
The question is, who are you?
What do you want for yourself?
Accomplish that. Fight it.
That's the best thing I
know how to do is fight.
I plan. I plot.
I know how aging out goes.
I talked to Javon about it.
He's doing fine now.
You know
what we call it?
- Call what?
- Aging out.
College is not for
everybody, but education is.
Education is a lot like
American Express.
You don't want to even think
about leaving home without it.
Education is a lot like Tide.
It gets out the stains that
all the others leave behind.
And we can go ahead
and say what fear really is.
It's "False Expectations
Appearing Real."
You know my story. As
your instructor, I told you.
What's really, really important,
as you go out in this world,
at the age of eighteen, are the
last four letters in American.
"I can."
And the
arresting officer this morning
that was intimidating the man
under arrest because voices...
I called about leasing.
Um, last name's Wincott.
I need a first month's
rent and a security deposit.
Uh, you're twenty-five short.
It's four-fifty.
It's four-seventy-five
with background check.
I don't... I'll have
to come back.
Hey! I'll add it to next month.
How much does that
make next month?
All right. They pick up
the trash on Wednesday.
Use the green bin
close to the back door.
And you're going to have to jiggle
the mailbox key, but it'll work.
You need any help moving in?
Oh no. I got it.
All right. Here you go.
Jessica. Hey, it's Richie.
Yeah. Richie.
Yeah, from the old house.
Yeah, I know. It's been a while.
How are you?
Are you busy?
Oh, yeah. I...
I had no idea.
So, when did you get engaged?
done some great things.
We've had some really great games.
Especially, Sam Houston State.
I thought we played
really well.
You've got a license?
Any arrests?
Nope. Nothing serious.
Well, we'll find out.
How's your physical?
We need fitters,
lifters, painters.
- All of it.
- Yeah. I can do it all.
How much construction
experience you got?
Not much.
Watch out for
these operators.
Look for their blind spot.
They can't see you when
you walk up behind them.
I need to get a bunch of the road
stilts set before the weekend.
Ten dollars was taken
out for lost PPE.
You want to make it up,
you work nights.
- Bellagio.
- Nights?
We're short a body.
I'll do it.
Be back at six. You'll
get a new work order.
Door was
I thought we agreed
on ninety-five.
It's the cheapest I could find.
Stay safe.
I'm Swim.
All right, Richie.
What was the damage to
the land lady adventure?
What's that mean?
How'd you make out?
Did she gouge you?
Did she rent you a place
with a corpse in the closet?
She was okay.
Well, that's good to hear.
She'd sell her own
daughter if she could.
And for twice as
what she's worth.
You got ripped off?
She rips off everybody.
People ain't got much brains
here. You understand?
There's nowhere else to go.
You see? And she knows that.
But one wrong could be wiped
out next to a hundred wrongs.
Ninety-three dollars.
He bends down to catch the
ball but he can't stop himself.
So, he passes the ball over
here, and then he throws it.
Much better than that.
Yeah. Just like
that. Just like that.
What's that?
At least I throw
better than you.
I never claimed to play ball
that way. You know?
- You got a light?
- I do.
There you go.
- You like them?
- I do.
- You do?
- Do they come off?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Hey, the
water is off in 6A.
Oh no, I paid. I paid that.
Who else can I talk to?
Payday Advance.
Yeah. I'd
like to get a loan.
How much?
Uh, three hundred.
Date of birth?
And your driver's
license number?
It's 3-5-3-6-2-4-7-1.
Who's your bank?
I don't have one.
Okay, you'll need to open
a checking or savings account
and have it open at least a
month before we can help you...
- I can't wait a month.
- You can do it online or in person.
You'll just need
two forms of ID.
Where else can I go?
You could try a pawn shop.
What is your full name?
Richard John Wincott.
6A Ellington.
You employed?
Uh, yes. Uh, no. I was.
What was the name
of the company?
Hiddleston Utilities.
You ever, uh,
you ever late with your rent?
Oh, no. I'm not late.
When was the last time you seen Ms. LaField,
your landlord?
It was about a door I fixed.
- That was about a reimbursement?
- Yes, sir.
What was your relationship
like with your landlord?
- Relationship?
- Yeah.
You get along?
You know of anybody maybe didn't get along? Had
debts that might have led to anger towards her?
Ms. LaField was killed
and her office was robbed.
You need anything?
Four games played
and all at Baylor ballpark.
A woman found dead has
now been ruled a homicide.
It was sad because you think who would
really want to hurt such a wonderful person.
Neighbors tell us she
was much more than a landlady.
She was like family.
If you was late with your rent,
she didn't pester you.
Or bothered you.
You could have been late
up to probably two months,
and she still would
have cut you a break.
Then she'll say to you, "Okay.
Are you hungry? Do you want some dinner?"
She was a very nice person.
Very compassionate.
How much for
a train to Shreveport?
No Shreveport.
We can do New Orleans.
How much?
The train leaves at 6:30.
The coach seat
is fifty-eight dollars.
You have uh, three hours, sir.
You need some help?
It's not mine.
Can't drive stick.
You want me to try?
It's okay.
I should call someone.
Uh. I don't mind driving you somewhere
if you've got somewhere to be.
You can wait inside.
I'll call you an Uber.
Where you going?
No. That's okay.
I was headed to this
side of town anyway.
No, you weren't.
What's your name?
You from here?
Army brat?
Big family affair
left all this with me.
- I'm okay.
- It'll go bad.
I'll make you a plate.
You like it
this quiet out here?
Not always.
It's nice.
You live all alone?
For now.
You married?
I was.
It's cold.
Even if you're not working
at this moment, you're on.
Okay? Our job is to make
the guests feel welcome.
Even if it's not something you need to do,
you find somebody for them.
Okay? And then you want to
make sure... I'll be right there-
if they offer you a tip,
respectfully decline it at first.
But if they insist,
you can accept it.
You've earned it, okay?
But only if they insist.
Look, when they do it
it's really important
that the lapels be pressed above the
button-hole and above the buttons.
- How you been?
- What are you doing here?
You don't write. You don't
call. What's a gal to do?
You follow me in here?
I saw you outside.
In your nice new
uniform. Very sharp.
You know... you know?
We work together.
Think about everything
that goes on.
Everything that we can't see.
The women in this hotel
that you wouldn't believe.
Not like her. You know, bigger.
My May. My Mona.
Your May what?
Come on, can't you just
give me a little kiss?
Uh. Fine.
This is Richie.
- Hi, Richie.
- Hi.
Now, Mona is here at the hotel very often so
you will probably be running into her a lot.
So, I wanted you guys
to meet each other.
Stop telling
all my business.
Was this today?
- Yes? This was today? This was today.
- This was like an hour ago.
How many people
you seen today?
- She's got to think about it.
- What time is it like seven? Eight?
Richie's an orphan.
He don't have any folks.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I didn't have a dad so...
We don't
have to talk about it.
You're so shy.
Well that's what
I get out of a liar, isn't it?
Come on, baby.
Now that was my first one!
How'd you like that one?
So, our old lady, huh?
What about her?
She's dead.
Just like we said.
Don't say that.
On the bus, that one night,
we didn't talk about it?
Yeah, we did!
We talked about it.
I just said that we didn't
like her. That's all.
No. No. No. I... Richie, I
got a good memory, buddy.
Working together.
And we drink to that.
You see this?
This is the south side.
Don't get hit by that car.
- Whoa!
- Nothing but fields and churches, Richie.
Okay. You're swerving!
At the end of the world
There's no one waiting
For you
In the beginning
Stop! I'm alone!
There was right
But now
It's done
Feel different now
They don't look like friends.
You want to fly
around a little bit?
Yeah, just go up two blocks.
Right, here's good.
We don't see
things clearly, yet.
We're squinting in a fog.
Peering through a mist.
We hope unswervingly
and we love extravagantly.
Let no one be cruel.
Let no one be proud.
Let us not revenge.
Let us not be
conquered by anger.
Now is the day of joy.
Of goodwill.
Of peace.
You're following me.
You've got that stick
shift down, huh?
I'm better.
I practiced all morning.
These going in or out?
Oh. I'm so stupid.
I think my keys were in there.
I set my purse down.
I wasn't thinking.
What do you do?
Do you call triple A?
I can get it out.
Could I?
Where'd you learn that?
Foster dad.
Do you mind if I take a few?
What's this?
Tortilla toss.
- You first.
- So, you've got to throw it... oh look, they got one on.
It's like, uh, horseshoes.
Oh! Really.
Feels old fashioned
to go on a walk.
My Nana used to say, "Never make a big
decision without going on a walk."
You've got a big
decision to make?
You play things kind of close
to the chest, don't you?
- What does that mean?
- It means you're secretive.
I'm not secretive.
So, why'd you want
to go on a walk?
I like you.
This was always a summer
spot for me in high school.
This was always a summer spot for
me when I was in high school.
Where did you go?
Waco High.
That's for rough kids.
Did you go to Baylor?
I lost interest.
My dad got sick, and I
just forgot about school.
He was a teacher.
He would have hated that.
Can't you still go?
Things keep changing.
You'd be a good teacher.
I have a New Year's Party
on Friday night at my work.
I have to go.
Do you want to come with me?
Yeah, I do.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I thought I'd get a jacket.
I see that.
That's a really nice dress.
I'm trying for the new year.
It was one of my dad's.
Did your dad make you do this?
- You look amazing!
- So, do you! I guess we're late.
No, no! We just started.
It's so good to see you.
We should catch up soon.
Yeah. Sure thing.
We'll go get a drink.
You remember Melinda?
- Of course. Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year, sweetie.
This is my friend, Richie.
- How you doing?
- Richie.
You've got a good one here.
We all love her.
Yes, sir.
Where'd you find it?
Um, my mother bought it for me.
- Oh. Nice. Well, it's nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
So how long you
two been together?
Not long.
Good for you, man.
She's uh, she's great.
She's uh... I've known her a long time.
So, how did you two meet?
Who are you?
I'm Jamie.
All right.
- I love that on you. It looks great.
- Thanks.
Are your earrings new?
I got them like a year...
like our last anniversary.
They're maybe like a year old.
Did you see her?
A divorce. A death. And
she still finds time to date?
You are so mean.
He's cute, right? He just
seems a little young for her.
What do you want her to do?
Stay at home all day wearing black?
It's her choice.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
Happy New Year!
I want you to stay over,
but I don't want to sleep
together tonight.
I haven't told you.
I can't sleep.
I have to take these pills to close my eyes.
I see things at night.
I lost my mom. Last month.
Now, I don't want to be alone.
I'll stay.
Uh, good night.
Good night.
- Hello.
- How y'all doing?
- Good. How are you?
- All right.
Mind if I talk to Miss uh Melanie
in private for a few moments?
- Of course. She's right over there.
- Appreciate it.
The person we're closing in on,
your mother believed to be harmless enough
to allow access to the leasing office
after hours for whatever reason.
Now there is a good chance that the profile
of the person is a desperate individual who
wanted money for drugs
or pay off debt. But,
it's also possible that it's
someone your mom took a shine to.
So, you think on it, and you let me know if
you ever remember her mentioning somebody new
in her life these
past few weeks.
Somebody she would have
had no reason not to trust.
Thank you.
Yes, ma'am.
Some guy's asking
for you downstairs.
You were moved
three times in five months between foster
homes when you were thirteen. How come?
Me and one of those foster
moms didn't really get along.
You fight her?
I've been reading up on you.
You know how to
handle yourself, huh?
I bet you also know
how to run away, too.
Right? Things get too hot.
Ain't that right, Richie?
You know what
that's called? Hm?
It's called "Fight or
Flight." It's evolutionary.
Comes out of us when
we sense a threat.
All those juices inside of us,
that adrenaline, tells our brain,
our muscles, everything what to do.
Most people don't
have to live like that,
but you have your whole
life. Haven't you?
Ain't that right?
Yeah. I guess so.
Now, what would you do if I told you that
your fingerprints were all over that office?
We've also found a witness
that said he saw you leave
the site at eight o'clock.
Now, that's a whole hour and
a half later than you told me.
- I didn't do anything.
- Let me tell you what happened.
It was all about the money.
You needed a little bit of cash to cover
some loose ends... pay some bills.
Hey, I get it. Look,
we've all been there.
You ain't no killer.
I know that.
But you got scared,
and that's why
the land lady's dead.
It was just about the money,
and it went wrong.
And there was a second
safe in that office.
Stuffed full, but you
didn't know that.
You didn't see it.
And there was another drawer
with three hundred and fifty in petty cash,
but you only wanted a little bit to get by.
You weren't greedy.
What do you think the outcome of all of
this will be for the person who did it?
Need a ride?
No. I'm good.
I don't mind.
Hold up.
Come on. Where
you got to be, huh?
Go away.
Come on. This way.
I got to go to work.
You're not joking around, huh?
Is this the serious,
serious you?
Come on.
I need your help right now.
Please help me.
I can't.
All it would take is just one little word,
Richie, for me to knock things down.
You've got cops at your work.
At your house.
What do you want?
I want you to get in the van.
We'll get a coffee first.
I don't like you.
You're going down, come on.
Keep going. Keep
going. Keep going.
Harder. Harder. Harder.
Harder. Come on. Harder. Harder.
I know everything about you.
You're a lot like me.
I was in and out of juvie.
I had a teacher that really liked to rag on.
She never stopped.
I snapped and hit her until she
was black and blue all over.
It was ten minutes before
they could pull me off her.
I was that mad.
Everybody always tries to tie you down.
Tell you what to do.
I've got nothing to confess, you understand?
No money. No real money.
No jobs.
No folks.
But we're all right, right?
I do what I can.
It's all I've got.
I don't hurt people.
You mean on purpose?
We're born alone,
we live alone
and we die alone.
That's it.
It's nothing.
And that's freedom, Richie.
People talk about having
it all the time, right?
What if it's a really little room? Really
dark with little cobwebs up in the corner.
We're going to a place
that I've been working on.
We'll be in and
out really quick.
Just stick close to me,
and we'll fly through, okay?
I paid the maid two-hundred for a
master key over at the Motor Inn.
Other than taking this wheel and killing
us both, you don't have a choice.
I own you.
Come on.
You want something to eat?
Come on.
Get over there.
Sorry! Housekeeping.
You took everything from me!
You don't remember?
Give me back my things!
I shouldn't drive.
I quit my job this morning.
I don't know why.
I just needed to sleep.
That's all.
You know I was dreaming?
I hate being alone.
I'm going away for a while.
I need to get straight.
I can't be here anymore.
You'll take me with you.
Hey. I know you.
I know you.
Okay? It's me.
I'm bleeding.
You're bleeding?
Me too.
I want to see the stars tonight.
I didn't tell you the truth.
My mother was killed.
Last month.
I didn't know
how to say it, so
I didn't.
It was at her work.
At night.
They robbed her.
I should have told you.
I'm sorry.
My only friend.
I've hurt you.
Aimed at a subway. He
ended up in the hospital.
- We need to figure out if he was in fact...
- Excuse me.
Where you going, son?
I killed her.
I tried to stop her
from screaming,
and then, I
robbed the office.
Do you have any voices in your head
that other people don't seem to hear?
Do you currently believe that
someone can control your mind?
Prior to arrest, did you
feel down, depressed
or have little interest or
pleasure in doing things?
Do you have any nightmares, flashbacks, or
repeated thoughts or feelings related to PTSD
or something terrible
from your past?
Now look right here.
Put your right shoulder on the wall
and face straight to the left.
Same thing facing
the other direction.
All righty. Now turn and put your back
flat on the board one more time for me.
I came back to this
house I was staying at.
The folks were okay.
There were two suitcases
on the front porch.
I was eleven.
That was it.
No heads up.
I guess they had enough.
I was in a new home that night.
I've never told that
to anybody before.
I'm at U of H.
It's nice where I live now.
I have visions of what happened.
They haunt me.
What made you do all that?
First, I thought
you were a monster,
and that you deserve
no compassion.
I find myself at the post
office with letters for you,
and I think to myself,
"What are you doing?
Why should I write you?"
You're nothing to me.
I pray for you.
I curse your name,
but I pray for you.
I know that you have
no one in the world.
I don't hate you.
But I hate what you did to me.
I want peace.
For both of us.
I'm here.
Growing up
Doing my best
Just to fill my cup
Waiting my turn
I want to lean on
Taking the pain as it comes
Everyone knows that
I've become numb
And some say
It's better this way
I find
I feel saved
When are you coming home
My babe?
Have you seen
What just happened
Between you and me?
You got my pride
And it burns
Even I can't fight
I want to know you
And some say
It's better this way
I find
I feel saved
When are you coming home
My babe?