Aged (2023) Movie Script

- Hi.
- Hey. How's it going?
Any trouble finding the place?
Just a little.
Well, thanks for coming.
I'm so sorry I asked to meet you so soon.
And specifically at a coffee shop.
You're probably wondering why.
This is the only thing
that helps me stay awake.
I'm the only one taking care of her.
That's okay.
I understand. I just...
didn't have a lot of time to
get ready, so I look like a mess.
It's okay.
I hope I don't come
across as too desperate,
but honestly, I am.
I've been taking care
of my mother for years.
I don't even remember how long it's been.
What did you say was wrong with her again?
It just came with old age.
And then it got worse and worse.
At first, she would
just forget little things
like dates and places.
And then it progressed.
Now, sometimes she
doesn't even know who I am.
It can be pretty harsh.
I can't even imagine
being in that position.
It must be really hard.
Yeah, it's rough.
So why has it been so hard
finding someone to take care of her?
My mom's a handful.
She's just very picky about
the people she chooses, and
I just want the best for her.
But between the constant stress
and being away from home for months on end,
everyone just quits.
What do you mean being away from home?
Someone to be with her 24/7.
Living at the house.
I would hate for her to get hurt
or something to happen
to her when she was alone.
of course.
I understand.
You wouldn't want to do this full time.
It would be stupid of
me to ask that of you.
It would be only temporary
until we find someone else.
Look, Mr. Bloom, I dont know
if this is the kind of job that
I'd be willing to take right now.
It's nothing against you. I just...
I don't think I can do this kind of work.
I'm in a desperate situation, Ms. Gray.
I'll pay anything.
At least for a little while.
To have someone I could trust
to know she's safe.
When Steve recommended you,
I knew I could trust you.
Just think about it.
Hello? - Hey, Mom.
I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving.
They got here a little bit
earlier than I expected.
What? Already?
I thought
you were leaving at 12.
No, I know. I thought they were.
They just got here a little bit early.
they just wait a bit longer?
No, it's fine.
I'll call you later, okay?
I love you. Okay.
I love you, too. Bye.
Need any help?
Got it. Thanks.
You didn't have to lie to her.
You don't know my mom.
She worries too much.
I can wait for her if it'll
give her some peace of mind.
No, that's okay.
We can go.
Listen, Ms. Gray,
it's not going to be that bad.
It's not the fancy job you
told your mom about. But...
we're going to take care of you.
And I didn't mean for
it to sound like that.
I do appreciate the opportunity.
And I appreciate you coming.
I really do.
But at least for my mom's sake.
Try and enjoy yourself.
Are you okay?
Welcome to our humble home.
Cmon, cmon.
It's a little dustier than I like,
but I'm sure that will change soon.
It is just about lunchtime.
I'm sure Mrs. Bloom will
be anxious to meet you.
Are you ready to meet her?
It would be my pleasure.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Mrs. Bloom. I'm Veronica.
Mom, this is Miss Gray.
She'll be your new caregiver.
You'll have to forgive me, Miss Gray.
I have not been feeling very well.
No need to apologize, Mrs. Bloom.
It's such a pleasure to finally meet you.
I've heard so much about you.
And what exactly have you heard?
You would be stuck out here
with a demented old lady?
No, not at all.
I'm not as bad as my
son makes me out to be.
I assure you,
I may be stuck in this chair, but
my mind is sharper than you may think.
Come on, Mom. I didn't
say anything about you.
Veronica really wanted to come.
She was very excited to meet you.
She's going to love it out here.
Aren't you, Mrs. Gray?
Of course.
Would you like to join
us for lunch, Miss Gray?
I think the worst part of being bedridden
all these years is eating Charles's food.
Come on...
It's not that bad.
I cannot wait until I am
strong enough to cook again.
Charles, would you say grace, dear?
Of course.
Bless us, oh Lord.
And these gifts were about to receive
from thy bounty in Christ, our Lord.
So I take it you guys are Catholic?
What gave us away.
For the rosary around your neck?
The praying for the food.
Are you religious, Miss Gray?
I was raised Catholic,
but I don't practice it.
It's Veronica, isn't it? - Yes, maam.
Do you mind if I call
you by your first name?
No, not at all.
Where are you from, Veronica?
It's a very small town around 3 hours away.
There's probably more
cows than people there.
Do you have anyone here
in Mintown, family-wise?
Um, just my mom.
We lived with my uncle, but
he passed away not too long ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My condolences.
Thank you.
I really appreciate
the opportunity, though.
That's right.
Charles mentioned that
this is only temporary.
I understand.
It's a shame, though.
I really feel like we could get along.
I would love to have you here indefinitely.
How's the food?
It's great.
Thank you.
Um, I haven't had
service since we got here.
You're not going to get any
service anywhere around here.
We are in the middle of nowhere.
I was hoping I could call my mom.
You know, let her know
I made it, and I'm safe.
I don't want her to get worried.
You know how parents can be.
Oh, you're more than
welcome to use our phone, dear.
It's in the hallway
right where you came in.
Hanging on the wall.
Thank you.
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message.
At the tone,
please record your message.
Hey, Mom, it's me.
I just wanted to let you know
that I made it and I'm safe.
I know how worried
you get when I don't call,
but I'll be at this number
for the next few days.
If you need anything,
you can just call me here.
Um, anyways, I'll talk to you soon.
I love you.
Were you able to call?
Didn't mean to startle you.
Were you able to call?
Yeah, it went to voicemail.
She must've been busy.
Mrs. Bloom is asking for you.
Of course.
Did you enjoy dinner, dear?
Yes. Thank you for having me.
Youre welcome.
I got you some clothes.
I thought it'd be more comfortable.
Thank you.
Youre welcome.
They're definitely more modest.
It's a beautiful dress.
Belonged to my granddaughter.
I think it would be lovely on you.
You remind me of her.
I made you a list.
Here's some things you can
do when you get a chance.
It's chores you can work on.
Of course
I'll take care of it.
Would you hand me the
bell that's over on the table?
Thank you.
You can go.
Ill just ring the bell if I need anything.
Mr. Bloom.
Mr. Bloom.
It was supposed to rain today,
but the rain...
It's not here.
But it was supposed to rain today.
Oh, yeah. It's still sunny out.
Do you happen to know where Charles is?
Charles isnt here.
He left?
Of course, he went
home to be with his family.
Was there something that you needed?
Yeah. I just wanted to go
over a few things with him.
You could speak to me, dear.
I was just wondering about
the sleeping arrangements.
Just curious.
I'm so sorry. Of course. I'll show you.
This is the room.
It's not a five star hotel,
but I'm certain it will do.
We saved it just for you.
It's lovely.
Thank you.
Oh, you can use the
wardrobe however you'd like.
I apologize for the two beds.
We used to have more people in the house.
No worries.
I'm sure I'll use both of them.
Please don't make a mess.
I wont. I promise.
The bathroom is down the hall to the right.
And help yourself to
anything at all in the kitchen.
I want you to feel at home.
Thank you.
I'm certain that you are tired.
So take this evening,
get unpacked, settle
in, and we'll start in the morning.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
Of course.
Good night.
You must be pretty thirsty
working out here all day in the sun.
You don't want it.
I'm not very thirsty.
How's your hand?
You're not going to answer.
My hand is fine, Miss Gray.
How do you know my name?
Youre all they've talked about...
for a long time.
How could I not know the perfect Veronica?
What do you mean for a long time?
Mr. Bloom...
is very happy he found you.
His family is very fond of you.
They've been looking for you
for a very long time.
Yeah, well I'm glad I could be of help.
What's your name?
How long have you worked
for the Bloom family, Joe?
It's been a while.
Few years.
How do you like it?
Thank you for the water, Miss
Gray. You'll want to go inside now.
I was just about to make breakfast.
Do you want to come in and j... No.
This house.
I've never been inside.
There is something very strange
going on in this house.
I don't know what it is.
But if I were you?
I wouldnt stay long.
There were others,
just like you.
What do you mean just like me?
You should ask Mrs. Bloom.
How was your night?
It was okay.
Couldn't really sleep.
Probably the change of environment.
How was yours?
Same as usual.
I don't sleep, but
I'm used to it.
Ms. Gray,
Would you help me with
something in the bedroom?
I've a lot of things to pack.
Of course.
Right now.
Oh, of course. Im sorry.
There's the suitcase, dear.
Thank you.
Now, I already have some clothes
piled up in the cabinet.
If you'll get those for me, please.
Where are you going, Mrs. Bloom?
I'm packing
so that I can go home.
Home? - Yes.
Mrs. Bloom, do you know where you are?
Yes, of course.
I'm at the university.
I have to pack so that I can go home
to my parents.
Mrs. Bloom,
you are home.
We just ate breakfast around...
10 minutes ago,
in your kitchen.
I- I don't know where I am.
I-I have to get out of here.
Please. Please. Please help me pack.
Mrs. Bloom, you are home.
You can't go anywhere.
You can't tell me where I can go.
Stop laughing!
I'm not laughing.
Not you! Him!
He wants to see me suffer!
Who are you talking to?
Im just in this house!
Leave me alone, Henry.
Leave me alone!
Go away, Henry! Go away!
Just leave me alone!
I dont mean-I-Please make him
go away. Please ask him to leave.
Please make him go!
Hey, look at me.
It's okay.
I closed the door. He can't hurt you.
It's okay.
Why don't we sit you
in bed for a little bit?
It'll help you calm down.
He'll be back.
You just need to relax.
It's okay.
No one's there.
Mr. Bloom?
Mr. Bloom?
Can I help you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
The front door was open,
so I just helped myself in.
Are you the new caregiver?
Yes, that's me. And you are?
Oh, I'm Emily.
Emily Bloom.
Mrs. Bloom's granddaughter.
Sorry. I wasn't told anyone
would be stopping by today.
Oh, no worries. I didn't
mean to startle you.
I just like to come by every now
and then just to check in on things.
See how Grandma is doing.
So how is she doing?
She's okay.
She is sleeping right now. Do
you want me to go wake her?
Oh, no, that won't be necessary.
Just tell her I dropped by.
I will.
So how is it going with her?
She giving you any trouble yet?
So far, so good.
No complaints.
Oh, I'm glad. My grandmother
can be a handful...
at times.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
Well, I'm glad to have met you.
I'll have to swing by another
time when shes awake.
But I have some things I
have to talk to her about, so...
I have to get going.
Sounds good.
I like your dress, Veronica.
How do you know my name?
I'll call next time.
What the he...
Where were you?
Did you not hear my bell?
Sorry, I heard it. I was outside.
You left the house?
What if I needed you?
Well, what if I was hurt?
And where were you? Nowhere to be found!
It was just for a few minutes, that's all.
Oh, no, you can't do that.
You cannot leave the house.
I didn't know I wasn't
allowed to leave the house.
I mean, I finished all my work.
Didn't Charles tell you?
I mean, he said
I had to be here to take
care of you, but he didn't say
I couldn't leave the house.
Let me be very clear, Miss Gray.
If you leave this house again,
you're fired.
Got it.
I'm sorry.
I just want you to know Im sorry.
It's okay.
Ive been stuck in this house for so long.
Sometimes I just lose my mind.
I just want to get out.
Maybe tomorrow we
could go for a walk outside.
See the trees.
That would be nice.
I haven't seen them in a while.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just.
I just cut myself a bit.
Im fine.
There is a first aid kit
in the cabinet over there.
Are you ready for today?
What happens today?
The walk.
You said youd take me.
I don't think I can today.
I dont feel well.
I think I might need to go back to bed.
What's wrong?
I feel drained,
tired, can't sleep.
This morning when I woke up,
I had bruises all over my arm.
You probably just hit
yourself on something.
It's an old house, Miss
Gray. You have to be careful.
I think I saw Charles.
I think he took my phone.
I saw him outside of my window last night.
He had my phone.
Charles is home with his family, dear.
I saw him.
I'd like my phone back, please.
Charles has no reason to take your phone,
or to be hanging around here at night.
I'm sure you'll find your phone somewhere.
Are you done with your breakfast?
How was your day, dear?
That's how the days here tend to be.
You will get used to it.
Have you lived here for a long time?
I'm afraid so.
This house is all I know.
Don't forget behind the nightstand.
Mrs. Bloom, can I ask you a question?
Of course.
The other caregiver.
What happened to her?
Joe mentioned something about her.
She just left.
We don't know why.
She just...
Yes, she just got up one day and left.
Is that why Charles
insisted on driving me here?
So I couldn't just up and leave?
Of course not.
That was common courtesy.
This house is not for everyone, Miss Gray.
Not everyone is welcomed here.
Should count yourself lucky.
Did you hear that?
Sounded like footsteps.
Just let it go, Miss Gray. Please.
Mrs. Bloom, who's in the attic?
We're finished for tonight.
Go to bed, please.
Its not right, what you're doing.
You should tell her.
You wouldn't understand, Henry.
But it's wrong.
You couldn't convince her.
What makes you think you can convince me?
Figured Id try.
I'm too late, arent I?
You get in bed all on your own.
You're not scared of me anymore, are you?
It's already started.
There's nothing you can do to stop it.
If you'll excuse me, I need to pray.
Our father,
who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're up early.
Couldn't sleep.
I figured I should just get up.
Very eager to get to work.
Anything to make the day go by faster.
What are you praying for?
I pray for many things.
Right now, I am praying for patience.
Does it work?
Praying? - Yes.
Oh, I like to think it does.
But you come out here to pray.
I like seeing the trees.
Being in nature
just helps me to relax.
Do you believe in spirits, Mrs. Bloom?
Excuse me?
This house.
Have you ever seen or
experienced anything weird?
Is there something you
want to speak with me about?
Ever since I got here, I've had this...
feeling of being watched.
This gut feeling of
being in danger.
I had no idea you felt that way.
I'm so sorry.
I haven't been able to sleep.
Ive been seeing things.
Last night, I felt
a presence in my room.
I was like awake but
asleep at the same time.
That was right next to my bed.
I could feel it.
That must've been a dream.
We're safe here, Ms. Gray.
No one would ever harm you,
but a horrible nightmare.
It felt different.
This morning, I woke up with more bruises.
I'm 100% sure this wasn't me.
I know something that will help.
It will help with the bruising, dear.
And the feeling of nausea.
Hello? Veronica?
Hey, this is Emily.
Just wanted to see if
I could stop by today.
I wanted to see Grandma.
Of course.
She's in the kitchen right
now cooking me her soup.
But I'll let her know you're coming by.
Thank you. See you soon.
Good news. We might be able
to go for that walk today, after all.
Thats wonderful!
What changed your mind?
It's your granddaughter, Emily.
She came by the other
day, but you were asleep.
She just called to say she's on her way.
Miss Gray
She went to see what's in the attic.
All the way to the end, dear.
I don't understand.
That's Emily's room.
That's what's in the attic.
I keep it locked because
I don't like her memories
being disturbed.
Besides, its not like I
can get up there anyway.
Her memories.
I don't know how to tell you this.
Emily has been dead for a very long time.
No, that's not possible. I saw her.
What you saw isn't real.
I know what I saw. I spoke with her.
I have a feeling that you imagined
the entire thing.
- You're seeing things.
- I'm not seeing things.
Emily Bloom died of tuberculosis.
Wheres Charles? Im leaving.
He is not here.
I need to get out of here.
I'm leaving now.
Hey hey hey. It's okay.
How did I get here?
You passed out. You need to lay down.
You need to rest.
How the fuck did I get here?
No need for profanity, dear.
Where's Charles?
He isn't here.
He went home to his
family. I told you that.
I need to speak to Charles.
You need to lay down.
You passed...
- I need to speak with Charles now!
I'll get him on the phone.
Hi, Mr. Bloom.
It's Veronica.
Everything all right?
I wanted to talk to you.
Haven't been feeling well recently.
I know we talked about me staying here, but
it's getting to be too stressful for me.
I don't feel well.
Can't sleep.
I feel sick.
I was wondering if I could go home.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I know taking care of my mother isn't easy.
I was hoping you'd be able to help.
It's only temporary, remember?
I know. It's just.
Ms. Gray,
we really need your help.
I can't. I'm sorry.
I understand.
I'll take you home in the morning.
Thank you.
Is the soup ready?
I'm very hungry.
Everything okay?
Just eat your soup.
You seemed pretty eager
to eat a few minutes ago.
Miss Gray...
Why do you want to go home?
Why do you want to leave me?
Have I not been a good hostess?
Did I do something wrong?
Mrs. Bloom... please.
I made this soup so
that you could feel better.
I care about you
Thank you. I promise it's not you.
I have to go home.
I understand.
Hope you don't hate me.
I don't hate you.
I just can't stay here.
I have to go. Im sorry.
Its what they've all said.
I need you to stay.
I'm sorry too...
but you will stay in this house
just exactly as long as I want you to.
Good morning, dear.
Good morning, Mrs. Bloom.
How are you feeling?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm very well, thank you.
What happened last night?
I can't remember anything.
You fell down and hit your head.
Please be more careful.
That is killing me.
Why don't you come have some breakfast?
You'll feel better.
Sometimes I wonder why this happened to me.
Feels like too much to bear.
Things will get better.
We found a candidate today.
She's a lovely young lady.
Charles has been looking
into her for a while.
She's the most beautiful blue
eyes. I feel so bad about all this.
She looks like a nice girl.
We had dinner.
Her name is Veronica.
Frank is finally ready. It's happening.
I miss home so much.
Hey, Veronica.
Who is this?
It's Emily, silly.
Can I stop by tomorrow to see Grandma?
You're not real.
You're not fucking real.
You need to leave me the fuck alone.
Honey? Its me! Mom!
Hey, babe.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
I got a call from weird number.
How come you didn't call me?
Sorry, I don't have service where Im at.
Well where are you? Is everything okay?
I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, but
I'll see you soon.
What do you mean? I
thought you took that job?
I'll call you on my drive back.
I'll explain it all tomorrow.
Call me if you need anything.
I will.
Are you ready? - Yes.
Just give me one minute.
What is happening to me?
Ms. Gray, are you ready to go?
Yeah. One second.
Thank you for coming today.
Of course.
It's grocery day.
I brought groceries.
And your paycheck too.
Got it right here.
But it's only been a week.
It's been a bit longer than that.
It got here really fast.
Did you come to take me home?
There must be some
misunderstanding, Miss Gray.
What's all this about taking you home?
We talked on the phone
last night.
You said you would take me home.
We've never had this conversation before.
Yes, we did.
You promised.
You said you would take me home.
I am so sorry. If I had any idea...
You knew.
You both knew.
I'm not crazy.
We've had this conversation.
Ms. Gray...
Im spending the night
tonight. That's why I came.
We both need some
rest and its a long drive.
Why don't you rest up tonight
and tomorrow
I will take you home first thing.
Is that okay?
I promise.
Yes, please.
Thank you.
I'm going to need you
to get some rest, please.
All these things that you
say you're seeing and hearing,
they're not real.
Miss Gray, are you ok?
You killed him!
You killed him!
He was right there.
You have to believe me. He was right there.
Miss Gray...
You need to get some
sleep. You're hallucinating.
I'm not hallucinating.
I saw him!
You need to get some rest.
I cant. Its been a week.
I can't sleep.
It's been two months.
You've been in the house for two months.
No, It's been a week.
You dropped me off a week ago.
I dropped you off in March.
Its May.
It was a week ago.
I remember this.
So please get some rest.
You are not well.
I promise I'll get you out
of here as soon as I can.
I promise.
Please calm down.
Everything is okay.
How's your tea?
Charles said it would all work out.
You were the one.
At the end of the day,
he didn't choose you.
The house did.
You wondered why you keep
seeing all these strange things.
Im not seeing things.
It's all real.
You belong here, Miss Gray.
The house wants you here.
It's all in your head.
You're literally insane.
Am I?
Or am I finally telling you the truth?
I said I'm not going
to be here much longer.
If Charles doesn't come get me by tomorrow.
I'm walking
all the way home.
You still don't get it, do you?
Look at your hair,
your face.
It's already happening.
You can't go home now.
What is happening to me?
Why am I aging?
Tell me!
Its such a shame. Youre so pretty!
Youre a demented old
lady. Youre a selfish bitch.
And that's why you're alone.
I hope you fucking die!
Have you lost your damn
mind? What is wrong with you?
You hit an 80 year old woman.
You hit a sick 80 year old woman?
I didnt mean to. It was an accident.
An accident?
You're lucky I don't
call the cops right now.
She said...
I had to.
I dont know.
I gave you an opportunity.
I paid you well.
I brought you into my home.
And this is how you repay us?
Have we not been good enough to you?
You have. I'm sorry.
She loves you.
She treats you like a daughter.
The least you could do
is show her some respect.
Won't happen again, I promise.
If you ever strike my mother again,
you will regret it.
Please, Im so sorry.
I promise.
One more week
you owe me.
You stay one more week.
If you're not going to do
a good job, just don't do it.
Now, I know you and Charles
came to an agreement,
but if you don't want to be here, just go.
I'm sorry
I lost my patience.
I do want to be here with you.
I promise
I'm going to be here for another week.
So you never tell me where you're going.
Out of this house.
Is Charles taking you with him?
I certainly hope so.
Is that your family in that picture?
Youve never talked about them.
You've never asked.
I was scared to.
Why are their faces scratched off?
Why are you so interested in my family?
On your last week?
Sorry, I was just curious.
You shouldn't ask questions you
don't want the answers to, dear.
I think I'm finally packed.
Im finished.
I'm finished packing.
I think it would work.
made all the preparations.
How much
longer is this going to take?
I dont think I can wait much longer.
Will it work?
I feel bad about doing this to her, but
I dont have a choice.
Are you not eating?
Doesn't look very appetizing.
Who cooked today?
I don't remember cooking.
I did.
I'm feeling much better.
I'm so glad.
I don't know what's wrong with me lately.
I dont really remember anything.
It will get better, I promise.
Mrs. Bloom, what's happening to me?
I've read your diary.
You shouldn't go around touching
things that don't belong to you.
You should not have read that.
I'm trying to make sense of things.
And I've seen the pictures on the wall
with their faces scratched out.
I was scared to ask why
Then I read what you wrote.
You're not Mrs. Bloom, are you?
You are wrong.
I have been Mrs. Bloom
for a very, very long time.
But soon, I wont be.
You can walk?
Im feeling much stronger.
I have you to thank for that.
Why am I here?
You are very, very special to me,
You know, the house won't
let you leave, Miss Gray.
I'm so sorry.
Why don't you just come back in?
Don't make me have to come get you.
Do you have any idea what
it's like to be utterly alone?
To have no one?
No one to talk to.
No one to lay next to at night.
No family, no hope.
No will to live.
Please understand.
I just want to go home.
She had it all, you know.
Mrs. Bloom.
It was ripped away from her.
Emily contracted tuberculosis.
Mrs. Bloom caught it taking care of Emily,
and they just left her.
He abandoned both of
them to just die in that house.
After Emily died,
she prayed for death.
She begged for death,
but death would not come.
So this woman of faith,
did the unthinkable.
She made a deal with an evil spirit
in exchange for her death,
she would trap another
Bloom in her place.
The spirit absolutely determined
that Mrs Bloom would
get revenge on the family
that just left her here to rot.
Oh, don't tell me that you don't see.
Don't tell me you don't
see the resemblance.
With those big, beautiful blue eyes...
I really am sorry,
but it's your turn now.
And I will give you a new heart.
A new spirit will I put within you.
And I will remove your heart of stone
and give you a heart of flesh.
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
He is a new creature.
The old is gone.
The new has come.
Take her away.
Take her away!
The worst is the first couple days.
Thanks for helping me pack.
I cant say Im gonna miss this place.
The house doesnt like to be changed.
Youll have to leave those up.
But when you find the right
person, itll let you know.
And youll have him to keep you company.