Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit (2016) Movie Script

- I grew up in Cuba and I never thought
that Cuba would become
a Communist country.
Many people at that time warned Cuba
that what was going on
was a Communist takeover
but we say no, that won't happen here.
No one even dreamed that.
And I see it, the same thing repeating
here in United States now
and I feel very uncomfortable about it
because I know what is the end of it
and I know that after awhile there will
be absolutely nothing
that the American people
would be able to do
and they will lose everything.
Everything they own, everything they know,
and don't even think that
you will be even safe
inside your own house
because you won't be.
They will come and get
you wherever you are.
They will take your arms,
they will take everything,
and your way of life, everything,
and you will be just a pawn of the estate.
(dramatic music)
- You and I have the courage
to say to our enemies
there is a price we will not pay,
there is a point beyond
which they must not advance.
- And this is the point I think Americans
need to comprehend: if America
goes down economically,
it will go down militarily.
If America goes down
militarily we all go down.
The free will is finished
and it will be finished
for a very very long time.
(thunder rumbling)
- Everything practically is
in a self destructive mode.
- We're in the most critical period
we've been since the Revolutionary War.
- We're not alert and not
awake with what's happening.
- They would just as soon
see this country on its knees
and everything equalized.
- That concept of
collectivism, big government,
is a magnet for the predator class.
- The plans for all this are
to have everything
globally in place by 2020.
- If we're that dumb and we
allow this to happen (laughs)
we deserve everything we're gonna get
'cause we're gonna get
it right in the neck.
- We're headed into what
could be a nightmare
that would make all the atrocities
of the 20th century look like
they were a dress rehearsal.
- When people are afraid
they ask government
to do more, not less.
- Their theories are
designed to scare the people
to believe there's a crisis where
there is not a crisis at all.
There's no crisis.
- I think we are losing
more and more freedom
because we are afraid.
- [Narrator] The left wants
you to believe that catastrophe
is always just around the
corner and the only way
to avoid it is to do
exactly what they say.
But this film will show everything they do
is just a Trojan horse of deceit
carefully crafted to
advance their real agenda
of finishing America off.
- We have been the main stumbling block
to world Communism since its
first raised its ugly head.
- [Narrator] From the promotion of Islam
to the propaganda of climate change.
From the deceit of common core
to the manufactured economic crisis.
And from their manipulation
of the Evangelical church
to the unsustainable debt burden.
This film will show the
issues are simply being used
as a smokescreen to hide the purposeful,
premeditative, treasonous attacks
on the foundations of our freedom.
- The word religion has just purged us
from being able to
determine right from wrong.
- You know what Alexander
Solzhenitsyn said about Russia?
How the Communists took over Russia?
He said we forgot God.
- [Narrator] Their stated
agenda carved in stone
on a monument in Georgia
and outlined in documents
placed in the Ark of Hope is to
eliminate six and a half
billion people by century's end.
And they will succeed
if we don't stop them.
- This is not just a fight for
the United States of America,
this is a fight for civilization itself.
- It's everything Karl Marx
dreamed of before our very eyes.
- I think they've pushed us
over the cliff in every sense.
America isn't going to fall.
We are falling.
- In 2007 I was a state representative,
and I had no idea the things
I would discover about why
America was collapsing from
within would motivate me
to take my life savings and make a film,
and I had never made a film before.
During the two years it
took to finish the project,
my children prayed daily
that it would win the largest
single cash prize film
festival in America,
which in my thinking
was a mighty tall order,
but of course, it wasn't for God.
- [Award Presenter] The
2010 $101,000 grand prize
for best of festival goes to...
- God is so good.
I'd like to thank him for just
the wonderful wife he gave me.
I don't think any man
can even reach a fraction
of his potential if he
doesn't have the woman
with him that God intended
him to have for life.
And I wanna thank her.
Kid's I'm giving this to you so you'll
always remember God does answer prayers.
Thank you so much.
After the festival, Agenda began to
spread throughout the country.
Millions of people were watching it.
We had an average of 1,000
different independent showings
every single week for
two and a half years.
And as we traveled, people all
over just seemed overwhelmed.
The people I spoke to felt
they were under attack
from 100 different enemies,
with 100 different agendas,
but I knew from my research,
that wasn't the case.
If things are always
moving in one direction
in a unified fashion,
there is a reason why.
Consistency has never been
a virtue of ignorance.
An experience we had along the way finally
put into place a missing
piece of a puzzle.
We had a tea party group that met monthly
at a local community college in Minnesota.
We showed the film
agenda and then afterward
as I was answering
questions a man stood up,
he said I wanna congratulate
you on your research
and how you found all the
socialist Communist influences
that have changed America,
my hat's off to you.
And I said, thank you sir.
But then stopped and I could
tell something was coming.
He said, I wanna tell you something.
I'm a professor at this
college, I am a Communist,
and we will win because we're
taking all your children.
And then he walked out.
A woman in the front
row who was crying said,
how could he be at our
little community college?
I said ma'am, he is at
every school in America.
Even though many are starting to wake up,
they're studying the issues,
they're reading books,
they care about this country.
They didn't know the most
fundamental thing you have
to know to ever win a battle
of subversion, your enemy.
One of the radical Marxist
leaders of the 1960's
I think gave us the key
that we are facing today.
He said, the issue is never the issue.
The issue is always the revolution.
These masters of deceit
have used their propaganda
so successfully, they've
actually accomplished
the greatest feat in warfare,
they have convinced us
they no longer exist.
Which has given them
carte blanche to subvert,
manipulate, deceive, infiltrate,
and undermine us with no
resistance whatsoever.
I realize we didn't
understand our enemy at all.
Their strategy or tactics,
their strengths or weaknesses,
my work wasn't finished.
There was still so much that
people didn't understand about
the things they have
done and are doing to use
the issues against us as tools to destroy.
2,500 years ago, in his
masterpiece The Art of War,
Sun Tzu wrote, if you know yourself
you will win the battle 50% of the time.
If you know your enemy, you
will win 50% of the time,
but if you know yourself
and you know your enemy,
you will win 100% of the time.
- If you don't know
who we are as a nation,
you don't know our identity,
you don't know our history,
you don't really understand
the price that's been paid
for America, then anybody
can lead you astray.
- [Narrator] Once we understand
who we are it will be easy
to identify our enemies by those that
are attacking the
foundations we stand upon.
So before the last 100 years
of subversion, who were we?
What made America the
greatest country of all time?
God established three institutions:
The family, the church, and the state.
And he told us exactly what
their authority was to be
and what was within their jurisdictions.
America's greatness was that
we followed God's instruction
on how those institutions should be run.
All three were created by God
to protect each individual
person from being abused
by the collective.
Every attack against us today is aimed
at destroying those distinctions.
It's interesting to note, the
Communist Manifesto states,
the Communist goal is
to destroy the family,
the church, and the state.
All three of God's institutions.
So regardless of how well
intentioned the enemies of America
are all the people in
groups that seek to transfer
the authority God gave the
family and church to the state.
And they are collectivist.
- Collectivism is broad ideology
that includes all of these
things like Communism,
fascism, Nazism, socialism,
left wingism, liberalism.
All of these different words
are used to describe different
flavors of collectivism.
And collectivism is the concept that
the state is all important,
and that the individual must
be sacrificed if necessary
for the greater good,
of the greater number.
- [Narrator] Unfortunately, the end of
all collectivist schemes is a government
that takes care of its citizens from
the cradle to the grave,
and that is Marxism.
The people that don't understand
this naively believe you
can have big government
without totalitarian methods,
and history has shown us you cannot.
- From each according to his
ability, to each according
to his need, that was
the grand ideal right?
But the problem has always
been no one steps down.
Once you have the power,
no one steps down.
And the reality is that beautiful picture
was just a picture, it was a fiction.
No one ever intended on stepping down.
- Therefore that's the reason no matter
what government you go to, whether it's
the national government in Washington D.C,
or go down to your city
hall some Thursday night
and take a look of who
are those people sitting
up there in those big chairs, ya know?
While all the little people come in
and say well I'd like
to complain about this.
And they said, your time is up, you know?
Who are those people in the City Hall?
They're collectivists, every
one of them, they're enjoying
this power, they've been
drawn to that power.
They're predators.
- [Narrator] Big
government will never work
because no one is capable
of being in charge.
We like to think of Hitler
and Stalin as if they were
uniquely evil people, but the simple truth
is every single person on
the planet would have done
the exact same things they did if
they believed their philosophies
and weren't accountable
to any higher authority.
Ideas have consequences.
What you believe effects what you will do.
They weren't uniquely evil,
they were sinful men like
the rest of us, but they
had exceptionally bad ideas,
the same ones we are playing with today.
- America was based on
the opposite concept that
individualism was that the
purpose of the state was not
to govern the individual but
to protect the individual.
The individual was supreme and the state
was the servant of the individual.
- In America, valuing each person,
this is biblical, this
comes from Christianity.
You go to Communist countries
or Islamic countries,
life is not valuable, ya know?
You kill, so what?
- [Narrator] You can put it
in whatever package you want,
but the facts are the mantra
of our age being accepted
worldwide is from each
according to his ability,
to each according to his
need and that is Communism.
- I interviewed a New
Zealander some years ago
who infiltrated the New
Zealand Communist party
and was sent to the Soviet Union to train
at Lenin's Institute for
Higher Learning in 1983.
This was the school for Communists
from all over the world.
6,000 students at any one time,
some of them on seven year courses.
They were taught, there was gonna be
a massive opening to the west.
That the Communist did much better
in times of detente than
they did of conflict,
so they were gonna open up to the west,
they were gonna downplay Communism,
they were gonna change their system.
- One of the tenants laid down by Lenin
was that you have to
pretend to be defeated.
Communism as they say, or
Leninism is the better word,
has gone back and forth
through this friendly mode,
enemy mode, many times throughout
history, and this is just
to lure the opposition into
a feeling of false security.
- Now you gotta realize when
Nazi Germany was defeated
in World War two, the America's went
in there and denazified the country.
Anybody who was a Nazi was
taken out of positions of power,
totally changed the
whole political climate.
Russia was never de-KGB'd.
The KGB was left in place
and now they're stronger than
it ever was before, and
you see their puppet,
Mr. Putin attempting to
re-institute the Soviet empire now.
- They may have changed their name,
they took their hat that said
Communist Commissar across
the top, they turn it around and now
it says entrepreneur or
capitalist or social democrat,
but it's the same hat on the same heads
of the same Leninists.
- Let me give you if I might an example.
They have a particular
program they wanna implement.
And they go in and they
ask for everything,
they ask for everything.
And they're aggressive
about it, they push ahead.
And so they push until
they get opposition,
starts to build up against it,
and at that given moment
they evaluate the opposition.
They say well is there any strength to it?
Will it last?
Will we be able to endure or
do we push ahead even farther?
If the movement grows up to
where it can do them harm,
they then back off and say, well,
maybe we don't want it all,
lets compromise a little.
Let us get along together now
'cause I'm willing to give up
what I've asked for totally
for just a bit of it.
Aren't you willing to give a
bit, that we can work together?
Next thing you know, another
month goes by, another year,
and here they come again.
- They'll just incrementally
get what they want.
Now the classic example is Obamacare.
Now that was designed 100% by
Democratic Socialists of
America, a Marxist group.
They pushed it on America
through Quentin Young,
Their member who is the mentor
of your President, Mr. Obama.
But more than that, Quentin Young was
a 40 year veteran of the
Communist Party, USA.
So they got the first steps
the Affordable Healthcare Act
pushed through in 2009.
It wasn't single payer healthcare.
It wasn't 100% socialized
healthcare, which is
what they're after, but they
got as much as they could get.
Now if you read their
publications, they are boasting,
it's gonna fail, it's
not gonna do the job,
it's gonna let people down,
but that's great 'cause then
they're going to blame the
greedy insurance companies
and the nasty doctors and
then they're gonna push
full on for single payer healthcare.
They're using the dialectic,
they're using Lenin,
they're using Hagel.
Get what you can get, reach a comprise,
then when the opposition backs off
then you go forward to the next step
and you just keep on
doing that and doing that
and doing that until
you get what you want.
- [Narrator] That
strategy is what they use
on every issue every time.
We will see a single pair of system
implemented by our government
in the near future.
As Obamacare collapses
as it was designed to
they will step up to fix
the problem of high premiums
and a disgruntled people
with more government.
We never seem to learn,
we keep compromising,
keep giving up ground, and
keep playing strictly defense
which is why we always lose.
- We are in a dependent
state and when you go
to the voting booth you get
to vote your self interests.
So real issue, a real concern,
when you don't have a voting base
with some skin in the game.
As much to lose as to gain.
What we know from history
is that when you tip
the scale at 51% now you are talking about
a license to steal.
You're talking about that 51% tyranny
that Detokfo was so concerned about.
The democracy, for all its benefits,
the main challenges, you get to the point
where you have a 51% tyranny.
- I think that's
underappreciated in our society
just how extensive the damage
of the welfare state is.
And I think that when you look
into the heart of the liberal
and what they do to
our society in the same
of social justice or in
the name of equality,
it's evil will.
- [Narrator] When a
government is working as hard
as possible to create
dependency in their citizens,
you know that their real
aim is to eliminate freedom
because no man is truly free
that is unable to provide for himself.
- The dollar in America
today, it takes 98 of them
to buy what one dollar did in 1913
when the federal reserve
system was enacted into law.
That is theft.
- [Narrator] The fifth plank
of the Communist Manifesto
is to create a central bank.
Ours was created in 1913 and
is called the Federal Reserve.
- You say federal reserve
and I think most American's
think that's part of the government.
But of course the federal reserve bank
isn't part of the government.
The federal reserve is a private bank.
- It's not a government institution,
it's as federal as Federal Express.
- [Narrator] I'm sure
the individuals involved
would fit nicely into my
chart if we knew their names
but we have allowed them remain anonymous.
They also tell us we do
not have the authority
to audit them to see how much
of our money they have printed
even though with each bill
they print inflation soars.
At the current rate of inflation,
which most think is very modest,
things go up in price
10 times every 50 years.
My grandfather bought a nice
house in 1915 for $4,500.
My father bought a nice
house in 1965 for $45,000,
and my house today is $450,000.
So if the rates of inflation
just stay like they are,
my grandson's house will cost
him 4 and a half million dollars,
and his grandson's 45 million.
- Inflation is a tax.
It's a hidden tax and so it steals
from people who have saved.
When they finally retire
at the end of a life span,
all this money that they put aside
doesn't buy anything anymore.
- [Narrator] Houses haven't
gotten more expensive,
the dollar has just lost 97% of its value
over the last hundred years.
One ounce of gold would buy 300 loaves
of bread 2000 years ago,
and an ounce of gold today
will buy 300 loaves of bread.
Prices rarely change, what's happened is
the federal reserve has
been quietly stealing
our wealth while we believe their lie:
that inflation is normal.
It wasn't normal for the first
6,000 years of Earth history,
it magically started in America in 1913.
Our economic system today's
based on Keynesian Economics.
John Maynard Keynes is the father of it.
If there is any doubt
to the purposefulness
of our economic situation, listen to this:
he said, quote, "by a
continuing process of inflation,
"governments can confiscate
secretly and unobserved
"an important part of the
wealth of their citizens.
"Lenin was certainly right.
"There is no subtler, no
surer means of overturning
"the existing basis of society
than to debauch its currency.
"The process engages all the hidden forces
"of economic law on the
side of destruction,
"and it does it in a
manner which not one man
"in a million is able
to diagnose," unquote.
The second plank of
the Communist Manifesto
is to implement a graduated income tax.
Ours was placed into law in 1914.
- If you establish a tax that is based on
the government's power to determine
what percentage of your
income it's going to take away
from you, how much of your
income does it control?
Well, that means the government
controls 100% of your income.
If that is the situation, you
are no longer a free person,
you are a slave
and you live on an allowance
from your government.
- [Narrator] When Ronald
Reagan came into office,
the top tax rate was 70%.
When he left office, he
had cut it down to 27%.
During that same time, revenue
to the government doubled.
The lie of the left is that
increasing taxes on the rich
will help stimulate the economy
and nothing could be
further from the truth.
It's all a strategic part of the plan
to create more dependency.
People wonder why our
free enterprise system
isn't working anymore.
Its because the inflation,
taxation, and regulation
is effectively killing its productivity
and its ability to create wealth.
So now people talk about
redistributing the wealth
we have instead of creating more.
Every single person in the world could
be a millionaire, wealth
is created by hard work,
creativity, and ingenuity.
The lie that it's a
fixed pie is perpetrated
by those that seek to pit the
have-nots against the haves.
If you add up all the
debts and obligations
our government has placed on us,
every single individual
owes over $650,000 dollars
which obviously isn't ever
going to be paid back.
- That's the nature of
bankruptcy and as one writer
used to say, how did you go bankrupt?
Well, very slowly, and then all at once.
- [Narrator] God said the
borrower is servant to the lender.
Artificially low interest
rates have encouraged
everyone to be buried in debt
and enslaved to the banks.
When you penalize
productivity and reward sloth
you know exactly what you are doing,
you are making us as poor as a nation
which will create more dependency,
but of course the cycle of
history doesn't stop there.
- And then you find that
deterioration that moved
towards dictatorship which
is the stage that follows
dependency where the
vast majority of people
are dependent on the
state and the only way
to continue to deliver
what the vast majority
of people expect is via the
strong arm of government.
- If you look at how
do you change society,
well, one of the things you obviously do
is you go after the next generation.
And you do that through
the education system,
and that's exactly what
has happened to us.
The Marxist movement in
America has done exactly that.
- The education system
establishes the direction
for the future, it sets
the hearts, and the minds,
the perspectives of the next generation.
Everybody knows how important it is.
- They know that if they can
get control of our children,
and they can pump their
ideology into these young
hungry brains, they virtually
can have them captive
as prisoners for life.
- And you're doing it all under the banner
of being internationally
competitive, or college ready,
or career ready, so the
euphemisms hide the actual intent.
- [Narrator] The father of
global education, Robert Muller,
was the assistant secretary
general of the United Nations
and the creator of the
World Core Curriculum.
He said the goal was quote,
"to promote growth of
"the group idea so that group
good, group understanding,
"group interrelations, and group goodwill
"will lead to group
consciousness," unquote.
His World Core Curriculum
was pushed in America
by George Bush Senior as America 2000
which was renamed by
Bill Clinton Goals 2000,
which was then given a facelift to become
George Bush Junior's No Child Left Behind,
which was the driving force behind
Barack Obama's Common Core.
It's all the same thing,
republican or democrat,
progressing down the same
road of complete brainwashing.
Since John Dewey, the
entire focus of education
by the elites has to been
to, as quickly as possible,
move the children to a
collectivist mindset.
The tenth plank of the
Communist Manifesto states,
"provide a free education by the state
"for all children and to combine education
"with industrial production."
Bill Gates has teamed up
with the United Nations
to build the model that
will have our schools
simply be a tax paid training
ground for corporate America.
- In the end most of this
tracks back to people
who would benefit financially from
a more government-centric economy
because they're at the table,
they're already political players,
they don't wanna worry about competition.
- [Narrator] Not only is
competition eliminated,
but employees are created.
The type that would be
content to work 60 or 70 hours
a week in a dead end corporate job
that just paid enough to survive.
Traditionally Americans would
have had no interest in that,
they would've wanted to use
all the individual talents
and abilities that God had given them,
they wanted to do a hundred
different things in their life.
Invent things, start new
businesses, change the world.
And the elites didn't want any of that
so it had to be destroyed.
- It's like we're going
after Marx's vision
and at the same time making
it impossible as well
because the mind arson necessary to get
an amenable voter means that the wealth
that you're planning on
redistributing is really gone
you just don't know it yet.
- [Narrator] Just as I
was beginning to dig in
I realized I was making a big mistake.
The temptation on all
these different issues
is to not accept the reality
of how things really are.
The bottom line is: our
enemies are in control
of the schools so there is no fix.
I know you don't wanna hear that
because I don't wanna
hear that but it's true.
They want our kids to be useful idiots,
they want them to be
dependent on the state,
that's the goal of the whole thing.
So they will repackage, rename, rebrand
the same old thing over and over again.
It is intentionally going downhill.
We have to grasp this, it is purposeful.
We legitimize them by acting like
they just don't have a good
idea and we have a better one.
They know exactly what they are doing.
They want to create a new
world man that is dependent
on government for his very existence.
So to even talk about common core,
debating its good points or bad points,
is playing into their plan of sidetracking
all of our energies and
efforts on a dead end road.
Even without common core the schools
are completely bankrupt and
destroying our children.
We have seen a decline
now for 70 straight years
without any interruption.
As long as the government
has a monopoly in education
we will keep getting what we have.
- And the end result
is to make our children
and those educated under this influence,
to make them unfit to govern themselves.
- [Narrator] We wonder
why it's hard to get
a good candidate anymore for
President of the United States,
well let me show you how
education affects politics.
In 1980 there were
approximately 40% of Americans
that were conservative, 10%
liberal, and 50% undecided,
and since even our numbers show that
they are capturing 85% of
our young people each year
through the educational system,
this is how it plays out.
In 2012 America was divided
at 30% conservative,
and 30% liberal, with 40% undecided.
By 2028 it will be 20% conservative,
50% liberal, and 30% undecided.
And by 2036, only 20 years from now,
it will be 10% conservative,
70% liberal, and 20% undecided.
This is simply demographics
and there is no quick fix
to change this.
2016 is the last election in
my lifetime where it will even
be possible to get an
actual conservative elected.
- On September the 11th, 2001,
when the word came through
that the World Trade Center
had been hit, Muslims
poured out of the mosques
screaming Allah Akbar!
And they ripped a pregnant
Christian girl to pieces
and they went on to kill 9000
Christians that day in Jos.
9000 Christians were
slaughtered in Jos, Nigeria
on September the 11th, 2001.
Did your newspapers report that?
- We have delegated to
the U.N the right to pick
the people who are going to be brought
to the United States for refuge.
- And we keep opening our
doors and allowing more in
and that's gonna be a...
It's a nightmare that's waiting to happen.
- And what they have done
virtually without exception
is they have selected Muslims
to be refugees to America.
- It's like taking a loan from the mafia.
You'll pay, all right,
and you'll pay in spades.
- Of course I was born into
it, I was raised into it,
and lived, so I've experienced Islam
in every area of my life.
Islam is mandated to take
over the world by force.
It's commanded.
They may deny it, but it's in the Koran.
- [Narrator] Think about this,
Islam doesn't believe in women's rights.
It's fine for a husband to beat his wife.
There's no freedom of speech,
any who disagree are executed.
Homosexuals are stoned to death,
pornography and alcohol are
punished with a beating,
and yet the left loves their system.
One that stands against
everything they claim to support.
I think this proves beyond
a shadow of a doubt,
the left will support anything and use
any people group if they
think it will help destroy
their two greatest enemies:
Christianity and freedom.
They no more care about
Muslims, the poor, women,
blacks, the environment, or the children,
than they do about an
unborn baby's right to life,
a Christian's right to free
speech, or a balanced budget.
It is all a lie, 180 degrees
opposite of the truth.
- Only 16% of Islam is a religion,
the rest of it is a legal
system, a geo-political system,
a military system, a
dress code, a moral code,
a lot of other things
but it's not a religion.
- How come countries like
Iran when Islam is implemented
there's so much brutality
against your own people?
Why there is no peace?
Why there is fear?
That's what an Islamic country is like.
- Those people who say
that Islam is a peaceful
and tolerant religion, if the
most violent and intolerant
religion in history can be
called peaceful and tolerant,
what do we call the
Amish and the Mennonites?
- In 1972 Ion Pacepa, who
was head of the Romanian KGB,
who later defected to the United States,
he had a meeting with Adropov,
the head of the Soviet KGB,
where they organized the
sending of 4000 Soviet agents
into the Islamic world to stir
up hatred against Israel
and the United States.
- So the Communists saw another
wedge opportunity there.
Another way to divide and conquer,
another way to build armies of
opponents to their main enemy
which was the United States.
- We know that he
Marxists were infiltrating
the American Christian
churches 80, 90 years ago,
getting into the seminaries.
Would you not think
they're also infiltrating
the Islamic seminaries in the Middle East?
- [Narrator] They
realized that these people
had the same goal of world domination.
Let's infiltrate and become the leaders
and then use these people
to accomplish our goal.
- Most of those people think
they're fighting for Allah.
They don't have any idea
they're fighting for Communism.
- The AK-47 seems to be a
symbol of the Muslim terrorists.
They didn't invent or
design or produce the AK-47,
it was provided to them by the Soviets.
In fact all the weaponry,
whether you're thinking
of the MiGs they're flying
or the high end helicopter gunships that
they're striking and
machine-gunning our missionaries
and teams with in the Sudan,
it all comes from the Soviet
block and from Red China.
- The Soviets established
and set up and ran
the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Today the Taliban in Afghanistan
is as much Maoist as it is Muslim.
- [Narrator] A few years
ago in 2006 Pavel's mentor,
Alexander Linpheninco, a Russian KGB agent
who had defected to the
west, was poisoned by Putin
with radioactive plutonium 210.
He revealed before he died in London
that the terrorist attacks against Russia
had been done by the
KGB so they could blame
it on Muslim terrorists
to make it look like
they were opposed to radical Islam too.
He also revealed before he
died that the number one man
in Al Qaeda right now
was trained by the KGB.
- Stanislav Ludiv was a former deputy head
of Russian military intelligence.
He said to a friend of mine,
"if radical Islamists ever
let off an atomic bomb
"in an American city, don't believe it,
"it will be us.
"It will be the Russians using
radical Islam as a cover."
- [Narrator] If you study
modern day terrorism
you will realize immediately
the leaders of Islam
are in it for the same
reason the Communist leaders
are Communist: for power and control.
Islamic leaders aren't blowing
themselves up for the cause
any more than Communist
leaders are voluntarily sharing
the obscene wealth they have
stolen from the working class.
Communism and Islam are twins.
- Even people in the
government most of them
their goal is not Islam,
their goal is to keep
the power at any cost.
- You might say that when they win that
the Communists and the Islamists
will fight amongst
themselves over our bodies,
and maybe that will
happen, but that's a little
bit too late for us, isn't it?
- Missionaries were being
machine gunned on the roads.
Red Cross ambulance
workers were being killed.
And what was absolutely scandalous is
this was not only being
funded by the Soviet Union
and Red China, but by the
World Council of Churches.
The World Council of Churches
was taking money from members
and national council
of churches in America
and across Europe and putting that into
what was called a
program to combat racism.
Nice name, but it was funding terrorism
and they were murdering missionaries
and that's what we were fighting against.
- The World Council of Churches used
to be known as the
Communism party at Pria.
It's a centralized body
basically controlled once by
the Soviet Union and now
dominated by the Russians through
the Russian Orthodox Church
which is totally controlled
by the KGB, has been for years.
Do you think, in Russia, under Stalin,
he revived the Russian Orthodox Church?
Do you think he would have revived
the Russian Orthodox Church
had he not controlled it?
This is an avowed atheist
living in an atheist system
dedicated to the destruction of religion,
but they revived the
Russian Orthodox Church
because they knew they would
use it as a tool and the KGB
direction to influence other
churches all over the world.
- What I see is that the church
has become an enemy of God
because it has been infiltrated
with people that have
degrees from elite institutions,
and these are people that they have come
into the church but they
never were believers.
They're some of professors
in divinity schools
and are seminaries that
take delight in destroying
the faith of innocent young people.
- [Narrator] Christianity has
always been the main target
because they knew with a
strong Christian church,
their plans of a one world
government that requires
a one world religion to succeed,
would never be possible.
- And I think that's why
Christianity is a religion that
people intent on despotism
don't want around.
The surest sign that the
elites in our society
are up to no good, just as
the founders of our country
predicted they would be, by the way,
is that they're trying to
get rid of Christianity.
Because Christianity is
what encourages people
and boldens people who live according
to good conscience acknowledging God
to stand firm in the right.
- [Narrator] Step one
was to remove God's word,
the absolute authority and
standard of the church.
- It's as if the uncomfortable
things that hold us
accountable have slowly been scrubbed from
the message from the pulpit,
what was sin 2,000 years ago is sin today,
and that a message I think we need
to hear quite often from the pulpit,
and I don't hear it that much.
- [Narrator] Research shows
the majority of Americans
don't believe anymore, that
the bible is God's word,
but a more amazing testimony
to the left's success is
the vast majority of seminaries
in America don't either.
- They realized that if
you can influence churches
you can influence millions of people.
So a lot of these people
have had an endgame in view,
and part of the endgame
is seeking to enlist
the church as pawns in their game.
- [Narrator] Step two was to
force real Christianity inside
the four walls of the
church while sidetracking
those that were just religious
with do-gooder causes.
- We Christians in the
west, we are not even
aware how much oppression
we have in the US.
We are persecuted without knowing it.
They have told us Christians you can't
do this and said yes sir, we won't.
You can't win this with your
work, okay, yeah I won't.
You can't talk against sin,
okay sir, we won't do it.
And so gradually we Christians,
what they allow us to do,
okay you can gather in
your churches on Sunday,
worship the best you can and then go home.
And we have accepted that
type of Christianity.
We have accepted that we should not
and we can not influence our
society or the government.
We have accepted those limitations that
the enemy has put on us.
And we have withdrawn into ourselves
without even realizing it.
- Something that is obscene is something
that shouldn't be brought into power.
When are Americas, particularly
people of faith gonna
realize that over the course
of the last 60, 70 years
in our country we have
allowed them to redefine
the world so that Jesus is obscene.
So that God is obscene.
Then Ten Commandments are obscene.
Kids wearing a T-shirt that says
Jesus saved kicked out of school.
People wearing the F word all over
their clothing and they can wonder around.
- [Narrator] As I dug in to
find out how this had happened,
I came across testimony from
the congressional record in 1953,
Manning Johnson who was a top
Communist official testified,
he said quote, "the
Communist discovered that
"the destruction of religion
could proceed much faster
"through infiltration of the church.
"It was determined that with
only small forces available
"it would be necessary to
concentrate Communist agents
"in seminaries and divinity schools.
"These institutions would make it possible
"for a small Communist
minority to influence
"the ideology of future clergymen.
"The idea was to divert the emphasis from
"the spiritual to the material," unquote.
The testimony continued with
Benjamin Gitlow who was one of
the founders of the
Communist Party USA, quote,
"the Methodist Federation
for Social Action
"was first organized by Dr. Harry Ward.
"Its objective was to
transform the Methodist church
"and Christianity into an instrument
"for the achievement
of socialism," unquote.
Dr. Harry Ward was not only a Communist,
he was also a member of the
Fabian Socialist society.
His good friend and fellow Fabian
was Dr. Walter Rausenbusch,
and unbelievably, those
two men started what
is today the National Council of Churches.
- Unfortunately most Christians
these days are tragically
biblically illiterate and
they're accepting anything that
comes down the pipe that has
the name Jesus stamped upon it,
but it's not the agenda
of the Jesus of the Bible.
It's basically a satanic
agenda which is seeking
to displace Jesus and exalt the worship
of man and creation over the creator.
- [Narrator] The Communist
goal was to turn their number
one enemy, the Christian church,
into their greatest asset.
That monumental task is almost complete.
They are turning the Evangelical
church into a counterfeit
that worships a false
God, one they have created
that is only love, with a false gospel.
A do-gooder work salvation
instead of Christ alone,
and a false mission, saving the planet
instead of fulfilling
the great commission.
- You go back to the
fall of the Soviet Union.
Suddenly if you were
from that side of things,
from the Communist side of things,
you're looking at the world,
and there's only one superpower left,
and it's the United States of America.
It is the only nation on Earth
that is built on the ideals
of limited government, free enterprise,
individual liberty,
private property rights.
So now you've got this one
superpower that is completely
opposed to everything you
believe in, what do you do?
Well, the word came down to harmonize
the United States into
the rest of the world.
What would get us to
do that, what would get
us to throw our liberties on the bonfire
like a good old fashioned book burning?
Environmental armageddon
became the choice.
You've gotta save the planet,
and that became the mantra.
The Americans bought it
hook, line, and sinker.
The environmental movement
became the most popular movement
in the country and people
were willing to be led in any
direction if it meant
protecting the environment,
and that's pretty much how we got there.
- We have to do something they
say, because we're destroying
the planet, the Earth has a
fever, we have to do something.
And that, if it were true,
would be a legitimate argument, right?
But if you're screaming
fire in a crowded theater
then it's a wicked argument
to make when there's
no fire at all, you're
just trying to move people.
- [Narrator] There are
three core claims that
are propping up the entire movement.
- In Michigan they've done
some wonderful studies
at the university level,
illustrating the fact that when
you increase carbon dioxide
plant life grows wildly.
- If you Google optimum CO2
concentration for plant growth,
those plants which all life
depends on as their food source,
you will find that it is
four times the present level.
- [Brian] You can go back to
the era here on planet Earth.
Levels of carbon dioxide were probably
six to maybe 12 times higher than today.
- We're not at a high point
now, we're at a low point
- Foliage was all over the planet.
- Carbon pollution is now a
common term that people are
using when in fact if CO2 fell
below 150 parts per million
in the global atmosphere,
all the plants would die,
and then what would we eat?
There wouldn't be anything left
to eat but rocks at that point.
Frost and ice are the enemy of life.
You come from the tropics
into the temperate zone
and then the arctic, you lose
99% of species biodiversity.
- Which means that quite the opposite
of what the alarmists say,
global warming won't
lead to more extinctions,
it will lead to protecting
more species from extinctions.
- [Narrator] Over 115 different
countries and territories
are dying off by not
having the 2.1 children
per woman that is necessary
for a country to survive.
Population has increased in
recent years because of modern
medicine and our environment
has become so much cleaner.
The world could easily
handle 100 billion people,
but it will never even reach 10 billion.
As soon as this generation
of elderly start dying off,
population will decline for as far
as the demographers eye can see.
- You know you could move the
entire population of the globe
to the state of Texas, use a
third of it for living space,
a third for factories and workplaces
and another third for
recreation and you could leave
the entire rest of the world
completely uninhabited.
- [Narrator] You don't
have to dig very deep into
the key people and groups
involved for it to become
crystal clear why they
continue to promote these lies.
- Karl Marx really got the entire modern
environmental movement
rolling, it's well documented.
In fact you can go back to
1883, a paper that was written
by Friedrich Engels and Karl
Marx, Dialectics of nature,
they talk about global cooling.
They were trying to scare
people into believing
that mankind's pollution
was going to put the Earth
into a free fall temperature wise,
and there would no life whatsoever.
Ray Lankester studies
at the feet of Karl Marx
and comes up with a saying that is really,
it's at the heart of the
environmental movement today.
Humans are the insurgent sons of nature.
Interestingly, Ray Lankester had
a disciple who was named Arthur Tansley.
Arthur Tansley coined the term ecology.
The word ecology was essentially fashioned
by a disciple of Karl Marx.
- [Narrator] And it keeps going.
Earth day is celebrated
on April 22nd each year
because that was Vladimir Lenin,
the founder of the
Soviet Union's, birthday.
And Gus Hall who wrote the book Ecology
that helped get the movement rolling,
was the head of the Communist Party, USA.
- The modern engine of the environmental
movement is the United Nations.
- You have to remember
the United Nations charter
was written by Alger Hiss, one of the most
notorious Soviet spies working
in the FDR administration.
People don't know that.
- When my friend was training in Moscow,
the Soviets were openly
telling all of their students
from all over the world,
the United Nations is
our thing, we own it.
This is our instrument for policy.
This is our baby.
- [Narrator] Maurice Strong
has headed up the entire
environmental program of the
United Nations for decades,
and is the father of Agenda 21.
He said quote, "Agenda 21 is a blueprint
"for constructing the New World Order.
"It is vital people grasp this," unquote.
He pit Gro Harlem Brundtland
to write out the world's
environmental agenda in a
document titled Our Common Future.
Which is where the term
sustainable development
was used for the first time.
Guess who she was?
The former vice president of
the World Socialist Party,
the group that Karl Marx himself started.
The icing on the cake is the
next player I came across,
Mikhail Gorbachev, the
murderous Communist dictator.
Guess what he did immediately upon
stepping down from the Soviet Union?
He started an environmental group,
Green Cross International.
- You mentioned Gorbachev.
He has no problem at
all switching gears from
the Soviet destroyer of the
environment, come to America
he's the savior of the environment,
but what's he promoting?
Bigger government, more control.
More power to the United Nations.
Less individual freedom.
All of the agenda of collectivism.
He's doing exactly the same thing
in San Francisco that
he was doing in Moscow.
- [Narrator] And he isn't
just some French player,
he is one of the leaders.
When I found out that the Earth Charter,
which is supposed to be
the new 10 commandments for
the 21st century was written
by Mr. Gorbachev, it was clear.
Environmentalism isn't just
like Communism, it is Communism.
You couldn't make this stuff up.
- A lot of the people in
the peace movement were
in fact more pro Russia and
anti-American than anything.
And they brought their
neo-Marxism with them into
the environmental movement,
pushing it to the extreme left
of the political spectrum.
Green Peace and their allies
and a whole bunch of other
fellow travelers, have
adopted these agendas which
actually if they were brought
into effect would cause
more damage to people
and the environment than
if we just went about
our sorta conventional
way that we're on now.
- In 1995, the Marxists
Democratic Socialists of America,
7000 members, Gramtiest Communists,
they believe in revolution
through infiltration.
They took over the AFL-CIO.
They took over the American labor movement
and they put their member,
John Sweeney, in as president.
And now their protege Richard
Trumka runs it for them.
What they did, they then took
over every single major labor
union in the country and that
leverage enabled them to take
over the democratic party,
because there's hardly
a democrat at any level in this country
from county commission to
federal who doesn't owe
his job to the unions,
for money, for manpower,
for get out to vote even for vote fraud.
They mounted a purge at
the higher levels of all
the southern Dixiecrats,
the conservative Democrats,
the moderate Democrats and
now the Marxists through
the unions, have completely taken over
the higher reaches of
the Democratic party.
So you've got 20,000
card carrying Communists
in your country are
dictating the policies of
the Democratic party which is controlling
the lives of 300 million Americans.
- [Narrator] If this is hard to believe,
I encourage you to go to
the Communist Party,
USA's People's World or
the Democratic Socialists of
America's democratic left,
and you will see every single
issue they are promoting today
will be the exact issues the democrats
will be putting on the
floor of Congress tomorrow.
- And you got all these
loyal democrats out there,
good patriotic people who still think
they're voting for Harry Truman and JFK.
Look, by the standards of
today do you think Harry Truman
or JFK would have a chance
in today's democratic party?
Those guys today would
probably be in the tea party.
Yet their party is now run by
Communists and all these loyal
democrats all over this country
are still voting on party
lines and basically voting
for Marxist and anti-Americans
because they do not understand
their party has been taken over.
- [Narrator] It's no longer
just an opposing party with
different views, it is our enemy working
as fast and furious as they can,
to finish the quiet
revolution that started
over 100 years ago, and
that is why every issue
is being used against us
as a weapon to destroy.
- So the process is simple.
The Marxist set a policy
that might be socialization
of student loans or green
jobs or cap-and-trade
or card check or a new
START treaty with Russia
or Obamacare or immigration amnesty.
They're behind the
campaign to end fracking.
They're behind the
gutting of your military.
They're behind the dumbing down
of your schools and Common Core.
All of these programs, they're
effecting every American
every day has been orchestrated
by small Marxist groups
who have been able to take
over the labor movement
of this country, and by doing
that they then took over the
democratic party and they're
now running the country.
They're effectively running the country.
- I contain that sooner or
later they will use violence.
They'll use violence when they
get to a certain percentage.
If they can get 70% of
the people behind them,
they will wipe out
their opposition because
the socialist Communist
cannot stand competition.
- They have to take
America down, then they can
have world government
and the Communists will
then throw off their masks and they will
have worldwide Leninism,
that is their plan.
- Like my pastor, he spent
five years in prison.
My cousin's husband he
spent nine years in prison,
he was a pastor.
Because they say no, no, no,
you cannot worship in this way.
You can worship to your
God only as we say to you.
So when government coming inside
in our lifestyle it's really bad for us.
It's really bad, so.
- The Chinese has a system
called reeducation through labor.
Any police officer
can issue you a reeducation
through labor system
that can make any Chinese
citizen arbitrarily sent
to a labor camp for up to three years,
without needing any due process at all.
- My younger brother was 16 years old,
he was politically active,
minor, 16 year old,
and they arrested him, this
was in the 80s, early 80s,
put him in jail and they told my mom
who was visiting don't worry, don't worry,
he's doing okay, we're gonna release him.
They kept him 2 years until
he turned 18 and one day they
called my mom, said come and
get his body, they killed him.
no reason, no court.
You told me he's okay,
he's making progress
and they charged my mom for
the bullets that killed my brother.
They said we spent this
much, you have to pay us
to release his body.
You have to pay for his execution.
- I don't want to live through this again,
but I am living it.
Every day it's one more provision or
one more thing that you cannot say and...
I don't know, it's...
- [Narrator] It's no secret
that totalitarianism resulted in
the slaughter of hundreds of millions
of people during the 20th century.
But what most people don't
realize is that the environmental
movement is now setting the stage for
the slaughter in this
century, of billions.
Since humans have now been
labeled the greatest enemy
of Earth and the planet
has been elevated to God
status through the resurrection
of ancient Paganism, things that were once
unthinkable are now becoming thinkable.
If you don't think there's a
religious element to this they
have made an exact replica of
the Ark of the Covenant from
the Bible, to carry Mr.
Gorbechev's Earth Charter.
And people literally are worshiping it,
praying to it, and
placing gifts before it.
And if you think this new Paganism won't
include things like human
sacrifice, think again.
Just during the eight years
of Obama, the child sacrifice
worldwide through abortion has
exceeded 320 million babies.
The entire population
of the United States.
- Under the new Agenda 21
movement we've been demoted.
We are not below the Earth.
And if we are less than the
Earth then there is no tyranny
against man that cannot be justified under
the premise of protecting the environment.
- Honest environmentalists
will all tell you
well a good number would be,
we have seven billion now,
they won't say a billion,
they'll say probably
a few hundred million.
Okay then you ask them how are
we gonna get to that number?
How are we gonna get to that number?
And they look at you with a
blank look because abortion
and sterilization isn't
gonna get us there,
so how are we gonna get there?
And then I will always
ask them the question,
do you want a war?
Will a war work for ya?
How 'bout a plague?
Will a plague work for you?
How about starvation?
Will starvation work for you?
And you know in the back of
their mind they're thinking
all those things will work for them,
because there's no way you're gonna reduce
that many people on the planet to get
it to where they think it's sustainable.
And of course at the same
time they're thinking and I'm
gonna be one of the chosen ones
who will be allowed to live.
- The odds are against us.
We have seen the trends move
in the direction to oppose the
Christian faith, to oppose family,
freedom, socialism is on the rise,
and I think people are
intimidated by the giants.
What we need are Davids who
show up and say who is this
uncircumcised Philistine who should defy
the armies of living God?
Who does this big guy think he is?
And then you go and get your five stones
and you launch one into
the head of this thing.
That's what we need.
- It takes a certain commitment
to not an election cycle,
but an intergenerational
commitment to ideals which if
implemented can change society.
We've seen it happen for the other side.
We should expect nothing
less than the same kind
of time frame and the same kind of pledge,
only ours I think is more deeply.
Our lives, our fortunes, our
sacred honor, honor fits in.
- And the Republican
party has an establishment
that has given us some
losers for candidates.
It's time for the grass roots to rise up
and reassert itself.
- Listen, as Christians we have
a spiritual, moral obligation to vote.
- We have to go into political office.
We have to network with each other.
We have to dislodge these professional
politicians and collectivists.
- And there are people
who think that the job
of precinct committeeman
is the most important.
- [Narrator] We have to take
back over the Republican party.
I attended my first county Republican
meeting in May of 2006.
Within a couple months I
was asked to be the precinct
committeeman for my area
because the position was empty.
And then only 11 months after
I attended my first meeting,
I received a call one
morning from the Governor,
asking me to be the
representative from my district.
Did you know about 35% of
the precinct committeeman
positions are empty nationwide?
We need to fill them
with real Conservatives
and take the party back
from the ground up.
Number one, we need to bank locally
at small independent banks,
so the money stays in our communities
to make them stronger
and more self sufficient.
Stop using the big banks.
We are funding our own destruction
with every dollar we give them.
Number two, we need to get out of debt.
This will make us economically stronger
as individuals which will
make us stronger as a nation.
Number three, be productive.
Start new businesses.
100 years ago, 70% of Americans
owned their own business.
Today, it is less than 20%.
Fathers need to come home and
start utilizing the incredible
potential of their families
in creative home businesses.
Number four, mentor youth
to be entrepreneurial.
That is where the money
is and true independence.
It also eliminates the
need to go to college,
where we are losing all of our children.
And number five, buy
USA every time you can.
It keeps the money home
instead of funding our enemies,
it provides jobs for
Americans, and most importantly
it stops rewarding all
the countries of the world
that have enslaved
their people for profit.
- Well I think the worst thing
that a Christian can do today
is send their children to these
cesspools we call schools.
They are not public schools,
they're government run schools.
At the end of the day the
curriculum is secular humanism
and it conflicts with
what that child may hear
Sunday morning and Wednesday
night at Bible study,
so we set them in an environment
of absolute confusion
and then they have no determinate
for a right and wrong.
- And this guarantees that
a socialist, humanist,
totalitarian approach to life
will always emerge victorious.
Generation after
generation after generation
until parents step in and say enough.
Until a few of us stand up and say we're
tired of losing, we're not
gonna play this anymore.
- And the only way you're
gonna reverse the trends
is if you start interjecting
a biblical world
view back into the hearts
and minds of our youth.
- The Bible says to bring them up under
the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
The scriptures tell us that we'll give
an account for everything,
especially for the
stewardship of our children.
- [Narrator] It is a father's
responsibility to make sure
each of his children understand
the world around them,
so they aren't deceived by every clever
sounding lie that comes along.
- And I think the direction
we oughta move as a culture
is to the point where we
essentially disband the entire
educational infrastructure
and if we're gonna collect tax
dollars for education then
we say to parents here is,
here are the education dollars that
we have devoted to your
student's education.
It's yours so if you wanna
enroll your child in homeschool,
if you would like to enroll you child in
a private Christian school,
education dollars follow
the student to the school
of the parent's choice.
- [Narrator] We can no longer sacrifice
our children on the alter of convenience.
Number one, we need to
demand of our representatives
that they stop the UN from putting
all displaced Muslims
worldwide, in America.
- Did you know there's 56 or 57 countries
that make up the Islamic Conference.
If you've got a Muslim in
one Muslim country that needs
a place of refuge, they've
got 56 other places
where they oughta be able to go.
- [Narrator] Number two, we
must be sharing the gospel
with those who are
already here in America,
praying that they will get
saved and go from being
a threat to us, to our
brothers and sisters in Christ.
- If you wanna reach out
to Muslims in America,
reach 'em early, and reach 'em with love.
In Islam there is no love,
that's the weak point of Islam.
If you wanna invade Islam,
that's their weak point.
Because Allah in Islam has
99 names and not one is love.
There is no commandment to
love and forgive one another,
so when you love people
and you love one another
and you love God, you are piercing
the darkness of Islam in a major way.
- [Narrator] Number one,
we need to expose the lies.
Everything they preach is a lie.
America is the cleanest
country in the world
and always will be as long as we're free.
We have cut our pollution in
half since the 1970's even
though our population has almost doubled.
We aren't the problem, we're the solution.
Number two, hound federal officials
to get us out of the United Nations.
The world's entire environmental agenda
is seeping out of this Marxist cesspool.
We need to abort its influence in America
before it's too late.
Number three, get involved in protecting
private property rights
at the local level.
Work to remove from office anyone
that doesn't offensively
fight for property rights.
If you don't have property rights,
you don't have any rights at all.
Property owners have a proven
record of knowing what is best
for their land, far better
than any government ever has.
- Some of the signs to look for to discern
is to whether or not you're
in an apostate church.
It's important to see is the
pastor preaching the gospel
of Jesus Christ crucified on
the cross for us, is
buried, resurrected again.
Is he preaching the message of the gospel
in eternal judgment and the fact
that we don't live very long on this Earth
and we're gonna stand before
God and give an account as
to whether or not we've embraced the grace
of God through Christ Jesus?
Is he preaching repentance?
That you must turn from sin and embrace
Jesus Christ as lord and savior?
If you don't see that in a fellowship
and there's another agenda
afoot, I would say, you know,
run and don't walk to the nearest exit.
- [Narrator] We need those of you that
are pastors to stand up and lead.
And only be concerned about one thing,
what does God think
about what you are doing?
And we need those of
you that are Christians
to share the gospel faithfully.
Most under 30 in America have never
even heard the truth about Jesus.
67% of non-Christians have never
even been invited to church.
This is unacceptable.
The complete transformation
that takes place
with salvation is the only
real hope for America.
- I think it begins right
at home, in your own heart,
in your own mind, reform takes place there
and then it begins to work its way out.
The multiplication which occurred.
The revolution which occurred
in the first century,
was a revolution of individuals hearts,
and you began to see this
mushroom effect that took place
in individual homes, only
because individuals were changed,
and then communities
changed, and then the world
was radically altered
for the good as a result.
- I think the day of the sunshine patriot
and the fair weather Christian
are coming to an end.
We're gonna have to
pick what side we're on
and there's not 10 different
options, there's only two.
We will either be on God's
side, living a pure life,
standing for his laws
regardless of the cost,
or we will be on man's side,
which means we are the enemy of God.
And the reality is, these evil
people in groups that have
just dismantled this country
over the last 100 years,
they have done that while
a all powerful holy God
has been sitting on his throne.
What does that mean?
It means he has allowed that to happen.
That's what should drop us to
our knees and fear why would
a holy God that hates what
these people are doing far worse
than we do, why would he allow them
to flourish and succeed in their plans?
Well I think if each
one of us looks inside
of our own heart, on our knees
before God and says, God,
what have I done that has caused you
to remove your hand of
blessing from our country?
I know we've all done things that
have contributed to the
problems that we face.
If we repent, if each of us
individually comes before God
and makes things right, and
then makes a firm decision to go
in the opposite direction
and change things,
I know he will bless our efforts.
I know he will give us back our country,
because that's who he is.
He is long suffering, he loves his people,
he loves truth and righteousness,
and he hates what is evil.
I ask you to join with me and
my family and commit to pray
for our country, for our
children and grandchildren,
for the generations that
are to come, that we will do
everything in our power to
turn them back to God's word.
To his principals, to
his way of doing things,
which always brings blessing.
And I think as he sees that
repentance, he sees that true
desire to love him with all
our heart, mind, and strength,
he will step in and crush our enemies.
The ones that right now seem to be
in control of almost everything.
Just like I told my
children at the festival,
God does answer prayers.
He can save our country.
- There's nothing that is
lost and cannot be found,
by the power of God.
There's nothing that is hurdling through
the abyss that cannot grow wings
and soar to the heavens
by the power of God.
You shall mount up on wings like eagles.
You shall run and not be weary.
And I think that that's
true of our country.
In our case we won't be
discovering something
or finding out, we'll be rediscovering.
We won't have to wander about and follow
in distant places, we
just have to go home.
We have to go home to the heart of faith.
We have to go home to the
true spirit of liberty.
We have to go home to
that reverent love of God,
which triumphs over every fear.
And we'll find America again.
Isn't that beautiful?
You come home to God and
there you will find America.
And that's what we've gotta do now.
And that's why I'm optimistic,
because God can save our country,
but he won't until we ask.
(light music)