Agenda: Payback (2018) Movie Script

Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
La da da da da da
la la la da
La da da da da da
la la la
La da da da da da
la la la da
La la da da da da la la
Come on, come on
Strut up to the scene
like it's a party
Let's all move together
to the sound
On this cloud
nobody's gonna stop me
Up so high
I'm never coming down
La da da da da da
la la la da
La da da da da da la la la
Come on, come on
La da da da
da da la la la da
La da da da
da da la la la
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
You always tell me
I look like a rock star
When I roll through
your town
Oh, a heated fever
rising in my headspace
Up so high
I'm never coming down
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
I'm never coming down again
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
Never coming down
Never coming down again
[keyboard clicking]
STEVE: Ah, I don't think so,
I gotta fly to LA
pretty early in the morning
and meet with
some of the investors, so...
I could come with you.
Yeah, not sure Rob would
approve of that, do you?
I don't really think
I want him knowing
about my investment
in his wife.
That's right, baby.
- [phone rings]
- Shit.
Mike, how's it hanging,
my big man?
Jesus fucking...
No, no, no, not you.
Mike, Mike, Mike.
Listen, I hear
what you're saying.
You got nothing
to be concerned about.
But it's moving forward
as planned.
Look, I'm not happy about
a delay either, Mike.
I'm going through
a patchy space.
Hang on one second.
Goddamn it,
you are fucking beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Call me.
I gave the architect
an opportunity
to give us
an entire new level.
You know what that means.
Okay, you don't know
what it means,
but you know me,
and I know what it means,
so I can explain it you.
Mike, look, I didn't mean
to offend you.
If I did, I apologize.
Lucky for you,
I found additional investors
that put in twice
what you put in.
That's what allowed us
the additional level.
Ten extra units.
I'll tell you what that does.
Now, you invest X,
it's all good, good.
You don't get a return of Y.
You get a return of Y and Z
because that's
how I roll, bitches!
That sound good?
All right, buddy.
I'll talk to you soon.
Son of a bitch.
- Hey, Steve.
- Yeah.
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
Do you know what today is?
Look, do you really think
I'd forget?
I will be there.
You better.
I'll see you later.
[turn signal clicking]
[keyboard clicking]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
If you wanna keep your tongue,
you need to shut the fuck up.
[muffled screaming]
Shut the fuck up.
Steve, you can scream
all you want.
We're in the ass end
of nowhere.
The only reason
you are wearing that gag
is because I cannot stand
the sound of your fucking voice.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Do we have an understanding?
Fine. Have it your way.
[calm grunting]
Fuck, Peter.
The fuck are you doing?
The fuck am I?
You outta your fucking mind?
The fuck did I do to you?
Where the fuck you going?
Peter, don't you fucking
leave me down here!
The fuck is wrong with you?
You piece of fucking shit!
I swear to fucking God
I'll kill you!
You sick fucker!
I see that flashing red light,
you piece of shit!
You're fucking looking at me,
jerking off!
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
You received the details?
You understand
what I'm offering.
You agree to the fee?
I'll forward you the address.
Goddamn it.
Fuck. Don't hang up.
[phone vibrating]
Son of a...
[vibrating continues]
Oh, fuck!
Rose? Babe?
Where the fuck are you, Steve?
Fuck, Rose, listen to me.
- God...
- I called you three times,
and I tried leaving a message
for you at the hotel in LA,
but you're not booked in.
I just handed you
a quarter of a million dollars.
Do not treat me
like a cheap whore.
- Rose!
- Glad you needed to get into my pants
to get my husband's money?
Rose, I do a lot of shit
for money.
Fucking you
is not one of them.
Rose, I just need
your help, baby.
Hey, what's going on, Steve?
- Look...
- Where are you?
Rose, it's Peter Farrel.
I'm in a fucking basement
You're scaring me. Stop it
and just tell me where you are.
Goddamn it, Rose!
Rose, send help.
Rose, the motherf...
Rose, I'm not fuck...
You wanna tell her
the truth?
What is he talking about?
What fucking truth?
He's gonna kill me, Rose.
I swear to God.
- Rose, I'm not...
- Sorry, Rose.
Steve can't talk right now.
Steve, I do not like this.
- Say goodbye to Rose.
- Rose, call the cops! Ro...
[busy signal]
Why what?
I can't tell if you're serious.
Couldn't ask you
why the fucking sky is blue.
I'm fucking sitting tied to
a chair in a fucking basement.
I thought we were friends.
I understand.
Who is this?
It's your family, Peter.
'Course it is.
It's Joan!
Why are you doing this?
- And?
- Talk to me, Peter.
Look, it's your daughter.
It's Estelle.
Of course it's your daughter.
Fuck! God! Fuck!
What the fuck do you
want from me, buddy?
It's time for you
to make amends.
Tell me what you want!
PETER: That's not how it works.
I can fucking hear you
walking around up there!
Listen, whatever I did,
I'm sorry.
Is it about money?
If it is,
if you get me a bank
and a routing number,
I swear to God, it'll be
in your account tomorrow.
You can talk to me, Peter!
Come on, buddy!
I was gonna ask you
to be my best man!
[distant car approaching]
Is it about the movie?
Look, I...
I owe you a phone call.
I was gonna call you
today, okay?
Travolta signed.
I swear to fucking God,
he signed.
We're good to go!
PETER: Can I help you?
Maybe you can,
maybe you can't.
Are you Farrel?
I don't know you, sir.
I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.
You might not recognize
my associate here,
but I have a feeling
you know who I am.
Mr. Douglas.
I take that as proof that you're
the one that sent the email
regarding our mutual friend,
Steve Walsh.
Did you have any trouble
finding the place?
No. That's what GPS is for.
Now I believe we have
some business to attend to.
This way, this way.
I'm sure you'll understand
that in my line of business,
I have to be careful
about dealing with issues
on a personal level.
I'm sure it's
very difficult for you.
Very diplomatic of you there,
There's no need
to sugarcoat things here,
unless you're wearing a wire.
I'm just fucking with you,
I'm just, I'm just...
It's a joke. You can laugh.
Come on. And where is he?
Is he down there?
Here's your guy, Mr. Walsh.
Hello, buddy!
Hey, Walshy!
Goddamn it.
If you got a cell phone,
you gotta call the cops.
put me in a trunk.
I swear, I don't even
know what the fuck...
We're not here to save you.
You owe me a phone call.
Yeah, yeah, I, I...
I know. I know I owe you
a phone call.
Look, I just found out
last night
that the funds
didn't go through.
Look, the day after
I authorized the transfer,
I got called to Minneapolis,
my mother, God rest her,
she got diagnosed
with Alzheimer's and...
Shaun, you of all people,
should understand
about family.
Wait, it, it, it...
Goddamn it,
why didn't you call me?
We could have got
back to the table.
It... It doesn't
even matter, okay?
Look, I figured out
the location.
I swear to God.
I got M. Night Shyamalan
to direct this.
The only thing I need is another
Audrey audition tape,
and we're good to go.
No. That's enough out of you.
You could just stop
fucking talking, okay?
- I swear to God.
- Not another word.
You need to understand
something, Walsh.
Your time for talking is over.
Now, I know this is
gonna be hard for you,
but I need you to listen
to what I have to say.
When I say listen,
I mean it.
If you lips even part
before I'm finished,
Lucas will cut you
from ear to ear.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Now, did you know
that Mr. Farrel and I
have something in common?
No, don't answer.
You came to me over a year ago
with a business offer,
but you didn't approach me
like a man.
You didn't walk in
through the front door
and make an appointment.
No, you came at me
through my only blind spot.
You used my daughter.
You used my Audrey.
You filled her head
with dreams of fame and stardom.
She believed in you.
She loved you.
And I trusted in the faith
that she had in you,
but you lost my money.
I didn't lose as much as the guy
sitting above us right now.
No, he lost everything
all because of the promises
you couldn't deliver.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I don't give a fuck about
Mr. Farrel and his misfortune,
but I need you to understand
how that brought us here
to this basement.
You took away his pride,
his money and fame,
and you wiped your ass
with it.
He lost his wife and
his daughter because of you.
You pushed a man to the limits
with all your lies,
and this is the result, Walsh.
it's time to pay the piper.
Cut him, Lucas.
STEVE: No, no.
[groaning, screaming]
You remember Louis the Frog?
It's okay, you can answer.
You remember him?
Yeah, yeah.
Fucker used fake French accents
to get laid.
Yeah, yeah, that's the guy.
You know what happened to him?
No, I have no idea.
I didn't see him.
No, and you'll
never see him again.
You wanna know why?
stole from me.
Eight kilos of cocaine
without so much as a thank you
or a kiss on my ass.
Sounds like he got
what he fucking deserved then.
I'm so glad you understand
the situation, know what I mean?
See, no matter who you are,
nobody steals from me.
You pay for what you took.
I didn't steal from you.
Shaun, I invested your money.
You need to understand
the risk level,
what you're comfortable with
'cause that's
the film business.
All right, well,
the only person
who needs to understand
anything here is you.
You stole from me,
and now it's time
to pay for what you took.
Before I leave,
I'm gonna inflict
a hundred grand's worth of pain
on you.
What the fuck?
What the fuck are you doing?
Okay, wait, wait, wait!
You didn't have to remind me
this morning,
and you don't have
to remind me now.
She's my daughter.
I know it's her birthday.
Look, I will be there
for 7:00.
Half past at the latest.
I just have some stuff
I have to deal with.
No, I'm not drinking again.
If you have to know,
I'm writing.
Joan, I can't argue with you
right now, okay?
I'll see you tonight.
Stop! God!
Now, why would I do that?
Look in the case.
I can pay you back.
I've heard that before.
Swear to God,
I can pay you back today,
all of it, with interest.
- Bullshit.
- Look in the fucking case!
- There's a check in there.
- Checks?
Who the fuck uses checks
these days?
"Robert Waldram."
Ah, you've moved to scams
in the big leagues.
It's not a scam.
It's not a fucking scam.
It's a serious business venture.
It's a holiday resort
in Dubai.
I'll get you in on the
ground floor, I swear to God.
250,000. That's decent return
on my investment.
I can get it
digitally transferred.
- So we're good?
- Yeah, we're good.
But you still owe Audrey
an apology.
Cut me loose.
You said we're good.
I'm not the only one
you got business with.
Hey! The fuck are you going?
I have a feeling you're
not getting out of here.
No! Goddamn it!
Get the fuck...
Shaun, fuck you!
STEVE: Goddamn it!
I swear to fucking God!
Finished with him?
Yeah. He's beaten,
but he's still breathing.
- Then our business is done.
- And we were never here.
PETER: Of course.
Erase what you recorded.
I'm right in the middle.
The folders too.
[tapping keys]
"Fuck you, he said."
[engine starts]
Yeah, he, uh...
The package is secure.
No, I'm sorry, Senator,
the fee isn't negotiable.
All right, then.
I'll forward the address
to this number.
PETER: You got another visitor
coming soon.
Why are you doing this, Pete?
I think your last guest
explained it pretty well.
No. Actually never came up
with anything that made sense.
Certainly nothing to warrant
fucking kidnapping
and zip ties
and fucking torture.
- Certainly nothing...
- [table rattles]
You invested in a film
that I set up.
Maybe it didn't turn out
the way that you planned.
That's the movie business,
buddy, you know that.
I tried to explain that shit
to Douglas, but fuck.
Yeah, I believed you, Steve.
I thought you were this
big-time Hollywood producer,
and you believed in my script.
You were gonna help me
make my movie.
What the fuck you mean,
I don't believe in your script?
Of course I believe
in your script.
I'm the one that fucking
suggested you get an agent.
That was me.
I should get an agent.
An agent
because it's fucking good.
You... saw me
as an opportunity.
Listen, man, I never forced you
to do shit, not once.
No. You just told me
everything I needed to hear,
so that I would.
My daughter's college fund,
second mortgage on the house,
I gave you everything.
How am I supposed to know
about your financial situation?
If I'd known you ran that
close to the fucking edge,
- maybe I wouldn't have...
- You wouldn't have what?
You wouldn't have what?
- That, that, that...
- Let me ask you.
Would you have stopped me
from taking that first drink?
Would you have stopped me from
being an asshole to my wife?
Would you have stopped me from
getting in the car that day?
What car?
We're done talking.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Pete, Pete!
How the fuck
am I supposed to know
that you're an asshole
to your wife?
Maybe you give her
a coat when she's cold!
Maybe you hold the door open!
But maybe you don't pull
her hair when you bang her!
They like that shit,
you fucking pussy!
Steve, Steve.
There's somebody else
here to see you.
Please tell me
it's not my mom. Christ.
Taken enough shit for one day.
ANDREW: You were always one
for a good joke, Steve.
And there was a time when
I would've laughed with you.
Holy shit, Andrew.
I ain't seen you since you
were the Democratic poster boy.
Yeah, well, we were both
a lot younger then.
You mind if we have
a moment alone?
We have some business
to discuss in private.
You don't have a stick of gum,
do you?
Cocksucker punched me in the
nose a couple times. Just...
Fuckin' tastes like blood,
you know?
ANDREW: Yeah, I do.
I can't...
I appreciate it.
So... what the fuck
are you doing here?
I, uh...
Sure you want something
from me, right?
Do you remember
when we first met?
Yeah, you fucking weirdo.
The Italian restaurant.
I don't remember the name.
- Starts with a fucking C.
- Carpaccios.
Nice beef with
a Stilton gravy on it.
The waitress with the legs all
the way up to her fucking ass.
I remember.
I got my face
buried in that ass.
Fucking glorious.
What you told me that night?
We talked about a number
of things that night, buddy.
Half the conversations were
under the influence of vino.
Well, let me remind you.
You promised the ring
off your finger
that you could triple
my campaign money
in less than 72 hours.
Yeah, I remember
the conversation.
I remember distinctively
the conversation.
It was the Flomech deal.
Of course. I mean, it was
a fucking rock solid deal.
Each and every one of us were on
the fucking ground floor, yeah.
Then why did I end up
with an empty account
and no ring from your finger?
For the same fucking reason
that I did.
No one in their right mind
could have foreseen
the CEO being brought up
on charges
- for insider trading.
- But still...
If the deal presented itself
today, I'd recommend you do it.
Still, you promised me
that ring.
There is no ring!
You're right!
There is no ring.
- Then what?
- Then it looks like
I'm taking
the fucking finger!
No! I can pay you!
Goddamn it!
Then continue.
Fuck, you gonna cut my finger?
You put in 100,000 with
a promise for three in return.
Fine! Goddamn it!
Plus interest.
Fine! What kind of interest
do you want?
That was a while back.
How about... 50?
Fine. 50 grand.
Done, fine.
Goddamn it!
Cut me loose.
We'll go right now
to Grand National.
You just... I'll...
There's nothing I can do
to help you.
You gotta let me go to the bank,
if you want the money, buddy.
Fuck's sake, I just so happens
I don't travel around
with 350 fucking grand cash
in my pocket.
Call your bank.
That's my fucking...
Give me a phone.
Give me a phone.
I'll call 'em.
I don't have one.
What the fuck do you mean,
you don't have a phone?
I have one,
but it's not here with me.
- Why?
- It's at the office
because they are
fucking traceable,
and I was never fucking here,
you genius.
So what then, Andrew?
Why don't you
just get to the point?
Tell me what the fuck
you want.
What is it that you
fucking want? Tell me.
You're clearly here
for a fucking reason.
We politicians have
a bad rap nowadays.
We're accused
of talking too much.
We make no decisions
or the wrong ones.
We spend too much or we don't
develop enough programs.
We don't defend our country,
but we overspend
on the military,
and so forth and so on
and blah blah blah.
You get where I'm going here?
No, and I don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.
We are accused of having
no accountability.
What the fuck does that
have to do with anything?
No accountability?
It has to do with everything.
Sooner or later,
we will all be judged
on what we have or what we
have not done during our life.
Fine, I'll give you
10 extra bonus points,
you get me out now,
access to a fucking bonus round!
- What the fuck!
- You're a funny man.
That's funny!
- What the fuck do you want?
- I'll tell you the truth.
I don't give a shit
about the 100K I lost
or the return I never got.
- Then what?
- Acts and consequences.
My opponent ran on
this bullshit platform
of cutting taxes
and lowering costs.
Oh, God, that's crazy.
Cutting taxes, lowering costs,
that sounds...
You fucks have elections
every four years anyway.
It's too fucking late for that.
- God.
- No.
There was a bridge.
It was in bad disrepair.
Needed to be torn down
and rebuilt.
My opponent,
the new administration,
he decided to fix it,
just long enough for it
to last for another four years.
Well, it didn't.
It collapsed six months later,
just as a school bus full of
children were crossing it.
- 23 died!
- You can't blame...
17 families never stopped
mourning their dear angels!
Your logic train just skipped
a few tracks to land there.
If I only had that money,
I'd have won that election
and none of that
would've happened.
How the fuck
do you make that leap?
Are you fucking kidding me?
You can't pin that shit...
I didn't kill anyone!
No, you didn't kill those kids.
You didn't topple that bridge.
You didn't cut the budget,
you didn't lose the election,
but your actions
provoked all the above.
What do you want, Andrew?
What the fuck do you want?
Just tell me.
How much?
It's the money, right?
How much?
Just give me a number.
Stop the bullshit
and give me a fucking number.
Have the fucking balls
to give me a number!
What do you want?
I'll pay you! What?
Oh, you're gonna pay me?
With what?
Money you stole
from other people?
No, no.
Did I really just hear
a politician talk to me
about spending other
people's money?
- Fuck you!
- No, fuck you.
- Fuck you, motherfucker!
- Fuck you!
I want what you
fucking promised!
Fuck you! Damn it!
- You fucking cut me!
- You promised!
You motherfucking
piece of shit!
Fuck you!
Goddamn it!
STEVE: Goddamn it, you fucker!
[Steve grunting]
Shut up!
Jesus Christ.
Thank you for that,
Mr. Farrel.
It was cathartic.
[flicks lighter]
Nah, I quit
when I stopped drinking.
That's a good idea.
And this.
MAN: Where have you been
the last couple of days?
STEVE: It was paperwork.
This is no fucking good.
[voices echoing]
MAN: Don't think about it.
Is he here?
Your fee, as discussed.
You said 25.
How long have I got?
An hour enough?
More than enough.
STEVE: Sonia.
I knew it was you, sweetie.
I always recognize that voice.
Dark in here.
Much better.
Jesus Christ,
you look like shit.
I gotta admit, I'm not having
my best of days, baby.
Well, I always warned you
that someday
your lying and your cheating
would catch up with you.
You paying him?
I don't understand.
Are you paying him
for time with me?
You paying him money?
Please tell me you're not buying
into this fucking craziness.
- What craziness is that?
- Oh, come on.
Lot of bad shit going on in his
life he fucking blames me for.
It has fuck all to do with me.
I can't see how he connects
the fuckin' dots.
Just wanna do right by him.
Just like you did right by me?
- God!
- You used to like that.
Or I thought you did anyway.
You know I like it, baby.
I love that shit.
Nobody could ever
fake a dick that hard,
but you know we were always
a temporary thing.
You know that.
I did?
What the fuck you telling me?
Come on.
We're two consenting adults,
and you're fucking married.
You were never gonna
leave Zach.
I guess I just got...
mixed signals.
STEVE: Yeah.
Memory Lane.
While I'm tied to
this chair, huh?
Memory Lane.
You fucking cunt!
Fucking cunt!
Because when you said that
we were leaving for Mauritius,
I actually thought
that you meant us!
[Sonia shouts]
You're fucking insane! God!
No. Insane was thinking
that you actually loved me.
- [stab]
- [groaning]
You know I love you, baby.
I went to the airport
with ticket in hand
and packed fucking bags
when your husband sent
some visitors to greet me,
and they beat me
into a fucking coma,
you fucking imbecile,
and it took me months
to regain my memory.
Do you still have the money
I gave you?
237 grand,
every fucking nickel.
That's enough for us
to start a life together.
I don't need
your fucking money anymore.
I got my own fucking money.
I always loved you.
Come here, baby, come here.
Let me whisper
something in your ear.
We can still do this, sweetie.
We can still have some sand
between our toes and blue ocean.
You like that?
We can do that,
we can do that.
You just, uh...
You just gotta get me
outta here.
That sound like
something you like?
Does that sound like
something you want?
You want that?
Is that what you fucking want?
- Wh-Why?
- Why?
Let's go with the two
fucking holes in my legs.
But really, baby,
it's because I've been
serving you platters of cock
that you don't deserve to be
in the same fucking bed with.
You see, I like you, Sonia,
and you fucking disgust me
at the same time.
Blame it on my hemorrhaging
Madonna-whore complex.
Okay, Petey,
where you at, faggot?
Oh! Goddamn it!
That's Garvey!
Oh, buddy,
buddy, buddy, buddy.
Hey there.
You don't look too good,
do you?
Ah, you fucking cunt.
Don't go anywhere, huh?
Gonna take out the trash
before this bitch starts
to stink the place up.
No, no, no,
don't even think about it.
I got this.
You sit tight, all right?
It's the least I could do.
Fucking heavy bitch.
Come on!
You know,
I'll be honest, Sonia,
and I do think we're at
the point in our relationship
where we can be truthful with
each other, don't you agree?
Glad we're on the same page.
'Cause the truth is, honey, I...
I was never even gonna meet you
to begin with.
Christ, I didn't even
buy the fucking ticket.
Which is weird, you know,
'cause I...
actually like you, sweetie.
You know, therapist says
I always destroy
the things I love.
You know,
fucking therapist says,
I always do damage
to the ones
'cause I'm afraid
of getting hurt,
which would make
perfect sense
if I ever met somebody
that wasn't afraid to get hurt.
Fucking cunt therapist,
you know?
So I guess I just,
I just...
I just wanna know
if you forgive me for this?
Fair enough. Good talk.
Where the fuck
do you think you're going?
Oh, shit!
[Peter groans]
I think you and me
need to go inside.
Right there.
Sit down before you fall down.
You must be loving this.
Oh, yeah, it's how I love
to spend every weekend.
Now tell me this.
You got anything decent
to drink in this shit hole?
There should be
a bottle of bourbon.
Oh, yeah!
There's my Peter!
Some cheap fucking garbage,
Why don't you...
Why don't you pour that?
My grip's a little weak
right now.
Right there.
Why don't you shoot me
and get it over with?
Oh, for fuck's sake.
If I wanted you dead,
I wouldn't have shot you
in the goddamn leg.
Pour it.
What's wrong, Peter?
What, are you too good
to have a drink
with your old buddy Steve?
I don't drink.
What if I insist?
There you go now.
You're getting into
the spirit of things, huh?
Fuck you.
I told you I don't drink.
Ah, yeah.
Well, you see, that's not
what you said downstairs.
See, what you said downstairs,
you said that I drove you
back to the bottle.
That's what you said.
Yeah, but a lot's
happened since then.
- I've changed.
- Oh!
There you go, Saint Peter.
I mean, fuck.
Saint Peter I knew, I mean,
he'd never kidnap somebody,
invite people over
to torture 'em.
That would never happen.
Oh, we're not friends.
Tell me this.
What the fuck
happened in your life
that brought you here
to this table,
with me holding the cord
over your fate?
What the fuck happened to you?
Ah, yeah.
Daddy's little girl, huh?
Tell me, what'd she do?
She do something naughty?
She get out late?
What'd she do?
Me and Joan
were fighting all the time.
Mostly about my drinking.
And she worked all day.
I drank.
Estelle was at the mall
with her friends,
and Joan asked me
to go pick her up.
I knew I shouldn't have
stopped for a drink, but...
I never even saw the stop.
[tires screeching]
She went through the windshield
like a rag doll.
And I held her in my arms.
And I told her everything
was gonna be all right.
But I was lying.
There was too much blood.
I knew everything
wasn't gonna be all right.
She died before the paramedics
even got there.
Why, I'm...
sorry for your loss, Peter,
but fuck you!
And what, that's all...
That's all my fault, huh?
It's my fault you invested
in the film business, huh?
Which requires balls,
you fucking pussy!
It's my fault you bought
into the bullshit?
It's my fault
you didn't listen to me?
It's my fault you believe
in Santa Claus? Fuck you!
You're gonna need those.
Sooner or later, I'm gonna need
to use both of my hands.
Forgive me, but I just don't
trust you to cooperate.
I know. It's my own fucking
insecurity, right?
Zip tie your ankles.
I hope you don't me
using your minutes.
[ringing continues]
- Rose, baby.
- Oh, fuck, baby.
Baby, I was worried to death.
Are you okay? Talk to me.
Yeah, I know
it sounded scary.
No, yeah, misunderstanding.
Listen, I need you
to do me a favor. Can ya?
I need you
to come and pick me up.
Take this down.
Got a pen?
Of course I can, baby.
Just tell me where.
876 Brown Road, 78622.
You got it down?
I got it, baby.
I'll be there as fast as I can.
Do you need me
to call the police?
No, no, no.
I got it all under control.
Rose, Rose...
wear those red panties, baby.
I'm gonna need to fuck you.
I'll wear your favorite panties.
Don't worry, baby.
[printer whirring]
Is this your place?
It belongs to Joan's family.
This is nice.
You should think
about moving out here.
It's peaceful, you know?
It might be good for you,
you know?
Put your hands
behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
You know,
if you were out here,
I think you could
use the time to evaluate
all that shit you've been
carrying with you, you know?
That bad feeling.
I know it's not healthy
to keep that shit bottled up.
Buddy, don't get me wrong.
I understand, you know,
you losing your daughter.
Oh, no,
fucking hell, I mean,
it was your own fault
for being a goddamn alcoholic.
Fuck, I mean, that would
fuck me up too, right?
Jesus Christ.
PETER: You really don't see it,
do you?
You ruined every life
that you touched.
Fuck off.
I try to help people.
I try to improve
their situation.
You're out of
your fucking mind.
Let me tell you something.
That's really rich, coming from
the guy that wrote a script
about a kidnapping
he's actually carrying out.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,
I read that shit,
and it's fucking glorious!
Tell me this though.
Tell me this.
Do you and I
need an agreement?
You know, because
I'm actually in the story.
Like life rights.
I think we do.
But we'll get back to that,
all right?
You're gonna kill me.
Just get it over with.
Despite everything
we've been through,
I really think you and I
can be friends,
and I also need you
to get my money back.
[Peter groans]
That doesn't feel good,
does it?
You'll feel much better here.
Look at that, Pete.
Oh, shit.
You're gonna be all right.
I actually think that hurt you
more than it hurt me.
Oh, fuck you.
You really don't like me,
do you?
I'm glad that's starting
to sink in.
Ah, luckily enough,
we don't have
to like each other.
Okay, if you would be
so kind, sir,
I'm gonna need your password.
Fuck yourself.
"Fuck yourself."
Let's give it a try.
Well, let's see
who's showing up next.
Come on, buddy,
it's your guest list.
Who's next?
Ms. Ellis, is she next?
Come on, old buddy.
She's not coming.
Refused the invite, huh?
Fucking attagirl, Ms. Ellis.
See? Not everybody is blaming me
for their fuck-ups.
No, she wanted to come.
She's in Australia
on business.
Well, that leaves Lou and Mike.
I spoke to Mike this morning,
so it must be Lou, right?
Hey, you know
I know it was Lou.
It's fuckin' Lou.
You and I are gonna be
ready for him, aren't we?
What time is he arriving?
What time is it now?
It's quarter past two.
He's late.
Yeah, that's Lou, all right.
Hey, Petey,
I ever tell you about
the time I met Lou Michaels?
Fucker was just getting
started in real estate, right?
A ton of fucking cash,
not a molecule of confidence.
And he needed me
to find him a piece
of commercial real estate
for this mall project.
And I wanted to help him,
just like I wanted
to help you, you know?
I like people.
I'm a people person.
[gun clicking]
LOU: Farrel.
This isn't a good time.
I can see that.
You look like shit.
And this is exactly the time
you told me to be here.
Uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Michaels.
Plans have changed.
After our last conversation,
you assured me everything
was good, Farrel.
I paid your fee in advance,
as agreed.
I want what I paid for.
A deal's a deal.
I suggest you take me
to see Walsh, huh?
He's dead.
He what?
You telling me
I paid good money
to put a beating
on that son of a bitch,
and now he's dead?
I gotta see this.
You're fucking kidding me.
Down here.
[Peter groans]
- Is this some kinda joke?
- He's right there.
You're gonna kill a man, Pete,
you gotta make sure he's dead.
Just an FYI.
You mind if I smoke
these things?
'Cause my body is
a fucking temple.
Take his belt off.
Tie his arms out of the way.
We don't want this fool
putting up a fight, do we, Pete?
I'm glad to see
he's still alive.
PETER: What are you
planning on doing now?
You know, at first,
I really wanted to kill him,
but I've had
a change of heart. I...
I think he's worth more alive,
and it gives me an opportunity
to negotiate with him,
which you can help me do.
And what if I said...
Fuck you!
Then I shoot you
in the fucking face.
Okay, we ready to get started?
- Absolutely.
- Attaboy.
What the fuck's going on?
You said he was dead.
You know, I think Mark Twain
actually said it best,
something to the effect of
"the reports of my death
have been greatly exaggerated."
I don't know if it's actually,
but you get the point.
I look like shit, but you can
see that I'm alive and kicking.
And, Lou, I don't think you'd be
too surprised to find out
that I'm pretty upset
with you, buddy.
You shot me.
I did, and that's normally
not something I would do.
See, Lou, I don't think you
came here to cuddle with me,
did you, buddy?
It turns out
our brand of loyalties,
and that really fucking
hurts my feelings, Lou.
You son of a bitch, Walsh.
- See, I like that.
- What do you want?
See, that's what I like
about you, Lou.
Full fucking throttle.
It's all business, buddy.
You're a cross-dresser,
you get the motherfucking
sex tape!
That's what you do, Lou!
Yeah, and you've always loved
flapping your lips.
And he's right, you know?
My therapist says I have
a sort of emotional Tourette's.
LOU: You ask me for money?
STEVE: I don't ask anybody
for anything but the time, so...
Nah. You just love
hearing the sound
of your own
bullshit-spouting voice.
Well, that may be, you know,
but I'm gonna tell you
just like I told her.
You never get to a point
during the fucking,
where they control the pace
and the depth.
[Lou screams]
What do you want, Walsh?
You know, buddy...
this might surprise you, but...
but I am in a bit of
a financial situation
that I'm hoping you
can help me out with.
[Lou scoffs]
Y-You're asking me for money?
I don't ask anybody
for money, Lou.
I'm inquiring about your desire
to invest with me,
and you should consider it
an investment.
Think very long
and hard about it
'cause it secures
your future in this world.
Go fuck yourself.
Well, it looks like you need
some bit of persuading.
I don't know how
he's talked you around,
but whatever's
he's offered you...
He's the one with
the gun, asshole.
STEVE: Hit him in his knee.
Hit him in his knee,
I swear to God,
I'll shoot you both
in the fucking balls.
Fucking moron.
You got a beautiful wife, Lou.
And your daughter, she's...
she's precious, buddy.
Leave my family out of this.
I will leave your family
out of it, Lou. You got my word.
You know,
it's the one part of you
that I'm actually jealous of
'cause I don't have one myself,
you know?
But I've read about them
in books,
and they seem like a pretty
wonderful thing to be a part of.
We don't have to do this, buddy.
Just transfer the funds
into my account, and we're done.
Simple business transaction.
- Never gonna happen, Walsh.
- Oh, it's gonna happen.
You want me tell you
why it's gonna happen?
Because phonies like you
always put self-preservation
above loyalty.
Hit him again.
Just give him what he wants.
Hit him again!
I'm not gonna say it again.
Fucking moron.
Password, Lou.
I can't.
Not that account, Walsh.
Hit him again.
There it is.
There's that point.
Tell me again about
how fucking loyal you are.
Tell me again about
how fucking ethical you are,
how different you are
than me
'cause we're about to find out
if you're a fucking phony.
- [gunshot]
- [Lou screams]
Hey, buddy.
I don't wanna have
to do that again.
Give me a password.
[Lou clears throat]
Four, five...
G, X...
six, seven...
K, N...
Well, there you go, buddy.
Round one goes
to self-preservation.
Now, see, this is the shit
that I can't wrap
my fucking head around.
You came all the way out here
for a $60,000 land deal
that went sideways
10 fucking years ago,
has $3 million sitting
in his account unattended to.
I told you.
I told you it's not my money.
That land deal never was
any good, and you know it.
You lied about
the planning consent,
and like an idiot,
I bought into it.
You see, I don't like
hearing that shit.
You have no idea what it takes
to put a deal together.
You can't wrap your
fucking head around it.
Does anybody ever offer me
any gratitude
or shake my hand like
a fucking gentleman?
No one does.
Well, I'll tell you
something else.
That land permit, Lou,
was guaranteed to me.
And how did it turn out?
Yeah, and I take that personal
failing every single day,
while you fucks
run for the trees.
Whatever hurdle pops up
in front of me,
I jump over,
and I search for profit.
But you fucks
are running home crying.
Let's do a little
calculation here, shall we?
Taking into consideration
lost wages,
personal trauma,
billable hours,
I don't know, seem like
a fair price to you?
I can't.
Antolini will kill me.
Oh, come on, I'm leaving you
with a quarter-million dollars.
That's plenty enough money
for you to disappear.
You can go and fucking hide,
long before he finds out
you tried to shove
a little cock up his butt.
He's gonna kill you
no matter what you do.
STEVE: I'd appreciate
some silence here.
I'm trying to have
a conversation.
You take that money,
Antolini will come after you
right after he's put
a bullet in my head.
You see, I'm gonna let you both
in on a little secret.
Antolini is gonna
come after me anyway,
as soon as he realizes the
Dubai land deal fell through,
even though I have a wonderful
contingency program.
But just like you, that fat fuck
wouldn't jog towards a profit
if it meant he's gonna
break a fucking sweat.
You're fucking crazy.
[Lou groans]
I'll tell you this though.
After you've transferred
the funds,
I'll be rich, and I'll be crazy,
which is good
because I'm gonna need
some surgical procedures.
You see, I seem to be missing
one of my favorite fingers
right there.
Your both as good
as fucking dead.
STEVE: You again.
The only reason I'm here is
because you couldn't accept
your own personal
fucking failings.
There's "loser" written
all over your fucking DNA.
Why don't you keep
your fucking mouth shut?
So, Lou...
where to, buddy?
I'm gonna need
a confirmation code.
You don't wanna do this, Walsh.
There's some cash
back at the office.
It's not three million, but...
And loyalty took an early leave.
That's good.
It's not how I think
it's gonna end up, but...
So tell me this.
What kind of value
do you place on your life?
- What?
- The money back at the safe,
is there enough in there
to buy your life?
Shit, I don't know.
Because if the amount doesn't
match what's on that screen,
I need a confirmation code.
You're gonna let him do this?
So I'm gonna let you
in on a little secret, Lou.
He's actually helping me.
- Go fuck yourself.
- Ooh!
There's the head of those balls
I was talking about right there.
If you find them, hang onto them
'cause you're gonna need them.
'Cause I feel like
making a strong comeback!
Pick up the pliers.
Pick up the fucking pliers
right now.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Pick the fucking pliers up!
Steve, there's $200,000
in cash sitting upstairs.
You don't need to do this.
What the fuck do you know
what I need?
What makes you think
you know anything about me?
Maybe it's not about
the money anymore.
Maybe it's about the fact
that you drug me out here
so you could watch others
take out their anger on me
'cause you don't have the balls
to do it face-to-fucking-face.
Put the gun down,
we'll go fucking now.
No shit, fucking tough guy.
If you ever found the balls
to talk to me,
your vagina would
swallow them whole.
I'm gonna count to five.
If I don't get
a confirmation code,
you're gonna take those pliers,
and you're gonna remove
a molar from his mandible.
- One!
- No!
- Two!
- Get the fuck away from me.
I need those four numbers, Lou!
- Three!
- Just fucking shoot me, man!
- Four!
- Get the fuck away from me!
- Just give him what he wants.
- I can't!
- Five! Pull it!
- God damn you!
- Pull it!
- Don't make me do this.
Farrel, don't fucking do it.
Don't... Don't you fucking dare.
I'm gonna need
a confirmation code, Lou.
I don't wanna do it too.
You know, this always
amazes me, you know?
It's the heat from my finger
on the screen.
When I touch it...
I just became almost
$3 million richer.
Self-preservation, buddy.
Reigning, defending, undisputed.
Thank you, Lou.
Antolini's gonna kill me.
You want some help
with that, buddy?
That script on your laptop
I found on your computer.
What about it?
Are you still
planning on doing it?
I mean, 'cause if you are,
I know a guy,
funds that type of film.
It's all he does,
night and day.
I mean, if you're
still interested.
Are you seriously fucking
asking me that?
Well, why would you
fucking write it
if you don't plan
on making it into a movie?
That makes no fucking sense.
My sponsor.
Your sponsor.
After the crash,
I joined the AA.
My sponsor thought writing
about it would give me closure,
keep me from drinking.
Yeah, I guess
that makes sense.
But tell me this.
Whose idea was it
to act it out, huh?
I'm taking it
that's all you, right?
Yeah, that was all me.
It's funny.
Once I started writing,
I couldn't help but imagine
doing all these things to you.
Oh, I bet there's all kinda
things you wanna do to me.
Is that right?
Fill that shit up.
Yeah. There's those balls
I was talking about.
Reach down there
and give them a squeeze.
Hey, brother,
you're making me...
Daddy wanted to be here,
baby girl,
but he's busy.
He says he's writing again.
I hope he is.
It'll be good for him.
All of your friends
miss you so much.
I love you so much,
baby girl.
[keyboard clicking]
[keyboard clicking]
- [groaning]
- ROSE: Fuck, Steve?
Oh, my God, baby.
- Rosie?
- Fuck.
- Oh, my God.
- Rosie, baby!
Hey, hey, I'm here.
Babe, you gotta
get me outta here.
Okay, okay, I'm gonna
take care of you.
- You're fine, you're fine.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
There's just something...
There's something
about you, okay...
- Rosie!
- That I can't resist.
- Ah, Rosie!
- All these prints.
Listen, baby, baby, baby,
listen to me.
Listen to me, baby.
No, listen.
I swear to God, I'll fuck
the cat lick right out of you,
as soon as I get better, baby.
I can't, I can't.
It hurts,
Baby, no.
Ah, baby!
No, just...
[groans, grunts]
Come on, Rosie.
[keyboard clicking]
Rosie, baby,
you gotta help me.
Baby, you gotta
help me get outta here.
You used my money
to pay off Shaun Douglas.
What are you
talking about, baby?
- Where'd you get that?
- That doesn't matter.
No, no, no, no, baby.
Peter made that shit.
He's a fucking liar.
He fabricated that.
He showed it to me. He...
I called the bank.
Oh, Rosie, baby.
Baby, don't you just wanna
suck it one last...
[keyboard clicking]
Whole lotta times
I got your money, honey
And all I could buy
Feel so high
like a blistered sky
I'm back to hellfire
To ask for a law
You said, sure,
you can get my draw
I'll dig around, oh
I said oh, no
Oh, my
I'll hide you here
I see them go
Oh, my
Whole lotta times
I got your money, honey
And all I could buy
Feel so high
like a blistered sky
I'm back to hellfire
To ask for a law
You said, sure,
you can get my draw
I'll dig around, oh
I said oh, no
Oh, my
I'll hide you here
I see them go
Oh, my
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
La da da da da da
la la la da
La da da da da da
la la la
La da da da da da
la la la da
La la da da da da la la
Come on, come on
Strut up to the scene
like it's a party
Let's all move together
to the sound
On this cloud
nobody's gonna stop me
Up so high
I'm never coming down
La da da da da da
la la la da
La da da da da da la la la
Come on, come on
La da da da
da da la la la da
La da da da
da da la la la
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh