Agent (2017) Movie Script

Alpha Tango Echo 53.
Clean up complete.
Alpha Tango Echo 53,
permission to return to HQ approved.
Rabbit Hole out.
The Pyramids, Stonehenge,
the Great Wall...
Would've taken massive amounts of people
communicating with each other,
and even agreeing with each other
to build those ancient wonders.
We believe they used
this biological substance
to control humans.
If we look at worker ants,
they work together,
building tunnels, gathering food,
defending their territory,
using what's called swarm intelligence.
See, ants are given very simple tasks.
But together...
They can... they can solve
major complex problems
by just communicating with each other,
using their senses, pheromones,
sounds, touch.
How do humans work together
to use this swarm intelligence?
Why can't most men think with their
brains when they wanna get laid?
Hmm. Hunger, thirst.
Those are basic needs that can
be quenched on your own, right?
But there is one fundamental desire
that cannot be fulfilled
if you were stranded
on a deserted island.
The feeling of being alone.
Hmm. Social connection
is essential to survival,
and they impart that fundamental need
and make you feel that what you're doing
is both ethically and morally correct
so that you won't resist it,
you won't even question it.
No logic, no reasoning,
no emotion, nothing can overpower
this altered reality they put you in.
You speak of "they."
Who are "they"?
Mark Maris, please report to B7.
Will Mike Maris please report to B7.
Jim, can I see you
in my office for a sec.
Yeah, sure.
Ah, come on in, Jim.
Grab a seat.
Sit. Mm.
I try to take care
of anyone who's served.
I'm sorry about the box, okay?
Luckily nothing was broken.
It's not just the box, Jim.
I need a certain order
to operate this facility,
and you disrupt the flow of everything.
I'll get better.
Well, you might be right,
but I can't afford to train you.
This is just the easiest
solution right now.
You'll find something else.
Have some... faith.
All right.
That was fun.
Hey, Seth.
We're here.
Just checked in.
Catching some sun nearby.
Uh, Seth, I'm not feeling so well.
Is that Jim?
Tell him I say hello.
He says hello back.
Hold on a sec.
You don't sound sick.
Hey, you're not trying
to avoid seeing Angela and me?
I know seeing us together
would be a little weird, but...
No, no, I'm...
It's not that.
Wait, did you have an episode again?
Oh, no.
That's terrible. When?
Just now.
Where are you?
I'm at home.
You want us to come visit you?
No, you guys are
just here for a few days.
Uh, that settles it.
We're coming to see you.
You may recall I make a chicken
soup that will cure any illness.
Not that chicken soup that left
me on the throne for two days.
Oh, yeah, that's the one.
You know what,
I'm feeling slightly better.
See, the recipe works!
Okay, see ya, pal.
Jim! What ups!
Ha ha! Not gonna let a little migraine
stop us from seeing each other.
You had me at chicken soup.
Oh, come on.
Hey, Jim!
How are you?
Congrats on your first year
of residency!
Thanks! I can't believe
I got through it.
You remember Kara, right?
Oh, hey, Kara.
Hey! What are you doing in LA?
Um, I'm in between jobs.
Jim is applying to the CIA.
As an analyst, nothing glamorous.
Until you save the world.
Then I can say I knew you
on my YouTube channel.
Kara here is a very popular YouTuber.
She has a rather large
following of cute girls.
That I'm sure would love you.
I certainly admire you guys
for going after your dreams,
but I just couldn't give up
flying business class.
Seth made me and Angela fly economy.
Hey, I earned those miles.
And it was super sweet of him
to treat us on this trip, right, Kara?
Thanks, Seth.
Oh, can we see if the ice cream guy
takes frequent flyer miles?
Ha ha. Although...
there's nothing wrong
with getting a punch card.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no, I got ya.
This is nice.
Oh, Seth, look, try and
get us from the waist up.
Okay, yeah?
Thanks. All right.
Aah, it's freezing!
Oh, my gosh.
In the shot, right here.
Kara's pretty cute, huh?
You're not trying to
set me up now, are you?
No way, I would never do that!
Look, I know seeing Angela
and I together must be hard.
After you left Chicago,
I think we both felt a void.
Never really thought it was gonna work.
Um, I wanted you to be
the first to know.
I'm gonna ask Angela to marry me.
So soon?
Yeah, think I'm finally ready.
Being single was fun, but... now?
Think it'd be nice to raise a family.
That's great.
Oh, here it goes.
Here it goes. Aah!
Oh, my gosh, it's so cold!
Howdy, pretty people.
Curious Kara here.
Sorry I didn't post a vid yesterday.
I was in flight, but, as you can see,
it was totally worth it!
Look! Look at that.
Absolutely gorgeous.
Wait a sec!
Who is that back there
doing the worst attempt
at a photo bomb ever?
Get over here.
Hello, it's me
I've been wandering 'round
This is my bestie, Angela.
Uh, the reason why you don't
see her in my vids too often
is because she's busy making babies.
Oh, wait, no!
I meant delivering babies.
That's better.
Angela was also my sorority sis
over at U Chicago back in the day.
Yes, peeps, I was once part
of a secret organization,
meant to...
Kara, we swore an oath!
Oh, right. Sorry, guys,
I can't tell you.
Um, but, guess
in the comments section below,
and don't forget to subscribe!
- Bye for now!
- Bye.
Well! You guys look like you're having
a very romantic conversation.
Yeah, I was about to do
the yawn and stretcher on Jim.
Oh, shoot me.
Hey, did Seth tell you what
we're gonna be doing tomorrow?
Oh, no, he didn't.
Oh! I found a guy on the internet
who started an introductory gun school.
So we're gonna be driving out
to shoot some guns in the desert.
Figured the pacifist could
use a little GI Joe action.
Yeah, you're just lucky you have
a birthday coming up, buddy.
Apparently they used to hold
UFO conventions out there.
Yeah, we're extremely
excited to learn more
about Seth's relatives from Uranus.
Ooh, can we stop?
Yeah, let me find a spot.
Ooh, right here's...
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, that's perfect.
Mm, perfect.
Oh, yes! Oh, I can't wait to post this!
Guess I know why they picked
this place to be a windmill farm.
That Ivy League education
of yours was money well spent.
Shut up.
This is nice.
Yeah. It's good to get
a change of scenery.
It's funny, since you moved in,
I never see you.
I'm sorry.
Look, once I finish residency,
things will be different, okay?
It's just I'm always on call right now.
I'm glad they let you
have these few days.
I know. It's hard to detach sometimes.
In the future, if you want to,
I do make enough for the both of us,
and, uh...
Seth, it... It's not about the money.
I'm just saying it's an option.
They need me there.
I can't just give up...
That's fine. You can't
make them your whole life.
Hey, guys!
Let's all take a picture together!
- Come on!
- Sure.
- Oh, wait, it's on... slow-mo.
- Oh, wait!
Oh, yeah, I think that we
should get some slow-mo in.
And then do the... movement.
- Oh, wow.
- Oh, yeah.
What do we got?
So much hair! So much hair!
Oh, no!
- Oh, my God.
- Okay.
If that's not a blackmail picture,
I don't know what is!
Oh! Ugh, it's all blurry!
That sucks.
Can we go back?
- We're not going back.
- Please!
- No.
- Please, pretty please!
No, I know what happens.
We'll take a hundred pictures.
We'll never get out of there.
- Please.
- Uh-uh.
Ugh! Fine.
Jim, I'm so happy that you're here!
Now I finally have someone who at least
knows his way around a camera.
Didn't you just yesterday
say you liked my photos?
I work with what I got.
All right, how about I take
a picture of you on the rock?
I guess I can give you
a chance to redeem yourself.
- Okay.
- Think you're good.
Now pretend the boulder's
going to fall on you.
- I'm not gonna do that!
- Come on!
She's cool.
Yeah... she is.
- that.
- What?
Come on.
Yay, we're here!
- It's like...
- Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
Yeah, I mean, that's what he tells me.
Well, you know.
When you're right, you're right.
Hey! How are you?
- Hey.
- Good.
You're Seth, I take it?
- Yeah.
- Hey, how are you?
- I'm good.
- Yeah. John. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
This is Jim.
Hey, Jim. John.
Nice to meet you.
- How you doing?
- Very good.
- Angela.
- Hi, Angela, how you doing?
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you as well.
- Pleasure.
- Kara's around here somewhere.
- Kara, okay.
- Where'd she go?
- Kara?
- I don't know.
She was just over there.
Uh, hold on a sec.
I'll go find her.
Uh, who's this we're waiting for?
- Oh, Kara.
- Oh, Kara.
Right there.
Oh, my gosh, you scared me!
Come on, we're heading out.
Let's go.
No, wait a minute.
Come here.
According to Wikipedia, some German dude
used to talk to aliens over
this funky radio he built.
- Wow.
- Whoo!
This looks... legit.
All right, ladies, you can do
the touristy hoax shit
later if you want.
Let's head out.
Drive's about five miles from here.
It's okay to leave my car here?
Yeah, you can put it back there.
Damn dune buggies and dirt bikes,
tearing up the road like snowboarders.
Make it impossible to drive faster.
Don't worry about that.
There's nothing out here.
Just maybe a couple of land mines. Boom!
I'll watch my step.
You better!
- Your son?
- Yeah, yeah, that's my son.
- How old is he?
- He's 11.
He's going into boarding school
next year.
That must be expensive.
Uh, you be telling me.
Ah. Any of you know
your way around weapons?
I got four years Army Reserves.
Oh, yeah?
What was your MOS?
Military intelligence.
Ah, you're a spook.
- Now if I told you...
- Yeah?
- ...I'd have to kill you.
- Ooh!
You? How about you?
How do you know so much about guns?
Ah, retired Special Forces.
This must be a walk in the park for you.
Ah, easier than working at
the post office, I'll tell you that.
It's extremely stressful
delivering people's mail.
I'm sure it is.
Here's some ear protection.
Put those on. Great.
Let's get started.
Firearm safety is
everyone's responsibility.
Common 9mm pistol.
Easy to aim and carry.
Safety's here.
This is an M4 semi-automatic in 5.56.
No magazine...
nothing in the chamber.
That's how it's done.
This is a precision rifle in .308.
It's capable of amazing accuracy,
if you watch your breathing.
And finally, the last rule
and most important rule...
Better safe than shot.
Let's have a good time,
and let's make sure that we leave
with the same number of holes
in our body that we came with.
- Nice!
- Yes, I like this!
Well done.
How was that?
You're a natural.
Ha! Wow, that's fun.
That's well done.
Ah, when I squeeze
the trigger and hold it down,
that's when I hit dead center.
That's it!
Good job, yeah!
Nice. Nice grouping.
It's been a long time,
but still got some of it.
Yeah. I see all of it.
All right, keep going.
All right.
Wow. Got it. Got it!
So, here's your first shot.
You're ready for your zombie apocalypse.
Your second shot,
I don't know where that went.
Uh, oh, look,
here's a shot here by the heart.
You almost killed him.
Ah, Kara, shot him
in the lungs, can't breathe.
Ah, nice.
Oh, and Angela,
nice liver shot right there.
Good job.
So, we just shot some live
weapons, as John calls it.
He's our instructor.
Jim showed off his military training.
Angela surprised me,
she's actually not so bad,
and Seth, well...
Kara, we're all out of targets.
Can you go down range?
I could get used to this.
Holy shit!
What? Sorry.
Oh, dear.
Oh, shit.
Turn the safety on next time.
All right.
That was bad.
Yeah, so this weapon,
what was it, Wess...
- Wesson?
- Smith and Western.
I thought you... Wesson.
Don't play with me.
That was my favorite.
How 'bout you guys?
- The M4.
- Ooh, what you got there?
We're gonna shoot it,
and when we do, it'll go boom!
Can I try?
Of course.
Going down range.
Is this legal?
In certain states.
Damn it! Ugh!
You suck!
Let me show you how
a man fires a weapon.
Oh, please do.
Represent, Seth.
In anything I do when under pressure,
I never fail.
Oh, you sure shoot like a man!
- Jim?
- I'm good.
Kara, why don't you try again?
Going hot.
You think you can shoot, huh?
You think you can shoot?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna shoot you.
Yeah. I hit... like... a girl.
- Wow!
- That was great!
- Oh, boy.
- Let's go check the target.
Going down range.
- Hey! Hey!
- Kara, slow down!
Kara! Ka...
What is she doing?
She always does stuff like this.
Yeah, she's just always
getting into trouble.
It's okay. There's nothing
down there, anyway.
Hey, guys!
I think we hit something.
Some sort of dark red sand.
- Kara!
- Stay back!
- Kara!
- No! No, let me go! Let me go!
- Oh, fuck.
- I have to get to her.
Kara! No!
Let me go!
Kara! Are you all right?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Jim, are you okay?
Oh, Seth, help Jim!
Come on, go!
We got you, buddy.
Quadrant three search complete.
Moving to quadrant four.
Searching for EMP signatures.
What the hell was that stuff?
- John, have you got some water?
- Sure, sure!
Gosh, Kara, what were you thinking!
I'm such an idiot, I'm sorry!
I was just so excited
I hit the damn thing.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Seth, are you all right?
- Yeah.
- Here.
- Here, take this.
Jim! Jim, are you okay?
Can't... can't focus.
You guys, my phone is dead.
- Mine, too!
- What the freak!
- God!
- It's dead!
Now what?
- John!
- Hold on, wait a sec.
Jim, can you walk?
Let me try.
Let me try.
Help him up.
Come on, you guys. Come on.
All right, all right.
It's 25 or 30 miles
to the nearest gas station.
All right, it's getting dark.
I got some sleeping bags,
some snacks and water.
Gonna find a place to camp tonight.
I'll leave out in the morning.
I'll come back with some help.
Jim, you think you can
wait it out tonight?
- Yeah. Yeah...
- Yeah? Okay.
Guys, I'm gonna get us set up tonight.
Maybe we shouldn't have
come out here, you guys.
This is a bad idea.
Hey, what are you doing so far away?
I was having hot flashes.
Thought I was going through menopause.
No fever.
Must be feeling better.
Good. You were starting
to sound like a big baby.
Wow. What a doctor.
Oh, I forgot to tell you!
I delivered my first baby
by myself a few weeks ago.
Wow, they let you in your first year?
I know, right?
Gosh, it was, like, 3 am
and my supervisor couldn't
make it through the snow.
Charles Lee, 6 1/2 pounds.
Gosh, it felt like
I gave birth myself...
without the pain, just the sweat.
That's great.
Your mom and dad must've been so proud.
How are they doing?
They're good.
They, uh, they ask
about you all the time.
They were really sad when I told them
you were moving to LA.
I'm happy for you and Seth.
You okay?
Ahem. Yeah, I'm fine.
I like Jim.
Glad you guys hit it off.
But I think he just doesn't know
how to appreciate someone like me.
- Well...
- Not like you.
Hey, how you doing?
- Guys want some?
- Definitely.
Huh? Here go you.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
I wish my phone worked so
I could document all of this.
Yeah, I don't get people nowadays
that take pictures of everything.
I'm used to the old-school pictures.
I thought it was stupid at first,
but then my Grandma got Alzheimer's,
so I take pictures in case I forget.
Well, cheers to, uh,
capturing every moment.
Glad you guys are all okay.
Hear, hear.
Oh, hey.
What are you doing out here?
- What was that?
- I don't know.
We should go find out.
Why did you come here?
Kara? Seth?
- Seth?
- Seth, Kara?
Whoa, whoa. Whoa, John? John??
What is he doing?
Did you say something?
Why aren't you responding
to normal channels, Jim?
What is he talking about?
I don't know.
John, what's wrong with you?
I'm perfectly fine, Jim.
It's you who seems to be malfunctioning.
What's wrong with him?
What... What are you talking about?
I want you to get out of here right now.
Find Kara and Seth.
John, back up! Go.
- No.
- Go! Get outta here!
What the hell?
- John?
- Let's test your strength.
John? John?
Your strength is greater
than anticipated.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey.
- Back off, John.
Hey, Jim.
What are you doing?
It's me.
Stand down!
I'll shoot, I swear.
I'll shoot.
Hey, hey, it's...
It's me. It's John.
Just put the gun down.
- There you go.
- John?
There you go.
Just put it down.
There you go. Good.
I got you. Ready?
Kara, where have you been?
Jim's in trouble.
I need your help.
I'm sure he's fine.
In fact, I bet he's better than before.
No, he's not.
John's gone crazy.
We have to get out of here right now.
Don't you want to be
a part of something greater?
Kara, what's wrong with you?
I'll show you the meaning
of true sisterhood.
Kara, snap out of it.
Hey, that hurts.
Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow!
You utilize John's skills
much better than we do.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I think so.
We should...
We should find Seth.
Yeah, uh, we should get to the car.
- All right, yeah.
- Let's go.
What was that?
How did you move like that?
I don't know. John.
He attacked me.
Just like Kara.
I was forced to shoot him.
Quadrant four sweep complete.
Location acquired.
His body was right here.
Where'd it go?
- I don't know.
- Wait.
Where are you going?
How do you know how to use John's gun?
I don't know, I just do.
Don't move.
Put the gun down.
- All right.
- Don't hurt us!
Do it now.
Step away from the gun.
Step away from the gun.
We have eyes on two.
Copy that.
Inbound with one.
ETA one minute and 12.
Copy that.
Ross, retrieve the gun.
Copy that.
Seth, are you all right?
I'm fine.
I'm Capt. Linden.
We have readings
of a strong electromagnetic
disturbance in the area.
Any idea where it's coming from?
Could we see some credentials?
Ma'am, that's classified,
but I can assure you
that we're here to help.
Jim, Angela, we should cooperate.
Your friend's smart.
You should listen to him.
Any idea where that blast came from?
Just over that ridge.
I'll show you.
Ross, Seto, provide an escort.
That's double time, boys.
We just want to get a visual.
Proceed with extreme caution.
Copy that.
What's taking them so long?
I don't know.
Come on. Come on.
Seth! Oh, please no!
Ross, Seto, report!
- Seth!
- Oh, my gosh.
Ross, Seto, report!
What's going on?
Geez. Okay.
Ross, Seto!
What's the deal, boys?
Where's Seth?
I don't see him.
Oh, my gosh.
Get down. Get down, now!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
We've gotta get him
out of here right away.
I won't make it. Unh!
Here, take this.
What's this for?
We're part of a covert task force...
fighting to keep
the human race from extinction.
Extinction from what?
- From aliens.
- I don't believe this.
There's a group of grays who've
developed biological control mechanisms.
At first they used it
to build the Pyramids,
but now their objectives have changed.
To what?
We don't know.
They're starting to move.
Take that ring.
Find Dr. Victoria Jansen.
Show it to her.
She'll know what to do.
I'll fight them off.
Do it!
Come on, let's go, now!
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
Where are we going?
Our car. It might be out
of the blast radius.
Dr. Victoria Jansen!
Trust no one else!
Wait! Hang on!
Hold on a sec.
I need a break.
Oh, my gosh.
Do you think Seth is
still alive back there?
It's possible.
Why aren't you affected?
Did you ever get
those migraines checked out?
Do you know what they're from?
They think it's some sort of anemia.
Weirdly shaped red blood cells.
Maybe it's protecting you.
Whatever it is, we need to move fast.
- Can you keep going?
- Yeah.
- All right, let's go.
- All right.
Attention, Alpha Tango Echo 53.
Target lock has been lost.
Resuming sweep pattern.
Full report when visual
has been reacquired.
What the fuck?
That's Kara.
We need to get to the car.
Take this.
Jim, I can't.
Take this.
You gotta get out of here
and tell the world
about this, all right?
- Uhh!
- Aah!
We go now.
Come on!
Okay. You can do this.
- Come on, Angela!
- Oh, shit.
What the...?
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no.
Don't move!
He's walking towards us!
- Don't move, I'll shoot!
- Do something!
Still coming.
Back off!
- Shoot him in the head!
- Back off!
Come on, let's go.
Shit, what...
I shot him in the head!
Oh, no!
Well, where do I shoot him now?
Try the liver!
All right!
Oh, my gosh.
I think that worked!
How'd you know?
The liver filters and processes blood.
More like a lucky guess.
Lucky. Let's go!
Oh, my gosh.
Aah! Aah! Oh!
Still don't understand you, Jim.
How do you resist?
What are you?
Come join us.
Share in our collective
knowledge and find out.
I'm fine just how I am.
Really? Look how pathetic humans
are without us!
Kill me.
I can't stop myself...
from doing these
horrible, horrible things.
Fight it, okay?
The voices! Everything
feels better when I listen.
There's a cure, okay?
Listen to me!
It's a hunger.
- It's an insatiable hunger!
- Stop!
You're my best friend.
There's no cure, Angela.
Kara, back!
There's no cure.
I know there's no cure.
It's in me.
It's in me!
Kill me, please.
I can't. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, Kara, I can't.
That's because you're weak!
You're all weak!
Oh, my God.
Kara! Oh, oh!
What have I done?
Oh, I am so sorry.
No, no, no.
No, please.
Ange. Ange!
We need to get out of here.
You were always leaving me.
I'm not leaving you.
If they look like us,
they sound like us...
they know how to push our buttons.
We'll try to get him back.
I should've never let you go.
You're damn right.
Aw, fuck.
It's your line, Jim.
Come on.
Hey, Jim! It's me.
Your buddy Seth.
You're not Seth.
Who's to say I'm not?
Just a better version of Seth.
The Seth I knew was a good person.
Oh, is he?
He was about to marry
the love of your life!
She's better off without me.
It's not too late, Jim.
You can still join us.
This is our gift to humanity.
Doesn't feel like Christmas to me.
We can solve all the world's problems!
Never let idiots with the
loudest voices run our world!
Because they'll have to listen to us.
Fuck. We're not here
just to follow orders.
Why'd you want to join the CIA?
That's about following orders.
Isn't it the same?
I want to fight
for something I believe in.
Fight for somebody...
who can't fight for themselves!
You're an idealistic fool, Jim.
Aah! Dah!
Nothing can stop us.
Nothing is stronger than us.
You have John's skills,
which are formidable.
But I have everyone else's.
Wake up, Seth.
Wake up!
Ohh! Aah!
Careful, Jim.
That's a sensitive area.
Did you even tell Angela why you left?
That you can't have kids?
You're a coward, Jim.
I'm sorry.
Take care of Angela for me.
- Jim!
- Let her go, it's fine.
I found the doctor.
She can help us.
Oh, Seth.
No, it's not him.
I couldn't get him back.
This is Dr. Jensen.
You're Jim?
Angela's told me all about you.
We need to talk now.
Follow me, please.
Got no time to waste.
Let's go, boys.
Social connection
is essential to survival,
and they impart that fundamental need
and make you feel that what you're doing
is both ethically and morally correct
so that you won't resist it,
you won't even question it.
No logic, no reasoning,
no emotion, nothing can overpower
this altered reality they put you in.
You speak of "they."
Who are "they"?
We don't know,
but you're gonna help us find out, Jim.
Let me show you.
So, how's the progress?
Tests are going really well.
Jim holds the key to reverse-engineering
chemical 852.
That's great news.
Keep me up to date.