Agent Game (2022) Movie Script

[theme music playing]
[sirens blaring]
We have a problem.
[Kavinsky] How the hell
did he find these guys?
You know, Manson booked
himself a date.
You see that girl?
[Miller] Yeah,
they're supposed to blend in.
Come on, blend in?
They're op names
are Bundy and Manson.
What is it,
your first car ride?
Please, I worked for Uber
for six months before this.
Almost got me there.
Where are we at with Reese?
Reese, you set?
[Reese, over earpiece]
Got a 20 on the target.
Southwest window.
Calm as toilet water.
No idea the shit storm
about to come down on them.
All right.
give Manson and Bundy
the goods,
then circle back
to your second position.
Keep it clear back there.
[traffic ambience]
Camera check?
Camera's on.
Why would you go hide
in a shithole?
Because no one cares
about a cockroach in a dumpster.
[bag clatters]
- [Reese] Ah.
- [zipper rasps]
Bonne chance.
That guy's weird.
[Kavinsky] All right, remember
those weapons are for show.
We have no legal backing here,
so no shots fired.
Grab the guy and get him out.
Quiet, safe and fast.
[snaps fingers]
Shots fired.
- What was that?
- [Reese] We had an explosion.
Bundy, Manson, status?
Bundy, Manson,
what's you status?
[heavy breathing]
[static crackling]
Manson, report.
We're blind here.
[heavy breathing]
Manson, report!
Stand down and get
the hell out of there.
He tossed his feed.
We just saw it.
All right, meet me
at the extraction point.
- Shit!
- [car door slams]
[indistinct shouting]
You and your traps.
I know you got
no friends anymore.
But, man,
it was easy to find you.
We had to come.
You knew that.
Rookies outside weren't supposed
to be around for the kill.
She's going to
be pissed about that.
- [explosion]
- Second explosion!
- [groaning]
- [high-pitched ringing]
They didn't deserve to die.
You do.
[distant police sirens]
I think that
welcoming committee's us.
We're not done
here yet, man. Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
[sirens wailing]
[Miller, over radio]
Forty-five seconds, boys.
Hey! Hands behind your back!
Hands behind your back! Come on!
- No, no, no, no.
- Secure him.
This is wrong, man.
No, this is all wrong.
Come on, come on, do it.
[watch vibrates]
Miller, we're heading down now.
[engine revs]
Let's go.
[man speaking foreign language]
- [engine revving]
- Come on.
Okay, yeah.
[engine revving]
[chains rattling]
Who are you?
Omar, my name is Bill.
And there's only one path
that leads you out of this very,
very uncomfortable situation.
I dearly hope
you'll take it.
Where am I?
What do you want?
I just want you to answer
questions honestly, that's it.
That's all you have to do.
That's all.
So let's start
with a simple one.
Are you a member of
the Crescent Democratic Front?
Listen, I have
asylum in the West.
- Yeah.
- Me and my wife both do.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
I was on my way
to London to meet her
- when you kidnapped me.
- I understand all that,
but you didn't
answer my question.
Are you a member of the CDF?
It's your group,
your organization.
You run it?
- Yes!
- Yes. Okay.
See, the publicly stated
goals of the CDF
are to oust the dictator
Bandar el-Mizdawi,
which is great.
I'm all for ousting dictators.
Exactly, that...
That is what we're trying to do.
Good, I like that. Here's where
you run into difficulty.
So tell me something.
Do you know these men?
Because the CDF
claims to be a charity.
It's purely altruistic,
all right?
But we have Intel
that shows that you received
more than $2 million in
donations recently from these...
These extremists.
That's what they are.
They never uttered the word
"charity" in their lives.
- I don't know these men!
- Well, I'll tell you about them.
They only associate
with terrorists.
So you can understand
our concern
about you
and your operation.
You understand
why I'd want to know
why they got involved
in the financing.
They're not financing
my operation.
What are you talking about?
You making up lies?
We are funded
by legitimate backers.
People who want to bring peace.
I understand that.
That's absolutely true.
Up until recently, but now,
the bank statements say
that things have changed.
- No, no, no.
- Omar...
- That's not true.
- I want to believe you,
but you got to help me.
You got to give me something.
What are we supposed to think?
The United States
and its allies, we...
we've granted asylum
to individuals
who've formed groups
that are seemingly
in line with our values.
But sometimes...
sometimes, Omar,
those groups...
well, they're taking advantage
of the privilege
that we offer them,
and they change
their motives.
And sometimes they had
different motives all along.
Sometimes there are terrorists,
and they wanted to work
against the governments
- that were trying to help them.
- No, we are not terrorists.
You're right. You know what?
The word "terrorist,"
it's a... It's a label.
- Maybe you are.
- Maybe I am.
It's a question
of perspective, right?
So from my perspective,
my government's perspective,
you must understand,
we have to know...
how these dangerous men
came to be involved
with your group.
What did they want?
- I don't know these people!
- When I walked in the room
I said there's only one way
out of this for you,
and that's to help me.
So far, you've given me nothing.
I don't know them. How many
times am I telling you this?
Now you know why we're here.
Understand what
we have to talk about.
- I have an asylum.
- So you think about it.
- Hey!
- All right, Omar.
Hey, come on, man.
You can't...
You cannot do this to me.
I'm going to give you
a little time to think about it.
- Think about what?
- To look at the pictures.
See if maybe it
triggers off some memories.
I don't know these men!
- I'll see you soon.
- Hey!
I don't know these men!
Now what?
Now we let him think.
We don't have time
to let him think.
Our orders are to extract
Intel that is time-sensitive
to our people
in the field today.
They're my orders.
Harris, what you got?
Well, I checked him out.
All his papers
are the real deal.
He's both U.S.
and U.K. backed.
This group comes over here
telling us what we want to hear,
and then they
start working on undermining
Western civilization.
You could tone down
the hyperbole.
I'm just saying, like,
we can make quick work of this.
What are they
teaching you nowadays?
We're here to get the truth,
not force faulty Intel.
Bill's been doing this
a long time.
Yeah, I don't get it.
You don't need to get it.
We know what we're doing.
Why don't you
just sit back and learn.
May I give it a go?
I have an idea.
Gentle, direct.
A slightly different
angle than yours.
Now we're talking.
[engine revving]
- We got to ditch the car.
- Negative.
- Negative to what part?
- [Reese] Negative all around.
Those cops clocked our
faces and the vehicle.
They may be French,
but they can't be that stupid.
I knew something was wrong.
I knew it!
That guy knew
we were coming.
I'm telling you
we have to ditch the car.
If the target knew we were
coming, he might have friends.
The best move is to move faster.
Take us straight to the plane.
You need to let control know
that we're going to be early.
You need to just drive.
You see this?
- Right here, 5:00.
- Shit.
There's a mark on your 5:00.
All right, no communication
until we get to the plane.
We don't want to risk
anything getting intercepted.
If he knew we were coming,
why did he stick around,
then pick a fight,
then surrender to us?
We have the target,
we're on course.
One step at a time.
Here, sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
Is this your office?
No, no, this is just
where we meet the new recruits.
My place, not nearly
as cushy as this.
Aren't there usually
cameras in these meetings?
Oh, yeah, but we have
plenty of tape on you.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey, why'd you call me in now?
You've denied my application
five times in a row.
You've... I haven't
declined anything.
Oh, my God.
The Collective Agency, you.
Oh, okay, well,
I could see why that might be
a little confusing
for you, um...
Your D.O.D. file says you really
crashed and burned there,
and that's why
they've rejected you here.
Look I didn't have time
to crash and burn, all right?
I was sent home immediately.
I have no idea why.
Yeah, I can see
you're upset by that.
I can't say it felt good.
No, I can imagine
I really don't get it.
You're smart, ROTC, two tours.
Completed your service.
Only to wash out
after a month at D.O.D.
Definitely not ideal.
And since then, you've been
working in the private sector.
Why don't you tell me
about that.
it was a couple stints overseas,
you know?
And, yeah, mainly security.
Looking after the fat kid,
wondering what's under
mama's yashmak.
You ever been team leader?
Uh, what?
What would you say if I told you
to apply one more time?
Lucky number six.
[chuckles softly]
[chains rattle]
It's okay.
Where am I?
This is called a Black Site.
Nobody knows it's here.
Is my wife okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm just a foot soldier.
They don't tell me anything.
I'm not even supposed
to be in here right now.
I was worried about you.
I don't have much to offer,
but I'm not your enemy.
You have to.
Little more.
You know the others here,
they're not like me.
Can you please find out
about my wife?
What's her name?
That's a lovely name.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
[door opens]
[door slams]
Well, not how
I would have started.
Not bad, right?
[engine revving]
You can't just waltz in
through the front gate.
I thought it was supposed
to be our people on there.
Supposed to be.
[tires screech]
Holy shit, who hired
Nance and Rand to fly the plane?
Wait, wait, hit the brights.
Go, go!
Hands behind your head.
- [man] What the...?
- Behind your head!
- Do it! Don't move!
- [Kavinsky] Turn around!
- [woman] Hey!
- Don't move!
All right,
pat them down.
- [Miller] Clear.
- All right, keep them covered.
- Keep an eye out.
- [Miller] Copy.
All right.
Don't move.
All right, we're clear.
Let me see.
What the hell is this, man?
We're just the pilots.
We pick you up and drop you off.
That's it.
Hey, just relax, Pops.
It's for the Gramp.
Right, turn around.
It's all right. It's all right.
Aren't there supposed
to be more of you?
Are we good?
They're good. Get us prepped.
We need to move fast.
I'm grabbing our guy.
Hey, wake up, sleepyhead.
Let's go. Hey, get up.
This way.
[watch vibrates]
Hey, Miller,
check your line.
We're good!
What about the wife?
He gave me her name.
We pick her up, we use her.
We've just abducted
one possibly innocent man.
We're definitely
not taking his wife.
He's hitting a wall.
Bill is not hitting a wall.
We kidnap people
and transport them
to other countries
willing to look the other way
while we interrogate them.
But we do that
with the flag on our back.
It's a dangerous grey area
to do business in,
but we have to be careful
about drawing a moral line.
Orders are the only line.
All right,
little buddy.
Let's get you all
strapped in here.
That's nice.
Now you can't move.
Going to get
your little feeties.
There you go, there.
If you need to go potty,
just wiggle around.
That's good.
Now you can relax.
Target's secure.
All right,
get us up and running.
- I want updates in flight.
- [Miller] We're good to go.
Estimate 11 hours until landing.
This is all weird.
Yeah, somebody is
really aching for this guy.
Call me crazy,
but wouldn't this job be
a hell of a lot easier if we
actually had some information?
Well, you know the drill.
The more we know,
the more we're accountable to.
No, I don't know the drill,
but the more I learn about it
the more I don't like it.
Well, you get
too much back-story,
and suddenly maybe we start
deciding for ourselves.
The difference
between right and wrong.
It makes it hard for us
just to follow orders.
I never met
a pageant winner before.
Who have you met?
Oh, all kinds of people.
Criminals, drug dealers,
the odd despot.
You're not the usual fish,
are you?
You're like a slice of
American pie without the apples.
What are you getting at?
You go to a top college
and you drop out.
I don't get it.
Mm-hmm. I went back.
You went back?
Magna cum laude
is more than just going back.
But then you drop out
a second time,
right at the end
of law school.
What gives?
I think you already
know the answer to that.
Did it have something to do with
that classmate's ass you kicked
and put him in the hospital?
You mean my professor?
Professor? Ah, that's good.
He must have really
given you a bad grade.
I gave him a black eye.
He gave you a black mark.
- [chuckles]
- So pretty good.
I see that's sort of behavior
as an advantage for you and me,
quite frankly in us.
Most people would hardly
consider a temper
and difficulty forming
relationships an advantage.
Well, we are big believers
in practical application here.
I don't know what practical
application means.
Good, keep it that way.
You're a very
well-tabernacled spirit.
See, if I figure if we
put you in the right place
and the right circumstances,
it could be advantageous
to everyone,
including your country.
Tell me more.
[chains rattling]
[Olsen, on phone]
The clock is ticking on Omar.
Well, sir, he insists
he's never met the targets,
and he's adamant
that the CDF exists
only to resist el-Mizdawi.
If there's no Intel
to be gained...
move on to the next phase.
Well, where's the
Intel come from, sir?
It's... It's wafer thin.
It's a couple of documents.
You got to go in
and bring home the bacon.
I understand, but no...
With respect, sir...
- Do it.
- I...
Sounds like we're on
the same page.
Yeah, copy that, sir.
Shut the door.
[door closes]
They're pushing us.
They're pushing us on this guy.
And there's... There's something
they're not telling us.
Well, it's not the first time.
I don't think
Omar's met those men.
I don't think even
if they find us,
then the CDF has
any idea, do you?
Well, what about the wife?
Oh, shut the...
Visser had surveillance on her?
Let's use the wife,
let's amp up the dramatics.
Hey, Harris...
whatever they end up
telling us on this,
you help me keep
my head straight.
All right?
Never seen you
call one wrong.
[door closes]
Hey, you stressed?
No, no, no, no,
it's pretty standard.
Way to pop my cherry.
Are you seriously telling me
this is your first time?
Yeah, man, we're getting
to know each other here.
Let me get in here.
you're a Marine, right?
When I was behind you
on that staircase,
I thought: That's Kavinsky,
he's got to be a Marine.
Either that or, I don't know,
Polish fitness influencer.
Now look at you.
- Yeah, what about you.
- Huh?
You're too dumb
to be Air Force,
you don't complain
enough to be Navy,
but you're too pretty
to be Army.
- Maybe he's Coast Guard.
- [chuckles]
Royal Canadian
Coast Guard, actually.
Just a boot rec.
Well, spent some time in Warsaw.
Hmm. Agency after?
Yeah, I bounced around
a little bit.
What bounced around?
Bounced around where?
Typical shitbag stuff.
Developed some bad habits
in the stan countries.
Yeah, I guess we all did.
Yeah, but I guess the agency
likes some of my bad habits,
because here I am. It's good
to be back in the game again.
How about you?
How long you been a company man?
Well, come on now.
Give me something.
Be good to know something about
a guy I'm in the shit with.
It's a recent development.
I'd have pegged you
for a salty dog.
I always wanted
into the agency,
but I guess it took a minute or
two to line things up and all.
I hear that.
It's a tough career choice.
Oh, hi, Poindexter.
Tell us about yourself, babe.
How'd you end up here?
When it comes to passing
and failing a test,
I'm a loose cannon.
Give me life or death,
and I'm surprisingly cool.
But overall, I'm bored.
She's a dream recruit.
Well, look at us,
knucklehead, jarhead, baghead,
and a surprisingly cool head.
We're a ragtag bunch.
But this is good.
Getting to know each other.
I'm feeling safer already.
Well, as long as you feel good,
that's all that matters, right?
You guys hungry?
I saw some almonds back there.
I'm going to get some almonds.
You want some?
[chains rattling]
What do you want?
Omar, we've reached
a point now where...
we're going to have
to escalate things.
So I'm going to ask you
one last time,
why are these men
involved with CDF?
[Omar] For the hundredth time,
they are not!
I'll kill you!
[Omar shouting]
These were taken
about an hour ago.
- What do you want from her?
- Omar, she's terrified.
She probably thinks you're dead.
Just let her go, man.
What do you want?
To be honest, I don't know when
you're going to see her again,
- because we got to bring her in.
- For what?
She haven't done anything.
She's the only lead we have
apart from you.
I told you everything.
What do you want from me?
Ghuma Nasuf.
He was granted asylum
in the West,
just like you five years ago.
He disappears,
he reappears five years later
spreading anti-American
propaganda around mosques.
He's radicalizing young kids
to kill Jews,
kill Christians.
Then arrest him.
What do you want from my wife?
This guy...
this guy could have worked
for any of the big four.
Instead he chooses
to run finances for Al-Qaeda
and Chechen rebels.
And now he's got his
fingers in the CDF.
These men and I may have
a hundred things in common,
but we're not the same.
My goal is,
and always will be,
to rid of el-Mizdawi
from our country.
Just because you're American
doesn't mean your colleagues
share the same goal as you.
I am a patriot. Are you?
All right, look, Omar,
I like what you say
in public.
I admire you.
I watch your speeches.
We both have.
I think you're a brave man.
Here's what I think happened.
I think they tricked you.
I think they lied to you...
and I think that once they put
that much money into your group,
you don't think
you can back out.
But I'm telling you,
you can't trust them.
Then why you trust
this bullshit?
Maybe you are a patriot.
Maybe, all you want
is to topple
a dictator's oppression
of your people.
But unless you can prove to me
that these people
are not involved with CDF
or that you don't know
what they're planning,
then you're guilty
by association.
And so is your wife.
[door slams shut]
It was the right move.
He'll buckle.
He's telling the truth.
What? How do you know?
Because I know.
Because it's my job to know.
Because I've been doing
it for 30 years
since you were in diapers.
Yeah, and we don't do it
like that anymore.
We got to get him
out of here, Harris.
- [Harris] I know, I know.
- No, no, no, no. I...
Are you actually...?
Can you handle this?
- Get her out.
- Visser,
give us the room please.
What are we doing?
What the fuck are we doing?
Well, he will recover.
Though it's done worse.
I want you to dig.
Keep it all quiet,
backdoor info.
I want to know why
they really want this guy.
There's a reason info
like that's compartmentalized.
Once you know it,
you're responsible for it.
Yeah, well, I'm done.
It's not working
for me anymore.
I know a few guys
closer to the field.
Spend a lot of time
in the gray.
They won't bullshit me.
[door opens and closes]
[keyboard clacking]
[watch vibrates]
- [Miller] You get any updates?
- No.
It was just, uh...
It's radio silence.
Copy you.
You guys seen
any water around here?
Sink in the back.
[Olsen, on phone]
Bill's a true believer.
He's served his country well,
and he'll continue
to serve his country.
It's what he signed up to do.
Yes, sir.
Our mission is to keep
the wars small...
the sacrifices meaningful...
and the story
out of the news.
We're officially
in clean-up mode.
Clear, sir.
You know what's required, yes?
Yes, sir.
You were right.
It's a mess.
There has been
a major shift.
We're getting in bed
with el-Mizdawi.
The guy we've been trying
to get rid of for years?
- Yeah.
- Literally five years
in shitholes like this?
This is a letter from
el-Mizdawi's intelligence chief
sent to our station
in Qatar.
Intercepted by the French,
got in the hands of
my men on the ground
who made friends
in the Riviera.
They're making a deal
with this piece of shit.
El-Mizdawi hates
Al-Qaeda so much,
he's allowing us access to his
resources to help hunt him down.
Nice guy.
Yeah, and as a gesture
of good faith,
what do you think our new
best friend is asking in return?
Round up his enemies,
people who've been
trying to oust him.
- Yeah.
- We've been protecting,
we send them back.
And a week after
the deal was made,
we get orders
to pick up Omar.
He's a fucking sacrifice.
[Reese] And see if you can
find a pillow for me.
Power napping.
Here you go, sweetheart.
- Hey.
- Here, keep yourself warm too.
Look at this,
first class.
This ain't no blanket.
This is a body bag.
What the fuck?
Kind of blanket
you don't take off.
[Kavinsky] It was folded
in between the fucking pillows.
- What's this doing out here?
- How I was supposed to know
they were body bags?
They were neatly folded.
- Thought you checked the plane.
- Fuck you!
[Reese] What are you
talking about, fuck me?
I cleared the fucking plane!
- Are you saying fuck me?
- Yeah, fuck you!
I'm asking you why you gave me...
- What the fuck was that?
- Oh, that's good.
That's fucking great.
Hey, guys, just give me
five minutes with him.
- For what?
- He's worried about his wife.
He thinks
I'm sympathetic.
I... I build on that story,
it could be something
that puts us over the edge.
Uh, we got, what...
Uh, clothes?
T-shirt? Something, anything.
I need this guy to think
that I'm going to let him
walk out of here.
I'll see what I can grab.
Visser, just so you know,
after your little chat,
I'm pulling the plug.
I'll take whatever
Langley throws at me.
Knock yourself out.
Yes, sir.
[engine powering down]
Why are we descending?
- [Kavinsky] We're going down.
- [Miller] What's happening?
Hey! Hey!
Good news is
we're coming down early.
Bad news:
it's definitely a trap.
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!
[pounding on door]
Open the fucking door!
Goddamn it!
- Hey, bad idea.
- Fuck!
Are you getting any chatter?
I got nothing.
[Reese] Badder news, I thought
we were going to Thailand.
I was going to get a massage
and a tom gai soup.
Nothing from Control.
Shit, what do we do?
[chains rattle]
You look awful.
Right now she's got two minutes.
Easy, easy.
I'm going to lift
you up now, okay?
I get to sit down...
so now I have to be your friend?
My colleagues
only want one thing.
Give it to them,
and you get out of here.
You're done.
Whether you beat me or not,
the answer is the same.
Okay, I believe you.
I wish it didn't have
to come to this, but...
in that case it's the
only way to get you out.
To Fatima.
Let's get you changed.
Take it.
It's the only way
to get you out.
You don't let anybody stop you.
Go, come on.
Take it.
What is that?
Jesus fuck! Stay here!
What the fuck did you do?
I had to.
He attacked me.
Sit down.
Sit the fuck down!
Stay here.
Fuck it.
Hey, hey, wait,
what are you doing?
- Getting answers!
- No!
- Easy, easy.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Don't you fucking move.
Hey, team, good news.
I found a half a bottle
of tequila.
Why don't we have a drink
and talk this over
without the guns?
What the fuck are you doing?
You're not authorized
to talk to him.
I have to. I have to.
- No, you don't.
- He knew we were coming.
He took down two of our guys,
and Control's got
no answers for us.
Now we're stuck in fucking box
with no idea where we're headed.
You are not allowed
to talk to him.
Can we break down
the walls here?
I'm noticing a lot
of defensiveness
that's coming through somehow.
Maybe it's the guns,
I don't know what it is.
But it's aggressive, and I don't
think it's constructive.
We need to break through,
and get to the bottom of this.
There's clearly
something wrong here.
We're about to land
God knows fucking where.
For all we know,
this guy is controlling
the whole goddamn thing.
Put it down.
How the fuck was there a weapon
in that stack of clothes?
Ask Harris.
Don't try that shit.
Those clothes
were all I gave you.
It's a convenient story.
What are you
trying to pull?
You put my life in danger
with your carelessness,
and I had to defend myself.
I'm detaining you.
Lock her up.
She doesn't get to talk
to anybody, see anybody.
She doesn't get released
for any reason.
Looks like we're not
the good guys anymore.
You don't think I put
that gun in there, right?
Don't be a fucking idiot.
Come on, Bill.
I think she just sees
herself as a patriot.
Took matters
into her own hands.
It's not that simple.
What do you mean?
This guy Omar,
he was always going
to leave here in a body bag.
What does that have to do
with her taking matters
into her own hands?
She's not going
to do this by herself.
There's some bigger picture
we're not seeing.
We got to think smart, buddy,
or we're going to get
run over here.
What next?
We get ready.
[door slams]
Hey, Miller, I don't think
he's the enemy here.
You sure? Because somebody's
been fucking with this op.
Yeah, well, it could just
as easily be you, could be me.
Can we talk about it
without shooting each other?
Kavinsky has been getting
unsecured messages.
That's right. I saw them.
I asked him, he denied it.
And they're not from Control.
- [Reese] Is it true?
- She's right.
Well, that's interesting.
I thought I saw you looking
at your phone, you sneaky fuck.
Who sent them?
- I don't know.
- Bullshit!
I don't know.
I don't fucking know.
Control's been
sending me messages too.
They've detected incoming
messages on your line.
They said under no circumstances
am I allowed to let
you talk to the target.
So now you're the one
following orders?
That's the whole point,
isn't it?
Follow orders.
Keep it simple.
You're the one
who told me that, right?
That is what you said.
All right, all right.
I did receive messages.
I don't know who from.
I told Control about it,
they told me not to open them.
Why didn't you
tell us sooner?
The same reason you're pointing
a gun at me right now.
All I know is
Control and orders,
and right now
those two are fucked.
When did the messages start?
When we grabbed him.
Everything says we're walking
straight into
a shit storm right now.
Control cut us off.
We have to fucking
question him.
Fine. You sit
your ass back down,
we let this bird land
and we see what happens.
Yeah, and we walk
straight into an ambush
with our pants
around our ankles?
No. No. We open up that message,
rip his hood off
and see what's what.
Or you guys could
just shoot each other.
No, we open the message.
[door closes]
[camera clicks]
You got it done
in there.
Ain't perfect,
but it's done.
Just clean enough to tell the
story the bosses want to tell.
All right,
so we stick to the plan
no matter how messy
this gets.
[camera clicks]
You sure you don't
want us to do this?
I'm sure.
Let's move.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicking]
Okay, wait one second.
Let's talk about this, okay?
You don't want to do it.
Whoever's pulling your strings,
you're as expendable
to them as I am.
No one is pulling
my strings.
Look, you shot a detainee.
I get it.
You're scared.
I'm scared.
But if you help me bring in
whoever's running this show,
we can get through
this together.
I promise you
that goes away.
You shoot a fellow officer...
there's no getting
back from that.
All right.
Very slowly,
I'm just going to...
[gasps softly and grunts]
- [Olsen] Hey.
- Hey.
Come in, please.
It's nice in here. It's like a...
It's like an episode
of Homeland.
You're free to take
a load off, if you want.
I'm all right.
You're not too comfortable
indoors, are you?
You like it out there.
Get your hands dirty, you know?
No restraints.
- Yeah.
- I was looking in your file,
seems you went a little rogue
for a while there
in Afghanistan.
Well, you know, it's hard
to say no to that many goats.
I didn't see that coming.
Just like the goat, huh?
I figured I brought in
the right guy.
- Yeah.
- No restraints.
Want a gig?
Uh, you know what?
I'm ready for you.
I've been frying chicken
for Colonel Sanders
for the last two years.
Even if they rip
your nails out, right?
You'd never divulge the
secret 11 herbs and spices.
Can't talk about that.
There's somebody
you need to meet.
It's not Debbie
from the Beirut desk, is it?
could you come in, please?
Toss him the line.
All right, all right.
I'm putting it down.
I know that shooter.
Me too.
Caroline Visser.
Hey. Reese.
Like the peanut butter cup.
Nice to meet you.
She'll be running point
on this op.
That's great.
I'm real excited.
This is going to be fun.
She recruited all three of us,
all for this op.
Yeah, and I guess she wasn't
looking for the A-team either.
No offense.
So why? Why us?
Yeah, why us?
All right, I received
an unsecured message
on my secure line, right?
Showing our common thread,
Visser killing someone
in her own team.
This guy's the source
of the messages.
And I think I know
how he's transmitting them.
[door slams distantly]
We need to free his arms.
That's the usual spot.
Look, it's easier if I show you.
Will you just trust me?
All right.
Come on.
Struck out. Shit.
It's the other one.
- He'll live.
- Okay.
You take the main exit,
I'll take the back.
That's not going to open.
Put it on the ground.
This was all a sham.
We play a complicated game.
Allegiances change.
You and Bill
weren't playing along.
What happens to me?
I don't have to
shoot you right here.
You play along,
maybe they don't burn you.
Maybe you ought to stick
to being a guard.
Yeah, they're not
letting you go.
I'm surprised you picked
the obvious exit.
I'm surprised
you fell for it.
I'll go after him.
Let him go. He's burned.
What was he doing
in the surveillance room?
- [Reese] What the hell?
- [Miller] That's it.
- What?
- Data hold.
A thin drive
encased by plastic.
The Russians have been using
a lot lately,
even though it causes
nasty infections.
You know Russia.
Oh, God.
Get some penicillin, buddy.
You can program it using
a frequency in a specific range,
and then set it
to broadcast on repeat.
All right, why was I the only
one receiving the message?
Because it picked up
your device first,
so it must have locked on.
And that's why
he let us catch him.
He wanted us to see
that video of Visser.
Shit, I can't even pair
my Bluetooth with my headphones.
All right, okay, look,
let's find out why.
Cover him.
Okay, you have two guns
on you right now.
You do anything
mildly confusing,
anything makes me
feel uncomfortable,
you will be shot dead,
do you understand that?
Do it.
All right.
We're descending.
Assuming that's not
part of the plan.
We've been in the air
for almost two hours,
heading in the direction
of Thailand.
I knew it, I knew it.
Yeah, it's always Thailand.
Get away with anything
in Thailand.
That puts us
over Eastern Europe.
We're going to Kosovo.
And why?
Decommissioned black site.
No oversight.
No eyes.
That's where Visser will be.
- Shit.
- [Harris] She needs me dead.
Actually, she needs
all three of you dead.
You're welcome for taking out
Manson and Bundy, by the way.
They were going
to kill you in midair.
I... Who are you, all right?
And why are you carrying
that video around in your arm?
I'm just a loose end
she needs to cut off.
She murdered my friend.
So I let her find me,
took out Manson and Bundy
before they could kill you.
I can get your eyes
on that video,
then maybe you're down
to help me out,
so I have a team.
Now here we are.
Then we kill her.
Aren't you glad
we opened that message?
You signed our death warrant.
You were dead the minute
you agreed to this.
You're all military gypsies.
There's no paperwork on you.
Her team brought you in,
trained you.
No, it wasn't her team. No.
It was a guy.
Either way, they will bury you
without a trace.
You're assets, not officers.
And probably with back stories
that make it easy
to discredit you
if need be.
Coming in hot.
Hey, what do we do?
Buckle up.
The facts that matter are,
we kill her or she kills us.
It's that simple.
Is she going to be on
the ground when we land?
Without a doubt.
All right.
We need to make it look like
we never figured it out.
Good night.
All right, guys.
I don't know
where the bullets
are going to be
coming in from,
but I'm with you.
That's all I got.
[tires squeal]
Here we go.
What's this?
All right, let's gear up.
Let's play this out.
[jet engines powering down]
Reese, take your six.
[Reese] Hey, guys,
you know "Kosovo"
means "field of black birds"
in Serbian?
That's kind of cool, right?
Just like Game of Thrones.
Shut the fuck up, Reese.
You sure you can sort
this all out on your own?
Yes, I'm certain
they haven't even caught on.
I should have this thing
wrapped up in a few.
If you don't
deal with them quickly,
you're going to find yourself
with a very unpleasant
liability on your hands.
I have a backup team
inbound to assist.
No one knows how many
hundreds or even thousands
of boys' lives won't have
to be lost in the desert
because of your work.
Considering this is
the only thanks
you'll probably ever get,
I just wanted
to make it personally.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
[phone beeps]
Hey, Kavinsky,
no matter what happens
don't let Visser
get a hold of your line.
I copy you.
This place is huge.
Where's the welcome wagon?
Now quiet.
Eyes open.
[door rumbles open]
Easy. Easy guys.
You're in the clear.
[Kavinsky] We'll wait
for visual confirmation.
[Visser] We're secured.
You can holster your weapons.
- Hold.
- [Visser] Okay.
We'll come to you.
This whole job's
been a little hairy.
Hairier than your mom's nipples.
But you guys handled it.
Nicely done.
- Is it just you?
- [Visser] You know how it is.
The fewer people,
the better.
Ex-fil team's on
it's way to take him.
Yeah, where are we?
Just sit tight.
They'll be here any second.
Why'd you go
radio silent on us?
I couldn't risk
communicating with you
if your line was compromised,
you know that.
Speaking of your line,
let's take care of that
right now.
- [Kavinsky] Who is he?
- [Visser] No clue.
They keep us in the dark too.
So, yeah, like I said,
give me your line
so my team can run
a diagnostic on it.
- Want this line? Yeah?
- [Visser] Yeah, that one.
I can take care of it
right now, no problem.
Wait, stop!
I mean, if it's compromised
like you're saying,
I should get rid
of it right now.
- I should destroy it, right?
- Yeah, sure.
- That's what I should do.
- Go for it.
So now does it matter to you?
I mean, the dick pics
probably already uploaded
to the cloud,
so, you know, damage done.
What about those
body bags on the plane?
You are go
for Operation Clean Sweep.
No dust bunnies.
[pilot, over radio]
Green light
on Operation Clean Sweep.
We need the floor
completely clean.
Roger that, sir.
Everyone on the ground
is considered hostile.
No exceptions.
How about those body bags?
You saw the video.
You want to know
who this guy is?
This is a guy who turned
his back on his duty.
And now he is facing
the consequences.
Do not be like him!
- Do your duty!
- Move, move!
I see this is going well.
[pilot, over radio]
Inbound heavy.
Past the target, 40 seconds.
Thirty seconds.
- [Kavinsky] Damn it!
- [grunts]
Ah, shit.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah, it's nothing.
Whoever's coming
in that bird,
I don't think
they're here to help us.
Touchdown, ten seconds.
Move! Go, go, go!
Move it, move it!
Move it, move it!
It's time for Plan B.
- Wait, what was Plan A?
- Kill Visser.
It was? But I don't think
we even talked about that.
So, what's Plan B?
Kill them all.
Okay, I get
with that plan.
Hockey puck!
Oh, shit!
Move it, move it!
Move, move, move now!
You, me, you, me, you, me.
Okay, yeah!
All right, move.
Got one.
- Oh!
- Reese!
Son of a bitch.
- [gasping]
- It's all right.
It's okay. It's okay, man.
You'll be all right.
Okay, yeah.
[gunfire continuous]
- [grunts]
- Get to Miller.
- I'll cover you.
- No, no, no, no.
- We need to get you help.
- Yeah.
We just need to get you
out of here.
The devil's calling me home.
All right.
I'm gonna a take
a few more sinners with me.
Reese is...
Yeah, he's down.
How many are there?
Seven. Plus Visser.
- And us?
- Three. Including you.
My first kill.
- Good!
- Yeah.
We can't stay here.
Cover my left.
- What are you doing?
- Flushing them out. Go.
[bullet cartridges clatter]
[man scream]
Approaching the target building.
Standing by for extraction.
Copy that.
- Cover!
- [explosion]
I'm out!
What's that mean?
We're supposed to go to him?
- [Harris grunts]
- [Miller] You good?
I'm good.
You got to get out of here.
What about Visser?
She's the reason
we're here.
She's my problem.
Get lost.
Maybe you'll get lucky.
She's the only one who knows
about you, you can disappear.
No, there's another guy
who knows about us too.
- Let me start with her.
- [Miller] Go.
Go, we'll cover you.
[gunfire continuous]
[phone line rings]
Come on.
Come on.
[phone line ringing continuous]
[mutes ringer]
[phone line ringing continuous]
[automated operator]
Please check the number
or call directory assistance.
[breathing heavily]
[Harris] Did you think
that killing two innocent men
makes you a patriot?
At least Bill didn't hide!
How did you go so astray?
Same background as me,
same rsum.
Lined up for a long career
in the service.
- [bullet whizzes and thuds]
- [grunting]
Fuck you!
[Harris] But here you are
killing innocent people.
And here I am,
forced to kill you.
[pilot, over radio] Head back,
maintain your position.
Ten seconds.
We got three operators for XO.
Let's get this over with.
Shoes off.
This is not
how I saw this going.
They're expecting five bodies.
We're gonna give them
a bunch of body parts
with five pairs of shoes.
Visser was never
getting out either.
Are you sure
this is going to work?
Give me one of those
thermite grenades,
they'll be counting shoes
to figure if we're dead.
They're coming through!
[engine revs]
[gunfire and explosions]
What's the verdict, soldier?
[man, on phone]
We took seven KIAs, sir.
Can confirm unknown number
of enemy deceased.
In English.
There was an explosion.
It's impossible
to tell how many died.
We count several types
of shoes in the debris.
My assessment is no survivors.
Very well, stand by.
I'll be back.
[phone ringing]
Come in, sir.
I have classified tests to run.
Do you have assets
with strike capability
in Grid 4-5-8?
Wait one second, sir.
What are the orders?
I'm going to remote enter
via the command entry system.
Please share the screen
for my eyes only.
Authorization code:
Color of the day is orange.
You're all set, sir.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Okay, son,
we're good to wrap this up.
Make sure all the elements
have been placed.
The bodies are placed, sir.
Okay, boys, you get
back safe, you hear?
[pilot] We got three operators
for extract.
Go, go, go, go!
[missile whistles]
Alan, I want to issue
a press release.
Hey, Olsen.
Mr. Deputy Director.
You look hungry.
How about some lunch?
You know, I got a hankering
for some barbecue.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
U.S. officials
are attributing the attack
to an organization called
the Crescent Democratic Front,
a resistance group formed
in opposition to the regime
of Bandar el-Mizdawi.
U.S. intelligence sources say
that CDF has recently aligned
itself with Al-Qaeda,
calling the West occupiers...
Thank you.
Would you like a fry?
Alrighty, then.
Thank you.
Tell me how it is.
Here's to cardiac arrest.
Tastes good.
The bombing was carried out by
political refugee, Omar Abadi.
We are told that at least
eight U.S. military contractors
were killed,
which also claimed the lives
of several
intelligence officers.
[children shouting playfully]
[cell phone vibrating]
Did it work?
Oh, it worked.
What's he doing?
- Drive!
- [engine starts]
[tires squeal]
[tires screeching distantly]
[pedestrians screaming]
[car alarm blaring distantly]
- [playing classical piano]
- [cell phone vibrating]
Yeah, what is it?
We have a problem.
[theme music playing]