Agent trouble (1987) Movie Script

- What do you want?
- Some bread.
- We're closed.
- Just one loaf.
I get up at dawn to bake it,
it's not for free.
Here, I'll even pay for it.
Lousy bum!
I think it's the hose.
Mr. Alex, I need a hose right away.
Right away.
The bus won't start.
- It won't start.
- Yes.
Thank you, Mr. Alex.
You see, Miss, I must photograph
this assegai
to illustrate my book.
Come with me. We sell
our own photographs.
This book is
of the greatest importance.
- I too am writing...
- It's not this gentleman's business.
Let him take photos he wants.
For once,
we can provide some help!
Very well, Mrs. Sagman.
Madame, thank you for your help.
The museum is always
at your service, as we say.
Ms. Weber will show you
the photo room.
Thank you, madame.
What about this one?
In the Timbuktu section.
You write, then.
About the museum?
No, about my life.
- So it's a work-in-progress.
- What's it to you? Stay here.
It's 12 francs!
You know I'm here to see my aunt.
You should recognize me.
My daughter pays too
when she comes!
My aunt is in a bad mood.
What's this beard?
It looks awful.
- Amanda blushes.
- Come on.
A girlish charm...
Put me down!
- What do you want?
- I need your help.
Yes. I know why.
I'll be back in 15 min.
No, I can't wait.
I have a big appointment.
- How much?
- I have money this time.
Really? You have a job?
Since when?
Work, you know...
Yes, we're all fools to be working,
we should seize the day.
Seize every second that goes by.
Then what do you want?
Do you own a safe?
A safe in the bank?
What for? Gold bars?
Never mind. Too bad.
Good bye, auntie.
You've done something bad.
Yes. All the times I dreamt
of sleeping with you.
Stop it.
What do you want a safe for?
For a busload of gold.
That's enough. I'm your only family.
So speak to me!
You'll never believe me, auntie.
Look me in the eyes, I'll know.
Something happened to me...
it was an accident.
Did you rob?
Did you kill?
No. Everyone was already dead.
What is it now, sir?
She left without my cord!
What? Come with me,
we'll see about that.
- What do we do?
- And my statues?
That way.
It's unbelievable.
There must be a reason.
Yes, certainly.
But which one?
Call the police.
They'll arrest me.
And make me do my service.
Ms. Weber,
the gentleman is waiting...
I'm with my nephew.
Personal visits are forbidden
- at work.
- Except emergencies.
You old hag!
And my cord?
You can stick it up your ass.
You laugh like a child.
- You're crazy.
- You're a child, auntie.
A lovely child.
- Show me your eyes.
- Did anyone see you?
See me? Who?
The ghosts?
There was no one around.
Let me talk it through
with Stanislas.
That ghost of a man?
- Oh...
- You still love him.
He gives good advice
and knows many people.
She'll fire me
if I don't bring that cord.
Poor fellow.
They're the ones
who should've been stuffed.
Your nephew is an oaf.
I won't let anyone insult me!
He needs me.
He's all alone.
You don't understand.
Don't 1?
We hardly have any visitors.
What if we had to close?
They'll put us
in a broom closet!
He has his cord now.
He can stick it up his ass.
You're just like your nephew!
It's obvious who raised him!
Well done!
Has the world gone bad?
Tell me about it...
Stand right here...
Hold this.
Move over, I can't see.
Victorien... Victorien?
Yes, Miss, I wish to reach
the 45221214.
Yes, Mr. Stanislas Gauthier.
Just look at that tiger.
You see them everywhere now,
on TV...
And yet we lock them up.
You can't let them run around.
I thought you liked animals.
Dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, perhaps.
And I wanted us to elope
to the Fiji Islands.
- Where?
- You don't know Fiji?
I came here today...
Because I called you.
I know your number by heart.
I lost my address book
God knows where.
But I knew yours.
And the lioness?
She's beautiful.
Have you seen a lion's eyes?
Victorien, we met at the zoo,
I thought you were cute,
but it's over now.
Animals, travels,
this lifestyle.
It's not for me.
I need something solid.
Something solid? I can do that.
I can support you.
Sure, I'd rather be
with a younger man,
but it's the grandpas who have
all the money.
If you're dating grandpas,
who do I date? Grandmas?
The way young men act
with women when they get older!
I've seen it with my mother.
I've been to college.
I have a degree.
Can you imagine? A degree...
Except I couldn't find a job.
So I let my ass do the work.
It may sound stupid,
but I don't like money.
This time I'm on to something big.
If it works,
I can buy myself some animals...
And since I like you,
you can have whatever you like.
Here's a souvenir.
I have to go.
I came
because you're a nice guy.
You have my number.
Never say never.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Leave them alone!
Freedom for the animals!
When they're free,
they'll eat you up,
dimwits! You show caged animals
to your kids?
Don't you have anything better to do?
Come here, Tarzan!
Have you seen Victorien?
Right there.
We need to talk.
I spoke with Stanislas.
Don't tell him what I said!
He may get away today.
But when they catch him...
He'll give them a beating.
You don't like cops,
do you?
Dinner for one, sir?
No. Where's Mr. Tony?
Well, Tony?
Have you heard this one?
What did God say
to the golden calf?
Holy cow!
Some soup, sir?
No, I've eaten.
Salted pork with lentils.
Would you be kind enough
to get me a newspaper?
Everything's closed at this hour!
Except for the drugstore.
It's a mile away.
Go. Your soup can cool down
in the meantime.
The way homosexuals
have proliferated...
Yet they don't reproduce.
I do what I want outside of work.
Something went wrong, Tony.
But the breakdown...
And the robbery?
They were all stripped bare.
You think it's me?
Who else was there?
Don't make me laugh.
I took all the risks.
Did you check on them afterwards?
No. I just checked if we'd left
anything. I found
crayons, a tissue,
a Vicks inhaler,
and some torn-up journal.
You could've said so before.
It's probably a passengers'.
Or the robber's.
There's a theory...
Or else...
Our man likes animals.
I'll check.
But don't tell anyone.
Give your boyfriend my best,
then fuck him silently.
No pillow talk.
What do you think?
I go in hard.
That's how I like it.
Good evening.
I was about to be abducted.
You were in a hurry
and my office is nearby.
Right, I cannot be seen
in your office.
Isn't that so?
Your wife could find out.
A minister's secretary
is like any other.
She talks.
Well, I'm listening.
Glad to see me?
Right. How long has it been
since we last met?
What do you want?
Yes. No.
It's Victorien.
What did he do now?
He went hitchhiking in Alsace
to go see an eagle aviary.
He loves birds.
I know.
It's the only thing he cares about.
At least he cares
about something.
And I don't?
Naturally, a ministry,
that's fascinating.
More than a museum.
I didn't decide on it.
You wanted to live with me.
You looked so fine
on our wedding night.
I'm just asking for help.
What kind of help?
He robbed some passengers
in a bus.
A hold-up?
No, they were already dead.
But I didn't see anything,
in the papers...
I'll see him.
He can tell me about it.
That's not a good idea.
He doesn't like you.
He says you ruined my life.
It's the other way around.
How is your wife?
And your natural history professor?
It's a platonic relationship.
It's no surprise.
But it's over anyway.
You see, Amanda...
had I not read the Kama Sutra
that night...
What an idiot.
Well, I read it recently.
Did you like it?
All right, call me.
I'll deal with Victorien.
I'll get him out of there.
Thank you.
Nothing new?
A man paid a deposit
for the chest.
20,000 francs.
- Anything else?
- The usual customers.
Someone called.
They didn't leave a name.
They said it was urgent.
I know who. I'll call back.
Delphine, I found a definition
for impotence.
A failure of the senses!
Your puns don't make me laugh.
I'm laughing!
Like you asked,
I booked a table at 8 pm,
Chez Michel.
- It's 8 pm.
- Invite someone.
I can't make it.
A terrible accident took place
this morning
at the Lac Noir.
A bus with 50 tourists
left the road and plunged
into the frozen lake.
The 50 passengers died.
Weather conditions slowed down
the recovery of the bodies.
The ice and a heavy fog
are probably to blame.
The prefect came to the site
right away.
A mortuary was set up
in the hydraulic plant.
Some random tourists
gone sightseeing!
These accidents happen every year,
as if it were normal.
Put the money away.
- Do you like animals?
- I love them.
Everyone loves animals.
And yet we cage them up.
Should I come back later?
Not every night,
Delphine, I'm tired,
and my heart...
my heart couldn't stand it.
Delphine, what do you think
of this one?
A cannibal is a man who loves
his kin...
with gravy!
Turn the volume down.
- Good night, Mr. Alex.
- Good night.
You've reached Julie,
[ Am absent at the moment,
but I check my messages regularly.
So speak, express your desires,
and your preferred appointment hours.
I might call you back.
It's your turn.
Yes. Man in his fifties, bored.
Serious, well-learned,
not bad looking,
and very joyful.
Wishes to come by at 9 pm.
Good bye.
Aunt Floriane's recipes!
Pineapple mousse!
I don't know how you do it.
Eating cakes all day.
You should be a fat cow!
I'm eating a steak.
I bought a nice piece of meat.
You don't mind?
I'll cook it with shallots
and onions.
Do you read these days?
Reading's not my thing.
I have a problem.
I'm becoming bestial.
Mid-life crisis, perhaps.
I just want to catch
a man by the tail
and take him home.
Have you felt that?
No, not yet.
What do you think about this?
A man finds a bus
with 50 dead passengers.
It's the plot of a novel.
The bus is on the side of the road
with 50 dead people.
No! It stuck to the pan!
Just wait 'till I meet
this Aunt Floriane!
Sorry. So what about
the dead passengers?
They drowned,
but they were dead before that.
It's a stupid plot.
Get another book.
I'm sick of you being single.
It's not good for you.
What you do,
is that good for you?
What matters
is that it feels good!
So what?
I'm only obeying to the impulse
God has given me.
- God?
- Yes, God.
He gave me instincts and...
Mine is to live my own way.
It's God's will.
Do as you please.
Back to desserts...
All my friends say
What a fantastic body
Stan... Oh, it's you.
- Seen the news?
- Yes.
- Well?
- I didn't tell Stan.
Not everything.
You shouldn't have. You swore.
I can't trust anyone.
I'm just starting
to piece it all together.
I'll come see you
after I see someone
tonight. As soon as I can.
Whom are you seeing?
No, come now.
See you later, auntie.
I saw you this afternoon.
I'm not free tonight.
How much does he pay?
You want a share?
No, I'll pay you.
Like he does.
You're as broke as I am.
I'll soon have stacks of money.
Give me your price. How much
for a year?
- I'll pay in advance.
- You're crazy.
Your big thing will peter out.
Want to bet?
Here he comes.
Look, I can't talk now.
Beat it.
We'll talk tomorrow.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I left you a message.
I see you listened to it.
It's a very intimate place.
It's what men who come here enjoy.
I'll cool it down.
I have one in the fridge, but...
Have a seat.
Are you a model?
Most of the time,
there's no work.
Or you have to lie down.
It's the same.
You're just as I imagined.
I can't say the same
Quite the opposite.
I guess what men are like
from their voices.
With you, it's a perfect fit.
I dye my hair.
Does it show?
On the phone, you sounded
like a nice man,
around 45...
Anyway, I like
mature men.
Who gave you my address?
A friend?
No one. The other night,
I was mugged by some guys.
Someone scared them off.
I didn't thank him.
But after he left, I found this.
That's Victorien's notebook,
with his drawings!
He loves animals.
He loves you too.
There's a heart
around your name.
If you know him, give me
his address.
I see.
Give me your number.
He'll call if he wants
a reward. Good night.
Don't be mad.
I don't have time.
But I'll come back.
I like you, no joke.
That's better.
I'm upset when men
don't like me.
Here, I didn't mean
to waste your evening.
Thanks. But my price is 1,000.
For 1,500,
you can do other things.
I won't forget it.
But I'd still like
Victorien's address.
I just can't be indebted
to anyone.
I proved it tonight.
But I don't know where he lives.
We met at the zoo,
and we see each other here.
He's funny, you know.
He always has big ideas.
But all I get is cheap stuff.
I'll tell you what it's worth.
I'll put the money away
and put on some pants.
My sex is cold.
- It's worth 50 francs.
- I knew it.
Something big... Poor fellow.
All of a sudden, I feel so weak.
a failure of the senses.
It's stupid...
A failure of the senses!
You like that?
I'll tell you more, one day.
You have a message.
I saw the guy who left it.
You've come to see me too?
Yes, Mr. Alex, it's my boys.
They're expensive.
So you pay them?
Bitches only care for money.
Like you.
They found the bus.
Yes, I heard.
I've seen that guy.
That bus was empty!
I saw him on the road,
before the breakdown.
Are you sure?
Yeah, he wore that same
black coat.
All right. You want a little bonus?
I'd love that, Mr. Alex.
I wouldn't be tempted to speak.
I'm like a grave.
I'll tell the boss.
Good night.
I stayed.
In case you came back.
I don't have much time.
5 minutes. I'm not difficult.
If you want to see me,
I'll be at Tintin's at 11pm.
Leave Julie alone!
Dupuis Victorien, 58,
retired marine,
home address in Be sang on.
Lesroud Paul, retired marine,
lives in Vesoul.
Dufaud Charlotte, a widow,
54, rue des Valles...
Never mind their names.
It was a tour
like any other traveling
through France each day.
Except this one fell into a lake.
They were thrown into it
after being killed.
But why?
Was it really them?
Here, I recognize that one.
I robbed him like the others.
So why didn't the police mention
all these documents and jewelery...
Do you remember Greenpeace,
Yes, naturally.
That was a mystery too.
But you surely understand everything.
Perhaps Stan will understand
before us.
Certainly. He's so strong.
Like when he let you go.
He's not to blame.
What do you know?
I would never have let you get away,
Let's say you're right.
If they find out,
you'll have to give it back.
Amanda! I love this girl,
and I need a lot of money.
You give me some,
but it's not enough.
Then I'll give you more!
No, auntie.
But what you can do for me
is keep all of this hidden
until tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
By then, I'll either be very rich
or turn it in all to the police,
and be rid of it.
Don't go. It's dangerous.
Everything is.
Even crossing the street.
You can get run over.
Screwing a guy or a girl,
that's dangerous too.
Let me come along.
No, auntie.
You don't run fast enough.
Keep this until tomorrow.
You promise?
Yes, I promise.
Hide it well.
Good bye, auntie.
It's for a wedding.
Do you have anything fun?
Isn't this fun?
- I don't think so.
- Look at him.
All he does is laugh.
I'm expected.
Go freshen up,
they're waiting.
It doesn't work so well.
Oh, come on,
it works just fine.
Now that's funny.
- It's not.
- What's funny then?
- This is!
- This is!
I won't invite you to my wedding!
- I have a gun.
- What do you want?
Money. Lots of it.
- Do you have the items?
- Yes.
I don't know who you are,
but this must be a big deal.
Yes, it's a big deal.
I don't care.
What I want is 500,000, fast.
I'm waiting.
And the items?
Here's a wallet.
You already have the brooch
you took from Julie.
What gun do you have?
A Colt?
I have a friend watching you.
I have a Smith & Wesson,
22 caliber, with a muffler.
Come on, Victorien,
hand me the items,
if you want to live.
The money first.
I can give you what I have.
Who do you think I am?
An amateur, Victorien,
just an amateur.
Hand them or I'll shoot.
Tintin, this one's great!
He's dead!
If you want a job in a museum,
you have to work.
You know nothing.
But I've been to college.
Then you're stupid. Come in.
I've heard that before.
Yes, sir?
I'd like to speak with you,
in private.
Go catalogue the totems
that came in.
You said to do this.
- Do as I say.
- But you said...
I said "Go"!
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm at your service for any question
regarding the museum.
Right, but that's not it.
It's personal.
Is it about me?
I really don't see
how we could be connected.
Neither do I.
It's about Ms. Amanda Weber.
I must see her.
Ms. Weber is away.
Her nephew had an accident,
the funeral was today.
For how long?
We give 8 days for mourning,
weddings, and births.
If you'll excuse me,
I have to work to do.
I'd like her address.
No. We do not give out
our employees' addresses,
especially to strangers.
Tell me, Mrs. Sagman,
be honest.
Do you think I'm a lecher?
A lecher?
Do you know what a lecher is?
Of course. A providential hope
for an old woman.
Mrs. Sagman,
I'd like her address,
you must make an exception for me.
- Would you like some tea?
- Yes, please.
- Milk or lemon?
- Lemon.
No, milk. Thank you.
It's no longer lemon?
It's strange,
never before today
had I met your wife.
Notice my stability.
She's not bad, huh?
You disagree?
She looks nice. And pretty.
Yes. But I don't love her
the way I loved you.
Victorien is dead.
It wasn't an accident.
He was carrying drugs.
It was revenge.
Am I supposed to believe it?
Accept it like the rest?
Just wait and die?
No. I'll avenge his death.
How many kids do drugs?
And how many families
never notice it?
Victorien didn't do drugs.
He hated drugs.
I'll make some calls.
But I need the items
or they won't believe me.
I don't know where they are.
Amanda, you never could lie.
You have them.
Thanks for your help today.
I'll manage on my own.
What is it you want?
To play detectives?
Why not?
Don't do anything stupid.
You can sleep here.
Thanks, but I have friends.
I only came
because you work at the ministry.
How handsome.
I loved Victorien, passionately.
I want the truth.
I'll do all I can to launch
an investigation.
Right. Thank you, Mr. Secretary.
Good bye, Mr. Secretary.
The case is closed.
The dead passengers in that bus.
Victorien didn't make them up.
He saw the coverage
on the bus accident
and his hallucinated mind must
have thought he'd seen them before.
And the stolen objects?
Gauthier, do you know
who those passengers were?
Average French citizens.
Who would be crazy enough to kill
50 average Frenchmen
and to keep such a feat a secret?
Not terrorists, in any case.
We'd have dozens of statements.
Have I convinced you?
I fear Ms. Weber
will not give up.
Let me stay tonight.
Today was...
Yes, I'm in shock.
I'll feel so alone.
One should never live alone.
George's face
when I said I was staying out!
He thinks I'm seeing someone!
What a reputation.
Wait, be quiet...
There's no one there.
I thought I heard a burglar.
You left the window open?
Yes. I usually do, for the fresh air.
That's not very cautious.
Is everything there?
The TV and tape recorder are here.
It's what burglars always go for.
Forgive me.
It's my mistake.
It's all right.
That's what I'm here for.
- Good bye, ma'am.
- Good bye.
Looking for someone?
Mr. Fontaine.
Is he out?
He left on a trip
to the Seychelles.
At the Club Med.
Do you have a message?
What is all this stuff?
We always talk
about frivolous things.
Your dresses, your lovers...
Superficial things.
As women do.
It doesn't mean they're stupid.
Who said they were?
My nephew was murdered.
- It was an accident!
- It was murder.
50 innocent passengers
were Killed in a bus.
- But that's in your novel.
- No, it's in real life.
- But why?
- Put this away.
That's what I have to find out.
And what about the police?
The police doesn't know much.
So, tell them.
Victorien was right.
You can't trust anyone.
But you could end up...
I don't care.
I have nothing to lose.
You think I have something to lose?
Oh no!
Don't get me mixed up in this!
I'm leaving.
Someone's been here.
Someone looking for this.
And you said...
No, the window was closed
when I left.
I need you.
I'll act alone,
but I need you.
What can I do?
Just one thing,
but it's important.
All right, OK...
if we're not Killing anyone,
then OK.
I didn't find anything.
I can go back tomorrow,
but she should tell us herself.
Well, as you please.
We'd decided I was done
with this job.
My wife's death has made me
a weary man.
No, I don't agree.
Old age is when you say:
"Never have I felt so young!"
And I've started saying it.
And her?
OK. I'll wait for your orders.
I didn't hear you.
I'm wearing ballet flats.
Aren't they nice?
I'm tired.
Should I go home, then?
Things change every day.
Today, we're here.
What's gotten into you lately?
I don't know, Delphine.
The past has come back
to haunt me.
It's choking me.
One can choke
on a chicken bone.
I'll do anything you ask.
I know.
I saw my attorney.
I put the store in your name.
I don't want the store.
I want you.
You'll have the store
if I don't come through.
To be killed by a woman!
I'd rather die!
I see you're traveling light!
It's for two days.
It's no trip around the world!
Come, Richard, go eat your soup now.
- Yes.
- Go eat your soup.
Yes, yes, yes.
- No.
- Yes, go on.
Hurry up.
Norbert, it's time.
10 seats left.
Naturally, it's the off-season.
Off-season... My ass.
It's the accident!
It's on people's minds.
They're scared.
Yes, what a dreadful accident.
And the driver?
Jackie? A good friend.
They never found his body.
I didn't know.
How come?
I haven't a clue.
Must be at the bottom
of the lake.
It'll cost the boss!
Jackie had three kids.
Will he pay,
without a body?
He has to.
The boss
is the town mayor.
If he doesn't,
he won't be reelected...
No need to worry with you.
An accident like that,
what are the odds?
You took my luggage?
You're never too safe...
It's true.
You see, I was right to insist.
One should always insist.
Sometimes it works,
and others...
Still, I did a pretty good job.
You took out the driver
but I handled the others.
Look, Tony, I see weird cases
like this all the time.
I've handled dozens.
I'm not rich,
but here I am.
I'm here too.
But I'm no fool.
There's no one here.
Where's is he?
And my money?
He's coming, Tony.
Let's take a walk.
Everyone's on lunch break.
I'm hungry to.
Will it take long?
I noticed an inn 3 km away,
we can eat there.
I'll invite you
when I get the cash!
Ah, Tony!
Tony, Tony...
You and I know so much,
don't we?
It gives us power.
You know, you and I
don't matter much in this story.
We are dust,
and to dust we shall return.
Is he coming?
I can't wait forever.
Calm down.
Here! One... two...
Buckle my shoe!
- Three, four.
- Shut the door.
- Five, six.
- Pick up sticks.
- Seven, eight.
- Lay 'em straight.
- Nine, ten.
- Good fat hen.
Eleven, twelve.
Shut up! Shut your mouth.
That makes a lot of deaths.
What have you decided
regarding Ms. Amanda Weber?
What do you see?
Hold on.
- What do you see?
- My ass!
Give me some tea.
It's not mint tea.
It's in a bag.
Tourists aren't spending a lot.
They usually spend more?
We get less buses now.
Really? We have empty seats
on ours.
Maybe the accident.
Their bus stopped here too.
Do you remember?
Did you see anything?
Are you with the police?
Show me your badge.
I'm not with the police.
I'm a journalist.
Those passengers stopped here
just like you.
They looked around,
spent their cash
and then left.
And you didn't notice anything?
Were they OK?
Of course they were OK.
Are you not OK?
- I am.
- Thanks, Norbert.
It's just for my tissues.
I need them.
That's my luggage, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
My glasses...
I hardly ever wear them.
Men usually
prefer me without.
It's that one, Norbert.
Never mind. It's OK, Norbert.
I know everything.
I studied the passenger list.
You're Amanda Weber,
from Paris.
You know a lot.
When we know each other better,
I'll explain
why I'm so interested.
And you are?
Karen. Catherine Lariller.
A widow since...
Well, a widow.
Slow down, just a minute,
Can I have some still water?
We don't serve any.
May 1? In the meanwhile.
All right, what's the rush?
A lemonade.
Did you do as I said?
I followed your instructions,
it took me all day.
Your Stanislas is never there,
that oaf.
Yes? Right,
I'll call you back darling.
What's going on?
Am I intruding?
I'd never forgive myself!
Can I help you?
These package tours!
It's two people per room.
We're sharing a room?
Yes. I don't mind at all.
I'd rather have shared it with a man.
Don't you agree?
Yes. Yes, probably so.
We're fully booked.
It's 3 people per room.
Put the Fritz together.
They're used to it.
I bought a ticket,
but I missed the bus.
You caught up with us?
Did you ski here?
We Frenchmen know our way around!
So I get a room!
It's part of the package.
Won't you come eat?
I never eat dinner.
Excuse me.
Right! To keep in shape!
I only eat salad
and hard boiled eggs!
Beauty is pain!
See you!
I'm going down
to try and meet someone.
I didn't come for the view.
Why did you come?
To travel. It's that simple.
See you later.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the bread will be charged extra.
It looks delicious!
Who is it?
- Who's there?
- The maid.
Come in.
- You ordered a slice of cake?
- Yes.
You've been here long?
Almost a year.
What's on top?
That's ginger.
The boss's specialty.
You were here that day.
You saw those who
were drowned.
They were in high spirits.
Always singing.
Had they known...
Nothing happened, then?
I don't understand.
Excuse me.
You're a Pisces. Pisces
know how to swim, of course.
You'll find a soul-mate.
Too bad
you're not in the 1st decan.
I recently saw a psychic
who said I'd meet someone
on this trip.
But when I turn around,
all I see is the third age
and a basket of sleazeballs.
Thank you very much.
I didn't mean you, of course.
Please! This place
is dull as dishwater.
The driver barking in his mic
about the view,
fatty knocking back
some hooch
in the back...
- Do you agree?
Not exactly.
So you think something could happen?
I believe so.
A former trip turned out
to be full of surprises.
Was someone raped?
There's no risk here.
Many people died.
An accident?
No, they were murdered.
What do you mean?
We are now reaching
the famed Horseshoe corrie.
The road we're on
is a dead-end.
There is much to visit
after your lunch break.
The only upside to these trips
is they strengthen your muscles.
Not everyone needs it.
How do you know?
I'd bet... my life on it.
Castle visit! Castle visit!
The castle, come on.
Aren't you coming?
A castle
and no prince charming?
You can stick it up your ass.
It's slippery.
How beautiful! Just look!
Oh, look at that big bird!
It's an eagle.
Excuse me!
There's no restroom here!
When you've got to go...
You're curious, like me.
When it's off-limits,
I have to go. Don't you?
Right! Wait for me!
I work in a museum.
How's it going?
Not so well.
I can't stand my director.
She only owes the job
to her father's donations.
She's competent,
with a great memory.
But she's a pain.
I once knew somebody
like your director.
An auctioneer.
She was competent.
But her face was as off-putting as...
Did I say something wrong?
I didn't say she was off-putting.
I thought you did.
So you know Mrs. Sagman.
Not at all.
Just a coincidence.
Hurry, ladies and gentlemen.
It's lunchtime.
Hurry, it'll be cold.
Don't tell me your birth-month.
Let me guess.
What's your favorite activity?
To eat.
- Is it important?
- Very much so.
What else?
I'm an antique dealer.
Is possession important?
Yes, I think so.
Are you sensual?
Why am I never asked that?
There's no need. Well?
Yes, absolutely.
- It shows.
- Yes.
No, because at first sight...
There's a line that emerges...
Are you loyal?
Exceptionally so, I've been told.
Do you have still water?
Does nobody know what
still water is?
It's tap water.
We have a supply issue.
A pipe broke.
The frost.
We only have mineral water.
Are these questions helping you?
Yes, absolutely.
I'm starting to know you.
Born in May.
So was I.
How do you know that?
You have the traits
of a Taurus, but...
with a singular intensity.
That's interesting.
What day in May?
May 3rd.
No! I was born on the 7th!
The same day as Machiavelli.
Excuse me.
I'll be back.
Even psychics have to go.
I'll complain.
Just you wait!
Are you OK?
Careful, ma'am.
They'll throw you out too.
You shouldn't go through
a lady's bag.
I forgot something.
Sure, that's what they say...
Earlier you said you were
very sensual.
I'm ready.
I have needs too.
I forgot to mention
my condition.
My doctor...
Your doctor is an oaf!
Love is the great remedy!
Maybe so, but not for my heart!
Come on! Come!
My goat is dead.
They couldn't cure it.
And the veterinarian?
The new guys aren't vets,
I don't know who they are.
What do you mean?
They're some kind of officials.
We used to have vets,
good fellows.
The number of sheep and goats
they treated!
Free of charge. But they all left
last Thursday, all of a sudden.
Last Thursday? And then?
They stopped taking appointments.
When you insist...
But I'll go see Dr. Arms.
Who's Dr. Arms?
He's a real doctor.
A nice guy, Dr. Arms.
Does he live here?
Up there, on the Devil's Saddle road,
next to the institute annex.
A nice house.
I'm sorry, there's no lock.
Well, hurry up.
Tomorrow on the way back,
visit of the monastery
and cable-car ride to the peak,
2,882 meters high.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- The phone!
Let me make the connection.
- A Coke, please.
- Yes.
- Can I use the phone?
- It's busy, ma'am.
Nothing in her suitcase.
Hang up!
Don't touch it, it's busy!
A beer, sir?
Who cut the line? Who did it?
I was on the phone!
I'm sorry, I told the lady to wait.
- A lady?
- Yes, a lady.
Quiet, quiet!
I promised single rooms, so...
Do you know Dr. Arms?
I don't know.
I thought you'd raise your hand!
I trust you.
You must help me.
To sleep
with the antique dealer?
You're not alone.
No, I'll explain.
- Is it serious?
- You'll be safe.
Really? Good!
Hello, sir.
Hello, ma'am.
Nicely grilled.
We're expecting someone else.
Yes, sir.
Amanda will be down.
She's getting ready.
For you.
I think she likes you a lot.
She usually doesn't eat dinner.
But she'll come.
I couldn't do it!
- I'll go get her.
- There's no need.
She'll be right down.
I can wait,
but the raclette won't!
You're in luck, Miss.
I was about to go home.
How far is it?
Dr. Arms is very fond of solitude.
The institute annex
was a house built
by an old eccentric in 1910.
It's very remote.
There's no bus?
A bus? There's not even a bike!
The cable-car goes to the peak
twice a week, that's it.
It's in the middle of nowhere.
I'll leave you here.
Wait, I won't be long.
The light is on.
The doctor's home.
He'll take you back.
You'll see, he's very nice.
Is anyone home?
I admire your composure,
dear Alex.
Yet the situation is dire.
Very much so.
What is dire in our humble existence?
It's all a joke.
Even our affair.
Anyway, it's not our fault.
It's not my fault.
And it's certainly not the victims'.
Nevertheless, if we do not restore
the items to the families,
they will act.
We can't kill them all.
My dear Alex,
you are a great mastermind,
yet you've lost this woman.
She's smart.
Very smart.
She slipped through our fingers.
Excuse me.
Alex. Where are you?
I was dreaming of you.
Not me. I've been up
for 48 hours.
But I think of you.
We had many customers today.
Business was good.
It's all in the safe.
Listen, Delphine,
I don't know
if I'll see you again.
What is it?
Are you ill?
Come home now,
or get to a hospital.
Should I come?
No, I'm fine, really, Delphine.
I just wish I could be home.
When will you be?
Tomorrow evening,
I'll be back.
I love you, kiddo.
Hey, Alex!
Don't leave me alone again.
I need you so much.
See you soon, kiddo.
They want to kill me like they killed
the 50 passengers,
Victorien, and the veterinarians.
Despite all I know,
I can't understand
these people's motives
nor the reason why they killed
these innocents.
I noticed at the institute that...
This is no time for visits.
I don't need a vet.
I have neither cat nor dog.
Who let you in?
No one.
I broke a window because...
it's too cold to wait outside.
If you don't need a vet,
how can I help?
- Well, doctor.
I lost a family member
last week in a bus accident.
The bus stopped by
your institute.
So I'm almost sure
the accident is the direct result
of something...
that happened here last week.
I'm hardly qualified to answer.
Then why
was all the staff transferred
without any warning or motive?
On the day the bus stopped.
What do you do here?
I have the right to know!
- Write your congressman.
- What's going on?
All I know is
there was a risk of contamination
in the region following
an accident in the lab.
- In the whole area?
- Only at the Lac Noir.
It explains the change
in personnel.
And the passengers?
They were vaccinated.
Then they drowned.
No, it was an accident.
It wasn't tied
to the contamination.
Then everyone is at risk?
We did all we could to stop
the pollution.
But we're not infallible.
That's why I take a shot every night.
- Hello?
- Is Ms. Weber with you?
Wrong number.
I said, wrong number.
Here, I have a syringe
and a vaccine.
If I were you,
I'd get one too.
Did the passengers get one?
Yes, right away.
What was the risk?
The drinking water was polluted.
These things never happen,
and yet we never know.
Yes, that accident,
how strange.
Go ahead doctor,
I trust you.
Hey sweetheart,
you forgot your skis?
Never mind, she'll just
slip down on her bum.
- Amanda!
- Stanislas!
I have a gun.
I won't hesitate to shoot.
Come on.
Open it up.
Open it!
And the items?
You're the cop.
Go on, search.
You know everything then?
Only that you are murderers.
I don't why.
But it doesn't matter.
Do you have them?
Give them!
That's too easy.
I put them away.
Stop laughing.
I was thinking about the safe.
Yes, how easy!
No. I wrote two letters
to two lawyers.
If something were to happen,
they'd know.
How smart.
We were the idiots.
Then can I go?
2,880 meters.
You've won the game.
Ms. Amanda Weber...
But what if the 50 passengers
were bound for certain death?
What if our nudge
had spared them a painful death?
What if it avoided the spread?
No one can kill innocents.
Have some.
All is lost.
She has won.
She planned everything.
I give up.
You can't give up on us.
What is impotence?
The failure of the...
With what I know
and with the items,
it'd be easy to investigate.
Yes, of course.
And I've recorded everything
on tape.
- Where is it?
- Here, in my pocket.
Let's have some tea.
I had a fight with my wife.
About my visit that day?
Madame, may 1?
Alex is dead, you're taking over.
I need the items.
- And her?
- I'm waiting for orders.
And me?
On the line. Like me.
- What about the tea?
- With milk?
- Do you remember the other day?
- Yes.
It has to be everywhere,
on every front page.
Everyone must know.
Listen, Amanda,
it's a matter
of life and death.
I'll explain.