Agent Vinod (2012) Movie Script

Hello. - Hello.
Hello. - Hello.
Hello. - Hello.
I told you not to kill him.
He's still alive.
Grade four semtex.
That one alone is enough
to blow up this factory.
And he's carrying six of them.
If I don't speak
up you will kill me.
And what if I do?
You want a medal.
Son of a witch.
Some money and safe
passage to the border.
I can tell you a lot, sir.
There's an
electrician working outside...
...he is also a RAW agent.
Where are you taking me?
- Come on.
- Come on.
Sir, why have they brought me here?
What is your name? - Najeeb Khan.
From Liaquat Bazaar, Quetta.
What's wrong, sir?
I've been working here for the
past three months as a welder.
What is wrong, sir?
What is wrong?
Major Rajan Sinha.
1 Bihar Regiment.
Take off his shirt,
and look for yourself.
Two bullet wounds on
the left shoulder.
Come here.
He's the guy who shot
Usman Gul in POK last year.
Come on.
Take him away.
Another RAW agent is
active in this area.
Will you untie my hands, please?
Shall I strangle you?
Your name please?
One of your guards...
He gave me all the
dope about this place.
My guard?
Real name is Mahendra Sandhu.
Cover name... Abdul... Abbas...
I don't remember.
Which one?
$50,000 and safe passage
to the border. - Done.
Which one?
The fifth guy.
What is your name?
- Ismail Yusuf Bashar.
Your full name.
Ismail Yusuf Bashar.
Take off his pants.
You'll find two Bullet wounds
on the bum. Got it in Kargil.
What are you doing?
Who Mahendra Sandhu? I am
Ismail Yusuf Bashar. He's lying.
He's lying, Colonel.
Leave me.
Lower your weapons. Down.
Put your magazines in this, now.
Now move.
Lock it.
Open it.
Only Rashid knew the code.
Take a guess.
Lucky guess.
If I survive I'll
give you a slow death.
Every dog has his day.
Where is my partner?
What if Huzefa had killed me?
They'd have given you a medal.
...and your wife a petrol pump.
Any last wish.
Yes, I want to kick your behind.
Send a unit to
factory no.10. Immediately.
Start the car.
"There's word on the streets."
"There's a guy in the city."
"Forget the barricades."
"He has sneaked in."
"Things that are impossible to do."
"He's here to make them possible."
"He can turn night into day."
"So what's his name?"
"What is it?"
"He's here to turn
the tables on you."
Stop the car.
Let me get down.
"He's here to take on
countless enemies alone."
"He always does his duty."
"As a responsibility."
"He can turn night into day."
"So what's his name?"
"What is it?"
I hope you enjoyed the flight.
Thank you.
My name is Farah Feqqesh.
What's your name?
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. Call him anything.
Call him Hari."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. As long as
he's there, nothing to worry."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. Call him anything.
Call him Hari."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. As long as
he's there, nothing to worry."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. Call him anything.
Call him Hari."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. As long as
he's there, nothing to worry."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. Call him anything.
Call him Hari."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. As long as
he's there, nothing to worry."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. Call him anything.
Call him Hari."
"Call him Govind."
"Call him Gopal. As long as
he's there, nothing to worry."
Arms dealer found dead in
a graveyard outside Moscow.
The murder of Russian arms
dealer Andre Sukhorov...
...has again thrown up
this dangerous question.
Did Sukhorov possess a
suitcase nuclear bomb?
And if so, where is it?
Both the United
States and Soviet Union...
...have acknowledged
producing nuclear weapons...
...small enough to be carried in
specially designed backpacks...
...during the cold-war.
These bombs, identified
in Russia as KV series...
...have the
explosive power between...
...three and ten kiloton of TNT.
The bombs at
Hiroshima and Nagasaki...
...were 20-30 kiloton each.
But the value of the
suitcase bomb lies... its ability to be
easily smuggled across borders...
...transported by
means widely available.
And placed as close to
the target as possible.
A single suitcase
bomb can devastate...
...ten kilometers of a modern city.
It will kill everything
within a three kilometer radius...
...and the radiation
will subsequently kill more.
Gentlemen Sukhorov is dead
I've heard the bomb is up for sale
This is what every terror
group in the world is looking for.
This could start World War 3.
If this gets into the wrong hands,
millions will be killed.
I was thinking billions.
Lt's my friend Dmitri's birthday.
So we all have a drink, okay.
Make drink.
You wanted to meet
in a public place.
Abu Nazir has turned a
public place, private.
I am impressed.
I've chosen the right man.
I need $50 million cash
in three days, in Morocco.
So much in so little time.
Do you know my commission?
Do you know what I need it for?
I need the money in
three days in Morocco.
Do you have a
contact who can be trusted?
I know the right man for the job.
I will give you $50
million cash, tomorrow.
All he has to do is buy 242.
Abu, before talking about 242...
...can you tell me how many calories
there are in one potato chip?
And how many chips
did you eatjust now?
I am sorry, I am a health freak.
And this can be...
dangerous for your health.
Come. We take drink.
Bring champagne.
This is Colonel.
My partner and friend.
- Hi.
Five man army. - Yes.
When I was a child...
...I watched a movie
called 'The Five Man Army'.
Your boss Abu,
reminds me of Bud Spencer.
Japanese. You'll slap me
if I tell you the meaning.
What do you mean?
Hello, Vinod.
- What's wrong, sir?
Recognize him?
Abu Sayyed Nazer.
Area of operations, St. Petersburg.
Main business, drugs, prostitution.
Also money laundering.
Single point contact
between the Russian mafia...
...and terror groups like Lashkar.
Rajan is handling this, right?
Rajan posed as his bodyguard
for the past three months.
He had managed to
get very close to him.
Last night Rajan sent this message.
Code Red.
Falcon 77 to Hasan Nawaz sir.
Sir, I've been exposed.
Abu has joined hands
with some Colonel.
I don't know who he is.
They were discussing
about a large amount of money
They were planning a
big strike against India.
During the discussion...
...the number 242 kept coming up.
242 means something. I
don't know what but...
This has all the data about Abu.
Your contact in St.
Petersburg is Tatiana Renko.
Go find out why Rajan was killed.
What is 242?
Air India announces the arrival of
flight no. Al 6536 to St. Petersburg
Hi, my name is Jugal Kishore.
Welcome to St. Petersburg.
Where can I find Abu Nazer?
David Goliath 92754655A.
Here, Freddie.
Yes, sir.
Whether he's asleep.
- Okay.
Or in a meeting.
Or the toilet.
- Okay.
Wait for him.
- Okay.
Hand this over to him personally.
- Okay.
- Mr. Kazan.
Once more.
- Mr. Kazan.
Mr. Kazan.
"I'll do the talking tonight."
"Let's talk about love."
"I'll do the talking tonight."
"Let's freak out."
"Whatever has happened..."
" the past."
"What you've right now."
"This is your moment."
"Steal the night and
have a good time."
"Why are you sitting alone?"
"Feel the vibe and
get into the groove."
"Live every moment."
"Blow away your sorrows."
Drink for all.
Victor, sit. You're not dead.
How about a game with me?
Lf you win, she's yours.
Come here, baby.
You haven't seen my cards yet.
I have three aces. Are you blind?
"I'll do the talking tonight."
"I'll do the talking tonight."
"Taste the sweetness of love."
"I'll do the talking tonight."
"Let's have a good time tonight."
"Whatever you lost."
"Is the punishment for your pranks."
"Lf you have lost
it unintentionally."
"Then come, have a good time."
"Steal the night and
have a good time."
"Why are you sitting alone?"
This gun has real bullets.
"Live every moment."
Rajan Sinha, whose corpse was
found on the tracks outside Moscow...
...was a friend of mine.
Be sure, your corpse
will never be found.
No last wishes for you, my friend.
What is 242?
Call the others!
Call them now!
- Stay their Nikolai!
Here is an easier question?
Recognize this song?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
One ear drum and one stanza to go...
What is 242?
The Colonel asked me to
send $50 million to Kazan.
The courier is
leaving for Morocco tonight
Freddie Khambatta.
Flight EK 309.
What is 242?
242 is the size of Abu's bazooka.
Wanna see?
Would you like to
come home for coffee?
Sorry my dear. Got
a flight to catch.
There are ten emergency
exits on this aircraft.
They are all clearly marked.
In an emergency the floor
path lights will illuminate...
...and guide you
to the nearest exit.
Would you like some water?
Thank you.
- I am so sorry.
I am so sorry. I am so sorry.
Mr... Freddie Khambatta.
- Yes, sir.
So sorry.
I loved your perfume.
I... I...
I am on duty, sir.
I am not allowed to wear perfume.
100% natural.
Love it.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much, sir.
Are you okay?
- Yes, I am perfect.
Thank you.
You are very naughty, sir.
So sorry.
Taxi. Taxi. Taxi.
Hindi. Indian. Indian. Indian.
Come, come.
Shoot the rascal.
Move aside.
Zilleh, my darling.
Mr. Freddie Khambatta?
Hello sir.
Abu sent this, for you.
Drink, Mr. Freddie?
How is my friend Abu?
He's on cloud nine.
Your first visit to Morocco?
- Yes.
Welcome to Morocco.
What are you doing, Mr. Kazan?
Abu said deliver
the note to Kazan...
...and collect $10,000.
What the hell are
you injecting me with?
Abu was murdered last night
- What?
Who are you?
- I am Freddie Khambatta, sir.
Increase the dose!
What the hell?
Relax. Don't be afraid.
Tell me your name?
Who killed Abu?
Don't hit him so hard.
Ask him?
What is your name?
- Freddie.
What's your mother's name?
Where does your mother live?
She lives in Baroda.
What does your mother do in Baroda?
What does she do?
She is a school teacher.
Fourth grade.
Arya Vidya Mandir.
What does your mother call you?
Look here
Look at me.
What does your mother call you?
What does she call
you when she's angry?
What does your mother
call you when angry?
Tell me!
What does she call you?
- Vinod?
Is your name Vinod?
Vinod... Khanna.
Rishi Kapoor, Akbar.
Amitabh Bachchan, Anthony.
I saw the film with my
mummy in Apollo Talkies.
My name is Anthony Gonsalves.
I am all alone in this world.
What is he blabbering?
Increase the dose.
Just relax. Stop.
What nonsense.
Who killed Abu?
Who killed Abu?
Who killed Abu?
Who are you?
- Who killed Abu?
Who are you?
Who killed Abu?
Who are you?
Who killed Abu?
Say it.
Who are you?
I am a RAW agent.
I killed Abu.
"Ra Ra Rasputin, lover
of the Russian queen."
"Lt was a shame how he carried on."
Did you get the money?
Forget the money.
Do you know what you said?
What did I say?
- You killed Abu.
You are a RAW agent.
Did I say that?
How much Pentothal
did you give me, madam?
50 ml.
Thanks. Yes I killed Abu
...because he had a RAW
agent working under his nose.
His bodyguard.
Mahim Murtaza.
Real name Rajan Sinha.
Who do you work for?
Who do you work for?
You know we're not
supposed to take names, right?
Abu slipped up.
And I was sent here to check if...
...David Kazan too is slipping up.
But look what you did to me?
Bravo, Mr. Kazan.
Can I get a towel, please?
I got the money but...
...there's something
fishy about this Freddie
Shall I kill him?
Why don't you stay the night?
What is on your mind, Mr. Kazan?
Who is that doctor?
Ruby Mendes.
My personal doctor.
Ruby Mendes. Nice name.
Did you give her that name?
- Meaning?
- What?
Thank you.
I am so sorry, madam.
Excuse me.
You should have told
me someone's inside.
Who is it?
- I don't know.
Some lady.
She's sitting on the commode,
reading a magazine.
There is no one here.
She was right here...
Where did she disappear?
She was reading that magazine.
She was wearing a blue kaftan.
Big necklace around the neck...
...and a strange tattoo here.
She was right here.
It was her.
My mother.
She passed away 22 years ago.
What the hell did
you inject me with?
You need rest, Mr. Freddie.
Show him to his room.
Goodnight, Mr. Kazan.
- Goodnight.
Hello, Dr. Ruby.
If you're feeling dizzy
then take these pills...
And eat something.
I had two bottles of water.
Yet everything looks 3D.
- No, thanks.
Kazan told me that
you saw his mother.
I think I saw a ghost.
Do you believe in ghosts?
What nonsense.
39 dead.
Don't they haunt you?
The ghosts of those who
died in the London blast.
I am impressed.
You escaped from a British jail.
...have been evading Interpol.
I am impressed... Miss
Iram Parveen Bilal.
Iram Parveen Bilal is dead.
My name is Ruby.
Goodnight, Freddie.
Does he know about the spycam?
He knows about me.
A tourist group has
just landed from London.
There's an Ml6 agent amongst them.
Maybe he knows about 242.
I am going out for a walk.
If you want to keep an eye on me...
...then send Dr. Ruby along...
I don't think you
exploded that bomb...
Why do you say that?
You have killer eyes...
But they're not
the eyes of a killer.
Tell that to my London courtjudge.
You know everything about me.
Tell me something about yourself.
I cannot lie.
And you'll catch me
if I tell the truth.
I am in the same business as you.
But why are we talking shop a romantic place like Tangier?
Lf you weren't so serious...
...I would've invited
you to dinner this evening.
And cooked for you too.
I am a good cook.
What's on the menu?
Wow. That means yes.
Well, that's a Kodak moment.
May I take a picture, madam?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
- Yes?
Do you speak English?
- Yes... yes.
Can you take a photo of
me and my wife, please?
How is Freddie?
- Very happy
Richard Maibaum, British Agent.
He's the Ml6 agent in-charge
of the Middle East sector.
Something's happening.
Where can I find him?
Hotel Rif & Spa.
Room no. 430. I am
sending you a photo.
Understood. Understood.
Not good here.
Fountain. - Okay.
Madam, fountain please.
Thank you.
Enjoy your honeymoon.
Shall we?
Have lunch.
I know a nice place.
Hotel Rif & Spa.
"Your deep blue eyes."
"...with secrets hidden within"
"Praise the Lord for
creating one such as you"
How many girls
have you said this to?
Including you? 242.
You've brought $ 50
million to buy 242.
Do you know what 242 is?
What did Kazan tell you?
Excuse me, madam.
The menu.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I am not feeling well.
I have to go back.
Of course, no problem.
I hope you will come with me
to the auction this evening.
There are some other bidders
but don't worry. I'll get 242
Sir Jagdeshwar
Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen...
...for your most
generous contributions.
I am going to match the sums
that have been raised here today...
...and this money will help in
building schools and hospitals... this lovely,
this great country.
Good evening, Sir.
Your face reassures
me that all is well.
242. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Poems on love and destiny
written in the 11th century.
Very nice.
Good luck.
Why did you get him here?
He got me here.
I should be keeping a
watch on you instead.
Found this in Richard's room.
You must have dropped it in a hurry.
No, I didn't. When
did you flick this?
And who is Richard?
Relax, we're on the same side.
Next item is a YU Rain mask.
An emblem of the YU tribe.
I am Jagdish.
Great honour to meet you Sir.
Freddie Khambatta. Dr. Ruby Mendes.
From India?
- India.
Sworn enemies...
Can become great friends too.
Are you here for anything special?
She's interested in the Rubaiyat.
And I am interested in her.
I see.
Excuse me.
Hello, prince.
What are you doing here?
Where is Daya Master?
I thought the Tigers were finished.
What are you doing here?
Tell me.
Item no. 242.
Since when did you start
reading poetry, Prince?
What is 242?
The next item is lot no. 242.
A collection of love poems
from Persian poet Omar Khayyam.
The opening bid for
this will be $75,000.
$75,000 from the
gentleman at the back.
Thank you very much.
$90,000. $125,000.
$400,000. $450,000.
Come on, prince. Come on.
$500,000, going once.
It's a bomb.
Going twice.
KV series, Russian.
Nuclear bomb?
Lot no. 242, the
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam...
...sold to Mr. David Kazan
for half a million dollars.
Excuse me.
Where were you, Mr. Khambatta?
Ruby and the Rubaiyat are both gone.
Thank you.
For activation, in those days
...the command validation of a
Russian satellite was required
But we have made changes.
You need to enter a
password that's all...
...that is required for activation.
This Rubaiyat of Omar
Khayyam is the detonator.
Don't lose it.
So, my congratulations, Mr. Kazan.
- Thank you.
And thank you, Dr. Rana,
for your contributions.
What time is flight, Dr. Rana?
Thank you.
- Cheers.
Dr. Rana, this is the
best champagne in the world.
And you are drinking water.
His job was done.
Can you take care of him?
Freddie Khambatta.
I am Colonel.
Why are you standing here?
Join the party.
Party's over, Colonel.
The party's just begun.
If you see my mother again...
...then tell her I said Hi.
Whoever he is, get rid of him.
Hello, my dear.
The pipeline goes
through this lane...
...and we have an observation
post every 10 kilometers.
Sir, there's a call for you.
Hello, Mr. Nawaz.
Hello, Mr. Lftekhaar.
I can hear raging
fire and roaring rain.
You are in Chaman.
Impressive, Mr. Nawaz.
Even at this age, you
still have keen ears.
I can even hear what's
happening in Morocco.
I just heard that David
Kazan has bought a nuclear bomb.
What? Where did you
get this news from?
Mr. Nawaz, you will have to
share your source with me.
Because if there's
any truth in this...
...then we'll need to cooperate.
Tell me, General.
Are you involved?
I have no idea.
I didn't know at all.
If I had any clue about this...
...then I would have
called you myself.
Look, Mr. Lftekhaar,
whatever the problems between us...
...this cannot be the solution.
Thank you very much.
Give me 12 hours. I
will call you back.
Cancel the inspection.
We will return to
Islamabad right now.
Hello. Cancel my trip to China.
And call an emergency meeting...
...of all the
section chiefs tomorrow.
Specially section Q, okay.
Take lftekhaar sir's
convoy to the Turkhum border...
...and blow it up with a launcher.
I'll keep you posted, sir.
Breaking news.
ISI chief lftekhaar
Ahmed killed in a bomb blast.
Is this Zaheer's home?
This is Zaheer's home,
but he is on the terrace.
Thank You!
You're welcome
Who are you?
I am Freddie.
Freddie Khambatta.
- What?
Yes. I am Freddie.
If you are Freddie then who is he?
So you were telling
the truth that day.
You are a RAW agent!
Who is the Colonel?
Where is the bomb? - That's
what I came here to find out.
I thought you knew about him.
She's trying to confuse us.
Where is the bomb?
I am on your side.
I work for the British Intelligence.
And you killed that British agent?
I didn't kill Richard.
He was my handler.
I went there to
inform him about you.
To show him your face.
You killed 40 people in London.
You were smiling as
you got out of the car.
You were smiling.
I was smiling, because I was happy.
It was a beautiful day.
Boss, why are you
listening to this nonsense?
I am responsible for the
death of those 40 people.
Because my own friends...
...had planted the bomb in my car.
I was waiting for them.
If I wasn't feeling hungry...
...and hadn't stepped out...
...then the blast
would have killed me...
When one of the group
was caught in Pakistan...
...then ISI chief
lftekhaar Ahmed came to see me.
He was convinced that I am innocent.
He convinced Richard.
They said that they will help me...
...but I will have to work for them.
They sprung me out ofjail...
...and sent me to Morocco, to Kazan.
Kazan buys drugs from terrorists,
and supplies arms.
So you are an ISI agent?
I just report to lftekhaar Sir.
He knows the truth about me.
Last month I intercepted Abu
Nazir's phone call from Moscow...
...that Freddie Khambatta is
arriving with $50 million.
I informed Richard, that's
why he came here personally.
Can you prove this?
Talk to lftekhaar sir.
He knows me.
Lftekhaar Ahmed is dead.
He's dead?
And Richard too.
Now there's no one
left to prove your story.
Come here.
He's one of them.
Now he knows about you.
Shoot him.
I cannot kill anyone.
Not even him.
I don't know where the bomb is.
But the Rubaiyat is the trigger.
The bomb is
useless without Rubaiyat.
And right now
Rubaiyat is in Kazan's safe.
If you believe me then let me go.
I know the combination of that safe.
Otherwise go yourself.
But for God's sake get
that Rubaiyat out of there.
Let's go.
Come on.
20 minutes.
Good luck, Iram.
She was lying.
You believed her?
She was telling the truth.
Yeah Iram.
I have the Rubaiyat and the
location of the bomb as well.
Meet me at Golden Farah restaurant,
in 20 minutes.
"My friends deserted me."
"My love deserted me."
"Life's so..."
Oh, good. Number one.
Goodbye to Morocco.
- Yes.
I am Suresh Krishna.
That's funny...
My name is also Suresh Krishna.
By the way, I work
for the United Nations.
Deputy Health
Commissioner for Africa.
Is this a joke?
I am the Deputy Health
Commissioner for Africa.
We need to ask you some questions,
Mr. Shastri.
How are you feeling?
I am hungry.
We found Mr. Kazan's
address in your pocket.
He's dead. His
house has been burgled.
How do you know him?
- I mean him in an auction.
Don't disturb the patient please.
Officers. Please step outside.
I need to examine the patient
I will see you in some time.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Doctor.
Three bullets and
you're still alive.
You must be really lucky.
Do you believe in luck?
Lf I believed in luck I'd be
dead a long time ago, Doctor.
I see.
Do you believe in luck, doctor?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Do you know where they are?
Look at that man closely.
Anton Brega.
Considers himself a Casanova.
He is an alcoholic...
and a womanizer
He has one more bad habit.
He's honest.
He's the Airport Security chief.
There's a pass card in
his wallet which I want.
We'll be done by 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Until then you will have to
keep him out of the airport.
So... you have to
spend the night with him.
Get lost! I am not your property!
Bloody reptile!
I just want to die.
No, actually, I just
want to get drunk.
- No, that's okay. That's fine.
Give me another one.
What do you want? Just get lost.
Okay. Sir, please.
Thank you.
Anton Brega.
- Josie.
Nice to meet you, Josie.
I told you to get lost.
We just got out of the third casino.
He has won around three-four lakhs.
He says I am lucky for him.
Now he wants to take me home.
Two more hours.
Ourjob will be done.
Take him to Hotel Riga. 405.
There's a room booked
in the name of Josie.
Darling, I've got some
special champagne for you.
That's for you. Look at it.
Hello, sir.
Welcome to Riga.
Mr. Nawaz called from Delhi.
This packet is for you.
Any news about those two?
"My darling, I said."
"My darling, you heard it."
"Our hearts
communicated with each other."
"My darling, I said."
"My darling, you heard it."
"My darling, I said."
Excuse me.
That Brega is after me.
He's about to jump on me.
Open the mini bar.
There's a chocolate box inside.
Feed him some of those chocolates.
He'll pass out for a few hours.
What about the package?
- You want to see it?
Knock him out and leave right away.
Okay, fine.
I was waiting for
you at Golden Farah.
Thank God you are alive.
Enough of your charade.
- Listen to me.
Colonel had asked me to
- Where is the Colonel?
I was just talking to him.
The bomb is here... in the city.
The man in the room with me is...
You saved my life.
Time for a little chat, Colonel.
You okay?
- Get me out of here.
Get here, now.
Get down.
Catch them.
He's heading straight.
He's taking a turn.
He's near town square.
Straight and left.
20 kilometers from here.
He has stopped near Maxima Mall.
Don't you want to know why
I lied to you in Morocco
Maybe you didn't like my shoes?
'The Colonel had killed Kazan.'
'He was about to kill me... '
'And suddenly I saw... '
'ln another minute, Freddie Khambatta
would've told him everything'
'The man you think is Freddie
Khambatta is actually a RAW agent.'
'He's dead. - He's alive.
And he knows about the bomb.
'I thought that if I told the Colonel
about you, I might gain his trust.'
'Where is he? '
'Maybe he would involve me
in whatever his plan was...
I did it to find out about the bomb.
'Sir, I am... '
'Just a minute. Just a minute.'
'Hold it.'
'Sir, I am Freddie Khambatta.'
'I am a flight purser.'
'Abu gave me a $10 note.
What was his name? '
'I don't know his name. He beat me.'
'He took the dollar I
was supposed to give you.'
Colonel had taken my phone away.
I snatched someone's
phone from the airport toilet
...and tried calling you.
How will you face three
armed men with one bullet?
Don't be afraid.
May God give your
husband a long life.
It's stopped.
Come here.
Where did you get this?
- What is that?
Where did you get this?
- I don't know. What is that?
Where did you get this?
- I don't know.
I am telling you, I don't know.
Dr. Suresh Krishna.
Dr. Suresh Krishna?
We are waiting for you
Sorry, sir. This is
portable X-ray machine no. 311.
Maybe the colonel lied to you.
Brega's pass was used not
to bring bomb into the city
...but to take it out of the city.
13 flights have taken off...
...since Brega's death...
...they can be
checked only on landing.
The local police
want to question you.
Cops in Moscow and Morocco
police want to question me as well.
You are in a queue.
Keys please.
I'll be in touch, sir.
Where are they?
They say you need too
eat to gain something.
Whenever you get the opportunity,
Sit down, eat something.
What's on your mind?
Wondering what happens next?
Don't worry, we'll help you.
You cannot help me.
New identity, passport,
character certificate.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I want my life back.
I want my father, who
died when I was in jail.
I want the clinic, with
a board outside saying...
...Doctor Iram Parveen Bilal.
I want a home.
A husband who's crazy about me.
I want kids.
I want a normal life.
I want a world where the Rubaiyat is
just a book with beautiful poetry.
Not a nuclear bomb detonator.
There's a circuit inside
that activates the bomb.
I have some more information.
Take that as well.
I overheard the Colonel
on the phone last night.
He was fixing a meeting with
Taimoor Pasha on the 28th.
At Hotel Gazebo.
Hotel Gazebo is in Karachi.
I don't know anything else.
And I don't want to either.
Can I go now?
Where will you go?
What will you do?
I wanted to be a painter.
I thought I will be famous.
A house in the mountains.
Exhibitions in Paris.
Five marriages.
Couple of kids from each marriage...
But the cable snapped.
- What?
One of the cables of
the ropeway snapped.
We were in Mussoorie,
on a school trip.
The entire cabin was
dangling on one cable.
A sheer 2000 feet deep drop below.
The other cable
could snap any moment...
Plunging us to our death.
And then I climbed up.
I clung to a rope for eight minutes.
And managed to secure the cable.
I was 15 years old.
I got a medal from
President Venkatraman.
Those eight minutes changed my life.
I always wanted to return... that place
between life and death.
I am still hanging from that cable.
The day I let go...
In Delhi, when the dogs
from one lane start barking... you know what
the other dogs do?
Good evening, sir.
Sir, we've to leave for
the airport in an hour.
You're leaving for London.
They are waiting for
you at the Embassy.
I've got all the documents with me.
Passports. Documents
and some money, sir.
Excuse me.
Can I clear the table?
Five minutes, Iram.
I've a flight to catch. Kill them.
Sir, I will wait in the lobby.
- Okay.
Sir. Sir.
Where is it?
Sorry, sir. I had no option.
How many people outside?
"My life was engulfed in darkness
until you came with a ray of hope"
"Giving a meaning to my
otherwise futile life"
"I was like a lost ship"
"and I wonder how you
brought me to the shore"
"we have a connection"
"I fail to understand how"
"but we do"
"what else is there to say"
"I choose your embrace over heaven"
"You entered my life
like a beautiful dawn."
"Giving me a reason to live."
"A fleeting moment"
"was generous enough"
"to bless me with your sight
which was like a guiding star"
"like a hint from destiny"
"you pacified my estranged feelings"
"breaking the silence with a debate"
"I was like a lost ship"
"and I wonder how you
brought me to the shore"
"we have a connection"
"I fail to understand how"
"but we do"
"what else is there to say"
"I choose your embrace over heaven"
"You entered my life
like a beautiful dawn."
"Giving me a reason to live."
Welcome to Somalia.
- Thank you.
You got anything for me?
Take the plane.
We welcome you to Karachi, Pakistan.
Welcome to Pakistan, sir.
Any special reason to come here?
Her grandfather died in the blast.
If you hurry up...
...then we can take
part in the final rites.
Thank you.
Anytime, brother.
Next please.
Relax. We are outside the airport.
You were fantastic.
I have returned after 15 years.
My home was on the next left.
Sorry to disturb your memories.
It's a one hourjourney.
You can cry all you want.
Move, move.
Move the car.
Third on the most wanted list.
Taimoor Pasha.
How will we get in?
I was wondering how we will get out?
You? Did you recognize me?
Farah. Farah Faqqesh.
I know your name isn't Kapil Dev.
Iram Bilal.
Can you get us inside?
Of course.
They're with me.
Move on.
The program's on the 10th floor.
Can you hide her somewhere?
By God.
This beautiful
face isn't for hiding.
Together we will
steal everyone's heart.
"He looked at me."
"And it's made me crazy."
"Now that he has touched me..."
"I feel a new."
"I have many lovers."
"But if you can win me over."
"Take my heart for free."
"The poor souls are so distressed."
"But if you can win me over."
"Take my heart for free."
"Take my heart for free."
"Your eyes are so bewitching."
"They put me in an illusion."
"You're eyes are so bewitching."
"They put me in an illusion."
"There are others
craving for my love."
"I am a bit nice,
but they are cheats."
"There are others
craving for my love."
"I am a bit nice,
but they are cheats."
"My heart's invaluable,
it's not for everyone."
"But I need to give it
away for your sake."
"The entire market's sold today."
"But if you can win me over."
"Take my heart for free."
"I have many lovers."
"But if you can win me over."
"Take my heart for free."
I need you to
deliver package to Delhi.
What is it this time?
- The usual.
Don't you get bored?
I am bored.
A small gift for you.
"I thought of buying
your heart as well."
"Name the price, show the receipt."
"I thought of buying
your heart as well."
"Name the price, show the receipt."
"Then I can make you
anything you want."
"You'll have eyes only for me."
A small gift, for you.
"You're the only one
I lost my heart to."
"But if you can win me over."
"Take my heart for free."
"I have many lovers."
Are you listening? Listen.
"Take my heart for free."
Tell Gajja that he'll
receive a box of sweets.
The delivery should me
made to Blue Bird in Delhi.
"Take my heart for free."
Understood. Goodbye.
"I can't live a moment with you."
"I can't live a moment with you."
"I can't live a moment with you."
"I can't live a moment with you."
"I can't live a moment with you."
"I can't live a moment with you."
What kind of security is this?
Who is this girl?
Interpol, Indian government,
who is behind her?
Find out.
- We will find out.
Who are you?
Who do you work for?
I work for Pakistan.
Who do you work for?
This bug... Tell me?
The longer you take...
...the more fun it will be for me
Don't worry about me.
I am in my own country.
You leave. Good bye.
There's another spy here.
Find him.
This is him.
Listen... excuse me...
I am sorry.
We've found the spy.
Come on.
Listen to me.
Your partner's been caught.
You are a traitor.
That's why Gen.
Lftekhaar never trusted you.
I am sure you are
responsible for his death.
How do you know General lftekhaar?
Leave me.
I haven't done anything.
What... what is happening here?
I haven't done anything.
I swear.
I was only eating betel leaf.
Chewing betel leaf is allowed.
Is he your partner?
I don't know him.
I don't know her personally.
I saw her performing at the dance
She was singing.
I swear... I swear I
haven't done anything.
I came with the wedding
procession from Rawalpindi.
And my father...
Father own a reputed hotel.
Your days of spying
are over... my friend.
Every dog has his day.
What is Blue Bird?
How dare you ask me questions?
Have you captured me?
There's going to be a big
blast in Delhi tomorrow.
Unfortunately you
won't be there to see it.
Won't you fulfill my
last wish, Colonel?
You want a chopper
to get out of here?
I want a chilled beer.
I am sure you can arrange for it.
Get him a beer.
But don't give him the bottle.
Bring it in a paper cup.
He's very cunning.
Anything else.
Juice for you?
Thank you.
Will you marry me?
Where to now?
We're in Karachi?
We need to reach
Jahangir point in ten minutes.
The pilot says we'll leave at dawn.
You'll be in Delhi in two hours.
All the arrangements have been done.
You will have to fly really low...
...for the Geiger counter
to detect any radiation.
But what is wrong? Tell me.
Sorry, sir. I cannot
tell you anything.
Mr. Nawaz is going to brief you.
Please come.
Come, sir.
You cannot make baseless
allegations against Pakistan.
Do you have evidence?
Colonel Huzefa
mentioned 'Blue Bird'.
What is 'Blue Bird'?
Colonel Huzefa died
in Karachi yesterday.
So how can you say
that he's involved?
I saw him giving orders myself.
Tehmur Pasha was present there
as well. They spoke about the bomb
You shut up.
You're betraying your country,
and accusing others.
The meeting is over.
- No, it's not over.
If this bomb explodes in Delhi,
there'll be nuclear war.
We will launch a counter attack.
In 20 minutes,
Lahore, Karachi,
Islamabad will be annihilated.
More than 60 lakh people
will die on both sides.
If you say
Pakistan isn't involved...
...then this is
the time to prove it.
What is Blue Bird?
Name? Place? What is it?
Believe me, I don't know.
Mr. Khan, I can be court-martialed
for bringing you here.
But millions can be saved as well.
Control room.
10 geo-stationary satellites.
And two roaming.
There are more than 4000
cameras installed in Delhi.
We can see everything.
And maybe you can see your
wife in one of these cameras...
...who just returned home
after dropping your kids to school.
There are other mothers, children,
families who have no idea...
...that everything will
be over in four hours.
I believe it, Mr. Khan.
That you don't know.
But there must be someone in Pakistan,
in ISI or in your embassy...
...who knows! Please, find out.
"These days he never stops anyone."
"No matter what you do,
it never interferes."
"There's loot and plunder
all around, and destruction."
"God is up above,
and we're on earth."
Would you like to have tea?
"These days He pays
less attention to us."
One world government.
Look I've never
understood this term.
We are a small circle of friends.
Including top bankers, oil magnets,
media personalities...
...political figures, even an
ex-president of the United States.
And this group has control over
almost the entire world economy.
Maybe what you are saying is right.
But these immense resources.
If they are used properly,
then anything is possible.
Governments have their own agenda.
Their own programs.
But at the end of the day... is the
individual that matters.
Blue Bird is the
Lashkar's safe house...
...and Professor
Yusuf Malik's house.
Ashiana Bungalow.
Khilji road. Behind Qutub complex.
We cannot raid that place, sir.
What if they press the trigger?
- We don't have an option.
There's one way.
Professor Malik.
- Yes.
I am Iram.
Iram Parveen Bilal.
I want to meet the Colonel.
You've got the wrong address.
Last year, London bombings.
Is the Colonel here or not?
Come in.
The Colonel didn't
mention anything about you.
Where is he?
He's gone to the bus stop.
Will be back soon.
How far?
- He'll be back.
Will you have tea?
Yes, thank you.
What is that?
Locate HOHO bus 6DL 3323.
Sir, that bus is at Humayun tomb.
Next stop is Red Fort.
Stay at Red Fort, one hour.
- Built in 1638.
Come, ma'am, take
care of your belongings.
I am heading towards the bus.
Are you ok?
Sit down.
I am fine, thank you.
I will get biscuits.
She's working for
the cops, Professor.
Kill her.
And don't disconnect the phone.
Let it be, I'll do it.
- No.
"I just spoke to the Colonel,
you traitor"
Move in. Move in.
Are you okay?
He just called the Colonel.
Triangulate this number.
Triangulating 9810160605.
Sir, this number has
been switched off.
Near Pari Chowk, Noida.
I am sending a chopper.
...get out of the bus.
And find your own way to the target.
No, don't touch the
timer until I say so.
"Since Bisleri got popular."
"Everyone forgot about
wells and handpumps."
"Since Bisleri got popular."
"Everyone forgot about
wells and handpumps."
"Even though farmers
produced food-grains."
"They had to commit suicide."
Where to, sir?
- Janpath.
That will be Rs. 200.
Let's go.
What's in the bag?
- Nothing.
Can I see?
The call's been
triangulated in Noida.
Cell tower 26 D. Come on, move.
How far is Noida?
- Five minutes.
Hello, sir.
Yes, I've left the bus.
Take us to Kinari Bazaar.
Kinari Bazaar.
I'm heading straight.
Please get down.
We've sat down now. Let's go.
It's a smart dress.
But it makes me look fat.
I am going to wear a sari.
I look smart in a sari...
I think this guy is
taking us for a ride.
Where are you going?
Turn around.
Take a U-turn.
Can't you hear?
Are you deaf?
Get down at the signal.
- Why should we get down?
I'll make the
inspector teach you a lesson.
Look, sir. He's really...
Get down.
What's wrong? Why are you screaming?
What is wrong?
He has the bomb.
Don't give him a
chance to press the trigger.
Shoot only if you get a headshot.
Only if you get a headshot.
Not receiving Cam
56 from Barakhambha.
Cam 3 zoom in.
And there are passengers.
- He's taken the ITO flyover.
He's entered the one way
from the opposite side.
Why aren't you listening?
Oh, God!
We are checking the area
around the cell tower, sir.
The mobile phone is switched off.
Frankly he can be anywhere.
Sir Metla is here
for a charity program.
Lovely to meet you.
Yes, certainly.
Dr. Ruby.
- Sir Metla.
What are you doing here?
You are here for a charity function.
I don't do charity.
I do investments.
We're getting late.
Good, sir. Good.
Nice seeing you.
Move it. Clear the traffic.
Move them.
They found a dead cabbie
near the cell tower...
...there's definitely a connection.
Call the dog squad.
Move. Move. Move.
I lost him.
Iram, come in.
Iram, come in. Iram, come in.
Thank you for your hospitality.
Is there a scheduled time
for the helicopter to leave?
We should go now. It's
really getting late now.
There was a technical problem, sir.
It's been solved. But we
should leave immediately.
Okay, let's go.
I will think about it.
The pilot is the Colonel.
Get in.
Get in.
My glasses.
I need my glasses.
Please, my glasses.
Colonel, I am in an ice-cream
parlor at Connaught Place.
Only nine minutes left.
Happy birthday to you.
Everybody out.
Get out, come on.
Everybody out.
Everybody out.
Go, go, go.
Everybody out.
Everybody out.
Darn it.
Sir. I have found the bomb.
It's demanding a password.
Run, run. Vacate the place.
Hurry up.
Come on, come on, come on everybody.
The firing circuit
has completely failed.
I will have to open it completely.
Open it.
- That will take time.
At least 15-20 minutes.
Get out.
Ground all choppers,
sir. Only four minutes left.
Waiting for coordinates.
Get me the map for outer Delhi.
Fly north by north east, Radial 045.
Fly high for the first two minutes.
Then at 500 feet
for the last minute.
Setting course, north by north east.
Radial 045.
You'll see an old copper mine.
The mine is 2000 feet deep
Crash the bomb in the mine.
- Roger that, sir.
It was a privilege
serving with you, my boy.
Jai Hind, sir.
Requesting personal time.
Connect me to Iram, sir.
She is in no stage to be moved.
She's losing too much blood.
Iram, it's Vinod.
- Is everything okay?
Under control.
Are you fine?
- I am not going to make it, Vinod.
What happened?
That bastard shot me.
- Where are you hit?
How bad is it?
- Two bullets on the liver.
I've lost lot of blood.
Can you come here? Please.
Can you come here?
I am in the helicopter,
with the bomb.
Trying to take it as far
away from the city as possible.
Why can't we diffuse the bomb?
Lt's asking for the password,
which I don't have.
Listen to me, Iram.
I had decided...
...that I would try and
give you the life you wanted.
I just want you to know
that I had decided that.
If there is something
on the other side...
Then we'll meet soon.
Just one minute left.
Say something terrific.
Stay with me.
She's bleeding.
Press it. Press it.
Kazan set it in Morocco.
Do you know the password?
Do you know his mother's name?
He killed her himself.
- What?
- Zilleh.
Zilleh. Zilleh.
Who's Zilleh?
Iram. Iram.
His pet camel
Her name was Zilleh.
Spell it.
Can you spell it?
Z I L L...
- E H.
We did it.
We made it, baby.
Complete the formalities. We
will fly her body to Pakistan
You wanted a world...
...where this Rubaiyat
is just a book of poems.
Maybe you are in such a world now.
We found this on the Colonel's body.
Possibly his insurance policy.
Check it.
We cannot touch this man.
He's beyond our reach.
And its impossible to
prove anything in court.
If anything happens to him.
An accident or...
In the last 48 hours
Pakistan's army has raided... camps and many
sleeper cells of Lashkar.
And more than 200
operatives have been killed...
...and around 600 have been arrested.
These raids have...
...served a harsh blow to many
terrorist organizations like Lashkar.
Sayyad, don't ask who I am.
Just listen carefully.
I know who's behind the
incident that took place in Delhi.
Freddie Khambatta.
- Agent Vinod, sir.
I would like to show you something.
Am I making myself clear?
- Yes.
Lashkar is the most
active group these days.
The Zeus group
doesn't want any publicity.
No comebacks.
I will cover my footsteps.
But what's the guarantee
that you will spare me...
...after the job's done?
There'll be 25
million Euros in your bank.
You take care of that.
And let us take care of the world.
- Cheers.
What is this?
Why are you showing this to me?
My granddaughter shows
me such videos on Youtube.
Smart idea.
You would've
exploded the bomb in Delhi.
And the world would've thought...
...that a group like
Lashkar is behind it.
So Colonel used people like Abu,
Kazan, Jimmy and Huzefa.
Put the stamp of
Jehad on the operation.
You wanted to trigger a
war between both countries...
...and make millions.
Fascinating theory, Agent Vinod.
But why did you get this here?
Take it to the press.
It'll be fun for a few days.
But now you must excuse me.
I need to... attend a function.
The Zeus group.
Great businessmen like you.
Senators, ex-prime ministers.
I've heard that whenever you meet...
...something strange
occurs somewhere in the world.
Some President's
death in a plane crash.
A civil war in a small country.
Nuclear blast in New Delhi.
Wow, Agent Vinod.
You think you know everything.
But I want to add to your knowledge.
A bomb blasts in Delhi.
But the real explosion happens in
the stock exchanges of New York...
...London, Tokyo,
Hong Kong, Beijing
You would short stocks
and make your billions.
But what about the millions
that die in both the countries?
What about them?
You know what would've
happened to China...
...if the stock market had crashed?
How NATO would've seized
Pakistan's nuclear bombs?
And we could have solved
the Iran pipeline situation
These are complex issues.
You are a police officer.
It's beyond your understanding.
You will have to die. Sir Metla.
You're here to kill me.
I won't kill you, sir.
You're a hero in my country.
And you'll die as a hero.
There'll be roads
built in your name.
Stamps issued.
Books written about you...
Goodbye, sir.
Sir Metla will be back soon.
Won't you sit down, sir?
Coffee, please.
What's he doing?
Second cup of coffee, sir.
Sir Metla.
Sayeed Kousar has sent his regards.
- Lashkar, sir.
Our news desk has confirmed
that sir Jagdeshwar Metla has...
...been assassinated
in what appears... be a suicide
bombing in central London.
Sir Metla was on his
way to a felicitation... the Indo British
chamber of commerce.
Initial reports state
that Sir Metla had been...
...seen talking to a south Asian
man seconds before the explosion.
It appears that Sir Metla was
killed by the same terror group...
...that planned a
nuclear attack in New Delhi.
It was Sir Metla's
heroic intervention that...
...thwarted the well laid plan.
Our correspondent Marge
Atkins is at the site.
Tell us what is happening Marge...
I know you.
You are Freddie Khambatta.
I don't like that name.
So what is your name?
"The bungalow's locked."
"How do I get in?"
"Laila's window is open."
"There's a gutter below it."
"Someone's at the window."
"Laila's having an affair."
"She has a blast at
the expense of my love."
"My darling, after I
am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"My darling, after I
am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"My darling, after I
am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"She showers her love on everyone."
"But scolds me when I ask for some."
"Kisses for everyone else."
"Butjust a pat on my cheek."
"Laila is like a chameleon."
"Like the beats on the drums."
"Leaves her lipstick mark on
the cheeks with her smooch."
"My... my..."
"My... after I am smitten by you."
"Where are you going... my love?"
"My darling, after
I am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"My darling, after
I am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"P U N G I..."
"I am Laila, I will
blow your love away."
"P U N G I..."
"I am Laila, I will
blow your love away."
"After making those
false promises in English."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"My darling, after
I am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"
"My darling, after I
am smitten by you."
"Where are you going
blowing away my love?"