Agent X44 (2007) Movie Script

Abad Santos, Jose!
Adan, Eva!
Agoncillo, Teodora!
Aguila, King!
Aquino, Corazon!
Bonifacio, Andres!
Damaso, Maria Clara!
Scalaverch, Junior!
Talactac, Mary Grace!
Sit down!
You have one hour to finish the exam.
Right minus wrong!
Finished or not finished,
pass your papers...
at exactly 2 o'clock.
Time starts now!
Just one hour?!
There are so many questions!
Shut up! Stupid!
If Pedro is Juan's son,
and Andres is Juan's son...
but they are not brothers...
Who is Pedro?
A Penduko?
So easy!
You're not yet done?
Such a slow learner!
the knowledge of multiple languages
is important in our work!
In French...
The knowledge of multiple languages
is important in our work.
Very good!
In German...
The knowledge of multiple languages
is important in our work.
Very good, midget!
The knowledge of multiple languages
is important in our work.
And in what language is that?
Ma'am, for those
who are speech-impaired!
Speak for yourself!
Tell him...
don't tell him...
tell him...
don't tell him...
Hi, Mary Grace!
What happened to your flower?
Are you busy tonight?
Are you going to ask me out on a date?
Sure! Fetch me at my place at 8 PM.
Mary Grace, try putting
on some lipstick and eye-shadow.
It might look good on you.
Are you in a hurry?
Do you know how many meetings
I have after this?
So if you have something to say, say it!
King, do you love me? I love you!
It's not that simple.
What's simpler than "yes or no"?
What's the word? That's the word!
Thank you! You're so handsome!
I know that.
I hate him!
At ease! Position!
You will be divided into two teams!
Team A...
will be composed
of the strongest and most beautiful!
Team B will be composed
of the ugliest and most stupid!
You, ugly people! Go this side!
- She's asking you to go there!
- Why me? I'm not ugly!
- Ma'am, who are you referring to?
- Stupid! You two belong to Team B!
Are we ugly, Junior?
Ready! Get set! Go!
Move it! I like it!
Move it! I like to move it!
One! Two! Three! Go!
Ma'am, this is the hostage!
Okay, point 29.88 secs!
Ma'am, Junior has been hit!
I don't care! Faggots!
- Do you want me to hit you?
- What?!
Uhm, Ma'am, he's been hit.
We now call the graduates of Batch 2007!
You will receive your agent's kit
and plaque of recognition.
Agent X41!
Agent X57!
Agent X12!
Agent X75!
Agent X28!
Agent X23!
Agent X33!
Agent X75!
- Congratulations!
- Agent X54!
And Agent X690!
Thank you!
Congratulations, agents!
Now, the last but not the least!
For janitorial services...
Reserve Agent King Aguila!
Congratulations, King!
You're now a lowly cleaner!
Will I still be able to serve as an agent?
Yes, when we run out of agents.
For now,
you're assigned to General Services!
If an agent dies,
you will serve as his replacement.
Now, Reserve of the
Reserve Agent Junior Scalaverch!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
Ma'am, how about me?
If King dies,
you will be his replacement.
Congratulations, agents!
Reserve Agent?!
I know you're disappointed
because I failed to become...
The next Agent X44!
That is no longer important.
That's not true!
I know you promised my dying parents...
That you will train me
to succeed you as Agent X44.
Because of my failure, the agency
will erase your code name when you die.
- Yes?
- Agent X44?
This is Agent X44.
You have a mission in Lebanon!
Yes! Don't worry,
it's just an overnight mission.
You just have to retrieve Kris'
missing luggage.
Retrieve Kris' luggage? Okay.
Isn't that dangerous for your age?
You should be resting at home...
Baking a cake, knitting socks
or drinking coffee at Tropical Hut.
Once an agent, always an agent.
Until a new Agent X44 comes along,
I have to do my work.
You have to do your work as well.
Yes, Godfather!
Junior, we will not remain
as janitors all our lives.
- We deserve to be agents too.
- Whatever!
Stop complaining! Just clean that spot!
I know!
Mary Grace, where are you going?
Somewhere far away from you!
You don't have to snap at me!
You even brought your laptop.
- This is a make-up kit, monkey-face!
- What's her problem?
- Why don't we tackle our problem first?
- What's our problem?
We want to be agents, remember?
I don't want to remain as a janitor!
Don't worry!
One day, we'll become agents.
I promise you! Please forgive me.
I love you, but you hate me
because I have so many boys.
It's Jimboy's fault!
It hurts! It hurts!
- Don't dare me!
- Forgive me! I'm just a human being.
Ahh! Aahh! Aahh!
The sword that you will see is the one
used by Lapu-Lapu to kill Magellan.
Our elders say
that it has extra-ordinary powers.
What powers?
Only Lapu-Lapu and his trusted men
knew the secret.
According to the legend...
the sword holds the key
to a great treasure.
That is why criminals want to steal it...
But no one has ever been successful.
- Ms. Minerva?
- Yes?
Isn't the sword a sharp object?
Why does it look like a hair dryer?
Isn't that the one
they use in hair salons?
Why is it hanging there?
Is Lapu-Lapu gay?
No, he's a Visayan.
No! He's a fish!
Is this Col. Abordo?
Yes. Who's this?
This is Minerva Castillo.
I need your help.
The Philippines' most important artifact
has been stolen!
- What?!
- Yes! Stop asking stupid questions!
Lapu-Lapu's sword is gone.
I need your best agent to retrieve it.
I worked so hard to retrieve it.
Is there a suspect?
Yes! Faggots who disguised
as statues to get into the museum.
Assign me to the mission.
You must be out of your mind, Falcon!
You'll be retiring next month!
I retrieved that sword
from Carlos Magallanes...
The Portuguese smuggler,
three decades ago.
- Remember?
- You were strong then.
Young, fresh and resilient.
Your words are too harsh.
Have you forgotten that wine
tastes better as it ages?
As coconut wine ages,
it turns into vinegar.
Your ferocity is on a different level.
Is this a menopausal symptom?
Come on, Cynthia!
I won't be able to rest
until I retrieve that sword.
Let this be Agent X44's last mission
before he dies.
Don't force the issue!
We all know that you already get 20%
discount for medicines, in restaurants...
Even for transportation fare
as a senior citizen!
- How about Agent 168?
- He's in Hong Kong!
- Agent 555?
- He has an assignment in Japan!
- Why not King?
- No!
- Junior?
- No!
Just not those two!
Get out of my way!
Cynthia, we have no choice!
Just trust my instincts about King.
Where is my Reserve Agents file?
Why is it missing?
Who took it?
Where did you get this? Are you a spy?
No, ma'am.
This is what happened...
You were walking down the hallway
when Fernandez handed you the folder.
You felt something...
You rushed into the toilet
and released that something...
something big!
Ma'am is inside! It smells bad!
You were looking for...
Give me a cigarette.
What is it?
It's your turn.
I've been working since morning.
- Really?
- Okay. I'll take a break.
I saw the folder, and I gave it to you.
What did we learn from this?
Don't judge a book
if you're not a judge!
Wash your hands
after using the toilet!
You're godson is quite intuitive, Falcon!
He won't let me down!
I'm already convinced!
I will assign the mission to King.
Those mutants, the Vaklavas,
are our primary suspects.
- King...
- Godfather?
Can you handle this?
Of course!
You know how long I've waited
to become the next Agent X44!
We will crush the enemy!
Let us help each other!
I promise you that I will be victorious!
I will punish those who want
to de-stabilize my government...
With the help of Proclamation 1017.
Calling Agent X44...
You are needed!
Thank you!
Is that King?
In fairness, you make me feel hot.
Looks like you're ready for action.
Here is the kit.
You should only use it for the mission,
not for your naughty games.
- You are now Agent Reserve X43.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Let me fix that.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I thought you were the enemy.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't recognize you.
It's okay. I'm okay.
Reports confirm that the Vaklavas
have stolen Lapu-Lapu's sword.
The Vaklavas is a group
of gay criminals...
who steal artifacts
to pay their boyfriends.
Their motto is...
"It's better to be imprisoned
than to have no love at all."
The sword is kept
in their headquarters...
which serves as their
export business' showroom.
These gay criminals may look stupid
but they are actually very smart.
The Vaklava Headquarter
is extremely dangerous.
Be cautious!
Who are you?
How dare you steal Lapu-Lapu's sword!
I did not steal it! You did!
You won't get this!
That's what you think!
Give it back. Thank you.
You're dead meat!
Think you're good, eh?
- Bro, are you all right?
- Bro, it's a good thing you came!
Here's your gun!
- Ma'am Cynthia forgot to give it to you.
- Why only now?
I've already fought
with a lot of goons upstairs!
Why were you upstairs?
I've been waiting for you down here.
There's no guard!
The door was locked,
but I opened it with a master key.
That's so stupid!
No, you're stupid!
It's so easy to pass through this floor,
yet you still went upstairs!
Bro, why is their blood green?
Because they're Brokeback Mountaineers!
Shut up!
I nearly got killed because of you!
You're ungrateful!
You should end up with Cynthia!
- You're unbelievable!
- You're both bad!
Where did that come from?
You refuse to die?
You'll end up double-dead!
- Who's this, Bro?
- Bro, come on!
- You're just like the police.
- Boiled duck eggs! Boiled duck eggs!
You only arrive after the crime.
Don't worry.
Next time, I won't help you.
Why? Who said that-
Just shut up, Bro! You're so noisy!
Bro, the sword!
I'm sorry.
- Why were you in the way?
- Ugly goons!
Did we hit you?
- No! I have diarrhea.
- Yuck! It's your butt that's dangerous!
Do it behind the banana plant!
Don't leave your mess here!
You're a big disappointment
to this agency!
How could you have lost
Lapu-Lapu's sword?
Ma'am, just give me one more chance.
I can finish this mission.
No second chances!
You are officially out of this mission!
I can't believe this!
It's our chance to become agents,
and you messed it up!
Why is it my fault?
You were there also!
Why didn't you chase them?
They were on motorbikes, remember?
You had the gun, right?
You didn't hit anybody!
You're so noisy!
Do you want me to reprimand you?
- You're so hard-headed!
- Touch everything, just not my hair!
I was wrong!
Since I was the original
agent assigned to that mission...
I'll retrieve-
Forgive me if I failed
to meet your expectations...
- Falcon!
- Godfather!
- Falcon!
- Godfather!
- Sir!
- Godfather!
- Falcon!
- Godfather!
- I'll raise you up!
- Agent Falcon fell in the manhole!
- So stupid!
- Help! Someone fell!
- He fell in the manhole.
- Help! Someone stupid fell!
Help! Someone stupid fell!
He fell in the manhole.
So stupid, right?
But a lot of people...
- have already fallen in that manhole.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't know
you were talking to someone.
Come in. Meet Mary Grace.
Agent 690.
Agent King Aguila.
We were in the same training batch.
Yes, you were batchmates then.
That's good!
You won't have problems working
with each other.
You were gone for so long.
You gave birth, right?
Of course not! I studied abroad.
Special courses at Westpoint.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Wow! You're speaking in English!
You two will be partners.
Who is the lead agent?
It's as if he doesn't want me
to be his partner.
If he refuses, I'll take care of him!
I am better off alone.
I'm returning you
to the Reserve Division.
- Why ma'am? I only messed up once-
- Shut up! That's an order!
Yes, ma'am.
- That was great, ma'am!
- I told you I'll take care of him. Relax!
Go inside!
- Cynthia...
- Huh?
Who are you?
- Cynthia!
- Who are you?
My spirit cannot rest!
We've been looking for your body
in the Pasig River, but we can't find it!
- Shut up and listen!
- Yes.
Give back to King the mission
of retrieving Lapu-Lapu's sword!
If not, you will be cursed!
You will die a virgin!
Good bye!
Agent X44,
why does your voice sound like a mouse?
Of course, it's cold in heaven!
I have a sore throat.
And cover that up!
I can't believe I'm just an assistant.
This is unfair!
This isn't right, I believe I'm smarter.
Why do I feel this way?
All I want to do is look at you.
- Rain or shine, I won't get tired of you.
- Shut up!
Is there a problem?
I have no problem,
but you have a problem!
- I have no problem-
- Aren't you bothered with your looks?
Your face? Your nose?
Your eyes? Your mouth?
- Your whole being?
- Enough!
Are you professional agents or not?
Lapu-Lapu's sword is in Mustafah's hands!
And how did you arrive to that conclusion?
- Only Mustafah hires vampires.
- Who are you?
I'm Minerva Castillo...
curator of the Filipino National Museum
of the Philippines.
I'm sorry, but I can't work this way.
I do my own research.
Agent 690, you have to accept the fact
that you are King's assistant.
If not, you will remain in this office!
Ma'am, is it okay if I get Junior
as my assistant instead?
Even if he's tiny,
he knows how to obey orders.
Not like a chicken's butt
that keeps on yakking!
Aguila, you cannot get Junior because he
is just a Reserve of the Reserve Agent!
But ma'am, I work well with Junior.
Agent 690, are you in or out?
As I was saying, only Mustafah
has 188 vampire employees.
But they're not really vampires.
They just want to look
and act like vampires.
Mustafah Saleh- a gay Arabian...
What are you doing?
We have to keep a low profile.
We shouldn't do anything
that would attract attention.
You're right.
We have to keep a low profile.
What is your specialty?
Ma'am, pizza, pasta and salad.
It seems like...
He's so sweet!
He's so cute.
He's looking at me!
Isn't he handsome?
She's got a sword!
We only use this for surveillance...
Not for peeping!
Hey, don't peep at my Junior!
I can't see anything.
it's dirty.
This is what we'll use.
Stay here.
- Come on, man!
- Just a while, Bro.
How come a lot of guys go in there?
- But no one ever comes out!
- Huh?
Who are you?
It's me, Bro.
- Bro?
- Bro?
- Come on! Let's go inside!
- All right!
There's no one here!
They must have a secret passage.
Here? There's six of them.
They cannot fit in here.
They're not just six!
They're forty eight!
I've been here since morning.
There must be a secret button.
I think this is it.
No, it's this one.
Look for the passageway.
Maybe someone can open it for us.
Bro, let's just wait
for someone to come in.
So we can find the passageway.
Where is the passageway?
I don't think there's one.
I think I broke it.
You're so smart!
You're the only one
who has no faith in me.
Come on! Let's go!
I'm hungy!
Bro, we'd better leave.
If he gets hungry again...
We might be his next meal.
Come on.
Don't be too obvious.
Bring out the sword of Lapu-Lapu!
Bro, it's a live show.
Let's watch it first.
This sword has to be destroyed.
It will bring down cause the downfall
of Middle East countries.
This sword can only be destroyed
by dipping it in virgin maiden's blood.
Where is the virgin maiden?
What happened?
I did not expect this to happen.
Believe me.
I know Abordo's agency very well.
They have good agents.
I lost what I already got.
Please settle this. Sword
is so important and it can't be stolen.
What happened?
Ma'am, King wasn't focused
on the mission.
You're the one who messed it up!
You'd rather look at women
than focus on the mission.
Once an agent, always an agent!
The mission should be your priority.
You're so cruel!
You don't know how to work
with a partner.
You said we should work together.
You know why you're good in German?
It's because you act like Hitler!
Hitler! Hitler!
Hello? I need my research...
To be delivered herein?
Can you send it?
Cynthia Abordo?
You have a package from the US.
Please sign here.
- From the US?
- Yes.
But I was just talking
with your receptionist?
That's not possible.
We checked it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Open it.
What do you think this is?
The expressway?
Even the FBI and the Interpol
are helping us with this mission.
This is the suspect-
Selecta Papadakis.
An international criminal
who steals artifacts...
And sells them to the highest bidder.
Ma'am, how much is the sword's value?
100 to 500.
100 to 500 only?
We'll risk our lives for that measly sum?
500 million dollars!
More valuable than the Philippines?
- This is classified information...
- Stop! Wait!
If we learn about this,
will our lives be in danger?
- Yes.
- Good.
You, go ahead.
Besides, I'm just your sidekick
and you're the lead.
- Once an agent, always an agent.
- I know that already!
It's wet!
In the middle of a battle...
Lapu-Lapu saved the life of a priest.
In exchange,
he was given a magical sword.
The pre-colonial script
written on the sword...
is the formula that states...
how to use the sword
to transform water into gold.
But the sword was unable...
to turn water into gold.
Based on my research...
that is because early Filipinos
the term "liquid gold".
The sword does not transform
water into gold.
Instead, it transforms it into crude oil.
That is why Mustafah wants
to destroy the sword.
It will cause the downfall
of all oil-producing countries.
Why are you telling us all these
just now?
I didn't know that
you knew nothing about it.
I'm getting impatient!
This is not an easy mission.
It is very dangerous.
I'll help you.
Excuse me, but you're not trained
for this kind of work.
King and I will take care of this.
We know what to do.
Stop being such a know-it-all!
I'm sorry, ma'am!
I thought you were the enemy.
Shall we go back to the mission?
King, wait!
We have to work together in this mission.
- Okay.
- Yes, I know.
"Trust your partner."
I trust you.
I hope you trust me too.
We should come up with a strategy.
We can finalize our plans at my place.
Okay, but not tonight.
I already have an appointment.
Anytime you're free.
Hi, Minerva!
Hi! Wait for me there.
King, I feel so cold.
Maybe you can warm me up.
Where is your assignment tomorrow?
It's confidential.
Perhaps you can tell me.
We're all alone.
Everyone is a suspect.
Everyone is a suspect.
No! I don't want to commit a sin!
If you're going to commit a sin...
Can you commit it with me?
Let's commit this sin together...
so we can also be forgiven together.
Where are our invitations?
Our invitations?
Now I know why you're late!
So this is your research!
Wait! Hello?
Can we have our
invitations delivered here?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Sir, I have a package for you.
Please sign here.
But I was just about to call you.
How did you know where to find us?
I just read the script.
You're a smart actor!
I'll work with you in my next project.
You'll be my leading lady.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
- Bro, where are you?
- I'm on my way.
I'm disguised as a dog.
Get the truth serum from my mouth.
- I'll be there in an hour.
- Ok copy.
Wow! There's a celebration here!
There are lots of foods!
I wish I was the water today.
We're here for the sword.
Not the girls!
The agents.
Kill the girl.
I'll take care of the walking stick.
The auction can't start
until they're eliminated.
Bro, give me the serum.
Hi, boys!
Bro, I said give me the truth serum.
Give me the truth serum!
Out with it!
Ouch! Bro!
- Bro!
- What are you doing?
Bro? Bro!
- I thought that dog was you.
- You're so stupid!
It bit me! It hurts!
Miss, hold it!
Hello, Whitey!
Welcome to my party!
- Thank you!
- Let's drink to that!
Ladies and gentlemen,
shall we start the bidding?
Let's start with 10 million dollars!
10 million dollars!
10 million dollars!
Bro, help me!
Yes? Come in, Bro!
Bro, help me!
Bro, help me too!
I'm surrounded by real dogs.
They must have thought
you're one of them.
Bro, I really need your help.
I'm in the villa.
Just look for the headquarters
of Selecta's guards.
These dogs might eat me, Bro!
They won't.
Just bark at them.
It will scare them away.
No. Not that kind.
Bark louder!
Bro? Bro? Bro!
How about 50 million dollars?
I have 50 million dollars!
50 million dollars!
Where are you going?
Bro! What happened to you?
The dogs bit me.
I'm not sure if I have any bones left.
What happened to you?
I can't stand up.
I'm like a gelatin.
My bones became soft.
There's a problem.
What problem?
I already drank half of it.
I also needed it.
Give me that sword!
You want it? Buy it?
70 million dollars!
There she is!
What is happening to you?
What? What's happening?
I only hired you to steal that sword.
Give me back my sword...
and I'll give you the remainder
of the amount we agreed!
It's not enough!
So get out of my sight!
Why am I like this?
What is it?
Bro, how come only half
of my body is stiff?
What about your little one?
Is it stiff?
Just half of it.
Just one-fourth.
I'm smarter than you, negra!
You're the negro!
Minerva! Minerva! Wait!
Stay away!
Who were those men?
I don't know.
Why did Minerva leave with them?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You were with Minerva last night, right?
What happened to you?
I drank a serum
that turned my bones to gelatin.
See? You deserve it.
What happened?
Ma'am, it's very clear that
Minerva is involved in this plot.
That's why she was flirting with you.
It wasn't because you're her type.
How could you not know her intentions?
You're such a flirt!
You're right, Agent 690.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
But I just want to make it clear...
that I did not reveal
anything to Minerva...
that she has no prior knowledge of.
I agree!
From the very start of this mission...
she has been holding back information...
that only comes out
when the operation fails.
The key to the whole scenario is...
Who is Minerva Castillo?
And who is she working with?
Why is she beautiful?
Why is she beautiful?
Why is she beautiful?!
- What do we do?
- How do we do?
Where do we start?
How about now?
Where are you?
Agent Junior Scalaverch.
At your service, ma'am.
You look good!
Yeah! You look good too!
- Look at you!
- Pikachu!
Stop this gay nonsense!
Out with it! What's the buzz?
I brought dishonor to your name.
Now, I might even destroy
the history of the Philippines.
How will I be able
to retrieve that sword?
Godfather, please forgive me.
I just don't know what to do.
If you want,
I'll just join you down there.
Go ahead! Jump!
Godfather? Godfather?
Godfather, are you a D'Anothers?
What do you think I am?
A ghost?
You mean.
You faked your death?
Correct! I faked my death!
I did not want to reveal myself
until you found the sword.
But I just couldn't resist helping you
because you're my godson.
I know you can be a great agent!
I'm challenging you!
What should I do?
Use your brains!
This is what you should do...
These are the men
Agent 690 and I fought with.
Agent 690, lead the other agents
in searching Minerva's place.
Who wants to go with her?
You, go with her.
You, join them as well
so that you can form a group.
Bro, you lead the other agents in looking
for these Vietnamese-looking Japanese.
Who wants to go with him?
You! I can see...
that Superman is your idol.
Join them as well so someone
can carry Junior.
Join their group too
so that you'll be together!
And you, buy me a pork bun! I'm hungry!
What are you waiting for?
Buy me a pork bun!
Yes, sir!
We don't have a master here.
We are all servants.
Where is it?
Banana in the living room?
Wait! Where is your master?
We have no master.
We are all servants here.
Here's your pork bun!
Go ahead! Eat it!
I don't like this!
I want minced meat.
I'll talk to him.
There are so many passports.
Yes, ma'am.
Seven toes on one foot.
It's just the right foot.
Hairy chest.
Why are there bananas in the living room?
So, Minerva was an ape?
You made love to an ape?
Who turned her into a human being?
The people there said
they have no master.
They are all servants.
Servants? It's Purubuto-san!
Purubuto-san is the second most
wanted criminal in the world.
He is the CEO of Dai-ichi-bichi-tini-wini
Electronics Corporation.
But only a few people know...
that he is the head of the Yakuza.
He is the only person
who has the technology...
to produce oil in large quantities.
We have to be prepared
if we are to confront him.
Purubuto-san is very smart!
He can be so dangerous!
Lmagine, with your technology
and my sword...
we will be the most powerful people
in the world!
Who would have thought that
the brainless godson of Agent X44...
would be the one
who would help me retrieve my sword?
What's wrong?
He kissed you!
I am your maker, and I am
the only one who can kiss you!
I will make you big.
Aguila, you can choose whatever
gadget you might need for your mission.
Like this one.
Everything is dependent
on the success of this mission.
So, don't let me down.
Prove to us...
that you deserve to inherit the
codename of Agent X44.
If not, Tony Falcon's
will be erased forever.
Aguila! Aguila! Aguila!
Aguila! What did you do to me?
I'll kill you!
How come there are no guards?
It's so easy for us to get in.
Sorry, I just had to fart.
Don't point that gun at me.
It smells!
Welcome, my friends!
Welcome to your death scene!
No firearms allowed inside.
Let me.
She's clear.
What are you doing?
Mary Grace?
Mary Grace!
Mary Grace!
Mary Joy?
Mary Jane?
Mary Christmas?
I'm sorry.
Die in your own sweat!
Ha ha ha ha!
The sake you do so good, Agent X43.
If not, you will never stop entering
into different rooms.
This is the most difficult one to beat.
I will return Lapu-lapu's sword!
And your girlfriend who doesn't like you.
Wow! It's beautiful!
Aguila, what is this?
I have no idea, ma'am.
They're already dead.
They're alive again! I'm afraid!
King, hold my hand.
I'm cold.
audience impact.
What shall we do?
I'll take care of them.
Take this!
What's wrong?
I've run out of bullets!
You're old already!
It's your turn!
Another one!
Take this!
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't recognize you.
Aguila, it's Mary Grace!
King, look!
Mary Grace...
Give me the sword!
Let's all join in together.
Mary grace and the sword! Ouch!
Mary Grace!
What will we do, ma'am?
I don't know.
Why are you late?
Let's try this, ma'am!
Go go go.
Ma'am, throw the bombs!
- Just a few more!
- One more bomb, ma'am!
Junior, hurry!
Hurry! Run! Get out of here!
Ma'am, be careful with the bombs!
Don't explode yet.
Lord, please...
Wait! Wait!
Ouch! My cauliflower!
I am proud to award
this plaque of recognition...
to fine agent, King Aguila!
Cynthia! I'm alive!
Agent X44 is alive.
I'm so proud of you!
Now, I can bequeath
my code name to you, Agent X44.
I will now accept my retirement
and senior citizenship.
Thank you very much, godfather!
You are my second father.
You are my inspiration,
and I love you very much.
You complete me.
I would also like to thank
Col. Cynthia Abordo.
And Junior Scalaverch...
And Agent 690!
Yes! It's dance time, agents!
Because of Agent X44's bravery...
Lapu-Lapu's sword
was returned to the museum.
It was also proven that
Minerva's research was incorrect.
The sword cannot produce crude oil...
but only cooking oil.
My God!
We nearly got killed just for that!
Special Agent X44...
You are needed...
Hello? Yes, this is Agent X44.
Ethan Hung? How may I help you?
The president was kidnapped?
How come?
They took the president to the moon?
Okay, copy.
Just stay there.
I'm on my way.
Wait! Can you send me call credits?
I ran out of call credits.
Okay. Take care.