Agents Secrets (2004) Movie Script

To the left!
- Good morning. - Good morning gentlemen.
This is Tony.
George and his partners. Loic and Raymond.
Let's get down to business.
Mission name is IANOS.
Your aim is the complete distruction of a ship.
George will handle the technical part.
Loic and Raymond will handle the underwater part.
Tony is Corsican. He knows the
Mediterranean sea very well.
He'll bring you the materials
and will part at the end.
He'll arrange so you will never be found.
You shouldn't be seen, hangin' around together.
He's your gardian angel.
Here's how the thing goes...
You must know that in Angola
the civil war has started again.
So is the arm trading.
The rebels took over the diamond mines.
Those mines finance their party and their army.
Basic arms supplier is Igor Lipovsky.
Born in Riga in 1953.
University studies and then
partt of the Soviet air-force.
He was involved with KGB
at the end of the Cold War.
His wife is French. Two kids.
I'll take care of it.
Good evening Barbara.
- The baby-sitter's here! - Hello kids.
- What's in your bag? - A gift.
It's for both of you.
They will be long asleep before 9
o'clock. They have school tomorrow.
Before they get to bed, they
must say their prayers.
Don't worry about it.
We'll play a game. You're gonna love it.
I'll make it real nice. Give it to me.
- Give it to me! - No!
- Give it to me! - No!
Then just gimmie a kiss.
Just like that.
Lipovsky lives in Geneva since the fall of the Wall.
That's when he started doing business in Africa.
He gets the guns from the former eastern block...
and sends them over to Angola by ship.
We want to stop that arms dealing.
We allready have our man in Geneva.
He'll inform us about the next cargo.
- Add some red colour. - I have.
You wanna do it together?
You go on by yourself now.
What are you doing?
Here you are!
- I wanna talk to you. - I'm listening.
This time I don't want any money.
I have a friend who's in jail.
You don't want any money
but you're askng for more.
- What has your friend done?
We don't want any French blood on his hands.
If they want that ship to go down...
lets just put a nice bomb inside.
Sure thing.
I agree, but we don't get to choose what to use.
- It's your turn. - Get your hands out.
- Wait. - Wait for what?
- In my health! - In your first mission.
I'm coming.
- Did you sleep well? - Yes.
I wanted to see you before you
were gone. We have the info.
The target will be in Casablanca
at the 18th, this month.
- In ten days from now. - We don't have much time.
You'll prepare on position.
- Do you have any idea how Morocco is? - Just a bit.
We'll cover your expenses. Don't over do it though.
You're not going to Club Mend.
"Anita Hanse". Cargo ship with a turkish flag.
First shipped in 1971.
Length, 88metres. Width, 15 metres.
Weight, 5.250 tons.
Board depth 6.57 metres. It's a reck.
We'll just put the right amount of explosives.
From the side of the ship...
...the engines are 5 times that length
We'll put the explosives.
The detonators will go off 15 hours later.
How much is the board depth? - 6.57 metres.
That's where we meet each other.
Find a nice hotel in Casablanca.
Club Mend for bachelors?
Name, date and place of birth.
Cristof Fabian, 23d of November 1966, Paris.
- You're a twin sign. Sagitarius, first 10 days.
Right. Keep up.
We got married with Lisa in
1994 in Montre's festival.
We live in a small house at Rue Port de Neuve 20.
- Lisa's fathername? - Prestia.
She was born in Lugano. Swiss passport.
What are the names of the
cafes just round your house?
"Leo" and "Nautilus".
But I never go there. OK?
Thank you.
Semtex H, powerfull explosive. Made in Chezh.
Spreading speed 7500metres per second.
Weight and density?
Just like sea water. Ten kilos.
Every wick goes off with a
small delay, for safery reasons.
With these you'll support the explosives at the ship.
Tell them that they will have the explosives on time.
Call me tomorrow at the office.
- Thanks. - No, thanks.
What are we celebrating?
Your real birthday.
Thank you.
- I forgot mine. - Does it really matter?
You have a reservation for Mr. Fabian.
Mr. and Mrs. Fabian. Sea view suite.
The car I asked for? Is it here?
Of course. Toyota 4x4. Waits in the parking.
Let's meet at the parking then.
4x4, just like yours. We'll be waiting at hotel Hayat.
Across the commercial center.
May I sit down?
Excuse me, miss?
I'm not in the mood for company.
What happened to you?
Nice trick there with the lights.
- Woried about me? - Leave me alone.
- We don't see you that often. - Good morning.
It's shame staying inside all
the time. Is it better like that?
- What have you told him? - I just asked if he's gay.
- I think we're surrounded. - You're too smart.
I'm off for a swim.
Are you on vacations? Do
you prefer English or French?
It's not a safe place for such a pretty woman.
Is your husband like yourself?
Hello sir. How are you today? You
have a very beautiful wife.
- And who am I talking to? - Ok, listen
to me, I'll get straight to the point.
I'm working at the American embassy of Geneva.
We know who you are and
we know what you're after.
- What do you want? - Does
Anita Hans ring any bells?
She should be here tomorrow afternoon
probably between the hours of 5 and 6.
Do not touch that boat. Under any
circumnstances. Do you hear?
It's too dangerous. Remember what I told you.
It's a NATO operation here.
It was a real pleasure meeting you.
Have a nice day and enjoy Casablanca.
Thank you.
Are you ok, my love?
The tongue thing wasn't necessary.
Nice dress. It suits you.
I should've wore a tie.
I've never seen you with a tie.
Are you kidding me? I've even got a toxedo.
And two bow ties!
What's your answer in that?
We are not changing anything.
We go on like nothing happened?
- Exactly. - Doesn't that bother you?
This whole story bothered me from the beginning.
That's a new one.
Tony, my rfiend.
What do you want? I'll do anything for you.
I know Gianni.
My last discovery. Just look and come.
If you want her, she's all yours tonight.
For the present time all I want
is 150 gramms of gunpowder.
The purest you've got. I insist on that.
- Who do you you thing you're
talking to? - I'm a man of trust.
If you got something to say, say
it. We're on the same side here.
Don't you worry. I'm doing what i have to do.
But this is my last mission.
- I don't understand. - I'm thinking
about it for a long time now.
- I can see that. - I'm serious.
So, you're actually quitting us?
You know that once you quit,
you can never come back?
I've thought about that too.
Well, thing again. Cover your back.
I can't wait any longer. That's my last one.
They'll hunt you down.
Let'em do as they wish. I kept my side of the deal.
What deal? We have no deal.
Slow down.
I'm bored.
I'm bored of lying to my friends,
which I alomst have none, anymore.
You got any friends ouside this damn job?
I wanna have kids. Before I'm 40.
You want a man and kids?
OK. Just wait 6 more months.
I must do II these now. I feel it inside.
You feel what?
But if you go, your life would be so miserable.
You'll see.
Did I wake you?
- Why aren't you sleeping? - Because I can't.
I've got what you need.
You take this and you fall asleep in no time.
I'll wake you up in the afternoon.
You're reading the same
page for the last 15 minutes.
We'll be waiting for 4 hours.
Then we move to plan B.
Return to Paris tomorrow, with the 10:30 flight.
Raymond will receive a telegram that his father died.
You'll get your tickets from the airport.
Gimme the pins.
Have you told anyone else that you're quitting?
At the office only.
- Is everything ok? - Yes.
I've got a swiss passport. Should I wait for you?
I'll find you at the bar.
- Come with us. - Why?
Nothing serious.
Shit down.
Open your suitcase. It's yours, right?
Get out!
How do you explain this?
Good morning.
Thank you.
Yes. George.
Good morning. I'm in a bit of
a hurry to catch my flight.
Gongratulations, operation successful.
"Anita Hans" sunk 120 miles outside Morocco.
They've gotten Carla, in Geneva.
We found that the usual way.
It's been taken care of by our legal departement.
- Why they arrested her? - She was
carrying 150 gramms of heroin.
They probably used her as a bate.
- Except she's... - She's... what?
I'm not gonna think the worst scenario.
While they were bothering with her
arrest, someone passed 3 kilos of that.
Where is Colonel Grasset?
On a mission.
Take some days off.
You worth it.
Just let us know where you are all the time.
Everything is gonna be allright.
Gongratulations for the mission. One more time.
It was really succesful.
Are you OK?
Need anything?
Can I stay for some days in your apartement?
You have any kinda problems?
I'll get you out of here.
It's clear you've been a victim of a really bad jokoe.
150 gramms of heroin sound
like a reallly bad joke to you?
You have no criminal record.
You've been vacating in
Morocco with your husband.
You've never had any troubles.
You're not taking drugs, it's gonna
come up at the blood tests.
Not even the worst lawyer, would loose your case.
How long will this take?
Not that much. I'm allready workin on your papers.
I've found out how similar cases were handled.
- So? - Seven releases so far.
Don't you worry. We're right beside you.
- It's me, I must see you. - I'm here all the time.
How's Loic? I cannot find him anywhere.
He's probably on vacations.
I'm coming by.
Go. We'll take care of it.
That's good news.
I talked to some people facing
the same charges as you.
- You won't be staying here much.
- And what does that mean?
Your employer wants you to do
something, while you're here.
I'm just carrying out the message to you.
Her name is Helena Standler. Works for Lipovsky.
She was to be released next week.
You must kill her.
Dld the office plant the drugs into my suitcase?
I'm just carrying out the message.
Tell them, they can goto hell.
The police might go over to your apartement.
They can find 10 kilos of heroin
there. I won't be able to help then.
You'll go to jail for 20 years at
least. Think of your parents.
Don't bring my parents into
this shit, you fucking asshole.
Excuse me.
- I wanna get some sleep. - I know.
Why they didn't just say it, from the beginning?
Helena Standler works in the jail hospital.
She's got a good reputation, but
you better be very careful with her.
Everything is gonna be allright, you'll see.
There was an American agent inside "Anita Hans".
That's why they killed Raymond.
We totally ignored them in Morocco.
We drawn one of their own, so
theu had to kill one of our own.
We bothered them and not it came back to us.
Will they stop here?
They're out of the game.
They worry about other shit.
I'm worried about George.
First it was Raymond, now Lisa.
I don't know what you're planning on
doing, but I just don't want him around.
I'll find a new mission for him, somewhere far away.
Raymond was drown at Aspreto. Allright?
Very well. We're done.
I can't find the Colonel.
They're sending me to train
the commandos in Sourinam.
Trainer... They can count on me.
Loic, I need a favour.
Just don't bother me with the office.
In everything else, I totally trust you.
George, what brings you here?
I'll ask directly. Did you frame Lisa?
Double-corbonatted soda. Helps breathing skin.
Cleans the toxines. Wanna give it try?
For Lisa, it was just orders to be followed.
- Why? - They had to get her.
- I don't care about the rest. - You don't?
You know why we sunk that boat?
Your whole life you've been tricking
people. Now it was your turn.
If you wanted to have rules, being
a secret agent was a mistake.
Raymond is dead.
I didn't know that.
We had to expect that from the Americans.
It was a woman that killed him.
About 1.65 tall, blond with short hair.
You know Maria Menendez? You should.
She's Spanish, independent.
She has contacts with the Americans.
We've spotted her at Morocco
with the guy at the embassy.
She works for whomever
pays the most. Interested?
She lives in Madrid.
I'll give her a place to live, if you
want her. With great pleasure.
You ain't knocking, you may
as well close the damn door.
- You wanted to see me? - Not me.
Go to the first floor.
They are waiting for your report and your passport.
- You haven't delivered yet. - I don't have it on me.
Your mission was over in our last meeting.
You know what happens when
someone oversees our rules.
What is that? A threat?
A warning.
I'm working here a long time,
so I know what's going on.
I don't even know who you are.
So don't go threatening me.
They want me to take care some woman in jail.
She's being released in 4 days.
Helena Standler. You know her?
She's highly ranked in Lipovsky's organisation.
Why we won't wait for her to be
released? It would be simpler.
I don't get that either, but I don't have any choice.
- You shouldn't be here. - Stop.
- When are you gonna see a lawyer?
- Do not get in trouble because of me.
Hold on.
Good evening. Espresso, please.
Give me a cigarette.
Cleansing and bandaging.
The pictures are from a motion sensitive camera.
Switzerland is full of those.
That's him.
Police gathered three burned bodies.
You supposed to send him somewhere
far away. What is he doing in Switzerland?
He's alive.
Seems so, but I'm not sure if
we must be happy about it.
What's his game? Is he interested in Lisa?
He's feeling betrayed. You're underestimating him.
Is he or is he not a professional?
Disobedience means betrayal. You know that.
I have to pay the price. We all have to.
It's me. May I come in?
Thank you.
- May I use the printer? - Over there.
Can you bring the package I've left you?
I'm off to bed.
- Does it hurt? - No.
Thank you.
Dizitalin. Powerfull, hearttonic...
bad also deadly for the healthy.
Standler has the heart of a teenage girl.
Me too. I can have some too.
- They've thought about that for sure. - And?
They're taking that risk.
They trust you. Why you are so afraid?
It's me, Loic. I hope you didn't do anything stupid.
I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you.
Three days ago noone wanted to talk to me.
What's happening?
You didn't inform neither Loic of myself.
Ain't that a bit unusual?
Swiss newspapers have intersting subjects.
He know Lipovsky and all of a
sudden he wants to give him away.
He became a burdon. To whom?
What do u expect? Geopolitical lesson?
Law is the secret.
You can't be sensitive about it. It's just a job.
We wanted Lipovsky in Africa, but he got stubborn.
We had to proove to him that we're not joking.
We can't allow to Standler or
noone else to ruin everything.
Jail was your idea?
I love Lisa too much. She's
not gonna have any problems.
And if she's not cooperative?
We asked her to obey, not to cooperate.
Lately you seem that you can't see
the difference between those two.
What's your problem? Ethical? Idealistic?
You had no second thoughts
in killing that girl in Madrid.
For the time being I've blocked the investigation.
I wonder myself if there is any point in all these.
We all came to wonder that sometime.
But there is one thing I'm certain of.
I wouldn't change this for the world.
I'm talking as a friend. There
is a mission waiting for you.
It's not a fake one. You have my word.
Gongratulations. You did an excellent job.
Come with me. I'll tell you something important.
You'll always be alone. That's the
way it has to be, for an agent.
It's not a matter of courage only.
It's amatter of self-preservation.
- It's too high. - Jump, Lisa.
You can do it. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Why there's nothing left of my country?
You should've stayed there.
What's wrong with her?
Her son died some days ago. She just found out.
- I'll talk to her. - No.
Come on, Helena.
- You want a glass of water? - Yes, please.
- Here you are. - Thanks.
We can't stay here all night.
Bank of Kuwait, Luxemburg.
You French people are so expensive.
Less expensive then you American people.
We don't mess in your business.
Money is the essence of war.
I would be helping sick children.
Mother Teresa, dressed up in Armani.
What's you gonna do with your
agent and my troublemaker?
You're gonna keep them?
We are ready.
Da Silva is tougher then me while working.
Like a Libanese man. And now he has
taken charge of the whole country.
We're not businessmen. We're deplomats.
Ain't that the same thing?
Lipovsky. They're here.
- Do you speak Portuguese? - A few.
Nice. Talk to him in English. He prefers that.
Come with me.
About that...
Noone will be waiting for her
once she goes out of jail.
May I introduce you my French friends?
Sir James.
They sent me to take you back to France.
Give it to me.
- How do you feel? - Empty. Totally empty.
Blue BMW, plate number
283BG43. He's probably alone.
- Are you all right? - I'm cold.
- Do you want me to open the heater? - Yes, please.