Agneepath (1990) Movie Script

Don't look back.
Look... over there.
The world prays before
the rising Sun, ...
...for it's the source of light
for the whole world.
But dad, the Sun gives us light
only during the day.
But the nights are lit up in
the city, isn't that so, Daddy?
Do people in the city pray to
the lights ofthe night?
People in the city pray for wealth;
not for the light ofthe day.
And those who are enamored of
wealth live a life of lies...
... and they oRen stray
towards the wrong path.
Why so, Daddy?
Because the path oftruth
is difficult to tread upon.
lt is a fiey path.
The fiey path...?
-Don't you remember the poem?
Oh yes... l remember.
''O' traveller on the
path through fire''
''Should you ever find
a tree on your way''
''Seek not even the shade of a leaf
For the path leads through fire''
''Tread tirelessly and without rest
upon the path of fire''
''Make unto yourselfthat promise''
- Oh no!
Promise that!
- All right... l promise.
''For traveller, you tread upon
the path through fire''
l forgot the next lines, Daddy.
''Thus he wades ...
... through a sea of
tears, sweat and blood''
''For the traveller, treads upon
the path through fire''
What does that stanza mean,
Man must pass the test of fire...
... by blood, toil, sweat and
And then, no obstacle can stand
in the way ofwhat he seeks.
l won't forget this poem ever.
l promise.
That's good, Son.
- Hello there, schoolmaster!
Electricity is coming to our village.
The engineer is here already.
Shiksha! Hey Shiksha!
How many times have l told you, Vijay,
not to run about! Watch your step!
Hey Shiksha!
- What's up, Brother?
Why! You're still sitting
beside the lamp! Just forget it!
Vey soon, we'll have the sun
brought right into our house.
What do you mean?- Electricity
is coming to our village!
This is Mr. Mathur,
the chief engineer.
Greetings, Sir.- He's here for
the electricity project.
Till the project is completed,
he'll stay as a guest in our house.
Please come inside, Mr.Mathur.
- Thank you.
Electricity will bring about...
... a renaissance of a new
India in our village.
Oh yes.
- Please come along.
This is the school
for the children.
lt's necessay to have
electricity in here.
Hey lady! What are you doing?!
Is that a garbage dump?
That must be a hat you're wearing!
- Yes.
You're well-regarded here,
school master.
The people not only respect me
but also love me.
Bloody swine!
Have you gotten drunk again?
- Yes, l am drunk!
Bloody swine!
You told my wife
not to give me money...
...Not to give me money, for a
ls it your money?!
Don't.- Aren't you ashamed, you
lfyou are so enraged,...
... you may strike me
on the other cheek too.
Will you have your wife do
menial jobs for a living?
Must your children berate their fate
for having been born to you?
ls that the way you discharge
your duty as a father?
lnstead of caring for her,...
... must you snatch money
from her and beat her up?
l can't live without the booze.
You have been born of
this earth, as we all are.
Can't you shoulder the
responsibility ofyour family...
...when the earth bears the
burden of all life?
ls the soil so weak? Will you let
yourself be drowned in liquor?
You must do something, Boss.
These developments aren't good for us.
We'll lose control over the
l know! The winds of progress
are picking up force.
l must get a hold on my fiefs.
Else, l'll be blown away.
The money l've given you,
Dinkar Rao...
... was issued by the
government of India.
lt's worth far more...
... than the scrap of paper
you're given me in exchange.
You've tried to sell me the lands
which belong to the villagers.
You see, Sir...- Enough of it.
You may keep the money.
l don't take back what l have
My principle is profit.
For the sake of profit, l will...
... even accept a lie as the truth.
And l'll make friends of my enemies.
Get that?- Forgive me for
having told lies.
But you didn't tell
me the truth, either.
You didn't tell me that you
want to use this place for...
...smuggling and dealing in
stuff like opium and hashish.
You're right.
This village ofyours, Mandwa,
is nowhere on the map of India.
This place is close to Bombay; and yet
it is beyond the reach of Indian laws.
This place is ideally suited
for my shady business.
l hear that a schoolmaster
in this village...
... is tying to get
electricity in here.
lf anything like that happens
l'll be sorely disappointed.
And, it'll cost you your life.
Get that?
The schoolmaster!
ls that the result of my untiring
efforts in tying to educate you?
l had told you about
the mother in evey woman.
And here you are... with a
prostitute! In this hell!
Get out of here before ...
... your character is
destroyed. Get out!
You've destroyed many homes.
You've destroyed many young
And now, you're dragging
the children into sin.
You should be ashamed ofyourself.
-Why must l be ashamed?
Brothels are the creation of men.
They push helpless women
into prostitution.
Stop talking nonsense!
Only a fool...
... would step into
this world of sin.
lt's easy for you to preach,
because you aren't involved.
lfyou're man enough, ...
... you will help me out
ofthis world of sin.
lfyou really are man enough, you'll
bring in these books ofyours...
... and tell me of
the good and the evil.
''lfyou're man enough...
... you will help me out
ofthis world of sin.''
Haven't you been able
to memorise the alphabet yet!
Please don't hurt her, Daddy. It's my
fault. l didn't teach her properly.
l've been irresponsible.
Beat me ifyou will.
Do you want to take a punishment
for your sister's fault?
You have told me that l must
stand the test of fire.
And that l must pick up
someone else's burden too.
Well said, Son.
You have taught me ...
... the vey lesson l taught you.
You want to take your
Iessons over here, don't you?
l accept the responsibilities of
teaching you, from now onwards.
Drop your airs! Your father spent
the last night at the brothel.
Eveyone in the village has
seen him there. Understand?
Did you hit him?
- Yes.
Apologise to him. Go on!
l won't apologise.
- Won't you?!
The schoolmaster must...
... Iose his esteem
and social standing tonight.
And, tomorrow morning,
he must walk in disgrace.
He must be a broken man by tomorrow.
And he may never raise his head again.
lt will be done.
Please don't visit
the brothel anymore.
Those who tread upon the path of
truth do not care for wagging tongues.
The lamp must be lit...
... by fire to dispel the darkness.
There goes the schoolmaster.-
He isn't as innocent as he seems.
The villagers are casting
aspersions upon the schoolmaster.
They say that the schoolmaster
is up to some bad deeds.
l told them that the schoolmaster
would rather die than commit a sin.
The schoolmaster is
at home right now, isn't he?
He must have gone to
Chandabai's brothel.
Where's the schoolmaster?!
- Come on... Iet's take a look.
Where's the bloody preacher?
- But l'm telling you... he won't...!
Look at him, now.
- What a shameless fellow!
Sleeping with a prostitute!
- What a shame!
We respected him. And this is what
he turns out to be!
Get up, you hypocrite!
-Drag that shameless fellow out!
Burn the master's house.
This is the path through fire.
Killed him!
You have killed him.
You have killed the
school master.
He cared for you as long as he
lived. And now you've killed him!
No one even cares for his
Swine! Cowards! Fools! Animals!
There goes schoolmaster
What are you staring at Vijay?
Don't even look at that village.
Forget that you were born over
No! l will never forget that
Some day, l'll give that village
to my mother.
So you've received your pay.
- Yes, Sir.
Now get lost. We're going to
ambush Kancha Cheena.
Return to your beat aRer 1 hour.
- All right
Then you can investigate his death.
Now get out of here.
Greetings, Sir.
- We'll take care ofyour family.
Nowjust get on with your work.
- Take that..... and that.
And make sure you don't foul up.
Now get going.
The dog! He escaped.
- The swine escaped us!
How did he find out?
From now on, this is our
home, Mummy.
This is where we are going to
Get out!
Greetings, Sir.
The merchandise arrives tonight.
Take care of it.
Let's move.
(He was) Kancha Cheena.
Come inside..
What happened?...Mother...
Don't beat him.
-Move away..
l have taken down your complaint,
haven't l?
When are you going to arrest the
manager ofthe petrol pump?
l know vey well what
l'm supposed to do!
l've been in this job for 10 years.
And now, you're tying to teach me!
Get out of here!- Bloody cop!
And you do take bribes.
Did you hear that?!
That boy talks too much!
Wonder what he'll make
when he grows up.
We've found out about
the fellow who burnt...
... Kancha Cheena's petrol pump.
- Who is he?
A melve-year old boy.
A 12-year old!!
- A vey smart kid.
He set the petrol pump afire to
avenge his insult to his mother.
What a kid!
- Say what Usman...
Let's bail the kid out and
put him to work for us.
You'd rather think it over.
The boy is much too spirited.
He could wipe us out once he
grows up.
Wrong, Shem.
Help him out now and he'll
remain a faithful dog forever.
Go on, Terence..... take a
Bail the boy out and we're one up on
our opponent. Do you get that Shem?
Get him offthe hook.- And
he'll remain faithful forever.
Fathead Shem won't understand!
- All right... do what you please.
Do you know that it's a crime to
set petrol pumps on fire?
And what was it that had
been done to my mother?
Wasn't that a crime?
You could've lodged a complaint
at the police station.
ls that so?
Well, l did that.
l did report it.
But what did you do about it?
Nothing. You did nothing at all.
And that's why l did it.
l burnt it... l burnt the petrol
What's your name?
Vijay Dinanath Chauhan.
That's my full name.
Dinanath Chavan was my father.
My mother is Suhasini Chauhan.
l'm from the village of Mandwa.
l'm 36 years, 9 months
and 2 days old...
... and 16 hours as of now.
Won't you mend you ways?
- And why should l?
The world is a bad
place, Mr Gaitonde.
One must be crooked to
survive in this world.
Anyone who mends his ways, is
bound to die. Did you know that?
Keep the advice for your
underlings in your hutments.
Your underlings worship you.
You are the Godfather.
And you're the Boss.
But you're racing
towards your death.
That's because your bosses
don't like being refused.
You've started refusing them too.
- To come up in life, it is...
... necessay to refuse some things.
-This measure of self promotion...
... could be quite dangerous, Vijay.
You are involved in all their rackets.
But you've refused to get
involved with narcotics.
That's because you hate
narcotics just as l do.
And l want to help you.
- No, thank you.
l don't need your help.
And what exactly are you
tying to tell me?
Are you telling me that they are
planning to kill me today?
But, l know the exact time when
they want to kill me.
Let me show you...
Take a look at this.
Do you see what's written in there?
''6 o'clock- an appointment with Death''
This evening at six, l have an
appointment with death.
An appointment... hear that? l
can also speak English, you know.
And now, l must take your leave.
3 more hours to go, Usman.
Think it over again, ifyou may.
All Vijay Chauhan wants, is the top
chair. Let's just give it to him.
Don't bring trouble in here.
- Bloody coward!
lfyou are so scared, why did you
get into this business?
With Vijay at the helm, we'll have
to wash our hands off narcotics.
And, that'd put paid our ambitions
to overtake Kancha Cheena.
Why cy over spilt milk?
l'd warned you.
And you had insisted saying that
he'd be a faithful dog forever.
Now your bloody dog refuses!
We're going to
kill him at 6 O'clock today.
Hi there, Vijay...come in...
Come inside, dear.
Why are you standing outside?
Now you want a chair, don't you?
Here... have this chair.
Oh yes... the chair is for you.
We're old men now.
We're simply waiting to die.
Come on.... take over.
The phones keep ringing...
...over here... Don't they?
The telephone is quite
a misleading instrument.
People like you use the telephone
to say things you don't intend to.
And you end up doing things quite
different from what you say.
You're misinformed.
- No.
Come over here.
- Who ...l?!
lt's you who is tying to
mislead me.
You're plotting to kill me. And when
confronted, you offer me the chair.
Kill me ifyou want to. l'll
willingly face your bullets.
lfyou kill me, the business is
yours and the chair is yours too.
And what if l survive?
The guns won't decide who wins
the war bemeen us... fate will.
Why are you shooting at the
Shoot at me. Go on, shoot!
Go on... Iet's see some more
Swine! You've stabbed me in the back.
Shoot me when l'm facing you. Go on!
Swine! Cur! Dog! Look at what
they've done to my stuff!
Smashed my coconuts! Curse you!
Don't breathe your last yet!
l'll save you! l will!
Now give me your hand... your
Wory not. l'll save you!
l'll take you to a doctor.
Now keep breathing...
Just keep on breathing.
Down the shutters!
They dare to shoot at the Don!
The Don needs blood!
Come along, folks.
There was a bandit. Eveyone
in the city was fed up of him.
He used to plunder for the sake of
money. Sometimes, he killed people.
Your son has been shot by his
He's in a hospital right now.
We've imposed a curFew
to stop the riots in the city.
You can come to hospital in my
Thank you for giving me
the news, Mr.Gaitonde.
As all evil things meet an evil
end,... was it with the evil bandit.
One day, he was shot dead.
We have enough stock of blood in
the hospital. And you may leave now.
What are you raving at? Do you
take me for a blood donor?
What else is it?- l took the
trouble to bring him here.
Do you know how many coconuts
l have lost in the bargain?
l've lost 325 rupees in all.
Are you going to compensate me?
Come in, quickly.
These fellows are savages!
They're screaming and throwing stones.
l've taken a few stones too.
Bloody savages!
l'm Krishnan lyer MA (postgraduate
in arts). And now, l sell coconuts.
They nearly upturned my cart!
That's when l saw the Don.
There was lots of blood.
Blood was pouring out of his body.
l brought him to the hospital. l did!
And now, they throw stones at me!
l lost a lot of money in the bargain.
l had to throw a lot of coconuts away.
The total loss is
something like 325 Rupees.
These fellows are savages...
but... what brings you here?
Well,... why have you come here?
- l'm his mother.
His mother?!
What up? No night cricket nowadays...
has a politician won an election?
And where are our guards?
None ofthem seem to be around.
-Could it be that Vijay has survived?
l'd warned you not to touch him.
lf he survives,
all four of us are dead.
No! That can't be!
Let's kill him before he can kill
A thousand men are keeping vigil on
the hospital. How will you kill him?
lnspector Pathan
will make it possible.
For my sake, he will.
The Don is out of danger!
Hurrah! Let us celebrate...
Excuse me... l'm Inspector Pathan.
l am assigned to protectyour
Will you please ask the people
outside to disperse?
Vijay is safe now.
So the savages have now been
sent away! They even made me dance!
They gave me this. l don't know
whether it's real gold or artificial!
l'll be on my way now.
- Son...
l haven't enough
words to thank you...
... for whatever you've
done for Vijay.
You'll come back... won't you,
l'd stayed back for my 325
l thought l'd leave aRer
l receive 325 rupees.
And you've given me so much
more.- What do you mean?
l've been living for
many years on the sidewalk.
l haven't ever been
addressed respectably.
l'm used to hearing abusive
But you've addressed me as a son.
l will come. l surely will.
l'll come, even if it is the
Iast thing l do before l die.
l will come. l surely will.
A black cat across my path!
Now l have to take 10 steps
backwards (to ward offthe evil).
Get out of here, you fool!
Else l'll cut your head for you.
What did you say?
Will you cut my head off?
Oh yes.- D'you know what l
could do to you?
Just get out of here.-l'll thrash
the daylights out ofyou!
- Bloody fellows...!
Will you cut my head off?!
Now, wait and see what
l am going to do to you.
Hury! The patient could be dying!
He wants my head!
They made fun of me out there.
And, l told them, l'd show them
The Don isn't here at all.
He's inside the bathroom.
Vijay Chavan survived the second
attempt. And l'm in a fix right now.
Tell him, my life is in danger.
Vijay Chauhan is leaving
the hospital tomorrow.
l'm taking the first flight to
Mauritius tomorrow. Tell him that.
Vijay Chavan has survived
the second attempt.
ARer a long while, an Indian fish
has appeared in my waters.
lnvite him to dinner.
- But, Vijay Chavan...
l'd like to befriend an enemy...
... who gains a fresh lease of
l could gain a fresh lease of life.
Have flowers sent to Vijay Chavan.
Don! Please forgive me!
l've committed a grave error!
Kancha Cheena has
sent me these flowers.
Nice flowers.
Forgive me, Don! Please forgive
Why is he weeping?
His uniform is a symbol of his
He can stop anyone he wants to.
He can let anyone in.
He can allow anyone to shoot.
-l won't make such a mistake again!
Tell him not to do
such a thing again.
Does he want to die?
He doesn't want to, does he?
Ask him to see reason. And he
must do my bidding from now on.
Now get going... take him away.
All right... go on now.
- Thank you, Don.
Congratulations on
the fresh lease of your life.
Now, you're the uncrowned king
ofthis city.
Eveyone in the city is celebrating
your recovey... except your 4 bosses.
l think you'd like to make your moves
aRer the enemy has exhausted theirs.
But l won't let you succeed in
any move.
l'll stop you in evey path you
go like a wall.
Because, l'm an honest police
officer who can't be bought &...
... who still lives off a meagre
salay of Rs.1500.
Demand for a hike!
You should really hike
the salaries ofyour policemen.
The salay isn't enough for a living.
Can it pay for the conscience?
What's happening here? Now, go
on eveybody... please leave.
Your mother still ekes a livelihood
out of 500 Rupees a month.
You've been lying unconscious
for the last 3 days.
And your mother didn't move
for a moment all this while.
She sat all the while,
and kept staring at you.
And you...
- What's your name?
Why do you want to know
You're the first woman aRer my
mother who has seen me naked.
l was a child when l played on
her lap. And here l have been lying...
...unconscious for 3 days. And you've
taken care of me. That's why l ask.
What's your name?
- May Matthews.
And l am Krishnan lyer, M.A.
Nowadays, l sell coconuts.
l've been coming here for the last 3
days. Your men asked me not to leave.
Oh, l know that they call you
a ''Don''. They told me that...
...the Don would give me a reward.
l told them l don't want a reward.
And l'll leave as soon as you
reimburse my loss of 325 Rupees.
And will you keep
on standing over here?
What if l don't give you the
No! You can't do something like that.
l picked you up and brought you here.
Had l been 5 minutes late,
you could've died?
Then l would've had to
take you to the crematorium.
All right.
l'll let you have your 325.
Now, Krishanan...
Oh yes, the MA.
But you must promise me something.
- What?
That you'll be there beside me should
anything like this happen again.
Nothing's going to happen by God's.
grace. If something does,...
...go wrong, l'll be
there a full five minutes earlier.
And when l get angered,
l might do just about anything!
Those are the bullets which were
taken out ofyou. They're useless now.
Wait! Give me those leads.
He'll be discharged from the hospital
tomorrow. And then, he'll kill us.
Nothing ofthe sort will happen.
- Get out of my way!
Hey! Shem ran out on us!
Oh, hello! Where are you going?
- To hell!
Get out of here.
Or will you save us still?
Hello, Mr. Teylene!
How do you do?
- Greetings.
How are you, Don Usman?
Evemhing all right?
Considering the present
circumstances, l conclude that...
... there's one safe place...
...where you will be in no danger.
Where is it, Mr.Pathan?
- Where?!
The lock up in my police station.
Hello, Don Hasmukh.
How are you, Don Usman?
l have been faithful
to my masters for long.
l always return whatever l take
from my masters with interest.
No! Don't! Please, Don! Please
don't kill me!
Please forgive me! l'll go back
to my village! l swear!
Please don't kill me!
Take your hand away.
Please take your hand away.
Step aside.
Why? What's up?
Both ofyou seem troubled.
The nurse was worried that
That l have run away!
No, doctor, l don't run away.
Do l look like l'm about to
run away? l don't, do l?
But ifyou don't discharge me
...l'll surely kill a few people.
Your bodyguards
weren't letting me in.
Just as you don't
Iet me go out of here.
Long live, Don Vijay.
Why are you weeping?
Don't weep. l took 4 bullets.
But l didn't drop a tear.
Do you know why? Do you
Because l had all ofyou with me.
You are my power.
Nothing has happened to me.
Look at me.
l'm all right.
Nothing is wrong with me.
What's the matter?- My
husband's body is lying here.
But l can't find anyone
to take him to the cemetey.
Don't say that, Mother. l'm here.
We'll take him to the cemetey.
Make all the money you can.
But, don't let these
children beg on the streets.
We mustn't let anyone sleep
Go on... make palatial houses
for yourselves. But do also give...
...the poor a place of shelter.
Else, l'll kill you. Understand?
l could've given you a lot of
But l know, that people like you
will take only what is due to you.
Keep that my friend... It's your
325 rupees.
You've taken me for a friend... and
your mother has taken me for a son.
l'm grateful. Just tell me whatever
you want. l'll do whatever you want.
l have only one sister... Shiksha.
Hey southerner... why are
you going inside the college?
There's a dance going on inside.
Now get out of here.
Did l hearyou call me a
Now take a good look at me.
And give me a salute...
and do it again.
Who are you?
- l am Krishnan lyer. M.A.
The Don has sent me here
to guard your body.
Looks like a soR one.
Get lost... and come back aRer
you've learnt how to dance at a disco.
Dancing in a disco could
give you a sprained leg.
Shut up!
Are you kids tying... make fun of me?
Let me show you!
l'll show you the coconut disco
dance. Come on!
l will show you a southern
disco today.
l will show you a southern
disco today.
lf l am agitated, l will
make you all dance... my tunes
in turns.
Krishnan, MA, who is a tender
coconut vendor has come.
l am a tender coconut vendor
l will show you a southern
disco today.
lf l am agitated, l will
make you all dance... my tunes
in turns.
Krishnan, MA, who is a tender
coconut vendor has come.
Wash your hands first.
- Hands... oh yes. l'll wash.
What's wrong with washing my hands?
l'll wash my hands immediately.
Washing is over...
here take a look... hands are clean. Spotless.
Washed spotlessly clean.
Your hands won't come
clean so easily, Vijay.
Your father's name was tarnished. It
was a lie. Will you prove it true now?
Look at yourself, Vijay.
Your hands are dim...
...and your soul is dim.
Are those the principles,
your father taught you?
ls this the reward for the principles
he stood by even in his death?
ls that what he taught you?
- Mummy... oh Mummy.
The truthful schoolmaster ...
...was beaten to death. What
dirt was there in his hands?
They tried to rape a poor
helpless mother.
How was she dim?
You don't know, do you?
... Let me tell you.
What tainted us was weakness!
And truth can't change that.
Principles can't cure
the ills ofweakness.
Neither can God
do anything about it.
The only cure for weakness is
Can anyone speak ill
of my father now?
Can any scoundrel dare to ogle
at my sister or my mother?
No one will dare to; for fear of
getting hacked to pieces.
Well said...
Your father had told me...
...that man used to be an animal.
lt took the animal
centuries to become a man.
But you took no time at all
to turn into an animal.
- Mummy!
Enough! Enough!
Dinner is over.
l've had so much to eat
in my mother's house today.
l won't even feel hungy
in another 4 or 5 months.
Let's move.- No! Don't! Please
don't go away!
Mother didn't mean what she said.
- No! She said it purposely.
She says all that purposely.
And tell her that her words...
... hurt me more
than the bullets.
But, Brother...
- Move it!
Congratulations, Mummy. You've
been successful once again...
... in throwing your son out of
the house. Congratulations.
What brings you here?
l was passing by.
May l have something to eat?
Yes. Be seated. l'll fetch
''Wash your hands, first.''
''Your hands can't be
cleaned easily, Vijay!''
l can't eat that food.
l can't!
You could buy, beg,
rob or steal food.
But that alone can't sate hunger.
lt's love that one needs.
Not food alone.
lt was aRer months that
l went to my mother's place.
And l love to eat what she
But l couldn't eat.
Do you know why l walked out?
She says what l do is wrong.
Why mustn't l do what l do? Tell me!
Why must l not retaliate to a
l was a child when l saw
it happen before my eyes.
l saw my father...
...being killed. And he hadn't
done anything wrong.
l dragged his body all
by myselfto the crematorium.
l cremated mo corpses that day.
That of an innocent father
and his innocent son.
My mother's innocent son is dead
& gone. Search as she might...
... but she won't get
her innocent son back.
Never mind. She might not
give me what l seek from her.
And she might force me offthe
table. But l won't ever become...
... schoolmaster Dinanath. l
Do you know why l'm telling you all
this? You don't... Iet me tell you.
You cared for me
while l was.. the hospital.
l guess l got used to it.
l lied when l told you
that l was passing by.
ARer l leR my mother's house,
l thought l'd feel comfortable here.
That's why l've come here.
l'm tired ... vey tired.
Go to sleep now.
Let's talk in the morning.
There lies the village. Some day, l
must give this village back to Mummy.
They threw her out ofthat village.
l must give the village back to her.
lt's time now, isn't it, my son?
Yes, Uncle. The time has come.
The time has come.
You all took the life ofthe school
master by stoning him.
lt's my turn now. l'll throw
stones at you now. You brutes!
l don't let the
right hand know the crime...
...done by the leR hand.
That's my policy.
A powerFul man loses his strength
in an alliance with the weak.
That's why l always seek
the friendship ofthe powerFul.
Vijay Chavan is coming here
on a mission of friendship.
Are you going to get into
an alliance with Vijay Chavan?
Not ifyou can cut him off.
Else, he'll cut your throat.
Get that?
Yes. l understand.
What calls for the celebration?
A mighty sword has fallen
before a mere thorn.
Teylene has done
what 4 people...
...and a hundred bullets couldn't
Has Teylene killed Vijay
l've always been punctual.
But, l'm late today.
l apologise for the delay.
Someone dumped filth on me.
l thought l'd take a wash in
the water to get rid ofthe filth.
l'm Vijay Dinanath Chavan.
And l'm...
Kancha Cheena,
who lives in a glass house.
l've met you. l used to
clean your car...
...with a piece of cloth
when l was a kid.
And now, you want to wear my
No... not all.
l don't want to wear clothes.
lnstead, l want to help
someone wear clothes...
...that is this lady.
Go on inside.
Else you'll catch a cold.
Shall we talk business?
- Come... Iet's sit down.
Vey ambitious, are you?
l'm way of people...
...who are over-ambitious.
Even the most insignificant
of men have their ambitions.
And sometimes, we must slaughter
even innocents to achieve our goals.
Have you not trampled upon
the weak and innocent?
You have, haven't you? Yes!
-What do you want from me?
What's in Mandwa for you?
That which l can
find in any place...
Any place where the laws are
You run a business out of Mandwa.
l want to set up base there.
We can work together. You could
make your buck, and l could make mine.
Else, ...
... innocents will die as we compete
with each other. Isn't that so?
All right. But, be warned.
Don't ty to cross my path. Get
There's only one punishment for
evey error... death.
Only death!
Take a look... over there.
lt's a small giR for you...
... to mark the beginning
of our friendship.
He was your enemy... Teylene.
What's that mark on your hand?
l had burnt a petrol pump when
l was a kid. l had also burnt my hand.
The petrol pump was mine.
l'll send you the bill.
Do send your tailor's
address along too.
l like the way you dress.
Swing, dance and sing...
Swing, dance and sing, friends
Alibaba has met
all the 40 thieves.
Let the world listen to something
said by a poet.
Eveybody who shakes hands
with you is not a friend.
Who is there in your heart and
whom are you looking at?
You know it and
l am also aware of it.
l don't want to tell anyone else.
Alibaba has met all the
40 thieves.
These secrets are not meant to
be shared with eveyone.
Eveybody who shakes hands is
not a friend.
Someone has drunk such a
thing that...
...the thirst is not quenched but
there is fire.
This is the effect of love.
Alibaba has met all the
40 thieves.
All the drinks are not meant for
Eveybody who shakes hands
with you is not a friend.
l won't allow you to
go far away.
l won't allow you to
go far away.
l will keep you bound
with me...
...just with the help
ofthe strength of my hair.
Alibaba has met all
the 40 thieves.
All the friends do not
show love & loyalty.
Eveybody who shakes hands
with you is not a friend.
Swing, dance and sing...
Swing, dance and sing
with mery, friends.
Alibaba has met all the
40 thieves.
Out!... Get out of my way...
Step aside.
Anna! Vijay Chavan has gone abroad.
And his sister is here all alone.
l'll be back in sometime, Mummy.
Don't wory.
She needn't wory. Krishnan lyer MA
is going to accompany you.
What?! Are you coming with me?
-Yes. The guard follows your body.
l don't need a bodyguard.
And, you needn't come with me.
Sory, lady. Don has ordered
this. l can't let you go out alone.
Did you call me a ''backward fool''!
You called me a fool!
Do l look like a fool!
And you'rejust out ofschool!
And you compare yourself
with Krishnan lyer, an M.A.!
l'm an MA! A Master ofArts
degree-holder from Kerala University.
Are you tying to
ridicule the way l dress?
The first President of India
used to wear this dress.
Nobel Prize winner Dr.C.V.Raman used
to anoint his forehead traditionally.
And President Venkataraman
was also from the South.
Wearing a pant-suit doesn't make
anyone a forward-minded individual.
And l'm not ashamed to wear
a traditional dress.
Do you take me for a fool...
... because l sell
coconuts for a living?
Do you take me for a fool?
Do you think l'm lying?
Wait! l'll show you my degree.
You wait! She calls me a fool!
Get away! Eveyone!
Else we'll shoot you down.
You're the goose...
and that's your sauce.
l'd gotten your brother
out ofjail. That swine!
l'd given him food to eat.
The dog!
A dog would've been faithful.
But, he tried to bite me. The cur!
My brother isn't a dog.
He's a lion!
And you've made a big mistake
by tying to bait the lion.
l didn't. It was he who
has tried to challenge me.
Your brother loves you
vey much, doesn't he?
He'll surely come here to save
But, you won't survive.
Do you know why?
Because l'll cut your
fair skin into little pieces.
Listen to me. l haven't come
here to enjoy myself.
Nor have l come here to
give you lectures on justice.
l have come to this city
in search of a livelihood.
l come from a village
known well for ruthlessness.
lf anyone comes near me,
l'll tear him apart.
This fellow is teasing a girl &
all you can do is watch and laugh!
You're an insult to us...
our culture and our tradition.
l've used my hands to cut coconuts.
Today, l'll cut up an eunuch! You!
Hold it!
You have called me an eunuch!
You dare insult me!
You're the bodyguard, aren't you?
Let's see who your bodyguard is.
You're one of Shem's men! Tell
us... where has he taken our sister?
Which roads lead us to them?
Which roads?
l've administered an injection. Your
mother will regain consciousness soon.
Shem is holding her...
... somewhere within a full
square mile of slums.
We must fight our way through
a crowd of a 1000 or 2000 people.
That's what these
fellows have told us.
Police Commissioner Gaitonde
has gone over to get her out.
But, Shem's men
aren't letting them in.
Go outside.
Get out of here!
He has kidnapped
Vijay Chavan's sister.
Kidnapped my sister.
Krishnan, take Shiksha away
from here.- No.
l won't leave you here.
- Get out of here, l said!
Look at me now and think back.
This boy is much too spirited.
lf he wipes us out once he
grows up, what'll we do then.
Stop... stop it now, Don.
The police are coming in.
Will anyone dare to
touch my sister again?!
Will anyone dare!
l'll hack him to pieces!
Pathan... What are you doing in
l got news that the slums are on
fire. That's why l'm here.
The slums didn't catch fire. They
were torched. And you did it.
You did it to destroy the
Don't you recognise me?
- Krishnan?!
This is the reward for a bodyguard.
Evemhing else is all right.
Not to wory. It's done my body
and her mind a lot of good.
Whose mind?
- The disco-freak's.
Do you see that? l've turned the
forward backwards.
And l've made an Indian out of
a foreigner. How does she look?
My hero!-What do you blabber?
My love! - l am scared.
My beloved- Your brother will
beat me. - l salute to you...
My hero, my love and my
beloved, l salute to you..
So many names for Krishnan
Iyer MA.
Why did you save me?
-l just did my duty.
You would've done anything for it
Say, you will do it.
You would have also died
-Yes - Oh my God!
Who knew that we are made
for each other?
Who knew and was aware that
we are made for each other?
l knew it-Not feminine gender
but say in masculine gender.
l knew and was aware that we
are made for each other.
My heart was like a
closed envelope.
And there was a love letter
in this envelope.
Today l opened it and read that
''We are made for each other''
But what should l do?
l am a vey poor man.
But what should l do?
l am a vey poor man.
That is the reason why
l am so close to you.
That is the reason why
l am so close to you.
Don't fear anyone!
Don't fear anyone and
Iove openly.
We are made for each other.
Who knew and was aware that
''We are made for each other''
l knew and was aware that we
are made for each other.
Who knew and was aware that
''We are made for each other''
Who knew and was aware that
we are made for each other.
What are you up to?
What have you been doing?
What's going on?
Have l done anything wrong?
Have l not brought you up decently?
Have l leR anything undone
to educate you? Go on tell me.
Have you lacked anything as
far as education is concerned?
And l see you walking
shamelessly holding his hands.
No.. please tell me whatever
you want.
- She's not at fault.
You are not to interFere in this.
This is a family matter.
And you are not to interFere!
Why?! Did you know why l sent
you to a good school?
So you could learn the difference
bemeen what's good and what's bad.
And what's right and what's wrong!
-Do you know the difference, Vijay?
You don't know what Shiksha
is doing!
l fully concede to Shiksha's
What are you saying?! He goes
around with her holding hands!
Thank God that there is at least
one like Krishnan in this world...
...who is willing to mary
Shiksha despite evemhing.
Else, she would
have remained tainted...
...all her life for your misdeeds.
What are you saying?! No...
you mustn't say such a thing.
And why mustn't l?
Krishna is the good son
l had always dreamt of.
What is she saying?
What are you saying!
l can never be a son to you
as he is. He's your own son.
Please don't mind her.
She's just a bit angy.
You're her son... l'm the problem
in this family & l'm leaving.
No. You won't go anhere.
You can't go,
because you're the good son.
lt's l, who is the rotten
apple. l'd rather leave.
Stop him! Please stop him!
From now on, l have
no one in this world.
l have severed all relations
with my family.
You are the only one leR.
Will you mary me?
Right now!... Will you mary me?
The girl who screamed at me in
the hospital. Don't you remember?
She's the girl who used to change
his clothes in the hospital.
She isn't from your community.
But you mustn't be angy for that.
What is there is religion?
l swear upon you...
Someday, l'll bring him and his wife
to this house.
You must welcome them
and give them your blessings.
Now, please don't cy.
l'm no less than a son to you
and will never take false oaths.
And l promise to bring them here.
Now, please don't cy.
l've treated you to a sweet.
Now it's your turn to treat me.
A drop of honey attracts a fly.
lf one fly isn't killed, more
flies are attracted to the honey.
And the atmosphere gets spoiled.
l want to hear a cy of pain
from Commissioner Gaitonde.
Go over to India. Take help
from Vijay Chavan if need be.
May l ask you why you have
come here?
Please be seated with us.
This husband ofyours...
... is a man of principles.
He worships the law.
What has he received in his
He has confiscated contraband
worth millions.
And what has he received
from the government?
Nothing. Has the government given
him anything?
And do you have as little as mo
hundred quid for painting the house?
Bring him around.
He's too optimistic...
... about his principles and the
This is a city only in name.
But the laws ofthe
jungle prevails here.
The housefly eats microbes.
The frog eats the housefly.
The snake eats the frog.
The mongoose kills the snake.
The fox is aRer the
blood ofthe mongoose.
And, the lion eats the fox.
While here...
The powerFul kills the weak.
Have you had your say?- No. l
have lots more to tell you.
But l don't have time.
And neither do you. Get that?
You don't have the time! But
you don't seem to understand!
Understood... l understand
...that you have come
here to repay a favour.
l remember having informed you that
your people were plotting to kill you.
And now you've come to tell me
that someone is going to kill me.
Yes... now he understands.
Do you know what this
A bit of vermilion. My wife uses it
to mark her marital status.
And she prays that l live long. And,
it is she who has given this to me.
l cary it eveyday,
when l leave for work.
lf l die, she will never
need to use it anymore.
Take a good look at their faces.
They are not afraid of
They will be proud should it
Go and tell them ...
... that Commissioner Gaitonde
is ready to face death.
The schoolmaster.
Just like the schoolmaster.
You talkjust like Dinanath...
The schoolmaster Dinanath.
Who is he, Daddy?
Vijay Chavan?
- Isn't he a hoodlum?
We can't sit down to eat
with such a person.
Hey! Where do you think you're
going? Sit down. Sit!
Where do you
think you're going?
Do you find it bloody
...just because l am sitting next
to you?
Have l lighted a fire under your
Don't l look human?
Am l not human?
Am l a bloody animal?
Or, am l not dressed properly?
Did you buy me these clothes?
l bought these with
my hard-earned money.
What are the rest ofyou
staring at?
Well, what are you watching?
And why are you so bloody silent?
Has my presence silenced you?
l've come here to spend
my hard-earned money.
l've even polished shoes. Have
you polished shoes for a living?
No, you haven't. And, have you
washed cars for a living?
And you ty to show me up!
Where do they think they're
No! What are they tying to tell
That they're right and l'm wrong!
These people from high society
are gentlemen!
And l am the hoodlum!
Excuse me, Sir.
- Am l the hood?!
What was that piece you told
me in English?
What's this English about?
You want money for those glasses,
isn't that so? Well, here you are.
Here take money...take that and that,
How much more do you want?
Don, even a mosque has been
built in our hutments now.
A hoodlum... am l a hoodlum?
l had gone to tell him
that his life is in danger.
And he tells his son that
l am a hoodlum. A hood!
May the Allah grant
you a long life, Don.
l'll show him what
a hoodlum is.
Remain here. The informer
wants to meet me alone.
No! Please don't hurt him.
So... you've been raiding
Kancha Cheena's hideouts!
Blood looks nice on your uniform.
Kancha Cheena wants to hear you
scream in pain over the phone.
Eh! Commissioner!
You've already passed out!
You whites will always
resort to trickey.
And you will always attack the
You've resorted to deceit to
get the police officer here.
Years ago, you had lured an
innocent widow into your petrol pump.
You had deceived her.
You tried to rape her.
And why are you silent... speak up!
Go on. Speak up, swine!
A 12-year old changed
your face forever.
But, you're incorrigible.
The 3-feet tall Vijay has grown
six-and-a-half feet tall.
But you have not yet
changed your ways.
Are you the same kid?
This contains vermilion. But you
aren't aware of it's power.
lt's what is beholden
to women from India.
Let me show you how powerFul
this is.
Kancha Cheena on the
line for you, Don.
You want to hear the Commissioner
scream out in pain, don't you?
Listen to this...
Did you hear that?
That was a lot of noise.
Now, wait for the big bangs.
Those were big bangs
indeed, Vijay Chavan.
He hurt kids... the bloody hood.
l've taken you for a brother.
And l respect you as an elder.
You had once taken me for a
friend. Is the friendship over?
l'm not related to you. But, aren't
your mother and your sister your own?
lt has been 3 months since
you have spoken to them.
Your mother is sad, and your sister
is sad. And, l have been sad too.
l can take care ofyour
mother and your sister.
But, l won't spare you if
anything happens to your wife.
She had come over.
Tell me... did you meet them?
- Yes.
The world knows what you're about
to do. But l don't know a thing!
What have you told Krishnan?
What have you told him?
You want to abort the child...
you want to kill the child.
lf anything happens
to my child, l'll ...
You'll kill me, won't you?
Go on... kill me...
Go on...
You'll be doing me a favour.
At least, l'll be spared the trauma
of having killed my own child.
l don't want our child to
grow up and call you a hoodlum.
What are you going to do then?
Will you strangle the child?
Or, will you kill yourself?
Take a look at yourself...
how you have changed!
ARer the Commissioner's son
had called you a goon,...
... you took me to the slums.
You wanted to show me that
you are a God, not a goon.
But, you are no God, Vijay.
God was that child...
...who promised that he'd give a
village back to his mother.
Where is the village?
Where is it?
l want the village, Vijay.
But, ifyou do anything to my
... l'll kill you.
l'll kill you.
And you've had eveyone addicted
n the village - Get out of here.
Are you going to hit me? Swine!
My house... it's a poor man's
house.- Liar! Dog!
Never was born a man poorer
than you!
l'll give you a penny.
Curse your mother!
There used to be a school over here.
Children used to study in the school.
Education is really
of no use... say what?
Nowadays, l put them to work
as soon as they are born.
And that's what the cur
makes the children to do.
That's why no child was born
to you.- Get lost.
You'll remain a eunuch forever!
This is the pleasure spot in the
village... the red light area.
We used to have only one whore
in the village.
Now, all women are whores.
His mother is one ofthem too.
-lt's a matter ofwarming the beds.
And some day, your wife
will be warming beds too.
Shut up, you miserable thing!
- Swine!
Why have you stopped here,
Don? You're seeing this house.
Had l not burnt the
house you are seeing,...
...l would've been burnt. A
schoolmaster used to live here.
Dinanath... He used to dream of
making a heaven out ofthis village.
The fools must be begging for
a living somewhere, l guess.
A strong wind is rising. You
might get blown away. Take care.
You should start praying,
Dinkar Rao.
Else you should arrange for 5
Five million?!
My Son!
Why are you looking at me?
Come, let me show you the world.
Gora hasn't returned from India.
Dinkar Rao isn't calling up.
And, God knows where Laila is
Kancha Cheena is coming to
You have saved my life, Don! l
shall never forget this in my life.
Are you licking the dust?
Stop groveling and get up.
Here's the money. You may take
l could give my life for you,
You beg for your life, and then
you offer to give it up for me!
You can't give me anything. You
have nothing! What do you have?
Oh yes, l have. l have these title
deeds of all the land in the village.
Are those lands yours?
Does the land belong to you?
Those lands belong to
the people in the village.
But l hold these lands in lien of
mortgages. You may keep the papers.
They wouldn't know that l've pledged
their lands with you. They trust me.
And l trust you. In a short
while, l'll return your monies.
lfyou want me to, l'm willing
to sign on a blank paper.
Go on.
- l've signed the paper now.
l'll give the money to Inspector
Pathan. It'll save my life.
Thank you vey much, Don.
Gone! There goes the bloody
He bought his coffin for 5
The blank paper is now a deed
of sale.
He has sold the village lands.
l'll kick the villagers
out oftheir homes.
And, the villagers, in turn,
will kick the hell out ofyou.
lsn't that what's
going to happen, Vijay?
Here, uncle....
take the stone and throw it...
Kancha's glass house. It'll
Pimp! You've sold the villagers'
Did you own the lands?
Beat him! Beat him!
You won't even find shelter
in the brothels.
They'll help you get warmer,
Run, you dog!
So you did get blown away by
the wind.
l had warned you
about the strong breeze.
Now, you have been blown away.
Why did you deceive me?
ln your drunken fantasies,...
... you have seen the
schoolmaster's family begging.
You were wrong.
Who are you? -Vijay Dinanath
Chavan. That is my full name.
The bloody dog is dead! The
What have you done?!
ln a fight bemeen the snake and
the mongoose, the snake dies.
The snake is dead.
It's the mongoose's turn now.
The mongoose tried to betray
the snake-charmer.
Didn't you say that
you'd even befriend an enemy,...
... for the sake of business?
Isn't that your policy?
You've learnt my policies in
business well.
But, you have no
inkling ofthe outcome.
The outcome is what you must
But, you are a poor listener.
You don't understand;
and you don't remember.
l told you my name on
the first day we met.
That's my full name...
Now you have understood.
A case ofthe right hand not
knowing what the leR does.
What you don't know...
... is that you are about
to join the schoolmaster.
Why step back while
you hold a gun on me?
Stepping back cannot take
you backwards into time.
Will it return?
And, l have you trapped
like lesser game.
l've checkmated you. Look
behind you.
Had l wanted to, l would've
killed you right away.
But, my enemies aren't
given an easy death.
l have waited 25 years to reach
Take him away. Let him rot in
The courts need evidence.
l have all the evidence, Kancha
l have evey shred of evidence
for evey crime ofyours.
You too, Laila!
l am no Laila... l am Shanti.
You took help from Chandabai's
mother to kill the schoolmaster.
Vijay used Chandabai's daughter
to checkmate you.
Chandabai's daughter?!
- Yes. That's who Shanti is...
... Chandabai's daughter.
A question must be answered
in the same way it is asked.
lt's a matter of my business
l had told you when we
met for the first time...
... that the punishment for
treachey is death. Remember?
Swines! Now that he holds the
cards, you beg him for pardon.
You should rather beg her
You had widowed his mother.
Beg her pardon.
Fools! Go and beg of her.
You must promise to do as l
What?- You must promise me
you will!
No! you must promise to do as
l say.
All right. l promise to do as
you bid.
Now tell what it is.
- May you live for 2000 years!
Do you remember l promised you to
bring Vijay and his wife over here?
Vijay is here.
He has brought
his wife and his son along.
Today is a day of festival.
Please don't rebuke Vijay today.
He has nothing more to do with crime.
l swear it. He has leR it all.
This is notjust the
soil from my village.
On this soil had fallen
my father's blood.
l have got the village back.
l have cleared my father's name.
My work is done.
Let the blood of innocents...
...not fall on this soil again
and spoil it.
Look... all the villagers
have come here.
Beg to her for pardon.
Fall at her feet, you fools.
Look at that, Vijay.
They're falling at her feet.
This kid belongs to our family.
You mustn't make your
mother cy for you.
You mustn't make
your aunt sad. Nor me.
lfyou make me sad, l'll... no, l
won't beat you. l'll bash your father.
He's the kid in our family.
You may forgive them now -Who
threw them out ofthe village?
Vijay did. He kicked them out.
And now they are grovelling.
He said he'd give the village back
to you.
He bought the village for you.
Son Vijay bought it.
Let's go back to the village,
Yes... Iet's all go back.
Shanti, alias Laila to
appear before this court.
Lord Ganpati is coming back to
the village to give us peace.
Each one got what they prayed
for and eveyone is standing... the streets now.
Lord Ganpati is coming back to
the village to give us peace.
Each one got what they prayed
for and eveyone is standing... the streets now.
Lord Ganpati is coming back to
the village to give us peace.
Due to lack of
evidence and witnesses,
... the accused Kancha Cheena is
hereby released.
This lovely season & winds have
brought happiness here.
Lord Ganpati is going to the
other side...
He is taking eveybody's
prayers with Him.
Eveybody's prayers have
There is no other day
like this.
The clouds are
hanging in the skies.
The time to immerse God's idol
has come.
Please forgive all our mistakes,
as we are all innocent.
Lord Ganpati has returned to
the village to give us peace.
Each one got what they prayed
for and eveyone is standing... the streets now.
Lord Ganpati has returned to
the village to give us peace.
Hold on. You'll be all right.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
Where's the doctor?
He's badly wounded, Doctor.
Please attend him immediately.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
l'm here with you.
Come on...
- This is a police case, mister
We can take up the case aRer you
have lodged a report with the police.
He doesn't have time, doctor. If he
isn't taken up immediately, he'll die.
What can l do?
What did you say?!
What did you say?! Do you know
who you're talking to?
You're talking to Vijay Chavan. l'll
kill you if anything happens to him.
He's more than a friend...
he's more than a brother to me.
He's my sister's fiance.
Do something, Doctor.
Please do something.
What do you want?
Want my blood? Want money?
l'll give you whatever you want.
But, if he dies, l'm dead too.
He isn't a goon. He is my
mother's favourite son.
And he's an innocent person.
Please do something, Doctor.
l beg ofyou.
Vijay Chauhan begs ofyou. Please!
Please do something, Doctor.
Take him to the operation theater.
- Hury.
Flowers for you, Sir.
l promise to use all
the power at my disposal.
l'll use all my power
to get them released.
He's holding your mother,...
... sister, wife and son
as captives.
''The path through fire.''
You had helped me when l
needed it.
l shall not hesitate to help you.
- No, Commissioner.
You mustn't interFere.
You must not come in my way.
So, he's the one who takes care
ofthe village, does he?
Yes, l do take care ofthis village.
And, are you going to kill me?
Don't touch me, swine!
l'm speaking.
Are you going to wipe out
the schoolmaster's family?
Want to shoot me?
That's the dust l shall
become someday. So will you.
That's what the
schoolmaster told me.
His son will settle
the scores with you.
Here comes Vijay.
See my son Vijay has come
l told you that you've learnt the
policies of my business.
But, you haven't seen the outcome.
Now, take a look at the
Members ofyour family will
have to pay for your mistakes.
Step forward, ifyou have guts.
l had promised him that l'd be
there with 5 minutes to spare!
Why have you stopped,
Vijay Chavan?
You love to carve a path
through fires, don't you?
What's stopping you now?
Come over & save your family.
You've burnt for 25 years. Come
over now, and save your mother.
Come over now,
and save your wife.
Come over now,
and save your son.
Come over now,
and save your sister.
Step forward... move it!
Leave me..
Let go!
Let's go home, Mummy.
l have crossed the fiey path.
l have crossed it.
l towed my dead father's
corpse on the hand cart.
lt was heavy.
Mother l was so young. But, l
took the cart till burial ground.
lt was heavy,
but l did it.
The path has passed
through a sea oftears,
... sweat and toil.
The path has passed through
l did not understand then,
now l have understood.
We have reached home, Mummy.
Come... sit down.
We have reached.
There is much to be done for...
... May, Krishnan,...
... Shiksha and my son.
We must get electricity
to the village.
l like the food you cook.
You'll cook for me,
won't you, Mummy?
Look at my hands, Mummy.
My hands are clean now.
l have washed my hands clean.
l am not a bad man.
l am not a hoodlum.
l am not a hood.
No! ...No! ...
What have You done!
Oh what have You done!
You haven't given me anything.
All l found was a brother.
And now, You've snatched him
away too. What have You done!
Five minutes! l'd promised him that
l'd come 5 minutes earlier.
Couldn't You wait for five minutes?
Only 5 minutes!
My son isn't a hoodlum.
He isn't a hoodlum.
You aren't a hoodlum, my son.