Agnes Joy (2019) Movie Script

- I got this for you, mom.
- Thanks.
Your stomach is getting
very big, Rannveig.
It wasn't that big, was it?
- I don't know.
- Was it?
What are you talking about?
It's a consolation that you don't
have a pointy chin like we do.
The dimple in the chin.
Comes from Patrick side of the family.
- What?
- Where's Agnes?
- Agnes.
- I'm in the fucking bathroom, mom.
It's starting.
I told you I'm not
going to do it.
Then you shouldn't
have been out until 6 a.m.
You knew there was
a family reunion today.
- I don't have the violin.
- I've got it.
Here. Take this.
And then come in.
There's vomit on your clothes.
Shut up.
I think I'm allergic to liquorice shots.
Or liquorice intolerant.
Next on stage is Agnes...
The daughter of Rannveig, daughter
of Herds, Halldra, Sigurlaug.
Agnes, welcome.
Good Morning.
Einar please take a look
at the doorbell today.
It making me crazy.
- I'm coming.
- Yes...
Then Il have to find the time.
- Hallur.
- Yes.
Can you move the pallets
out of the way?
Can you move the pallets
out of the way?
Can you move the pallets
out of the way?
We do it at the end of the day.
Moving them back and forth
is a waste of time.
Stack them. Do they have to be
spread out here?
Moving one pallet at
a time is a waste of time.
Well, if you want to pay
us overtime...
The worker rental agencies
are a great solution. No problems.
We get hard-working foreigners.
No bloody regulations about
rest periods and time out's.
They just eat while
they are driving.
Piss at the side of the road.
There's no bloody nonsense.
The agencies handle
all the contracts.
- It's win-win for everyone.
- Yes.
Once again, you know how
I feel about those agencies.
Of course.
We also know that the amounts
we pay "those" agencies
is more than 50 percent lower
than what we pay the locals.
That's a fact.
And everybody knows this
is just modern business,
to outsource what we can.
I understand but I don't want to
go against the unions or break laws.
Just so I can practice
modern slavery.
It's just not right to hire people
through foreign agencies
just so we can treat them worse
and pay them less.
Yes, right.
While I remember.
My family and I is going to be in the
Philippines over Christmas.
- I see.
- Right.
- Yes.
- Nice.
Unnur will handle things
while I'm away.
She knows everything and...
It looks great on you
and fits perfectly.
Isn't it rather large?
- It's supposed to be like that.
- Is it?
- Do you think you will wear it?
- In school and out and about.
It's a casual dress.
You can dress it up and down.
It always works.
Maybe a belt would save it.
Is there nobody you think
is cute?
They are all so basic.
They just talk about beer and football.
- You've got lots of time.
- You asked.
No stress.
I'm not stressed.
But it would be nice if there was
someone I could talk to.
This is where your father
and I started living together.
He was at the Art College.
There was a wonderful smell there.
I smell it now when I look at it.
Your dad was always trying to cook
the perfect goulash soup.
A lot of vegetables and garlic.
It was so delicious.
A lot of guests all the time.
Dinner parties.
What about Svar?
You had a crush on him once.
- In the third grade, you mean?
- He's a nice boy.
Einar. I bought sushi.
Shit. The goal Bddi scored
against KR on Tuesday.
- Are you still watching that?
- He is their best player.
Actually, I don't agree.
Bddi played seven minutes.
It's almost eleven.
if we go now we can make it.
I'm not going to the city now just to
spend the night trying to get back home.
That's no problem.
If there's a problem we'll
just crash somewhere.
Agnes. Where are we
going to crash?
It will be alright.
- Can I see the goal?
- Sure.
- Having fun?
- Hi!
It's Friday night, right?
Aren't we allowed to have fun?
- Want a glass of white?
- No.
Come on.
You don't want to
give me alcohol.
Right. I don't want to
give you alcohol.
- Home alone?
- Yes.
No. Einar is watching
Netflix or something.
Good night.
I don't understand why
they don't divorce.
Haven't you told them
you're not coming?
I can never talk to them
at the same time.
They're never together.
Mom probably thinks I'll become
a complete mess if they divorce.
You know you have to
come with me.
- To the Philippines?
- No, thank you.
To Reykjavk.
I can't stay here
a minute longer.
I'm suffocating.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Guests?
- Full house.
Why do you sleep in
your clothes? Can't you put on pyjamas?
It stinks in here.
You reek of alcohol.
Stinking up the whole house.
What about the school?
Don't you have to learn?
You never open a book.
You have to think,
think about the future.
Maybe you want to work at
the store your whole life.
- Rannveig.
- What?
This is not smart.
You've stopped reading and
practicing the violin.
You don't open up.
I don't know what happened to you.
Sorry, what's...
This is incredible.
- You both sigh one after the other.
- Yes.
I'm serious.
I am.
You have to be responsible
and learn. I'm telling you.
You have to be an active
participant in this family.
- Really.
- Yes.
There's no use saying yes
and walking away.
There's some coconut
yoghurt in the fridge, honey.
Einar, please answer the door.
I'm on the toilet.
No need to search.
Just if you have it.
No problem.
Come inside.
- This is my wife, Rannveig.
- Hi, my name is Hreinn.
- Hi. Rannveig Baldursdttir.
- I just rented the house next door.
The yellow house?
Great. Nice to get
some life there.
- Welcome to town.
- Thank you. Lovely to be here.
He needs an extension.
I feel like I've seen you before.
Do you have relatives here?
That's a clich.
-You might have seen me on TV.
God, the lawyer in "The Trap".
I'm not that horrible, I was only acting.
- I'll get the extension.
- We watched it every Sunday..
- I never watched it.
- Really? They were great.
This is our daughter Agnes.
- Hi, Hreinn.
-Hi, Agnes.
- Our new neighbour.
- OK.
- I've got two here.
- Yes.
I hope one of them works.
They're a bit dusty.
Remind me to return them.
I always forget.
Don't worry.
We are probably going to run
into each other, living next door and all.
Nice to meet you.
See you around.
The meat is unusually tender.
- Thank you.
- It's very good.
Your food is usually great, Einar.
It wasn't to my taste, Rannveig
when you were experimenting
with the African spices.
- You didn't like that?
- No.
I wanted to try something new.
Taste something new.
Experience a new smell. I can't wait to
eat all the food on our trip.
- I don't want to go with you guys.
- Go where?
To the Philippines.
I don't feel I'm ready.
We've been on our way there
since you were confirmed.
- You were always excited.
- We just discussed it.
You discussed it.
- You can't force me to go on a trip.
- What changed?
You have changed.
- I've got other plans as well.
- Oh really? What are they?
My own plans.
I'm going to get a job and
finish the school online.
- Online?
- I need to breathe.
- I've got money.
- What money?
- My savings account.
- Your savings account?
To use for your future?
What kind of nonsense is this?
She'll finish school and
go on this trip with us. Right?
Oh my.
She'll get over it.
We can't force the child go to
abroad with us.
Right, especially if you can't be
bothered to go yourself.
You were like that as well, Rannveig.
At her age.
You had opinions on everything.
But never the courage
to do anything.
She'll forget about this.
- Rannveig.
- rmann here. Hi.
- Yes, hello.
- Did you see my email?
Yes, I saw your email.
I'm sorry I haven't...
So you know what happened.
Yes, I knew about it.
- The shipment is stuck.
- Exactly.
- This can't happen.
- No, of course not.
- This has to be worked out.
- Yes, I completely agree.
This isn't the first time...
The Saga of Njll, the Saga of Egill,
the Saga of Gsli Srsson.
They, like most of the Sagas are
primarily about honour.
The language is simple.
The style sophisticated.
The syntax is basic, the paragraphs
short and dialogue straight to the point.
There is a lot open and
left to the reader to interpret.
Now. listen.
"Gunnar was a handsome man,
- Hello?
- My dear.
Hello, mom.
Why didn't you buy the Danish pat
like I asked you?
The shop was out so
Agnes bought another one.
You know it upsets my stomach.
-I've told you again and again.
You've had this one before
when they were out of the other one.
-I'm very busy. I have to say goodbye.
I'll call you later today.
- Yes...
- I'm busy.
- Don't forget the pat.
- OK, mom.
You have to...
Agnes, my dear.
There's a six pack of
beer in the cabinet.
Drink the beer instead
of stealing my old stuff.
It will just make you sick.
Yes. Sorry.
Turn up the volume for me.
How are your periods?
Not still regular, are they?
Yes. Yes they are.
What about hot flashes?
No flashes or night sweats?
No... or yes.
I sometimes sweat at night.
The house is very warm.
What about your digestion?
- Hemorrhoids?
- No, thank god.
I'm just here because
of the headaches.
- Legs not heavy?
- No.
- Muscle cramps, sore breasts.
- No.
No, no and no.
Right. Mood changes, irritation?
I'm not here because of varicose veins
or mood changes or any of that.
I'm under pressure and I have
trouble sleeping, that's all.
Yes. Let me see.
I advise women of your age to
take good care
so the coming changes
won't surprise them.
It's important to have the support
of your spouse during this period.
- Is your relationship going well?
- Sorry, but I don't have time
for female instruction clichs like this.
If you know what I mean.
So maybe we can let
the rest wait.
And our relationship is great.
I'll write you a prescription for
sleeping pills.
"World Class Exercise needs
workers to clean."
"Cleaning. A lot of work and
endless possibilities. ESS."
- Exciting.
- Don't be so negative.
I'm not negative.
I'm just realistic.
- Hi, mom.
- Hi, honey. Where are you?
I'm at the shop
talking to Skari.
Your grandma and me are going
to the cemetery.
Aren't you coming with us?
No, I can't come with you.
I'm doing CrossFit later.
That's too bad.
Next time?
- Say hello to grandma.
- I will.
OK. Bye.
Skari, when you've finished
prepare the grill
and check the deep-fryer,
it conked out at lunch.
It's terrible to see how
these young women
allow themselves to become
disfigured by fat.
Should we eat at our place
next Sunday?
Your place?
What do you mean?
Just for a change.
Einar can drive you and
it's easier for me.-For you?
Instead of me coming
and cooking at your place
I'll cook at home and
we'll eat there.
"For you?"
Can you hear yourself?
Watch out.
I wasn't...-No need
to drive fast.
- I'm driving at 20...
- We're not in a hurry.
Jhanna is going to invite
us in for coffee.
There's an arts and crafts...
- Jhanna who?
- You know.
There's an arts and crafts fair.
One cup.
You know very well how I feel about this.
I'm not going in there
while I'm alive.
People go there to die.
As I've told you repeatedly.
Wouldn't it be good for
you meet people?
You've stopped driving,
you never go out.
You can go there and get
coffee whenever you want.
- Take part in crafts and...
- You will not put me in a home.
- For senile people.
- Nobody is putting you anywhere.
To fill me up with tranquilizers and have
foreigners wipe my arse.
Don't forget the hands.
It's tough and you have to concentrate.
Try to do it slowly
and do it properly.
Skari. I'll have her throw
you out if you don't stop.
Remember to tighten your abs.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I just wanted to return this.
- Did they work?
No, they didn't but I bought new ones,
it's fine.
Are you working on something?
Do you need help?
No. I'm just settling in.
Thanks anyway.
Can we invite you to a
barbecue later?
- The weather is great and so on.
- The right time to turn it on.
- I'm game. When?
- Anytime.
- Around six.
- Great. See you then.
- Looking forward to it.
- We too.
Does the grill still work?
- I thought we had a grill?
- Yes, it's just...
It was so rusty and old.
Mom, I'm in a hurry,
I brought lobster and salad.
That's a lot.
Is there a feast?
No, we just wanted to do
something nice for us. And you.
Do you think you can handle this
by yourself?
- Yes, sure.
- Great.
- Aren't you going to eat with me?
- I can't make it.
I have to go. Remember
your safety button.
I'll talk to you.
Bye, mom.
- How long are you going to stay here?
- I'm back and forth.
I'm going to town tomorrow to
audition for a movie.
I'm rather hopeful.
It's a cool role.
So you've started drinking at home.
Cool sweater.
Can I get you a cold one?
I'm actually not drinking alcohol.
A new cop stopped me
after Winterfeast.
They don't do that usually.
The authorities ordered
me to stop, so I stopped.
Are you kidding?
- Can't I joke around?
- If you were funny.
- You had an opinion then.
- Are we really going to discuss this?
Should we start with your speech
or when you fell off the stage?
Mom, don't be annoying.
- Listen... I want to make a toast.
- Yes.
I want to toast... you.
Thank you for inviting me.
What a welcome.
Einar, want to make some coffee?
Cognac as well. Shouldn't we?
- Do you like cognac?
- Me? Yes, I am.
Of course.
I adore this song.
- Wonderful lyrics.
- The greatest.
And then...
And the chorus.
Everybody. Einar!
- Do it.
- No.
Go there.
- You've got a great voice.
- No.
No? It's true.
Use it.
- How do you feel?
- Quite good.
Yesterday was a lot of fun.
Hreinn is a nice guy.
- Hi there.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
- Are you doing this now?
- Yes.
You're supposed to do it every year,
finish before winter comes.
- Can you help me with something?
- What?
Just for a second.
No problem.
So I don't read "Kristmundur
and Erlingur look out"...
- I just read what Erlingur says.
- You're Erlingur.
Just read his lines as normally
as possible.
- Yes.
- And I'm Kristmundur.
Is there always bad
weather at sea?
- "Yes, yes."
- Yes, yes.
- "But I."
-But I.
"But I won't..."
- But I won't let that affect me.
- Stop me.
Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
But I won't let it stop me.
- "My old...."
- My old....
- My old...
- My old man.
- Takes care.
- My old man takes care of me.
And points me in
the right direction.
Do you want it like it
is on the page?
It's not Shakespeare.
Let's do it like it is written.
- He shows me the way.
- Shows me the way.
Some people would wait out
the storm on shore.
I sail in every weather in great harmony
with god and men alike.
Who is your god, Kristmundur?
- That was great.
- No, that's...
It was perfect.
-I haven't acted since I was in college.
Once more.
You can take a little bit more,
a bit more than last time.
I can't remember how you liked it.
- It's been a long time.
- I see.
Put your panties
where you want it to stop.
- Here.
- That much?
Yes. That's great.
It's nice to try something new.
- Bikini wax.
- Yes.
- And back of thighs.
- Yes.
That's 6900.
- This one just arrived.
- It looks great.
Really cool.
- Are you wearing it?
I'm going to buy it.
- Great idea.
- So pretty.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- We had a great time.
- Yes.
- Weren't you going to Reykjavk?
- Tomorrow morning.
Aren't you some actor?
That's probably me.
Hey, what...
Do I sense some vibes?
What's going on?
- You're so lame.
- You're quite the comedians, boys.
If I headbutted you right now,
would you find that funny?
I'm joking.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Why are you driving?
You know you can't drive.
You are dangerous.
Why have you changed
everything in here?
We've discussed this.
You can't drive.
- Why is your lipstick so bright?
- And don't go through my papers.
The colour is too bright for a woman
your age.
The keys.
Hello. Hello, Max.
- Are you so curious?
- Come here.
He's curious.
Come here.
Your roses are great.
How do you do it?
I can't take the credit. The former
owners took good care of them.
- Somebody has to take care of them.
- I had no choice.
Is this...
What's this?
- Silver ragwort.
- Oh, right.
And I just bought boxwood.
- Box...
- Boxwood.
It's beautiful.
- Are you a gardener?
- I'm just curious.
You know a thing or two.
I like it though I pretend not to.
- Nice to be outside.
- Yes.
- True.
- Breathe.
- It's lovely to breathe.
- Yes.
We were going
to live in Reykjavk.
A house in the center
with a garden.
We were also going to
go abroad to study.
Then dad died suddenly.
Everything changed.
Mom getting older and...
Didn't want to run the company.
You know how it is.
Then time flies somehow.
Agnes has her roots here.
I feel I have to be here
to support my mother.
It's nice for everybody else but
it does nothing for you.
I feel very comfortable here.
Nice to have people around...
Don't forget yourself
and your dreams.
You must remember to
nourish yourself.
Just like your roses.
- Your phone seems to be working.
- No. It cuts off when I answer.
I will be quick.
Since I'm driving you to the
phone shop you have to help me.
Help me learn my lines
for the audition.
I'm Dsa? Yes. I've learned it
but let's go over it.
You're Dsa.
I'm Kristmundur.
- "You left me alone. Pregn..."
- A bit less. But OK.
- Yes. Sorry.
- OK.
- Where's the toilet?
- To the right.
I'm going to pick up a few things here.
Just wait.
I'll just be a minute.
- Hi.
- Hi.
This is the last one.
- I threw the junk in the closet away.
- You threw it away?
Easy. Old T-shirts.
I gave them away.
- Is Emma home?
- Yes. She's watching TV.
I was wondering if I could
take her out soon for ice cream?
This is complicated
enough for her as it is.
She has her dad and
that's enough.
I can't burden her with promises
of ice cream trips that will be broken.
- Hello, my love. How are you?
- Good.
- Are you watching Paw Patrol?
- Yes.
- Really? And what's happening?
- Skye is on a bicycle.
Nice move.
Is she 15 years old?
It's a teenager who got
a ride to town.
Right. Say goodbye.
- Bye, my love.
- Bye.
Take care, my dear.
- Hi.
-Hi, Dri just called. He can't make it.
- Did something happen?
- I don't know.
Shouldn't we schedule
some other time?
- My schedule is so full...
- OK?
- Could my friend Agnes read with me?
- What?
Sure. No problem.
Let's do it.
What can I say?
I can only ask you to forgive me.
Why didn't you say anything?
Called? Left a note?
- Kristmundur, I thought you were dead.
- I was afraid, Dsa.
Afraid of what? Me?
Our child?
I was afraid of love.
Dsa, I'm...
I was so afraid.
Afraid of not being a good
enough father. But know this...
Not a day passed by,
not a minute...
That I didn't think about you.
You two.
I love you, Dsa.
I've always loved you.
Thank you.
Very strong.
That's enough.
It was great.
Relax. It's not that serious.
She's 19 years old.
She'll just do the exam again.
She has to decide this for herself.
I don't believe in this
"studying online" nonsense.
She'll soon stop attending and just
hang around the shop every day. No.
- Not on my watch.
- Your watch?
You talk about this like it's a business.
Our family isn't an Excel-sheet.
Einar, why can't you just support
me in this?
It's so lonely.
Support you in what?
Excruciating boredom?
Shouldn't life be an adventure for us?
- Yes, that would be wonderful.
- Yes.
It's an adventure if others take care
of everything for you.
Where do you think Agnes gets
her irresponsibility? From you.
Right. You can play Dalai Lama when
your daughter leaves her final exams.
Damn you're annoying!
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
How did the audition go?
Nailed it.
They haven't confirmed it
but the role is mine.
That's a fact.
You were great!
- Wonderful. What do you want?
- Beer.
A beer and my usual.
- You can't get a tab.
- No.
- Kristmundur is a bit of a dick.
- What?
- A dick?
- Yes.
- Why do you say that?
- Just the way he is.
Is it because he's...
Afraid, just human? Or is it
that he shows feelings?
- Is that forbidden?
- I didn't say that.
- A dick is a dick.
- A dick is a...
- Is it forbidden to say that?
- No. But it isn't that simple.
It's not black and white.
It's not like that.
We are working with the
grey areas in the middle.
- Life... it just...
- Happens.
Let's toast...
just a second.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Agnes.
- Yes.
- We should keep this between us.
- Keep what?
- I'll hear from you.
- Yes.
I couldn't care less what
you or others feel.
I told you I wasn't going
to take the exam.
- You'll take it.
- No.
You'll do it.
- And we'll take the trip.
- No, no way.
Where have you been all day and
all night? You weren't with Skari.
- I went to the city to fix my phone.
- How?
- I got a ride.
- With whom?
I trust you.
But not everybody else.
Do you trust me?
- Yes.
You've never trusted me.
You only tell me how I'm messing up.
I'm not interested in going with you two
on this trip.
- You hate each other.
- Agnes!
Admit it.
You only care about what
other people think.
The perfect couple with
their cute adopted girl.
Who's supposed to be small
and cute all the time.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm the only reason you're not divorced.
- And I hate it.
- You know...
Let's all calm down.
Calm down?
Is that all you have to say?
We're the adults here.
What do you want me to say?
How do you want me to behave?
What's this nonsense?
It's about her.
What's great?
Just continue to sit in front
of your computer.
Brilliant to be able to
blame others, isn't it?
I've given up on trying to please you
because it's not possible.
Because you're a complete control freak.
Just like your mother
Oh, hi.
Are you OK?
Sure, I'm just getting some fresh air.
I couldn't fall asleep.
He's been home alone all day.
He needed fresh air.
Of course.
- Some exercise. Aren't you cold?
- Yes.
Take my jacket.
How nice of you.
Go inside.
I just can't go inside.
What's worrying you?
I've always worried about Agnes,
since she was small.
Back then I had nightmares.
That I lost my grip on her and
she fell down the stairs...
That hasn't changed.
She goes swimming and I'm nervous
until she's back.
She's nineteen.
It's just... worries.
And it seems like life is
just over.
What am I doing?
Weeding in the garden.
Trying to enjoy it.
Going to the office and...
Working with people
I can't stand.
Everything is so fucking boring.
I'm failing Agnes, I know it.
And mom and Einar.
But I'm so afraid for them.
Every night... and then I
still push them away.
It's just so lonely.
But, that's all.
Where were you?
I'm sorry.
Where did you go?
Why didn't you answer my calls?
Just... I went to Reykjavk to
get a new SIM-card.
Please don't lie.
I was with Hreinn.
What the hell is wrong with you?
A red Rizla, please.
Aren't you that actor guy?
I am.
What was it like playing that
crazy lawyer on TV?
- It's just a job.
- I see.
Hello, Kristmundur.
How are you?
Fine. How about you?
- I'm very good.
- Right.
I'm in a hurry.
I'll talk to you later.
Wait... are you just off?
- Yes, I'm just... in a hurry.
- Wait. Don't go.
Mom, I'm busy.
You've completely
stopped answering my calls.
I've been calling since yesterday.
I'm out of milk and coffee.
I know. I'll call you later today.
Do you want some soup?
No, thank you.
Have you seen Agnes?
- Have you seen her?
- No.
If you know where she is
I have to find her, Skari.
- I'm not her babysitter.
- skar.
- She went down to CrossFit.
- Thank you.
One hand!
- Now we're talking.
- What's going on?
What are you doing, child?
What are you doing?
- Sorry, I think...
- Don't butt in.
What are you doing?
Are you telling me...
- Mom.
- What's wrong with you? Answer me.
- Mom, please...
- Are you going to be a stripper?
Are you showing yourself off on pole
in the middle of the day?
In front of some disgusting men?
Is that what you want?
- Are you crazy? She's nineteen!
She's nineteen.
You should be ashamed.
- Hi.
- Hi.
A large beer, please.
There's no way he's going
on a horse riding trip with us.
Why not?
- She's just crazy.
- Crazy.
- Didn't she have it a month ago?
- At least.
This is an annual trip. She knew
about it before she became pregnant.
- What?
- I was in town and wanted a drink.
Fun. Welcome.
- Guys, this is my friend Agnes.
- Hello.
- Your Icelandic is great.
- Thank you.
Can I crash at your place?
That's really not a good idea.
- Hi.
- Agnes, my dear.
I'm not available. Don't leave voicemail,
don't send me a message. I'm busy.
I don't understand it.
I had forbidden her to drive.
Again and again.
She knew she shouldn't drive.
I had told her time and again.
Yes... your mother always
followed her own rules, dear.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
- Had she been sick?
- No.
You know... that's good.
Sometimes it's very good
just to... go.
- Go away.
- Do you need to pee?
Do you need to go out?
Agnes, my dear.
The viewing is next week.
We can pick you up
whenever you want.
I think it would be best if
you came with us right now.
Hreinn will accompany me
to the viewing.
I'm not sure about that. It's just family.
You don't control this.
I'm not 15 any more.
I know what I want and I
want Hreinn to come with me.
- OK.
- Agnes.
I think your mother is right.
I think the family should
be together right now.
- She's so controlling.
- I know, my dear.
I understand that perfectly.
But I think...
I'm going back in.
I can't leave her there.
- She doesn't want to come.
- She will come with us.
I'm not leaving my daughter
with that creep.
He's fucked my wife and
is fucking my daughter now.
The fucker is my age.
I think I'm getting the bloody flu.
Very annoying.
Yes. OK.
- What's going on?
- What?
Hreinn. I allowed you to crash
for a few nights.
I didn't know you were coming.
I know, OK. I thought you
were coming back tomorrow.
The plants are OK.
Just relax.
- What's going on?
- My friend stayed over.
- Relax, man.
- Bringing whores to my home.
How old is she?
Are you crazy?
Get the hell out, right now.
Take your whore with you.
Excuse me.
I'm not a whore.
My name is Agnes Joy Einarsdttir.
And I'm from Akranes.
Goodbye to you.
After talking to my closest
we have found a way so I
can stop working here.
Effective from today.
Truth be told, I can't be bothered
to be here one minute longer.
But, I want to thank you for the
time we've worked together.
And wish you every success.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- You too.
- Thanks.
One more thing.
Worker rental agencies will
never be used here.
I've made sure of that.