Agni Devi (2019) Movie Script

Akash Vani news report.
The news read by Kabilan.
As general elections were scheduled in India,
the former Prime minister was killed.
The violence and arson
has erupted across the country.
Because of this,
Section 144 has been declared... the Chief Minister of TamilNadu.
The entire hamlet has become
a graveyard in arson.
Is your family the only exception?
They've blazed all the families.
Hey, leave the way.
Don't worry.
Aruna is a good girl.
Guru, how are you going
to proceed with this case?
Hit him.
He's coming forward.
Don't leave.
I'm coming.
Don't worry.
I've lifted the pot.
What's this?
I didn't do exercise in the morning.
That's why lifting this.
Can't you play the game calmly?
I feared some social adversaries
has entered.
Hey Uday,
Taste this chicken.
Uncle, no salt in it.
No salt?
Uncle, will anyone lie for this?
Tommy likes saltless chicken.
Guru, I know lot of filthy words.
I remain calm just because
he is your dad.
Even today, we won the game.
Ever we'll win the game.
Then, they're asking us to arrest
the drunk and drive case.
These people sells the liquor
and ask us to arrest them.
Will the drunk person
stay back in the wine shop?
He has to go home.
They sell it
and they'll arrest too.
Just because of
the Police officers like us...
Yeah, because of the Police officers
like you, things are good to some extent.
No one respects the Policeman.
-Is the coffee ready?
Skimmer device in ATM.
The elephant has died.
Russian President Putin appreciated
the murderer of the six people in Usilampatti.
What are you reading?
Lack of time, Guru.
Now, I'll go through everything.
Later, will read separately.
Hey goof, read properly.
Anusha, an eight years old,
who was raped and murdered... paid a compensation of five lakh rupees
by the Government to her family.
Is it okay,
if given money?
What is this guru?
These damn people must be sheared.
Will he commit such crimes, then?
Your traditional love lady!
Sir, just five minutes.
I'll come now.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Are you good?
I'm good till now.
Tell me.
You gave an appointment
for our channel's interview.
Reporter Aruna is coming
for the coverage.
I called just to remind that.
When is she coming?
She said at 2 o'clock.
Now the time is 2.45.
I'm not giving interview
for the behindhand people.
Hang the call.
Hey, you won't get a perfect match
than Deepa.
Dad, it's common for couples
to quarrel.
Isn't it?
He says both.
Tommy didn't like the chicken.
So, better you eat this.
Eat it.
What a funny attire!
Damn...Always playing video games.
"Don't see me..."
Okay, I won't see.
Have we ever questioned
the earlier promises?
Her presence in the show
was interesting.
Still with thousand promises...
Today's headlines.
In the daylight, a young woman was
murdered at the bus depot.
It has created shock waves
among the people in Tamil Nadu.
Guru, isn't she who has
to interview you?
The Police has filed the case
and investigating.
It was known from the intial inquiry
that she is a journalist.
The murder in the public place
has been a threat for women's safety.
Please, move.
It's very scary.
Tourists feel unsafe to visit India.
They'll think so.
India is leading in the unsafe
environment for women.
I feel ashame of it.
But, we can't do anything
about it, right?
Why can't?
We will.
We are in the media, isn't it?
I'll do my best before I die.
Superb! you're great.
Sorry, I didn't expect you here.
If known, you'd have done everything.
Is any show going on here?
Clear the crowd.
Look there.
Clear the crowd.
Sir, Good noon.
How many stab marks totally?
Sir, totally two wounds.
A stab mark in the abdomen.
Another mark in the neck.
How many inches?
Sir, around four inches in the abdomen.
A small wound in the neck.
Then, there was no chance
of immediate death.
That's what, we're wondering!
Don't keep wondering,
do your work.
Yes, sir.
Have you checked the CCTV footage?
Sir, it's not working here.
Tender has been given for service.
It's ashame!
Though, there are numerous
technical sources, so careless they're.
Sir, her things...
Only cellphone is missing.
A girl without a cellphone!
I can't believe!
What happened?
Guru, cellphone is missing.
Hold this.
Tell me after checking.
In the dairy, she has written Surya, Agni Dev
in today's date and marked it as important.
Who is Surya, Guru?
-she noted as important too.
Deepa, do you know Surya?
Which Surya?
Do you know S.J Surya,
the film director?
Your friend has noted in her dairy.
Hey, you fixed my appointment
saying as your friend?
Won't you know her friends?
She is just a friend.
My colleague.
It's not my business to interfere
in her personal life.
She has a brother.
They live together.
That's it.
Guru, before the corpse...
Let's discuss your
family problem later, please.
Clear the crowd.
Ask to come.
What grandma?
I can't bear.
Didn't you eat?
Get idly for her.
No, get biryani.
Grandma, what happened?
How it happened?
It might be 2pm.
Come the flowers.
At least you buy for her.
It's 2 o'clock, yet to sell for a rupee.
Oh, no!
Oh, sinner!
My saree was full of blood.
How was he looking?
Short, fair, wearing black pants
and checked red shirt.
He was carrying a bag
on his shoulder.
He came, stabbed her and ran away.
Take care of her safely.
Guru, no furore near Aruna's house.
Is everyone busy with Sunday special?
Inquire about Aruna
in the neighborhood.
Okay, Guru.
I recall the peotry which I
studied long back.
"No milk for the weeping child,
No food to feed even a quarter stomach"
It was said by a poet.
How much his mind must be
stricken with poverty?
Else how will be get these lines?
Last week, twenty eight families
came to the collector's office...
...and said that,
"we don't have source to live.
Either we should commit suicide
or you've to do mercy killing".
This was their petition.
That's how the poverty is...
Who are you?
Agni dev.
Anti crime department.
Will you get in without permission,
if you were the Police?
Don't be angry.
Brother, you don't mistake.
Better, you leave now.
We'll find a solution for
the public issues.
We'll convey the government
and also we'll try to do our best.
Okay boss, we'll leave.
Tell me, brother.
What can I do for you?
Brother, as I'm very casual,
you've approached me easily.
That's okay.
Tell me, for what you've
come here?
Do you know Aruna?
I know her well.
She resides on the first floor
of my house.
She is like my daughter.
What's the information?
She was murdered.
Brother, what are you saying?
Don't panic.
Where is her brother, Dileep?
Dileep went to Bangalore
two days before.
They both were indulged in brawl
before going.
You're adamant though I told you
not to do.
Then, what it means?
What it means?
I yell you...
It's called attitude.
Yeah, let it be.
What to do for that?
Hey, no Aruna.
I hate what you do.
It's not necessary
that you should like it.
It's enough, if I like.
Do you understand, Dileep?
Hey, you're crossing your limit.
Will you stop poking
your nose in everything?
I'm not a chilld.
I know what I should do
and what I shouldn't.
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
No, Aruna.
Stop there.
Hey Aruna, listen me.
How do you know
that he went to Bangalore?
He informed me.
What's this?
You're inquiring me like an accused.
I'm not inquiring like an accused.
When I don't get proper response
for my queries... way of inquiry will be different.
The house is locked.
Give me the key.
I don't have their house key.
Don't you've the extra key?
They bought the lock.
Will they give the spare key to me?
What are you taking about?
It's wrong to break the lock.
You need to get prior permission.
They both stayed here.
Don't understand anything.
Oh, no! What's this?
I don't understand anything.
Sir, how about Aruna?
Aruna is more responsible,
good girl.
We can't blame her for anything.
Wonder, who did her so?
He is her brother, Dileep.
I'm perplexed,
how he'll face this!
Give her brother's contact number.
Dileep's number...
93971 23871
Oh, no!
He is Dileep!
He said he's going to Bangalore.
But, he is hanging here.
Oh, no!
Guru, has he committed suicide
on the shock of his sister's death?
It's not suicide.
Guru, how did you conclude that
it's a murder?
This house don't have the back door.
The front door was locked.
To avoid decomposition
of the body...
...air conditioner was kept
in low temperature.
Either, his soul must have locked
the door or Sir must've...
Brother, don't even say for fun.
That'll be known in finger prints.
Call the team immediately
and take the corpse.
Aruna was murdered and her brother
was hanging in the locked house.
I don't understand anything.
Hey, come here.
Take your spectacles.
Take it.
Hi Agni, Inspector Varma has
sent a message...
... that you're taking up
Aruna's murder case.
Yes, sir.
She is known to me.
So, I've been involved.
Is it?
What's the latest update?
It's not a single murder.
But, two...
What are you saying?
Yes, sir.
Aruna's brother Dileep
was also murdered.
The beauty of this case is... attempt was made
to portray this as suicide.
Pressure from media is very high.
Everyone is talking about this news.
Investigate this case carefully.
Let Shanmuga Varma take up
the channel and other media issues.
You keep updating me.
Okay, sir.
Thank you.
Call me after getting the details
about her beau.
Guru, why are you looking dull?
We've seen many cases
in our experience.
This is nothing for us.
Uday, it's not an ordinary case
as you think.
Something critical.
Why are you saying so, Guru?
As we think, Dileep and Aruna
aren't siblings.
What are you saying?
Open that dashboard.
I-pill tablets.
Why should they act as siblings?
Don't know.
There is something terribly wrong
in this case.
How will you proceed
with this case, Guru?
In the dairy, she has written Surya, Agni Dev
in today's date and marked it as important.
The only trump card,
we've is Surya.
But, where to search for him?
Hello, Agni sir!
Yeah, speaking.
I'm Surya.
Tell me, Surya.
I'm Aruna's friend.
She has told a lot about you.
I want to meet you in person.
I'm afraid, sir.
Surya, tell me where are you now?
Don't be afraid.
We are there for you.
Nothing will happen to you.
What happened, Guru?
Trace this number immediately
and find out the details.
-fast... fast...
I'm Surya speaking.
Surya, where are you?
Tell me, please.
Not now.
I'll call you in the evening.
Surya, you're not aware of
the seriousness of this case.
It's safe for you,
how soon you meet us.
Please, understand.
I understand, sir.
I'm safe now, sir.
I'll call in the evening after 6.30.
Be safe until we reach.
Not responding.
He is not attending the call.
Pity on the public.
Sir, see here.
He is that guy.
How did you get this video?
Sir, I got this from a building's
CCTV footage near the bus depot.
Have you investigated thoroughly
and confirmed him?
Yes, sir.
I had took a long size photo
of this person...
... and also confirmed with
the florist granny at the bus depot.
If we give his photo to the media,
we can easily find his whereabouts.
Okay, give to the media.
I'll update the other information.
Thank you, sir.
"Don't ask me to sing"
No one asked you to sing.
I've liquor for you too.
Come soon.
Yes, I'm coming.
Coming, dad.
Keep it here.
Take it, Tommy.
Sorry, Dad...
Are you calling me Tommy?
I asked to give me,
as you alone booze.
Oh, you asked to give.
That's what I said,
But, without space.
Police has got a hint
in this gruesome murder.
I'm like your son, isn't it?
But, you drink without giving me?
Be silent.
A woman news reporter
has been murdered near the bus depot.
The Police officer has got a new hint
from CCTV footage.
The murderer sheared that woman's head
and ran away.
It's suspected to be
a single side love.
Guru, it's a fresh news.
Who is he?
How did he come into this case?
The opposition MLA's have questioned
the government on the safety of women...
Some politics were involved in it.
For past 5 years both the parties
blame each other.
If this continues, they won't
understand the pain of the public.
They decided to close this case.
It's not new for the Police
to find a scape goat.
Yeah, what about Surya's matter?
When are we going to meet her?
She said she will call at 6 o'clock.
It's 7 now.
Till, I can't reach her.
If I think about this case,
I feel frustrated.
Shall we have alcohol?
It's not much necessary. But...
Hey, where are you going?
Don't take cheap stuff
and spoil your health.
I've the good quality.
Give that to your Tommy
Sir, I'm Shanmuga Varma.
Tell me, Varma.
I got an information in Aruna's case,
that the murderer is in Erode.
So, I need your permission
to go ahead.
You proceed without disturbing
the public.
I'll convey it to the Assistant Commissioner.
You can call the IS,
for your support.
Okay, sir.
You called for booze
but have babes here.
Guru, Is both of us
or only you?
Come, let's see.
Oh, both of us!
Thank you, God.
Is everything safe?
Yes, everything is safe.
Go to room number 202.
You're perfect for this place.
This is right for this place.
He feels proud too.
Just wait for ten minutes.
I'll get the stuff.
No problem, we can manage.
You mean, no problem?
Guru, we might get into trouble.
Hey, he irates...
Guru, you shouldn't fight there,
Because, I'll be the first.
In work, you might be a senior
but for this, I'm your senior.
Guru, this is the room.
Is someone there already?
Agni sir.
Sorry, sir.
I was in the rest room.
It's okay for me even there.
Okay, Surya.
Fine, sir.
To meet her, you cheated
and brought me here.
Lock the door.
Oh, no!
Son, the Police is coming.
Flee from here.
Sir, my son is innocent.
He won't have done anything wrong.
Sir, I plead to you.
Please leave, him.
Please leave, sir.
I don't know anything.
Sir, I'll even fall at your feet.
-please, sir.
Sir, leave me.
i didn't do anything.
Please, sir.
Sir, my father is pityful.
Sir, please.
My son didn't do any mistake.
He is the gifted child of god.
You made me an orphan.
Please leave him, sir.
Sir, I'm very scary that
they'll kill me.
I'm the next target for them.
Don't get panic.
Tell me, Surya.
Yes, I'll tell you.
Watch this video before that.
What's there between Aruna and
the Haryana MP's murder...
...which happened two years ago?
It's related, sir.
This is the reason...
Aruna died because of this.
I'm the reason, for that.
I'm going to die, next.
Surya, don't get panic.
If you say the truth,
Only then, I can save you.
Can you understand?
Tell me.
Myself and Aruna are close friends
from childhood.
If anything happens to me,
She'll take care.
When that video went viral,
we spoke a lot about it.
I saw that small boy in the video.
I saw...
I told that to Aruna.
As she was in the media,
she started to investigate it.
As she proceeded,
lots of problems emerged up...
Surya, are you okay?
What happened to you?
Surya, what happened?
Guru, it's mixed with poison.
Call the ambulance.
Hurry up!
Start the vehicle.
I think some one is following
our moments.
Nothing will happen to you, Surya.
Take the vehicle.
Give the key.
Go fast...
Come, Guru.
Who is doing this?
Start the vehicle, soon.
If we get hold of that person...
Go...go fast...
Ramasamy, are you good?
Sister, today is my anniversary.
Bless me.
Hey, You look dazzling.
Sister, It's all your blessings.
Yeah, on your anniversary, instead of
asking you to bring your wife... you know
why I asked to bring him?
I don't know, sister.
What's the yesterday's
bar collection?
I settled that to Saravanan, yesterday.
I asked about the collection.
It was two crores of rupees.
Oh, it was two crores?
Sister, please apologize me.
It's true that I took
one and half crores of rupees.
I did mistake heeding
my wife's words.
The total collection was
three and half crores.
I did mistake, thinking you won't be
aware of anything as you stay in.
Sister, forgive me.
What's this Meesai?
Sister, I don't know anything.
He cheated the goddess
who feed him.
I'm loyal to you.
Will I betray you?
Just say a word,
I'll chop him to pieces.
If I was louder,
Please, apologize me.
I stay inside the bungalow,
not aware of any calculations.
So, you thought of cheating me.
I'll kill you.
I came to politics individually
without the help of any male.
While you were learning
the calculations with lines on the wall,
I became a politician.
Settle that amount as
three crores of rupees and leave.
If it happens again...
Saw her?
I'll bring her to your place.
In just a minute,
You'll be on the road.
Then, you should go to the tea shop.
Why such a cheating mind?
You are getting ten percent of income.
Above that...
How dare you take my money?
Did you think, I'll blindly trust
if you bend?
That's why, I kept everyone
at distance.
Sister, I won't do this again.
Forgive me.
Henceforth, I'll settle the
collection amount perfectly.
If you want to stay,
better lick the tyre of my wheel chair.
You're looking like an educated person.
Please, listen me.
You don't know about them.
They're hysterical beasts.
If you don't accept,
They'll stamp you like an insect
and throw away.
I didn't do, sir.
What he said?
That's what, I'm asking him.
Though hit for long hour,
you're yet to say the truth.
Tell me.
I swear, I didn't do.
Inquire about me, sir.
I swear, I didn't do.
All the criminals are saying only this.
Could we leave everyone?
Tell me.
I didn't do.
Accept the truth.
We won't thrash you.
Else you'll be thrashed to death.
I didn't do anything, sir.
How it was missed?
I left believing you.
Believe me, sir.
I was with you all these years.
Mani, run away.
Run away.
Don't get caught to them.
Somehow, escape.
Hey, leave.
Agni, where are you?
I'm inquiring aruna's case.
They tried to kill her friend, Surya.
I sent her to the hospital with Uday.
No need of anything, Agni.
In aruna's case,
The accused was arrested.
The evidences are strong.
We confirmed that he is involved
in that murder.
Hereafter, you don't have
to involve in this case.
It's not the fact as you mention, sir.
I guess, there is someone
behind this case.
Sure, I'll solve this case.
Please, give me some time.
We can't extend this
like other cases.
This case is very sensitive.
Suppose, if he comes out...
...we'll be humiliated saying
we let him out taking bribe.
For that, will you arrest an innocent
and close the case, sir?
Agni, mind your words.
He might be an innocent for you.
But, according to this case,
he is the culprit.
I assure you, sir.
He is an innocent.
If you want to imprison him,
you've to do against me.
Are you challenging me, Agni?
The Police department is a huge wheel.
You're a small part.
That's all.
No one can do anything
without the order of higher official.
Don't indulge in it.
Sir, just a minute.
Hang the phone.
What's happening, Charles?
Sister, no problem, as of now.
Agni Dev is under my control.
No, he is under our control.
If he wasn't involved in this case,
We would've closed it long before.
It's our bad luck,
he is involved and disturbing us.
But, I told him to be silent.
Charles, I'm watching everyone
who interferes in my matters.
I know, sister.
In politics, even the enemies
who appear in dreams shouldn't be alive.
Else, in an unexpected situations,
they'll torture us.
I'll take care, sister.
Okay, I believe you.
If he creates any ruckus in future,
you too will face the consequences.
Why you are talking like this?
Only if he can find
the network behind you...
...he can find you.
Is it ever possible?
Don't worry.
I'll take care.
I'm watching everything.
Hey, I asked you to
upload memes on Raja.
What happened?
All the memes were uploaded in
entire social media and online platform.
Hey, what's that?
Keep on blabbering.
You're in Tamil Nadu, isn't it?
Speak in Tamil.
All memes are uploaded now.
Almost shared to forty thousand accounts.
It'll reach 1 lakh subscribers by morning.
Get up.
Tell me.
Tell me, who has sent you?
Tell me.
Commissioner sir.
Agni Dev don't have any evidence.
I cleared off everything.
Tell me.
Guru, everything is going wrong here.
What happened?
Surya has been killed in the hospital.
What are you saying?
How it happened?
How can you be so careless?
You know, how important
is Surya to this case?
Guru, come with me.
-get lost.
Hey, play the CCTV footage of ICU.
Look here, sir.
What happened?
Why this noise?
Try to play it properly.
Sir, something is wrong.
Automatically the screen is getting blurred.
UV 30 and UHF and BHF jammers.
They've used the lastest technology.
The technological inventions of the humans
are becoming dangerous for us.
Will you be so careless,
in such a reputed hospital?
Sir, what can we do,
when it's crowded?
No, sir. I saw.
The one who came
is not a woman but a guy.
What about the imprisoned guy, then?
Don't lie.
Sir, he isn't telling the truth
though thrashed hard.
How long are you in this job?
Don't you know who is innocent
or accused?
Sir, I've the evidence.
Throw away your evidence in the dustbin.
What's this?
Sir, I'm a gold medalist in engineering.
You can inquire about me
in the college.
I like that girl very much.
How can I kill her?
In my vicinity, a small boy stabbed her
with knife and ran away.
I can't even stop that, sir.
How can I do for her?
I wish to see my parents.
Haven't you kept the sindoor?
It's there, sir.
Show your police power
to the politicians.
Not to this innocent.
Can you understand?
I'm leaving.
You're complicating the case
which should've been closed long before.
Don't link unnecessary things
to this case.
No, sir.
There is a link between
all the murders that happened.
The angle which you proceed
in Raja's case is wrong.
Agni, you're repeating the same.
This case is closed now.
No, sir.
This case is not yet closed.
I've a proof for it.
Sir, have you heard about
an atomic knife?
It's atomic Uranium-16 .
When we stab a person with this knife,
In few seconds, Uranium dilutes
in the blood and becomes fatal.
Sir, look this.
It's the murder record of Haryana's MP
who was stabbed to death.
He was stabbed with an
atomic knife.
He died because Uranium
was mixed with the blood.
This is Aruna's records.
According to the forensic report,
her blood was also mixed with Uranium.
Same pattern of killing, sir.
Sir, one more important information.
On my observation, the Haryana MP
was murdered by a left handed person.
But, we're yet to get him.
Even in Aruna's murder,
With the strap marks, pattern
and down to up position reveals...
...that a left handed person
had murdered her, I can assure you.
Sir, but the person who you've
arrested was right handed.
Agni, can't a right handed person stab
Aruna with his left hand?
It's inconclusive.
You can't prove anything
with these details.
Get me, if you've the right evidence.
You say I'm linking unwanted cases.
Then, how did aruna's brother Dileep,
die in his house?
Agni, there was i-pill tablets,
condoms in his house.
How can they be siblings?
You're so adamant to prove your points.
It's of no use to anyone.
There is no use without evidence.
I have, sir.
I've the evidence.
She told me an information
before her death.
Soon, I'll meet you with evidence.
Then we'll know whether triumph wins.
What's this?
Is it gravy?
Pour into your mouth.
Uday, dongle.
What's the password?
Sunni Leone.
That's what I said so.
What's the relation between
Harayana MP's murder and Aruna?
Yes, it's there, sir.
There is a relation between them.
I saw that small boy in the video.
The one who came
is not a woman, but a guy.
A small boy killed her
with knife and ran away, sir.
A home near the Lakshmi mill.
Guru, got anything interesting?
Hey Charles, I told you to kill him
on that day.
But you blabbered,
it's a big network and all...
Can I ask you one thing?
How long will you lie under my foot,
lacking backbone?
Don't you feel ashamed?
You eat only food, right?
I told you in the beginning itself.
We'll get problems because of him.
It's you said that
you'll take care of him.
I trusted you.
If I doubt a person as an enemy,
I'll kill him without evidence.
Now, wherever you're and
whatever you do.
You're coming here.
Come here, immediately.
Yes, sister.
I'm coming, immediately.
Does she know, she's speaking
to a Commisioner?
She speaks as if I'm a constable.
When will he finish?
Our guess is right.
There is a care home
near Lakshmi mills.
What it means?
Hey, it's Ranjithananda home.
The one who cheats with
bare hands.
In 2016, nine children had escaped
from this home.
Guru, what are you saying?
So, are we searching the person
one among them?
May be.
Greetings, sir.
Harayana Police speaking.
You've asked for MP's murder records, right?
We've traced a mobile number.
Whose number is that?
One number belongs to Mani Maran,
MLA of Coimbatore.
- Okay.
After two hours...
Hey, Uday...
Hey, Uday...
Uday, what happened?
Nothing, Guru.
Who are they?
Nothing happened, right?
Are you a goof?
You know they're shooting.
Why do you keep going?
Nothing happened to me.
You don't be here.
Leave now.
Go to the home and
inquire about the children.
Go safely.
- Okay, Guru.
Take it.
Keep this gun for your safety.
Be careful.
Can you understand?
- Okay.
Hello, Agni...
Where are you?
What happened?
I asked where are you?
We're waiting at the hospital.
In hospital?
No problem, right?
Nothing problem.
We're waiting to get Aruna's corpse.
I need water.
I need water.
Please, give me water, sir.
Brother, come in.
Is there any improvement
in this case?
I visited the hospital twice.
I can't concentrate on any work.
Don't act too smart, sir.
When I asked you,
You said, you aren't associated
with this case.
But, you had called the Harayana MP,
who was killed.
I thought you're an honest politician.
And treated you in a proper manner.
Else, my treatment will be worst.
Do you know
what's meant by honesty?
It's not like acting as if being sincere,
when needed.
Even if we're about to die,
we should be true...
... to our conscience and to the god
without cheating.
That's honesty.
Today, the business people
have become politicians.
Generations together we were
associated with political parties.
They had principles to work hard
for the people.
They lead a life not taking money
from anyone even in their dreams.
They came to politics as followers
of Kamarajar, Pasumpon and Kakkan.
When I preferred politics,
They asked me to swear
that I shouldn't take money from anyone.
And allowed me to the politics.
Now, criminals have become
politicians and spoiled it.
Till now, I'm living as an honest person.
Then, why did you hide
the truth from me?
Brother, there are many reasons
for not telling you...
...about the Haryana MP murder.
I know you're an honest Police officer.
You must know
that I'm also honest.
A few days before, to convert
the illegal gains into white money,
A plan was executed by higher authorities.
But, many people doesn't know
what's behind that.
That too such a gruesome
has happened in my own party.
Sister, greetings!
Be careful.
You know where she began her life
and reached this stature?
No, sir...
No...Leave me.
I, Shakuntala Devi,
Solemnly affirm to the Constitution of India
as by law established,
That I will uphold the secrecy,
I will discharge my duties
without affection or ill-will.
When the leader enacts a law,
It must be beneficial
even to the last citizen,
For that every politician
should work honestly.
Only then, it'll succeed.
Else, it'll go waste.
Either the head of the party
or the people...
... doesn't know why this law
was passed.
This is what has occured
in demonetisation.
The people who punished
the rice burglar to death...
...sent the other culprit to foreign
who looted lot of money.
The government introduced
new scheme and sent new currencies.
Though, it's a white paper,
the black dot only will be visible.
Whatever the Government do,
these politicians planned... loot the money
from that policies.
Are the millionaires standing here?
They won't even understand this.
Why are you shouting here?
Either follow the line properly or
go to some other bank.
Yeah, he came to say that...
Sir. Go fast.
-oh, no.
Didn't you go from here yet?
I told you to leave.
It's my grand daughter's marriage
in two days.
I've some money.
I couldn't change though I tried hard.
Please, it'll be helpful if you exchange it.
Ask her to go out.
Leave now.
Come out.
Do you've conscience?
No one is there to ask you.
There politicians are spending lavishly
for their marriages with new currencies.
Do we look damn cheap?
You can support your management,
But, the salary you're
paid is our money.
Here comes the donator.
If you have that much courtesy,
Give your money.
These people don't have any work.
Sir, just a minute.
Sir, please...
It's an emergency.
You want me to say
personally for you?
You know many people are waiting?
Please, sir.
Listen me, sir.
Go and stand in the queue.
Due to demonetisation,
the people are facing hardships.
Especially, the banks in Tamil Nadu
doesn't have stock of new currencies.
The crowd continues
to grow before the banks.
The public are suffering a lot.
The small traders and labourers
who had savings in houses...
...are the worst affected.
I was frustrated and
I thought not to be quite.
So, started recording everything.
As you said, that I've hidden
about the Haryana MP,
I conveyed all these informations
to him.
He said, immediately
he'll take action on Shakuntala Devi.
But, the next day,
I read in the daily, that he is dead.
Not willing to be in this sewage,
I resigned my designation.
What will happen, if I give the
evidences to the press and media?
They'll torture and kill me.
I'm not worried about dying.
What's the use for the people
because of my death?
The truth will be hidden.
At that time, Aruna said that
she saw a boy in our locale...
...who was involved in the minister's death.
In frustration, I told her everything.
Before taking the information
about Shakuntala Devi to press,
She had been murdered
along with her family.
How did they know that
you conveyed everything to Aruna?
Only you should find that.
But one thing, Shakuntala Devi
is not an ordinary woman.
A venomous snake.
I haven't seen such a cruel woman.
You must be very careful with her.
I'm leaving, sir.
Just a minute.
Guru, an important news.
It's true that some children
has escaped from home.
But, they didn't escape
as featured in news.
Someone had kidnapped them.
They had been brain washed
and made as criminals.
Also, they are using them
for all the murders.
How can a Government aided trust
do so?
Who is doing all these!
Who else?
Respected Commissioner Charles!
What are you saying?
Is it our Commissioner?
I haven't informed the department
about i-pill tablets and condoms...
...taken from Aruna's house.
But, how did the Commissioner knows?
Agni, when i-pill tablets and condoms
were in house, how can they be siblings?
Point no.2, when I met him,
he asked me not to deal...
... with this case any more.
And he was pushing to make
Raja as an accused and close the case.
They kidnapped the children
from home and portrayed to media... if they were missing.
When the security of the home
knows everything,
Why not the Commissioner
will be aware?
Looking like an actor of soap opera,
He did unexpected things.
Guru, why should our Commissioner do these?
Minister Shakuntala Devi got medical seat
for Commissioner's daughter.
Minister Shakuntala Devi?
But, we don't have any evidence
against her.
If we get a loop hole,
we'll arrest everyone.
Shakuntala Devi is not an ordinary woman.
She is a venomous snake.
I haven't seen such a cruel woman.
When that news reached
the minister,
I was dubious on opposition party.
But, now I understood our enemies
are not outside but with us.
When Agni Dev met Mani Maran,
It's confirmed that
the black sheep is Mani Maran.
I thought he'll speak about honesty,
justice and good enough to read literature.
It was my wrong calculation about him.
Secretly, he backstabbed us.
We can kill him later.
First kill Raja and Agni Dev soon.
This matter should end with them.
Sister, If we do anything to Mani Maran,
The Chief Minister will be involved.
If the CM gets involved, then...
I know how to deal with the CM?
Do whatever I say.
Don't suggest me any ideas.
Okay, sister.
Did you check?
I've checked the entire footage
But, Aruna didn't meet the Commissioner.
Come, let's see.
Good morning, sir.
-good morning.
Play the footage.
Play the footage three days
before her murder.
Freeze now.
Zoom in.
Guru, he is Dileep.
Aruna's brother.
Play the next footage.
Guru, he met the Commissioner.
Sir, Greetings!
Sir, somehow you've to save my sister.
-be patient.
She is doing something.
-don't panic.
Not at all heeding me.
-okay, come.
Be seated.
Tell me.
I'm Dileep.
A medical representative.
I lost my parents.
I live with my sister.
She is a news reader
in a private television channel.
Two days before, she was talking
with her friend, Surya...
...that she got an evidence
against the Minister Shakuntala Devi,
So, she is going to publish
that in the media.
I overheard that, sir.
Though my sister does
good to the society,
Shakuntala Devi is a Minister.
Against her political influence and power,
What can a middle class family
like us do?
She is not heeding me.
I can't trust the local Policemen.
That's why, I came to meet you, sir.
Sir, you've to give protection for my sister
in this issue and save her life.
You leave.
Ill take care.
Sir, thank you.
Sir, it's my sister's life.
It's good if not known to others.
I'll take care.
They were the siblings, really.
The Commissioner and Shakunthala Devi
has tarnished a family.
That small boys are pityful.
Why did they make them
do this?
It's the paid assassins.
For the sake of the political leaders,
these small boys are brain washed...
...and made addicted to drugs
and moulded to work for them.
But, that boys doesn't know
for whom they're doing and why?
On the whole,
that political leaders are safe.
Master plan, Guru.
Uday, gather all the evidences.
Okay, Guru.
You play the rest.
Great job, Mr.Agni Dev, IPS.
Thank you very much,
the corruption queen, Shakuntala Devi.
I thought of meeting you.
You must be alive for that.
Madam, you threaten the guys
who lick your wheel chair tyre.
Not me.
Hey, you...
How dare you speak to
me disrespectfully?
Do you know how many men
I've thumped and attained this stature?
What do you know?
What do you know about me?
I went to the politicians house
asking for a job.
But, he misbehaved with me.
I decided on that day,
Upon saying my name,
every man must panic.
I elevated by thumping
even the senior politicians.
What you did is a fraudulent act.
You speak as if you achieved
something historically.
For your fraudulent acts,
I'll imprison you and
show your true colour to the public.
Then, you'll know who this Agni Dev is.
Whoever spoke to me like this,
was buried.
You can't touch me even with
the nail of your little finger.
I'm a single woman...
...changed the entire
political scenario of Tamil Nadu.
Right from where I'm sitting,
I made you roam everywhere like a mad.
It's all just a beginning.
You've to go, still.
Madam, people think politics
as sewage and spit...
... because of the politicians like you.
Have you ever done your duty
for the people who cast their votes?
If they fight for their issues,
you send hooligans to disperse them.
Blaze the vehicles and
make them scapegoats.
When four hooligans around you
falls on your foot...
...will you become a politician?
Shakuntala Devi, let me see
who comes to stop me when I arrest you.
Damn it...
You're going to be alive only for
few more minutes.
You'll see the lord of death
in the form of a woman.
I'll come in person
to witness your death.
You'll know then, what will happen
if you oppose Shakuntala Devi.
Do you want to die?
You know Raja, right?
He is going to be a lone corpse.
Will you join him?
Sir, where are you taking me?
No, sir.
I'm afraid.
Leave me, sir.
Leave me, sir.
I'm afraid.
I'm the only son.
They've no one apart from me.
Sir tell him,
You look like my father.
Save me, sir.
Sir, I'll speak to my father once.
Leave me, sir.
Pity on him, sir.
Hey, call now.
If you tell him anything,
we'll kill him too.
(Indistinct voices)
Where are you?
Why are you crying?
Take care of mom.
Hey dear, don't talk like that.
Don't hit mom coming home drunk.
Don't worry, dear.
Nothing will happen to you.
Where are you?
I'm coming there now.
I'm with the lawyer.
I'll come, dad.
Leave me, sir.
Hey, make him stand facing
opposite side.
Leave me, sir.
Sir, no.
Sir, Im afraid.
He said that I'm like his father.
Why should I be alive
watching all these?
Why should I see?
I've piled up lot of sins
in this job so far.
I don't know where I'm going
to rectify these sins?
I couldn't do anything.
Leave it.
Weeping like a child.
After taking up this job,
We've to obey the authorities.
If our families need to be happy,
then other families should die.
Don't forget that.
Take alcohol tonight
and sleep well.
Everything will be fine.
Remove the handcuff.
Who had injected?
Come here.
I told you that you'll see
the lord of death... the form of a woman, isn't it?
Clear out...
Guru, nothing will happen
to you.
Who has come with the patient?
What's your relationship?
Mrs. Agni Dev.
Sign here.
I wish to see my parents.
Shakuntala Devi is not an ordinary woman.
I haven't seen such a cruel woman.
I told you that you'll see
the lord of death... the form of a woman, isn't it?
Tell me, Agni.
Dad, why did you bring me up?
Why are you asking this suddenly?
Did you make me an IPS
for this sake?
What happened, Agni?
Still I remember her face
which I saw in my childhood.
Though, I try my best to forget her.
I can't, dad.
Was I separated from my mom
when I was four years old, for this cause?
Why should I meet her again?
Still the wounds caused by
the politicians to my family...
... hasn't healed in my heart.
I lived with hope that some day
I'll definitely meet her.
I saw her now, dad.
Now, she is the politician Shakuntala Devi.
She holds the same weapon
which destroyed my family.
Did you make me an IPS for this sake?
Dad, you made me to arrest my mother.
Listen me, Agni.
Hye, Agni...
I'll come in person
to witness your death.
The business link between the Minister
and the Commissioner has been exposed.
Both of them will be
arrested for this reason.
The Chief Minister report states
the justice will be established...
...and the followers
must maintain silence.
Hey, are you a woman?
The day when you become
hard headed with power...
... you turned as a beast.
Have you forgot?
Today, the political influence,
power everything is in your hands.
For your selfishness,
how many people have you killed?
All those didn't hurt you, isn't it?
But, what I'm going to tell now
will hurt you forever.
From whom you've been isolated
and stood alone...
Keen to kill him because of
your hysterical attitude...
Do you know who he is?
He is your beloved son!
Why are you weeping?
My dear...
When he was crying
all alone on the road,
I brought him up.
I called him as Agni Dev.
You thought of dousing him.
But, he blazed you with his love.
He blazed you.
What can't you believe?
Yes, Agni Dev is your son!
Your son!
In the world history, you're the first mother
to endorse the death of her son.
The entire hamlet has become
a graveyard in arson.
Is your family an exception?
They've blazed all the families.
Let our sister free!
Police atrocities, down!
-let our sister free!
Let our sister free!
-police atrocities, down!
Shakuntala Devi has come to see you.
Guru, be careful.
"I saw you as my life"
"I unified you,
the half of my life"
"I lost you in a war of the past"
"I fell into the earth
with pain of motherhood"
"To conjoin you..."
"To go aside the shore..."
"To give the answer..."
"Won't the time stop for a while?"
"I yearn for you to lean
towards my chest"
"Won't you come, my dear?"
We did everything for your sake.
You people killed our friend
in my vicinity.
I thought you too died in that arson
along with your father.
"You're the soul
who gave me life"
"You're the Arabian jasmine flower
who turned as thorns"
You're before me now!
"If your hands are tarnished"
"I'll detain you
even if you're my child"
"Though a mother,
sin will take it's revenge"
"I don't want you, my dear..."
I parted you from your family!
I forced you to feed
the hunger of a male!
I made you as a woman beast!
I provoked you to kill your son!
I'm the reason for your death!
Your's - Arson.
"I gave birth to you
by an umbilical cord"
"I lost you by the defunct cord"
Police atrocities, down!
It's over.
They've killed our sister.
Bang the hospital.
Thrash them.
They've killed our sister.
They've killed our sister.
(Indistnct voices)