Agnyaathavaasi (2018) Movie Script

Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health.
Smoking causes cancer and leads to death.
Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are injurious to health.
It causes cancer.
Thirty years ago we tried once Vinda...
But failed.
Now... luck is on our side.
Your son... this morning...and now... it's you.
It's time for your company's logo to change, Vinda.
Your heiress business empires now ours.
Why is he laughing?
Here are the belongings...
Mr. Vinda's... and your son's.
We just got it.
I thought...I should hand it over personally.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
'Thirty years ago we tried once Vinda...'
'But failed.'
'Now... luck is on our side.'
'Your son... this morning...and now... it's you.'
'It's time for your company's logo to change, Vinda.'
'Your heiress business empires now ours.'
I have two names with me.
Ask him to step out.
Many years ago, on a rainy day like this,Vinda had left him.
After all these years,you are calling for him, now.
I'll inform him...certainly I will.
Where is he?
Sir went to Thanau yesterday,I'll find out and let you know.
OK, find out quickly.
OK sir.
Hello... Give him the phone.- OK mother.
Sir... phone.
The leading force in the pharma,steel and infra industries,
AB Group Founder and CEO Govinda Bhargav known as Vinda
Has died at the age of 67.
Vinda was found dead outside Le Fonti Grand Hotel, Siena, Italy.
Sticking with our breaking news on the shocking and sudden death
of AB Group founder and CEO
Mr. Govinda Bhargav
Tributes are pouring in from world leaders,
business competitors and ordinary people alike.
Just moments ago AB Group has put out a statement saying,
Quote "AB Group has lost a great visionary,a loving CEO and an inspiring leader
and the world has lost a wonderful human being
We shall continue to march forward
on the path laid by our dear leader" Unquote.
Quiet please.
Due to the sudden demise of our beloved CEO
The interim CEO will beSmt. Indrani Bhargav
All your questions will be answered...may be later
Thank you, Thank you.
'Thirty years ago we tried once Vinda...'
'But failed.'
'Now... luck is on our side.'
'Your son... this morning...and now... it's you.'
The first voice is Sharma's...
The second is Varma's.
Must kill them both.
I only doubt them now...
I should know it's the truth.
I must feel it so strongly that...
Even throwing them both from the edge of that building
I should feel it's justified.
But we must confirm something before that.
That night when they killed my dad,whose phone were they using?
Varma's or Sharma's?
Whose call list is registered with an international call?
If it was Sharma's,this is his office.
No wife... no kids... no illicit affairs...nothing.
His every detail is on his desktop.
If that is hacked, we will find all the telephone records on his i Cloud
If there is a single international calling the outgoing list
on 12th March midnight...
If so... you will kill him?
Look at this chair...
A green, live tree is axed...
Sawed into pieces...
Its bark sharpened with a blade...
And a number of nails are driven into its whole body.
There is a lot of violence behind the chair we sit in!
Behind every little comfort we seek in life,
There is a mini war.
Even I need some comfort.
I have to get rid of the anger on those who killed my father and younger brother.
I should be able to laugh easily.
For that comfort, if a war is necessary,
We shall wage one.
Certainly, we shall.
So, our motto is to kill them both...
We must be happy.
Let's kill them, Sir.- They are too young. Don't ruin them.
Come on, uncle.
If I need the call data from Sharma's computer,
I must enter his office.
More than 30 floors...500 exits, exhausts, ducts...
Oh... we can plan.
In ten or fifteen days...we can step inside.
What do you mean?How can you decide on the time?
Won't he be offended?
He may have only a week on his mind.
How long do you consider, sir?
It's 9.30 now, right?- Yes.
By 11 O' clock if it's ready, it's fine.
One and half hour?!
Why, is it too long?
Sir... that's enough.- Uncle...
To get into someone's house...there should be a wedding...
And to get into someone's office...there should be an interview.
Today, there is a interview for Personal Assistant post
People are standing in a queue...
Won't I find someone to help me sneak inside.
Bring him.
You have changed the venue?
The candidates will be disturbed by police,who are here for Vinda's death.
But I can't find any sign board?!
It's over there.
I didn't notice it.
I couldn't find my own interview Cardin the first place. Let's go.
Why don't we take these poor guys along?
Do we take another boy to the first night?- No!
No way. We go in first.
We'll share later. You come alone.
Come. Come.- Just a moment.
This is the new venue.
Give me your entry cards and certificates.
I will get you a placement without fail after a month.
You will get me a job?- Yes...
For me?- Yup.
But what do I do this whole month?
You can have a paid holiday.
Or there's another option.- What's that?
I am an old-timer and I caution you...the first option is the best.
I am a new-timer and I request you...don't tell me what is better for me.
Let me decide.
I must know what the second option is.I insist. - Your bad luck.
I thought a person can wear a tie but now I know a person can be tied with a tie too!
Isn't it?
I think the first option is better.
Thanks, bro.
Good. Untie me and I shall go my way.
Once you see the second option...your right to choose the first option....
Is automatically lost.
But you didn't tell me this earlier...
120 people have appeared forth interview.
Is it? Really?
I have seen them myself.
Hello! I ask you something,and you are talking among yourselves!
Answer me first.- That was the answer man!
Why did we prefer you to 119 others?
Why did you select me?
Oh no.
It's a trap!- Yes bro!
Smart idiot!
Bye, bro.
What's happening?
Not from the ladies...- OK.
Steal from him.- OK.
Walk fast. It may close.
Gadde Varma.- Sir.
Is this yours?
Yes, sir.
It's safer around your neck.- Thank you sir.
We can't get in or get out without it,can we?
What do you say?- Correct
First floor maintenance.
This is a very powerful microphone.
I am placing this in the chocolate.
You must carry this tithe interview room. - Sure.
I will be listening to their questions through this.
Wear this Bluetooth.
I will transmit the answers to their questions. You simply repeat.
Clear?- Clear.
Hey, Shivashankar!
What?- See this?
What business do I have with it?- You don't... I do.
It stopped.
Be careful... Be careful...don't worry...
Don't drop these applications.
Can anybody help me please?- It's open.
Don't panic.
Sir, pull me up.
Sir, pull me up first.- Wait... one by one.
One by one.
Sir pull me up.- First give me those applications
Why have them in your hands?
Please be very careful those are interview files.- Hold these.
Sir, please pull me up.- I'll help you.
Why are you getting so tensed about the files.
They are not more important than life.
Oh no!
I'm pulling you.
Is it done?
Job's done.
That's why elders always advise to use the stairs to go up in life.. not the lift.
Thank you, sir.- OK.
The rabbits are playfully moving The lion can come happily.
He is seeking a job in his own office!
Absolutely no tension. The job is yours.
Thank you so much, sir.
I gave you such sweet news!Not even a sweet for me?
Excuse me...- Sure.
He is our --- Sir.
Take chocolate sir.
You know the formalities.
Along with the check in the evening,don't bring chocolates.
My wife doesn't like them.Bring sweets.
I didn't have my breakfast yet.
Sorry, bro.
I thought he would take one.But he took them all.
Worked out for you perfectly, right?- Yes.
Get going.- Thank you, bro.
Hey, Toffees are in.
Excuse me, sir. Bluetooth.- Sure.
Plan B.
What is the effect of GSTon manufacturing states?
This guy fails to answer one question and the job should be given to my candidate.
Because of GST,Sir... actually speaking...
They started it in 2012...
The UPA government has started it...
The kind of benefits from it are...Most importantly...
One second... one second...
Whatever we ask... why do you look down and answer?
I am unnerved by the power in your eyes, Sir.
That's why I am looking down.
How much salary are you expecting?
So, you have already offered the job!Now, what should I tell that fellow?
For now, this chocolate will suffice, sir.
Chocolate?- Chocolate?
This chocolate in enough.
Smells like cigarettes.
Excuse me.
Stomach upset?
Oh it is heart-ache.
Which department do you work in?
Suryakantham... Personal Department.
Secretary to Ajay Sharma...
In this the first voice is Sharma's
and the second voice is Varma's
Hi! Nice meeting you...!
You too.
Did Sharma scold you?
It's over... Rohit.
Oh... your boyfriend dumped you.
Had you not given the half-million,
I wouldn't have started this business.
Where did you get it from?
She has stored all of her information in iPhone and life history in Google.
Sanctioned salary advance...half a million.
Salary advance?
Mr. Sharma is like a father to me.
I even lied to him to get the loan.
Without any question she has given the money.
I am not able to bear this guilt.
What if that cigarette in your hand was Rohit himself?
What will you do?
Come on.... Do it... Do it...Good!
That and this guy... both are injurious to your health.
Take my advice and forget him.
Leave him. I will tell you what will happen next. Come.
With children going hungry or girls crying incessantly,
This country will not prosper.
Over here.
Take it.
What could be a more matching lipstick to a girl, than a smile?
You smile, first.
And you are?
Balasubramanyam, Personal Assistant.Newly recruited.
Oh. So you work under me...
You just let me know 'do it this way or that way Balasubramanyam',
and I will do it for you.
Come. I'll tell you something.
Vinda means a man with Plan B.
He is reputed for making the right decision even in the most adverse situation.
We need a person like him.
With power in hand,anyone would take a decision.
What do you say Varma?
To spend four cents, we need to buy an application form for eight cents.
Vinda would buy the form for a rupee and attribute 75 paise to charity.
That's the beauty.
Vinda is a common man like you.
But his ambition...
is much bigger like the evening shadow.
That's why even intelligent and strong people like you...
preferred standing behind him.
For him to control you, are you dogs?!
How dare you--
You are tigers.
Let's not make it personal.
All of you have been with him since the inception of the AB Group.
Of course, Mr. Deenabandhuand Mr. Aditya are no more.
Mr. Deenabandhu's son...
Is never actively involved in all this;
So he is not here for the meeting.
It has not even been a month,since Vinda has died.
It's not fair to ask her to call fora General Body Meeting right now.
Let's take some time.
How long?
We need some clarity.
Let us say one month.
By that time, let's elect our new CEO.
By then... what is that Deenabandhu's son's name again?
We can't even abuse him,that's a divine name.
Make arrangements for his coming here.
Who knows which part of the world he has gotten drunk and passed out in?
Start now, and you will find him in a month.
She has her face towards me?What to do now? - Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Pen please.
What does this scumbag do?
He is our Personal Manager,Koteswara Rao.
She is Indrani Ma'am.
Mr. Vinda's wife.
Just done.
The General Body Meeting might be in a month.
Is the time sufficient?
Oh... don't worry at all.Within a month.
Rohit will return your money.
Shh... Ma'am.
Oh sorry.
Sir?- Two coffee.
Skimmed milk... no sugar.
How about you, sir?
A clean cup with a saucer underneath.
Have you no sense?
Why do you move it?
This is my problem...
Everything should be aligned in a straight line.
Or I just cannot take it.
That's why even Rohit left me.
He would bend his head to kiss me.
I would straighten his head.
He would get annoyed that I wouldn't even let him kiss.
This is my problem.
You call this a problem?
Look at him...
He wants everything in a slant line.
Crooked - craziness.- Yes!
Where as you... want everything in a straight like a ruler.
For illiterates like me to understand,shall we call it scale - craziness?
Somehow, I am happy now.
Why won't you be?I have set the napkin straight, haven't I?
I thought I lost the habit.
Falling at one's feet does not reduce people's temper,
How can one cure diseases by holding hands, Kantham?
When are we meeting Rohit?
You think I am being commercial?
Let's go tomorrow.
I'll go to the restroom and come.
Why that cozy talk with that girl after the interview?
I heard she is like a daughter to Sharma.
That's the reason.
Stop thinking about Sharma's daughter and start thinking about Varma.
Even he has an only daughter.
Now...- Sir.
If Sharma's call data doesnt reflect that night's call.
What should we do then?
If not Sharma... it must be Varma.
Catch hold of his phone and you will get his call data.
Absolutely!- Good job...
Instead of trying to enter his house for the data at that time...
If I befriend his daughter...
I can ask her directly.
As if she will tell you immediately...
Son, our creative levels are already low.
Don't think too much.
Fantastic, uncle!That's why I consider you God.
When you can't think of anything new,repeat the old!
What do you say?
Idea is very simple.
Whatever happened in the washroom today with Suryakantham...
Let us repeat the same with Varma's daughter.
But there is a small change...
Only, I will replace Suryakantham no wand Varma's daughter will be in my place.
How is it?
Wow... Super... fantastic...marvelous...!!!
Thank you.
Greetings ma'am...- Greetings.
Seems to have lost the voice in vocal practice.
So she is having milk with pepper.
Not me... my daughter is learning
My husband would scold me if it is left over... so I am drinking it up.
Why will kids drink milk with pepper?
Whom are you calling a kid, uncle?
She was born when 'Gharana Mogudu' movie was released.
Oh, she is a grown up.- And the name is...
Let's go...You and your dumb acting...
He can listen even if he is dumb.
You found it out easily...Not everyone is as smart as you...
You are too much!- Drink it...
Whom does she resemble?
A little chubby like me...
You call this chubby?
Probably you would take two spoonfuls more... you look strong.
I know... see this...
Oh! Please don't control your emotions.- Move.
Why are you crying looking at me?
Did I not sing in shruthi (tune)?
You sang like Shruthi.
Who is Shruthi?
Imagine a truck crushing a flower under its tyres...
That truck is Shruthi.
And the flower....
Is my heart.
This is what happens when you spread flowers on a highway.
Moreover, why cry over someone who deserted you?
Just wash your face and step out...
You will find many girls...
You are tall... you look good...
Especially those eyes...
I am Sukumari.
I know it doesn't suit me.
I am Balasubramanyam.
I know... I have no connection to music.
What is this crying in ladies' washroom, Mr. Balu?
Why do you kill a dead pigeon again and again, Madam?
Shouldn't that be a dead snake?
I don't like to compare myself with poisonous creatures.
Why wouldn't anyone crush if asked?
If you are so cute...
This is my number...Call me tomorrow.
Not in the toilet... but let us sit somewhere and talk peacefully.
Did you hear?
Will you come?
This is what you want, right?
I will... I will call you.
Who hit him?
Who all came to the office yesterday?
There were interviews for Personal Assistant post, Sir.
There were more than a hundred applicants, Sir.
Bring me the applications.
One month old application...freshly glued.
Who is he?
He only got selected, sir.
Call him.
Thank you, Mr. Reddy.
I think it's my landlord.To check if I have locked the gate or not?
It's cut.
Switch it off.
Try calling him again.
It will be switched off.
The number you are calling is either unreachable or switched off at the moment.
Please try again.
He is the wrong guy.- Sir.
Put a tab on him.- OK sir.
24 hours round the clock.
Two coff--
Two coffee with skimmed sugar.
Nothing of that sort for me, Mr. Balu.
Bring me with whole milk and lots of sugar.
When the candle doesn't fear..why should the incense stick?
Get me the same.
Where are you, dear?
I am in the coffee shop.- With whom?
Didn't I tell you yesterday?
You tell me a hundred things everyday.How many can I remember?
With Mr. Bathroom Balu.
That guy?
He broke down and so you took him to a coffee shop.
If he is in trouble tomorrow,don't bring him home.
Don't I know, dad?
See... all those who are seated in the airplane think they are flying.
But actually they remain seated while the plane flies.
Similarly, it feels like you know everything at this age.
You don't. You only feel it.
I will restrict him to the other side of the table, Dad.
Along with him,restrict his story also there. Please.
By the way, Mr. Balu,why did Shruthi leave you?
I have OCD, Sukku.
If something is crooked, I just cannot sleep unless I make it straight.
Shruthi was in a romantic mood one day
and asked me for a kiss.
I was just reaching to kiss her...
she bent her face this way.
Because of my OCD, I made it straight.That's it.
Hey, Sukku!- Hey! come, come...
How are you?- I'm fine.
Sit... sit...
Meet Mr. Bathroom Balu
Actually you know...He has OCD. - Oh.
And he has a very interesting love story.
If anything isn't in a straight line he can't tolerate it.
Poor guy, because of that he couldn't kiss his girlfriend.
Can you believe it?she left him for that only...
I don't get it.
As they get richer their clothes become shorter.
Hello.- Pull away the third person off my table!
We should do something for Mr.Bathroom Balu
They are demolishing your car in road widening, Sir.
Road widening?- Yes.
They demolish buildings, right?What do you mean by cars?
That's why we've come from the CBI, Sir.
Your windshield is broken.
Broken!?- Yes!
Sukku!- Keep his mouth shut!
We are playing a game.
So she came to me and said,
'Balu! This is my necessity.'
That's all she said.
Immediately, half a million madam...I wrote her a check for half a million...
That too from my salary advance.
Dad!- Yes?
That girl has swindled him for half a million.
Who knows whether she swindled or scooted knowing him?
That's not our problem.
Here... 'I will convince her and I will get the money back.'
Don't do these kind of promises, please.
Don't I know, dad?
Read the flight dialogue once again, dear.
Where can we get so many quotations from, every minute?
This one wouldn't massage...that one wouldn't let her massage.
Take me to Shuthi, once. I will see why she wouldn't return the money.
I won't give.
Oh! Holly Molly!
What?- Money.
I don't have.
Oh, my God!
I'll return.- When?
Let me see the railway time table once.
Whenever there is no train,I will call you.
I can't take this cruelty...
Please... leave me alone.
Balu knows our men are following him.
But we couldn't trace his address till now.
Balu knows that we are following him.
But we couldn't trace his address till now.
Whoever he is...
I just don't want him in this office.
I don't care who he is...
I just don't want him around.
It's hard to make one work.
It hardly takes any time to make one quit.
How long?
Give me 24 hours time...
I'll show him the exit.
Such a huge office...Where is my boss?
Come. Come.
How did you come?- Just like before.
I snitched someone's card.
Why all this trouble? Why don't you simply hack the password?
Yeah. As if, you are Bill Gates and I am Steve Jobs.
Fool! I should thrash you.
By the time they come here...We'll take away their computer...
Replace it with our computer and leave.
Then Sharma will come in a hurry and types the password in a jiffy.
Then what happens?
What happened, Sir? - What is this?Take a look. It's not working.
Do you want me to try, sir?- Oh, You are one great hardware engineer.
You don't do it.You don't let the others do it.
Do something.
So then... what we do is...
We'll push back our computer...
pull back their computer...
and tell him 'Please try now, Mr. Sharma.'
Wow! You are a genius, my boy!- Thank you sir.
Do we give up once it is open?
I will run a check for virus, Sir.
I'll take the pen drive from my pocket and connect it.
and extract all the data like juice.
Oh, my... you have all the focus of a factionist
and the smartness of a terrorist, sir.- Isn't it?
Darling! Neither too much nor too less...
In rightly boiled milk,
Just add four drops of freshly filtered decoration
And bring me an aromatic,heavenly coffee.
A coffee for sir.
He has given you the check.- Yes!
Totally.- Totally.
You were the one who beat him the other day, isn't it?
Why did you beat him?
For you...
What should I do?
What can I do for you?
"12 B route to my home had a huge road block"
What else?
That's... - What's this gossiping during office hours.
Forgetting the surroundings youre romancing openly.
What's happening?
Don't you even have the manners to stand up when the manager is here?
Sorry, sir... Sorry, sir...
What man?
Trying to look taller than me?
You wear shoes with heels?- Not at all, sir.
Don't tuck in the shirt.
Tuck your brain into the computer.You will at least learn something.
Sorry, sir...
What, Koteswara Rao?What's the problem?
You ask 'what's the problem?'What can be a bigger problem than him?
Sir... for you discipline is life. Right?
Of course.
Go on...- Sir, see for yourself. No shoes.
Sir, actually what happened was --- Don't speak.
I will strangle you.Don't talk.
Look sir... he didn't tuck in his shirt...
And the tie? We better forget it.
Sir! He comes to the office as if he is going to a park...
What is this lack of discipline, man?
I'm talking to you...
What can he say sir?After all the stupid things he has done.
Calm down, Balu.
Should I wear shoes and appear taller than you
or remove them and be shorter than you...
I choose to be short for a life time, sir.
What did I achieve to be taller than him Mr. Koti? Tell me...
Don't believe him at all...- Shut up!
You go on...- Mr. Sharma.
Am I to keep the shirt in my pants or keep my mind in work....
I will choose the second sir...definitely the second.
If I made a mistake, forgive me.
If I committed a sin...punish me.
But my respect for you and my own self-respect...
Never doubt them, Mr. Sharma.
Never doubt it...- It's ok, dear...
What happened sir?
I never regretted being single so far.
But I regret not having a son like him at this moment.
By god...
Don't tell me you will adopt him?!- I don't know...
Take two hundred as increment, son.- Two hundred?
Two hundreds?- Yes, two hundreds. Enjoy.
Two hundred? Oh God!- Two hundred.
Enough display of happiness...
What is this?- What do you mean what?
So much for two hundred.Imagine if you gave him thousand.
Girl! Come aside.
Talking to you...
Come this side.
Actually, I want to hug you like that, Sir.
Go on then... I'm right here.
But I am timid and I have a lot of respect for you.
Sounds good.
But the next time you feel like kissing,come to my cabin and kiss me.
I wouldn't mind. Ok?
Ok, sir.
Let's go dear...
Ok, come to my cabin Balu.
Come dear...
You two don't get along at all..
I can clearly see it.
Mr. Koti is obsessed with bribery, sir.
Bribe for a job,bribe for promotion.
Here a bribe...there a bribe...
Everywhere bribe...
Lives are being destroyed.
Balasubramanyam... that's Avery serious allegation.
If you fail to prove, heads will roll.
Many heads will roll... I tell you.
Give me a million in cash and an empty suitcase.
By 10.30 tomorrow, I will prove to you that Mr. Koti is corrupt to the core.
Good afternoon, Mr. Koti.
What's this?
There is a million here and another nine in there.
Together, it's ten million.
What for?
There are technical interviews tomorrow.25 of my people need jobs.
Four lakhs per head...- I know the calculations.
Wait... wait... I'll tell,you are not an ordinary man.
Do you have any cameras beneath the collar or behind the belt
Check for yourself...- I have my own doubts.
Tell me, now.
I will send you the list in the evening.Confirm it.
Why are you taking it back?
You have already pocketed nine million.- Why are you fretting over one?
If I pay your subordinates a 100,000 each,they will stay quiet.
You have a point.- Yes
Oh, God!
Nine million,Nine million, Nine million...
Whose stick is this?
I know nothing, sir!Leave me Sir!
I am innocent.I don't know anything...
Sir... sir... tell them, sir.
Why do you look away, sir?
Inspector sir... On the way, please handover the suitcase on the ground floor.
I said I would take it if it's nice.
You mean... there is no money in there?
Oh, my! When there is no money,why are you arresting me?
Hey! Rogue! Crook!I knew you well.
There is no money there but you had an intention to be corrupt.
For that...
Carry on!
Carry on- Koti?
Sir...Sir... at least you vouch for me.
You are funny. Why should I vouch for you?
If you are innocent,the judge himself will vouch for it.
Go happily.- Happily?
You are responsible for all this.- No more talks... Drag him away!
Take him out. Take him away.
I will take care of you after I am back.
Koteswara Rao! Balasubramanyam....never leaves the guilty unpunished.
Remember this.
I will not spare the guilty.
What?- Unfasten me.
Make it quick...
Bro... Bro...
Unfasten me too...
I can...
But if I untie you now,it is just an escape.
If I go to the office alone, complain to them on these people and bring the police,
It's revenge.
Which one do you want?
Undoubtedly the second one.
Excellent choice. See you.
I'm free.
Hey! Reddy... He is running away.Catch him.
He is running away...catch him.
Sir, don't leave him.
If he goes inside we'll be in danger- Balu stop!
Greetings sir.
What was that rage?
I can't believe it.- Then, what sir?
I get furious when I come across injustice.In fact, I get a headache when I see it.
If my daughter-like Kantham is in appreciation of you,
you are definitely a genius.
Balu stop...
Look into the camera.
Hey Balu...
Hey! Stop. Stop.
Thank you, sir.- Sharma...
Who is he?
Sir... - Nickname for sincerity;code name for discipline, Sir.
What's his actual name?- Actually...
Oh! Come on Sharma...- It's true Varma.
Sir... Sir... Sharma sir...
I will note down the few words you spoke just now.
If you sign it, I will photo frame it.
Please... please...- Oh...
You are still in autograph days?Let's have a selfie moment.
There you go!- Selfie? Sure sir.
Call him. - He tells me to do the thing that I'm already doing.
Call him quick.
Talk... it's ok.- Please.
Who is it, dear?
He's cutting the call.
Where is the Personal Manager's office?- That side.
Thank you.
Try calling him again...- I'm trying.
Did he pick up?- He is cutting my calls.
We're all dead,if he doesn't take the call.
Hey Balu...
Ok... come closer.
Sir, I need to speak to the manager.
My name is Balasubramanyam, sir.
I received a call from your Department for an Assistant post.
But a man called Abhi, cheated me and got my job sir.
There's a big gang behind him.
Laptops, cell phones, cameras.. what not..everything is in the shed across here sir.
If you accompany me, we will go and capture those culprits.
Sir... I don't have his photo
But if I see him,I will recognize him... for sure.
Are you sure?- Sure sir.
Does he look a little like this?
Oh no!
Aren't you an Assistant?
In the previous scene,for the thrill of the audience,
we have delayed a small dialogue.Let us watch it now.
Balasubramanyam!- Sir.
This very moment, you are promoted to be the Personal Manager.
Go and rock with your work.
So, even as I was in the got promoted!
My bad luck is on a disco spree sir.
I can't help it.
Oh...- Sir.
You seem worn out.Why don't you sit for a while?
It's ok, sir. Anyway I have to go and continue to sit.
Let me stand for a change...
Ok, when did I say no to you?
You only say so, but you dont seem so, Sir!
Anyway, I'll leave sir.
Ok, let me drop you.
I can go on my own sir.
I will drop you!- What for?
For my satisfaction.
I understood sir.
You don't trust me.
What happened to your hands?
Always resting on the armrests this is the state.
Look! It doesn't go down.- Oh no!!
Shall I adjust the armrests height?
But you will never say that you will leave me?
What is this Balu? Don't act like a child.Come. Let's go.
I miss the landlord, sir.
I hope he didn't say anything to anybody?
I said everything...but only to him.
What are you doing here?Didn't I tell you not to come.
Don't you know what would happen if we are found together?
We all have to run away along with him.
Like, I was panic stricken he was running away...
Take him.
Sir! Out of curiosity... why shouldnt you two be seen together?
Hey! Even with all your ignorance,he tied you up in the chair.
If you find some knowledge,he will kill you, man! Listen to me.
I'm a new timer and I am listening.
Why am I bothered about others' affairs?
Take me and tie me to my chair,I can't stand this AC.
I'm missing my shed.- Uncle.
Go that way.
My Dad, Mr. Deenabandhu had started this.- Good.
It's an old establishment.
But good money.- Ok.
Here we go.
Have a nice day.- You too.
Is the contract signed?
Good deal, Sudhee...
We got a better deal, sir.3% more.
Still, it's a good deal.
Sir, 3% means 180 crores more.
Then, it's a bad deal.
If we convince them,will they return the contract?
Sir it's...
You should have told earlier, Sudhee...
Take care of it.
3% is actually a big deal...
You don't have silencers or you don't use them?
Where do they bring all these guys from?
Shall we start, sir?
Let it burn completely...
We hardly have any other work...
From the Hyderabad office, Sir!- Who?
Tell me.
I sent you some photographs on Whatsapp.Take a look, sir.
One minute.
This is Vinda's brother-in-law.
Standing so close,I think... he must be related too.
This doesn't look right, Parag.
Shall I finish them off?
Death is mysterious. You start with one.Four or five will follow.
We think we are responsible for it.
But some cosmic energy...
Drives us all.
Let's go...
No, sir.
Are you sure?- Sure.
Son, we went through Sharma's whole call list on the day Vinda died...
There was no international cal lthat night.
That's a two headed snake, Uncle.If not this one, it must be the other.
When did she give you this?
Would I lose a moment?
She has just given me.I am here with it now.
When you are meeting her didn't I ask you to take me along?
Actually, I thought of taking you.
I was told particularly told by her,'Balu! Don't bring Sukku.'
So I didn't take you.
Why wouldn't she?
After all, it is easy to sway you when you are alone.
Sukku! I don't get swayed by just anybody.
I have my own values and opinions.
Poor thing...
She actually cried.- Where?
In the hall!
I didn't mean which room.I meant which position.
Which position as in...?
We were standing to begin with.
Poor thing...
She clung to me and wailed.
I know.
Why would she refund without doing an item number?
Did you hug tight?
Ms. Sukku! You are assuming wrongly.
We were not hugging.We were just holding. That's all
Mr. Balasubramanyam! I am not a kid.
How are they different? Tell me.
Get up once...Just get up, please.
Come closer to me.
Holding means....
This is called holding.
Hugging means...Come a little closer...
This is called hugging.
So, if you kiss her with your lips,it's not a kiss.
It's just touching.
But if she opens her lips
and your tongue reaches forth breakfast she has in her teeth gaps.
And you search for it,then it's called a kiss.
Tell me...
Ms. Sukku why do you hurt me with these satires?
Do I?
Don't you?
Then, I am really sorry, sir.
Ms Sukku...
I feel... I feel like crying.
Wait for a couple of minutes Mr. Balu.
Let me find a nice girl.You can cry holding onto her.
Ms Sukku!
Tell me, Dad.
Hello, dear...
Uncle Naveen will be here from the States in a week.
What should I ask him get you?Creams or games?
Get me a nice guy.
You seem to be in a foul mood,I'll call you back.
This is not the right time.Oh no.
Ms Sukku! What do you gain by hurting a nice person like me?
You will be afflicted by my grief.
May there be great floral falls on your way!
When the Pandavas were in exile,
a few spies of the Kauravasspotted them.
If they were to be killed, the Kauravaswould know where the Pandavas were.
"If left free, they would inform the Kauravas about the Pandavas."
The Kauravas would still know the place of their hiding.
What to do then?
Should they kill them and run away?
Or should they get caught by not killing them.
How to finish the exile without getting caught.
How to solve this problem?
Then, Nakula came up with an idea.
Let us kill the spies.
But without leaving our mark let us make the deaths look natural.
To kill silently using the surroundings...
Is called the Nakula Dharma.
What happened?
When I was with Varma's daughter,I was attacked, Uncle...
That too with guns.
With his daughter around,I don't think Varma would plan an attack.
Even Sharma is not connected.
But we heard their voices, haven't we?
We did hear...
Their voices must have been recorded in the office minutes.
Thirty years ago we tried once Vinda...
Thank God.
They said luck was on our were saved.
Your son... this morning...
and now... it's you.
It's time that we change the company's logo
It's really looking so old and dated.
You don't have an heir for your business empire.
So there was no need for new vaccines.
Editing those voices, they might've created a file.
They transferred it into a phone and made sure it reached us.
They made us suspect that those two are behind the murders.
Correct sir.
In Siena, among the belongings of your dad,his phone wasn't there.
Someone added it in India.
Who could be following us from the same building we are chasing?
Vinda is a man with Plan B.
Why did Vinda laugh?
Just before dying.
We need these answers.
Will he die without an heir?
Who is his heir apparent?
How will he come?What should we do to make him come?
He gave two names.
Varma... Sharma...
We came in search of them,first my brother and then my father.
Earlier today they attacked will be my mother.
I wanted to give him a quiet death.
But... along with the colou rand odor of blood,
He wants to hear the sound of death too.
We will make him listen.
Till his ears bleed...
Till his ears bleed...
Channel 1
Channel 1 come in.
Channel 2...
Channel 2...
Channel 3...
Channel 3 come in...
Hands up!
Channel 3, 4, 5, 6
Through the door one shot.
and I missed one...
There's only one bullet left.
Indrani is two feet away from me.
I will die.
But I'll kill her and then die.
Who sent you?- Seetharam.
Deenabandhu's son has sent me.
Your son... this morning...and now... it's you.
Your business empire has no heirs now.
Who are you?
Abhishikta Bhargav...
Indrani Vinda's son.
To craft a weapon...
you need a hand...
You need a thought...
Need some selfishness.
But for destruction...
There should have been some injustice...
There should be a prayer...
We need to appeal with anguish...
That's what I did.
The murderers of my husband and my son...
Will you let them go unpunished?
I questioned Him, raising my head.
God's reply to me...
Abhishikta Bhargav...
Vinda's elder son.
He is not the Bhargav you know, Appaji.
He is not your sister's son that you brought up.
I know...
I didn't call for an ordinary man.
He is a war like destruction...
A walking deadly-weapon...
Slaying recklessly is violence, Appaji.
Killing with judgment is virtuous Dharma...
They followed the former...
The second...
He will do.
Traveled 25 years with your father...
He never questioned your father...not once.
When he passed away,
For the last time.
I saw his son, Seetaram,
That young boy is behind all this?
But why?
If someone is hungry they never question 'why'.
If someone is hungry for power they definitely question...
I want to become the CEO
But I won't ask for it...
I removed the people qualified for the post
Now the board has no other option except Seetaram
They have to plead me,beg me and cry over it.
Then I'll come and occupy...
That chair.
If you really want the CEO position,you should ask for it.
Plead for it...
your shirt should crease and you must sweat...
Bend on both your knees and scream...
'Why am I not getting the post?'
Then I'll tell you...
After his father's death, Seetharamnever stepped into that building.
Why will he come now?
He won't. We will make him come.
I have Plan B.
Sir! They discarded them like used plastic bottles.
Three days since the accident but no one claimed the bodies so far.
They didn't die in an accident, Ravi.The accident occurred after they died.
Are you going to the accident spot, sir?
Forget about the accident.
We should know what had happened before that.
Come... hold this.- Yes, sir.
This is confidential...
Tell me.
My Secretary. He can stay.
Your husband Vinda's case is almost solved.
It's a clear case of suicide.
Probably due to family problems or business problems...
It could be because of you...
And as for your was an accident.
Nothing much to think about...
Must have been drunk while driving.
Three days ago there was a big accident outside, did you know?
There was a loud crash.The car blew up
Seven of them died.
I'm sure you would know it.
Even if a missile goes off outside,this glass wouldn't break inside.
The house is constructed with such strength.
Madam could hear nothing.
I've come to speak to Madam.
Sitting before her, for an ACP is deal big enough.
Be content with what you get, Officer.
Do you even know whom you are speaking to?
It's been so long since her husband and son had passed away.
Not a single call about the investigation.
Strange, isn't it?
Affliction or infliction...we do it in silence.
Police may not catch all the culprits, Madam.
But to leave the likely to be guilty,
is never heard of in my experience.
Right, Ravi?
Yes, sir.
What happens all the time is experience.
What happens rarely is a miracle.
You will see a miracle this time.
I promise you that.
Sheila, coffee please.
You restrained me and so I controlled myself. Or....
Who is that guy, sir?He was so rough in his attitude!
Who could make Indrani sit with a simple gesture?
Who is he?
Who could drive us out with a silent stare?
Did you have proper look at him, Ravi?
He filled the entire room!
As soon as he was angry,
the air stood still in that room.
We were out of breath.
Let's go by your question 'Who is that guy, sir?'
But with a slight change...'Who is this guy?'
Govinda Bhargav... a.k.a Vinda.
He came from a middle class family with big dreams.
Vinda, along with his four friends,started a business.
He chose the most profitable pharma business in the late seventies...
In the African countries,TB vaccine had a lot of demand.
For four million, he bought the patent of the vaccine.
To set up a factory, he bought a site in a backward area at throw away price.
The local MLA threatened Vindicator money.
It seems your factory emits not smoke but poison.
It seems you are overusing the water.
It seems your workers are not provided proper amenities.
We will rake up some issue at every stage.
Until you back down...
until you bow down.
Unnecessarily don't waste your time, Vinda.
Pay him.
I don't do wrongs.
I do business.
I'll send you a card for the opening.
Please come for breakfast.
Come on, hurry!
Our fields will be ruined!
Don't let them get away!
The smoke from this factory is poisonous!
We all will die!Break everything down!
Don't let them get away!Break the gate!
Catch them!- Hey... come on.
Catch them!
Faster... faster... come...come...- Come on... come on...
Get in. Get in.
Get in. Get in.
Vinda! Faster!
Come fast Vinda... come fast...come on!
Adi! Faster! Adi...
Don't stop Adi.
When we spoke last night, you didn't say that so many people would come...
Burn everything down!
Come fast, Vinda!
Come fast!- Listen to me, Vinda.
Let me explain.
Come on. Come on. Fast! Get in... get in.- I got you.
Vinda, don't make a mistake again Vinda.- Come inside.
They will kill me, Vinda.
Stop the flight Vinda!
Stop the flight Vinda!
Let me in.
They will kill me Vinda.
Listen to me, Vinda.
Vinda! Stop the flight!
Stop the flight Vinda.
It's ok, Vinda...It's ok... Leave him.
Oh, my God!- Oh no!
Vinda! This is broken...
It's my Plan B.
At that moment...
There was no difference between Adi,standing down and these seated with me.
I started seeing their true colours.
Suddenly... I felt lonely.
Who is she?
Vinda's first wife, sir.Krishnaveni.
Did he ditch her?
No sir...
They were holidaying in Bali
when some goons entered the resort and shot her dead.
It's a very tragic murder, Sir.
Seven years later, he married Indrani.
Their only son was Mohan Bhargav.
He is the one who died in the recent accident, sir.
So, Vinda has no heirs.
AB Group of companies is an orphan.
Then... who is the guy behind Indrani?
This Vinda's life maybe an open book, Ravi.
But there are many missing pages.
I guess I'll have to reconstruct this whole story.
Ravi, I need Krishnaveni's Postmortem Report.
The body is totally disfigured, sir.
If I am not wrong,
By the time they went to Bali,Krishnaveni might've been pregnant.
That day in the attack at the resort,some other girl must have died.
Anyway, the face was beyond recognition as per the postmortem.
Vinda must have taken advantage and convinced everybody it was Krishnaveni.
The man who made an empire worth of 50 billions in five years
I don't think this would have been a big issue for him.
But will a man of Vinda's stature take the murder attempt on his wife so easily?
So, he must have lost his trust in all.
He was concerned about his wife's safety...and hence must have convinced her
for delivery at some other place.
Must've been a very tough call.
She must have died in the labor room or a little later.
Or we would have known about her presence.
In that case, where would he have brought up his son?
Whom could he have given him to?
Why are people so greed about others' money...
I want to set up a factory and my own friend holds a meeting behind my back.
As my business prospers...
and people around me try to kill me and my family.
Bring him up with no desire for money and not money as his ambition.
Once he is stable enough to see money as just a color paper...
I will bestow him with all my earnings.
I will crown him then.
Who is a better king than one who can renounce his throne?
Until that day,
Don't let the world know Vinda has a son.
So... by the time Vinda married Indrani,
he was the father of a seven year old son.
What are you doing in the Registrar's office?
What are you doing?
I have come to get married.
I have come to see the marriage.
Want some chocolate?
Yes, but I don't have money.
Hold them.
Even I don't have money...Eat quietly.
Thank you.
Definitely, the wedding took place with the consent of the boy.
Such a beautiful relation between a step mom and the step son...
It's a wonder, sir!
Uncle! I want a bicycle.- There!
I need a bigger one.- I will buy after you grow up.
It's my birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Abhi!
Happy Birthday, Abhi!
Thanks, mom.
Mom, he is getting too skinny...
Send him to me, I'll take care of him.
Who is stopping you?Take care of him.
40% of total property to Abhishikta Bhargav...
40% to Mohan Bhargav...
20% to Indrani Bhargav...
Aren't you happy?
I didn't like it.
Give my 20% to him.
To Mohan?
To Abhi, Vinda.
'A B H I'
We gave him nothing since childhood.
Let me do it now.
Of course, it's your own earnings.
I am going to write my 20% in his name.Whether you like it or not...
If my guess is right...
she must be fonder of her step son than her own.
So must he.
When she stood up he was pulling the chair...
Then I felt...
He would give his life for her and also he would kill anyone for her.
Vinda...just like hiding the formula in a box unknown to his friends,
he has hidden a son unknown to the world.
He is Vinda's son.
Vinda's son.
He is my Plan B.
A wolf once killed an incautious lion along with its cub
and declared itself as the king of the jungle.
But in the cave behind it,in the dark,
there was another lion cub hungry and waiting.
Sharma!- Varma!
Either, I shall be.- Or I shall be.
The CEO is downstairs.Go, greet him.
Let's go...
Why do you look at me?Go down and take a look at him.
Vinda's son is here...your Bathroom Balu.
Move dear...
What Balu? As if you are my Godfather who christened me!
Abhishikta Bhargav...
don't say you don't know your p's and q's...I will skin you alive.
A random guy walks in...
Declares Vinda is his father and he,Vinda's son...
you think we would say 'yes, sir' and offer the seat?
Hey! No force used, Varma,
Only those who believe I am Vinda's son,raise your hands.
What about those who don't?
Well... those who don't...stretch your hands forward.
Is this a school to stretch out our palms and be caned?
What is he talking, Sharma?
I don't know, Varma.
Don't be scared,help me with the belt...
I think you were hasty, Varma.
Wait a minute.- Disgusting!
Uncle, uncle... let us also go downstairs.- We can add a few lashes.
What if he lashes at us?- No need...
Let us be here and enjoy.
Balu...he doesn't accept and you flog me? Just asking.
That idiot has at least opened the dialogue.
What about you? 'I have nothing to do with this fellow' sort of silence...
Arrogance?- No...
Pride?- No, fear.
Fear?- Yes.
I find no trace of fear on your face, man!
Oh, no! Please, don't say that.
The thing is I never came across anything fearsome in my life.
Probably that is why the expression is missing. Natural!
Then, let's do something...
You will wet your pants...a frightening experience.
I will give you a frightening experience.Hot... fresh... will be served right now.
How?- Like this.
Sharma is running, Sir.Boss is chasing, Sir.
On foot?- No, sir. On the cycle...
He hasn't lost his craze for a bicycle since childhood.
Stop Sharma!- Crazy fellow...
Please... please...- Varma move!
Stop him!
You can't escape from me Sharma,I won't leave you.
Sharma... let me catch you...- Oh no!
You are so dead!Sharma, my belt is very long.
I'll crush and destroy you Sharma.Stop.
Hey... where are you going?I'll crush you.
I'll crush you.
Where are you?
Madam Padmaja! Where is this bloody fellow Sharma?
Sharma is dead and gone.
Mr. Sharma is not here, sir.
He was damn right here till now?
Like, Sir. I want to tell you something but I am afraid, Sir.
What is it?
Like....when you were beating him,he jumped out of the window, Sir.
To jump from the tenth floor,is he a Spider Man or Super Man?
He is a lonely man, sir...very lonely.
If he is lonely, I am manly.
Wherever he goes,he will have to come back here.
I will come after an hour.I will see his end.
Until then the apple of my belt...
I'm going to leave it here.
I'm leaving...
I'm leaving...
I left.
He's gone. Thank God!
This is fear.
See? You got it right.
Mom! Dad is here.
Sharma...- Hey!
Oh, my! Why were you so scared?
I belong to the leaf and vegetable batch.
I am not a meat and egg man like you.Nor did I ever see blows and punches.
To think of his belt,I feel the shivers, Varma!
What are you saying, Sharma?- As if I don't have a belt!
To remove it, I was only wary,the trousers may slip down.
I'm not scared of him...
Varma! What happened, Varma?- Dad! What happened, Dad!
Call the doctor!
Call the doctor...- Get water...
What happened, dear?
Oh, dear God.
You called at the right time.- What happened, doctor?
With a twisted mouth and a crooked hand...with legs dead and bed ridden...
they show in the old films...what was that?
Paralysis, sir.
You are catching up.
He has some deep rooted fear.
Dad and fear?
I thought so too.
But your Dad doesn't show fear instantly like me.
He is too shy.So, he is bed ridden now.
Can I see Dad once, Doctor?
Is he the Taj Mahal to buy a ticket to see?
Your own Dad. You can see him any time. Go ahead.
Thank you, Doctor.
Hello Varma...
How is it now?- How will it be?
I used to laugh looking at Gummadiand others in movies.
Now I know...- Dear how are you feeling?
With one blow we become very slow.
Why does even that bathroom look so far away, Sharma?
I know, Varma.
We better buy a few shawls and play with grandsons.
Talking of grandsons....
Please leave that Balu, ok?- Why?
He is Vinda's own son. That's why.
In that case... shouldn't leave at all.- Why? Why?
He is stinking rich. That's why.
We have discussed everything.Brother has told us everything.
He lied for his father.What's wrong with it?
But he is beating up your Dad and the others.
You find no fault with it?
Call a man who beats his wife bad,I agree.
But he who beats the other men is a hero.
This is correct. - He who beats his father-in-law is an idiot.
This is correct!- Forget this.
If you are already in love or something...
just give it up in advance...
I never thought so much till now.
Now that you ask me to leave him I am suddenly scared.
That's what love is.
They say Saturn enters the second room or the fourth room.
Look at my fate, Sharma.He is all over my house.
Men have hundred and one problems.We should not bother.
Ravana abducted Sita. But did Mandodari stop attending to him?
Too much of Epic knowledge.
I am still talking and you are going away?
Varma...- What's wrong?
First throw the belt aside, sister!He is on the verge of dying.
Thank you, Sharma!- You are welcome, Varma!
Now... Varma's medical...
Now I'll tell that to cheat Varma,I lied to Sukku.
Tomorrow I'll tell Kantham that to cheat Sharma, I lied to her.
Greetings, son.- Hey, Sharma uncle...
You said you were taking me to Varma's house.
But why did we come to Sharma's place.
You should have checked the address!
This is Mr. Varma's house, sir.
Wow! How huge!
We can happily cycle around here, you know?
You are pedaling in the office why here, son?
No... I was just saying you would be tired.
See... he talks all bad!- Don't be disappointed for no reason!
Here... cycle in the office from Monday through Friday.
Use this house at weekends.- Ok.
So, only the office...we have no holiday?
It looks good...
Uncle, Aunty is here...
How come uncle?They said Mr. Varma is not well.
But they seem dressed for movie.
How do we know their family affairs?
May be the husband and wife dont see eye to eye.
Probably they applied for a divorce.May be they already got it!
Oh, no!
Nothing of that sort.
We thought if we are well, he will be well.So we got ready well.
Moreover... our tears hardly make him better.
Only medicines make him better.
What is the actual problem, doctor?
Do you know Ravindra Jadejaand Ravichandran Ashwin?
When they bowl how does their hand turn?-In twists...
That's what happened to his hand.
Once the ball is bowled,their hands become normal.
He needs medicines to bring it to normal.- Oh...
So, as per your analysis...this is paralysis?
Maybe it will work out if we switch him from bowling to batting.
Uncle is using a shawl even in summer!
Am I not wearing a muffler?Every man has his own passion.
Only his passion is bigger than mine.That's all.
Hello, Uncle! How are you?
People like you stepping into my house...
Oho... has become very slow.
Wasn't the stroke quite big, uncle?- He doesn't listen to me
Refuses to take medicines.- Listen uncle...
Kumari aunty...
I need to talk to Sukku.Can I use your bedroom?
Of course! Please go.
Sukku! Take me.
My house has turned into a lodge, Sharma.
Like the tabla complaining to the drums,why are you telling me, Varma?
Out of anger against your dad thinking he had killed my dad,
I lied to you Ms Sukku.
Out of love for me, you are telling me the truth now. That's enough for me.
Like.. Ms Sukku.. right from the beginning I wasn't the bathroom Balu...
That's not me...- You don't need to explain...
I know you are Abhi in office, Mr. Abhi.
I don't know how to face you, Ms Sukku.
Why do you have to face me?Just hug me.
Have I made a mistake, Mr. Abhi?
Nothing wrong...
Instead of across the bed,
Had you come to this side, you wouldve been more comfortable.
The boy has almost become our husband!
Though by mistake,she said it right, Sharma.
Not only for my daughter,
he will be a husband for all of us.
Come dear...
Varma Uncle... see you aunty.
Sharma uncle... you too.- Fine, son.
So you left the girl for good?- Totally...
Dear, just see this...
Good boy.
From my side.- I know, I can see.
Let's go uncle..- Come on...
Bye aunty... Bye uncle...- Bye.
Sir?- Two coffee...
I am not angry for what you've done.
Actually, I'm happy.
Among so many in the office,you've selected me.
That shows how special I am.
With half million cash in hand,that Rohit turned so rude.
You own such a huge company yet you are so simple!
We'll meet in the office tomorrow... ok?
I love you.
Oh God!
I'm late by ten minutes because of paralysis,
and he turns off the elevator.
What does he think of himself, Sharma?
I saw people climbing up the stairs...
We are the only people to die climbing the stairs, Varma.
That's the beauty.
Where is the beauty in this Varma,we are dying!
Good morning, sir.- Good morning, sir.
Looks like you still maintain yesterday's displeasure.
Oh, no! No anger.
It's the young blood! Two words and a few blows.
Will you stop talking?
He thrashes us and then cries over it!
What can we say?
Uncle! Why do you keep beating the dead snake again and again?
Sir, please drink. saved us.Give some water.
I understand something.- What is that?
You are on a streak.
You are trampling whoever stands in your way.
So listen...
keep the belt on your pant and keep us by your side.
Beat whomever you want...see if we don't clap.
Hi, Rekha.
Continuity, thanks.
He is done.
You told them to stop the elevator?
I gave two blows.
He switched it on again himself.
Here, Board Director Seetaram issued reappointment letter.
What do you think of this guy, Varma?
Lion has invited for dinner and the buck has arrived dressed in jeans.
Look... especially read the fifth line.
For the four days of my removal he asked you to compensate with two months salary...
Tell him.
Hey! Monster! Villain!I don't even have an extra copy.
Oh, my! He has ruined me.
Hey! To destroy people like you,
God will appear in some form.
What happened to the pen, Sharma?
Look for it in the morning.- Oh no!
You were saying God was on the way!
There is no God. So he won't come.
Ladies! Belts please.
Only one belt for you, Sharma.
Look how many for him!
Lucky people get everything in bundles.- That's the beauty.
Until the last belt here snaps,skin him alive.
Oh no!- Stop!
Thank God.
Amongst all the women over here...
You are the only one with humanity.
You saved me...Thanks Ms Kantham.
Beat him now!
This is cheating!- My darling Kantham!
This fellow...- No!
This fellow should not be beaten just like that.
There should be a rhythm.
There should be a dance and a song.
In fact it should be remembered like a festival.
Wow... wow... Sharma!
You haven't lost touch.- Thanks son.
Continue... continue...
Darling Tukaram!- Sir!
One glass of milk with pepper...
If not expensive add two cardamoms.
Let's rock it, sir.
Sharma Sir! What am I singing?What are you playing?
You just said you liked it...?- It was then... not now.
Sorry Kantham, I can't compromise on the quality.
I just can't.
To match my speed, isn't there a single talented young musician?
Wow, boy!
You stupid fellow!
Padmaja, looks like you didn't have your lunch, so you're not singing loudly.
All the sisters in unison!
You think girls are cakes on display at the cafeteria to eat immediately?
Ten minutes of flogging and you scream so much.
You've been hitting them for ten years...never heard their screams?
Not you, man... the one who recommended you for the job?
Him... He should be blamed.
Who is he?
Who is he?- Seetaram... Seetaram...
Seetaram... Seetaram...
Varma and Sharma...- Son...
Call for a Board Meeting tomorrow.
Telephone or exchange...I don't know what you will do...
But the whole Board must be present.- Ok sir.
And he should be ousted from the board.That is my resolution.
Understood!?- Right, sir.
Get out!
Is he going to get on tithe bicycle again?
Let him get on to anything except us.
His acts are beyond imagination, Varma.- That's the beauty.
That chair... isn't it over sized?
I only put down a little,it adds value to the place we occupy.
So I went on a diet.
By the way... I am Seetaram
and I've got something for you.
I don't need introduction, right?
Abhishikta Bhargav... AB.
Vinda's secret Plan B.
Slowed by arthritis...
Stilled by hyper tension
With no man in the family and fear...some of them might have agreed.
But what about our shareholders,investors and workers?
When if they ask...what do we say?
Whoever raises a voice,do we keep hitting them?
Violence is not an option.
What else then?
A piece of paper.
With a stamp on an A4 sheet.
If there is a note signed by Vinda saying he is the son...
Present it in the General Body Meeting.
If they still ask questions,use the same belt on them.
Evidence means... Birth Certificate...
Abhi's school admission form with Vinda's signature.
Or for some medical treatment Vinda's authorization to the doctor...
Anything of that sort will suffice.
Stating Abhishikta as his elder son and the share to be allotted....
There is a will that Vinda had written.
Being more fond of Abhi than her own son,
She added her own share in the will and got it registered.
Will that do?
I've earned a lot of enemies along with wealth, Abhi.
I cannot hide my wealth.
But the Will ascribing all rights to you all, I could hide.
This chain will tell you where it is located.
The key to open the will is in this watch.
Unless you two are together,you won't be able to read it.
I hope such a day would never come.
If it does,
It means our family is in danger.
Hey, how do you know Abhi?
We are colleagues!
How do you know him?
He came looking for me and fell in love.
Just because it's just one syllable,don't use it as you like.
Mom... Dad...
These are one syllable words too.
I will use.
You talk too much.
You look like a noodle.I am like the noodle holding fork.
How dare you hit me?
You hit me?
You bloody hit me?
Abhi... Abhi...
Oh my God!
Ok, Ok, my bad... my bad...
Peace... peace...
Ok. ok.- Peace!
You wanna fight?
Do you want to fight with me?you moron.
I'll kill you.- Hey. Hey.
What do you think? Huh!
Hey! Hey! Hey!Stop! Stop!
Stop it! Stop it!
Come. Come.- Get in fast!
Let's go! Go! Fast!
Abhi.- Hmmm?
I love you.- Abhi...
I love you more.
Welcome to The Business News Hour,
The AB Group of Industries is holding its Annual General Body meeting tomorrow,
To elect their new CEO.
The entire business world is waiting with bated breath
To see who will be the successor of Govinda Bhargav, The Pharma giant.
The interim CEO, Mrs. Indrani Bhargavwill lead the meeting tomorrow.
Stay with us for more information on this.
The will is in your hands.
Vinda's son is not in the city.
Tomorrow is the General Body Meeting.
No one can stop Seetaram.- Why do you need me?
We're unable to open the box...
Break it open.
What if there are some sensors inside
To project the will on the Company websites soon as the box is broken?
We can never trust technology.
Vinda can never be trusted.
If you want the password,
my passbook has to be updated with cash.
Why the wasteful expenditure?
I am buying an elephant.Will I bargain over the tether?
It's just a tether... but made of gold.
A bit expensive.
Quote the price.
Ten crores. Fresh currency.
We thought he would kill them that's why we deceived Abhi...
Why should you?
For them to live, you deceived.
For me to live well, I deceived.
Shut up!
Enough! Shut up!
Not bad, Parag.
Continue with the same aim.
Mr. Varma and Mr. Sharma will vote for me as the CEO tomorrow.
All you need is a gun in hand and a head at the other end,
We can do anything, right?
That's the beauty.
Office is surrounded with Seetaram's men.- All that security is to stop you.
A ten rupee sandwich...I thought it would hardly be a roll.
But the taste is mind blowing.
Skimmed milk and no cheese.- Without cheese?!
You want one?- Yes.
They said ten rupee a sandwich here.- Do you have change for 500?
His life is going to change and he says he needs change.
Stupidity, I tell you!- So true.
Another chair!- And a rope.
I imagined something else,when they said it's a special offer, bro.
We at least have clothes.This guy doesn't even have those.
That is the special offer, bro.
Alpha come in.
Pleasure.- Sir, Parag.
Excuse me...
Ya Parag.
Sir, Abhi is with us,we are taking him to the terrace
The voting is bloody going to start.Do it fast.
Oh no...!
Throw the knife away... throw it!
Oh dear...
Hey... like her... don't hand over the gun to him because you are idle.
That's the beauty.- Sorry, Dad.
Parag! You there?
Can you hear me?
First stop crying and wrap something around my arm, please.
Oh! There are no clothes here.
You have a tie!- Oh dear! Don't kill me.
Hey... you are wearing such a long gown!Tear a piece, please.
This is a new one, Dad!
Keep your dad alive and he will buy you thousands of those.
Tear it... Tear it dear.
Hello everybody, I'm pleased to welcome all of you to the General Body Meeting
Of the AB Group of industries.
Now I invite Indrani Bhargav,wife of Govinda Bhargav
On the stage, to start the voting for the election of our new CEO.
To expose me you used Varma and Sharma,
To expose you, I used my uncle.
How did both the girls reach the place,where I was trying to get the Will from.
How did Seetaram know about the place for him to send them.
You must've told him.
That's why I sent that will with my uncle.
You won't show up until the Willis destroyed completely.
The one that you've seen and burnt yesterday was a fake.
This is the actual will.
My plan B.
Just like your father...- What did my dad do to you?
He gave you a place on the Board and a share in our Company.
But not his hand when my elder brother was asking for it.
They will kill me Vinda,let me come inside.
Mercilessly left him to an angry mob hurling stones.
As they trampled on my brother,he shut the door on his face.
This is an empire your dad built on a friend's grave.
It's no better than a burial ground to me.
It's a recreation chamber of the monster who killed my brother.
Govinda Bhargav...
Beyond this business empire...
Far away from these board room relations,what did he hide...
I need to tell you about that.
32 calendars of humanity...
5 feet 10 inches of honesty...
140 pounds of trust
His elder son...
You must know about him.
All these 25 years, I never thought of your Company.
How to kill your father...that was the only thought.
You lost your brother and so you developed grudge on my dad.
But you tried killing me even as I was just fetus.
How should I retaliate?
Holding a knife, should I search for you?
If we keep getting harder with every close death,
this world would be filled with stones. there ever a deathless home or a tearless family?
After the mother's death when another woman enters the father's life,
she is hated for no reason.
They created a synonym for step-mother...demon.
But he never treated me that way.
My own son might've showed annoyance towards me...
But he never belittled me.
Behind the door my dad had closed,you only see your dead brother.
But not the families he gave life root the lamps he lighted.
You didn't! You can't!
Why should I?
Expecting to have a son, deciding to name him as Abhishikta Bhargav...
your Dad had floated the AB Company.
He was an ordinary businessman.
Don't make a God of him.
Vinda is not an ordinary businessman.
He is a visionary.
He would always tell me....
To start a business,you should be intelligent.
To develop the business,you should be disciplined.
Once it is developed, you should be kind.
There may be several people here more intelligent than my son.
But kinder than him? Definitely no!
With 50,000 employees under him,
How much love should one have for a human being?
Only he has it.
He is a king raised among commoners.
He is a millionaire moving with the laborers.
Govinda Bhargav's elder son.
Krishnaveni's own son.
The son I raised.
Abhishikta Bhargav!
Nominating him as the CEO,I begin the election process.
The first vote is mine.- Second vote is mine.
I've done nothing wrong.I won't face any punishment.
Parag... Parag...
So late?
The voting has already started downstairs.
To hell with the voting...
You becoming the CEO is not important to me.
To occupy the seat after the father...this is not a throne. It's a CEO chair.
You should have a qualification.
And what is that? Killing people?
Hawaii... Panama... Caribbean...spell your interest...
I'll buy you an island.
30 years you lived unexposed.
Live the remaining happily without any hard work.
I will buy you two.You give it up.
That chair belongs to me.
Give it to me...!
To gain power neither size nor age matters....
This is required.
He said sorry.
AB is not the name of Vinda's future son.
It is the name of his departed friend.
Your brother's name...
Aditya Bandaru.
Daya... Daya... Daya... Daya...
This is not an empire built on a friend's grave...
This is a memorial commemorating a friend.
I promised to take care of brother, Mother.
Forgive me.
I couldn't keep my word.
I couldn't keep my word.
From now on, without going anywhere...
Will you stand by my side?
Will you look after all these people?
If you think of it,it means you already asked.
You ask something,it is already done, Mother.
I am here, mother...
I am here for you.You are not alone.
Don't cry. I am here.
I am here for you.You are not alone.
I will be there,Don't be scared.
Don't worry, I'll take care.
On the 28th floor, Ms Suryakanthamis waiting for you, sir....
To offer an apology....In total remorse for turning the gun.
Poor girl...
On the 24th floor, Ms Sukumari is repenting for throwing away the gun, sir.
If you like Sukumari,apologize to Kantham first.
On the 28th floor, sir.
If you like Kantham, apologize to Sukumari. - 24th floor.
Lift is right there... please.
Press 28 sir...
Sir... Sir... Sir... 24th floor...- No, Sir. 28 is better.
24 is much better.- Hey! Keep quiet.
Press whatever you like...
See... he talks all bad!- Don't be disappointed for no reason!
Press 28 sir.
Which floor is he going to?power cut at the right moment.
Cool!- Sir...
Please untie me also, sir.
You want escape or revenge?- You bloody...
Ok. Ok. Ok.
Hello sir.
I was here earlier... To file a complaint in Personal Department.
But that Abhi had become the manager himself.
That's why... gathering all my matter what happens....
You see this?
I came in disguise directly to the CEO.
Sir...a huge conspiracy is going on in your company, sir.
You will be shocked to know...
Oh no!
Didn't I tell you back then?
I would give you a job in a month?
It's ok even now.Just shave and come.
Not necessary, sir. But how?
Personal Assistant. Proprietor.
One month.
What is the technique, sir?
Tell me and I will try it out in some other company.
I won't trouble the trouble you....
An old-timer....- Will you stop?
Were you also promoted?
No...they changed the floor, sir.Post is the same.
Exactly. You don't deserve it, though.
Bye, sir.
Seetaram! I never go back on my word.
Here are the two islands I promised you.