Agoraphobia (2015) Movie Script

What have I done?
What have I done?
Be careful. Don't wake her.
Don't worry.
She's dead to the world.
It's so peaceful here.
Yeah, I have a good feeling
about this place.
Look at this view.
I know, right?
I had forgotten
how beautiful this house is.
You can see the ocean
from here.
Hey, quick. Turn her around
from the window.
What's wrong with her?
I think she's just
having a nightmare.
Faye, are you all right?
She doesn't look good.
It's just a reaction to
the sedative I've given her.
She's a little disoriented
right now.
So why'd you give her
something so strong?
Because it took us an hour
and a half to get here.
Did you really want me to risk her
waking up in the middle of our trip?
How are you doing?
Are you okay?
Remember this house, dear?
Remember we talked
about this place for months?
About coming here so that
you continue your therapy
from inside the safety
of your house.
I think she's ready.
Not yet.
She still seems
very disoriented.
This was an awful idea.
How could you agree to this,
Faye wanted this.
I'm here.
I'm in the room.
How are you feeling?
My head is pounding.
I'm so sorry.
That's just a side effect from
the sedative I've given you.
Are you okay?
Do you remember this house,
- Vaguely.
- Where are you?
My father's house.
And why are you here?
I'm here to get better.
Are you ready to take a look
at the view outside?
No, I don't think
I'm ready yet.
Faye, you can do this.
Just remember
the breathing exercises.
You're going to breathe
in through your nose...
for a count of five,
and then breathe out
through your mouth.
Five again.
Now, it's okay.
Get ready to turn her around.
Come on, Faye, you can do it.
There we go. There we go.
Come on.
That's it.
That's it, baby girl.
You see? You see?
You're only a few feet
from the glass.
You're safe now.
Nothing bad is going
to happen to you.
How long is this going to last?
She's doing good. Right, babe?
Right, babe?
- No!
- Turn her back around.
Turn her around.
You did so good.
I'm proud of you, baby.
I need a drink.
There's a bottle of vodka
in the kitchen.
I don't know
how old it is though.
Vodka doesn't go bad, right?
Come on, Faye.
Show me the rest
of your new house.
So what kind of
draconian treatment is this?
It's called
cognitive behavioral treatment
and exposure therapy.
You're causing her anxiety
on purpose.
It's one of the known cures
for agoraphobia.
This can be my bedroom
when I stay over.
Ah, look at the view
from up here.
And you listened to this quack?
Faye and I both decided
that this place would be
the ideal place
to continue her therapy.
Here she can be closer
to the outside world.
I'm definitely getting
a new mattress.
I refuse to sleep where my father slept
with that witch all those years.
You can afford a whole new set.
Her father dying
and leaving her this place
might be the best thing
he ever did for her.
The only thing,
considering he locked her up
in a boarding school.
Being in this house might reverse
all those years of neglect.
Oh, my God.
I think this closet
is bigger than my entire condo.
What happened?
The door just closed by itself.
It's probably a draft.
Wow, look at this bathroom!
But all the windows are closed.
What I'd give to get
a listing like this.
Commission on our condo
not good enough?
I have a surprise.
A surprise?
I thought you didn't
want any pets.
I rescued him
right before they... you know.
Who would want to put this
beautiful little guy to sleep?
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
He'll keep you company
when I'm at work.
He's a big guy.
Hey, Dr. Murphy and Margie
are leaving.
I have to go.
They're my ride back.
Call me if you need anything,
all right?
I'll be fine.
Welcome home,
my beautiful wife.
I'm gonna get better here.
I'm going to go see them off.
- Tell them I say "bye."
- All right.
You come up with a name
for him yet?
like my favorite character.
A crazy, suicidal guy?
Yeah, it's fitting,
don't you think?
You're gonna work right now?
I didn't want to tell you
until I was sure.
The case I'm working on,
it's going to trial,
and they want me
to lead the trial team.
That's great.
Yeah, it's a great
opportunity for me,
especially if I want
to make partner.
What's wrong?
What aren't you telling me?
Well, the trial would be held
at the downtown courthouse.
If I take the case,
I can't come home every night.
And leave me here by myself?
No, we can get Stephanie
to stay with you.
No, absolutely not.
I'm sick of being
a burden to her.
I'll find somebody else
to come stay with you.
A complete stranger?
Somebody to just help you take
care of this place while I'm gone.
You'll have time to work
on your dissertation.
Okay, fine.
I'll tell 'em
I can't take the case.
If it's important to you...
Are you sure?
Hey, little guy,
what are you looking at?
not everything is a toy.
You better behave.
We don't want this lady
thinking we're crazy.
Come on.
Did Tom explain
about Faye's condition?
He told me she's afraid
to go outside.
Good. Then I don't have to
go into all that.
I hope Stephanie
is not scaring you away.
No, your husband
had already filled me in.
And you still want to take
the job?
Are we paying her
more than I thought?
Better than any other jobs
around here.
Reception here is crap,
and I need to call someone back
on one of my listings.
The only phone that works
is in my father's old office.
- Just one phone?
- I know.
They're installing more
next week.
Okay, I gotta use
the little girls' room first.
Yeah, use the
guest bathroom upstairs.
- I just put fresh towels in there.
- Awesome.
Um, let me show you around,
- Sure, yeah.
- Come on.
So this is the kitchen.
This is such a pretty house.
Oh, thank you.
I don't mean to be nosey,
but how did you meet your
husband if you never go out?
I have been going
to bars for years,
and I still haven't met anybody
worth my time.
Tom actually worked as a clerk
at the attorney's office
that represented my father.
And one day, he was asked to
bring me my monthly allowance
because they couldn't
get a courier.
And he just showed up
at your door?
And then he volunteered
to keep bringing it
every month after that...
Come on.
I'll show you upstairs.
And this is our room.
And down there
is the master bath.
this is a lot of cleaning.
Well, most of the rooms
won't be used,
so you'll only have
to clean them once in a while.
My God, look at this view.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
It's okay.
I'll try really hard to remember
from now on, I promise.
Really, it's okay.
Oh, um, by the way
I'm going to be having
a mattress delivered tomorrow,
so I need you to open the door
for the delivery guy.
That's easy enough.
This is a huge bathroom.
Oh, I'll take care of this.
I thought I laid these out.
I have to go.
I called my office, and I
have to put out some fires.
Did you put the bathroom mats
back in this box?
I haven't been in here.
That's so weird.
I could have sworn that I...
Never mind.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
I will come to see you
all the time.
All right. I have to go.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Oh, um, sorry,
make yourself at home.
I'll just be in the office
working on my dissertation.
Yeah, I'm trying to get my PhD.
Cool. In what?
Uh, psychology.
I want to be able to eventually help others
who are suffering from my condition.
I'll go to my car and get my
stuff and move them inside.
- Where is she?
- Excuse me.
Where's that little hermit?
Is she expecting you?
She isn't expecting this.
Elizabeth, what a surprise!
If you think
you can get away with this,
you're dead wrong.
This is my house!
I think you're suffering
from misplaced anger.
It's my dad
that you're really mad at.
Don't give me your
psycho-babble bullshit.
I was practically
married to your father.
And yet all he left you
was the condo,
and he left me everything else.
All you ever did was try yo make him
feel guilty about being with me.
He could've cared less
about what I thought.
You just must have
done something really wrong
that made him not wanna give
you anything else in his will.
I treated your father
like a king.
Better than that whore of a
mother of yours ever did.
Leave my mother out of this.
She never cared
about either one of you.
She left and never looked back.
Yeah, right when you showed up.
You pushed her away
so that you could be with him.
You're just as crazy as she is.
You need to go
before I call the police.
You're going to regret this.
This is my house,
and I will get it back.
I am so sorry I let her in.
I had no idea who she was.
Don't worry.
It's not your fault.
I bet you didn't realize you were gonna be
playing the role of a bouncer, did you?
But you shouldn't even
let her get to you anyway.
She's obviously trash.
Nina, is that you?
Tom, are you home?
The doctor just left,
but I can call him back.
You've lost a lot of blood,
I'm not going to any hospital.
How long did you know?
I didn't.
Come on, how could you
not have known?
My cycle has always been
a little messed up.
We have to be more careful.
Or not be careful at all.
We've been married
for three years,
maybe it's a sign
that we should start trying.
What? Are you cra...?
Faye, you are in no condition
to be having a baby right now.
I'll have Nina to help me.
Be rational, come on.
What is so irrational
about wanting the life
that everyone else has?
Of course, it's normal
that you want a baby.
It's just that
in your condition,
you can't be having
any kids right now.
As soon as you get better,
I promise we'll have
one, two...
three, however many you want.
That's what we came here for.
Come on, Hamlet.
It's time for our therapy.
I can do this, baby.
One day, I'm gonna walk
right through those doors.
And you're gonna come with me,
This is going to be
harder than I thought.
Tom told me
what happened last night.
He shouldn't have
told you that.
You should have gone
to the hospital.
It wasn't that serious.
He said it was a lot of blood.
It just seemed that way, because I
was in a bathtub when it happened.
Tell me the truth.
You knew you were pregnant.
You just didn't want Tom
to know until it was too late
to do something about it.
No. No, I swear I had no idea,
But, now, um...
Now I want to have a baby
so badly.
It's just given me so much more
resolve to get better soon.
Oh, that's great.
Hey, I've been doing this thing where I get
a little closer to the door every day,
and sometimes
I'll bring Hamlet with me.
It's really weird, but he's
actually been helping me a lot.
The cat?
How much more inspiration
do you need to go outside
than to look
at this beautiful view?
I mean I can see how the city
might be scary, but...
what can possibly
go wrong here?
I can't really explain.
Maybe what you need to do
is just run out.
One quick dash across the door,
and you'd be free.
Come on, Faye, try it.
It's like what the doctor said.
What are you doing?
Exposure therapy.
No! Stop!
I know you're scared now...
No! Stop! Stop! Stop!
No! No! No! No!
What's going on?
Close the door.
I'm so sorry, I'm sorry.
I was trying to help you.
Should I call her doctor?
You want us to call Dr. Murphy?
Just lie down on the couch and
take a little nap. You'll be fine.
- Why would you do that?
- Is she gonna be okay?
Just let her sleep.
She'll be just fine.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me. I'm sorry.
Oh, hi, baby.
Are you afraid of the storm?
Is there anything else you want to
tell me about what happened tonight?
What happened?
She's fine. She just got a
little startled, that's all.
Are you okay?
Apparently somebody broke into the
house while your wife was sleeping.
Um, do you need me
anymore tonight?
No, not really. Thank you.
I'm calling an alarm company
right now.
I'll be back.
All right, here's my number.
Call me if you think
of anything else. All right?
Did you know my father?
Not really.
We rarely saw him around here.
Yeah, we were kind of surprised
when we found out
he had passed away here.
Here? Like in this house?
I thought you knew.
The cleaning lady called it in.
Do you know how he died?
According to the medical
examiner he had a heart attack.
Could someone have killed him
and made it look
like a heart attack?
No, there was no sign
of foul play.
I know about your condition.
My late wife,
she had bipolar disorder.
She felt alone in this world,
because people couldn't
understand why she just
couldn't get over it.
Your late wife?
What happened to her?
She overdosed on some pills
one night.
I'm so sorry.
I did understand
what she was going through
so if you need someone to
talk to, do call me all right?
I called the company that does the
security in my building at work,
and they're gonna come
to install an alarm tomorrow.
Oh, great.
All right, I'm done here.
You have my number.
Call me if you need anything.
- Thank you.
- I'll keep in touch.
I forgot to tell you.
Elizabeth is disputing
the will.
Can she even do that?
Yeah, but don't worry.
I'll take care of her.
Nothing that witch does
even bothers me anymore, but...
But what?
I need you here with me.
I don't feel safe here alone.
I know, baby,
give it some time.
The trial will be over
in a couple weeks,
and I'll be here more.
I was thinking.
My father left me
all that money.
There's no reason for you
to work ever again.
Babe, that's your money,
not mine.
You're my husband.
It's our money.
You want me to be a kept man
the rest of my life?
No, you can help me
run my father's business.
I don't know anything about
your father's business.
I'm an attorney.
Exactly, stressing yourself out
to eventually make partner,
- and then what?
- You know what.
Yeah, more stress
and more hours.
Why don't you just retire
and go fishing every day?
And buy a boat.
It could be outside, right out
back, right behind our house.
Come on, isn't that what everyone
dreams of, retiring early?
No, not me.
Babe, give it some time.
You're going to do so much
better now that you're here.
what's really bothering you?
I know you and something's up.
I think my father's ghost
is haunting this house.
Where are you going?
I have court in the morning.
If I'm going to be there on time,
I have to be up at five a.m.
Faye. The alarm guy is here.
He wants to show us
how the system works.
Hey, Nina.
Did you move my shoes last
night after I went to sleep?
What shoes?
Uh, my sandals.
Stephanie put them
next to the couch,
and I can't find them now.
I can help you look for them.
I'm sure they're
somewhere around here.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
You know, many patients that are
undergoing your medical treatment
have experienced
similar symptoms:
Forgetfulness, anxiety...
even paranoia.
It's not the medication.
The first time it happened,
I could say that I had imagined
the thing with the bath mats,
but my shoes...
I found them on the shoe rack
in my closet upstairs.
What's so strange about that?
I hadn't been upstairs
since the morning.
There's no way
I wouldn't have remembered
walking around barefoot
all day.
So you mean that
there's ghosts in the house?
Since I got here,
I've felt like something
or someone is just around me.
You're undergoing a lot
of stress these days.
What with your father's death...
moving into a new house,
Tom's absence
due to his workload.
You know what?
I'm going to prescribe
a new medication for you.
I don't need more meds.
I'm getting so much better.
I'm doing the breathing
and the exposure therapy.
Every day I'm getting a little
closer to the glass doors.
Agoraphobia is just a symptom
of the underlying
panic disorder.
How is your dissertation going?
I haven't really
had much time to...
work on it
since I've been here.
Well, that's understandable,
but you can't let it
get too far away.
I won't. You know how
important that is to me.
I'm afraid time's up for today.
Doctor Murphy...
I'm not imagining things.
I swear.
Faye, I know it's tricky
for you...
but you have to fight
for your recovery.
Are you going to be okay
until I see you next week?
Nina, can you turn that down
a little bit?
Nina, is that you?
Nina, come out, please.
There's nothing there.
What about that song
that was playing?
- What about it?
- It was my father's favorite.
Then it makes perfect sense for
it to still be on the turntable.
It was playing by itself.
Maybe the cat jumped up there
and turned it on.
No, the door was locked.
- Then, how did you get in?
- It opened by itself.
Babe, your dad's ghost
is not haunting you.
I don't know. A lot of weird things
have been happening in this place.
You're just still getting used
to the new house.
I don't want to get used to it.
I want to leave here.
- And go where?
- Back to our condo.
We can't.
It's already under contract.
Okay, then we'll go somewhere else.
Anywhere else.
I just don't want to be here.
I'm afraid of this place.
Babe, you need to relax.
Come on. Let's go get some
medicine and take a nap.
Where were you?
I went to take the stuff
in the den to storage.
And Nina?
She said she didn't do it,
I want you to fire her
right now.
I can't fire her, Faye.
Who's gonna take care of you?
- You.
- We've already been over that.
Okay, well, then someone else.
You have no idea how hard
it was to find her.
She's the reason
I can't find Hamlet.
I don't want her here.
Please, Faye, you got to
work with me.
The trial will be over
in another week.
Then, I'll take a vacation and
find someone else. I promise.
And leave here again with her?
It's just for another week.
What am I gonna do
without Hamlet?
He's a cat.
He'll find his way home.
They always do.
Come here.
Oh, I didn't know
you were in here.
I'm just getting dinner ready.
Can I get you something?
No, I'm just getting a drink.
I'm so sorry that cat got out.
I can take a walk tomorrow morning
and see if I find him for you.
What is that?
What's wrong?
I'm just making beef stew.
What did you do with Hamlet?
Tom! Tom!
Tom! Tom, come here, please!
- Tom, hurry!
- What?
I told you she did it.
She killed Hamlet.
I saw all the blood.
She must have
changed her apron,
but I saw his collar in the
stew, and all of his blood...
- What is she talking about?
- I don't know.
I'm just making beef stew.
It's not beef.
I saw his collar in there!
Faye, Faye, what is wrong?
You're not making any sense.
No, no, I saw his collar.
Are you okay?
Get her pills.
Come on, let's go upstairs.
I mean, I just don't know how much
longer I can keep doing this.
She's totally losing it.
Listen, I'll call you back.
I'm busy.
Let me out of here! Faye!
Faye, please let me
out of here!
Nina, what's wrong?
Faye, let me out please!
I think it's locked
from your side!
No, there's no lock
on this side!
Please, Faye!
The crime scene techs and I
are done in there,
unless you have anything
you need to tell me.
Excuse me for a second,
I gotta use the phone
really quick.
Sure, go ahead.
Is there anything
you have to tell me?
You know you can trust me,
Does it have to do
with your father's death?
How could it?
Then what is it you're
not telling me?
You can't trust what someone
like me believes, right?
If you tell me you saw
something, I believe you.
No. I didn't see anything.
I just heard her screaming,
and I found her that way.
Sorry, I had to call someone
to come stay with her tomorrow.
Is there gonna be
any sort of investigation?
No, I don't think so.
It appears to be an accident.
All right, we're done here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I talked to your aunt, and she said
she'd come to stay with you tomorrow.
I want you to stay with me.
Tom, before Nina died,
she was banging on the door
of the laundry room
and she couldn't get out.
She what?
She was pulling from the inside
and I was pushing
from the outside,
and the door wouldn't open.
There's no lock on that door,
you know that.
I know. Exactly.
So what are you saying?
She was screaming hysterically.
There had to have been
someone or something in there
that wouldn't let her out.
Are you talking about
your dead father again?
Please, please believe me.
Why would your father
want to hurt Nina?
I can't believe
I just asked that question.
I don't know.
I'm not sure what he wants.
Babe, please stop this.
I'm not making this up.
I'm not imagining things.
you're going to be alone
for a couple of hours
until Aunt Margie gets here,
but you're gonna be okay.
No, Tom, please!
It's been a long day.
What do we do?
Where are you going? Stay here.
I have to go see
if somebody's out there.
The alarm company
will call the police.
I'm sure the alarm
already scared 'em away.
Which the police can verify
when they get here.
Stop it, Tom.
Huh! That's weird.
The laser sensors
got tripped up.
The ones on the inside
of the house?
How can the sensors inside
the house get triggered
before the outside sensors did?
No, Tom! Please, please,
don't go out there. Please.
Did you call the police?
I think we've had enough
police here for one day.
No, I'd feel better
if they searched the house.
Don't be afraid, baby.
You got me!
Okay, I know, but I'd prefer a
couple of policemen with guns.
I got a gun I can show you.
I've already seen your gun.
Maybe you need to see it again.
So you believe me?
Of course.
I've always believed
in those things.
But why are you so sure
that it's your father?
Well, first of all,
he died here.
Your father died here?
In this house?
Well, I'd heard that
he hardly came here anymore.
Elizabeth always complained to a
mutual friend of ours at the club
that he never wanted
to come down here.
Why didn't he just sell it?
I don't know.
He and I never talked
after your mother left.
Why won't you talk to me
about her?
I don't want to cause you
any more pain.
I'm so tired of everyone
treating me like I'm
some sort of emotional cripple.
Fine, what do you want to know?
What happened between them?
I've already told you
how she suffered from
depression for many years.
Your father worked long hours
and stayed away.
That just drove her deeper
and deeper into her depression.
What happened
on the day that she left?
She showed up at my house
and asked me to watch you
for a couple of hours.
What for?
She said that she had
something important to do.
But she never came back.
But I can't blame her.
I'd stayed away from her, too.
Being around her was just
so hard for me.
I guess that must be what
it's like to be around me.
Don't say that.
why do you think
that it's your father
that's haunting this house?
The other day, the record
player just went off by itself
and it was playing this.
My father used to play that record
all the time when I was little.
It was his favorite.
No... this wasn't
your father's favorite.
It was your mother's.
My mother's?
Are you sure?
I'll go get that.
Then he arrived around six.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hello.
Hey. What brings you back?
We found this in Nina's pocket.
This belong to you?
It wasn't Nina's?
It's a big rock.
Kind of expensive.
- Does it look familiar?
- Should it?
I guess not.
It could always be Elizabeth's.
That's your father's
second wife?
He never married the bitch.
Okay, I guess I better
go see her next.
Thank you, see you soon.
Yeah, you too.
So about that record...
That ring definitely
didn't seem familiar to you?
What are you looking for?
The keys to the storage.
What for?
Tom took my dad's stuff
to the storage, and...
I need a photo album
from there.
What photo album?
It's this old, green one
from when I was little.
There's lots of
pictures of mom in it.
But whatever for?
Would you mind going down to the
storage place and getting it for me?
No, I guess-I guess not.
Thank you so much, Aunt Margie.
I think I'm finally gonna be
able to prove to everyone
that I'm not imagining things.
Faye, It's me!
I'm in the office!
I am so sorry.
I came as fast as I could.
You look so pretty.
I was going to meet someone
on a date,
when Tom called
and told me what happened.
You canceled your date for me?
Considering what happened?
You shouldn't have.
Aunt Margie came
to stay with me.
I couldn't not come.
Where is she anyways?
She went to the storage place
to get something for me.
You seem to be doing okay,
Are you finally working
on your dissertation?
No, I'm trying
to find the footage
of whatever triggered the alarm
last night.
Someone broke into your house
last night?
That's the thing.
There was no break in.
Only the inside sensors
went off.
I don't get it.
Oh my God!
What is it?
Come here. Look at this.
Who is that?
More like, what is that?
Have you ever seen anyone
move that quickly?
It's the recording that makes
it look that fast, right?
The timer says that thing moved
across the room in three seconds.
That thing?
The ghost.
Tom told me.
Your father's ghost.
I'm back!
Hello, sweetheart.
Hi, Margie,
pleasure to see you.
- Special delivery!
- Thank you so much.
I knew it!
The ring was my mother's.
You're right!
It's been so long
since I've seen it
I forgot what it looked like.
What is going on?
The ghost isn't my father.
- It's my mother.
- You think so?
You don't even know
if your mother is dead.
- Nina found this ring in this house.
- So?
Why else would it be here?
She must have come here after she
dropped you off at my house.
Probably to confront my father
about Elizabeth.
You have never known for a fact
that your father and Elizabeth
were together
before your mother left.
Except that conveniently
three months later
they were already
living together.
My father killed her.
You're thinking your father
killed your mother?
So she's the one
haunting this house?
Where's my vodka?
I can't believe that you
are encouraging this insanity.
You saw the video.
What else do you need
to believe me?
What video?
Okay, so you're thinking
your father killed your mother
because you found her ring.
That's why he never wanted
to come back here.
That's why he wouldn't
sell the house.
Because he was afraid that somebody
was gonna find her body here.
Okay, maybe she left the ring
at the condo,
and your father
brought it here.
- Why would he do that?
- Why would he kill her?
Can you say for sure
that she was wearing the ring
the day she dropped off Faye?
Not really.
Then my explanation
is as likely as any.
What about everything else
that's been happening?
I'm not imagining things.
Has anyone else seen or heard
anything besides you?
- No, but...
- What about Tom?
All the nights he slept over,
he hasn't seen anything?
What about Nina?
Did she ever say that
she had seen anything?
No, but she was screaming in the
laundry room before she died.
So she screamed out
when the window crushed her.
That could've happened.
I thought you were on my side.
I am.
If she says she saw something,
I believe her.
Let's see what Dr. Murphy
and Tom believe.
Doc, is it possible
that one of the medications
that you prescribed Faye
is causing her to have
these hallucinations?
Hallucinations are not
a side effect of that drug.
However, paranoia is
a classic symptom
of underlying panic disorder.
But she's never
been paranoid before.
It's obviously a new symptom.
So she's getting worse
instead of getting better?
Stop talking about me
like I'm not in this room.
Faye, everybody in this room
cares about you.
Is there anything else
you can do?
Well, I could prescribe
a higher dosage,
but that would require
24 hour medical supervision.
A live-in nurse?
A mental health institution.
For how long?
For however long it takes.
And how long will that be?
Well, it's hard to predict
these kinds of things.
Oh, come on.
We've all heard the stories
about these places.
They just keep people
drugged up,
and they are stuck
there indefinitely.
No. Patients that are
in these places
need that kind of 24 hour care
like that.
And none of us has the training
or the time
to be with her the whole day.
I'll agree to it.
But only if we take her
to Regional Hospital.
But I don't work there.
I think it's time that Faye
finds a new doctor.
Okay, you're making
a big mistake.
Finding a new doctor, you would
have to start all over again.
You've been treating her
for eight years,
and it doesn't seem
to be helping.
If anything,
she's getting worse.
Margie, what do you think?
Isn't anyone gonna ask
what I think?
Do you want a new doctor,
I don't need a new doctor.
I need you guys to believe me.
You said yourself you didn't like
his idea of bringing her here.
No, I'm getting better.
I'm so close
to walking outside those doors.
But you're developing
new symptoms.
I guess it is the right thing
for her right now.
But I thought you believed me.
If what you say is true,
then that's all the more reason
to leave this house.
There, you'll be safe.
Babe... I love you more
than anything in the world.
We just want
to see you get better.
Faye, we will all help you.
I mean, I can help Tom take
care of your dad's business
for a few weeks
until you're better.
Yes, you can count
on all of us.
if you guys don't want me
to treat her...
You're gonna need these sedatives
for the long ride to Regional.
Doc, it's not personal.
Good luck, Faye.
You know where to find me.
If you're staying tonight,
then I'll go ahead and leave.
Are you sure?
It's gonna start raining soon.
I'll manage.
I'll see you tomorrow, sweetie.
Call me when you're about a...
half hour away, and I'll
meet you at the hospital.
I'll go with you guys
to the hospital in the morning.
You need something
to help you sleep?
I'm afraid to go to sleep.
Why, baby?
What if something happens to me
in my sleep, and I can't wake up?
Faye, I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
Here, take one.
I'm gonna go
check on Stephanie.
if it's really you...
I am sorry
for whatever happened here.
Just please
don't hurt me tonight,
or Tom or Stephanie.
They're the people I care about
most in this world.
And I promise we'll leave
this house by tomorrow morning.
What a night.
What are we gonna do
about this house?
What do you mean?
It's really too far
for anyone to live here.
It's a two hour drive
to the hospital,
and it's too pricey
to keep as a weekend retreat.
Let me guess...
you want the listing?
Faye, wake up.
Did you hear that?
I heard a noise.
- What kind of noise?
- Something moving upstairs.
Oh, God, not you too.
I'm serious.
Maybe Faye is awake.
You should go check on her.
She took one of her pills. She's out
like a light for the next eight hours.
I could have sworn
I heard a voice.
This way.
I definitely heard something.
I swear, I'm surrounded
by paranoid women.
I'm going to check on Faye.
She might be awake.
She's dead to the world
right now.
Well, I'm gonna go
just in case.
I told you,
she's asleep right now.
Are you crazy?
Not here.
Why not?
We can do it right here.
We're so close, all right?
Let's not mess it up now.
You're just still pissed
about the pregnancy.
Of course, I'm still pissed.
Oh, Steph, with all the drugs she's
on, she's never in the mood.
It's the truth.
So then how'd the baby happen?
Immaculate conception?
I didn't said we never had sex,
just not that often.
We've been married for
three years for Christ's sake!
You just never enjoyed it,
You know, I'm getting tired
of your shit.
This whole scheme
was your idea.
How did you think I was gonna
be able to pull this off
if we didn't have sex?
I know, I know.
I just...
I never counted on
how hard this was gonna be
to see you guys together.
Come tomorrow, it's just gonna
be the two of us, all right?
And 30 million dollars
at our disposal.
It's not gonna to be
that easy, though.
I have to get a doctor
to declare her insane.
Then, I have to get appointed
as her legal guardian.
With her insisting
that she's seeing ghosts,
that shouldn't be a problem.
I have to say...
the mats, the shoes,
the cat stew...
that was brilliant.
The cat stew was Nina's idea.
What if Faye had come in when
she was switching the pots?
We had to get rid of that cat.
It was actually
helping her get better.
Poor Hamlet.
But what really put the nail
in the coffin
was that shadow
on the security video.
How did you do that?
What shadow?
The one Faye showed me
from last night.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Must have been Nina, then.
I told her to pull out
all the stops.
But Nina died
before the alarm went off.
Well, it's too bad about Nina,
One less person
to share the money with.
One less loose end.
I can't believe that
in less than 24 hours,
I'll finally be free of her.
I can't believe
it's taken three years.
You know, in the end though,
I feel sorry for her.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
that she does
need to be
in a mental institution.
Whatever makes you feel better
about all this.
Let's celebrate early.
I heard that.
Shit, she heard us.
I thought you said
she was asleep.
No one is going to believe her.
They think she's crazy.
We can't take that chance.
Then what do we do?
- She has to die.
- What?
It won't be that hard. We just
make it look like a suicide.
We can't kill her.
If she's alive and then
divorces me, we get nothing.
Her dad made me sign
a pre-nup, remember?
What do you wanna do?
We tie her up.
Make her take
an overdose of pills.
At least we know
she can't go very far.
You wanna tie her up with that?
Come on out, Faye.
We all know
you're not going anywhere.
Faye, come on out
and talk to us about this.
I'm sorry, Faye. Come on,
nobody's gonna hurt you.
Forgive me, Faye.
I was always just so jealous
of you in school.
I let the money
cloud my judgment, Faye.
Please. Hon?
You scream out
as soon as you see her.
I'm so sorry, Faye...
but you've no idea how hard
this has been for me...
always by your side...
always taking care of you.
Come on out. Talk to us.
You know,
this isn't Tom's fault.
I'm the one who told him
about your father being ill.
All he had to do was...
act like a courier
so he could meet you.
You know, I really do think
he fell for you.
So you see...
you beat me again.
it wasn't supposed
to happen like this.
You were supposed to just
go get the help you needed.
I offered you all my money.
Don't think
I didn't consider it.
It was certainly
a lot less work than all this.
It would mean being cooped up in here
with you for the rest of my life.
So you preferred
to just drive me crazy?
I hate to break it to you,
but you've been bat-shit crazy
since the day I met you.
Look at you, Faye!
You finally did it!
Too bad that's as far
as you're gonna go.
Well, I guess you were right,
You are getting better.
Maybe I should have taken you up
on that offer, Faye.
Lord knows the sex
wasn't half bad.
I was the best you've ever had.
Wait, what am I thinking?
I was the only one
you've ever had.
How are you going
to explain Stephanie's body?
Poor, poor Faye.
Is it too late to take you up
on that offer, Faye?
I mean just look at you.
You could be
running marathons now.
We could have
a beautiful life together.
Think about it, Faye.
Who else are you going to find
who's going to put up
with all your little...
What we had
was something special.
Angel face?
You know I still love you.
Give me another chance, Faye.
I had these in Jamaica once.
So, uh...
have you seen
or heard her again?
I think her work is done.
I just can't believe they found
her body all cut into pieces.
I know.
I was so afraid of her,
but all she was trying to do
was to warn me about them.
Oh, I'll get it.
Used to it.
Detective! Come in.
Hello. Thank you.
Join us.
Would you like a drink?
No, thank you,
I'm here on official business.
Well, I think mine
needs a little more rum.
Come on, sit down for a minute.
Thank you.
I wanted to tell you
the Medical Examiner's report
on those bones that we found buried
next your husband's body came back.
And the DNA proves that they
definitely belonged to your mother.
I already knew that.
You did?
You think your father's girlfriend
had something to do with it?
You'll have to ask her that.
Well, we definitely will.
Let me ask you something.
Are you ever going to tell me
what really happened here?
Do you believe in
the supernatural, Detective?
The supernatural? Like ghosts
and things like that?
Put it this way.
The spirits of our loved ones,
they watch over us.
I'd really like
to believe that.
Oh, my gosh, Hamlet, my baby.
Oh, I missed you so much.
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Look at mommy.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't know what else
you want me to try, Elizabeth.
No, there's no way.
I don't think so. I don't want
to hear any more excuses.
You find a way.
I didn't spend
the best years of my life
with that man to be tossed
aside with nothing.
you're getting a condo
that's worth over ten million
dollars on the ocean.
You're getting more
than most women get
after 15 years of marriage.
What are you complaining about?
I don't care how much
this condo is worth.
I want everything.
If you can't find a way
to get that little hermit
out of my house,
I'll get another lawyer.
What the hell is this?
What the...?