Ah-ga-ssi (2016) Movie Script

You little brats, beat it!
It should have been me!
I should be the one going
to that Jap's house.
You'll miss the train.
'Kouzuki Noriaki'
Go back to sleep.
We're still far from the house.
Pleased to meet you. I am Okju.
This property has three buildings.
A Western-style wing by
an English architect
and a Japanese wing form the main house.
Not even in Japan is there
a building combining two styles.
It reflects Master's admiration
for Japan and England.
Next is the annex
which Master had furnished as a library.
Last, the servants' quarters.
As the Lady's handmaiden
you won't sleep there.
You may eat her leftover food,
but tea leaves go to the kitchen girls.
Used soap is for the steward.
Anyone caught pilfering
is expelled that day.
I'm sure you wouldn't dare, Tamako.
"Tamako" is you. Your
name Okju in Japanese.
- Call me Sasaki.
- Yes, ma'am.
The Lady's routine is simple. Taking
a walk, or reading for Master.
Among the richest men,
Master is the greatest book lover.
And among book lovers, he is the richest.
His ties to the colonial government
even let us use electricity.
In such a home,
you know what's expected
of a maid like you?
Don't be alarmed at the blackouts.
I sleep in here?
Miss Hideko wakes easily
on account of her nerves.
She's behind this door?
Miss, are you alright?
Junko! Is that you?
Junko was kicked out, Miss.
I'm the new girl.
Seems you had a bad dream.
You see that big cherry tree?
My aunt went mad and
hanged herself there.
Sometimes on moonless nights,
my aunt's ghost
dangles from that branch.
Here, drink up.
When babies cry, my auntie feeds them
a spoonful of sake.
"Sweet bird, sweet bird
"My sweet bluebird
"What scent is this, that fills my nose?"
You think I'm Tamako, a
poor Korean handmaiden.
But my real name's Nam Sookee.
Raised by Miss Boksun,
top purveyor of stolen goods.
I was able at age 5 to tell
a real coin from a fake.
Then learned to forge stamps from Gugai,
and studied pickpocketing from Kutan,
but these babies will never learn
such useful skills.
Abandoned as newborns,
we'll wash and feed them,
then sell them to Japan.
Such meaningful work.
Instead of starving, they grow up
gentlemen and ladies.
Kutan only breastfeeds her own kid.
I wouldn't be so miserly.
I wish my breasts gave milk.
I'd breastfeed all of them.
I'll tell you the story of an interpreter,
who bribed his way into translating
for high officials.
After helping Japan annex Korea,
he got rights to a gold mine.
Now he wants to turn fully Japanese.
So he gets naturalized,
marries the daughter of
a fallen Japanese noble,
and adopts his wife's family name Kouzuki.
Ba... Bas...
Bastard builds a mansion,
fills it with books and antiques.
He invites Japanese
collectors to his library,
holds readings of rare books,
and auctions the books off.
He loves books and paintings
like his own flesh,
but he can't help parting with a few.
What to do, when he must sell,
but can't bear to?
He sells a fake.
He seeks out a specialist
to create intricate forgeries.
Unlike him this specialist...
is a real Japanese, of noble birth!
Count Fujiwara from Nagoya.
So, who is this?
It's the wife. His Japanese wife.
- You'll seduce her...
- Is she pretty?
The Jap wife died ages
ago with no children.
But the dead wife's dead sister's
living daughter
performs those book readings.
But is she pretty?
An orphan. Her father was rich.
Soon she'll fall in love with me,
and we'll elope to Japan.
After marrying her there,
and inheriting her fortune,
I'll declare her insane
and lock her up in a madhouse.
Sookee will be my mouse,
work as her maid, eavesdrop on her,
stay by her side and gently persuade her
to fall in love.
What does a crook know about love?
What of her fortune? She's rich?
Each night in bed I think of her assets.
1.5 million in cash. 300,000 in bonds.
The uncle is just a guardian.
It's Hideko's fortune.
That's why Kouzuki schemes
to marry the girl.
To his w... wife's niece?
What a s... sick f... f...
Right, a sick fuck.
So what's our share?
I'll share 50,000
Sookee gets the dresses and jewellery.
I'll do it! Take me!
My Japanese is better,
and I worked as a maid!
On top of the fifty,
I get dresses, jewellery
and my own 100,000.
She must be crazy...
Crazy? Not a bit.
I'll take my fortune and flee this country.
Endure these country yokels a bit longer.
Those fuckers.
This is Tamako.
I am at your service. Miss...
Bloody hell.
He should've told me she was so pretty.
I'm completely flummoxed.
A reference letter
from Lady Minami, my last mistress.
Here's the letter. Pay attention.
"Dear Miss Izumi Hideko,
"Count Fujiwara has informed me of
your urgent need for a maid.
"A maid is like a pair of chopsticks.
"Her presence is little noted,
but her absence causes much distress."
So is this place to your liking?
The sun scarcely ever shines here.
Uncle won't permit it.
Sunlight causes books to fade.
One could never grow fond of
such a dreary place.
Not a good liar, are you?
I'll take my leave.
My head aches before
every reading practice.
Would you read it to me?
Oh, how kind of her.
Lady Minami said
such nice things about me!
Is that so?
You're a Japanese lady,
why don't you speak Japanese?
I'm sick of it.
The books he makes me
read are all Japanese.
So read that for me.
"Dear Miss Izumi Hideko,
"Count Fujiwara said
you're looking for a maid.
"Maids are like...
a spoon... no...
"are like chopsticks..."
Is it a spoon?
I don't know to read, Miss.
Not at all? What about Korean?
This is your name. Can't you read it?
Reading can be learned,
and I don't care if you curse or steal.
But don't ever lie to me. Understood?
Yes, Miss.
My mum.
She's beautiful, quite the charmer!
And me? Am I "quite the charmer?"
Everyone says I can't compare to my mother.
Count Fujiwara said...
So you've met the Count?
No, I never met him...
My aunt! I heard it from my aunt.
She was his nanny.
What did the Count say about me?
He said your face...
Every night in bed he thinks
of your assets... your face.
Why in bed, I wonder?
What's with your foot?
I've nowhere to go.
I've just stayed in this house
since coming to Korea at age 5.
But in new shoes, even well-trodden paths
feel fresh.
The ones from here
up to here should fit you.
Time for reading practice.
I'll go alone.
But rain is falling.
At noon, come knock on the door. Promise?
See you at...
See you later.
What's this?
Why would the lady of such a big house...
Did the big house make her go mad?
My new handmaiden.
The snake, the snake!
You mustn't pass that point.
Be warned!
The snake marks the
'bounds of knowledge'.
A snake!
The Count?
That's why you insisted on a bath.
My aunt, when she heard a guest was coming,
dropped everything and
bathed her Baby Miss.
Nothing made her happier than when guests
praised her baby's scent.
You are my Baby Miss.
Auntie gave the babies candy during baths.
To teach them that bath time is sweet.
What's Wrong?
One of my teeth is sharp.
It keeps cutting me.
So this was the scent.
All smooth.
Welcome, sir!
You are too kind to greet me
this way upon my arrival,
when the journey
has left me so unkempt.
Now your tedium is over.
I'll ensure your
painting lessons are stimulating.
This must be Okju.
At your service, milord.
You know if you fail, it'll put me in
an awkward position?
A decent bone
structure for a Korean...
So, are you carrying out
your duties faithfully?
Count Fujiwara requests Miss Hideko
to kindly allow her maid Tamako
to be sent to his Lordship
for a brief errand.
Did you call for me, milord?
You may enter.
Everyone's talking about you in Eunpo.
How you'll be an even greater thief
than your mum.
Who believes the talk of a swindler?
When I give the signal, "fully ripe",
arrange for her and I to be alone.
Then I'll gobble her up to the pit.
She's so naive, even if a man
pulls on her nipples
she won't know what he wants.
So it's your job to tell her
that everything is because of me.
"Oh my, since the Count arrived,"
"your toenails are
growing much faster!"
That sort of thing, all right?
Here, a gift.
Oh, he's so thoughtful!
That'll be mine when she
goes to the madhouse.
It pains my heart to see this poor girl.
Have you ever seen sapphires so blue?
Let's take a look...
This isn't a sapphire, it's blue spinel.
It's all right, Miss.
Spinels are expensive too.
How do you know...
Oh, my Auntie... I mean,
Lady Minami taught me.
But it's fine!
No need to be ashamed at all.
Your average fence can
barely tell them apart.
Is that so?
Of all the things I've washed and dressed,
has anything been this pretty?
I'd like to show her to the people at home.
What would they say?
Probably this?
S... Spellbindingly beautiful!
He's shameless.
B... b... beautiful!
I... I... I'm flummoxed in your presence!
If you stutter like that
and make your face go red,
those uppity bitches will feel superior,
and then they'll open up to you, all right?
You try it.
One, two, three!
The Count kept pushing wine on me.
Does it feel okay?
It's suffocating. How do ladies
wear such things?
You think this is suffocating?
Miss, you're killing me!
Dressed up, you look like a lady, too.
I think I know
what the Count meant.
Your face...
Each night in bed,
I think of your face.
Don't be silly, Miss.
Ladies truly are the dolls of maids.
All these buttons are for my amusement.
If I undo the buttons
and pull out the cords,
then, the sweet things within,
those sweet and soft things...
If I were still a pickpocket
I'd slip my hand inside...
Miss, are you truly going
to marry your uncle?
That's what he raised me for,
knowing he'd need my fortune.
There's a famous collector in France.
He'll be putting his entire library
up for auction.
The gold mine's proceeds
won't cover the cost.
If it were me, I'd sell books
to buy gold, not the opposite.
For now,
the Lady needn't go read to the sick fuck
who wants to marry his wife's niece.
Instead the fake Count goes to the Library
to make fake books.
The Lady waits for her 2 o'clock art class,
and waits...
Poor girl,
losing her heart to a fake.
Please, Count!
Sorry to be late.
It's no matter.
Maybe I need more practice
to give it dimensionality?
Dimensionality... perhaps.
Nonetheless, you have a vision
that transcends mere skill.
As if you see directly into
an object's essence.
For example, the fact that
this peach contains a lot of water.
I hesitate to stand before you,
for fear that you
might read my thoughts.
That's enough for today.
Almost fully ripe.
Do you know what?
Since the Count arrived,
your cheeks have grown flushed.
Have they?
How did your mum die?
When I was a baby,
at a big house, she was hanged...
- I mean, she hanged...
- Hanged herself? Like my aunt.
Well, pretty much.
Still, while alive she hugged you a lot?
My mother died giving birth to me.
So it's as if I strangled her myself.
I wish I'd never been born.
No baby is ever guilty of being born.
If your mother thought you could understand
this is what she'd have said.
That she was so lucky to
have you before dying.
That she had no regrets.
Did my mum cry before they hanged her?
Your mother stole a thousand times,
was caught just once, and died once.
Did she cry?
She laughed.
Said she was lucky to
have you before dying.
That she had no regrets.
Wait here a moment, Miss.
I'll go pick mushrooms.
We'll have mushroom stew tonight,
you like that.
I'll go with you.
I'll be quick.
Before it rains.
Good girl...
What a coincidence.
May I sit by you?
The lady sits, shy and trembling.
The gentleman is persistent.
The perceptive maid has
stepped out for a moment.
All is well, Sookee.
Everyone's performing their roles
so damned well.
Fucking hell.
You know servants can't use this entrance!
I wish I'd never come here.
It was wrong to come.
Tamako, you brought
watercolours, right?
Of course, milord!
Watercolour paints and brushes...
Go and get the oils.
A day like this demands oils, yes!
A blackout! Bring a lantern.
Yes, ma'am.
I need to think.
I need to become rich,
sail off to a distant harbour,
eat food I scarcely recognize,
buy my fill of glittering baubles, and...
not think of Hideko.
Never think of Hideko...
I returned and you didn't even come to me?
It was late, I must have slept.
My apologies.
You know how hard it is
to do those readings?
Must I remove makeup
and change clothes all by myself?
I feel a nightmare coming. Sleep here.
He proposed to me.
Next full moon,
while my uncle visits his mine,
he wants to elope to Japan.
What did you say?
I said I wasn't sure.
I'm scared.
Of your uncle's anger?
Of the Count.
What's to be scared of'? He's so kind.
I don't know, I just feel it.
Like the reflex of pulling
your hand from a flame.
Tell me...
What is it that men want?
I mean after getting married, at night...
How would I know? I'm practically a child.
With no mother. No one here to...
I guess we'd kiss?
What the hell.
I'll show her one thing
then put her to bed.
Poor thing,
alone in a strange country,
reading those useless books,
without learning a single useful skill.
Why does the candy taste different?
The bitter turned sour,
the sour turned sweet,
the sweet turned savoury...
How do you know all this?
You must have experience?
My friend Kutan taught me.
Taught you? In words?
Yes, only in words.
So this is how it feels.
That's what you will feel for the Count.
The Count, truly...
He won't think he's
making love to a corpse?
You know about my cold hands and feet.
Feels just fine.
You like it?
Do it to me. I want to know how it feels.
I'm sure he'll want to do this too.
And then...
It's so cute.
If the Count sees this...
Will he really be so tender as this?
Of course.
And he'll touch you like this.
And like this...
Keep doing it like the Count would.
And this is what he'll say.
It's so soft, warm,
wet, and...
s..s..spellbindingly beautiful!
Now, the model must stay still.
- Hideko...
- Wait.
...doesn't like it, you damned scoundrel!
Stop it!
I can't do this.
Come here, Tamako.
Find some other job to do.
You catch my meaning?
I've no other job to do.
My job is to look after the Lady.
I spit it out without chewing!
All because of you!
She's fully ripe! Fully ripe!
If I miss this fortnight, I'm finished!
Can you feel it? How much I want it?
After fighting so hard to escape
my garbage heap of a life,
you think I'll let you
fuck it up, you bitch?
Shall I tell the Lady you're nothing
but a lowly pickpocket?
Fine, I'll have something to tell her too.
That you're nothing but the son of
a lowly Korean farmhand and shaman...
Think of your family at home.
Boksun raising babies with her bad back,
and those two halfwits.
How will they feel if you
go home empty-handed?
Want to shit on your mother's legend?
You should go home in glory.
So don't push Hideko too hard.
She's got no one on this earth.
If you frighten her,
she'll close up hard as a clam.
And please...
Don't ever again put my hand on
your tiny joke of a cock.
Oh my.
Your toenails have grown faster
since the Count arrived.
How curious.
Miss, doesn't it bother you not to know?
How many ships sail on the Wide sea...
People leaving, people returning,
those saying farewell or welcome back.
What's the farthest you've travelled?
The hill beyond the manor?
I could be content here,
if you were with me.
You're fortunate, Miss.
The man who loves you has
the power to protect you.
That's rare.
But I'm not sure... if I love him.
You do love him.
How do you know?
You stare out the window all day.
Turn in your sleep and sigh.
And your toenails.
Even if I say I don't love him,
if I say that I love someone else...
Me, who has no one on this earth...
Do you still want me to marry him?
You will love him.
In the end,
Hideko accepted the proposal,
provided that I come to Japan too.
The Count, after feigning
annoyance for a bit,
nodded his head.
On the day her Uncle
left to visit his mine,
the Count pretended to go back
to Japan, and hid nearby.
You'll have a week of freedom,
but always remember the basement.
Thank you for travelling on
our ferry today.
We will arrive
at Shimonoseki at 7:30 pm...
Finally we're going home.
It's been three years
To not steal...
To not steal...
To not commit adultery...
To not commit adultery...
To not lie...
To not lie...
"Spider thread pulled into strings
"Strumming makes a zither sing
"Thousand woes
"Under the blue sky Only the crows cry
"How sorrowful my zither My beloved zither"
Did you sleep well?
Excuse me.
The Count paid the innkeeper to spy on us,
afraid we might run off.
Why get dressed? I've nothing to do anyway.
Things are moving too slowly.
I fear Hideko might truly go mad.
Shall we play 'maid', like before?
From morning to night
we see no sign of the Count.
Certifying the marriage and converting
the inheritance to cash
require much work, he says.
How cruel can you be?
You plucked the flower, now re-plant it.
What do you want?
Hurry up and throw her into the madhouse!
A week here...
Then finally...
This way.
Who is that person?
The Countess Lady Fujiwara.
Her maiden name was Izumi Hideko.
And who might you be?
I am the Lady's handmaiden.
Then, what kind of treatment
do you believe your Lady requires?
She should be confined in a place
where no one can harm her,
and where she can do no harm.
Just a few tests, then let's have
lamb chops at the Peace Hotel.
Almost there. Good work.
Don't be frightened.
Good day, Countess.
Do you remember me?
What is this?
We mean you no harm, Countess.
We're going to look after you.
You've got the wrong person.
She is the Countess.
Tell them, Your Lordship!
She still believes
she's a Korean handmaiden.
It's because her nanny was Korean.
You scoundrel!
Let go of me, you filthy bitches!
We do not use such language here,
your Ladyship.
My poor Lady, she's gone nutty.
If it's any help,
this is from her mammy,
and she used to cherish it
before going mad.
Such a considerate maid.
You thought Hideko a lamb.
Lamb, my arse.
I tell you, right from
the start Miss Izumi Hideko...
had always been...
...a rotten bitch.
I'm not a rotten bitch! No! No!
Put it in your mouth, Hideko.
Hold out your hand.
Next time you feel like talking back,
remember the taste of this metal bead.
You'll sleep alone from tonight.
All right?
Please give me a light.
We've been ordered to save oil.
You little brat.
Speak Japanese!
In there is a man the size of an ogre
who can't stand
the sound of girls screaming.
If he hears you, he'll burst in
through that door after you.
And then?
He'll smother you with his giant body.
So you can't make a sound.
My, my.
Scaring a little girl like that.
And me?
Am I pretty too?
Look closely.
Everyone says I can't compare
to my big sister.
P... penis.
You think if you speak Korean,
I won't understand?
I was going a bit crazy,
so I made them crazy too.
When Mrs. Sasaki looked as crazy as me,
life was more bearable.
I know you are a bit insane.
It runs in your mother's family.
That's why I'm training you.
To set your mind right.
If I fail, there's a place called
a "mental hospital" in Japan.
Established by the rational Germans,
it's very effective
in treating lunacy.
They dig holes in the dirt,
put a patient in each one,
and put lids on top.
If patients improve they get a leash,
so they can crawl around like dogs.
The cherry tree that came with me
on the ship from Japan
bloomed twice.
"When Jinlian finally
took off her clothes,
"Ximen-Qing-examined her-Jade-Gate...
You must pause between words.
Don't read like a dog
lapping at his plate!
Listen to your aunt read.
"When Jinlian finally
took off her clothes,
"Ximen Qing examined her Jade Gate,
"Discovering the Secret Well'
"to find it hairless, white as snow,
and smooth as jade.
"Tight as a drum,
"and soft as silk.
"Once he drew apart
the curtains of flesh,
"a scent of well-aged wine
emanated from within,
"and on fold upon fold
of the red velvet interior
"beads of dew were forming.
"Its centre was dark and void,
"yet as if it had its own life,
"it twitched and twitched."
Everyone wanted to cut it down,
but my uncle refused.
He said this tree from Mt. Fuji
had absorbed my aunt's soul.
The servants whispered it was
due to the tree's high cost,
but I think my uncle was right.
You can tell from the cherry blossoms,
which turned brighter and bloomed longer.
"Tell me, Juliette.
"Do you wish this impetuous
young knight to save you?
"The duchess shook
her head resolutely,
"to my great disappointment.
"...my brave knight.
Oh, it's a new face!
...my brave knight.
When you see these old scars
and the fresh pink wounds,
what do you feel?
I pity the poor woman.
I wish to lick her and lick her,
caress her and caress her.
If you pity her so,
why not take her place
and let her whip you?
"The duchess raised the whip high
in the air, and then...
"And again...
"My cock became painfully erect."
If she could be yours for ten minutes,
what would you give in exchange?
Whatever your heart desires.
Anything in this whole wide world.
"Once the duke untied me,
"I sat on the chair, pulled her to me,
"and slid my cock into her cunt.
"Oh, Juliette, Juliette...
"As I felt the duke
approach from behind,
"a rope slithered around my neck.
"The duke slowly tightened the rope.
"Like a drowning
man grasping at straws,
"I pulled the swirling
currents of her hair.
"Then the duke spoke.
"The ten minutes are almost up.
" 'Slowly, my dear',
said the Duchess...
"I haven't yet fully
savoured his pain.
"No, the knight cried, 'don't stop!'
"Please let me die
"in the midst of this pain.
"In this suffocating pain."
Is it Sade?
It's Sade-esque.
Believed to be the same Japanese man
who wrote 'The Lizard Skin'.
Acquired from a Japanese sailor on
a ship from Hamburg.
Can you imagine my joy when,
after such a journey, it sat on
my shelf with its brothers?
These are the babes to whom
I feel the most affection.
It used to contain an elaborate
monochrome woodcut illustration,
but as you can see...
So unfortunate.
If that were intact,
you could've named your price.
The author felt words alone
could not fully describe the positions,
and so included an illustration.
In that regard,
before we start the bidding.
'Pain is a Garment'
See you again.
Yes, thank you.
Today's reading was outstanding.
Yes, thank you.
Especially the puppet!
You are of noble birth,
yet you engage in
the lowly work of copying paintings.
There was a time when
I dissipated my wit
and skills on gambling.
Imagine the torment of having
so many women make advances on me,
when I couldn't afford to buy them
a glass of Burgundy.
Do the women here advance on you?
I look at women's eyes.
Only the eyes.
They turn their gaze away,
but then they always look back.
If I were to slide under
someone's covers tonight,
only one woman here would refuse me.
Does that include Mrs. Sasaki?
Is she not your former wife?
You left her to
marry a Japanese woman.
But the servants tell me
you still share a bed with her.
You went so far as
to abandon your wife,
why this urge to become Japanese?
Because Korea is ugly
and Japan is beautiful.
Some Japanese say Japan is ugly,
and Korea is beautiful.
Beauty is cruel by nature.
Korea is soft, slow, dull,
and therefore hopeless.
Does it include Mrs. Sasaki?
If I gave her the right signal,
she'd knock on my door
without her underwear.
My thoughts exactly.
Then who is it?
The one who would deny you?
I heard you own the highest quality
antique bookmaking
tools of East and West,
but I don't see them here?
Who would deny you?
I met Hideko's eyes by chance,
but she didn't look away.
Indeed it was I who shifted my gaze.
Will she make an appearance in
your lewd dreams tonight?
Even if honoured with such a visit,
I don't think I could consummate.
Because her body would be
as cold as waterfowl.
The result of long training.
I heard you are engaged to her.
If I'm not mistaken,
you are yet to have intercourse?
Her eyes have no desire.
It means her soul is dead inside.
You should go easy on her training,
unless you enjoy
making love to a corpse.
My particular way
of possessing beauty.
Hideko too must have
received painting lessons?
I was too occupied teaching her
to read with correct diction.
Dear me!
In England, where I studied,
all ladies were expected to produce
vibrant colour and graceful lines,
even in the less noble families.
A phone call, sir.
At this hour?
It's the Iwamura Bookstore.
Is that so?
Excuse me a moment.
You are Mesmerising.
Men use the word "Mesmerising"
when they wish to
touch a lady's breasts.
I'm familiar with Western
conversational etiquette.
I do a bit of reading, you know.
There was no
calculation in what I said.
It was a reflex, like pulling
one's hand from a flame.
I'm no flame.
I'm cold as waterfowl, your Lordship.
He will return soon.
Mr. Iwamura only called
with a frivolous inquiry,
at my request.
There's an issue regarding
your future you should know.
I'll wait by the
stone lamp at midnight.
That Iwamura is a real fool.
My maid is asleep
in the room next door.
I don't fancy being in
scandalous rumours with you.
I saw Junko go to the servants'
quarters with her pillow.
Consider your
reputation as a nobleman.
I'm no nobleman.
I'm not even Japanese.
Think it was easy for a Korean
farmhand's son to reach here?
Fifteen hard years in Japan
before hearing about you.
Another three years to prepare.
I studied bookmaking
and learned to paint forgeries.
All so that I could meet you.
To seduce and marry you,
to possess your father's inheritance,
and then probably to get rid of you.
But I knew as soon as I met you.
For a man to seduce you would be...
So in place of seduction,
I decided to propose a deal.
Most marriages are prison,
but this one will free you.
I'll rescue you from here,
take you far away, and give you freedom.
Of course, we'll split the money.
Marrying an old man with a black tongue
at your tender age makes sense?
I won't marry anyone.
What have you in mind?
That's not proper.
There's no beauty in that.
If you kill yourself, what of your fortune?
That will be the sum of your efforts?
Your fortune going to a pervert?
So he can buy 10 little girls
and teach them to read books?
My uncle will find us somehow.
Then he'll take us to the basement.
The basement?
It says here when people are hanged,
their tongues stick out
and faeces is expelled.
But that day, Aunt's mouth was shut
and her bottom was clean.
Want to go somewhere nice?
I'll tell you in detail
what I did to your aunt
after I caught her running away.
So don't you ever think
of running, understood?
That day I just watched and listened.
But if I ever end up there again...
Highly concentrated opium.
Three drops will make you sleep all day.
Five drops will knock down a horse.
If you crave death within five minutes,
drink it all.
If you carry this, he can never take you
to the basement.
At least not alive.
It'll be my wedding gift to you.
It's more expensive than jewels.
Bring a girl to be my maid. One who could
disappear and not be missed.
If a bit dense, all the better.
We'll send her to a madhouse under my name.
I can find you a new maid,
but what do we do about Junko?
You really think I'm prettier than
Miss Hideko?
Sure, Hideko's pretty, and you're pretty.
What? You speak Korean?
You know...
I learned it.
To speak more easily with you.
I really wanted to say this to you.
You are just Mesmerising.
Oh my gosh!
You little tart!
I can't!
If they catch me with a guest,
I'll be thrown out!
Forget this wretched place.
Come live with me!
Oh, fucking hell!
Fucking hell?
Fucking hell...
The Count sent exactly what I ordered.
Naive and a bit foolish.
"Show Sookee your clothes
and jewellery at every opportunity.
"The material greed she got from her mother
will make her more gullible.
"P.S. Don't worry if she reads this letter,
she's totally illiterate."
Would you read it to me?
'Countess Fujiwara Hideko'
This is your name. Can't you read it?
What's with your foot?
Who did it?
Who took Tamako's shoe?
Apologise before all the servants!
If she ever runs away
because of one of you,
I'll strip you all naked
and throw you out!
Fucking hell.
All smooth.
You like the scent?
Want to come in?
No need to be ashamed at all.
Your average fence can
barely tell them apart.
Is that so?
"Returning the earrings you loaned me.
"A woman might wager her fate on
such an exquisite pair.
"I'm sure that Sookee
will try her very best
"in order to see herself wearing
these in the mirror.
"I'll tell you how to keep her
from getting suspicious.
"Keep her busy until the
day of the wedding.
"Make her spend all her energy
"on making you fall in love with me.
"In other words, don't fall in love
with me so easily."
Dressed up, you look like a lady too.
How did your mum die?
That she was so lucky to
have you before dying.
That she had no regrets.
Is this the companionship
they write about in books?
Men are disgusting.
How can they be so single-minded?
What's on my mind?
You don't really believe that
I crave your body?
You do!
You read too many of those books.
If there's one thing I'm after, Miss...
It's not your eyes, your hands or ass,
it's your money, only that.
Of all that you have, money is the best.
Feels great being so rude to a noble lady.
What's with her?
Why does she stomp her feet,
expressing her anger,
sit up in the middle of the night and sigh?
Every time she sees the Count,
her eyes seem to say,
I despise you.
Try to bear it. Only if she sees this
will she believe the proposal.
Think of me as that puppet,
and I'll imagine another woman.
What woman?
The duchess Juliette.
"The lady's emotions
lay deep inside...
"Jinlian could not
fathom their depths.
"Knowing this, Lady Sun
"gave Jinlian four small silver balls.
"These are 'minling',
or 'bells of passion.'
"Place two in the lady's Jade Gate,
"and the other two in yours.
"Spread your legs apart
"and like two scissors
"trying to cut each other,
put them together.
"When the lips below rub
against each another,
"you'll hear a clear ringing sound."
A blackout! Bring a lantern!
Yes, sir!
'The Sound of Bells on a Windless Night'
" 'When do I put
this in?' asked Jinlian."
"Does the lady breathe deeply
and swallow hard?
"Does she whisper sweetly in your ear,
"and kiss you?
"Does she embrace you tightly
"and caress your nipples?
"Does her secret part become slippery
"as she gently bites your shoulder?
"Then, put in the bells."
- Amazing!
- Indeed!
It's so cute.
If the Count sees this...
Will he really be so tender as this?
Of course.
And he'll touch you like this...
And like this...
Tamako, keep doing it.
Like the Count would.
The Count...
The Count...
He'll go crazy over this.
And this is what he'll say.
It's so soft, warm, wet, and...
's..s..spellbindingly beautiful!
Shall I teach you more, Miss?
Teach me everything.
I wish that I had breast milk
so I could feed you.
Do you like it when I do this?
Do you like me?
Can you promise that you won't betray me?
I'll never...
Miss, how could such an innocent...
You must be a natural.
I spit it out without chewing!
All because of you!
She's got no one on this earth.
If you frighten her, she'll close up
hard as a clam.
You see?
If you don't give the impression
you want this marriage,
she may throw another fit
and refuse to go forward.
Be more convincing when
you pretend to love me.
I can't do it.
I want to quit.
What's with you all today?
You feel sorry for her?
What is it with women?
You know what that poor Sookee
said about your Ladyship?
That you're too dense to get it
if someone pulls on your nipples.
That she was nice out of pity,
but you ate it up.
That you were so gullible!
That naive servant's face...
Yes... you will love him.
If I say that I love someone else...
Me, who has no one on this earth...
Do you still want me to marry him?
I wish I'd never been born.
I wish I'd never been born.
Let go.
Miss, I'm sorry!
Let go!
I'm sorry, Miss!
Don't die.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
I tried to trick you into
marrying that bastard.
I was going to put you in
a madhouse and run off.
Don't die. Don't get married, Miss!
Sookee, are you worried about me?
I'm worried about you.
How do you know my name?
You think you're tricking me?
You're the one being tricked.
You're the one bound for the madhouse.
I was going to lock you up in there
under my name,
then I'd become you and
run far away, with him.
I won't say sorry, since you tried
to trick me too.
That fucking son of a bitch!
Oh, sorry Miss!
"I hope this letter finds you well.
This is Sookee.
"I'm writing to inform you
of a change in plans.
"I decided to team up with the Lady Hideko.
"As such, I'm now in need of all your help.
"I'm enclosing an item as advance payment."
Always remember the basement.
Want to go somewhere nice?
You didn't teach me to read Japanese.
Did that bastard draw this?
Is this what you've been reading to
that dirty old man
and those gentlemen?
The daughter of a legendary thief,
who sewed winter coats
out of stolen purses.
Herself a thief, pickpocket, swindler.
The saviour who came to tear my life apart.
My Tamako.
My Sookee.
You scoundrel!
Let go of me, you filthy bitches!
Let go!
I'm hungry.
The first month, I ordered
a slim herringbone suit.
The next month, I wore it to dine
at the Imperial Hotel.
Me, a colonial boy working
as a tout at a brothel.
Some Englishmen who frequented
the brothel recognised me.
I thought they'd call the matre d'
and kick me out,
but what do you know?
They were amused I'd spend a month's pay
on one dignified meal.
They started calling me 'Count'
and taught me manners to go with the name.
Frankly, I'm not that interested
in money itself.
What I desire is, how shall I put it...
The manner of ordering wine
without looking at the price?
Something like that.
Fourteen hours by train from Vladivostok
is the summer home of
a genuine Russian noble family.
Shall we marry there?
In a few days I'll hear from the hospital.
That my wife Fujiwara Hideko has died.
You didn't just ask them to keep her?
I doubt Sookee would want
to live there very long.
I arranged it with a photography studio.
We'll replace this with your photograph.
From tomorrow, we'll
give Sookee a new life.
I'm glad.
Marry me once again.
This time as Nam Sookee.
You want another wedding night?
I think I like you... slightly.
Poor Sookee, in a place like that
all by herself...
Did such a thought ever cross your mind?
Not at all. Why should I pity her?
Where I come from, it's
illegal to be naive.
Where you come from, it's not naive
to fall in love with a business partner?
Of course. It's illegal.
So even if my love for
you leads me to ruin,
don't pity me.
What does a crook know about love?
C... c... come this way!
This way!
Because you desired me,
and overcame all obstacles to reach me,
I have been born anew, it's true.
I'm grateful for that.
I'll allow a kiss.
Why not?
I don't like kisses with conditions.
I never learned how to stop halfway.
After this I'll thrust
in deep, to your navel.
Please do that.
Those aren't the eyes of one who wants it.
You know you can't deceive
me in such matters.
If I could be yours for ten minutes,
what would you give in exchange?
Whatever your heart desires.
Anything in this whole wide world.
There's much I want to teach you.
You'll become a completely new woman.
It won't hurt. You know from those books?
In truth, women feel the greatest pleasure
when taken by force.
Now I'm going to rip your underwear.
Would you fetch those for me?
"Respected Uncle,
"it always pained
me to see you straining
"to speak flawless Japanese
before the Count from Nagoya,
"and even to quiver
your voice like a nobleman.
"So I'm happy to inform you that
you no longer need do so.
"That man is the son
of a Korean farmhand.
"Oh, did my gift arrive safely?
"Please tell this
to my gift, in Korean.
"I'm afraid that in real life,
"no woman feels pleasure
at being taken by force.
"But, for sending me Sookee out of
all the girls in the world,
"I feel "slightly" grateful."
You wished to see my bookmaking tools?
Don't just look, experience
them for yourself.
I'll choose five books that I cherish...
...that I used to cherish
more than anything.
Let's see...
'Confessions of a Whip'
'The Lizard Skin'
'Decadent Girls Who Sell Lingerie'
May I please smoke a cigarette, sir?
'Bells and Balls'
'The Mortician's Bedroom'
How could you let a little girl fool you?
But don't worry. I'll
catch them for you soon.
I arranged so that no two girls travelling
together can leave Kobe.
Please change the
destination to Shanghai.
Changing two tickets,
from Vladivostok to Shanghai.
Yes, that's correct.
Show me your passports.
Miss Nam Sookee?
Mr. Go Pandol?
You need to pay an additional 3 yen.
All right.
I'm just an old man who
likes dirty stories.
Even listening to the same story,
people imagine different things.
Peering into each of those fantasies
was this old man's humble recreation.
What to do, now that it's all over?
You should at least tell me your story.
How did that bitch Hideko taste?
Was she fully ripe? Tell me.
A cigarette might help my memory.
Right, right...
You have that silly
penchant for cigarettes?
So how was Hideko?
You have no windows here?
Sookee could be listening in.
Let's do our best.
That's it, good.
What's this?
You can't stop there, dear fellow.
So, where did you touch first?
Her face?
Her breasts?
Or straight for her c... cunt?
Was it soft?
Did it tighten up?
Did it have many wrinkles?
Was it sufficiently wet?
The viscosity and transparency
of her vaginal secretion?
Please, one more cigarette, sir.
"Spider thread pulled into strings..."
I dare say no book has ever described
such a ferocious wedding night.
I thought I heard a nightingale sing.
And... the clear, bright crimson blood!
Thus the Lady became my wife.
Coy one moment, bold the next...
But how was she coy,
how was she bold, tell it to me in detail!
A story is all about the journey.
You should know.
Did she resist?
So did you pinch her ass as punishment?
Or did she spit at you in contempt?
Or else...
Did she beg you to do it?
Like the lady in 'The Widow's Lapdog?'
How dare you!
Hideko is my wife.
What kind of scoundrel rattles on
about his wedding night!
It's odd..
Your smoke.
It's cold, blue...
and strangely beautiful.
You too have become soft, slow and dull.
Mercury is most deadly
in its gaseous state.
One cigarette would have sufficed.
At least I will die with my cock intact.
"I hear a sound in the distance
"That sounds like the steps of my love
"An echo that makes my heart skip a beat
"But I wait all through the night
"and my love never comes to me
"There is no end to the heartache
that grips me in this hour
"Waiting for the footsteps of my dear love
"Waiting for the footsteps of my dear love
"But then in my waiting heart
"suddenly happiness overflows
"There you are in the distance
"coming to me
"Filled with dreams of a new life
"filled with happiness
"Inside my waiting heart
"flowers start to bloom
"Come my lover, come to me
"I missed you so
"Let's dream of happy times
"like long ago
"Filled with dreams of a new life
"filled with happiness
"Inside my waiting heart
"flowers start to bloom
"Waiting for the footsteps of my dear love
"Waiting for the footsteps of my dear love"