Aham Reboot (2024) Movie Script

AHAM REBOO"Single out of rotting pain.'
"There's a shallow
rainy rain... Just to steam and bathe."
"The toxins in his brain,
he's freaking lost insane."
"There is nothing to explain...
Just shout out and slay."
"If you are a truly mighty player..."
"Then the play will always be yours."
"We would've been there."
"Bitches been here."
"We would've been there."
"Bitches been here."
"Nothing is left to glow,
he has no where to go."
"Whiskers in another flow,"
"Has made him so slow."
"There is nothing left to show."
"He's the lone guy in the row."
"Life is just a betrayer."
"When the sky falls apart."
"We would've been there."
"Bitches been here."
"We would've been there."
"Bitches been here."
[siren wailing]
[music playing]
Hashtag Justice for Avanthika
has now turned into a hot topic.
Today we have Avanthika's
ex-assistant in our studio.
Let's see what things she
is going to share with us.
And what secrets would come out.
Supporters of activist Avanthika had
surrounded the police headquarters today.
As the situation got out of control,
so the cops started lathi-charge.
They even fired rubber bullets
as the situation turned really bad.
[mobile phone turns on]
[mobile chimes]
[mobile phone rings]
[mobile chimes]
Sorry, man.
The dealer which you introduced me
to got arrested by narcotics bureau.
He is spilling names.
We forced you even when you denied it.
Sorry for that.
If you get caught,
please don't take our names.
We are leaving town.
If possible you too leave anywhere.
Hey, you freaking bastard!
-Hello, Sameer?
-[in Hindi]: Where the hell are you man?
Are you out of your mind?
That fellow Virus has said everything.
There is a huge drug burst going on.
You are gone.
No one can correct you.
If that dealer reveals your name...
Your dad will kick you out of the house.
That Radio station people will fire you.
All your grand plans are smash.
You are finished. Big time.
Hey, do something please.
He insisted me,
so I introduced him to a dealer.
If you even had taken drugs being in
party you would be proved as just addict,
everyone would spit on you that's it.
But because you made them
introduced to each other
you become a drug peddler and broker.
I have not think of this all.
For the past five years you have crossed,
depression, drugs, and rehab.
But when everything is settling
down, you made the biggest blunder.
Dad has some connections in department.
I will ask him but I cannot promise you.
[engine starts]
They say that life is a race.
And I am searching for the
finish line in that race.
Maybe I had to do this earlier.
Still, it's better late than never.
Because wherever I see,
I only see the dead end in life.
I am bloody dying of
guilt since my parents,
died in the accident.
At the same time I tried
to find a purpose in life for you.
But I understood it,
no matter whatever I do but my
fate will push me into sorrows.
If to live is to suffer,
I don't want to suffer any more.
Only regret in my life is,
I couldn't find out the victims identity.
At least I thought of helping her family.
But I couldn't.
Any ways, I never thought,
that my final goal
would become my self goal.
I who thought to commit
suicide like you just saw earlier,
has changed my trial in the last moment.
I am suffering from suicidal
tendencies since past 5 years.
The guilt in me has
increased so much that,
no matter how small the problem
is I feel like taking my life.
But the same guilt won't let me die.
Sometimes I feel like,
my life is the is the replica of my guilt.
Coming to who I am,
my name is Nilay.
I work as a Radio Jockey.
This guilt will fade out
only when I talk to others.
That is why this is the only
constantly talking job I became an RJ.
I am finished if my name
comes out in this drugs scandal,
as an person and as an RJ.
This radio station is
like a safe house to me.
No matter what pain I am in this
is only place where I hide myself.
So now I am going to host my show.
This is my hiding spot.
Tony give me the count down.
You have five minutes.
Tony, where is the script?
How should I say the opening lines.
Don't worry, it's all taken care of.
We have recorded
opening and closing lines,
cocktail of the day everything by Maha.
We are going to play the same.
Why do you need me for such a small thing?
You must only handle calls.
That's your job for today.
No, no, please send me the script,
I will only say the opening lines.
Nilay this is Murali's decision.
If you find it problematic call Murali.
This is Radio Reboot
welcome to After Party.
I am your favourite RJ Maha.
Hey party people, the only After Party
where you are all on the guest list.
High spirits, music
cocktails, bottled up fun...
Hey, replacement!
The name is Nilay.
Chill bro.
RJ Shekar used to call me "Stepney".
Oh, are they playing my opening?
What is this, bro? Huh?
You said this show is
important for my promotion,
now they are just
asking me to handle calls.
I am literally pissed, man.
Nilay at least you are
going to handle calls.
When I came as a replacement for Shekar,
they make me sit idle for an hour.
The show was running, but the last
call I took, it was so controversial.
Our radio station has turned
into an sensation over night.
Later I got to know,
that call was set by Murali.
Murali has his own weird
ways of running the station.
Be careful...
You will get prank
calls from him sometimes,
he will try to push you to the corner.
If you bear all of them,
you will get your prime show.
Who knows you may even
replace me permanently.
But I am warning you once again,
be careful about the prank calls. Okay?
I never guessed,
that Murali has such a psycho angle.
Fine, thanks for the information.
Damn it!
Tony, when will my turn comes, bro?
After the theme music there
will be cocktail recipe of the day.
Of course that's already recorded.
After that we will play a song.
Then the calls will begun.
So, another 3 minutes.
Thank you brother.
[TV channels tuned]
We got to know by an audio clip that is
an unknown drug peddler is also involved
along with famous celebrities.
Cops are trying to trace
the source of the audio clip,
we are now going to play
it please listen to it.
Hey, go to the adjacent lane near
Ritz hotel, then take a second right.
Park your vehicle near the telephone pole,
and give three missed
calls to the number I gave you.
He will take you to Babu Rao.
You are going live in next 10 seconds.
And the countdown begins.
First caller is on line. Get ready.
Hello? Hello?
Mic testing, 1, 2, 3... Hello?
What the hell is happening Nilay?
I was buzzing you.
Why are you not responding?
What happened to you?
Bloody say something man! Nilay?
Hey! Hey, sorry Tony...
I don't know what happened
to me, I just froze.
We had disconnected the live
call in mid way and played the song.
Some thousands of
people are listening to it,
Cover it up saying there
was a technical problem.
Hey listeners, sorry...
I have some technical problem.
Hey Nilay, what do you mean by
you have some technical problem?
Is your mind alright?
What's wrong with you, man?
Tony I need a break.
You have exactly 5 minutes.
There shouldn't be any
nonsense again when you are live.
Damn it!
We got to know by an audio clip that is
an unknown drug peddler is also involved.
You made the biggest blunder.
Police are trying to trace
the source of the audio clip.
No one can correct you.
[thunder rumbles]
Welcome to the After Party.
You are listening to Radio Mirchi,
this is RJ Nilay.
And you?
Everyone is calling me
Old-monk because I drink so much.
Did you fail in exams?
We at least have
supplementary if we fail in exams.
What's the name of the girl, bro?
She will get infamous if I take her name.
I can understand your pain,
but even in such pain you
are not taking her name out,
with which I can understand your decency.
You said your name is Old-monk, right?
But in terms of tolerating the pain,
I am the oldest monk more than anyone.
You would understand if
you were in my position.
Whether you can
tolerate this much pain or not.
Let me tell you an ultimate love story.
I was a football
player, I was the striker.
All my life used to
revolve around football.
I got selected for nationals,
it was an exclusive camp.
If I had become a top scorer
I would be playing for India.
But then there...
I had an break-up.
On one rainy night, one serious accident,
I got injured with three broken ribs,
one vertebrae disc slip...
Doctors told me that they have decided
that I won't be able to play football.
It took me a whole year to come out of it.
After that, I worked as a
commentator and analyst for some time.
But... But...
One girl died in that accident.
Cops filed a case saying it
was rash and negligent driving.
Football association threw me out.
With that I had to give
up on football completely.
No one can find out the identity of
that girl who died in that accident.
As no one came to claim her body,
I didn't even get the jail term.
You know bro,
it's been 5 years by today
since that accident has taken place.
I am still living with that guilt.
To come out of that pain,
they said you have to move on.
My friends and my family...
Second chances are more important in life.
I am waiting for that second chance.
Then did you completely move on?
I tried to. But in that process, I made a lot of mistakes.
We can endure break-up.
But while you move
on, if you do a mistake,
you will just get to
that point of no return.
I am telling this with
experience, just start up fresh.
My dad used to say that,
life is a gift.
Just learn to experience it, bro.
Bro, my name is Dinesh.
From now I am not Old Monk.
My problems looks very
small after talking to you.
After talking to you life looks
very bright after many months.
-Thank you bro.
-Anytime bro.
Take care.
Tony, what's the emergency?
Nilay you need to listen to this.
Hello? Hello, I need your help.
I don't understand where I am.
I am locked in a dark room.
I found a broken phone here,
when I dialled my dad's number,
it got connected to you.
Please don't hung up the call.
This phones screen got blank.
I couldn't dial anyone else.
Please help me.
What help are you looking for?
It's like a cold abandoned building.
I am very scared.
Please help me somehow.
Nilay, she is literally
begging us not to cut the call.
I have put the call on hold.
What do you want me to do?
Nilay? Come on, man.
What do you want me to do?
Patch her through, man.
What? Are you serious?
This call will go live if I connect it.
God! That's the idea.
It would become a fun segment.
She called me to do a prank on
me, see how I reverse prank her.
Hmm, it would entertain our listeners.
Woo! Some body call the cops,
it's illegal to sound so sweet.
I am not in a
situation to take compliments.
Please help me get out of here.
You need to spell the
magic word to open any door.
Do you know what it is?
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
I don't remember it at the right time.
Just kidding.
The magic word is,
"Khullja Sim Sim." (open sesame)
Do you even understand what
I am saying? I am locked up.
Damn it.
Shall I come and get you a bail?
-What bail?
I am not in a police station.
I am in a pitch dark room.
I think I am kidnapped.
You gotta be kidding about the kidnap.
Would anyone kidnap you and then
lock you up giving you a mobile?
In that darkness,
I was trying to find my way out.
Mean while something got
under my leg and I slipped,
I dropped down to my knees and
I was trying to feel it around.
When I saw, it turned out to be a phone.
Oh my goodness,
I feel like I heard this story somewhere.
What do you mean?
I mean, I feel that I have heard this
many times when you are saying it.
Are you telling this story
on the basis of that proverb?
Or this proverb came
according to your story?
What the hell!
Sorry, sorry...
I don't understand how do I explain you.
You are my only
connect to the outside world.
But you are teasing me even
though by knowing my situation.
I couldn't cut the call or dial to anyone,
you are my only hope.
And you are not understanding that.
I don't understand how I
should make you understand.
come on you are taking this too far.
You are saying that you couldn't cut
the call, right? Then I will do it.
No, no, please don't cut the call.
I am literally begging you, please no...
Please... Please.
-Why are you crying?
Don't cry like that for God sake.
-Please stay online.
-Please don't disconnect the call.
I am just putting you on hold.
I will be right back. Okay?
-Yeah, Murali?
-Don't disconnect her call, it's an order.
What's the necessary
to take it up on live?
You would know when you do
screening that it's a sensitive call?
Chill Murali,
why do you worry for a prank call?
Which one is the prank call?
I have heard that they would
do the prank calls and test us.
Who told you that?
Hey, Maha!
Anyway, I just thought it was a prank.
My instinct told me to
take it up, so I took it.
You have put the reputation of radio
in risk just for your instinct.
Handle this call properly.
Or else I will have
to fire you right away.
-But Murali...
-Shut up!
The cops contacted me regarding this call.
DCP Raghuveer is on line.
Tony, patch Mr. Raghuveer.
Okay, connecting right way, sir.
[machine beeps] Hello,
Nilay? It's a peculiar situation.
She has genuine fear in her voice.
But calling a radio station is bit odd.
We need to know whether it is fake or
genuine before getting into conclusion.
I will send you a standard
questioner from control room,
get some answers out of her.
Meanwhile we will be monitoring the call.
You do the talking we
will do the tracking.
But remember the call is live,
whether it is genuine or not,
don't ask her personal
details like her name or address.
Good luck.
I will contact you once
the questioner is finished.
Nilay just got the mail.
I am linking that questioner
to the TV, please check.
-Knowing which condition I am in,
why did you keep me on hold?
That too this much time.
I am sorry. Sorry for being rude earlier.
I did it for your benefit.
I just spoke with cops,
they want some details,
so please answer my questions.
-They will help you out.
-Thank God.
Ask me anything.
It's important to say every single detail.
So please focus.
Where were you before this all happened?
I was at a pub.
-Did you go with your friends?
-No, no...
It's hard to explain.
I had a meeting with my psychiatrist.
Meeting a psychiatrist in pub?
I am confused.
I have agoraphobia.
I mean, fear of public places.
And my psychiatrist asked
me to come there urgently.
Maybe it's a part of the therapy I guess.
Was it her the last person you met?
No, she was running late
and I was waiting for her.
Mean while I ordered a coke,
the DJ was playing some music.
I waited for 20 minutes.
I went out to call her,
she said she was stuck in traffic,
she will be there in few more minutes.
I went inside, I have finished my coke,
after that I got blacked out completely.
Do you know what was the time?
I entered the pub at 9 o'clock.
I have called her at 9:25,
then I went back in,
I have finished my coke.
After that I remember nothing.
I see.
Do you have any other medical
conditions except agoraphobia?
I mean, like getting blacking out.
Nothing, I am quite healthy
and more over I am a fitness freak.
So I don't have any diseases.
By the way, what is the pub's name?
I don't remember.
She made me Pub hop that day.
First she texted me
to come to Extrema pub,
after going there she
asked me to come to Repeat.
After that some other one,
I think it's Brew Social.
I was scared already by seeing the crowd.
Finally she asked me
to come to the last one,
I am unable to recollect the last one.
I don't remember anything.
Try to remember, or else it is
very hard for us to save you.
I am trying but I can't remember.
That's your only hope, you must remember.
I am trying damn it.
there was an replica of Eiffel Tower,
at the entrance.
By any chance is it Frost pub?
Yeah, yeah, that one.
In that pub have someone stared at you,
or misbehaved with you,
or anyone tried to talk to you,
any of this happened?
Nothing of that sort.
I didn't noticed anything.
Already I got blank seeing that crowd.
Any present or ex-boyfriends?
Or any family rivalries?
Or any other problems?
I don't have any
boyfriends nor any family rivalries.
And I don't have such problems.
Only one thing is left.
-Why you?
-I honestly don't know.
[mobile phone vibrates]
I will have to put you
on hold it's the cops.
Please no, I am really scared.
-I must share all the details with them,
I will be right back.
Nilay, the call might be genuine,
that girl might be in danger.
This is now a biggest task for you.
Keep talking to her,
I have assigned ACP Vikram
for this rescue operation.
He will be in touch with you.
Once again I am telling
you this, keep her on call.
Mind it,
you are now an
unofficial police negotiator.
But you are going to deal with the victim.
Not with the kidnappers.
So, empathy is the only way, good luck.
-Have you shared my details?
What did cops say?
They said that your call is genuine.
Don't worry,
the rescue operation has started.
What genuine?
What the hell are you speaking?
I am sorry, I didn't say you one thing...
When I told you about your call,
they have a standard procedure.
There are chances of
such calls being fake,
so they wanted more details.
When you answered all the questions,
they figured yours is a genuine call.
They have started serious investigation.
When I am dying in such situation,
without reacting, you keep judging?
Genuine my foot!
Even you took my situation as a joke
in the beginning when I called you.
When a girl called you
saying she is in trouble,
is this the way the world reacts?
What if your sister or girlfriend
is stuck in the similar situation?
Will you test whether
it is genuine or not?
Listen you accidentally
called to a radio station,
that's why we thought it was a prank.
Oh my God!
Yes, you are on air.
Everyone are listening to this.
That is why we had to do this procedure,
Then is everyone
listening to what I am talking?
Yes, but look at the bright side.
Thousands of people who are listening
to this are in the position to help you.
And one more thing, don't tell you
personal details for your privacy.
Oh God! Oh God!
By the way, what's your name?
And I am an RJ here.
I am a very private person,
I won't even be active on social media.
Such that, now my whole life
has come on a public platform.
Is there any chance to do
this conversation privately?
What if the call gets disconnected?
It happened, few times here.
That is why, it is too
risky to attempt that.
No, no... Your call is my only hope.
I will forget that it's live.
[machine beeps]
I am putting you on
hold, just for a while.
-Yeah, Tony?
-Hi, this is ACP Vikram, special branch.
Tell me, sir?
Nilay, our cyber cell is
putting efforts to trace the call.
Mean while,
we need to know what happened in the pub.
So, me and my team are in the pub.
My investigation and
details shouldn't come on live.
What if our kidnappers are
listening to this radio show?
It's a long shot but,
we need to be safe side.
So, from now I will be in contact
with you on your personal number.
Find out more details from here.
From the time she entered the
pub and till she passed out,
-Hello, I am back.
-Thank God, that was quick.
See I need to ask you
a few more questions.
How did you go to the pub?
I mean, what is your mode of transport?
I took a cab.
Do you remember that cab number?
No, my phone got switched off,
when I was on the way
and he dropped me safely.
So, I didn't had to check the cab number.
You took a cab.
Have you observed anything
unusual after entering the pub?
-Which floor did you sit in the pub?
Second floor,
I was sitting in the corner side table.
[mobile phone rings]
I am putting you on mute, but
you will be online, just hold on.
Right from 9 PM till 11 PM,
I mean, till the time pub gets closed,
I have checked the CCTV footage.
In the time line she entered,
too many people have entered.
Especially girls.
So we cannot single out her.
And CCTV camera of second
floor isn't functioning.
To many coincidences.
Just do one thing,
ask her what dress she was wearing.
Hello, yeah...
I need one more detail,
what were you wearing that night?
Blue jeans and a white top.
Sir, you heard it, right?
You have your answer.
My job depends on the
evidences, not on emotions.
But sheer rotten luck.
That day was ladies night, so
everyone were in blue jeans and white top.
Hey, she said she went out
to call her psychiatrist, right?
-From where did she call?
Find out.
Hello, you said you called
your psychiatrist, right?
But your phone was off.
So from where did you call?
There was a coin phone nearby.
I think it was a Pan shop.
It was on the right side of the pub.
Just a few feet away.
Hold the line.
-Sir, did you hear that?
I am rushing there, stay on the line.
It's about to close.
[in Hindi]: Hey, stop it.
[in Hindi]: What, sir?
Do you want anything?
I want to check the CCTV footage.
Sir, it's time to close.
Come on, show it. Get in.
Show it.
Enough, stop... Stop.
Again, little backward.
Stop, stop.
Now play everything completely.
Damn it.
Vikram, sir. Here in the footage of pub's
cellar 2 guys are taking a girl into a car
It is seen that the girl
isn't in conscious clearly.
-You come fast sir.
-I am coming.
Nilay, Pan shop is a dead end.
She made a call,
but there are no one who
seems to be observing her.
However we got a break through.
Just hold on.
Shareef, freeze the picture of the CCTV.
And send it in all the police stations.
Hey, show me the footage.
Oh my God!
Zoom in.
Zoom in more.
Got it.
Nilay that girls face isn't clear,
but we got the car number.
We are on the way, it might be her.
In a few minutes,
we are going to rescue for sure.
But you stay on line,
if we need any further
details she will be helpful. Okay?
Hey, listen. We found the car
number which kidnapped you.
It won't be too long before you
are rescued, just hang tight.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Fingers crossed.
I just want to get out of this place.
[door opens and closes]
Hey, looks like someone is coming.
Don't talk until I respond.
I will still act as if
I am not in conscious.
Sir, please hurry up.
Kidnappers are going to enter her room.
Yeah, yeah, I am rushing.
[engine starts]
[door bell rings]
Open, God damn it!
[door thuds]
Hey, what is this? Who are you?
ACP Vikram, special branch.
A girl was brought here from
pub in your car by two guys.
-Where is she?
-She is my daughter.
She is sleeping in her room.
Her cousins brought her home.
Any problem?
Hey, hey!
Where are you going pushing me away?
Hey wait, why are you opening
the doors without manners?
Hey, stop! I am telling you.
God damn it!
She is not the girl we are looking for.
The one who I saw in CCTV footage
and this girl aren't the same.
I will complain on you.
How did you come to my
home without a warrant?
I will see your end.
Your daughter came back home,
but another girl of her age,
has got kidnapped from the same pub,
thank God, feel happy that your
daughter isn't in her position.
-Vikram, sir.
-Switch on the radio please.
[in Hindi]: We have got the
girl. Come on, make a call to him.
Hello, what's the update?
Is the job done?
There was no trouble while
executing the plan, right?
-Give me the phone.
-Here you go, boss.
We have got the girl.
She isn't in her conscious.
We will make the next
call tomorrow, at 11 AM.
Till then the phone will be switched off.
Hey, please switch of all your phones.
She is looking awesome.
If I get hold of her once.
If we get the order to kill her,
then we will kill her after enjoying.
But if we get release order,
nothing bad should be done.
No one will touch her till tomorrow.
Or else our bosses would kill us.
Come on, I don't want any issues.
Keep water and bread here.
And come out.
Nilay, this is not some random try.
This is a professional job.
They kidnapped her
properly by doing reiki.
We need to find out who the girl is.
She isn't any ordinary girl.
There is a dangerous
story behind all this.
Find out who she is without
getting the details in public.
Be smart no hiccups.
Hello? Are you there?
Yes, I am here.
Please have some water.
-Hey, please calm down.
Listen to me.
Hey, do you know any puzzles?
What puzzle?
Please try and focus.
Who you are and what is your background?
We need to know everything.
But as you are in public domain,
you must share this information
through, clues, codes, puzzles.
So tell me about you.
Okay, okay...
Write it down.
Yeah, I am writing.
He sits on a higher chair,
but he is not a king.
His word has the final say,
but he is not a God.
Go on.
His words can punish you.
But he is not a punisher.
He holds the supreme power,
but he is a slave to the common man.
Got it let me talk to the cops.
You heard her, right?
Our team is working on this.
He sits on a high chair...
But she told that he
is a common man's slave.
So, the common people here--
His words have a final say.
His words can punish you.
But she said clearly that
he is not a punisher.
Supreme power... Final say...
Words can punish?
What words can be a final say?
Tony, what would you do if you had to
tell the final say on something?
I'll break a glass or else I'll
bang on the table and say it.
He is a judge.
But there are hundreds of judges.
How to single him out?
Supreme power?
Supreme power means God.
But she said he is not a God.
So he could be a chief.
Yes, Chief Justice!
My goodness!
the answer to the code is Chief Justice.
Are you sure? My guys are yet to crack it.
Do one thing.
Ask them to crack the code
'Chief justice' in reverse.
I'll be right back.
Guys, try and fit this word
'Chief Justice' in this puzzle.
Good job Nilay.
I am on my way to his house.
Keep the girl engaged.
Hey, we were able to crack
the clues given by you.
Thank God!
I was worried if you
could decode it or not.
The cops are on the way to your house.
Don't worry.
The more details we know the
greater will be the rescue effort.
Soon we will find out
why they kidnapped you.
That's what I have been thinking.
Why did they kidnap me?
I was wondering all through.
[mobile ringing]
Nilay, I've reached here just now.
But you stay on the line and
listen to our conversation.
[door bell rings]
What brings you here at this time?
What's the emergency?
Sir, please listen to this recording.
Hello, I need your help.
I don't know where am I.
I am locked in a dark room.
I have found a phone here.
I dialled my dad's number,
but the call connected to you.
Please don't hang up.
Who is that girl?
What's happening?
Sir, someone kidnapped her
and locked her in a room.
She somehow managed to contact somebody.
And, by accident,
that call connected to a radio station.
We are trying to trace her location, sir.
Okay, do you need any search warrants?
Sir, actually she is claiming
that she is your daughter.
Sir, listen to the radio.
-Make her speak.
-Okay, sir.
Hey, are you there?
As soon as you get out of this situation,
who do you want to talk to first?
Of course, who else it could be?
I'll speak to my dad.
Hold on for a moment.
-That's not my girls voice.
My daughter stays in Delhi.
What's going on?
Just now I've spoke to her on Skype.
I don't know why that girl is
claiming to be my daughter.
Who ever that girl is the entire
police mechanism should go to save her.
Over ride any authority.
Save the girl first, it's my order.
Sure, sir. We will definitely do our best.
Best is not enough.
Give me the details so far.
Sir, the girl is kidnapped.
And we have no information
about who kidnapped her and why.
Luckily she found a phone.
She claimed that she is your daughter,
And that's why we reached you.
I don't understand why
she is saying all this.
But, why the radio?
That too on a public domain?
Why is she claiming that I am her father?
I am confused.
Sir, we took care of that.
We asked her to give us a puzzle
without revealing her name.
After decoding it,
it pointed us in your direction.
Mind you,
the call is in the public domain.
Many people might have
decoded the puzzle by now.
Now that my name is dragged into it...
You are all collectively
responsible for saving her.
I want the girl rescued at any cost.
Um! Tomorrow I have a
very important judgement.
So, please carry on.
Do your job. Good luck.
Sure, sir.
The puzzle you gave is not helping us.
Can you give us any other clues?
Oh God!
Okay, write it down.
In honesty...
He is your psyche.
Primary head man.
Your judgement for ever upholds.
Your puzzle has led us to a wrong address.
Are you giving wrong clues?
Or is there another twist to it?
Why did you lie to us?
What? Wrong address?
My dad is not like that.
I don't believe it.
Everyone is abandoning me.
Dad, if you are listening...
Do you remember,
we made plans for Diwali last weekend?
Or did you already forget?
Hey, please, don't cry.
May be we were wrong.
I am unable to breathe.
I don't understand.
Why did my dad lie to you?
Stop, be positive.
What's the best moment
you had with your dad?
Hello, hello, are you there?
Hello... are you there?
Tony, what work is going on down there?
They are laying underground cables.
Do you mean this disturbance
is caused because of that?
Might be.
Then bloody tell them to stop
it right now. Immediately.
Okay, okay, I am on it.
Hey... hey... Can you hear me?
Please tell me you can hear me.
Hello, are you there?
I thought the call got disconnected.
I felt like my heart stopped for a moment.
Thank God! Thank God!
Don't worry, there was some
disturbance from the outside.
Every thing is okay now.
By the way,
why didn't you answer my question?
Which question?
What's the brightest moment with your dad?
Oh...! There are many.
But, celebrating Diwali with him every
year, is my most cherished moment.
Oh my God!
What did you say?
Hey, just hold on.
Hey people, hear me out.
I have an idea.
There is a way to find out her location.
We can try to do it from our side.
Just imagine...
if we can burst fire crackers in every
location with a coordinated effort...
There is a chance, she might see and
even listen through the ventilator.
Thereby we can point out her location.
Are you in guys?
Please, I am literally begging you all.
Do it.
I don't know how many of you are
listening to this programme...
But everyone who is listening,
please be a part of this.
Let's trend the hashtag
'firecrackers' on social media.
Who ever is not listening, let them know.
The whole city should
be bloody lit to night.
It's a great idea.
I feel hopeful again. Thank you!
Thank you!
I don't know if this idea would workout...
But to save you it must be done.
keep looking outside from the ventilator.
Okay, I will.
Come on.
[message tone]
[crackers bursting]
Were you able to see or hear anything?
No, nothing.
Hey, people, thank you so much
for responding to my call.
But, it's of no use to
burst the crackers randomly.
We won't be able to locate her.
I've checked on the social media...
Till now, you have only burst
crackers in the inner city.
But the girl has not responded.
From that, I suspect that she
is on the outskirts of the city.
Now my request is...
People who live in the outer
city near the ring road...
You guys be ready.
Please fire on my mark.
And in which ever area I mention, okay.
Coordination is the key factor,
remember that.
[mobile ringing]
let people continue with their efforts.
Police personnel are on the stand by.
They will be shooting up flares
which go up to 500 hundred feet.
Once you call out the area names,
my people will fire accordingly.
It's a pink flare...
So, this firing will happen
from every police station.
Go for it.
Thank you, sir.
Okay listeners,
I'll announce the area names one by one...
Fire crackers only in that area.
Owaisi hospital?
LB Nagar?
[cracker bursts]
Got it.
-LB Nagar?
Please fire again.
[cracker bursts]
Can you see them?
I can see it, but a greater distance.
Got it guys.
She is somewhere near LB Nagar.
Thank you so much!
What's your height?
I am 5.5, but why?
What's the height of the
ventilator from the floor?
It could be approximately fifteen feet...
Yes fifteen feet.
Distance between you and the
wall with the ventilator?
Around fifteen feet.
Yes, around fifteen feet.
Just hold on.
I am on the 24th floor.
And that tower is on a hill.
So, if me and the tower
are on the same plain,
My angle looking at the top of
the tower could be between...
45 and 60 degrees.
If that is the case,
The distance between me and
the tower is two kilometres.
So... in a straight line,
it could be approximately one kilometre.
-Tell me, Nilay.
I am quite certain that she is in a one
kilometre radius...
from LB Nagar police station.
Wow! Did you do the calculation?
-Yes, sir.
-One kilometre radius?
We are heading there,
the combing will begin,
But it will take 24 hours to complete it.
24 hours? Why so much time, sir?
You can go with full force, right?
No, no, if the kidnappers find out
about our search operation...
They will either change the base
or kill the girl right away.
It has to be done in stealth mode.
But we will do our best.
Thank you for your ideas
and the efforts you've made.
Hey, you are within a one-kilometre
radius of where the flare was fired.
The cops are heading there.
Combing operation has begun.
So relax. Stay strong.
Thank God!
Or is it you I should be thanking?
Thank you!
Once you are free you can
come thank me in person.
[mobile ringing]
I'll have to put you on hold for sometime.
Yes, Vikram.
Nilay, there is our cyber
cell expert on the line.
Guys, there is some news.
The phone she is using isn't normal,
we can't trace the signal.
So, while cracking it we found
out that it's a burner phone.
It is connected to the net using
'Y' app interface.
What I did is, I used a reverse contact
tracing algorithm using a proxy server.
And it is tracking the various servers
from where the call is bouncing.
So far we are doing good.
And if things go as we planned, we can
trace her exact location in ten minutes.
Vikram, didn't you say that
it's a professional job?
The girl gave us a puzzle to
find out the purpose behind this.
We decoded it, but it has
led us to a dead end.
Now the cyber expert is saying that he
will trace her location in ten minutes.
What if this also leads us to dead end?
I think you should go
back to the Chief Justice.
I feel something strange
is happening there.
We haven't found the purpose yet.
Yes, my bad.
Going back to the Chief Justice's
place is impossible Nilay.
He already told us that he has
an important judgement tomorrow.
More over didn't he tell us
that she isn't his daughter?
Vikram I've been accused
of a lot of things,
But every time my father
always tried to protect me.
What if our Chief Justice is also
trying to protect his daughter?
More over she gave us a second puzzle...
and that puzzle is also
pointing at the Chief Justice.
Who knows...
May be he made a deal with the
kidnappers to protect his daughter?
Hey Nilay, tomorrow's hearing
is against Mehta and Mehta group.
Very dangerous man.
Yes, now I get it...
They might have kidnapped her to
influence tomorrow's judgement.
My God! This is huge.
Okay, I will go and meet the legal
advisor of the Mehta and Mehta group.
You stay on the line. If anything goes
amiss, I will cough to signal you.
Then make our conversation public.
I think these bastards
are behind the kidnap.
Sure, Vikram.
we've spoke to a cyber expert just now.
He says he can locate your exact
location within ten minutes.
-So cheer up.
And one more thing...
The police have developed a theory that...
specific culprits are
behind your kidnapping.
Let's see, if all goes well
you should be out of this soon.
Bye, I am putting your call on mute now,
[tyre screeches]
[car door shuts]
[door bell rings]
Hello, Mr. Dhanunjay!
Hello, please come in.
Let's sit in my study room.
Um! Coffee?
If you are having?
Thank you!
So, what couldn't wait till tomorrow?
If you want a legal
advice come to my office.
For anything personal or informal,
we can discuss it.
I have respect for officers like you.
That's why I agreed to meet
you at such a late hour.
Yes, I came here to discuss about that.
Mehta and Mehta versus state.
But that's a legal matter, right?
I cannot discuss an ongoing case
before the judgment is passed.
So, let's meet in the office tomorrow.
No sir, it's informal.
Or you could even call it personal.
Well, listen to this audio clip.
Hello, I need your help.
I don't know where am I?
I am locked in a dark room.
-Who is she?
She is the Chief Justice's daughter.
Some one abducted her.
What? What's this nonsense?
And why are you telling this to me?
We suspect...
that they kidnapped her to influence the
judgment he is set to deliver tomorrow.
Our police theory is that
she is a pawn in all this.
Well you mean to say that
I am involved in this?
No sir, I didn't mean that.
I have come to request that you act as
a negotiator on behalf of that girl.
What help can I do?
We suspect Mehta is the
mastermind behind all this.
I came to ask you to negotiate with
Mehta and help secure the girl's release.
[man laughs]
Oh my God!
Some times your police theories,
they are too funny to handle.
they are funny, until proven otherwise.
Mr. Vikram I've been practising
law for the past four decades.
Rather than the evidence I have...
My law practice has flourished above
the evidence the prosecution has.
They don't have any evidences
and my client is not in danger.
So, your theories, just put them up your--
You know where, don't you?
Vikram, you are young blood.
You guys will have sort of romantic
ideas that you'll save the justice.
But the truth is different my friend.
There won't be any
evidence against my client.
Even if it's there it would be tampered.
And cases are not new for us,
No matter how many cases are filed
against us we will come out clean.
And no one can dare touch him.
As you said, we don't need to
kidnap a girl to influence anything.
If things get tough the prosecution
lawyer will be finished.
It's been long since I laughed.
And by the way thanks
for telling me a joke.
Now since you've come all the way
I'll tell you some scenarios.
Sir, what ever you want to say,
say it to the girl directly.
What the hell are you saying?
Is someone listening to our conversation?
The whole world is listening, sir.
Sir, I don't know who you are,
But, they are saying that if you
pass an order they will release me.
I have many aspirations in life.
Today my life is getting cut short,
Because some 'X'
wants my father to do something.
If someone abducts your daughter
and son for some kind of game--
-Hey, wait... wait... wait.
See, the first and fore most...
Like you think I am not
involved in your issue...
and I don't have the power to release you.
So, don't drag me into this unnecessarily,
Nilay, mute the call.
you came to my house and tricked me.
I am so in you.
What you said in my private
space can't be used against me.
But, I won't keep quite
until you lose your uniform.
So, please get the hell out of my
house and if possible save that girl.
But, I have a feeling you can't!
I think he is threatening us indirectly.
Yes, I know.
Then why don't you arrest him?
Now my priority is to save the girl.
We can deal with him later.
We will get the girl out.
Don't worry, our cyber cell
expert should call us any minute now.
Hey, are you there?
Yes... yes, any hope?
Finally what did he say?
He said many things
without saying anything.
We are on it. Don't worry, stay strong.
I understand and appreciate
all your efforts to save me.
It's really, it's really great.
I feel there is still humanity
left in this cruel world.
And today, that humanity will triumph.
For sure.
[mobile ringing]
Tell me, Vikram.
Nilay, sorry man,
there is a bad news all over.
Cyber guy has told that it's
impossible to trace her location.
And by visiting the lawyer, I feel we
have unnecessarily risked the girls life.
Every plan has back fired.
We are combing the area,
but it may take 24 hours.
I think it's time.
You prepare her for...
Damn! I hate losing, man.
But, I have already lost.
Nilay, she is on her own.
[girl sobbing]
Nilay, your conversation with
Vikram has gone on open line.
Damn it!
A beautiful smell will
come when it rains.
Especially I go mad for that scent.
Before my life is finished,
May be God wanted me to
feel it for one last time.
That smell of fresh rain,
they call it Petrichor.
What's the use of knowing
about that word now?
When we find out about
the bitter truth that...
There will never be a situation
in my life where I need to use it.
Listen, it's not over till it's over.
It was over the minute I
stepped out of my home.
I curse this date, Nilay. 6th October,
Exactly five years back my friend
went out and never came back.
She is missing for the past five years.
What did you say? Come again.
Who is the missing girl? 6th October.
I am not getting it.
My best friend,
she was missing since 6th October 2016.
No trace of her. If she is dead,
her body was also not found.
What happened to her still
remains a tragic mystery.
What's her name?
You told me not to tell any
personal details, right?
Okay, what time did she go missing?
Why? Is there any connection between
her missing and my kidnapping?
Just answer my question, God damn it!
Please, answer me.
Between 11 or 11:30 in the night.
How do you know?
Because I was the one who spoke
to her on the phone lastly.
Where was she at that time?
She was travelling to Secunderabad,
via necklace road I think.
Suddenly her call got disconnected
and then there was no trace of her.
Nilay, what's happening?
Just give me a minute.
Nilay, tell me.
Sameer, are you listening?
I was never this shocked in my life.
Not even when you do all these blunders.
Sameer, do one thing.
You must go to LB Nagar.
Only if we save this girl, we will
know about the other girls identity.
Please, dude, I need closure.
Sure, but how can you save her?
I don't know.
But I am not giving up.
Hello, hello Nilay. What happened?
Why did you place me on hold?
-Low battery beeps are coming.
-Damn it!
This phone call is the only connect
between me and the outside world.
What if this phone gets switched off?
Oh my God!
Please, Nilay, help me please.
The room you are in,
describe it inch by inch.
But, why?
Listen to me, just do it.
We don't have time.
Like I said, it's an abandoned godown.
With a high roof and
it's completely black.
There is a electrical switch board here,
There are some old tools on a table,
Three pointed nails are kept in a box.
Lot of metal wires...
There is a big hexa bolt.
Also there is a rope.
And there is a huge wooden door.
This is like a war,
only if you win this you can be saved.
So, just follow my instructions blindly.
Tie the edge of the
metal wire to the door.
Throw the nails on the ground
near the wire.
Place one side of the electrical wire in
the socket and the other in the water.
And just before banging
the door switch it on.
Tie the hexa screw with the rope and
hang it from the iron beam above.
The guy who comes in must trip
the wire and fall on the nails.
He must fall down with the shock
as he steps into the water.
The hexa screw should release and
hit the face of the guy who comes in.
Cover the ventilator now completely.
No light should filter into the room.
Are you ready?
Now, re-check the traps that you've laid.
I am ready, Nilay.
Now take that wrench and
start banging on the door.
Hey, what are you doing?
[man screams in pain]
[man continues to scream]
You! Catch her.
Nilay, I am out,
but this guys are chasing me.
Where are you now?
I am out of the building
but it's dark here.
I can't see anything.
Run towards the light.
Can you see any sign
board or a street name?
[girl panting]
-Gayatri Nagar, East.
I can't run any more.
Hey, listeners, you heard her, right?
Gayatri Nagar, East.
Every body living in that area come
out of your houses and save her.
Hey, are you listening?
You must search for a
place to hide immediately.
But first,
you have to get out of their sight...
Before you hide.
Immediately take a left or a right.
[shots fired]
[shot fired]
[girl moans]
[phone beeps]
Hello... Hello... Hello...
[mobile ringing]
Sameer, did you find her?
Nllay, there is no trace of her.
God damn it! Keep looking for her man.
There are hundreds of police,
media personnel and public here.
But there is no trace of the girl.
I am sorry Nilay.
Tell me Nilay.
Vikram, you heard the gun shots, right?
What if they shot her and they
dragged her body away?
Even I am here, Nilay.
We are looking for the bullet shells.
There is no trace of any
blood in the entire area.
Um... Let me get back to you.
By now LB Nagar exits are already sealed.
So, nobody can escape out of here.
[equipment beeping]
Yes, Tony.
Take the call, Nilay.
Who has called at this time?
Hello, Nilay.
Hey, are you okay?
I heard some gun shots
that's why I was worried.
I am fine...
I am actually in an auto, heading home.
I called up the radio station
using auto drivers mobile phone.
Thank God!
I am going home, but you couldn't
crack the puzzles I gave you...
and couldn't come to my home.
Nilay, my name is Avanthika.
And thank you, for giving justice at last.
Tony, call back that number, it's urgent.
Nilay, that number is switched off.
Justice for Avanthika?
-Yes, tell me, Nilay.
Over the radio she said
that her name is Avanthika.
But I suspect that,
she is referring to the RTI activist
Avanthika who is missing since five years.
-Not just that...
There's a hidden message in
the puzzle that she gave us...
And it points to some coordinates.
My God! This is giving me a shock.
Send me the coordinates.
Note it down.
It's 27.2246 North...
-77.4977 East.
Okay, yes.
[machine beeping]
What, Tony?
Nilay, watch the TV once.
For years I've been waiting for
a chance to avenge Avanthika.
In the process we collected
proof of every shady deal.
Every life lost, every family ruined...
And also the names of cops and
other authorities involved.
Every file displayed here is a proof...
That when an ordinary
person turns a blind eye,
how much darkness will
engulf the world around us.
Half of the files are
prepared by Avanthika...
She was killed,
her face was disfigured and was
thrown in front of a speeding bike.
Thinking that he has killed her...
One man is feeling
guilty since five years.
Corrupt authorities have confirmed
that as an unidentified body.
They burnt her body as
if she was an orphan.
Because, they were worried that her life
time work against Mehta might get exposed.
But, we were all the while amassing proof.
Mr. Chief Justice,
I hope this evidence is enough?
Still if he escapes the law,
there is no justice from anybody any more.
But, in the people's court
he is proven a criminal.
We hope that with this proof we
are giving a closure to many.
Jai Hind!
[mobile ringing]
Yes, Vikram.
Nilay, you've done a fantastic job.
If you hadn't cracked that code,
There is no closure for
hundreds of victims.
Tremendous relief after
a tiring emotional job.
And Vikram,
did you ever look at it this way?
That girl attracted the attention of
the Chief Justice through the puzzle.
That's not my girls voice.
Now my name is dragged into it,
we are all responsible for saving her.
Not just that, on air she
disgraced that Mehta in front of everyone.
There won't be any
evidence against my client.
If it exists it will be tampered.
And if possible, save that girl.
And, she used Avanthika's name and
helped us find the coordinates.
It's one of the most intelligent
revenge I've ever seen.
Yes, it would have been helpful
if we knew who that girl is.
By the way, don't you have her
photo from the CC footage you have?
I don't,
the girl over there was a random girl.
And Nilay, I know that the audio
clip from the TV was yours.
I am letting you go for now.
But we will be watching you.
But next time,
DCP Raghuveer won't tolerate.
Be careful. Any ways, now that you've
become a raging RJ over night...
What's next?
Perhaps I'll have a drink.
Sorry Nilay,
in the process of staging this kidnap...
We have targetted your show.
But there is a reason for that.
We've been observing you
for the past three years.
We understand the suffering you've
endured for a mistake you didn't commit.
You are the biggest victim,
That's why we intended to
give you a closure using you.
Thank you! Thanks for everything,
The pain that I've been enduring since
five years has vanished this night.
Now, my life is about to reboot.
"Did I fall for your charm?"
"Or did you draw me towards you?"
"Regardless, I am entangled with you..."
"I was shattered by you."
"Like my shadow,
you pursued me relentlessly."
"You caused me suffering
in every possible way."
"I loved you deeply,
believing you were my future."
"But 'Time' you've deceived me."
"So what,
the rising waves are my inspiration."
"I will never back down, no matter what."
"I'll continue my journey,
asserting my ego."
"I'll make you submit to me."
"I won't retreat, trust me, my friend."
"I'll change my path to
let my mind prevail."
"Until you come to me,
shedding your arrogance."
"Oh time! I'll wait for you till the end."