AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon (2021) Movie Script

So here's the plan. I've set a trap.
The most foolproof amazing trap ever.
Then, well, just you watch.
I've told you before, I am the best hunter
in all of Candmo. And I'm only thirteen.
One day people will all be saying: Ainbo
of Candmo, greatest hunter in the Amazon!
But even the greatest hunter can use
a little help. That's where you come in.
You're going to help
me catch him. Got it? Good.
He's coming!
I forgot bait!
Hey! You stay here.
It gets worse every day.
More and more dead fish..
Our people are dying and many
more are sick. Including me.
It's the curse.
But you're going to get better.
- Better or not, it's your turn, daughter.
I'm not ready
to take your place.
Do you think
I was ready to be Chief?
At your age, all I could think
about was girls. And... well... girls.
It's true. You're as
ready as you'll ever be.
But Candmo was different then.
- Yes. I won't lie.
The forest was lush,
the river ran crystal clear.
And everyone in the village was happy.
- But how can I end this curse?
I don't know. Maybe we're all
the curse... Our heartlessness...
Bah. That's a bitter sick man
talking, not the real you.
You have everything he had at thirteen.
You're strong, brave and have a good heart.
And you have a mission.
Save our village, Zumi.
Save Candmo.
I have faith in you, Zumi.
And now with one amazing shot.
Ahh, the mighty huntress.
- If we don't hurry we'll miss the ceremony.
We? I'm leaving now.
Then get me down. Zumi will be
heart-broken if I'm not there.
True. She thinks of you like
a sister. But remember...
you're not her sister. You're not royalty.
You're not some great huntress. You're just...
a girl hanging
upside down in her own trap.
Cut me down.
- Cut yourself down.
And never say Atok
didn't try to help you.
Just a girl?! I'll show him.
For her to disappear, now of all times!
- Zumi.
- Enough.
The time for talk is over. You need to be
strong. That's what the village needs now.
It's just Ainbo's my best friend
and I'm nervous.
Nervous? Terrified, I'm sure.
Why wouldn't you be?
But Ainbo knows this. She'll be here.
- Okay, I believe you.
You know Ainbo has a nickname for you?
- What, the old hag?
Mama Chuni.
That's how
she thinks of you. Mama.
Ainbo's real mother would be so proud
of you. I wish she were here today too.
You are her mother now.
It's time.
- Yes.
- Preposterous.
- Huh?
Now, I'm seeing things.
I've been hanging upside down too long.
- We're supposed to help her?
I think it's her.
- I'll be the judge of that.
I know who I am. Who are you?
- Smells like her.
Argh! Don't try to sniff me!
Ow! Hey, we're on your side!
- No you're not. You're a couple of mirages.
We're your spirit guides!
My name is Dillo
- I'm Vaca.
Sent to help you help Zumi save Candmo.
- No, you're not real.
Fine... Insult us. Then you can
hang upside down forever.
All right. If you're real, get me down.
- Nothing to it.
Grab your knife. It's that pointy thing.
- If I could, would I still...
be hanging here?
We could cut her down.
- But that's no fun.
I'm about to miss the biggest day of my life!
- Hey! You're shouting!
You're right. I'm shouting at
nothing. You're not really here.
Haha, don't start that again.
- All right. If you're real
Hmmm, I suppose.
- If you insist. I'll do it!
What do you think you're doing?
Argh! Ouch!
Now do you think we're real?
- I guess I have to.
I guess you do.
- My spirit guides. Wow.
Wait. I'm giving this back.
Come on let's
go. We're already late.
Ainbo, I will never
forgive you for this.
Hey, spirit guides.
- Ouch! Give me that! Ou!
Do you two mind! And remember,
a spectacular entrance.
Spectacular's our middle name.
The royal necklace has grown
heavy around my old shoulders.
But now I can pass it on to
someone who can bear its weight...
and lead our village
to a brighter future.
And so I place this necklace
around Zumi's neck.
Just as my father
placed it around my neck...
so many years ago
I think you lost this.
Zumi! I brought you a gift!
It's not what I was planning.
But this one's better. Not
just better The best gift ever!
What is it?
Uhuhu, maybe I should ride on
top of you and wave to the people.
Hmmm, how about
I drag you in by your tail?
You all know about
our great jungle spirits.
And you all know
about the terrible, awful...
really horrible curse
that forced them to disappear.
And the gift is?
- My gift is that I've brought the spirits back.
Two of our sacred jungle spirits appeared
to me. They said "Ainbo, take us to Zumi."
Your wish is our command.
So Zumi, your highness,
meet your spirit guides!
Uhhhh, Zumi. Meet
your spirit guides!
Hello! Spirit guides!
Hey you two, get out here!
If Ainbo is calling spirit guides,
they must have appeared to her.
She wouldn't make it up.
Ainbo, wait!
Zumi, you can't run away. You
have to stay with your people.
Hey! There you are.
- Who?
Turn around.
There you are.
We've been looking for you.
You found me. And you better
talk fast! Or you're going to be sorry!
Talk about what?
- You embarrassed me in front of the village!
Oh. See. Now. We can explain that.
- Then do it!
Nope. We can't.
It might be bad for our health?
- I thought you two were immortal, almighty.
Us? No-one's immortal
when it comes to Yakuruna.
Jungle demon?
- Do you know another Yakuruna?
No. And I never want to.
- But there's hope.
Hope for what?
- Hope to end Yakuruna's curse forever.
See. There's this root.
- Deep in the jungle.
How deep?
- Eh... about...
We don't know.
- But this root will cure your village.
You mean end the curse?
- Is that what we mean?
Yeah. Sure.
- D'you at least know what the root looks like?
Eh, it's kind of...
Hey! Where are you going?
- Zumi was right.
I'm a bad friend
for not being with her.
All right, we might not know where the
root is, but we know someone who does.
She can help you!
- Who?
Motelo Mama.
- The giant turtle.
Who carries the weight
of the world on her shell.
I know who Motelo Mama is.
Are you saying she's real too?
- Okay... hmm.
I need to talk to Zumi.
- Huh?
You want to leave Candmo? How can
you abandon me when I need you most?
But I'm not abandoning you. I'm
doing something to save the village.
Save your father.
Ainbo, if there is such a root, don't you
think our shamans would have found it?
They don't have spirit guides.
- Your spirits again.
Where are they, Ainbo?
Why aren't they helping Candmo?
They're trying to! This is their
way, by helping me find the root!
Come with me and I'll show them to you.
- I'm sorry, Ainbo.
I forbid you to
leave Candmo. Forbid!
Zumi just wants you to be safe.
That's all.
Why won't Zumi believe me?
Zumi doesn't see the world as you
do. You are a very special person.
I don't feel special.
There are important things you
need to know, Ainbo. I've raised you...
like you were my own child. But it's time
you know the truth about Lizeni, your mother.
- That's all I've ever wanted to know.
It was no
coincidence I found you.
In a dream, your mother
told me exactly where you'd be.
Under that tree you love so much. I
promised her I would look after you.
And you have.
- You two are very much alike.
She was the most beautiful and
gifted hunter in all of Candmo.
She could also see the spirit world.
- What?
I promised her that I would tell you her
story only if you were called by the spirits.
They've called me. But
they're kind of, well, loopy.
Not loopy. Tricksters.
Some guides work like this, too.
- If they tell you and show you everything...
Then what will
you learn for yourself?
I'll learn how to
save the village?
But it's you who has to
save the village, not them.
I still don't understand.
- You need to sleep now.
Tomorrow morning, I'll tell you
more about your mother.
I love you Mama Chuni.
- I love you too.
Zumi, wake up, wake up!
Not now, Ainbo.
I'm asking for one favor. All you
have to do is come talk to Chuni.
Just listen to what she has to say. She'll
tell you everything you need to know about me.
And my mother. And the spirits.
- Ainbo!
Please, Zumi. Just listen to
what Chuni says and after that,
if you still forbid me to
leave, fine.
All right.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Chuni, I've brought Zumi
to hear the story of my mother.
Chuni... please don't leave me.
What happened?
Get out.
This was no accident.
The curse killed her. It's your fault.
- No!
Yes! You and
your spirits are to blame!
That's crazy! You're crazy! My spirits
are good. You believe me, right Zumi?
If she isn't guilty
why would she run away?
Maybe she's just
afraid of you. I know I am.
I may frighten you, but I keep
the evil spirits out of Candmo.
I guess you were
off duty last night.
I can stop evil spirits entering the village,
but I can't stop the evil already inside.
I don't know what you mean.
- Yes you do.
You know that Ainbo was the last
one to be with Chuni.
They shared that hut
since Ainbo was a baby.
A baby born of evil. Love must
have blinded Chuni until now.
So Ainbo is...
- My father would have told me.
He would not have let
Ainbo and I become best friends.
Huarinka was blind too. That is
why a child like you leads us today.
I might be
a child but I'm not stupid.
And how dare you speak
of my father that way.
You can bring health and happiness back
to the village, and make your father proud.
- Let me go after Ainbo and confront her evil.
Allow me to lift the curse.
- I won't let you do that.
Zumi, you are our leader now,
whether you want to be or not.
Consider the fate of one against the fate of
all. Let me lift the weight off your shoulders.
My answer's no. Ainbo is...
- Ainbo is the curse! I'm going to find her.
I said no.
How will you stop me? Do you think
any of my warriors will do your bidding...
One day soon, you'll thank me, your highness.
- Atok!
Now I've lost Chuni and
I'll never know about my mother.
Zumi thinks... I don't
know what she thinks... Ouch!
No you don't.
Why are you so far away
from the river, little turtle?
You're trying to tell
me something, aren't you?
You're a sign! Right?
A sign from Motelo Mama!
Let's go find her.
Thanks little turtle.
It's me and the jungle now.
Spirit Guides!
Dillo! Vaca!
Can you please appear again?
Great. I have no idea how to call them
if I need their help. And I'm starving.
I'm not greedy. We can share.
Here, you want some?
You know it's not
polite to stare, right?
- Aaargh!
Let me go! I said
I'd share with you!
Woooooaaahhhhh. Grab on!
Not my nose!
- Oh no
What happened?
- You two were very brave.
Thank you for
saving me. I wish I...
What is wrong?
I wish I could tell Chuni,
but she's gone.
Do you mean...?
- Yes.
Aye mama, farewell
Chant with us, Ainbo.
Let's make sure Chuni's spirit
travels to the next world safely.
Aye mama, farewell
aye mama, farewell
aye mama, farewell
Where is Atok?
Chuni despised him. It's better
that he's not here. Now, please.
It's your job to send Chuni
into the spirit world. Go.
Goodbye Mama Chuni. I love you.
Please watch down on me.
Aye mama farewell
Hahaha. I knew I'd find you.
What's wrong?
It's Ainbo.
She'll come back.
- No, she won't.
Atok is going after her, to...
To... to what?
Atok said Ainbo was the cause of the curse.
That Candmo would return to prosperity.
He's gone after Ainbo?
I told him no,
but he ignored me.
My first command, and he treated
me like I'm some little child.
Zumi, listen to me. Take two of our
men and find Atok before it's too late.
But Atok said no warriors would join me.
- Ridiculous!
You're their leader now.
So now is the time to lead.
Bring Ainbo home.
She is a day ahead of us.
And if we don't pick up a trail we don't even
know which way to go. We have to find her.
And fast.
Wait. We forgot something.
- What?
What did we forget?
- Breakfast.
Aha. See the fruits?
Up there. Shoot them.
- Haha.
Yummie, yummie. Get them down.
Where are my arrows?
- You lost your arrows?
That's all
right. Here. Try this.
- Yep.
aim... and steady...
- Hahaha.
No good.
Because you gave me a reed
instead of an arrow.
Ay, reed, arrow all the same!
Just watch.
- Ha! And a few more.
Whoosh! Zoom!
Whohoo. There's my breakfast!
Ladies and gentlemen, the best
armadillo archer in all the Amazon: Dillo!
Great. I'm impressed.
But you're a spirit.
You don't have to be
a spirit to do that.
You just need to believe in yourself.
Here, I've got something that will help.
Show her! Shooting a reed into
a tree. That was just a test.
And you flunked. Ha! Got it!
A gift from your spirit guides.
- We made it ourselves.
You made this? How? When?
- Spirit guide secrets.
It's so beautiful.
I might never want to shoot it.
Or you might.
- Time will tell.
It is better I keep it.
- Huh?
It will still be there when you need it.
- So.
Now I need to find Motelo Mama,
get the root and save Candmo.
- In that order.
And now... It's quest time!
Actually... I don't know
where to go. Can you help me?
One moment.
What was the question?
- Can you help me?
- No.
Yes and no.
Sometimes we can help.
- And sometimes we can't.
Crazy, isn't it?
How am I supposed to know when you can?
- You aren't supposed to know.
Spirit guide secrets.
- Again?
I told Chuni that you were
sort of... Well sorry.
I told her you were loopy.
But she said if you helped me do
everything it wouldn't be my quest.
Smart woman, that Chuni.
- I hope to meet her in the spirit world.
But right now, I'm lost. I have no idea
where the Great River is. Can you help me?
The answer is... Yes! Climb on up.
We'll cover much more ground this way.
Wow, the Amazon is amazing.
So much more than just Candmo.
- But Candmo's part of the Amazon.
It is all one.
Why did we stop?
Are we there?
What do you think it is?
- It is a place we stay away from.
Far away. We think
it belongs to the Yakuruna.
Then why is it calling out to me?
- Eh. What are you doing?
We should go after her.
- Sure... Yes, we should. You go first.
It's the Yakuruna!
What are you doing here?
- We never come here.
But sometimes,
you've got to change your mind.
Why did they stop at the river?
- They are afraid of something.
- Yeah. Sure
Next time all
we have to do is squirt them.
You don't have to be mean. Maybe
it's something that lives in the river.
- Now, what lives in the river?
Motelo Mama!
Guys, do you think
Motelo Mama is nearby?
It's a big river.
Alright, I get it. It's my quest.
The moon's full. I'm going now.
Stay close to the riverbank.
We will see you later.
- I hope so.
You got to be more
careful with your arrows.
I knew it was you.
When Zumi finds out that...
Zumi sent me.
To end the curse.
That's a lie. She...
She wouldn't.
- I'm going to untie you now.
And I'm hoping
you'll try to run away.
It seems like only yesterday I
went hunting with a young woman.
She was the fastest runner, the best hunter,
and knew the jungle like no-one else.
You're talking about my mother.
You know about your mother?
- You'd be surprised by everything I know.
Not one more step, Atok.
- Hahaha. Go ahead, shoot me.
You don't think I will.
- I don't think you can.
Wo wo wo...
I was so much in love with your
mother but she chose another.
Who was he?
All that matters now is the curse.
And the curse ends here and now.
Are you the turtle that bit me?
Hey, wait! Where are you going?
Hey, turtles!
Motelo Mama!
Motelo Mama!
Please, it's
Ainbo! I'm Lizeni's daughter!
Hello, Ainbo.
I thought I'd never find you.
You look so
much like your mother.
Everyone in the world seems
to know my mother except me.
Not true.
You know her better than anyone.
- Tell me about your favorite tree.
You know about my tree? Oh, you
would know. You're Motelo Mama.
That's right. So tell me.
I found the tree
when I was a little girl.
I felt like I could tell it
all my secrets.
Things you would
only tell your mother.
That's right... Things I would
only tell... But it's a tree.
Just a tree?
Everyone thought I was crazy
for talking to a tree.
But I think my mother's
spirit lives in that tree.
And the root of your mother's
tree is the root you are seeking.
What is it, Ainbo?
I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the
jungle. I'm afraid of the Yakuruna.
I'm afraid I'm just a scared child
who can't even shoot an arrow.
The jungle needs you, not me.
I'm afraid too, Ainbo.
- No.
You're Motelo Mama.
For thousands of years, the bond
between my children and I was perfect.
Then, the Yakuruna infected
all of my children.
They stopped believing
in the spirits, in the jungle.
Now, I'm afraid
that it may be too late.
There's no hope?
You are the hope, Ainbo.
- Yes, you're a scared child...
but you're also much, much more.
I wish I could believe that.
You will.
Your mother's tree is sacred.
Its roots hold the power to
change even the darkest heart.
So they must be cut with a
sacred blade made from moon rock.
Now I have to go to the moon?
Hahaha. No,
Ainbo. Climb onto me.
You must go to the volcano
of the Moon. It's up ahead.
Find Pelejo, the sloth. Be careful
how you speak to him. He's a grouch.
Bring him a gift.
Something sweet.
Then what?
- One step at a time, Ainbo.
I believe you dropped this.
Who... are... you?
I'm... so... tired.
It's about time!
- You always have to come out of nowhere?
If we came out of somewhere...
- We'd already be there.
Forget I asked.
So, isn't
Motelo Mama the most amazing...
giant turtle who carries the world
on her shell that you ever met?
You know I met her?
- We know everything.
Except when we don't.
We know that you have to bring
Pelejo the sloth something sweet.
So... Here is
your sweet leaf tree!
Perfect. Thank you. I'll
break off some branches...
Branches? Ho, ho!
- This is Pelejo you're bribing.
What do you mean bribing?
- He's got a bad temper.
You've got to get him on
your side.
You don't want him
to step on you.
Step on me? How big is this Pelejo?
- Oh he's about... Hmm...
He's a giant.
That's why you've got
to take him the whole tree.
- No.
So take the tree up to Pelejo.
Get the sacred moon rock.
- Don't get stepped on.
And, most important:
We'll wait right here.
Cheering you on every step of the way.
- Aha!
Are you crazy? I can't take
the tree up there all by myself!
Didn't Motelo Mama
command you to help me?
- Yes. She did.
But we don't want to go up there.
- We're scared of heights.
And getting stepped on.
Stop whining. If I'm going, you're going, or
I'm telling Motelo Mama that you're cowards.
Don't do that.
- We'll go.
Okay, it is time
for us to be brave.
Yeah! Brave!
Wait! Stop!
- What now?
I didn't know it was so steep
- Vaca!
We can't do this.
- Yes we can, we just have to work really hard.
That's it. I've got to rest.
Come on! We are close to the
peak. There is no time to rest!
Hold on!
This is the end of me!
- Motelo Mamaaaaa!
- Vaca, no!
Oh. Bbbrrr.
Are we close to the top?
What happened?
- I don't know.
Have you ever
seen anything like this?
It could be dangerous.
- Of course it could. Now follow me.
- Did you find Ainbo?
I found her tracks.
She is still a day ahead of us.
But perhaps she's
not so important anymore.
She's important to me. And you are never,
ever to disobey one of my commands again.
I understand.
Please, join us by the fire
Zumi, I'd like you to meet the
honorable Mr. Cornelis DeWitt.
It's an honor to meet you.
Likewise. I've never met a...
- A white man?
What a beautiful
necklace you have.
What brings you to the jungle, Mr. DeWitt?
- I'm a scientist, a botanist.
What is that?
- I study rare plants to see which ones might...
make powerful medicines.
You're a Shaman?
- Yes, you could say that.
Look, this one treats malaria.
- Malaria?
The disease
the bloodsuckers bring.
It has killed
many of our elders.
Because you don't have the right
medicine. And this is one for Yellow Fever.
Untreated that's
almost always fatal.
Mr. DeWitt says that this could
be sickness that is killing Huarinka.
No. It's the curse
that is killing my father.
But what if these diseases
are part of the curse?
I'm not sure I understand.
- You see, Zumi...
where I come from we have perfected the
cure for many diseases with our medicines.
They're truly miracles.
And they could save my father?
- I believe so.
Then come to my village, to Candmo.
Please. We have no time to lose.
I understand.
- But Mr. DeWitt. Explain one thing.
You're a white man, a stranger to our
jungle. Why help us? What do you want?
At heart, I'm a healer. But if
you want me to want something...
Yes. Go on.
Show me where you got the gold
to make that beautiful necklace.
That's it? If
you heal my father...
I can show you where to dig gold out of
the ground with bare hands. Now come.
Back to Candmo. Light torches.
- Forget your torches, I have this.
Is anyone
thinking what I'm thinking?
This volcano is stinky.
Ouch. I don't know much about volcanos
but why is the ground so warm here.
Huh? Wow...
Huh? Who are you!
Let me have a closer look
Uhh... I am Ainbo. Of Candmo.
Never heard of it... or you.
Who are they?
- Who do you think they are?
From up here I'd guess that they are very
small sloths, or very large ants. Haha!
They're Vaca and Dillo,
spirit guides.
Those two are
spirit guides? Hehe.
Right, I know... But what you don't know
is that Motelo Mama sent them... and me!
How do I know Motelo Mama sent you?
- How do you know she didn't?
She sent me to get a moon rock
and if I come back without one... Well...
I wouldn't want to
be the one to blame.
It's true that you don't want to
be on Motelo Mama's bad side.
So do you have moon rock?
- Of course, tons of it.
Just at the top of the peak.
Take as much as you want.
There's no way I can
get up there. I need your help.
Haha. I haven't helped anyone for a
hundred years. Why should I start now?
You're a very frustrating sloth.
But I'll tell you why.
- Look at what? Those two idiots?
They're not idiots!
Not all the time...
Look at the tree!
Huh! Is that what I think it is?
A whole sweet leaf tree. Just for you.
- For me?
If... I get my moon rock.
I cannot remember the last time
I tasted anything sweet.
And after all,
Motelo Mama sent you.
Here. A moon rock.
Thank you. Do you know
how I carve it into a knife?
You? You can't.
I can. Give it to me.
That can't be
good for your teeth.
Oh! It's perfect.
Of course it is.
Now, sweet leaf!
You're a hungry
one, aren't you, big guy?
I can't see anything around here that I
would like to eat. Only rocks and dust.
No wonder he's moody.
Now, you need to go.
I'm sorry, we didn't mean to be rude.
- That's not it.
That's it!
We need to escape. And fast.
But how?
We fly. With his fan.
- With his fan?
Haha. Spirit guide magic.
Hey! Can
we please borrow your fan?
Will you bring me
another sweet leaf tree?
If we get off this volcano I'll
bring you ten sweet leaf trees!
Then hurry.
Ready to fly?
Have we got another choice?
- We can burn!
I vote fly!
- Then come on!
I'm too fat. You go ahead.
- We are not leaving you!
Meet us at my mother's!
- My tree!
Your mother's a tree?
- Do you really expect me to explain it now?
If I live, I'm going on a diet!
And scary.
Stop! Not so fast! Stop!
Where are the brakes?
Ainbo? Dillo? Help
me... someone... please!
I'm not a bird!
Heave ho, heave
ho, heave ho... eh?
Look, there! It's Candmo!
Hey guys!
If only Zumi could see me now!
Coming in for a landing!
We made it! We made it!
Heave, ho? Heave, ho...
- Vaca!
There, there... You're all right now.
- No more lava?
Haha. No.
- No more Sloths?
Everything's fine.
And you're both the best spirit guides
ever. I got my Moon Rock Dagger.
Now, I need to talk to my mother.
- Okay.
- I never thought I'd see you again.
I never thought I'd see you!
- Ainbo. Something happened
What is it?
My father is...
Is he...?
- No! He's not dead! Come see!
No need for that now.
Don't worry about Atok. He will
never try to hurt you again.
He knows
he almost did a terrible thing.
It's not Atok. It's...
I don't know what it is.
Come on.
Do you feel that?
There's something wrong.
- And we both know it.
Ainbo! Thank the Gods! Come here.
- You look... better.
- I am better.
- Not perfect
But you will be.
Thanks to a great shaman.
He's healing father and
he'll heal the village.
Who is he?
- Am I interrupting?
I want you to meet
my best friend, Ainbo.
Hello Ainbo. Zumi's best friend.
That makes you very important.
I'm just a girl.
Please. I can already tell that
you're much more than just a girl
Ainbo! What's wrong?
- That man. He's dangerous!
That man saved my father's life.
- He's not a man. He's...
Yakuruna disguised as a man.
I've seen it!
Oh, Yakuruna!
The village thinks you're
the curse. You know that, right?
Atok said that you sent him
to find me. To end the curse.
That's a lie.
- Did you send him after your best friend?
I stopped him!
It doesn't matter now.
That demon is all that matters.
Spirits, demons! I'm sick of it! If you continue
to talk like this, I'll banish you for good.
Where are you going?
- You're right. I don't belong here.
If you leave,
Ainbo, don't come back.
How did you get here?
I walked, silly girl. What did you
think? That I crawled? That I slithered?
Where do I know you from?
- You don't know me! Not at all.
I'm leaving.
I will see you soon, Ainbo.
Mr. DeWitt?
What's wrong?
You are not a man. You are...
It's you! Aarrgghh!
You are the Yakuruna.
- Well, aren't you Mister Smarty-Pants.
Did you see that?
- And now what?
Let's get out of here. QUIETLY.
Ainbo! Listen to me, listen!
You're not the evil spirit.
- Mr. Dewitt!
- You think I don't know?
She knows!
- And what she doesn't know, we do.
Whoa-ho! What are those things?
Things?! You've got
some nerve!
They're my spirit guides. You
didn't believe in them either.
I was a fool. Can
you ever forgive me?
So you're glad I'm still alive?
Oh, we all make
mistakes. Right, guys?
Oh yeah.
- It's true. He makes mistakes all the time.
- Guys!
From now on, no more mistakes.
It's time to show me the gold.
Is there something wrong?
- The gold.
- You need to leave our village.
Let Zumi and I...
- The gold!
Ainbo. May I help?
Mother, please. I need you.
I need you now.
It's... her.
- Mother?
All these years I have watched you,
waiting for this day. I love you, Ainbo.
I love you, mama.
I am so happy for Ainbo.
- Then why are you crying?
Look at you, you're sobbing too.
- No, I'm not.
The golden-tipped arrow? Where is it?
- It's here.
We made it ourselves.
And we didn't know why.
Oh, I think you did.
I whispered it into your ears.
That was you?
- Yes. Now give the arrow to me.
It's ready now.
Ready for what?
I've heard those sounds before. It's
the monsters that belong to the Yakuruna.
They're coming for Candmo.
- We have to stop them.
- I owe it to Ainbo and you.
No. You owe
her the truth. Now come.
Now what?
- Follow me.
There she goes!
Where are we going?
Candmo's gold now belongs to
our great Shaman.
He has lifted the curse from
my father, from our village.
We will repay him a thousand
times over. Soon, great ma...
- Machines. Metal Gods that dig for gold...
will arrive. You will serve them,
like you will serve our great Shaman.
Now bow. Pay
your respect to our Shaman.
You heard your princess. Bow!
I am Lizeni of Candmo. I demand
that you and your machines leave.
Leave our land, the land of
our children and our ancestors.
Leave, now!
Follow us!
It was me.
- What?
Your mother died because of me.
- You killed her?!
No! Yes! No! It was
my jealous heart!
Ah. The Goddess. Lizeni,
isn't it?
You know who I am.
But do you know who you are?
I am the God of Gold,
I am the ruler of the Amazon.
Is that who you really
are, Will?
Don't call me that. Ever.
I challenge you.
- To what?
To hear the truth.
- Is that all?
The truth is everything.
Some of you remember.
Many years ago I saved your life
and brought you to the village.
Stop it!
- Not everyone welcomed Will.
Some hated him.
It's true.
I hated this stranger.
Because I thought Lizeni belonged
to me. But she fell in love with him.
I loved you, Will,
and you were in love with me.
No more!
- I thought you weren't afraid of the truth?
Atok told everyone that Will had
cursed me, put me under his spell.
My jealousy made me insane.
You, Ainbo. You weren't even
born but I already hated you too.
We were condemned for loving
each other. Love was our only crime.
I was saved by the forest spirits
and became one with the jungle.
But the Yakuruna
was waiting for Will.
He was perfect
prey for the Yakuruna.
Lies! All of it!
- You're Ainbo's father!
Lies! You're nothing, Ainbo.
I'm the ultimate!
I am... the... I am...
We will no longer allow you to
destroy our land and enslave our people.
You believe you can
conquer the Yakuruna?
Maybe I cannot. But what
I cannot do, my daughter can!
Hahaha. A child! Just a child!
- No!
My daughter!
Hahaha! Ooooo!
It's your time, Ainbo.
You have one chance, one shot.
You have to stop him.
- But, he's my father.
He was your father...
Give the bow to me.
No. It's your bow.
- Your arrow. And your quest.
Only you can do it.
- You want me to shoot my own father?
No, no, the contrary! You'll free
your father from the Yakuruna.
That's right. You'll shoot the
Yakuruna, the evil inside him.
How do you know this?
- It was whispered in our ears.
- We have to save her.
We'll save her!
Hold on!
- Hold on tight!
Father, I know
you're in there somewhere.
Do not dare call me that.
- Dad!
Can you hear me?
- No more!
Zumi! Princess!
Come close!
- I belong to the Yakuruna.
Do you, miserable little child
believe you can stop the Yakuruna?
Your pathetic arrow
will not even scratch my skin.
- Mother?
Mother, please guide my arrow.
You don't need my
help, you are ready now.
I know.
I'll catch you!
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We'll catch you!
Ainbo? What happened?
Father! We are free again.
The curse is over!
Free... we are free!
Who is this?
It's Will.
- Will?
It's your father.
Are you my daughter?
- This is Ainbo.
Here. These will help.
- My glasses. I lost these a long time ago.
Ainbo, you're very courageous.
- Thank you.
I never thought
I'd meet you, but...
I'm afraid I can't stay...
We do not belong in this world
anymore. We belong together, at last.
And Ainbo will
be nearby. I promise.
I promise, too.
- Will, I'll take good care of her.
If you'll let me.
Good. But treat her
like you're her father. Always.
We have to
leave. Our time is up.
You have to let us go now.
That's not a hug. This is a hug!
Oh you...
Wow, Ainbo. You really
saved us. Saved Candmo
But there is so much more to do
in the Amazon.
Whatever it is, with your spirit
guides, it will be a piece of cake.
With who?
- With us? No.
I'm afraid...
We are afraid you have to
follow through yourselves.
Yes. Yourselves.
Yes! Us!