Air America (1990) Movie Script

There are no American
combat forces in Laos.
We are concerned by the
North Vietnamese move into Laos.
50000 North Vietnamese
are there at the present time.
American participation in Laos is at
the request
of the neutralist government
which was set up in accordance
with the 1962 accords, agreed to
by Hanoi, Peking, and the USSR.
We have been providing
logistical support
and some training
to avoid Laos falling
under Communist domination.
No American manpower in Laos
is there on a combat basis.
Come on!
Gene, no!
No chance.
Get back! Stay back!
Son of a bitch.
To hell with the cargo!
Is he dead?
Well, Rob, if he's not
he's very, very calm.
Jesus, I'm sorry.
Hey, Gene
We're not here right now.
I saw Nixon on TV.
So we're not actually here
and this didn't happen.
Maybe not for you
and not for Nixon
but it happened for Doug.
We sure go through pilots.
Gene! Remember!
Since we're not here, I don't remember
what the fuck you didn't say.
These pilots are head cases!
And the worst part is
we need more of 'em.
Now to our "eye in the sky"
pilot Billy Covington.
How ya doing up there?
I think the music speaks for me:
"All I want is to be 'a free
live my life the way I want 'a be."
How's the traffic, Billy?
Traffic's kinda depressing. Sad.
Real congested.
Kinda bumsy looking
to tell you.
We've heard there's
a whale of a jam on the 103.
Yeah. You know why?
That's why we
go to you, Bill.
I'll tell you.
'Cause most drivers turn into
pagan rubbernecks, hoping
to see a fatality. Makes a
gawker's block
for a coupla miles back.
Not unlike this moron
in the brown 18 wheeler from
Rubio moving and hauling.
'Scuse me a sec, Stevie.
Move your truck!
An ambulance is coming!
Fuck you, "eye in the sky!"
Fuck me?
Yeah! Fuck you!
What'd you say?
I said fuck you!
You want a convertible?
Get down here
fucking punk. I'll kick your ass!
You airborne piece of shit!
This is Rock 1080, where else can you
get such in depth traffic reporting?
You should be arrested!
This is very dangerous!
I'll bust that whirlybird
to hell and back!
Hey, Billy.
Who are you?
Heard about your fall from grace.
An adventurer without an adventure.
Nothing lower than a grounded pilot.
Who are you?
I want to ask you why you flew
so low over that accident?
The ambulance couldn't get through.
I want to be down in the action.
Thought so.
The thing that got you fired here
can get you hired in Laos.
There's a war there!
In Vietnam, not Laos.
You saw the President on TV?
Heckle and Jeckle talk on TV
doesn't mean
I believe birds can really talk.
Point taken.
But there's no war in Laos.
You can take that to the bank.
Who'll be signing my checks?
Our outfit's called Air America.
Strictly civilian.
American Pilots. Men like you.
Wild men flying cargo and
refugees in the wild East.
FAA took my ticket, man.
Get you a new one in Taiwan.
No sweat.
Who are you?
Your biggest fan.
What's it supposed to be?
Sound of the torment of war.
When the enemy hears this
coming from your planes
they'll flip. The North Vietnamese
are pouring into Laos heading to
Saigon along the Ho Chi Minh trail
hooking up with their Commie buddies.
We blast 'em with this stuff
they panic, they scatter. I admit
it's a dangerous mission.
Worse than dangerous.
This is embarrassing, man!
They'll point and laugh!
This tape
was made by experts for maximum
psychological effect.
You've got no idea
who you're fighting here.
You know more about it
than American Intelligence.
Don't use the word "intelligence"
to describe your job.
Rob Diehl? Hi.
I'm Billy Covington.
You have some paperwork?
Nice bat.
Billy is one of you guys.
Thanks. So talk to 'em.
Hi, guys.
What brings you here, Covington?
I hear there's some good flying.
Good flying?
Depends where you're coming from.
Where are you coming from?
From L.A. The west coast of the US.
Where are you coming from?
From the dark side of the moon.
And I'm going back there soon.
The golden BB is coming.
My bat.
Nomenclature: BB, gold.
Ordinance: Personnel, Neely.
And the four rounds you can't...
Pilot hi jinks.
It's their way of coping.
Pilot hi jinks?
This is psychotic behavior.
Psychotic behavior is company policy
at Air America. I'm Gene Ryack.
Take Billy on his orientation flight.
OK with me. Is it OK with you?
Let's get in the wind.
Give him the bat.
This is Long Tieng, right?
There's nothing here on the map.
Well I guess it's like Rob says.
We're not here.
Which means you're not seeing
the second biggest city in Laos
built from scratch
by the U. S. Government.
And we really don't run 400 flights
or ship 100 tons of cargo
medicine, weapons
or local troops, like those.
"Anywhere, anything, any time."
That's our motto.
We fly C 123, Helio Couriers
fairly normal machines.
But the real fun is playing
with these freaky planes.
These aren't legal in the US.
This ain't the States.
Damn right.
Watcha got today?
Peanut butter and mayo. What you got?
Flight schedule.
About time
You seem to be doing OK.
I do all right in the air
I tend to fuck up on the ground.
Mind if I look in your logbook?
14 months of bush flying in Canada.
Bush flying?
Yeah, bush flying.
2 months crop dusting
outside of Fresno.
Fresno. Youre a real fucking hero.
You flew "eye in the sky"?
Excuse me, is that an Uzi?
That'd make a great ad:
"Excuse me, is that an Uzi?"
"Why yes
self defense is no joke.
That's why I pack an Uzi.
Accept no substitutes."
Show him your amulet, Gene!
What's in there?
The ashes of my big toe. Shot off
through the floor of the cockpit.
Not far from here.
You get shot here?
It was ugly.
He had it cremated.
Always has it with him.
Wait a sec.
No one told me about losing toes.
He never mentioned toe loss.
The recruiter.
Why didn't you get it
sewn back on?
When a piece of me gets shot off
I don't want it back.
It's still with us in spirit.
You understand?
In spirit, toe ism.
Royal Asian Airlines Flight No. 744.
Arriving at gate 12.
Glad you could make it, sir.
A US senator? In my back yard?
On a fact finding mission?
He's not gonna find any facts.
I promise.
Certainly not about our little deal.
Besides, he's a dimwit.
He had a tractor dealership
before he got elected.
Harry Truman sold cheap suits
he wound up dropping an atomic bomb.
Welcome to Vientiane, sir.
Thank you, Ambassador Marloff.
Senator, this is major Lemond.
I'm sure you've heard of him.
Of course. Where's the uniform, Major?
Too hot for all those ribbons?
You going civvie on us?
I'm a civilian now.
With the Air Force at heart.
Thank you. Put bag in big car.
I know.
have no local dinero.
Give tip later OK?
This is General Lu Soong
Supreme Commander of the Allies.
Anybody home?
Get a load of Senator Tact here.
When you go to France, you have
General DeGaulle carry luggage?
Rob, the bag.
I'll take that, sir. Your jacket?
Thank you.
Lighten up on the stick.
We're gonna land.
Land? Where?
I'll show you.
Oh, come on.
That's not a strip, it's a mountain.
Full flap, 3 cranks.
Please don't do this.
That was great. How was it for you?
There're people in the jungle!
Don't, I know them.
Who are they?
Friends of my wife.
Little one's my brother in law
with a business proposition.
Don't do that.
Six crates of weapons.
I'll make you a good offer.
The Russians air dropped them
for the Pathet Lao.
We stole 'em. Brand new.
I'll give you 400 kips.
400? You want a slingshot?
800 kips!
600, and it's a deal.
Brother in laws are the same all over.
He's ripping me off...
You use my orientation flight
for some private scam?
Welcome to the orient.
This is my retirement plan!
I've been flying fifteen years and
want my chunk of the American dream.
Running guns?
OK, this is the hard part.
I noticed, no radar.
Right, just dead reckoning.
I can handle it.
Gene, sit down. Check this out!
Pretty good, huh?
OK, we almost hit that at 3700
feet. Any higher peaks than that?
At 3700 feet! Any higher
peaks around here?
I need green.
Don't use mine.
We gotta get on a new
safety height, OK?
Hey, I was going for that one!
You did that on purpose.
Last time you colored the sky pink.
Are we south or east of
the Atlantic here?
South or east?
South or east?
East! Don't bother me!
Stay on your side!
It's my coloring book.
If you want to color
you have to be nice to me.
Hey, Senator
let us show you the real Laos!
Sir, he's getting out.
Senator, wait!
Those pilots are drunk.
Not just drunk
they're drunk Americans.
Hey, fellas!
Pitchin' a little woo, are ya?
Don't be embarrassed.
I may look like an old fart
but before I found the lord, I partook
of wine, women, and song, too.
But seriously, even though you won't
get any medals, or be in history books
some of us in Washington know exactly
what you're doing for the war effort.
Could you explain it to us?
It's just as heavy as Vietnam.
Never compare the two.
Vietnam is for niggers and no necks.
it's the Mai Tai talking.
This is a gentleman's war
a thinking man's war.
Corinne Landreaux
this is Billy Covington.
She helps our Asian brothers
in the hills. Thanks.
Hey, I kid, because I care.
You know what the whole problem
with the Vietnam war is?
It's too public.
A secret war is the way to go.
No reporters, no TV
You blackout the war
like a football game.
And y'know what?
We can't lose.
Can I ask you one thing?
Is it a kinky turn on for you
to bring her to a whorehouse with you?
This is not just a whorehouse.
Men talk business here.
I was just getting used to
this being a war.
Who told you
they were two different things?
Rob, I need you outside.
And clear headed!
Worried, Rob?
I wonder what the Pepsi people
would think if they knew.
Don't you ever wonder?
I wonder how many pilots
already know about his place.
Heroin good, very good.
You want to try?
With all due respect
I'm not here for a taste test.
I'm here to ask you again
to shut this lab down
just while the Senator is here.
Why you not tell baggage man
Senator to go home? Kick out!
I wish it were that simple.
In a civilized country like yours
it would be.
But in this case, it's easier
to shut down this lab.
Then you and me be poor
and cannot pay for war.
If we don't sell heroin
no money to feed my soldiers.
No, Major.
Better we stay good friends.
You take care of silly
suitcase man OK?
Of course, General.
As always, you are right.
Something wrong?
I was always the weirdest guy in the
room. Here I'm not in the running.
You can be as weird as anyone here.
It just takes a little time.
I feel like I'm on
a roller coaster of bar girls
strange squiggly signs
weird vehicles and
more bar girls, and Mai Tais and
what am I doing here?
I ask myself that all the time.
Why am I here?
Why am I here?
A taste of the States, feel better?
Yeah, everything's back to normal now.
Nice silencer.
I am a very considerate person.
If I want to shoot lizards at night
on my miniature golf course
no reason to keep the neighbors awake.
You follow me?
Yeah, at a distance.
You're all right... fuckin' punk.
Jack's the only man you ever met
with his own miniature golf course.
Why don't you open this place up
and charge admission?
You guys can do that when I'm gone.
You guys get it in my will.
Oh, shit. Please!
Jack's got a point:
The old timers don't get a pension.
Each pilot has to work out
his own retirement scam.
Gino, how's your guns and ammo shop?
Building up inventory?
You ever gonna sell?
Never make a move too soon.
I got a foolproof plan.
I'll take my money...
...and fly a Coppertone banner
over Coney Island
and tell war stories in bars.
"The golden BB's coming up
to Neely now..."
Why you do that?
Why the fuck?
Hey, professionalism.
How often do you guys
go on a bender like this?
This is just nighttime.
Wake Billy!
I gotta bring him to work.
Wake up, junior! Wake up!
It's OK. He likes to fly.
Good morning!
Crazy Americans!
Morning, Rob. Morning.
Pick up Senator Davenport
at the Vientiane airport
and take him up to the
refugee camp at Bien Luc.
Lips zipped about this airbase.
If he's dying for local action
just dazzle him with bullshit.
We got nothing else
to dazzle him with.
See ya!
Don't fuck around with the Senator.
What do you mean?
He's on a need to know basis.
The mushroom treatment: Keep him
in the dark and feed him on shit.
What's he doing to your plane?
He's purifying it.
It's a Buddhist ritual.
Gene, is there
a secret air base around here?
Which air base, sir?
I feel I'm being
kept out of the loop.
What do I know.
I'm just a luggage boy.
General, stop pouting.
I apologized.
I should be carrying your luggage.
That's how much the US government
values your support.
I hear that the USA finish war
and leave Southeast Asia.
Without suitcase.
if things get too hairy for us
politically, we have to bug out
and bring you with us.
We take care of our buddies.
You take care of shit!
We've made general Ky in Vietnam
a very generous offer.
I know Marshal Ky.
He's small time.
After war he want to be in America
liquor store owner.
I not going from being warlord
to liquor store owner!
Tell the Senator
what you really want, General.
Come on, don't be shy.
Holiday Inn. Southern California.
Owner and operator.
That could be difficult.
You find all this funny?
Very. But, hell, Senator
If you can't laugh at war
what's the use of fighting?
You've got a good point!
What's that tin horn general
doing in my camp?
Corinne, this is Senator Davenport.
Welcome, Senator.
Corinne Landreaux from US Aid.
May I show you around?
Your boss picked a hell of a place
in the heart of opium country.
My first choice was Kansas
but nothing was free.
There's only
mountains and poppies here.
You stay two, three weeks here?
At best, then we leave.
This is noble work you do.
Thank you, Senator.
I'll see you at the plane. Bye.
Look at him operate!
He's shanghaiing men and boys
for his private army.
That's an ugly word.
What would you call it?
I'd say he's showing charisma.
These people have
different values than we do.
But the nice part is we're all
pulling together for the same cause.
The same cause?
Soong's only cause is General Soong.
Don't you get it?
The CIA flies drugs for him
so he loans us his troops.
You know what?
You've been working your butt off
under the hot sun
and God bless you for it.
But you're starting to rave.
I think you need a vacation.
Have a nice day.
Thanks for coming.
You do me great honor
for come to Nino's, Excellency.
Thank you, Nino.
I'm concerned, gentlemen.
We're not children in Congress.
General Song...
Is up to something with opium.
Now, nobody's perfect
not even our allies.
But seriously, when we hear rumors
of Americans taking drug money
it endangers the entire war.
Now I want to know the truth.
I'm afraid
we've been keeping the truth from you.
We suspect that our planes
are being used to fly Opium
from the highlands
to Vientiane
where it is processed into heroin.
Dear God.
Why wasn't I told before?
We've made a grave mistake.
We were trying to protect
the good name of our pilots, sir.
You mean our pilots...
...are smuggling narcotics?
Not all of 'em, sir.
Just a few bad apples.
They know we can't
inspect every piece of cargo.
So they take advantage of our trust.
Do you know who they are?
We'll find out.
I pledge to you
we'll find those rotten apples.
Hey, General.
What's the cargo?
None of your business.
Your cargo's loaded.
Here's your co pilot.
Enjoy the animals, fellas.
I got a bad feeling this morning.
Don't worry, we won't run into
any golden BB'S, OK?
I'll be your good luck charm.
No bullets.
Rice drop's first
then the 3 little pigs.
There's no sign on the last one.
General Soong
supervised the loading.
So, what would that be?
Come up to a 12 o'clock.
First drop zone coming up!
Stand by!
Coming up on it.
Looking good.
Air speed's good.
Altitude's good.
Kwan went out the back!
Has she got a chute?
What? We gotta go back!
No. You never go back.
What do you mean?
You just lost your kicker!
You never go back.
Jesus Christ
you meet someone and they die.
They should always wear chutes.
Hey, come on!
That's not funny! OK?
That's not funny!
Billy, how's it going?
Nino's got lobster tonight
but you gotta order in advance.
You up for some of that?
Lobster again?
If I'm still alive I'd like some.
Good, I'll radio in
a reservation.
9 o'clock OK for you guys?
Rodger that.
Hell of a war, man.
340. 12 o'clock coming up.
Stand by.
Comin' up on it.
Three. Two.
Quit it!
Oh man.
Who's shooting at us?
Here? Everybody.
I'm not gonna die
dropping pigs from the sky.
The golden BB.
I knew it.
Just a question of when.
I knew you were coming.
I saw it in the mirror this morning
when I cut myself shaving.
I saw it, bright as the sun.
Jack, we're hit in number 2!
There goes an engine. Of course.
Hey! Wake up, man!
Check the oil pressure.
Check the oil pressure!
Check number 1!
Number 1 OK.
Is 9:30 okay? Nino says
he can't get us a table earlier.
Gene, we're hit, throwing fuel!
We're going down!
You still in gun range?
Change altitude and heading
every few seconds. Gimme a location.
Jack! Got a minute? Location!
Stop snoozing!
2 miles south of Tango 7.
There's a strip just the other
side of Tango 7. Can you make it?
Doubt it!
Come on, man. You can make it.
Jeez, I'll make it.
10 degrees right.
Welcome back!
Did I leave?
Wild Dog to base.
Pilots in jeopardy near Tango 7.
Am heading over there.
Maintain course, Wild Dog.
We'll send a recon plane.
Wild Dog, you copy?
Wild Dog to base. Fuck off.
Where we at?
You see it?
1 o'clock.
I got it.
Landing gear down!
Coming down.
It's not going down!
Don't worry. Go to manual.
What have we got?
Nothing so far.
We're gonna jump. Kwanh!
Put your 'chute on!
You too, Neely.
Put your 'chute on, man!
I'm riding it in with you.
No! I want you off!
When I level out, jump! OK?
I'm taking it in with you! No!
The only thing God
drops from the sky is bird shit!
Bird shit and you!
That's new.
Birdshit and catatonic pilots.
OK, you're next!
You're most vulnerable
floating down in a 'chute.
I'll get a golden BB up my ass!
If it doesn't open
I can use my reserve...
Get up, man! Please!
See you down there. Good luck!
I have never had to
jump out of an airplane before!
I'm a fucking den mother!
OK, can you run, man? Let's go!
What are you doing back here?
I forgot my Nikon!
Here it is.
You want it? Then jump!
You put on your parachute!
I'm afraid of heights.
Bye, now!
Billy, come in.
You satisfied or disappointed
that we're alive?
The jungle is full of Commies
bandits, and headhunters.
We're not alive yet.
Want a piece of Juicy Fruit?
No, I do not.
We going home!
Soon, Kwanh.
No. We go now. Look!
Look, we going home.
Good afternoon!
Hiya, General.
Guess you missed us back there.
Sure is nice
to see some "friendlies" down here.
It's got a couple dings on it.
Sure hope they don't
take it out of my paycheck.
Nothin' a coupla days in the
shop won't fix...
Lemme give you a hand.
Guess you're in a hurry, huh?
God, these are heavy!
Gonna be a tight squeeze, huh?
Hey, man!
What about us?
You're leaving us here?
Goddammit! Fuck!
We not go home now.
Opium go home now.
There was opium on that?
Opium, you got it.
And he took it instead of us?
You helped him load it, pal.
You go north of the strip, I'll look
here. We'll find 'em.
If we hurry we can still make
that 9:30 table at Nino's.
Sounds good, Gene. See ya!
Where is everybody?
Quit it, OK?
Trouble for our boys
off your right wing, jungle's
crawlin' with black pyjamas.
Billy, move!
I quit!
Any extra holes?
Wild Dog to base enemy at Tango 7.
Everyone's unfriendly here.
Even the "friendlies!"
Why are they so unfriendly?
They haven't gotten to know us yet.
Why are they shooting?
'Cause they're unfriendly.
You're losing oil pressure...
I already lost tail rotor response.
Put on your belt!
I don't want to crash twice today!
But my crashes are the best!
You're at 40!
You're redlining!
You're redlining!
Wild Dog to base.
We're going in 3/4 of a mile
southwest of Tango 7.
Great rescue, huh?
I thought you had this blessed.
I thought the monk wasn't
really concentrating.
We gotta drop, you know.
No, man.
We gotta, we're sniper bait.
Who goes first?
There's no fast rule
about crashing through the cockpit.
You go first.
I don't want to go first!
I'll go. I don't want to go 2nd!
We'll toss a coin.
Is that heads? Is that tails?
That's tails. I'll check.
Come on!
It's pretty soft.
I hate going second.
Well that fall
seemed to go pretty well.
We should get moving.
Can you walk?
We're in the goddamned jungle!
Give me voice. Gene. Billy.
Come in, Gene, Billy.
Do you read me?
Gene and Billy, where are you?
Billy and Gene, do you read me?
I stole some stuff as a kid.
Whiffle balls, model airplanes.
I used a fake I D to drink
smoked some reefers.
I performed oral sex
where it's against the law.
But until I worked for my own
government, I never smuggled drugs.
We're not smugglers
just pack mules.
No one wins war here without
control of the opium trade.
We help Soong get his crop to market.
He helps us fight the war.
Don't give me
that cooled out Buddhist shit!
Our government is running a war
with drug money
and our GI's are getting
strung out in Vietnam!
You might as well throw rattlesnakes
in the schoolyard!
This doesn't bother your soul?
Leave my soul out of this.
We don't work officially for the
US government.
Everybody knows.
What happens if you say CIA?
Let's change course. Maybe
we'll be outta here by morning.
How many more miles?
When the sales rep from
Bell Helicopters gets here
go easy on him, not like that
asshole from Dow Chemicals.
Nice and easy. Bring him here
vintage wine
blah blah blah, elegant dining
get him blown at the White Rose
brandy, espresso. Then just
hit him up for the two free choppers.
I'm a little nervous about it.
Buona sera, signore.
I have heard about
the pilots shooted down.
I hope they safe. I pray for them.
Thank you. Every prayer helps.
I have to have coffee with Davenport.
What should I do?
I'll take him to the White Rose.
I'll get him blown.
No. What?
Davenport runs
the Senate prayer group.
With him, you don't
bring up the subject of blow jobs.
You let him bring it up.
Restaurant closed!
Health violation.
All go home now!
Everybody go now!!
I do business with round eyes
all my life!
But I don't let a
Corsican fuck me!
You crazy?
I pick up opium myself!
In bad danger!
Your men
don't want to pay same same last time!
No more break this china!
Now I tell you something.
I talk to Marseilles.
I talk to New York.
They say Opium not so good this year.
Been cut with baking powder.
So who fucking who?
No, I no gonna pay you same same.
You give me shit!
Nino. You listen to me.
You pay same same
or you never use my planes again.
OK, pay same same.
So this is
the face of modern Communism?
Wrong. A devout Communist
carries an AK 47
they have the
oldest weapons known to man.
These are hillbillies.
And they're pissed.
They don't cotton to outsiders.
What're they saying?
I'm surprised
they haven't killed us yet.
How come you're so relaxed?
Don't you get it? When you die
that's it! Blackness.
They stick you in a box
in the ground.
Don't even let you
out on weekends. Depressing.
Right. Nothing.
Buddha says...
Stop it!
A real Buddhist
wouldn't be running guns.
You're a hustler. Call it
Religion, but you're a hustler.
I never said
I was a good Buddhist.
They're gonna do it.
You don't need to speed things up!
Those guns are all wrong
for the rainy conditions.
You need all weather weapons.
Your guns were made in France
for the desert warfare.
I hope you didn't pay
more than two pigs for it.
A cow.
Yeah, I know.
A cow?
For a stupid musket?
You got taken!
D'ya hear?
A cow for this gun!
Isn't that hysterical?
Ever shot it in the rain?
I reckon.
For all weather guns
at great prices.
We should go to my brother in law.
He lives
two days walk from here.
What do you think?
Gentlemen, these guns are cherry.
Hello? Mei ling?
I missed you!
Oh, I couldn't tell.
This is my wife.
Come in to civilization
and get cleaned up!
You don't look like a guy
who'd live in a place like this.
Looks'll fool you every time.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Do you believe in this war?
I used to believe in all these wars.
I had a theory once.
The politics of Saturday night.
I rated all countries on how good
their Saturday nights were.
I knew that Moscow and Peking
were a stone drag on Saturday.
So I was flying for a cause.
To defend barbecues
and weenie roasts
and Ray Charles songs and
Southern Comfort 'till you pass out.
The politics of Saturday night.
I can relate.
Not bad is it?
But not particularly true.
I hear they party hard in Moscow.
Don't give up a good theory
just because it's not true.
So why don't you go home?
Look at me, Neely, the rest.
We're trouble junkies.
Nothing but adrenaline gets us off.
It's kinda sick.
Quit before you pick up the habit.
And you will!
Go back to LA and be
the weirdest guy in the room again.
I gotta take care of something first.
You wanna get even?
With who? Rob? Soong?
Forget it! This is the orient.
What Soong did to you was nothing!
I've seen things here
that I never could have imagined.
And I have a broad imagination.
Why don't you just go home.
This is one of the most famous
temples in Laos.
I've been here four days.
I've seen 19 Buddhas
3 tailors, a silk factory
and you haven't told me
one new thing about the dope trade.
I'm leaving soon and
I'm not going back empty handed.
I need heads on a platter
or the rumors will get you
on the hill. What rumors?
You heard the man, Rob.
Heads on a platter.
Is that Paul Bunyan's condom?
That's the point of the drop.
Penis size is very
important to Asian people.
If we can convince them that
American men use this jumbo size
their men will start to fear us.
Dismissed. One more thing, guys.
Jack Neely's body
was recovered last night.
He was shot down by the Pathet Lao
while looking for Covington and Ryack.
I understand how you must feel
but in the interest of security
you must be quiet about it.
Before you keep us quiet again
could we have a moment of silence?
"Visit colorful native village"
reads my schedule, Gene.
But we've been here 6 hours.
I think we can say I've seen it.
They're nearly finished.
What is that, Gene? A boat?
Sort of.
You a strange man, Gene.
Thank you for noticing, General.
You love old ways.
Asian ways.
General Soong love
tomorrow ways. Modern world.
Our friend here's a little tipsy.
He's high on America.
I've seen it before.
It's stronger than whisky.
Bigger than opium.
He's stoned on
dreams of the USA.
Gene, you just mentioned opium.
Now, tell me
let the chips fall where they may.
Was Jack Neely flying dope
when he went down?
Let's take this to the plane.
You're taking that kayak with you?
This is Jack Neely's coffin.
I promised him they wouldn't
send him home in a body bag.
And, no, he wasn't flying dope.
General! Wake up!
I'm here to drink to Jack Neely.
Join me?
To Jack!
He wanted it like that. He'd have
been real angry to die in bed.
I'm leaving. I sent Mei Ling
and the kids ahead. What the fuck?
I've got a buyer for all my guns.
I'm gonna pick 'em all up
and sell 'em in one hit.
You gonna be a farmer in Thailand?
What about the rest of us?
Should we go home and sell
aluminum siding?
They're gonna shut this war down soon.
There'll be a new one opening
in a theatre near you.
I promise.
I was with the Senator all day.
The spooks are lookin' for fall guys.
So watch out.
Where you been?
Just around.
I did some shopping
on the black market. Bought grenades.
Now I'm gonna have some fun.
Big fun.
Noisy fun.
Doesn't sound like well planned fun.
Like I said
I tend to fuck up on the ground.
I wouldn't do this if I was you.
I know.
But then you wouldn't do anything.
See you later.
Can I have a soda?
Sure, here you go.
I know who do this! That new kid!
The guards saw him running away.
Word on the street is
it's Communist sabotage.
I don't give a rat's ass who did it.
The whole operation is gonna blow up
in our faces, with the Senator here.
We've got to do some
immediate damage control.
With your indulgence:
Could I have two kilos?
These two kilos are for the cause.
Yes, sir.
That's right, C 123, personal use.
Pretty big for personal use.
You found a buyer for your guns?
Nail on the head.
How you doing?
Very well.
What you taking today?
Flour sacks to Bien Thuong.
That's near Tango 7.
Planning on crashing any planes?
Not today. You already
cost this company enough.
What do you mean?
Feel better?
Much better.
The cloud of opium smoke
in town got everybody high.
You actually shut the plant down
for three whole hours.
Didn't start it 'till this morning.
That's the way it is.
All set?
All set.
Bien Thuong, huh?
You! Move truck out! Quick!
Keep movin', Audrey!
You get truck out!
Hey! Calm down!
You get your opium fields.
We need a few hours to move!
Base to Stagger Lee. Come in!
Base to Stagger Lee. Over.
Slight change in you flight plan.
Head to LS 18
for a routine inspection.
We just read 'em.
Check. Heading for LS 18.
I'm going to LS 18
for a routine inspection.
Routine inspection? Never heard of it.
Then it ain't routine.
Babo, check on the cargo.
What's up?
I don't know. Check it, will you?
I hope to God
our information's wrong.
It'd break my heart
if Heroin was on that plane.
The pilot does come from California.
I see.
Caught up in the youth culture bit?
Too much Rock 'n Roll.
Still, he's only one young man.
Why do we need all these men.
Pilots are tough men, Senator.
This one might resist
with force.
Our information says he's
a cool and ruthless customer.
Listen, we're being set up.
Keep looking!
Are you serious?
Yeah, cut 'em open!
What you got?
Hurry up!
Got it!
I knew it!
Look at those bastards
waiting for us!
They want us busted.
Dead and busted.
Somebody messed with the fuel gauge!
We're running out!
I'm heading for Tango 7.
Wait, Billy!
They can follow us there!
We'll figure it out.
Don't say we, man!
I'm 42 and I never figured out
anything in my fuckin' life.
He's not landing, Rob.
He's only got enough fuel to...
Start 'em up! Let's go after 'em!
We're VSF, man!
Very severely fucked!
Good flying, Covington.
Ever do any valet parking?
Looks like we're gonna make it.
What are we gonna do on the ground?
I'm workin' on it!
Come on!
Come on!
You're too fast!
Hold on! What?
Pull up! Pull up!
What are you doing?
Shut up!
Are you fucking nuts?
Head down, now.
I never would have thought of it.
It just came to me.
I'm gonna buy you some beers!
Lousy week, man.
Gene, come in, Gene!
'Scuse me.
It's Babo here. Gene come in!
This is Gene. What's up?
He did it again?
Can't he keep the thing in the air?
I'll think about it.
Nope, no more money.
Speak English.
Where'd he go, Rob?
I don't know!
Well, Senator
looks like we've lost him.
Maybe my trip hasn't
been a complete loss.
Maybe I found those rotten apples
after all.
I beg your pardon, sir?
I may wear shorts in the jungle.
And say, "gosh" and "doo doo"
but I know a frame up when I see one.
Unless my eyes deceive me...
They probably do...
You are a highly decorated soldier...
Senator, kiss my highly decorated ass!
I tried to make it easy for you
but there's no way to please you.
I'll tell you what.
You go back to Washington
go straight to the White House
and pour your heart out
about what you think you saw here.
Then sit back and watch
your political career die.
You can't touch me without
cutting your own throat.
You know why?
Because the President loves my ass!
You really are second level, Rob.
We go home now!
Glad you could make it!
Where's your bus?
Long story.
Well, it's my last stop, boys.
One more pick up, then I off load.
It's gravy from there on in.
I had a map someplace
with the stops marked in crayon.
Here it is.
Navigate me to sky blue, please.
Look at all the "friendlies."
Soong's troops.
Been listening all morning.
He's worried someone'll get
to the poppy fields before him.
That's by the refugee camp, too.
That's where the poppies are.
They're no more trucks
no more choppers.
You go ahead, I'll send a call.
Mayday! This is Scout Camp 1.
Enemy troops are moving in
on General Soong
and we're caught in the cross fire.
Request immediate assistance!
Mayday! This is Scout Camp 1
requesting assistance.
we're under heavy mortar fire!
This is Pirelli. We're about 15
minutes away. Anyone closer?
We'll head in if nobody is closer.
Call us, please!
Mayday, mayday! To all aircraft!
We're under heave mortar fire
at Scout Camp 1.
Do you read?
Saunders and Pirelli
are almost as close as we are.
we're only about 5 minutes closer.
At the most.
Shut up!
I've planned this day for a long time!
I didn't say anything!
I don't have time to pick up
lost social workers!
She chose to be there herself.
I already pick you guys up.
I appreciate it.
Thank you. She knew
what she was doing.
God dammit!
5 minutes won't kill us.
She's skinny
she'll sit on a machine gun.
Give me the heading.
160. Are you sure?
Shut up!
Keep your hands off the wheel.
We know what happens when you fly.
We haven't heard.
Is anybody coming? Call us.
I was changing in a phone booth.
We'll get her.
This was a good idea of yours!
I knew you guys would make it!
I think we can get everybody on board.
No, we just came back for you.
He's fully loaded.
Dump the fucking cargo!
That's a problem.
I'm not leaving without them.
Let's get this kid and get outta here!
Come on!
Let's go!
Get on the plane.
Not without these people!
We came here to get you.
Get on the fucking plane!
Dump your cargo.
One minute.
I got a crazy idea:
Cargo out, people in.
You better hurry.
You gotta do it.
Otherwise you're just a 2nd Lemond
with a hipper rap.
Knock it off, will ya?
Hey, Mother Theresa!
I was gonna do it anyway.
But I hate being lectured!
"Slightly hipper rap?"
Let's go! Quickly!
Get up front and give it some stick!
Those shells are close.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome aboard Air America Flight 1.
You can unfasten your seatbelts
as soon as we're out of gun range.
I'd like to
apologize for that ground delay.
We experienced material turbulence.
On entertainment channel 3
you can hear music from
that group "Gene Ryack and
the Redemption!"
The Captain now has to explain to his
family what he did with their savings.
Our flight path
takes us over Anaheim
Azusa and the Mekong Delta
Where we going?
You're gonna help me make
my money back that you lost.
I made you lose it?
I merely suggested.
Do not blame me for the single
decent act of your adult life.
Besides, where do I get the money?
Here at crazy Gene's we've slashed
the prices on used C 123's.
For your private army...
Forget it!
No more problems
with those pesky border troops!
This plane is US Government property.
The US Government doesn't exist
in Laos. Neither does this plane.
We'll do what we do best.
We fly!