Air Force One (1997) Movie Script

MAN: Check. Head count. Head count. Two. Three.
Four. Five.
Demo set.
Let's move.
MAN: Low Boy, this is Black Cat.
ETA Romeo, L-Z-one-niner.
We are hot. Copy.
Come on. Get out there! Go!
Come on.
Get in!
Cover! I'm on the roof!
MAN: This is Low Boy. Package is wrapped.
TRANSLATOR: Ladies and gentlemen,
three weeks ago, Russian and American special forces
apprehended the self-proclaimed leader of Kazakhstan,
General Ivan Radek.
TRANSLATOR: The forces of Radek
were directed toward the suppression of democracy.
His nuclear arsenal
could have brought the world into a new cold war.
But thanks to the support of one of the world's greatest leaders,
Radek is now in prison.
TRANSLATOR: Today we are honoring this brave man.
Ladies and gentlemen, my friend,
the President of the United States of America.
TRANSLATOR: The dead remember our indifference.
The dead remember our silence.
I came here tonight to be congratulated.
But today when I visited the Red Cross camps
overwhelmed by the flood of refugees fleeing from the horror of Kazakhstan,
I realized I don't deserve to be congratulated, none of us do.
What's he doing? That's not the speech.
The truth is we acted too late.
Only when our own national security was threatened did we act.
Radek's regime murdered over 200,000 men, women and children
and we watched it on TV.
We let it happen.
People were being slaughtered for over a year.
We issued economic sanctions and hid behind the rhetoric of diplomacy.
How dare we?
The dead remember.
Real peace is not just the absence of conflict,
it's the presence of justice.
Tonight I come to you with a pledge to change America's policy.
Never again will I allow our political self-interest
to deter us from doing what we know to be morally right.
Atrocity and terror are not political weapons.
And to those who would use them...
Your day is over.
We will never negotiate.
We will no longer tolerate and we will no longer be afraid.
It's your turn to be afraid.
The Russian was a nice touch.
Tell my mother. She wanted me to study French.
Do you know what you committed us to?
I know exactly what I committed us to.
Gentlemen, welcome to Air Force One.
Please present your equipment for inspection.
We were just inspected at the gate.
Sir, this plane carries the President of the United States.
I understand. I'm terribly sorry.
Please place your thumb on the I.D. pad.
WOMAN'S VOICE: Access cleared.
Hello there. I'm Melanie Mitchell, deputy press secretary.
I'll be taking you in from here. Oh, Miss Mitchell.
It is so nice to finally meet you in person.
The President and I were delighted we could accommodate your news crew.
So, if you boys are all cleared?
Now, you know, the President's on a very tight schedule so this is how it works.
During the flight, two members of your crew
will be allowed outside the press area for filming.
You'll get exactly 10 minutes with the President, 20 with the crew.
Listen, Gary, the President is ready to take Congress on.
He is not gonna kiss their ass for each vote.
Let them vote us down and stand on their record.
Yeah, I'm with him now. I'll call you from the plane.
What did they say about the speech?
Your speech is leading the news.
They're calling it the "Be Afraid" speech.
JACK: With all due respect, sir, next time you want to make
a major policy departure, you might want to discuss it
with your national security advisor first.
We did discuss it, Jack.
We discussed it in private, which is where I thought it would remain.
Now it's public. Now it's policy.
Get behind it.
The allies are going to be very upset they weren't consulted about this.
It might come back and bite us in the ass in November.
It's the right thing to do.
And you know it.
There goes the neighborhood.
If you'd like, I think we have time for a quick tour.
We'd be delighted. Good.
Andrei, Boris.
Just follow me.
Ahead of this staff cabin is Secret Service. Right here.
Don't ever try to go past them without an escort. You will be very sorry.
Hello. Hi.
Thanks for the warning.
And, here we have our in-flight offices.
ALL: Mr. President!
Over here, Mr. President!
A lot of the plane's features are classified.
But I can tell you it's bullet-resistant
and it's even protected against the pulse of a nuclear blast.
I'm not sure that's very comforting.
Up those stairs is the cockpit along with the most advanced communications center
on or above the face of the earth.
We could run the whole country from here.
Or even a war if we had to.
Just last week, the President called
the shuttle astronauts from there.
GIBBS: Melanie. Yes?
The president's arriving. They should all take their seats. Right away.
I'll get out of here and let you all get some sleep.
Mr. President, welcome aboard, sir.
Hey, Danny. How are you?
Mr. President!
Change in plan, Danny. Let's go to Barbados.
Anything you want. You're the President.
Boy, I wish.
Mr. President. Mr. Gibbs, where's my bunch?
Ballet ran late. They'll be here in five minutes.
Lewis, you tape the game? It was a real squeaker, sir.
Lewis, don't brief me on it. I want to watch it, for Christ's sake.
MAN: We'll be underway in about 30 minutes, sir.
Mr. President.
Yeah. Could you put the game on now, please? Yeah, Jack?
The Iraqis have mobilized two armored brigades towards...
Just got it. Give me 15 minutes. Get the guys together.
"Repel them. Make them relinquish the ball." Did you hear about Notre Dame?
Don't. Don't tell me the score.
Great game. Mr. President.
We need to strategize, smooth some things out politically.
What was that? It's not so important.
Damage control. What if... Give me a minute alone, will you?
What if a "high-ranking White House official..."
Just give me a few moments alone.
A "high-ranking White House official" were to qualify what you said last night?
Drop it. Do yourself a favor.
It's policy. Drop it.
Or find yourself another ride home. Yeah?
The Russian news crew's with us.
I told them you'd give them a sound bite about life in the White House.
There is no life in the White House.
You said it. The President needs some time alone.
14-13 Michigan!
All right, Mr. President!
That wasn't you napping during the performance, was it, Tom?
No, ma'am. It was very enjoyable.
Come on, Alice, you can finish it on the plane.
Let's not keep your father waiting.
Try and smile, sweetheart. Okay?
MAN: Alice, one picture, please! WOMAN: Thank you very much.
Great, something from Tom.
(MURMURING) Daddy's asleep.
How was the ballet?
It was great!
You trying to kill me? Was it really good? Did you enjoy it?
Did you love it? Men in tights? Did you hear my speech?
Yeah. Yeah?
You're gonna get yourself reelected.
That's what I keep telling them.
CAPTAIN: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the aircraft commander.
We'll take to the runway in a moment.
Are you guys comfortable? Yes, very.
I brought you VIP press kits. Thank you.
You're welcome.
ALICE: Pass interference. That's cheating.
Only if they get caught. Dad.
The way of the world, kiddo.
Why didn't you take me with you when you went to the refugee camp today?
For one thing, it's not 100% secure.
You've got your whole life to live, baby.
You don't need to see that kind of stuff.
Come on, Dad. It's not like I don't see it on the news.
It's different on the news.
All I'm saying is I'm ready for things you don't think I'm ready for.
Maybe I'm not ready.
I'm 12 years old, Dad!
In the caveman days, I'd be having children of my own.
That's what we call progress. You're missing the best part of the game.
We're so looking forward to seeing you.
She is so anxious to grow up. I know. She's...
Yes, the both of us.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Well, she couldn't stay your little girl forever, Jim.
I was hoping it would last till she was 14 or 15.
Or 50.
They hated your speech, didn't they?
They're afraid we won't have the guts to back it up.
And, then, if we do, it'll be political suicide.
Remember our first campaign?
In the House? Yeah.
Downstate, driving around with...
Who was that kid, our volunteer?
Remember, with the... Henry.
Henry with the convertible.
With the broken top. And the snow coming in.
We were the only three people who thought you could win that.
You didn't give a damn. You knew what needed to be done and you did it.
And you spoke from your heart. That's what I heard tonight.
Well, it felt good.
I'll bet it did.
Sorry to interrupt. Everybody's assembled, sir.
MAN: United States Air Force One.
It is an honor to clear you for immediate takeoff on runway 2-5.
Air Force One cleared for takeoff.
Thank you for your hospitality, Moscow.
MAN ON TV: In Moscow tonight, President Marshall defended
the military action against the Radek regime.
An act the administration had been calling a one-time intervention.
But in a rare display of emotion
the President alluded to a change in U.S. foreign policy when he stated
that America will no longer tolerate any terrorist government.
Meanwhile in Kazakhstan, Radek's ouster stalled the neo-communist revolution.
These are two of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard brigades
that have been moved north.
He knows we're watching, knows we'll retaliate.
Why the hell is he sending tanks to the border?
Could be a response to your speech, Mr. President.
Maybe he's got a son-in-law up there. Very funny.
I think there's one or two he hasn't shot yet.
What does State have to say?
The Iraqi ambassador is claiming it's just an exercise.
Let's not waste more time. Send the Nimitz back in.
CAPTAIN: We're leaving Berlin's airspace.
MAN: Gibbs. Guys.
Sleeping on the job? No, sir.
Hey, guys, these are the advance team reports from the Miami field agent.
Take a look at them. MAN: Thank you.
Smoke. There's smoke!
Steward, there's smoke in the cabin.
MAN: Everybody move to the back of the plane. Now! Please!
Smoke! Notify the cockpit!
Mr. President, stay back.
Everybody down!
Code red! We have a code red!
I repeat. Shots fired on board.
I've got Code Red acknowledged.
Bridges, lock that door, now.
Flight control, this is Air Force One declaring emergency.
Cover us!
Stay back.
Move up! I'll cover you.
MARSHALL: What's going on? Shots fired, sir.
What about my family? We're handling it, sir.
MAN: Boy Scout coming out! Cover!
Give us cover! ALICE: Daddy?
Alice, get back!
Alice, get down!
Around here! Take him around here! Get down.
Ramstein Tower, this is Air Force One.
We are code red. Shots fired on board.
Request emergency assistance. ETA 15 minutes.
Air Force One, acknowledged. We are scrambling our fighters.
Emergency equipment will be standing by.
Get him to the escape pod!
Boy Scout is headed to the vault.
MARSHALL: The football!
Get him around here.
Get him down to the pod!
Don't move!
Move! They're on us. Where's my family?
Get in the pod, sir. Get in! What about my family?
Air Force One landing runway 0-9. I repeat, runway 0-9.
CAPTAIN: Roger. Turning to heading 1-8-5. Descending to 5,000 feet.
CAPTAIN: Ramstein, this is Air Force One.
Emergency pod has been deployed.
I repeat. The emergency pod has been deployed.
MAN: Ramstein tower, acknowledge.
We're picking up the homing beacon and deploying search and rescue.
Is the locking ready to look at? Just about, sir.
Has General Northwood arrived? Yes, he has.
Give me an update. Madam Vice President, this way.
We'll avoid the press. Is the President secure?
Not yet. The recovery team will have him very soon.
PILOT: Air Force One, this is Halo Flight Lead, you are under escort.
All airspace has been cleared.
Alert force has been mobilized.
Is everyone here? We're working on it.
How the hell did this happen?
How the hell did they get Air Force One?
Gentlemen. Mr. Secretary.
CAPTAIN: Ramstein tower, we are at 10 mile
Northwest to final, coming in red hot.
Roger, Air Force One. Wind is 0-niner-0 at 1-2. You are clear to land.
Get down! Now!
IVAN: Open the door!
IVAN: Open the door!
Open! Open the door!
No matter what happens, we land this aircraft. Is that understood?
Come on. Flaps 30.
Flaps 30.
No! Get the fuck in the air!
Now! Take this plane up!
Get us back in the air now! Artie!
Take it up!
Get this plane back in the air now or you die.
Get up now! No!
MAN: No! Jesus!
Contact those F-15s.
I want them to keep Air Force One in visual contact at all times.
What are our airborne scenarios?
There are no airborne scenarios.
Then we'd better start generating them.
They better be good and better work.
How long can they stay up there with the fuel they have?
That's a question of airspeed, wind. Altitude.
We need an Air Force One pilot.
Any educated guesses where they might go?
Iraq, Libya, Algeria. Those are guesses, but not educated.
Notify our allies. We'll need secure airspace.
Can we keep that under wraps? We'll do our best.
Try and relax, Kathryn. I'm in charge here.
I don't know. It seems to me they're in charge.
WOMAN: Don't hurt me. Go.
Moscow police found six members of a Russian TV news crew murdered.
The same crew that was cleared to fly on Air Force One.
Please tell me it's not that easy.
No. You would have to generate fake I.D., photo, fingerprints.
Could be with help from Moscow.
How would they get weapons on board the plane?
There's no way to get weapons aboard Air Force One. It's impossible.
There are enough weapons on board to take Panama, but who has access to them?
You think someone on the plane helped them?
What if somebody did and they're still on the plane?
Who do they trust up there? Who do we trust?
Madam Vice President, Mr. Secretary.
All compromised nuclear launch codes have been cancelled.
New codes are active.
HELICOPTER PILOT: Ramstein, the President's escape pod has been located.
We're honing in at 2-8-5 degrees.
There it is. Ramstein, we have a strong signal.
ETA, two minutes.
Where is the wife and daughter?
Where is my husband?
He has fled. The coward chose to save himself.
But one can always strike a bargain.
No, you listen to me.
I don't know who you are or what you want,
but you will never get it.
He will not negotiate.
His wife. His daughter.
A man could not live with himself.
And it would be such bad politics.
I think he'll negotiate.
HELICOPTER PILOT: The escape pod is visually acquired.
Location of Ramstein is 2-8-4 degrees.
Twelve miles out.
It's Air Force One. They want to talk to the Vice President.
KATHRYN: Hello. Can you hear me?
This is the Vice President of the United States.
To whom am I speaking?
IVAN: This is the person who controls Air Force One.
The world's most secure aircraft.
What is it that you want?
We'll get to that.
I want to speak to the First Lady. No.
No. Why? I need to know they're safe.
The President is safe. But then you must know that.
He ran from here like a whipped dog.
I'm sure you can't wait for him to get back to making the decisions,
so you can stop sweating through that silk blouse of yours.
What is the condition of the people on board?
Some are dead.
What are your intentions?
What arrogance to think you could ever understand my intentions.
I want to understand what it is that you want.
What do I want?
When Mother Russia becomes one great nation again.
When the capitalists are dragged from the Kremlin
and shot in the street.
When our enemies run and hide in fear at the mention of our name
and America begs our forgiveness
on that great day of deliverance,
you will know what I want.
We can give you a forum for your grievances.
We can contact the Russian government.
But you must understand that it will take some time.
IVAN: Really? When you talk to the President
you might remind him that I am holding his wife, his daughter,
his chief of staff, his national security advisor,
his classified papers and his baseball glove.
If he wants them back,
he will prevail upon the puppet regime in Moscow
to release General Radek.
Fifty for one.
It's a good deal.
How's your blouse?
What assurances do I have that you'll keep your word?
I'll wait for confirmation that General Radek has been released.
Until then...
I will execute a hostage every half an hour.
You have my word.
(HANGS UP PHONE) You must understand that we...
They're off!
Dave's the language expert.
Damn it! Nobody does this to the United States.
The President'll get back his baseball glove and play catch with this guy's balls.
We can't do anything in half an hour. We need more time.
He's a zealot. Tough to negotiate with.
All you can do is wear them down.
Mr. Secretary!
We found the escape pod.
It's empty.
So where's the President?
I think we have to acknowledge the possibility
that the President may be dead.
Why wouldn't they tell us?
Diversion. Try to buy some time.
It could've happened in a cross fire, and they're afraid we'll retaliate.
Damn right, we'll retaliate. We'll release Radek into the atmosphere.
It doesn't add up.
That terrorist knew we'd recover the pod in short order.
He expected that we'd be talking to Marshall.
Let's not bury him yet. He could still be alive in that plane.
Let's not forget this president is a Medal of Honor winner.
In Vietnam, he flew more helicopter rescue missions than any man in my command.
He knows how to fight.
Then he's taking a terrible chance with his life.
The element of surprise is a formidable advantage in combat.
If he's up there, he's the best chance that we have.
That pod was designed for a reason, General.
He has no right to take chances with his life.
What does the psych profile say?
How far do they say he'll go?
He's a Radek loyalist. That tells us all we need to know, doesn't it?
He'll see this thing through to the last hostage or his own death.
Release this bastard and Central Asia will go up in flames!
I'm well aware of that.
Bring back the old Soviet empire under a flag of genocide?
Radek with a nuclear arsenal?
I hate to say this, but 50 people is a small price to pay to stop that from happening.
Even if one of them is the President?
The presidency is bigger than any one man.
Didn't they teach you that at Yale?
Can't we release him today and pick up the pieces tomorrow?
We caught him before, we'll catch him again.
If Petrov releases Radek, his government will fall.
I promise you that. Then who's gonna stand up to Radek?
You go to catch him again, you're gonna find him in Moscow.
With all respect, Mr. Secretary,
we don't need more dramatics. We need options.
It's not an option. We need a decision.
It's not her decision.
This is a military situation. I'm the Secretary of Defense.
Check your regs.
In the absence of the President, the buck stops here.
Get the Attorney General with a copy of the Constitution. We have...
Oh, my God! 19 minutes.
I'm going to consult with President Petrov.
PETROV: Madam Vice President, I'm sorry. I cannot release him.
We would train all our military might against this one target.
I assure you he wouldn't stay at large for long.
Maybe so. But millions of lives are hanging in the balance.
I am trying to save a nation!
As am I.
No nation can survive the loss, nor soon replace, a great leader.
Let us be pragmatic. Fifty lives means nothing in the grand scheme.
Then let me be equally pragmatic.
Our president took a great risk to come to your aid
against strong opposition in both parties and among our allies.
It would be politically impossible to do so again.
If it meant saving his life, I would gladly do it.
But I would have to know for sure.
And you cannot tell me he's alive, can you?
No, Mr. President, I cannot.
Then there is nothing I can do. I am truly sorry. Goodbye.
Okay, Walter, you and your generals get to work.
Okay, they can't keep the plane in the air indefinitely.
There are only four possible landing sites in Kazakhstan
that are still controlled by Radek's forces.
We have to go in and take all of them. Can we do it?
I'd rather take my chances in the air.
I just looked at the airborne scenarios. They're no good.
Can we do this?
In the time we have? Messy.
Three more minutes before they execute the first hostage.
You'll have to buy us more time.
All right.
You both, come here.
They will transfer the call here.
So, let's just wait.
JACK: Excuse me.
Sir, if you will permit me,
I am the National Security Advisor at the White House.
I'm the man the President would be listening to.
I believe you are negotiating right now with the Vice President.
Unfortunately, in our government,
the Vice President is like the Queen of England.
She can't even get airline tickets without talking to somebody like me.
Therefore, let me speak to the White House because
I promise you, I'm the one person who can make this all work out.
Has he been released?
I've contacted the Russian government. We've set things in motion.
But at this point, we have to be realistic.
It's going to take more time.
More time?
Your National Security Advisor has just been executed.
He's a very good negotiator.
He bought you another half hour.
Mrs. Marshall.
If you please, come with me.
That's the first time you ever seen a man killed, huh?
Leave her alone.
You think I'm a monster?
That I would kill this man?
Somebody's son?
Somebody's father?
I am somebody's son, too.
I have three small children.
Does that surprise you?
Tell her to answer. Leave her alone!
Shut up!
Why did you kill him?
Because I believe.
And when I shoot this man, I know in that instant
how deep was my belief.
That I would turn my back on God Himself,
for Mother Russia.
My doubts, my fears.
My own private morality.
It dissolve in this moment
for this love.
You know, your father, he has also killed.
Is he a bad man? That's not true.
Because he does it in a tuxedo with a telephone call and a smart bomb?
You are a monster.
And my father is a great man.
You're nothing like my father.
What's the goddamn number?
WOMAN: What city please? Washington D.C., the White House.
Just a moment. Here's the number.
Can you connect me to that number?
There's a connect fee of one dollar. Fine.
White House switchboard. How may I direct your call?
All right, listen. Listen carefully.
This is an emergency call from Air Force One. This is the President.
Connect me to the Vice President.
Who did you say is calling?
This is the President!
Right, and I'm the First Lady.
Don't cut me off. This is an emergency.
Sir, the President doesn't call this particular number, so whoever you are...
Trace the call.
Follow your standard security procedure.
Trace the goddamn call!
Okay, sir. You want to make a federal case out of this, fine by me!
Hello. Anyone there?
MAN: Don't move.
I traced the call, sir. Give me the gun.
Are you there? Very slowly.
Oh, my God!
I'll put you right through, Mr. President.
The switchboard has a call from someone claiming to be the President.
She traced it back to the White House satellite account.
The caller's gone, but the line is still active.
Put it through.
MARSHALL: Listen to me.
Listen to me. You know who I am.
I'm the President of the United States.
Yes! Quiet!
MAN: Don't think that means I don't shoot you.
Put your hands behind your head and move.
This is your lucky day.
What more can my people do? Tell the F-15s to fire at the plane?
Even if they tried, we're equipped with tactical countermeasures.
He's talking to us. MAN: What do you mean?
MARSHALL: I just want you to feel secure. That way no one will get hurt.
The computer will fly circles around any missile they fire at us.
And no hit, just a shock wave.
He's telling us what to do.
Believe me, all that would happen is that we'd get knocked off our feet.
That's all! Shut up, God damn it!
My God! Is he saying what I think he's saying?
If we're going to act, we must act now. It's too risky.
The President is up there with a gun to his head.
He's asking us to do that to Air Force One?
He's not asking.
Your commander in chief has issued a direct order. Do it!
Sir, are you sure that's what you want me to do?
NORTHWOOD: You heard me. Let's pray it works the way it's supposed to.
Boys, give me some room.
I've just been ordered to fire on Air Force One.
I'm in position. Missiles are armed.
(BEEPING) The target is acquired. I have a good lock.
God, I hope this works.
Fox Three.
This is Marshall.
Anyone there?
We're here, Mr. President.
Where's my family? Are they safe?
The terrorists claim they're holding them. We can't confirm.
Who are they?
What do they want?
They're Russian ultranationalist radicals.
They want Radek released from prison.
What are our tactical options?
NORTHWOOD: We're working on that, Mr. President.
But the bastards have us in a corner.
There is no rescue attempt?
DEAN: I ruled out a midair rescue.
We can do nothing while the plane's in the air.
We gotta get this plane on the ground.
Take me off the speakerphone.
Where's Bennett?
Mr. President.
We cannot release Radek.
They're gonna shoot a hostage every half hour until we do.
I don't want a plane full of dead people.
Jim, they shot Jack Doherty.
Kathryn, we can't give in to their demands. It won't end there.
And if you die in the plane, does it end there?
Kathryn, we've got a job to do, whatever the cost.
Mr. President, I...
if you give a mouse a cookie...
He's gonna want a glass of milk.
We gotta get this plane on the ground.
(SOFTLY) Get the plane on the ground.
I thought I'd ask you to come and join us.
It is starting to feel a little empty up here.
Sit down. Please.
IVAN ON PA: Tell me your name again for the record.
MELANIE: Melanie.
Melanie Mitchell.
You travel often with the President?
IVAN: So you know everyone on the plane?
I bet they like you, huh?
You're a nice person, yes?
(SOFTLY) Okay.
I guess so.
You are trembling.
Why are you afraid?
Because I don't wanna die.
(SOBBING) I don't wanna die.
IVAN: Tell me,
what am I doing at this moment?
You're pointing a gun at me.
IVAN: Thank you, Melanie.
This is to the secret service agent in the baggage deck.
I will count to ten.
And if you do not surrender, this nice woman will die.
GRACE: Please don't. IVAN: Two.
GRACE: Don't do this! MELANIE: No!
GRACE: Let me talk to him!
I beg you, please.
Let me talk to the agent.
Six. He might listen to me.
Please, I beg you, don't do this.
GRACE: Don't do this, please!
IVAN: Nine!
IVAN: Let's think about that one for a moment.
And then we'll start again.
Next time,
I'll choose someone more important.
I know what you are thinking, First Lady.
You want me dead.
It may come to that.
In a war, people die.
This isn't war!
You just murdered an unarmed woman.
You, who murdered 100,000 Iraqis to save a nickel on a gallon of gas
are going to lecture me about the rules of war?
MAN: Mr. President, how can I help you?
Chief, you can help me dump some fuel.
Who's down there in the baggage deck?
The Russian said it was a secret service agent. Who?
We have no idea...
Melanie was shot because one of your men wouldn't show himself.
I want to know who he is.
We'd like to know ourselves.
Sir, it's someone smart enough to know
if you're hunting with one bullet, you wait for a clean shot.
What are you saying, Major?
I'm saying, sir, whoever that is down there, he may be our only hope.
Our only hope is that Washington complies with this bastard.
Because any minute now, another one of us is dead.
And you know what?
I'm afraid it might be me.
MAN: Sir, do you see the maintenance panel?
MARSHALL: I see it.
Pop it open. There should be a red switch. Toggle it up.
Hang on.
We got some indicator lights here.
To dump the fuel, you have to close the circuit for the pump.
There's no switch, Mr. President,
so you'll have to cross the wires.
Open the fuel control door.
Hang on.
There should be five of them.
Do you see them, sir?
I see them. Yeah.
Jesus. There's a lot of goddamn wires. All right, wait a second.
All right. We got five.
Green, yellow, red, white and blue.
Hang on. Let me double-check.
Come on. For Christ's sake, hurry up.
Get the wrong wire, you'll cut the engine feeds. The plane will crash.
Then we don't want to get the wrong wire, do we?
First, cut the green wire.
Green wire. Okay.
Then, cross the... With the...
With the what?
Hello? Cross it with the what? Say again.
Cross the green wire with the...
For Christ's sake!
Wait, green,
yellow, red, white and blue.
Cross with...
I'm counting on you, red, white and blue.
Sir, it looks like Air Force One is losing fuel.
IVAN: Madam Vice President,
the time has come for you to demonstrate your good faith.
I've been reading through your press kit.
I understand Air Force One is able to refuel in midair.
We need fuel. And we need it now.
I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.
If you'll land the plane, we'll trade fuel for hostages.
This is bullshit!
It's simple physics.
Without fuel, the plane crashes. Everybody dies.
We're trying to do everything that we can.
Tell me what I want to hear,
or I will execute a member of the senior staff
and continue killing one hostage every minute
until the plane crash or refueling plane arrive!
What do you say?
Fuel's on its way.
Thank you.
Jim, what are you doing here?
I never left.
watch the door.
Where's my family?
They took them elsewhere in the plane. We haven't seen them.
We got weapons. We should retake the plane.
I can't take that chance while they've got Grace and Alice.
SHEPHERD: What about trying to disable the plane and force them to land?
I tried to do that. I dumped some fuel.
Now they're gonna refuel us in midair.
CALDWELL: A refueling tanker?
There may be a way to get these people off the plane.
What do you mean?
We have emergency parachutes in the tail cone, but we're too high.
If we could get a message to the refueling tanker,
get him to drop to 15,000 feet, we could jump.
They've disabled the phones. They control the radios.
Mr. President? Sir? The fax machines.
I told you the phone lines are out.
No. Voice lines and faxes are on two different systems of encryption.
If you disable one, it'd be easy to overlook the other.
WOMAN: That is true.
If this works, you get to be postmaster general. Come with me.
Get these people ready to go. Yes, sir.
Remember, 15,000 feet and 200 knots. Otherwise it's suicide.
You'll need this.
Good luck, people.
Where are we sending it?
Situation Room.
It makes me so proud that you stuck with us.
Whatever happens.
Madam Vice President, the Attorney General is here.
Thank you for coming, Andrew. Hello, Kathryn.
Good that you're here.
I'm told you want my interpretation of what
the Constitution says about the situation?
Yes. Andrew, my understanding is that if the President
is out of contact in a military situation,
the Secretary of Defense is in charge as second in command.
Yes, of course.
Good. Then that settles it.
It doesn't settle it at all.
The President is not merely out of contact.
He is also under duress.
His family is held hostage, possibly himself a hostage.
It creates an incapacity to discharge the office under the 25th amendment.
Surely just as if he'd had a stroke.
I think the President would dispute that any incapacity exists.
It exists if a majority of the cabinet, including yourself, says it exists.
The President may be alive, but he may not be the President.
Madam Vice President? I think you need to see this.
ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.
We interrupt programming to bring you this breaking news bulletin.
CNN has received unconfirmed reports that Air Force One has crashed.
Oh, my God! How did they get that?
The presidential aircraft was en route from Moscow when it began its Mayday hail.
I repeat, we have unconfirmed...
Call the press room. We have to issue a statement.
...that the President's plane has crashed in Eastern Europe.
Bruce, has Air Force One crashed?
Look, as far as I know, that is a rumor.
Where'd the story come from?
I don't know where it came from.
Listen, I cannot confirm anything at this point.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have a statement.
The president's plane, Air Force One, has been hijacked.
Ladies and gentlemen, please let me finish.
For security reasons, I cannot divulge the identity of the hijackers
or who was on board the plane.
But I'm here to assure the American people
that we are doing everything we can to resolve the situation.
For the safety of all the people on the plane,
I cannot tell you any more than I have.
I'm sure you understand that.
Is James Marshall still the President?
I'm coordinating with the National Security Council at the White House,
pending the President's return.
And, yes, James Marshall is still the President.
At this time, I would like to ask all Americans
to pray for the safety of everyone on board Air Force One.
Thank you.
The President.
Where is the President?
Folks, listen up. This is your main rip cord.
As soon as you clear the plane, give it a yank.
If your chute doesn't open, this is your reserve chute.
Pull it down. Clear?
MAN OVER RADIO: Air Force One, do you read?
Yes, we read. Go ahead.
MAN OVER RADIO: Air Force One, this is Extender 1-0.
We have been instructed to refuel you.
Go ahead.
Drop to 15,000 feet and slow to 200 knots.
Acknowledged. 200.
They got it!
They got the fax.
Sir, your chute.
Please, sir.
I'm not leaving without my family.
Okay, Air Force One, you need to open your receptacle door.
Pull the yellow lever on the upper control panel.
Go ahead and close distance nice and easy.
Almost there.
Where are your chutes?
We stay with the President, sir.
Thank you.
All right, that's close enough. Here we go!
Go! Come on!
Go! You, come on!
We got... Okay, so far 25 chutes.
I can't hold her.
MAN OVER RADIO: What are you doing, Air Force One? Break away!
Sir, take my hand!
Everybody, break now!
Don't move!
Let me save him!
He's the President, for God's sake!
Go get him!
Grab my hand!
I got you.
NORTHWOOD: We've lost the tanker? What else?
They're counting 32 survivors.
That means they still have hostages. What about the first family?
No word yet.
Losing hostages will make the terrorists more desperate.
Madam Vice President, we've got Air Force One on the line.
This is Vice President Bennett. We're listening.
IVAN: I now hold hostage
the President of the United States of America.
Soon we shall enter the sovereign airspace of Kazakhstan.
You will cease your military escort at the border.
If you violate our airspace,
I will execute a member of the first family.
Tell our fighters to back off.
Get me Ops.
You said a presidential incapacity could be declared by a cabinet majority.
Would you sign it?
Under the circumstances.
See who else would.
Move! Come on, move!
Fast! Move! Quick! Right here.
It'll be all right.
GRACE: I know. We'll be all right. Please go.
You've been very busy downstairs.
Haven't you?
Killing my men.
You don't wanna do that.
I'm what you came for.
Don't forget that.
Then I kill them.
Or just one. You pick.
That's what you do in the White House.
You play God.
Go ahead. Which one lives?
IVAN: Go ahead.
You're not here for this.
You want something.
What is it?
How can I do that? I can't.
Then you die, the three of you.
I'll do anything to save my family.
Don't ask something I can't give!
The most powerful man on the earth.
Suddenly, there are things you can't do.
This is very curious.
Stop with your fucking lies!
Petrov will never give up Radek.
Petrov is a dog.
He does what you tell him.
Tell him to do this.
Petrov used me.
I just wanted to stop the bloodshed.
He wanted a personal victory.
Petrov hates Radek.
Of course he hates Radek. Radek is everything he is not.
A great man, a strong man.
Are you saying
he would refuse you?
You'd be playing right into his hands.
Are you an idiot?
You'd make him into a hero.
The man who stopped the terrorists.
Or better yet, the man who stopped me.
You talk as if you have nothing to do with this.
This is all your doing.
This infection you call freedom.
Without meaning, without purpose.
You have given my country to gangsters and prostitutes.
You have taken everything from us.
There is nothing left.
Call him.
MARSHALL: No! GRACE: Leave her!
I have no choice.
You have the choice.
Leave her alone. It's between you and me.
You lose a child, it hollows you out.
We're soldiers.
You take my life.
Have you no honor?
I'll count to five.
It's gonna be all right, honey.
It's gonna be all right.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
You just leave my family alone.
Leave them alone.
Mr. President!
We just got an intercept.
The President called Petrov and asked him to release Radek.
He can't do that! He must have no choice.
We have a choice.
I have the signatures of the cabinet attesting to the President's incapacity.
Sign it and you can overrule him.
No. I won't do that.
The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.
It's been our bedrock principle for 25 years.
You can't give in to them now.
It'll be open season on the United States. Many more will die.
Jim isn't making this decision as a president,
but as a husband and father.
History will judge you by what you do right now, Kathryn.
For God's sake, sign it.
MAN ON PHONE: I can now confirm that General Radek
is in the process of being released.
I repeat, General Radek is now being released.
Yes. General Radek has been released.
It is confirmed.
They are releasing the General.
Now what?
Now we return to our homeland
where Radek will decide how best to use you
now that we know you are willing to negotiate.
Our nation needs so many things.
You said you were gonna release us.
Forgive me, I lied.
CALDWELL: Sir, are you hit?
Stay with the Major, honey.
CALDWELL: Alice, get in the cockpit.
Don't worry. Come on. Lie down.
Let her go!
Not until Radek is safely away.
GRACE: Call it off. Don't give up Radek.
IVAN: If anything happens to the General, your wife will die!
IVAN: You hear that?
It's almost over, Mr. President.
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
You made one mistake when you killed my pilot, Mr. President.
No one left to fly the plane.
And no parachute.
Whatever happens,
you lose and I win.
Get off my plane!
You all right?
Go! Call Petrov!
They killed him.
MAN: Mr. President.
MAN: He almost got away.
Did you hear me? Radek is dead.
Yes! It's the President. We have retaken the plane!
How's he doing?
Not good, sir.
I don't suppose you know how to fly.
No, sir.
Come along. I'll need a copilot.
Yes, sir.
CALDWELL: How long since you've flown?
Twenty-five years. Little planes. Never jets.
Nothing like this.
Anybody there?
MAN: We're here, sir.
You got somebody that can help me fly this?
Sir, this is Colonel Jackson. We need to get you out of hostile territory.
MARSHALL: Good idea, Bob.
Look above the central video screen.
There's a series of LED numbers.
One of them should read 1-1-0.
Got it.
That's your course heading. Just below, there's a knob surrounded by hash marks.
I want you to turn that knob counterclockwise to 290.
We're turning.
JACKSON: This will take you out of Kazakhstan.
We're gonna be okay.
We can't land this plane on autopilot,
so we'll need to go over a few things.
Where's the nearest safe landing site?
Incirlik, Turkey.
General Northwood. Madam?
What's that?
Madam Vice President, that red dot represents MiGs.
NORTHWOOD: On course, to intercept Air Force One.
DEAN: Christ! They took off from Aktubinsk.
The base commander there is loyal to Radek.
General, send our fighters into Kazakhstan.
Order them to use any and all means to protect the President.
When you're on final approach, keep the throttles mid-range.
Mr. President, can you hear me?
MARSHALL: Yes, Kathryn.
We're tracking six MiGs closing on your position.
I'm sending in our F-15s to protect you.
Did she say MiGs?
Yes, she said MiGs.
Get in that seat and put a seat belt on. We're having trouble.
These MiGs get closer, I'm gonna have to maneuver this thing.
How do I get it off autopilot?
JACKSON: Push the button on the yoke by your left thumb.
MARSHALL: I'll try a little right turn.
JACKSON: Keep your moves smooth and steady. It's all flying.
Just step on the ball.
That's right. Just like riding a bike.
Halo Flight, we are cleared to commit, bearing 0-9-0.
Jettison tanks and push it up.
These MiGs, how far away are they?
Never mind.
We've got one coming at us. Countermeasures are activated.
Left turn.
Jesus Christ!
We need some help.
U.S. fighters, this is Air Force One.
We are under attack. Where are you?
PILOT: Air Force One, this is Halo Flight closing on your position.
ETA two minutes.
We may not be here two minutes!
We're hit!
Christ. We're on fire.
We've got an engine on fire.
Number four engine is on fire.
JACKSON: Pull the fire handle overhead.
I got it.
We're rolling right.
Left rudder. You have to compensate.
Do I pull back on number one engine?
Negative, you'll slow down. You'll have to trim it out.
How do I do that?
JACKSON: Knob. Aft pedestal.
Jesus Christ!
We got a red light.
Looks like we're losing fuel.
Halo Flight. Everybody lock a bandit.
Stand by for max range.
And Fox Three!
Kill two! Four more bandits bearing 0-9-0. Halo Flight engage!
Good guys are here.
Bug out west. We'll cover you.
You got it.
Sir, pull up! You got one on your tail.
Get him off my tail!
Missile away. Break left and climb!
Shit! Sir, we've lost countermeasures.
This is Halo 2. They've lost countermeasures. I'm going in.
Two's down! Halo 2 is down!
PILOT: Air Force One, are you still with us?
Yes! We're still here.
Not so fast, you son of a bitch!
The last three MiGs are bugging out, sir. We're clear!
Bob, are you still there? JACKSON: Yes, sir.
Got a little problem here.
My rudder is sluggish.
Let me take a look, sir.
Oh, man!
Sir, you're torn up pretty bad out here.
Do you have any elevator control?
It's sluggish, too. And we're still losing fuel.
We got a problem up here.
Sirs, Air Force One is badly hit.
With the damage, there's no way they can land.
I'm sorry, sir.
Thanks for your help.
I'll stay on your wing, sir.
Take it straight and steady until we figure out what to do.
You did great.
They can't control the plane. Engines are failing and they're losing fuel.
There must be something we can do to help them.
Is that our airstrip strike team?
I just had a wild idea.
NORTHWOOD ON RADIO: Time is critical. Start turning north.
You'll get more details en route.
MAN: Yes, sir.
Change of orders acknowledged.
NORTHWOOD: Try to hold your heading, sir.
They'll rejoin from the south in about 25 minutes.
All right.
We know it's risky.
But we are all out of options.
Yeah, baby?
It'll be okay. Everything's gonna work.
REPORTER: Concerned Americans have gathered at the White House
to await word on the President and his family.
But CNN has learned that Air Force One
is severely crippled and virtually unlandable.
Sources report that the first family is still trapped on board.
And a daring midair rescue operation is said to be underway.
MAN 1: Air Force One, this i Liberty 2-4 approaching on your left side. Do you read?
Air Force One. Loud and clear.
Gibbs, they're here. Get the door.
MAN 1: We'll need 10,000 feet and 200 knots.
We've got to get her slowed down.
MAN 2: Air Force One and Liberty 2-4, this is AWACS Blue Star.
We have you in radar contact.
MAN 1: Liberty 2-4, they're almost out of fuel.
MAN 2: Roger, Blue Star.
Air Force One, you've got to keep the wings level.
If the engines fail, sacrifice altitude to maintain airspeed.
Liberty 2-4, ramp leader. First man is on his way.
Back up. Easy.
MAN 1: Air Force One, come left, six.
How's my speed?
It's good. Everything's good. See if you can hold it.
MAN 1: A little more left, sir. Three, two, stop.
Take my arm! Pull me in!
Come on!
Unhook me.
I got it.
Liberty, locked in. Where's the President?
Up in the cockpit.
We lost another engine.
Liberty, we lost another engine.
Liberty 2-4. Acknowledged.
Sir, time to go.
Who's gonna fly the plane?
I'll take care of that, sir. Got it.
Ramp to pilot. Second PJ's on the way.
Mr. President, this way!
My family first.
Sir, I have orders to take you off...
Them first.
MAN 1: Blue Star, the third parajumper is boarding Air Force One.
Standing by for recovery.
MAN 2: Roger. Moving into receiver position.
MARSHALL: You'll be all right, honey.
Promise. Close your eyes.
You can do it. Just hold on tight.
It's okay. Don't worry.
She's okay.
Hang on!
Ramp to pilot. We got her!
I'm right behind you.
Come on there!
Hang on. Good.
You're next, sir.
Him next. He's wounded.
Yes, sir.
You go.
Come on, Shep. Come on, pal.
We've lost another engine.
MAN 1: Air Force One, you're sinking too fast.
We only have time for one more retrieval.
We're passing 3,000 feet.
Impact in less than two minutes.
Get the President out of there!
Right here.
Easy there.
He's on.
Get your arms ready. It's time to go.
What about the other team?
There's no time for the other team.
I can only take one more.
No! We're all going!
That's impossible, sir. I have to take you.
Mr. President, it's time to get you off this plane.
Go, sir!
Please, go!
It was you?
Give me the strap!
I trusted you with my life.
So will the next president.
Now, give it to me.
MAN 1: We have to release the cable.
We're descending to 1200 feet.
I'm getting off this plane!
MAN 1: Seven hundred!
Five hundred!
We have to pull up!
MAN 3: Blue Star, Air Force One is down.
I repeat, Air Force One is down.
MAN 2: Liberty 2-4, do you have the President?
Shift your weight around! You can do it!
MAN 2: Liberty, do you have the President?
MAN 1: Stand by.
Hang on!
We got him!
MAN 1: Liberty 2-4 is changing call signs.
Liberty 2-4 is now Air Force One.
Mr. President, welcome aboard, sir.