Air Force One Down (2024) Movie Script

Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Move it!
Up that rope!
Move it! Faster, faster!
Go, go, go!
Nice work.
At ease, Major.
You've won.
Never let your
guard down, Major,
even when you think you've won.
On behalf of
President Bosik and myself,
we are pleased to be
here today to announce
that we intend
to sign an agreement,
which will make Astovia
energy independent,
while providing clean oil
and gas for us
here at home in America.
-Hi, Uncle Sam.
That looked like it hurt.
It did.
He's a good teacher.
I ran into your old buddy
Tobias Masters
at the general's
retirement party.
Mm, good old Toby.
He's quite proud of
the JSOC designation.
Yeah? Good for Toby.
I'm proud to be in MARSOC.
It's good enough for me.
You should be proud,
being one of the
first women selected
for Marine Corps
Special Operations.
It's no easy task.
the general told me,
off the record,
of course,
that the JSOC selection,
it should've been you.
If you tell anyone that,
I'll disown you, okay?
I'm in your will?
Yeah, got
a couple ex-wives
that are hopin'
for a mention, but...
But you are
my favorite niece.
I am your only niece.
You are my only anything
at this point, Allison.
Yeah, you too.
It is
important to usher nations
that are behind
the United States in progress
into the new world.
It's incredibly important
to give them the measures
they need.
So... still a big fan
of this president?
Don't even get me
started, Uncle Sam.
You know how I feel
about this guy.
Tell me why you
hate him so much.
I don't hate him.
I just... I don't think he
deserves to be where he's at.
The guy's had
everything in his life
handed to him
on a silver platter,
and yet preaches this campaign
of hard work and discipline?
Yeah, sure, I bet
life's pretty easy
when you've got
a safety net
like Dallas Edwards
was born into,
all money and connections.
Put that guy
in the real world,
he wouldn't get
elected dog catcher.
Well, the Falcon I know
is not the man you think he is.
Falcon's codename
for the president.
Okay, well, call him
whatever you want, Uncle Sam.
The man is soft.
I'd tell him to his face.
-Hell yeah.
You might just be doing that.
You ready to come work
for Uncle Sam?
I already work
for Uncle Sam.
Not in the military.
I meant me,
this Uncle Sam, Waitman.
Secret Service?
We are looking for someone
with your exact training,
and you are, by far,
everyone's favorite choice.
The answer is
either yes... or no.
Hell yes.
What's on your mind?
I'm just thinking how
what makes the greats great
is how they handle pressure.
Lincoln was under pressure
his entire presidency,
the fate of the country
on his shoulders.
FDR was elected in
the middle of a depression,
then had to navigate
the world at war.
And Washington,
he navigated war,
navigated peace,
then just stepped
away from power
when he could've
simply kept it.
You act like you've
never been here before.
I mean, how many summertime
vacations did you take with me?
How many times did I take you
to the top of the
Washington Monument?
Well, that's different.
That's just vacation.
Now, I live here.
So first day in Secret Service.
What am I doing?
How do you feel about coffee?
We've gone over this
time and time again, okay?
He's got his heels
dug in on this one.
Mark, you and I both know
this is going to be disastrous
for our partners in the region,
not to mention a public
relations nightmare!
You know
the president's position.
-But hey--
-Mr. President.
-I'm sorry, Mr. President,
he insisted on
talking to you.
...Mr. President, is this really
what you want to do?
-Especially when Congress...
Doughnut patrol?
Yes, sir.
Everybody's gotta
start somewhere.
By supporting President Bosik,
we're helping to create
political stability
in a very important
corner of the world.
Eastern European cartels have
used the Astovian oil fields
as a piggy bank, funding
terrorism, narcotics,
anything and everything.
So no matter which way
you look at it,
it's the right thing to do.
Regarding the cartels, sir.
-You've seen the daily briefings.
All the back channel threats
against the United States,
against you, sir.
Since when has
the United States been afraid
of this cartel,
or any other, Mr. Jones?
What's the deal with all that?
Doesn't sound like
everyone agrees
with the president.
We don't do politics.
We do protection.
-Good morning, Mr. President.
-Yes, sir.
Good morning,
Madam Vice President.
What about the promises
we made to our voters?
They expect us to do
things differently.
Nothing has changed.
Big picture, everyone.
But Mr. President,
are you really looking
to take on Congress this
early in your first term?
Did you hear the president?
You may not like it,
but you goddamn well
better get behind it.
As you no doubt already know,
today's agenda has Falcon
doing a political photo op
in the press room,
followed by an event
in the Rose Garden.
Agent strategic positioning
and details to follow.
Stay alert, stay ready.
Any questions?
Doughnut duty, huh?
Looks good on you, Miles.
So... what do you think
of our president?
I think he's the president.
Come on.
I know about what happened
with that, uh,
senator's nephew and you.
Somebody who didn't deserve it
got everything handed
to him,
just like Edwards.
I mean, the guy
was born into money.
He got preferential
treatment everywhere he went,
and, don't say anything,
but when his wife died,
he played the sympathy
card to get elected.
We serve the chair,
not the man.
You sound like your uncle.
She sounds like somebody
who understands her job.
You know, in the future
you would do well
to keep your opinions to
yourself, Agent Richards.
Yes, sir.
All right, let's go, move.
Move out.
Good job keeping
your mouth shut.
When he gave you the opportunity
to say how you feel--
Look, what I said at
the bar was between us.
This is my job.
Well, technically, right now,
I think doughnut duty is my job.
Don't worry about
doughnut patrol.
It's something
we do for rookies.
Usually, there's a guy
from commissary
who handles
the doughnuts and coffee.
They do that to see
if you complain.
Complainers don't last long.
And I didn't complain.
Now, leave that be,
I already called.
Somebody from commissary
is gonna come pick that up.
Uncle Sam, I told you,
I don't want special treatment.
-I got this.
you're not getting
any special treatment.
I need you to go home,
pack your stuff,
and get some sleep, okay?
-I need you fresh tomorrow.
-What happens tomorrow?
One of my agents
called in sick,
so I need you on the team.
You're on Air Force One.
We need the trucks.
Bring the trucks out quickly.
Come on. Let's go!
Where are they?
We've been waiting for an hour!
When the general says
that we go, we go.
Come, follow me this way. Hurry.
We will, together, produce
clean, efficient oil and gas
for both of our nations
in the safest way possible.
And to consummate
our joint agreement,
and as a show of respect
and support
for President Bosik,
we will be meeting in Astovia
for the signing
of this historic deal.
Mr. President.
Thank you, Mr. President.
I'd like to say that the--
Toma Hasak, a man I
once counted as a friend,
and very intelligent person.
Why would you think that
I would ever allow you
to broker a deal with
Americans for our oil?
What do I always say, Bahrudin?
"It's all about oil."
Yeah, it's all about the oil.
Oil that, thanks to the deal
you helped arrange,
will now flow into American
hands instead of mine.
How much did they pay you?
They didn't pay me,
they didn't--
You and this puppet
president of ours,
you both sold out our country!
No, no, we didn't--
What you say?
I'm not a traitor,
I'm not a traitor!
-I'm not hearing you.
-I'm not a traitor!
Take off this tape
that I can hear him.
-I love my country.
-You love your country?
It's funny way
how you show it, huh?
But I do!
I never steal a cent.
This deal... this deal
will be good for us,
if only you give it a chance.
You are a fool
if you believe that,
a fool who betrayed
his own people.
Shoot this idiot.
No, don't!
This is great for
both of our nations,
and we, uh, will work--
President Edwards
is right about one thing.
Tomorrow's going to be historic.
We are in.
You're going to call in sick
for tomorrow's flight.
I don't see you
picking up the phone.
Pick up the phone!
This is Lieutenant
Colonel Martinez.
I have a family emergency
I need to address.
I won't be making
tomorrow's itinerary.
Tell Dan I appreciate it.
They're calling in a backup
named Dan Smith.
He's brand-new.
This will be his first flight.
-I know.
No, Daddy!
Daddy, no!
Falcon will arrive
in ten minutes.
-We are ready?
-Yes, sir.
We're going to
fuck these Americans.
No, that is not
what we are here for.
We are here to take back
our country,
and to do that, we need the oil,
which give us the money
that give us the power
to do what we need to do.
And then,
and then, yes,
we will fuck these Americans
until they bleed.
You waiting for an invitation?
Check the front hatch.
Make sure everything's
secure before we take off.
Sorry, I promise I'll get
my head out of the clouds
in a minute,
but this is just...
I know, it's quite a sight
when you see it
for the first time.
You, you got me that model
when I was a kid, remember?
Of course.
Still have it.
Is everything all right?
Well, Agent Richards
is a no-show.
We have two people
that haven't checked in.
Are we covered?
Of course, we always
have people on hand
for, you know, last-minute
contingency stuff.
But you don't like last-minute
contingency stuff.
Well, I like when things
go according to plan A.
Even though you
always have a plan B.
Hell, I usually have a plan Z,
but I'm a big fan of plan A.
Here comes Falcon.
Mr. President!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm gonna get coffee,
get a little bit of work done,
and there'll be plenty of time
for all of your questions.
Afternoon, gonna get a cup
of coffee, finish the brief,
and then we'll get to work.
Sam, better break this one in.
Yes, sir.
-Morning, Mr. President.
Good morning,
Mr. President.
-Hello, Charlotte.
-Okay, what'd I do?
The president isn't
big on formalities.
-So no saluting.
-No saluting.
Morning, Mr. President.
Just enough time for the
president to finish his coffee.
Good afternoon,
Mr. President.
Greetings to all of you
flying with us today.
We have about ten minutes
before we depart,
so if you can find your seats
and finish up your last task,
we'll let you know
before we take off.
Prepare cabin for takeoff.
Air Force One,
you're clear for takeoff.
Andrews Air Force Base,
this is Air Force One, over.
Andrews Air Force Base,
this is Air Force...
Come in, please.
The plane is ours.
Astovian press first.
You have a question?
Thank you, Mr. President.
Amar Hozman of the
Novaya Pravda News,
and if I might ask,
why are you doing this?
Your country claims
it wants to go green,
and yet you invade other
countries for their oil.
No one is planning
to invade your country,
and you know that.
I was asked to enter into
this deal by your president,
and I agreed, because it is
one that I believe in strongly.
Simply, there are things
that you can do,
things that you should do,
and things that you must do.
This is something
that we must do.
President Bosik and I
have negotiated a deal
that is equally beneficial
to both of our countries.
It creates many new jobs
for Astovians,
which gives you greater economic
freedom and independence,
and makes you a better strategic
partner for us in the region.
-Thank you for your question.
-Mr. President, sir!
What's wrong?
Trying to send an email.
Internet's gone down.
Is that normal?
Not on Air Force One.
It's all yours, General.
Good evening, Air Force One.
Mr. President,
my name is Azem Rodinov.
General Rodinov.
I believe you heard of me.
Sam, what the fuck is this?
President Edwards,
your plane has been hijacked.
All communications
have been blocked.
No cellular
or satellite service
can penetrate this hub.
And right now,
Andrews Air Force Base
is tracking a radar ghost
that assures them
you are on course.
I'll be back in touch shortly
to let you know our demands.
You two, let's go, move.
Move out.
But for now,
what is it you Americans say?
"Sit back and enjoy the ride."
You two, get Falcon
to a secure location now.
I don't wanna go to a
goddamn secure location.
Mr. President, I don't tell
you how to run the country.
Please don't tell me
how to protect you.
Don't they have fail-safes?
Lead on.
All right, you're with me.
The rest of you sit down,
and don't do a damn thing!
Stay seated!
Are you okay?
You're in charge
'til I get back.
Secure this location.
Let's roll.
What's the matter?
I have asthma.
I need my inhaler.
What's your plan Z,
Uncle Sam?
First, we have to
take the plane back.
Mr. President,
as you have no doubt surmised,
we have taken your plane.
By now, you are probably
in a secure location.
My colleagues have
taken as hostage
all your staffers and
journalists traveling with us.
No, please!
And all of you
in the Secret Service
who might still be out there...
you need to understand this.
Air Force One is ours.
Will they see
what's happening
to Air Force One
at Andrews Base?
The only thing
Andrews can see
is what we want them
to see.
Hold on.
Mr. President,
the people who have
taken control of your plane
are willing to die
to get what they want.
Goddamn it.
Any attempt to try
and regain control
of this plane
is going to be futile,
and ultimately fatal
for everyone on the plane.
So right now, I'm going to give
you one minute, Mr. President,
to rejoin
the rest of the hostages,
at which point,
we'll start shooting them.
Forty seconds,
Mr. President.
Twenty seconds.
Ten seconds.
Tell your agents to
put their weapons down.
Must I remind you gentlemen
who controls this plane?
Put your weapons down!
All right, listen.
We gotta split up.
That is not a good idea.
You're faster,
more mobile than I am.
I'm only gonna slow you down.
-Protect the president.
-What about the hostages?
I'll go check on them.
Remember, kid,
you only have one job.
Uncle Sam.
The general would like
to speak to you in private.
No, please!
President Edwards.
General Rodinov.
You're not
a general of anything, Azem.
You're a war criminal.
One man's war criminal
is another man's hero,
and in my country,
I am a hero.
Your people fear you.
They don't admire you.
For my people,
fear inspires respect.
Listen, Mr. President. You will
announce from Air Force One
that you are pulling
out of your deal
with this fake president,
and you will say that
you have realized
the election was stolen,
and if you agree with me,
then the world will
stop paying attention.
You have one hour.
After that, we start
killing the hostages.
And if you say no,
I'll simply kill all of you.
I'm not a murderer.
Don't make me have
to become one.
My man is going to
wait with you
just in case you are thinking
of trying to be heroic.
And remember,
Mr. President...
one hour.
I'm guessing you're not
a real journalist.
Sit down.
You are lucky the general
wants you untouched.
For now, anyway.
Mark, can I speak
to you for a moment?
Of course.
I'm sorry to bother you, Mark,
but during dinner
I emailed the president,
and CC'd a couple key staffers.
May I ask about what?
About the oil deal
we're making with Astovia.
I know,
but I still
have deep reservations,
and I wanted to make sure my
position is clear in writing
before this deal goes through.
-That's the thing.
Somebody should've
gotten back to me by now,
even if it was to tell me
the decision was made,
and it's too late
to make a change.
I should've gotten a response.
That's unusual.
I know.
I don't like unusual.
Can you patch me through to
air traffic control at Andrews?
This is Andrews
air traffic control.
What can we do for you,
Mr. Miller?
I'm with the vice president.
We need you to check
on something for us.
Air Force One, this is
Andrews Air Force Base
air traffic control.
Please acknowledge, over.
Andrews, this is
Air Force One, go ahead.
Air Force One, we have
Vice President Hansen
and Chief of Staff Miller
on the line.
Good evening,
Madam Vice President,
Mr. Miller.
-Good evening.
If this is about
the president,
he's got everybody watching
The Godfather.
How many times is this?
I lost count.
The president wants to know
if this is important,
or if it can wait.
It can wait.
Roger that. We'll get back
to you when it's over.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
We're good.
Air Force One
signing off.
Well done, Dmitri.
Fucking Secret Service.
I am going hunting.
We have to get you to safety,
Mr. President.
Are you okay?
It's pretty cold
where we're headed.
Grab your coat.
Don't move!
Where's your niece?
Don't play ignorant
with me, Mr. Waitman.
I'm running
a military operation,
and my intel is good.
We know she's your niece.
Now, where's Allison Miles?
I don't know.
It's your first time
on Air Force One.
How did you even
know this was here?
Stayed up and read the manual.
Of course you did.
Vlady has gone dark,
and isn't answering
at his post.
The president is free with
the last Secret Service agent.
Put the plane on autopilot,
and get to
the emergency exit
in case they try
to get out that way.
I'm on it.
Fuck you.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
I've run out of
patience, Agent Waitman.
You're either going to tell
your niece to surrender,
or I'm going to litter this
floor with dead bodies!
What about the hostages?
You really think they're
gonna let anyone off alive?
Of course not.
Even if I do what Rodinov asks,
I don't think he's
gonna let anyone live.
That's why it's up to us
to save the passengers.
No, sir, it is our job
to get you off this plane.
You might be the president,
but with all due respect, sir,
right now, I am the only
Secret Service you've got left.
You say exactly what
I told you to say,
or you're all dead.
Agent Allison Miles?
We have your uncle here.
And he has something
he wants to tell you.
we serve the chair,
not the man.
You protect Falcon at all costs.
Well, I guess that's one down,
and, uh...
none to go.
Agent Miles--
Sir, we have to get you
off this plane.
I'm sorry.
You all right, sir?
It's nothing.
-We're gonna have to jump.
-Do we have a choice?
That fucking bitch.
General Rodinov, over.
Air Force One--
You're breaking up.
Please repeat.
President Edwards
has escaped Air Force One
with a Secret Service Agent.
Why are you
still on the plane?
Agent Allison Miles,
he's with her.
She's the only one
left with the president.
What now, General?
Show me the map of the area
they might have come down.
Based on the flight path,
they would be somewhere
in this valley.
I see.
In 30 minutes, I want you
to kill the signal.
What do they know
back at Andrews?
Until I tell them,
they will think
that the plane
is still in the air.
They'll start a search
in the wrong place,
and by the time they
figure out what's happened,
it will be too late.
Hail to the chief,
American pig fucks.
Air Force One, come in.
Air Force One, this is Andrews
Air Force Base, come in.
Oh, my God.
-I'm sorry to wake you,
Madam Vice President.
It's Mark Miller.
What is it, Mark?
I'm afraid I have
some bad news.
Madam Vice President.
What has happened?
We're still gathering intel.
We're coordinating the search
with President Bosik.
The search?
For survivors?
For bodies,
Madam Vice President.
It's unlikely anyone
survived the crash.
Highly, ma'am.
Very well.
Mark, I'm gonna need you
on a plane to Astovia
in the next two hours.
A plane?
To do what?
You're going to
reassure President Bosik
that America honors
its commitments.
Are you certain?
We both know that you never
agreed with President Edwards
about the oil deal.
My very first act
as president
is not to revoke President
Edwards' signature deal.
We need to figure out
where the hell we are.
Pardon my language,
Mr. President.
Oh, I've been known
to say a bit worse.
And I wish you'd
call me Dallas.
Can't do that, sir.
We're surrounded
by mountains.
We're gonna have to
get to higher ground
if we want a chance
at a signal.
I'm in your hands,
Agent Miles, lead on.
Can we get
the trucks out here going?
Let me know if this pace
is all right, Mr. President.
We don't have time
to stop.
I'm fine, Agent Miles.
Unless you need a break,
we should keep moving.
Yes, sir.
Well, we're still
surrounded by mountains
and it'll be getting dark soon.
This is probably our best bet
to bunk down for the night.
All right, Mr. President.
Let's get you patched up.
I've got some
water heating, sir.
We should both get cleaned up
before I close your wound.
Mr. President,
there's, um...
there's something
you should consider.
The hijackers wouldn't
have been able
to take the plane
without help.
They had someone on the inside
that gave them everything.
Schedules, security codes,
passwords, everything.
And for them to have
all that,
it would have to be
someone close to you.
There's only a few people
in the world that it could be,
and I don't wanna believe
that it's any of 'em.
I'm better with, um, doing
these things than fixing them.
That'll have to do 'til we
get you to a real doctor.
Thank you.
Of course.
You know, it occurs to me
that, uh,
you've been running all over
the place saving my life.
You haven't had any time
to process your loss.
Mr. President, my uncle
would never forgive me
if I didn't do my job.
And I would never
forgive myself
if I let Sam down.
So I need you to just
let me do my job.
Does that make any sense?
A lot of people died
in the last 24 hours,
Sam, and everyone else
that was on that plane,
each of them
someone that I know.
So we owe it to them.
We're not gonna let
the bad guys win.
You sound like my uncle.
That's the best compliment
you could give me, Agent Miles.
Did you know that your uncle
wasn't a big fan of mine
when he and I first met?
He never
mentioned that, sir.
Well, he wouldn't, would he?
No, he would not.
Well, he never said so much,
but I suspect that Sam thought
that I had everything handed
to me on a silver platter.
Sam didn't think that, sir.
-That's what everybody thinks.
-Sam respected you, sir.
We respected each other.
All my life people
have judged me
based on what they
think that they know.
I come from money.
Everybody knows that.
What they don't know is
that right before college
I had a terrible fight
with my father,
and I did not take
one penny of his money.
He wanted to dictate
every step that I took,
and of course I had
to choose my own path,
so I worked two jobs,
I put myself through school,
finished ROTC,
and then I flew jets
for the Air Force.
After the service,
I ran for Congress, and I won,
and what helped me
was the lesson
that I took from
that fight with my old man,
and it's the one that
I carry with me to this day.
And that's that you can't
make everybody happy.
So you just gotta do
what you think is right.
Why don't you let
your campaign managers
tell that story to the press?
I think the work
defines the man,
not the story.
My whole life I knew I was
gonna serve my country.
My dad was a Marine.
I barely remember him.
Was an IED,
early days of Iraq,
and, uh...
Well, Sam...
Sam was the black sheep
of our family
for being in the Secret Service,
and not a military lifer.
But he was the only one
who didn't try and talk me
out of joining the Service.
It's in my blood.
Even if I-I wanted
to do something else,
I genuinely don't think I could.
Guess the truth is I...
I don't want
to do anything else.
Me neither.
I'm sorry.
What for?
For judging you.
I'm one of those people.
Everybody is one of those people
until they learn not to be.
I'll take the first watch.
Get some sleep, Mr. President.
You're gonna need it tomorrow.
Oh, God, I'm sorry,
Mr. President.
No apology necessary.
You'll never guess what they
put in the survival pack.
Care for some coffee?
Uh, yes, please.
Don't move.
Some people just don't listen.
Stand down, Agent Miles.
This is not a fight we can win.
How's that head feel?
I've been better, sir.
I think, at this point,
you should start
calling me Dallas.
Can't do that, sir.
Just like your uncle.
Certainly hope so.
I can see that
he's taught you so much.
I'm sorry.
It's not fair to lose
someone that close to you.
He taught me everything.
He told me once,
"If life was fair,
the world wouldn't
need people like us."
He was, um, trying to soften
the blow over some thing
I got passed over years ago.
Tobias Masters?
You know about Toby?
Of course.
His uncle, the senator,
is an insufferable prick,
and from what I gather,
so is the nephew.
-How do you know all that?
-Because I know everything
about the people around me,
Agent Miles.
Now, you tell me,
what would Sam Waitman
do in this situation?
Formulate a plan, or 26,
to get Falcon outta here safely.
Oh, that's you, by the way.
I think I know
my own codename.
And that sounds just like Sam.
Problem is this ain't
The Count of Monte Cristo.
We don't have time to
dig a secret tunnel out. So...
Our best bet is gonna be
to make a play for time,
Mr. President.
Rodinov may say he's a general,
but he's a thug.
Sooner or later,
he will make a mistake.
And if he does?
Not if, sir, when.
And it'll be the last mistake
he ever makes.
What's wrong?
-American Vice President
has announced her plan to honor
her predecessor's deal
with Bosik.
What about the high command?
The high command
will not rally to your side
as long as deal is in place.
We have work to do.
Mr. President,
you will come now.
I'll walk on my own.
You know what
this place used to be?
A dairy processing plant.
And what happened?
It was bought by
an American company,
who sold off machines,
closed the plant,
and started selling
German milk.
We didn't need
German milk.
Now, it's all we drink.
You were still general.
The military owned everything
back when this factory
was sold off, yes?
What of it?
I know how things
worked under you.
Anyone wishing to do business
here had to pay you off.
The factory was
supposed to remain open.
They lied to me!
Now, you're just
that they're better
crooks than you.
You think I was stealing
from my own country?
It was capitalism,
and you Americans
gave it to us.
Your government
wanted us to get rich,
forget who we are,
who we were.
You know nothing about
our history, about our life,
our culture, religion.
You people
turn us into you,
and hate what you see.
Know what? I would like
to kill you right now.
But I will not kill you,
because I'm smart.
So let us try
and be civilized about this.
Shall we?
I was hoping we might
find a middle ground.
I don't think so.
Here we are.
You did it your way, huh?
You know what I need from you?
Why don't you tell me?
Your vice president has
done some unexpected thing.
We were sure that she
would kill your deal
with our fake president,
but she has announced
that she plans to honor
your agreement,
and, uh, it will not be good.
So you will kill this deal
in a recorded video statement
that we will release.
Well, I hate to spoil your plan,
but I will not do that.
I think you will.
Beat me all you want.
Kill me, if need be.
But I will not be threatened.
I know you won't,
Mr. President,
but I'm not threatening you,
I realize...
you are ready to die
on this stupid hill.
But imagine the young woman...
who has gone through hell
trying to protect you.
Nice knife.
Now, imagine I turn
my men loose on her.
You won't enjoy this.
My men will rape
Special Agent Miles for hours,
and hours...
...and hours.
When they are not raping her,
they will torture her.
She will get to a point
where she prays to die.
But I will not grant her
pleasure of death.
I will keep her alive
And I will force you to watch.
Every night,
my personal physician will
give her a blood transfusion,
if necessary,
to keep her alive.
And the next day,
it will start all over again,
and again,
and... again.
I will not give you
what you want,
but I am prepared
to make a statement
that the people of Astovia
should have the right
to vote on whether the oil
venture moves forward or not,
-and that's it.
You will do it
exactly as I say,
and you will do it
in presidential manner.
What are you
so afraid of, General?
You will let me
make my statement,
and then you can tell
the people anything you like,
and if you know them
as well as you say that you do,
I have no doubt that
they will rise up
and stand behind you.
Listen, if you
don't do what I want,
my man, Bahrudin,
will flay the skin
off Agent Miles
one inch at a time.
I've seen him do it.
Now, tell me,
do you think I'm lying?
You know what?
You will look presentable
for this announcement.
Very nice, yeah.
Listen, Mr. President,
if you try and change it,
we'll just start
recording again.
And Mr. President...
I need a good performance.
The moment you've said what
you're supposed to say,
I'll call off my men,
and she can go free.
Yosef, what's happened?
Sounds like she is already.
She's up there!
Shoot her, shoot her!
Don't let her get away!
Where is the machine gun?
Looks like you're
outnumbered, General.
You lose.
You are still my hostage.
I've lost nothing.
You've lost everything.
You just don't know it yet.
The difference between us
is that you are soft,
because you are weak.
And I am not.
I am ready to fight.
I will kill anyone in my way.
I'll kill thousands,
tens of thousands,
for the justice of my people
and my country.
That is why I will win.
That is why you will
most certainly lose.
You grow tiresome,
Agent Miles.
We're done here.
-You're welcome.
Yeah, don't get used
to it, all right?
I won't.
This is Special Agent
Allison Miles.
Falcon is safe and secure.
I repeat, I have Falcon secure.
Need extraction coordinates
immediately, over.
Falcon's alive.
I repeat, Falcon's alive.
I have the coordinates
of the president's location.
Chief of Staff Mark Miller
is in the area,
and is on his way.
Air Force activated.
That-that-that's great news.
Send me the coordinates.
We're nearby.
We'll head right there.
Mr. President!
-It's good to see you alive!
Mark Miller...
Special Agent Allison Miles.
A large portion of
the president's survival
can be chalked up to you,
Agent Miles.
Just doing my job, sir.
Mr. President, we need
to debrief you immediately
so that we can
issue a statement.
There's a small airfield east,
which we'll take off from,
and he can take care
of wounds while we talk.
Treat Agent Miles first.
-Sir, I--
Oh! I have not
asked either of you
for your opinion on this matter.
You'll treat Agent Miles first.
That's an order.
Yes, sir.
-I'd like to stay with you--
You're off duty.
-Sir, with all due--
-At ease, Agent Miles.
At ease.
You've won.
Never let your
guard down, Major,
even when you think
you've won.
Mr. President, what happened?
All right, let's get
a look at that wound.
I'll tell you
the story later on.
So you're JSOC, huh?
That's right.
How's good old
Toby Masters doing?
Toby, yeah, I know him.
He's good, just saw him
last week at a briefing.
Then you know,
uh, Scott Gray, too.
He went over there with
Toby to be his adjutant.
You know, Scotty?
Yeah, Scotty.
Sure, I know him.
-Yeah, hell of a guy.
One of these men
claimed to know a soldier
named Scott Gray, sir.
So you shot him?
Scott Gray doesn't exist, sir.
I made him up.
Miller isn't here to
save you, Mr. President.
He's here to kill you.
I'm sorry, Mr. President.
Your chief of staff is the one
who betrayed you, Mr. President.
Bet you never agreed
with that deal
that President Edwards made
with President Bosik, did you?
No, he didn't,
but none of 'em did.
Maybe so.
But this idiot's the only one
who's willing to kill for it.
Is that true?
Gonna kill me over
a fuckin' energy deal?
I never would've expected this,
but someone had to act.
You went all in
on backing Bosik,
so I did the same
in backing Rodinov.
Something had to be done.
-Because you betrayed us,
everyone who believed in you.
We were supposed to
do things different.
We thought that you
were the future,
and then you just
went right back
to the same old, same old,
making deals for oil.
In my wildest dreams...
I never would've thought that
you could've done this to me,
or to our country,
or to those innocent people
on that plane.
Put that gun down
or I'll kill him!
Agent Miles, do not
relinquish your weapon!
Marcus, look at me.
You're not a killer.
Yesterday, that was true.
But I can't let you
walk away from this.
You died in that crash.
You want me dead?
Okay then, go on.
Do it.
Agent Miles, if he does,
you take him down.
Yes, sir!
Or better yet, take him alive,
where you will stand
trial for treason.
Either way...
it's up to you, Mark.
Fuck it.
Mr. President.
Can we get the hell
out of this place?
Absolutely, sir.
Cavalry's on the way.
Extraction team says
they'll be here in 30.
Why wait?
Are you sure
about that, sir?
They don't call me
Falcon for nothing.
This I got.
This is
Ramstein Air Base calling
unidentified aircraft
approaching our airspace.
Please identify.
Ramstein Air Base,
this is Air Force One
requesting permission to land.
I have Falcon on board.
Say again?
Ramstein, this is Air Force One,
code delta-five-eagle
requesting permission to land.
I have Falcon on board.
Ramstein, this is
President Dallas Edwards
on board Air Force One.
Approaching from your east.
Bring us on in.
Nice to have
you back, Mr. President.
Mr. President, stand by.
And three, two, one.
Good afternoon.
It has been two weeks since
the downing of Air Force One,
and the tragic loss
of so many
trusted colleagues
and friends.
In the days to come,
there will be hearings
and investigations into
how this cowardly attack
was planned
and executed.
The findings
will be made public.
Anyone found culpable
or complicit
will face
the full brunt
of the United States of
America's judicial system,
and the unbearable weight
of her military might.
I sit here
this evening, alive,
thanks to the bravery
and courageousness
of our Secret Service agents
aboard Air Force One,
most of whom gave their lives
to ensure my protection.
These were my friends,
my confidants,
in many ways,
my family.
Our great nation
is no stranger to tragedy.
What is most important now
is how we respond,
what we do next.
We will get up off of the mat.
We will live our fullest lives.
We will adhere to our ideals
and our morals with integrity.
That is how we will honor
those whom we have lost.
That is how we will
honor the heroes
who have given
their lives in service.
We will not lash out blindly
like a wounded animal.
We will not engage
in the performative
or theatrical
to soothe our fears.
We will not declare war
on an abstract
to regain
the illusion of control.
We will not repeat
the mistakes of our past.
We will acknowledge
the uncomfortable reality
that there will be those
that wish us harm.
Dangers will always linger in
the shadows of our vast world.
will seek power,
and terrorists will
attempt to intimidate.
And while we will
remain vigilant,
we must
also be sure
not to seed
the grounds of despair
that allow their lies
and false promises to grow
in the minds
of the desperate.
We will heal,
we will grow,
and we will move
forward together.
May God bless you,
and God bless
the United States of America.