Air Rage (2001) Movie Script

[Whistling Sound]
[Bomb Whistling]
[ Panting]
[Door Closing]
- [Sighs] Colonel Sykes.
- Yeah.
- Your counsel is here to see you, sir.
- Yeah.
[Buzzer Buzzes]
- Morning, Colonel.
- Hey, Bill. What do you got for me ?
Good news. I passed your plea bargain
before the chief judge adjutant.
He's agreed to allow
your men to walk away...
with a general discharge
and no incarceration.
And they'll be receiving
full mustering-out pay?
Every dime they've got coming.
Also, the judge adjutant has agreed
to sentence you to no more...
than ten years
in a medium-security prison.
As opposed to the 25 years
to life in a military prison...
that the prosecutor
is going for.
All this, of course, being
contingent on my guilty plea?
All I need is your consent.
If it weren't for these
damn bleeding hearts,
I'd be getting a medal
instead of a court-martial.
That's not for me to say, sir.
- Do I have your agreement ?
- [Sighs]
If it weren't
for my men's future,
I'd be fighting these bastards
tooth and nail on this.
Yeah, tell them I'm in.
You've made the right decision, sir.
Look sharp, Colonel.
Van leaves in half an hour.
[Door Rumbles, Slams Shut]
Your Honor, it is an abomination
to this court
to the Marine Corps itself
that this war criminal...
be allowed
to plea-bargain his way:
out of the consequences
that lay before him.
Colonel John Sykes...
and those three men
under his direct command
laid waste
to an entire village.
Four marine pilots,
Lieutenant, were captured and tortured
by drug runners in that village.
- Order!
- And those innocent villagers...
stood by and let it happen.
- Colonel Sykes be seated !
- No, they were our men, goddamn it!
Our sons and brothers,
tortured beyond recognition.
Now, go ahead
You call it vengeance.
- I call it justice.
- I said order!
- Continue, prosecutor.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
It is recommended that the men
of Colonel Sykes's force recon unit...
Lieutenants Jacob Garner...
and Allen Ferris,
together with
Corporal Vincent Dalton...
stand trial as individuals
for their part...
in this heinous outrage.
Leave my men out of it.
- They were acting on my orders.
- Colonel Sykes!
One more outburst, and you
will be removed... to the stockade.
Thank you, counsel,
for your recommendations.
After due consideration...
It is the order
of this court-martial...
that Colonel Sykes's plea
of guilty will stand.
Further, it is the order
of this court-martial...
that the aforementioned men
under Colonel Sykes's command...
be summarily and dishonorably
with all mustering-out pay...
and privileges revoked
and rescinded.
- That wasn't the deal.
- This isn't helping.
Order in this court!
Colonel Sykes,
you are a disgrace to the uniform.
You have put an indelible stain
on the honor...
of the United States
Marine Corps.
It is the decision of this court-martial
that you be remanded...
to Fort Leavenworth
Maximum-Security Penitentiary
where you will remain...
for the rest of
your natural life.
This court is adjourned.
Put the colonel in irons.
-[Gavel Pounds]
-[Engine Starting]
- [Weapons Cocking]
Thank God for the marines.
[Woman On P.A.]
Final boarding call for Flight 777.
- Excuse me.
- Final boarding call for Flight 777.
Thank you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Mm, business class today
-Thank you.
Thank you.
- Welcome aboard.
- Dump it, Sammy
The stock's been a total hound
since day one.
- Not less than 11 and a fifth.
- Good morning, sir.
Welcome aboard. You'll need to
turn off your phone before takeoff.
- Yeah. Yeah. Where's my seat?
- 17-B, right back there.
Yeah-- No, there's been a mistake.
I'm supposed to be in first class.
We don't have a first-class section.
We have coach or business.
- Oh, then I'll take business.
- We'll see what we can do.
You're not listening.
There's been a mistake.
I understand, and as I said, well take
care of this as soon as we take off.
Please find your seat.
We'll be leaving in a few minutes.
- And please turn off your cell phone.
- Not in this life.
What a jerk.
- Gwen, I'm sorry I'm late.
- Kelly,
How nice of you to join us.
You just missed Mr. Wonderful.
- [Groans] Whose section is he in?
- He's in yours.
Oh, great.
Wanna switch ?
- Not a chance.
- Come on, Gwen.
Didn't I switch with you when you had
that obnoxious jerk coming from L.A. ?
Oh, yeah. That guy
was a real prince, wasn't he ?
- Uh-huh.
- Well, okay. But we're even.
- Cool. Oh--
- [ Laughs]
Good morning, sir.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard.
And you're sitting in--
- I'm in business class this trip.
- Great. That's my section.
As soon as we're airborne,
I'll see if you need anything.
- Great. Ladies.
- Mm-hmm.
I thought we were
switching sections.
- So I'll still owe you one.
- Terrific.
- Mm-Hmm.
- I'm gonna go stash my stuff.
Okay. Great.
Good morning.
Welcome aboard.
- You're in coach, seats 19-A and B.
- Thank you.
It's a quick hit.
We're gonna be in. We're gonna be out.
Hold on a second, Sammy.
Yo, sugar-tush. Vodka tonic, chop-chop.
We'll start serving drinks
as soon as we're airborne, sir.
Make a note, Sammy. Don't ever
take this airline. The service bites.
Anyway, you're gonna love the view from
the other side of this deal. Trust me.
General, there have been
a couple of changes.
The FBI's deputy director
will not be attending after all.
- What's his excuse ?
- He's flying into Dallas tonight.
Some sort of fund-raiser
for the governor.
You mean to tell me
that pressing the flesh...
with a bunch of oil barons
is more important to him...
-than a counter-terrorism summit ?
- It would appear so, sir.
- Thank you.
- God save us from bureaucrats.
[Woman On P.A.]
Flight 291 is now boarding.
-[Music Playing]
-You need to turn your stereo off.
So, Kelly, got
any plans for New Year's ?
I'm spending it with my grandparents
at their cabin in Big Bear.
you party animal, you.
What are you doing ? Spending New Year's
with Prince Charming in business class ?
- Could be.
- That the way you met your last husband?
Yeah. Well, you know me. I'm always in
the market for ex-husband number four.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Welcome aboard
You're sitting in 4-J and 4-K,
which is forward.
- This way, sir.
- I heard her. Thank you, miss.
- Okay. Time to shut the hatch.
- Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Room for one more?
- [Sighs]
- Sure. Do you have a ticket?
- Yeah.
- Uh, 20-B.Toward the back.
- Thank you, ma'am. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, guys.
Kelly wasn't sure you
were gonna make the flight.
It's been awhile
since I had a layover in D.C.
- I'd forgotten how bad traffic is.
- Second only to Atlanta.
Mmm-- You guys doing okay?
You need coffee or anything ?
- I'm good.
- I'll just rough it, thanks.
All right. Suit your selves.
Holler if you change your minds.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Is it just me,
or is she really hot ?
Easy. I can hear the sexual harassment
attorneys howling at the gate.
Tower, this is Flight 777
requesting take off instructions.
Flight 777 you are cleared
for departure...
on runway 26-B.
Winds are south by southwest,
approximately eight miles an hour.
Weather conditions are clear.
Enjoy your flight.
Acknowledged. Thanks for your
hospitality. Catch you on the return.
- Okay, let's get ready to take her up.
- You've got it.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome aboard Flight 777...
nonstop service to Los Angeles.
As we taxi toward the runway, there are
a few safety procedures to go over.
Sir, can I ask you to return
your seat to its upright position ?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Just get it done.
- Would you mind stowing that bag ?
- Dump it, Sammy
-Thanks very much.
No, no. Damn it, Sammy
Eleven and a fifth.
Eleven. One-one.
- Are you trying to bankrupt me ?
- Sir, that phone needs to go off.
Honey, this phone goes off when you
pry it out of my cold, dead fingers.
And this plane doesn't leave the ground
until you put it away.
Why don't you be a good girl
and go fetch that vodka tonic, huh ?
Thanks a bunch. Sammy, are you there ?
This is-- Hey-- Give me that phone.
You'll get the phone back
when the captain gives the "all clear."
Listen to me.
I need that phone.
Sir, do you want to be
put off this plane ?
Then fasten your seat belt, sit up
straight, and get ready for takeoff.
Flight attendants, take your seats,
prepare for departure.
Excuse me. Sir, would you mind
if I sat next to you during takeoff?
Not at all. Please.
- Ah. Thanks. Gwen.
- I'm John.
- So how long is the flight ?
- About five and a half hours.
But we've got good weather,
and our pilot has a reputation...
for landing ahead of schedule.
Not too far, I hope.
Wouldn't know what to do
with all the extra time.
- [Chuckles]
-[Warning Bell Chimes]
Seat belt time.
Hey, sweetie, how about
that drink, huh ?
- There you go.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, sweetheart.
Say "Thank you"
When we land, General, well be going
straight to the federal building...
- rather than the hotel.
- After a cross-country flight ?
- I'll need a little time to prepare.
- We have no choice.
Doesn't anyone think that terrorism
is something to worry about ?
I've prepared
this brief, General.
It should bring you up to speed
on everything you'll need to know
- Champagne ?
- Please.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
That's interesting.
What is it ?
- Oh, it's a dog.
- Oh.
It's supposed to be, anyway.
My daughter made it for me in school.
It's cute.
How old is she ?
- She's eight.
- You two must be very close.
Oh,yeah. Very.
Especially since her mother
passed away two years ago.
- It's just the two of us now.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- So am I.
- Where is your daughter now ?
Spending a couple of days
with her grandparents.
- Bet you miss her.
- Oh, yeah.
But you know,
carrying this helps.
I'll be back.
Here you are, sir.
- What is this ?
- Sir, you ordered a gin and tonic.
I said vodka tonic.
Take it away.
They've run out
of paper towels.
I'll keep that in mind.
- [Chuckles]
- An investment banker. Well,
you must spoil
your daughter rotten.
- Of course. Whats a daddy for, right ?
- Yeah.
- What's the matter?
- That guy climbing the stairs.
- What ?
- You'd better come with me.
Wh-What's wrong ?
What did you see ?
- Hello in the cockpit. Excuse me.
- Yes, may we help you ?
- Yeah, we got a situation out here.
- What kind of situation ?
- Get them to open it.
- Wait, I can't. I--
- Do as he says.
- [Gasps]
Uh, Captain,
It-It's Gwen, sir.
I really need one of you
down in coach right away
- What's the problem, Gwen ?
- Don't open the door!
- Don't!
- Davis.
- Uhh !
- Hands in the air, gentlemen.
Miss, give my associate
the key to the luggage bay.
- The what ?
- I won't ask twice.
Okay. Okay.
Any tricks and
I'll snap your neck.
Be careful with that gun. A stray
round could puncture the airframe.
It's loaded with hollow points.
Good for the plane, bad for you.
Just fly the plane.
Take us down to 10,000 feet.
Then you won't
have to worry about it.
I'm gonna send that stupid jerk
my cleaning bill.
- Stay put and be quiet.
- Ah-- Ah-- Ow.
Com check. Com check.
Everyone receiving ?
- Gotcha. Check good.
- Good. Let's go.
- I want your heads down--
- Eyes front! Heads down !
- Get down now!
-[Woman Screaming]
- What the hell ?
- What's going on ?
[ Hijackers Shouting]
- Put your head down !
- [Screaming]
- Quiet! Quiet!
- Oh, my God.
Get down now! Now!
- Heads down !What you lookin' at ?
- Hey!
Shut up! Quiet!
Everybody take a breath.
Everybody just breathe.
Thank you.
[Grunts, Groans]
Now, anyone who resists
will be shot.
Your destination is
the aft cargo bay
Cooperate fully
and no one will be harmed
- Move.
-[Ferris]Everybody up!
Get your ass up!
Please, just keep moving
to the back of the cabin, please.
Are you all right ?
Please, don't be afraid.
Everything will be fine.
Are you all right ? Everything's
gonna be all right. Come on.
We should do
something, sir.
- Sykes.
- General Prescott.
Semper Fi.
Oh, God.
What am I gonna do ?
Okay, think.
Stay calm.
Black cat.
Mice in the trap.
Acknowledged. Make a final
sweep and look for stragglers.
Roger. Out.
I'm on it.
Don't shoot!
Please, don't shoot!
Got a loose one.
I'm bringing him in.
- Come on, honey.
- Okay. Okay. Just be careful.
- Move.
- All right.
Be careful with the gun.
Just take it out of my back, please.
Straight ahead
Come on, lover boy
Okay. Easy. Easy
- Look what I found.
- One more, huh ?
Sit down.
- In you go, twinkle toes.
- You can't put me in there!
I'm claustrophobic! Hey! Hey!
Wait! Wait!
I have money!
- Goddamn crybaby.
- [ Laughs]
- You all right ?
- Yeah. Excuse me!
Oh, yes !
- Thank you, Mr. Morton.
- [ Beeps]
- [ Ringing]
- [Woman] 911.
Operator, listen close.
This is gonna sound weird, but--
Please speak up.
I can barely hear you.
Look, I can't shout, okay?
I need you to connect me
with Dulles air traffic control.
- Hello ? Hello ?
- [Chirping]
Dead battery.
Damn it!
We have total control
of the plane, sir.
Right on schedule.
Stow that corpse and stand by. Out.
Well, you're looking
very well, General.
How does it feel knowing
you earned your new position...
- partially because of me ?
- [Chuckles]
You arrogant bastard.
- It had nothing to do with you.
- Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.
Oh, Ive done
my homework, General.
I know all about that backroom deal
that guaranteed you...
the cochairman position
in exchange for my head.
How could you know
about that?
Before this is over, General,
you'll find I know a great many things
I'm not supposed to.
So you know. Big deal.
I'd have done it anyway.
You were a mad dog...
-that had to be put down.
- A dog ?
I was a marine
doing my duty.
Now, I had honor...
until you took it away from me.
But today--
today-- I get it back.
You've hijacked a planeload of innocent
people to get your honor back?
I understand how
you could be confused.
But it will make sense
in the end.
You're over the wire, Sykes.
You massacred that village.
You killed three men
when you blew that van up.
You're not a marine.
You're a traitor.
Before this is over...
we'll see who's the marine
and who's the traitor.
Let's go, guys. Let's get
this flight attendant out of here.
- Where do we stash him ?
- Take him in the back.
Wait a minute.
Seeing this guy reminds me of something.
Isn't there another
flight attendant?
Yeah, the cute one
with blonde hair.
- She's in with the others.
- Are you sure?
- Will you trust me?
-All right. Go.
Damn it.
- Anybody got a cell phone ?
-[Woman]There's no air down here.
Hello ? It's the 21st century.
- Anybody got a cell phone?
Yeah. Spare me the lecture--
"No cell phones while airborne."
- [ Beeping]
- This is crap! Anybody got P.C.S. ?
- Sir, it won't work.
- Yeah, like you'd know.
Yes, sir, I would know.
We're right near the avionics bay.
It's causing
too much interference.
- [ Beeping]
- Shit! Shit!
We're all gonna die!
They're gonna kill us all, you know.
Wait a minute. Calm down.
We don't know that.
If we remain calm and do as they say,
we have a good chance of surviving.
Where'd they teach you that,
airborne waitress school ?
You listen to me.
If you can't remain calm,
then at least shut up.
Americans suffer every day
all over the world...
because of men like you.
Backroom Judases jockeying
for political position.
You played footsies with our enemy
when you should be strong.
You have no concept
of diplomacy, Sykes.
It's an entirely
different game.
[Scoffs] You see, that's where
you and I differ, General.
I never thought of it
as a game.
There was a time when terrorists
were afraid to strike America...
for fear of what we'd do.
But we've become
a laughing stock nation.
What are you now,
if not a terrorist ?
- A patriot.
- Oh, spare me the speeches.
If you're going to kill me,
just do it and get it over with.
Who said I was gonna kill you ?
Mr. Garner, Mr. Ferris,
bring the stewardess...
-to the cockpit, if you please.
- Roger.
- Mr. Dalton, business class.
- Roger.
Enjoy the flight, General.
I'll be back shortly.
Don't worry. If we just stay calm,
everything will be--
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything will be okay.
Just relax. I'm gonna
borrow her for just a minute.
Don't worry.
It'll be okay. Don't worry.
[Hijacker]Hey, so you got any steak
on this plane, darlin'?
[Continues, Indistinct]
- [Grunts]
- What are you doing ?
Take the broad up there.
I'm gonna hang out down here.
- Come on, sweetheart.
- Take it easy.
- [Shrieks]
- [Groans]
- [Grunts]
- [Screams]
Captain, contact Dulles Tower.
I want to speak to the man in charge.
Ted, Flight 777...
they're requesting
to speak with you.
To me ? What do they want
to talk to me about ?
- This is Dulles Tower.
- Identify yourself.
This is Ted Bigelow, air traffic
administrator. Who am I speaking to ?
Who I am is unimportant.
Flight 777 is under hostile control,
so pay very close attention.
State your name
and employee ID number.
Gwen Richards.
Employee number 2109-C.
Now, Miss Richards
has been very cooperative...
so obviously your anti-hijacking
training has paid off.
What you just heard was the sound
of Miss Richards being shot.
Not fatally but if she doesn't
get medical attention in, let's say
oh, I don't know,
three hours...
she'll bleed to death.
So... now that I have
your attention...
I want a $100 million
wire transfer...
to an account in the
Grand Cayman Merchant Bank...
number 8654...
dash 197
We're just air traffic control.
We don't have that kind of access.
That's not my concern.
But if the money hasn't been transferred
by the time we've landed the plane...
I will kill every
passenger on this flight.
Flight 777, out.
Wait, wait. Hold on.
Oh, my--
All right.
All right, people! Standard
hijack protocol. Total news blackout.
Notify the FBI.
Somebody get me a passenger manifest.
I wanna know
who's on that plane!
Mr. Garner, take Miss Richards
to the aft luggage bay.
Mr. Davis, make sure these men
maintain radio silence. Thank you.
I had our people red-flag
any possible V.I.P. targets.
We found one.
Allen Prescott.
Why does that sound familiar?
He's on the news. Appointed cochairman
of the senate's intelligence committee.
That's got to be our connection.
Any word from the FBI ?
They've been ordered
to stand down.
Victor Quinn,
National Security Agency.
- You're Bigelow ?
- That's right.
From now on,
this is an N.S.A. operation.
- Each of you is subject to my orders.
- Wait a minute.
How do you know
the plane was hijacked ?
Do you honestly believe
that the N.S.A. would allow...
someone like General Prescott
to travel commercial...
and not constantly monitor
the plane's communication ?
Anymore foolish questions?
Then let's get down to business.
- There was a ransom demand for--
- 100 million dollars. Yes, we know.
But that's not
his primary objective.
- How do you know ?
- It's classified.
Classified, my ass.
There's a nutcase on that plane.
He just shot one of our flight
attendants while we listened.
[Speed Dialing cellphone]
Yeah. It's all secure at this end.
Send in the wolves.
We're going into this one blind
We don't know how many hijackers
are on board or how well armed they are.
We don't know if they have
a man undercover or men undercover.
It's impossible but doable.
But they're cruising at 25,000 feet.
How do we get there ?
- Flap our arms?
- Pentagon's working with Skunk Works.
They've modified an SR-71 spy plane
to move in an attack force.
It's equipped with
a retractable docking tube.
- Sounds tough.
- I've seen simulations.
I know the pilot.
He's a good one.
He can belly this
plane up right to the bar.
- Nobody will ever know we're there.
- Where do we board ?
Right through here--
auxiliary storage hatch.
We're gonna have to deactivate the
outer pressure hatch alarm or else...
the light will show up,
and they'll know we're there.
- I can rig something.
- I'm sure you can.
At that point, we'll move
through the support bay.
Cujo and Banzai,
you've got the starboard side.
Deadman and me will be
on the port side.
We'll input a fast-acting sleep agent
into the onboard oxygen system.
We'll be wearing our rebreathers,
so we'll be okay.
At that point the pilot
will be unconscious...
and Deadman, you are going to
land this plane.
I knew those correspondence classes
would come in handy someday.
- Do they want prisoners ?
- Special ops sanctioned maximum force.
Prisoners are low priority. That means
they got a gun, they get a bullet.
- [Controls Beeping]
- [ Engine Whirring]
[Flight Controller] 302,
proceed to runway 36 and hold short.
Climb and maintain 11,000.
Expect 20,000
11 minutes after departure.
Departure frequency 12.430.
Squad 0253.
Roger, tower. 0253.
302, request takeoff clearance.
302, you are clear for takeoff
Proceed to way Point-one heading 249.
Roger that. 249.
relax and enjoy the ride.
Yeah. Understood.
I'd ask what that's all about,
but you'd tell me it was classified.
[Sighs] You think
I'm a stone-cold bastard, don't you ?
- I'll take the Fifth.
- Uh-huh. I am a stone-cold bastard.
See, I order men
to their deaths all the time.
But I don't get off on it.
It's my job.
You're telling me this because--
Because now it's time
for you to play your part.
We have a black ops team on its way
to assault that aircraft in midair.
- They're five minutes out.
- That's insane.
Well, that's probably why
it's gonna work.
In five minutes, I want you
on-line with the hijackers.
You're going to tell them you found
a source for the ransom money
And what purpose
will that serve ?
I need you to distract them
while our team boards the aircraft.
In the meantime, I'd like to see
the security camera video feed...
from the terminal
that boarded Flight 777.
Would you see
to that for me ?
I'm on it.
Freedom 2, we have our W.S.
radar contact. Closing at 249.
Gentlemen, we are three minutes away
stealth mode is active.
We read you.
Gentlemen, that was
the three-minute warning.
[ Exhales Sharply]
Ironic, isn't it-- being hijacked on
your way to an anti-terrorist summit?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Lying's become automatic
for you, hasn't it ?
Do you even know when
you're telling the truth ?
This is what we do, Sykes.
You know that.
You've done it yourself.
You're absolutely right.
We lie under oath.
We swear to the U.S. Senate...
that we've never turned a blind eye
to the South American drug dealers...
in exchange for driving out
the communists.
We lie to the American people,
telling them...
we've got their best interests
at heart...
and then we expose our sons
and brothers to biological agents...
during Desert Storm
that we know...
will cause their children
to be born malformed.
There's no proof of that.
More importantly
we lie to ourselves...
so that we can get up every day,
look in the mirror...
and convince our minds...
that we're different
from those we're fighting.
We are different!
We stand for a higher ideal.
There you go again.
Colonel, Dulles Tower
is requesting to speak to you.
I was wondering
how long that would take.
Sit tight, General.
The party's just getting started.
- Yes.
- This is Bigelow.
You might want to know we've gained
access to the amount you asked for.
I'm very impressed,
Mr. Bigelow.
[Pilot]I have target in sight.
Adjusting pitch point three degrees.
Matching airspeed
- Major Marshall, stand by for boarding.
- Standing by.
Have you arranged
the wire transfer?
Uh, no.
We're still working on it.
Work faster, Mr. Bigelow.
Time waits for no man.
- We're inline. Extend the tube, Major.
[Machinery Whirring]
Boarding tube extending.
Ten seconds till lock-on.
Transfer R.W.R. to slave.
Roger that.
R.W.R. to slave.
It's just that
we need more time.
The money is coming from
three different sources.
That sort of complicates
the transfer process.
I'm not an unreasonable man,
but my demands are firm.
The money will be in my account
by the time we land...
or l will kill every passenger
on this flight.
777, out.
[Pilot] We have positive lock.
-[Air Bellowing]
-We have pressure.
Okay, let's go.
we are on the plane.
[Pilot]Roger that. Disengaging
the docking tube. Good luck, men.
Excellent. Good.
You should get an award,
Mr. Bigelow.
Our men are safely on board that plane,
thanks in part to your performance.
All right. Now what ?
Now comes the hard part.
We wait.
- Com check.
- Check.
- Sleep agent ?
- Bedtime for Bonzo.
All right.
Deadman and I will do recon.
Banzai and Cujo, move to that support
bay and implement the sleep agent.
On my go code.
- Let's do this.
- Copy that.
Drop that gun !
Drop that gun !
- Who are you ?
- A flight attendant. Who are you ?
We're the good guys.
We're here to help.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, just scared.
Watch her.
- Team two. There's a change in plans.
- Say again ?
Forget the sleep agent.
We're going to attack...
using flash-bangs
and side arms.
What about hostages ?
We've got a live one down here.
Not in the equation. Rendezvous with us
in 30 seconds at the aft stairwell.
- Copy that. Team two on the way.
- Stay put, okay?
Back of the plane
has been cleared.
Targets are definitely
in the front.
You two, move through business class.
Deadman and I will be up top.
- Let's get down, gentlemen.
- This is the shit, boys.
[Gunfire Continues]
- Banzai !
- Let's go! Get the fuck out of here!
- All hands report.
- They're road kill, sir.
Mr. Garner and Mr. Dalton,
remove the bodies, please.
I'm on it, sir.
- What the hell was that ?
- Sounds like more gun shots, genius.
I know it was gunshots, Pops.
I mean, why did it get so quiet ?
You were very quick about blocking
my view to the outer hatch alarm.
- But not quick enough.
Mr. Davis,
stow that body.
- Do you see any potentials ?
- Not yet.
- What are you looking for, exactly?
- A face.
You got a mental picture of every
terrorist and hijacker in the world ?
No, just the ones
that are still at large.
Actually, this is
a pretty simple task.
I'm just looking
for one particular face.
And there it is.
John Sykes, colonel,
United States Marine Corps.
Why would
a marine hijack a 747 ?
General Prescott was chief judge
adjutant at Sykes' court-martial.
He promised Sykes a lenient sentence
if he would plead guilty.
He did.
Prescott threw the book at him.
So Sykes wants him dead.
Makes sense.
Yeah, but not
for the reasons you think.
This is Quinn.
I want a squadron of fighters on the
runway ready to launch at my command.
Look, I understand that.
But we have new intel...
that shortens the odds
against our team.
Look, if we don't hear from them
by the prearranged time...
I want that 747
blown out of the sky.
You want what ?
You have any idea how many
passengers are on that plane ?
If our team can't retake that plane,
Sykes cannot be allowed to escape.
You're not gonna do anything.
I'm having you arrested.
Putdown the phone,
You won't shoot me.
Putdown the phone.
That's better.
Oh, my God.
- [Screams]
- Quiet.
[ Panting]
Who are you ?
[Groans] Rescue team.
Supposed to be rescue team.
I checked already.
They're dead.
- Ow--
- You're losing a lot of blood.
The vest caught most of them.
One hit.
- Oh, it looks bad.
- [Groans]
Depends on your
point of view, lady.
- Oh, let me help with that. Okay.
- Hey.
Damn ! Uhh !
Worse than what I thought.
Bullet's lodged in the muscle.
- Is that why it's bleeding so bad ?
- It's bad, okay?
Change course, Captain.
Bring us around 30 degrees...
Very good.
Bearing 619.
- Where are we going ?
- Just fly the plane, Captain.
Well, Mr. Davis, now that the inevitable
rescue attempt has been dealt with...
we can get on
with our true mission.
How long before the rescue team
is considered overdue, sir?
Long enough.
Watch him carefully,
Mr. Davis.
How many of them
bastards are there ?
There were five at first.
I got one of them.
Don't take this personal,
but to me it doesn't look
like you could kill a fly.
What's their position?
One I'm sure about is in the cockpit.
I don't know where the others are.
- Hostages ?
- They marched them...
out of the passenger compartments
and I--
They must have stashed them
in the aft luggage bay.
- What about you ?
- Uh, someone spilled a drink on me...
and I was cleaning off when these guys
took over the plane.
I guess they overlooked me.
- Lucky you.
- What are you doing ?
Sit down or you'll
start bleeding worse.
Well, that's just
a chance I got to take.
I got to get this plane
under control.
You're in no condition
to do anything.
This is what I do, lady.
What's that ?
It's a sleeping agent, not that
it's gonna do us any good right now.
- Why?
- Can you land a 747 ?
- No.
- Putting that pilot to sleep...
right now isn't the best idea.
Somebody's got to get
this plane on the ground.
Now, if I can get
into the avionics bay
I can probably trigger the fuel dump.
Then they gotta land the plane.
Delta Force will take
the plane out on the ground.
I can do it.
- The hell, you can do it.
- Why?
-'Cause I'm a helpless girl ?
- Exactly You're a helpless girl
You sure as hell can't do it.
Who's gonna do it if not me ?
Come here.
Put this on.
- You receiving ?
- I--
I hear you.
But I heard one of the hijackers
say that the avionics bay...
- makes interference for com systems.
- You'll be all right.
These are micro-burst transmitters,
okay? State of the art.
Now, move.
When you get
to the avionics bay,
I'll walk you through
the connection process.
You said you wanted
to be a soldier. Do it!
I should've joined
the coast guard.
Okay, I'm here.
Now what ?
Move to the maintenance panel
that's on the wall to your right.
Okay, I'm there
and it's open. Now what ?
Okay, you should see three wires
connected to two regulator boxes.
Two wires, where ?
Three wires, two boxes.
Listen up.
Okay, don't yell at me.
Okay, I see them.
You see a red and a blue wire ?
Disconnect it.
- Okay. Now what ?
- Twist the red and blue wire together.
Now what ?
Get the hell out of there.
-What the hell is that ?
- We're losing fuel, fast.
- What did you do ? What did you do ?
I didn't do anything.
Well, now that we've taken
care of any distractions,
let's get to it, shall we ?
You don't actually think they're gonna
let you live after this, do you ?
I'll see to it that you're hunted
to every last corner of the earth.
Well, that's based on the notion that
you're still alive when this is over...
or that anyone will listen.
You're not making any sense.
That's a lovely attach case you've
got there, General. Italian leather?
- There's nothing there. Just documents.
- Oh.
- Colonel, we've got a problem.
- What is it ?
- We're dumping fuel.
- Fuel ? How's that possible ?
I don't know.
The pilot says he didn't do it.
Then someone else did.
Someone who knows what they're doing.
You sure our guests are really dead ?
- They don't make them deader, sir.
- Garner, check the avionics bay.
Make sure the fuel regulator
hasn't been tampered with.
Got you, boss.
Ferris, go make sure all those
assaulters are really dead.
Ferris, respond.
- Where is he ?
- Haven't seen him.
Well, go find him. And if he's
goldbricking, shoot the son of a bitch.
[ Kelly On Headset]
Matt, you still there ?
- Yeah, where are you ?
- Out of sight.
Heads up.
Someone's coming your way.
They're probably just
checking on the fuel spill.
Let's hope
we got rid of enough.
- You stay out of sight.
- Got you.
Always carry a spare.
Fuel dump halted, Colonel.
- What's our fuel status ?
- We can make Miami if we're careful.
Damn it!
Keep me informed. Out.
Problems, Colonel ?
Don't push me, General.
Sometimes I forget my manners.
They're dead.
- You okay?
- That depends on your definition.
- Let me look at that leg wound.
- Look, look, get away.
God, what is your problem ?
Did your mother take your
blanket away too early or what ?
Cute. Now stay out of the way
and let the big boys do their job.
What are you planning ?
You can't even stand.
- Says you.
- We weren't using the sleeping gas.
Got no choice. I got some
smelling salts in my first aid kit.
Hopefully, I'll be able
to revive the pilot.
Hey, Ferris.
Colonel, I found Ferris.
He's dead, sir.
Damn it! Who's doing this ?
Garner, status report.
Mr. Dalton, return to business class.
We got an adversary on board.
I'm on my way.
Always something,
isn't it, Colonel ?
Shut up!
This is Quinn.
Any word from our team ?
Well, I guess we'll
have to assume the worst.
Launch the F-15s.
You gonna splash a 747
full of innocent people...
-to keep one man from getting away?
- It might not come to that.
But you're prepared to do it.
You haven't given the team enough time.
Let me tell you how this
is gonna work, all right ?
The team has until the F-15s intercept
to retake that plane.
If they can't
retake the plane,
the F-15s will then try and
force the hijackers to land.
And if they refuse ?
Then we have to light them up.
Initiating launch procedure.
Main engines are a go.
Course positions are locked in.
[Man On Radio]You are cleared
for takeoff on three. Have a good day
Roger that.
- Kelly. Kelly.
- Yeah, I hear you.
The nozzle
on this canister is bent.
Get the tape out of my first aid kit
and bring it down here.
I don't see it.
Where exactly did you leave it ?
I left it on the floor.
Check the corner. Maybe it rolled.
- Okay, keep your pants on.
- Come on. Hurry up.
Oh. There it is.
Okay. I'm waiting on you.
Bring it down.
Got it.
- [Gasps]
- Hello, sweet cheeks.
Put your hands in the air
and turn around slowly.
Don't even think about it.
The colonels not gonna believe
what a pain in the ass you've been.
You don't have
to take me in, you know.
Why wouldn't I ?
Well, if I promise to be a good girl
and stop causing trouble.
First I got to check for weapons.
- What ?
- Take the jacket off.
Now the blouse.
You took your
sweet time about it.
Seems like it would have been a little
better if I had waited a little longer.
Here's your tape, pervert.
Okay. You said
there was five of them.
I just whacked one more.
That leaves two. You think if
I get one, you can get the other one ?
- Hell, yes.
- All right.
You just wait here till
I put on that canister.
Wait on my signal.
Then we take the plane.
That's Miss Sweet cheeks
to you, asshole.
Open that case.
I told you. There's nothing in here
that would interest you.
Oh yeah ?
Open it.
All right.
I'll open it.
- General, don't.
- There's no point.
He just kills us and opens it himself.
It's not a bank vault.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Okay. Where is it ?
Where is it ?Where is it ?
Where is it ?Ah. Ooh.
There it is.
I'll make sure everyone knows
you gave your full cooperation.
And you can kiss that fancy
new position good-bye at the very least.
You are one dumb
son of a bitch.
I know.
Oh, shit.
They're still proceeding
on their new course.
Well, the F-I5s are closing in.
We'll have this wrapped up in no time.
- Yeah, but at what cost ?
- [Sighs]
Look. If I could find
a better way, I'd do it.
You better be right...
because if you blow
that plane out of the sky,
I'm gonna make sure
you fry for it.
Bigelow, let me give you
a big dose of reality okay?
Whatever happens in this situation,
whichever way it goes, I'm untouchable.
You understand that?
You don't know what's going on, do you?
You know what ?
I'm gonna tell you what's going on...
because maybe if I tell you what's
going on, youll start to cooperate.
- You know what a D.C.O. roster is?
- No.
D.C.O. stands for
deep cover operative.
General Prescott has
in his possession a CD-ROM...
which has pictures,
names and cover I.D.s...
of every deep cover operative
we have in the world.
Every deep cover operation right now
in the world will be compromised...
- if Sykes gets his hands on that CD.
- Jesus.
So, given
the worldwide ramifications,
you can understand how a few people
on a plane can become expendable.
Honor is a fleeting concept,
isn't it, General ?
You stole mine.
I stole yours.
I mean, how many agents did you
just compromise by giving me that disk?
You see, General,
you are the disgrace.
You asked me before
if I was gonna kill you.
Not a chance. I want you to
live with what you've done.
What are you gonna do
with that disk?
Make sure it falls into
the wrong hands, of course.
I think I'll start the bidding
at, uh, 100 million.
At the cost of hundreds
of agents' lives ?
Not likely.
Every compromised agent will be
forced to evacuate their position.
Some will go state side.
Others will go into hiding.
But it'll take time for new agents
to take their position...
giving the terrorist nations a window
of opportunity to do their worst.
Good God.
Don't you realize how many people could
die as a result of such an action ?
Casualties of war, General.
- All hands, status report.
- Cock pit secure, sir.
Dalton, status report.
Dalton, status report.
[Sykes On P.A.]
Attention, intruder.
I commend your efforts.
I could've used you on my team.
However, unless you
give yourself up immediately
I will cut off all flow of
oxygen to the aft luggage bay...
and suffocate every
hostage being held there.
Not if I can
help it, dumb-ass.
I doubt they'll last 30 minutes.
I'll be in business class.
Come in with your
hands on your head.
- Did you hear that ?
- Yeah.
What can we do ?
They don't know about you.
If I turn myself in,
you've probably got a chance.
You got to get to the top flight deck
and pop that guy with the gun.
I'll get the other one.
This one's riding on you.
I'm gonna make my move in five minutes.
You got to be there.
Good luck, Matt.
Good luck to you.
You're gonna need it.
[Man On Radio]
E.TA. target intercept in 35 minutes.
Red Squadron tighten up formation.
Switch I.TS. transponders to 5854.
Hold standard formation. Wait for
my signal on target acquisition.
Here goes nothing.
[Footsteps Approaching]
And there you are.
- I'm giving up.
- Hands on your head and get over here.
Colonel John Sykes.
I should have known.
Do I know you, soldier?
No, but I know you.
Oh, you're good. Definitely
the poster boy for persistence.
No tricks now.
Off with the mike.
Sit down before you fall down.
So, what's your name and unit ?
Matt Marshall.
My unit's classified.
Of course.
Hold still. Hold still.
[Man On Radio]
We have visual contact with Flight 777
Red squadron to approach,
pattern delta.
I don't suppose you'd
like to give yourself up ?
Humor in the face of certain death.
Too bad you're on the wrong side.
Jury's still out
on that one.
Oh, good little robot, are we ?
Obeying orders without question.
Doing whatever they tell us without
wondering what the hidden agenda is.
I used to be like that.
I wised up.
Yeah, I can see that
by looking around here.
You're real smart.
-What the hell ?
Colonel, we've got incoming.
Flight 777 you are under armed escort
by the U.S. Air Force.
Lower your landing gear indicating
your surrender or we will missile lock.
They're ordering our surrender, sir.
What should we do ?
You're screwed Sykes. You're never
gonna get off this plane alive.
Yeah, like they would destroy this plane
with all those people on it ?
Listen to your own
sermon, Sykes.
You say we've slaughtered
hundreds of innocents.
What are a few more
if it means getting rid of you ?
Oh, to hell
with letting you live.
They're gonna light us up, Colonel.
What are your instructions ? Colonel !
General, no.
Fly the plane or I'll come back
here and blow your head off.
Kelly, thank God.
No, don't shoot him!
I want that son
of a bitch alive.
That's an order, soldier.
You cover him.
If he moves,
you blow his head off
I don't care
what the orders are.
- You okay, Captain ?
- Kelly, what about the other hijackers ?
Whacked, stacked and packed.
- Who are you ?
- He's with me, Captain.
- Did you--
- He's under control.
Captain, I say you
land this plane ASAP.
Them F-I5s
aren't playing around
- F-15s ?
- I was just coming to that.
Flight 777, lower your gear
and surrender or we will fire.
Fighter escort,
this is Flight 777--
- You bastard, you're with them ?
-$10 million divides a lot of loyalties.
Like you're gonna live to spend it.
You just shot the pilot.
It's really not the problem
you might think it is. Good-bye.
Grab the yoke.
- Now what ?
- Check the altimeter.
- What does it read?
- It says, "10,765."
We gotta get down to 8,000 feet.
We're only on one
oxygen supply.
We gotta get down
to breathable air.
Nudge the yoke
a few degrees.
Okay. It's nearing 8,000.
Locate the auto pilot
and turn it on.
Good-- Good job.
Matt ?
Dont you leave me.
[Sykes On P.A.]
I'm still here, soldier boy
How about you ?
You put up a good fight.
But why don't we
finish this man to man ?
- Oh, Jesus.
- Why don't you come looking for me ?
Huh, soldier boy?
Come. Try to find me.
,Cause I'm gonna find you.
I guess we'll see about that.
Base One, this is Nighthawk One.
They are refusing to lower their gear.
Draw back
and acquire missile lock.
- That ought to get their attention.
- Acknowledged
Base One, this is Nighthawk.
We have missile lock.
There is no sign of compliance
from the aircraft.
Await my signal to fire.
Goddamn stewardess.
Oh, oh, watch it.
Don't get shot. Don't get shot.
Don't get shot.
Don't get shot.
I am so sorry.
Did that hurt ?
Oh, it's nice
of you to offer.
But I already had
an aperitif.
Base One, this is Nighthawk.
- Door's open and a man hanging outside.
- Stay with them.
[ Flicking Switches]
Come on. Come on.
Hello. Hello.
Is anybody there ?
They've leveled off, Base One,
and we have reacquired missile lock.
Acknowledged, Nighthawk.
Take them out.
This is flight 777.
Is anybody there ?
Nighthawk, abort, abort, abort.
Disengage. Do you read me?
Roger that, Base One.
Breaking off
This is Dulles tower.
Who am I speaking to ?
Kelly Young.
I'm a flight attendant.
- Kelly, where's the pilot ?
- Dead ! He's dead. They're all dead.
Kelly, I need to know your altitude.
Check your altimeter.
It'll be on your right.
It's set at 10,000 feet.
How's the flight path ?
Nothing in her way
we can't reroute.
You're in my seat,
Mr. Quinn.
Okay. Now, Kelly.
Check your fuel.
Uh, uh, 2500 pounds.
That's kind of low.
What happened ?
Long story.
Are you landing me or what ?
Sure. We're gonna bring you in, okay?
Uh, where is she ?
Over Georgia.
We can land her in Atlanta.
Okay. You get on the horn.
Let them know she's coming in.
Tell 'em it'll be a hot landing.
Yeah. I need to get a special forces
team to Atlanta very quickly.
I want that 747 surrounded.
Yes. We still don't know
what's going on. All right.
Yeah. Make that stat. Right.
Fine. Yeah.
We'll bring her in. Great.
This is John Simpson in Atlanta control
I'll be bringing you in, Kelly
Coming upon 8,000 feet.
Now, good. Listen, Kelly.
I need for you to pay exact attention to
everything that I'm going to tell you.
Now, pull back on the yoke.
Not too hard, now.
Okay, it's level.
Okay, great. Kelly, listen.
You're doing great.
Youve got excellent
control of the aircraft.
Now, we've got an airport
ready to receive you.
I'm gonna need for you
to change your course.
- How do I do that ?
- On the control console in front of you,
you see a button
that should read 619.
I need for you to turn the yoke
to port until it reads 502.
Kelly, if I didn't know better,
I'd think you were a professional pilot.
Okay. Were at 502.
Now level out the plane.
Good. Good.
Now, that lines you up with us.
You're only a few miles out.
Just hold it steady...
and you stand by
for final approach.
Matt. Oh, Matt.
How are we doing ?
I'm bringing the plane in.
You can do it.
I know you can do it.
Matt. Matt ?
Kelly, who are you talking to ?
One of the rescue team.
Listen. What do you say, Kelly?
You ready to land this thing ?
No, but don't let that stop us.
Now, look. There's a pedestal
between you and the copilot.
There's a large lever there. I need you
to pull halfway back on that lever...
while you're pushing the yoke forward
just a couple of notches.
[ Engines Whining]
- [All Shouting]
- [ Rattling]
What ?What ?
You're going into a stall.
You need more speed.
Aft pedestal,
push the lever forward.
[Whining Continues]
Perfect. Now hold it there.
Now just push the yoke
forward just a little bit more.
All right.
We got all the runways cleared.
We got fire,
hazmat team standing by.
- And she's lined up on runway 12.
- Good.
- Are you still with me, Kelly?
- Barely.
Good girl. You should have
the runway right in front of you.
You're looking good, Kelly.
Now just-just hold it steady.
Now stand by on the flaps.
Lever on the left.
Flaps !
Great, Kelly. Now just pull back on that
throttle as hard as you possibly can.
- Yes !
- [Whooping]
Yeah !
-[Cheering Continues]
- Damn, I'm good.
- [ Panting]
Hey, you made it, kid.
Welcome to Atlanta.
We made it.
Clear a path. Clear a path.
Hey, you there.
Where the hell
is my cell phone ?
Damn, woman.
If you don't behave yourself and
get well soon, the next one's for you.
I might like it.
That was a hell
of a landing, kiddo.
- Simpson. Thanks.
- Yeah. Sure.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
- We got a little something for you.
- Let me see that.
- That looks good.
- Thank you.
But I don't think
I'll be flying anymore.
- Better get this guy to the hospital.
- Let's go.
Well, I'll be seeing you around.
We'll meet on the ground
next time. Deal ?