Air Raid Wardens (1943) Movie Script

This is the town of Huxton...
... not an important place
like New York or Chicago.
Just a small town.
There's never very much excitement
in Huxton...
... except for a dance at the firehouse
or a wedding.
But a few days ago, December 7th,
there was plenty of excitement.
That day, Charlie Beaugart, the barber,
was so excited...
... he nicked 3 chins
and one Adam's apple.
This little fellow just got shaved.
His name is Middling, Eustace Middling.
He's a newcomer to Huxton.
Only been in town a few days.
Now, here's an old-timer.
Hello, Captain Biddle.
Principal of the high school.
Kicked me out of school once.
Had it coming, though.
That's the town paper.
Fellow at the desk is the editor,
Dan Madison, busiest man in town.
Just been appointed
head of Civilian Defense for Huxton.
There's Peggy Parker.
She's Dan's star reporter.
Now, don't get any funny notions.
They're engaged.
Everybody likes Peggy.
On the other hand, there's J.P. Norton,
president of the bank.
He'd lend you money on most anything,
except his wife.
Why should he be left holding the bag?
Good morning, Mr. Norton.
And a good morning to you, Mrs. Norton.
They're a very happy couple.
J.P. worships the ground
her grandfather discovered oil on.
And speaking of couples,
come on over here.
Went to school with these boys
long before they became successful.
Come to think of it,
I did hear they went into another business.
Oh, yeah. Pet shop.
They ought to do well in this business.
Moved again.
Must be the Gypsy in them.
Excuse me, could you tell me
where I could find Laurel and Hardy?
Thank you kindly.
Well, we caught up with them at last.
locking up in the middle of the day.
First volunteers out of Huxton.
Going off to the city to enlist.
And they won't take no for an answer.
Take a look at them, Uncle Sam.
What do you think?
- No.
- And then...
... could we please be sailors?
- And finally, maybe we could be Marines?
- No!
But did that discourage them?
It certainly did.
Look at that.
I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Norton.
Oh, it's you. I might have known.
It couldn't be that you've come back... town to pay your debts.
- Why, we'd be glad to...
...if you'd allow us
to negotiate a slight loan.
A loan?
You two blundering failures.
More money from me for your stupid,
inefficient bungling.
And another thing...
Good day.
- Hello, boys.
- Hello, Peggy.
Well, hello, fellas.
I thought you'd gone to enlist.
- Uncle Sam didn't want us.
- Oh, that's too bad. Better luck next time.
Poor guys. They feel terrible.
Yeah, it's a tough break.
Dan, why don't you let them help us?
Say, that's an idea. Hey, boys!
Come here.
Look, fellas,
Uncle Sam wants everybody.
There's plenty to be done right here on
the home front. Why, I have a job for you.
- Here, paste up these posters.
- Where?
Everywhere. We're having a big meeting
tonight in the high school gym.
- What for?
- The war effort.
That's right. There's a job to be done
right here at home.
- Come on, Stanley. We'll fix it.
- Sure.
How do you do?
- What's going on here?
- Bicycle shop moving out.
Radio shop moving in.
Just a minute, my good man.
You can't do this.
I would like to see somebody stop me.
Oh, no, you don't. Oh, no, you don't!
You can't take this bicycle, sir.
This is our property, and you will not...
- It's our bike.
- You can't interfere...
- Give it to me, sir. No, sir.
- I'll call the authority.
You can't do it. You...
Oh, you big...!
- Why, this is outrageous.
- Well...
What are you doing in my shop?
- Your shop?
- Yes.
- It's our shop.
- It certainly is.
And we have Mr. Norton's dispossess notice
to prove it.
Why, I just signed the lease
for this place.
They told me the former occupants
are now in the Army.
They were among the first to volunteer.
Brave gentlemen. I salute them, sirs.
He's talking about us.
- That's right. Pardon me, sir.
- Yes?
I'm Mr. Hardy
and this is my partner, Mr. Laurel.
- And we are not in the Army.
- Yes.
No. And we want our store back.
Oh, well, now, that's different.
Now, let me think.
- Yes.
- Let me think. Let me think.
Let him think.
Let me see, l...
I sell radios, you sell bicycles.
I don't really need all this space.
And in times like these,
we must all pull together.
- Why don't we share the store?
- It's a deal.
Bicycles, burglar alarms, locks and keys...
- And radios.
- That's right, sir.
- We welcome you to the firm.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, Ollie.
Thank you.
But right now, we have some work to do
for Uncle Sam.
Come, Stanley.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
And as for you, when I return...
...l'd like to see every one of those bicycles
back in this shop... their proper place.
I'll see you at the back door.
Hello, Heydrich?
Well, I've occupied the shop.
- And I have a couple of partners.
- Partners?
Your orders were to establish yourself
as a patriotic, respectable American.
You can't have partners
on this assignment.
Don't get so excited.
Wait till you see them.
They're a wonderful front.
We'll go down the street.
We'll put them on both sides... that they can see them coming
and going.
Are you putting that one on
upside down?
Look at my dress.
You've ruined my new dress!
It wasn't me, lady. It was him.
What are you
supposed to be doing, anyway?
We're putting up bills, you see,
for the gym...
- Oh, the idea.
- Excuse me. Maybe I can help your dress.
Thank you! Good day!
We're all here
because we want to be here.
We're here as volunteers... men and women who come
of our own free wills... do what we can
to protect the things we all hold dear.
The new magnesium plant
being built here at the edge of town...
...goes into operation
in the next two months...
...supplying a vital war product.
Now, the enemy
will wanna stop this supply.
This makes Huxton a defense area...
...just the same as if we were
on the fighting front.
And we've gotta protect not only the plant,
but the homes and lives of its workers.
Now, the first thing we have to do
is get organized.
So I would now like to announce
the appointments...
...of the heads of our various units.
First, as Chief of the
Air Raid Warden Service, Captain Biddle.
Will you come on?
We're 20 minutes late now.
You can't take that dog in here.
I didn't ask him to come in.
I just gave him a piece of popcorn.
- That was all...
- Well, put that stuff away. Go on, dog.
- Go on. Get out. Go home.
- You can't come in here, see?
- I'll see you when we come out.
- Yeah.
- Go on home.
- Go get it, now. Go get it.
As leader of the Women's Auxiliary...
...I appoint Mrs. J.P. Norton.
Thank you.
My friends, thank you.
I shall devote myself to the trust
that you all have placed in me.
I am now serving as president
of the Women's Club...
...and have many social duties
as wife of the city's leading banker.
- Take your shoes off.
- However, this new work is important too.
I can't. I got a hole in my sock.
Take them off.
And I shall try to knit
a well-formed organization.
Thus, I bring to the task
not only my enthusiasm...
...but my experience in leadership.
For leadership, as I've often told our ladies,
is all-important.
With strong leaders, we succeed.
With weak leaders, we fail.
I can assure you that, under my leadership,
the ladies of Huxton will succeed.
As I was saying...
...there is one pitfall
which we ladies must avoid.
We must be sure that we choose
the right people for the right jobs.
- It's my rheumatism.
- Just as Mr. Madison...
...has exercised great care
in the selection of his coworkers... must I pick my assistants.
Each of our activities
must be headed by a lady...
...who will imbue her workers
with a spirit of self-sacrifice.
Only in this way...
...can our organization
become a credit to our fair city.
We must have...
As I was saying...
About my coworkers,
the very first thing I shall do tomorrow... to set up a suggestion box
at our headquarters...
...where any lady can submit her ideas.
No doubt, we shall have hundreds
of ideas to select from.
Of course, it will be impossible
to put every one of them into execution.
I shall choose all those that are worthy.
And that...
And that...
I shall speak to the ladies
when we have our own meeting.
Thank you, Mrs. Norton.
Now, there isn't very much more I can say
except to thank you for your interest.
And before we close the meeting,
are there any questions?
- Mr. Madison.
- Mr. Norton?
I have a little to add
to what has been said.
This service should be run
with the strictest efficiency.
Perfection is the key to success.
Without it, you are locked
in the chamber of failure.
As president
of the Huxton Savings Bank...
...I am often called upon
for advice and counsel... forming new organizations.
As a boy...
From this, I have built my career.
Take this as your foundation
and nothing can ever upset you.
There have been several
questions about equipment.
Now, for the time being, we'll have to
get along with these homemade armbands.
Regulation equipment has been
promised us soon...
...but until it arrives,
I can only ask your patience.
Now, tonight we're going to have
a little practical experience in first aid.
You're going to be sent out in teams
to various places where you'll find victims.
Other wardens have volunteered
to act as these victims.
All right, captain,
you can give the men their instructions.
That's a good idea.
You will render first aid, and then,
if necessary, call an ambulance...
...from the nearest
emergency dressing station.
Now, let's make a perfect showing...
...and put into practice all we've learned
in these lectures. Any questions?
- No.
- Okay. Get going.
Do you think we were wise
giving Laurel and Hardy a job like this?
Don't worry.
I sent them down to Fifth and Elm.
The policeman on the corner
has a sliver in his finger.
"Splinter in the finger."
Let's see that slip.
Well, that's what it says,
"Report to policeman at Fifth and Elm."
Okay, boys. Get going.
111 Main Street.
Hey! You can't go in there.
That place is a blazing inferno
of flames and smoke...
...where one false step
might mean sudden death!
It says here.
- Well, what do we do if it's burning...?
- We'll crawl in.
- How are we gonna crawl in...?
- Get down on your knees and quit arguing.
Get down.
- How do you do, Mr. Norton?
- Careful, Mr. Norton. This place is on fire.
- Yeah. We've come to rescue you.
- That's just what I was afraid of.
- All right. Let's get started, boys.
- Yes, sir.
"Fractured right arm, fractured right leg,
possible jaw fracture, burns on the face."
- You'd better lie down, Mr. Norton. Yes.
- Yeah, then we'll fix you up right away.
Gentlemen, I want to cooperate...
...but are you sure
this is the place you were sent to?
Oh, why, certainly.
I've got our orders right on a piece of paper.
- Show them to him, Ollie.
- Just a second.
- We wouldn't come here without orders.
- No, sir.
- We certainly...
- I've lost it.
Well, you'd better call headquarters
to be sure.
- Pardon us, Mr. Norton. Come, Stanley.
- Yeah. We'll be right back.
Look, he changed his mind.
I thought he would.
- Thanks for cooperating, Mr. Norton.
- That's the spirit.
Get me that plank.
Why don't you watch what you're doing?
Put that plank down.
Roll him over.
Easy, now. Easy. Easy. That's it.
Now, let's see. Fractured back.
Raise that plank.
- How do you feel?
- I feel swell.
- Good.
- Just...
Not you!
How do you feel, Mr. Norton?
You better ask him. He's mad at me.
How do you feel, Mr. Norton?
He's mad at me, too.
- What will we do now?
- Let's see.
"Burns on the face." Get some grease.
- I haven't got any grease...
- Well, look for some!
- What kind of grease?
- Oh, any kind!
- Grease.
- Put it on the face.
Not mine, his!
It's all right, Mr. Norton.
It won't be long now.
Everything is just fine.
Now, that's fine, Stanley.
- Give me a hand, now.
- Yes, sir.
Help me lift it up.
All right. One, two, three.
We'll simplify this.
Now, when I lift him up,
slide the dolly under him.
That's it. Now, we'll push him.
Hey, get me something to wipe my hands.
- Get me out of here!
- Yes, sir.
- Get me out of here!
- Come on, Stanley.
We're doing our best, Mr. Norton, we...
He's stuck. What are we going to do?
What about...?
Pull the truck up, and I'll hold him.
Hurry up!
Don't worry, Mr. Norton.
Now, we'll have you out in a jiffy.
- Get me out of here.
- It's okay, sir. Everything will be fine, now.
- Where am I?
- Hurry up, Stanley.
- Millicent, hurry up. l... I'm freezing.
- Yes, yes, dear. I'm coming.
Here, poor darling.
This will make you nice and comfy.
Look out. That's where the truck hit me.
Take this thing away.
- Yes?
- Mr. Madison is here.
- Show him in.
- Hello, Dan.
I just missed you at the dressing station.
You all right?
I will be. I hope.
What I don't understand is
why a man in Mr. Norton's position...
...had to be their victim.
- It seems to me that they could...
- Millicent, please.
I volunteered to be a victim.
I certainly never thought
I'd fall in the hands of those idiots.
I'd rather fight Japs barehanded.
There was a mistake, somewhere.
You were supposed to be
Hawley and Ryan's victim. I'm terribly sorry.
You should be.
Madison, you've got to get rid of
those misfits.
I just talked to them, Mr. Norton. They're...
They're awfully broken up about this.
- I'm sure it was an accident.
- They're both accidents.
With those men,
we can never achieve perfection.
Oh, yes, we will.
We're getting better all the time.
- We won't make the same mistakes twice.
- I hope not.
Look, Mr. Norton,
why are you doing this work?
Why? Why?
- To serve my country.
- Well, that's their idea, too.
You wouldn't deny
them that, would you?
They deserve another
chance, don't you think?
Oh, all right.
Fine. A good night's sleep will cool you off.
Good night, Mrs. Norton.
- Good night, Dan.
- Cool me off? Cool me off?
We're going over to the meeting
and get our equipment.
- Are you coming, Mr. Middling?
- I'll be over in a little while.
- We're going to get helmets and everything?
- That's what he said.
- Gee. And gas masks?
- That's right.
- And "whist-les?"
- Of course, "whit-sells."
One helmet.
One new armband, one gas mask,
and one whistle.
Be sure to sign a receipt
for your equipment, men.
Come on, boys, boys.
Not an "X." Sign your name.
Take that thing off.
And get that whistle out of your mouth.
Now, go to sleep.
Take that off!
Now, will you go to sleep, please?
See who that is.
- Well, who was it?
- It was the telephone.
Laurel and Hardy.
Bicycles, burglar alarms, locks and keys.
Biddle calling. Blue alert. Proceed to
your post. Stand by for the red.
We're on our way!
Good gracious.
Blue alert! Come on, get dressed.
We've got to get right on duty,
right away.
Oh, put that whistle down
and get dressed.
Red alert.
Red alert.
- Sound the all-clear.
- Yes, sir.
Not the whistle. Ring the bell.
Well, if it isn't the boys
from the bicycle shop.
And what are you looking for?
- Trouble, I hope.
- Oh, no, no. No trouble.
Will you please put your lights out, sir?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- He was very nice, wasn't he?
- Yes, well, that's that.
If you don't stop ringing that bell...
...l'm gonna throw him in your face!
Nevertheless, sir, I must insist
that you turn your lights off.
And if not, would you mind
pulling down your shades?
Would you like
to pull them down for me?
Oh, I'd be glad to.
It'd be quite a pleasure, sir.
People across the street
are signaling to the Japs!
Right away.
No, give it...
Go on.
Not here.
We received a complaint.
Take a look under that cover.
A couple of mugs come in here
and tried to wreck the joint.
Smells like a gin mill.
All right, Peggy, you can send them in.
Wait a minute.
Those boys told you
they never took a drink in their whole lives.
And I'm not going to sit here
and watch you crucify them.
Just a moment, Miss Parker.
They've had their hearing...
...and the verdict is conclusive.
- Oh, but Dan, you can't throw them out.
I'm sorry, Peggy, but I have no choice.
Well, you'll have to do it without me.
They want you inside, boys.
Boys, l... I hate to do this...
...but I'll have to ask you
to turn in your equipment.
Now, Mr. Madison, surely you don't believe
we were drunk last night.
I'm sorry. The decision has been made.
It's for the good of the service.
You mean, they're better without us?
You men have caused
nothing but trouble.
First, you wrecked the gymnasium.
Then you wrecked me.
And now, drunk.
Well, you know best.
But when we...
We couldn't get in the Army or the Navy...
...Mr. Madison told us
that we could do this kind of work.
And it made us happy. We tried hard.
I guess we're not smart
like other people...
...but if we can do something
for our country... not doing this work...
...we'll do that too.
We'll do anything
that Uncle Sam wants us to do.
Won't we, Ollie?
Thank you, boys, that's...
Take your equipment to Charlie Beaugart.
Two helmets.
Two gas masks.
Two armbands.
Two identification cards.
And two whistles.
That's all, boys.
May I have your attention, men.
I have an important announcement to make.
Tomorrow afternoon, Major Scanlon...
...of the United States
Office of Civilian Defense...
...will stop over in Huxton
to inspect our organization.
Therefore, in order to give him
a demonstration of our efficiency...
...we're going to stage
an incident drill for him.
Now, we'll include
all possible kinds of disasters.
Incendiary bombs, demolition bombs,
and gas bombs.
Which will naturally result in casualties,
fires, broken water mains, and so forth.
Just as in an actual wartime emergency.
Now, in addition...
...promptly at 5:00...
...Major Scanlon will give us
a surprise incident.
Now, none of us will know
what this incident is...
...except the one man
who will assist the major.
How about you, Mr. Norton?
- Will you take that assignment?
- With pleasure, Madison.
Okay, Mr. Norton,
5:00 tomorrow afternoon.
And remember, until then,
not a word to anybody.
Now, this is our chance, men.
Are we going to make good?
Yes, sir!
- Ollie.
- What, Stanley?
Let's go to the park and feed the birds.
Better than sitting in this alley.
I don't feel like seeing
any birds today. Do you?
Would you like me
to read you the funnies?
Maybe that would make you feel better.
I'll go get them.
Ollie, burglars.
- I don't want any.
- Don't want?
Stanley, I think they are spies.
Maybe we better tell Dan Madison.
We'll tell him about...
No one would believe us.
We better make sure.
We'll follow them, come on.
- Got a cigarette?
- No, we better get some.
Let's hide in the back of their car.
- Hello, major. Dan.
- Hello.
Mr. and Mrs. Norton, Major Scanlon.
- Major Scanlon.
- How do you do?
- Glad to meet you, sir. Welcome to Huxton.
- Thank you, sir.
I'll be back in time
to take you to the control center.
- Thanks, I'll be ready.
- All right. Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Dan.
- Dan?
Now, Mr. Norton,
I'd like you to check this incident...
...from the viewpoint of your local facilities.
Oh, well, you see, l...
I worked out a little incident of my own.
I thought at least
you might like to consider it.
J.P.'s been working on it all day.
All right. Where is it?
Mr. Norton's like a little boy.
Lets his imagination run away with him.
Well, I'll leave you men
to your military secrets.
Why, this is fine, Mr. Norton.
Just as good as mine.
Needs a few corrections, but we'll use it.
This is a job for the detectives.
Maybe we should turn it over to the FHA.
This must be the "hide in."
Hideout. Come on.
If we can get through that window,
we can find out what they're up to.
No, I don't...
What was that? I heard a noise.
Shutter slammed, I guess.
I didn't sneeze.
- Well, somebody did.
- Gentlemen.
You all know Herr Mittlehause.
- Why, that's Middling. He's a spy.
- For two months we've been trying... work out a plan
to destroy the new magnesium plant.
And, gentlemen,
our two months have not been in vain.
Herr Mittlehause has given me
the information that makes it all possible.
Listen carefully,
at 5:00 this afternoon...
...or in exactly 43 minutes...
...the civilian defenders of Huxton
will take part in a practice war incident.
And while they are doing that,
we will give them a real incident.
- We will blow the magnesium plant to bits.
- The moment is made to order for us.
no construction workers at the plant...
...and everyone in town
engaged playing war elsewhere.
You've done a good job, Herr Mittlehause.
You will hear from us soon.
Now, go on back to Huxton
and go about your business.
Gentlemen, are we ready?
- What do we do?
- We've got to stop those guys.
- We'll warn Dan.
- That's a good idea.
No, no, no. Out the window.
Now, how are we gonna
get word to Dan?
Let's call him up.
We'll tell him right away we're going to...
Put that down, that's a radio.
- What's this for?
- A carrier pigeon. Lock that door.
Get that pigeon.
Listen. "Dear Dan,
we are trapped on the second floor...
...of the Moonbeam Inn on Highway 51.
The place is a nest of Nazi spies.
They're going to blow up
the magnesium plant at 5:00.
Bring help at once. We mean it. Urgent!
With fondest regards, yours truly,
Laurel and Hardy, ex-air raid wardens."
How's that?
You've got to get up
early in the morning to fool us.
Throw it out the window.
- Does it know where to go?
- Now, pigeon, you go straight to Huxton.
Yeah, and find Mr. Madison.
He's the editor of the paper.
That's one of our pigeons.
We have enemies in this house
watching us. Come on.
- Who's there?
- It's Dan.
- We're rescued! Give me the key.
- I gave it to you...
Oh, did you? I don't remember
you giving me the key.
I'm sure that you're...
Just a minute, Dan. Be right with you.
I tell you,
you did not give me the...
So sorry, gentlemen.
We leave for the plant immediately.
Heydrich, you take care
of our friends here.
- When?
- At your pleasure, of course.
- Well, goodbye.
- Freeze.
Hey, you.
No, you.
Put that apple on his head.
Go ahead.
Now come here.
Turn around.
Now, shoot that apple off his head.
- I don't want to shoot...
- Go ahead. No monkey business.
- He's my pal.
- Go ahead.
Goodbye, Ollie.
Heil Hitler!
Quick, the gun! Get...
You... You...
Get the wire. We'll tie him up.
- Just like Mr. Norton.
- That's right.
There we are.
- Now he does look like Mr. Norton.
- Yeah.
Oh, 4:25. We'd better get going.
Come on.
Will you fix that thing?
Thank you.
Let that alone.
- What's the matter?
- I got something in my eye. Take the wheel.
Give me that!
Now look what you've done.
Get your hands off of that!
Come on and help me
push this thing up the hill.
Come here.
Take this rope
and put it around that post.
Will you wait a minute!
You're always in such a hurry.
- This one?
- Yes, that's the one.
The only one up there.
Heave ho.
It serves you right.
Oh, hello. We want to apply for a job.
The plant's not in operation yet.
You'll have to come back next month.
What's going on here?
Herman, you take over here.
You've been trained for this job.
Now, take your time
and do it thoroughly.
Get to work.
- Are you ready?
- Just one more...
...then the cable to the plunger.
Give me two nickels for a dime, quick.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Here it is.
Operator 14. What is the incident?
Incident? Inc...?
She thinks I'm Mr. Norton.
Well, be Mr. Norton.
Tell her about the magnesia plant.
Oh, yes, incident. Ajax Magnesium Plant.
This afternoon, 5:00.
They're going to blow it up.
- And Mr...
- One hundred forty-five incendiary bombs.
- Mr. Hittle...
- Seventy-two casualties.
A hundred and fifty-six German
parachutists. All water mains broken.
Pestilence. Famine.
Everything. Be there at 5:00.
Don't forget. Goodbye.
Now what are you trying to tell me?
I was trying to tell you
about Mr. Hittlemouse...
It's not "Hittlehouse," it's "Mittlehause."
And what about him?
- He's not gonna blow up the plant.
- I know, but they won't catch him.
You see, he was with the air-raid wardens.
- Then if they...
- So what? He's with the air...
Come on! Thank you very much, lady!
But the Norton incident
wasn't at the magnesium plant.
That's where it is now.
Start with your auxiliary police
and firemen.
Everything's in work.
All units are being notified.
- Now, let's go.
- Well, I still don't understand it.
Come along, Captain Biddle.
Mr. Rittenhause. Mr. Rittenhause.
I heard some sirens.
They seem to be coming towards the plant.
Get out of here.
- Spread out your men. Police the entire area.
- Yes, sir.
- Rope off the danger zone.
- Yes, sir.
Play out enough hose... cover the entire plant.
- Yes, sir.
Out the back way.
We'll connect out there.
We'll locate your emergency station... in the watchman's shed.
- All right, Dan.
Stand by with Mrs. Norton.
Better work up a report
on the general situation.
Charlie, be sure you have
enough messengers for liaison.
Okay, Dan. All right, boys, stand by.
I don't know what this is all about
but it's good going, anyway.
- Thank you, major.
- Oh, Mr. Madison.
Mr. Madison, I opened the door...
...and there they were,
stretched on the floor.
They're real casualties.
- What happened?
- They slugged me.
- A whole car full of them.
- Take this man to the ambulance.
They went in the generator building
with dynamite.
Take care of him too.
Clear the area near the generator.
Surround the plant. Organize search parties.
Will you take over, major?
- Surely.
- Come on, Charlie.
- We better have a look in here.
- All right, but be careful. Come on, Charlie.
Check that doorway, Charlie.
Don't move.
- Hurry it up, boys.
- Ready.
Come on. Come here.
Look. Mittlehause.
- Look.
- So what? We're looking for Middling.
Come on.
Madison! What is the meaning of this?
- What's going on here?
- Mr. Norton, you're terrific.
- How did you know there were Nazis here?
- Nazis? Why, l...
I'm sorry, Mr. Norton,
if we had to change your incident.
- So you put in that call.
- We had to, Dan.
- I hope we didn't upset things too much.
- Well, I'll say, you didn't.
The only ones upset are the Nazis.
- We got every one of them.
- Oh, no, you didn't.