Aire libre (2014) Movie Script

I'm gong to open the rooms to the park.
I'd like to see green all over the house.
But if, instead of breaking...
- No, no, no! You're dirtying it all!
- Let me...
No, no!
Want to make one?
It's out of our budget.
We need to sell, or rent
for six months or more.
This wall cuts circulation of.
This wall.
- Which wall?
- This one. That, over there.
Make some room.
- Let's tear it all down and build
a house with our own hands.
- And if we go to my mom's at least
until you fnish the bedrooms?
- It's all broken, the ants made a
giant house and this one sucks.
- We'll fix the house, minus your room.
- They aren't moving.
They're all dead.
- I catch them, they try to escape
and I squash them with my nails.
They'll have their revenge!
You're making me dirty.
- Nooo!
- Are you crazy?
- You're mean.
- You threw some on my tongue!
- What?
- On my tongue!
- And my bedroom?
- It's the largest one.
- This one?
- Yep.
I bent my foot.
Have you got the deed?
We're working on it.
- I sent a draft. I would love
for you to see it.
Whenever you want.
Do you have it here?
- Yeah, it's unfinished.
- The future kid bedroom...
Is it a girl?
Ay, no, I love it!
- That's what the doctor
said it seemed like.
- It's great, a daughter.
- Yeah, I wanted one.
Anyway, until they see
the penis they play it safe.
Let's quiet down, Lauti knows nothing yet.
You had a csection, didn't you?
- Yeah. Five hours pushing and
he wouldn't come down.
My belly full of bruises... A mess.
You were induced? With a drip?
Yeah, that serum they put on you...
The scandal she made with the epidural!
Screaming like cray...
- The anaestheticst tells me "You're gonna
be paralithic" And he leaves me alone!
- Alone.
- What did you want me to do? Hit her?
A person coming out of your belly,
Another one receiving
him or her... It's a lot.
Well... Another wine?
- Whiskey?
- No, we should get back.
Well, then stay for dinner!
I'll make pizzas.
Uh, they are fghting...
- Let them. Let them resolve it
amongst themselves!
Hey, hey! What's that?
Santi! Santi!
Stop it, stop it. Don't hit me!
Make some room.
Make some room.
I'm tired.
What's wrong?
- I want to sleep!
- Can't I hug you?
It stings.
You didn't buy me the razor.
You smell of alcohol.
- You too. I like it
when you're drunk.
- Stop it.
- Stop what?
Stop it.
I want to sleep, c'mon!
Stop it!
Why do you get mad?
Don't get mad.
Are you mad?
Are you mad?
Don't get mad.
- Leave it to me.
- I don't want to!
I don't like it! I don't like it!
- Don't move...
- No!
Santi, don't touch everhing, c'mon.
The chocolate cereal is there.
I'll reach them for you, wait.
Take them.
No, no, no, don't start, nooo!
No one likes it.
And do you hide to smoke, that's the case?
- It's not nice to leave it with
the wires out. - I'll take it.
- Where will you hang it?
- On top of the desk.
I won't let you.
- What are you doing, Santi?
- It's hot.
- Don't put that in there.
- It's hot!
Where's the screwdriver? Can't find it.
Take it.
Har's collection?
Did you see the catalogue of profles?
Har's collection?
- I can't make it at five. Tell
them to send another helper.
- Didn't you talk to your dad,
told him we moved today?
Dad, the milk has weird things on it.
Tell mom to help you.
- It has things, mom.
- It doesn't, eat it.
It doesn't have anything.
Take it, it's too full.
Now you're stained.
It's nothing. It's nothing! He's a boy!
Go change yourself!
Lucia! Lucia!
What do you want?
Come here... help me.
Hold it.
Who's going to pick him up from school?
- I wanted to talk to Gaston's mom,
see if she can.
You have your t-shirt inside out.
- Tell the moving guys to be careful
with the towers, they come of.
- Anyway, we'll put everthing
inside a box.
So it's all in the same place
and we don't lose anything.
And we don't lose any pieces.
- No, we won't take it. We are ready.
- Santi, listen to your mom.
- No, we won't take it! We can't.
- Listen to your mom, Santi.
Santi, could you listen!?
- Are you stupid?
- There, it's done, it's nothing!
- Give it to me, you'll cut yourself.
- Get away! Get away!
What's wrong? What a spoonful, eh?
- What a spoonful! It's over,
nothing's wrong.
Let's go to school.
Don't take mine.
Let me know the address where
I have to pick him up. Let's go.
Boys! This is loose!
Yeah, the ambulance already arrived.
He was conscious, he spoke
to his wife. Everything's ok.
With Sanchez, his friend.
Insurance should cover it.
Yes, the boys are waiting there.
What time does the fight leave?
Yes, he already left me the key.
I finish here and I go
to the clinic, relax.
Have a nice trip.
Have a nice trip. Bye, bye.
My dad goes on a trip and a guy falls.
- But he had insurance, right?
- Yes.
- Well, then, we tell them he had
a harness on, that it broke...
Take me away from here.
Could you help me move this from here?
Take care of your things
so you can leave fast.
- Who asked you for help?
- Mom did. C'mon, help me.
I can't, I'm busy.
- If you touch my stuf I'll kick you out.
- Ok, ok, I understand!
What's going on?
This brat...
I'm tring to fx things and he
doesn't help. There's no way.
Fix what?
- The damp stains.
- Ok, easy. Don't get in the middle.
Don't make the kid listen to this.
Your shoes...
Where were you that you are all muddy?
- He was afraid to stay,
left me at the gas station.
- And your employee? Did you speak to
his wife? Went to the clinic?
My legs are still getting numb.
Didn't you have them checked?
It's nerves.
Why didn't you have yourself checked?
You didn't see a doctor?
I had things to do.
I'll clean these for you.
They haven't even stopped chipping.
Whenever it rains, they leave.
It's all sticky.
Where is the bag with the medicines?
Don't know. Bathroom, I suppose.
- You drink too little water.
That's why you get cramps.
He doesn't take care of himself.
Can I have some water?
Want to eat? Eat, love.
C'mon, it's good.
Monday, we travelled and eat rice.
- It's quinoa, not rice. The cereal
the indians ate to go to war.
Do you want to be a strong warrior?
I don't like wars, I won't be a warrior.
It's really good, mom.
- Tomorrow, what will you
disguise yourself as?
Do we have a pirate costume?
- Pirate?
- Pirate!
- Yes.
- I love pirates!
You'll learn a lot of
english. I love that school.
- I don't like it. The english teacher
always yells at me when I ask for my eraser.
I have to explain it's mine and
he says "In english, in english".
- Eat, eat now.
- I'm explaining to grandma.
Grandma will lend us fabric
to make an eye patch.
And paint to make blood?
Eh, that's loud!
- You're gonna break the table.
- It's blocked.
It's done.
- Thanks, but eat!
- You have too little.
That way we don't waste that,
we can eat it other day.
If you eat i'll buy you trading cards.
- You're gonna buy him trading cards?
He's misbehaving and you're gonna spol him?
To bed.
- No!
- You don't want to eat? Go to bed! Stop it!
- Lucia.
- To bed. Stop it! Walk.
- All my classmates are awake.
- I don't care. To bed. Stop it!
- Grandma's food sucks!
Dad doesn't like it either!
Lucia was the same.
Could you take him?
What's wrong?
- Am I keeping you from sleep?
- No.
- With this I can start the paperwork,
it'll be ready before the operation.
- Okay. I'll take this, it isn't so cold.
- Bye, champ!
- Anything... tell me.
- Yes, thank you... You fold this one.
I can't...
And let's put this in the backpack...
- Vanessa... There's a
signature missing here.
- Where?
- Here.
- That alone?
- No, another one here.
One per copy.
Everthing will be ok.
Don't get down, kids, wait.
Bye Nacho, bye Nahuel!
- Your husband will be okay.
- Watch it crossing the street, kids!
Anything, you tell me.
- Sorry.
- Can you buy me a phone for my birthday?
- Ay, Nahuel!
- When's your birthday?
- Now he doesn't talk...
This month, the 30th.
- Ok, thanks.
- It's ok. Anything, let me know, for real.
Enter quickly, c'mon.
It's great, eh.
- It's facing northeast.
We'll have sun in the mornings.
We can tear this column down.
It's not an important wall.
- How do you know?
You haven't seen the blueprints.
We'll make a lintel, about that height...
And see the laterals too.
Can you picture it? Some
comfortable couchs...
to read whilst listening to music.
A wall to wall librar.
And Santi running around.
No, no, no.
Hi, Otero. Wait a second.
How are you?
Yeah, I got caught up on things.
I was thinking of going tomorrow.
Noo, no! I won't stand you up.
Ok. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.
- Give it to me, give!
- No, you'll hurt yourself.
- The workers will do it tomorrow.
- No, give it to me!
You'll tell the workers tomorrow.
- Don't give it to me,
I don't want to smoke.
What's that dog doing here?
- Easy, easy...
- Well, but...
Leave him, leave him... Don't get close!
- Stop!
- Leave him, come here!
Leave me alone!
Easy, easy...
What are you laughing at?
Can't you see that if you were alone that
dog could have rpped your arm of?
- That beast can't be loose!
- I'll talk to the neighbours, don't wor.
The house was empty too long,
he didn't recognize us.
- Yeah, you'll talk, I won't
take care of anything else.
And if you want to open that up,
we need bars and an alarm.
I won't take care of anything else!
What happened?
- My sister kicked you out?
- The air conditioner broke.
- Looks like it's gonna hail.
Take care if you go out.
What are you looking for?
A clean shirt.
I'll stay at my parents house today.
I have to finish Otero's work.
Are they opening?
I told you.
I told you, but you don't listen to me.
You abandon me.
Get some sleep.
- See to Santi's lunch.
- It's taken care of!
Will you pick me up from school?
Mom's going. Is her turn.
Because dad... dad can't today.
I can't today.
When are you coming?
At night no one works!
I'll haaaunt you at night!
We'll have dinner at grandad's house?
I'll touch you in the rooftops...
The day after tomorrow I have swimming.
I didn't fight! I didn't fight!
I didn't fight!
He hung up?
Santi, did he hang up?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Didn't he want to talk to me?
Is that the 'Fishing'? Lend it to me.
I know how to play.
You have to shoot it...
You know that's mine, don't you?
- That's mine.
- What do you know? We have the same.
- No! Behind it, check, it has a green mark.
Check it, monkey.
- I'm not a monkey.
- Beautiful monkey!
- Dad threw yours in our cousins' pool.
- That's true!
- Really?
- Yes.
- Was he bad?!
- A little.
- I didn't want to share so...
- Stop it!
- I'll touch on the roofs...
- I'll touch you...
- Do you like that...?
- Not much.
- I'll touch you...
- You...
Hey, I like that...
Let see. Try it harder.
- I'll touch you on the rooof...
- I'll touch you...
- That is good...
- I'll toooouch yooou...
I'll haaaaunt you at night...
- Do it for real!
- It is for real.
- Higher pitched, perhaps
- A squirrell...
Try again!
I'll haunt you at night!
- You'll own ME!
- ME!
- You don't sing that part, I do.
- Why?
- Because it's my part. You
do the backing vocals.
- Higher!
- Stop! I can't higher!
Take more air in! More air!
I'll haunt you and I'll touch you!
- Mommy!
- What!?
- I don't like brats no more, I like guys
like you described.
- Grey hair... old...
- Mature?
And the hair? Grey? Blond?
- Santi, c'mon, love,
Grandma is with friends.
- Leave him if you want.
- He can come play with my grandson anytime.
- He's living at home as well.
- Mom told me.
Did you know Pedro split up?
- Leave him with us if you
want, he's not a bother.
You have your grandson at home? I love it!
I'm more than ready to be a grandma.
No, love, no, no, no.
- Eat the ice-cream.
- No, no.
C'mon, love, grandma is with frends.
Santi, Santi.
- Let's go.
- Leave him, leave him!
You go lie down.
- And I'll stay here with him.
- Ok.
- That has alcohol in it.
- It doesn't, girl, god!
Only eat the ice-cream!
- Look out for him, mom!
- Eat the pink stuf.
- Why can't I eat more?
- Because.
Give me some.
Hi! How are you?
Santi! Santi!
What's wrong?
- Why aren't you playing?
- I am playing! I'm kicking the ball.
- But the game...
- I'm playing on my own.
- Alone?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Because.
- But they are three against two.
One's missing!
- So?
- So what?
What happened?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- What?
- Tell me what happened.
- I don't want to talk.
- Tell me what happened.
- No!
- Nothing what?
- I don't want to.
- Why?
- Because.
You promised me that he would fnish
the tiles and he hasn't even started.
The ceiling is full of humidity, Juan.
- But you keep on breaking
things, arquitect.
- We're only two!
- With us inside it'll be harder, you know?
- If you don't ask for more changes, in two weeks
I'll have the bedrooms and a bathroom.
One more, one more!
Ma! Wooo!
Ma! Wooo! Hey, the second?
- We already did it.
- The second! The second!
Are you crazy, on a motorbike? Come.
- I don't want to!
- Come, you'll give me a kiss.
C'mon, take it of. Santi!
Are you okay?
Did you get hurt?
Up, c'mon.
C'mon, the last one.
He should live with that helmet on.
- Listen, I won't be able to
bring him on Fridays anymore.
But he likes for you to see him play.
Anyway... We must convince him to stop.
- Something happened?
- The same thing as always.
- The same thing? He's perfect,
you're the one that has a bad time.
- Okay. Did you remember to
bring me clothes?
Will I see you again today?
I can't be coming and going all the time.
Wasn't that why we got the motorbike?
See you at noon on Sunday?
You shouldn't have bothered.
Thanks for bringing it.
I made some pasta...
- Hi! Don't wor...
- Sit here.
How are you? Hi...
- Say hi, kids.
- Is it good?
- Here?
- Yes, get yourself comfortable.
- Did you bring the cellphone?
- Yes, I brought it.
After dinner. Not now. Now finish.
Noodles with sauce. Do you like it?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
- Today the doctor said he was better.
They took the serum out.
- Doesn't your dad have a
cool tie to lend you?
I won't wear a tie.
- I have to search for the suit.
We need to see if it still fts you.
- Won't Julieta see it's the same
suit I wore on the last wedding?
I can't leave it like this. Gimme!
Gimme... C'mon... Slow.
Let it go. I don't to sufer any more.
I'll stay.
I'll stay.
- To keep you company. I don't
want to drive at this hour.
- Isn't the truck going to be at the
construction site tomorrow?
At seven.
- So... yes?
- Yes, very early.
The down payment has run out.
If you want them to unload,
you must pay them.
Did you wax yourself?
No. Is it wrong?
You have tits, have you noticed?
I'll lend you my computer.
Yes, I promise. I'll lend it.
Do you like this one best or the red one?
What are them, lamps?
- Lamps?
- Yes.
- For the table.
- For the house.
And do you have a table in your house?
- I'll buy it!
- Okay.
- You're short! You
have 25, you need 30.
- One more game!
- No, you'll continue at home.
- I'll stay with dad!
- C'mon Santi, I'm going.
Bye! Bye! Bye! I'm leaving.
Can I stay?
C'mon Santi!
- Listen to your mom.
- I want to stay!
You go there. We can't.
- Pleaseeee
- You can't. No, no, no.
- We'll buy pizza! I want to
show you a game.
- Let him stay, if he wants to.
- C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
- You want me coming and gong?
He has swimming tomorrow!
- Yes, but in the morning I have to receive
the truck. In the afternoon I have work.
You took on more work?
It's money!
- C'moooon.
- Let him stay if he wants to.
Do I have to take care of everhing?
Running around, everhing?
- Perect. Let's see, we'll be
staying! We'll stay!
- Bye, love. Eat, eh! Do you have
something to eat?
- What do you want to eat?
- Pizza!
Take a shower.
Let's see how it is...
- Call me if anything happens.
- We have to find a treasure.
Hi! Is your dad in?
- Let's go, let's go, he's with his son.
- Wait, wait a second.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hey, how are you?
- Take this. It's for the structures.
Tomorrow we'll settle the rest.
- Relax, we'll go now.
- Noo, stay. Come in, come in.
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
- Hi! How are you?
- This is Rocio, a friend of mine.
- Excuse me.
- Come in, come in.
Franco drew this.
- How long before you
recover the investment?
- Not before six months...
something like that.
Six to eight months, yeah.
- And to those 300 you have to deduct 40%.
In gastronomy, earings are about 60%.
So... 3 per 6 is 18... 180000 pesos
is what we'll have.
- Plenty... And if I put my 80
from the structures...
10%. 8. You're investing something like 8.
- Over 180, you say? - And... it's like
15 to 18000 pesos per month.
You have to give this things time.
As time passes, it will give you more.
- Do you understand?
- So... four to six months, uh?
Well. Take it. My share.
- Are you sure?...
- Take it, take it. It's done.
Well, so you're in!
Well, let's go, it's late. C'mon.
- Why don't you come and see it yourself?
- I'll stop by during the week.
Right now I'm with Santi, I can't.
- Come with us?
- Yeah, he'll come with us.
It's settled, Santi comes with us.
Let's go?
- It's settled.
- Yeah? Are you sure? It's for grown ups.
- Ok. A little while. Let me
change. Wait for me.
Slow! The robot, do the robot.
I want you to take me there.
Shit music...
This could be it, no?
Or this one, what do you think?
Which one do you like best?
- They're the same.
- Not they're not!
- Ok, fine. It's the same to me.
- It can't be all the same to you!
This one?... This one's fne.
- This one, no?
- Okay...
- This one's nice.
- I don't know if I like it much.
- And look at the price! We need to
buy the things for the kitchen too...
Ok. Choose it and let's be done with it.
- No, well, If you like it we'll buy it but
I think it's too much money for a faucet.
- Ok. You choose. Anyway, you
always do what you want.
- I don't know why you brought me.
- I do what I want with what?
Yes, you always decide everything.
- I decide?
- Yeah! Yeah, you always decide everhing.
- I don't understand what's wrong...
- Well... You do understand...
- Where are you going?
- I'm tired, I'll wait for you on the car.
- You beauty!
- Look! A tooth fell out!
- How terrble!
- And this one is growing.
- This one's loose... and
this one is really cute.
How cute! Don't touch them.
The baby! You don't know! Gorgeous.
- Super smart... He already crawls.
- And the house? Comfortable?
- The house... well... It's not
too big... but they're happy.
Your brothers happy! Picture that.
- Can I use it?
- No, first I've got to check some mail.
- What do you want to drink? Chocolate?
- No, Matilde already gave me.
- Oh, well... then...
- Do you have beef escalopes?
- At this hour? If you stay for dinner,
I can prepare some.
Today I have my dad, it's Tuesday.
- I brought both backpacks.
- A-ha!
What do we have here?
Look! A pajama identical to
the one I found in my bed!
- To whom does this belong?
- Dad! I forgot Milu, can we go get him?
- No, you can sleep without Milu.
- Of course, look how big you are!
Come, measure yourself to grandma.
Why, you are almost higher!
Shall we prepare the escalopes?
- Yes!
- With fries and fried egg!
You're cray!
- Is Lucia coming?
- No, she's not.
Fries and fred eggs!
- Fries! Fries! Fries! And eggs!
- Fries! Fries! Fried egg!
Come, we'll look for the gifts.
- Look how big you are!
- Hi, how are you?
- Everthing good over there?
- Nice, nice, yeah.
- Your brother's fne.
- Good.
- Found your shirts, cleaned and
ironed them. - Thanks mom.
Come, come. Grab the suitcase.
- Let's fnd the gifts.
- Suitcase?
- Yes!
- It's a little backpack, for school.
- If it wasn't for your nephew...
I wouldn't ever get on a plane again.
- Did you catch up on things?
- Yes, sure.
- They sent a certifed letter, you know?
- It's a formality, for the insurance.
- Did you see his family?
- Yes, yes, it's all good.
No one complained, he was operated
on Monday, he has a good prognosis.
- Someone got them wise and
they're gonna sue us.
- They are trustworthy, dad...
- Trustworthy?
Do you even know him?
- I talked to the law frm today.
- Do what you want, he's your employee.
Any other news?
The expo guys closed a new budget...
And... Otero took some structures.
- What did you negotiate?
- Nothing, I lent them to him.
- He opened a new place, has to wait and see.
- See that he gives everthing back, eh!
- Of course I double clicked.
- It's out of focus...
- This one... this too. All out of focus.
- Let's see...
- Did you double clicked here?
- Of course I did!
- Look at this one! Everyone is
there. The baby, look!
- Where is it?
- Ummm... where was it, Oro?
I'm a fan of Real Madrid, this sucks!
- What do you mean it sucks?
- Oh, grandma will buy you the Madrid one.
Look! It's the one Lionel uses!
- How can you be a fan of those losers?
It's the one Messi uses!
Leave him, leave him mom.
- Sofia.
- Okay, okay.
- If you didn't throw a tantrum...
Open this one, see what you think.
I saw it and I tought of you.
For the new house. Surprise.
- Watch it. It's fragile.
- It was your mom's idea.
- Bedroom furniture! Do you like it?
- Yes... a lot...
- I didn't have anything to do with it.
- And besides, socks.
From the store Lucia sent me to.
I bought for everyone.
You... Santi... Lucia... Matilde.
They will be useful in winter.
- Let's make a lot of noise
so my classmates panic!
- But you should learn to
get down by yourself, eh!
What will your classmates say otherwise?
Stop, stop, stop! Watch it,
watch it! Careful!
The arm, the arm,
we got to take out the arm!
It's stuck! Take the arm out!
- I'll put you this, and it'll cure you.
- Does it itch?
- No, it doesn't itch. Let her, Santi.
- I'll blow and it won't itch.
- It doesn't itch.
- Did you see?
I want to pee.
- Then I'll leave you, excuse me.
- Thanks.
- Look, let's not tell your mom
anything about this. It's a secret.
- Why?
- So she doesn't worry, love.
I'll wait for you outside.
To Independiente!
- No! - Shh, quiet. You
can't sleep in it. It's dirty.
What happened to you?
It fell, I didn't throw it.
What fell?
What fell? A classmate did this to you?
No, it was on the kids birthday.
- What kids?
- The sons of dad's frend.
Who? Which friend?
- I promised dad I won't tell
anyone or he'll get angry.
Santi, which friend of dad's?
Santi, c'mon, Santi.
- Santi!
- I'm asleep.
- Why do you hide it?
- Reflex.
What are you doing up?
Don't do that.
Stop it!
- The truck has a broken light,
so I don't want you to use it!
What do you mean, a broken light?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- It does not run.
- Why don't you take him in the truck,
that way you get some fresh air.
- I have to go now, mom.
- I'll stay with the kid until you return.
Go, go, so you stop busting
my balls a while.
- Can you do it? If you come, you can
do the backing vocals.
Get dressed, we aren't going to Woodstock.
This is my sister. Lucia.
They are ours... the visuals.
A frend made them... with care...
- What do I do?
- Ehhh... wires!
- And, do you like it?
- Yes.
- And the mic? You didn't give
our backing singer a mic?
- I don't want to sing.
- You're going to sing.
I don't want to, I tell you.
My sister, Lucia! A beauty, ain't she?
- It's nice.
- Yeah, I know. It's getting there.
I never came here so early.
- Don't you have a pool?
- Yes, but I've got to fx it.
It's got good acoustics.
- Flirting next to him.
- No! Are you going to put on a show?
I found you on that caf.
And your eyes fixed on me.
I looked at you and made you smile.
I see you behind my footsteps.
You hide in my shadow.
And I'm tired of playing.
Tur me on, woman, turn me on.
Tur me on, me, tur me on.
- I painted your tattoo.
- I don't like what you're doing there.
Paint it! Paint it! I'll paint your leg.
- I'll cover up your tattoo!
- I'll paint over your entire helmet!
Tattoos, goodbye!
I commend myself to the lord!
No one should see her! No one!
- No one sees her! She doesn't exist!
She's a ghost!
- Anyway, you're screwed
because I open this and...
- You can't paint my face!
- I'll paint you!
Mom! Mommy! Let's go to dad's!
Bring that one to the right!
More, more, get closer. Closer to me.
- Closer, closer, here.
- Where?
Here, closer!
- Come in.
- I won't come in, I don't want to come in.
Lucia! Ey! Lucia!
What an idiot...
- Do you want some more?
- I'll be leaving.
I think we'll have to change the roof.
I like it like this.
- It's out of fashion. They don't build
pitched roofs anymore.
How long can that take?
- Three months.
- Three months?
- Something like that. If the rest is fne,
we fumigate and change the rotten beams.
But I think it should be changed.
- Are you staying?
- What?
- If you're staying.
- No, I'm leaving.
- Which one?
- Heels. You husband likes you with heels.
You're beautiful, leave your hair be!
Where are you going like that?
And you? Do you need make up?
We play at a party.
- I can't jon you because I have to
go out with my husband. Next time.
What are you doing, idiot?
Can you call him?
Hey, hi!
How are you? The girls... but wait!
Lucia, Otero, the famous Otero.
How are you?
- Good?
- Yeah.
Do you want a daikiri?
- I don't know. Don't you
have anything else?
- It's good, eh.
- Okay.
- Can you make me a strawberry daikiri?
- Ok.
- It's really nice.
- Have you seen?
How big are they?
- Emmm... five, two and a
half, seven, four.
Come. You cannot not dance. Come on.
Let's go?
Okay, let's go.
- Let me say hi to a friend and
I'll be back. - I'll jon you.
- No, no, I'll be back.
- I'll go with you!
Thank you.
Fuck it.
Don't you ever feel like seeing me?
Don't you miss me?
- I'm not talking about that.
- Ah! I am.
- You always do what you want. "Me, me, me!"
- I didn't make you leave.
- Selfsh.
- I'm selfsh?
- Why did you want to stay?
- I was having a good time.
- You were?
- A lot.
Well, I wasn't.
- Where are you going? It isn't
this exit, it's the next one.
- What surprise?
- You'll like it.
- No.
- I promise you will.
- I don't want to!
- Shut up!
Shut up what?
He can't go there. Stop it!
- Stop it!
- I don't want to go.
- What are you, two?
- I don't care how old I am.
Move over, I can't see.
Why the angst?
It's not angst, it's hate, understand?
Why are you with me if you hate me?
- Leave me!
- I'm tring.
What are you trying? To leave me?
- Like you left cigarettes?
You come and you go.
- What?
- You're a fucking brat!
- That's what you want? Me gettin'
tired and leaving you?
- Coward.
- Coward? You went to your parents' house.
Ridiculous. Let's go?
Think I don't realize what you're dong?
Ay, ay, ay, you're angry.
I can't get out, fuck!
- Stop fucking around,
you'll get busted, idiot!
Go inside!
Stop it! Let me go.
Are you crazy? What are you doing? Stop!
Stop it, stop it, stop it.
Leave me, stop it, no!
I don't want to, stop it!
Yes, we'll leave. Thanks.
- Are we okay?
- Yes.
- I'm showing them the way.
- Grab onto him, eh!
- This is the road home.
- They'll like our home, you know?
- Which one is Perla?
- Perla is the blackest one.
- The blackest one or the whitest one?
- No, the black one. And the other is...
- Trn.
- Trn.
Dad! Here!
- Hello, little one.
- Hi!
Dad, can you take me?
What are you doing with those dogs?
- Where did you get them?
- Mom bought them!
- If we split them up, they'll get sad.
- Where's mom?
Inside. Can we take them?
- No! Where?
- To my grandparents house!
- There's no place in the house.
Watch it, you're choking them.
- He's heavy!
- Leave him there.
No, what are you doing? He'll run away!
- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
Who wants some food?
- How are you? I tought something
happened to you, I was worried!
Your phone?
Did you lose it?
I made sixteen phone calls!
And why should I pick up?
- Because you're with Santi. You can go to
hell, but Santi is mine also, understand?
- I didn't go anywhere,
don't you see me here?
Where are you going? No!
- What?
- Look what I taught Perla!
- She looks for the stick.
- Cute.
- Pa, come, look!
- I'm gong, I'm going.
I'll go and play with the beautiful
dogs you bought for us.
- Look what I taught Perla.
- What does she do?
- I taught her trcks.
- Yeah? What tricks?
- A lot. With the sticks and other things.
Look how they play with the leaves.
How cute!
- Want to teach them tricks?
- Yeah.
- I taught them to follow
me whem I raise my hand.
- She's leaving!
- C'mon, c'mon!
Look how she plays with the stick...
Look how she bites her tail!
That one is great!
I'll help you.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Let's tear everhing down.
Let's tear everthing down like this!
So you won't get bored.
Are you happy, eh? With
your mom, the brats?
- You have no place for me. I don't exist.
- Neither do I for you.
- Pa!
- What?
- I heard some noises!
- Nothing's wrong!
It's me, love, some wooden slats fell.
You want to hurt him? Break everhing!
- You won't use him.
- Hurt him! Break everything! You love it.
- Here. Take it. So you can
keep playing house.
Santi! Let's go!
- Santi! Santi!
- You won't take him!
- We have to go to my parents house!
They're waiting for us!
Fuck you.
You're an asshole.
Here you go!
Stop it! Enough!
I grabbed you!
Stop it! Enough! Let me go!
Let me go, let me go!
Stop it! Stop it!
Let's go Santi, c'mon!
- Take the dogs in, we're leaving.
- Dad will take me...
- You won't stay with dad,
you'll stay with me.
Dad told me I could take them!
- Another day you take them, not today.
- No! Now! Today!
C'mon, you're choking them! C'mon!
- C'mon love, take him in.
- No.
Today's my turn to go with dad!
- Santi, c'mon take the dog in.
- No.
Another day we'll take him.
- Why?
- Because we can't!
- Dad lets me! Dad lets me! I don't
ever want to sleep with you again!
- Okay. Deal with your dad then.
He's inside.
- How are you?
- Hi, did you oversleep?
Yes, do you want some tea?
Ok. A quick one.
Which tea do you want?
Regular tea.
How are you?
You left Santi early today.
I hereby declare you husband and wife.
Witnesses, please.
The notebook!
- Can I have more?
- Yes, love.
- A picture for the bride and groom?
- I don't want to go to the par.
- Can I go to dad's?
- We'll see.
It itches!
- Wants to go with you. Can you take him?
- Yes, yes.
- Anyway, when I'm done
here I'll pick him up.
I can take him tomorrow.
It suits you.
Here comes the brde and groom!
- Do you want some?
- Yes.
Long live the bride and groom!