Airport (1970) Movie Script

Attention. Attention, please.
Continental Airlines announces
the departure of Flight 3
for Los Angeles and Honolulu
at Gate 28, the Blue Concourse.
Global 45, Lincoln Tower.
Cleared to land,
runway two-niner.
Wind one-five, gusting to two-five.
Roger. Cleared to land.
Runway in sight.
Lincoln Tower from Global 45.
I think we cut the taxiway a little
too short and we're stuck in the snow.
Please notify company dispatch.
I think we'll need assistance.
We've got a condition four
on two-niner at taxiway Echo.
Right. Change traffic to runway two-two.
Two-niner's closed.
Trans World 17.
I have a change now.
Taxi to runway two-two.
Runway two-niner is closed.
Air Canada ninety-niner,
move to taxiway Bravo immediately.
Emergency equipment
will pass to your left. Over.
Runway two-niner closed,
account disabled aircraft.
Two-two approach.
Runway two-niner is closed.
All right, we'll stay
with two-two with everything.
Global 10, Lincoln Tower,
cleared for takeoff.
For this food, your many blessings
and your bounteous goodness
we give thanks to thee
in the name of Jesus Christ.
Hello, Mel? I'm glad I caught
you before you got away.
We just lost runway two-niner.
A tail sticking out
onto the runway about 20 yards.
I don't know. Could be a long time.
All right. I'll go right out there.
Air Canada Flight 425
from Quebec will arrive at Gate 44-A,
the Green Concourse.
Mel, Tanya.
How about some coffee?
- I just found something.
- I just lost something.
Runway two-niner.
Oh no. Snow?
One of your jockeys missed a turnoff,
buried the wheels.
- No one told us.
- It just happened.
Flight 45. I'm on my way.
- Any casualties?
- Just me.
There's bound to be a passenger
with a $50-wrenched back.
I'd better get there
with some release forms
and plenty of sympathy
and understanding.
May I ride with you?
- See you downstairs.
- Good.
Mr. Bakersfeld, white phone.
Where the hell are you?
I'm on my way to the field.
We've got an emergency.
You said you'd be home at 6:00.
You promised me you
wouldn't miss this dinner.
You promised that a week ago.
A week ago, I didn't know
we'd have the worst storm in six years.
You've always got some damn excuse.
I'll call you back.
Let me take that for you, ma'am.
You'll be much warmer in the bus.
I'm sorry this happened.
Captain wants you to take off
as much weight as possible
then hook onto the nose gear
and tow it out with a tractor.
Buried like that, the nose gear
would never stand the strain.
That's what I told him.
I think we ought to use pneumatic
bags to lift the wings.
Could take most of tomorrow.
I want that runway cleared tonight.
Look, I know you're doing
everything you can
but if I can con TWA
into giving us Patroni, will you object?
No, Joe can have all the tries he wants.
- Mr. Bakersfeld.
- Yes?
Snow desk!
- Yes, Danny?
- I'm calling Patroni.
Stand by on mobile phone.
- Hello. Joe?
- Hi, Mel.
Save your breath.
Danny gave me the poop.
Tonight I'm not available.
Joe, I need you right away.
I got 14 on the ground
and 18 stacked upstairs.
I've got our five kids
stacked away at my mother's
so that me and Marie
could be alone for a while.
Tell Marie I'm sorry
to louse up her evening
but I need two-niner badly.
Can't the Global crew handle it?
Well, they're having a conference
now to decide what to do.
But I need somebody who knows,
a genius like Patroni.
Hold the whipped cream.
I've just had dessert.
All right, I'll be there.
In the meantime,
give everybody a shovel
have them start digging a ten-degree
incline in front of the wheels.
Right. Out.
Joe, do you have to go to
work on a night like this?
They don't call them emergencies anymore.
They call them Patronis.
I suppose you'll be late?
I'll be back in time, if I have to pull
that plane out with my teeth.
What's this you found
I should know about?
Your brother-in-law was on
the snow clearance committee today.
My boss got a copy of the report.
I can guess what it says.
"The airport", meaning me, "has been
inefficient in snow clearance".
"Grossly inefficient".
"Causing flight delays"
"loss of revenue
to all airlines, etc."
Signed, captain Vernon
Demerest, Chairman.
How can he say a thing like this?
Because he's a no-good,
irresponsible louse
who can't pass up
the opportunity to knife me.
Global 1, Snow Desk.
Where are you?
Coming up to the ramp.
Commissioner Ackerman wants you
at the street side of the terminal.
- Trouble.
- I'm on my way.
Close Down Runway 22.
Close Down Runway 22.
Keep moving, please.
Keep moving, please.
Mr. Harold Porter
please come to Braniff
information counter.
They'll break it up soon and go home.
After the TV cameras get a few shots.
The lawyer they hired yesterday
arranged for news coverage.
That's all we need.
I'd better get in touch
with the other commissioners
and tell them about this.
Afterwards, we'll meet
in the boardroom, you and I
and see what we can figure out
to calm those people down.
I'll call you.
Hi, sis. I thought Vern
was on Flight Two tonight.
He is.
You're sure here early enough.
Well, what with the weather
and the traffic
Vernon didn't want to take
a chance on being late.
But we just sailed right along.
Skycap 14.
First, I thought they were
pilots picketing you.
I was all set to join them.
I heard about your report.
Besides everything else
now you're an authority
on snow clearance?
I call them as I see them.
Then you're due for an eye check.
For your information, clearing
those runways and taxiways
is the equivalent of 700 miles
of two-lane highway.
Well, what do you know.
And I'll bet you measured
every foot of it by yourself.
We've also had ten inches
of snow in the last 24 hours.
Anchorage had twice as much,
and they're clean.
They've got twice the equipment.
Well, then get some more.
This isn't Alaska.
You don't spend an extra
two million dollars for machinery
you might use once in ten years.
You buy for the average snowfall.
When emergency hits you use
what you have
and you work around the clock.
Sitting behind that desk has made
you think like a bookkeeper.
I didn't always fly a desk.
Well, all right, Daddy.
Now, you tell me all about
when you were a war hero.
You flew those pursuit jobs
you could land in a parking lot.
When I'm setting down
over 200.000 pounds of 707
I want something under my wheels
that's plenty long and mighty dry.
It'll be dry tonight,
but not too long.
Two-niner's closed.
The pilot from your Flight 45
made a shortcut across the field,
and he didn't make it.
Well, what are you doing about it?
Well, when the snow melts in April,
we'll get it out.
What the hell do you think
I'm doing about it?
Now stop that, both of you.
You're right. It's a waste of time
arguing with a penguin.
Have a good flight, dear.
What do you want me
to bring you back from Rome?
Just yourself.
Maybe if you have the time
I could use a pair of white gloves.
Size six and a half, right?
I'm the one who wears
a size seven and a half.
American Airlines
Flight 103 for St. Louis
is now in the final boarding...
Hey, now, that's a good idea, Mel
using little old ladies for skycaps.
You keep that up.
You're doing a good job.
For my sake, be patient with him.
How you can live with
that over-aged juvenile
delinquent I'll never know.
There's just the two of us.
If I left him, what would I have?
Would you have any more
if he decided to leave you?
He won't.
The moment a girl gets too serious,
he waves his wedding ring like a flag.
I'm his disaster insurance.
More like group insurance.
Thanks for caring, Mel.
Don't worry.
Someday he'll come home
for some other reason
than to just change his clothes.
Well, I hope so.
That's for me. Goodbye, dear.
Lufthansa Flight 82 for Frankfurt...
No, no.
No, I'll take care of it myself.
Will miss Pamela Blake
report to the lost and found
in the baggage claim area.
Vern, we just don't have time.
But I have a cab waiting downstairs.
We can make the airport in 15 minutes.
The driver doesn't mind waiting.
His meter's running, and so is mine.
But I've got to finish packing.
You get me up to full throttle
then throw me into reverse.
You could damage my engine that way.
Look, we'll be in Rome tomorrow.
We'll have three days.
Try a little patience.
Or a cold shower.
Think about something else.
That I like.
You can see right through it.
- Who's in the right-hand seat tonight?
- I am.
- Demoted?
- No. It's a pilot check flight.
I'm checking Anson Harris.
He's been a captain for years.
So have I but that doesn't matter.
Somebody got to check you out
every six months
just to make sure
you don't pick up any bad habits.
Such as nuzzling stewardesses.
Does he hold on
to the control too firmly?
Or can he sort of coax them
along with just his fingers?
Look, we still have to...
Go and wash it.
Of course.
When he's stacked up
and can't get clearance to land
how does he take it?
He controls his emotions and says
"Better luck next time".
You and your roommate have enough
china, glasses and booze
for a round trip to Australia.
That's not all our loot.
The girls in the building
have been contributing.
Gracie's getting married.
We're giving her a party.
If you could hijack a 707
you could start your own airline.
We thought of that
but none of us has a pilot's license.
With the kind of fringe benefits
you girls have to offer
I could get you a crew right now.
Mel? Joe.
I'm stuck in traffic on Carlton Road,
just east of Mannheim.
A tractor-trailer jackknifed
and flipped over.
It's lying on its side
like a drunken dinosaur.
Joe, I need two-niner awful bad.
If you're not out in 15 minutes
call me back
and I'll get the Highway Patrol
to bring you in.
What else can go wrong?
I better get up
and check the snow desk.
I'll be back in time for his call.
You're not going anywhere.
You're exhausted.
You've been rushing
around for three days.
I've got to get up there.
Why do you have to do
everything yourself?
You've got an assistant.
Let Mike do it.
Sit down and relax.
I'll fix you some coffee
and a sandwich.
One thing you should do.
You promised to call your wife back.
Bakersfeld residence.
Libby speaking.
This is mr. Bakersfeld talking.
Daddy! Isn't this snow super?
Baby, it's cool. Real cool.
Robbie, daddy's on the phone!
- Hello, dad.
- Hi, Robbie.
Are you coming home tonight?
At the moment, honey,
I'm not so sure.
You see...
Say good night, girls.
Mommy wants to talk to daddy.
Good night, daddy.
Good night, dad.
You hung up on me before.
Don't ever do that again.
I'm sorry, but I was rushing
to get out onto the field.
Well, all right, all right.
We don't have time to argue
about it now.
You have a dinner jacket there.
Meet me at the hotel.
I told you, I can't make it.
We've got an emergency.
I have to stay here,
probably all night.
You can't.
You can't keep doing this to me.
Listen to me, Cindy.
In the past month you've scheduled me
for seven of those charity wing dings.
I've made four of them.
That's not a bad batting average.
I'm not a ball game
where you keep score.
I'm your wife.
Try to remember it and think
of my position for a change.
Well, that's a hell of a thing to say.
I'm only thinking about you.
This isn't just another dinner.
Dad'll be there and he wants
to talk to you.
He's been talking to me for 15 years
and I've said no for 15 years.
And why?
It's a wonderful opportunity.
I would think that you two
would have gotten the message by now.
I'm not interested
in your father's job.
I've been in aviation for 20 years.
That's what I'm trained for,
that's what I like and that's my life.
Yes, and what kind of a life.
This would give you regular hours.
We'd have a chance to be together,
and with our children.
And your income would be
three times what it is now.
Sure, sure.
We can join the country club
and get a bigger house.
What's wrong with that?
Now let's get something straight.
I'll support my family my way,
on the income from my job.
And you don't give a damn
about our future.
At the moment, I'm just trying
to survive the present.
Well, maybe you won't have to.
What the hell does that mean?
You figure it out.
This room's empty.
Why don't you have your coffee
in here and lie down for a minute?
Hey, guess what?
Miller says they just picked up
a stowaway from LA on Flight 86.
That makes four this month.
BOAC had one on Monday, a 16-year-old.
If you're wondering if we had
another fight, the answer is no.
Just a continuation of the same one.
But I guess I'm just as much
to blame as she is.
She's right.
I look for excuses not to go home.
Hello. Joe? Harry.
Yes, all right. I'll be right there.
A couple of you guys
get on the nose wheel.
- How deep should we go?
- Go down about 3 feet.
If we're gonna do it this way,
we need a lot more men.
All right, I'll try to round up
some for you.
Maybe there's an easier way.
Captain Demerest has a good idea.
Why don't you tell mr. Bakersfeld?
I've got an idea that'll make you
Aviation Man of the Year.
And captain Benson agrees with me.
We put pneumatic jacks under
the jacking plates and you lift her.
When you get her high enough,
you just fill in
plank over and roll her off
on the flat.
If every jack isn't absolutely level,
she'll slide off
and you'll have a hole
in the wing and the fuel tank.
I'll stick with Patroni's judgment.
Okay, you do it the hard way.
But get this thing out of here 'cause
I'm not taking off on two-two.
You'll use what's available.
If it's two-two,
I'm not using noise abatement
and I'm not cutting back on power
over those houses.
So unless you want a big
fat bill for cracked plaster
and broken dishes
you'd better move this thing.
Keep digging.
Another pilot comes up with an idea
like that, hand him a shovel.
Yes, Peter?
Mrs. Livingston, I've got that stowaway
that mr. Miller told you about.
Bring him in.
Hello, I'm mrs. Ada Quonsett.
I'm mrs. Livingston. Pleased to...
I mean, won't you... Sit down.
Thank you, my dear.
It was a long walk from that gate.
We've got a little talking to do.
I think you'd better lock that door.
I see you've done this sort
of thing before.
Yes, my dear.
But it's against the law.
Why do you do it?
You see, I'm a widow, and I have
a married daughter in New York.
Sometimes I get lonely for her
and for the grandchildren.
So I go to the airport in Los Angeles
and get on a plane that's
going to New York.
And then I'm ready to go home,
it's, well, vice versa.
Just like that, without a ticket?
My dear, I couldn't possibly
afford a ticket.
I just have my Social Security
and this small pension
that my late husband left me.
Have you ever been a stowaway
on any other airline?
Yes. But I like Trans Global the best.
Well, it's nice to meet
a satisfied customer.
How about Patroni?
Highway Patrol's bringing him in.
How long before he'll be here?
Half an hour.
Good. Now I'll have that sandwich.
I'm starving. I haven't eaten
since about...
I'm sorry, I...
No, no. Don't go away.
I'd like you to meet mrs. Quonsett.
The stowaway
I was talking about before.
This is mr. Bakersfeld, general manager
of the airport.
How do you do?
It's a pleasure to meet
someone so important.
I'm pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Don't go. Come, sit with us.
Have a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
Perhaps mr. Bakersfeld could impress
upon mrs. Quonsett
that this isn't
a very nice thing to do.
Mrs. Livingston hasn't been able to.
Yes, mrs. Quonsett.
What you've done is dishonest.
You've broken the law.
You've defrauded Trans Global.
Don't you realize
they can prosecute you?
But they wouldn't, would they?
I don't think it'd be very good
public relations
for a big airline to prosecute
a little old lady
just because she wanted
to visit her daughter.
- May I have one?
- Well, sure.
I didn't eat much on the plane.
The beef was a little too well done
and the salad dressing
had garlic in it.
I think you should tell them, my dear
that very often,
elderly people can't tolerate garlic.
Gives them gas.
Well, I'll certainly mention it
to our chef.
Thank you.
Not at all.
Now look, mrs. Quonsett
since you've had so much
free travel from Trans Global
the least you could do is tell us
how you get aboard our flights.
Well, my dear, I use many methods.
But mostly, I like to be
in the airport early enough
to get me a boarding pass.
But our boarding passes
are ticket folders.
Yes, I know.
I go to a counter
and tell them I've lost mine
and may I please have another one.
I always pick a counter
where the clerks are busy
and lots of people are waiting.
They always give me one.
But it's just a blank folder.
It isn't made out as a gate pass.
I do that myself in the ladies' room.
I know from experience
just what to write.
I carry one of these big black pencils
like the airlines use in my purse.
See? Yes, I do.
I'll keep that, if you don't mind.
Well, it's really mine.
But if you want it,
I suppose I can get another one.
So now you have a boarding pass,
mrs. Quonsett. What then?
Well, then I go to the departure gate.
Coffee? No, thank you.
I wait till the young man
checking tickets there is busy
and then I walk past him
and onto the plane.
Do you hear that, mr. Coakley?
And no one stops you,
not even the stewardesses?
If you get on late enough,
they're hanging up coats, you know
and talking to the men.
I just show them
my folder quickly, you see.
I'll keep that, too.
But I'm sure you don't always use
a boarding pass.
Sometimes I tell them
that my son has gone aboard
but he dropped his wallet.
I carry a man's wallet in my hand...
That works best of all.
I must say, mrs. Quonsett,
you have everything
figured out very carefully.
My late husband taught me
to be thorough.
He was a teacher of geometry.
He always said:
"You must consider every angle."
My late husband was a lawyer,
and he always said:
"Watch out for sweet-looking,
innocent little old ladies."
I'm beginning to understand
what he meant.
So you're a widow, too.
I'm sorry, my dear.
But you're young and attractive,
and I'm sure...
Let's confine the conversation to you,
mrs. Quonsett.
We're sending you back to Los Angeles
on the next flight.
Yes, my dear. I was afraid of that.
Well, I would like a cup of tea first.
So I'll go now and you can tell me
when you want me back.
No, you're not going anywhere alone.
Mrs. Quonsett will be on Flight 103
and stick with her every second
until departure time.
- Don't let her out of your sight.
- Yes, ma'am.
She'll need a ticket.
Yes. That'll be a change, won't it?
I'll make out an order.
May I please have my tea now?
Yes, you may.
Where are you going?
Can't I have it
in the Commander's Club?
No, that's for members only.
But I have a card.
This card says "Mrs. Henry Jackson".
Gertrude's a friend of mine.
She lets me use it when I'm traveling.
Well, we'll send it back to Gertrude
with a very strong letter.
We'll go this way, mrs. Quonsett.
Goodbye, ma'am.
You've been very nice.
Thank you.
I don't believe it.
I just don't believe it.
And you were a big help,
giving her that VIP treatment
deference, courtesy, sandwiches.
I'm surprised you didn't break open
a bottle of champagne.
If there'd been one around,
I would have.
She deserves it.
She's fabulous.
She just sat there laughing at us.
Take it easy.
There have been stowaways since
the Egyptians first sailed the Red Sea.
And when they caught them,
they tossed them overboard.
The airlines won't do a thing about it,
and she knows it.
Crafty little old biddy.
Come on now. Relax.
After all, she only stole a ride,
not a plane.
I know but...
Mel, they've been pressuring me
about that transfer to San Francisco.
I think I'll take it.
The pay is better...
and the change of climate
will do me good.
- No snow.
- Yes.
It's a beautiful city.
I'll miss you.
Will you? Enough not to let me go?
I'm sorry.
I had no right to say that.
You've been honest
with me from the beginning.
No false hopes, no promises.
I'm not as honest as you think.
I said I invented excuses
not to go home, and that's true.
But I didn't mention the real reason
I needed to stay here.
I tell myself I've got
to try to hold things together
for the sake of the children.
But I'm not sure
that's true or even kind.
They know what's going on,
and it's hurting them.
Especially Roberta.
Then I think about
my mother and father.
God knows
they had their ups and downs.
But somehow they, well,
they worked it out.
I feel I ought to be able to do
the same or else I've failed.
And I don't like to fail.
I don't know what to do about it.
Maybe you love your wife
more than you realize.
No. No. Not for a long time now.
The only thing we've got left
in common is the same address.
I'm not pressing you, Mel.
I wouldn't play
that kind of game with you.
But I think I'd better
take that job in San Francisco.
Mrs. Livingston?
Excuse me, mrs. Livingston,
but Customs just called.
The chief would like you to come down.
He says it's rather important.
All right.
Seems that one of our passengers
is demanding to speak
to someone in authority
from Trans Global.
Will you explain to this man
that we're no longer living
in the Dark Ages.
That nowadays, stores in this country
import clothes from France?
If you'd bothered to look,
you'd see the Bergdorf Goodman labels.
I did bother to look,
madam, rather closely.
I find the sewing
of the labels isn't up
to Bergdorf's usual standard.
They're always very professional,
very neat.
As you can see...
this is a pretty sloppy job.
But I suppose everybody's having trouble
getting good help these days.
Especially the Customs Service.
Will mr. Henry Oliver come
to the cashier's window, please?
What's the matter, boy?
Is something the matter?
Your collar's too tight.
Officer, about the fur and the dresses,
perhaps I did make a mistake.
I did buy them there,
and there are some other things...
I'm sorry, madam.
Check everything
else very carefully.
Inspect the lining
of the bags and the cases.
- Make a list.
- Yes, sir.
Sorry, fella.
I'd like to change that declaration,
please, officer. I beg of you.
- My husband...
- Why don't you sit down?
This may take quite some time.
When will they ever learn?
The duty would have been
about one-tenth
of what the fine is going to be.
You are amazing.
I never would have suspected her.
Well, after 30 years,
you kind of know.
First, I look in their eyes,
and then the luggage.
Thanks for coming down.
Now, may I ask you another favor?
If you want me to smuggle anything in,
the answer is no.
My sister's girl, Judy Barton
is gonna be on your number two flight
to Rome tonight.
Can you get her a window seat?
I'm sure of it.
Mrs. Livingston?
With this weather,
do you think it'll get off on time?
Flight Two, the Golden Argosy
will depart for Rome on schedule.
Good. Fine. Thank you.
I thought you said
you were leaving tomorrow.
No, I said I have to start
work tomorrow.
I've gotta be in Milwaukee tonight.
This isn't another one of those
"hello, good-bye" jobs, is it?
I talked to mr. Williams himself.
$175 a week.
This is a 30-story building.
The job will last
eight months at least.
I hope so.
This time, do me one favor.
If your boss says two and two are six,
agree with him.
Whatever way he wants
to do anything, that's my way.
Don't lose your temper.
And Williams said
that after the job in Milwaukee
they're gonna build
a new building in Detroit.
He even said that they may subcontract
the excavating to me.
Be satisfied that you're working.
I am.
You'll see. Everything will be fine.
It's gonna be the way it used to be.
Nothing's the way it used to be.
I'm not complaining.
You never do.
How you could stick with me...
For better or for worse.
I meant what I said.
It's gonna be better again, I promise.
You know, I've got ideas.
The kids won't have to live
with your sister anymore.
And you're gonna have money
and a nice home and clothes.
Stop. Stop dreaming.
Just hold on to the job.
I'll do it right this time.
I won't mess it up.
How are you gonna get to Milwaukee?
The bus. It leaves in
just a few minutes.
I've got enough for that
and then I can draw an advance
on my salary tomorrow.
But I will need something
for a hotel room tonight.
If you could let me have ten...
All I got is enough to put something
on the rent.
Dom, the silverware is gone.
My watch is gone.
My mother's ring.
Don't pawn that.
I can give the landlord
another hard luck story.
Goodbye, Dom.
I haven't been a very good provider
but I will be, I promise you that.
Goodbye, Inez.
I love you. I want you
to always remember that.
That's highway robbery.
Why the airlines don't provide
free transportation, I'll never know.
Look, mister, I don't own the bus.
I just drive it. $2.
- You're holding up the line.
- Here. Here.
Hi, Anson.
What are you doing here so early?
Trying to impress your check pilot?
I thought you'd give me
an "A" for effort.
No. We're using 324 tonight.
On her last flight, number two engine
gave them some trouble.
I want to see what
maintenance did about it.
Hope they gave us a new one.
They even replaced all the wiring.
Just to be on the safe side.
That's the side I like to be on.
What's the matter?
I was just thinking about
the last time you checked me out.
You marked me down for not wearing
a regulation shirt.
I was just hoping to get even.
Not a chance.
Knowing how tough you can be
tonight I even polished my wings.
Thanks, fellas.
I tried to get some more help,
but no luck.
I only got 20 men out there.
I knew you'd blow it.
So I did a little phoning from my car.
I got 50.
Where'd you get them from?
Braniff, Delta, Continental.
We're not like the stiffs
in the front office
who wear ties and spend their time
stealing passengers from each other.
Maintenance, it's like a circus.
If one of us gets in trouble,
he yells "Hey, Rube".
They all come running.
Let's get going.
I got a beautiful dame
waiting for me at home.
We should be above this
in about 20 minutes or so.
Let's hope.
Did you forget something?
No. Just checking the Rome weather.
It's not too cold and sunny.
As usual, I've brought
the wrong clothes.
I don't have a thing to wear.
I'll have this mother out
of here by midnight.
Stop worrying.
In that case,
the party starts at 12:01.
I'll settle for a box of cigars.
See you later.
You keep leaning on that shovel, Jack,
you're gonna freeze solid
like Lot's wife.
We want to move this airplane
before it becomes obsolete.
The way you guys keep heading
for this bus
looks like you got a broad
stashed in there.
Everybody out!
I gotta get warm.
Attention. Attention, please,
ladies and gentlemen.
Trans Global Airlines regrets to announce
that the Golden Argosy Flight Two to Rome
will not depart until 11:00 p.m.
We are indeed sorry...
No more than an hour.
...but this is due to the condition
of the highways
which is causing unavoidable delays
to ground transportation.
So those of you on Flight Two
to Rome, don't worry.
They're going to hold the plane.
Just relax.
I'll get you there in time.
They could have decided
that before we left the terminal.
Making us sit here and worry.
It's inexcusable.
Go away! Your nose is running.
...221 for Denver.
Will all passengers holding tickets
for Continental Flight 221 to Denver
please report
to the Continental ticket counter
to arrange for a complimentary dinner.
Of course, if it's not crowded, I...
Here's the ticket. It's Flight 103.
Thank you.
No, you don't.
My, she has a suspicious nature.
Go on. You were saying that you prefer
the flights that aren't direct.
Yes. That's why your Flight 86
is my favorite.
St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago.
But I should think that they check
at all the intermediate stops.
I pretend to be asleep.
Usually they don't disturb me.
But this time they caught you.
It was that man sitting next to me.
I confided in him
and he betrayed me
to the stewardess.
He was a policeman from San Diego.
I think they should make them
always wear their uniforms.
Otherwise, how's a person to know?
Hi, Mel. I was just
gonna have you paged.
I had to go out on the field.
We got trouble.
I was talked to the lawyer
for the Meadowood people.
He says unless we stop planes
from taking off over
their houses by midnight
he's starting a damage suit
first thing in the morning,
for $10 million.
That's a nice, round figure,
but he hasn't got a prayer.
He might not win, but he can sue.
And any legal action will only make
our public relations
worse than they already are.
And that's something
the other commissioners and I
don't want to risk.
What do you propose to do?
There's only one answer.
Shut down runway two-two and cut out
the noise over Meadowood.
With two-niner out, that closes
down the airport completely.
Only until morning.
After all you've promised them
dozens of times
you wouldn't disturb their sleep.
I promised them we wouldn't take off
over their houses
unless there was an emergency
and I promised them something else.
In the foreseeable future
the noise problem
would not get any better.
If you don't want to spend
a couple of months in court
you'd better start
conning them a little.
You think lying to them is the answer?
There's your answer.
A modern, expanded airport
big and efficient enough
to take anything the designers
can throw at us.
That means buying up Meadowood
and rezoning it for industrial use
so the noise won't make
any difference.
I didn't come here to talk about
the future of aviation.
You better start.
And you better start looking
ahead a few years.
What are we gonna do about
these jumbos that seat 500 passengers?
How will we get the people
to and from the airport?
Save that for the women's clubs
and the Rotary luncheons.
We've got to be practical.
Sure, sure. Ignore it.
Don't stick your neck out.
It's about time that you
and the other commissioners
began fighting for a bond issue
to finance this kind of an airport
instead of running around checking
to see if the toilets flush.
I don't think insulting me
will solve anything
so why don't we get back
to our immediate problem?
We've got to make
a decision about tonight.
I've made it.
The airport's staying open.
Stop being so bull-headed.
Think of the consequences.
Don't talk to me about consequences.
When Congress voted
to cut airport appropriations
you never even sent in
a letter of protest.
Where were you when the airlines
and the pilots and the rest of us
were pleading for more airports
and better traffic control?
You were picking out
the colors in the ladies' lounge.
So now you've got your consequences,
congested air traffic
where Sunday pilots hold up airliners
with thousands of people aboard
and force us to stack up planes bound
for New York as far away as Denver.
When it comes to politics,
you're a child.
Two of our councilmen
live in Meadowood.
Think what they can do to us downtown.
I'm thinking of those pilots
upstairs waiting to land
flying blind in that muck
and circling in holding patterns
and praying to God
that some tired, overworked
underpaid controller in the tower
doesn't have another plane
on the same course.
You can call it pigheaded,
call it anything you want.
But as long as we're not below
FAA minimums, we're not closing down.
All right, if that's
the way you want it.
I'm calling the other commissioners
and I'll let you know
what our decision is within an hour.
That's your privilege.
You hired me. You've got
the right to fire me.
But until you do,
this airport is staying open.
Do you wish to make a reservation?
No, I don't.
Could you please tell me
if there's a flight to Rome tonight?
Yes. Our Golden Argosy, Flight Two.
It departs at 10:00 p.m.
Only tonight, it's delayed one hour
due to weather conditions.
Could you... It's very
important to me to find out
if somebody's on that flight.
His name is D.O. Guerrero.
I'm terribly sorry. We're not allowed
to give out that information.
You don't understand.
The person I'm asking
about is my husband.
Well, I'm sorry,
but it's a company rule.
You might go out to the airport
if you can get there before
they board the flight
you could see your husband
if he's there.
I see.
That's the only way, I suppose.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you for calling Trans Global.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
I tried.
But we were in a hurry, and...
You're sure?
Do you mean am I sure I'm pregnant
or am I sure you're the father?
Come on, Gwen. I didn't...
The answer to both questions is yes.
You know I wasn't asking...
You have a perfect right to.
I want you to know something, Vern.
That there hasn't been
anyone else but you.
You see, there couldn't be.
I happen to love you.
I'm afraid I was careless.
I stopped taking the pills
because they were
making me gain weight.
So instead of being plump,
I'm pregnant.
Stop twisting your wedding ring.
I know you've got a wife.
I know you can't marry me.
I knew it in the beginning.
I won't make things difficult for you.
I'll work it out myself.
Don't be ridiculous.
You don't think I'd walk out
and ignore the whole thing?
I'll take care of you.
I'll make sure you don't go
to some butcher
two flights up over a drugstore.
I hear Sweden's the best place.
Good doctors, good hospitals,
medically safe.
It's very quick, very simple.
One minute you have it,
next minute you don't.
There's no danger of complications.
That is, no physical complications.
I'm not so sure about the moral ones.
You have religious scruples?
No. No...
But the strangest thing
happened to me today
when the doctor told me.
I mean, I've known other girls
in the same situation
toss it off with bad jokes like,
"I've got a bun in the oven"
or "Captain, we've got an
extra passenger on board".
I knew I'd react the same way.
Very modern, very sophisticated.
But I certainly didn't.
I was suddenly filled
with a sense of wonder and awe.
I don't want to sound
mystical or anything
but I am carrying someone
who's part of us.
I'm not so sure I want to lose it.
And if you have the baby, then what?
Well, I suppose adoption
would be the answer.
They're very careful nowadays.
They find the right family.
They're very careful,
all the arrangements are made beforehand.
And the records are kept secret,
you know.
And you'll never see the baby.
I suppose in time I'll be sensible
but I've gotta have time to think.
Vern, thank you for caring.
Most men would have said
"So long, girl. Tough luck."
Not this one.
You know, I think you really
do love me a little.
It makes it harder to decide,
but easier to bear.
- Something wrong?
- The air vent was stuck.
The captain fixed it.
Full throttle!
All the way!
You chickened out on me.
I told you I wanted
all the power you got.
Full throttle and this plane
would be standing on its nose.
You may fly these things
but I take them apart
and put them together again.
If you had any guts,
we'd be on the runway by now.
You felt it vibrating?
Another ten seconds
and we'd have had structural damage.
Who do you think you're talking to
some kid that fixes bicycles?
I know every inch of the 707.
Take the wings off this
and you could use it as a tank.
This plane is built
to withstand anything
except a bad pilot.
All right, hold it! Hold it!
This kind of talk will get us nowhere.
You might tell your mechanic
I've got three million miles
in the air.
And two and a half feet in the ground.
Let's stop wasting time.
What do we do now?
Now we gotta dig a lot deeper
put lumber under the wheels.
But the next time we try,
since he's afraid, I'll drive it out.
I'm not turning this ship over
to anybody
without authorization
from our chief pilot.
I phoned Kettering,
but there's no answer.
I guess we just sit here
till you get him.
No, we don't, we haven't got time.
You're not in the air,
you're on the ground.
My ground. And you're blocking
my primary runway.
I'm not using full power.
It's too risky.
Then I'll make the decision.
I'll take the responsibility
for the aircraft.
Mr. Patroni is licensed to taxi.
He'll take over.
If he tears this ship apart, I hope
you've got $8 million to pay for it.
Joe, my neck's out about 14 feet.
You sure it'll work?
Let's put it this way.
You promised me a box of cigars
if I pulled this off, right?
What are you standing here for?
Go get them.
The bus from downtown terminal
is just coming in.
Your attention, please.
Trans Global Airlines, the Golden Argosy,
Flight Two, non-stop to Rome
is now ready for boarding.
All passengers holding
confirmed reservations
please proceed to Gate 33
on Concourse D.
The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel.
The Catacombs.
My dear late husband and I
always planned to visit there.
"See Rome and die" he always said.
But he died just when we were packing.
- Oh gee... That's too bad.
- Yes.
So near and yet so far.
What's wrong?
Oh dear... Oh dear...
- What is it?
- I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I'm having
one of my spells.
I'll get help. I'll call for a doctor.
I'll be all right.
I've had these for years. It'll pass.
Oh dear. If I could just lie down
for a little while.
I saw a cot in the ladies'
room a little while ago.
I'll help you. Come on. Take it easy.
Sure you're gonna be all right?
Sit down along the way if you're not.
...flight 45 from Pittsburgh
are notified that the flight
has been canceled
due to weather conditions.
You'll be all right.
We'll be there in a second.
I'm much better. Much better.
Are you sure you don't want me
to call the doctor?
No. I've been enough trouble already.
But don't go away.
You will stay right here
like you did before, won't you?
I'll stay right here.
Perhaps you're right.
You'd better get a doctor.
Of course. Right away.
But don't worry. I'll be all right.
There's an attendant in there,
and she'll take care of you.
I won't be a minute.
Thank you.
That is E-R-O.
And what amount policy
were you considering, mr. Guerrero?
That'll be $5. Yes. I know.
But for $2,50 more,
you could take out $225.000.
- It isn't much for all that protection.
- No.
I don't know if I have that much left.
American money.
I exchanged all my dollars to lira.
We accept foreign currency.
Well, I've got that all in big bills.
Or we'll take
a personal check if you like.
No. When I go to Europe,
I always leave my checkbook at home.
You know, it's too much
of a temptation.
Wait a minute. I may have enough.
I didn't mean to push you
but we're having a sales contest
and I've got a chance for the prize.
Every little bit helps.
Could you hurry that up, please?
They've already called my flight.
It's just the first call.
You still have time.
Delta Airlines, Flight 299...
But I distinctly asked
for the fourth row.
I'm terribly sorry,
but this is the best we can do.
Give it to me.
Did you say this is some kind
of exchange program?
Yes. You see, the Italian girl
will be living with my folks
and I'll be living with them.
That should be quite an experience.
I'm sorry. Could you hurry, please?
There's the terminal, lady.
Over there.
Just be a couple more minutes now.
Now, how about letting me
buy you a cup of coffee?
Good. mr. Bakersfeld's
in there having dinner.
We can join him.
- Let me check the counter first.
- Right.
Here you are, sir. Seat 23-A.
- Have a good flight.
- Thank you.
Just two no-shows in first class?
They're on their way.
They've been waiting
in the Commander's Club.
No. I'm just a visitor.
I work downstairs.
Say, did you see that man
with the attach case just now?
If he was coming in from abroad
instead of going out
I'd want to inspect it.
You think he's smuggling?
It was the way he held the case,
the look in his eye.
He tried to hand me his ticket.
Thank you. Sorry about the delay.
- It's all right.
- Excuse me, young man.
My son dropped his wallet.
All his money's in it.
He went on board.
Blonde hair, no hat, camel hair coat.
I wonder...
I'm not allowed to accept
a wallet with money.
See the stewardess about it, please.
But you see if someone is smuggling
they usually start to get
nervous when they land
not before they take off.
This guy was really shaken.
If it is contraband
and he's a trembler
Italian customs will nail him.
Besides, there's not much
we can do about it at this end.
I don't know.
I think somebody ought to.
Maybe you ought to tell your boss.
Just in case he might want
to notify the captain.
I guess you're right.
I'll be right back.
International Flight 49 for Dallas
now boarding at Gate 19,
the Red Concourse.
All passengers holding
confirmed reservations
please proceed to Gate 19,
the Red Concourse.
What are you doing here?
She got away.
She - what?
Well, what she did was...
I don't care how she got away.
Get on that phone and call
every airline and every gate.
I'll see if Security can round her up.
Forward jet way's still in place.
It's your decision, captain.
Make some noise.
Miss Meighen?
Yes, captain?
What's the delay?
The tourist head count won't tally.
Where's the ramp supervisor?
- He's back there, counting.
- Get him.
The plane to Rome, is it gone?
- No. But you'll have to hurry.
- Which way?
Go to the waiting room and turn right.
Green concourse, Gate 33.
Thank you.
Look, I know you got problems,
and so have we
but how long we gonna sit here?
I've ordered a ticket recheck.
We should have 81 in tourist.
It seems we've got 82.
Every second we sit here,
we're burning fuel on three and four
which you gave the okay to start.
Precious fuel we'll need
in the air tonight.
I know, captain...
Unless this plane leaves now
I'm gonna shut down and we'll send
for fuelling to top off our tanks.
So you make up your mind.
It'll only take another
few minutes or so.
And I'll tell you something else.
The tower just told us
they have a temporary gap
so if we taxi out right away,
we can take off fast.
But five minutes from now
may mean a half-hour delay.
So you take the responsibility.
What do we do?
Cancel the ticket recheck.
Okay. You're leaving now.
Continental Airlines Flight 41
for Los Angeles
now boarding at Gate 26.
May I see your ticket, please?
Thank you.
Ruth! Cancel the ticket check.
We're leaving.
Commander, start two.
Turning two.
Okay to start one?
Braniff International Flight 252
from Houston
now arriving at Gate 10,
the Red Concourse.
23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
31, 32, 33, 34, 35...
Excuse me, please.
I'd like to find out if my husband's
on that flight that just left.
I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm not allowed
to give that information.
He hasn't been well.
I just wanted to make sure
he got on safely.
His name's D.O. Guerrero.
All right.
Yes. He's aboard.
19, 20, 21, 22, 23
24, 25, 26, 27
28, 29, 30.
Life rafts are located
in the ceiling storage compartments.
In addition to the doors, there are
emergency exits over both wings.
For more information
concerning these items
please look in the seat pocket
in front of you.
We suggest you read it
sometime during the flight.
Don't worry, if you take one of these,
you won't get airsick at all.
Thank you, doctor.
Global Two, Lincoln Tower,
clear for takeoff.
Global Two, rolling.
On top at 7.000. Clear above.
Visibility unlimited.
Proceeding on course.
We'll report passing Cleveland.
Now, there's nothing
to be nervous about.
I've flown thousands of miles,
and I can tell you
it's a lot safer
than crossing a street.
Yes, she was here. I saw her go on.
But did you see her get off?
But I'm almost certain she did.
Her son dropped his wallet
and she went to give it to him.
Your wallet gag. She's on the plane.
Maybe that's why
the head count didn't tally.
Speaking of head counts,
have you counted yours lately?
I'm sure you've got at least two.
Should I send word to the captain
to check and verify?
But have Flight Dispatch call him
on the company frequency
so we can keep it private.
Our ground speed
is 620 miles per hour.
We've reached our cruising
altitude of 33.000 feet.
The temperature outside
is a pleasant 50 degrees below zero.
Our route tonight
will take us over Toronto
Montreal, Cape Ray,
St. John, Newfoundland
across the Atlantic,
reaching the European coastline
just north of Lisbon
and on into Rome on schedule.
The weather in Rome is a lot better
than what we left behind in Chicago.
If there's anything we can do
to make your flight more enjoyable
please let us know, thank you.
This is Global Two.
Flight Two, Cleveland.
I have a message from Lincoln.
Advise when ready to copy.
Go ahead, Cleveland. We're ready.
We're practically certain
you have a stowaway on board.
Caucasian, female
approximately 5 feet, 100 pounds
age about 70
wearing a brown hat
with a brown pompom
tweed coat with black velvet collar.
Name, mrs. Ada Quonsett.
Determine and confirm.
Will check and advise.
- I don't believe it.
- But I believe it.
Those penguins on the ground
are idiots.
Now the guy in 21-D says it's too hot.
You want a laugh?
Have you seen her?
She's not in first. I've hardly checked
the tourist section yet.
Go back and see
if the old biddy's there?
If she is, what do I do?
Just come back and report.
How about that?
Little old lady just walks on like
she's walking into an elevator.
There you are.
Miss, the captain said
we'd arrive on schedule...
That means we're gonna make up
for the hour's delay.
Father, with a ground speed
of 620 miles per hour
and a distance of 4.817 miles
it's a physical impossibility.
Your son is right.
The captain was referring
to scheduled flying time.
It'll be approximately seven
and a half hours from take off.
Excuse me.
I see you've got a boyfriend.
Yes, and he's invited me
to Rome to a nightclub.
Miss, these nuts are stale.
I'm sorry, sir. I'll try and find you
some fresher ones.
$474, and they give you stale nuts.
So you play the oboe.
My late husband played the violin.
Not professionally,
but he was very good.
He once played the 'Minute Waltz'
in 58 seconds.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
Nuts to the man in 21-D.
You said it.
May I treat you to another sherry?
No. One is all I ever... Well, thank you.
You're very kind.
She's there, all right, 23-B.
That's why the head count was wrong.
What do you want me to do?
If you start questioning her,
there's bound to be tears...
We were asked to check
and report, that's all.
They'll grab her in Rome.
So until then, why make
the old girl miserable?
You know, captain,
you're a real nice person.
I didn't know you were
so fond of old women.
I prefer the younger ones.
So I heard.
But opportunities don't last forever.
Pretty soon, you and I'll have to settle
for the not so young ones.
I already have for quite some time.
That's right. You always played it
right straight down the line.
No mucking around on layovers.
Helen was a stewardess flying DC-4s.
That's how we met.
She knew what was going on,
so when we got married
I made her a promise, the obvious one.
I've always kept it.
I guess all those kids you had helped.
How many have you got, six?
No, seven. Four we planned.
Three we didn't.
The ones you didn't plan,
did you ever consider
doing anything about them
before they were born?
Let me tell you something.
I love all seven of them.
But the three we didn't plan...
boy, they turned out to be
something real special.
Detain on board after landing.
Release only to station manager, Rome.
I'm going to Flight Dispatch.
I'll take it.
- I'll take it for you, mr. Weatherby.
- No, thank you.
I don't want it to wind up
in the ladies' room.
What about the man I mentioned?
The one with the attach case.
If Standish wants to find out
what the guy's smuggling
let him get Italian customs to check.
I'm not going to offend
a paying passenger
with something that's none
of our business.
I was wondering,
what if he isn't smuggling.
- What if...
- Forget it.
I'm sorry, mrs. Livingston,
that he got mad at you.
It was all my fault.
Never mind. He'll get over it.
That man was one of the last
to go aboard
so he probably
was on that bus that was late.
John, this is Tanya Livingston.
Do me a favor, will you?
Read me the list of passengers
on Flight Two who came out on the bus.
Hang on a minute.
I've got it right here.
Never mind the women.
Just the men.
"Rathbone, Marcus J."
"Bonnelli, Luigi."
"Guerrero, D.O."
"Yates, Robert."
She stood us up, that's all.
I hope that's all.
You or me?
Your wife insisted that I page you.
She's waiting for you in your office.
Mrs. Livingston.
I'm sorry to bother you
but one of my men found this woman
wandering aimlessly.
Seems terribly upset about something.
She ought to see the doctor.
She doesn't want to.
I think what's worrying her most is she
doesn't have any money to get back to town.
I'd like to help...
She let me go through her purse.
I thought maybe I'd find
a little address book or something
call somebody who knew her.
But there was nothing in it but this.
I thought since her husband
bought a ticket on Global
you might want to give her
bus fare to get home.
$5 would do it.
Now, you just take it easy, ma'am.
Everything's gonna be fine.
And we don't have a home anymore.
We have a waiting room
a place where I can walk the floor
and wonder whether you're going
to leave this damn airport
long enough to drop
by for a few minutes.
Why you have to pick tonight
to come out here and fight with me...
I came here to tell you
that Roberta left home.
What do you mean, left home? When?
I called from the banquet to say
good night, and I spoke to Libby.
Roberta, she said, told her that she
couldn't stand our fighting any longer.
That she "couldn't stand
the atmosphere of hate".
And that's a direct quote.
Where is she? Did Libby say?
She's at Sally Bolten's house.
She's going to spend the night.
I spoke to her.
Cindy, we can't do this to the kids.
We've got to call a truce,
even if it's a pretense.
We've got to start being
civil to each other.
And add hypocrisy to the problem?
They'd see through that in a minute.
That's not the answer.
Well, we've got to do something.
You're right, and the only answer
is a divorce.
You think that will make them
feel more secure?
A broken home?
It's better to come from a broken home
than to live in one.
You may be right.
And you may be right about me, too.
I suppose I'm like a lot of men,
a bigamist.
Married to both a woman and a job.
And I can't be number two wife
any longer.
Yes, Danny?
Patroni wants a skip loader.
Get one from the parking lot.
We must get that plane out of there.
And Danny, keep twenty-niner clean
so it'll be operational.
That's what I mean. Those things
are more important than we are.
No, not more important.
But at the moment more imperative.
It just so happens
we're in a hell of a mess.
We certainly are.
It's a big step, Cindy.
You're sure you don't want
to reconsider?
No. It's too late.
It's not just the girls
that I'm thinking of.
There's someone else, Mel,
and there has been for quite a while.
Someone who makes me feel wanted,
You had no idea, had you?
Too busy to even consider
the possibility.
Mr. Bakersfeld. I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were busy.
Cindy... mrs. Livingston,
mrs. Bakersfeld.
How do you do?
I have information on that man
with the attach case.
I'll talk to you
about it in a little while.
Are you sure?
Are you really sure?
When we tell the children,
we must do it together.
Of course. And I promise
there won't be any trouble.
You may see the girls
as often as you wish.
As a matter of fact,
you'll probably see them more often.
Ex-husbands always seem
to make a special effort.
Hang on a second.
Ned. I'll be right with you.
Go ahead. Yes, that's all right.
Put it in warehouse 12.
Get the trucks out of the way.
They're not supposed
to be blocking that area.
What's up, Ned?
No. Let the city police handle it.
You just stay right here.
I'll just be a minute.
The downtown terminal
told me they remembered
a man with an attach case.
We must have checked in 10 men
with an attach case.
But this one held it under his arm.
And when the agent tried
to put a cabin tag on it
he pulled away and insisted
on putting it on himself.
That's why they remembered him.
And it was Guerrero.
I can't get anything out of his wife
except a blank stare.
Maybe you can make her talk.
Please try.
I have a horrible feeling...
Bring her in.
Mrs. Guerrero...
She's gone.
Hold it. Yes, sir?
Remember the woman
you turned over to mrs. Livingston?
She's given us the slip.
She's probably still in the terminal.
You've got to find her.
We'll sure try.
Will you round up my boys?
We'll announce from here.
You do it.
I'll call the insurance company.
What's the security code?
Lester Mainwaring.
Attention, please. Attention, please.
Mr. Lester Mainwaring's party.
Mr. Mainwaring requests
that all members of his travel group
report immediately
to the main terminal entrance.
To the main terminal entrance.
Yes. Here it is, mr. Bakersfeld.
"D.O. Guerrero". It's for $225.000.
Yes, I remember him.
Yes, sir, he was a little nervous.
Aside from that, did you notice
anything unusual about him?
Well, just one thing.
For somebody going to Europe,
he didn't seem to have much money.
He paid me with six one-dollar bills
and the rest in change.
Mostly nickels and dimes.
It seemed to be just about all he had.
You've been so busy
we just haven't had a chance to chat.
I'm Ada Quonsett.
How do you do?
What's your name, sir?
That's Spanish, isn't it?
Yes, but way back.
You look more Irish.
So did my mother.
I've been fascinated by that figuring
you've been doing on the map.
I said to mr. Davidson
I was sure you'd win.
The contest.
The one that comes closest
to guessing our time of arrival
wins a sightseeing trip.
No, I just do this as sort of a hobby.
I like to see if I can calculate
where we are all the time.
- Now, that's...
- If you'll excuse me
I think I'll take a little nap.
Approach with extreme caution.
His seat assignment is 23-A.
Have the dispatcher send it
the way he sent the other one
on the company frequency
probably New York.
They're out
of the Cleveland area by now.
How do we know the man
is not just an ordinary eccentric?
Maybe all he's got in there
are some important papers.
I don't think so.
I wish I did. I have a niece
aboard that flight.
Suppose he has got a bomb.
They've been up there
for over an hour.
Why hasn't he let it go?
I don't know.
Maybe he's waiting until
they get out over the ocean.
The Atlantic doesn't leave traces.
We just found the Guerrero woman.
One of my men is bringing her up.
Hold that call.
We may have something to add.
I'll call you right back.
Now they say it's too cold.
He has fainting spells.
So when he feels one coming on,
he takes a whiff of oxygen.
Sometimes it helps.
Don't let him kid you.
It's an FAA regulation.
Over 25.000, if one of us
leaves the flight deck
the other one must go on oxygen.
It's just a precaution.
Why didn't you ring?
I could've brought you that.
Up there I'd have to be formal.
Up there I couldn't tell you
how sorry I am.
How do you feel?
I feel great.
No fainting spells, no craving for pickles,
no morning sickness.
It's funny.
I didn't think you were the kind of guy
who'd worry about a thing like this.
Neither did I.
You know, before you said you thought
I loved you just a little.
You're wrong.
I love you a lot more
than just a little.
I didn't know he was going to Rome.
He said he was going to Milwaukee.
Here, Inez, take another sip of this.
But this was in your purse.
You must have known.
It just came tonight, special.
I only saw it after he left.
Does your husband
have business in Italy?
What is your husband's business?
He was...
He did excavations for buildings.
You said "was".
He's not in that business anymore?
Things went wrong.
- Financial trouble?
- Yes.
Bad trouble?
Broke? In debt?
Then how did he get
the money for his ticket?
I think... he pawned
my mother's wedding ring.
When I looked tonight
in the case, it was empty.
He... just... can't seem
to hold a job lately.
Why not?
He gets in arguments.
They fire him.
It's his temper. It's been like that
ever since he got out of the hospital.
What sort of hospital?
Army hospital.
Yes. But I mean,
what was he in the hospital for?
was sick.
Mental patient?
Mrs. Guerrero, what did
your husband do in the army?
He was a demolition expert.
And I suppose in his excavation work
he used explosives?
You were about to say something.
His last job, they fired him.
Something was missing.
Some dynamite.
What we need's an unlisted number.
This is Global Two.
Global Two, New York.
We have an important message for you.
Advise when ready to copy.
Okay, New York, go ahead.
Strong probability, repeat,
strong probability exists
that passenger D.O. Guerrero,
seat assignment 23-A
may have an explosive device
in attach-type briefcase.
Passenger purchased
excessive insurance
mentally disturbed and desperate.
Approach with extreme caution.
That's right.
Tell them another section
of 3-by-12s laid crosswise.
- Will do.
- They need you?
Not yet. It won't be ready
to drive out for a half hour.
Ingram knows what to do
in the meantime.
So we know the kook
is sitting in 23-A.
That's here.
That's right. What's your opinion?
My opinion is they should
get back here as fast as they can.
If he should let it go
is there any chance
the plane could stand the explosion?
We got one break,
he's not sitting in an aisle seat.
So first, he'll blow out a hunk
of the fuselage right here.
What kind of structural
damage will that cause?
Luckily, there's nothing
but skin on the sides.
All the control cables run along here
so if it's not too big a hole,
she might still fly.
But... the sudden decompression
at 30.000 feet
is something you've
got to see to believe.
He'll get sucked out, won't he?
So will anybody sitting next to him.
Until the pressure equalizes,
everything within 20 feet of him
that's not nailed down is gonna
get sucked right out that hole.
Is it that powerful?
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
When I was a mechanic in the air force
I was being transferred
on a MATS plane.
At 20.000 feet,
one of the windows shattered.
The guy sitting next to it
was about 170 pounds.
He went through that little space
like a hunk of hamburger
going down a disposal
and right after him
coats, pillows, blankets,
cups, saucers.
I'm sure.
Takes about three seconds, doesn't it?
Three, four, five.
Depends on the size of the hole.
Everything fogs up just like that.
And then watch out.
At that altitude you can't breathe
so unless they get on oxygen
in 45 seconds, it's good-bye.
We'll turn back.
I'm gonna make a wide, slow turn.
That way the passengers
might not notice.
Toronto Centre, this is Global Two.
Seem to have a problem here.
Request clearance back
to Lincoln at a lower altitude.
Roger, Global Two.
Turn left, heading 270.
Descend and maintain flight level 280.
Are you declaring an emergency?
Possible emergency.
Might have a disturbed passenger.
There's no mistake.
He's in 23-A.
Fits the description perfectly.
When did you see him?
When I was boarding mrs. Quonsett.
He's sitting right next to her.
Did you notice the attach case?
It's on his lap,
and he won't put it down.
Ruth told me that
when she was serving the snacks
he wouldn't use the pull-down table.
He insisted on putting his tray
on top of his case.
Sounds as if that's where he's got it.
Then he must have some kind of trigger
on the outside of the case.
Is anyone sitting
on the other side of the old lady?
A man.
Then I'd have to lean over two people.
I couldn't surprise him like that.
Okay if I go back and take a look?
Not too close a look.
He might suspect something.
I'll do one of those smiling
"good evening" walk-throughs
and if anybody catches the fact
that we're turning around
I'll give them some double talk.
Toronto Centre, Global Two.
Starting to turn.
We'd like to make it wide and gradual.
Global Two, wide turn approved.
We'll alert other sectors
to your problem.
So delay serving dinner.
Put every bottle, cup, glass,
everything else away and lock it up.
Right. Be careful, Vern.
I'll tell the girls in Tourist.
- Good evening.
- Captain.
Our son has a question to ask you.
Schuyler, here's our captain.
Before, Virgo and Leo
were right there, sir.
Now I'm beginning to see
Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia.
We must be turning around.
Why, you have a young navigator here.
I'll tell you, son.
Due to a setsel wind
DISTOR's vectored us into
a 360 tunsus of slower traffic.
Now, we'll maintain this borton hold
until we get a fortamagnus
clearance from Malnaks.
Yes, of course.
What did he mean by that, son?
Never mind, Father.
I'll tell you later.
Enjoying your trip?
Very much. I was just telling my wife
how smooth it is.
A little while ago,
I put my drink on the armrest
and there wasn't even a ripple.
Didn't lose a drop.
Hi, girls.
Slumming, captain?
We've got some bumpy weather ahead
so don't serve dinner for a while.
- Keep everything in the drawers.
- Okay.
Are you getting
plane-to-ground direct?
They've turned around
and started a slow descent.
What's the frequency?
I'm sorry to have to put this on you
but if I go back there a second time
he might get suspicious.
Don't worry.
I think I can handle it.
Excuse me, madam.
May I see your ticket?
My ticket?
That nice young man
at the gate took it.
No, he wouldn't do that.
If it was a round-trip ticket,
you'd still have the return flight coupon.
If it was a one-way
you'd still have the ticket stub
and boarding folder.
You're English, aren't you?
I knew it the moment
you started to talk.
You make our language
sound so delightful.
My late husband used to say...
Never mind what he said.
What about your ticket?
I'll certainly look, my dear,
but I'm sure...
Why don't you stop wasting my time,
mrs. Quonsett.
You are mrs. Ada Quonsett,
aren't you?
Since you're aware of who I am
there's no use denying it, is there?
If there's some misunderstanding,
perhaps I can help.
There's no misunderstanding.
Are you traveling with this lady?
Then it's none of your business, sir.
This woman is a stowaway.
Are we going to turn back?
You're not that important.
When we land in Rome,
you'll be handed over to the authorities.
Come with me.
The captain has to make
a report on you.
But first, he'd like to see you.
Would you let this lady out, please?
The captain wants to see me?
He doesn't like to be kept waiting.
Now come on.
There's no need
to treat her like a criminal.
That's exactly what she is.
Imagine shoving an old lady like that.
I've never seen anything
like it in my whole life.
I can't believe she's a stowaway.
Mrs. Quonsett, I'm captain Demerest.
This is captain Harris.
Would you come forward
as far as you can?
Please sit down, mrs. Quonsett.
I'm sorry to be a trouble to you
but I was on my way to New York
to visit my poor daughter who's...
Then why'd you get on this flight?
Because according to the schedule
the next flight back from Rome
is to New York,
and it's your number five.
I thought they'd want
to get rid of me quickly
so they'd put me on that plane.
Mrs. Quonsett, if you help us,
I promise you
you'll get to take trips
to New York first class.
Thank you. But how can I help?
Mrs. Quonsett, whatever happened
back there just now, you can forget.
That's not the reason
you were brought here.
Mrs. Quonsett,
I hope I didn't hurt you.
No, not much.
Ma'am, are you frightened easily?
I get nervous sometimes,
but not as much as I used to.
When you get older, there isn't
a lot left to be frightened of.
Good. All right, now.
You listen very carefully.
Global Two, this is Toronto Centre.
Your position is 15 miles east
of Kleinburg Intersection.
- Say altitude.
- Level at 280.
Request continued slow descent.
What altitude do you wish?
Request flight level 210.
Roger. Continue slow descent.
Maintain flight level 210.
I just talked to the other commissioners
and they all agree with me.
So as not to have any more trouble
with the Meadowood residents
I'm instructing you to shut
the airport down until 7:00 a.m.
Read this.
A dispatch we just sent.
The plane's on its way back here.
You still want us to shut down?
Under the circumstances, I...
Global Two, Toronto Centre.
Continue slow descent.
Whatever she's done,
you don't have to be rough.
Please don't interfere.
Ask the captain to reconsider.
I don't want to be handed
over to the Italian police.
You should've thought of that before.
Get in your seat.
All I ask is to be sent back.
Please don't hand me over
in a foreign country.
Can't you see the lady's upset?
I told you to keep out of this.
Now sit down and be quiet.
You hurt me. You hurt me.
Stop it! You're hysterical!
Help me! Please help me!
That's his personal property!
You've got no right to take that!
- Break it up!
- No!
You stay where you are!
Don't try to get any closer.
Guerrero, listen to me.
Do you hear me? Listen.
They know about you on the ground.
Your insurance is no good.
It's canceled. It's worthless.
No one has ever gotten away
with a thing like this.
No one has ever collected a penny.
You won't help your family.
You'll only hurt them.
You'll kill yourself for nothing
if you explode that bomb.
Stay where you are.
Your family will be
hounded and blamed.
Listen to me. Think.
Guerrero, let these people
sit down, and we'll talk.
I promise, until you're ready,
no one will come close.
Sit down.
Guerrero, you know now
that you've failed.
The only way you can help your family
is to give me that case.
Give me the case.
If you do, I promise that no one
on this plane will hurt you.
Grab him! He's got a bomb!
Get on oxygen.
Mayday. Mayday.
Trans Global Two. Decompression.
Making emergency descent.
Request one-zero-thousand.
Roger. Descend and maintain
Report your intentions when ready.
Global Two, Toronto Centre.
We're level at one-zero-thousand.
Returning to heading 270.
We have damage due to explosion.
Extent unknown.
Turn on all the heat you've got.
Can we maintain control?
The rudder's heavy
and the stabilizer trim won't respond
but at least the tail didn't fall off.
Where'd he pull the trigger?
Starboard can.
Go back and check the damage
and report by inter-phone.
According to the manifest,
there's three doctors aboard.
Let's hope they're not dentists.
They're probably pitching in already.
Get anybody else that can help.
And find out about Gwen.
I'm so cold. I'm terribly cold.
Put him on the walker.
I'm gonna cut off the oxygen.
All right.
You all can breathe normally.
Take off your masks
and fasten your seat belts.
Here you go. Please.
You can breathe normally.
You can take off the mask.
Fasten your seat belt.
Anything I can do to help?
Come on, sergeant.
Are you all right there?
Can we get a blanket?
Fasten your seat belt.
Stewardess, if there's any brandy
on board, pass it out.
Pardon me. Doctor?
Yes, sister?
Press that hard.
May we have a blanket?
Are you all right?
May I help you?
No, I'm all right, thank you.
Take care of that man behind me.
How is her pulse, sister?
I have adrenalin
and syringes in my bag.
Will you prepare a shot?
Will it hold?
As soon as I get this blanket
wedged in here.
As soon as they're patched up,
move them all forward.
Stow the center armrests.
Put four people in three seats.
Go ahead.
The hole is about three to four feet.
What about control surfaces?
Can you see anything?
Possible damage to rudder power.
And it looks like
we have stabilizer problems.
Most of the blast, thank God,
went sideways.
Can we stay in the air an hour?
Hard to tell.
There's a tear in the ceiling
from the top of the hole
all the way over to the port side.
Think there's a rupture
in the outer skin?
I don't know. Could be.
What about the passengers?
I can't say anything definite yet.
I checked the structural damage first.
What I did see was less
than I expected.
Some cuts and bruises
and shock and puking.
Medical help good.
I'm going to cut off
the passenger oxygen.
How's Gwen?
Pretty bad shape.
The doctor's working on her.
I'll report when I can.
Sounds like the break
is just this side of the tail.
Better set down
as fast as we can, if we can.
Toronto Centre, Global Two.
Have structural damage.
Would like to land
nearest available airport.
Global Two, Toronto Centre.
Everything east of Lincoln
on your course is closed
due to weather or field conditions.
However, if you are declaring
an emergency, Detroit possible.
They report five inches of snow
over ice but they will try to clear.
Request Detroit stand by in case
of any change in condition.
We'll try for Lincoln.
Roger, Global Two.
You are leaving my area.
Contact Cleveland Center, 117,5.
Good luck.
Roger, Toronto.
Cleveland Center
Global Two on your frequency.
Global Two, this is Cleveland Center
radar contact.
Turn right, heading 280.
Maintain one-zero-thousand.
Lincoln weather, sky obscured
visibility one mile in blowing snow.
Runway two-niner still closed.
But we have control damage which makes
landing on two-niner imperative.
Repeat: imperative.
Roger, Global Two.
We'll relay your condition and request.
Keep monitoring, Bert.
I'll be in Mobile One.
Any change, call me.
Global Two, this is Cleveland Center...
All eyeglasses off.
Take off your eyeglasses and return
your seats to their upright position.
Take off your eyeglasses and return
your seats to their upright position.
What's more, the captain deliberately
struck me across the face.
Unless you shut up, the second officer
is going to do exactly the same thing.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes, father. I'm putting you
in charge of praying.
If that's an order, you're about
30 minutes too late, son.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is captain Demerest.
I want to thank you for moving forward
in such an orderly manner.
It'll be a little warmer
for you this way
and it'll help us in controlling
the plane during landing.
You know we've all had trouble,
bad trouble.
I won't attempt to minimize it.
But we've all gone
through an experience
that none of us has ever had before.
And thank God we have come through.
We have the airplane under control.
We estimate landing
in about 25 minutes.
I won't try to kid you. We still
have a few problems ahead of us.
There are two thoughts
that should comfort you.
First, you're in one of the best
constructed planes that there is.
Second, tonight,
instead of one experienced captain
you have two,
captain Harris and myself.
Between us, we have more flying years
than we sometimes like to think about.
I'm gonna give you something
for the pain, but don't move your head.
Later on, Second Officer Jordan
will give you instructions
on landing procedure.
Please do exactly as he says
and I promise you we'll all come through
this together safely. Thank you.
Global Two, Cleveland Center.
Lincoln advises runway
two-niner still closed.
They are attempting to clear
but failing that,
plan landing on two-two.
Want me to take over for a while?
Ground, Mobile One.
Yes, Mel.
Tell the chief to take a position
between runway two-niner and two-two
so they can move either way.
We'll notify which runway later.
Turn left, heading 205.
At pilot's discretion,
descend and maintain 6.000.
Report when leaving one-zero-thousand.
Global Two, turning left, heading 205.
Leaving one-zero- thousand now.
Mr. Jordan said you wanted
to see me again, captain.
We radioed ahead, and they'll have
all the equipment you asked for.
Good. You'd better call again.
See if the airport doctor can have
an ophthalmic surgeon standing by.
For miss Meighen?
Besides the other injuries I mentioned
I'm afraid her right eye has splinters.
Whether they're wood or metal,
I have no way of knowing.
Her left eye, as far as I can tell,
is unharmed.
Of course, it's too early
to draw conclusions.
Modern ophthalmic surgery
can do extraordinary things.
- I'd better get back to her.
- Doctor...
Gwen.. miss Meighen...
she's pregnant.
Does that make a difference?
I have no way of knowing.
Her pregnancy
can't be very far advanced.
No, it isn't.
The mother wasn't deprived of oxygen
long enough to do harm to the child.
No one was.
If there are no abdominal injuries,
and she survives
chances are fair to good that
the baby should be born normally.
Global Two leaving 8.000.
Advise Lincoln doctor to have
ophthalmic surgeon available.
Roger. Will notify.
I'll take over now.
Vern, I guess you know how badly
I feel about Gwen.
What's between you two,
that's none of my business.
But if there's anything
I can do as a friend...
You already have.
Mobile One, Ground Control.
Yes, Doug. This is Mel.
Cleveland just handed off
Flight Two to Chicago Center.
The transmissions from the aircraft
aren't exactly regulation.
The captain's blowing a fuse.
I'd like to monitor.
What's the frequency?
We need answers, not questions.
Are you guys sleeping down there?
Why aren't we getting any action?
We need help.
Mobile Two, this is the Chicago Center
watch supervisor.
Please understand
we're doing everything we can.
We're holding other traffic
and giving you priority.
What type of approach do you wish?
Chicago Supervisor, listen carefully.
Any approach is no damn good
if it ends on runway two-two.
We need two-niner.
We've got an unserviceable
stabilizer trim
doubtful rudder control
and structural damage.
If we're brought in on two-two
there'll be a broken airplane
and a lot of dead people.
So you call Lincoln, mister,
and turn the screws.
Tell that Lincoln airport manager
to get off his penguin butt
and clear that runway.
Snow Desk, Mobile One.
This is Snow Desk.
Go ahead, Mel.
Danny, listen carefully.
Break the conga line.
Send the heavy plows
across to runway two-niner.
They're to head for stuck airplane
and await instructions.
Conga Leader, Snow Desk.
That's it, on this side.
Get it as close
under the wheel as possible.
Give it a whack on the other side.
Keep monitoring Chicago
Center and Ground Control.
If you hear anything
I should know, honk the horn.
All right.
What's with the plows?
If you can't move this plane,
they will.
Shove an undamaged
airplane with snowplows?
Mel, are you out of your mind?
No, but I'm out of runways.
Think of what this baby costs.
I'm thinking of that
planeload of people.
This runway is the only hope
they've got.
If those snowplows rip it apart
you'll have chunks of fuselage
all over the runway.
I know, but it's a chance
I've got to take.
But you keep those
dinky toys out of my hair
and away from this airplane
for 15 minutes.
Maybe less. I'll drive it out.
Joe, let's get one thing straight.
When the tower tells us we're
running out of time, that's it
there'll be no arguments.
The plows will move on my order.
Get everybody and everything
out of the way. We're starting up!
And get me somebody
that's cockpit qualified.
All right, everybody,
we're clearing out!
And Chicago Center expects
to hand over in 12 minutes.
After that, our approach control will
have the flight for eight to 10 minutes.
They figure touchdown at 1:28.
That's less time than we figured.
They also said the choice of runway
will have to be made
no later than five minutes
before landing.
After that, they'll be committed.
They can't turn them.
What'll we do now?
We get out of the way and wait.
Holding 6.000 on heading 205.
What's the status on runway two-niner?
No change.
We'll keep you advised.
Mobile One, Snow Desk.
Go ahead, Danny.
Equipment in position.
Standing by, ready to move.
Roger, but be clear about one thing.
If the plows go in, I'll give the order.
No one else.
Right. Better you than me.
They'll do a real hatchet job
on that plane.
Then afterwards, the owners
will do the same to you.
Maybe if the owners were on the plane,
they might agree with me.
Roger. Standing by.
Mobile One, Ground Control.
The center estimates hand-off
to Lincoln Approach Control at 1:07.
This gives you 11 minutes
to make a decision.
I'll need to be kept informed
of exact status of approaching flight.
Can we hold this frequency clear?
We've already moved regular
traffic to another frequency.
Can you also put stuck 707 on
same frequency so I can monitor?
May I speak directly to Patroni?
That's okay.
Approach Control,
who's taking the hand-off?
Frank has the east arrivals.
Continental 73, due to emergency
continue to hold at Joliet.
Maintain 8.000.
The Center will hand off
Global Two in three minutes.
He's all yours. Stick with it.
We'll take everything else
off your hands.
I'll give you the runway
as soon as we know.
Okay, son, let's get going.
Ready to start. Pressurize.
Light on number three.
Thirty miles east of the airport
contact Lincoln Approach Control
Good luck.
Lincoln Approach, Global Two.
Global Two, Lincoln Approach Control.
We're still hoping
for runway two-niner.
We should know
in three to five minutes.
Roger, Lincoln. Keep us advised.
Global Two,
25 miles east of outer marker.
Turn right, heading 260.
Begin descent
at your discretion to 2.000.
Hold it, Doug. Don't commit
that flight to runway two-two.
There'll be a change in two-niner's
status any moment now.
Snow Desk, Mobile One.
Go ahead, Mel.
Start the plows.
Conga Leader, Snow Desk. Move.
Joe, this is Mel.
There's no more time.
Stop all engines and get out.
Repeat. Stop all engines.
Mr. Patroni,
she won't take much more.
Well, anyway, she's gonna get it.
Joe, the plows are moving.
Shut down and hold on.
Joe Patroni, do you read me?
Joe, shut down!
Mr. Patroni, don't you hear?
We have to shut down.
I can't hear a thing.
There's too much noise.
Hold on, we're going for broke.
The instruction book said
that was impossible.
That's one nice thing about the 707.
It can do everything but read.
Light up two-niner.
Obstructing aircraft removed
from runway two-niner.
I'm inspecting for debris.
Roger. Standing by.
Runway two-niner clear and open.
Global Two, turn right, heading 285.
Runway two-niner is now open.
Roger, Lincoln. You've just
freed the slaves again.
Request P.A.R. approach.
Global Two, roger.
This will be a precision radar
approach to runway two-niner.
Stand by. We'll pick you up
on the other scope.
- How's it handling?
- Real sluggish.
- What was that?
- A bump.
Now shut up and move over.
One bounce, we might leave
the whole tail behind.
Get down.
Keep your arms under the pillows.
We're landing at Lincoln.
Get down.
We're gonna crash. We're gonna be killed.
I know we're all gonna...
Maintain heading 285.
Position, eight miles from the airport.
Final approach turn in one mile.
Maintain 2.000 feet.
You need not acknowledge
further transmissions.
Global Two, turn right,
heading two-niner-five.
Approaching glide path in one mile.
You're clear to land runway two-niner.
Wind 300, degrees 30, gusting 35.
Now intercepting glide path.
Begin normal rate of descent.
On course.
If no transmissions are received
for five seconds on final
abandon the radar approach
and make straight in ILS approach.
Now six miles from touchdown.
Course and glide path good.
Now drifting left.
Turn further right, heading 305.
Slightly high on glide path.
Adjust your descent.
Keep your head down.
Passing five miles from touchdown.
Going through glide path.
Adjust your descent.
Now 100 feet low.
Ease your aircraft up.
Four miles from touchdown.
Turn left, heading 301.
Returning to glide path.
Now on glide path.
Check wheels down and locked.
Cleared to land.
Three miles from touchdown.
Course good.
Slightly low on glide path.
Ease it up a little.
Surface wind gusting to 35 knots.
Two miles from touchdown.
Course good. Glide path good.
Looks okay.
Advise when approach lights in sight.
We've got the lights.
Roger. Good luck.
Checklist complete?
Checklist complete.
- I may need your help with the rudder.
- Right.
Right rudder.
Okay with you if Jordan watches
the right side for a minute?
I'll be right back.
Global Two, welcome home.
Do you need a tow, or can you taxi?
Global Two, I say again,
do you need a tow, or can you taxi?
We can taxi.
How is she, doctor?
I think she's gonna be all right.
Can I speak to her? Go ahead.
Gwen, it's Vern.
Can you hear me?
If you hear me, squeeze my hand.
Hold on.
You're gonna be all right.
We're gonna make it.
Please do not obstruct
the tourist step way.
Open the gate. Get that down here!
Quit shoving!
They're down. Everything's fine.
- I was home watching TV...
- I know.
A news agency picked up the mayday call
and flashed it all over.
They're all right.
All passengers will deplane
through the first class jet way.
- Don't push.
- I have to get through.
Will you all stand back, please?
Thank you.
I'd like to get a statement.
I'll have a statement
for you later.
- You can talk to the captain, too.
- Stand back.
This is too important, please.
- We need a wheelchair.
- A wheelchair!
I'm mrs. Demerest. Is the captain...
Coming off the tourist jet way.
Thank you.
Pardon me.
Move back. Let these folks through.
Ned, get these people over.
Step back, please1 Step back!
Those of you who are not helping,
please step back.
Please sit down in this area.
Can we get through here?
It's all over now. Don't cry.
Sit down right here.
Sit down right in here, please.
We'll notify your families.
Stay in this area.
Judy! Thank God.
- Over here.
- In this area.
A doctor will be coming through.
I'm sorry, but that's my coat.
I'm sorry, too.
Let's move back, please.
I just want to see my father.
I'm so sorry.
He didn't mean it.
I'm so...
I'm dr. Nash, the airport physician.
How do you do. I'm dr. Compagno.
One of the stewardesses
has splinters in the right eye.
They may have penetrated.
There's an ambulance waiting.
I'll take her to the hospital.
I have an ophthalmic
surgeon standing by.
Any other complications?
She has a fractured lower arm.
They'll probably use
a general for that.
Before they decide on
which type of anesthesia
better tell them that she's pregnant.
Here she comes.
It's all right, captain.
We'll take care of her.
I'm going to the hospital with her.
Nice going, sweetheart.
Remind me to send
a thank you note to mr. Boeing.
Good morning.
First class or economy?
First class.
You know, it was much more fun
the other way.
I'm too keyed up to sleep.
What about some breakfast?
Sounds like a good idea.
Where should we go?
Your apartment.
You've been bragging about
your scrambled eggs.
It's time I found out
just how good they really are.
Mr. Bakersfeld.
Maintenance just called.
The big snow blower's got damage.
Mike wants you to take a look
and make a decision
whether to work overtime
to repair them.
- Tell him to take care of it himself.
- Yes, sir.