Airwolf (1984) Movie Script

- Turbos 1 and 2.
- In the green.
- Main rotor torque.
- In the green.
- Fuel pressure?
- In the green.
I don't believe you people.
You haul my butt out of bed at midnight.
You fly me off to only God knows where
to see some lousy helicopter
and there's not even any cream cheese.
It's not a lousy helicopter, Senator.
It's Airwolf.
Well, whatever esoteric
name you hang on it,
it's still an overgrown
beanie with a propeller,
eating its way through somebody's budget.
I hate bagels without cream cheese.
It's a mean-looking
bird, I'll give you that.
Who designed it?
The pilot. Dr. Moffett.
Moffett, I know that name.
Your cream cheese, Senator.
The damn stuff is pink.
It's, salmon-flavored.
Only in California.
Red Star Control,
Airwolf, all systems are go.
Airwolf, Red Star Control,
you may clear the defence area.
How fast is that bird?
We don't know yet.
So far, it's only slightly
exceeded the speed of sound.
No helicopter can fly faster than sound.
Airwolf can.
Basically, Airwolf is an
aerodynamic lifting body
with a twin turbine-driven rotor system
capable of propelling it to 300 knots.
In other words,
it's a fast, twin-engine jet chopper.
One can
express it in those terms
except this jet chopper
can disengage its rotor system
and ignite these 2 additional turbines.
9.6 seconds after ignition,
Airwolf can exceed Mach 1 from
sea level to 65,000 feet.
The crew consists of an
in-flight systems specialist
in the electronic data command centre
to monitor turbine temperatures,
fuel and lubricant pressure,
rotor synchronisation,
all on board flight systems.
The 2nd crewman is a
counter-measure specialist.
His primary M.O.S., is to
suppress, neutralise, or destroy
any weapons threatening
the integrity of Airwolf.
He also has a duplicate
flight system control
in case the Aircraft Commander
becomes incapacitated.
And finally, the Aircraft Commander,
who's responsible for
positive flight control,
target acquisition, and
weapon system selection.
The latter offers him 14 firepower options
ranging from 30mm cannons to
nuclear-tip Shrike missiles.
In other words, Senator,
Airwolf is a Mach 1-plus
chopper that can kick butt.
If Airwolf can "kick butt"
like she says it can,
you've developed yourself
a tactical weapon.
But that's not the Firm's mission.
No, sir, it's not.
But when the project started 20 years ago.
After the Bay of Pigs,
the Firm's priorities
were a little different.
Then as the years went by-
The project grew.
Now you've got topsy, what
are you gonna do with her?
You can only keep the lid
on testing and development for so long.
And if the Firm puts Airwolf in the field,
it'll leak to Congress in a week.
And they won't take kindly
to the Firm's developing
secret tactical weapons.
That's why the Firm would like to
turn this prototype over to
the Department of Defence
and let them take credit for it.
In exchange for?
Reimbursement of development costs
and the first five Airwolfs
off the production line.
Talk to me in dollars and cents.
$1 billion, Senator.
Give or take a few cents.
Red Star to
ground leader, stand down.
To demonstrate Airwolf's
tactical capabilities
it will penetrate a
typical Soviet defence zone,
the type used around their ICBM sites,
their military command posts
and communication installations.
Simulation has a way of
always making the test vehicle look good.
That defence zone
is filled with Soviet equipment
and manned by personnel
who know how to use it.
This isn't a simulation, Senator.
Those guns out there are loaded.
Airwolf, Red Star
Control, you have a go.
He's gone.
Dropped below the radar.
He'll use the mountain range
to block our defence radar
until he can exceed Mach 1.
After that, he can
penetrate the defence zone
from any point in the combat zone.
We have a visual sighting.
Grid Whiskey Lima 5,
penetration track indicated.
Speed, Mach 1 plus.
No shots fired.
I'll be damned, he busted right through
the Russkie's front
door without a scratch.
Not quite.
The computers have
Airwolf's point of penetration
into the defence zone.
They can interpolate
his most likely approach
to the target area.
And deploy TU-36 helicopters
to block the canyons.
He'll have to
climb out of the canyon.
That would put him on S.A.M. radar.
He has no choice.
I have a heat-seeker on our 6.
I.F. suppressor on.
Still closing, popping a sunburst.
He got past 'em,
he's not on radar, he's done it.
It's not over yet.
Unless your Dr. Moffett's a fool,
all he has to do is stay in those canyons
until he reaches the target.
A passive defence mechanism
might force him up.
What the hell is that?
We have radar contact,
stand by to launch missiles.
Damn it.
We're being radar-scanned.
Launching missiles.
I have four incoming
radar-controlled missiles.
Three are off target, one is on our track
at 10 miles and closing.
Missile impact, 12 seconds.
Hold heading
and deploy the ADF pod.
ADF pod
undeployable above 300 knots.
Reverse thruster engines.
Stand by to reengage rotors.
Thrusters reversed,
speed 700 knots. 650.
Missile impact in 7 seconds.
Rotor reengaging,
speed, 400 knots.
- Missile impact in 5 seconds.
- 375, 350.
- Four seconds.
- 325.
- Three seconds, two seconds.
- Pod deploying.
My God, they've blown him away.
Not quite, Senator.
Dr. Moffett, this is Senator Dietz.
I want to congratulate you
on the most spectacular
weapons demo I've ever seen.
I'd like to shake your hand.
You already have Senator,
on Project Proteus.
That was at White Sands in the '70s.
I trust the Senator remembers me.
Well, it was a, it was a long time ago.
Yes, the Firm has shown great
confidence in my ability to,
to change.
Well I'm sure
that trust is well-founded.
Not really.
- It's perfect.
- Nothing is perfect.
Not even this.
Well, I don't know what
can be wrong with this.
We're here.
Stringfellow Hawke.
Where's Marella?
Oh, uh, sick leave.
This is a nice wine.
It's a Montrachet, isn't it?
It's been a long time.
Two years.
I have a job for you.
I didn't know that '78 was still-
- I already have a job.
This one pays $1 million.
Half now, half on delivery.
Of what?
Moffett stole it five weeks ago.
You blew it.
Hindsight is a
wonderful gift, Mr. Hawke.
You scared the eagle.
I what?
Flying in, you down-drafted an eagle.
I'm sorry.
Tell that to the eagle.
I wasn't expecting company,
I'll get another trout.
God, he's infuriating.
Only because he likes you.
Moffett probably flew it
south through Central America
then jumped from Brazil
across the Atlantic
to North Africa.
Same route we used to
ferry planes in World War I'll.
It took 2 weeks of concentrated
satellite surveillance
to confirm Airwolf's location.
It's in Libya.
Gaddafi's got it.
Great, that means so do the Russians.
Not yet.
So far, he hasn't even
let them take a look at it.
Gaddafi's keeping it for himself.
Why don't you just blow it
up instead of stealing it?
Can't, Moffett's erased
the Airwolf programme
from the Firm's computers.
And it's gonna take
a new development team,
even working with the old subcontractors,
an estimated 5.3 years
to build a new prototype.
This reproduction, it's really excellent.
I saw the original in Paris at the,
at the Impressionist Museum.
No, you didn't.
What's the Firm's position
on Moffett and the crew?
If you can, bring him out with you.
The other 2 aren't important.
And if I can't?
Use extreme prejudice.
I saw the original
in Paris one month ago.
No, you saw a copy.
Are you trying to tell
me this is the original?
So how do I go in?
As a petroleum
engineer from Mirabelle Oil.
It's a French firm,
but most of the technicians are Americans.
Once you land in Tripoli,
our operative there will help you.
The carrier Enterprise
will be standing by in the Gulf of Sirte.
You probably won't have to fly
more than 200 miles to get there.
Yeah, through Gaddafi's
army, navy, and air force.
At least it's not the Russians.
It's their equipment.
But the
Russians aren't manning it.
You don't know that.
We have people in there, Hawke,
and they've reported the equipment
is being manned by the Libyans.
Besides, you're being paid $1 million.
Hell, how much did Moffett get?
Probably $5 million.
And I get one?
One usually has to pay
traitors more than patriots.
Moffett didn't do it for the money.
Neither will I.
I want Sin Jin.
You're not serious?
God, you are.
Hawke, he's been an MIA for 14 years.
The odds your brother's
alive are 10,000-to-1.
Well, if he is dead
at least bring his body back.
I got a job flying in the morning.
You'll find blankets in the window boxes.
It gets kinda cold around dawn.
Good night.
I don't think he'll pull this off.
He can.
The question is, can we?
You startled me.
I couldn't sleep.
I was looking at your
collection, it's incredible.
I thought I heard you
moving around up here
and just wanted to talk.
Just about the art.
How anyone could have put
together a collection like that.
It's fantastic.
I'm sorry, I guess it's
none of my business.
You didn't come up
here to talk about art.
Yes, I did.
This is what you came here for.
Archangel's worried I
won't take the assignment.
You're here to sweeten the deal.
- You're wrong.
- Well, you're a liar.
You didn't come here to talk about art.
Yes, I did.
Maybe not totally,
but I didn't come here for Archangel.
A liar's a liar.
And a whore's a whore.
Damn you.
You're too late.
God already has.
My Grandfather collected the art.
For my Grandmother.
The money
is unimportant to him.
That's right.
- Good morning.
- No, he won't accept that.
He'll demand hard data.
We'll have to inform the President.
Oh, no, coffee, please.
Absolutely not.
Is he up yet?
Left a couple of hours ago.
If the committee has a
better idea, I'm listening.
I'll be on blue channel till 08:00.
The committee is gonna blow
this one, I can feel it.
I don't think Hawke's going to do it.
What makes you say that?
I talked to him last night
after you went to sleep.
Come on, it's too early in the morning
for incriminating looks from the boss.
Gabrielle, don't get
interested in Stringfellow Hawke.
There's no future in it
for you or any woman.
Why not?
When he was 12,
he and his parents were in a
boating accident on the lake.
They drowned.
Just before he shipped out to Vietnam,
he and his girlfriend were in a car crash.
She died.
In Nam, he and his brother
went down in the same mission.
He got picked up, Sin Jin didn't.
Stringfellow is afraid
that anyone he loves,
or might love, will die.
That's why when he was
so cold to you yesterday
I knew he liked you.
How's that for some paperback psychology?
Makes sense.
Everyone he loved can't have died.
There is one who's survived.
Up to now, anyway.
And cut!
I am not gonna let that
stupid jackass kill himself
with my equipment.
He can't talk to me
like that, I'm the star.
Blaze is right, Santini, he's the star.
If he wants to kill himself, he can.
Well, fine!
Then let him use one of your
cars, not my helicopter.
I thought we already had
this worked out, Mitch.
Listen, now. Maybe
Santini's right, Blaze.
I mean, we are talking
about life and limb here.
Now, wait a, wait a minute.
You guys listen to me.
Mona Kahn heard that I was doing
my own flying in this flick.
She's here to film me for her TV show.
Well, I wonder how she heard that.
She heard it because I did it before.
I mean, I flew a hang glider
in... in "Winds of Oahu."
I flew a Navy jet in "Wings of Gold.
You had a Navy pilot with you.
He told me I flew it!
He, he said I was a natural,
he said that I hardly
had to touch the stick.
And besides, Hawke has been
letting me fly for 3 months.
I've been backing you.
What, what does he mean by that?
He means he's been on the controls
correcting Blaze's mistakes.
But I've been up there
doing it for the cameras,
and I'm gonna do it for Mona!
Either that or you can
use your, your choppers
to haul tourists around Disneyland.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Now you listen to me, Mr. Movie Star.
- Dominic.
- What?
If the man says he can fly, let him.
I'll ride shotgun to make it legal.
But if you do that,
Mona will think that you're flying.
I won't touch the controls.
If you do...
You've got my word on it, Blaze.
To tell you the truth, Mitch,
I thought your star had
finally put it in the fire.
Blaze? Come on, he's a
straight guy, you know that.
Oh, yeah.
So what's the other guy
doing in the chopper?
Strictly for insurance purposes.
We could never get coverage on Blaze
for something like this.
See, Hawke's hands and feet
are off the controls.
You're the pilot.
What's wrong?
Not enough left pedal.
That's too much left pedal.
What's that stunt called?
Well, it, it doesn't have a name.
You don't normally see that
unless you've lost a tail rotor.
There he is.
Hawke, I'm gonna land now.
You're the pilot.
You can back me a
little if you want, Hawke.
Where is he?
What is that?
A hammerhead stall.
- Is it safe?
- I don't know.
I've never seen a helicopter do one.
I always did say you
had a lot of guts, Blaze.
Moffett, don't do this.
Leave him alone.
Stop it!
This is perverted.
There's nothing wrong with
a little perversion, Mark,
just so long as you don't hurt yourself.
Look, two out of three isn't bad.
Dr. Moffett, you are looking
more and more like an Arab
with each passing day.
Actually, I am getting
more and more bored.
I think I would like to
go to Tripoli, tonight.
Whatever you desire, Doctor.
Perhaps you could do us a favour first.
Our beleaguered freedom fighters in Chad
are being assaulted by the most
brutal and barbaric weapons
in the imperialistic French arsenal.
Their reputation for life-
- What exactly is it that your
leader would like me to do?
To remove a French
Mirage or 2 from the sky.
Oh, really, is that all?
For now, Doctor.
Very well.
At least it will relieve the boredom.
Excellent, Doctor, excellent.
I am curious, what would happen
if a bullet were to enter the intakes?
Nothing, I deliberately designed them
with armoured mesh shields.
And the windshield is bulletproof,
and the body armor-plated.
What is your point?
My point, Doctor, is that in
the desert we have a saying,
"A lion can be killed by the jackal,"
"if the jackal knows where to bite."
Where does a jackal bite a wolf?
Come here.
Just here, this is the,
mid-air refuelling intake.
Now, one bullet up there, and
the whole thing would blow up.
But not, I guess, today.
You are insane, Doctor.
Actually, no. I'm just quite bored.
I have a target
bearing 052 relative.
Angels 5, speed, 400 knots.
- Is your radar searching?
- Stand by, 1.
Negative radar search.
What type aircraft?
Scanning, got it.
It's a Mirage.
Bring the
attack computer online
and stand by for turbo ignition.
Target at 7
miles, bearing 050 relative.
Still at Angels 5.
He doesn't see us.
- Deploy the ADF pod.
- Deployed.
Now hold it right there.
Thank you.
And that, gentlemen, is another victory
for Gaddafi's revolutionary
forces in Chad.
I'm sorry about that, Dominic.
For what? Losing that job?
Hell, I ain't had so much fun
since your Dad took old Purdy
up in his P-40.
We were ferrying them, see,
over the hump to Chennault.
The Firm's got a job for me.
I thought you quit flying for them.
They're gonna go after Sin Jin.
Don't do this to yourself String.
You don't love your
brother any more than I do.
If I thought it'd help,
I'd go to Nam and hunt for him myself.
But it won't.
He's gone and you've got to let him go.
Like I did.
Dom, I need your help.
Doing what?
Well, for starters,
you've got to get to Libya.
Oh, sure, I'll just...
Hey, that's Gaddafi's sand pile.
He doesn't like us, String.
We don't like him, either.
Will you do it?
Well, let's see.
Tony Boswick's got a charter
flying oil rigs to Libya from England.
I could probably fly co-pilot
on one of his flights.
Sure, I can do it.
Hey, but why can't I go with you?
I don't want the Firm to
know you're backing me.
I am liking this less and less.
What're we gonna do, kidnap Gaddafi?
Nothing that simple.
Archangel wouldn't let them take it.
He didn't want the Firm to take your art,
but the committee overruled him.
You turned down $1 million,
that made them nervous.
In exchange for Sin Jin.
Frightened them even more.
They're not even gonna try, are they?
The Firm will do all it
can to find your brother.
They're concerned you
won't take the mission
till they have something tangible.
They can't wait.
You're the only man besides
Moffett who's flown Airwolf.
You're the only one who has
a chance to get it back.
Why didn't Archangel
stay to tell me himself?
He was called back to Washington.
Besides, I was always the one
who was going to brief you.
Maybe he knew I'd take him apart.
Tet put up a fight?
Smart dog.
I don't understand
what you Westerners see
in women with such skinny bodies.
In the desert, a body like
this would wither and die
in a matter of hours.
After a few hours with such
a body, what would it matter?
I want her.
That will be difficult.
We believe she is an American spy.
Perhaps I can question her for you.
I could do that.
Of course, Brother
Gaddafi was most pleased
with your exploits this
afternoon against the French
on behalf of our beleaguered
freedom fighters in Chad.
Your destruction of two
French Mirage fighters
will be told about in
the camps of our people
until the desert sand turns to water.
But it's still not
enough to pay for her.
There are many women here who are just-
- What is?
An American destroyer.
Her name's Angela.
She's a dancer at the Red Castle.
You're not listening, Stringfellow.
She's our contact in Tripoli.
Where does Archangel get them?
He found me when I was 15.
That was a rhetorical question.
According to Angela,
Airwolf's located along
the coast west of Tripoli.
And we have reason to believe
it's been used against the French in Chad.
A Mirage fighter was shot down yesterday
over the desert there.
Sit down!
Hand me that net.
It's beautiful!
Yeah, about 3 pounds.
Now put it back.
It's... beau, that, I couldn't
eat that, it's beautiful.
You can't kill it.
Put it back, okay?
You're eating the poor
thing just to spite me.
I suppose you think I'm being stupid.
I know people eat fish.
I eat fish.
It's just that trout was very beautiful.
Yeah, I think I understand.
Do you?
Well, you just like to eat ugly fish.
I don't know, maybe that's it.
You know, like sole.
You know, sole has 2 eyes
on one side of his head,
that is an ugly fish.
Yeah, I like sole.
And pig, that's not one of
God's most beautiful creatures,
but I bet you like pork.
Yeah, pork's okay.
And lamb?
Yeah, I love lamb.
Cute, cuddly, woolly little lambs.
You know, anyone who
would teach a dog...
fishing boat, 12 o'clock.
We're being radar scanned.
Able to absorb 93% of the signal.
It's American Naval frequencies.
The radar is emanating
from a Knox-class destroyer.
Bring a Bullpup on the line.
It's an American
destroyer, Moffett.
Bring a Bullpup on the line.
For God's sake,
Moffett, they're Americans.
Missile is five miles from target.
Four miles...
The missile is detonated.
That was lovely.
You know, it's obvious
you studied with culture.
You seem to know everything about me.
No, I don't.
I knew you played the cello well.
I didn't know you serenaded eagles.
I'm trying to get her to trust me.
To make her understand I won't
hurt her if she gets close.
String, if you don't teach that mutt
to keep out of my way, so help
me, I'm gonna land on him!
You know, I wouldn't want
to tell anyone where to land.
And you could've given me a hand.
He's not big on helping hands.
But I am.
Here, let me take one-
No, no, no, no, no.
I, I don't believe in women's lib.
Excuse me?
I, I like, I like the sexes
the way God intended them.
The way God intended them?
I wouldn't press him, Gabrielle.
You won't like the answers.
Well, I guess I'm old-fashioned,
but, well, that's my privilege, right?
So long as you've got
some red meat in there.
Oh, I got steaks, and chops,
and burgers, and all of it.
Well, Tet and I end up
eating most of them,
but, we keep hopin'.
Bless your heart.
I haven't had anything
but vegetables for six days.
Six days?
I was beginning to feel like a carrot.
You could have been a beautiful fish.
Hey, Dom, I think I found a canyon
deep enough to do that crop duster chase.
For Bellisario's film.
It'll only take an hour or so.
You wanna fix dinner?
How do you like your steak?
Oh, no, no, no, count me out.
I'm headin' for the field
just as soon as we get back.
Just put on two.
Yeah, one for Tet and one for you.
Oh, yeah, and,
catch me a trout.
Nice meeting you, Gabrielle.
Yeah, you, too, Mr. Santini.
Well, how do you like your steak, Tet?
I like her, String.
A little skinny maybe, but I like her.
Yeah, she'll
be thrilled to hear that.
Yeah, but don't
tell her the skinny part.
Did you get in touch with Tony Boswick?
Get in touch?
He kept me on the phone for over an hour.
From England, yet, and with me payin'.
He remembered the time
that he and your Dad and
I got drunk in Towbridge
after the Schweinfurt raid,
and we stole a pig from
a nunnery.
We took it back to the field,
fed him 8 boxes of prunes,
and locked him in General
Baxter's office,
Well, the next morning,
that office was...
I guess you had to be there.
When does Boswick's
charter fly to Libya?
Every Friday.
He's gonna have his engineer call in sick
at the last second and I'll replace him.
But he can only pull it off once.
More than that and the
Libyans will get suspicious.
Once is all we'll need.
I'll fly to Tripoli a week from Wednesday.
If you come in the Friday after that,
that'll give me two days to set things up.
I'll meet you in a club
called the Red Castle.
The Red Castle, okay.
How long till we get there?
About an hour.
This is it, Valley of the Gods.
Even the Indians don't come up here.
Can you blame 'em?
It's cold.
There's always a little
snow up here, even in summer.
Sure would be a bad place to go down.
They'd never find you.
That's just what I'm looking for.
Some place to get lost.
Well, I've got that.
How far down's it go?
I don't know, I never
hovered into it before.
Hey, thanks, Dom, perfect.
Anytime, String, anytime.
Hey, Tet.
You tell her how you want your steak?
That smells so good,
I'm almost tempted to...
Hope you don't mind.
Since you don't eat meat, I
didn't want it to go to waste.
Where's Gabrielle?
I sent her ahead.
We're moving up the timetable.
Four hours ago, one of our destroyers
went down in the Gulf of Sirte.
The press is being told
that a missile went off in the magazine,
that it was an accident.
It was Airwolf.
Damn it.
The President used
slightly stronger language.
We've got 48 hours to recover Airwolf
or they're sending in the Marines.
The Russians have a missile task force
shadowing our carrier group in the Med.
If we invade Libya,
chances are it'll mean World War III.
Damn, that was a good steak.
There's our ride.
I've got 10 hours to get you to Paris
to catch a flight to Libya.
I'll have someone stay
here to watch the place,
take care of your dog.
Tet takes care of himself.
Why'd you leave Gabrielle here last week?
To brief you.
What about my art collection?
I'm sorry about that, Hawke.
I told the committee it
was the wrong thing to do.
I might have taken it out on her.
You didn't, did you?
I saved it for you.
Stringfellow Hawke?
Strip out of your clothes, please.
Your flight suit, take it off.
We only have 16 minutes.
Your name is Michael Derrick.
I was briefed as Dr. Ted Burger.
Dr. Burger was to go
to work next Wednesday.
The Firm had to pick
another man on this flight.
As near as we can tell,
Michael Derrick has never gone to school
or worked with any of
the other passengers.
As near as you can tell?
10 hours is rather
short notice, Mr. Hawke.
Follow me, please.
He's been working in a
remote section of Argentina
for five years and went
to college in Australia.
[ Don't think you'll run
into anybody who knows him.
I've had his background
capsulized in story form.
Chapter 10.
Try to read it before you
speak to anyone on the plane.
Latin Lovers?
I told you, I only had 10 hours.
You've 40,000 francs, a driver's licence,
girlfriend's photo, love letter from her
and 10 minutes to catch your flight.
Thank you.
I was able to get clothing in your sizes.
Of course, it's used.
Even the underwear, I'm afraid.
I never wear underwear.
You're on Air Libya, Flight 2.
One more thing.
Angela is dead.
We don't know.
Her family simply received a wire
notifying them of her death.
We're hoping it was an accident.
If the Libyans made her and she talked,
they're gonna know I'm coming.
We don't think they do.
You don't think?
There was no time to check.
All we could do was to
send in another operative
who was familiar with the situation.
What other operative?
Is this one a spy, too?
She was supplied by the same
theatrical agency as Angela.
Angela was very fragile.
Looks like this one appears to
be a little more substantial.
Are you going to be questioning her?
Perhaps I can be of help.
Excuse me.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What the hell are you doin' here?
My job.
It was Angela's job, too.
I know.
The girls said they
found her in the desert.
He tortured and killed her,
the same as he did to those
other girls at White Sands.
You were right about
Moffett, it wasn't the money.
He stole Airwolf so he could come here
and do exactly what he wanted with women.
If I see him, I'm gonna kill him.
Where's Airwolf?
It's at Kafir.
That's Gaddafi's summer
palace on the coast.
Mirabelle has an oil
pumping station next to it.
Angela arranged papers and a truck
for the two of you to get in.
Here's the address.
The gun's under the seat.
I'll meet you there by 2:00.
How do I get from the pumping
station into the palace?
Along the beach.
What do you mean "I"?
We're in this together.
You're on the next Air
Force flight out of here.
The hell I am.
I can fly Airwolf, you can't.
Either you're on that flight, or I am.
You're not serious?
Stringfellow, I'm not like the others.
I'm not gonna die on you.
I'm gonna live to be an
old woman. 130, easy.
I won't die, I promise.
Damn you.
I didn't mean that.
I know.
I know.
I'll go.
If you don't come back, I don't know...
I always come back, Gabrielle.
That's the problem.
Hey, mister.
Oh, hey, wait a minute.
Hey, hey, hey, it's me.
I thought you weren't
supposed to be here till Friday.
Oh, then I'll go back.
Uh oh, hold it, police.
Well, I caught
the news about that destroyer.
I figured Airwolf might be behind it,
so I flew out to the cabin and found Tet
makin' eyes at some cute
little thing in white
who said she was house sittin' for you.
Didn't take a genius to figure
out what happened, you know.
How long have you been here?
A couple of hours.
I hung around in the club for a while,
but too many guys started
asking too many questions.
So I decided to stay out in the alley.
You always did like to take
the back way out of bars.
It's nice to see you, too, Dom.
You think you can get this thing started?
Hey, piece of cake.
You sure are confident.
The keys are in it.
And you know something, String?
I could've sworn one of those
dancing girls was Gabrielle.
It was.
She going out with us?
Ahead of us.
You know, girls didn't move
like that when I was young.
- Dom...
- Boy.
Of course, there was this one
that we met in Brazil in '43,
your old man and I.
Ooh, she could vibrate
like a jackhammer.
And she was as cute as a bug in a rug.
Your old man thought that-
- Dom, just start the car.
Oh, sure, sure.
Like I was sayin', your old man thought
she was the greatest thing
since peanut butter.
Of course, he hadn't met your Mum yet.
Anyway, we had 48 hours
before jumpin' off for Africa
in a couple of B-17s we
were ferryin' to Rabat,
when all hell broke loose.
Drop your hand.
I can't see a thing.
You have my passport.
Gabrielle Ademaur.
God, I don't believe this.
Just answer my question.
- I'm a hoofer.
- A hoofer?
Yeah, it's a dancer.
If that is your real name...
You're damn right it's my real name.
We know you are a spy for the Firm.
Oh, God.
You people, you are really paranoid.
Just because I'm American
doesn't mean I'm a spy, okay?
I'm a dancer.
I'm under contract to Mirabelle Oil.
I'd like to see someone from
the American Embassy now.
There is no American Embassy in Tripoli.
Then I'd like to see someone
who'll listen to reason.
Perhaps I can be of some help.
Eagles airborne with two.
Established 4,500, heading 040.
Angels 10, heading 170.
Straight at the Libyan coast.
You trying to egg them out?
There's no need for that, sir.
If your boys don't get
that chopper in four hours,
our boys go in and blow it away.
Our "boys," Captain, include women,
one of whom has already given
her life on this mission.
I'm sorry, ma'am, it's
just a figure of speech.
Eagle patrol at angels 40.
Eagle, 180 video.
It's funny, isn't it?
All this, this hot sand and yet you can,
you can see the blue
waters of the Mediterranean
just a few miles away.
Would you like a little?
Yes, I'd like a little.
Al little you shall have.
Hey, what the hell is it?
Its a TU-36 Dodger, it's Russian-made.
You see those air-to-air missiles?
You know, String, in the past
two hours we've seen tanks,
anti-aircraft guns, SAM missile
sites, and now a gunship.
You wanna check it out?
- Yeah.
- So do I.
Try French.
That's Italian.
I don't speak French.
papers are for next Saturday.
See, everybody speaks Italian.
Yeah, except me.
If you and Sin Jin had
only studied Italian
like I asked you.
But, no, you got a hard head.
You are very beautiful.
Well, perhaps not at the
moment, but you can be again.
The water is so blue, so cool.
Would you like me to take you to it?
We could, we could be there in 10 minutes.
But that would be cruel, the
Mediterranean is very salty.
Where's Dr. Moffett?
Come on, Chuck.
You can't just swim, eat grapes,
and play around all the time.
What's the matter with you?
I just talked to
Captain Ben Mofta.
He said Moffett has, has that
dancer from the Red Castle
staked out to a sand dune
somewhere, torturing her.
So what, she's nothin' to us.
Well, she is to me.
Of course, there is still time
for me to save you, Gabrielle.
I mean, you may scar a little,
but isn't that better than dying?
Would you like me to save you, Gabrielle?
- Moffett?
- He's inside.
You were told to stand down.
Check flight.
Just a minute.
Start the engines.
Charles, why do you have
your helmet on in this heat?
Lift your visor.
"Start it," he says.
Lift your visor.
Give me the chain guns and the ADF pods.
Offensive weapons panels, right rear!
Guns one and two.
God in heaven.
See anything?
No, nothin'.
But I ain't sure I'm
workin' it right, either.
Hey, String, ha ha, I got it workin'.
Yeah, I can see real good.
Hey, I, I can see...
Oh, my God.
Bring the canteen
in the port storage bin.
Oh, easy, baby, it's over.
It's okay.
It's gonna be all right.
I was gonna call, but Moffett...
I know.
I understand.
I wanted to see the eagle.
You will.
I remember you and
the eagle all the time.
All the time.
She promised me, damn it!
She promised me.
String, it's done.
I'm afraid we've lost him.
He definitely cleared Libyan airspace.
Two F-14s from the Enterprise
were escorting him back
when he disappeared.
I don't give a damn what
the committee thinks.
This time we're gonna do it my way
or you can kiss Airwolf
goodbye permanently.
Could we borrow one of your F-14s?
The committee
finally saw it my way.
Where did you hide it, Hawke?
In the mountains, the desert?
At that junkyard Santini
calls an airfield?
I know he was with you in Libya.
It'll be our little secret.
But you've got to return it
or they'll throw you in a hole so deep,
it'll take sunlight a month to reach you.
It's wired.
If I don't make a phone call
every 24 hours, it's a goner.
I told the committee
you'd do something like that.
And I told you I want Sin Jin.
The President is very upset
to say nothing of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff,
the Secretary of Defence,
the FBI, the National Security Council.
Hell, probably the Boy Scouts.
But the only one not upset is me.
We built it, lost it, recovered it.
Well, sort of. You were working for us.
And now we've lost it again.
Hell, even if you were to give it back,
there's no way the President
would ever let the Firm use it.
I'm not giving it back.
At least, not for this.
I know.
But, Hawke,
as long as you've got Airwolf,
Uncle Sam's minions have to
keep looking for your brother.
They also have to try
to get it back from you.
That's just the way the game's played.
The Firm can help you,
let you know what the other agencies
are doing to entrap you,
supply you with funds, lots of things.
In exchange for using
Airwolf on official business.
Well, it's the only way
we're gonna get to use it.
And probably the only way
you won't get caught.
Here's your ride.
I always said you had better
ears than a snooper mike.
think about it.
Then give me a call.
Did she suffer?
What difference does it make?
Damn it, I sent her out
there, I want to know.
No, she didn't suffer.
Thank God for that.