Aitraaz (2004) Movie Script

Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
No vacancy.
Hi, Priya. Good morning.
- Good morning, papa.
What's going on, dear?
The same vacancies and appointments.
There're a lot many ads
but not a single vacancy.
Then, it's indeed great.
- What?
Now, what do you have
to do with a job?
You've completed your LLB
and that's sufficient.
Papa, I love this profession
very much.
If I practice it for
a couple of years..
..Then, I'll get something
to learn. - Really?
Then, give it to me. I too will
help you. And, that phone..
- Yes, mom?
Come fast, dear. The
breakfast is ready.
I'll be there right away, mom.
And, what are you doing here?
C'mon you as well.
Yes, I'm.
Hello? Barrister Ram
Chotlani speaking.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. Good morning.
An ad for the vacancy
of your assistant..
..Has been published in
today's times. - Yes.
So, you've called up for the
same assistant's post?
- Listen, madam.
If you're interested then
you're most welcome.
Thank you, sir.
Please note down my address.
- Yes, sir.
House no. 13, Sai Nagar,
Saint Mary road.
Okay. I'll be right there at 10:30.
Thank you very much. Bye bye.
- Bye, sir.
- Yes, sir?
What's the position of
the house's hygiene?
Well, I've dusted it twice
and mopped it twice.
Do one thing.
Mop and dust it twice more.
Sir, is there some festival today?
Or is that some big client
is supposed to come?
Today, at our.. at my place, a
young and beautiful girl is..
..Gonna come for the interview
for the post of secretary.
So, do as I say.
- Yes, sir.
I just go exhausted while
I tried to know about you.
Where's the telephone?
Yes, brother, this is Rakesh.
You too so long to pick
up the telephone?
I can pick it up only
if I'm able to see it.
I don't know what is
kept where over here.
Even I told you to
find a maid for me.
Were you able to find her?
Raj, it's not difficult
for me to find a maid.
But, when I tell them that
you're a bachelor..
..And you stay alone, then they
instantly take to their heels.
Yeah, as if I'll jump on them
as soon they step in over here.
Won't I be able to find
a maid if I'm a bachelor?
I called you up to tell the same
thing that I've spoken to a maid.
Where's she?
She'll be at your place by 10:30.
Moreover, she's an educated girl.
She'll also handle your phone calls
along with the household chores.
Hey, send her fast. I'm
very much in trouble.
She's coming, man. She's coming.
Have you ever drunk foam mixed tea?
- Nope.
I've just made it. Then,
do come here and drink.
Man, I've drank cardamom
tea many a times..
..But, what's this foam tea?
Hey, stop!
Will you break my limbs?
Damn fellow, do you want
to kill me under the bus?
Neither they let to board
the bus properly..
..Nor they let to alight
the bus properly!
If we stand, then the
guys gather around.
They make a sandwich out of us.
They don't even give space to
sit. Let me take up a job!
Let alone boarding a bus, I won't
even look at the bus stop.
All the houses are alike over here.
How will I search that one?
- Hello, Mr. Sharma, how do you do?
Mr. Sharma, where have you sent me?
It seems that I'll myself
get lost over here..
..Then, how the hell will
I find the house owner.
You haven't reached there yet?
I even gave you the address
to write down.
I didn't write it. I thought there
might be a couple of houses..
..And, I'll easily find it. But,
all the houses in here are similar.
Fine. Listen then.
There's a Sai Baba
temple over there.
That's behind me.
There's this lane right
in front of it..
..And, the moment you
reach there take a..
I got it. I got it.
I'll call you later.
How much?
- 20 rupees.
O saint, I'm going for the
interview for the first time.
I'm confident that I'll be
selected in the interview.
Since, I'm able to see you
before the interview.
I didn't ask him the house number.
- Hello, Mr. Sharma, how do you do?
Now, how will I find it since you
haven't told me the house number?
You don't even listen
to the whole thing.
You cut the phone quite early.
Now, listen carefully.
It's bungalow no. 30.
I got it. I got it.
13 means one three. I
do understand English.
13? 13? 13?
What was the house number?
I forgot the paper at home.
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
- Good mo..
Good morning.
- I'm Priya Saxena.
Priya Sex..
Priya Saxena. Yes.
We spoke in the morning
on the phone.
What did we speak about?
About the job?
- Job?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
So, you've come for that job?
Do you know, isn't it, as
to what all you've to do?
Yes, sir. Whatever you say.
- Good.
Make a cup of tea.
What happened? Don't
you know to make tea?
Yes, I do know.
Kitchen is there.
What happened?
Let it be. Do it later.
- Fine.
Do it later.
So, what experience do you've?
What are you talking
about experience?
I'm doing this work
since many a years.
Even my parents used
to do the same thing.
Actually, it's our
family profession.
That means, I don't have
to explain you anything?
Not at all.
By the way, who else
is in your house?
It's just me and this Bunty.
And, your wife and kids?
Actually, I'm still a bachelor.
Very good.
I enjoy working at bachelor's
and lonely men's house.
The women folk just
keep on nagging..
..And I really get pissed off.
- Exactly.
You've made nice tea.
- Thanks a lot.
You seem to be quite educated.
- Yes, sir.
BA with distinction. And,
I've just passed LLB.
My certificates.
It seems that unemployment
has increased.
- No.
I meant, you've such a
good qualification..
..And yet you want to do this job?
Sir, I don't regard
any job as small.
And, it's a big honour for
me to work under you.
And, I'll get learn a lot from you.
Fine. if you really want to
do this job, then do it.
But, I can give you 1500
rupees per month.
But, you wrote 3000 in the ad.
- Ad?
Just think about it, sir.
The secretary to such
a big lawyer and..
- I mean barrister.
The secretary to such
a big barrister and..
..The salary is just 1500 rupees.
I was just having fun.
What did I mention in
the ad? 3000, isn't it?
I'll pay you 3000.
Sir, am I fix? - You fix. The
job fix. And, we are all fix.
Thank you so much, sir.
- That's great.
So, should I leave?
- Yeah.
I'll have the morning
tea at 9 o'clock.
Okay, sir. I'll be here at 8:45.
That's great.
- Bye. Bye.
So, the job is agreed
for on my behalf.
I'll take 1500 rupees as salary.
And, not a penny less!
You'll take only 1500? - Sir,
what's there to do in your house?
Why will you do the household work?
Bunty is there for it.
Bunty will do my work?
Look, neither Bunty
will do your work..
..Nor you'll do Bunty's work.
Then, it's fine.
But, one thing more.
I'll work from morning
7 till 9 at night.
And, I'll sleep in the bedroom.
In the bedroom? Whose?
In my own. You'll have
to give me a bedroom.
As I won't sleep in the
kitchen or the balcony..
..With the mattress spread out.
You mean.. You'll stay here?
If I work at your place
then am I supposed to..
..Stay at the neighbour's place?
You talk very strange.
Bunty, where do you sleep?
I won't sleep with Bunty.
Adjust it for a single
night and then..
..I'll arrange everything
for you tomorrow.
Don't you feel ashamed?
You're telling a girl to
sleep in a boy's room.
No. No. He's not a boy. He's a kid.
That's why I don't
want to sleep him.
Do you know, there's no
case filed on the kids.
Wow! That's great. I'm
really impressed.
You've a sound knowledge
of the law. - Yes.
I was in search of a similar talent.
Now, you go home and
bring you baggage..
..And, your room will be arranged.
I'll go right away and
come right away.
Thank you, sir. Bye.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Morning, Hussain.
- Morning, Raj.
How are you?
- Fine. Are you all right? - Yeah.
Where's my file?
- Here it is.
Thank you.
- All the best.
Thank you. Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
Morning, Jenny.
Good morning, sir.
I want to see you in the
conference right now.
Yes, sir.
- Come.
The design and features
of our new handset RX49..
..Are indeed quite good.
And, now I want to know as
to what are it's results..
..And when will it be able
for a launch in the market?
So far, all our tests
have been positive.
And, only the test of this handset
is on a trial basis.
It's features, frequency, voice
quality and battery life..
..Are still under observation.
So far, we've made around
50 handsets..
..And distributed among our staff.
And, as soon as the result comes,
we'll be able to say..
..As to when we can it be
launched in the market.
Whatever the progress is,
please inform us.
Okay, sir. Thank you very much.
Thank you, everybody.
- Thank you, sir.
I knew it from the first that
this maid is definitely..
..Gonna create some problem.
But, the one who came in her place..
..Didn't you tell her anything?
I mean, that you don't want
a secretary but a maid.
Am I mad to tell her that?
So that she leaves the job.
I don't want her ever
to go away from me.
No problem if she stays
as a secretary.
Of for that matter a maid.
I simply want that she
be always close to me.
She shouldn't go far from me.
I got it. I got your whole game.
But, just think, what if she comes
to know that you're not a barrister?
And, that your family is not
even distantly related..
..To the law and the court..
..Then what is gonna happen,
my brother?
I don't know what to do.
You give me some idea.
You do one thing.
In order to keep her
there in your house..
..You act as a lawyer for some days.
And, when you find the opportunity..
..Then, lovingly express the
feeling of your heart to her.
Here. Take whichever book you want.
By the way, if you want some
advice for some case..
..Then, you can take it from me.
It's 100% discount for you.
No, Chotlani sir, I was just
taking these for reference.
To increase my general knowledge..
Here. Have some snacks?
Raj, she's Kanchan.
He's Raj. Our neighbour.
How do you do?
- Fine. Thank you.
Thank you.
I was saying that just finish
of these drinks..
..And, I'll serve the dinner.
Brother, you too go after eating
the food cooked by me.
Mr. Chotlani, who's she?
- She's my secretary.
I employed her today itself.
And, you're making her prepare
snacks from now itself?
No, Raj. She's in habit
of these things.
Preparing the snacks, cooking
the food, sweeping the house.
I gave her a letter to
type in the afternoon..
..And she said, 'How
funny you're being?'
Well, she's willing to
work for 1500 rupees.
And, I gave the ad for 3000 bucks.
I got it. - What?
That you got a maid and a
secretary in 1500 bucks.
You just don't let her go.
That's it.- Done.
Catch hold of her.
I am living sir.- Okay.
And, return these books soon.
I can need them any moment.
Yeah, but just don't let her go.
- Okay.
She has come.
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Sir, I'm exactly on time.
I'll make the tea for you.
I've had the tea. You
better have a seat.
Sir, are you searching a
reference for some case?
Yeah. It's a bit complicated case.
Should I help you, sir?
No, no. Today is your first day.
I don't want you to involve
yourself in such a complicated case.
I'll solve it.
And, I'll give you a straight
and simple case.
You better work on it. Fine?
This case is a very important case.
Tell me, sir?
Yeah, write it down.
There's a friend of mine,
Raj Malhotra.
Raj is an engineer.
When he was alone, then he could..
..Neither take care of himself
nor he of the house.
He thought of employing a maid.
I mean a housemaid.
A girl arrived. And,
Raj employed her.
Now, the problem is,
the girl was going..
..To someone else's house
for the secretary's job..
..But, by mistake she arrived
at Raj's house..
..And, Raj employed her.
Sir, your friend shouldn't
have done that.
He should have sent her back
giving her the right address.
He made an educated
girl into a maid?
No, Priya. It's not like that.
Actually, he found the girl nice.
He felt that if the girl
comes in this house..
..Then the house too
would turn nice.
In this house?
I mean, in Raj Malhotra's house.
That means, love at first sight.
- Exactly.
Now, this was the case
of Raj Malhotra.
Just think what might be
the girl's reaction..
..If she comes to know about it.
Will she file a case against Raj?
Or will both them reach an
out of court settlement.
Just think.
Fine, sir. I'll think
over both the points.
Great. I'll leave for the office.
- Office?
I mean, I'll leave for the court.
It's my hearing today. And,
if any call comes for me..
..Then do attend it. Okay?
- Okay, sir.
And, these are some law books.
So, refer from them.
Don't just apply your mind to
this case but also your heart.
Of course, sir. - Fine?
Take care. - Okay.
Raj. - Yes?
Where's Raj?
- Who's Raj?
Raj Malhotra.
- Raj Malhotra?
Don't you know Raj Malhotra?
- I do know.
He's Mr. Chotlani's friend.
- Correct.
So, where's he? - I don't know.
He might be at his house.
Hold it. Hold it.
So, whose house is it?
Who stays over here?
Barrister Ram Chotlani stays here.
Ram Chotlani?
You mean to say that
I stay over here?
I eat and drink and sleep
in bungalow number 13..
..And I pay all it's phone bills,
tax bills and municipal bills..
..And I stay over here?
You're Mr. Chotlani?
- Yes.
And, I don't stay here but there.
Raj Malhotra stays here.
Last night he brought some
law books from my house.
I've come to take them back.
A client has come.
Should I take them? Thank you.
Oh my God! Look here.
He keeps the law books along
with the waste papers.
And, you think of him as
Barrister Ram Chotlani?
Wow! Wonderful!
Nice to meet you.
There's a friend of mine,
Raj Malhotra.
Raj is an Engineer.
He thought of employing a maid.
Then he kept a girl.
Do you know, isn't it, as
to what all you've to do?
Don't just apply your mind to
this case but also your heart.
Actually, he found the girl nice.
He felt that if the girl
comes in this house..
..Then the house too
would turn nice.
That means, love at first sight.
- Exactly.
Love at first sight.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening, Priya.
Today, our house doesn't
seem to be ours.
There was no client or any
phone call since morning.
And as I was free so I thought
why not clean the house.
It doesn't look like
a bachelor's house.
Sir, you had a case in the court..
..What happened to it?
Which case?
Oh! That case. My client
got the degree.
And, you very well know, there's
no question of defeat.
My arguments sealed the public
prosecutor's mouth.
He was glad.
And, he said to me to
occupy his chair.
I said, 'Brother, why are you
making fun of a junior?'
So did you think about my friend's
case that I gave you?
Oh! That case!
Sir, I applied my heart
and mind to that case.
It's a big problem.
The girl can file a fraud case.
Sir, there's no way that your
friend Raj Malhotra could be saved.
What? There's no way?
Sir, it's not in the court.
Maybe, there is, if an out of
court settlement is reached.
How come?
Look, girls like people
who are truthful.
So, if you tell your
friend to tell the..
..Whole truth to that
girl then the problem..
This is the problem. The poor
guy isn't able to say anything.
Why? ls he mute?
He's not mute. Rather he
doesn't have the courage.
Okay. if he doesn't
have the courage..
..Then, tell him to do one thing.
Tell him to write down
a confession letter.
And, you can handle the rest
on your friend's behalf.
This is the right idea.
Very good. Very good.
You do one thing. Take the pen
and paper and start writing.
Yes. Sit down. Sit down fast.
Write.. Miss Priya..
Miss Priya, her name is also Priya.
When I saw you for the first time..
..My gaze just froze at your sight.
And, I couldn't decide, whether
you had come to me..
..For the job of a housemaid
or a barrister's secretary.
It's just that I kept you.
I dreaded that if I
tell you the truth..
..Then, you might leave
me and go away.
Because I need you.
Maybe, I've gone through
love at first sight.
And, if I've hurt you,
then do forgive me.
Sir.. Should I write,
Yours Raj Malhotra?
Yeah. Write Raj Malhotra.
What do you think?
If that girl reads this letter,
then will she resign..
..Or will she accept Raj Malhotra?
Had I wanted to resign then
I could have gone away..
..With Barrister Ram
Chotlani, when..
..He came to take
away his law books.
And, I wouldn't have sat here and..
..Wrote the love letter
of Raj Malhotra.
That means..
You know everything?
That means you don't have
any objection to accept me?
Not at all.
Not at all?
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
Every style of yours if quite
different from the others.
And hence, I'm going
gaga over you.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
O beloved, please do tell.
That I'm only but yours.
And, indeed the steps are going
astray in the path of love.
O beloved, please do tell.
That I'm only but yours.
And, indeed the steps are going
astray in the path of love.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
You made me go crazy
at the first instance.
And, O sweetheart, I was
spell-bounded at your face.
You made me go crazy
at the first instance.
And, O sweetheart, I was
spell-bounded at your face.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
Every style of yours if quite
different from the others.
And hence, I'm going
gaga over you.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
It's gone. Yes, the heart is gone.
As, I've found someone.
Enough. Enough. Stop it
before the shore arrives.
Now, we'll walk from over here.
- Why?
C'mon. I want to give
you a surprise.
C'mon. Get ready for the surprise.
C'mon. Happy?
Put the left leg first.
- What's the need of this parade?
C'mon, put it.
Left right.
- Left right.
Left right.
- Left right.
Always ready for a fight.
- Left right.
It's a boy!
Had you put the left foot first
then it would have been a girl.
You mean to say..
Yes. Seven months later, your
son will be in my lap.
I just can't believe you.
I love you, Priya. I love you.
You've given me everything in
my life. - I love you too.
Now, I too will give you a surprise.
But, there's no need of
a left right for that.
We've to just walk straight.
How did you find this bungalow?
- Too beautiful.
Isn't it? Come.
Now, tell me, how does this
bungalow look from over here?
But, whose bungalow is this?
Right now, it's belong
to the builder..
..But, it will belong
to us in a day or two.
What? - We're purchasing
this bungalow?
Congratulations, Raj.
Your loan has been sanctioned.
Now, you can take this bungalow's
possession in a day or two.
Take this property papers. - By
the way, this is Priya. My wife.
And, this is Amar. A very
good friend of mine.
He's a manager in HDFC and
he was instrumental..
..In the sanction of our loan.
Sister-in-law, tell me, how
do you find this bungalow?
Very nice.
- Good.
Okay, Raj. Then, I'll take a leave.
Wish you all the best.
- Thank you very much.
Raj, what's the cost of this
bungalow? - 3 crores.
3 crores?
But, Raj, all your salary will
go away in monthly instalments.
Priya, I haven't taken
a loan of 3 crores.
I have done some savings in my life.
And, I've given that to the
builder as an advance.
That means, you've invested all
your bank balance in this bungalow?
You don't worry. I have taken
every step carefully.
Look, next week it's the annual
day of our company.
And, I'll be given the post of
Chief Executive Officer that day.
That means, Raj Malhotra
will become the CEO.
- Yes.
And, my salary will
get a foursome raise.
Moreover, I've some shares
in the company.
This is indeed a great
surprise, Raj.
But, this is nothing as compared
to the surprise..
..That you gave me today
in the morning.
I love you, Priya.
Congrats, sir.
- Thank you.
Today you'll become the CEO.
Will you give the party?
See here. The village hasn't
been settled as yet..
..And, the dacoits have
already come to loot him.
And, let the chairman come first.
First let the announcement take place.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Today is the happiest
day for all of us.
Voice mobile took birth
five years earlier.
On behalf of the whole Roy
group of companies..
..And, on the birthday
of Voice mobile..
..L congratulate you all heartily.
Ladies and Gentlemen, today's
annual celebration..
..Is being celebrated as the
birthday of Voice mobile.
And, on this birthday,
the company will seek..
..Your performance as gifts and, it
will give you promotions as gifts.
But, before that, I want
to introduce you all..
..To two very special people.
I hope you'll welcome them.
First of all, my new wife,
Mrs. Sonia Roy!
Brother, the girl turned
out to be his wife.
I thought she is his grand daughter.
And, the second personality is the
managing director of this company..
Again. Mrs. Sonia Roy.
Now, Mrs. Sonia Roy will
announce the promotions.
Thank you.
- Come.
Good morning, everybody.
At first, my congratulations
to you all..
..For the fifth anniversary
of Voice mobile.
Mr. Bhargav.
The promotion list of junior
staff has been sent..
..To their department heads.
And, these are this year's
three major promotions.
The first promotion is of
the senior sales officer.
And, that goes to Mr. Ashok Varma.
And, the second is of the manager
of engineering department.
And, that goes to Mr. Ramesh Diwan.
Well done! Well done!
And now, ladies and gentlemen..
..The third and last promotion
of this year..
..That is of the chief executive
officer that means the CEO.
And, this goes to Mr.
Rakesh Sharma..
..Of the research and
development department.
And now, ladies and gentlemen..
..I'm about to make a
special announcement.
A new name has been
included in the..
..Board of directors of the company.
And, that lucky name is,
Mr. Raj Malhotra.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
And, I hope to see you
at the party tonight.
Bye, bye. Come, darling.
One minute.
- That was great, man.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Excuse me, sir. Thank you very much.
I never expected that you'll
give me such a big post.
I don't deserve that thank you,
but my wife Sonia does.
That was her decision.
Thank you very much, Mrs. Roy.
Call me Sonia.
Thank you.
I hope that you'll carry on your
past performance in the future.
And, you'll satisfy me and the
company in the same way.
Of course.
See you at the party, young man.
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Khanna, if a man has brain..
..Then, he can verily sell his pain.
It's the thing that people,
let alone buy..
..Are not even ready
to take a look at.
What else do I've other than brain?
The businessman who
doesn't have brain..
..Will definitely sink his company.
Hi. Hi.
My wife Priya. Our new MD..
- Sonia.
Your wife is indeed
very beautiful, Raj.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, Raj. Good evening.
Sir, my wife Priya.
- Hello.
And, the chairman of
our company, Mr. Roy.
Nice meeting you. Enjoy the party.
Thank you. - Thank you, sir.
Darling, come, I'll introduce
you to my old friends.
Excuse me.
Raj, why did Mr. Chairman
call Sonia as darling?
Because, she is his wife.
They both are husband and wife?
- Don't you feel so?
No. I feel as if he's her father.
Cheers to the new director
on the board of directors.
And, cheers to the new CEO.
- Thank you.
All right.
Raj, what spell did
you cast on the MD..
..That he made you the director
instead of the company's CEO.
It's my personality. And it's the
spell of it. And, it's been cast.
What a figure, man?
Neither a millimetre here
nor a millimetre there.
The Lord Almighty might have
made this hot thing..
..While sipping a cold coffee.
Just leave it, man.
What useless things
are you blabbering?
There's no doubt that I find
her sexy and attractive.
Don't you feel likewise? - No. -
Tell me the truth.
I do feel. But, she's
our boss' wife, man.
That's the point worth
weeping, Raj..
..That she's the wife of
a 70-75 year old man.
One must go and tell
that old fellow..
..That even the Viagra won't
work on him in this age.
What's the discussion, buddy?
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Sir, Rakesh was saying a lot
many things in your praise.
My praise?
When was I doing that? Man, you're..
Why are you shying away
from sir? Tell him.
No, sir. I simply keep
talking crap.
Talking crap? So,
let me hear it as well.
I was.. I was actually..
Speak up. Tell me.
Sir, I was saying that you and
Madam Sonia make a nice pair.
Is this crap?
I mean to say, madam Sonia
is so beautiful. - And, me?
You're very graceful, sir and very..
- Yes, energetic.
And, you're very young.
I mean, it will take
another 30-35 years..
..For you to complete the century.
Good evening, everybody.
Thank you so much
for your attention.
This evening, this
night and this sea.
Today, in this beautiful ambience,
there's none..
..A boss over here and
nor anyone an employee.
Today, all of us are one. So, come.
Let's make this beautiful
evening more beautiful.
The wild waves of the ocean
are waiting to engulf you.
So, ladies and gentlemen, brace
yourself for the love.
When one falls in
love with someone.
And, when the waves dash
into each other.
When the storm rises in the sea.
Then, the subtle are the
ones to get scared.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
We're in the midst
of this quagmire.
But, yet we're lost somewhere
in the quagmire.
And, dear, I shall sail the ship
of my heart in this quagmire today.
And, I swear.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
We're in the midst
of this quagmire.
But, yet we're lost somewhere
in the quagmire.
And, dear, I shall sail the ship
of my heart in this quagmire today.
And, I swear.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
When loves crosses its limits.
The pain begins to
scale up the breath.
But if the pain is dewy and cool.
The body begins to
burn and squirm.
And, dear, I shall sail the ship
of my heart in this quagmire today.
And, I swear.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
If it's true love in the heart.
Then, the ship of love indeed
crosses the sea storm.
The waves keep on coming and
the waves keep on going.
And, they've no impact as
they keep on getting hurt.
And, dear, I shall sail the ship
of my heart in this quagmire today.
And, I swear.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
The motion of the waves
is quite strange.
So, try to be careful, O beloved.
This journey of love seems
to be in the dark.
So, I don't know why I'm
scared of getting drowned.
And, dear, I shall sail the ship
of my heart in this quagmire today.
And, I swear.
It's a quagmire.
It's a quagmire.
When one falls in
love with someone.
And, when the waves dash
into each other.
When the storm rises in the sea.
Then, the subtle are the
ones to get scared.
It's good.
Tomorrow, we'll be shifting
to our new house.
At least, we're getting
rid of this rental place.
Are you done with the packing?
- Yes.
Some big things are left, I'll
pack them tomorrow morning.
Today, I wore the Sari
for the first time.
How was I looking?
- Cute. Glamorous.
For once I thought that I should
abduct from over there.
But, then I thought that it's
my own property. My own wife.
What if it was someone else?
She wouldn't have been
ravishing like you.
Should I ask you one thing, Raj?
- Yes.
Your Mrs. MD is young and
beautiful and educated..
..Then, why did she got married
to an old man like Mr. Roy?
What have we got to do with it?
It's their personal matter.
Forget it.
I didn't find her behaviour
and attitude quite nice.
You be simply concerned with
your work in the office.
Oh my God! My keys?
Where did I drop them?
Oh, no! - What happened?
My keys are inside. Can you help me?
This car can be opened only by
a car mechanic or a car thief.
And, I'm none among them.
If you wish, then I
can give you a lift.
Don't get embarrassed.
You can take lift from someone else.
Because anyone can give lift
to a beautiful girl like you.
And, I'm just one of them.
I didn't mean that.
I really didn't mean it like that.
Come. I'll drop you.
Here. Wear this.
- Why? What's the need for it?
Those clothes are wet.
Take. And, my seat can
get spoilt as well.
Are you lndian?
- Yes.
Who else is in your house?
- I live with a friend of mine..
..Who has gone to Canada. So,
right now I'm alone.
And, you?
I work in a company over here.
And, what do you do?
These days, I simply do exercises.
Tomorrow, I've an audition.
If I'm selected in that..
..Then, probably, I'll
start working as well.
For which company?
MTN mobile phone. it's
for their modelling.
Just take a left ahead.
That's it.
Well, the manners dictate that
I should be calling you in..
..And I should be serving you tea..
..But, I've to go to
the Yoga classes.
And, I'm already late.
And, I've to make a lot of preparations
for the audition tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Tomorrow, you'll be selected.
- Really? You think so?
I don't think so. I mean so.
So, if I'm selected tomorrow
then I'll give you a treat.
- Promise.
- Bye.
T shirt.
Thank you. By the way, Raj.
- Sonia.
Best of luck.
- Thanks.
I am thinking about you, only you.
No, you can't miss me.
Because I have freedom
with MTN.
Cut it.
Congratulations Miss Sonia
you have been selected.
Selected! You mean? - Yes.
You have been selected, Sonia.
Because you have great style,
amazing posture and top of it..
..You look stunning - Thank you.
Miss. Sonia this
is Raj Malhotra..
..Marketing Executive
Director of M.T.N.
Yeah, that's me. Congratulations.
Thank you.
Just see, opportunity is
such a strange thing.
Yesterday, I went to such
a beach wherein no one comes.
And, it's over there that my
key remains inside my car.
And, I got a lift from you.
Now, what can we do if your career
was to start through us?
It seems that you're
my good luck charm.
But, your good luck charm hasn't
forgotten that you've..
..Promised to give a treat
after your selection.
Do you remember it?
- That's right.
- Done. Good.
That should be okay.
Enjoy the drink, sir.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
This is for your success.
No. It's for our friendship.
Wanna dance?
- Why not?
You're the fragrance
and you're the magic.
You're the fragrance
and you're the magic.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
You're the fragrance
and you're the magic.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
I never had an idea, O sweetheart..
..That the heart might get crazy.
And, the spell of desire
might work on me as well.
You're quite interesting.
As your memories
occur quite often.
I have no more control on myself.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you, baby.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
What's that attraction in you as
none is as beautiful as you.
And, this pain of detachment
is intolerable.
The passion is all over the mind.
And, it's now that I'm
feeling at peace.
I really want to seek you.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you, baby.
Hey, you, this heart's
crazy over you.
Sonia. Sonia!
Sorry. Sorry.
There's such a nice buffet
set at the pool side..
..And we've come here
in this ruckus.
It's for a change, Raj. Oh, c'mon.
Can I have your order please?
- Thank you.
It's a nice place.
- Do you love it?
Yeah. Julie!
- Hello, Ajay! How are you?
Two muppels and..
Raj, I'll just be back from the
living room. - Yeah, sure.
And that should be okay.
Your drink, sir.
- Thank you.
Sonia, what were you doing there?
Raj, do you know who he is?
- I know.
His name is Ajay Singh.
- Yes!
And, he has come to South
Africa from lndia..
..To search for a brand ambassador
for his product.
So, I deliberately attracted
him towards me.
Now, you see, he'll himself
come over here.
So, this was.. Excuse me.
Ajay Singh.
- Hl! Sonia.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure is all mine,
beautiful lady.
Thank you.
He's my friend Raj.
- Hello.
If your friend doesn't mind,
then can I dance with you?
Of course. Why will Raj mind?
- Come.
I've come here in search
of a brand ambassador.
By the way, what do
you think about me?
I guess, I've made my choice.
I like it.
What kind of behaviour is this?
You came back from the hotel
without informing me..
..And leaving me alone?
- So, what did you want?
That I should have watched
your dance with Ajay Singh?
What nonsense?
- Just leave it.
Raj, I'm a model.
My degree and diploma are my beauty.
And, I've to just push them
forth for success. That's it.
It's a part of our profession.
And, do you know, I got the
contract for that single dance.
That means you can do anything
for contract and money, right?
What do you mean by anything?
I'm not making a contract
to sleep with him.
They need my body to promote
their product..
..And they're ready to give
me a price for it. That's it.
It's strictly professional!
But, I don't like all this.
I can't see all this.
Raj, you've become completely
No matter wherever
the lndian man is..
..No matter whatever he does..
..He'll always be an lndian.
Typical MCP. Male Chauvinist Pig.
But, you know what?
I love it like that.
Hey, listen to me.
I love you. Truly. Honestly.
Take me.
You really love me, isn't it?
- Of course.
And, you really want me to fulfil..
..All those dreams that I've
seen so far, isn't it?
Yes, I want.
Then, let me sign the
contract. Please.
They want to make me the brand
ambassador of their company.
This is a very important
step for my career.
Please. Please, Raj.
How will I refuse you if you
ask me in such a position?
Wow! Look at this lndian model.
What a fantastic figure! She's
really hot and sexy!
Man! So bold and so beautiful!
The one who has seen her photo..
..Might be searching
for her address.
Show me as well.
I'll be back.
Where are you going? At least
keep the magazine and go.
I need it the most right now.
Maria, this is Raj here.
Can I speak to Sonia?
She's gone to the hospital.
Between 5 to 10 minutes
she'll be back at home.
Where is she?
- She's upstairs.
Thank you.
Sonia, why did you
go to the hospital?
I just went for a routine
check-up, Raj.
But, the doctor told
me that I'm pregnant.
This is good news. Why
didn't you tell me?
This isn't some disease so that
I should have told you.
We stay together and we didn't
took any precautions..
..And it just happened.
By the way, there's nothing
to worry about.
I've taken an appointment
for tomorrow.
So, I'll go and get
an abortion done.
Abortion? What's the
need for abortion?
Sonia, we'll get married.
I'm not getting an abortion because
I'm having a child out of wedlock.
But, I'm having an abortion because
I don't want a child..
..At this stage of my career.
What are you talking, Sonia? This
is our love. This is our child.
But, this is not my ambition, Raj.
You very well know as after
how many difficulties..
..I've got a chance to move ahead.
I've seen a world of different
dream for myself.
Power, prestige, status, money..
I want to be on top
of this world, Raj.
That means I don't have
any value in your life?
And, you don't love me? - Who
told you that I don't love you?
I love you very much and
I'll do it forever.
But, I can't sacrifice my
career at this stage.
Whatever it is, Sonia. You'll
give birth to my child.
You're not going to abort the child.
You're talking as if
you're my husband.
Raj this child is mine.
It's inside me.
And, what has to be done with it..
..It's only me, who can decide that.
I've just stepped on the first
ladder of my success.
And, there are many a ladders
ahead, wherein I can't be..
..Able to step with the burden
of children and marriage.
That means, till today
you just regarded me..
..As a ladder to your success?
And, you don't need me.
A successful woman doesn't
need anyone, Raj.
She can keep her success
as her husband..
..And, can also play
with it as a child.
Then, there's a lot of difference
between our thoughts.
You'll definitely get success.
Success can never evade
a woman like you.
You want to go on the top
of this world, isn't it?
But keep one thing in mind.
When you look down from over there..
..Then, you won't find
anyone as your own.
Just remember my word.
Child, you did a great thing
by buying your house.
How long could you've stayed
in that rented place?
Live long. Prosper by
the grace of God.
Come. Sit, papa. Mummy,
you too sit down.
Yeah, child.
Come here, child.
Yes, Sharma, tell me?
Raj, can you come to the
office for a while?
Why? What happened?
That new handset
of ours.. RX49..
There's some problem
in its functioning.
We could have discussed
had you come over here.
It's very urgent, pal.
Fine. I'll come right away. Bye.
- Yes?
I'll have to go to the office?
- Now?
Yeah, there's some important
work. Okay?
Okay, mama. Okay, papa. See you.
- Yeah, child.
- Yeah?
I've invited everybody
for tonight's party..
..If someone is left out then
do call and invite them.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Tell Rakesh to come and
meet me in my cabin.
And, why have you made this
bird's nest on your head?
These are curls?
- These are curls.
We met, separated, we met again.
It's co-incidence.
But, this co-incidence is
indeed nice. Love, Sonia.
Hi, Raj.
- Hi.
What happened? What's problem
with the handset?
Buddy, the handsets
that we distributed..
..In our staff for the observation..
..Some of them are
complaining that..
..Two numbers get connected
at the same time.
What? - Yes, Raj. They said that
when they dial a number..
..Then the other number from
the phone book gets dialled..
..All by itself and their call
goes on a two way conference.
How can that happen?
Have you ordered for a check-up
of the handset?
Sit. Yeah, man. I got
everything checked..
..But, I'm unable to
understand anything.
Really? Do this.
Just halt the production till
the check-up of the handset.
Raj, it would have been proper
to talk to madam Sonia..
..Before halting the production.
I mean..
That's right.
Yes. Please go through this
contract. - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Hello? - Madam, Mr. Raj Malhotra
wants to meet you.
Tell him that he can come.
- Yes, madam.
Excuse me, gentleman. An urgent
meeting has come up.
Can we do this in another
half an hour? - Okay.
Thank you.
Come in.
Hi, Raj.
- Hi!
Please, have a seat.
I sent you some flowers.
Did you get them? - Yes.
Thank you for the flowers.
And, there was a card along.
Did you read it?
Yes. I read it.
Raj, I'm very much happy
at your promotion, but..
..There's no excitement in you
in regard to my congratulation.
Perhaps, you just saw
and read my words.
But, you didn't feel them.
Sonia, the thing is..
That RX49 model of ours is having
a technical problem..
..And I wanted to discuss something
about it with you.
Should we discuss it now?
Oh! So, you just want to talk that?
- Yeah.
But, I'm sorry. It will
take a long time.
Our clients from the
Asian zone have come.
And, a very important
meeting is in progress.
Shall we discuss it later?
Should we make it after lunch?
You talk to my PA. He'll
inform you about that.
Fine. Thank you.
- I am Bhagwat speaking. - Yes?
Madam had to go out for
an urgent meeting.
She has called you home
in the evening.
Okay. Thank you.
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Are you Mr. Raj?
- Yes. - Please come, sir.
Please have a seat, sir.
- Thank you.
Good evening, madam.
- Good evening, Raj.
You are looking ravishing.
- Thank you.
Are you going for a party?
You have met me today
after so many years.
Is this less than any party?
Sit down. - Thank you.
What will you have? Anything cold?
Or something hot?
How is life, Raj?
Everything is fine.
You can go.
- Okay. Madam.
Miss Sonia.. I am sorry.
Our new mobile handsets, RX
- 49 models.
There are some faults in that.
The handsets given to the
staff for observation..
..There are complaints in it
that whenever a number is..
..Dialled, the next number
in the memory..
..Also gets connected. So
basically it becomes..
..It becomes a three way conference.
A report was sent to
the R&D department.
They have sent for the
chip for rectification.
But the production has started.
We will have to stop it.
So, for that we will
need your orders.
So stop it. Do what you want.
No, your signatures are
needed for that so..
..Please sign this.
- What is the hurry, Raj?
I will sign wherever you tell me to.
Your phone is ringing.
Hello. Hi, baby.
- Sweetheart, do you miss me too?
I was thinking about you.
- Beloved..
You remember that we have
to go to the party today?
I will not be able to
come to the party.
I am very tired.
It was the first day of
the office, isn't it?
You have given me such
a huge responsibility.
Understand. I am extremely sorry.
- Please sit.
No, darling. I am very tired today.
Please forgive me this time.
What are you doing?
I am not doing anything new.
- All this is wrong.
Okay. You think that all
this is wrong now.
Without whom you couldn't stay..
No.. Sonia..
You were right. I will get success.
But staying away from you,
I have always felt..
..How lonely I am.
- No, Sonia. Try to understand.
You went so far away from me. You
went so far away from me, Raj.
Sonia. Please let me go.
- I love you, Raj.
I missed you so much.
Please, Sonia. No.
Look at me.
Raj.. show me you are
an animal. Show me.
I love you, Raj. I love you so much.
Nothing means so much..
As much as you, Raj.
Raj.. Raj.. what happened, Raj?
Raj.. listen to me.
- Raj, what happened, Raj?
Sonia. What we are doing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong, Raj.
Come on, love me.
Sorry. - Raj, nothing is wrong.
- Please let me go.
You cannot me leave me alone, Raj.
I cannot betray my wife. Leave me.
Raj.. listen to me Raj. Raj!
Where did I tell you
to leave your wife?
I just want a physical relationship.
I don't want this physical
relationship. Leave me!
If I don't have any problems,
why are you bothered?
Raj.. listen to me. Raj.
You cannot leave me like this, Raj.
You are insulting me.
I made you a director
of the company..
..From a common executive,
so that you be with me.
Near me! Not because
you deserved it.
This relation will be a ladder
of success for you.
I have power, position
and money today.
I can make you reach places!
Just think about it.
When you slept with me, you
didn't want to be my wife.
Now when you are someone
else's wife..
..You are adamant on sleeping with me?
It is god's grace that
I didn't marry you.
Otherwise, the way you are generous
on me for sex..
..You would be generous
on Ranjit Roy for money.
Raj! Raj! What do you think?
I am a bitch?
I am a slut? I am a
bloody prostitute?
You think that I am
a male prostitute..
..So that you use
me in lieu of the..
..Money and post that
you gave me? No!
Raj, Whatever you did was not right.
It was very wrong!
Where were you for so long?
Nothing. I was stuck up in a
meeting. Therefore, I am late.
Your mobile was shut down too.
No. the mobile is on.
The battery is down.
There is a party in the house.
All the guests are waiting.
I am sorry, Priya.
I know I am very late.
You take care of the guests. I will
freshen up. Please.. - Okay.
I tell you. You have taken
the glass once again.
That is strange. It is strange.
I thought that after
marriage you'd..
..Prepare a peg for me
with your own hands.
Forget about preparing a peg, you..
..Want to kick the prepared peg too!
You married me to make pegs
for you? - No.. no..
I will try to execute my plan
in a different manner.
I mean..
The thirst should become water now.
What does that mean?
That means, the thirst should
become water now.
Every drop.. every drop
should become a rose.
If you give it to me
with your own hands..
..Mineral water will be
turned into alcohol too.
Her hands are of a very
alcoholic type.
Why shouldn't they be?
Why shouldn't they be?
I used to scrub the
tables of fifty..
..Drunkards in my life.
What happened?
Hi, Priya!
- Hi! - Congrats.
Beautiful house.
- Thank you.
Neither am I a poet, nor
am I am a poet's nephew.
I am just the result of my
parent's entertainment.
- What are you talking about?
Mr. Sharma is flirting a lot today.
It seems that he has fallen
in love or something.
Love? What is love?
Fool! You don't know what love is?
I will tell you what love is.
Love is that ltalian
flooring where one..
..Feels like sweeping and
swabbing incessantly. - Wow!
Forget about sweeping
and swabbing now.
Why do you forget that you aren't
what you were any more?
Now you are the legally wedded
wife to Ram Chotlani.
I forget it!
Hello, everybody.
Raj! Welcome!
Maybe this is the
first party where..
..The guests are welcoming
the hosts.
Mr. Chotlani, you are hitting
me swaddling it in a blanket!
No! It's a beautiful house.
Thank you. What were
you talking about?
They were telling Rakesh
what love is.
You don't know what love is?
I am a bit confused.
Either it is a case, or it is
an ltalian marble flooring.
Everyone has described love
according to themselves.
Tell us. What is your
definition of love?
Mr. Chotlani.. according
to me, love is love.
Which has faith passion and loyalty.
And it is this loyalty,
that doesn't..
..Allow a person to
be become disloyal.
Did you understand now?
Yes, sister-in-law.
I understood it now.
Now tell me. What happens
when one falls in love?
That's a good question.
- Tell us. Tell us please.
Tell them. Tell them.
It is your turn now.
That scene of romance,
that romantic heart.
That crazy season, that
flirting of yours.
It makes me restless.
That love!
Those days of love, that
moment, that time.
That trickling season,
that monsoon.
That movement of breath,
that aromatic veil.
That embrace, that
cloud of tresses.
That shyness of yours,
lowering of eyes.
That sudden turn as you go.
You understanding it,
without me saying it.
That saying everything in signals.
Those fights and nags,
repenting later.
Getting angry and then
talking it out.
Returning once again.
What happened? You thought
that it was someone else?
No.. just like that.
Why were you startled?
I was thinking about something else.
If the husband thinks
of something else..
..In the bedroom, it
isn't a good sign.
Why only in the bedroom?
If the husband has anyone
in the mind..
..Except the wife, it
isn't a good thing.
Raj.. it was a good party.
All of them were happy.
Even I liked it. Everyone
praised you.
Everyone praised the house.
They praised the food too.
Did anyone praise my beloved?
I only like my husband praising me.
And I like it the most
when people praise you.
When will you praise me now?
What I do is enough already.
When he will come forget praise,
if you call me..
..Twenty times, I will answer once.
I am coming!
Another thing. That fault report..
- Yes.
Send it to my desk by evening.
- Good morning sir.
Hi. Morning.
Sir. The chairman is waiting for
you since a long time. - Okay.
Keep this inside.
- Yes. Sir.
Good morning, Sir.
Sir, you called me.
This is your resignation
letter. Sign this.
You are resigning from this company.
But why, sir?
You are asking me this?
I should tell you this?
How dare you attempt to
rape my wife? - What?
I said.. sign it.
Sir. This is a lie! An utter lie.
Sonia.. what is all this going on?
What did you tell him
about me? Tell me..
Don't talk to her. You speak
to my wife in my presence?
Sign this letter and
get lost from here.
Sir, listen to me.
- Shut up.
I don't want me and my
company to be defamed.
Therefore, I am just asking
you for a resignation.
- The wretched thing that you did..
I would have shot you
for that! Get out!
Sir.. listen to me.. - Get out
from here. - Listen to me..
I want this letter signed
within twenty four hours.
What Sonia told you is wrong, sir.
- Get lost!
Stop it, darling. Please.
Control yourself.
Why are you increasing your blood
pressure? - How dare he!
Please baby. For me.. please.
Come on. Come on.
Idiot. What is his worth?
Why don't you people believe me?
I didn't do this. Forget
about doing it.
I can't even think about it.
Rakesh, this is the truth.
This Sonia is trying to trap
me. She called me home.
She tired to exploit me sexually.
And when I refused, she accused me!
And.. and see. She gave me
this resignation letter.
She tells me to sign it.
Why should I resign?
I will not resign. You are
my friend, isn't it?
You are my friends. You
are my colleagues.
You don't believe me?
I discussed your matter with the
whole staff once you left.
Nobody believed it.
What do you mean to say?
If nobody believed it..
..L should accept that what
I have been accused..
..Of is true? I should
give the resignation?
No. I don't want you to resign.
See. Everyone can commit a mistake.
If I were in your place maybe I'd
have committed the same mistake.
See, Raj.
Even if I do believe you..
Will you be able to prove
that you are innocent?
Forget all this. Think only
about your service right now.
You have taken such a big
loan and bought a bungalow.
If you resign, from where
will you repay this loan?
Listen to what I say.
Go to Mr. Rai and beg of him.
Tell him that you committed
a mistake. After that..
You have gone crazy.
What do you want?
I should beg of him..
..And that too for the mistake
that I didn't commit?
Keep your suggestions to yourself.
If you don't give the bank
another guarantee..
..The bank will seize your bungalow.
Just because you are
a man, it doesn't..
..Mean that you will do anything
and I will forgive you.
I want a divorce.
I am leaving you now.
See, Raj.
Sexual exploitation is nothing new.
Men do this with women in
big companies and offices.
But this is a different case.
A woman has tried to
sexually exploit you.
As far as our society's
mindset is concerned..
..These kind of wretched antics
are reserved for men.
Mr. Chotlani, how
will I get justice?
If you wish, we can have a
case of sexual harassment.
It will be difficult to prove.
The chances to win are less..
And listen to the side
effects of defeat too.
Newspapers need such spices.
They will print you
on the front page.
They will defame you
by making you famous.
Women's organizations will
make your life hell.
You will lose your service.
You will fall so low
in people's eyes..
..That nobody will be ready
to give you work too.
Raj, this is the question of
a big company and it's MD.
They will accuse you of attempted..
..Rape to save their
prestige and dignity.
And I am sorry but maybe
they will prove it too.
After that.. seven years of
rigorous imprisonment.
Did you tell this to Priya?
- No. - Good. Good.
Look, Raj. I am your friend.
I suggest you as a friend. Resign.
And give any excuse to Priya and..
..Go somewhere far away with her.
You are resigning from the job?
I found this resignation letter
from your coat pocket.
But why?
Sonia has accused me
of attempted rape.
- Yes.
The truth is that when I went to..
..Her house to discuss the
problems in mobiles..
..She tried to exploit me sexually.
When I refused, she accused me.
Today, using her power, she wants
to chuck me out of the company.
So much has occurred, and
you didn't even tell me.
What should I have told you?
Nobody believes me.
My staff and my colleagues
think that I am wrong.
In fact, my close friend, Rakesh.
Even he doesn't believe in me.
I have just met Chotlani.
I asked him what to
do now. He told me..
..That if the matter ends
on an resignation, resign.
He told me that nobody
will believe..
..That a woman can sexually
assault a man.
Now you tell me when nobody
is ready to accept it..
..How could I have told you that?
How would I convince you? How
would I make you believe?
You wouldn't have
to make me believe.
I would have accepted
it if you said it.
I know that you cannot do like this.
Raj. You will not resign. if
you resign and stay silent..
..Then people will accept this
lie to be the truth.
People will think you to
be wrong all through life.
We will fight against this.
For our truth and honour.
Now whether the decision is
in my favour or against..
You are with me. I will fight now.
Mr. Chotlani?
- No. I am his assistant speaking.
I am Raj Malhotra here.
Can I speak to him?
Yes, just a minute. Sir.
It is Mr. Raj Malhotra.
Hello. - Mr. Chotlani. I have
decided to fight this case.
See, Raj. I have explained
everything to you earlier.
But you understand it once again.
I have thought about it thoroughly.
I will fight this case.
And my wife is with me in this case.
Okay. I will send
the notice to them.
But remember this.
Keep going to the office like
everyday and keep working.
So that they don't get another
pretext to ask you to resign.
Did you understand?
- Yes. - All the best.
Good morning.
- Yes, sir?
Send me today's report in my room.
- Okay, sir.
Good morning. Sir.
You are wishing me a good morning..
..After ruining sleep of the nights?
I didn't hand..
..You over to the police for your
dirty and wretched antics.
I was leaving you by
merely having you resign.
And you want to place
a case against me?
You have accused me that my wife..
..Has tried to sexually exploit you?
But.. this is the truth, sir.
- Shut up.
The truth is that you
want to black mail me.
You thought that I would be scared..
..If you place a case
against me like this.
And to save me and my company's
..L won't take a resignation
from you.
Raj Malhotra. You don't know
about my power and contacts.
I will crush you.
I will answer your notice in court.
After that I will accuse you of..
..Attempting to rape my wife.
I promise.
I will ruin your present
as well as future.
This is the court where
such a matter..
..Will be discussed which has
never been discussed before.
The MD of the biggest mobile
company in the country..
..Voice mobiles, Sonia
Rai has been..
..Accused of sexual harassment..
..By a director of her company,
Raj Malhotra.
The whole city is shocked.
In a country like lndia,
where women..
..Are revered as goddesses,
can this be possible?
Please be seated.
Mr. Chotlani, you may proceed.
Thank you, your honour.
There are two sexes living
in our society.
Men and women.
It is said in the scriptures,
that a woman is like a river.
If she remains in the boundaries
of her banks..
..She brings happiness
and prosperity.
And if she breaks the boundaries
of her banks..
..All she brings is destruction.
This is the case today.
A woman has broken her boundaries.
A wife, for her lust has tried
to keep sexual relations..
..With a stranger working
in her company.
When that man refused, that woman..
..Tried to remove that
man from his post.
Today, that man is knocking at
the court's doors for justice.
That man is my client
Mr. Raj Malhotra.
And that woman is Mr.
Ranjeet Rai's wife..
..And the managing director
of Voice mobiles..
Mrs. Sonia Rai.
Not only do I have faith,
I am sure that my..
..Client will get justice and
only justice from your court.
That's all. Your honour.
What a speech.
What a lecture. Great.
He says that there are two
sexes in this society.
That is a fact.
So there should be boundaries
for both the sexes.
What kind of impoverished
mind does this society..
..Possess that a woman should
stay in her boundaries..
..And a man should wander
about like a wild hog?
Order. Order.
I never heard till today that
a woman flirted with a man.
Or she whistled or winked at him.
Forget about anyone else, Milord.
Let us take your case.
Better still, let us take mine.
Come on.
For a minute we will accept
that you and me..
..Are not handsome like
Mr. Raj Malhotra.
And we will accept that
Mrs. Sonia Rai..
..Did try to sexually harass
Mr. Raj Malhotra.
How did this indigestible
thing take place..
..And why did it take place?
To prove this, Milord..
..L ask permission to
call the prey of rape..
..Mr. Raj Malhotra,
into the witness box.
You are permitted.
- Thank you, Milord.
Mr. Raj Malhotra.
A woman tried to rape you.
This beautiful incident..
Which no man has experienced
till date.
When did this happen?
It happened on the 21st of January.
And just a day before that,
on the 20th of January..
..Was the annual day of your
company, correct? - Yes.
What happened on that day?
On that day. The whole staff
was to be promoted.
And Mrs. Sonia announced the
promotion of the whole staff.
Were you expecting it, a promotion?
As a chief executive officer.
So.. did you get it? Promotion?
Instead of making me
a chief executive..
..She put me on the
board of directors.
Wow! You were standing for sweets
and got a buffet? Wow!
What did you think was the reason..
..Behind this charitable attitude
of Mrs. Sonia Rai?
Maybe she was impressed
with my work.
You are lying.
If you forget it, I will
remind you that..
..In that party held on the
twentieth of January..
..You told your colleagues
that the..
..Reason of your promotion
was your personality.
It was the magic of
your personality.
I had joked. - Did you say that,
or did you not say that?
Yes. I did say that.
Point to be noted, Milord.
He thought that the reason for his..
..Promotion was the magic
of his personality.
He thought that Mrs. Sonia Rai..
..Was impressed by his
muscular personality.
This is wrong. I didn't
mean to say that.
The meaning. I will decide
about the meaning.
I am educated. I am a MA, LLB.
I will take it out.
You just answer my questions.
What all did you talk about
in the party that day?
Nothing special. Just casual talks.
Casual talks?
The old man has got such an item.
What must be this old man be doing?
Even Viagra doesn't have
affect on seventy plus.
All these matters were casual.
But I didn't say all this.
Were these talks done with you?
- Yes.
When the liquor was flowing
freely in the party..
..What talks were going
on about Mrs. Sonia Rai?
I don't remember.
I will remind him, Milord.
Didn't you say that Mrs. Sonia Rai..
..Seemed sexy and attractive?
- No, I didn't say it.
It was my colleague who said it.
- What did you say?
- That's it. - But.. - That's it.
What happened after that?
The dance program
started after that.
Oh, you mean dancing and singing?
- Yes.
Whom did you dance with?
It was a changing partners dance.
Changing.. oh! You mean
the wives started to change.
Did it happen that you were Mrs.
Sonia's dance partner too?
So you must have enjoyed it.
Whose beauty you were
sighing about..
..You were clutching her
waist and danced..
Objection, your honour.
The assumption of the defense
is just fictitious.
Objection sustained.
- Thank you, sir.
Okay. Sir. Okay.
The next day..
What happened when you reached
the office with your promotion?
My friend Rakesh came to meet me.
He told me that the handsets
had some problems.
He told me that the production
of the handsets has started.
The production should be stopped.
And he told me to meet
Mrs. Sonia too.
Did you speak to her?
Did you speak to her?
Her PA told me to meet her at home.
You are very lucky.
What you wanted, happened.
It was necessary for me to meet her.
It was important for you to
go home too, Mr. Malhotra.
Because it was the house warming
party at his new house. Am I right?
But this was more important.
- What?
To stop the production
of the handsets.
Handset.. I thought.. anyway. Then?
I reached Mrs. Sonia's house. Some
of her maid opened the door.
Then Mrs. Sonia came..
- Mrs. Sonia came.
What did you do after that?
What did I go to do there?
- What did you go to do there?
I have told you what
I went to do there.
No. you haven't told me.
I will tell you.
Milord, when Mrs. Sonia
came he told her..
My god! You are looking ravishing.
I didn't say it the way
you are saying it.
You leave the way of witness,
take heed to the poem.
Did you say that, or did you
not say that? - I did.
That's it. That's it. What
happened after that?
As soon as I started speaking
about the mobile..
..Mrs. Sonia came
and sat at my side.
At your side? -Yes.
- Her husband called up after that.
I didn't find it correct
and went away. - Correct.
When all of a sudden
she clutched me and..
That means.. suddenly.. suddenly..
Your modesty was outraged.
- Yes.
Then you must have sent
Mrs. Sonia to a side.
No. I was completely shocked.
I didn't know what to do.
And Mrs. Sonia started
to kiss me like mad.
Just a minute. You were shocked
and stood stunned..
..And Mrs. Sonia started
kissing you.
You mean to say that?
Didn't I tell you that I couldn't
understand anything?
I was totally confused?
You are the Taj Mahal. The
Taj Mahal. Yes, Milord.
The people go to see the Taj Mahal..
..And kiss it's architecture
to their heart's content.
And it can't even move.
It can't even say..
O' soul of Shahajahan. Save
me from this kisses.
What happened after that?
She pushed me down after that.
- What?
She pushed me down after that.
Mrs. Sonia pushed you down?
- Yes. - Mrs. Sonia? - Yes.
And she started kissing
me after that.
What were you doing at that time?
Didn't I say that I was confused?
- As to what I should do.
Where was she kissing you?
- On the face and shoulders.
That's it? Only on the
face and shoulders?
On the face and the shoulders?
You were on the floor. Sonia
could kiss your whole body.
I was not down. Sonia was on
the floor. I was on Sonia.
Just a minute. Just a minute.
Milord, just a minute.
You were up?
- Yes.
And Mrs. Sonia was down?
- Yes.
Milord.. this means
that the one who..
..Was being raped was
up and the one..
..Who was raping was down?
This rape has a new style
just like this case. Up and down.
Anyway. What were
you doing lying up?
Tell me. You must be
doing something too.
Were you lying on her
like dead weight?
Whatever was happening
was so intense..
..My senses had stopped working.
And I lost my control..
- That's it. That's it, Milord.
Point to me noted. This
man lost control. Then?
Mrs. Sonia unbuttoned my shirt.
The locket on my neck came out.
It had my wife's photo in it.
I understood that whatever
was happening was wrong.
And I stood up and started to go.
That means, if you didn't
see the locket..
..Would your conscience not arise?
I object your honour..
- Okay.. okay.
So milord. In the end
his conscience arose.
Good. What happened after that?
I didn't agree to anything
that she said.
She started shrieking and
I went away from there.
You mean.. you saved
your dignity? Good.
What did you do after that?
You must have called Mr.
Rai after this.
And told him to take care of
his wife. Did you do that?
No. I didn't do anything like that.
Sir, Sonia acted wrongly with me.
But I didn't want to show her
mistake to the world and insult her.
Why did you set this case then?
Because Mr. Rai accused me of
rape and asked me to resign.
Otherwise, I wouldn't
have filed this case.
You are lying.
You didn't tell this to anyone
because you are guilty.
No.. - Milord. I will
prove this in court.
I wish to bring Mr. Malhotra's
secretary Jenny in the court.
You are permitted.
Good morning, Jenny.
Milord. A wife at home and
secretary in the office.
They are very close companions.
You know that.
Tell me. When he used to meet you..
..In the morning, did he wish you?
- How?
Whatever he had in his hands.
Newspapers or files. He hit
me from behind and wished me.
He would hit you on the back.
Good morning, Jenny.
- Where then? - Back.
Back? Back.. there is a
lot of place back. Where?
Here. On the bum.
- On the bum? Bomb?
I object your honour.
Mr. Patel forgets how
to speak to a lady.
How am I speaking about?
The organ of the body which
she refers to in English..
..Can she not tell it in
the national language?
Objection overruled.
- Thank you milord.
Milord.. as far as my knowledge
of English language is concerned..
..The organ which she calls
a bum in English..
..Is also known as the butt.
The butt.. the arse.
We walk along with your butt.
Mr. Malhotra used to
hit her on her but..
..With paper, file or anything
that he had in hand.
And then he used to wish
her good morning.
This means a thwack first
and good morning.
A thwack and good morning.
Anyway. Tell me.
Where all did he hit the men in the
office to greet them good morning?
He used to shake hands
and wish them.
Such partiality? Such double
standards, Mr. Malhotra.
This is injustice.
He shakes hands with men and
hits women on the butt?
This is not done.
You may go now.
Milord. This is Mr. Raj
Malhotra's character.
That's all Milord. Thank you.
Mr. Chotlani, would you
wish to say something?
Yes, your honour.
Your honour. I'd wish
permission to call..
..Mrs. Sonia Rai in the witness box.
Permission granted.
Mrs. Sonia Rai. As my client
Mr. Raj Malhotra said..
..He was expecting a promotion to..
..The post of a CEO
on the annual day.
But you made him a director, why?
I was impressed with his work.
You came to the company for the
first time on 20th January.
And you had to decide the promotion
list right then and there.
When and where did you see Mr.
Raj Malhotra's service record?
I had asked about him
to my husband. - When?
That same day, when the
function was to start.
How much time did this
discussion take?
Two hours? One hour? Half an hour?
- Ten seconds.
Did I hear ten seconds?
- Yes.
In ten seconds your
husband gave you..
..Information about Raj Malhotra's
service record.
And you were impressed immediately..
..And removed the other name
and wrote Raj Malhotra on the list.
Point to be noted, your honour.
Mr. Patel, did you hear it too?
Mrs. Rai, what happened after that?
The next day, Mr. Raj came
to my house and then..
..He spoke to me about the
faults in mobile phones.
I said, all right. Stop
the production.
My husband called up at that time.
I was speaking to him when..
when all of a sudden..
..He grabbed me.
- You must have screamed then..
Yes. - Your husband must have
heard your screams too.
The phone call was over till then.
But you said just now that you
were talking over the phone.
Yes. But till that time
I had finished the call.
You screamed?
Yes. But there wasn't
anyone at home.
What about the servant
who had served water.
She had some urgent work.
She went on a holiday.
And the rest of the servants?
I have heard that there is a army..
..Of around six servants
in your house?
All of them were on holiday.
Why were they on holiday, Mrs. Rai?
21st January is neither 26th
January nor 25th August.
It is neither Holi, Diwali, Eid,
Baishaki nor Christmas.
Then, what was the holiday,
please tell me.
There can be some personal work too.
Oh yes.. yes..
That means everyone's mothers
fall ill together too.
Didn't you think who'd give water?
Who will do the work
around the house?
And who will serve drinks?
All right, Mrs. Sonia Rai.
What did Mrs. Raj do after he
pushed you on the ground?
He started kissing me after that.
Were you on top of Mr. Raj
or was it vice versa?
Objection, milord.
Mr. Raj has accepted that he
was on top of Mrs. Sonia.
Why are we starting the top
and bottom circus once again?
Whether the pumpkin
falls on the dagger..
..Or the dagger falls
on the pumpkin..
..It is the pumpkin which gets cut.
You should know that.
Mr. Patel, I know
that I am a lawyer.
I am not some pumpkin
cutter or seller.
But I keep this information
at least..
..That neither does the pumpkin..
..Fall on the dagger
all by itself and..
..Nor does the dagger cut
the pumpkin all by itself.
Order order. This is a court,
not a fruit marker.
Forget about the pumpkin
and come to the point.
Thank you. - Your honour,
the point is whether Mr..
..Raj wanted to attempt
rape or did..
..Mrs. Sonia Rai wish to
sexually assault him.
Thank you very much, Mrs.
Rai. You may go now.
Your honour. Mrs. Sonia Rai being..
..Impressed by Mr. Raj
Malhotra's personality..
..And promoting him, sending
all servants on a holiday.
And calling him alone at home.
All this clearly indicates
that the pumpkin..
..Was telling the dagger itself
to come and cut me.
Come and slice me. That's all.
Lies. This is lies, Milord.
Mr. Chotlani is turning a
coincidence into an incident.
He will have to give
proper proof for it.
I will give you that proper proof.
It will prove that Mr. Raj
attempted rape on Mrs. Sonia.
Mrs. Malhotra..
Unbutton.. please..
I object, your honour. Mr. Patel
is trying to insult my client.
I am trying? I am insulting him.
When he ruined someone's dignity
even his dignity will be ruined!
But his dignity has
already been looted.
We are fighting this case in the
court, isn't it, Mr. Chotlani?
Objection overruled.
- Thank you, milord.
Mr. Raj, unbutton your shirt.
Unbutton. They are
our people. Please.
Please turn.. back..
That's it.
Wear it now.
Milord. Mrs. Sonia's nail
marks on his body.
The witness' testimony
about his character.
And the biggest thing, milord.
His accepting in the court
that he had wandered..
All this proves that Mr. Raj
attempted rape on Mrs. Sonia.
I will request the court to stop
this case and give Mr. Raj..
..The strictest punishment
for the rape attempt.
That's all, milord.
The case proceedings are over.
The court will declare it's
decision next week.
Now the court is adjourned.
You wandered. Your body
had Sonia's nail marks.
You hid such an important
matter from me?
We have lost the case, Raj.
Nothing can be done now.
Mr. Raj.. what do you have to say..
..About it being proved
that you falsely..
..Implicated Mrs. Sonia?
- No comments.
Would you wish to say
anything about the..
..Accusation of rape attempt
on Mrs. Sonia that is on you?
Mrs. Malhotra, about your husband's
antics.. - Please.
Nobody is ready to say anything.
But the court will give
it's decision next week.
But it seems that Mr. Raj
and his wife had done..
. This case to blackmail Mrs.
Sonia and her company.
Umesh Kumar, Star News.
Priya.. Priya. Listen to me.
Priya, I agree that
whatever I said..
..In court must have hurt you.
- I have been hurt.
What you should have told me,
I found that in court.
You hid everything from me.
You just said that Sonia just
sexually harassed you.
Priya. That is what
I want to explain..
What explanation will you give?
Just that you were a
man and were seduced?
That was a moment which
came and went away.
I said in court what
happened with me.
If need be, I could have
hidden everything.
I would have resigned silently and..
..Wouldn't make this
case on Sonia too.
I agree that I committed a mistake.
But whatever happened
wasn't intentional.
My past was behind that.
Five years ago, I used to work..
..For the MTN mobile company
in South Africa.
I met Sonia there and
our affair started.
Our thoughts and ideologies
didn't meet.
She placed her career above
me and aborted my child.
We were separated. I
felt choking there.
I left everything and came here.
I didn't tell you all this,
because I forgot everything.
But I didn't know that my past
would come to me like this one day.
The bank manager has come.
Call him.
- Yes.
Hello, Raj. Sorry to disturb you..
..But it is very important.
I was in Bangkok.
I returned just today and
knew about your case.
There is a message on
my answering machine.
Which has yours and Sonia's voice.
That message is of 21st January.
Whatever took place between
you and Sonia..
..All that has been recorded
on my answering machine.
Here is the cassette. Listen to it.
Maybe your case will be helped
with this. - Thank you.
That's it! This is a very big proof.
We will win the case now.
There is some formality
with the forensic labs.
I will do that. You don't worry.
Go home and relax.
Thank you, very much. - Bye!
Raj. I have taken the certificate
from the forensic lab.
This voice is genuine and there
is no tampering of cassette.
You can understand me, isn't it?
You don't need to take
any tension now.
Yes. Yes. No I.. No.. no.. that..
I will produce it as an
evidence in the court.
Mr. Chotlani.. Mr. Chotlani..
what happened to you?
Please take him to the hospital!
The cassette is finished. it
could prove you are innocent.
I am sorry.
Sir.. it is Mrs. Sonia Rai's call.
You go.
- Okay.
I am very sorry about
your lawyer's accident.
But if you meet me in privacy,
we can work out something.
Come in.
Come in, Raj.
Looking at you so helpless
in the court..
..L was pained seeing you
like that, Raj. Really.
My heart wept for you. I never
thought bad for you.
And you know that. I have
one principle in life.
One has to lose something
to get something.
Isn't it, Raj?
- Yes, you are right, Sonia.
There are free lunches in life.
You have to pay for everything.
But I want my life back.
And for that..
..L am ready to give you any price.
Good. Think that your life is
back to you. Come with me.
With the liquid of your love..
There is a fog of
love on the heart.
I want to make love to you.
I don't like the problems
of the beloved.
Rock me, baby. Take me, baby.
'Kiss me baby, push me, baby.
I don't know what thirst this is.
Why every emotion pierces me.
Why is there is a dream
of love in the eyes?
Why is every heartbeat yearning?
On the strength of
your ambitions..
..L will live, my beloved.
It is difficult to
live in sanity now.
'Come on, I will make you mine.
How have I loved you, there
is a fire in the heart.
With the aroma of
your heartbeats..
..There is a fog of love.
Mrs. Priya Malhotra
has come to meet you.
Send her in.
I had called Raj. - You can
tell me to what you want to.
There isn't any difference
between me and my husband.
There is a difference,
Anyway. The court will give
it's decision next week.
And he will lose the
sexual assault..
..Case that he has
charged against me.
He will lose.
Then I will accuse him
of a rape attempt.
He will lose there too. After that..
..He will be sentenced
for seven years.
I can save Raj from the sentence.
I can give back his post to
him too. On one condition.
Go and tell Raj, the job
that he left incomplete..
..Tell him to complete
that job.
And stay as my keep
all through life.
I came because I thought that the..
..Woman inside you awakened.
You understood your mistake.
But I didn't know that
you think so low.
Mrs. Sonia.. for this power and post
which god knows how many men you..
..Used as a ladder
to achieve, being..
..Blind in it's pride, you want
to snatch my husband from me?
Listen. Nor will my husband
accept your conditions.
And neither will I let
him go to prison.
Who will save him from going to
prison, Mrs. Priya Malhotra?
When the husband is bewitched..
..It is the wife who
removes the spirit.
I didn't think till now that
I will fight the case.
But now.. I will fight
my husband's case.
I will challenge the
court's decision.
And I will unveil so
many veils of shame..
..In the open court, you wouldn't..
..Have opened so many behind
closed doors too.
This will be the first time.
A woman will unveil a woman
in a court full of men.
Get lost.
Why did you call the bank
manager from Sonia's house?
There was a party in our house.
Maybe to invite him..
Just a minute. I knew
that he was in Bangkok.
I had called Rakesh Sharma.
It seems..
..Because of the phone's defect..
..One line went to the bank manager?
Baba.. I am going to fight
my first case today.
I don't have anything
except the truth.
Bless me. For the truth.
Please be seated.
Sir , this is Mrs. Priya
Malhotra's case.
Mrs. Priya Malhotra,
you may proceed.
Thank you, your honour.
Your honour, like everyone knows..
..Mr. Raj Malhotra's lawyer
is injured in an accident.
Therefore, I wish to
continue this case.
Milord, what is left in this case?
The bowling and batting is done.
You will be telling the
final score today.
Where has this new umpire come from?
Your honour. The evidence and
facts that I want to show..
..They haven't come in
the court before this.
But your honour..
- Mr. Patel.
It is outside the boundaries
of the court..
..To decide without listening
fully to the prosecution.
Let her proceed.
Please continue.
- Thank you, your honour.
First of all, I ask
permission to call..
..Sonia's husband. Mr. Ranjeet
Rai in the court.
You are permitted.
Mr. Rai. I have heard that such..
..A big empire, status, position..
..Whatever you have got,
it wasn't willed to you.
You got it with your own hard work.
The world knows it.
I came in this city when
I was fifteen years old.
And forty five years later,
I own fifteen hundred crores.
You married very late too. At fifty?
When I felt that I have achieved..
..And I can leave something
for my kids I married.
But you were divorced within a year.
And your wife gave the reason..
..Of divorce that she wasn't
sexually satisfied with you.
She didn't get any other excuse.
Or else, how would I marry
again within two months?
And you next wife left you too?
- I left my second wife. - Why?
She had a bad character. She..
..Kept relations with another man.
And then you married Mrs.
Sonia the third time - Yes.
It is two years that
you are married.
You don't have any kids till now.
Objection, milord.
What does the lawyer wish to prove?
My client Mrs. Sonia Rai is
a victim of attempted rape.
Why did she not become a mother..
..Why did Mr. Rai not
become a father..
..How is all that connected
to this case?
It is connected, your honour.
This proves to the court
that by marrying..
,.Mr. Rai Mrs. Sonia Rai
got money and position.
But she didn't get that
physical love..
..Which every wife wishes
of her husband.
Thank you, Mr. Rai. You can go now.
Now. I wish permission to call
Mrs. Sonia to the witness box.
You are permitted.
Mrs. Sonia
Please tell us. Where and
how did you meet Mr. Raj?
I object, Milord. Will
these questions..
..Be asked a hundred times?
my client..
..Has already said once that..
- Your honour..
..L know that Mrs. Sonia has
answered this question.
But she will give the
right answers now.
Objection overruled.
- Thank you, your honour.
Yes, Mrs. Sonia. Where and
when did you meet Raj?
As I have told earlier.
I met Raj for the first time at
the company annual function.
Have you become forgetful or are..
..You hiding something
I will tell you.
You met Mr. Raj Malhotra
five years ago..
..In Cape Town in South Africa.
Did you remember that?
- It is possible.
I meet so many people. it
can be a casual meet.
That meeting wasn't casual
that you met and separated.
After that meeting, you
two had an affair.
And the witness of this is the
staff of MTN mobile in Cape Town.
They can be called to this
court to testify too.
That was just a passing affair.
I wasn't serious.
Come on.
You did all those things
in a passing affair..
..Which a woman thinks a hundred
times before doing.
What have I done, Mrs. Priya?
You were pregnant. And you
underwent an abortion too.
All this is lies. Raj
is doing all this..
..Just to defame me.
This is ridiculous.
I have the report of
the nursing home..
..Where you underwent the abortion.
Your honour. This is the report
of that nursing home.
Mrs. Sonia.
If you had a passing
affair with Mr. Raj..
..Whose child was it? Tell me.
However modern a woman may be..
..She will always know who the
father of her child is.
Or have you had so many affairs..
..That you don't remember who
the father of the child is.
Shut up, you bitch.
Mrs. Sonia. A bitch
is that who doesn't..
..Know who the father
of her child is.
Just like how..
- I know it. It was Raj's child.
That's it.
Point to be noted, your honour.
The Mr. Raj that Mrs. Sonia has..
..Accused of attempted
rape, Mrs. Sonia..
..Has slept with him,
been pregnant..
..By him and has aborted
his child too.
Mrs. Sonia. When you were pregnant..
..You must have told
Raj to marry you..
When he refused, you must
have aborted the child..
I never told Raj to marry me.
- Why?
I wanted to become something.
I had some ambitions.
Point to be noted, your honour.
Her ambitions were money,
power and luxury.
And for that, not only did
she reject Raj's love..
..She also had Raj's child aborted.
And for her ambition and power..
..She reached Mr. Rai. She got
money and power with him.
But just like the previous
two wives..
..She didn't get any
sexual satisfaction.
But when she saw Mr.
Raj all of a sudden..
..In the party on
20th January, she..
..Saw a way to fulfill the
emptiness in her life.
She thought that it was better to..
..Revive her old relation
than to make..
..A relation with a
new man. For that..
..She gave Raj the post of the
Director instead of CEO.
She thought that Raj would come..
..Under pressure of
her charity and..
..Would do whatever she wished.
Calling Mr. Raj home
by lying to him.
Giving a holiday to all the
servants of the house.
Wearing a sexy dress and coming out.
All this was a plan to
set sexual relations.
Objection, Milord.
If Mrs. Sonia wanted to
have sexual relations..
..Did a cat make the nail
marks on Mr. Raj's back?
Mr. Patel.
When a woman moves her
hands and feet..
..To save herself,
with clothes, she..
..Scratches a man's nose,
eyes, ears and face.
There are nail marks on the
back and chest when a..
..Woman pulls a man towards
herself for sexual pleasure.
What does the lawyer wish to prove?
Just like how you told the court
of Mr. Raj's character.
I am telling the court about
Mrs. Sonia's character.
All this is useless talk, milord.
If she really believes that
her client is innocent..
..She should give
proof to the court.
I will give proof, Milord.
And I will give..
..Such a proof that the court will..
..Give it's decision as
soon as I show the proof.
I ask permission to call Mr.
Rakesh Sharma in court.
Good morning, sir.
Mr. Sharma..
The mobiles which Mr.
Raj Malhotra has made..
..What defect did it have
because of which..
..Mr. Raj went to Sonia's
house to stop production?
This is a very strange
kind of defect.
If you dial any number
from your handset..
..Some other number from your
handset gets connected.
With that phone, the number
connected to two places.
Do you have that handset now?
No. as soon as this defect
was found out I gave..
..My handset to the research
and development team.
And if anyone would have
called you that day..
It would have gone on my
voice mail automatically.
What will anyone have to do
to listen to that message?
It's very simple.
Dial my number and press star.
A computerized voice will
ask you for my code.
As soon as you press the code, you..
..Will listen to my voice
mails from the..
..Messaging centre of my company.
Is this your mobile number?
- Yes. Exactly.
Your code?
- 973.
This is Voice mobile
messaging centre.
You have message in your inbox.
To playback message, press hash.
What are you doing?
I am not doing anything new.
- All this is wrong.
Okay. You think that all
this is wrong now.
Without whom you couldn't stay..
No.. Sonia..
You were right. I will get success.
But staying away from you,
I have always felt..
..How lonely I am.
- No, Sonia. Try to understand.
You went so far away from me. You
went so far away from me, Raj.
Sonia. Please let me go.
- I love you, Raj.
I missed you so much.
- Please, Sonia. No. - Look at me.
Raj.. show me you are
an animal. Show me.
I love you, Raj. I love you so much.
Raj.. Raj.. what happened,
Raj? Raj.. listen to me.
- Raj, what happened, Raj?
Sonia. What we were doing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong, Raj.
Come on, love me.
Sorry. - Raj, nothing is wrong.
- Please let me go.
You cannot me leave me alone, Raj.
I cannot betray my wife. Leave me.
Where did I tell you
to leave your wife?
I just want a physical relation.
I don't want this physical
relation. Leave me!
If I don't have any problems,
what can be your problems?
Leave me alone.
- Raj, you are insulting me.
I made you a director
of the company..
..From a common executive,
so that you be with me.
Near me! Not because
you deserved it.
Your honour. When Mrs. Sonia
grabbed Mr. Raj from behind..
..At that time, Mr. Raj was
dialing Mr. Rakesh's number.
And the phone fell from is hands.
Whatever happened there
was recorded..
..At the voice mail centre.
And with that..
..Due to the defect in the handset..
..It was recorded in the
answering machine..
..Of the bank manager Mr. Karla too.
That cassette has been destroyed..
..In Mr. Chotlani's accident.
Your honour..
..The voice that you
heard right now..
..Is the message from
that same messaging..
..Centre of the company of
which Mrs. Sonia is a MD.
In this whole recording..
No, it is wrong.. such words were..
..Said only by Mr. Raj Malhotra.
The man is not wrong always.
The woman can be wrong too.
But it is our mindset.
If a man slaps a woman, we
say that he is a torturer.
And when a woman slaps
a man we say that..
..The man must have committed
some mistake.
We think that the man is wrong
under all circumstances.
I don't say that all
women are like that.
But there are women like Mrs.
Sonia in this world too.
Who can do anything
for their profit.
Your honour. I am a woman too.
But if a woman acts like
this with any man..
..L have problems. That's
all. Your honour.
This has been proved in court that..
..The accusations that
Mr. Raj Malhotra..
..Leveled against Mrs. Sonia Rai
they are true and therefore the..
..Court orders Mr. Rai
to return Mr. Raj..
..His post and his dignity
in his office.
And if Mr. Raj wishes to
sue for defamation..
..He can claim compensation.
The court is adjourned now.
Mrs. Priya. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
And you, Mr. Malhotra.
The questions in the court,
don't feel bad about them.
It was strictly professional,
nothing personal.
After winning 32 cases of
rape and sexual assault..
..Do you know why I
lost this 33rd case?
Because no lawyer was defending you.
It was your wife. And
when a faithful wife..
..Defends her husband, she can..
..Bring back life to him from the
lord Yama too. - You are right.
This is just court. All the best.
- Thank you.
What are you talking about?
This is our love. This is our child.
You are talking as if
you are my husband.
You want to reach the highest
peak of this world, isn't it?
But remember something..
When you will see down from
..You will not see
anyone of your own.
Just remember that.
I am standing below the corporate..
..Building of Voice Mobile.
There is a crowd..
..And much sorrow here.
The Raj and Sonia..
..Harassment law suit which has..
..Been in the head lines
since many days..
..Is once again in the headlines
with a sad incident.
After her defeat in the court
and her husband leaving her..
..Mrs. Sonia Rai has been
so sad and dejected..
..That maybe she didn't have
any strength to face people.
Therefore.. she has jumped from
this building and committed suicide.
Umesh Kumawat. Star News.
The one face which I saw
when I closed my eyes..
That was you.. O beloved..
The one whom I loved and
my heart found peace..