Aiyaary (2018) Movie Script

Ease, Captain.
Do you know who I am?
Brigadier K. Srinivas, sir.
where is Major Jai Bakshi?
Sir, this is what
we were trying to find out.
Where is he hiding?
Your unit chief.
Where is Abhay Singh, Captain?
Sir, he is Colonel Abhay Singh.
And you are an idiot, Captain.
You people are loyal
towards a man
who has abandoned all of you
and is hiding somewhere.
He is a cheat and a traitor.
Sir, Abhay Singh
first went to the US
and then Israel
for his special training.
After the completion
of his training
the officials of Mossad asked him
not to return to India
because he had turned out
that good.
They gave him
an unbelievable offer, sir.
Even then,
he came back to India.
I know that story.
What else do you know?
Sir, there is a plot
in Colaba, Mumbai.
It's ahead of Sea Castle.
There is a small dog
on that plot
who's always..
- Shut up!
So, he has taught you guys
the same story.
You are crazy.
Sir, I am not crazy.
Sir, the ones
who are really crazy
are Colonel Abhay Singh
and Major Jai Bakshi.
Sir, may I ask you something?
How do you decide?
What do you mean?
What is right and
what is wrong..
And what needs to be done..
How do you decide?
Jai, in our job,
we can't afford confusion.
We don't have time
to be confused.
But, what if there is time?
There are two roads,
one heading left and one, right.
How do you decide
which way to go?
I toss a coin.
What? - Yes.
I read somewhere,
that when we have options
to choose from and are confused,
we should toss a coin.
Because when the coin
is in the air
there'll be a moment when
you are completely sure
of what you want.
Hello. - I'm on.
Jai.. Jai, are you sure
about this?
I don't have an option, Soniya.
I'll see you in London. Bye.
See you. Take care!
Of course!
Sir, tea.
Sir. - Yes. - Tea, sir.
Sir, he is breaking
the previous record.
We've been waiting for 17 days.
I think it's 12.
No, sir. It's been 17 days.
Is that right, Balram?
- I apologise, sir.
It's actually been 17 days.
I'll put an extra bullet in him.
Aubin. - Yes, sir.
Verify it. - Sir.
Balram, get the bullets.
- Sir.
In the second row,
near the clothes stall..
Did you see him?
- It's him, sir.
Is it him? - Yes it is.
Sir, tablets.
What's this?
Your medicines, sir.
You said keep it in the bag
when we left the hotel.
And I kept it.
Where is the ammunition pack.
It's safe in the hotel's locker,
There's nothing to be worried.
It's completely safe.
It's safe?
- Yes, sir.
For the last 12 days?
For 17 days, sir.
Sir.. - Sir.. Please.
- But, sir..
You were in the Indian army, MI
and now on a special operation.
I asked you for bullets
and you are showing me
the bottle of
Vitamin D3 tablets.
F-Forgive me, sir.
- I'll give you one.. - Sir.
It was a mistake, sir.
- Please, sir.
We're here to assassinate him.
You want to kill him by feeding
vitamin tablets?
He wants to assassinate
a high value target
by feeding him vitamins.
Forgive me, sir.
- Sir, please let go.
He got his visa
for the first time.
We've found him
with great difficulty.
We can't let him go.
Sir, we should try tomorrow.
He's always armed
and very dangerous.
What did you say?
He's always armed
and very dangerous, sir.
Aubin. - Sir.
- Listen.
You guys get to the hotel
and clean up everything.
Call Omar and ask him
to book the return flight.
We need a dead drop.
Dump everything there.
And email me my boarding pass.
Yes, sir.
But, sir. How will we do it?
Now that we are out,
we'll do something.
Let's go, and don't forget
to take the pouch from the safe.
He asked me to take the bullets
while he was having breakfast.
What should I make of it.
You tell me.
Excuse me, sir.
Give me a minute, sir.
- Sure.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind!
General Gurinder is here.
- Send him in. - Yes, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Please come. - Okay.
Lt. General Gurinder Singh!
- Hello, Chief.
How are you?
- Good, Chief.
- Yes, sir.
Please send in two cups
of tea. - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
So? - Thanks, Pratap,
for your recommendation.
I have got very bored
post retirement.
If I become the PTNO chief,
then I would owe it to you.
You know how I feel, Gurinder?
If you deserve it,
you will get it.
Tell me.
What was the urgent matter?
I am actually here
to return the favour.
I'm here to make you an offer..
To give you a message on behalf
of a few friends
from an organisation.
Like you, even we understand the
importance of state-of-the-art
equipment and weapons
in the Indian Army.
I have been a soldier.
A decorated one at that,
so, yes.
I know its relevance.
- Go on.
Your office has withheld
the clearance
of a Czechoslovakian
arms company's renewal order.
18 weapons, international.
They have been wanting
to meet you for two months
but your office isn't
giving them an appointment.
These weapons, trucks
and tanks
are really good, Pratap.
And these people even want to
create a fund in the Indian Army
which will be beneficial for war
victims, widows, and families.
Being the army chief, you will
be the in-charge of this fund.
You will be the sole authority
to decide as to what to do
with this money.
They want to donate 2.5 million
for this noble cause.
Are you trying to bribe me,
Not at all.
I wouldn't dare to do that.
This is just a business propo..
Gurinder, I know
that in our country
there's corruption everywhere.
But let's have some shame.
If we sell the entire country,
what will be left?
Presently, you are representing
the arms lobby of our country.
That's why I am saying this.
Ask them to wait for some time..
That is, as long as
I am in this position.
Post my retirement, they may
bribe the one who replaces me.
Don't get me wrong.
The politicians
will play politics.
The businessmen will make money.
But the soldier has to fight.
These are really good equipment,
At four times the price!
Four times!
Pratap, you had sanctioned
a special covert unit
two years ago.
Named DSD.
Data and systems diagnostics.
Where does the funding
for this come from?
What does this special
covert unit do, Pratap?
We have operational details
that two years ago, you had
asked Col. Abhay Singh
to form the DSD and lead it.
A team of seven members
was formed to carry out
special assignments.
What you are doing in the name
of counter-intelligence
is wrong, Chief.
Funds have been mobilised
from your office
without proper authorisation.
You have misused your position
and power.
Are you planning a coup?
Pratap, the situation is that
your colonel barges anywhere
with his team and does
whatever he feels like
and we know that right now
he is in Cairo.
You're sleeping
with the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6.
Even I and I..
These are international
They are doing this
to protect this country.
Darn it!
- I know.
They like what they are doing.
You like what you are doing.
We like what we are doing.
Why don't you understand that
it's in everybody's interest?
If this Czechoslovakian
company's arms order gets
renewed, everyone
will be pleased.
I will be pleased
as my task will be accomplished.
You'll be pleased because you'll
get state-of-the-art weapons.
And, Pratap, it's not like you
are spending from your pockets.
What's the problem?
Darn it!
It's just the darn
taxpayers' money!
I will call you on Monday.
Is everything fine at home?
See you.
Ask Lt. Col. Anees
to prepare a report.
Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, sir!
Sir, he has landed.
Keep an eye on him.
- Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Sir!
What's happening? - I was
setting the question paper.
Keep it a little easy.
There's a lot of pressure
on students these days.
Do I tell you
how to do your job?
I don't even know
what exactly it is
that you do, Colonel.
- Yes, sir.
Drive fast.
- Yes, sir.
Didn't you get Kunal with you?
- He had gone to bed early.
Did you leave him alone?
Will I leave him alone?
The maid is at home.
This fatherly love
that gets awakened
once you are home..
- Sorry, seriously..
By the way, once I am home,
even the feelings of a husband..
What are you doing?
You are impossible!
Sir, a vehicle has been
following us for a long time.
What is it?
A white-coloured Innova, sir.
No problem.
Wake me up if it comes
very close. - Yes, sir.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's Maya's call.
Let's finish our breakfast.
Mom. - Yes.
- Mom. - Yes, dear.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Sir, Major Jai Bakshi
is missing.
Since when?
For the last three days.
And, sir, I've just learnt
that three days ago
he has withdrawn all the money
from his savings account.
He is completely off the radar!
Which was the desk
that he used to sit at, last?
Sir, at the Nepal desk.
For the past one month, he has
been handling phone surveillance
here in Delhi.
Also, I think,
there's more to this, sir.
His last month's cell phone
bill is Rs. 212.
Whereas his average bill
is around Rs. 1,200, sir.
He has started using
another number.
I will be there in an hour.
- Yes, sir.
What's bothering you so
early in the morning? - What?
What's bothering you?
The government is going
to decrease tax on every item.
Nonsense! Don't tell me
if you don't want to.
Hold him.
I will serve breakfast.
Spend some time at home too.
And everyone keeps asking
why you are so late.
Even your mom feels
that I don't share anything.
Yes. I don't share.
He is here.
Jai Hind, sir..
Jai Hind!
Has anything been missing?
- This way, sir.
Sir, Jai had been in our
server room two nights ago.
And he took away a few
hard drives from this rack.
Sir, those drives contained
phone interceptions, recordings
and a lot of data.
Please watch this, sir.
Aubin. Maya.
Clean up the place
and check the papers. - Sir.
We've to move to the hangar.
We'll operate from there.
Okay, sir.
- Hack his email account
WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter..
His girlfriend.. Sonia.
Where is she?
Sir, even her phone is switched
off. Even she he is missing.
Jai's mother?
- She is here.
Welcome to our hotel, sir.
- Hi. Sameer Roy.
I've a booking.
- Certainly, sir.
Give me a moment, sir.
I got your booking.
Please sign here.
Thank you for the information.
Have a great stay.
Good morning.
You've reached Hotel Seema.
Hello, ma'am.
Please connect me
to room number 212.
Please hold on, sir.
This is Jai Bakshi.
Jai, of all the places,
where did you put me up?
There are a lot
of bed bugs here.
Why did you receive the call?
Didn't I tell you
not to pick up any calls?
But why did you dial here?
Baburao, what did
I tell you?
Not to receive any calls.
That's not the way.
Good morning.
You've reached Hotel Seema.
Ma'am, please connect me
to room number 212.
Sir, I'd connected the call
just a minute ago.
Just a moment.
Hello. - Hello.
- After you.
So, in the name of funds
Gurinder was trying
to bribe you.
And I was of the notion
that only India politics
was dirty.
Even the army
has enough problems.
How can I help you?
Sir, the Indian army orders
specially designed trucks
from a Czech Republic
based company.
On paper, these trucks
are first sent to Hong Kong.
From there, to London..
Only on paper, mind you, sir.
And from London,
these trucks are sent to India.
This is done
only to justify the cost.
But in reality,
all of the trucks
are directly shipped
to India from Czech Republic.
Call it transaction cost..
Call it commission..
Everything put together,
for the Indian army
these trucks
cost four times more.
The structure of the new arms
deal is somewhat like that.
That's why,
I didn't renew the order.
The consequence..
The war widow funds offer.
Hi, sir.
- Sit. Sit.
Sorry to keep you
waiting, Kamya.
That's all right.
You look stunning as usual.
Thank you.
You still are the best liar.
How is that peace campaign
of yours going?
Good. Very good.
In fact, you'll be surprised to
see that there are still a lot
of people who want
India and Pakistan to reconcile.
They want peace.
Even I want that.
Retired Lieutenant General
Gurinder Singh, Indian Army
wants peace. Wow!
Your show is on
channel number three.
Do you want
to increase the TRP, Kamya?
No. I can't do anything.
Sir.. - I'd told you
when the DSD unit was formed.
The government will always deny
knowledge of its existence.
That's it.
That was the deal. - Yes.
But, sir,
this is a bit complicated.
If our operational details
are leaked
all our sources
and assets will be exposed.
They will be hung out to dry.
It's a different matter
that people will lose faith
in the military intelligence.
That's why,
we need to stop Gurinder.
Not me,
you need to stop him.
It's your chaos, Chief.
You will have to
handle it yourself.
I have a source
who has such details
which will catapult your channel
to the number one position.
You need to start
a smear campaign
against the present
army chief.
You will give a good PR
to the next army chief.
We want General DK Sharma
to be the next army chief.
Who's we?
You and me.
Let the government
that they're running
the country.
We'll decide upon
this country's next..
Who is your source?
'You know what, that model
wrote the tender amount'
'with a red lipstick.'
'Believe me,
I felt so excited..'
'What do I tell you?'
'What are you saying?
- That was yesterday.'
'You know what happened
this morning? - What happened?'
'Mr. Shastri called me
in the morning.'
'He said, the cadres
aren't happy with his work.'
'I told to myself,
he is useless.'
'He just says useless things.'
Arun. - Sorry.
Where is the boss?
- Temple.
Are you done shifting?
- Sir!
All okay? - Yes, sir.
He told me that he's going
to Jaisalmer on an assignment.
He said, his phone
will be switched off
and he will contact me.
It has happened earlier too.
I'm used to this.
I hope he's not in some
kind of trouble, Abhay.
No, ma'am.
He's a soldier.
He's not in trouble.
May I see his room?
- Sure. Go ahead.
He never discusses
work with me
but he holds you in high regard.
He always says that
he wants to become like you.
Is that so?
Does he get something for you
or does he spend
it all on himself?
He doesn't spend money
on himself.
He is always concerned
about me and my health care.
Three days ago, he withdrew
money for me before leaving.
Excuse me, sir.
All good.
Where is his passport?
- It's here.
It's kept outside.
- Good.
Ma'am, don't need
to approach the police.
We will find him
and send him to you.
You just pull his ears.
Okay, bye.
Of all the people
a third generation soldier..
His loyalty has been
He has gone rogue.
He will be in disguise.
Either he has already
left the country
or he is about to.
But sir, his passport is here.
Where was it kept?
- It was kept outside.
I trained him.
He wanted us to find it easily
and look the other way.
Issue a warrant
against Jai Bakshi.
- Sound an alert everywhere.
Yes, sir.
Yes, Maya. - Major Jai put 22
people under human surveillance.
He met Mr. Chaudhary too.
He forged your signature
and issued the order.
For how many people
did I authorise surveillance?
Only four people.
Jai authorised
the rest of the 18 names.
Very interesting list, sir.
- Send it through WhatsApp.
Both of you, go to the airport
and enquire about Sonia.
Sir. - Right, sir. - I have
a feeling that she has flown out.
I am going to meet
Mr. Chaudhary.
- Okay. - Sir.
"Your love has drowned me."
"Yes, your love has drowned me."
Excuse me.
- Yes.
Are you..
- Abhimanyu Singh.
Sonia Gupta.
- Hi.
Please come.
Would you like to have something?
- Cappuccino, please. - Sure.
One cappuccino, please.
I read your profile
on LinkedIn.
It's very impressive.
And at such a young age.
- Thank you, sir.
Please call me Abhimanyu.
- Yes.
You don't mind me saying
but you don't exactly
look like the..
The IT type?
Well, you don't look like
the businessman type yourself
if you don't mind
me saying that.
You know what, Sonia!
Strictly between you and me.
I am still figuring out
how to be a businessman.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Your cappuccino.
Thank you.
- Yes, one please.
Thank you.
So about us..
I am from Chandigarh.
We are in the process
of buying a data management
By 'we' I mean
my promoters and I.
This company has lots of data
including the details of the
top three banks of this country.
We want an IT company
to give us a report
about this deal
and their security systems
before locking the deal.
Not only that
we also want them
to design IT security solutions
for the same company.
You know, firewalling,
encryption.. The works..
Is it your own company?
- Yes.
How many employees
do you have?
Only me.
- Sorry?
I am the only employee
of my company.
I hire freelancers
like coders, engineers
based on the projects.
But you know,
this is really big.
How will you..
Is that your laptop?
- Yes.
Is it secured?
- Completely.
May I?
- Yes.
That's fine.
Just leave it as it is.
But it's password protected.
- That's fine.
Thank you.
Okay. So..
Abhimanyu Singh.
Let's see.
St. Aloysius..
St. Stephens..
That should be okay.
Bank account details.
It will ask for my username
and password.
I didn't save it.
- That's fine.
I'll still try.
Add to cart..
Payment details.
Bank account details.
I have done online shopping
for myself
using your card.
That must be
the transaction alert.
Thank you.
Really impressive.
How did you do this?
- Thanks.
"Every time I meet you"
"the same magic happens."
"Everything within me"
"starts to adorn itself."
"So many memories get
formed in just one moment."
"I laugh so much
that I get teary."
"Your love has drowned me."
"Yes, your love has drowned me."
Happy birthday.
- "Your love has drowned me."
"Yes, your love has
drowned me."
"Nowadays my eyes"
"are very busy."
"As the entire day goes by"
"looking at you."
"And when you pass by"
"slowly touching me"
"my heart slowly"
"melts in your warmth."
"Your love has drowned me."
"Yes, your love has drowned me."
"Your love has drowned me."
"Yes, your love has drowned me."
Assembly language is a must.
It's a basic language
that understands
every programme.
Actually, you can't really
exploit a programme
unless you know assembly.
Are you listening?
- What?
Would you like to have
anything else?
No, thanks.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
Can you get the bill?
By the way, you didn't tell me
what time we are
meeting tomorrow.
Because there is so much
work to be done.
And the emails I sent you..
- Excuse me.
Just a moment.
- Good evening, sir.
Yes, sir.
Come, Sonia.
Who are you?
Look, Sonia..
- Who the hell are you?
Get out, Abhimanyu.
Or whatever your name is!
Please hear me out, Sonia.
- Out.
I'm Major Jai Bakshi.
Indian Army.
But they will soon declare me
as a deserter and a traitor.
I will be hunted and then
court martialled.
I have to leave
this city as well.
I don't want to leave
without apologising to you.
Please, just hear me out
for once.
I work for this system
and the government
in military intelligence.
I'm in a special covert unit.
Something like Secret Service.
Guys like us need
different people
to complete our missions.
We treat them like
disposable assets.
We just vanish from their lives.
One day, on my current
'Sir, these are the details of
the new information received.'
'Go and find a hacker.
Preferably female'
'who is an expert in Linux,
Wireshark and TCP dump.'
'Take up a new identity.
Hire her and learn from her.'
You were an ideal candidate.
You are a single
working woman, living alone,
far away
from your parents.
So, I had shortlisted you.
I hired you under my fake
identity of Abhimanyu.
You unknowingly
taught me everything
that I wanted to learn.
That was not the end
of it, Sonia.
During this assignment,
I slowly realised
that I'm only a soldier
by profession.
Our superiors actually
don't care about
out intelligence reports.
Money is what they care for.
And who was I helping them
rob by the way?
The very people I had sworn
to protect in the first place.
I was in such a situation
that even if I had
minded my own business, I'd
still be betraying my nation.
Then I decided not to be a part
of this conspiracy anymore.
Then I fell in love with you.
I just had to learn the skills
from you and then
I wouldn't have had anything
to do with you.
But everything had changed
that evening, Sonia.
Everything changed.
I don't know when I fell asleep
while working and..
'I think I should leave.'
That was the first time
I realised
that you'd fallen for me.
And maybe I'd fallen
for you too.
I knew, I couldn't vanish
from your life, Sonia.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- It's me.
You know what?
I was thinking about you.
Where are you?
Long Acre. I am waiting
for the bank to open.
Good. Text me the details
once you open the account.
Aren't you leaving tonight?
Same flight.
Pick me up from the airport?
- Yes.
See you.
Oh, my!
He called me many times.
It's chaos everywhere.
People are demanding
Be it the Army, cops
even the telecom department.
Sir, we have representatives
from different departments here.
They are putting pressure
on us.
What did you do, sir?
Stop faltering. Take a deep
breathe. You may experience
a heart attack otherwise.
Who is taking care
of the surveillance?
It's not active as of now.
Jai had switched it off
Do you have any report..
- No.
Jai has everything.
How many people
are on surveillance?
You asked for 22.
There are 22.
On the top of it, more
than 40 people are providing us
with inputs.
Please, sir.
- Take care.
Hi, Anees.
Sir, you were right.
Sonia has left for London
The UK border control
has confirmed her entry.
Was somebody else
accompanying her?
Negative, sir.
She was alone.
Ask Indian and UK
authorities to be on full alert
for Jai.
- Yes, sir.
Meet me at the hangar.
- Okay, sir.
Why the hell is Brigadier
Sarfaraz is calling me now?
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening, Abhay.
The chief wants to meet you
at his residence tonight.
Come and meet him
at 19:00 hrs.
And yes.
He has asked you
to enter through the backdoor.
I will be there, sir.
Sir, he is standing outside
the South block.
He received a call
from the chief's office.
Hello. Where are you?
- Not important.
I want to renegotiate the deal.
This is not fair.
Both of us are traitors.
So, let's not use the word
'Fair'. Do you understand?
What do you want?
- Rs. 10 crores.
We had settled the deal
at Rs. 1 crore.
I didn't know
that you were about to pay
the Army Chief a bribe
of 2.5 million dollars
in the name of fund.
Yes. And that's the reason
for this renegotiation.
How do you know about it?
My boss used to say
that listening
is a fine art in surveillance.
Now I know the importance
of his words.
Do you even have a clue
who you are messing with?
- It's not a problem
if you want to cancel
the deal.
No hard feelings.
I need to talk to them first.
I will call you
again in an hour.
Darn it!
Darn it!
Good morning, sir.
Yes, Gurinder.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
Sir, he is demanding more money.
He is asking for Rs. 10 crores.
And you thought
you should call me up
to inform me about this.
Sir. Sorry, sir.
So sorry, sir.
I'll handle this, sir.
No problem, sir.
Brigadier Srinivas,
we have a problem.
That's nice.
- Very nice.
Thank you.
- You did very well.
- Have a good day.
'Alcohol is injurious
to health.'
You will receive
your money tomorrow.
You will receive
your information tomorrow.
I don't know
what information you have.
But on your say..
- Right!
I'm sending a sample.
Have a look.
Hello, sir.
I'm sending the first lot,
Jai Hind, sir.
- How are you, Sukhdev?
I'm good, sir.
- How are your wife and kids?
They are good too.
Has your leave ended?
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- 'Sir.'
'He has come
to meet the army chief.'
Keep me posted.
- 'Sir.'
- Yes, sir.
Tap Colonel Abhay Singh's phone.
- Sir.
18 successful missions
out of 18.
Congratulations, Abhay.
You're still maintaining
your 100 percent track record.
Thank you, sir.
When I had asked you to form
a special covert union
two years ago
I was worried
only about one thing.
How long will be able
to keep this a secret?
Your secret unit is no longer
a secret, Abhay.
Do you know Gurinder Singh?
Lieutenant General
Retired Gurinder Singh?
What else do you know about him?
Gurinder Singh is the front man
of Mukesh Kapoor
who is a UK based arms dealer.
Mukesh Kapoor's strategy
is very simple, General Pratap.
Through Gurinder Singh
he employs retired
senior ex-Indian officers
in his company
because these ex-officers
have an in-depth knowledge
of the army functioning
and their requirements.
So, Mukesh Kapoor's company
is better equipped
to bid for the best deal.
Mukesh Kapoor himself
is an ex-Indian Army Officer.
No one knows why he quit.
I have heard that he stays
in a high-rise
in Central London.
That's his office
and his residence.
General Pratap,
he has a strong bond
towards Attara Company
in Czech Republic.
Gurinder wanted to bribe me
with 2.5 million dollars
for an arms deal in association
with the same
Czech Republic company.
Of course, he was not alone.
He was representing
the entire arms lobby
brokers, arms dealers,
politicians, etcetera.
He mentioned about
your special DSD Unit
before I could refuse
or oust him from the office.
His direct warning was
that my most capable officers
and me would be targeted
if I didn't not accept bribe
in this deal.
They are going to bring me down,
And they are going to start
with you.
They are aware
that I had sanctioned
Rs. 20 crores unofficially
for the operation
of your special unit.
Your unit, your names
and the details
of your covert operations
will be revealed
before the media.
I can imagine the headlines.
Indian Army's dirty secrets.
Being the unit chief
they will first discredit you,
taint you and then destroy you.
You will be labelled
as a traitor.
You will be proved a traitor.
I have a doubt
that somebody from your unit
has been bribed.
It is Major Jai Bakshi, sir.
That bright kid?
You know the rules, Abhay.
I will have to officially
cut you lose right away.
I can understand, sir.
I have got to know
that Brigadier Srinivas has been
called on special orders
to expose you.
Be careful.
Sir, I want your
order unofficially.
Sir, I want your
order unofficially.
These bastards should not win
this battle, Abhay.
They will sell our country
if they win.
People shouldn't
lose their trust
in the Indian Army
at any cost, Abhay.
You are a soldier
who has never let me down.
Do whatever you need to do.
But these bastards
should not win this battle.
I will always be proud of you.
It's a pity
that no one will ever know
what you and your unit
has accomplished
for this country.
It doesn't matter, sir.
It's been an absolute honour
serving under you, sir!
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
'What is this new assignment?'
'And why have you booked
a new flat?'
'If I don't return home someday'
'assume this to be me and..'
'Brigadier Srinivas,
he just got into the car.'
Is the car behind us?
- Yes, Colonel Abhay.
Leave for Chandigarh. Don't go
over 40 kilometres per hour.
I will get down
at the ISBT bus stand.
Okay, Colonel Abhay.
- Let's go.
Abhay, where are you?
I have some urgent work.
I have to leave
for Chandigarh immediately.
Why are you going
all of a sudden?
When will you return?
Look, I'll call you
once I reach there.
Abhay, but..
Follow his car.
- 'Sir.'
Report every movement of his.
- 'Yes, sir.'
'When will you return?'
'Chandigarh. Compromised
phones will be tapped.'
'We are under surveillance.
I'm around.'
- Yes.
Slow down the car
towards the left.
Colonel Abhay.
- Colonel Abhay.
Guys, we are burnt.
All of you switch off
your phones.
Start using new numbers.
Nobody will go home.
- Yes, Colonel Abhay.
- Colonel Abhay.
Make a list of all our sources
and accesses.
Divide that list
amongst yourselves.
Contact each one of them
and ask them to go underground.
Nobody will sleep
till each one of them has
been contacted. - Colonel Abhay.
All our records and data..
This number is..
- Good evening, sir.
Why are you doing all this?
Sir, whatever is happening..
Stop calling me sir!
Sir, the army chief
has disowned all of us.
Do you know
that this was the deal?
Only if we get caught
during the call off duty.
Only if we lose our lives
during the call off duty.
But I cannot respect
our army chief
if he disowns us
after getting threatened
by an ordinary arms broker
of our country.
If the army chief thinks
he can cut me lose
then thank you.
I will cut lose myself.
Choose your next few hours
very carefully, Jai.
I'm choosing them
very carefully, sir.
They will not spare you too.
Please take ma'am
and go somewhere.
Ask the team to leave too.
This mess is not worth
fighting for.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
I won't share any information
with anybody else till then.
And I am giving you one hour,
Jai. Surrender yourself.
I am not promising you.
But I will try not to kill you
with my own hands.
I had to give you a warning.
I have done that.
Now, you can do anything, sir.
I will find you, Jai.
And pray that..
- No, sir.
You will not be able to find me.
You are forgetting
that I have learnt everything
from you itself.
But still, I will give you
24 hours, sir.
This loser is still here.
He is not giving me time.
He himself wants time.
- Sir.
Book me on the first flight
to London.
Sir. - Hari.
- Sir.
Ask the airport security
to be on alert.
He is certainly planning
to leave tonight itself.
Take care.
- Jai Hind.
'The car has not stopped
even once'
'from the past three hours?
- Yes, sir.'
'We had to stop the car twice.'
'But the car is moving
without stopping anywhere.'
What is the speed?
'Not above 40 or 50, sir.'
Overtake the car
and check whether anybody
is in the backseat or not.
- Yes.
'Sir, there's nobody
in the back seat.'
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Can you take me out for a drive?
I'm sorry.
I'm waiting for someone.
Excuse me, please.
Don't wait too much.
It'll prove costly.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Mr. Tariq.
But it's not good
to see you lying.
Why do you look worried?
It's the job.
Why do you need these?
I'll tell you.
Mr. Tariq, how many Indians
are on surveillance in London?
Around 15 to 20.
- Pakistani?
25 to 30.
Israeli, Americans..
More than 50.
The rest are always there.
How many are there like you
who are playing in every team?
I'm alone.
Tell me, what is the matter?
I need to find this girl,
Mr. Tariq.
She has been in London
for the past two days.
Activate all your locals.
Hotels, transport,
shops, SIM card vendors..
Get them cracking.
She must've gone
to Oxford street
for shopping if she has been
in London for two days.
Who is she?
What are you thinking?
I recalled an incident.
Share it with me.
We were in the valley..
In Sopore.
We used to work closely
with the BSF.
We had an asset called Sheru.
He was really good.
Hello, sir.
- How are you, Sheru?
I've some news.
- Come inside.
We used to get
a lot of inputs from him.
With the help of the intel
he provided
we carried out
4 to 5 major operations.
Did he call from the bus?
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Abhay used to like him a lot.
Whenever he met Sheru,
he used to pay him some money.
One day, Sheru went missing.
He just vanished.
After a week, there was an ambush
at the army camp.
19 of our soldiers were killed.
Mr. Abhay's network
was very strong.
He came to know
that it was Sheru
who shared the camp details
with the militants.
He kept us at standby
and went out all alone.
Leave me alone!
Don't come near me!
Wicked children!
Back off!
Get away from me!
God Almighty!
Show mercy! Get off me!
Get lost!
Get away from me!
Mr. Abhay had the information
that Sheru used to visit
his uncle's house, every ten days.
He stayed there.
One can't imagine
how he did it.
After two weeks and two days..
- Sir! Sir!
Please let me go, sir.
Sir! Sir!
Sir, please! Sir.
Sir, please. Sir!
Come on!
- Sir..
Let me go, sir.
- Start the bike.
Sir, please.
Sir, where are you?
Sir, please forgive me.
- Keep riding..
Sir, please.
- Keep riding.
Please, sir.
It was a mistake.
Jai, serve him some liquor.
I'll return in a while.
Sir. - It was a mistake. - Can I
get hot water to take bath?
Yes, sir.
- Please, sir!
Sir, it was a mistake.
Please forgive me.
Sheru, you have done us
a lot of favours.
It feels sad now that I have
to kill you.
But I know that you won't spare me.
Yes, pal.
I can't tolerate betrayal.
Sir, shall I reveal your name?
The name that the Hizbul leader
coined for you.
Shall I reveal the name?
- What's that?
Shall I google it or will you
tell me its meaning?
A shapeshifter who can change
his appearance when he pleases.
The one who knows magic tricks.
They tried to kill you
four times last year
but you managed to survive.
So, the leader regards
you as Aiyaar.
You are a master of disguise.
Any last wishes?
Sir, serve me some noodles.
Do you have noodles with you?
No, sir.
- Jai. - Sir.
Get some noodles.
Let's feed him.
Otherwise, I will have to
bear that sin.
Pour another drink.
Sorry, pal.
It's an emergency.
A random person says
it's an emergency situation.
- That won't help.
You have woken up an old guy
in the middle of the night.
What's wrong with you?
- Thank you.
Leave now.
- Here.
No.. Leave..
- Thanks.
So, that's the man, Sonia.
Okay.. Why is he so fond of you?
I don't know why.
Don't you know?
Trust me.
I don't know why.
Major Jai Bakshi.
He turned his back on us.
What are you saying?
Mr. Tariq, I'll tell you
an incident.
Do you remember Sheru?
- The noodle guy?
One week after that incident
we were returning
from a so-called peace meeting.
Sir, shall I ask you something?
- Go for it.
Sir, we have so many
intellectuals and wise men
as our leaders.
Why don't we solve
the Kashmir conflict once
and for all?
When a problem benefits
many people
it remains unsolved.
We try to sustain it.
Kashmir is not just a place.
It's an industry.
Many people are reaping
its benefits.
Wait and watch..
Sir, it's a puncture.
Give me a moment.
I will change the tyre.
- Okay.
Get in..
Jai, are you fine?
He took two bullets
to save my life.
I wonder what's wrong
with him now.
Our sources will be exposed.
Mr. Tariq, all of us will die.
- Mr. Tariq.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Who are you?
I'm Jai Bakshi.
I am unable to get through
to Mr. Abhay.
Pass the phone to him.
Sir, you left everything behind
and came to London?
Sir, you won't be able
to trace Sonia.
Even after trying hard,
I could not send her
to Oxford street for shopping.
Please, sir.
It's my last request.
Please leave all this and run.
Jai, why are you..
- Sir, I learnt many things.
You rightly said that
listening is a fine art.
Upon overhearing the orders
for the last one month
I came to know how the country
is being run
and who is running it.
It's all about money and power
or sometimes both.
Sir, didn't you see the list
of those 22 people?
Sir, forget everything.
Such audacity!
If the Indian Army
doesn't buy weapons
from their suggested vendors
at four times the market price,
they will expose
the special unit personnel
and their sources!
Sir, I'm not a traitor.
Perhaps, this institution
doesn't deserve
an officer like me.
It doesn't deserve you.
It deserves more.
It deserves people who can
show up for a fight.
Instead of fighting
against injustice
you are playing the victim
and justifying your actions!
Do you think you can lead
a peaceful life after this?
I'll tell you what.
You will always live in fear
that someone is tracing you.
I will be your worst nightmare!
I'll give you a free advice.
If you really want to move on,
you have to kill me first!
You bastard!
What's the matter?
Mr. Tariq, how can he always
be one step ahead of me?
That's because he thinks
like you.
Come again.
- He thinks like you.
In that case, I should take
an unprecedented step.
Do you have Mukesh Kapoor's
contact number?
Jai, the funds
have been transferred.
Time to make few more calls.
- I have transferred the funds
to the account
you had mentioned.
Thank you.
Check your personal
Hotmail account at 9:00 p.m.
How did you get
my personal Email ID?
Gurinder, you're not able
to run your office properly.
How can you run the country?
Good bye.
'Sharma, the Colaba plot..'
'Our business will go on,
no matter which party..'
'Sharma, send the photographs
and bank details'
'to my personal email address'
'Gurinder.. Gunning..'
'G U double 'N' I N G.'
'The watchman of Colaba plot
is making more noise'
'than his dogs!'
'Finish him off!'
'Let them come.'
'Doesn't matter which party
comes to power.'
'It's not going to affect
our business.'
'What does 'we' mean?
- You and I.'
'Let the government
be under the illusion'
'that they're running the country.'
'We'll decide upon
this country's next..'
Let's wait for him.
- Okay.
Hello, good morning.
Hi, good morning.
I'd like to have a word
with John 56, please.
Can I take your name, ma'am?
- No.
But you can have a number.
It's '885860'.
Hold the line, ma'am.
Excuse me, John!
- Hi!
Sonia here.
He's with me.
Tell me.
- We're ready.
No, it has to be a public space.
Yeah! Yeah, he can be there.
We'll be in touch, okay?
That's right. Sure.
Tariq! - Yes?
- I got the message!
Take care.
You know that I'm a former
Indian Army Officer.
I just don't how you,
Ex Colonel Mukesh Kapoor
became an arms dealer.
You have to earn my respect
to know that story, Colonel.
What do you want?
Tell me.
I've lost a boy.
I don't want to take him
back home with me.
I want you to find him
and kill him.
And what will you do
for me in return?
I don't have to do anything.
Your work will be done
after you kill him.
He has got a few
surveillance recordings
which can trouble
a lot of people.
Even you.
Me, you, your entire team
your sources and also
your current army chief..
It will take me some time
to find him, but not for you.
And why would I do this for you?
When was the last time you spoke
to Gurinder, Mr. Kapoor?
Who is it?
Who are you?
Where are you taking me?
Let me go.. Hey..
Gurinder won't be able
to keep quiet
in front of my team for long.
It will not take him
too long to tell them
about you and your business.
If you don't accept my request,
I'll take a few people down
along with me.
Please don't misunderstand me.
I've got no personal dispute
against you.
You're a businessman,
arms are products
and you're doing your business.
Soldiers won't go for war
without weapons.
But I've got a problem
with those pawns
of yours, of my country
who are helping you
with your business
by exploiting the country.
Excuse me, sir.
Your boy, Major Jai Bakshi,
will be meeting
some MI6 agents in some time.
The location is a public place.
He's trying to sell them
what he sold me.
Here's my offer, Mr. Kapoor.
I want you to get all the
surveillance records that Jai has.
It's up to you whether you want
it destroyed or not.
My team will record
all the evidence
against you from Gurinder.
If you leak any information
against us
we'll do the same against you.
You tell me what has to be done
with Gurinder.
I don't want Jai and
his girlfriend, Sonia, to be alive.
I want you to kill them.
Are you sure you want
it this way, Officer?
I'll just have to make
a phone call for you.
And a few people will set out
to do the job after the call.
The series of events
that transpires after that
can't be stopped,
no matter what happens.
So, I ask you again.
Are you sure about this, Officer?
I'm very sure, Mr. Kapoor.
Your job will be done.
All right, Mr. Kapoor.
Do tell me if there's
anything you'd like me
to do for you in the future.
Faithful people aren't
of any use to me, Officer.
Send me a message
when you're no longer one.
How can I change from
being one, Mr. Kapoor?
It's nice meeting you.
Yes, Tariq?
I've found out about Sonia.
I've got the number as well.
It was given
to the local transport.
It's the right one.
They're in Hotel JW.
Let them die.
But, Abhay..
Like I said,
let those morons die.
Who is it?
- It's Abhay Singh, Sonia.
If you want Jai to live,
ask him to abort the meeting
and escape.
Only if you
want him to live.
Hello.. Shit!
Hello? - Abort and run!
Jai, I repeat!
Please, abort and run now!
Yes, Roger.
'Sir, I am sorry to report this.
The boy got away.'
- Shall I come upstairs?
Or will you come downstairs?
My taxi is waiting outside
your hotel.
I-I am coming, sir.
- Don't make a call to Jai.
We will talk to him together.
You have one minute.
Get going.
- Yes.
Excuse me, sir.
- What!
You can't park here.
You guys bother only
about such silly issues.
What's going on in your country..
I was waiting for her.
There she is.
Yes, Abhay.
Tell me.
Mr. Tariq, I want to meet Jai.
Where should I ask him to come?
- I am sending you the address.
Is he doing all this
at your behest
or is it the other way round?
Call him up.
- Call him up.
Sonia, what's going on..
- It's me, Abhay Singh.
You should thank God
that you are alive.
I am sending you the address.
Reach there.
- Will you come
or will you betray this girl too?
Send him the address.
Someone named
Mukesh Kapoor is calling you.
Disconnect the call.
A new problem has come up.
Sir, it's all over the news.
'Extreme act of daylight
'A man was shot in the head
in Merchant Square'
'in central London.'
'Sources claimed that
the deceased belonged to MI6.'
'The agency has
not yet released'
'an official statement
about the shootout.'
Roger, I need to know
who is helping
this colonel friend of ours.
How much time you reckon
it will take?
No time, sir.
- Good.
Sir, leave..
- Shut up!
Sir, gun..
Didn't I tell you..
- Sir, please..
...that I will find you?
- Sir..
Sir, I..
- Don't call me sir!
- Sir.
I will call you sir
as long as I am alive.
Shoot me
if you can't hear that.
I am not wrong, sir.
- Really, sir.
Sir, did you watch that video
in which
someone came from behind
and pushed a CRPF personal?
There was a lot
of so called hue and cry.
This news grabbed headlines.
You watched that video, right?
I went through
exactly the same.
But our political system
pushed me.
And then I got to know
there is so much of corruption
and manipulation
in every field.
It's all just a bloody business.
You asked me
to wear headphones
listen calls
and tell you what's going on.
I started listening, sir.
First, I found one person.
Then two..
Then three..
And like you said,
everyone is corrupted.
Only 14 per cent people
of our country pay tax.
And everyone is enjoying
with that money.
And those who raise questions
against the beneficiaries
are the ones who get killed.
And the honest people..
People like you,
who want to work
are assigned minor tasks
to keep them busy.
That's the only difference, sir.
I, Major Jai Bakshi,
can't be busy for no reason.
I don't have a problem
with sacrificing my life.
Even you know this.
But whom should I die for?
There was a thief
who started screaming
after getting caught.
He is a thief.'
That person is a thief.'
'There are thieves everywhere.'
It's a wrong story.
There was an honest soldier.
He fought hard and got very far.
When he opened his eyes
he found himself
surrounded by thieves.
He thought through
and took off his uniform.
Either you can stop
this story here
or you can come to a conclusion
that the soldier didn't steal
when he was in uniform.
Jai, your generation..
Sorry to interrupt you, sir.
But this is not fair.
Our previous generation
encouraged corruption
in the last 70 years
not our generation.
You are elder to me.
I respect you.
But what are you
leaving behind for us?
We are dealing with somebody's
lack of honesty, sir.
And I am not complaining.
I am just refusing
to be a part of this.
To heck with you!
- Sir..
Sir, gun..
Sir, please. Gun.. Jai..
You have the right, sir.
Whether you accept it or not..
To think like this..
I learned it from you only.
Sir, please..
So, this is your stance.
- Yes.
Let's do business.
What do you say?
You want to do business, right?
What do you want?
- Our unit, our sources..
They shouldn't be harmed.
And in return, you and this girl
are free to go anywhere.
I will spare both of you.
Either you accept the deal
or I will kill you and die.
And you very well know
how much I care for my life.
The shapeshifter's disguise!
You will leave us for today.
But in the future..
Have you started
losing confidence?
No, sir.
My confidence in you
has increased now.
Mukesh Kapoor.
There are already
enough problems and..
We have a deal, sir.
Let me answer the call.
Hello, Mr. Kapoor.
Major Jai Bakshi here.
Hi, Jai.
You think you can get away
with all this.
And you will help me.
I have your recordings with me.
And it's not saved
on a pen drive or a laptop
that you will kill me and save
yourself by getting hold of it.
That data is saved
in 12 different accounts.
I can sit in any coffee shop
access that data using
free Wi-Fi and share it.
And if anything happens to me
by chance
and I don't contact my sources
in the next 24 hours
even they can access
and share that data.
Do you understand me,
Mr. Kapoor?
What do you want?
- Ask your guys to back off now.
Tomorrow, I will come
to your office to meet you.
Let's do some business together.
Is that okay with you?
Mr. Abhay, let me tell you this.
A person has been hiding
in room number 212
of Seema Lodge, Paharganj,
since last three weeks.
His name is Baburao Shastri.
He has a story
that will help you a lot.
Sir, there is a plot
in Colaba, Mumbai
near Sea Castle.
There was a dog out there,
it was always sick.
- Roger, let him go.
Okay, sir.
Number 2.
Insert three exclamation marks too.
What else do you know?
Sir, there is a plot
in Colaba, Mumbai
in front of Sea Castle.
There was a dog
who was always sick.. - Shut up!
It's just a scratch.
You will be fine.
Can you hold this for me?
- Yes.
- Baburao?
- It's me, Abhay Singh.
I would like to meet you.
Hi, Abhay.
I am not wired.
Trust me.
I made that mistake once, Kamya.
You know,
I miss my boyfriend.
You don't have a boyfriend.
- Exactly.
Are you running that story?
Yes, tomorrow morning,
breaking news.
And you all will be finished
by tomorrow evening.
You all did whatever you pleased,
didn't you?
It's still a democracy.
Yes, I remember this.
That's why you are
telling me all this.
I am listening
despite being an army man.
Why have you called me here?
I have a story.
Drop the other story
if you run this.
Between both the stories
which one is more important
and should be aired..
I am leaving it to you.
What does it contain?
Babloo's life story.
- What!
Your channel's TRP booster.
Kamya, democracy doesn't
mean that any..
Actually, just forget it.
You know,
I lost a soldier today.
That too, not because
of any battle or mission.
I lost him here,
in our capital.
Lutyens' Delhi.
That soldier asked me
before leaving..
'Sir, what are you leaving behind'
'for this new generation?'
Believe me.
I had no answer.
Anyway, see you.
- Bye.
'Baburao, say everything.'
Just assume that the entire world
is listening to you.
Sir, there is a plot
in Colaba, Mumbai
right in front of Sea Castle.
I used to work there.
There was a dog out there,
it was always sick.
I don't like dogs.
My interest lies in race course.
My wife left me because of that.
'The race is on..'
- Come on.
Come on..
Come on!
Place your bets!
Place your bets.
- Come on!
It's very difficult
to curb your habit.
Whether it's a good one
or a bad one
it definitely tests you.
On a derby day
I borrowed Rs. 500 from someone
and was about to leave
for Mahalaxmi.
But that dog's condition
was critical on that day.
He was about to die.
Something happened to me.
I don't like dogs.
I had only Rs. 500.
But I decided
that I would spend that money
on the dog's treatment.
I took him
to a veterinary doctor.
He administered two injections
and told me
that I brought the dog on time.
The dog survived.
He prescribed few medicines
and discharged him.
I paid him Rs. 400.
I was left with Rs. 100.
I dropped the dog off at the flat
and went to Mahalaxmi.
Rs. 100 on Born free.
Rs. 100 on Born free!
Well done..
Sir, you won't believe it.
I won the derby
by betting just Rs. 100.
I won!
I won..
I named the dog Babloo.
I was convinced!
That day, I won
the race because of him.
Then I started taking care
of the nearby stray dogs.
Doing that made me feel good.
Sir, you won't believe,
I somehow used to win
those racecourse events.
I was certain
that God chose me as a medium
to take care of the dogs.
That's when they started working
on the plot.
Permission was granted to build
a six-storeyed building.
It was being built to accommodate
the widows of the martyrs.
Me and my dogs stayed
in the first plot.
Then a few big cars started
showing up daily.
More storeys were added
Seven storeys, eight and so on..
More people started
showing up.
And more storeys
were added to it.
From 6 storeys to 31 storeys!
There was something fishy but
I chose not to act on it.
One day, when
I was feeding the dogs
an Army officer arrived
in a luxury car.
He started cursing in English
upon seeing the dogs.
He told his guards
to throw me and my dogs out.
Come on, man!
My dogs didn't bite him.
He should mind his own business.
I thought like that.
Then, his men..
My poor dogs..
Those men started beating my dogs.
They even drove me out
of the premises.
One shouldn't mess around
with a poor man.
I took my pet dogs
and moved to a new location.
Then, I started to expose them.
I said that something fishy
is going on in the building.
In a city like Mumbai
if you start a ruckus,
people will gather.
Even God was with me.
His power was with me.
I shouted at the top
of my voice.
I feared nothing as my livelihood
was the racecourse.
I shouted even louder.
The media personnel arrived
and they started taking photos
of the construction.
The TV channel guys
called me up for an interview.
Baburao, how are you?
Don't forget to watch the TV
in the evening. Just watch it.
Major Jai Bakshi.
I was going for the interview
when your chap
Jai, came to me and alerted
that my life was in danger.
He asked me to move
to Delhi with him
if I wanted to stay alive.
Sir, it is sad to see the building
that was built
for the wives of the martyrs
going into their hands..
The politicians and their men..
During this issue
my pet dogs
got separated from me.
I still regret that.
Not a problem.
You and your pet dogs
will be united.
Where is Babloo?
What will happen now, sir?
Now, Babloo will topple
the government, Baburao.
- Yes. It's me.
'There is a plot in Mumbai..
Sea Castle building in Colaba.'
'I used to work there.'
'Construction started
at that plot.'
'Permission was granted to build
a six-storeyed building.'
'for the widows of the martyrs.'
'Then, a lot of official cars
started coming there.'
'More storeys were added
'Seven floors, eight and so on..'
'More army cars
started coming..'
'There were more than six floors..'
'Then, one day, my pet dogs..'
Guns upright!
'The secret behind a building
under construction'
'in Colaba, Mumbai
has been exposed.'
'It is believed
that the permission was given'
'for construction
of a six-storeyed building.'
'But without any permission
or official approval'
'the construction of the building
was extended to 31 storeys.'
'The builders can't furnish
any paperwork' - Thank you.
'They consider this as legal.'
'Upon learning about this news..'
'It's believed'
'that the building was constructed
for defence officers.'
'But many VIP's have
bought flats in this building.'
'How did a six-storey building'
'develop into a 31-storey building
without any approval?'
Look over there.
No superior has received
any kind of favour..
Is it the army or the ministers
who'd be benefited by this scam?
Of course,
they will be benefited.
The ministers.. - Sir, can you give
an official statement?
Look, we are talking to the
army chief. - Sir, would you
seek help from the CBI
for the investigation?
Yes, Roger.
Sir, he is walking
towards our building.
Roger, keep watching.
- Sir.
Keep watching closely, Roger.
Sir, he stopped.
'There are two ways.'
'How do you decide'
'whether you have to go left
or right?'
'I toss for it.'
Sir, he is.. He is doing
something with a coin.
A coin?
'When the coin is in the air'
'a moment comes when you
become absolutely clear..'
'What is it that you really want?'
Sir, he vanished.
Of course.
Maya, it's too late.
- Yes.
tea or coffee for you?
It's very late.
I forgot to tell you people.
You people may leave.
Sir, are you sure?
Good night..
Good night, sir.
- Good night, sir.
'The heart is ascetic,
the body is passionate.'
'There's difficulty
in each and every step.'
'Living life isn't easy,
it's an art..'
'Despite being like everyone,
we still have our honour.'
'It's because of the simplicity
of a few people'
'and the slyness of a few others..'