Ajab Gajab Dhamal (2024) Movie Script

'Ajab Gajab Dhamal. '
'Ajab Gajab Dhamal. '
Sir, a new order has been
passed for us to remain fit on duty.
So, do they want us
to be like Katrina Kaif?
We are famous
for this fitness of ours.
Sir is here.
- Oh, boy!
Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind!
Wow! East or west,
this place is the best.
Someone rightly said there
is no better place than a roof
that gives you shade.
If there is any place where you
feel good, then it is that place.
By the way, sir, it seems you have
a deep connection with this prison.
This is the only difference between
maternal and paternal places.
The thinking of both
places never matches. - Yes.
Both mother and father
have different brothers-in-law.
This is the difference
between your thinking and mine.
That you consider this place a jail,
and Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar
considers it his home.
Just think about it.
If you consider this place a jail
even after taking such a salary,
then how would those
innocents feel who
have been imprisoned
here for years?
Being a jailer, you love
your prisoners so much.
Till now, I have only
seen the police attacking.
This is the first time I
have seen them giving love.
Mr Bahadur Singh.
- Yes, sir.
Mother keeps her children
in her womb only for nine months,
yet she loves her children so much.
And I've been keeping
them inside for 19 years,
so it's natural for me to love them.
They are all rotting inside
and are not going out.
Maybe there are other officers
like me who love prisoners.
But they never express it.
Because this is what
we are taught in training
to look at even our
wives with suspicion.
Then, look at anyone from
whatever perspective you want.
Anyway, I don't have a wife,
so I distribute my wife's share
of love among these prisoners.
What did you say?
- You heard it right.
You guys should also love
these so-called prisoners
as your brothers. - Sure, sir.
Sir, I have one of my cousins here.
Sir, I told you. Remember.
Oh, very good!
And you guys, listen to me.
All your relatives, children
of aunts and uncles... - Yes?
who are imprisoned in different
jails, get them transferred here.
So that we can make
them feel at home.
Okay, sir.
- Wow, sir!
if we think about population,
mothers should not
give birth to children,
but even if they do,
they should be like brave
Sardar Jalawar Singh Johar.
It is not easy for any mother to
have a son like Jalawar Singh Johar.
I know how much trouble my mother
has gone through
to bring me into this world.
No temple, mosque
or gurudwara was left
where my mother did not pray.
My mother waited for a child
for 21 years. 21 years! - Then what?
As soon as my mother turned 22,
she got married to my father.
And then Jailer Jalawar
Singh Johar was born.
Shut up.
Do not mix work and fun.
And never forget the three Js.
Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar.
the way you maintain the
balance of power and love,
I don't think any prisoner must
have ever escaped from your jail.
I like your couplets sometimes.
And you're talking about escaping?
Escaping is out of the question.
I have to plead with them to go,
after their punishment is over.
If we allow old prisoners
to stay here,
we will find this
space insufficient,
and we'll have to look
for another place
that is municipality approved.
Hmm. A few days ago,
prisoner number 107 had tried
unsuccessfully to escape 2-3 times.
But he fell at my feet every time
he tried to run away and apologised.
He used to say,
'Just forgive me this time. '
'I kneel before you and confess
that from now on, this is my home. '
'Just consider this life as yours. '
Well, Mr Tarsem,
what were you doing
in the bushes on such a hot day?
I take a walk after lunch.
I can't believe
I am talking to someone
who tried to escape from
here 2-3 times in a year.
After giving up all his bad habits,
he has become so health-conscious
that he has completly
accepted this place.
Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar feels
like saluting you unofficially.
What are you doing, sir!
- It's nothing, my dear.
I even feel like greeting you.
There's no need for that, sir.
- I believe that
you have not done anything
wrong in the last 14 months.
But this truth also
cannot be ignored
that once the virus to escape
enters a person,
it can wake up again at any time.
That's right, sir.
- What did you say?
I mean, you're right, sir.
- One more thing.
Never come up
with this filmy feeling.
'Young man, there is... '
'no jail in the world that... '
- 'No jail in the world that... '
'can keep Tarsem Lal imprisoned. '
- 'Imprisoned. '
So, my brother, this is not a jail.
This is the unfortunate place
where you placed your feet
and made a good fortune.
You are embarrassing me
by folding your hands.
That's what I want.
I want you to be embarrassed.
So that you don't embarrass me.
There has never been a
stain on this my record,
so I would like it always
to remain clean.
And as far as
facilities are concerned,
I am here for whatever you need.
Order me shoes number nine.
- Come again?
I'll practice.
- You're talking about number nine.
I'll get you number 10.
I'll make a running
track there if you want.
Keep running as much as you want.
It is your problem
whether you build the track or not,
but the prisoners will still escape.
Hey, Jarnail!
Some girl has come to meet you.
Huh? Me? - Not even an animal
comes to meet you.
That other Jarnail.
Oh! Huh, come on!
- Jarnail!
Hey, Jarnail! Some girl has
come to meet you. Go meet her.
Is everything okay?
My marriage has been fixed.
I tried a lot to
convince my parents,
but I couldn't.
- So you got convinced?
I have fought so hard for you
since you came to jail.
Relatives are taunting
Dad as to whether
the opium smuggling
boy was the only one left.
You also started talking like them!
You know very well that I did
nothing, and I have been framed.
And you also know
who has trapped me.
How long will you keep
doubting my brother?
People talk about you.
I can't shut everyone's mouth.
You don't know my condition.
And what about me? What
about my condition? - Jarnail!
I'm spending every
single day in this prison,
wondering when I'll get out
and start a new life with you.
I am already suffering
one punishment.
Now you are giving me another one.
Please forgive me.
- No, I can't.
Go and talk to your
Dad, one more time.
It's too late now, Jarnail.
Tomorrow is my wedding.
- And you are telling me this now!
What would you have done
even if I had told you this earlier?
Would you have eloped with me?
No, right?
You are living peacefully in jail.
I have to die every moment.
As if you're leaving me alive.
Think of me as a bad dream.
You are betraying me!
If you didn't want to support me,
why did you promise me?
Answer me!
You cannot marry anyone else.
You can't just kill me
while I'm alive.
We are both dying
while we are alive, Jarnail.
You are without me,
and I am without you...
with someone else.
"When you went away,
everyone went away from me. "
"The dreams we had made
are beginning to shatter. "
"When you went away,
everyone went away from me. "
"The dreams we had made
are beginning to shatter. "
"An unforgettable... "
"You have given me
an unforgettable sorrow. "
"You have given my
eyes a reason to cry. "
"You have given my
eyes a reason to cry. "
Jailer, what's the matter?
He is a lover.
He was sacrificed for love.
His story is unfortunate.
Come on, hurry up!
- Coming!
Why are you in such a hurry?
Are you getting married or what?
I'm not getting married.
I have to meet my future wife.
It's getting late.
Tell me something.
Who found you a girl
to wear the ring?
Aunt Bachchan did. - Why didn't
you tell me to find you a girl?
Huh! I kept taking only milk,
and Bachchan found you a girl.
Aunt has found me a gorgeous girl.
Forget about the ring.
I can even buy her a necklace.
Okay, then. Let me go now.
- Okay, fine.
Bless you.
Sir, the boy said yes,
just looking at the girl's photo.
We are just waiting
for your approval.
Uh... By the way, son,
how much do you earn?
Uh... Around thirty
thousand a month.
I have five buffaloes
which gives 50 litres of milk.
I drink 2 litres of milk myself.
And the remaining 50
litres of milk are sold.
But son,
after drinking 2 litres of milk,
48 litres should be left,
so how do you sell 50 litres?
Uh... I make little adjustments.
No matter what kind of milkman
he may be, he is a sincere person.
He is a pure soul, sir.
Even though he grew up
without parents, he has no flaws.
And we are here after all.
Son, do you have any
special requirements?
Don't embarrass me.
I won't let you spend a single
penny on the wedding either.
Bachchan Kaur, I like the boy.
Give me some sweets then.
- Of course. Why not?
Where are you?
- Coming!
Mom, couldn't you find anyone else
for Aman, than this guy?
Was the boy I found not good?
As if a drug addict
like you was not enough,
and you were getting your sister
married to a drug addict, too.
Does his habit of having drugs
bother you? He has 7 acres of land.
This milkman won't even
have seven buckets of milk.
Where are you? Hurry up!
- Coming!
The guests are waiting.
- Move! Coming!
Here I am.
- Balbir, I like the boy a lot.
So, should we consider it done?
- Yeah, why not?
I like him too. Here, dear,
have some sweets. - Just a bit...
Bachchan, many congratulations!
Have some sweets.
- Congratulations to you too.
If you want to talk to the girl,
talk to her for 2 minutes.
What do you say?
- Yeah, sure. Why not?
By the way,
you do like me, right?
Not at all.
You must have heard about
arranged marriage and love marriage.
I don't want to have
an arranged marriage.
How can I spend my
entire life with a boy
I don't know and
whom I don't even love?
People spend their lives
and fall in love after marriage.
What's the guarantee?
- I can guarantee it.
I have fallen for you,
but I don't know about you.
That's why I don't
want to get married.
The day I fall in love with
someone, I will get married.
Can you please say no to my dad?
My entire family knows that
I agreed after seeing your photo.
How will I...
- I don't care.
Gather courage in any way you can.
Please say no before leaving.
But son, you just said yes.
What changed in 15 minutes?
I like your daughter a lot
but I don't want to lose her either.
I was told by a priest that my
first marriage would not last.
I was thinking
of getting married
first to someone else
and then to her.
What do you say?
Get this crazy boy out of here!
You have found such
a boy for my daughter!
Listen to me, sir...
I don't want to listen to anything.
Get him out of here.
So you are back, Jarnail!
How are you? You went to see a girl?
- How are you?
Is your marriage fixed or not?
No, man. It didn't work out.
Why? Did someone interfere?
- Who?
The girl herself.
Why? - Please
don't ask so many questions.
I still feel sorry about it.
Allow me.
Greetings, Uncle.
Ma'am, you did a great job
in making the elders
in the children's school
start learning English.
Even if I learn Hindi later,
first, teach me to read
and write English.
My grandchildren are coming
from Canada next week.
How can I be quiet in front of them?
How can I teach you so quickly?
I don't want to master English.
Just teach me how to say
the names of my grandchildren.
What kind of difficult
names do they have?
Hey, tell her.
- Sylvester and Suzanne.
Right! I feel dizzy
just saying this.
Fine, fill out the admission form
and come directly to the class.
Anyway, it's time for my class.
I'm getting late. - Yeah, sure.
- Let's go. Come on.
Let's move on then.
M for Monkey.
Monkey means...
- Cat!
It's not Cat. It's Monkey.
If you continue like this, you'll
never be able to speak English.
So now you tell us,
what should we do?
Hello, Madam!
- Hello.
You are here?
- Yes.
I thought a lot after that.
You're absolutely right.
A person should only do love
marriage. I am with you on this.
Thank you. Let me...
- Wait a minute.
Is there anyone in your life?
- Excuse me!
I mean to say that
have you fixed any boy
for love marriage?
You don't have to fix the boy.
It happens automatically.
- So you agree on that, right?
That it happens automatically.
It has happened to me too.
- What exactly?
I think
I've fallen in love too.
Are you okay?
And why are you standing
here saying such things?
We can sit somewhere else
and talk if you want.
We can also chat at your place.
You get yourself treated
by your village doctor.
My village doctor is on the verge
of committing suicide for a girl.
How can he treat anyone? Look,
don't try to fool a milkman.
The simple truth is
that I'm in love with you.
Look, I'm not that kind of girl.
- This is what hundreds of girls
say to boys all the time.
The other day, you told me
you wanted a love marriage.
Now you're saying that
I'm not that kind of girl.
What happened, dear?
Nothing, Uncle. I'm settling
my account for the milk.
Fine, go ahead.
You should stick to one thing only.
- Yeah!
I will do love marriage
with the one whom I love.
Then you can love me.
I don't sell curdled milk, you know.
Madam, are you facing any
problems in teaching the students?
No, Madam.
All students are very good.
Madam, have you started
ordering milk in the school?
No. Why?
- A milkman is here.
Why is a Milkman here?
I am here to study.
- Hmm.
I want to learn English too.
- Yes, please.
But before teaching English,
we teach Hindi.
I breathe Hindi.
The first word I uttered
after being born was Hindi.
I learned my mother tongue
before I could say Mother.
Okay, let me register
your name first.
What's your name?
- Jarnail. - Okay.
Jarnail, please sit.
- Yeah, sure.
Hello. - Madam, what is
the Milkman called in English?
- I'll tell you.
- Really?
Alright, now I know that
Milkman is called Lover in English.
Ms Aman... Ms Aman,
listen to me. - I don't want
to listen to anything!
Neither do I want
an arranged marriage
nor do I want a love marriage.
Just leave me alone!
- Calm down, Madam.
Why are you telling it
to the whole school?
Neither do you want to do a love
marriage nor an arranged marriage,
so tell me which is the third one,
so that I can prepare for that too.
If you have even a little sense
then try to understand.
I will never marry you.
- But why?
What is the problem with me?
- There are a lot.
You're not educated.
You don't have a sense.
So how can I...
- I can't be as smart as you, can I?
You want half-litre milk to be
placed in a 250-gram container.
I am also from this village.
- I don't want someone like this.
Hey, who is that
blocking your sister's way?
I wanted to...
Who is he?
No matter how much a dog
follows a car, it cannot drive it.
Listen to me.
If I don't get to marry Aman,
then arrange your own drugs.
Lovers are beaten badly
in our village.
Lovers are not respected
in any village anyway.
By the way, I came not to
make love but to solve a problem.
I will solve the issue.
Do you know who he is?
No. - Even he doesn't know you.
I will still introduce you guys.
Binder, this is the guy who
wanted to marry my sister,
and this is the guy my
sister is going to marry.
Get going. Don't show up here again.
Come on, kick it
and get out of here.
I told you to kick-start the bike.
Sorry, bro. I thought you
wanted me to kick you.
My bike has an electric start.
J for?
- Jug!
Jug means?
- A water jug!
British English is very familiar,
isn't it? - I think so, too.
K for?
- Kite.
Kite means?
- A flying kite!
L for?
- Lover!
Lover means milkman.
Madam, that lover didn't come today.
Now that you've mentioned it. I
remembered that my buffalo got ill
today and was not giving milk.
So when I was going
to the dairy to get milk,
my wife asked me
to go straight to school
and she would call her lover and
get the milk. - Did you get it then?
Why haven't you come
to school for three days?
The teacher here is not good.
She gets angry all the time.
I would not like to be insulted.
Sorry, I spoke too much that day.
No, you didn't say much.
You just abused a little.
When did I abuse you?
I just said you lacked
a little sense. - Here you go again.
Well, now I have sworn
that I will improve my intelligence.
Talks are going on with 3-4
guys regarding my intelligence.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't like it either.
Please forget about that.
Hazy memories will remain.
Now that you're insisting so much,
I'll forget about it.
So, are we friends now?
Isn't it enough that I forgave you?
Why do you want to be friends now?
But that day, you told me
that you wanted to marry me.
It's a thing of the past, Madam.
Once the milk curdles,
it becomes cheese.
And cheese is expensive.
I am the milk that has curdled.
So I am expensive now.
You won't get me that easily now.
So, dear, has the milk
account not been settled yet?
It's done, Uncle.
- Okay.
It's all settled now.
Okay, then. Goodbye.
Hey, I said 'Bye'!
Friendship with me
and relationship with milk
can never be broken.
So, Madam?
How far have I reached?
Is it still arranged marriage
or love?
"This heart stopped beating
and became yours. "
"I have loved you more than life. "
"This heart stopped beating
and became yours. "
"I have loved you more than life. "
"I love you more than myself. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"Why should there be even the
slightest distance between us?"
"I stay with you. "
"You stay with me. "
"Why should there be even the
slightest distance between us?"
"I stay with you. You stay with me. "
"May we never be
separated from each other. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"You are my soulmate. You are mine. "
"You are my life partner
from our previous life. "
"I am your soulmate. I am yours. "
"I am your life partner
from our previous life. "
"I want to win your love
as a Romeo. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
"I would die for you. "
Sir, it was a game
between him and her.
And because of this,
their marriage could not be fixed.
Please forgive me for that.
- Oh, come on, son.
It's her fault.
Why are you apologising?
Uh... Guri, go inside
and get a new towel.
I want to gift it to the boy.
There is no new towel here.
- No problem, son.
Just go and get what is there.
Come on! Go now.
No problem.
Just get her married to him.
I will settle the scores now.
Look, son,
listen to me.
Leave all this
and focus on your job.
Inflation is so high, anyway.
Then your expenses will
also increase after marriage.
No matter how much the expenses,
water will remain free.
- What do you mean?
Marriage itself means adjustment,
and one has to live like this only.
Just like earlier, 48 litres of
milk used to turn into 50 litres.
Now it will turn into 60.
- Hmm.
a wedding costs a lot.
Will you be able to do it
with this much money?
Yeah, I'll manage.
Just be ready this Sunday.
Don't say later
that I didn't tell you.
Son, there was no need for that.
Even if you had not invited us,
we would have come.
You are just like Baljeet is for us.
Of course.
- Here, Jarnail.
Fifty thousand. Tell me if
you need more. Don't hesitate.
Thank you, brother.
I will return it soon.
- Take your time.
Okay, then.
Wait! Stop!
- Yes, sir?
What's in your bucket?
It had milk in it,
and it's sold out.
There may be a little left.
Take it if you want.
Hmm. Check it, please.
Okay, sir.
What's the matter, sir?
- I'll let you know.
I'll tell you.
- Sir!
Here it is! Look at this!
- Give it to me.
What is this, sir?
This has been recovered from you,
and you don't even know it.
It's opium.
I swear to God, I don't even
know where this came from.
It must be yours. Otherwise, would
the milk automatically become opium?
Take him.
Take him to the police station.
Take him!
- Come on. - Sir...
The police have
arrested your Jarnail.
What! What happened?
Opium has been recovered from him.
- What rubbish!
If you don't believe me,
go to the police station to check.
You didn't want to get her
married to a drug addict, right?
Now you have got a saint son-in-law.
Please believe me.
This opium is not mine.
Someone has framed me.
We thought you were a
very decent person, Jarnail.
It's good that the truth
came out before the marriage.
Let's go, Aman.
- Aman...
Please trust me. I have been framed.
But who can frame you?
I don't know.
But I am innocent.
The day the law
declares you innocent,
come and tell me you are innocent.
Aman, didn't you hear me? Let's go!
"When you went away... "
- Aman, listen to me.
"everyone went away from me. "
- Aman!
"The dreams we had made
are beginning to shatter. "
"I chose you
in a crowd of thousands. "
"You did not respect the
agreements of our hearts. "
"The agreements of our hearts. "
"I chose you
in a crowd of thousands. "
"You did not respect the
agreements of our hearts. "
"Even after killing me... "
"You have sworn to live
even after killing me. "
"You have given my
eyes a reason to cry. "
"You have given my
eyes a reason to cry. "
The jailer told me.
What happened to you was terrible.
When is her wedding?
Her name is Aman, right?
Why do you care?
Nothing. The jailer
told me to ask you.
I'll do whatever I can.
When is it?
- Tomorrow.
The jailer won't do anything.
Whatever you want to do,
you have to do it yourself.
Escape from here.
I'm already too stressed.
Please leave.
I'm not lying.
I have...
I have made a tunnel
in the prison to escape.
If you agree,
we will both escape tonight.
You have already run away twice.
What did you get? Your 6-month
sentence turned into 2 years.
If someone who has
never thought of escaping
from jail comes to know about it,
then he too will escape.
So why are you saying no?
If we get a chance, let's go.
You are getting a
tunnel ready to escape
from jail, and you're
giving me attitude.
Forget it.
I will escape anyway.
Listen to me. Escape right now.
It's good that she left you.
Hey, wait!
You will also have to trap
the one who trapped you.
I know the pain of being
away from your loved ones.
You will also suffer like I am
suffering being away from my son.
If Aman gets married to someone
else. - I will not suffer!
She's the one who betrayed.
Look, Tarsem, for your mother's
sake, please leave me alone.
Okay, fine. Go.
I didn't come to you.
You have come to me.
112, listen to me!
Think about that girl.
People proudly say
about their son-in-law
that 'my son-in-law lives abroad'.
What would they say about you?
'Our son-in-law lives in jail. '
She must have had some compulsion.
Love comes to the lucky ones.
Don't feel sad.
Why would I run with you?
You have a habit of running away.
It's not a habit.
I went to meet my son.
After the death of my wife,
I am the father
and mother of my son.
I had a small toy business.
Here, Tarsem.
Thank you very much.
Here's the toy man! Toy man!
I have a hairy doll.
A bell around the monkey's neck.
If you keep it away from children,
it has a guarantee of 100 years.
Toys... Buy some toys!
Hey, Baggu! What happened, dear?
No, don't.
Don't cry.
- Mr Tarsem.
Don't you pay attention to your kid?
He is in third grade but still
doesn't know how to read Hindi.
That's very bad.
You are in third grade,
and you didn't even tell me!
- That's great!
Well done, my boy!
Scold him! He doesn't
know how to read Hindi.
It's okay. It doesn't
matter if he is not studying.
But never scold a
child for not studying.
How will he succeed if he doesn't
study? - How educated am I?
I have done first grade,
and that, too, till the midterm.
And I have such a huge toy business.
And I'm so sex full.
Dad, it's successful.
You said he doesn't study,
but see how well he speaks English.
Oh, my!
She must have taught you.
- No.
I have learned it from TV.
- Oh!
What he could not learn in school,
he learned by watching TV.
And I am paying the fees
unnecessarily. Next time,
we will pay school
fees to the cable guy.
When parents are like this, think
about what their children will do.
Children can do whatever
they want, Madam,
but I know one thing,
I can see anything,
but I cannot see tears in the
eyes of this motherless child.
He was crying when he was born,
so I slapped the nurse twice.
- "No, I can't see you crying. "
"No, I can't see you crying. "
Come on, my son. Let's go, my boy.
Dad, how much do you love me?
More on other days except Sunday.
Why not Sunday?
- I wake up late on Sundays.
I get up at 6:00.
- I am talking about myself.
Dad, you will never
stop loving me, will you?
It's love,
not a scheme that will stop.
Listen to me, come what
may, don't spare him. Got it?
Hey, watch out!
- Are you okay? Are you alright?
Can't you see?
How dare you slap a policeman!
Can't you see?
Why are you looking at me like this?
I'm not an alien.
Tarsem, before slapping, you
should have seen who the person is.
He hit a small child with a bike,
and you are calling him a person!
Where is that person?
Where is he from?
Well, anyway,
now apologise to the SHO.
Bheemchand, he is the one
who hit us with the bike.
He should apologise. Why should I?
He is hopeless.
You slapped the SHO.
You will be jailed
for at least 5-6 months.
- They are just saying it.
I have seen many people
beating up policemen.
Has anyone ever been to jail?
No, right?
- Then why would I go to jail?
These people are
scaring me just like
they scare you for studies.
Just focus on your studies.
Okay? - Hmm.
- When his mother was alive,
you did not let her live in peace.
At least let him live in peace now.
Keep your reality to yourself.
Son, now learn to
live without your dad.
He will rot in here.
Let's go. - Yeah. - Where are
you going? Take me with you.
I feel like coming in with you.
Come in then.
No... First, let me find out how
many days I must stay inside.
I will stay here?
How will he sleep without me?
You need to release me.
My son can't sleep without me.
- Forget your son.
Now, see how you lose your sleep.
I slapped you, right?
You can slap me. Say sorry to
the kid. Scores will be settled.
Just wait and watch.
I will keep you in
here for a while now.
- Oh, my boy. You got scared again.
Whose son are you?
- Mr Tarsem Lal.
So there is no need to be afraid.
It's just for today.
I'll be out tomorrow.
You just drink milk
and go to sleep at night.
If you can't sleep,
ask your uncle to take out
all the toys on the bicycle. Uncle
will climb and take out the toys.
You can play with all the toys,
and I will bring more to sell.
I'll be out while you play.
The judge sentenced me
to 6 months imprisonment
for assaulting a police officer.
Come here!
Come here!
- Yes, my dear?
Will you stay here now?
- Who told you this? Huh?
Everyone says these
people won't leave you.
Not at all.
There is no jail in the world
that can imprison your dad.
Your dad was with you
for so many years, right?
Huh? - Hmm.
It doesn't matter if I have
to stay in jail for a few days.
Why are you crying?
Baggu, I have a cold.
Huh! You're lying.
We get a runny nose due to cold.
My nose is blocked,
so water is coming from the eyes.
Promise me that you will
definitely come. - I promise.
I will come soon. I promise.
Come here. - 'I couldn't
make a false promise to my son, '
so I tried to escape from jail.
Hey, stop!
- Catch him!
Catch him!
Hey, stop!
- Let go of me! Hey!
Leave me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me! Let me go.
My son is alone.
Let me go!
My Baggu must be
suffering a lot without me.
I will escape for sure.
What if you get caught again?
A little more punishment.
A little!
A little more.
if you don't run away,
Aman will get married
tomorrow anyway.
And if you succeed in getting out
of here, there will still be hope
that you can stop her marriage.
Huh? The decision is yours.
What time should we do it?
As soon as the moon comes out,
we'll get out of here.
The prison is locked at night.
Will you open the
lock with this slipper?
Where did you get this?
If Tarsem Lal can make a 30-foot
tunnel, can't he make a 3-inch key?
I have made it with great effort.
That, too, not one, but four.
How many? - Hmm.
There are four barracks anyway.
I didn't know which key
was for which barrack,
so I made four.
When I open my barrack,
I will open yours too.
Am I brilliant or what?
You are.
Your mind is more powerful
than the devil.
Till now, I have only sold toys
and never played with them myself.
Life taught me to play.
- Let's go!
The jailer has asked
everyone to come. Come on!
Dear prisoners of this prison,
we are deeply thankful to you
that you all gather
at my single whistle.
Dear brothers,
I don't know if you know that
tomorrow is April 13,
and today is April 12.
So... - You should have
started from the beginning.
Start from the 1st of April! They
don't need to know the calendar.
Come straight to the point.
- Okay.
The important thing is that,
like every year,
we will celebrate...
- Hmm.
the festival of Basant
Panchami with great pomp.
Dear friends,
our great, brave jailer is such
that even if someone is dying,
he does not get any peace
without celebrating
any festival with you.
That is why tomorrow,
on the auspicious occasion
of Basant Panchami,
our honourable Jailer Sir
will present a colourful
program in front of you all.
I'm going to arrange it.
I'm not dancing on stage.
And what does colourful mean!
Is Sunny Leone coming here?
Mr Ranjeet is coming.
Learn to say white
instead of colourful.
You don't even know how
to make an announcement.
Then you do it yourself.
- Come on, move!
Dear prisoner brothers,
we know very well how
much Basant Panchami
means to us Indians.
On this auspicious occasion,
our Jail Minister,
the MLA of our area,
Shri Satpal Mander,
is joining us in our happiness.
What is even more heartening is that
on the occasion of Basant Panchami,
he is going to give a tremendous
gift to all the prisoner brothers.
Long live...
- Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar!
Long live...
- Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar!
Long live...
- Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar!
Long live...
Long live!
Say it loudly! Long live...
Long live! - I didn't hear you.
- Enough!
Is my pilgrimage going on?
Sir, please tell
us what that gift is.
Have some patience.
Can't you wait for a day?
My mother yearned for a
child for 21 years. 21 years!
That's what you call
an announcement.
I am not on All India Radio.
I am a Sub Inspector.
As if I make announcements
on railway stations.
'Jhelum Express coming from Jammu'
'will now come on platform
number 3 instead of 7. '
It is because of your actions
that the prisoners don't fear us.
Sir, listen to me...
- What's there to listen!
- Shut up!
Who is it?
We need to change our clothes.
And look for a vehicle.
I also want to meet Baggu soon.
There's a truck coming this way.
If you had stopped,
would you have died?
A vehicle won't stop by
showing your hand here.
you will have to lie down
like a corpse on the road.
Only then will the truck stop.
First, decide whether you want
to go to your son or his mother.
- Lest someone run over you
while trying to stop it.
- Hide yourself. Okay?
Hide, or else people will think
that you are the one who killed me.
Just lie down quietly,
then only you'll look dead.
Keep the steering straight, Driver.
Are you awake?
- Don't sleep.
It is with this trust that I
have given you the bicycle.
Don't drop me.
- I will not break your trust.
If trust is broken,
then bones will also be broken.
Well, it's okay.
Let me know if I fall asleep.
Then the truck driver
will let you know, not me.
Or the newspaper
headline will let you know.
Drive carefully. - The dog got
in the way. - What happened?
I am not a dog. I am a human.
Oh, man! What mess is this?
Can't you guys see a
man sleeping on the road?
Forgive us, brother. Couldn't see
anything because it was too dark.
Can't you install a headlight
on your bicycle?
How to arrange a generator
to install lights on the bicycle?
You are talking
about installing a light.
We raise money with
great difficulty to fill the air.
Many come to harass a poor person,
but no one comes to help. - No one.
Are you happy lying
down on the road?
Come on. Let's go by bicycle.
No, sir. Don't do this!
- No, sir. Don't do this!
We both will be on the
street without our bicycle.
We will drop you by bicycle
wherever you say.
How will four guys sit on this?
I don't understand
how you two got on this.
It's a piece of junk.
- No, sir.
We are not rich,
and we have nothing.
Our backs have become crooked
from carrying sacks on our backs.
We haven't slept for three nights.
Please don't take our bicycle.
Fine, we won't take it.
- Thank you so much.
We want to stop a truck. Both of
you lie down here like dead bodies.
Come on.
- Hey, lie down!
We are living corpses anyway.
- They haven't slept for 3 days.
I feel like they haven't
said anything for 3 days.
"No one will be able to escape"
"from the eyes of friends... "
- Dead body!
"Tell me if you want
to kill someone. "
Dead body!
- Don't sing the wrong line!
Bro, there is a dead body.
Yeah, man. It's really a dead body.
- That's what I'm saying.
Get down. Come on.
- Robbers! - Come on.
We are not robbers but are helpless.
And we're so helpless. We'll
shoot you if you don't get down.
Bro, they're saying
they'll shoot us.
But they don't have a gun.
No problem. I'll talk to them.
Come on, get down. Come on.
Sir, you say you will shoot,
but you don't have a pistol.
Who do you think killed these guys?
Come on, take off your clothes.
I'll show you the pistol.
- What?
Bro, we are not those kinds of guys.
Take off your clothes.
- But we are.
Sir, listen to us.
- Take off your clothes.
I'm sorry.
- Don't you want to see my pistol?
Tell me, why do you need my clothes?
- Come on.
Bro, why are these
dead bodies snoring?
They haven't slept for three days.
They will die after
getting their sleep.
"The black scarf... "
"The black scarf has
gotten stuck in a hook. "
"The younger brother-in-law has
had a brawl with his sister-in-law. "
"Oh, younger brother-in-law,
you have to go far. "
"Don't fight with your sister-in-law
since you only have one. "
"The black scarf has
gotten stuck in a hook. "
"The younger brother-in-law has
had a brawl with his sister-in-law. "
"There is a white rooster
on the parapet for you. "
"There is a white rooster
on the parapet for you. "
"Hey, girl with the blue sardine,
this boy is crazy about you. "
"Hey, girl with the blue sardine,
this boy is crazy about you. "
"I'm talking about the one with
white turban and sparkling eyes. "
"I'll provide shade to you
with an umbrella. "
"I'll provide shade to you
with an umbrella. "
"I'm talking about the one with
white turban and sparkling eyes. "
"I'm talking about the one with
white turban and sparkling eyes. "
"Your arrival brought spring
to my house. "
"Your arrival brought spring
to my house. "
"Take my life if you want... "
"Take my life if you want... "
"Take my life if you want but
don't say bad about my beloved. "
"You are even sweeter
than the sweets. "
"You are even sweeter
than the sweets. "
"I will eat the laddus
made by my friend. "
"It's all a game of destiny. "
"It's all a game of destiny. "
"The train has arrived
at the station"
"and everyone is waiting for you. "
"The train has arrived
at the station"
"and everyone is waiting for you. "
Stop the car.
Here's the house.
Alright, then.
Take care.
See you soon. Take care.
Who is it at this hour?
Yes, coming!
How did you come here?
You were jailed for 6 months.
I escaped from jail.
- Escaped!
Aren't you ashamed
of escaping from jail?
That's why I did it at night.
Baggu! - What was the need
to escape from jail?
Can't you wait another 6 months?
You are acting as if I broke
your FD 6 months before
and you lost your interest.
Where is Baggu? Baggu!
You have grown-up, man!
Come... Come here!
Come here.
- Dad!
Grandma, Dad!
Don't be scared, dear. We are here.
Why would my son be scared of me?
- Because he knows you're wrong.
Did you see, dear? Your
father has escaped from jail.
Why did you escape from jail, Dad?
- For you, son.
Come on, let's go.
- No, I will not go with you.
I will stay
with my grandparents now.
Don't be stupid.
How can you stay with them! No
one knows how long they will live.
Dad, you, too,
have escaped from jail.
If the police caught you
as soon as you go out,
I would neither have my father
nor my mother's father.
What have you taught my son?
He used to be crazy for me.
Because he has found
out about your truth.
What truth?
Son, everything I've done
has been for you.
I even escaped from jail for you.
Come on, let's go. Come on.
get out of here
or I'll call the police. - Go ahead.
I'm not afraid of anything. I'm
here to take my son. It's my right.
Come on, son. - Listen to me,
call the police. - Yes, call them.
Let it go. Why call the
police in domestic matters?
Hang up.
Hang up!
Son, I am ready to do
whatever you say. Alright?
But don't harbour hatred
for me in your heart.
Dad, I don't hate you.
I hate these actions of yours.
If you had not tried to escape
from jail one and a half years ago,
we would have been together today.
Please leave, Dad. Please leave.
I will come with you on the day
you will get released from jail.
Baggu! Listen to me, Baggu! Baggu!
You guys have taught him all this.
Your legs don't work
but your brain is working very well.
Leave quietly
or I will not spare you today.
- I won't!
Leave or I will...
Uh... Cut it.
Cut it!
It's a small matter.
Please get me a hug from my boy.
Please ask him.
But how did you get out of jail?
I escaped.
I can't believe you
escaped from jail.
Even the jail inmates
won't believe this.
But what could I have done?
It's very difficult
to live without you.
No one can separate us now.
Neither your parents,
nor your brother, or anyone else.
They can.
Before that, we have
to run away from here.
Will you run away with me?
Aman! Where are you, dear?
- Mom!
Come here! Mom!
Mom... - What happened?
- What happened?
What's this?
- Aman ran away. - What!
Oh, God!
- See this.
Look at this.
- Sir is here.
Congratulations, sir!
- Congratulations, sir!
Thank you!
Sir, at last you have
pardoned the punishment
of your favourite prisoners.
It seems everyone has read
the list of Basant Panchami
in today's newspaper.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, you have proved
that no one else can think
for these prisoners
as much as you can.
There's no doubt
about it, Bahadur Singh.
The amount of effort
I have put in to free them
is either known to me
or it's only me who knows it.
Even though I got all the work done
on call, I still had to kneel down.
What are you guys murmuring?
Prayer has to be done on knees.
I feel as if my own
children got a new life today.
My mother must be so
proud sitting in heaven.
After all, your mother longed for me
for 21 years. - What rubbish!
She longed not for you but for me.
You turn even emotional feeling
into adult feeling. - Sorry, sir.
Were those whose punishments were
waived informed or not? - No, sir.
It's the same thing when you kiss
the forehead of a sleeping child,
neither the child nor the
child's mother is happy.
Go and get Jarnail and Tarsem.
- Sure, sir.
Sir, you got your two
favourite prisoners pardoned,
but what if they don't get
better even after going out?
It's not like the night
won't come again.
We'll arrest them again.
Bahadur Singh!
- Yes, sir?
Have all the preparations for
Basant Panchami been done or not?
It's almost done, sir.
We just have to spray
the DDT... - Why DDT? Are we
inviting the mosquitoes?
We have called the MLA.
What else is left?
Sir, if you want to honour the MLA,
flowers will have to be showered.
All that's left is to get that
balloon. - Is it my job to get it?
I will get that. - Then why
haven't you brought it yet?
If it bursts in the sun,
we'll have to buy it again.
This is my respect!
They can't bring a
2-rupee balloon for me.
After my death, you wouldn't be
able to give me a 21-gun salute.
Sir, it's not that. The flowers
inside the balloon will scatter.
Would it feel good if I
asked the prisoners...
'Listen, pick Jailer's flowers. '
- Hey, shut up!
Although I know that my
prisoners love me very much,
still, explain it to them
that when I am honoured,
they should loudly applaud.
Sir, I'll talk to them right away.
If they don't clap,
I'll handcuff them.
Bahadur Singh, there is a thing
called being afraid of the police.
You could never scare anyone.
You just kept handcuffing them.
Get out of here!
- Sir!
Hello, friend! Send fewer Hindi
newspapers starting tomorrow.
Nobody buys it.
Hey, Bheem. Did you read this news?
Does the confectioner
ever eat his own sweets?
It's about your brother-in-law.
- Tarsem!
Did he run away again? - No,
the government is releasing him.
Releasing him?
Tarsem Lal, son of Bhairav Lal,
will be released today.
Tarsem is getting released!
- Yeah.
Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar speaking.
- Okay.
It's the Jail Minister's PA, Jeeta.
Oh, Mr Garewal, what is it?
The minister's niece wants
to go to the jail and interview
your two prisoners who
are being released today.
Come on! There is no mention
of the one who rescued them.
It's the same thing that singer
Hansraj Hans is standing here
and you guys started talking
to Salman and Shahrukh.
Anyway, she is the Jail
Minister's niece, right?
We cannot say anything
in front of him or behind him.
So, Mr Garewal, bring the
minister to the function on time.
By the way, we have sprayed the DDT.
Lest mosquitoes arrive
before the minister does. - Okay.
See you, then.
Sir, Tarsem and Jarnail
are nowhere to be found.
Have either of them become ill?
No, sir. I've checked everywhere.
We couldn't find them.
- Come on, man!
US went to another
country and found Laden,
and you are not able to find
Tarsem and Jarnail in your own jail.
Sir, I am not lying.
I personally went to every
cell and searched for them.
Is it?
Go among the people who
are setting up tents outside
and check whether
they are there or not.
They must be sitting with
them and smoking cigarettes.
Okay, sir.
I need to talk to the jailer
on the phone for a minute. - What!
Are you out of your mind?
You escaped from jail, Jarnail.
- That's why I'm saying it.
A virtuous person will have to
bear the brunt of my escaping.
At least I should
call him and tell him
what my compulsion was.
Hello! JJJ speaking.
Hello... Sir, it's Jarnail.
Hey, Jarnail, where are you?
I have just sent Ranjit
to bring you here,
and he is putting you on the phone.
Sir, I need to talk to you.
Talk as much as you want.
You have your whole life to talk.
First, listen to me,
I have special news.
You will be shocked
to hear the good news
that I am going to tell you.
- Sir, first...
Let me finish.
The government has waived your
and Tarsem's remaining sentence.
Both of you will be released today
on the occasion of Basant Panchami.
Oh, man! I'm dead!
I told you that you will be
shocked after hearing this.
All this happened through
the personal relations
of Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar.
Now tell me what you were saying.
What can I say, sir?
If I tell you,
you will be even more shocked.
I am already filled with joy.
What more can you say?
Say what you want to say.
Sir, I've already escaped from jail.
Oh, no! When?
Where... I mean,
where did you escape from?
Sir, Tarsem made a tunnel,
so we escaped together.
- He also ran away with you?
Yes, sir. He didn't make a
tunnel for me to escape alone.
You guys have ruined all my efforts.
Sir, if you had known
about our release,
you should have at least told us.
Oh, I wanted to surprise you guys.
Little did I know that
you would surprise me.
It's the same thing that the
girl ran away with the boy
who was going to marry her.
Read the newspaper and the news
on the day of Basant Panchami.
The news of your release and
my applause has been published.
You guys got me into trouble.
Sorry, sir.
I should say sorry.
I got your punishment waived
by advertising
for your good behaviour.
The nurse didn't even try,
and the baby already came out.
You ruined everything!
Premature babies, you couldn't wait
two more months
and were born before your time.
Jailer, now tell me what to do.
Listen, you guys are
getting released this evening
on the function of Basant Panchami.
Before that, both of you should
come inside the jail at any cost.
Sir, we don't even
have prisoners' uniforms.
You don't have it,
and I won't be left with it.
It's your choice.
Come in your uniforms or underwear.
What are you saying, Jailer!
You are reacting as if I asked
you to come without underwear.
Anyway, 8-10 prisoners keep
roaming here in their underwear.
It won't make a difference
if two more join them.
Okay, sir. I'll be there.
What do you mean by 'I'?
Bring Tarsem along.
Call him yourself, sir.
Is it my daughter's wedding
that I should call everyone
separately and invite them?
Bring him with you too.
Sir, he's not with me.
I dropped him off at his village.
I don't know where he would
have taken his child by now.
Oh, God!
He is celebrating the
holiday with his child,
and I am going to have a
permanent holiday here.
if we don't find him,
then at least let me be
released with honour.
Why are you stopping me?
- Very good, my boy.
The escape of one prisoner
is as damaging to reputation
as the escape of two prisoners.
Listen to me carefully.
I won't let you out with respect,
either, if I get trapped.
And if you have to come to jail,
bring your friend with you.
Jarnail, what happened?
Why are you so sad?
On the auspicious occasion
of Basant Panchmi...
That's what I was thinking, how
long will we keep hiding like this?
You escaped from jail for me.
I have more respect
for you in my heart.
I always wanted you
to be released with dignity.
With dignity.
Looks like God heard your prayers.
But Jarnail, what do we do now?
You know it...
I have to reach jail on time.
That, too, with Tarsem Lal.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind.
I have asked all the prisoners
to clap in your honour.
Now, the applause will not
be in respect but in insult.
There should be applause,
whether in respect or insult...
What do you mean by that? - Just
shut your mouth. - Jai Hind, sir.
Looks like Jarnail and
Tarsem have escaped from jail.
It doesn't look like it. It's
confirmed news. They have escaped.
No, sir. This can't happen.
There is such tight surveillance.
Tight surveillance, my foot!
Even when nails are hammered
to hang a calendar on the wall,
the neighbours hear noise.
They shout,
'We can hear the noise. '
And they built such a
big tunnel before you,
and you donkeys didn't
even know anything.
Tunnel in the jail?
Do you want it to be in your house?
- That's amazing, sir.
We didn't even know.
- No... I used to hear faint sounds.
But I thought it might be
the sound of an earthquake.
Earthquakes will come now,
and that, too, in our lives.
Earthquake of 15 richter scale.
- Sir, what should we do now?
What can we do, Tulsidas?
They have done what had to be done.
Now you take off your uniform
and prepare to sit at home.
If you want to do something,
keep your mouth shut.
No one should be aware
that they ran away.
Sir, what to do about
that I told the prisoners
to clap?
- You care about the claps?
Stop them!
Sir, they can't stop now.
I have scared them.
They will get scared
if you scare them.
If they were afraid of the police,
these two would not have run away.
They will have to be handcuffed.
- Keep it to yourself.
Ba... - Tarsem!
- You are still here!
Baggu, look at this.
Chandigarh, April 13,
on the auspicious occasion
of Basant Panchami,
our government has decided
to waive the remaining sentence
of prisoners serving
disproportionate punishment.
According to this order,
two prisoners, Jarnail Singh,
son of Sardar Gurbaksh Singh
and another prisoner, Tarsem Lal,
son of Bhairav Lal,
will be released today
from Bassi Pathana police station.
My son can read now!
I was in jail for one and a half
years, and my son learned to read.
I will spend my whole life in jail.
Son, you just study.
Become a doctor.
Tarsem, only we know how
we handled this crying little kid
after you went to jail.
To keep him from crying for you,
we kept him away from you.
So that he doesn't get hurt.
Don't get us wrong, Tarsem.
Son, I'll be back
before you even know it.
Dad, I love you a lot.
Hmm? - Sir, all the prisoners
in the jail started asking me
why Jarnail and Tarsem
were nowhere to be seen.
'Where are they?'
- Tulsidas,
these things of yours
always add fuel to the fire.
Well, forget it. Tell me,
has it been found out
where these scoundrels
made the tunnel in the jail?
No. - Then find out!
- Okay, sir!
Bahadur Singh!
- Yes, sir?
You tell the prisoners that
today is the release
of Jarnail and Tarsem,
so they are busy
with some legal formalities.
Okay, sir. Mr JJJ, well,
I'm not as bright as you are,
but if you allow me,
can I give you an idea? - Shoot.
The point is that both the prisoners
should be present on the occasion
of Basant Panchami, right?
They will be here. - But how?
Let us postpone the Basant
Panchami function for a day or two.
Your mind moves faster
than a calendar.
Mr Smart, Basant
Panchami will be celebrated
on the day of Basant Panchami.
This is not Navratri that if
you feel unwell on the first day,
you can celebrate on the last day.
Sir, I already told you I'm
not as bright as you are.
So why do you
interfere in everything?
Let's go.
- Okay, sir.
Greetings, sir! Sir!
- Yeah, alright.
Didn't you recognise me?
- Why should we?
Did we borrow anything from you?
Uh... Sir, try a little harder.
Am I in the toilet?
Not that, sir.
Try to think a little harder.
First, tell me,
which barrack you were in?
No, sir. I am not from here.
I have come from there.
I am Bheem, sir. - Bheem?
Bahadur Singh.
Yes, sir? - Bheem's appearance
has changed in Kaliyuga.
Sir, you didn't recognise me.
I am the brother-in-law
of the prisoner Tarsem Lal... - Oh!
who is being released today.
- Oh!
So, sir, I wanted
to congratulate him.
So if you could allow me
to meet him... - We would
have allowed you to meet him,
but he is bathing right now.
He is bathing! Are you
releasing him or hanging him?
No, what I mean to say is that
he is bathing in happiness today.
Because he is
getting released today.
Nice. Just let me meet him
for two minutes, please.
Meet him in the evening,
for God's sake.
He's coming home at night anyway.
Forget two minutes. Stay
together peacefully all night long.
The thing is that there is a ladies'
program to celebrate his release.
But I want to meet him
personally and give him sweets.
But, Mr Bheem, you cannot
take these four boxes inside.
Sir, you can keep the rest.
Just give me one box.
I brought this
from his favourite place.
Favourite place? - He has told me
about all his favourite places.
Whenever I came to meet him,
he used to tell me,
'Bheem, we would go there and
eat samosas whenever I come out
and jalebi from that place
and go on a road trip together. '
I know about all his favourite
places. - Bahadur Singh! - Yes, sir?
Mr Bheem knows
about all his favourite places.
Yes, sir.
- Do you want to handcuff him?
- What did he say, sir?
That means... Means...
Means my...
My brother-in-law ran away?
What can we say, Bheem Singh?
I have seen girls
running away many times,
but here, the
brother-in-law ran away.
No, sir. The thing is that once,
my sister also ran away.
- Don't tell me!
Has she returned, or is she
still wandering all over the world?
No, sir...
Has anyone come
back after going to God?
- That means your sister is no more?
No, sir.
If your sister is not there,
who has your brother-in-law gone
to meet after building a big tunnel?
What kind of question was
this that made him laugh?
Oh! He is crying.
Give some sense to your
brother-in-law, for God's sake.
Tell him to leave his journey around
the world and come back to jail.
Or we will lose our jobs,
and they, too, will have to
spend five more years in jail.
No, sir...
No, sir. Please save
my brother-in-law.
Please save my brother-in-law.
Look, brother. Don't cry.
I also feel like crying
in such a situation,
but I can't cry in this uniform.
Control, Bahadur Singh! Control!
Sorry, sir.
- Bheem Singh.
Yes, sir?
You told us you know all
Tarsem's favourite places to eat
where you used to go.
Yes... - That's it.
Then go to all those places,
and one of our competent
officers will also go with you.
Okay, sir. - Sir, sometimes,
put me on duty at such places.
You idiot! I am
talking about you only.
Thank you, sir.
You guys only have four hours.
You can save your brother-in-law.
You can save your job.
- Sir!
What place have you brought me to?
This is the camp of Crow Baba.
Tarsem used to come
here often for good vibes.
Anyway, there's no better
place to hide than this.
- Hmm?
What are the police here for?
- Hmm?
We gave them the
money for protection.
Looks like he's here to have
some fun. Let me talk to him.
Yes, sir?
- Call Baba.
There are so many Babas here.
Which Baba do you want to meet?
Which Baba did you say?
Crow Baba.
- Yeah!
Call Crow Baba.
That crow Baba had become
so indebted to our peacocks
that he had to run away from here.
Now tell me, how can I serve you?
How will you serve me, sister?
My house is already
running on installments.
See the places your Crow Baba pecks.
You bring your
brother-in-law to such a place!
Not only my brother-in-law
but many Babas have
developed this hobby.
Come with me now. Come on.
- Okay.
Hello! JJJ speaking.
- Hello, Jailer sir.
It's Jarnail.
I have caught Tarsem Lal.
- Caught him!
Oh, yes! I knew you would save me.
I'm proud of you. - We're
on our way, sir. Open the door.
Are you a fugitive
or the jail minister
who is talking about coming
in through the main gate?
Big cameras have been
installed near the main gate.
Every mosquito that
comes inside can be seen in it.
If someone asked me
where you had gone,
would I say you had gone
to get dengue vaccination?
Then how do we get in?
Come back in through
the tunnel you ran out of.
Yeah. That's also right.
Then we'll come back through
the same tunnel. Alright?
Jai Hind, sir.
- Yes, what is it?
Sir, we have found the tunnel.
- Good!
The better thing is that
we have closed it permanently
by pouring mud on it.
So that no other
prisoner can escape.
Tulsidas... What
can I say to you now?
This was the only gap left,
which you completed today.
What do you mean?
We will have to perform
the funeral of all the prisoners
who have been hanged
in the jail so far.
Only then will the trouble
be avoided. - What trouble?
Those two prisoners
were about to come
from the same tunnel
you have just closed.
No big deal, sir.
I will not bring some labourers
and build a new tunnel. - Oh, God!
How will my mother face God that
she had been yearning for this son
for 21 years who, being a jailer, is
himself making a tunnel in the jail?
Sir, the idea of your
funeral is perfect.
Not my funeral. Prisoners' funeral.
Sir, what should we do now?
Just do one thing.
That don't do anything!
Idiots, there was only
one way for them to return,
and you closed that too.
I've heard a lot that prisoners
plan to escape from jail,
but they're the
first prisoners whom
the police are
planning to bring back.
Do you agree with my intelligence?
The tunnel I made
came in handy again.
How would we have returned
inside if I had not made a tunnel?
Yeah, bro. It's all your doing.
We would not have come from there if
you had not made the tunnel. Right?
Hey, ungrateful man!
I will never do anyone
any good again.
It was in 2009 that I
donated blood to a sick man.
He comes every month to complain,
let alone thanking me.
He says, 'Tarsem Lal,
I get malaria every month'
'since you gave me your blood. '
As if I had mosquitoes
mixed in my blood.
Listen to this.
When I went to the temple of
the Goddess, I went barefoot.
And I was giving water to the mule
and whoever was
going there on a mule.
It's okay. It's a mule.
But he is also going to the temple.
And when I greeted the man
again, he didn't recognise me.
Forget about the person,
not even the mule recognised me.
Say, 'Hail Goddess!'
Say it!
Where did they go?
Have you seen them somewhere?
I am looking for them too.
She is my sister.
Where did you see them?
Say it. Where did you see them?
I saw her in the movie Sholay.
She is Neetu Singh.
Hema Malini is in Sholay movie.
We're not here to share
our general knowledge.
We're here to look for my sister.
'Don't dance in
front of these dogs!'
'Silly, why didn't you tell me
this earlier?' - Hey!
What is the age of your parents?
50 years. Why? - There's still time.
Another sister of yours can come.
Just keep her safe.
Although many songs
are made on sisters,
no one allows sisters to live.
"Flowers and stars all say that
my sister is one in thousands. "
Hello. - Have you checked
with all her friends?
There are still one
or two friends left.
Please check there too.
- If she is not found there,
it means she must have
gone to Bassi Pathana jail.
I'll call you. Go straight there.
Okay, Mom.
- I think he is crazy.
Ramu, get me some firecrackers.
Okay, sir.
- Look at what he is doing.
I was already suspicious when
this idiot was talking to himself.
Let's go now!
- Hey!
Have you lost your
mother and sister?
I will help you find them!
If I get angry,
the whole village will come here.
Get lost!
Hey! Where are you going?
You are only looking
for your sister,
I am looking for your
brother-in-law too.
Thank God!
- Not yet.
I can't have Aman with me.
- Where will I go now?
There's a place
where no one will find you.
Son, even if you forget one
or two baskets of offerings,
do not forget to keep
the liquor box in the car.
- Go now.
Hello, Uncle.
- Hello, Jarnail... You?
Uh... What is this decoration for?
Today is our Baljeet's wedding.
Please call Baljeet.
- Sure. Wait.
Now, the groom's family
will also be leaving from there.
I don't understand anything, Balbir,
what should we do?
If his family reaches here,
we'll be insulted
in the entire village.
Listen to me, call the groom's
family and tell them everything.
Congratulations, bro.
- Jarnail, you?
Yeah, man. The situation was
such that I had to escape from jail.
Today is Aman's wedding, so...
Listen, son. It's Mr Sodhi's call.
Hold on.
- Hmm.
Yes, Uncle?
- Actually,
I don't know where Aman
went without informing us.
She hasn't returned yet.
My only request is that
you do not leave until we
find out something about Aman.
Tell me, why did we
run away from there?
I am getting married
to this boy today.
That... Baljeet?
- Yeah.
He is my friend.
You're running away
with your friend's girlfriend.
I'm sorry. It just slipped out.
Two friends want
to marry the same girl.
This is a case of fraud.
But I don't understand
who is deceiving whom.
No one is deceiving anyone.
I'll go and talk to him right now.
Don't you dare turn the car around!
I was getting married to him.
He won't understand, Jarnail.
Hey, man! He must have
prepared for everything.
What will you say to him?
'I'm running away with your wife. '
'Marry someone else. '
Sir, the jail minister's
niece has come to meet you.
Tulsidas, why do you
keep looking at my face?
Bring them in with respect.
Oh! They are here already.
Hello, sir. I am Navdeep.
- Welcome.
And she is my colleague, Money.
Hello, sir. - Oh, Money!
What a nice currency!
Just kidding. Please sit.
- Oh.
What do you want? - You must've
got a call from Uncle's office.
Even if no one had called,
no one would have asked
you to come tomorrow.
I mean, no one can stop journalists
anyway. - Oh!
What do you want?
- Just call Jarnail and Tarsem.
We'll start the interview.
What's the hurry? I'll call them.
But let them do their make-up.
What is the need for the make-up?
We're here for an interview
for the newspaper.
No one has even come
to get news about them,
and you're to interview them.
They are going crazy with happiness.
Forget them.
We're going crazy than them.
Actually, very few people
understand the humour of policemen.
You have come
here for the first time.
It's our duty to serve you
and give you sweets.
- Yes, sir?
Find a sweet shop from
far away and get hot Jalebis.
Won't it take much time?
Get it from somewhere close.
People around here don't
give us anything on credit.
We ordered some
breakfast 5-7 days a week.
They started considering us beggars.
- Yes?
Now that the girls are here, you're
not willing to go anywhere. - Sir.
Go now!
- Sir?
Bring sweets and Parle biscuits
along with Jalebis.
It's not Parle. It's Parle-G.
We don't even give this
much respect to our father.
Parle means nothing to us.
We are paying for biscuits,
even if it's on credit.
Tulsidas. - Yes, sir?
- Take your time.
Just don't let the jalebis get cold.
- Sure, sir.
Uh... I'll take you to jail
while he brings Jalebis. - Huh?
I mean, let me give
you a tour of the prison.
Here, take a look at it.
Jail Bassi Pathana.
This is the historical platform on
which the great martyrs Bhagat Singh
and Sardar Udham Singh
often used to sit. - Oh!
Sir, I have done an MA in History,
and from what I have studied, these
two have never been to this jail.
You may have missed a
page or two while reading.
I'll tell you the Inside Story.
You know the Britishers...
They were the devil's children.
They were always
afraid of one thing.
If their comrades came to know that
both the revolutionaries
were in this jail,
they would have freed them.
That's why they told
everyone about some place
and kept them at some other place.
Sir, you are proving
a history student a liar. - Hmm.
This means that the
government has been lying to me.
I have specifically
taken the transfer here,
saying that even if my
salary is reduced by Rs 5000,
Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar
will serve only in this jail.
Huh! Mr Johar, your
thoughts are very noble.
But I feel sorry for your IQ.
I feel pity for these prisoners
whom I have been asking for 19 years
to pray on this
non-historical platform.
Would you like to introduce
us to Jarnail and Tarsem now?
Yeah, of course, I will. Why not?
But before that, eat the
jalebis that you have ordered.
Lest the jalebis become straight.
Let's go.
Sir, that's our car!
- Those are the thieves.
Come on. Let's go!
- Hey, where are you going?
Come on, hurry up!
Hey, stop the car!
- Come on, hurry up!
Chill, Uncle!
Those are the guys with the jeep.
Stop the jeep!
- Come on, hurry up!
We are coming! We won't spare you!
Jarnail! - I thought
it was Baljeet and his men.
But people seem to love Jeeps
more than Ferraris. - Oh, please!
If we are caught, you will take
the blame for eloping with the girl,
and I will take the blame
for stealing the jeep.
Otherwise, Baggu will say that
'After my mother's death,
my dad started eloping with girls. '
You just sit quietly. Nothing will
happen to you. - Come on!
There is no salt in Mathri,
and there is no sugar in tea.
Tell him to add a little sugar.
We don't have much time, sir.
Let's find Tarsem first.
Should I drink sugarless tea
until I find your brother-in-law?
- Huh?
Tarsem! Look, there's Tarsem!
Hey, come on! We won't
run away with your jeep.
Just one Jalebi?
I don't eat much sweets.
Then what do you eat?
I will order it.
Actually, I am on a diet,
so I am not eating. - On a diet?
Is this an age to diet?
Eat sweets and get stronger.
You have to get married
and have kids.
For your kind information, children
are not born after eating sweets.
I know. It's done
by eating sour things.
Mr Johar, you talk way too much.
Please... Call Jarnail and Tarsem!
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Excuse me!
What a weird man! - Hello,
JJJ speaking. - Jai Hind, sir!
Hungry and thirsty,
I caught hold of Tarsem.
Jarnail is also with him, sir.
Why are you telling me?
A baby bump can never
be hidden from the nurse.
I had known an hour ago that
the fish were coming to the jail.
Sir, if you had known,
you could have told me too.
I'm dying of hunger here.
Oh, Bahadur Singh, we will
complain some other time.
Try to understand.
- Okay, sir.
You just quickly reach here
with two fish, safe and sound.
Fish? - Sir, we don't want
to eat fish and all.
Just call them quickly.
- Hold on.
What to do with Chhota Bheem, sir?
- How can I decide?
Leave it to him. He will
do what needs to be done.
If he wants to come here,
bring him with you.
Sir, tell Uncle about this.
Who is your uncle here?
- Not you, sir.
I was talking about that policeman.
- Am I a postman?
We have called policemen
'Uncle' since childhood.
Are you not a child now?
Forget all this.
Let's catch my brother-in-law.
Come on, let's go.
- Come on!
Catch us.
- Stop the jeep!
Stop the jeep!
Where are you going with my jeep?
There they are!
- Hey, stop the jeep!
Stop the jeep!
Hey, stop the jeep! Stop it!
They're fighting among themselves.
What are you doing?
- Get out of the car.
They'll run away!
- Come out!
Just leave me, Monkey!
Hey, move! We have
to catch the stolen jeep.
Why do you want to catch it,
brother? - We are policemen.
There are a lot of fake policemen
roaming around these days.
Show me your ID card.
- ID card?
Your ID card is fine.
Thank you.
- Can you show me your ID card?
But newspaper sellers
don't have ID cards.
Come on! He is talking about me.
You want my ID card, right?
- Hmm.
Okay, I'll show it
to you right away.
Yes, please.
- ID card...
I think the kids took it
to school by mistake.
Okay, fine.
Don't waste my time.
Let me go. I have to catch them.
How can I let you go?
I could be the fake policeman.
I believe that you
are a real policeman.
Just let us go now.
One policeman must
help another policeman.
Look, sir, kinship has its place,
but formalities should be completed.
Uh... You must check his ID card.
Blind faith is what traps people.
- You're right.
I won't let you go
without showing you my ID card.
Even if it takes me to send
Chhota Bheem to his home.
Sir, he is very strict.
He doesn't even enter the
bedroom daily until he checks
his wife's marriage certificate.
Mr Johar!
- Yes?
We have to report in our office.
So, please call them now!
- Oh, Ms Navdeep,
I wanted some advice from you.
I have a distant cousin
who has a kid.
I don't know if
it's a boy or a girl.
I don't know if she has
passed twelfth grade or not.
Then, after that,
she will do a BA also.
I was wondering
how it would be if she gets a
post graduate degree in Journalism
or becomes a reporter like you.
You don't even know if it's a
boy or a girl. You don't even know
when to do BA
or when to do journalism.
You don't even know
when to become a reporter.
Two beautiful reporters
are sitting before you,
but you are not ready
to listen to anything.
Mr Johar, if you don't call them
within 5 minutes, I will call Uncle.
I would have arranged
the meeting if you had
explained so lovingly earlier.
No problem.
I'll call them right away.
Sorry. I forgot my stick.
Mr Ranjit Singh,
what will we do if we
really lose our jobs?
I've already decided what to do.
You think about yourself.
- I will work for you.
Sir is here.
The girls are threatening me now.
I don't understand
what we should do.
Sir, spend some time
engaging them in conversations.
By then, the prisoners
will also be back.
Tulsidas, how much
more should I talk?
As a PPS officer, I've done
more crap than I should ever say.
Sir, listen to me.
Take girls into confidence
by telling them the truth.
- I've lost my own confidence.
Forget about them.
I don't know where to get
Jarnail and Tarsem right now.
There is so much trouble.
I don't know when they will come.
- Yes, sir?
The names of two
of the five prisoners
who came to serve life imprisonment
for murder last month are
Jarnail and Tarsem, right?
Yes, those are their names.
That's it.
All these girls want is to
meet Jarnail and Tarsem.
They didn't ask to meet
Jarnail and Tarsem,
who were about to be released.
Alright. So, you are Jarnail,
and you are Tarsem? - Hmm!
Please tell us how you feel about
being released on the occasion
of Basant Panchami.
Hey, Madam,
is this a new third degree?
No! You are being released for real.
Pleased with the behaviour
of both of you, the government
has pardoned your punishment.
How do you feel about this?
- Feel?
The government has lost its mind.
- This is what I feel.
We will be here for 14 years.
14 years!
You have a misunderstanding.
You haven't been jailed
for 14 years.
The MLA here is her uncle.
He has pardoned the
rest of your sentence.
What date is it?
- 13th April.
13th April, and you're making
us an April Fool of April 1st.
Hello, Madam...
You tell me how can we
live in a jail where the feelings
of the prisoners
are mocked like this.
To hell with it!
We don't want your pardon.
Just hang us!
- That's it.
We don't want to
spend 14 years here.
What 14 years!
You tell me in
which law it is written
that the punishment for 2 kg
opium and one slap is 14 years.
These are useless guys!
There's a slap mark on your face.
And the government is
releasing them for good behaviour.
Let my uncle come.
I'll tell him everything.
Hey! - Hmm?
- Why did you slap the girl?
We murdered
with such great difficulty,
and she turned us into slappers.
Such an insult!
- She is the niece of MLA.
There may be some truth
in what she says.
Truth, my foot!
How can you trust them?
Tell me one thing. After all,
which country's government
forgives a murder conviction
within a month?
These leaders need
dangerous men like us.
Those who can do anything.
It is possible that MLA may have
gotten our punishment waived
by talking to someone.
You have a point.
You have a point. Listen,
It is better to remain
as slaves of MLA
than to languish in jail like this.
Yeah, that's alright.
But you slapped that girl.
What if she tells her
uncle to cancel our pardon?
Oh, man!
Even murder does not cause
as much harm as slapping does.
He slapped you?
- Yes!
How is this possible? Both
of them are such decent boys
that they touch the feet of their
senior prisoners every morning.
They have created a Gurukul
like atmosphere in the jail too.
How can he slap you?
- Are you implying that she's lying?
Look at the slap mark on her face.
Oh, no! Ms Navdeep,
please don't tell
your uncle about this.
Otherwise, he will
get even more scared
after seeing the claws
of the other party.
- Oh, yes.
I know he has no fault in this.
It's all Salman Khan's fault.
Sir, but how?
Once he slapped the journalist,
everyone started
doing the same thing.
Sir! - Hmm?
- Jail Minister is here.
Tulsidas, I am already so upset,
and you have come
to rub salt in the wound.
He came here before time.
Please come, sir.
- Come here.
Yes, sir?
- You should open the door quickly.
People like us don't look good
opening doors. - Sure, sir.
By the way, it was good that
you came in a car without red light.
Well, this trend is going
on in the political market.
I only know about
the domestic market.
My wife had to go to her parents'
house, so she took that car.
Otherwise, I would have brought it.
- Oh!
If the opposition comes to know
that you are doing household work
in a government vehicle,
they will take out a front.
You should talk to your wife
about this. - I understand.
It is better to convince the
opposition than to convince my wife.
Because there can be no
bigger opposition than my wife.
Let's go, sir.
- The thing you fear
is happening. Tulsidas.
- Yes, sir?
Send some prisoners to
welcome them at the gate.
And call the rest at the barracks.
Okay, sir.
- God knows what will happen now.
Jai Hind, sir! Wishing you a
very happy Basant Panchami.
Mr Jalawar Singh, happy
Basant Panchami to you too.
Did you see?
I got the two prisoners whom
you recommended released.
Are you happy now?
- Yes, sir. I am.
But you don't look happy.
- The thing is that I have become
so attached to the prisoners
whom you are releasing
that I feel sad that
they are leaving.
Otherwise, nothing serious. - How
long will you remain sad like this?
Think of these prisoners
as your daughters.
Daughters have to go one day.
One day, if all the daughters
go away one by one,
my courtyard will become deserted.
Only 2-4 life imprisonment
prisoners will be left.
If you are feeling so terrible,
then let's cancel the release.
Then be with your daughters.
Look what you're saying
and we don't know whether
they will be able to reach here
by evening or not.
What do you mean? - I mean,
why are you standing? Please come.
Please welcome. Over here.
They are here for your welcome.
Greetings, sir!
- Greetings.
How are you? Is everything okay?
- There is only one problem, sir.
Everyone's intestines are getting
upset after drinking hot water.
Please install a water cooler.
But we installed a cooler last time.
- It only blows cold air, sir.
The air is cold, isn't it?
- Yes, sir. - It's good then.
Give them hot water
and make them sit in front of it.
The water will cool
down automatically.
I have noted it.
I have to go
to the widow ashram too,
so let's start the function.
- Sir,
our function won't start that early.
Why? - Because they have not
shared their feelings with you.
They have been waiting for you
like a shopkeeper waits
for his customers.
I mean, if they don't express
their feelings, they will get angry.
So I request you to
understand our helplessness.
- Oh!
I am your distant uncle.
It does not mean that you talk to
me from a distance. Come closer.
How was the interview?
- That's what I wanted to tell you.
I told them that our prisoners
get angry sometimes.
Please forgive them.
- Forgive them?
How can I forgive them?
This is sheer rudeness.
Navdeep, the person is
getting angry with himself.
Prisoners often become
irritable while in jail.
I'll calm them down before
they get even more angry.
Listen, don't leave
without seeing their release.
Hmm. - There is no release.
They will see our destruction.
What did you say? - Oh, sorry.
I thought it was Tulsidas.
You should have ordered
flowers to welcome the minister.
I ordered many things, and they're
all on the way. You came early.
Thank you.
My prisoner friends,
first of all, I wish you all a
very happy Basant Panchami.
The jailer told me you all
want to tell me your heart.
Go on!
Hold on! Let them come.
Say it. - Sir,
we are ashamed of our mistake.
Please forgive us.
Look, humans are
statues of mistakes.
If statues are reformed,
they cannot be kept in jail.
I'm so glad you
admitted your mistake.
Sir, those who are released today...
It will not be cancelled, right?
- Why would it be?
In fact, I will release
them with my own hands.
So that the morale of the remaining
prisoners in the jail is boosted.
Just as the government is releasing
two prisoners due to good conduct,
it can also release
four prisoners one day.
Enough! It's okay.
Long live...
- Minister!
Long live...
- Minister!
- Enough! It's okay.
The function has started already!
We captured the prisoners,
and they didn't even wait for us.
Lest Sir doesn't curb my
promotion for not seeing me here.
- But no one needs me here.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Thank God you are here.
Sir, where are those two?
- I should ask you this question.
Where are they?
Sir, I had sent them right here
after escaping from the police.
Then where did they go? Couldn't
you have brought them with you?
Sir, we were a bit busy.
I wanted a garland of flowers for
the release of my brother-in-law.
You should have brought
your brother-in-law first,
then given him the garland.
What happened, Jailer?
- Sir...
I have ordered a garland for you.
- What's this?
When you were late,
you could have couriered it,
I would have worn it at home.
Come on. Let's start the function.
Sir. - What? - Since you have
come to jail, do me a small favour.
Plant a sapling with
your auspicious hands.
What's this sapling,
plants and trees and all!
I have just come from uprooting
3-4 plants stuck to my feet.
Does this mean you are
against the Go-Green movement?
What is that? - Sir,
the department of trees and plants.
Don't make statements
about this without thinking.
Listen to me.
Just plant 3-4 saplings.
And also, plant the plants
you uprooted in the morning.
Oh, really? I had heard
that we reap what we sow.
This is new that we
sow what we uproot.
Come on. Bring some plants.
Bahadur Singh. - Sir?
- Bring a plant.
There are no plants in our jail.
- Uproot any old plant and bring it.
Just bring the sapling from
wherever you want quickly.
Okay. I'll find it.
Move. Let me go.
You got it?
Uh... Sir, this is what I got.
Where did you get this?
I haven't seen it anywhere in jail.
Sir, it was kept
on the table in your office.
Idiot, it's fake.
It's made of plastic.
I also know it's plastic.
Look, I have brought this
after putting it in the soil.
People apply makeup on the face,
and you have applied it on the
bottom. Won't he know by smell?
Sir, I've also put
incense sticks in it.
Arrest me if anyone
finds out it's fake.
Oh, shut up!
- Come on, bring it!
Bring it!
- Coming, sir. Give it.
Come on. Give it.
Give it now. Will you grow it
in your hands? - Here, sir.
Oh, my! The plants of my motherland.
Even the fragrance
of incense sticks fails
in comparison to their fragrance.
Actually, Sir has loved plants
very much since childhood.
Believe me, I watched the
movie Phool Bane Angare
only because maybe it
is a movie about plants.
But alas, that,
too, was a regular film.
Come here, sir. Let's plant it.
Come here. Plant it. - Oh, right.
It's getting late, isn't it?
Plant it, sir.
Pour water on it.
Sir, although this plant
does not need water,
it's waterproof. Still,
I will water it if you want.
My dear prisoners,
I'll make a promise
to you guys today.
Before the plant
I planted today grows,
I will release half
of you prisoners.
Then they all will die here only.
Let's start the function. Come on.
- Sir,
I wanted to have a
personal talk with you.
Now what? - Sir,
the prisoners you release today
have a small request.
It would be better
if they were released on May 1
instead of Basant Panchami.
But why? - Because both
of them are daily wage labourers.
They are more concerned with
daily wage labour than with crops.
Mr Jalawar Singh,
I don't do government work.
Sir, you should try it. It's fun.
We will release the
devotees on Navratri,
the confectioners on Diwali,
and the washermen on Holi.
Very good! Then you will say that
on Karva Chauth, get
everyone's husbands released.
Do you want to start the function,
or should I go? - Sorry, sir.
Actually, I think a lot
about prisoners.
But they don't think about me.
Jarnail, it's Baljeet!
- Are you awake? It's Baljeet!
Have we stolen anything?
I'll talk to him.
- Bro, listen to me.
My child has already
lost his mother.
Don't take away his
father from him now.
Let me talk to him.
Bro, listen to me...
Listen to me, man!
Let's go.
- Baljeet.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I wanted to talk to you... - I don't
want to listen to anything.
You have ruined our honour.
Shame on your friendship.
Baljeet, I didn't know that
Aman was getting married to you.
Now you know, right?
Yeah, but...
This is the girl with whom
I was going to get engaged.
If I had not been jailed,
I would have married her.
- But you didn't, right?
I am also saying the same thing.
You didn't get married, right?
Let Aman go where she will be happy.
- What about me?
The whole village knows
that today is my wedding.
People will forget
everything in two days.
Aman loves me.
Think of it as even
after marrying you,
she will not be yours. Then what?
I have to reach jail on time.
Please let me go, my friend.
- Fine, go.
But Aman will not go with you.
Aman will go with me only.
If I had to send Aman with you,
I would have sent her
one and a half years ago.
What do you mean?
I love Aman more than you.
'How are you?
You went to see a girl?'
'Is your marriage fixed or not?
- No, man. It didn't work out. '
'It didn't work out for him.
You like the girl. Try your luck. '
'Aman is happy with Jarnail. '
'But it got cancelled... '
'At first, Jarnail had said no, but
then both decided to get married. '
'That's why I kept opium
in your milk bucket. '
'Here it is! Look at this!'
'Look, what happened
with Jarnail was terrible. '
'If you don't mind,
I'm still ready to marry her. '
Such a big betrayal!
Hey, stop! Hey, Jarnail!
Don't fight. Your shirt will tear.
Does it look good when
two good boys fight for a girl?
Beat him!
I'm coming!
Hey! One man is fighting the
one who eloped with the girl,
and four men are fighting the
one who has nothing to do with her.
Huh? Hail Mother Goddess!
I won't spare you!
Where did he go?
Leave me! Jarnail!
Let go of me! Jarnail!
- Leave her!
Come on, let's go!
We'll deal with them later.
Hey! We need to reach the jail now.
Come on!
Hey! They are going. Leave me!
Hey... You...
Hey, drive faster!
Hey, my pants will come off!
Leave me!
They're trying to
take advantage of me.
Hey, leave me!
Hey, leave me!
- Don't let go!
I'll stop the jeep there.
I don't even know them.
I just asked them for a lift.
Oh, boy!
Got him!
As stubborn as you guys are,
no one will elope with your girls,
even by mistake.
Hey, you...
- Oh, boy!
There he is!
Hey, stop! Where are you going?
Hey! My bicycle!
Hey, my bicycle! Hey...
Fulfil our demands!
Fulfil our demands!
- Fulfil our demands!
Long live the Labour Union!
Long live the Labour Union!
Hail Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Rama!
How did he die?
- He owed money to a lot of people.
He had a heart attack last night.
At least he got rid of his debtors.
Hail Lord Rama!
- Hey...
Hail Lord Rama!
Hey, where is he taking him?
Stop him!
- Hey!
He is running away with the
dead body. Someone stop him!
Catch him!
- Stop him!
Debtors never leave you.
- Mmm-mmm.
They took the dead body. They'll
make money by selling his kidneys.
Get down, bro! There are scoundrels
after me. They will kill you.
Stop! Where are you
taking the dead body?
You are here!
- Yes, I am.
I'm sorry, bro, you have to
suffer a lot because of me.
Come on, bro!
I'll stand by you wherever you say.
Just don't tell me to sit.
- Why?
Let's go.
Yeah, I am good.
"Everything will have to
be sent and managed. "
"By cutting the accounts
of rich and kings. "
"By cutting the accounts... "
"Everything will have to
be sent and managed. "
"By cutting the accounts
of rich and kings. "
"Wearing a turban
as beautiful as the moon. "
"There will be a different
kind of fun at the gathering. "
"I feel happy just
thinking about it. "
"I feel happy just
thinking about it. "
"Now the Jatt won't spare you... "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"The bridegroom worships
in the branch of honey. "
"The lion roars like hell!"
"The bridegroom worships
in the branch of honey. "
"The lion roars like hell!"
"Diamond would retaliate
with a vengeance. "
"It can't do you any harm. "
"Bring peace wherever it heals. "
"Open your mouth a bit. "
"That sweet tune sounded
in my ears forever. "
"That sweet tune sounded
in my ears forever. "
"Now the Jatt won't spare you... "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"You speak in different dialects. "
"The Jatts have celebrated Holi. "
"That's for sure... "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "
"You speak in different dialects. "
"The Jatts have celebrated Holi. "
"Drums played
with strings of tune. "
"Brace yourself, the lion roars. "
"Do what you want,
whatever it takes. "
"Mark and aim at the target. "
"Be alert at all times. Anything
can happen at any time. "
"Be alert at all times. Anything
can happen at any time. "
"Now the Jatt won't spare you... "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
My dear prisoners, first of all,
I wish you all a
very happy Basant Panchami.
Now, the moment is here
for which all the prisoners
were eagerly waiting.
Prisoner brothers released
before completion of sentence.
I request our Jail Minister,
Shri Satpal Mander,
to come on stage and express
his views about the prisoners,
and begin the release ritual.
Shri Satpal Mander Sir.
Please come, sir.
It's blocked now.
What kind of tunnel did you
dig that didn't last even for a day?
Did I dig the tunnel by taking
a guarantee from anyone?
It hasn't closed on its own.
Someone ruined what I did.
- My prisoner brothers,
I don't know
what to say.
don't know
what to say.
I really don't know what to say.
My speech was in my... I mean...
Everything is in our hands.
Now you all can talk freely.
I know it is very difficult
to spend life in jail.
This is an effort of our government
to release well-behaved
prisoners in jail
one by one as soon as possible.
It's sad
that your husband left you.
Your half-naked head and
your white clothes are killing me.
But you guys don't worry.
Our government stands with you.
If any of you think of remarrying,
this government
will find a boy for you.
After all, man works for man.
I know you guys are great.
I see the queen of
Jhansi among you people.
I see Mother Teresa
among you people.
I see PT Usha among you people.
God has given this
blessing only to you.
You can keep a child in
your womb for 9 months.
This blessing of God is unique.
I know that the
truth is in our hands.
But, brothers, listen to me.
Don't take me lightly.
Whoever of you is
released has to go home
and tell your mother and sister
that 'Brothers, the government... '
What is he saying?
- This is the chance...
No one should shed even a tear on
the death of such a stupid minister.
I don't know why people
vote for such idiots.
He has become a minister
on compassionate grounds.
Uh... What is that?
Sympathy quota. Like you
got a job after your father died.
My prisoner brothers,
I will not take much of your time,
even though I know very
well that you all are idle.
And now, I will request the jailer
to call the two
prisoners to be released
from this jail on the stage.
Jarnail Singh and Tarsem Lal.
I don't want to die.
- Ahh!
Jarnail Singh...
- Let us go, Inspector.
Please call him.
They are calling us on the
stage. It's our release time.
Who told you that it's your
release day? - Not anyone...
That reporter told us. Ask her!
I don't know what
they are talking about.
They are calling us!
- Get lost!
You know what,
call me when they arrive.
Honourable Jail Minister
and my prisoner brothers,
before the truth comes out,
I want to present my
clean record to you all.
A few years ago, Ramleela
used to take place in our jail.
On the day of Lakshman Shakti,
a prisoner pretending to be Hanuman
took such a jump on the pretext
of bringing Sanjeevani herb,
and Dussehra came,
but he did not return.
Then he decided to improve
the track record of his jail
that from now on, no matter
what happens to Lord Lakshman,
Lord Hanuman will never go out of
the prison to get Sanjeevani herb.
As the minister said,
'I don't know what to say. '
Even I don't know what to say.
I really don't know what to say.
During these 20 years of service,
I have always tried to ensure that
this uniform never gets stained.
The desires of the heart remained
in the heart only.
To whom should I tell
my feelings and my pain?
To cut a long story short. What
was supposed to happen happened.
I loved the two prisoners being
released from here like my children.
But those scoundrels
treated me like a stepfather.
My uniform doesn't allow this.
Otherwise, at this auspicious time,
I would have taught
them such a lesson...
that their family would
have fallen at my feet.
Then those prisoners could never see
eye to eye with
their family members.
This won't work.
I have tried it.
We can't climb the wall.
It's all ruined, man!
Not yet.
We will have to jump.
Jarnail, we'll have
to think of another idea.
Have you ever heard someone jump
so high with such a small stick?
But I haven't even heard
that the girl who had
refused to marry the boy,
later ran away with him.
I haven't even heard
a father kept trying to escape from
jail repeatedly to meet his son,
and even after every failed
attempt, he did not give up.
Did you give up? No, right?
Tarsem Lal,
we have done everything
for the first time.
No one has ever done this before.
We will also do this first.
Your son has just learned to read.
He will learn to laugh,
play, live and everything
without you.
And you also marry someone else
and then keep crying all your life.
If you want to be released and
get out, you will have to go inside.
It's your choice.
Lest this fear of yours
kill your son's happiness.
'The day the law
declares you innocent, '
'come and tell me you are innocent. '
'I will come with you on the day
you will get released from jail. '
I risked my job.
What didn't I do to free them!
But they ruined my reputation...
Hey, who are they?
Where did they come from?
- Well done, my boys!
Bless you!
You guys saved the honour
of Jailer Jalawar Singh Johar
from being ruined.
Better late than never.
You worthless idiots,
my mother did not long
for a child for 21 years
as much as you guys
kept me longing for 4 hours.
Sir, both of them are so stubborn
that they have been
insisting since morning
that they will do gymnastics and
acrobatics in front of the minister.
I tried to talk them out of it.
'Guys, he is the jail minister,
not the sports minister. '
But they didn't listen to me,
and they did it.
Yes. - You idiots, it was good
that you fell in front of his feet.
If the landing had
been a little off,
the minister would have taken off.
Huh! Now, I request
our honourable minister,
Sardar Mahadev
Sardar Satpal Mander,
to release these two prisoners
on the special occasion
of Basant Panchami.
A big round of applause!
I don't know
what to say now.
Thank you so much.
- I really don't know what to say.
There is a lot of talent
in our jails.
Amazing jump made by our prisoners.
What talent!
Prisoners came in from outside.
They had to go out to jump.
There's no space in the jail.
That's why the prisoners ran
out of the jail and jumped inside.
Very simple.
Those prisoners were not even inside
the jail and had come to the spot.
Didn't you notice
how scared the jailer was?
Is there any proof of this?
- I can collect a lot of evidence,
but the blame will fall on us. Look,
the jailer may have recommended
it, but we had the case to pass.
Try to understand.
- Why should I?
I have kept smart
people like you with me
to think and understand, Mr Jeeta.
I did my job. Now,
you have to decide what to do.
Let's go.
Now your dad has been released.
Will you go with me?
Forgive us, son.
We misunderstood you.
I should apologise
that I doubted your son.
However, many times,
this thought came
to my mind that if
he had 2 kg of opium,
why would he have
put it in my bucket?
He could have kept it to himself.
Anyway, forget about it.
All is well that ends well.
- That's alright.
But if your daughter
had said yes the first time,
this marriage would have
happened two years ago.
So should we go
or do we have to
get married in jail?
- Say it!
Sir, why did you lie to us and
introduce us to the wrong prisoners?
All is well that ends well.
Excuse me?
- Forget about it.
If someone's life is saved
because of me telling a lie,
then that lie is more
significant than the truth.
But whose life were you saving?
My mother yearned
for a child for 21 years,
and then I was born.
- What do you mean?
How do I explain to you what I mean?
I loved the prisoners a lot,
but they took unfair
advantage of my love.
So, I have now decided
to take back my wife's share of love
and give it
to a deserving candidate.
I didn't get you.
Is it easy to live life
with a smart wife?
To be honest, I like you a lot.
Uncle! - Such decisions
are taken by ourselves
or by the parents, not by the uncle.
What are you looking at there?
Is she your mother?
You, Mr Johar!
- You, Mrs Johar!
"Everything will have to
be sent and managed. "
"By cutting the accounts
of rich and kings. "
"By cutting the accounts... "
"Everything will have to
be sent and managed. "
"By cutting the accounts
of rich and kings. "
"Wearing a turban
as beautiful as the moon. "
"There will be a different
kind of fun at the gathering. "
"I feel happy just
thinking about it. "
"I feel happy just
thinking about it. "
"Now the Jatt won't spare you... "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"The bridegroom worships
in the branch of honey. "
"The lion roars like hell!"
"The bridegroom worships
in the branch of honey. "
"The lion roars like hell!"
"Diamond would retaliate
with a vengeance. "
"It can't do you any harm. "
"Bring peace wherever it heals. "
"Open your mouth a bit. "
"That sweet tune sounded
in my ears forever. "
"That sweet tune sounded
in my ears forever. "
"Now the Jatt won't spare you... "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"Jatt won't spare you.
He is at the fair. "
"You speak in different dialects. "
"The Jatts have celebrated Holi. "
"That's for sure... "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "
"They will have to pay for it.
That's for sure. "