Ajin (2017) Movie Script

Ajin, or demi-humans,
are a new breed of humans who cannot die.
No matter how badly they're injured,
they only die temporarily
and come back to life.
They were discovered in Africa 26 years ago.
So far, 46 demi-humans have been
identified around the world.
The Japanese Government established
the Demi-Human Control Commission,
and they're investigating every day
to unravel demi-humans' mystery.
Pulse and brain activity back to normal.
Pupil 3mm.
- Light reflex OK.
- Reset complete.
We'll cut the left arm at the elbow.
Hold it down.
Machine checked and powered on.
Taking sample.
Spike waves 3 times over normal.
Blood pressure down to 50.
- Circulatory shock.
- When it goes down to 30, tell me.
Sample 4, starting blood test.
Amputation completed.
Next, amputate the leg.
How does it compare to 002's data?
These are the regeneration comparison data.
Amputate at the knee.
- Not much difference.
- Yes.
Condition is stable.
Blood pressure down to 38.
It's near-death.
Not again...
How long will this last?
Reset complete.
Cut the left shoulder.
What have I done to deserve this?
When did this all start?
An accident! Call the ambulance!
What's going on? Hey!
Something's wrong!
I only wanted to live quietly.
- Isn't he dead?!
- He's an ajin!
- A demi-human!
- Take a photo!
An ajin!
Ajin! Ajin!
Today at 1pm, Japan's third ajin was
'Kei Nagai Tohlo
University Hospital lnternship"
taken under protection in Tokyo.
The third ajin's capture is
drawing worldwide attention.
...hit by the truck was a demi-human.
Mr. Nagai led a normal life...
He was seen coming back to life...
Test subject 003. Kei Nagai, 26 years old.
Tohto University Hospital intern.
Family: mother and a younger sister.
3 days ago he died in an accident
and was seen coming back to life,
proving to be an ajin.
Not a pleasant view.
Ajin are the precious key
to the evolution of mankind.
Don't forget what happened 2 years ago.
Security is flawless.
His response is slow.
Let's go to the meeting room.
This way.
We're in front of the Ajin Research Lab
where Kei Nagai is under protection.
I suppose you know.
The third ajin's capture gained
the whole nation's attention.
If these experiments
were known to the public...
Of course I know.
What you gentlemen fear won't...
It brings back memories, Tanaka.
What happened?
Check the situation! Quick!
I'm counting on you.
Leave it to me.
Intruders! Intruders!
Hello there. Long time no see!
Haven't come here since I freed Tanaka.
3 years ago, I guess?
Are you home, Tozaki?
Take the Minister to the safe room!
This way, please.
I came to take away Nagai, too.
Tonight, demi-human affairs in Japan
are in for a huge change.
You can mark my words.
Increase security in the corridor of the lab!
I authorize
tranquilizers use against the intruders.
Make them sleep and capture them!
They're coming!
Here we go.
I feel sleepy.
I hit him!
We got him!
Hello, Tanaka.
Is everything fine there?
Of course.
Can't be otherwise.
Good morning, Nagai.
Who are you?
lam Sato. A demi-human like you.
Did you come to help me?
I'd say 20 dead bodies at a glance.
But you've been killed
many more times, haven't you?
You must have learnt the hard way, by now.
This country is full of lies.
The Government keeps ajin under protection?
We're nothing but guinea pigs for them.
Let's fight together.
For us demi-humans' future.
Don't shoot!
You do it.
They're the ones who hurt you.
You've got the right to kill them.
The right to kill...
Stop! Don't shoot!
I won't.
Why not?
If I shoot them, I'll only feel bad.
It's counterproductive.
I see. You're unique.
L rather like killing.
When you were a kid,
you used to pluck bugs' wings for fun, right?
Sorry! But you're an ajin...
so you'll be fine, right?
a huge letdown!
I'm going to kill you good too.
Hide-and-seek? Fun.
Nagai! You should know by now.
What small, mean and useless
creatures human beings are.
The guys who did experiments on you must
have a loving family waiting for them.
No doubt they felt uncomfortable
doing it at first.
But it didn't last long.
They were told it was for
the evolution of mankind,
and they started feeling no pain.
The human mind is very weak.
Don't think I've forgotten
what you people did to me.
But getting out of here comes first.
A give and take.
I act as bait to let you out of here.
You show me an escape route.
Where are you?
It won't be easy...
Come on, Nagai. You know what to do.
Just kill them and come out.
Is it really OK?
"OK" it isn't.
Are you listening?
Too bad.
Not a bad idea.
But poor delivery.
Very good, Nagai.
Congratulations for your first reset.
That guy will follow us too if you do that!
Can't help it! We promised!
Send the remaining guards there.
You stay here.
Who's going to protect me?
Yes, Sir.
What the hell?!
- This way!
- Can I really escape?
You're too fast!
Hey, don't tell me you've never used it?
What's that?
It's game over.
One came out...from me too?
That's a huge quantity.
Nagai, you're amazing.
A black...ghost?
This is demi-humans' power.
Wow, yours is pretty strong.
But it looks like it still
needs some discipline.
Go, ghost!
Let's go now!
Hey, ghost! Come out once again!
You can produce a second one?
It really does what it wants...
your one!
Let's stop this game of tag.
Hey! There's someone up there!
Someone's jumping down!
Oh, well.
Kei Nagai escapes from
the Ajin Research Laboratory
We heard a blast coming from the laboratory.
No official statement from the ARL yet.
Since Kei Nagai's escape...
You're late, Mr. Sato. Where have you been?
Sorry, sorry.
Huh? Where's Nagai?
He's beyond my expectations.
I surely want him in our group.
Well, there's no rush.
Come on, it's show time.
Who's that?
The one on the wheelchair...
Isn't that Tanaka?
"Ajin Research Lab"
Japan's second demi-human!
Let me interview you!
Mr. Tanaka, right?
We must stop them!
Too much press. We can't act recklessly.
I'm here today because there's something
I want the public to know.
My name is Sato.
I'm a demi-human.
A demi-human?!
Only 3 were identified in Japan!
The first one hasn't been named yet.
Is it you?
Who knows. I won't deny it though.
What is that you want people to know?
The government of this country
is conducting human experiments on demi-humans!
It can't be true!
Don't you get lifetime protection
for your cooperation?
That's their official line.
The truth is totally different.
For instance, drug company Grant
developed new medicines with
repealed testing on demi-humans.
And Forge Heavy Industries
is producing illegal poison gas
tested on demi-humans.
Also food, medical devices,
car manufacturers...
A lot of companies are doing
testing on demi-humans in secret,
and the government is making a lot of money.
And here is the victim, Koji Tanaka.
In the 2 years since
he was taken under "protection"
until I freed him, he was subjected
to inhumane experiments.
The proof is already online
on our website Ajin.com.
It's online!
Ladies and gentlemen,
what are demi-humans?
Guinea pigs?
We are certainly immortal. But we feel pain!
This inhumane treatment can't be tolerated!
We ask for just one thing.
Civil rights for demi-humans,
and a special autonomous area to live in.
Please, grant us our wish!
A man called Sato
who declared to be a demi-human
appeared at the Ajin Research Lab.
Then he left and his whereabouts
are not known...
The experts express open sarcasm
about the autonomous area proposal.
We can't endorse a minority's opinion.
We mustn't give them an autonomous area!
'Prof. Sho Fujikawa, Nichiei University'
If what he said is true,
it's a serious human rights violation!
"Nobuo Nakamura, Attorney"
After a string of news reports,
President Takeo lshimaru...
We are a respectable enterprise.
Contribution to society is our motto.
"Forge Heavy Industries
President Takeo lshimaru"
No way we would produce something
dangerous like poison gas!
Demi-humans? We don't...
'Forge Heavy Industries PR Dept. Call Center'
Hello YouTube!
'Subscribe to my channel"
Ajin Autonomous Area!
I'll comment in detail about that.
What have I done to deserve this?
Bye Bye, Mrs. Yamanaka!
See you again!
What happened to you?
Come on in.
It says "Ukiseiko".
It means "Life is beautiful
in both sunny and rainy weather.'
A nice expression, isn't it?
Do they fit?
Are you sure it's OK for me to stay here?
I had a grandson about as tall as you.
It's good I kept his clothes.
I'll make you some rice balls.
Do you like pickled plum?
Sorry, I don't.
Just eat and don't be fussy.
Didn't she recognize me?
Kei Nagai's whereabouts are still unknown.
"Japan's third demi-human missing'
There will be a statement about
demi-human Sam's assertions...
Ajin are the hot topic everywhere.
What move is the government gonna make?
Oh. I killed 20.
It's time to go!
I'm off.
I'm counting on you.
"Enoki General Hospital"
We would like
to find your brother as soon as possible.
Did he contact you?
I see.
Is he...
no longer the big brother I know?
He's still your big brother,
that hasn't changed.
It must be hard. I understand.
I don't need your sympathy.
I was close with people
who went through the same pain as you.
Does it mean you were close with a demi-human?
God forbid!
Don't make stuff up.
Even if he called me, I won't tell you.
I saw it on TV.
You've been doing experiments on ajin.
I can see you. I can see you well.
What happened?
Hey! What's going on?
Hey! What's wrong?!
This way we can lure Nagai.
You need to move.
Acting like a human, were you?
It's too far.
Come on.
Ms. Nagai! Are you OK?
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
- She's fine! Calm down.
- What happened?
What's going on?
I told you, it's a complete fabrication.
The Government has nothing to do
with demi-human experiments.
But there's video proof!
How do you explain that?
It's fake.
His response is slow.
This is demi-humans' power.
We believe it was made with computer graphics
to manipulate public opinion.
That ghost...
How can I make it come out?
It's already there!
10 M4 carbines and 50 magazines.
Your first big shopping in a while.
What are you going to use them for?
Here is what I promised you.
10 kidneys and 5 livers.
I've always wondered...
Where do you get all this stuff?
I think it's better that you don't know.
It's better that you don't know.
I guess I don't want to know.
Why even bother to pick weeds?
They just grow back.
Yes, but you do it anyway.
That's part of being a man!
Don't slack off.
What am I going to do from now on?
Update about the recent attack
at Enoki General Hospital.
One of missing demi-human Kei Nagai's
family members is hospitalized there.
"Come to the roof alone"
Are you OK? I heard about the attack.
You're worried about me.
So out of character.
So sue me.
A woman was killed in front of me.
But she's an ajin, so she's OK.
She told me to tell nobody.
I see.
You're an ajin too, huh?
I guess I kind of knew.
You've always been cold.
What are your plans from now on?
I have no clue.
Do you know what it feels like?
I studied like crazy and finally
became a doctor...only to be told
I'm a demi-human and got chased about!
My life plan all ruined!
Screw this demi-human thing.
Why me?
You're always moaning.
You made me smile.
We don't know when Sam's
going to attack again.
And the media are making a fuss.
You can't live quietly here.
And what should I do?
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Ready to shoot.
Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Sato.
it's been 5 days since I asked
the government for an autonomous area.
But I received no reply whatsoever.
So I decided to resort to force.
We will...
destroy the Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare that runs the Ajin Research Lab.
November 25 at 3pm.
It'll be the first wave.
I want you to watch it closely.
if there are some demi-humans
who support my ideas,
I'd like them to come there.
Let's fight together, comrades.
And you, humans...
Brace for impact.
It's OK. Your pulse is stable.
So you're a doctor.
I'm just an intern.
You're a fine one, though.
Never judge a book by the cover.
Thank you.
No need to thank me. I've got a spare room.
Makes me feel like I've got a cute
granddaughter and a cynical grandson.
You must be cold.
I'll get you some warm clothes.
She's so nice.
You walked a lot today. Go to bed early.
My brother said he'll heal my illness.
That's why he became a doctor.
I see.
You really can't judge a book by the cover.
He's also warmhearted, then.
I'm sure you'll heal. Trust him.
HEY. ghost!
Fetch this.
No good.
I'll leach you, one day!
It was Sato who helped Nagai escape
from the Ajin Research Lab.
It's possible that Sato and Tanaka
lured him into their group.
Pick this up.
Pick this up.
I'll leach you, one day!
What are you doing?!
What's up with him?
Haven't seen him.
We're in front of the MHLW...
"Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
November 25, 2:55pm"
The time is getting near...
It's almost the announced time
for the destruction of the MHLW...
The police and riot squads are out
in forces to enforce security.
Nothing suspicious in sight.
Today, access is denied to anyone
but authorized personnel...
Was it just a bogus threat?
...from the Ministry of Health,
Labor and Welfare.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Communication network working fine.
It's almost 3pm, the announced time
for the attack.
But look, there's nothing unusual.
Minister, are you sure
you don't want to evacuate?
Yes, I told you.
What do those ajin think they can do?
It's a plane!
A plane is falling...
It's terrible! An airplane just crashed there!
It's dangerous! Run away!
Run away!
'BREAKING: Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare, Tokyo'
Just now,
A plane crashed into the MHLW building.
It's terrible. We lost contact
with our staff in front of the Ministry.
What is he thinking?
The thrill of it!
It's fun to fly a plane.
Let's go kick some ass.
- Jeez! He's the real deal!
- He really did it!
Hello, I'm glad you came.
Stay there and watch. It's your welcome party.
We're not finished!
Squad 2, advance!
what do you think this country's
strongest force is? The SDF?
Uh-uh. Nope.
Guys who've never seen actual combat
are not even in the picture.
Which means...
The MPD's Special Assault Team.
The elite force that prioritizes
subduing targets over negotiations.
Also known as SAT.
We still can't contact anyone at the scene.
The images you see now...
I'll show you how serious I am.
This is the second wave. And...
You're watching, right?
See with your own eyes...
the power of demi-humans.
Well now,
let's go fight the SAT.
Operation start!
All squads, advance!
Target secured!
They're killing him before
he comes back to life?
On my advice.
If we keep on killing him, he can't regenerate
and we can seize him.
Squad 2, keep shooting!
Incoming fire!
I'm not good at sniping, though.
7 o'clock! Sniper at 7 o'clock!
Good morning.
Too slow!
Not bad.
Mr. Sato, you're not human!
Well, I'm a demi-human.
The young man there is an ajin, isn't he?!
He's an ajin!
Here they are.
Mrs. Yamanaka, thank you for everything.
We're off!
- What will you do?
- Kei?!
Eriko, let's go! Gel ready, quick.
You are a demi-human, right?
- Did you know?
- Yes.
So why did you...
If someone is in trouble
you help them, that's it!
Run away from the back with Eriko.
I'll deal with them.
Thank you, granny.
Live fully! It's your life.
Thank you very much.
Sure. Come on, go!
You people,
wait a minute.
Mrs. Yamanaka, open the door!
Mrs. Yamanaka!
I'm tired.
True to their reputation,
the SAT are really strong.
You're the last one.
I guess you can now appreciate
how serious I am.
So I'll make a new request to the government.
By 8pm 20 days from now, surrender Tokyo
and make it a demi-human autonomous area.
If you don't comply,
I'll spray the whole of Tokyo
with special nerve gas AJVX.
The most efficient way to kill
a large quantity of people.
This is not a threat.
We will "renovate" Tokyo into
a land where humans can't live.
That's the third wave.
I won't let you.
I'm expecting a sweet reply.
The destruction of the MHLW building
was likely perpetrated
by demi-humans Sato and Tanaka.
Other presumed demi-humans were sighted...
These are the images of
the aftermath of the crash.
Some suspect Kei Nagai might
be part of the group.
Do we have any countermeasures
against demi-humans?
This is murder and has to be punished.
They have no empathy nor desire for
a peaceful coexistence with us humans.
The use of force is
the most unacceptable thing.
We must segregate them.
It's unfair, they don't die!
Call a foreign army.
- They should just disappear.
- The Police got beaten.
You're not an ajin, I hope?!
Ajin are everywhere.
- And they don't die.
- They're disgusting!
It could be anyone.
Do we have to stay on the run?
Just because you're a demi-human...
You haven't done anything wrong.
'Crisis Management Center'
Out of the way!
We can start.
Hello Tozaki. Did you make up your mind?
Mr. Sato.
We would like to reach a compromise.
After a lot of consultation,
we decided the following.
The establishment of a demi-human
autonomous zone in North Hokkaido
or on an uninhabited island in Kyushu.
Yes! We really made it!
I see. Kyushu and Hokkaido.
Lots of good food over there.
But what I want is
Wail! Those are the only two feasible
options under emergency legislation.
We can't go further...
Then negotiations are over.
Same as before.
Multiple anonymous proxies. Untraceable.
Are you crazy?!
Wasn't it a bluff to get
ahead in the negotiations?
I don't recall.
It's more interesting this way.
Me too.
Who's not in?
This is no joke!
I'm out!
What shall we do?
Cut their head off and seal them in a drum can?
A cute face saying nasty things.
Good idea.
Excuse me.
"PM's Official Residence,
Countermeasure Meeting Room"
Negotiations broke down
because of your blunder.
I only negotiated what
the Government decided...
Don't make excuses, Tozaki.
You take responsibility.
Settle this matter by yourself,
whatever it takes.
In other words,
whatever happens you won't be blamed?
Exactly. It's not like
we can afford not to act.
The creation of a special anti-ajin
unit was decided urgently.
We thought we'd inform you too.
After the MHLW attack,
the Government has announced the establishment
of a special unit for
the restraint of demi-humans.
The Anti-Demi-human Special
Elite Forces Group, or Anti-Demi.
The Anti-Demi is a special unit
of the Ground Self Defense Force...
After demi-human Sam's announcement,
many people are leaving Tokyo,
and supermarkets shelves are...
People, have you seen that video?
Tokyo is in deep shit,
and I'm running away too. How deep, you say?
Enough not to waste time making videos.
Tokyo people, run away now.
Isn't that Tozaki's car?
Mr. Tozaki!
Mr. Tozaki, I came to make a deal.
You think I can trust an ajin?
I want to team up with you.
With me? What for?
To stop Sato.
What do you think you can do?
You'll have an immortal soldier on your side.
Not a bad deal, I guess?
And...I've got a plan.
And what do you want in exchange?
I've got two requests.
One, to put my sister Eriko
under government protection.
Two, after Sato has been restrained
and this is all over,
I want a new identity and your promise
that you'll search for me no more.
I see.
I watched the battle against the SAT.
You must have realized it too, by now.
I'm telling you.
This country hasn't got the power
to stop Sato without me.
And also, I can't trust you either.
Mr. Tozaki, I did a background check on you.
Your fianc is in hospital, right?
If you break our agreement,
my ghost will kill her.
You scum!
It's simple give and take.
I got what you mean.
But I'll tell you one thing.
My name is not 'Tozaki' but Tosaki!
Eriko, your brother told me you were here.
I'm glad. So he did meet him, right?
It's all right now, don't worry.
I thought you looked scary, Miss...
but you're nice.
That's it. We'll face Sato
with a small elite unit.
"Ajin Research Laboratory, Meeting Room'
Too few even to play baseball.
You saw the SAT's battle.
No point in having many men.
The more people you have,
the higher the risk of leaks.
Who are they?
We're like mercenaries.
Give us money and we'll do anything.
Tell us about the operation.
Sato said...
he'll spray Tokyo with AJVX nerve gas.
But currently that gas can be found
only at Forge Heavy Industries.
So Sato will certainly go there to steal it.
And we'll get him.
I thought up a plan I can carry out
since I am a demi-human.
An ajin on our side, cool.
Sato wouldn't think Nagai is with us.
That's a great advantage.
How about the Special Elite Forces?
Is the Anti-Demi going to help?
You requested their intervention, right?
I don't know if they'll authorize it.
And it'll be just a backup.
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but...
What is it?
Sato might give up his plan
and do something different, don't you think?
You're right.
If he doesn't come to Forge, it's all over.
I don't think so.
Yeah. AJVX was developed
with human experiments on ajin
and mainly on Sato himself.
Maybe he wants humans
to experience the same pain.
Tell me.
What kind of guy is Mr. Sato?
You see, we're doing this big job together
but we don't know what
he's been doing until now.
- Was he born crazy?
- You idiot!
- Don't worry.
- It's not like that.
When I got caught by the govt,
I spent two years as a guinea pig.
Every day, without even sleeping.
That made me hate humans enough
to blow the whole planet up.
But for him it was...20 years.
20 years...
He was killed over and over every day
for the whole time it takes
a baby to come of age.
Even blowing up the planet won't be enough.
I was watching you undergoing
those experiments.
Who would have thought
we'd fight together one day.
That's my line.
How does it feel to not die?
I'd actually ask you
how does it feel to join such
a dangerous op knowing you could die?
It's work. I don't think too much about it.
Same here. It's useless to think about it.
I see.
Think up a good plan. We'll follow it.
After we beat Sato, let's have a toast.
No, thanks. Finished this,
I won't see you guys again.
We'll have a toast anyway.
You need that kind of stuff.
What's up with that guy?
I'm surprised.
By What?
By you teaming up with someone.
He seems cold, but he's not.
He's only choosing
what is best for him in this situation,
and doing all he can.
I don't dislike folks like that.
It's going to be a dangerous mission, isn't it?
Protect me.
Of course. At any cost.
Thank you for the swift response, Mr. lshimaru.
"Forge Heavy lnd.,
49th floor, President's office
No problem. It's interesting.
You're Nagai, huh? We're counting on you.
We must not let them know, right?
I beefed up security,
but I told nothing to my employees.
Of course we will do our best. But...
there might be victims...
Can't be helped.
We're on the brink of having
a monster take over Tokyo.
"2nd floor, Entrance'
Okuyama should be in by now.
- What's this, Mr. Tanaka?
- Ew!
It's from Mr. Sato. A lucky charm.
This stuff?
You really can't tell what that guy's thinking.
Where is he now?
Who knows.
We're totally safe.
There are security guards on each floor,
and we can use shutters to block them.
Nobody can open this safe.
We don't know which means
the enemy is going to use.
But since their aim is the gas,
they're going to come for this safe.
So, in the other room...
"49th floor, Secretary's office
We'll set a trap here.
A trap...
If we can drag him in here
we'll win.
"20th floor, Server Room"
What's that sigh?
We're fighting against that monster.
It's depressing.
What's wrong?
The security network gave
an error for an instant.
It's better to check the log.
A hacker?
It's possible.
Everyone in position.
"Dolphin Water Dispensers'
Stuff's in the President's office, 49th floor.
Dolphin Water!
Nice imitation.
Shut up!
Excuse me.
Hey! What are you doing?!
We're starting a war!
Gonna shoot!
This way!
Hey, Takahashi!
This way, right?
Watch out! Idiot!
Gonna shoot!
Hey, Gen! Open here!
Mr. Tanaka.
Don't fool around!
Bye bye!
Armed intruders!
It won't open!
We're in!
Give it your all. Can't use the elevator.
- Hey! Come on!
- Move it!
"9th floor, Security Office"
- Incoming!
- Fire!
Let's stop them!
Takahashi, launching!
"Let's hold hands, la la la"
'And go over the hill'
"The sky is clear Blue sky"
"12th floor, offices'
Hide! Fire!
- Gen!
- OK!
Fire! Fire!
Are you OK? Don't move.
Gel back! Gel back!
- Go, Takahashi!
- Here? Roger!
Gen! Reset!
Hey! Hey!
Good morning!
- Still alive?
- Stop!
Nice one, Gen!
- Shut up.
- Let's go.
Mr. Tanaka, we're invincible now!
I'm tired.
Mr. Tosaki, they broke through the 12th floor.
But there's something strange.
The enemy broke in as expected.
But Sam's not here.
An anomaly?
What's happening to the server?
The security system is under remote control.
We're investigating the source,
but we can't go on with the op.
Understood. I'll check too.
Go check.
That's my line.
You always say one word too many!
Detected. 40th floor.
Send the guards there.
You go too.
Yes, Sir.
What's this?
Mr. Tosaki, there's nobody here.
A decoy?
Hey, hard at work?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Go check.
Mr. Tosaki, I found him!
"30th floor, Machine Room'
The hacker's in the north
corridor on the 33rd floor.
I was so close.
What do you want me to do?
Hey, Nagai. We regained control of the system.
Restarting operation.
Too many stairs!
All ready.
The rest is up to you, Mr. Hirasawa.
Leave it to us.
It's here. Let's go!
Switch ventilation on.
What's this?
Scary shit! What is it?!
Demi-human particles?!
Ghosts are only visible to demi-humans.
- This much...!
- What the hell...?!
Mr. Tanaka!
A smart trap indeed.
I can't see it though.
Gen! What's wrong? Gen!
Stay calm, Takahashi!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Gen! Takahashi! This way!
We subdued 4 men.
But Sato is yet to be seen.
There's only one entrance.
If we concentrate our forces there
we can ambush him.
This is...our wood chipper.
It's able to break a log down
into 2-inch squares.
When asleep, they're just normal people.
As a token of gratitude,
I'll tell you something.
When we die,
we demi-humans regenerate from
the largest chunk of flesh.
You're in for a rare treat,
Mr. Spock. "Beam me up!"
Hi, I came.
It's Sato.
Sam's here.
We'll stop him somehow. Carry on with the op.
What's going on? Hey!
Hasty men don't score, you know.
Mr. Tosaki! Now!
Out of the way!
I see, good plan. Nagai, huh?
Is he KO?
Hey, wail!
It's OK.
A sleeping beast is no danger.
Just kidding.
What's going on, Hirasawa?
Let's counter-attack, then.
Mr. Sato?! How did you get in?
My lucky charm worked.
And those guys?
Open sesame.
This is going to change everything, right?
Makes you emotional.
- See you later.
- We're not leaving?
We came all the way here.
Must enjoy the credits roll.
Credits roll?
- Tanaka.
- Yes?
I leave the rest to you.
Mr. Hirasawa!
I'll stop the bleeding.
Don't talk.
From this whole battle against Sato.
OK, I got it.
You have the right to sit out...
I told you not to talk!
your life.
Give me a break!
Didn't we have to make a toast?
Hey, Nagai. You're there, aren't you?
Meeting you again, it must be destiny!
How did you get here?
I gave'em my left hand as a lucky charm.
Think about it a bit, I'm sure you'll get it.
I've got the gas.
I know a good place to spread it from.
Where are you?
The most effective place
for pest extermination.
I pretended the game was over,
but there's a bonus stage.
Thrilling, isn't it?
Come over.
Let's make the best credits roll ever.
Nagai! Where are you?
Call the Anti-Demi, please.
I'll be your pawn, Mr. Tosaki!
Top floor, Heliport"
Hi, Nagai. I knew you'd come.
I'm glad. It's the "Last Boss" battle.
I won't let you do what you want.
Good. Let's start the game!
"34th floor, Cafeteria'
Yes, I know that. Just make it quick!
We meet again.
You're an ajin, why are you on their side?
It's not a matter of sides.
You don't think you're doing
what's just either, right?
What do you think demi-humans are?
We're the chosen, the evolved few.
How were you before?
What was your life like
when you were a human?
How has it changed?
Now you look
so full of life.
Come on, let's have fun.
You're the final wave for me,
But before that, some cleanup.
Too bad.
For how long do you wanna act like a human?
Struggle and suffer more!
You've got to hate the humans too!
Nagai, I've got a question for you.
Why going out of your way
to take the humans' side?
You should enjoy more
being a demi-human.
Humans, demi-humans...
Who cares.
I just...
don't like you!
You really are unique.
Go, ghost!
Don't let him reset!
Don't you have to protect me?
You reversed our roles.
I'm terribly sorry.
Don't leave my side.
Jeez, how many can you pop out?
Well, that really
made me nervous.
Hey, ghost! Once more!
Come out!
Come out, please!
Nice face.
Here we go.
Game over.
You finally came here.
So they're going to collect the pieces
and make him unable to regenerate.
Was it Nagai's idea?
I only told him to lure Sato
to the Anti-Demi's attack point.
But he said he wanted us
to do it no matter what.
Kei Nagai's capture
was the government's condition
for Anti-Demi intervention.
And your promise to Nagai?
To stop Sato, I had no choice.
Don't tell me he's...
It's Nagai!
Don't shoot!
Takeru Sato
Tetsuji Tamayama
Yu Shirota
Yudai Chiba
Rina Kawaei
Minami Hamabe
Go Ayano
Based on the comic book
'Ajin: Demi-Human' by Gamon Sakurai
published by Kodansha Ltd.
Screenplay Koji Seko Masahiro Yamaura
Directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro