Ajji (2017) Movie Script

Let's look here.
Why are we looking for Manda here?
That silly girl loves
walking on these pipes.
I've warned her so many times.
I told her she might fall.
Just take the road.
But she has never listened to me.
Hey, Manda.
Silly girl.
She came all that way for an anklet.
You promised to give it to her.
I know. It slipped out of my mind.
But Manda doesn't forget.
Does it hurt bad?
Ma'am, I told her to wait...
Not now.
What's her name?
Manda Kadam.
What were you doing
on the streets at night?
She was on her way home.
Can't she speak?
She's suffering a lot, sir.
She had come to meet me, sir.
What's your name?
Tell me your full name.
Everyone calls me Leela.
Where did Manda come to meet you?
Shiv Tekdi.
Wait, so you're a...
Yes, sir.
I'm a prostitute.
I alter clothes, sir.
Leela had given her blouse to alter.
And I sent Manda to deliver it.
At night?
A girl this young, you...
Tell me, how old is she?
She's ten years old.
You sent a ten-year-old
girl to Shiv Tekdi alone
to return a blouse?
-Is that right?
-No, sir.
That's not what happened, sir.
She didn't inform us before leaving.
She goes to watch TV at her
friend's house every evening.
I had never let her go
to this woman's place.
Wait a minute.
She went to deliver a blouse?
Or to watch TV?
-To deliver blouse.
-To watch TV.
Excuse me, sir.
Can you help them make up their mind?
-Sorry sir, we're all a bit stressed...
-You should be! It's a rape case.
Isn't it a rape case?
-Or even that is not yet decided?
Who found Manda?
Where were you?
I needed to prepare the ingredients
for my cooking.
So, I was busy in the kitchen.
Do you run a hotel?
No, sir.
I run a small breakfast business
on my bicycle.
Do you have a license for that?
No, sir.
But we have to do it to feed ourselves.
And what laws have you broken?
I work in the power loom factory, sir.
What's your working hours?
I leave for work at 7:00 a.m.
And I return home
around 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m.
A 15-hour shift? That's illegal too.
You people don't take
the law seriously, do you?
That's not the case, sir.
But I'll still help you out.
I have a daughter too.
I know how painful this must be.
What makes you think she was raped?
We can tell from looking at her, sir.
How can you tell?
Have you seen a rape victim before?
No, sir. How can we see one, sir?
I know what a rape victim looks like.
Without a doubt,
we're pretty sure she's been raped.
Did you take her expert opinion?
No, sir.
We just had a look...
Just show it to me.
Sir, I'll show it.
It really hurts her.
I'll do it, sir. Let me.
Manda, don't be scared.
I'm here to help you.
But I need to take a look.
So, we can understand your pain.
Sir, it hurts her a lot if she moves.
She has lost a lot of blood.
Can I cover her now, sir?
Manda, tell me exactly what happened?
It's hard for her to speak, sir.
She will be able to speak in a day or two.
Register a complaint first.
You know nothing about what happened,
where, when and who was the perpetrator.
-Yet you want me to lodge a complaint?
-So, find out who it was.
How do I do that without a statement?
Look at the poor girl.
She can't even speak.
What do you expect me to do?
This town is filled with migrants
like your friend Leela here.
She can't even provide me her full name.
Come on, ma'am.
Who's the police here?
Go ahead and explain it to them.
Or ask her...
Can you identify the man?
-Speak up, Manda.
Don't worry, I'm here. Tell me.
-He was wearing shades!
Manda did you go through
that construction site?
Who is Dhavle?
Manda? Do you know this fellow?
Speak up, Manda.
-Let her rest.
I'll bring a doctor tomorrow.
We'll have him check her up.
Check her up?
You should go investigate
that Dhavle guy first.
Okay. I'll do that.
I'll make sure
I investigate him thoroughly.
But before I prepare a report...
I'll have to investigate
all of you thoroughly too.
Let's do that.
One is a prostitute.
The other does an illegal business.
And a little girl who sauntered
through red light areas at night.
How do I know her dad is not her pimp?
What are you saying, sir?
Who knows Manda might
be an underage whore herself?
-Consider I agree with what you said.
All of you are involved
in illegal activities.
-No, sir.
-I'm trying to help you. But...
Come on. Let's go to the police station.
We'll file a complaint against Dhavle.
From tomorrow we'll investigate Dhavle
and all of you.
-But, sir....
-Dhavle's dad is a legislator.
And he will face the consequences.
You just have to fight to win the case
for at least two to three years.
Let's do it.
From tomorrow onward,
stop doing business without a license.
No extra illegal work hours for you.
And no more prostitution
on Shiv Tekdi from now on.
-What else can I do?
What if the court questions me
about all of this later on?
-We do it to survive.
-Our law has no exception.
Make daily trips to the court.
Do the alterations you need
to pay for a lawyer.
Come on then. Who's coming with me?
Bring the girl along.
I need her statement
to start investigating Dhavle.
I need your names, your family details
and everything about your past.
The court will need every detail.
No, sir. Please.
And if Dhavle knows who complained
and decides to pay you a visit...
Don't come to me then.
-I'm leaving.
Sir, we won't lodge a complaint.
We won't do that.
That's what I've been trying to explain.
But you people don't get it.
No doctor will touch her
without police's permission.
Your girl is in pain.
You should know that.
I'll bring a doctor tomorrow.
Then we'll decide what to do.
Get her on her feet
and send her to school.
And keep all of this to yourself.
-Will you not speak to me?
-If this goes public
-and Dhavle gets to know about it,
I won't be able to help you.
Ever since these whores
started coming home,
I've been pleading you
to take care of Manda.
But nobody listened to me.
No one talks about this ever again.
Ma'am, come here.
Come here quickly.
Just two minutes?
Where are you taking me?
Hurry up.
Come here.
That's Dhavle's dad.
You must have seen him.
You have to let this go, ma'am.
You cannot go against this guy.
Even if he rapes you, Vibha,
Milind and me,
no one can touch him.
Manda shouldn't have gone that way.
They sit there all night consuming alcohol
and do all illegal things.
Recently a similar incident happened.
They ended up murdering that girl.
Don't go to the police again.
At least Manda's alive.
Be thankful for that.
Don't do anything stupid. Let it go.
Will you help your grandma with something?
Was it him?
Can she control her urine?
Is she bleeding?
Give this to her.
Serve it with some milk and turmeric.
I had to go back twice. This won't do.
Please don't make me run
around for my clothes, ma'am.
I'll do it. My girl is unwell.
But the wedding is tomorrow, ma'am.
I'll get it done elsewhere.
Please don't take it back.
I'll do it by tonight.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, absolutely.
What is this?
Did you get that herbal medicine
for my daughter?
Have you gone mad?
I'll come again tomorrow.
This is the last time, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
I need one last favor.
What is it?
Do you know where Dhavle's site is?
Why do you want to know?
Please, just tell me where it is.
That inspector was here today.
He jotted down our names and details.
He now knows where each of us are from.
I'm five-months pregnant, ma'am.
Look after yourself.
How is my courageous girl doing?
Take right from Lalbaug Chowk,
cross the rail tracks,
and go straight.
you will...
You'll find a building
that's still under construction.
It's there.
I need to deliver this. I'll be home late.
Should I hold the torchlight for you, sir?
It's fine.
I'm here to help you out, just for you.
Don't create a mess without my permission.
No, sir. I won't do that.
I was about to send him to look for you.
What have you done to her?
Give me the ointment.
It'll break.
Give it to me.
Open this for me.
I'll get your vegetables today.
Aren't your knees hurting today?
You're the one
that keeps telling me to walk more.
Give me the list.
I'll get them.
Is it a surgical cut?
It has stitches.
Come again tomorrow.
I'll prepare some strong medicine.
It'll stop the bleeding, right?
It's a paste made of cobwebs.
It's miraculous.
What are you doing here this early?
Where were you yesterday?
Won't you offer me a cup of tea?
It's right here.
Here's your tea.
Do they hurt too much today?
-Excuse me, sir.
-Can I have 250g of mutton?
If I ask for something,
will you give it to me?
That's what I've been waiting for,
for so long.
I want to cut meat.
So, you've had enough of your needles now?
You want to cut beef now?
I really want to do it.
Women aren't allowed.
Especially Hindu women.
They're prohibited from doing so.
I might die anytime.
I want a new experience it before that.
I have always wondered
what it feels like
to cut into flesh with a knife.
I can show you what it feels like.
But there's no need for you to cut flesh.
Give me your hand.
I'm not joking.
What do I get in return?
My hand!
You'll teach me by holding my hand, right?
Isn't that what you've been waiting for?
No way.
I won't be able to do that.
I won't leave until you agree.
Half a kilogram? Come and collect it.
Aren't you tired?
Are you?
-I do this every day.
-So do I.
Why do you want to do this?
I have told you.
There's more to this.
I don't have much time.
Are you going to die?
I just might if you don't let me do it.
My goodness.
Let me see.
Keep this here, like this.
Then you slowly slice it open.
Now, turn it over.
Then, steadily cut the meat off the bone.
It's your turn.
Make a cut here.
Come on.
Be careful. Mind your finger.
I'll cut a full carcass tomorrow, okay?
Do I have a choice?
You went to that butcher againto feed those dogs?
Don't you know that all
of my customers are vegetarian?
Even dogs mean more to you than us?
Even these potatoes are going bad!
You'd asked me to come today.
How much?
The same. Sixty.
I only have 30.
You said the same thing last time.
You still owe me 50.
What about that?
Please, ma'am?
Pay up if you want your clothes.
I'm just the tailor here.
She's the boss.
I kept that for the rickshaw ride back.
-What now?
-The pending 50?
I only have another twenty.
I needed that for vegetables.
Make porridge today.
You don't need vegetables for that.
Give me what you have.
What's wrong with the boss?
Here you go.
Where were you?
I've been calling you.
What do you keep the phone for?
I like it when it vibrates, Bhau.
Things are tough nowadays.
You need to be more alert.
Sorry, Bhau.
You forgot to zip your pants, Bhau.
Who's going to zip me up then?
Let's go.
I brought someone
to meet your "little boy."
We have things to settle. Send her back.
-Just see her first, Bhau.
-Not today, I'm not up for it.
-Just once.
-Don't mess with me.
-Just once, Bhau.
-Hey, Umya.
Come with me, Bhau.
I don't want to go.
She's not for you, Bhau.
She's for your "little boy."
Come on. Please come.
Come on, please.
-Let me show you.
-Who is she?
-Just see her first.
Be careful.
Hey, Bhau. Come here. Hurry up!
-Hey, Umya. I'm not in the mood.
-Just see her first.
-But I don't want to go.
-You'll know when you see her.
I'm sure you'll like it.
-See her first. You'll like her.
-Who is she?
Look at her.
-She's all yours, Bhau.
-Bloody hell!
Who is she?
Take that veil off.
She won't scream or complain.
She's all yours. Enjoy it!
But there's one small problem.
What is it?
She won't do it orally.
How do you know? Have you tried her?
Not at all. I saved her for you.
What's your name, girl?
Hey, Savitri.
She is as smooth as butter.
-Didn't I tell you?
And look at this.
Now, watch me, Bhau.
Look at me.
Do I look hot?
Listen to meI am going to tell you all today
I need such a wife
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Someone who is fair and smooth
-Cottony soft
-Look to the camera.
I need to such a wife
Listen to meI am going to tell you all today
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
She should be beautifulAs beautiful as an actress
She should be beautifulAs beautiful as an actress
I want to taste her desireOn my drunken lips
I want to taste her desireOn my drunken lips
How am I going to find her in this crowd
How am I going to find her in this crowd
Tell me where I can find her?
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
-Pick it up.
Record this.
Watch this now.
No, let me go. No!
A mouth like a flower
So I can plunge in deep
With eyes so red, I'll never let her sleep
With eyes so red, I'll never let her sleep
I have wet dreams, my pillow is torn
I have wet dreams, my pillow is torn
Now, I should be allowed
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Someone who is fair and smooth...
-Where is her head?
-It's right here.
Someone who is fair and smoothCottony soft
Give it to her, Bhau.
Come on. Give it to her, Bhau.
Kiss her!
I told you, Bhau.
I told you that you'd love her, Bhau.
Hey, Savitri.
I told you not to let anyone in
until the paint dries.
Yes, I told him. Hey, leave us alone.
-I need to talk to you.
-That's pretty obvious.
Leave your shoes outside.
Come on, take them off.
Come on. Quickly.
Go on.
Come in.
You must have received eight missed calls.
I even went looking for you to your site.
Speak up.
I need to know exactly
what happened that night.
What for?
I need to know the details
if you want my help.
That girl's a minor.
You've committed a huge offense.
She just has to point her finger at you
and you'll be tossed in jail for 20 years.
I've managed her family for now.
But if you are hiding anything from me,
then I can't help you.
Tell me everything.
In detail.
She was being insolent.
So, I disciplined her.
By raping her?
I taught her a lesson. That's all.
Wait a minute.
Let Umya check you first.
What for?
How do I know who you are here for?
What if you're on your sting operation?
I'm trying to help you.
-Mr. Dhavle.
-If you're in my shoes,
you would have done the same thing.
-Go on. Proceed.
Stay still, dude.
Don't move when I'm searching you.
What time was it?
But your site closes at seven.
-What were you doing there that late?
-Licking your mom's cunt.
What was that girl doing there?
What was she doing there?
Trespassing what else.
Her hips were moving left and right.
Just like those whores
from Shiv Tekdi.
Then? How did you rape her?
Call Mukta.
Come here.
Come here.
Sit on this man's lap.
This is how I held her.
I held her and asked,
"What are you doing here, little one?"
Where are your parents?
I know how to talk to a kid.
But then, that bitch bit me.
Look at Mukta.
Did she bite me?
What would you do if someone bit you?
I whacked her up.
Girls like these days grow into whores.
She has learned her lesson now.
She'll never do anything like that again.
Go inside.
Double the money for this case.
There's a new law now
for crimes against minors.
So, tell me.
Are you taking advantage of me?
You're the one
who's taking advantage of me.
I managed all of your cases all this time
without complaining.
What the hell is he talking about?
In the month of August.
Remember that lady worker case?
She had come to me
to complain about both of you.
Did you see her again?
No, right?
Then, in February. The low caste lady?
You dumped her in the garbage too.
I took care of it.
I know my limits, Mr. Dhavle.
This is what we pay you for.
You've earned your scraps
for February and August.
You've wasted our money
for the rest of the year.
Please show him the way out.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
My diary?
Put this paste on her wound.
It's ready.
You called?
I need to talk to him.
-Is it important?
-Of course, it is.
Otherwise, why would
I have called five times?
Wait a minute.
What is it?
Hail Maharashtra.
-Can I meet you?
-Tell me on the phone.
It's about your son.
Go on.
I tried talking to him.
The girl is ten years old.
There's a new law in place for minors now.
If she tells the authority his name,
he'll be behind bars for life.
I've got her family under control.
But not your son. He refuses to cooperate.
Did you call to tell me this?
No, sir.
I called to tell you
that it's been way more work this time.
I had to get a doctorto treat her and get her stitched up.
Since she is young,
her vagina got torn.
We had to get it stitched.
This procedure costs money.
Why did you involve a doctor?
You should've handled it yourself.
I'm a police officer, sir.
How can I perform the surgery?
I've been running aroundto have this settled today.
Tell Gawli about the cost.
Of course, sir.I'll do that. I'll give in detail.
But sir, it's going to cost
twenty-five extra this month.
-Let's settle it at ten.
-Settle it?
What the hell does that mean?
I'm not selling you fruits here!
Come on, cut here.
Turn the knife.
Now, slice here.
Let's move on.
Cut the muscle now, this way.
Be careful with your hands.
Good. Now...
Look at these now.
Cut these. These are the testicles.
What happened?
What happened?
What happened?
My hand got stuck in the machine.
When can you go back to work?
Hey, Manda.
Take this.
Apply this to where it hurts.
Don't be afraid. I'm here.
Here, apply it.
Does it burn?
This will heal you in no time.
What will it do?
It'll stop the bleeding.
Haven't I grown up?
Who says you haven't?
You told me that I would grow up
the day I started bleeding.
Is this how it starts for every girl?
Cut it.
Give it to her.
Come on. Give it to her.
Enough, sir. Leave him.
Come on, get up.
That's enough, sir. Let's go.
Get the bike!
Let's go.
I should've helped you when you asked.
Mr. Dhavle did this?
Why did you let him do that?
She didn't want to.
That's why he did this to her.
This is a rape case.
Whores don't get raped, ma'am.
Even killing that brute
won't be enough to justify anything.
What are you doing here?
How's Milind doing?
Don't you know?
I don't remember the last time we spoke.
He's going to take a loan.
We will buy a food stall.
Is that what you want?
I'm tired
of selling food on a bicycle all day.
Do you want some water?
Let's go.
The sky beckons me
But I'd rather be here
To feed with you my hands
And to love you more
Who does Papa love the most?
Our little bird, the pride of our nest
Who does Mama love the most?
Our little bird, the pride of our nest
With you one day we both will fly
This family of birds will take to the sky
Hey! What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you...
I'd like to do her for a change.
Are you okay?
Did you get your mom along with you?
Buzz off.
Who'll pay for this hag?
Should I come with you?
Leave this town for a month or two...
Whatever happens tonight,
these men will come for you.
These men come for us every single day.
You focus on Manda.
-Who is it?
-Open up
-Give me a beer.
-We're closed.
I'm sorry, but we're closed!
-It's not chilled.-Show me.
Hurry up, asshole.
You can't barge in like this.
You've barged into our city,you northern dog.
-I've been here for 17 years.-No, you don't, dumbass.
I'll shove this bottle up your ass.
-We belong here too.-Quiet!
Give me some.
Give you some?
I'll give you some.
Who the hell are you?
Why is your face so white?
I have a dark skin.
I'm trying to appear fair.
So, a man like you
would give me what I want.
You're too old, babe.
I was gathering experience.
Now, I can be a better lover for you.
I'm not in the mood.
Don't leave me alone.
My mouth is all wet for you.
I'll be having wet dreams of you tonight.
All the things I want to do to you.
How will I ever sleep now?
Are you getting horny?
It's your fault.
Satisfy me.
I want you in my mouth.
Come then.
Wait up.
This way.
Go on.
Come on. What are you waiting for?
Get lost!
You're asking for it.
Get lost! Go!
Get out of here.
Get lost.
Come on.
Forget it. You're a hag.
Can't get it up?
Is that it?
Give me more.
What a sexy beast.
Why do you hide it?
Put it in my mouth right now.
Open it up.
Take it in now.
Come on.
Take it in.
Hurry up, lady.