Ajnabee (2001) Movie Script

"Trust no one!"
"Trust no one!"
"Don't you worry!"
"Don't you worry!"
"Don't you worry!"
"Hail lord!"
Mother goddess!
"Hail lord!"
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
"Oh Pious One let me follow
your path. Oh Pious One let me.."
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
"Oh Pious One let
me follow your path."
Dear, what happened? - Daddy,
a scoundrel has been following me!
It's him! - Ok.
What do you think you are doing?
Until yesterday,
you would tease girls on the road!
Now you dare knock on their doors?
But sir, this - Shut up!
Get lost, or I will shoot you!
I am a colonel in the army, ok?
Sir, she took my umbrella.
I thought it was my umbrella.
I picked up yours accidentally.
I am sorry.
It's ok. - I'm sorry!
My daughter made a mistake.
It's all right.
Look, it's raining very heavily.
You can go when it stops.
Come inside. Oh, come on! Come in!
I like that!
Priya dear, why tea?
Raj is drenched. Bring him some rum!
No sir, I don't drink.
Come on, drink it. There is
nothing better than rum in the rains.
Alcohol doesn't go well with me.
I lose control when I drink.
Everybody does lose control, but
Daddy! Don't force anyone to drink.
- Ok, I am sorry!
Have tea!
Have some tea!
Tell me. I went to the temple,
the shrine and the church
because tomorrow are my exam results.
Why did you go there?
I'll get my result tomorrow, too.
The Bombay Polo Club is
sending a coach to Switzerland.
I have come from Jaipur
for that interview.
Where did you learn to play polo?
From my dad.
He was the captain of the
Jaipur Royal Club in his youth.
I used to play there too!
What is your daddy's name?
Vijay Malhotra.
Vijay Malhotra.
My god! What a coincidence!
I have played with him many times!
He was a wonderful player!
Anyway, I know the people
at the polo club here very well.
I can recommend you if you want.
No sir, I believe in merit.
And I am very confident
that I will get this job.
I like that spirit!
Keep it up, my son!
He is a good boy!
It has stopped raining,
I will take your leave.
Go Ok! All the best, my boy!
Excuse me! My phone!
Hello! Yes.
Thank you for the tea.
I am very sorry.
You were inconvenienced
because of me.
You don't have to be sorry.
I got a chance to make
new friends in this city.
Bye. - Bye.
I wanted to say that - That
you left your umbrella behind?
Right! I will get it right away!
May I come in, sir?
Come in, Raj! Come in!
Come in! Come in!
Yes, I am the chairman
of the polo club.
No need for an interview, young man!
You have got full marks!
And toady the members
of the polo club..
..have witnessed your
skills on the playground.
You have got the job!
Thank you, sir.
Not at all, young man, not at all!
How did you find out
that I passed the interview?
By seeing the joy on your face.
Congratulations to you also.
You also passed your exams.
How did you find out?
By seeing the joy on your face.
Let's celebrate.
You will choose the restaurant..
..because I am a
stranger in this city.
Ok. I will take you to a place
where strangers also become friends.
Both of you are wondering
how to start, right?
I suggest you should
start with juice.
It is an appetizer and
it also helps to pass the time.
So you can talk for a long time also.
So what shall I bring?
Orange, sweet lime,
apple, or pineapple?
A sweet lime juice for me.
And for you? - Orange juice.
Just a minute.
Do one thing.
Bring 2 glasses of sweet lime juice.
I like sweet lime juice.
Excuse me!
Actually bring 2
glasses of orange juice.
I like orange juice.
Just a minute!
This treat is for you.
So the choice will be yours.
No, you are giving the treat.
So it's your choice.
May I suggest something?
I will bring two mixed juices.
The choices of both will be mixed.
Keep on talking!
Mixed juice has solved
the problem about juice.
But the food cannot be mixed..
..whereby our choices can be mixed.
So let us go to a place..
..where all our choices
match with each other.
Which place is that?
I haven't seen it,
but I have heard about it.
I have heard that in Switzerland..
..peoples' choices
unite and become one.
The polo club is sending one
coach to Switzerland, and not two.
But the coach's wife
can go with him, right?
"Neither of the moon..
..nor of the stars."
"Neither of the flowers..
..nor of the spring."
"Neither of glances..
..nor of hints."
"Neither of the loved ones..
..nor of the strangers."
"I am waiting for a stranger."
"What can I say? I love a stranger."
"That stranger is known to me."
"He appears in my dreams."
"O stranger,
my heart is restless for you."
"I am waiting for a stranger."
"What can I say? I love a stranger."
"That stranger is known to me."
"She appears in my dreams."
"O stranger,
my heart is restless for you."
"I am waiting for a stranger."
"What can I say? I love a stranger."
"In the fragrant streets..
..I saw in the breeze."
"I saw her face in
the beautiful scenery."
"He distracts me; he is crazy."
"He thirsts for my kiss..
..he is a lover by heart."
"That stranger is known to me."
"She appears in my dreams."
"O stranger,
my heart is restless for you."
"I am waiting for a stranger."
"What can I say? I love a stranger."
"Now I keep awake..
..waiting for him."
"I pray that the
time to unite with him..
..should come soon."
"O darling,
distance is needed in love."
"The heartbeats indicate
it is only a few days' separation."
"That stranger is known to me."
"He appears in my dreams."
"O stranger,
my heart is restless for you."
"I am waiting for a stranger."
"What can I say? I love a stranger."
This is your house, Mr. Raj.
Your car and your keys.
Thank you. - All the best.
Raj, what a beautiful house!
The car is also very nice!
Look, how beautiful the lawn is!
This is our house, not that one.
And this is our car.
This one!
Didn't you like it?
No, no, it is nice. It is very nice.
Shall we go inside? - Yes.
He means to say, welcome! Welcome!
Thank you. - Thank you.
You are..
I am BP; he is LP.
That is, Bhanu Pratap..
- He is Lokhand Pal.
Lakhan, not Lokhand!
I am Raj, and this is Priya, my wife.
Hello! - How are you?
Very good.
This is my CD. - And this is my VCD!
He means, my name is Champa Devi.
And my name is Veena Chandra Devi.
There is a complete
audio-video system in here!
We were eagerly waiting for you..
..to get some spicy news from India.
No spicy news get printed in
the local newspapers, right? - Right.
In India, the moment
you glance at the front page..
..you see news about riots,
corruption, encounter..
..and other exciting happenings.
What do you say?
- Yes, you are right.
I have heard that HSE
keeps happening there!
Election every year! - Yes.
Do you live in the same neighborhood?
This is my house.
I am the COS here, and he is the VOS.
Chairman of the Society,
and Vice-chairman of the Society.
Now that you have become
a member of the society..
..you had better listen to ROS.
Rules of society.
Hold it.
Number 1.
It is important to take
morning walks for good digestion.
Because, there are
no potholed roads in here..
..where you can digest
food by having a bumpy ride.
Ok? Number 2.
You should hang out clothes
like bed sheets, pants..
petticoats to dry on your terrace.
So that if a white man
sees it from a distance..
..he should know that
it is an Indian's home. Ok?
Number 3.
- Just a minute! Just a minute!
Your ROS seems to be extra long.
Shall we do GP?
GP! - GP!
He means to say,
may we enter the house?
Why not? - Why not?
Why not? Go ahead.
Thank you. Thank you.
Let us go. - Come on. Come on.
Hey, where are you going?
Let them do GP.
We have already done our GP.
We have already done it.
Let us do GMG.
GMG? Do you mean go inside the house?
Yes. - Again?
Yes. Come on.
We will just talk.
Come with me.
Wow! You have turned into
a housewife the very first day!
Yes, of course!
What kind of food would you like?
Chinese, Thai,
Lebanese, Afghani, Kandahari..
..indonesian, Korean, or Japanese?
Just a minute.
Do you know how to cook all these?
Of course.
Fantastic! That means,
the menu for a full month is ready!
Let us do one thing.
We will start with Indian food.
Lentils and bread.
Lentils and bread?
I can't make that.
Why? There is
everything in the house!
It is not written in this!
Do you mean you were going
to cook according to this book?
Do you mean you do
not know how to cook?
I do know how to
make tea and boil eggs.
And how to roast 'papad'.
Who used to cook in your house?
Daddy is there.
Oh, no problem. I will teach you.
Put some water in
the lentil and heat it.
Then add some salt
with your beautiful hands..
..add some chilli powder and cream.
And season it with love.
The lentil will turn out to be
so tasty; I will lick your fingers!
Ok, I got it!
Now I know how to make lentils.
Now I will teach
you how to make bread.
Take the flour.
Add a little water to it.
Hey, what are you doing?
This has become a swimming pool!
No problem.
Add more flour to it. - Ok.
Some more.
Now knead it with
your beautiful hands.
Not like that. Do it like this.
Like this.
Raj, let go of me or
I will put dough on your face.
You can't do anything.
Your hand is in the dough.
I will show you!
Priya, no! Priya!
Oh Raj!
Priya, where are you running off to?
Raj! Let me go!
I am not going to spare you!
I won't let you go!
Raj, what are you doing?
Hey Priya!
"Darling, remember..
..the first oath of love."
"Darling, remember..
..the first step we took in love."
"What is love? How does it start?"
"What is love? How does it start?"
"Who created it? How does it end?"
"Love is in the mind;
it starts with the meeting of eyes."
"Love is in the mind;
it starts with the meeting of eyes."
"The heart created it;
it ends with breath."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
Come on, Raj!
Come on, Raj!
Come on!
Come on! You can do it!
"When there was no
life in this world."
"I was confident that
we are going to meet."
"Now that we have met,
we will not separate."
"I will love you all my life."
"This is my promise.
This is my promise."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"Darling, out of millions
of beauties, I chose you."
"I came into this world
for your sake only."
"My heart beats for your sake."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
"This is love."
Hey, what are you doing?
Can't you see? What if you had died?
So? - You would have gone to jail!
Nice meeting you.
Ah! It hurt!
What happened?
What happened? - I burnt my hand!
This is nothing! Dip it in water;
it will become all right.
Oh! The food also got burnt!
I had ordered food from outside.
It also got burnt!
No problem.
Let us make lentils and
bread like we made the other day.
Yes. - Ok?
No, no! Not that kind
of lentils and bread!
Certainly not! No!
You will go and
get food from outside.
I will get the food.
But be warned!
I might start liking outside food..
..and start detesting home made food!
Ok. From tomorrow,
I will cook at home only.
What are you looking at?
I was.. she plays
the piano very well.
I live here only.
Priya, come down!
That's my wife.
And she is my wife.
Hi! - Hi darling.
Oh, hi!
Do you know each other?
Yes, we had met once on the road.
It was an accident.
We had not introduced ourselves.
Sonia. - Raj.
Priya, they are our neighbours.
Sonia, and.. - Vicky.
Nice meeting you.
Is this your house? - Yes.
But we have never seen
you ever since we came here!
We had gone out for a few days.
Oh, I see.
Glad to meet you.
Come inside. We will have coffee.
Come. - Yes, let us go.
No, we are going out today.
Some other time. - All right.
Found you!
Good! It is good
that we all are here!
We need to call an urgent meeting.
What is the matter?
What urgent meeting?
We need to do fencing all around.
Fencing on the mountain?
Not on the mountain.
We need to build a wall
surrounding the colony.
What war?
A wall! A wall!
Oh, wall!
Do you know what happened?
Yesterday, a tiger entered my house!
A tiger!
It came and sat on my chest!
Then it got on to the table
and started drinking milk!
Before it could do anything else,
CD turned on her side.
Their eyes met.
CD threw bed sheet at it!
The tiger got scared and ran away!
Great! A woman has
tremendous strength!
She scared away a tiger
with just a bed sheet!
CD belongs to Haryana!
What are the two of you doing here?
Don't you have to go to work?
Sister-in-law, you are great!
You are MD, and not CD!
Madhuri Dixit!
No, Mother Durga! - Yes.
Last night, if you had
not scared away the tiger..
..my dear friend would
have become B of P.
That is, he would have died!
That was not a tiger!
It was a cat. A cat!
Without spectacles,
everything looks larger to him!
And I had thrown a hand towel,
and not a bed sheet.
Why did not you say so?
The whole night,
I kept making trips to T.
He kept going to the toilet!
Raj, what do you do?
I teach hockey to the horses.
What do you mean?
Polo coach? Fantastic!
I love polo.
Do you like polo?
Not much,
but I like the polo master very much.
Love marriage? - No.
Love and arranged, both.
So your marriage was
an arrangement of love, right?
And yours?
I will tell you. Love marriage.
No. you cannot tell.
I am his second wife.
What do you mean?
I mean his first wife
is his money and his business!
I have done many businesses.
Real estate, construction, finance.
I have made lots of money.
But I did not find peace of mind.
So I am going to play
a very high stakes game.
Game? - Yes.
A deal.
All the dreams of Sonia
and me will come true..
..if I succeed.
All the best!
Coincidence - an
incident without cause.
Who reads this?
Because I don't believe in
useless things like coincidence.
There is nothing in this
world that happens without a cause.
No, Vicky.
Many times things happen
for which there is no cause.
There is only coincidence.
Isn't it a coincidence that we
are neighbours in a foreign country?
There is a reason behind this.
What is the reason?
It.. - It is useless to argue
with Vicky about coincidence.
Raj, you can borrow this
book if you want to read it.
I have finished reading it.
Hey guys, breakfast is ready!
Let's eat!
Hey, what's that?
Cheese deluxe sandwich.
I love that!
- Oh, bread stuffed with potato!
Very good!
There is unique fun in sharing food.
You are right, Vicky.
Where would I get to
eat such tasty stuffed bread?
Are you complaining?
Priya, please have it.
Priya, eating Indian food?
She surely is Indian, but
all her favourite things are foreign!
Eating continental food,
visiting new places.
Fast lane, good music!
I also like all that! - Really?
Wow! - What else?
What is the fun in life if there
is no commotion and speed in life?
Raj, what do you like?
His likes? I will tell you.
No party; no commotion!
A life of peace and tranquillity!
Great! Sonia also like that!
Raj! Could it be that
we have married wrong women?
It is worth pondering!
No, no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Eat this. Eat. - My wife is great!
Raj, let us have
some fun on the weekend.
Let us go to some
place where there is fun!
Then let's go to Hell! - Rock it!
Are you dancing or digging? Then
I'll have to pay heavy bills here.
What is it?
- Look how MP keeps kissing his wife.
But you're doing nothing at all.
I don't have any problem doing that,
but she must agree.
Even he will be happy that
I am kissing his wife so much.
What? You shameless man.
I am talking about myself.
Dear, why are you getting angry?
I'll kiss you, come here.
How dare you?
You kissed me three times.
MP! - What happened to you?
BP kissed me three times.
I am ruined.
He kissed you three times?
You do this. - What?
Kiss him six times.
He kissed you so you kiss him.
Tit for tat.
Then he'll learn a good lesson.
Are you out of your brains? Get lost.
Please forgive me. Sister-in-law,
I mistook you for my Shireen.
I am not your sister-in-law.
First wear your glasses.
- This is a matter of my dignity.
I will call a society
meeting today itself.
Who are you to conduct a meeting?
Now there is only one way, the BBC.
BBC. - What? You want to announce
such a small issue on the BBC?
BBC means to sit and discuss
Now what are you doing here?
Come, let's go.
Let go of my hand.
Why are you pulling me?
Oh god. God. We're saved!
Thank god they didn't see us
or our evening would've been ruined.
Now come on guys, let's go.
Listen, today you
are not going to stop me.
I am going to get drunk, ok?
Hi, how are you?
- I am fine. - Thanks.
Two soft drinks for the
ladies and two scotch for the men.
Hurry up.
- Listen, I am not going to drink.
No. whenever I drink,
my mind goes crazy.
No, I won't drink.
I am there.
I will keep an eye on you.
Vicky, you should not
force someone to drink.
Do I have to drink alone?
Then let's forget drinking;
let's dance!
"Your eyes, I must say!"
"Your eyes! Your eyes!"
"Your talks, I must say!"
"Your talks! Your talks!"
"Your eyes, I must say!"
"Your talks, I must say!"
"Your smiles and your walk,
I must say!"
"I must say!"
"Your eyes, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Your talks, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The way you gaze at me, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The way you turn away your gaze,
I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Your eyes, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Your talks, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The dreams that we dreamed..
..have come true."
"Strangers have become..
..our friends."
"Don't ask how it happened?"
"How did this coincidence happen?"
"Whatever happened was good."
"Bumping into each other like this,
I must say!"
"Meeting each other like this,
I must say."
"The way you gaze at me, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The way you turn away your gaze,
I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Oh my!"
"May our friendship never break!"
"May our life be
full of fun like this!"
"Whether awake, or sleeping..
..may we be lost in love like this!"
"Who knows what
will happen tomorrow?"
"Your shyness, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
'Your nervousness, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The way you gaze at me, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"The way you turn away your gaze,
I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Oh my!"
"Your eyes, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Your talks, I must say!"
"Oh my, oh my!"
"Welcome to the dance of Hell!"
I'm sorry!
In the dark, we never realised
when the partners got switched!
Yes. - I know.
Vicky! Vicky!
Priya, this is very nice.
It's very nice!
Oh, Raj!
When did you come?
Just now.
I had come to return this book.
How did you like it?
It was good. Very interesting.
So why don't you keep it?
No, thanks. I have read it.
I should ask you that!
What are you doing here?
He had come to return the book.
Oh, I had gone to your house!
Listen, I have made a programme.
The Christmas vacation is coming up..
..and it's going
to be very cold here.
Why don't we go to Mauritius?
Beautiful beaches! Sunrise! Sunset!
It will be lots of fun!
25000 dollars per couple.
All inclusive of food,
drinks and accommodation!
Wow! What fun it will be!
And Priya was very
excited when I told her.
No Vicky, I cannot come.
Why? What is the problem?
There is no problem.
Sorry, my friend. You may go.
It's good that you
refused to go to Mauritius!
Only crazy people go to Mauritius!
The lucky ones go to the supermarket!
they buy groceries from the market..
..go home, cook, eat and go to sleep!
Priya, you have picked
up dog and cat food!
Yes, dogs and cats
are better off than me!
At least their owners take them out!
But I am your kitchen maid!
- People can hear you!
They are foreigners!
What would they understand?
Shanti! Shanti!
Did you see?
Priya, it is not the
question of 25000 dollars.
I do have 50000
dollars in my account.
But we cannot act
extravagantly like Vicky.
I will take you anywhere you want..
..once we have made
some savings for the future.
By that time,
I will turn into an old woman!
Priya, again you are
saying the same thing!
Why don't you try to understand?
Have a good day.
What did the doctor say?
There is no fracture.
The doctor has said that
he is to be kept under observation..
..for 48 hours, to see
ifthere is any internal injury.
Thank God!
Should I switch on the fan?
I think he will go up!
Up? - Yes.
Not upstairs! He will die.
His time is up.
Oh? - Yes.
But the doctor has
given 48 hours' time!
The doctors always speak like that.
You need strength and time to cry,
to inform relatives..
..and to bear the grief.
That is why he has
given 48 hours' time.
I say he is going
to die in 48 minutes!
O my God! We don't have
time to conduct his funeral!
And getting to the cemetery
will take half an hour!
O God! Let us do one thing.
We will take him directly
to the cemetery. - Ok.
We will place him
on the funeral pyre. -Ok.
As soon as he dies, we will
start performing his last rites.
We will save on time! - Yes, yes.
You are right.
I suggest, let us perform
the forth day ritual also.
We just have to feed the poor,
that's all!
But where do we find the poor?
There are no poor
people in this place!
We will have to get
the poor from India!
And we will have
to pay for the journey.
Let us do one thing.
We will feed our wives,
and get it over with.
That's a good idea. - Yes.
I will go and make arrangements.
Just a minute! Just a minute!
Go slowly, and don't drive very fast.
I won't be able to perform final
rites of two persons at a time..
..if something happened to you!
I don't have that much stamina!
What are you saying!
Go away!
If he dies I will
have to cremate him..
..and perform the fourth day ritual!
Am I his daddy's servant?
I am the only Bengali
in the neighbourhood!
Have I taken a contract
to do everything?
I have nobody to help me!
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Vikram. Take care.
Good morning!
Good morning.
Hi! - Hi!
Hi, Sonia! - Hi!
How is Vicky feeling now?
He is much better now.
Just wait, he will be perfectly
all right in a couple of days.
Sonia! - Vicky!
Vicky! Vicky! - Sonia!
Vicky! - Vicky!
Vicky! - Vicky!
Vicky! I will call the doctor.
Vicky, what happened to you?
Vicky, are you ok?
Vicky, what happened to you?
He got scared!
Look at her! Look at her!
I don't believe it!
I don't believe this!
All of you got scared, isn't it?
How did you like my acting?
Were you acting? - Yes.
What is this, Vicky?
I almost died!
- Is this the way to play a prank?
Ok guys, I am sorry! I am sorry!
I will explain to you.
Look, when you refused
to go to Mauritius..
..I knew that you
were making excuses.
The actual problem was of money.
You have so much self-respect..
..that you will not
accept money from me.
Then I got an idea.
I have an accident insurance
policy worth 50000 dollars.
I thought,
why not make the insurance company..
..pay for our trip?
And I did that!
Here is the cheque for 50000 dollars!
I have received it.
Did you deliberately
stage your accident..
..to be able to take us to Mauritius?
What if it had turned
out to be a serious accident?
Not at all!
Because it was not a coincidence.
I had planned everything.
Both of us have a right to
share this cheque for 50000 dollars.
25000 for you and 25000 for me.
And don't refuse.
Please, don't refuse.
Persuade him, please!
Please, come on! Persuade him!
Raj, please give in!
When Vicky can do so much
for the sake of our friendship..
..you should also give in.
Please! - Please!
Ok. But on one condition.
Tell me. - I will pay
for Priya and my expenses.
Come on Vicky! Faster!
Faster! Faster!
Come on Vicky, faster!
Come on.
Come on. Let's dance.
Darling, I love you!
I really missed you!
I missed you too.
Ok, come on!
Oh, no!
We have been just talking
on the phone since 2 months!
And after coming here also
you do not have time for me!
Darling, don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
Do one thing.
Relax in your hotel;
I will see you at night. - Ok.
I'll see you soon, ok? Bye.
Bye! - Bye-bye.
Hey, Raj!
What is this affair?
Who is that girl?
Nothing. She is my
friend from college years.
Friend from college!
- It's not what you think.
I met her after 3 years.
She has come to
Mauritius on vacation.
Sonia! What are you doing here?
Come on! Let us go for para-sailing!
Hey, Sonia! Come on!
Go ahead. I am not in the mood.
I will go!
Ok, Priya. Come here.
Come on. Come on.
Put this on.
Slowly. Slowly.
Raj, shoot the whole thing, ok? - Ok.
How are you putting this on?
You will go backwards!
Not like this. This way.
Hey! Priya!
I love you, Raj!
Priya is so happy with her life!
But I am not.
Forget all that.
Tell me, what do you think of me?
You are nice.
What do you like about me?
Your talks. Your nature.
And my eyes?
My lips?
And my body?
Tell me. How is my body?
What are you saying?
Why? You were staring
at me the other day!
The day you had come
to return the book.
Tell me, why were you staring?
Isn't it because you like me?
Kiss me! - Sonia!
Raj, kiss me!
Have you gone crazy?
I want to lose myself in your arms!
Kiss me, Raj!
Shut up!
Raj, please!
Or else I will jump into the water!
I don't care!
I am telling you I will jump!
Kiss me!
Raj, kiss me!
Sonia! - Sonia!
Sonia, what happened?
What happened to you?
Nothing. I slipped.
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"I go away from you,
still I return to you."
"Who? I? - Yes, you!"
"Only you. - Oh!"
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"I go away from you,
still I return to you."
"Who? I? - Yes, you!"
"Only you. - Oh!"
"There is a little bit
of naughtiness and intoxication."
"How do I tell you
what's in my heart?"
"Some charm with their mannerisms..
..some charm with their glances."
"O darling, I know."
"You are crazy for me."
"Someone is unknown."
"Someone is confused."
"Who? I? - Yes, you!"
"Only you. - Oh!"
"Your beauty is captivating."
"The whole world is crazy for you."
"This season is affecting us."
"Darling, we have to remain alert."
"Love me with your eyes..
..whenever we meet."
"Someone captures my heart."
"Someone casts a loving glance."
"Who? I? - Yes, you!"
"Only you. - Oh!"
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"Yes, I love you, and only you."
"I go away from you,
still I return to you."
"Who? I? - Yes, you!"
"Only you. - Oh!"
What are you staring at?
Why don't you say straightaway
that you are staring at my wife?
What are you saying?
My friend, what is wrong
if you stare at my wife?
There is something about Sonia.
Whoever looks at her, keeps staring.
Very tasty!
Shall I tell you something?
Your wife is better than mine.
Do you know why?
Your wife is like this glass.
Whatever goes on inside
her mind is clearly visible.
And it remains manageable.
And my wife.. is like this ice cube.
I think that she is under my grip.
But open the fist,
and there is nothing!
Sit down; I will tell you a joke.
In Delhi, I have a friend, Prem.
He has a neighbour, Pappu.
They are close friends, just like us.
Do you know what they did one night?
Prem went to Pappu's wife..
..and Pappu went to Prem's wife.
Did you get it?
What nonsense? Is this a joke?
No, this is fact.
The joke starts now.
Six months passed after this.
And the wives of the
two do not know till date..
..that there was an exchange
of their husbands that night!
What nonsense!
Raj, we are in Mauritius.
Nobody knows us here.
Tonight, why not.. you know..
..you, with Sonia,
and myself, with Priya?
Shut up!
It might be your culture, not mine!
Do you dare to cast lustful
eye on your friend's wife?
At least I am truthful!
I say whatever is on my mind!
I am not like you!
Everyday you devour
my wife with your eyes!
Are you reminded of your
culture if I say something?
I will kill you!
Vicky! - Raj, leave him!
Vicky, what are you doing?
Raj, what are you doing?
- Why are you fighting?
Raj, what's the matter?
Let us go back.
"O man, you reach for the moon..
..but look at the magic of the wood."
"When you bend at
the waist in old age..
..you will use a staff of wood."
BTP so soon! - Back to Pavilion?
There is something wrong.
Let us go and ask.
Hello, Mr. Raj! Why are you alone?
Didn't your friend return with you?
He didn't answer. He just went away.
Yes. - I think it is DMKK.
Do you mean there is something fishy?
You didn't tell me
anything in Mauritius.
You didn't say anything
on the flight also.
This is our house.
At least now you can tell me.
What happened between Vicky and you..
..to turn the two
of you into enemies?
I have already told you!
You do not need to know
anything in this matter.
Just keep this in mind:
we have no relation with them!
Vicky, you only used to say..
..that nothing happens
without a cause.
There must be some
reason behind this fight!
There was a reason!
I lost my self-control!
I have gone crazy!
That is why I fought with him!
What do you want?
That I should apologise to him?
Should I go and beg forgiveness?
Should I crawl before him?
Should I tell him that
I cannot live without him?
LP? - Yes?
Oh, not talking since ten days!
How lonely the neighbourhood looks!
It looks as if just
the two of us live here!
What could be the cause of the fight?
Oh, do you mean wrestling?
No. Wife, Wife Fighting!
Oh. - Whenever the husbands fight,
wives are the reason behind it!
Now I understand.
They had gone to Mauritius.
They must have hired a taxi,
and both Sonia and Priya..
..must have insisted
on sitting in the front.
That must have resulted in a fight.
No, I think it is BF.
Bathroom fighting?
They must have rented
a bungalow there.
There must have been
only one bathroom there.
Ladies first! Ladies first!
But there are two ladies!
So something must have gone
wrong in trying to be the first.
Let us do this: let us talk to them..
..and send them back to Mauritius.
We will advise them to stay
in a hotel, and not a bungalow.
Priya will have her own bathroom..
..and Sonia will have her own.
There will be no fights!
LP, you are very smart!
You are GF!
Great fellow!
Do you think GF has bad meaning?
Stupid fellow!
How can you think like that?
Does GF mean dirty?
Don't talk to me!
Raj.. from your share
of expenses at Mauritius..
..8000 dollars are remaining.
I am sorry.
It is the same with
Vicky as it is with Raj.
He doesn't tell me anything.
It is his birthday after 4 days.
I was feeling so happy..
..planning about all
the places we would go.
But now I think he will
not celebrate his birthday also.
It seems as if somebody has
cast an evil eye on our happiness.
It has been 8 days since
I have eaten Thai, or Chinese..
..or Lebanese or any
other Continental food.
I haven't even mentioned a hotel.
Everyday I am cooking
lentils and bread at home.
Yet he remains in a bad mood.
Sonia, do you think
we might be at fault?
Ball please!
If a ball strays
outside the boundary..
..it is again used in the game.
Can't a person be
forgiven for straying?
Pass the ball!
I apologise to you if the
mistake I made in Mauritius..
..is the cause of the
fight between the two of you.
There are certain things
that are better left unsaid..
..for the sake of everyone.
I have forgotten that
I had found a friend here.
It will be better for you
if you also think of us as strangers.
Shall I make coffee?
Keep it there. I will drink it later.
Somebody, help!
Vicky! - Vicky!
Priya! Priya, raise this!
Vicky! Raise it!
Vicky! Vicky, come out!
Come on Vicky!
Vicky, are you all right?
Thank you.
Can't we be friends again?
Happy birthday dear Vicky!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
I would never have
celebrated my birthday..
..if we were not friends again.
This is mine, this is for Sonia..
..and this is for Priya,
and this is for Raj.
Don't say that I lose
control after drinking!
Today is my birthday.
The whole night we have to drink.
Ok? Move!
- No, Vicky! I will not drink.
Come on Raj!
Priya, please ask Raj to join us.
Raj, there are two
celebrations today.
Of Vicky's birthday,
and also of our friendship.
Come on, please! Drink it.
Ok. Ok.
No one can refuse own wife.
Do you want to do it? - Yeah.
Ok, I will get the ball.
Why did you come here?
For drinks.
Would you like to drink?
- No, thanks.
It feels so nice to
see that the four of us..
..have become good friends again.
If we make a mistake again,
please don't keep it to yourself.
You can tell me.
Hey, Vicky! Cheers!
Come on! Come on!
See the way he drinks, man!
Right! Right!
Oh, come on baby! - Raj, come on.
Both of you have drunk a lot.
Oh, yes.
Vicky, see you.
No, no! One minute!
The party is not over yet!
Priya, one for our.. friendship!
Come on! For friendship!
Priya, only one drink.
In the name of friendship.
Priya, they are not going to listen.
Let us go.
Alright. Please come soon.
Bye guys.
- Good night Raj.
Good night! Good night, sweetheart!
Good night, Priya. - Bye, Sonia!
Good night.
Where is the bottle? The bottle?
The bottle is.. - I found the bottle!
Here! Drink!
You drink first.
I? Ok.
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to Vicky!
Here, now you drink.
No, you make me drink.
Shall I make you drink? - Yes.
Ok. Drink it.
Happy birthday to Vicky!
It was fun!
Hey, Raj! - Yes?
I really missed you.
Forget whatever happened.
Yes, yes.
Ok? - Yeah.
Finished! - I will get it.
No, no!
That was enough, ok?
Ok, good night. - Ok.
Good night.
Sweet dreams! - Sweet dreams!
Ok. Ok.
Good night! - Good night!
Good night!
Hey, you didn't
give me birthday gift!
What do you want?
Just for once. I will become Raj,
and you become Vicky!
What do you say?
What are you thinking?
Hi Priya. - Vicky, you?
Have you returned? Are you satisfied?
Did Vicky come here last night?
Yes. You only had sent him.
I listened to him because
it was his birthday.
He would have felt
offended if I had refused.
But I will not tolerate
if it happened everyday.
I will ask Sonia to
keep Vicky under control.
Well, I have no objection
if there are special occasions.
'But I will not tolerate
if it happened everyday.'
'Not tolerate it.' 'Not tolerate it.'
'Well, I have no objection
if there are special occasions.'
'I have no objection.'
'I have no objection.'
What happened?
Raj, Sonia has been murdered.
Don't you dare touch her!
Don't touch her!
You have killed my Sonia!
I? - Who else killed her, if not you?
Weren't you with Sonia all night?
Vicky, what are you saying?
Was Raj here last night?
How can it be?
You had said that you were
going to the airport for drinks!
we did go to the airport.
He left me there on
some excuse and came here!
What rubbish are you talking?
Priya, he is lying!
Tell me when did
we go to the airport?
Officer, ask him!
Did he spend the whole
night with my wife, or not?
If he did, then he is the murderer!
He killed my wife!
He is lying!
He is lying, officer!
I did not kill his wife!
Officer, I have not killed his wife!
Just tell me! Did you
spend the whole night with her?
Yes or no? - Yes, but..
Officers! Arrest him!
He killed my wife!
I did not know he was
lusting after my wife!
Lusting after my Sonia!
Hey, you!
There is a visitor here to see you.
Come out.
Why have you come here?
Why did you trap me?
What enmity do you have with me?
I have no enmity.
But there has to be a murderer..
..when a murder is committed,
Someone has to take the blame.
Is that why you trapped me?
Yes. I had planned
each and every move.
Now listen to the important matter.
You are going to
be hanged in any case.
Straightaway confess in the court..
..that you have committed the murder.
I will appeal to the court
to award you life imprisonment..
..instead of death sentence.
Life imprisonment.
Only 14 years of imprisonment.
I will pay for it.
1.4 million dollars.
I will send 100,000
dollars every year to Priya.
Priya will be happy outside,
and you will also be happy!
Now the ball is in your court.
The people connected
with this case are Indians.
And the language
of the court is French.
So I will translate the
court proceedings into Hindi.
Your Honour, the facts
about the murder of Sonia Bajaj..
..are clear from the
statement of Vikram Bajaj..
..the testimonies of
witnesses and the evidence.
Sonia Bajaj and Vikram
Bajaj were not only neighbours..
..of Raj and Priya, but they
were their close friends also.
The day of the murder
was Vikram Bajaj's birthday.
And the four of them
went out to celebrate it.
And they returned
around half past one.
Sonia and Priya went
to their respective houses.
Raj and Vikram started
to drink outside their houses.
About half past two,
the alcohol got over.
But Raj wanted to drink some more.
So he asked Vikram to
go with him to the Airport Bar.
It's a lie!
I did not say that!
I had not asked Vikram
to go with me to the Airport Bar!
Nor did we go to
the airport that night!
Please keep quiet.
You will be given a chance to speak.
Raj knew that his wife Priya
will not allow him to drink any more.
So Raj sent Vikram to
get permission from Priya.
After that, both of them
went to the airport in Vikram's car.
Two? Only one had gone!
On reaching there, Vikram realised..
..that he had left behind
his credit card and purse.
Raj took advantage of
this and made the excuse..
..of having left behind
his purse with Priya.
He asked Vikram to sit in
the bar and went home to get money.
Two had returned!
Vikram waited in the bar
for Raj till half past five.
But Raj instead of
going to his own house..
..went to Sonia,
who was alone in the house.
He would not have
found a better chance..
..to satisfy his lust with Sonia.
But when Sonia resisted him,
in his drunken anger..
..he killed Sonia by hitting
on her head with the bottle.
All this is a lie!
This is Vicky's plan!
He wants to trap me!
If you try to interrupt again, the
court will take action against you.
Your Honour,
to prove the facts I have stated..
..I present the forensic
report as the first evidence.
It proves that Raj's
fingerprints were found..
..on the bottle that
was used to kill Sonia Bajaj.
No, you make me drink.
Shall I make you drink?
Ok. Drink it.
Now I ask the court's permission
to call my first witness.
Mrs. Priya Malhotra.
That night I had seen with my
eyes that one had gone, and not two.
And while returning,
there were two, and not one!
LP, I think there is something fishy.
LP? - Yes.
Without the glasses,
you mistake your wife for LP..
..even in day time!
What would you have
seen in the night?
Sit quietly, or else they
will throw you also into jail!
Mrs. Priya Malhotra, did Mr.
Vikram come to you that night?
I woke up around half past
two due to the ringing doorbell.
I thought it was Raj,
so I opened the door. But..
Vicky! - Our drinks got over..
..so we thought of going
to the airport to drink some more.
Where is Raj?
You would have refused
permission if Raj had come.
So I have come.
No, both of you have
already drunk a lot.
Please listen to me.
Look, it is my birthday.
Please don't refuse.
Please don't refuse.
Please! I promise you,
I will be back within 2 hours.
Within 2 hours.
Priya, please! - Ok.
Within 2 hours.
- I promise you; 2 hours.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Priya.
Come soon. - Ok.
And after that I went back to sleep.
Thank you. You may go.
Your honour, I ask permission
to call my next witness.
Mr. Triton, airport bartender.
Mr. Triton, was Mr.
Vikram in your bar..
..between 3 and half past 5?
Yes. Mr. Triton says that Mr.
Vikram came to the bar counter..
..at half past 3.
And took one bottle of
scotch without paying for it.
He kept on drinking till
half past 5 in the morning.
And at the closing time of the bar..
..when Mr. Triton asked for payment..
..Mr. Vikram gave him his
wristwatch worth 100 dollars..
..in place of the bill
for 50 dollars and left.
Now you can say whatever
you want in your defence.
Your Honour, whatever the
public prosecutor has said..
..is absolute lie.
The truth is that we
had not gone to the airport..
..after the drinks got over.
In fact, that night this man
told me something so disgusting..
..that I feel embarrassed
to repeat it in the court.
He had asked me to swap
our wives for one night.
I bashed him up because of this.
And I went to Sonia to tell her..
..what kind of a man her husband was.
Talk to your husband!
He talks of wife-swapping!
He tells me to swap wives
in the name of friendship!
I will kill him!
I will kill him!
I will..
I don't remember anything after that.
Your honour, Mr. Vikram Bajaj
wants to say something to the court.
Your honour,
whatever Raj said just now is false.
The talk about wife-swapping took
place in Mauritius some days back..
..and not that night.
And Raj had made this
disgusting proposal ad not I.
He is lying!
No, Your Honour,
I had a fight with him over this.
Sister-in-law Priya
is witness to this.
- Raj!
- Raj!
No, Raj!
Raj, it's not good to fight!
Let me go!
What are you doing? Raj!
What are you doing?
Raj, don't fight in the court!
I'll kill you! - Raj.
What are you doing?
Raj! Don't run!
Raj was very innocent in looks.
VCD, men are like that only.
They always like others' wives.
"There is littering
in the markets of Italy."
Why is BP sneaking up to LP?
"There is.."
LP, it is good that I found you.
I want to do some VIB with you.
Oh, do you mean very
important talk? - Yes.
BB. - What?
I mean go ahead.
Sonia's murder was not AM, it was PM!
Do you mean it happened in the night,
and not in day time?
It was not murder on impulse,
it was a planned murder!
That night I saw with my own eyes..
..only one had gone and not two.
That means Raj had gone to Sonia,
but Vicky had not gone to Priya.
You do not understand
what I am saying.
Let me finish!
I don't want to listen to you!
Raj, will do PM to
me if he overhears us!
I mean planned murder!
CD, I think both of them
have fixed wife-swapping!
What shall we do now?
Nothing. Just remain alert.
And sleep with the
lights on in the night.
Got it? - Yes.
No one listens to me!
To whom shall I talk?
VCD! Just a minute!
VCD! - What is it?
It is good that I found you alone!
What do you mean?
I have to say something
important to you.
What do you want to say?
About something that happened..
..on the night of
Sonia Bajaj's murder.
Do you mean wife-swapping? - Yes.
CD doesn't listen to me.
At least you listen to me!
Why are you shouting?
VCD, what happened?
My suspicion has been proved right!
Your BP is talking to
me about wife-swapping! Yes.
What? - Yes.
If both of you listen to me,
you will understand everything.
I mean both of you will
agree with what I am saying!
Never! We are Indian women!
We would rather die,
than agree to do what you say!
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
I understand everything!
Why do you come
out to dry your hair..
..when she comes out to dry her hair?
I also know why do you
peep through the window..
..so many times in the night?
Do you flirt with my VCD?
I am from Ludhiana!
How can you dare to flirt with my CD?
Do you know I am from Calcutta!
Are you threatening me?
Leave him! Leave him!
Police! Police!
Stop fighting!
Why to the Swiss police
come again and again?
The neighbourhood
will get a bad name!
Vicky, what happened? - Nothing.
What happened?
The police were not
able to arrest Raj.
They think that he will
try to meet or contact you.
Raj did not do the right
thing by escaping from the court.
There is still time.
He should surrender to the police.
Or else I fear he might get killed..
..in an encounter with the police.
I want to say something to you.
Priya, please listen to me.
I did not kill Sonia.
And it was Vicky and not I..
..who had made that
proposal in Mauritius!
If Vicky had made that proposal..
..why didn't you tell me about
it when I asked you repeatedly?
That was my biggest mistake.
But I did not kill Sonia.
It was Vicky's plan to trap me.
Then why did you
escape from the court?
Because you are my supreme court.
Please, just once look into my eyes.
If you think that I am guilty..
..then I will surrender
to the police.
"When you get to
know about this love."
"When you get to
know about my madness."
"How lonely it is without love?"
"How lonely it is without love?"
"You will get to know
about a life like this."
"When you get to
know about this love."
"How painful it is..
..when the heart breaks?"
"Come and ask your lover..
..about it."
"My heart is broken."
"My beloved is annoyed with me."
"I love you more than God..
..I swear by God."
"When you get to
know about my worship."
"When you get to
know about my madness."
"How lonely it is without love?"
"How lonely it is without love?"
"You will get to know
about a life like this."
"When you get to
know about my madness."
"Darling, remember..
..the first oath of love."
"Darling, remember..
..the first step we took in love."
'I did not kill Sonia.'
'You are my supreme court.'
'If you think that I am guilty..
..then I will surrender
to the police.'
Your love and trust are with me.
I will prove my innocence.
But how will you do it?
That day Vicky had
said in the court..
..that we had gone
to the airport together.
But I had not gone to the airport.
If I can prove this somehow,
I Can find a way.
Priya, let me tell you something.
That night, I saw with my own eyes..
..only one man went, not two.
And while returning,
there were two men, and not one.
Last night, BP and sister-in-law
CD had come to our house.
BP wanted to say something to
me out of the hearing of the police.
It is possible that
he might know something.
Go home, otherwise
Vicky might get suspicious.
I am going to see
BP at his restaurant.
"I am a nomad, my brother."
"I am a nomad life after life."
Hello! Are you Indian?
Do you know this man on the screen?
This man on the screen there!
I know.. I know him!
He is Indian! - Oh.
No connection; no link! No.
I understand.
Can you bring two scotch large?
On the rocks, please?
Ok. From where have they come?
I am dead!
Two large!
I will drink 4 pegs
and make them sleep here!
Large ones!
"I am a nomad, my brother."
Hey, what happened to you?
Oh, on the rocks, full of ice!
My hand is shaking! - BP? - BP?
"The one standing next
to you is a policeman!"
"He is a policeman!"
Indian folk music!
I have something
important to say to you.
"Not now, please wait for some time."
"Meet me outside." - Where?
"That place, where no one comes."
"Behind LP's shop."
"Behind LP's shop."
"Behind LP's shop."
Light please!
Stupid fellow, light up!
What did you say? - What?
What did you say? - Stupid fellow!
What does it mean?
You are great!
Oh! Stupid fellow!
My father was a stupid fellow!
My grandfather was a stupid fellow!
But you are a great singer..
..and also you are a stupid fellow.
My words were thrown back at me!
Whoever does evil,
will have to repent.
I am dead!
BP, tell me what you
wanted to say to Priya..
..when you had gone
to see her last night?
What had Vicky said
in the court that day?
That Vicky and you had
gone to the airport together.
But I had seen that night, that
only one person went, and not two.
And while returning,
two were there, and not one!
What do you mean?
I'll explain.
When I was going to sleep,
I heard someone outside.
When I went to the window..
I saw a man come from Vicky's house..
..get into the car and drive away.
That must have been Vicky.
What did you see after that?
After that I went back to sleep.
Then I woke up suddenly
on hearing a car's sound.
When I went to the door, I saw..
I saw that a big long
car drove up to Vicky's house..
..and stopped in front of it.
Two tall and big
men got out of the car.
They took out something
from the dicky..
..and went inside the house.
Tall men?
Were you wearing your
glasses at that time?
That is the problem!
I was not wearing my glasses!
That means the car that
you saw was Vicky's car.
You saw two men getting out of it.
One of them was Vicky.
The other one is someone
who helped Vicky in Sonia's murder
That man can prove my innocence.
But where do we find him?
We can find out about
him only from Vicky's house.
For that, I will have to go to
Vicky's house when he is not there.
Do you know the police
are guarding his house?
I will find some way.
Hello! - Hello!
How are you? - Good afternoon!
Do you like Indian food?
Yes, I like chicken curry.
Oh, we have all types
of Indian curries! - Yeah.
I like chicken tikka.
Yeah, chicken tikka! Chicken tikka!
Chicken curry; chicken tikka!
Come on! Let's go!
Today is Indian festival!
Which festival?
JB. - Save our souls festival!
Come on let's go!
No, no, keep it here. Keep it here.
No, no, come inside. Eat hot, hot!
Yes, if you open here,
it will be cold.
You will not enjoy it. - Ok.
Come on let's go. - Ok.
You over here; him over there!
Save our souls festival!
Thanks to chicken curry!
For listening to me! Let's go.
Let's go, open the box
and feed them chicken.
Are you searching for clues?
You will not find anything.
Clues are left behind
only by coincidence.
And I don't work by coincidences.
You know Raj,
I had told you before also.
Everything is planned.
What you are looking for, is here.
Mr. planner, never keep
in the open an uncovered sword..
..and a loaded gun.
the planning gets upturned.
Tell me why did you implicate
me in Sonia's murder?
You can never shoot me.
You are not a murderer.
I am a murderer.
I have committed the murder.
You are searching for
the proof of your innocence..
..which you will
never be able to find.
And you cannot get out of here also.
Because, very soon the
police are going to be here.
Come on let's go!
I will get out.
I will get out in front
of you and the police.
The police will stop you, and not me.
Thank God, Priya, you are here!
Talk to him; he is acting childishly.
Priya, come here.
No Priya, do not go to him!
This man is insane!
He will kill you also!
He is a killer!
You are a killer, not him!
Men like you can kill their wives..
..Raj is not like that.
Arrest him.
Get out of my way..
or I will shoot her!
Get out!
No! Don't keep your guns down!
He is not going to kill her;
that's his wife!
Understand? Catch him!
No! He is a criminal!
He will kill her!
Help! - No! Don't go!
No, try and understand!
- Don't be a fool!
He is making a fool out of you!
Please officer!
Don't leave me! Please!
He is fooling you!
That is his wife! Try and understand!
He is not going to kill her!
He will escape! Don't catch me!
I am telling you for God's sake!
- That's his wife!
I am telling you,
he is not going to kill her!
Help! Help! Why don't you understand?
Just leave me! Leave me!
Come on! Get in the car!
I will deflate the tyre.
Where did he go?
This way!
Hey, your tyre is punctured, sir!
Did you find anything
at Vicky's house?
No. I did not find any clue.
He had planned everything.
Bloody hell!
The scoundrel was right.
There is nothing like
coincidence in the world.
Boarding pass!
Raj, there was this boarding
pass for a plane in the book.
Sonia Bajaj.
29th December. Geneva to Zurich.
29th December?
Sonia was murdered that night!
And she was here, in Zurich!
So how could she come
from Geneva to Zurich?
There is something fishy!
If Sonia Bajaj died here..
..how did another Sonia
Bajaj come from Geneva to Zurich?
Because that girl
was not Sonia Bajaj..
..she was someone else.
And she had come here that night,
as Sonia Bajaj.
So the person I saw with
Vicky was a girl, and not a man!
Who could that girl be?
In Mauritius,
I had seen Vicky with a girl.
And from the way they met,
..it seemed that there was
something going on between them.
Sonia also got very
disturbed on seeing them.
I am sure that it is the same girl..
..and I will have to
go to Geneva to find her.
I can locate her with
the help of this boarding pass.
But how will we go there?
The police are checking
all the routes out of here.
Do one thing.
Go by the Paris-Zurich route.
There has been heavy
snow fall that side.
The road is deserted.
Take that route.
Raj, there is a police check post.
Shall we turn back?
No, they will get suspicious.
They are checking the licences!
What shall we do now?
Get on the driving seat. - Why?
Do as I say.
You are welcome.
Thank you.
The address is,
Bungalow number 56 B..
..Plot number 25,
Lake Eason Road, Geneva.
Raj! there is Bungalow number 56 B.
Vikram Bajaj, Sonia Bajaj!
This is Vikram and Sonia's bungalow!
That means the girl
who had come there..
..bought the ticket in Sonia's
name and also gave Sonia's address..
..so that no one would suspect.
Where do we search for that girl?
The sign here says there
is no one in the house.
There is someone inside!
It must be the same girl.
Wait here; I will go and check.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
First you tell me
why you have come here.
Forget about me;
tell me who you are..
..or I will shoot you!
I am a detective from
an insurance company.
I have come here for investigation.
Investigation for what?
Vikram had taken life
insurance for his wife Sonia..
..from our company
for 100 million dollars.
Insurance for 100 million!
Yes. And today is
the date of payment.
I had come here to
take the last chance.
To find a clue to prove that
Vikram is involved in Sonia's murder.
But I did not find any clue.
I will give you the clue.
I found this boarding
pass from Vikram's car.
Sonia Bajaj?
How can that be?
She was murdered on that day!
So how could she go
from Geneva to Zurich?
I have come from Zurich
to Geneva to find out about that.
When I inquired about her
address at the airlines office..
..I was given this address.
Oh, I get it. This girl
is Vikram's girlfriend Neeta.
Do you know her? - No.
But Vikram had come to
me a few days after the murder.
He offered me a bribe to
get the insurance payment quickly.
I got suspicious.
When I made inquiries about him..
..I found out that before marriage..
..he was having an affair
with a girl named Neeta.
But I could not find that girl.
I have seen that
girl once in Mauritius.
Your 100 million dollars
can be saved if we find that girl.
And I will get the
proof of my innocence.
For that, first of all I
will have to stop payment to Vikram.
Come with me.
Your 100 million dollars have been
transferred to your bank account.
Please sign here.
Thank you.
Ma'ma, can I use
your computer, please?
I want to transfer my money.
Of course, you can.
Excuse me!
You forgot your sunglasses.
Oh, so kind of you.
Thank you very much.
Don't do that again. - I promise.
We are too late.
He has already received the payment.
He has already transferred
the full amount to his bank account..
..through the computer.
Can you tell me his account number?
He has transferred
all his money to Singapore!
Not all the money.
He has transferred 100,000
dollars to the ship.
That means he is going from
Switzerland to Singapore on a ship.
Then that girl Neeta
will also be with him.
Yes. I want to go to this ship.
Can you arrange it?
"My heart belongs to you."
"My heart belongs to you."
Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"You are my lover;
I am your sweetheart!"
"Your sweetheart will
love you very much."
"You are my lover;
I am your sweetheart!"
"Your sweetheart will
love you very much."
"I am your lover;
you are my sweetheart!"
"My sweetheart will
love me very much."
"I am your lover;
you are my sweetheart!"
"My sweetheart will
love me very much."
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"This season is young and beautiful."
"Come take me in your arms, my love."
"I know it is not your fault."
"You were bewitched by my charms."
"I became crazy for you, my love."
"Darling, our love story
is different fro others."
"With every breath I think of you."
"I always talk of you."
"No one would believe..
- No one would know."
"You are the first
and the last wonder."
"You are my lover;
I am your sweetheart!"
"Your sweetheart will
love you very much."
"I am your lover;
you are my sweetheart!"
"My sweetheart will
love me very much."
"My heart belongs to you."
"When I saw you,
when I thought about you..
..my heart was lost to you."
"I got every happiness and pleasure."
"I got what I asked for."
"O darling, if you say
I can cover you with gold."
"I will do whatever I want;
I will take you in my arms..
..I can take you to the stars."
"My heart.. - Is no longer yours."
"This love.. - This madness."
"I am lost in your love."
"You are my lover;
I am your sweetheart!"
"Your sweetheart will
love you very much."
"I am your lover;
you are my sweetheart!"
"My sweetheart will
love me very much."
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
"Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
Sweetheart! Sweetheart! Sweetheart!"
I am running away from law
for killing you, but you are alive!
Tell me what is your plan?
Whom did Vicky kill to implicate me?
Tell me! - Why are you asking her?
I will tell you.
Come here. I will tell you in detail.
You did a good thing by coming here.
In a short while, this ship will
cross the boundary of Switzerland.
After that, the Swiss
authorities can do nothing..
..to either you, or to me.
Here, take this.
Oh, I forgot that you
lose control after drinking.
And it is very important for
you to be in control of your senses..
..to be able to understand my plan.
So you want to know
who was the dead girl..
..if Sonia Bajaj is alive.
She indeed was Sonia Bajaj,
This is my girlfriend.
And Vikram Bajaj, whom you
consider to be a millionaire..
..is not a millionaire in fact.
Only a few months ago,
he was an ordinary drummer..
..in a small bar in Geneva.
There, I used to play
drums and Neeta used to dance.
Neeta, you are not
going to dance from now on.
I cannot bear to
see people touching you!
Leave all this!
Leave all this?
Who will give me
so much money everyday..
..if I leave this job?
I will give it to you!
I will do everything for you.
I will fulfil all your needs.
I love you, Neeta! I love you!
I also love you.
But my aim is not just to live.
I want to enjoy life,
just the way rich people do.
And you can never
earn that much money..
..by playing drums in a bar.
You want riches, isn't it?
I will give you riches!
After that,
Vicky did not meet me for 3 months.
One day, suddenly
Wow! What's this?
You look like a very rich man!
I have married a rich girl.
But for your sake, not mine.
For my sake?
My wife Sonia has
a life insurance policy..
..worth 100 million dollars.
If you help me,
we can get those 100 million dollars.
I have a game plan.
And the first step of that
plan was to bring Neeta to Zurich..
..as my wife Sonia Bajaj.
And after that find a victim,
who would not only be unmarried..
..but also happened be of my age.
It was my good luck that you
and Priya came to stay next to us.
The moment I saw you,
I knew that my search was over.
And my next step was
to attract you towards Neeta.
That is why she intentionally
bumped into your car.
After that, I acted out
the drama of accident insurance..
..and took the two
of you to Mauritius.
Because the final step of
the plan was to be executed there.
And that was to murder
Sonia and implicate you in it.
That is why I had called
Sonia also to Mauritius.
Do you remember that college friend?
She was Sonia Bajaj.
My real wife.
After that, Neeta made a
show of kissing you to seduce you.
So that you would readily go to her..
..when I played my trump
card of wife-swapping.
But Raj, you turned out
to be so loyal to your wife..
..that you fought with
me and disrupted my plan.
Still, we were not discouraged.
We apologized to you
to mend our broken friendship.
We played the drama of
the jack of the car slipping.
And then, happy birthday to me!
This time I was successful.
You became unconscious
after going near Neeta.
Then I took you to another
room and put you on the bed.
Neeta, wait here; I am going
to the airport to fetch Sonia.
What if he regains consciousness?
Don't worry;
he will not wake up until morning.
I had mixed sedative
in his drink. Go.
Sonia's coming here was
not a coincidence; it was my plan.
I asked Sonia to sit in the car..
..and went to the
airport restaurant..
..so that I can make
someone my witness.
Oops! Sorry.
I went to him and asked
for a bottle of whisky.
And made an excuse
that I did not have money.
That my friend was
coming over with money.
That I will pay the
bill as soon as he came.
Enjoy yourself. - Thank you.
When I saw that the manager
had got busy with other customers..
..I quietly slipped out.
Vicky, since when have to
started to believe in coincidences?
This is not my book.
It belongs to my friend.
Then I came home with Sonia.
Hey, darling! - Yes?
This is for you.
Do you remember you
had worn a similar..
..night gown on our nuptial night?
I want to see you the same way again.
Put this on and get
ready to go to the airport.
I picked up the bottle,
which had your fingerprints on it.
It's me!
What's the matter?
You seem to be in
a romantic mood today!
I was waiting for this night.
I'm sorry.
After that,
I sent off Neeta to Geneva..
..and quietly slipped back
into the airport restaurant.
The bartender thought
that I was there till morning.
I was successful
in the risk I had taken.
I gave my wristwatch to
the bartender instead of money..
..and made him my witness.
Everything was planned.
People spend their
lives working very hard..
..yet they cannot earn 1 million.
But I made 100 million
within 5 months!
Why do you keep
talking of coincidence?
What Have you gained
from coincidence?
One peg.
One peg?
Yes. Because today
is celebration day.
So I will also drink.
You are a fantastic planner!
You have planned very intelligently!
Thank you.
But there is a big stupidity
in an intelligent man.
Apart from himself..
..he considers everyone
else to be an idiot!
You are also one such
over confident idiot!
You think that I have come
here to escape from the police.
I had not come to
escape from the police..
..but to know about your plan.
And you told me everything
due to your over confidence.
You must be thinking how
I found out that you were here.
By coincidence.
Do you recognise this boarding pass?
This belonged to your
real wife Sonia Bajaj.
And I found it in your car.
By coincidence,
in the same book on coincidence..
..that you used to make fun of.
By the same coincidence,
I met the insurance detective.
Through him I found out..
..that you had received
the insurance money.
And that you had transferred
100,000 from it to this ship.
Fine. Even if you know of my plan,
what can you do to me?
In a short while, this ship
will cross the Swiss border..
..and after that,
we will be miles away from here.
Wait. I will tell you
a joke before going miles away.
It is told to children in school.
Surely, you have never heard it..
..because you are illiterate.
A tortoise and a hare were friends.
Once there was a
race between the two.
The hare raced ahead.
It reached near the winning post..
..and went to sleep without a worry.
The silly hare never realised..
..when the tortoise reached
there and overtook him.
Is this a joke?
- No, this is a story.
The joke is,
this game between you and me..
..is exactly like that
of the hare and the tortoise..
..in which, I have won and not you.
What rubbish are you talking?
My planning has been successful.
I have got Neeta
and 100 million dollars.
What do you have?
Nothing! I have won!
I cannot explain this in words.
There must be a computer somewhere.
Come I will explain to
you through modern technique.
Account number 950691083.
This is my account number
at the Bank of Singapore!
How did you find out?
That is what I want to show you.
Come on! Enter the password!
People always choose a password
that is easy to remember.
For example, date of birth.
But you will not do that.
Because you are an orphan.
So what could be your password?
You have always been
repeating one thing.
It is this, isn't it?
Did you see, Mr. Planner?
You planned and earned
100 million in 5 months.
And in just 5 minutes,
I transferred all the money..
..back into the insurance
company's account.
Now you have become
a beggar from a millionaire.
Pick up 2 sticks, and go
to a club and play drums again..
..and also make
your girlfriend dance.
Relax. There is no
use in grabbing my collar.
Can you see this mike?
Every word that you spoke..
..has been recorded.
And the tape recorder is there.
Take this, and inform the security.
Neeta! Neeta!
Neeta! Neeta!
Neeta is dead.
Stop! Stop, Mr. Vikram!
Welcome, my dear! Welcome!
Welcome to India, my son!
The toilet is over there!
Papa, not the toilet!
They mean to say welcome!
Is he your FIL?
Father-in-law! - Oh!
Have you also returned to India?
Where else can we go?
There is pollution
and corruption here..
..but there is BJP also.
BJP? - A lot of love!
These days, albums are in fashion!
Every Sikh records an album.
We have a Sikh in our home.
We will bring out a new
album on National Integration!
A Sikh singing a Bengali song!
"What are you saying?"
"Where are you going?"
"What are you saying?"
"Where are you going?"
"I am going home."
"How are you? I am fine."
"How are you? I am fine."
"How are you? I am fine."
The name of our album is Good.
Raj, you did not introduce them!
I am MBBS.
Oh, you are a doctor!
No, MBBS means..
Made in Bombay,
brought up in Switzerland!