Ak-Nyeo (2017) Movie Script

an APEITDA production
KIM Ok-vin
SHIN Ha-kyun
BANG Sung-jun
KIM Seo-hyung
CHO Eun-ji
What is it?
Who the fuck?
What the?!
Who is it?
You came alone?
Crazy bitch!
You bitch!
Hands up!
We'll shoot!
Stop! Stay there!
Park and his organisation,
whom we've been tracking,
were all eliminated
by this woman.
Who's he?
We're still IDing him,
but fortunately, he was
only after the meth.
Which means he took them
without knowing anything.
So what's the relation
between the girl and him?
We're currently investigating.
Secure the hard drive
no matter what!
If that leaks,
it'll be a bloodbath!
And that girl...
She could be an asset.
Sook-hee, wake up!
Sook-hee! Come back!
Hey, stop!
Hey, rookie!
Stop there!
Is that the new recruit?
Her spirit is something.
You were just like her too.
- Untamable.
- Hey! Go easy, okay?
You'll get out in time!
It's getting interesting,
don't try to stop her.
Take it easy!
You can't get out anyway!
Do something!
Open the door!
To be!
Or not to be!
That bitch is also questionable.
Where's the exit?!
I know,
take me with you!
This way,
go through here!
What is this place?
Answer me!
There's no time for that,
you have to jump!
Or you can die here.
There she is! Stop!
Chief's charisma is
something else today.
Was she fished
out of the prison?
She took out an entire
gang by herself.
The one who'll get
one of us assigned to her?
Even if good in the sack
and comes with a promotion,
I can't live with her.
Comes with a promotion?
Damn, look at you.
Gonna get a promotion
and be our boss?
You're up to it?
Well, I'm good enough
to take you two on.
Listen to this prick.
Have a relationship and
get a promotion, it's win-win.
They don't hand out
those assignments freely.
There've been many
who died trying.
Shes coming to.
She's cute.
She actually is.
The plastic surgery went well.
Maybe it was nice
to begin with.
Unidentified Korean-Chinese
Assassin Commits Suicide
As of now,
you do not exist.
But we can resurrect you,
if you choose to
join our family.
I don't want to live,
you shoulda killed me.
Kill me!
Kill you?
You can't die.
You got a new family.
Do you think your baby
wants to die too?
Only if it's for your baby.
What do you want from me?
To live a normal life.
A normal life?
Give us 10 years,
then you'll earn
pension and freedom
for the rest of your life.
First, take a personality test
and figure out a vocation.
You'll become a sleeper cell
and carry out missions.
Once more...
Wow, it looks nice!
Can I try?
Is it weird?
What exactly are you
good at?
Do you plan on
rotting here for good?
Where's the exit?!
Tell me, before I kill
every one of you!
Miss! Can you take me?
I know where the exit is!
Lead me!
Follow me!
Why is she using
a lame dialect?
She's useless.
And you too.
With that pretty face,
how about acting?
You killed an innocent man,
and even children,
who barely lived!
The scariest thing
in the world is,
watching a corpse that
your hands killed.
This hand!
The stains that
will not wash off!
Even after removing
the flesh, they remain!
Go away!
Scent of blood...
dip this hand
and wash it.
Flowing water can filter
anything in the world.
River, will you wash my hands,
and cleanse my body?
I'll protect you.
It's okay.
Good job.
Stop it,
you'll kill her!
- Fine! Alright!
- Come on!
You've seen blood,
that's enough.
You'll kill her.
Yo, Yanbian.
I heard you're good
with a sword.
With the baby born,
let's spar.
Why you little!
What the hell?
I'm so scared.
Maybe she really
wants a go.
Fuck her up too!
Sook-hee's no joke.
Can you handle her?
Hyun-soo's the only
viable option for her.
- Shut it.
- Sorry.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday,
dear Eun-hye!
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
You can't let your baby
live a life like yours.
This tattoo...
you won't believe
how much I wanted it.
Now I've become
someone like you.
Can't you tell me,
who killed your father?
I'm gonna kill him myself,
I swear.
That's the only reason
why I'm still alive.
Don't come! Please!
It's all my fault!
Stay back! Please!
Sook-hee! Sook-hee!
I told you to stay back!
My darling,
I feel terrible.
I wasn't the one
who killed your dad.
What do you mean?
We were like brothers,
I couldn't do it
with my own hands.
Check it out.
Do you still want to live?
Then kill the girl
before she kills you.
That's the only way
for you to live.
You expect me
to believe that?
You died for the first time.
Consider yourself dead,
and live for me.
Cough it up,
that's $50 each.
That stupid bitch,
all her training's wasted.
Where's my wallet?
Cough it up.
What's this?
Sook-hee's favorite color,
food, sleeping habits!
Let go! Let go!
Number of toilet visits.
Look at this guy.
Beelining for that promotion, eh?
I hope you don't get killed
on your first mission.
Why did you say that?
That's bad luck.
We're kidding around,
don't get your panties in a knot.
Don't get pissy!
You got a thing for her?
No, it's all about
the promotion.
We're here.
It's your first mission.
If you succeed,
you get out.
Who's the target?
When I receive orders,
I assign them.
And you kill.
Tell me if you're not ready,
others are itching to go.
don't ever come out.
Is this what you want?
Take it.
You know the White Oval
that has been stolen?
White Oval?
This is it.
It's a secret.
My baby's up?
Sweetie, isn't it pretty?
What is this?
When you get married,
this'll be my present to you.
I'm so jealous!
Where did he hide it?
I should've asked him
before they killed him.
Where could it be?
Let me think...
I heard you recently
scored a big one.
Fucking bitch!
Shut your fucking hole!
If that was true,
I wouldn't be in this hell!
Why do you always
ask for more money?
Where are you off to?
Sook-hee! Sook-hee!
You bitch! Stop!
Come here!
Goddamn bitch!
Who sent you?
How much did he pay you?
I'll pay 5 times!
No, 10 times!
First 5 to reach HQ!
Run faster!
You were gonna leave
without a goodbye?
I'll be discharged soon,
so get settled.
You'll see her if she doesn't
die before you leave.
When you get out,
call me.
So melodramatic.
It's a dossier on
your new identity.
Memorise it as if
your life is depended on it.
What's this?
It's still a home,
a frame is a must.
I'm so sorry.
Eun-hye, are you okay?
Were you scared?
Are you moving in today?
With surge in house deposit,
I looked everywhere,
and ended up here...
But I'm not saying
it's a bad neighbourhood.
It's close to a mountain,
fresh air,
and even great people too.
That's pretty.
Who gave it for you?
Sweetie, would you like a candy?
Eun-hye, I told you not to
accept things from strangers.
It's an expensive candy.
Doesn't contain much sugar.
You can have it.
Eat it.
Let's go.
Sweetie, stay on this side.
Over here.
What is it?
My home...
I live here.
Are you in #407?
We're neighbours?
Moving on the same day too?
Are you moving in
without your husband?
Are you divorced?
Overseas business trip.
Business trip?
On moving day?
That's not right!
Then why are you alone?
My wife passed away
a few years ago.
It's okay, you didn't
do it on purpose.
I'm sorry.
Let's go inside.
One moment!
What are you doing?
I paid for that.
What for?
Pizza tastes great,
but it's not nutritious
for the kids.
So I was thinking of
making boiled chicken,
if you like chicken...
Do you like chicken?
Good, that wasn't too bad.
We're almost friends.
What is it?
Chief, I need a background check.
Background check?
There's a man next door,
something's off.
Okay, I'll look into it.
Jung Hyun-soo
Chief, how was I?
Doesn't it look like
she's into me?
She asked for
your background check.
She did what?
It's because you
came onto her too hard.
This is fieldwork.
But she's at my doorstep.
Don't joke around with
background check.
Why do you have this?
Are you from Yanbian?
She was Korean-Chinese.
How did you know?
Since we're neighbours,
can I get your name?
Yeon-soo, Chae Yeon-soo.
I'm a 'soo' too.
Hyun-soo, Jung Hyun-soo.
Chae Yeon-soo,
Jung Hyun-soo.
You're Yeon-soo,
I'm Hyun-soo!
2 neighboursoo!
How's chicken soo-p for dinner?
Jung Hyun-soo,
33-year old,
works at Daesung Corp.,
Development team,
a widower of 3 years.
Cause of death?
Robbery, murder.
She was pregnant at the time.
He took 3 years off
and started working recently,
he sold their home
and moved there.
Does this go to
Hyehwa station?
That's what it says.
So it does.
I left my wallet at home...
Just hop on,
I won't charge you!
For free?
I need to buy lunch later too...
And take a bus back home.
I should run home.
You can't even borrow
money at work?
No, I'm a loner.
- Say bye to mum.
- Bye-bye, mum.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Did you wait for me?
I like it.
I like to wait.
Do you...
like plays?
Wait, are you...
asking me out on a date?
But you're married,
you really shouldn't.
I'm in a play.
You're an actress?
No wonder,
you're so pretty.
I'm the star.
My princess!
How did you know
I was coming?
She said it was time
for you to come home,
she was right on.
Mummy and mister together?
After finding out that you're alive,
I couldn't do anything.
You still haven't
changed a bit.
I can't get it out of my head,
you acting.
Was it weird?
Not at all!
It was really good.
It feels like I'm
becoming a new person,
when I'm on the stage.
That tie suits you.
Um, yeah?
It was a gift from my wife.
My husband has a similar
cobalt necktie.
It was my present.
I love this color.
I wanted to tie it myself
on our wedding day.
Alright, boss.
I got work in Seoul,
so I'll head over first.
Good, take care.
You won't stay
for the wedding?
You'll be in Seoul
for your honeymoon.
I'll head over first
and set things up.
Mister, look at that!
Not gonna eat?
Let's live a normal life.
I understand.
Something wrong?
Chun-mo is taken,
go back to the hotel.
I'll come with you.
It's our honeymoon.
Listen to me
and head back.
Joong-sang told me
not to tell you.
We tracked your father's
real killer,
and he asked me
to take care of it.
But when I was taken hostage,
he tried to rescue me...
Where are they?
Tell me!
I had so much fun today.
I know it's wrong,
but for a second, I wished
you weren't married.
Mrs. Chae?
Yes, ma'am?
Eun-hye is asleep,
I got a feast to prep,
I have to leave.
I'm almost there,
could you wait a bit?
Sir, could you stop the cab?
There's still a way to go.
It'd be awkward if your babysitter
saw us together again.
Go ahead.
I have something to tell you.
To be honest,
my husband passed away.
I already knew.
But how?
You are perfect at acting,
but terrible at lying.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm okay.
Don't answer.
I'm sorry,
it's an urgent call.
A colleague got into
an accident,
and is en route
to the hospital.
Could you sleep here
just for tonight?
Eun-hye will be alone.
Don't worry,
be safe.
Why are you here?
Isn't it obvious?
I got my first mission.
Your Southern accent is gone.
Of course.
When I discharge,
I'll be living in Seoul.
Seoul must be
treating you well.
You got a man?
Right? Tell me!
Of course not.
You can't fool me.
Why's the mood so weird?
This is all wrong.
I'll undress you.
Very good.
Drinking isn't the only thing
I came here for.
Come here, baby.
Let me feel you.
I think I'm drunk.
What are you doing?
One second.
Come on,
hurry up.
Take that off,
finish undressing.
Did you take my phone?
I'll return it,
let her go.
You must've made a copy.
Give it.
Fucking bitch!
Min-ju, are you alright?
Get her to the ER!
She lost too much blood!
Flash drive.
- Start hacking.
- Yes, ma'am.
We can't do it here.
Go to the ER!
Let's head back.
Min-ju'll die!
She'll die like this!
That's why!
You should've done
your job properly.
Yeon-soo, you okay?
Let it all out.
Choi Chun-mo who emerged
during this op,
is known as
a mid-level boss
of a contract killer organisation,
and controls over
5 mid-size subsidiaries.
Using data from our hard drive,
Choi became a major player,
and his pawn Sook-hee
was recruited to the agency?
Isn't that fishy?
Wait a minute,
then she's been
a double agent?
We've put an agent to watch her,
and there aren't any issues.
Choi is someone who eliminated
her husband to reach his level.
Enough about his
back story,
we need to catch his
puppet master.
We've received intel that
they'll contact HIN.
We'll move in then.
Why don't we assign her?
Did you make mum cry?
I... didn't...
I consoled her.
What does that mean?
Consoling is,
when you cry,
I say "don't cry".
Can you console mummy?
What do you mean?
When mummy cries,
you say,
"don't cry, don't cry".
You're up?
Sit down,
food's getting cold.
I'm full,
and sleepy.
Did she bug you?
She said,
I should console you
whenever you cry.
Can I do that?
The me that you know
isn't the real me.
That's what
I wanted to tell you.
I'm not the person
you think you know.
I'm a terrible person.
But if you're okay with that,
I want to be by your side.
If you knew the real me,
you'll run away.
No matter who you are,
what you're into,
I will never leave your side.
Are you saying
you want to get married?
If I get killed,
Eun-hye will be all alone.
I'll reserve the wedding hall
and hire some guests.
Will you do it yourself?
Endure it.
When she reaches junior high,
you'll live a normal life.
Hyun-soo, we can get married.
You see? I told you
your parents would approve it.
Whatever happens,
let's trust each other.
Yes, I'll do that.
I'll trust you
from here on.
Whatever happens,
I'll trust you.
You promised.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
I heard you were
working in Japan.
Why are you here?
I heard you got Min-ju killed.
You should've
done a better job.
It'd have been good
if she were here.
A bride shouldn't frown,
put on a smile.
Chief wants me to
submit our selfie.
Speak of the devil,
it's the chief.
Yes, chief.
Put Sook-hee on.
Get to the washroom
right away.
There are parts of
PSG-1 in the toilet.
Through the fan,
adjacent building 4th floor.
Snipe the man in sunglasses.
Shoot him!
That man,
who is he?
You do not
question the target.
Miss, the ceremony
is about to begin.
You'll die if you go in.
He wouldn't have
wanted this.
Without him,
I can't go on.
Don't cry.
It's a good day.
How could our dearest Sook-hee
make a mistake like this?
Shut it.
Wrap it up and exfil.
Did you bring me in
for this?
Take out the target
that she missed.
Doesn't she look familiar?
I'm not sure...
Anything unusual
about her?
Her guests were paid off.
Hired guests?
Boss, maybe it's her
second marriage.
Maybe for him too.
Both sides used hired guests.
You still haven't
changed a bit.
I've changed.
Please trust me once more.
I know one thing for certain.
We cannot exist
in the same space.
So long as you're alive,
I cannot live.
I gotta take this.
Do you recognise me?
Who are you?
You may not know me,
but I know you very well.
People will soon love you,
just as I do.
Could you leave me alone?
Do I offend you?
My husband will be back soon.
Didn't you love someone
more than current husband?
You must know a lot
about actress Chae Yeon-soo.
And I wish to know more.
After losing the love
of her life,
she chose the stage
to forget him.
But he comes back
from death and onto the stage.
If she has to kill him
in order to live,
what would you do?
that's the case...
it'd be the saddest thing
in the world.
I'm sorry.
I've mistaken you
for a woman I loved.
I'll leave you now.
She's taking it hard
after that mission.
Why'd she make
a mistake like that?
She was ordered to kill
on her wedding day,
who wouldn't
make that mistake?
Don't confuse yourself,
your marriage is your mission.
was the target?
You alright?
I'm fine.
I can't wear...
bra with this dress,
did you know?
What did you imagine
just now?
I sure did.
If you promise
to stay with me,
I'll forget about revenge,
and live a normal life.
Isn't that over?
The one who killed my dad
was someone else.
Who was it?
You met your target.
It was a coincidence.
He was a fan of the play.
Failing the mission
was a coincidence too?
Don't forget what
you're living for.
Once you forget that,
you and your family
will be wiped off.
Are you threatening me?
No, I'm advising you.
What is it?
From a fan.
Your greatest fan...
What is it?
Where are you going?
I'm a guest actress.
And also your fixer.
She was ordered to kill
on her wedding day,
who wouldn't
make that mistake?
Don't confuse yourself,
your marriage is your mission.
Who was the target?
Your greatest fan...
A woman
is sent to kill you.
Don't move!
Not a single step, assholes!
You see this?
If I press this,
we're all dead!
Kim-sun was taken by the target,
stay on Sook-hee.
She could be unpredictable.
Is the target her ex-husband?
Don't dig any deeper!
He must die
for her to live.
Trust me, Hyun-soo.
I'm off to Yanbian.
What are you doing here?
My mother's ill.
I better go
and look after her.
Take care of Eun-hye
while I'm away.
Call me if anything happens.
I doubt anything will happen.
Because you're always
looking after me.
Yeon-soo, I love you.
Remember her?
Send this.
I wanted you to kill him.
you'd have lived happily
with your husband and child.
Now you're all in danger.
My husband Jung Hyun-soo.
The agency's lapdog.
Did you belittle me?
When I asked for your
permission to marry him!
Watch your mouth.
Hostage exchange at midnight,
Dongjin complex rooftop
Jung Hyun-soo
How did it go?
I'll report to you by tomorrow.
I can't reach Sook-hee,
is something wrong?
She's sick,
she's at the hospital.
Where is she sick?
Is it bad?
Take care of Eun-hye.
Head back home.
Daddy's here!
How's my baby?
Did you miss me?
Are you okay? Sir?
Sook-hee, are you okay?
I have to rescue my child.
Okay, we need to move.
Ill go fetch her.
Just in case,
take this with you.
Eun-hye, wake up.
Sweetie, please.
Open your eyes.
Who did this?
Tell me!
So this is what you meant
by wiping us off?
You still only believe
what you see.
It wasn't us,
don't you get it?
No more lies!
If it wasn't you,
who else would do this?!
Daddy, hurry!
Is it pee-pee?
Let's go!
It's okay.
Are you scared?
So how's our reputation in Yanbian?
Did you really have to
do this to Sook-hee?
Then what?
Watch her do her revenge
on her father's killer?
She loved Lee Joong-sang.
So he married her,
and even went on a honeymoon.
She should've died then,
just as we had planned.
Now we have to kill
her daughter too.
She's Lee Joong-sang's child.
- Yes, boss.
- Lee Joong-sang!
Lee Joong-sang!
Yes, I understand.
- Yes, sir.
- Lee Joong-sang!
No, sir,
it's nothing at all.
Tell him!
Eun-hye's his daughter!
Sook-hee was already pregnant
when she arrived at the agency.
I understand.
He said he'll spare you.
Should I do it?
Fine, I'll do it.
Jesus, you're quick.
Hold still.
Let's play.
Gun, gun.
It's all ready.
So you'll spare me?
Daddy, get up!
Daddy, please!
Yes, I can see her.
Why're you doing this to me?
Tell me!
Killing me won't
change anything.
But I wish you two had met
under different circumstances.
Can we get married for real?
Agent Jung,
get your shit together!
Sook-hee is a woman
who could die at any moment.
But I love her.
She can't live with blood
on her hands forever.
I didn't want you
to be like me.
Cease fire!
Go check it out.
Boss, we're out of ammo!
Even for a split moment,
did you ever love me?
Nothing we say here,
will change anything.
I need to hear it,
from your mouth.
loved you.
But as a crime
for killing your father,
I couldn't love you anymore.
Is that what you
wanted to hear?
You want to believe that.
You can choose to
live on believing that.
How could you do this to me?
I have that privilege.
Because I made you.
Let me show you.
What you made me into.
Boss! Cops are on the way!
- Hurry!
- Yes, sir!
Come on!
Get off!
What is it?
Get off now!
Get the hell off!
Boss, hurry!
Hurry up!
Boss is not here yet!
Boss, please hop on!
Please! Boss!
Boss, come quick!
Are you alright?
What the fuck?!
Get rid of her!
Why are you shaking?
So pitiful.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Strike me.
Kill me!
That's when...
it really begins.
The real pain.
Like the day I killed you.