Akaash Vani (2013) Movie Script

Why are you yelling
so early in the morning?
When will he wake up?
When will he leave?
Have you confirmed
the train timing?
Yes, I checked. It's on time.
I still say what's the need?
Why go to Delhi?
She can get an education here.
You will be going to drop him,
won't you?
Why should I go?
This is no time to discuss
this matter. Come to breakfast.
I am ready.
Call the one who's going.
Yes, Pinky. Tell me.
Pinky's home is vacant.
Her parents have gone to Himalaya.
She asked me to come, mate.
Hurry up!
I love you.
That's no proposal.
That was too stale.
Do something interesting.
I'm crazy in love with you.
My heart is crazy,
so I have these feelings.
Please take the bride with you,
I love you too.
Darling, I love you too.
Although I never imagined I would
get so restless at the sight of you.
But this is no temporary love.
I swear by Romeo and Juliet,
I love you too for posterity.
That was good.
Hi. Akaash.
English honors.
Vani. Me too.
Me too.
- Intro.
- Akaash, Vani.
I asked you your name,
not the radio station.
Vani, Akaash.
Whatever. Just do as you're told.
Look at these two.
Penny, dime, dollar.
Got it?
Penny, dime, dollar.
Penny, dime, dollar.
Hi. Sumbul.
Hi. Let's have some introductions.
- Fool!
- Hey!
It was good.
It was good?
Say thank you.
- What is this?
- What is it?
Crap! Dress code.
What the hell!
Guys, I look so hot.
Very hot. Very hot.
It's been my childhood fantasy.
Pretty girls with two
braids and oil in the hair.
Oil, oil! Oil, oil! Oil, oil!
What's going on?
We're watching Baywatch.
You call that Baywatch.
With so much cover?
Lazy woman!
You expect her to do everything?
This is a college.
Use some imagination.
Girls are no longer
interesting these days.
You call that a figure?
Straight as a plank.
There was a time when poets wrote..
..rivers change their
path coming to your hip.
What will they write now,
when there are no hips?
My sight slipped this morning.
- How so?
- Ask Vani.
It's nothing.
For the first time Vani fell
in love with me at first sight.
She even said I love you.
How do you know it's the first?
It's her second or third love.
So I can't get tea?
Ask the first one to treat you.
- Hello.
- Hi honey, what you doing?
This is not the time
to call decent girls.
Oh! Decent girls? Decent
girls are fast asleep by this time.
Moreover decent girls
don't fall in love..
..for the second and third time.
I was going to launder
the clothes that's why I'm awake.
No problem. I'll see you there.
Vani, I gave this a lot of thought..
and came to the decision..
..I'm okay with being
the second or the third.
And what if you're
the fourth or the fifth?
Crap Vani. Seriously,
I didn't expect this of you.
You are such a philanderer!
Anyway, what good is angel
if I've fallen for a Jezebel?
I'm Jezebel?
You are.
But you're an awesome Jezebel.
Everything seems yellow
to a jaundiced eye.
That is true. Everyone
seems awesome for I am awesome.
"One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven..
..eight, nine, ten, eleven..
What's your problem?
To be or 32 B?
That is the question.
I'll never do laundry with you.
Even better.
Just give them to me, I'll do them.
I love pink.
Why do you say such crude things?
You could say something cordial.
Vani, Vani, Vani.
Cordiality is mere illusion.
What did you bring to this world..
..what will you take with you?
You came bare skinned
and that's how you will depart.
Vani, come out of all this talk,
rise up and move ahead.
Bathe in the rivers
and defecate in the fields.
- Wake up, Vani. Wake up from..
- Shut up! -This false dream.
Shut up!
- Wake up, Vani.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
"You smiling, me climbing tower."
"Ho me climbing tower, tower.
Ho me climbing tower, tower."
"Ho me climbing tower, tower.
Ho me climbing tower, tower."
"Tower, baby, ta.
Oh my baby, ta. Oh my baby."
"I cauli me cauliflower.
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
"Oh my baby, hug hug hurry."
"I your teddy, warm n furry."
"Let love be love.
Let not beat up."
"I will glow you, don't you worry.
"I horse, you horse power."
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
"Listen lover, my honey."
"Mister Playful, I no bunny."
"Wherever I go, why you follow?"
"Don't be cheap,
boy, and don't be funny."
"I happy, you happy hour.
"Wow o wow, my crazy lover."
"Ho me climbing tower, tower.
Ho me climbing tower, tower."
"Ho me climbing tower, tower.
Ho me climbing tower, tower."
"Tower, baby, ta.
Oh my baby, ta. Oh my baby."
"Tower, baby, ta.
Oh my baby, ta. Oh my baby."
"Baby I, your crazy lover."
- Listen to me. - I don't
want to hear your crude talk.
It's not crude.
I have changed.
I'm a changed man.
This is something very cordial.
Listen to him, girl. Listen to him.
That won't do.
Be a little more polite.
Let's hear it.
May I?
Seeing your face
surrounded by your hair..
..the bulb felt the
moon appeared in the window.
I want that bulb.
That particular one.
I want to use only that one.
Boy, your poetry lacks punch.
Apparently you've
never been in love.
Let me show you how it's done.
- Ladies?
- Proceed.
'My love exists even today.'
'I long for your hair even today.'
'Even today my nights
are spent thinking of you.'
'My insane condition
exists even today.'
'I don't like to see any other
My dishonest eyes..
..have a modicum of decency
left in them even today.'
'Love me once and then
leave me if you wish.'
'Love me once and then
leave me if you wish.'
'You have permission to break
my heart and leave even today.'
- Wonderful!
- Wonderful!
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
Did you learn anything?
Learn from him.
Are you guys done?
Shall we go for a movie?
Movie? No,
I have to go to my aunt's home.
It will get very late.
Another time.
Okay, bye. I got to go.
She says "another time."
Another time doesn't come.
The heart is helpless without her.
It refuses to lose
itself elsewhere.
I ask for one breath,
one heartbeat, one look.
She says, another time.
But another time...
..doesn't come.
Are you going all by yourself?
Of course. Who would
escort me so late at night?
I'll do it. I'll drop you.
- Give me two minutes.
- Hold on, I'll join you.
- Bye, goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- What the..!
- What?
Sheku, Sheku,
Shekhu, she is my Juliet.
What now?
Now go to bed and I'll drop her.
Where is Shekhar?
He's got diarrhoea.
So I told him not to worry.
Take your time. I'll drop Vani.
What? You don't believe me?
The toilet is right here.
You want to hear?
Shall we?
Give me two minutes.
Shall we?
You look good.
You realised it very soon.
People who say
it quickly are liars.
It takes time to get a good look.
- What's on your mind?
- Nothing.
I feel it takes the most
work thinking of nothing.
That's what people
concentrate on the most.
Incidentally if you're
thinking of me, I don't mind.
- You wish.
- I do.
Vani, I do!
I do!
We've arrived.
Go on inside.
We'll meet on Monday.
Will you return on
Monday or tomorrow evening?
Monday morning.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
'I wonder what it is about
her that I don't see in others.'
'Those eyes are so bewitching,
I can't look away.'
'What is it that
perplexes me the most?'
'What is it that I can't
get out of my senses?'
Where were you?
The class is going to Manali.
I hope we're going?
I love the hills.
Of course. I love hills.
You know what?
I love hills.
I do.
I know.
Listen, you won't
find a better opportunity.
The hills, cold romantic weather.
What more could you ask for?
Tell her.
Good morning.
To hell with your good morning.
Wake up, get ready.
It is eight o' clock.
And you leave the room.
Let her get ready.
Wake up.
Girls look so pretty early
in the morning, don't they?
Oh lover boy!
Listen. Tell her today.
First chance you get.
I'll divert Sumbul's attention.
You tell her.
- Cool?
- Dermicool.
Sorry. You got
delayed because of me.
It's okay. There was no hurry.
- Shall we?
- Let's go.
What's the matter?
Is your tongue frozen in this cold?
Listen. I'll call Sumbul
here and you tell her.
It would inappropriate
here in public.
If she gets upset people
will think I'm eve teasing her.
That's fine. If she screams here..
..people won't know
why she screamed.
Yes, you're right.
They have such fine eyes.
Nobody will hear.
Sumbul! Look at this.
Vani, I have something to tell you.
Yes, tell me.
Tell me.
This shawl looks good on you.
So gift it to me. Go on. Gift it.
Two thousand two hundred.
Your eyes are open?
You're back deflated?
What was her response?
I bet she said,
you are such a big coward.
I bet you couldn't say one word.
I haven't seen a bigger
mouse than you in all my life.
You are a good for nothing.
You don't have guts.
Get out of my sight!
Akash, Vani, next scene. Start.
I've been meaning
to tell you something.
I want to tell you that I..
Tell me.
I want to tell you..
that I..
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it!
Come. Let's go to the roof.
You proceed. I'll go get a candle.
"I sold my soul for you."
"I lost my heart and
found haven in your heart."
"I sold my soul for you."
"I lost my heart and
found haven in your heart."
"This news was
published in the paper."
"This news was
published in the paper."
"I am.."
"I am.. Yes, I am in love with you."
"In love with you.
In love with you."
"I sought refuge in your breath."
"It was morning by the.."
"..time I expressed it to you."
"I am.."
"I am.. Yes, I am in love with you."
"In love with you.
In love with you."
"I've forfeited my
friendship with shame."
"The whole class is envious of us."
"I've forfeited my
friendship with shame."
"The whole class is envious of us."
"I've written your
name even on the walls."
"I am openly staring at you."
"Telling you publicly.
Telling you publicly."
"I am.. I am..
Yes, I am in love with you."
"In love with you.
In love with you."
"I bloom in the
sunshine during summer."
"When my fingers
play on your body."
"I bloom in the
sunshine during summer."
"When my fingers
play on your body."
"Months and years
passing in your company."
"My life I owned you."
"The two paths meet."
"The two paths meet."
"I am.."
"I am.. Yes, I am in love with you."
"In love with you.
In love with you."
"In love with you.
In love with you."
Only two months left.
Then we'll be separated.
I wish we could spend
life as we are now.
No studies. No job..
We have to work hard if
you want to spend life like this.
How will you find
a job if you don't study?
If you don't find a job..
How will you speak to my parents?
And if you don't speak
to my parents, how can we marry?
If we don't get married
how will we go on our honeymoon?
Is that why you want to marry?
Of course.
By the way, where will we go?
I just want a good mattress.
We'll go somewhere far.
On the hills.
A place that's not too crowded.
Somewhere very cold,
with snow..
..and bright sun.
A cottage on hills.
Sunlight should filter into
my room first when the sun rises.
First or last?
Okay, okay.
A dirt track..
..on which we go for
a walk in the mornings.
With a tiny tea stall
further up the dirt track.
- Tea?
- Tea.
And after tea you will
prepare breakfast for me.
A lake where we can go boating.
Where I can touch the clouds.
In school girls called me Badal.
- One girl touched me..
- And when we return..
..in the evening there
will be sudden rainfall.
And we'll get wet while
running to take cover..
..under a small ledge.
And from there..
And from there?
From there.
From there we'll go to a
nice place for candlelight dinner.
Then we'll return in leisure
and light up some firewood..
..get under the blanket
together to warm our hands.
we'll go to sleep.
For you to think
so far is sufficient.
Leave the rest
of the worries to me.
Yes. You will do what
you want all on your own.
So why should I worry.
We shall see.
What will you see?
You're being very brave right now.
We'll see how you behave
when you tell your parents.
I'd like to see you
speak this way then.
You must say the wrong thing
at the wrong time, don't you?
I wonder how my parents will react.
I'm not worried about mummy,
but papa?
When are you planning
on telling them?
When you come to sister's wedding..
..I'll introduce you to them then,
Everyone will be happy so
the chances will be better then.
And what if they refuse?
I don't know.
Okay listen..
..do you want the honeymoon
to be exactly as you described it..
..or will something similar do?
Will do.
Listen. We'll go to
a deserted ranch far away..
..where there's nobody
but horses and us..
..where we can brazenly
run amok naked.
Where we can jump up
and down to break mangoes..
..off a mango tree.
And there should be a pond..
..where the crocodile
would blush watching us kiss.
You're coarse.
What's coarse about it?
What else do you expect
to do on the honeymoon?
Darling, honeymoon is
a three letter word.
Okay baby, it's a four letter word.
Put the remaining flowers
up on that corner. It'll fill up.
Excuse me. Call Shivani
and find out where she is.
She said she'd be
back in two hours..
..and hasn't returned as yet.
It's almost eight.
The henna artist
arrived so long ago.
She's gone to see her friends.
She'll be here soon.
Meanwhile get her to
apply henna on the others.
It adds up to one
hundred twenty-five.
How does it add up
to one hundred twenty-five?
You know what I miss most?
Your stomach.
Soft, cushiony and ticklish.
Is that all you're missing?
I'm missing many things. But if
I mention them I'll think of them.
If I think, it will be very hard.
Stay away.
Then I'll have to come. To you.
It's good. You're getting practice.
That's exactly what you'll
have to do when you go to UK.
Why don't you go too?
Prepare for an MBA.
Go to a decent place.
Sure, that's what you will say.
After all your
departure is confirmed.
- When will you be leaving?
- After fifteen days.
We shall romance
on skype hereafter.
I have to introduce you
to my parents before you leave.
I told sister about you.
Her reaction unsettled me further.
Why? What did she say?
Not much. But she thinks
it's impossible to convince papa.
Anyway, you'll be arriving
the day after tomorrow, right?
Akash, mum is calling.
We'll talk later.
Come here, sister.
Apply henna with me.
I'll apply it when sister comes.
Yes, mom?
Were uncle and aunt
unaware or did they object?
They knew.
They objected to his caste.
Whoever thinks about
the caste these days?
I'll be leaving in two weeks.
The ticket has been booked.
You won't be able to make it,
will you?
It's entirely
impossible at this time.
No problem. I'll try to
return during winter vacation.
I'll hang up now, Akash.
I'll call you later.
Okay. You take care.
But I don't understand
how this happened.
Such a good girl!
For something like this
to happen to a girl like Shivani.
I never imagined it.
Every time I see Vani,
I feel she should have considered..
..the fact she
has a sister at home.
Let's go, mum.
Why do you even listen to her?
This is all she knows to do.
She's not saying
anything incorrect.
Everything she said was true,
wasn't it?
Sandip mentioned he saw
her with someone in the mall.
One week back.
But one can't guess
who it might be.
He thought it must be a friend.
The kids these get so friendly, one
can't tell if it is a friend or..
We never expected anything
of this sort to happen.
We thought that she
is getting married so..
Parents put in so much
love to raise their children..
..but the kids don't
give any thought to..
[indistinct chatter]
Did you know beforehand
this was going to happen?
The kids these get so friendly, one
can't tell if it is a friend or..
5 year reputation..
Children shouldn't shred their
parents' dignity in this manner.
She.. She loved him.
And what of our love?
This fresh love means
more than our 24 year..
..old love.
You tell me too..
You tell me too..
if you love someone..
How's your preparation?
I'm working on it.
Have things improved at home?
And even if I try to change things
nobody lets me do it.
It's been six months but..
Have you thought about telling
uncle and aunty about us?
Not yet.
I don't think they can take it yet.
You have to tell them sometime.
Yes, but there's no
particular hurry, is there?
Right. I have a class.
I'll call you after.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
I discussed it at the
office just this morning.
Mr. Vele has a brother in Kanpur.
It's his son.
He's done IMA from IIT Kanpur.
He's been offered a package
worth 1.6 million in Bangalore.
- But so early..
- They're good people. Good family.
I don't want to delay it any longer.
She wishes to do MBA.
And she's so young.
I've seen the outcome
of one's wishes.
They're coming over on Sunday.
Let her know.
Can we talk later?
Me too.
You're kidding, right?
No, Akash.
- Didn't you tell them..
- I can't.
- I can't tell them.
- What can't you do?
If you can't tell them now,
then just buy some time.
Tell them you don't want to marry now.
I'll come down during
the upcoming holidays.
It's not that simple.
My parents are happy
after a long time.
- You want even I should..
- You're being foolish, Vani?
And us? Damn it! What about us?
- I'm coming. Somehow..
- No, Akash..
..you will do no such thing.
You aren't the only one who's
entitled to make this decision.
This involves my life too.
I'm sorry.
I love you..
..but not more than my parents.
Bullshit Vani,
this is not a competition!
Okay, let me come
and then we'll talk.
I don't want you coming
here and creating a scene.
I can't make my parents
go through it again.
So this is it?
A four year old relationship
ending with one phone call.
Don't make it more difficult for me.
I wish you'd understand.
What am I to understand, Vani?
What am I to understand?
Four years of my life become
meaningless in one moment.
I should forget everything..
..I planned during the past
four years of my life?
I should change it?
Or am I to understand that
the relation I had visions about..
..is merely a dream. I woke up
and my dream was shattered.
Even my dream is shattered..
- But..
- But what, Vani? But what?
Think of it this way.
I can shatter our dream..
..but I cannot break
my parents' hearts.
- Vani..
- Bye, Akash.
Va.. Vani..?
Akash, no matter
what Vani says to you..
..I think you should come down.
No, I don't want any
relationship with a girl..
..who doesn't have the courage
to say she loves me.
Nonsense! You know that's not..
No Sumbul,
if she feels she should do this..
..if she feels this is right..
..if she wants to be a martyr..
..and carry out her duty
for her parents, it is okay.
Then that is what she should do.
If she can end this relationship
so easily without seeing me once..
..even I won't try to
convince her not to leave me.
I'm willing to fight others for her..
..but I refuse
to fight her for her love.
Tell her to send me an invite.
Surely I deserve this much
for the four years.
"That which I think of
and break into laughter."
"That which I think of
and break into laughter."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"That which I think of
and break into laughter."
"That which I think of
and break into laughter."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"We got together all in fun.
I turned into a lane."
"We got together all in fun.
I turned into a lane."
"The lane broke off
after a little way."
"A broken down house
was at the fork on that lane."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"It was a coincidence.
It was a joke between you and me."
"It's in the light memories.
Written on musty old books."
"It can't be forgettable."
"Best wishes, dearest.
Best wishes."
"Best wishes, dearest.
Best wishes."
"Best wishes, dearest.
To all yours beloved, best wishes."
"Best wishes, dearest.
Best wishes."
"Best wishes, dearest.
Best wishes."
I'll go change.
You look good just as you are.
I'm not ready yet.
Nobody is.
You know, Vani, I've been asking him..
..how he found a pretty girl like you?
Yeah, yeah. Pour the drinks.
- Okay. Vani, you'll have?
- No, I don't drink.
Really? You're never had it before?
Two or three times with my
friends from college. That's it.
- Rustle up some snacks.
- Sure.
Have you made any headway?
No, mate.
I don't want to.
In the beginning one
should spend time talking..
..and getting comfortable
with each other.
That's true.
What else have you done?
Tell me.
Besides alcohol what else
did you try in college?
Tell me.
- Nothing. Some friends..
- Don't you have any sense?
You want to tell people
my wife drinks alcohol.
Keep your mouth shut
if you don't have any sense.
Will you get into bed now or
you need a peg to put you to sleep?
Were you asleep?
It took you so long
to open the door.
You got very late today.
Yes. It did get late,
I was hanging out with my friends..
..next time I will take
your permission before leaving.
Hello! Hi!
Please make me some tea.
Should I serve dinner?
Do you want to sleep?
Then can't you see I am having tea.
What have you done throughout
the day that you are so tired?
Did I complain to
you about anything?
No. but it seems like you
are serving me two meals a day..
..as if doing some charity.
Today I am little late and looks
like your sleep has been disturbed.
You go rest.
I will reheat the food myself.
Don't be under this impression
that you are doing a lot of work.
I can manage by myself.
You have not even
added sugar to this tea.
I must have forgotten,
let me get it.
Let it be.
You can't even make
a simple tea properly.
Serve the dinner.
I am not feeling well,
can you please help yourself?
What happened?
My periods started today,
it's paining a little more.
I have already prepared dinner.
Please reheat.
These bloody people when
it's come to going out..
No one told me after marriage
I will have to serve my own dinner.
Because she is down.
You leave, I will do it.
Are you feeling better already?
You sleep, I shall get it.
I am feeling alright.
Are you sure?
Else throughout lifetime
you will taunt me about this.
My parents had called today..
..they were missing us
and invited us to visit them.
We shall go next month.
They'll be happy.
Today my mother had called..
Said me to come for someday..
..she told me she had
a word with you and..
..that you agreed we will
celebrate Diwali there with them.
Why you do one thing,
take a long vacation..
..and stay there properly
for a long time.
- You..
- You don't like it here isn't it?
Better you stay with
your parents only.
Why do we continue
these charades everyday?
- But you yourself promised mom..
- What else could I say?
You deliberately made her invite me.
Why should I say the truth and
look bad. You yourself must realise.
Damn why did I married?
Are there more bread?
I will make them.
Leave it.
Next time count more and make.
Listen! Next week
I am going to Hyderabad.
There is a course in ISB for a week.
Please pack my stuff accordingly.
I was thinking now that
everything is settled..
..and even you leave early
in the morning for work..
Then there is nothing
to do throughout the day.
I was thinking to look out for
a good college here and pursue MBA.
What's the need?
You are not going to take up
any job then what's the point?
Still I'm..
Anyways, we must start a
family at the end of this year...
- ..in the middle of that..
- So soon?
I had already made it clear
to your parents..
..that I need a housewife..
..and once we have a child..
..all these useless things
won't come in your head.
And yes..
Ashok was asking about
watching a film this Saturday.
He has booked the tickets.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Shall I serve you dinner?
Don't you bother!
I will help myself.
Why are you getting angry?
I went only after
taking your permission.
- And after..
- Taking permission? Or informing?
Permission was a drama.
You knew very well, I couldn't
say no in front of your friend.
No problem, you have fun,
hang out with friends, enjoy..
He was Kirti's friend not mine..
And I didn't even know
he would be accompanying.
Oh so, you are staying out
with strangers till 11pm.
What do you expect from me after all?
What do I want?
You tell me what do you expect..
..if you have any desires
like your sister.
How come you are dragging
my sister into this?
Both of you are made
of the same blood.
Whose blood is how
can be clearly seen.
Pack your bags and leave.
This is my house.
If you want to stay then
stay on my terms or get out.
He misbehaves all the time.
I can't stay with him.
Did he hit you?
No mother.
Fighting over small things.
He has problem with everything.
It's not as if I don't try..
..but no matter what I do, it's
like he is just fond of fighting.
I feel suffocated being with him.
You don't worry, we will talk to him.
All this happens,
everything will be fine.
Previously also you spoke to him and
that only resulted in more fights.
He blamed me for defaming him,
I can't stay with him.
If you fight over small
things and come to our home..
He is bound to feel bad.
You are taking his side only.
We will talk to him.
..this time please talk properly,
this is third time in past 6 months.
I met Mrs Goyal in the morning
and even she was asking me..
..if everything is alright.
I will talk to Ravi ji.
Sometime brings your
parents also along.
Sure, they too remember you.
What is this?
You haven't eaten anything.
I will..
- Have this.
- Yes.
I am really apologetic Father-in-law.
I was wondering all the way
here as to how will I face you.
You are aware
small fights keep happening.
One utters something sometimes..
..but I shouldn't be taken seriously.
That's true, you are absolutely right.
We understand.
We think you must plan
to extend your family.
Vani will also be busy and
these small fights would also end.
That decision I have left it on Vani..
..whenever she is ready
only at that time.
Shall we leave, Vani?
At least have something
to eat then we will leave.
Is it important to leave today?
Now that you have come,
at least stay back for a few days.
Mummy, now I had
no choice but to come.
Next time when I have a few days off
both Vani and I will come together.
Aunt, you?
You seem to have forgotten us.
Your mama was coming
here for some work..
I too joined him
so that I can meet you.
She is lying.
I asked her to come along.
- How are you?
- Greetings, aunty.
Hello. Enough.
- Hello, uncle.
- Hello! Have a long life!
Come in. How are you?
Very well.
And how are you doing?
Very good. What about you?
What can happen to me..
..you tell me what
about your MBA plans?
Hope you are not planning
to start a family so soon.
Ravi doesn't think I need a MBA.
He says I am earning
you simply enjoy.
I hope you are coming
to Delhi for your Alumini meet.
Sumbul said she told you.
She had called.
I don't think I can make it.
You shouldn't miss it.
No, he won't understand..
..and join me and if I go alone,
he won't like that either.
Ravi, we were thinking if we
take Vani with us for a few days.
Hope you don't mind.
She has not visited us after college.
Why would I have a problem?
She is your daughter,
you can take her along.
Aunty, some other time.
Now there things to do at home..
No some other time. Ravi has agreed,
anyways he was just sharing..
..that he is going to
Hyderabad for a week in..
..that case what
will you do here alone?
You are coming with us,
that's decided.
When Ravi returns you too can return.
Is it okay?
I am fine with anything.
It's settled.
I have been very miserable, I cook,
clean utensils, wash clothes..
..and then get tired
and have to wait for him..
..till he uses me physically
for his pleasure..
..and I don't even get paid for it.
Why don't you just leave the bastard?
Get a divorce, come here, study for
MBA and just move on with your life.
One daughter ran away..
..and one will get divorced.
Shall we go for shopping?
I want take you along
in these clothes.
"Those whose houses are
bright complain of darkness.."
"Those whose houses are bright.."
- "..complain of darkness.."
- Such a boring evening!
We shouldn't have come at all.
It would have been better
to stay at home and get drunk.
Wonderful..let's hear
something from you.
"The love that I once had,
has still stayed.."
"The desire to be in shadow
of your hair has still stayed.."
"My nights are still
full of dreams about you.."
This guy..just knows this one..
"And I am still crazy about you."
"My eyes can't even
picture anyone else.."
"There is still some innocence
left in these treacherous eyes."
"I want your appreciation
on the following lines.."
Got your appreciation?
"As you loved me once,
you can once again leave me.."
"As you loved me once,
you can once again leave me..."
"Even now you have the permission
to break make my heart."
"Today we met as strangers.."
"In vain I kept waiting.."
"With every look you are going
even more away from me."
"Like a cheat,
you have been avoiding me."
"In vain I kept waiting like a fool."
Vani wait.
I want to leave.
- Vani I will accompany you.
- No, I'll go.
What happened?
- You felt bad?
- Akash!
Shouldn't I have called you a cheat?
Should I have called
you a victim instead?
Aaksh, stop..
I am sorry, Akash.
You are sorry!
She is sorry!
It's so easy isn't it?
To say I am sorry
I am sorry that
I married someone else.
I am sorry that without even meeting,
just over the phone I conveyed...
..that you aren't part
of my life anymore.
What else are you sorry about?
Are you sorry that you
didn't invite me to your wedding?
Akash, please.
Or that you didn't introduce me
to your husband?
Or are you sorry about
the fact that you cheated me?
Akash, let's go. Let's go.
I am sorry Vani, that I never loved
anyone as bad and as spineless as you.
Vani! Vani!
Vani, what is this childishness?
Go in the morning.
- What will we say to uncle, aunty?
- Anything.
Will tell them my father called
but I just want to leave now.
- Vani..
- It's only my fault.
I wanted to re-live the past.
I had forgotten that some moments
in life are not to be remembered.
With time these moments,
their meaningfulness..
..and importance, everything changes.
Two years, I didn't even
allow myself to cry properly.
She just made one phone
call and said everything is over!
In one moment everything ended.
All the dreams, promises,
rights were snatched from me..
..and given to someone else
and she didn't even object!
I tried a lot.
I really tried a lot.
I engrossed myself with
so much that I forget her.
I stopped looking
at calendar so that..
I don't even realise the date
when she is getting married.
You know what I thought
when she was getting married..
..how she must be looking.
After that evening,
all other the evenings.
I have had just this one thought,
this one thought...
That it will be night and she would be
with her husband and they must be..
That place was mine and
it was given to someone else.
It's okay. Whatever is happening
with her, she has made that choice.
It's out of her own weakness.
Listen, if what is happening to her
is due to her own weakness..
..then in a way even you are responsible
for whatever that has happened to you.
When she was weak, what did you do?
You left her all by herself
because of your mad ego.
When she said very easily
that relationship is over..
..even you believed her easily.
If she is responsible
for her miseries..
..you have no right
to blame her for yours.
You lost her because
you did not fight..
..her parents whoever
that you needed to.
Listen, whatever she did,
there was a reason behind it.
Reasons are easier said..
..than believed.
Yes, say.
Wait, we are coming.
What happened?
Good morning!
Good morning!
Since when have you
been getting up so early?
Since the time sleep has deprived me.
Delhi feels so pleasant
in this cold weather.
Isn't it cold in Bangalore?
Yes, it is but not as much as Delhi.
I will get it.
No, wait. I had already made it.
It's a little less, is it okay?
Everytime I see this
cigarette in your hand..
..I feel I am responsible for it.
Yes, you are right.
Here, I will drop it.
It's just the matter of 2-3 days.
And then you will start again?
Please don't smoke again,
it's a bad habit.
Are you laughing thinking what
right do I have in stopping you?
Please don't smoke.
What are you doing here?
I am looking for that bulb.
You never mentioned
about it to your parents?
Yes I did, several times..
..but until they see scars
on body they don't believe.
Will you have fried bread?
Let's go.
You have gained weight.
Yes, I have become
fat like an aunty.
Put off the TV,
I want to show you all something.
Come here, quickly.
What you keep roaming
everywhere with your camera?
Don't bored.
He was sleeping and he got
up and said he is still tired.
- Stop, stop..
- What?
What are you doing? Wait. Hold on.
It's done. Come.
You were practically
dying of that freezing cold.
Come on I am feeling sleepy.
You too must sleep.
Get up Vani, come.
Good Night.
Good Night.
Where are we going?
Towards heaven.
Have you gone mad?
People are watching, come down.
It's been 8 days,
she hasn't kissed me.
Lie, absolute lie.
I kissed you 4 days
back in the library.
4 days back! And it was a 3
second kiss. Does that even count?
You are counting seconds!
Go jump right away
I am not going to save you.
- Just watch I am jumping.
- Jump!
Now, leave me. Let me jump.
Leave or I'll jump.
Let him come down and
then teach him a lesson.
He is so mean..
- What happened?
- ..he keeps hogging her all the time.
How many grades do you want?
Let me give you.
- After fail the exam.
- Two point two, Two point three.
Give me also a few grades.
I'm also going to fail.
Hurry! Get up.
I can't.
Why can't you get up.
I am not wearing a bra!
So it will show!
What will show?
Don't you dare!
You also want one?
Where are we going?
What do I know.
What do you mean
that you don't know!
Means how do I know.
What! don't look at me,
I don't know anything.
How does it matter,
where we are going!
We are going to Chandigarh.
- What?
- Chandigarh. No.
Shut up, let's have fun!
Don't be an aunty! Aunty!!
Take turn back.
I told you don't be like aunty.
I want to go to the loo.
Why do you have to
go home to go to the loo?
C'mon find some bushes and do it.
I want to do potty..
Oh so say that way.
What are we doing here?
I want her back!
Do you know what you are saying?
Is she happy?
If she would have been happy, I would
have been sad that she is not with me.
But at least I would have
been relieved that she is happy.
I feel she thinks,
she has no right to be happy.
I just want her
to be happy for once.
Ok. Then?
Then when she returns,
she will miss this happiness..
..and it will prick her..
and with that she would
be able to stand up for herself.
And what if this doesn't happen?
Are you feeling light now?
Do you want to go to
Chandigarh dressed like this?
C'mon let's shop.
"Somebody pushed me
at night and now it is day."
"I have made the dew
drops also come my way."
"Somebody pushed me
at night and now it is day."
"I have made the dew
drops also come my way."
"We have started that
which was left mid way."
"And now the paths are
also smiling when we walk."
"Just me and you."
"Just me and you."
"Just me and you."
I'll make it.
No let's have it someplace else.
Just the both of us.
This morning is
so beautiful isn't it?
Every morning here
must be as beautiful.
..it is only when you are awake..
..and have someone special
to share that with you.
Give us 2 cups tea and biscuits.
Yes, sure.
Are you both on your
honeymoon as well?
"Let's not think about
the past or future."
"Let's enjoy without any
inhibitions this present moment."
"Let's make most of this times,
steal drops from this rain."
"Let's not think of
others and walk together."
"Just you and me."
"Just you and me."
"Just you and me."
"Let's fly kites on moon"
"And snatch stars from the sky"
"Let's fly kites on moon"
"And snatch stars from the sky"
"Hold the mouthful
of sky in your palm,"
"And let fears escape you quickly."
"Walk with me in the
way that you never left me."
"Once again the both of us."
"Just you and me."
"Just you and me."
"I do not wish for anything."
"Nor will I listen to anyone."
"You are happy and I am with you."
"I just know this one thing."
"Once you stretch your hand,
I will hold it with mine."
"Come, lets go ahead together."
"Now, Just me and you."
"Now, Just me and you."
"Now, Just me and you."
"Now, Just me and you."
I want to count.
- Let me count.
- No.
You know no matter how dark the night
is there is always a bright morning.
I don't know when
the sun would rise..
but you can bring light..
..with these fire flies as well.
Hi! Look.
Uncle has called..
..and asked you
to come to Dehradun.
..it was indeed very
beautiful this morning..
..and if you wish every
morning can be like it.
Some dreams are so beautiful..
..that even after being
awake we wish to close our eyes..
and start from where we left off.
But does it happen that way?
Aakash, stop!
You had told me I had left
her alone, but not this time.
Don't be too happy,
I haven't come here for you.
Previously too I wanted
to come but couldn't.
But this could be my only chance.
Child, do you want to sit and eat.
No I am eating with aunty.
- I will check.
- No you remain seated, let me check.
Oh Ravi ji.
- Hello!
- Hello! Long live!
Weren't you going to come tomorrow?
Yes, but my office work got completed
sooner so I decided to come early.
Sudha! Ravi ji has come.
- You have come just at the right time.
- Greetings!
Be happy.
Please sit.
These are Vani's college
friends Aakash and Shekhar.
Vani, please get me some water.
- Here, grab a plate.
- Yes.
Vani, serve it.
Sleep now.
Good night.
Vani, Come here.
Don't you want to sleep.
What happened?
What happened?
Papa I..
What happened?
Ravi ji..
I can't stay with Ravi.
What do you mean?
I want a divorce.
What rubbish are you talking about?
What are you afraid of?
That what will people say?
What if this was
happening with sister?
If her marriage was falling apart..
You would have been happy..
..and felt let her pay
for whatever she has done.
As that mistake was made by her.
And this is your mistake, so
why do you want me to compromise?
Only because this mistake
has been made by you..
..do you want me to pay
for it throughout my life?
But my dear, we have always
thought in your best interest.
- And even now we are doing the same.
- Lie, Absolute lie.
You are not saying
this in my best interest..
..but to protect your
pride in the society.
I am not saying that
parents should have no right..
..in choosing partner
for their children..
But if children are unhappy, shouldn't
parents own up to the responsibility?
Today, I just want to
ask this one thing to you..
That why when a daughter
tells her father..
...that the partner they
have chosen for her is not right.
Why then is she told to compromise?
And assured falsely that
everything will be fine.
And when the same mistake...
..is committed by a daughter
in choosing a wrong partner..
She is mocked and asked
to pay for her own mistake.
But what is that which
is lacking in your life?
This is a common
thing in all households.
Just once you start a family..
Why can't you understand that starting
a family is not the solution?
I would be even more trapped then.
Is that a relationship?
When I can't stand the person..
..how can I even thinking
of starting a family with him?
If in every house
the wife is raped..
..then I don't want
to live in such a house.
If more than my happiness,
you are bothered about..
what the society would think and
how they would perceive, then No.
I am not prepared to bear
the consequences of your mistake.
No matter whose mistake
it is in life and however big..
..one shouldn't be
stopped from living.
Papa, why are you quiet?
In your respect,
I am not saying anything.
But my own wife, who is my pride..
..is tarnishing my pride
in front of everyone.
Which pride are you talking about?
The one that you rape every night..
or the one that you can't even protect
if someone tries to
molest during the day.
I have been bearing this Papa,
only respecting you but you know..
But it's too much.
I didn't want to do this but
now only I have to set this right.
Oh so this is the real reason!
This is the real reason
and I am being blamed in vain.
It's only my mistake that I associated
myself with such a disreputed family.
Did you see, because of
you what did we have to hear?
If only I could to tell you that
because of you what I had to bear!
"Ours is a flock of sparrows,
dear father, We'll fly away"
"On a long, long flight, We know
not to which land we shall go."
"Ours is a flock of sparrows"
What are you thinking?
I wish at least my mother
would have understood me.
She will understand
but it will take some time.
I just wanted you to know..
..that whatever I have done,
I have done it for myself.
I don't want you to feel...
I am glad that you have
done this for yourself.
That doesn't mean that
I am in love with you.
I also don't love you..
Vani the breakfast is ready.
I love you.
C'mon go to your own house and from
next month start paying for groceries.
Where will we go
in the middle of night?
Go, go c'mon leave.
"You are poetry of romantic eyes."
"You are carefree,
pitiless and treacherous."
"You are poetry of romantic eyes."
"You are carefree,
pitiless and treacherous."
"You are the one waving with
attitude from earth to the sky."
"That is swimming across the clouds.
That is sharp and unabashed."
You are the mad
and fun filled kite.
"You are poetry of romantic eyes."
"You are carefree,
pitiless and treacherous."
"You are the one waving with
attitude from earth to the sky."
"That is swimming across the clouds.
That is sharp and unabashed."
You are the mad
and fun filled kite.
"You are.. Yes, you are."
"Yes, you are."