Akasia (2003) Movie Script

Presented by SHOW EAS produced by
Dada Film & Beautiful Pictures
SHIM Hey-jin
KIM Jin-geun
PARK Woong
LEE Young-hee
MOON Woo-bin
JUNG Na-yoon
executive producer
KIM Dong-joo
associated producer
YU Young-shik, KANG Sung-kyu
PARK Ki-hyung
produced by
YU Young-shik
directed by
PARK Ki-hyung
Oh, hi.
I bet you had a hard time
being a judge
Seems like Professor Kim
made it harder for you.
No, I enjoyed it.
How come this painting
didn't get awarded?
People talk about it
Even if he copied it,
he's still very talented.
I think he had help.
But what if he had
really done it all alone?
Then he's a genius,
and he'll be praised elsewhere.
There's a booklet
of the drawings.
I'll go get it,
so please wait here.
Did you eat dinner?
I ate with the students
after the awards ceremony.
Where's dad?
Working in his workroom.
- Want some tea?
- Sure, I'll go change first.
Why are you giving me
that look?
What look are you
talking about?
You've got something to say,
so tell me.
No, I was just thinking
that you're so pretty
Come on, tell me.
If you promise me
that you're not gonna be mad
Are you having an affair
or something like that?
Fine, you're not
Don't get mad at me
Just tell me.
I won't get mad.
What if we...
No, never mind.
What is it?
Is it about a baby?
Are you saying adoption?
How'd you know?
That's the only issue
you hesitate to bring up to me
If you cheated on me,
you'd never bring it up
I'm not saying
we should adopt a child
I just want us to give
it a thought
You know it's not
our own decision.
Dad said he'll
leave it up to us.
You've already
discussed it with him?
It just came up during dinner.
Frankly, I wanted to know
his opinion about it
What's wrong?
If you've decided already,
why'd you beat around the bush?
You don't need to ask my opinion
All you have to do
is bring the kid.
Go right ahead.
Why are you saying like that?
I didn't say anything wrong
My job in this family is
to raise a kid
that you and your father
bring home
And that makes me
a nanny of your heir
Good for you
You'll get somebody
to do your memorial service
Take a seat
Are you working on a new project?
I'm just going through
my old works
They feel different now
I guess I'm still
attatched to them
I always am
It's always refreshing and gratifying
if you look
at it with affection,
whether it's yours or not
All that matter is
how much you care about it,
whether it's art work or person
I believe in both of you
You two will have more days
to spend with a child than me.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Please sit down.
I bet you have a art teacher here
No, we just let children draw
what they want
You mean, that boy drew
that tree by himself?
He loves trees so much,
he always sits alone
and keeps drawing them
Is this your first adoption
May I talk with him?
What's this?
There's a bug on a tree
Isn't he too old for us?
I feel strange
It feels like that I've
been waiting for him
Doesn't it count most?
Jin-sung, you really likes trees
Let mommy help you
'LEE Jin-sung'
Jin-sung, don't you remember
what I taught you
What's your new family name now?
Lee, Jin-sung
How many times did I tell you
that it's "Kim" Jin-sung?
You're Kim, Jin-sing, got it?
I'll knit you something nice,
so stand up.
Good boy.
Now raise your head.
This tree asked those ants to come
Those ants are protecting
this arcacia tree
If there's any animals or insects
that harass the tree,
they attack them and
chase them away
This tree used to have fragrance
and sometimes we got some honey
For some reason, it's been years
since the last time
it had leaves and flowers
It's because
that thing is hurting it.
Then let's make it feel better.
Can you go get the red toolbox
from my workroom?
It won't hurt anymore.
You must be cold without leaves.
I wish you had leaves.
Does the tree understand you?
What are you drawing?
What's this?
Know what this is?
I bought this for you
Come check it out.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
That's not fair!
Rock, paper, scissors.
I said rock.
It feels like you're pinching me
Say grandmother.
Honey, I'm sure that
you can do it, right?
His teacher said that
his IQ is very high for his age
Why does he hold on
to that nasty bug?
You know kids are kids
I used to catch worms
and play with them.
Don't you remember?
I hardly remember
Want to go to your room?
He's cute, huh?
Did you really put him
on the family register?
Why do you keep asking me
same question?
What's that?
Hold on to it.
I got it from
a famous fortune teller.
Always carry it with you.
I know a lot of women
who had kids over forty.
Please stop.
Don't come here
if you want to act like this
You're too young
to give up already.
You can't deny that
blood is thicker than water
Jin-sung, what's wrong?
Did something happen?
Where are you going?
I can't believe it.
How could she say that
in front of him?
It's an Acacia leaf.
Since the tree is sick and weak,
hang it on the tree often.
So that it won't be lonely.
Who are they?
Mommy and daddy.
Where are you, Jin-sung?
Kim Jin-sung is drawing this.
I'm sorry I was mad at you
Mommy was wrong.
I'll hang this on you everyday
until you get well.
I hope you get better soon.
Wait right there.
I'm Min-jee.
You're Jin-sung, right?
How'd you know my name?
I can hear everything
from your porch.
How old are you?
I'm older than you.
I'm eight.
You always talk to this tree.
Does it talk back?
Don't you go to school?
Why not?
Cause I don't have
enough blood
Know what a vampire is?
That's what I am.
You better be careful.
Can you ride that well?
where are you going?
Wait for me.
I'll be with you from now on.
You're now a vampire, too.
What was her name?
Looks like they're having fun
That's great
Mi-sook never expected it.
She's kind of stunned
What are you talking about?
It's a blessing
She's supposed to be
happy about it
Did you do this?
To burn the fan?
Just leave it alone.
I'll clean this up after I change
Jin-sung, don't worry.
Having a new baby won't
change anything
You know how much I love you
You can't help your
maternal instinct
You can't help falling in love
with your own baby
Besides, you have a baby boy
Mother, please.
My sweet baby,
it's time for your formular
Let's take a picture
of Hae-sung.
Mother, look this way.
Hae-sung, it's daddy.
Here I go.
One, two...
Hae-sung, look at daddy.
Over here.
One, two...
Why don't you
sit down with Hae-sung?
Okay, good.
One, two...
My boy Jin-sung.
Let's take one of you, too.
Come on Jin-sung,
look at daddy.
Jin-sung, good.
Okay, one, two...
Don't cry.
Jin-sung, stop that!
What a rotten boy.
What's going on?
He's terrible.
I think he was just playing
Covering a baby's mouth
is playing?
Look at his eyes
He got some evil look
in his eyes
He's not a normal boy
You witch!
You'll be spanked
if you say like that
Jin-sung, what's wrong?
Where's Jin-sung?
Probably in his room.
We shouldn't let him
near the baby
Don't overreact
He's only a kid.
You can never be too
careful about it
You're up.
Let's see what Jin-sung drew.
Is this new?
Nice work.
Hae-sung must be up.
Can you go check on him?
Jin-sung, go wash up.
You're really not going to eat?
Aren't you hungry?
You should look at me
when I talk to you.
I'm not hungry.
Come down and talk.
I can't even stay
where I want?
Looks like it's gonna rain
You'll be all right?
I'll be alright.
I'll be late,
so don't wait for me.
Have a good time.
Have a good time.
What's wrong?
I better chop it down
before Jin-sung wakes up.
He'll form bad habits
as long as there's the tree
He's just young.
Jin-sung likes it.
Just leave it alone.
Okay, I'll call the pastor
once I'm ready.
Mom, stop saying that.
You think it's simple
to send him back?
I said fine
What are you doing?
I'm leaving here
What did you say?
I'm going to my mom!
Your mom's right here.
My mom?
My mom is dead
She died and became a tree.
You just go get
another kid!
Don't die.
You just go get
another kid!
Call the police.
What am I supposed to tell them?
Report that he's missing.
We can't just wait like this.
Is this the police?
I'd like to report
a missing person.
It's my son.
He rode off in
his bike last night.
Kim, Jin-sung
He did something wrong,
and my wife yelled at him.
But he hasn't come back.
he's adopted
How did that get in there?
What are you trying to do?
Think I did that on purpose?
Then was it me?
Did Hae-sung do it?
Or did Jin-sung
come back and do it?
Don't bring him up
Then, who would this belong to?
Who else got this
kind of shit in this house?
Drop your ridiculous work.
And pay attention to the kid.
Did something happen to
next door?
Min-jee, what's wrong?
Hi, Hae-sung.
Can I push it?
But don't go outside.
Who's she?
She lives next door.
She used to play with Jin-sung
Hae-sung likes her.
I was worried,
but I'm glad you look better.
Watch your driving!
Hey lady,
I said 'I'm sorry'
You think that's all?
You scared my child to death.
Fuck, did I hit him?
Did I hit him, you bitch?
What kind of maniac are you?
Crazy bastard.
Did you call me a bastard?
You wanna fuck with me?
Where have you been?
I was so worried about you.
You must be starved
You should eat first
and let's talk later
It hurts.
Someone must've made him believe
that his mother became a tree
after she died on a rainy day.
So whenever it rained he'd
often run out of our orphanage.
It's so weird
It never had a leaf
till last year.
Mom, what's wrong?
Jin-sung, you see.
It's not that
he won't come back.
Maybe he can't come back.
Maybe someone...
Are you okay?
Don't you need to be in the hospital?
That's okay
How's your mother doing?
The hospital will call me
if she regains her consciousness
I'll be out for a while.
Lock the doors.
And go get some rest.
You look very tired.
You know where Jin-sung is,
don't you?
Where is he?
Why do you ask me that?
You know it already
You're crazy.
Watch your language, you psycho
It's you who's crazy.
I miss Jin-sung.
All I wish is for him
to come back.
Crazy bitch.
Don't you realize
that it's all your fault?
That's bullshit!
Clean that up
before I kill you.
Don't touch Hae-sung ever!
I smell blood on you.
It's disgusting.
Is Choi, Mi-sook there?
This is she
Who's calling please?
Pastor Jung from Hakdong Church.
Oh, hello.
How are you?
The same as always.
So how's your mother?
She's in the same condition
Anyway, how may I help you?
The exhibition begins tomorrow,
and I haven't heard from you
Yes, a fundraiser
to help remodel the church.
I thought your mother
told you already.
She said you'll call me
when you're ready
Okay, I'll call the pastor
once I'm ready.
you know something, don't you?
You know you do.
Mr. Kim, Do-il?
Who are you?
I'm a police officer.
What can I do for you?
You know misses Park,
the principal of Hope Orphanage?
She's my cousin.
I was told that your adopted
son is missing
We already reported that
he's missing
I'm aware of it
But, it's hard to reach you
what are you trying to say here?
You know what's been happening
since he's gone?
Go see for yourself.
You should see my wife first
before you talk to me
I already did
She said that you got something
to say about his disappearance
Jin-sung told me to kill you.
You're gonna kill Hae-sung as well,
aren't you?
No way!
You can't.
I know everything now.
Crazy bitch.
What the hell
are you talking about?
You killed him and buried him!
You killed him!
I should've cut down the tree.
I told you I was going
to chop it down.
But you stopped me.
You told me to leave it alone!
What are you talking about?
Don't you remember?
You forgot everything
that happened that day?
It's you who killed Jin-sung,
not me.
Mi-sook, it's you!
Jin-sung would be alive if
I had cut it down that day.
If you hadn't stopped me,
Jin-sung would be alive.
It's not true!
You wanted to forget all
about it that much?
Is this how you wipe
your memory out?
Blaming everything on me?
This isn't your mother.
It's just a tree.
It's my mom
It's all your fault!
Stop it!
Please stop.
It's hurting Jin-sung.
Jin-sung is not dead
I can hear Jin-sung's voice
from the tree.
No, it'll bleed!
It's only a tree
A tree.
It's not your mother.
Now, it's just me
you should talk to
You can't go up there anymore.
I'm going to chop it down.
Got it?
Don't do it.
Call the police.
Report a missing person.
We can't just wait like this.
Jin-sung, I'm sleepy.
I'm going to sleep.