Akkadokaduntadu (2019) Movie Script

[cicadas chirping]
[ambulance siren]
[ambulance siren continues]
[ambulance siren and
engine sound mute voice]
What Gangadhar?
Are you afraid of being in the forest?
Nothing of that sort sir.
What's the driver doing?
I asked him to sleep as
he said he was drowsy.
-I'll check if he is awake.
-Okay,please check.
Okay drive back further.
Keep it coming.
-Is it okay sir?
Okay stop.
[both groan]
-Did you check everything?
We packed everything carefully sir.
Everything is intact sir.
I had to commit alot of
crimes to earn this money.
Only both of us know about this secret.
Oh sorry sir!I don't know anything.
Only you know about it sir.
If this secret gets out...
You've turned me whow as a
normal accountant as a famous auditor.
You've given me everything above my level.
My wife and kids depend on me sir.Please!
[metal door screeches heavily]
Sir...storing so much money here...
-Do we hide it at your home then?
There is a chance of a raid
if we place it at home.
If I choose to save it in a bank,
they'll ask me to pay tax.
If I decide to pay,
they'd ask me the source of income.
But this is illegal money.
We don't know the source really.
Don't worry. There's someone above us.
he'll take care of everything
"Hey saint!"
"Oh saint!"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the accountofeverything"
"He's the soldier ofjustice"
Take out the wallet,
or be the target of my knife.
The knife found it's target.
"He's the call of blood"
"A typhoon of vengeance
is filled in his heart"
"A silent tune on the shore..."
"It's singing the song
of wounds in the heart"
"A ritual of blood continues"
"A brave sword rose above like a flame"
"The war zone is calling"
"It's roaring at you"
"If your intention is providing justice"
"The time itself wouldbe in your control"
"There's someone upthere"
"He keeps the account ofeverything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's the soldier of justice"
[alarm ringing]
Huh? It's 4!
Get ready.
Oh my god!
I can't believe this.
-In such cold...
Before the Bangalore bus
reached Ameerpet bus stop...
...and before I could wait for Nitya,
Nitya is already in the lift!How come?
Today,the bus is half an hour early.
Let's go.
Welcome to Hyderabad.Come.
Wow! Look how the flat is glowing!
It's all because of you.
Yes it is.
You forgot to turn off the lights.
Hey,let's buy a similar flat.
No.Let's construct it.
Oh yeah!
Let's construct it with a lot of love.
"Open with Kola"programme for the
international viewers presented by Kola.
The person who gained alot of
fame in both the Telugu states...
...the honest ex-minister Prakash
KK is going to open up now.
-Delhi minister meeting is very important.
-Let's uncover truth in this interview.
Greetings sir.
You don't worry sir.Ill takecare.
Before we start the camera,
do we discuss abit Mr.Prakash K K?
I have a small personal question for you.
Well,you commit murders.
Well that's what people gossip.
How do you feel when
you are killing a person.
Tell me sir.
-Have that first.
You won't get this chance again in life.
-It's a single malt scotch.24years old.
-Is it?
-Have it.
-How is it?
-It's quite smooth sir.
-Have the other one too.
Is it okay?
-Yes sir.
-So tell me now.
Do you want a
bitter truth or beautiful lies.
I need a lie sir.
You are lying.
Tell me the truth.
I need a beautiful lie sir.
You are lying again.
I know face reading.
And that's why...
I mixed slow poison in
the scotch you just drank.
You'll be dead in a week.
You'll die without even
knowing the reason or illness.
-You'll be so dead.
I pray to you sir.
I don't need either truth or lies sir.
I'll leave behind everything here sir.
Please tell me the
antidote for the poison sir.
I'll spread the news that you
are a great and kind person.
Please save me sir!
See how much you
believed a lie to be true!
Sothe slow poison...
-That's a lie.
Er...thank god!
[Kola sighs]
-But the money is a truth.
He's already scared the hell out of me!
Please keep your money with you.
-Stop Mr.Kola.
I'll tell you a truth.
You should tell me how
much of a lie it sounds.
Pretty recently, a goodman like you died.
There was no heavy rain or typhoon...
That wasn't night and there
was not much traffic either.
But he died in an accident.
Is this a lie or a truth?
-It's a truth sir.
-That's a complete lie.
-I've got him killed easily.
Is this a truth or a lie?
That's a complete lie sir.
Whats our programme tomorrow?
We're flying to Delhi
early tomorrow morning sir.
And what's your programme mean while?
I'll take the life of Kola who
is focussing on your life sir.
I've got news that
someone's watching you closely.
You better be careful.
As you say sir.
[traffic sounds]
Vamsi, I love you!
Tell me something else.
[Vamsi sighs in pain]
-What else do I say?
-I know baby.
-I too love you!
[girl chuckles]
Let me brag a bit.
[phone keypad beeps]
[phone rings]
Hey one minute.
Who's that?
-Hey Vamsi.
Leaving the times we studied in
college and went to rest room...
...did the three of us
leave each other ever?
What's the matter dude?
Huh.It's a waste of time
telling the same thing twice.
You just hold the line.
I'll take Karthik into conference
and tell the matter to both of you.
-What do you say?
[phone keypad beeps]
[phone rings]
Hey Adi!Me and Nitya are going to
get married the next month dude.
What's the venue dude?
How many times I have told you man?
When the other person calls,you don't
bother about what he wants to convey?
Vamsi is on the conference
on the other side...
Say hi to him and promise
me you both will do what I say now.
-Hi Vamsi!
-Hi Karthik.
I'm arranging an ADO party the nextmonth.
Don't be confused by the term ADO.
All Dudes get their Own money.
Let's experience six months
of fun on a single day.
Let's enjoy,sing and dance.What say you?
So you both get your lovers along.
As I don't have agirlfriend,
I'll come alone.What do you say?
Alright.Done bro.
Okay dude.Definitely.
I promise on my mother sir.
I don't know anything.
He'll kill me if he comes
to know I spoke to you.
I have a family.Leave me,please!
Turn into an approver
by revealing the truth.
Just because you lie, we wouldn't stop
from discovering the thousands of crores.
I really don't know anything sir.
Please leave me sir!
Oh no!
The party is not in rule.
All the ministers are ex-ministers now.
Thre is no one that can help you.
If you feel like telling
the truth anytime...
Here...take this mobile phone.
-No sir.
-Only if you feel like telling the truth.
Keep it.
Because...your phone is being tapped.
"I've spent the Monday
to Friday in hesitation"
"We're race horses on
the Saturday and Sunday"
Let's dance in joy forgetting the stress.
Let's guzzles on me vodka,gin,
rum,whiskey or a chilled beer.
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your'sormine"
"Party party party time,party on my mind"
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your's or mine"
"Party party party time,
party all the time"
"It's intoxicating,
like floating on the clouds"
"It's intoxicating"
"It's comforting,
forgetting all the pain"
"It's comforting"
"-If the girl falls for us at first sight
-If the girl falls for us at first sight"
"-If there's a breakup in love
-If there's a breakup in love"
"-Whether you're a success in software
-Or a failure in job hunt..."
"Let's enjoy the party weekends!"
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your's or mine"
"Party party party time,party on my mind"
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your's or mine"
"Party party party time,
party all the time"
[village percussions]
"-Let's get refreshed.
-Let's chill out."
"Let's all enjoy"
"-Let's jump in joy.
-Lets dance playfully."
"Happiness says jump in the air"
"Joy says there is no one bigger than us"
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your's or mine"
"Party party party time,party on my mind"
"Let's spend the time singing and dancing,
let's forget whether it's your's or mine"
"Party party party time,
party all the time"
[phone rings]
[music mutes voices]
[phone keeps ringing]
Yes Brother?
Where are you?
Bro, I am with friends.
Where are you right now?
I am in Kompalli.
Where in Kompalli stupid?
It's 12AM, Come home
urgently, I need to talk to you.
Okay bro, I am coming.
Let's go.
Hey! Karthik!
Will you slap me?
Sandy,you've behaved
worstly,leave from here.
You said let's forget your's
and mine no bro? Let's have fun.
You!You touched my Nithya?
Karthik, don't fight please.
-Karthik! Karthik!
-Karthik! Karthik!
-Sandy! Sandy!
-Karthik, what is this?
-Karthik,please leave.
-He touched Nithya.
-Stop it!
We came here to drink or fight?
You drank right? You danced right?
Now you are fighting, what are all
of you doing saying Sandy!Karthik? Move.
-Hey Karthik,Sandy.
-Please leave it Karthik.
-Stop it.
-Don't fight Karthik.
Are you both playing games?
Be here if you have guts, will see.
-What to watch?
-What will you do?
-Hey listen to me, don't fight.
Will you touch Nithya,
hey Adi leave me,he touched Nithya.
-Hey Alex ,where are you?
-Why these fights?
Come here fast!
-Please let's leave Karthik.
-We'll see if we you have guts.
-Karthik, listen to me
-Come fast to Kompalli with our gang.
Come fast!
Why are you running like fools?
If your father sees you
with Sandy,it'll be a mess.
Hey!We have to kill those guys.
Damn it!
I'll kill if anyone comes for Nithya.
Karthik, drives low,
why do you have to get that angry?
Do you even know that you are drunk?
Remove that foot from the
accelerator,listen to us.
-Karthik,please drive slowly.
-Hey,a car in the opposite direction!
-Let me see Karthik.
-No Nithya.
Nithya,don't get down.
[Glass breaks]
-Why did you stop the car?
Engine got stopped dude.
-See what happened quickly.
-That's what I am looking at.
Nithya, why did you go there?
-Did you go to see the tubelight? Getback
-Nithya,come back.
Thank god,we have to go
from here before anyone sees us.
Nithya come fast.
Nithya, what are you looking at ? Sit down.
Nithya sit.
Karthik,let's go.
Let's go from here please.
[water running]
Everything happened in a jiffy Nithya.
Did you think it's a car
or a computer video game?
Does anyone press the
accelerator continously and drive?
Even when police department is begging not
to drink and drive,no one listens.
A major road accident on Kompalli highway.
Police are thinking it
as a hit and run case.
Both the CC Cameras near
the scene are not working.
Offenders got escaped easily.
Police department is
investigating on this case.
I told you that no one saw us right?
Thank god
[TV anouncement]
For once,
think about the people who got killed.
Please,let's go and
surrender in the station.
Nithya,listen to what I say.
I didn't do it intentionally.
I was conscious.
That vehicle came in wrong route.
Tell her dude.
[phone buzzing]
You can't escape.
Damn it!
[phone ringing]
You don't know who I am.
Don't attempt to know and fail.
I traced you with your car number.
Due to drunk and drive,
one person was killed there cruelly.
With the video witness
I've sent, you who drived,
Your two friends who encouraged you..
...will sit in jail for 10years.
Sir, I didn't do the
accident intentionally sir.
Who is he man?
[Phone ringing]
-Are you trying to trace my number?
-Sorry sir.
I know what are you about to say...
Listen to me carefully.
If you try to know about me,
it's your loss.
It's impossible to trace me.
It's not only you who'll take the
punishment for the accident you did.
According to the new law,your
parents will also have to take punishment.
To destroy the video witness...
...I want two crores in two days.
I don't know what will you do.
Two crores within two days.
-Indian currency.
-Sir, listen to what I say sir..
Hello sir,just now I got
to know the money secret.
Two crores...two crores...two crores...
Damn it!
What is this?Two crores in two days?
We can't earn that much even
if we do these events lifelong.
Who is he? There's no option except
for robbing a bank before morning.
Shall we do?
We've already committed a mistake.
To escape from that we
are thinking wrongly.
Please, listen to me.
Let's go to police station and surrender.
Stop it Nithya!
Mistake happened unknowingly.
We didn't commit any crime.
I am scared that this
accident will effect our future.
It's our life,our future.
I love you Nithya.
[phone ringing]
Hello sir,one small request..
Please listen without cutting the call.
It's huge amount right?
We need some time.Please sir.
Is it? Then keep watching the TV.
That's not...
Breaking News
An unknown person recorded and sent the
video of the persons who did the accident.
He wantedly blurred the
video and sent it...
...or it was recorded in out of focus...
It's a million dollar question.
In the name of weekend parties,
they out h who were drinking and driving...
...might have done this,
says that area SI.
He said that they are
investigating in this direction.
The culprits who done this accident might
be of high status, but we'll catch them...
...and make sure they get
punished, says the police officers.
[phone rings]
Two days...two crores.
Save your freedom and future.
It's your video that is
being played in the TV.
I've sent it by blurring it by 80%
You don't have another option.
Two days,two crores.
So sad.Hey Karthik.
You know about my brother no?
He says whatever he earned is mine.
but he won't give me a
single rupee if I ask.
Manager will take care of all my expenses.
Vamsi,it's not that...
We are best friends right?
That too we got caught in a huge problem.
You have to solve this
problem in anyway,please.
Think of something,
think and bring us out of this problem.
[phone buzzing]
See man,how our future is
getting melted hour by hour.
Sorry Karthik,I am helpless.
I am sorry Nithya.
Hey Vamsi,friendship is not
only about partying and enjoying...
...it also means to help each
other if one's life is in risk.
Anyway,you said you can't help right?
We'll all go and sit in jail.
We'll all go and sit in jail!
Vamsi,why are you like that?
Is anything wrong?
Karthik and Nithya are
in a big trouble Sathya.
Is it? What happened?
-Karthik,please drive slowly.
-Hey,Car in the opposite direction.
Two days,two crores.
-Oh no.
I'm unable to do anything for them even
when I'm in a position to help them Satya.
If you want to help,come on
Vamsi, let's search for the source.
How many times did I tell you
not to roam untill midnight?
I am giving you whatever you want right?
Everything is for you right?
You are saying everything is for me
bro, but you aren't giving me any cash.
I want cash brother.
Cash? How much do you want?
Wait for two days,you can have how
many dollars you want in your pocket.
I don't want dollars
brother,I want Indian currency.
Indian currency? Go..
Go to our sikh industry and
take how much ever you want.
We have to do this help
atleast for Nithya.
I know that the whole money
is in our old factory Sathya.
-But what?
Let's go for fun,
it's been so long we went on a long drive.
It'll be a jolly trip.
Brother,look there.
Hey old man,what is your work here?
Go away!
I am telling you.
I guess he is deaf brother.
SAIN ???
What's your nuisance?
What's your work here?
He won't listen towords bro.
[everyone clapping]
No one who comes here.
Can never go back.
"A ritual of blood continues"
"A brave sword rose above like a flame"
"The war zone is calling"
"It's roaring at you"
"If your intention is providing justice"
"The time itself would be in your control"
[up beat song playing]
[up beat song continues]
Hey what's this?Where are we going?
You brother will give you 2crores if
you ask. Why to come all the way to here?
My brother had no idea that we are here.
Vamsi,where's the money?
Somewhere here...
Even I don't know the exact location.
What? You don't know the exact place?
This factory is above 100acres.
We will grow old,searching for the money.
Think positive man. Vamsi,let's search.
Hey,come let's look there.
-What Karthik?
-Nitya let'sgo.
-Why do you look scared?
-Come, I'll tell you.
Why are you pulling me out?
What did you see?
Come. I'll explain.
You are hiding something from me,Karthik.
-There are cockroaches in that room.
-I am scared of them. Not you.
Is it?Ok.Come,let's get scared.
No need.
1 day to go.
-Is that it?
2 crores in 24hours.
-Who's he?
-Hey, will you keep talking like that?
Now my words irritate you?
This wouldn't have happened if you
listened to me and avoided the accident.
Hey, there are some containers.
2000 notes bundle. Is this true?
Hey.Hey I... It'sme...
-I saw the money first. It's me.
Me.I saw the money first.
Hey Karthik,I saw the money first.
Hey Vamsi,I saw the money first.
"I saw the money."
-"I found the treasure."
-Where did you found it?
-2 crores
-One minute.
-Oh my God!
Vamsi is right.There's lot of cash here.
Damn!This much money?
All 2000 note bundles.
Hey,we want just 2 crores.
Open the bag.Let's pack 2 crores.
-I will will take 2crores.
-Take this.
-It's our money Adhi.
Ok take it.Who stopped you now?
New wants come out
the minute you see the money.
Hey,count it.We need to pay back.
[Echoes]:Stop it.
Who's there?
I am asking you guys only.
Who the bloody hell are you guys?
I am the owner of this property and money.
Who are you in the first place?
You need not know about me.
Go away from here.
Then first,you go away.
This is my money.
Stop your English drama.
Love uncle,you
seem like an elder citizen.
You might have come here by mistake.
Go away without creating a scene.
Sir,we are in a threat.
We asked a friend
for help and he brought us here.
Please mind your own business.
Hey Karthik, why are you requesting him?
Hey Vamsi,don't you
respect elders ?You can't hit him.
See uncle,we are youngsters.
We three have six packs abs.
3X6= 18packs.
If we start beating you.
Your body will
become pulp.I am telling you.
Or if you think why
to involve in this unnecessary risk.
Take few bundles if you want to.
No.I don't accept it.
Can't help.
Hey Vamsi,he look like a senior citizen.
Don't know where he's
staying in the forest.
Who will pay for his expenses?
-We should help him.
-Don't irritate me.
Don't make noise.Get lost.
Sir please don't hurt us.
Please leave us alone.
Sir I am scared.
You thought I would say so?
Vamsi,take the rod out.
Oh my God! Vamsi?
So you are that strong?
Where's the rod?
He's finished in my hands.
How did I come here?
Will finish him...
Karthik don't...
This is not your money.
Go away from here.
Oh God!
-Why are you hitting me?
-Sorry, I didn't see.
Oh God.Damn!
Why are you beating me?
Do you think I am a buffalo? Damn!
Karthik are you Ok?
Thank God!
Thank God!
Hey get up.
No don't.He'll kill us.
Listen to me.
No. Please.
-He will kill you.
-Don't know who this mad fellow is.
He tied us like this!
We should escape from here somehow.
Hey,getting out of his eyesight...
Is impossible.
Listen to me.Please don't.
Don't go.No.
Oh God!S o much money...
All 2000 note bundles.
Money in this bag too. All this is mine.
Even if you touch a single note.
I will kill you.
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's the soldier of justice"
"Hey saint!"
"Oh saint!"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's the soldier of justice"
"Hey saint!"
"Oh Saint!"
[metal rod clinks]
[metal rod clanks]
[metal rod clinks]
[finger snapping]Hey!
I'm here.
Don't frustrate me.
Leave from here.
Hey Vamsi!
Open the door.
[vault creaking]
It might've stucked.
I'm trying to open.
Hurry up.
Open it fast.
[vault creaking]
[vault creaking]
[vault creaking]
[vault creaking]
There is no way to get out
from here unless that door opens.
Yeah,let's do one thing.
Let's text Adi.
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]Yes!He reply.
[phone vibrating]
He is near the door.
"There's some one up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
Oh God!
-Hey Adi!
Adi, are you alright?
[door knocking]
It's getting late.
Hurry up.
The money is safe.
There is no guarantee of
this Indian currency.
They may call back the
Rs.2000 notes at anytime.
Which is why we will convert
the entire money into dollars
and deposit in foreign banks.
But you also know that the
government is very strict.
This is very risk.
What can we do if you say so?
This is very easy for you.
Let's make 50-50 deal.
You are convincing me alot.
-Sir, I'm your follower.
-Alright, your work will be done.
-Thank you,sir.
-Thank you.
[phone vibrating]
We will be spoiled completely.
In another 15hours,
our future and our parents reputation,
Everything shall be spoiled.
I cannot spend my entire life in a jail
for a mistake committed unintentionally.
Karthik,don't worry.
Let's think of any solution.
Hey! Think calmly.
I guided you tillmoney.
I did the help which I could do.
Hey! No matter what,we are leaving
from here by taking the money.
Yes,you are right Karthik.
I'll plead you,rowdy girl.
Please stop talking.
Listen to me,
we'll die for sure if we mess with him.
Let's kill him.
What are you talking?
Are you mad?
How can you even
think of killing him?
We came till here as someone
died because of us
and suffering these many troubles.
Will you commit another mistake?
Are you so cruel?
I'm scared ofyou.
Did I love a person like you?
I pity myself.
-Nitya,it's not that.
Nitya,he is a great robber.
There is nothing wrong in killing him.
On to that the cash belongs to Vamsi.
So, we will be indeed the
people who saved his money.
Nitya,I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
Please,I'm sorry.
Nitya,I'm sorry.
Nitya,we need not kill him.
Yes,Nitya.Let's take how much cash we
want and inform Vamsi's brother about it.
That's a good idea.So,your
brother can take care of him and money.
No,you all are wrong.
He is not a thief but he is a protector.
He would've stolen the money
long ago if he was a thief.
Yes, Vamsi.It seems like your
brother has appointed him as a guard.
He is like a blink 'Baahubali'.
He can kill anyone.
It's impossible to go
against him and fight.
You are right, Adi.
I'll request him.
I'll urge him to leave us.
I'll beg him.
let's follow what Nitya is saying.
Sit, sit.
I'm feeling very happy today.
I'm feeling happy after many days.
My entire life would get
settled if this one day passes.
Good evening, sir.
-May I come in,sir?
-Come in, please.
How can I help you,sir?
Uh...No, everything is good.
Thanks for asking.
-Have an ice day sir.
-You too, madam.
Sir,it's my sister-in-law.
Go and talk to her.
[cicadas critter]
Call to Prakash K.K.
[phone ringing continously]
-Yeah,tell me.
-How are you, my friend?
Yogi sir,what a miracle?
How come you called me?
[no audio]
[no audio]
-I'll call you later.
Book a ticket to Hyderabad.
Immediately,within no time.
Come on...
Come on...
It's not yet been ten minutes that I
felt happy.There is bad news immediately.
What happened to the ticket?
Sir,it's not available.
What are you talking?
Isn't a single ticket too?
-Sir,I'm trying.
Excuse me,sir.
I'm Nitya.
Sir,there is a small request.
Please,open the door.
I'm near the door.
-Sir, I'll come to you and tell you.
-What masterplan did you come up with?
Sir,we haven't planned anything.
We need your help.
We've involved in an
unintended accident.
Someone has died due to that.
Someone is black mailing us with
that accident video and demanding,
a ransom of Rs.2 crores,
that too within 48hours.
We are left with very less time.
Sir, will you give us a loan of Rs.
2 crores?
We will return you back.
Shut up!
Giving you money is not possible.
-Go and surrender.
-Okay, sir...Okay, sir...
Sir, I swear on my mother.
We will leave without making any sound.
Sir,open the door.
Don't do stupid things.
-Thank you sir,thank you very much.
-Get out from here.
[gun clacking]
-You'll get bashed.
We do not have to kill you.
We need money.
Stay like a statue just like
this till we take the money.
No Karthik.
Nitya,Vamsi has already commited.
There is no other way.
Hey Adi!
Put that cash in the bag.
-Don't move.
-Don't fire.
-I said,"Don't move".
-I said,"Don't fire".
-Don't move.
-Don't fire.
Don't fire.
-Just leave him.
-I'll shoot you.
-Sir, please sir...
Leave him.
Will you guys kill people
for the sake of money?
-Please sir,leave me.
-Will you go to any extent?
Please, sir...
Please, sir...
[metal clunks]
[metal clunks]
Sir, please...
[gun shots]
Now fire me,stupid.
Give me the gun.
[metal clunks]
Oh God!
No Karthik.
-Vamsi,get up.
Nitya,he came for us and died.
-What about Vamsi then?
-Let's go.
-Hey Vamsi!
-Let's get out from here first.
Hey Karthik!Look how much
we've suffered for this money?
Vamsi...He killed Vamsi.
Vamsi,I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
Did you guys listen to me when
I asked not to mess with fire?
Now we three are left out of five.
I didn't expect that Vamsi has a gun.
He doesn't have.
It was with that bloody girl!
Shall we go or stay until he comes back?
-Let's escape fromt hat,
atleast by giving this money.
Adi,he should have
definitely died for my blow.
In that case,
why did we come running all the way?
Now I understood how powerful fear is.
Come Nitya.
Let's go and bring Vamsi's body by
keeping that killer's matter a side.
[owl shooting]
He has vanished
Vamsi and Sathya.
He will kill us too.
Come let's run away.
Come, I'm leaving.
Hey! Where did you hide my friends?
You killer!
Damn! Vamsi.
[cicadas critter]
Evenour Vamsi's dead
body wasn't there.
He disappeared Sathya too.
Kathik is searching for them.
Let's leave from here quickly.
Sir,is there any issue?
Excuse me,sir.
How can I help you,sir?
I want a flight ticket to Hyderabad in
the next half an hour.Can you help me?
-I can't do that sir.
-Then get lost!
Have a nice day sir.
It's just a flight ticket man!
What's happening?
Sir, there is no signal.
I'll go out and try.
Sir,why don't you buy an aeroplane?
You can fly whenever you want.
Did you ever fire that gun?
-I didn't get a chance,sir.
-Will you shoot if you get a chance?
-I'll try sir.
[cicadas critter]
[leaves rustling]
Hell with this money,
Karthik's drunk and drive,
blind man and this forest!
It's my bad fate.
Oh god!Sir,please leave me.I don't
know anything.Sir,please leave me...
Where is the cash?
Sir,the girl who requested
you took the cash and left.
I asked her to return it but she
didn't care my words too.
She left me here alone.
I don't know anything.
Sir, please leave me...
Oh God...!Leave me,sir.
Oh God...![fighting sound]
Oh God...!Oh God...!
[fighting sound]
Oh God...!
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
No sir...No sir...No...
[owl hooting]
-Nitya,calm down.
Nitya,I have come.
Don't be scared.
Nitya, relax.Nothing
will happen.Just relax.
Nitya,nothing will happen to us.
Don't be scared.
Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you.
I'm there for you.
Where is Adi?
That blind man hit him and took with him.
Which way did he take him?
I don't know.
He carried him on his shoulders and took.
We should at least save Adi.
Let's go.
I just want a ticket to Hyderabad.
Can't you arrange a ticket for me being
the civil aviation minister?
It's just one ticket,sir.
-Now,there is a flight in an hour.
-Excuse me,sir.
How can I help you,sir?
Anjayya,you got a chance now.
Shoot her.
[gun creaking]
Have a nice day,sir.
-It might've stuck.It's not firing.
-Stupid fellow.Get out!
[birds chirping]
Karthik,he wants this money.
Let's return it to him.
He even took Adithya for this money.
Let's get out of here and
get rid of shadow's issue.
-No, no Karthik.
-Listen to me.
Let us make him delete the video clip.
And tell him that there is a lot of money.
He will definitely come for the money.
Then let's inform it to the cops.
So,the entire money would reach there.
So,both Adi and we will bes afe.
-Good idea.
[phone ringing continously]
-Shadow is calling me.
-Talk to him.
-Hello.-You are left with last three hours.
The cash is ready.
Where should we come?
I'm following you.
He is following us it seems.
Tell me.
I'm close
to you.
Uh...We are near the bridge.
-What about the cash?
-What is the witness?
Let's go.
-Let's call him.
Hello,where are you?
Yeah, sir.
We are sorry,sir.
Give me the cash.
Give him the bag.
Sir,take this.
Poor guy!
Sir,please leave him.
Please sir.
He made a mistake by driving
in inebriation.
He made another mistake when
he came to rob for easy money.
He made another mistake
by not listening to me.
[metal clunks]
What do you make out of this?
It is in his blood
to commit mistakes.
Your mistake is to love such a person.
We are ready to face any
punishment for what we have done.
That's all sir.
Later on,it's up to you.
You are killing people as well
as taking the law in your hands,
meanwhile, who are you sir?
[eagles creeching]
We shouldn't lose as humans
to over come the circumstances.
I'm K.S Yogendra,
who over comes failure with patience
chose IFS (Indian Forest Services).
I've selected the forest service despite
having eligibility to IAS and IPS posts.
Because I love nature.
If we save the nature,
it save us and our next generation too.
[leaves rustling]
[eagles screeching]
[fighting sound]
Come on,guys.
If you ever step into this forest
or mess with the cops,
I will shoot them brutally.
[water bubbling]The henchmen of Prakash
K.K who brutally killed even the cops,
were arrested by the forest officer, Yogi.
Yogi, who was transfered in the past
due to the Prakash K.K's corruption,
waited for a chance and gave
a master blow to Prakash K.K.
The higher authorities appreciated
for his adventourous act.
We will start our work if you send,
our factory permission file
to your higher authorities.
This is a very big deal in my life and
the beginning of my political entry.
Forest is like a mother to everyone.
A river is flowing out there.
The water will get polluted by
the construction of your factory.
We cannot give the permission.
Sir,I'm a well-wisher to your entire
department including Mr.Thulasi Ram.
Everyone knows about it.
I'll be very responsible towards my work.
I won't accede to the bribes.
I won't get scared to the threats.
If I've known this before,
I would've come here with a transfer
paper to the Nallamalla forest.
You can try,
but you cannot enter to
the area wherever I stay.
[phone beeping]
The customer you are calling
is busy at the moment.
Don't blabber Prakash K.K's
name. I'll look after him.[boo]
Didn't I tell you that I'll take care
of him? You guys do your work.
Mamatha,I'm sorry...
Mamatha,I'm sorry...
I shouted on you due to office work.
Anyway this isn't new to you,
This isn't new to me,
but this is new to our unborn baby.
Won't it get scared?
Mamatha,what did you said?
What I am saying is,if you can learn
being patient and control your anger,
it will help you when you become a father.
Mamatha,is it true?
Is it true?
Thank you.
[birds chirping]
Sir,we have seized those hundred lorries.
But that minister is very furious.
He's been sobbing that he will
lose more than a hundred crores.
What to do,sir?
Mr.Raja Rao,we are public servants.
Let's do our duty.
Alright, sir.
You tried to stop me when I came
to you for the factory permission.
But I've built that factory.
I've looted Rs.200 crores from
insurance by constructing and burning it.
Now the demand for the red sandal business
in this area is more than Rs.2000 crores.
You are interrupting me again.
The result will be very severe.
You cannot commit
mistake in my area.
You cannot escape even if you
commit a mistake by fooling me.
There will be a man like
me wherever you hide.
Ten years ago,I was just a goon.
I've made it with just a transfer as you
were a new and active officer at that time
But I am an MLAnow.
Don't threat me.
I'm an unnoticed criminal.
My business is there in every
forest in these two states.
This time,
your transfer will be...
Don't focus on me.
You are treating me like a kid.
There is still a week time for
the delivery. Why now?
Look Mamatha,we are living in
a forest but not in the city.
We have to be careful.
-Are you alright?
-I'm always alright with you.
It's enough for me if you are with me.
Even I wish to stay beside you all
the time but then I have my duty.
So what? I'll always be here with you.
I know,
I know that you are always with me.
[phone ringing]
Hi Yogi, sir.Seems like you are
going to the hospital with your wife.
Not for bringing a lovely
baby in to this world,
but for killing all of you.
Mr.Yogi,I asked my mento
install a bomb in your car.
What? Do you want to
check by pulling over?
Don't worry.The bomb isn't in
the car but it is on your way.
One minute, Mamatha.
Hey Prakash K.K!
Stop your illegal acts!
Don't mess with my personal life.
Stay proffessional.
No Yogi, sir.You have entered
into my professional life.
You made me a loss of hundreds of crores.
Hey! Hey!
You acquired that money illegally.
That is not yours.
One day,
you'll regret it if you wish for it.
Shall I tell you the truth?
Bomb is inside the car.
-Won't you trust me?
-Hey K.K!
-Countdown starts.
-No, K.K.
-What happened, dear?
How dare you to mess
with Prakash K.K?
"You being my breath,"
"Are you going leaving me?"
"Are you leaving me by igniting
all my wishes..."
"...in the pyre?"
"My concern and my breath..."
"...is yours"
"Be my life..."
"...and sleep in my heart"
"All the memories of you are burning..."
"...and are questioning me"
"That how long is the journey..."
"...without you"
"And how can I survive alone..."
"...in this world"
[cicadas critter]
Hey Prakash K.K!
You are not eligible
to live on this earth.
I'll slit you into pieces and
bring peace to my Mamatha's soul.
Are you going to kill him?
What is the difference between you both,
if you do so?
Do you want me to leave him?
Do I need to remain as
if I'm fit for nothing?
Tell me Mamatha...
Tell me.
you lost your sight but not your vision.
Our victory doesn't lies in a revenge.
He is a dangerous man
with money and power.
See that you prevent others
from being harmed like us.
Change him as a human.
That is our real victory.
I'm with you and will be with you.
Though I lost Mamatha physically,
she is still with me in my head.
She guided me towards progress
by reminding my responsibility
and not letting me to
turn like a criminal.
I'm well aware with
every corner of this forest.
The confidence Mamatha
gave me be came my vision.
She transformed my anger into light
and showed me the way to the destination.
[eagles screeching]
[knife swishes]
You are really great sir.
I'm going to retire in the next month.
These 35 years of service...
is a very long time.
If I look back to see what I've
achieved, there is nothing.Zero.
Sir,how is my friend?
Due to the Prime
Minister's master strike,
he is working on hiding the loot.
Good sir.
Very good sir.
You said a good news.
If he hides his illegal
money even behind the ocean,
I'll find him and
distribute his money to the public.
He's a big demon,sir.
I'm the demon who restores
I'm an injured soldier.
It is not a mistake to
fall down in the battle,
but not retaliating is.
Running away scared is a mistake.
Sir, you said that you didn't have any
significant achievement in your life.
Support my mission to
fight for righteousness.
You can proudly spend
the rest of your life,
in satisfaction that you did good work.
-Yogi sir,I'll definitely support.
-Thank you,Tulsi Rao.Thank you.
Mr.Tulsi Rao,
that idiot K K had brutally
got me shot.
He hid the entire money
at an old factory in the forest.
Yogi sir,your estimation
is 100 percent correct.
Prakash K.K hid the money in that factory.
I'm at the spot.
Our bad luck is that K.K
got Gangadhar murdered.
The wrong doer can never escape.
I've made a special team
to nab Prakash K.K.
Get them as early as possible to the spot.
Where are you?
-Sikh industry.
You are very sharp.
I hope you got it.
I didn't understand which
industry you are talking about.
My dear friend,
it is the industry which you've hidden the
amount which you've stolen till now.
I'm guarding the container that has money.
Hey! Hey!
Yogi sir.
Don't play games with me.
You've very less time.
See you soon.
-Sikh industry design was rejected byme.
I know every inch of the industry.
Mr.Thulsi Ram...
Greetings sir.Will you
please come to this side?
I'm coming.
You've taken lakhs of rupees
from me.Did you forget that?
I've earned this all by risking my life
and getting deemed as' thief and wicked'.
You know about me very well.
Alright, no issues.
I will give Rs.2 crores to each of them.
Go and resolve.
It's not possible K.K.
I did that in the past due to affection
on my family and fear for my life.
But it is not like the way it was.
They all are brave officers.
You can only buy them by being honest.
Sir,this entire money is mine.
I cannot even tolerate the
assumption that it is not mine.
Please sir,do something...
Please sir,do something...
There is no use of talking to me.
You should speak to Mr.Yogi who is
behind this mission to solve your problem.
He might help you.
-Hi bro.
-Hi.How are you?
I'm fine.
[phone ringing]
There will be a blind man.
-Chop him into pieces and...
Damn! He disconnected the call
without listening to the matter.
[phone ringing]
Hey Nair!I'll disconnect the
call when I've called you.
Till then listen calmly to what I say.
Okay, sir.
[phone ringing]Why did you disconnect
my call without letting me complete?
Sorry, sir.
Hey!There would be 10 to 15 members over
here.After killing him, kill them too.
kill them too.
-Did you get it?
-Sure sir.
-Where is the gang?
-There are ready.
Let's go.
[indistinct voices]
[indistinct voices]
Guys,chop him into pieces.
-Hey,catch him!
He is an oldman.
How can we kill him?
It doesn't matter who it is.
We should kill him as we got paid.
[bone cracks]
"The war zone is calling"
"It's roaring at you"
"If your intention is providing justice"
"The time itself would be in your control"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's on the move to hunt down"
"Oh saint!"
"There's someone up there"
"He keeps the account of everything"
"He's the soldier of justice"
-"Oh saint"
-"He's the call of blood"
"A typhoon of vengeance
is filled in his heart"
Shoo thim...
Shoot him...Damn!
Come,let's go.
[phone ringing] Nair,
did they kill him?
-Did they kill that Yogi?
-Hey Nair!
Let me complete it,then start talking.
Okay,tell me.
Yogi sir almost bashed our men.
I've made the full payment.
-But there is no use.
-Then what the hell are you doing?
Sir,as you know I don't use
my body,it is just brain.
Okay,use your stupid brain
and tell me what to do?
Sir,I'll start in a fortune vehicle and
settle down by marrying my sister-in-law.
Then what the hell should I do?
You go and surrender sir.
The government will arrange a
vehicle for you with full security.
You can go happily in that.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I got it...I got it.
you have already earned a lot.
What will you do with the crores of rupees
by deforesting, polluting the forests
and by putting the lives
of the people in danger?
You'll guard the illegal money restlessly
like a rabid dog.
Where as I believe in justice.
That will make me feel proud.
This feeling will be fantastic.
Try it once, K.K.
We can live in peace
for the rest of our lives.
This is reality.
Better realise it,K.K.
I thought to kill you
when I lost my Mamatha.
Do you know why I've waited
for these many years?
As I'm a public servant,I cannot behave
like you as you behave like an animal.
Yes,I am an animal.
Leave it.
[metal clunks]
All these days,you've been living
in an illusion of money and power.
That illusion has vanished now.
It will not be yours no
matter how much you try.
The one which is in front
of your eyes is the reality.
That will not change.
You have two options.
The first one is to get killed
brutally without knowing the truth
and the second one is to bear the
punishment by accepting your mistakes.
And to survive like a human
for the rest of your life.
Choice is yours.
That money is mine.
You've hidden the
money in the forest,
which you've earned by
destroying the forests.
The accounts got tallied.
Good that you've realised.
Please come.
Bandage him.
I didn't shoot to kill him.
[gunshots] [weeping]
I have shot frighten him.
He got panicked.
Get up.
Vamsi,you are safe.
I do not need to kill you.
I have stopped you as you were
going in the wrong way.
It's is lawfully crime to steal the loot.
[metal clunks] This
is public property.
And I am a public servant.
I need to protect this.
We are sorry,sir.
Okay,it's alright.
By the way,who is that shadow
guy who trappedus,sir?
He is your weekend party villian.
-It's the last three hours.
-The cash is ready.Where should we come?
-I am following you.
-He is following us it seems.
I'm near by you.
Uh...We are near the bridge.
-What about the cash?
-What is the witness?
Give me your phone.
Hey Sandy!
I'm sorry.
My father used to suffer every
moment for the money which isn't his.
I couldn't tolerate that.
I called Alex to catch you
after the party was ended.
You made the accident while
he was waiting for you.
He has sent me your accident video.
I've troubled you with that as a shadow.
I'm extremely sorry guys.
It was my dad's dead body in the vehicle
which you made the accident.
[no audio]
I just got to know about that.
There is no human who
doesn't commit a mistake.
A real human is the one who learns
his mistake and doesn't repeat it.
I believe in realization.
My mission has successfully completed.
Guys,now you may leave.
Let it be,we have at least
survived though we were troubled.
It's not just we have survived but,
I'm very happy about my brother.
My brother realised his mistake
and surrendered to the government.
I don't want that corrupted money.
Yes Vamsi,you are right.
We don't want that corrupted money.
Hey Karthik! Nitya will not speak to
you no matter how you convince her.
Nitya was fed up with you long ago for
your wrong planning and drunk driving.
All we have to do now is go to the
city and celebrate the breakup party.
-"Let's breakup."
Did I tell you that I wanted
to breakup with Karthik?
Karthik might've taken wrong
decisions but he is not a bad person.
I'll never leave him.
Thank you Nitya.
You won.
Which is why they say
to obey the lover.
Oh God! Thanks a lot forgiving
me a life partner like Nitya.
She is a good girl despite being chubby.
I'm saying that you look so cute.
Guys! We think something.
But there will be a guy there.