Akron (2015) Movie Script

[wheel clanging]
Aisle four.
Well, hello there.
What do you say?
[register beeping]
I got one.
We don't need a cart, honey.
I want one.
We're only gonna get
a couple things.
Now Benny's
gonna want to push too.
OK, Benny,
you push your brother.
Ready, bud?
Ready to go?
[brakes squeal, thud]
Davey! Davey!
Oh, my God, Davey!
What, are you stalking me?
Oh, please.
Standing outside
my class for hours
could be considered stalking.
OK. Calm down.
My class just let out too.
You comin'?
Ah. I don't think so.
I have stuff to do.
What could you possibly
have to do
that's more important
that mudball?
Mudball with the future
scientists of America?
Just about anything.
Come on, we really need you.
You're the only thing close to
resembling an athlete
on our team.
I am an athlete.
But I'm not on your team.
Officially. Subs are allowed.
Come on, look at me!
Big strong man, pwwwease?
I don't have any sweats.
Perfect! Thank you!
You can wear John's;
he left them in my dorm.
Alright, let me text my mom.
You are amazing.
Literally, every time
you're here we win a game.
You have to join the team...
You shut up.
-Hey. What's up?
You kicked our asses.
Nah, it's a team effort.
Bullshit. You're the only one
who knows what
he's doing out here.
I'm Christopher.
Benny. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You're a tough guy
to bring down.
I played in high school.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, I mean,
the Engineering School here
is not known for
its scholar athletes.
They call themselves
the Killer Rabbits -
that ought to
tell you something.
But it's fun.
Well, we don't have an excuse.
My team's just terrible.
So, I've gotta take off now.
I don't live on campus,
gotta get home for dinner.
OK, cool.
Are you here on campus?
Uh, yeah.
Gallucci Hall?
Cool, cool.
Can I get your number?
Benny, is that you?
Yes. I'm covered in mud.
Don't track that in here.
I know, Ma.
I think I met someone today.
What do you mean?
A guy.
Yeah, really. I think.
So...tell me.
I don't want to say
too much right now, Ma.
Come on, you started it.
-Who is it?
I don't know yet.
I met him at mudball.
He was on the other team.
We kicked their asses.
So, you talked to him?
I did.
I don't want to say
too much right now.
Oooh, Benny's got a boyfriend!
Exactly what I
didn't want to happen.
No, Becca,
he's not my boyfriend.
So who is he?
Do I know him?
-How would you know him?
-I know people.
Oh, gosh.
- Yeah?
Yeah, he's cute.
[phone buzzes]
I have a little sister - Becca.
Freshman in high school.
And my Mom and Dad.
Cool. You close?
Yeah, we get along.
Um... My Dad's very cool,
very mellow.
My Mom is a bit of a hoverer.
I told her about you...
About me?
What did you say?
I told her that we met
and that you seemed cool.
What did she say about it?
Nothing. I told her
she couldn't say anything.
Why not?
I don't even know
what to say about it.
I mean, there's nothing to
say about it yet, is there?
What is your Mom like?
She runs a yoga studio
in Jacksonville.
Yeah, so she's totally chill
and in touch with herself.
Which is cool.
But she's also alone.
She and my dad divorced
when I was six
when we were living here
and then she and I
moved down to Florida
and she hasn't been with someone
past two dates since.
Do you do yoga?
I can, but I don't.
Uh, it's hard to
breathe and relax
when it's your mom
telling you what to do.
You know, sometimes I wish
I lived on campus.
I love my family and all,
but there's not much freedom
or space of my own, you know?
There's not much space
in my dorm either.
My roommate...
never leaves.
So what's your major, exactly?
Biomedical engineering.
I eventually
want to be a doctor.
Design tissue.
I'm in Arts and Sciences.
My classmates seem to go by
the rule that
the less you know,
the more you talk.
And I like to talk,
as you can tell.
I like to talk to smart people.
Like you, Dr. Benny.
Well, thank you.
I'd invite you up, but my
roommate will be there.
That's OK.
I gotta go home.
I like you, Christopher.
I like you too.
I want to see you again.
I want to see you again.
I've gotta wait here
for a second.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
-Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!
-No, it's OK. Trust me.
Call me, Dr. Benny.
I will.
Those are pretty ones, Ma.
I think so too.
You want to come with me today?
No, I think I'll stay.
Thank you, Becca.
Uh huh.
So Benny tells me he wants to go
to a party on campus tomorrow.
He wants to stay over.
Good for him.
Sounds like fun.
He says he's staying
over at Julie's.
Well, that's fine, no?
I mean, she's his friend.
It's not like he's gonna
get her pregnant.
I think he might be
lying to us.
No. Really?
Don't be like that.
Baby, look, he technically
shouldn't even be living with us
and we certainly
shouldn't be knowing
what he's doing
outside of the house.
Think about it.
Imagine if your mom knew
what went on
when you were in college.
I just don't know if I want him
staying over with this new boy.
What's wrong with this kid?
I don't know.
We haven't met him yet.
I'm sure he's a good guy.
Benny's a smart kid.
You can't put
his pinga on lockdown.
-That's no fun.
-Not funny.
Let him go,
'cause he's gonna go anyway.
And you'd let Becca
do the same thing?
Oh, hell no!
She's not going on
any sleepovers
until after she's married.
That's not fair.
Fine, I'm kidding...
Kind of.
When did he get old enough
to do things
he's not old enough to do?
[club music playing]
Gentlemen! My lady!
Thank you!
To friends, to us,
to a great night!
To the boogie!
- I'm so tired.
-Oh, come on.
These are for you.
I'm staying the night
at John's place
and you two are spending
the night at my place
because my roommate's
out tonight.
-Of course!
Happy honeymoon, honey.
-You are the best!
-Oh, my God!
-Total perfection tonight
-It kind of was.
It still is.
I love you, Benny.
I love you too, Julie.
Thank you.
OK, John.
Say goodnight to the boys.
It's time to go night-night.
-Nighty-night, guys.
-Goodnight, John.
See ya!
I would love to.
Oh, God.
Do I even need to tell you
which side is Julie's?
God love her.
Love her.
I'm starting to like you
more and more.
Wait, wait.
Let me help you.
I have to say,
I imagined this happening,
but not on flowery sheets.
Good morning.
What time is it?
I wish we could
stay here all day.
Be great.
But, dude, your breath stinks.
Are you ticklish?
Stop! Stop!
-Take it back?
-I take it back.
Your breath doesn't stink!
-Take it back.
-I take it back.
How did everything go?
It was fun.
The club was good?
Yeah, it was great.
It was really packed.
And, um, what's his name,
Was he there?
Yes. Yeah, he was there.
Is this going to get serious?
-Just a question, Benny.
I don't know...
[crowd noises]
Ma, Dad, this is Christopher.
-Nice to meet you both.
Nice to meet you, Christopher.
It's nice to finally meet you,
the day you're taking
our son away from us.
-No. Just kidding,
It's so nice of you
to invite Benny
down to Florida
for spring break.
Yeah, of course.
I'd rather he stay
in a nice home
instead of one of those
big party hotels.
I'm no partier, guys.
And my Mom will be there.
Wish I could come too.
Maybe next time, Ma.
Maybe next time.
So, you know where you're going?
We've got it all mapped out.
Christopher knows where
we're going camping on the way.
It's all good, Ma.
OK. I worry, you know that.
It's my job.
I'll text you updates.
-Not while you're driving.
-Of course not.
Benny, come with me
for a minute?
We'll be right back.
-Ah, Dad.
-Be smart.
Come here.
Come on, before she starts
asking where we are.
Oh, that's such a cute picture
of Benny.
Oh, actually that's not Benny.
That's his older brother.
His brother?
Benny had an older brother.
My first son, Davey.
Oh, I had no idea.
He never said.
Davey was killed
when he was eight.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK, it happened
a long time ago.
Alright, well spring break's
not gonna wait for us.
Really? You sure you want
to go with this guy?
-You don't even know him.
No offense, Christopher,
you seem like a really nice guy.
But Benny is my Bennycito.
My baby.
Benny: Stop.
You sure you boys
don't want to stay here.
It'd be fun.
I'll cook all your meals.
OK. You guys should
get on the road.
See you, Dad.
Great to meet you.
You guys be safe.
-Bye, guys.
And just like that...
That woman was insane.
She wasn't so bad.
She was!
Sorry it got so weird in there.
See why am I'm so excited
to be getting away?
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
-Spring Break!
-Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!
So you've never left Ohio?
How is that possible?
You never went on vacation?
I mean, we'd go camping here,
boating here.
I know, I know, lame.
But the one time I was
actually supposed to go
to Washington DC
on a school trip?
Yeah, I ended up getting mono
and had to stay home.
Mono? Really?
Who were you kissing?
I wish.
Nah, a couple guys
on the football team
got it from
sharing water bottles.
Likely story.
I mean, I can sit here and make
up a hot locker room story
if you want, but really,
it was the damn water bottles.
Well, in honor of the
maiden voyage of Dr. Benny...
A video!
No, I hate being recorded.
But you're so cute.
No. Not when I'm driving!
OK, my turn.
Say hello!
Oh, my God.
What is that?
We're gonna do a lot of eating.
We're gonna go to the beach
for the first time.
-First time for me.
-First time for everything.
Make a funny face.
[crickets chirping,
train whistle in distance]
I love to travel.
My Mom and I moved around for
two years after we left Ohio.
We lived in Georgia for a bit,
in North Carolina.
I've been to Texas. Arizona.
After I finish college I just
want to take off for a while
and see the world.
-Wouldn't that be amazing?
You should come.
We travel well together,
I think.
Yeah, for a day so far.
No, I wish.
I have school for the next
how-ever-many years.
Ah, right.
Dr. Benny.
Yep, yep. Dr. Benny.
Can I ask you something?
Why didn't you ever
tell me about your brother?
I don't know.
I didn't really think about it,
I guess.
Do you miss him?
I don't really think about it.
What was he like?
What are you doing?
Let's go in.
The sign says
no swimming after dark.
It doesn't say
no skinny-dipping.
Come on.
You call that skinny-dipping?
THIS is skinny-dipping!
It's cold!
I got it.
Holy shit!
A whole box?
How much sex are you
planning on having with me?
My Dad gave it to me.
-Your Dad?
-Shut up.
He must be expecting you
to get a lot of action, huh?
Mr. Cruz...
If you don't stop
you're not gonna get any
for the whole trip.
Ah. That's what I thought.
Hey, Mom. Um...
I just wanted to let you know
that we're almost there
and we'll be there
in the afternoon.
So I'll see you soon.
Uh, listen, there's something
I want to talk to you about...
I'll talk to you
when I see you - alone...
Sorry to be weird.
I'll ll see you soon.
OK, bye.
Christopher! Oh!
We thought you forgot about us;
the house was all dark.
Forget about you?
How could I forget about you?
I've been waiting for weeks.
-Thanks, ma'am.
Carol, please.
You're grilling?
Yes. Catfish.
Look at this.
Fruit. Green Salad.
The works,
for your grand return.
You never grill.
When did that happen?
Well, I had to learn
how to feed myself now,
didn't I, after you left?
Truth be told,
this is Christopher's grill.
-He was top chef around here.
-Mom, you have to watch it.
No worries, I can salvage it.
See, it's perfect.
Just don't look at it.
Go on. Have a seat.
Table's been set.
That was very good, Carol.
Wasn't bad, was it?
It was good.
I guess you can teach
an old dog new tricks.
Hey, are you calling
your mother a bitch?
I stopped calling you
a bitch when I left the house.
Thank you. I think.
I was never a bitch to you,
was I?
No, Mom.
I think I was a pretty
damn good mother.
You were a good Mom.
And I always knew how
to embarrass you, didn't I?
OK, I'll stop.
But word to the wise, Benny,
he does turn a cute shade of red
when he gets
a little pissed off.
I can't blush, I'm Mexican.
I'm going to take this stuff up.
This woman is dying
to interview you.
Be sweet.
And mind your own business.
God, I love that boy.
Do you love that boy?
Uh, he's great.
Yes. He is great.
And I am really pleased
he's got a good friend in you
and he brought you down.
-I hope you feel at home here.
-Oh, I do.
Be it ever so humble...
Akron, Ohio, huh?
I'm sure Chris told you
he was born there. Yeah?
And I was born
and raised there as well.
Good people...
I can tell you're
a good guy, Benny.
Not that there aren't good
people down here in Florida.
Just fewer.
But the weather?
Worth every rude asshole.
Pardon my French.
In Spanish it's pendejo.
-Nice ring to it.
Come on, Benny,
let's go see the room.
No, no, no.
You're cutting off
my interview too soon!
Thank you very much
for dinner, Carol.
You think I'm gonna to let
you two boys hog this whole tub
on a beautiful night
like tonight?
Mom, please.
Oh, come on, I need it
for my old, aching bones.
Benny and I are fine
in here without you.
Ooh. Is it hotter in here
than usual?
-It's OK, Christopher.
Thank you, Benny.
A gentleman.
Making the move down here was
the best decision I ever made,
I'll tell you what.
Couldn't drag me back
to those winters in Ohio.
So, Benny, let's really
get acquainted.
Tell me something about
yourself that no one else knows.
-You don't have to.
- No, no, no.
I will...
If I can think of something.
OK. Can it be silly?
Silly is far better
than tragic, my dear.
Well, back when
I was in high school
I had a crush on one of
my football teammates.
I mean, this was after I was
already out as gay in school.
It was hard to have
a secret crush
when you weren't
out of the closet yet,
but it was even harder
when you were out
because everyone
was watching and waiting
to see who Benny
would be going after.
And you know guys, I mean,
most of them thought I was into
them when I totally wasn't.
I did, of course,
develop a crush on this one guy.
His name was Ron.
Right tackle.
Kind of dim,
but sweet and cute.
I had to act like
I didn't even notice him
and I would stay away from him
but only because I would
get nervous around him.
So on Valentine's Day when
everyone was handing out cards,
I actually cut a card
out of construction paper
and slid it into
the hall locker.
It said,
"I have a crush on you."
I didn't sign it, of course.
And, uh, it was
the only card he got.
He made a point to show it
around the entire school...
and speculate on which girl
had given it to him.
Ah, he was beaming
for the rest of the day,
which made me happy too,
that I could even
make him feel like that.
Even a little bit.
I never told anyone that before.
That's not silly at all -
it's sweet.
You've got yourself
a romantic, Christopher.
Oh, you're insane.
You never told
your mother that story?
You should tell that to her,
she would love to
know that about you.
Benny and his mom
are very close.
Yeah. I'm lucky,
my parents are great.
What do they do?
Uh, my Dad's a lawyer
and my Mom's a stay-at-home
with me and my sister.
Yeah, the Cruz family
is a perfect little
Midwestern family, I guess.
Your last name is Cruz?
Mom, go.
Is your mother Lenora Cruz?
Go inside!
That was weird.
She can be
a little crazy sometimes.
How did she know my Mom's name?
I probably told her.
I'm sure I did.
You're smoking?
Christopher, dear, I'm sorry,
but I have to talk.
-I have to talk to Benny.
Can't you just leave us alone.
Benny, I was in
that parking lot that day -
with your brother.
-Benny, we can get out now.
Christopher, I have to say this.
We were shopping,
Christopher was there with me,
and I was driving...
I was pulling out
of the parking lot, as usual,
and he just...
I didn't even see him.
Your brother...
He was so small.
I swear.
He was...
I didn't see him.
It was an accident.
I hope you know that.
A horrible accident.
It was the most
terrible day of my life.
You have to know that.
I know it was an accident,
Mrs. Gaines.
You poor kid.
I can't believe you're sitting
right here in front of me.
I think I'm gonna go in now.
[door opening]
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
No, it's not.
I just...
What the fuck?
I just need a minute.
I feel like I can't breathe.
What can I do?
Nothing, really.
Just let me sit here.
Just, just give me a minute.
Why don't you
just hop in the shower?
I'm sorry.
You shower first.
I'll be fine.
[phone dinging]
-Just a second.
-No, no, no, no...
Hold up, it's Benny.
It's Benny.
Hey, Ma.
Hi, sweety.
Are you busy?
No, no, no, not at all.
You sound like you're
working out or something.
No, no, no.
Well, yeah, I mean,
I'm just in from a walk.
How are you, sweety?
How's Florida?
It's great.
I just wanted to call
and let you know that...
everything is going
really, really well.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
OK. Well, keep having fun.
Thanks for calling, baby.
Thanks, Ma.
I love you.
I love you too.
The shower's free.
Great. Thanks.
I'm sorry for all of this.
You're sorry?
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry.
I've just never heard
another side to the story.
And I think I just called
and interrupted
my parents having sex.
Oh, shit.
So talk to me.
Do you remember that day?
Not really.
I was, like, six.
I remember Davey being there
and being on the ground.
And I remember
my mother's screams.
Mostly I remember
what happened afterwards.
The funeral.
My father telling me
what had happened...
and telling me
to be a good boy.
And I remember my mother...
my mother not treating me
the same as she had before.
For a while.
And my Mom.
It's crazy.
I just want to have
a good spring break.
We will.
I'm gonna go shower.
Feet together.
Hands at your sides.
Palms facing forward...
And breathe.
Right hand
over your head, extend.
Nice simple stretch.
Open your chests.
Open your hearts.
And breathe.
I think you can extend a
little more right here, Benny.
I think I want to go home.
That's where we're going.
I mean Akron.
We just got here.
I mean, I hate that I want to,
but I feel
really uncomfortable.
I don't know what to do.
I can't stay.
If we leave now
my mom's gonna feel terrible.
I know, but...
I mean, I feel terrible.
This was supposed to be
awesome, you know...
us down here.
We'll leave this afternoon.
So, like I said, uh,
Benny's got a lot
of exams coming up
and he's starting to get kinda
stressed out about them.
So, I think it's best
we get him back.
I understand.
Thank you so much,
though, Mrs. Welling.
My pleasure.
I hope you'll
come down again soon.
You're welcome here any time.
So I'm just gonna go
and talk to her real quick.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, you know we're not
leaving because of any exams.
We're leaving because of you.
What are you saying?
You had to go
and tell him, didn't you?
I told you over and over again
to stop talking.
-And you wouldn't stop blabbing.
I had to tell him.
You don't even know him!
Who said
you got to decide that?
You just have to
ruin everything.
All the time!
We were going to have
a great Spring Break
and, like, be a couple
and all that other stuff,
and you just had to go, like,
ruin it.
Just like you
ruined it up with Dad.
-The past just doesn't go away.
You were going to have to
deal with it sooner or later.
I know that, Mom.
But who said
you got to decide that?
I was happy.
I was really happy.
You wouldn't let me be happy.
This sucks.
I guess I'll go now.
Let me ask you a question.
You knew, didn't you?
You knew about Davey,
and you brought me
down there anyway.
I didn't know until...
the day we left.
And then it was too late.
You knew that your mother
killed my brother
and you let me
walk into that house
like nothing was the matter.
I just wanted to have
a good spring break, I guess.
Why would you do that to me?
I didn't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
I think I want to
take a break from you.
I don't want to hang out
with you right now.
Oh, Benny...
I'm so sorry.
Who leaves Spring Break early?
Julie, don't.
-Tell me. What happened?
You're not with Christopher now?
Did he do something?
No, he's fine.
It just doesn't look like
we're a good match,
so why bother.
I think you guys
are really great together.
And I think you really like him.
We're actually very different.
Can we not
talk about it, please?
-What happened?
-Julie, come on.
OK, sorry.
I can't be worried about you?
Just worry in silence, please.
I wanted to be around you
so you could cheer me up.
Oh, OK.
Was the weather, like,
terrible or something?
I don't want to talk about it.
Well, I know if I was ever at
the beach for spring break,
I'd never want to leave.
[knock on door]
Benny, can I come in?
Sure, Ma. What's up?
We have to talk about this.
Whatever it is
that's eating at you.
I hate to see you this way.
What happened in Florida?
Ma, nothing happened in Florida.
You can't keep walking around
carrying this inside.
-It just didn't work out.
- How?
I have to study.
No, Benny.
You're gonna take a minute
and you're gonna tell me.
When you left you were so happy.
What happened with Christopher?
What did he do?
He didn't do anything.
Ma, it, it just wasn't working.
Ma, trust me,
you don't want to know.
I do...
You can tell me.
Did he hurt you?
Ma, no.
Then what is it?
Oh, baby...
It's not Christopher.
It's his mother.
His mother's name...
is Carol Welling.
But before,
when she was married...
it was Carol Gaines...
when she lived here.
I didn't want to tell you, Ma.
[breathing heavily]
I can't...
No, no, Ma.
Mom, they moved
to Jacksonville after...
So you left?
I had to.
I, um, I think you've
made the right decision.
[breathing heavily]
Babe, what is it?
Lenora, que pasa?
What's going on, babe?
-Is he OK?
-Benny told me...
is Christopher Gaines.
Christopher Gaines.
Carol Gaines' son.
How is that possible?
Is that why he...?
Now every time,
I see Christopher, I'll...
I can't.
He stopped seeing him, right?
Benny broke up with him?
Is that wrong?
No, no.
Of course not.
Good morning.
Oh, hi.
Julie said you were
in class until 4.
Just like her.
I was giving you this.
I miss you, Benny.
Christopher, why didn't
you tell me?
Why did you let me
go to Florida?
-I didn't know what to do.
-You should have told me.
You should have thought
about how I would feel.
I know.
I thought everything
was going to be OK.
I thought if I told you
you would leave me.
-I didn't want to lose you.
-You lost me anyway.
Yes, I lost you anyway.
I'm sorry.
I miss us.
I miss us too.
I hate this.
Is Benny here yet?
He's coming.
I'm sure he'll be here.
Oh, there he is.
Oh, God.
Why did he bring him?
I don't know, baby.
But we're here for Becca, OK?
We'll talk to him afterwards.
Aunt Abby! Aunt Martha!
Come in here.
We'll be in in a minute, dear.
No! Come in here now!
Yes, dear, what is it?
Where's Elaine?
I thought you promised me
you wouldn't let anybody
in here while I was gone!
Oh, well...
Jonathan just walked in--
I don't mean Jonathan.
Dr. Einstein was with him, but--
I don't mean Einstein either.
Who is that in the window seat?
Oh. We told you --
Mr. Hoskins.
It is not Mr. Hoskins.
Oh, well.
Who can that be?
So you're telling me
you've never seen him before?
I most certainly am.
Well, this is a fine
how do you do!
It's getting so anybody thinks
they can just
walk into this house.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
Hey, Ma, Dad.
Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz.
It's nice to see you both again.
You as well.
Becca was really,
uh, really, great.
She was, wasn't she?
Oh, my God, she was hilarious.
Don't you think, Ma?
I'm very proud of her.
Here's our little star now!
Come here.
You were terrific!
I'm so proud of you!
Thank you.
I'm so glad you came.
Oh, of course!
You were awesome.
And you too.
Oh, yeah.
It was my pleasure.
I think you're definitely
gonna be a star.
Thank you.
We're gonna meet you in the car.
OK, babe?
We'll talk at home.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, kiddo, you got a minute?
Tonight didn't go well.
I thought Becca was awesome.
Take a seat.
You really upset
your mom and me tonight.
I'm sorry you both
feel that way.
Maybe you should cool things
with Christopher for a while.
Because we don't think
he's the best match for you.
You don't choose
who you fall in love with, Dad.
Yeah, actually, you do.
That's what adults do.
You don't just get to choose
with your heart,
you choose with your mind.
And you don't just choose
for yourself,
you choose for those
who love you.
This is stupid.
This is stupid.
I have tried
breaking up with him.
I've stayed away from him
and I have felt
more and more miserable.
Ben, I know it hurts.
-It'll pass.
-No, it won't!
Benny, we love you.
So much.
We only want
what's best for you.
And we would hope that
you want what's best for us.
Look, you've had
your fun with him.
You, you know
you love your mother.
How do you know
you love this Christopher?
I know, Dad. I know.
Why can't I get what I want?
Why can't you
be happy for me?
Haven't I done everything
right all of these years?
When have I ever fucked up?
-Benny, watch your mouth.
-Or what?
Or you'll see.
Yes, Dad...
We will see.
[door closes]
[knock on door]
[knock on door]
-Hey. What's up?
Can I stay here?
Yeah, of course.
You remember Tucker.
Hey, Tucker.
Probably won't even
notice we're here.
So what's up?
What else? My parents.
They don't want me to see you.
They don't want me
to live my own life.
[phone dings]
You should probably answer that.
Hmm. I don't feel like it.
I'll make them worry
a little bit.
Let's make some room for you.
It's mainly these...
Some of us
actually study in college.
You ass!
Where's Benny?
He didn't come home last night.
I know that.
Where is he?
I don't know, Mija.
Why don't you call him
and ask him yourself?
What do you want me to say?
Nothing, I guess.
[phone dings]
Hey, Becca. What's up?
Becca, everything's OK.
I just can't be home right now.
Becca, it's OK. Don't cry.
This will all be over soon.
I'll be home very soon, sis,
I promise.
But I have to go now.
Everything will be OK.
But promise me
you won't cry anymore. OK?
OK, cool.
Bye, Becca.
I love you too, sis.
You know you can stay here
as long as you want.
You know that, right?
But you can't keep
avoiding your family.
You have to make things
right with them.
-Are you kicking me out?
-Of course not.
Good. Because my Mom
will never accept this.
You don't know that.
Oh, but I do.
Your mom will never accept it as
long as you keep avoiding her.
-You have to talk to her.
-Drop it.
-Please, just talk to her.
-I told you to drop it!
You know, you want me to leave?
Fine, I'll leave!
I don't want to talk
to my mother,
and I don't want to talk
to you anymore either!
I just want everyone
to leave me alone!
[door slams]
-I thought I heard somebody.
You come to raid the fridge?
I was hungry.
It's good to see you.
Go ahead, make your sandwich.
So, um, one final down...
I did really well, I think.
Good. I'm glad.
Yeah. I knew everything on it.
I studied well, I guess.
Yeah. You always have.
You know,
you know where I'm staying.
With Christopher.
He had nothing
to do with it, Ma.
I don't know what
you want me to do.
I honestly don't know
what you want me to tell you.
We've never talked
about it before...
Me and you.
He's a cool guy.
He doesn't remember it.
I don't really remember it.
Why does it matter?
It happened a long time ago, Ma.
A long time ago?
It's still happening!
It's still happening right now!
It's just about to happen!
That day is today.
I don't know how more clearly
I can say that to you.
It's all been
one long, awful day.
I don't want you
to feel like that.
I don't want you to be sad.
Christopher was there that day.
I can see him, I can see you.
And I can see Davey.
It's too much, Benny.
He's here in my life now.
I'm here now!
I can't make you understand.
Well, I guess
neither one of us
is ever gonna understand
each other.
Benny! Stop!
Benny, stop!
Take your sandwich.
I don't want anything from you!
You really freaked me out.
Are you OK?
Look who's here.
Hi, Benny. I know you
didn't expect to see me.
But Christopher's been telling
me what's been happening -
you staying here and all.
I want to try to
make things right.
I told her not to come.
I couldn't not come.
And then you
disappeared last night?
She wants to meet your mother.
Oh, God...
I think it's important
that we talk.
You can't just
fix everything all the time.
You're not some,
like, spiritual guru.
I have to see her.
I don't really think
she'd want to talk to you.
We can handle this.
I told you not to come.
You guys deserve a chance.
And I feel responsible.
It's not fair to the two of you.
Benny, I'd like
two things from you.
I'd like the address
of your house...
and I'd like the address
of your...
your brother's resting place.
Pardon me for coming here,
but I had to.
I thought about it
and thought about it and I...
I had to come.
You have no right--
Please. Just give me a moment.
I visited the grave
before I came here.
I saw the vase of flowers.
I need you to know
how sorry I've been...
So incredibly sorry.
There's not a day that goes by
that I don't
think about that day.
And the only way I've been
able to get by all this time
is to remember.
To tell myself
it was an accident -
a tragic accident.
Then I met Benny,
your son, and he's wonderful.
And I don't know why,
but he and my son are friends
and I can see they really
share something special.
Have you seen it?
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Benny is special.
And Christopher seems
like a very nice young man.
But you need to go.
I will, If you want me to.
But I just wanted you to know
how truly sorry I've been.
And now you've have done that.
Thank you, Lenora.
I didn't come
all the way up here for me.
And it wasn't for you.
It was for our boys.
Hey, baby, who was that?
Christopher's mother.
What did she want?
She came to ask
for my forgiveness.
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
What did you say to her?
I don't know...
I asked her to leave.
She's lucky I stood there
and listened to her talk.
Baby, do you remember
what you said to me
when we first lost Davey?
Do you remember?
I didn't think
I could take it anymore.
The sadness, distance from you.
Missing Davey.
I wanted to leave,
and you said,
"Try harder."
You knew I was stronger
than I thought I was.
Baby, I need you to try harder.
I don't want to.
You have to.
I am there for you.
You have to.
Benny loves Christopher.
Even if it's just for now...
we have to deal with now.
I know it sounds crazy, but...
I don't even see our little boy
in there anymore.
He's not.
He's grown up, babe.
If I lose Benny...
it's like I'm losing Davey
all over again.
That's just the way I feel.
I need you to try harder.
[phone dings]
Hello, Ma.
Hi, Benny.
What's up?
Benny, come home.
I don't think so, Ma.
We want you to come home.
We miss you.
It's not family without you.
I don't know.
We'd like you to
bring Christopher for dinner.
Uh, hold on.
She wants you to
come over for dinner.
Tell her yeah.
That makes me really happy.
So, can you
make it home by seven?
See you at seven then.
Benny, I love you.
That's good.
Well, dinner at seven, I guess.
-Hi, guys.
-Hey, Ma.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
I hope you guys brought
your college appetites,
because we have
a big meal for you.
Oh, yeah.
There's lots of food here.
Thank you, Mrs. Cruz.
You are welcome, Christopher.
Have a seat.
You can sit here, Christopher.
-Next to you, Becca?
Thank you, Becca,
I'd love to sit next to you.
Alright, come on.
Let's get to dinner.
I'm hungry.