Aksar (2006) Movie Script

Hello, Ricky Sharma. - Mr. Ricky
Sharma, this is Sheena Roy.
Sheena! Now this is a name
I can never forget.
Are you sure you're Sheena Roy?
Why? Do you have any doubts?
No, I can't believe that
Sheena Roy has called me.
Then come and meet me.
I'm the same Sheena
Roy for whose snap..
.. you have being craving
for so many years.
In an hour at your place.
No, at Mercury Gym.
- You got me.
Ricky, no beauty can escape
from this camera.
Even if she is Sheena Roy.
Sorry, sweetie. I have to
go. I have got a date.
And close the door properly
before you leave.
Hi, Sheena.
Can't you wait outside,
like a decent man?
Come on, Sheena. I'm
not ill-mannered.
Yes.. the one who is over-confident,
only he behaves like this.
Relax, Sheena. You have called
me after such a long time.
Now at least befriend me.
Let's get to work.
I've heard that girls in your
life are like film role.
The role gets over and
the relation ends.
Sheena, before clicking snaps
I live with each snap.
I feel it intensely. I love it.
This is how my each
snap becomes lively.
And then you break their heart
with the betrayal of love.
Do you know what they go through?
I think somebody is provoking you.
Nisha, you and here?
Thank God, you didn't
forget her name.
Nisha tried to commit suicide
because of what you did to her.
But she survived.
Maybe even God doesn't
want somebody..
.. to lose their life because
of a filthy man like you.
Nisha, what did you say to Sheena?
Look, this is ridiculous!
Sheena, listen to me.
I didn't do anything.
- Nisha is my best friend!
And Sheena Roy can't endure to see..
.. somebody harming her best friend.
Sheena, for God sake, I didn't
do anything with Nisha.
She is just talking rubbish and
you're listening to her. - Hey you!
Sweetie, can I give you
a beauty tip? - Sure.
You should keep your hair open.
You will look more beautiful.
- Thank you.
Ricky, stop flirting
with my secretary.
I will stop it. You'll have
to give me 10 lakhs.
You won't get it. First
repay the previous loan.
I am asking for this loan
to repay my last loan only.
What has happened to your business
sense, Mr. Mewalal?
You talk sweetly. Similarly
repay my loan too.
That is what I'm doing. My
exhibition is in the next week.
I don't want to hear about it. - The
best of Ricky Sharma. - Forget it.
I will repay all
the new and old debts.
No way. - Come on.
This is the last loan, Ricky. Next
time we'll meet in the court.
I think this one's prize should
be doubled. - You bet.
I wasted 6 hours to bring
her to this mood.
Excuse me. The exhibition
has not started yet.
It's in the evening at 7 o'clock.
How much for all of these?
Excuse me. - How much will
you take for all of these?
I think you're a wholesale dealer.
The market is in the next lane.
This is my exhibition.
It's my art. - Whatever. What
is the price of this art?
I don't sell my art
to those people..
.. who have more of wealth
and less knowledge of art.
Right now you have more art,
less money and no brains.
Say the price.
Let me shock you. 20 photographs.
30 lakhs.
30 lakhs?
- Yes.
I thought so. You won't
be able to afford it.
Excuse me. Is this a joke?
Who are you?
All in good time. Enjoy
the exhibition.
So.. how was your exhibition?
Very successful.
Nobody believed that one man has..
.. purchased all the photographs.
I thought that you might come.
I'm not at all interested
in your art.
Then what was your goal behind
paying such a lucrative amount?
The goal is very simple.
Your second art.
Mozart's music makes
the ambiance lovely.
I don't think we've come
here to hear the music. Am I right?
As I said..
Personal reasons.
Maybe you haven't
heard about divorce.
If you need a lawyer then
I can help you out. - Thanks.
But my wife won't divorce me.
She is happy being my wife.
Here is where I need your skill.
If my wife falls in love with you..
.. then she herself
will ask for divorce.
After divorce,
we all can live happily ever after.
I will go on my own way.
And whether you live
with her or abandon her..
.. it's your wish.
You must be out of your mind.
I don't have any other choice.
Apart from killing her.
And I can't do this.
Because I'm not a killer.
That's why I've hired you.
Excuse me.
I have still not given my consent.
And you can't even refuse.
2 reasons.
One is the 30 lakhs that I gave you.
You have repaid your debts with that.
And the second and
the special reason.
Sheena Roy.
3 years ago she had settled
down with some affluent NRI.
I've heard that she is
leading a boring married life.
Are you her fan?
I'm that bored affluent
NRI husband. - Sorry.
Thanks for sympathizing with me.
Our marriage was a compromise.
A marriage of convenience.
I was besotted by her
beauty and she by my status.
I didn't know that Sheena
was a champion's trophy.
It remains with the winner..
only for display.
But you can't live with it.
Hitherto I used to think
that I am a good for nothing fellow.
But I'm nothing before you.
- Forget that.
Don't you want to complete
that incomplete story?
Exuse me. - As far as I know,
there was a story.
Wasn't there?
Sheena was the woman who had..
.. hurt your peace
and skill intensely.
Am I right?
Won't you feel like the hunter
who has captured the victim?
My style shows its effect slowly.
I can't wait any longer.
Even I can't wait.
But there is a major problem. - What?
I don't know your
name or whereabouts.
My name is Rajveer Singh.
I live at Manchester, London.
Victoria Mansion.
Our wedding anniversary is
after a week. I'll expect you there.
The ticket of London will
be delivered to your place.
Hello, sexy.
I find solace whenever I see you.
You're so cool.
If you had not been there,
then what..
.. would have happened
to my nourishment?
Benz. - Sorry, sir.
When will you forgo this habit?
What to do, sir?
Even I've become
like some furniture..
.. living alone in the whole mansion.
But unlike you and ma'am,
they don't mind what I say, sir.
After waiting for 10 days..
- The temperature is very hot inside.
Shut up! And listen to me.
It never reduces.
But why are you shivering?
Don't worry. I'm there.
Dress designers like
you should just go to hell!
You call this is a party dress!
If I were to wear
this people will say..
.. that I've come for
my husband's funeral.
Not anniversary!
Ma'am, this is Versace's latest.
None of the Indians
have worn this before!
To hell with Versace! I'm Sheena Roy!
What I wear becomes the fashion!
Hello, sweetheart.
Welcome back, darling!
From where are you coming!
I had gone to India for my business.
I'd told you.
Really? Let me finish
with them first.
Look.. whatever your name is!
By tomorrow I want
an exclusive party wear..
.. that suits Sheena Roy.
Now is that clear?
Yes, ma'am.
But what should I do with this dress?
I'll just tell you.
Raj, give me the scissors
from that drawer.
On one condition. You won't
kill me with this, will you?
Is my tongue less than a scissors!
Murder of the 10th dress in 8 days.
May your soul rest in pieces.
'Zimbabwe and the charges
against Morgan Changurai.'
'You can turn to bbcnews. Com.'
'Here is what is coming
up on this program.'
'A traumatic reunion
with her family.'
'A victim of Sierra Leons,
a vicious war. Stay with us.'
I must say, Rajveer.
You've been celebrating
your wedding..
.. anniversary since the past 3 years.
But it looks like you
have got married today only.
Thank you. - It feels so good to
attend a wedding anniversary party.
You won't believe this.
Yesterday we had attended
a divorce celebration party.
Sometimes you find more solace
in divorce than in marriage.
Really? Let Sheena come,
I'll tell her. Where is she?
She has been trying to
dress up since the past 6 days.
She might succeed today. - Hi, Veeru!
Excuse me. - Sure.
You and here? In this attire?
Why are you amazed?
Forgot? You only had called me.
Come on!
Try one. Maybe it might fit you.
Is this your wardrobe or a showroom?
Dress up. I'll send somebody
to polish your shoes.
Leave it.
To make others polish your
shoes implies making others to..
I mean, it implies making
others brush your teeth.
Sorry, nothing personal.
Get ready.
First the suit then the wife.
You know, darling.
If I had had a wife
then even I would be..
.. celebrating a grand
wedding anniversary.
Really? Why? Where did your wife go?
She ran away.
Look brother,
you should keep your wife safely.
I'd kept her safely.
Just like my sister.
Still she ran away.
Can you give me some idea?
Why she ran away.
Even he ran away.
But you can't run away anywhere.
I will not let you go.
Shall I get you a drink?
Yeah. 2 with ice? Okay. Coming up.
Are you enjoying the party?
Veeru. - Excuse me.
To tell you the truth, I
look like a butler in these clothes.
Very nice.
By the way, in Sheena's
eyes every man is a butler.
There she is.
In 3 years she hasn't changed.
- Your time starts now.
Hello, sweetheart.
Happy anniversary. - Thank you.
Looking beautiful.
Meet.. Ricky Sharma.
What are you doing here?
Ask that question from your husband.
You both know each other.
Do you know he is
a dirty rotten scoundrel?
Really? So you are
a dirty rotten scoundrel?
Only if a lady wants it.
Sweetheart, I forgot to tell you.
A coffee table book is going to be..
.. published on Mansion of the world.
And Ricky has come
to shoot our mansion.
Isn't that great?
Do you remember Nisha? - Who?
My best friend.
He made a charade of love with Nisha.
And Nisha had tried
to commit suicide.
Now listen.. I don't want
to see this man in the house.
Sweetheart.. - Just ask him to leave.
Sweetheart, please relax.
I didn't know all this.
And as it is,
I've already given my consent.
It is the matter of only a few days.
He will click the snaps
of the mansion and then go away.
I don't want to see him
in the house for even a moment.
Tell him to go away.
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"My sights are craving to see you."
"My days and nights
don't pass quickly."
"My sights are craving to see you."
"My days and nights
don't pass quickly."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"I always talk about you."
"I often reminisce
the time spend with you."
"It is my obsession to have your love."
"My each heartbeat is
drowned in your breaths."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"I hear your footsteps everywhere."
"I weave your dreams only."
"Why don't you recognize
the depths of my love?"
"You don't know the
state of my fervor."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"My sights are craving to see you."
"My days and nights
don't pass quickly."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Let me have a glance of yours."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
"Just come once, only once."
Go to hell!
Go to hell!
You know what I think?
Some day you'll kill me in your rage.
That too with a flower vase.
I told you. It's not easy.
It is not enough to just dance
to make a girl crazy about you.
Patience, Veeru.
Only 2 days have passed.
Here. - What is this?
List of Sheena's likes and dislikes.
Do's and don'ts.
Don't argue with her.
Don't ever make her realize
that you're smarter than her.
Always dress properly.
Don't eat with your hands.
Praise her beauty. This is very easy.
And continue praising her intellect.
- This is very difficult.
Excuse me.
I'll call you back.
An important call? - Business.
I hope you aren't
playing some other games.
If I'd to play any games,
then why did I hire you?
I don't play games.
And I said I'm not a killer.
Memorize the list. It's important.
What are you doing?
I don't think that
you know your wife.
You know her?
No one knows women better than me.
Good bye.
How dare you!
How dare you click my snap!
Excuse me.
I'm not clicking your snap.
But I'm clicking
the snap of something..
.. more interesting and
beautiful than you. Staircase.
Beautiful craftsmanship!
Can you please step aside?
You are getting in the way. Really.
Raj! Raj,
how much longer will he stay here?
I told you.
Maximum 2 weeks. That's it.
10 days. That too if
you don't get in the way.
By the way,
the staircase is superb, Rajveer.
I think we should publish
this in the cover page of the book.
What do you think? - Good idea.
Maybe the walls of this mansion
are more beautiful than me.
I'm talking to you.
- And I'm doing my work.
I think I again have
to teach you a lesson!
Before breaking the
vase let me remind you..
.. my camera that you'd broken
3 years ago was worth 1.5 lakhs..
.. you have still not paid me.
And this camera is more expensive.
Think about it.
Sheena, the sunlight may
fall on the mansion any time now.
And it won't remain for long.
I don't want to miss that.
Now will you please move out? Please.
Stop this rubbish! And listen!
If Sheena gets an inkling
of what you're doing..
.. then your game is over.
And mine too. One more thing.
Don't go overboard with
this charade of your photography.
Excuse me, madam!
A consignment has come for you.
For me?
But I am not expecting any courier.
That courier is mine.
Be careful and bring it here.
Thank you.
Keep it carefully over
there and give this to me.
What are you looking at?
Even the Queen of England
can't have it with a knife and fork.
I will have to eat
it like that. Sorry.
I am not thinking about
your stupid table manners.
I want to know what
is there in these packets.
This is my house.
And I have the right
to know what comes here.
Yes. You have the full right.
Express your right.
Open the packets and see.
There are some important and
personal documents of mine in these.
If you don't mind,
can I go to my room and see.
Thank you.
Hey you!
Why don't you see it? See it.
Why are you torturing yourself?
Where are you going? - You are right.
He is a dirty rotten scoundrel!
I am not going to allow him
to stay for even a moment more.
He will click my wife's photographs!
Just a minute!
Raj, I will handle this.
- No, Sheena.
I won't let you go in front of him.
You have always
underestimated your wife.
I know what I have to do.
Whatever it may be.
This man is genius in his work.
By the way, when and how
did he click these photographs?
Genius for sure!
That's me.
If you have liked my
photographs then please smile.
I have not seen a cheap
person like you till date.
It seems from your anger
that you really liked my work.
If I knew that you were clicking
my photographs then.. - Then?
Then these photos could
have been much better.
If you knew it before hand then the..
.. happiness that can be
seen on your face by looking..
.. at these photos now
wouldn't be seen otherwise.
Your husband can come in any time.
And no husband will
tolerate that some..
.. strange man clicks the
photos of his wife like that.
It would be better that
you hide these photos inside.
By the way..
.. when are you again
clicking the photos..
.. of this mansion.
"You are my destination."
"You are my only desire."
"You are my destination."
"You are my only desire."
"My heart wants to
say something like this."
"My mornings don't rise without you."
"My evenings don't set without you."
"Without you my heart melts."
"You are my love."
"You are my life."
"You are the one.. deep in my heart."
"You are my love."
"You are my life."
"You are the one.. deep in my heart."
"You only..
only you are the ordeal of my love."
"You only..
only you are the ordeal of my love."
"My breaths tell me."
"There is nothing without you."
"My mornings don't rise without you."
"My evenings don't set without you."
"Without you my heart melts."
"What are you looking at me like that?"
"Today it has only been
12 days of your love."
"Tomorrow is the
13th day of your love."
"Your marriage is going
to get ruined. Smile!"
"The life and the bodies
are all wet in the rain of love."
"I am living!
I am living for your wishes."
"I have forgotten the world
and I am lost in your intoxication."
"My mornings don't rise without you."
"My evenings don't set without you."
"Without you my heart melts."
"Your face is very attractive."
"My memories are within your limits."
"Yours and my equation is very strong."
"My mornings don't rise without you."
"My evenings don't set without you."
"Without you my heart melts."
"Beloved! - Beloved!"
"Beloved! - Beloved!"
"You are my love."
"You are my life."
"You will always be deep in my heart."
"You are my love."
"You are my life."
"You will always be deep in my heart. "
You? Here? - I should
be asking you this question.
Get dressed.
Then we will go to our room
and talk something important.
I don't know what to say?
You have spent the
night with another man..
.. and you are asking
me what the problem is?
Why? What is wrong in that?
I have done the same thing what
a female should do after marriage.
What do you mean?
After taking 7 wedding rounds,
I had also taken..
.. an oath that I will walk
on the footsteps of my husband.
And darling,
I am following your footsteps only.
I don't want to hear
your justification.
If you want to stay with
that guy then you can go with him.
But before that we
will divorce each other.
Give me a divorce.
Where did the matter
of divorce come in between?
Look Raj, you better understand
these 3 things well.
I will stay in this
house by being Mrs. Rajveer.
In front of you.
Even Ricky will stay
in this house in front of you.
And henceforth don't talk
about divorce in front of me.
You can't talk to
me like this in my house.
Excuse me!
This house is not
only yours but mine too.
Have you forgotten?
We had a pre nuptial agreement.
According to which even I
have an equal right on everything.
It's legal, darling.
And now stop behaving
like a jealous husband.
It doesn't suit you.
Anyway, now will you please leave?
I couldn't sleep the last night.
And now I want to sleep.
You go from here. Immediately.
Relax, Veeru! I will go.
But there is a problem.
Actually after last night
your wife has started loving me.
And I can't go till the time
she doesn't give me permission.
There is one more thing.
I have just got to know that
half of your property is of Sheena.
Veeru, tell me,
Veeru, how do I leave..
.. your wife and property and go?
Veeru, wish me luck. See you around.
Sheena! Sheena, let's go.
We are getting late.
Can I know where my wife is going?
When you used to go
out with an other female..
.. did you ever tell your
wife where you were going to?
Come on. Be a broad minded husband.
Ricky! Let's go.
Veeru, why are you standing
in between the path?
You are going on the wrong path,
that's why!
You were the only one
to get me on this path.
And now seems that you have
come back on the right track.
Can we talk for a little while?
- I don't know, buddy.
Maybe sometime later.
- I won't take much time.
I want to talk about a small matter.
Nice collection, Veeru.
Have you kept this place for me?
Your idea is nice.
But I said that I am not a killer.
Your return ticket.
I found it expensive.
But even then, take it.
50 lakhs.
You are a very good
businessman, Veeru.
You have always given
me more than what I am worth.
First 30 lakhs to
get close to your wife.
And 50 lakhs to go away from her.
It seems that the husband
within you is feeling jealous.
It is nice.
But I don't accept your deal.
There are 2 reasons to this.
The first reason is that if I need
money then I can ask Sheena for it.
One more thing.
On your insisting
I have taken Sheena..
You won't believe this but
I have fallen in love with Sheena.
I am in love with Sheena.
I don't know whether I must laugh
at my luck or cry on your destiny.
Cancel this return ticket.
I will stay here now.
What are you thinking?
What do you think?
If you are thinking about anyone..
.. else apart from
me then I will kill you.
I was thinking that if this is love..
.. then I was such a huge fool.
Because I didn't love anyone before.
It is for the better that you
didn't love anyone earlier. - Why?
Or else then how would you meet me?
What were you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
I am sorry, Sheena. I made a mistake.
I was a fool to keep
on neglecting you.
I know that I have lost you.
There must be someway
to get you back.
Too late, Raj.
Someone else has already
come into my life.
Who understand me and loves me.
Who doesn't make me
go mad to break things!
I am tired, Raj.
Now I want to stop.
For God sake, Sheena!
The person whom you
used to hate a lot.
You used to not even like seeing him.
You trust that guy's love!
Raj, we women have a sixth sense.
Which man we should trust
and which we shouldn't.
This we get to know.
Good bye, Raj!
Sheena! Sheena!
Sheena, please don't go.
Wait, Sheena!
I don't want to lose you.
Sheena, please! I will prove
to you that my love is true.
And not that Ricky's. Sheena, please.
I promise I will make it up to you.
Sheena, please!
Don't go. Tomorrow is your birthday.
Sheena! Sheena, please!
Thank you for
remembering my birthday.
Look, there is a
huge surprise for you.
The best birthday party! Which
you will never be able to forget.
Please don't go.
Please, Sheena.
Now give me my suit back.
It is difficult.
It is just that I am
habituated to what you have.
Suit and..
- These habits can cost you.
Fine! I will buy it then.
I have a bearer cheque.
God! She is so gorgeous!
Are you complimenting
her or accusing her?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Sheena!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Sheena! Surprise! Surprise!
Happy birthday, Sheena.
I am so sorry.
I had a fashion show in Paris.
That's why I couldn't
come on your anniversary.
But I had decided to
come for your birthday.
My God! You look like.. fantastic.
And this is one of my creations.
That's like amazing! I am so..
What is this Ricky doing here?
He has actually come here
to take photos of the mansion.
And you allowed him
to come into your house!
After so much had happened!
Not me, Nisha. Raj did so.
As it is he is going in 3 to 4 days.
Benz! - Yes, madam.
Benz, look after her.
I will just see you in a while.
Care for a drink, ma'am.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Did you call Nisha here? - Yes. Why?
She is your best friend.
She doesn't need any invitation.
What's wrong?
Hi, Nisha.
- Don't talk to me. - Listen to me.
I am extremely sorry for
whatever happened between us.
I am.
Oh! I understood now.
So you are feeling jealous.
Nisha used to love Ricky
earlier and now you do.
Sweetheart, it is not late now.
Come back.
It's not going to work.
Come back.
And anyway rather than digging..
.. the past it is better
that we behave maturely here.
From when did you
become such a coward!
The farther you remain from me,
the better it is for you.
"By just with your mention
the night passes by."
"In your madness of love."
"One sees a way to spend their life."
"In your madness of love."
"By just with your mention
the night passes by."
"In your madness."
"One sees a way to spend their life."
"In your madness."
"We will spend ourselves.
We will give away our lives."
"Without you.. without you."
"We will spend ourselves.
We will give away our lives."
"Without you.. without you."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"I think of you."
"Throughout the day."
"I desire you."
"I call out for you."
"These are the limits of my arms."
"I think of you."
"Throughout the day."
"I desire you."
"I call out for you."
"These are the limits of my arms."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"By just with your mention
the night passes by."
"In your madness of love."
"We will spend ourselves.
We will give away our lives."
"Without you.. without you."
"We will spend ourselves.
We will give away our lives."
"Without you.. without you."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"I have fallen in love with you,
"In this madness of love."
"The stories of dreams."
"The flow of thoughts."
"Is still there in my mind."
"I have fallen in love with you,
"In this madness of love."
"The stories of dreams."
"The flow of thoughts."
"Is still there in my mind."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
"Oh Lord! Let's love."
Where is Sheena?
I love you, Sheena.
Sheena, I love you.
Sheena, listen to me.
Sheena, where are you going?
Listen to me.
Listen to me. Don't leave me alone.
Listen to me. Please. I love you.
I love you.
Don't leave me alone, please.
What happened Nisha?
- He has.. he has..
He used force on me.
And I couldn't do anything.
Who? Who did this to you, Nisha?
That Ricky did it.
No. Ricky can't do this.
Sheena, 3 years back, because of me..
.. you had insulted him.
Today, he has taken
revenge on me for that.
No, Nisha. Ricky can't do this.
He is not like he was before.
He is cheating you.
You are lying in
order to defame Ricky.
You want him again, Nisha.
- I hate him.
And why should I lie?
If Ricky had not told me
about his deeds, how would I have..
.. known that you are
having an affair with him?
Where is he? - In the basement.
Sheena, Sheena! What are you doing?
Sheena, listen to me. Sheena.
What did you do to Nisha?
What do you mean?
With Nisha.. I.. - Don't lie to me.
Sheena, listen to me.
I was drunk. I was not in my senses.
I was seeing you only.
- You.
You will never change.
- Sheena, listen to me.
Don't touch me!
It was my fault that
I believed in you.
You have cheated Sheena Roy.
Sheena, I love you.
What's wrong with you? - Enough!
Everything will be alright.
Just relax.
Everything is going to be okay.
Don't worry.
Whatever happened here last night,
there is no need to tell anyone.
If anyone asks you
then just say that..
.. you had gone after the
party was over, understand?
Now you should leave immediately.
Steve Bakshi.
Special Investigating Officer.
Indian? - Not completely.
Boys, any clues yet? - Not yet.
Well I want a report and
I want it quick. - Right sir!
Ricky Sharma was a photographer..
.. who had come to London to shoot.
My wife knew him.
That is why I gave him
permission to stay here.
I see. So last night when the
murder took place, where were you?
Last night my wife's
party went on for long.
After the party was over,
we became tired and went to sleep.
In the morning, Benz.. our butler.
He saw Ricky's body and he told us.
And I called you.
When did you see
Ricky last at the party?
I don't know the time.
But he was drinking a lot.
There was a girl with him.
- Who was she?
I don't have the habit
of trying to know..
.. who has come with
my guests at a party.
She seemed to be very sharp.
She ran away with the murder weapon.
Stop that, will you?
- Sorry, did I disturb you?
I want to see Ricky's
bag and personal belongings.
Sure. It's in his room.
So Mr. Rajveer Singh!
You had said Ricky Sharma
had come to shoot London city?
Then what is all this?
- My wife's photographs?
That I too can see.
But such photographs of your wife?
In Ricky's room? - Ricky
had taken these snaps stealthily.
And he was blackmailing
me after that.
That means you had good
reason to murder Ricky?
I am a businessman, not a killer.
I have paid for these photographs.
Rs.50 lakhs.
Yes, I know.
We got that cheque from Ricky's bag.
But, Rs.50 lakhs? Such a big sum?
For my wife.
Perhaps you too would have..
.. done the same if
you were in my place.
No, no. I would have
murdered him straight away.
By the way, where is your wife?
I don't know when and how..
.. Ricky has taken these photographs.
Did you know that
by these photographs..
.. Ricky was blackmailing
your husband?
And your husband had
paid him Rs.50 lakhs?
Excuse me, officer. Sheena
doesn't know anything about this.
This was only between me and Ricky.
Anyway this is an open and shut case.
Often even the biggest criminal
leaves behind some proof.
I want a list of the guests
who had come for last night's party.
You will get it.
- And give me two days.
Good bye, madam.
Sorry, sir.
What is this?
- Clothes for the laundry.
And this? - These are
also clothes for the laundry.
Your name is Benz, right? - Yes, sir.
You love to talk, right? - No.
Come with me. - But I have
to get these clothes washed.
I will get it washed.
Come on. Let's go.
Sir, do you have a laundry too?
Raj, I didn't know
you loved me so much.
Even I came to know
of it when I lost you.
Actually, the fault is mine.
I took you for granted.
No, Raj.
The fault was mine. I..
I am so sorry.
Raj, I think the
Inspector suspects us.
It is his job to suspect.
He takes salary for that.
Don't worry.
I have removed Nisha's
name from the guest list.
Don't worry. Come.
Mr. Rajveer Singh,
there is good news and a bad news.
What would you like to hear first?
Obviously, the good news.
Good news is that we have
found out who is the murderer.
Bad news is that the
murderer is your wife.
How can you say that?
Do you remember this dress,
Mrs. Sheena?
Of course, how stupid could I get.
How could you not
remember your own dress?
Then you would also
remember that when..
.. for the last time
you were with Ricky Sharma..
.. you had worn this dress?
Because the blood
stains on this dress..
.. match Ricky Sharma's blood.
You want proof.
This is the blood forensic report.
You can't believe it, right?
Even I couldn't believe it.
By the way, your butler turned
out to be very co-operative.
I didn't have to do any hard work.
These butlers also say such things.
He was saying that Ricky Sharma..
.. and madam were having
illicit relations.
And because of that
relation they had a fight.
And in anger madam killed him.
Am I telling the truth, Mrs. Sheena?
I got my reply.
Mrs. Sheena Rajveer Singh,
I have to..
.. arrest you for the
murder of Ricky Sharma.
I will give you both
2 minutes with each other.
Say your final goodbyes.
Officer, by your looks,
you seem to be smart.
But you seem succumb to hearsay.
On one thing we both
seem to have the same view.
You only said about killing..
.. but I did it.
I have murdered Ricky, not Sheena.
That night Sheena was telling
Ricky to go away from here.
But Ricky was drunk and
was forcing himself on her.
I heard Sheena's screams
and reached the basement.
I couldn't bear to
see what Ricky was doing.
So I killed him.
Murder weapon, the sword, I hid it.
The blood stains on Sheena's
dress were because..
.. she clung to me.
She wants to save me,
that's why she is quiet.
Do you know what you are saying?
This could be held against
you in a court of law.
I accept.
There is just one request.
I love Sheena very much.
That is why I don't want her name..
.. to appear anywhere in this case.
Why did you do this Raj?
- To prove my love.
I didn't have any other way.
Promise me this secret
will be only between us.
Sheena. Sheena, wait.
At least listen to me, Sheena.
Would you do me a favour? - Depends.
Give this to my wife.
Do I look a delivery boy to you?
Maybe it's a dying man's last wish.
Will you not grant me my last wish?
Who is there?
Who is here?
Are you alright?
I am fine.
You? Here? - I have to
say something important to you.
On behalf of Mr. Rajveer.
What happened?
Whenever sir was disturbed,
he would play with this stress ball.
Try it sometime.
It really works. Thank you, sir.
Madam, your drink.
Have a good evening.
He has transferred all
the property in your name, right?
Sorry, I had already
read these papers.
Your husband loved you very much.
Why is this sound
coming from these walls?
Some years back theft
took place in the mansion.
That is why there were
cameras installed in the rooms.
Yes, but last month
the cameras were removed.
Maybe it is because of that.
You said all cameras were removed.
Then what is this?
I killed him.
You have not done anything.
- I have killed him.
Sheena, believe me.
You have not done anything.
I killed him.
- Just trust me. I will take care.
Sheena, I will take care. Okay.
I am sorry, Sheena.
This is all my fault.
I don't know how that
basement camera got left out.
I am so sorry, Sheena.
It is all my fault.
I will spend the
remaining of my life.
Thinking that I
got back my lost love.
That is enough for me.
I just have one final request.
This. Whatever I have,
I have put in your name.
No, Sheena. Please don't do this.
I can't take all that.
Please you cannot do this to me.
Don't Sheena, please.
I cannot take this.
Why? Didn't you also
give me your property?
And what I have done to
you cannot even be forgiven.
This is my token of love for you Raj.
I want you to have it.
I'll miss you Sheena.
I'll miss you.
Good try, Mr.
Rajveer. Your love is wonderful.
Just one question.
You had put hidden cameras
in all the rooms in the palace?
Yes, some years back theft
had taken place in this mansion.
That's why.
But you had removed all the cameras.
Except the basement camera. - Really?
Perhaps I must have forgotten.
And neither did you
switch off that camera..
.. which had the proof of the murder.
Why, Mr. Rajveer?
If I am going to solve all
these things, then what will you do?
After all,
you are the investigating officer.
If you both come to
the basement with me..
.. then I shall fix you
both a nice glass of wine.
'He has transferred all
the property in your name, right? '
I have transferred to your name.
That means he has purposely
given me all the clues.
My token of love for you.
We made it.
Raj, you had almost
reached a death sentence.
Why did you take such a big risk?
How would I have got
the property otherwise?
And I wanted the world
to remember me as a husband..
.. who was so much
in love with his wife.
That he could embrace death for her.
Because I am not a killer.
I am a lover.
Sir! - Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Just a minute.
Officer, don't stress.
Have a good day.
Why is he looking like that?
Doesn't he know that
this is what happens..
Often.. often..
"Often.. "
"Often.. "
"Often.. "
"Often.. "
"Often my heart remembers you."
"Often my heart remembers you."
"Often my heart remembers you."
"The requisition for
love is going on."
"The requisition for
love is going on."
"The attempt to get
you is going on."
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"The requisition for
love is going on."
"The attempt to get
you is going on."
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"You are the destination of my love."
"You are the melody in the silence."
"You are the elemental
for my heart beating."
You are vital for my life."
"Your love dipped into my eyes and
my heart got a bit of solace."
"The auction of my
feelings is going on."
"The attempt to get
you is going on."
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"My love.. "
"Often.. "